Reverie, episode six

Two women, Holly and Vivian argue about leaving the house. Holly is wheelchair-bound. As soon as Vivian heads out, Holly enters reverie where she can dance ballet. Vivian comes back and finds Holly unconscious. This seems to be a common occurrence. Mara gets to work and talks to Paul about traffic. He tells her that she has a guest in her office. A guy named Chris. She seems surprised. Turns out she has a history with him of the romantic variety.

He’s here on official business though. He’s a psychiatrist and Holly is his patient. She has depression from the accident that left her paralyzed. She used to be a professional dancer but now she’s been under for 16 hours. Mara needs to go in and get her out. Paul is curious about Chris and talks to Alexis and then Charlie about him, and his history with Mara.

Chris seems intrigued by the program, and Mara, and plans to hang around to talk to her after. She goes in and talks to Holly. It seems to work… until Holly pulls a runner. Mara comes out and starts to brainstorm with Paul and Chris. Holly gets transported to the facility. Mara talks to Vivian a bit to try and learn more about her sister but she doesn’t get much. She also talks to Chris and he suggests they go out for a bite. As Chris waits for Mara he runs into Charlie.

Needless to say, Charlie isn’t thrilled for Chris to be in Mara’s life and tries to warn him off. They go out to eat anyway and Mara opens up a bit. After dinner, they have an almost moment but stop it before things can go to far. Chris leaves and Mara gets an idea. She calls Paul to meet her at the office. She goes into the system and wants Holly to teach her how to dance. It works for a while until Mara starts getting pushy with her questions.

She thinks that Holly is keeping her ex hidden behind a locked door and ends up having to leave the system when Holly runs again. She goes to see the ex and finds out he didn’t initiate the breakup in the first place. Now things really don’t add up. Paul explains to her that if there is one door, there is probably another somewhere in the system. Mara goes back in and starts snooping. She finds her way out of the theater and to a small cottage.

Inside is a little girl and Holly. Mara talks to her. When the accident happened, she was pregnant and thrilled about it. With the accident, she lost everything. Mara tries to explain to Holly that she is dying in the real world and will lose this too if that happens. Holly has accepted it. Mara comes out and talks to Alexis and Paul about Holly’s case.

Paul wants to leave her in the and let her die but Alexis is very opposed. She wants to yank her tech to force her out. Mara goes to see Chris and ends up fighting with him instead of making a decision. Next stop is Vivian who apparently has MS and didn’t tell her sister because she didn’t want to worry her. Mara goes back in and tells Holly. It works. She’s willing to come out to help her sister but she needs a minute to let go of this life.

There’s one more thing she wants to do. Mara watches as she dances with her daughter. Holly wakes up. She goes to work with her sister to help her and teaches little girls beginner ballet. Mara is still in a bad way herself. This whole case brought up her own trauma. As she heads out of the office, Paul tells her that he approves of Chris. Mara heads to Chris’ office and they talk about their fight and the fact that she is still working through things.

He wants her to call him when she’s ready. She says she will. They hug and then she leaves. Mara goes to another hospital and visits a coma patient. It’s her brother-in-law. The one that killed her sister and niece before shooting himself. He didn’t die.

I just assumed the brother-in-law died way back when. That surprised me and I’m sure will come into play in the finale to tease a new season. I felt really bad for Holly, especially when she had a daughter but I’m glad Alexis held her ground. That would have been a slippery slope. I don’t know why this didn’t dawn on me before but this reverie stuff is basically the same as San Junipero in “Black Mirror.”


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