Supergirl, episode eighteen

Apparently Lena and James have spent the night together. She likes waking up next to him. He thinks she should get a place and not live in a hotel anymore. They are enjoying the moment when Reign busts in. She flings James across the room and yells to find out where Ruby is. Lena sprays her with Kryptonite and she leaves. J’onn tries to help his father but Myrn is not interested. He just wants J’onn to put a record on.

At the DEO, since pestilence is gone Plywood and his team are headed back to the future. They say some awkward goodbyes and Plywood seems conflicted. Alex interrupts with news on the attack at Lena’s. They head over and talk to Lena and James. Supergirl and J’onn are dispatched to protect Sam’s mom and Winn will update the profile they have on Reign. Alex badgers Lena until she admits where Ruby is. Alex then goes to keep her safe.

Sam’s mom knew Sam was Reign. She tells Supergirl and J’onn about Sam’s childhood. She isn’t leaving now. Alex gets inside and talks to Ruby. The girl is just concerned about her mom. Alex tries to give her non-answers and then distracts her. Kara and J’onn talk about his father’s condition and what can be done. The conversation ends though as Reign turns up. She attacks. Supergirl fights back but she’s no match.

Brainiac is keeping tabs on the DEO and things are not looking up with the Reign issue. Plywood seems interested in going back but as Imra approaches he doesn’t suggest it. Kara talks to Sam’s mom in the medbay for a few moments before she dies. James visits Lena at the office and tells her about Sam’s mom. He wants Lena to go to Supergirl as an ally and tell her she can make kryptonite. Lena doesn’t want to but James pushes.

Alex gets a call. She doesn’t say much but it’s obviously bad news. Ruby comes in and assumes it’s about her mom. She wants to know what’s up and she doesn’t want Alex to lie. Alex claims she isn’t lying and suggests a movie instead. She leaves the room and Ruby notices that Alex left her phone there. Reign hovers above the city. Kara and J’onn are running out of options. They head to his place to talk to his father and how to battle.

It works. They now have a plan. Imra sends her husband back to the DEO to help his ex so that when the battle is done he can make a decision on who to be with. Lena brings the kryptonite to the DEO and as expected Supergirl gets indignant. They argue about it. Ruby sneaks outside to call her mom. She leaves a message. Reign hears her talking and heads that way. Alex comes back into the room and realizes right away that something is up.

Reign arrives at the mansion just as the others get the alert. Kara is ready to roll and tells a still injured J’onn to stay behind. He needs to be there thought to wield the kryptonite. Enter Plywood. He’s ready to help. A battle in the vault in the basement ensues. Ruby finds out that her mother is Reign. Kara brings up Reign’s code to save Ruby. It works and they take her into custody. They bring her back to Lena.

Supergirl tells Lena that she trusts her and then finds out Plywood is back to stop Reign. J’onn goes home and spends time with his father. His condition is getting worse. Alex and Ruby talk about Sam and Reign. Ruby doesn’t trust Alex because she lied but Alex gives her word it will never happen again. Kara is in the elevator when Lena comes in too. They talk about Supergirl. Turns out Lena is just working with her because she has to. She doesn’t trust her. She used James against her. That’s Lillian levels. A girl steals a book from Coville’s followers.

I hate that they are pitting Lena and Supergirl against each other. I know they are setting her up to be the next big bad and I’m not interested in that. I like them as friends. I also think Kara cannot be subtle so that will blow up in their faces anyway. Also, Alex getting schooled by a pre-teen? She left Maggie because she wants kids and she as a 12-year-old teaching her.


Designated Survivor, episode twenty

Kirkman has a fancy dinner. He argues with an ambassador about a teen in his country’s custody and the rights to an island. The teen is being used as leverage and Kirkman will not back down because of that. Emily and Kendra meet with the latter’s mentor Flannery. There is an empty judge spot and Kirkman wants him to fill it. He’ll do it if the president wants it. After a few more donor chats, Kirkman runs into Ethan. He’s representing the teen’s family.

Hannah meets with Dax. She wants him to take Frost out to lunch while she snoops around her house. He wants to know why him and it’s because he has Kirkman’s back. The ambassador approaches Kirkman to thank him for the deal. Apparently Ethan presented it. Kirkman confronts Ethan about misrepresentation and sends Emily and Aaron to correct the information the ambassador has. Before they can though, he has a heart attack.

He dies and according to the ME it might be poisoning. This is not good for anyone. Kirkman wants to talk to the teen’s mother because this will surely impact that. He sends Mike to solve the murder. Mike brings Chuck in and they talk to someone that knew the ambassador well. After a conversation with the teen’s mother and Ethan, Kirkman has a video conference with the foreign prime minister. He tries to blackmail Kirkman. Seth is in the midst of a press conference when the sentence of 20 years hard labor.

