Reverie, episode seven

Paul and Mara are frolicking in the woods, testing themselves and their control within the reverie program. Paul gets an alert that they are needed topside and they head out. Only it doesn’t work for Mara and she is stuck inside still. She wanders and finds a boy tied to a chair trapped in a cell in a warehouse. She tries to explain the program to him and get him out but it doesn’t work. He can’t get out and neither can she. Something glitches and she gets pulled.

The boy is still inside though. When Mara comes to, Paul is waiting. He asks where she was but she doesn’t know. The team discusses it and realizes that this was a one in a million glitch where reveries cross paths. Mara still wants to find and save the kid though so she has Dylan start a search. They figure out he was taken into custody by the military at LAX. Monica is behind it. Alexis and Charlie try to talk to her but it gets them nowhere.

Alexis heads back and works with Paul and Mara to get the right reverie for the military. Since there are two users inside though, it’s blocked. In the meantime, Mara goes to talk to the kids brother. Paul calls and tells her that she can go in now so she does. The kid is messed up though. He doesn’t believe her. She cuts him loose and he takes off. Meanwhile on the outside, Monica and the army guy threaten Paul and Alexis with charges if they don’t pull Mara.

They don’t back down though. Mara convinces the kid to trust her by talking about his brother. They start to make their way back to where they can get out. There are guards there though so she pulls back to brainstorm. Charlie talks to the brother about ways to prove the kid is innocent. He mentions that there were journalists at the refugee camp. Charlie sends the others to with Dylan and find a picture of the kid at the camp.

Mara figures she can divide and conquer the guards by luring them away. It works at first and she makes a break for the exit with the kid but before they make it, the program glitches and then one of the guards catches up. They duck into a room and that’s when Mara realizes she’s been shot. The photo search turns up nothing but there may still be a video out there. Charlie talks to a documentary maker about her footage.

The kid is freaking out because Mara is bleeding out. She comes up with a plan. She will create a diversion while he takes out the guard. It works. Now they just have to get beyond the glitch to the exit. They do and Mara promises to help the kid before he goes through. Mara wakes up and she’s got a bruise from where she was shot. That’s new. Paul says it’s nothing to be worried about though.

Alexis and Charlie go to threaten the military guy. They get the kid out and the program is being re-evaluated. Mara is at the office looking at a text from Chris when she gets a visitor. It’s the kid. They hug and then he is reunited with his brother. Monica tells Charlie the programs has been suspended and he realizes she orchestrated the whole thing. Mara has Chris over and talks about the case and how happy she is. He kisses her and she is game.

That was like five minutes of her needing to work on things before getting with Chris. And he was the one being pushy about it after he said he’d wait. Also he’s a psychiatrist so he should definitely know the importance of her setting the pace on that. I also figure this will be a love triangle with Paul and I’m not interested in any of that. I’m glad they saved the kid though.


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