Chuck and Mike go to the ambassador’s horse farm and discover he was in a ton of debt. Seth, Kendra and Emily are looking into the Flannery while Chuck helps Hannah get into Frost’s house. She finds a ton of servers and a hacking command center. Chuck gets to work and Hannah helps. There is a lot to go through. Seth meets with an old colleague to talk about her filed complaint against Flannery. She was passed over for a job because he asked her out and she said no.

He reports back to the others and they don’t think it’s enough to stop his appointment. Kirkman talks to the teen, who is adamant that he doesn’t want to be a pawn and doesn’t want Kirkman to make a deal. Instead Kirkman decides to play hardball. Kendra admits to Emily she slept with Flannery. Chuck and Mike solve the murder. Kendra notices Flannery’s flirtatious behavior. With the murder solved they should be able to get the kid home.

Problem is Ethan is running his mouth and as a result the news is putting pressure on both governments. Kirkman meets with Ethan and finds out his involvement is an effort to make amends because of a murder many years ago. Lyor finds one other complaint against Flannery. Kendra is the one to make the call. She goes to see him and he is on top of his game. He’s got her drink ready and everything. Kirkman and Ethan team up to get the kid freed.

Kendra pulled the offer. She’s still not sure she made the right decision but she had to go with her guy. Emily respects that. Kirkman meets with Dax. They talk about Hannah and Frost before Kirkman turns the table. Turns out there was a bug in his office planted by Dax. The whole thing was a setup. Hannah had been in Dax’s house, not Frost’s. He’s the hacker and it’s all because he wants unrestricted free enterprise.

Mike knew what Chuck was up to and talks to him about it. He’s glad that Chuck has Hannah’s back but he wants Chuck to watch out for himself. Kirkman thanks Frost for her help and she was happy to offer it. She tells him she is moving to San Francisco and wishes him well. Chuck is sorting through Dax’s files and found something. The payment for Damian’s murder. It was his Russian handler. When Hannah realizes that she was the target she leaves.

Aaron finds her in a bar drinking alone. He tells her she can’t go after the Russian. She tells him there are things she has to do that she can’t while working for the White House. She gives him her ID and badge.

I’m glad Chuck is more important. I’m a fan of him and realize he will probably be killed off but I still root for him. Same for Mike. I was surprised to see that it was Dax and that the whole Hannah thing was staged but that was pretty good. Clever of them.

Quantico, episode one

Alex is picking grapes in Italy. She takes her treasures to a local market to trade before heading home as the sun sets. She waits on the porch before the lights to come before heading in. There’s a man in the kitchen cooking dinner and a little girl runs in to greet her. Alex got her a friendship bracelet at the market because they are best friends forever.

The man, Andre, wants to know why she works since they have enough money and she tells him that she likes the ritual of it. He points out that it’s different from her life back in New York as a lawyer. She agrees. The next day is the same thing. While picking grapes, she remembers Ryan. That night when she gets home the lights don’t come on. As they putter around the kitchen, Alex hears something.

She goes into agent mood, sending them upstairs and running outside to fight a bunch of men. She gets taken down but Andre comes to her rescue. Afterward, she sends them to his brother’s house. She has to find out who sent those men. She goes to Zurich for her safety deposit box and doesn’t get far before running into Ryan. He tells her the guys were sent by the same people that kidnapped Shelby.

They are holding her for ransom in exchange for information that Alex and Ryan have. It was in the safety deposit box last he saw it but Alex went and burned it after memorizing it. So now Ryan wants it. He’s the FBI and isn’t planning on involving anyone else. Alex is more interested in the ring he clearly just took off. He owns up to it. He’s married. To Shelby. Alex is pissed but willing to go with him.

Meanwhile, in Brooklyn, Shelby is being held by some woman who tells her all about this mysterious code that Ryan has. He got it when he found her mole at the NSA years ago. Now she wants it. It can hack anything. Shelby is lead into another room and sees that Will is working for the woman. He tells them that Alex is in New York. The woman is happy to hear that.

Ryan and Alex meet with Owen. He tells them about a nefarious woman by the name of the Widow holding an auction for black market arms. He heads back to Quantico to recruit Jocelyn for the cause. She’s in because it’s the Widow. Ryan does not want her on the team because she’s deaf. His tune changes when he finds out that she was under with the Widow for 19 months and that’s when she lost her hearing. Speaking of, Widow sends a video of Shelby being tortured.

When Will sees it he tries to back out but Widow points out that he knew what he signed up for. The team analyzes the video and narrows down where Shelby could be but they need a backup plan. Enter Harry. He works for the Pillay brothers who are recently out of the arms business but made a tidy profit on it. Ryan wants him to use them to buy the code if he can’t save Shelby in time. Harry is not interested.

Alex and Ryan talk about their history and how Shelby is everything Alex could never be for Ryan. Harry’s boss is an asshole woman abuser so he’s in to help. Will decides to visit Shelby and she rips him apart. Ryan and Alex get back to their hideout to find Owen on the phone. It’s Will. He’ll tell them where Shelby is in exchange for immunity. As in a letter signed by a judge. Owen agrees. He goes to the meet with the others as backup.

Will gets the drop though. He gets the letter, drugs Owen and manages to lure the others out. Alex ends up on the run because she’s the one the Widow wants. She gets caught and ends up tied up in the room with Shelby. Harry talks to his boss and convinces him to go behind his brother’s back to enter the auction. Owen is back on his feet and helping Jocelyn and Ryan try and figure out where the others are being held. He figures out it’s a clothing factory.

Shelby and Alex snark at each other about Ryan until the Widow comes in. She calls Ryan and is ready to shoot Shelby if no one tells her the code. Alex breaks first and writes down the code. Will tries it out and it’s a dud. Widow and her lackeys storm back into the room ready to kill Shelby but before they can the power is cut. Ryan and Owen storm in and save the day. Harry is in the auction when it goes dark. His boss thinks he is stealing from him so Harry kills him.

Afterward, Owen tells them all that the Widow and her team are jailbond. Alex gets a full pardon from the president and the team, including Harry, is being recruited for black ops. While the others accept, Alex declines. She wants to go home. She flies back to Italy and sees Andre and his daughter. She realizes that she would be putting them in danger and changes her mind. She makes it back to New York in time to toast the new team.

I can get on board with Shelby and Ryan if I wasn’t convinced he will end up cheating with Alex. It’s inevitable and that’s messed up. Harry has always been my favorite part of this show so I’m glad he’s sticking around. With the smaller cast it could be good. It’ll be easier to keep track of at least, even if it does have more of a procedural feel.

Timeless, episode one

It’s September 1918 in France. The war rages on and a soldi goes down. He drops his stuff and another guy comes over and looks in it. There’s a cell phone stashed there. Rufus and Wyatt are trying to find Lucy so they can hit the road. She isn’t answering her phone. She’s obsessed with getting her sister back.

Wyatt calls her again. No answer and her place is trashed. He notices something amiss. Just then Mason Industries explodes. Six weeks later, they are in an underground bunker. Wyatt has some injuries on his back. He punches a wall as Jiya walks in. He’s not in a good place. He tries to leave and finds the door locked.

He swipes some tools from Rufus and tries to bust it open as Agent Christopher comes in. She’s keeping them in until the time machine works. Rufus runs another test but it doesn’t work. Mason is there but he’s just getting in the way. Wyatt reiterates that he plans to get out and find Lucy. Speaking of, she and her mother are getting ready to travel.

She has to prove her loyalty to Rittenhouse. She and her mother and Emma are in 1918 waiting for a certain soldier. They want to save him but won’t tell Lucy much more than that. Jiya is tracking the other ship and tells them that it landed in France during WWI. Wyatt is ready to roll. He and Rufus charge the ship and go. They are bringing Lucy home.

Emma and Lucy’s mother are operating on the soldier while Lucy tries to keep his friend out of the room. The friend sees them use a defibrillator and gets pushy. Emma shoots him in the leg and makes Lucy finish the job. She apologizes to him but does it. Their soldier is riddled with shrapnel so they have to go to a field hospital to get Marie Curie’s portable x-ray machine.

They get there and find Curie herself. She agrees to go with them to their field house to show them how to use the device. Lucy ducks away to get water before they head back. She really was trying to grab a grenade. Wyatt catches her. It’s a happy reunion but she tells him and Rufus what her mother is up to before going back to her.

Lucy gets a lesson from Marie Curie while the guys try to steal a car. They get caught and taken into custody. They end up in a scuffle because the other guys are Rittenhouse. Lucy and Irene Curie, Marie’s daughter, chat about overwhelming mothers. The x-ray is done and the Curies leave. Rufus and Wyatt have gotten a truck and are on their way.

Rufus vents about all the bad things still going on in his life and Wyatt acts like he’s not in love with Lucy. Emma and Lucy’s mother step out and Lucy goes to smother the man they saved. It was a test. She failed. Her mother tries to plead with her. Lucy is against what they are doing. That’s when they tell her they are taking the soldier home with them.

On the way to the mothership they encounter the Curie’s and Emma is ready to shoot them. Lucy steps in the way but that isn’t about to slow Emma down. Rufus and Wyatt show up and threaten their soldier if they don’t let Lucy go. They agree to swap and Lucy begs her mom to go with her. It’s bigger than them though. She’s staying her course.

Emma tells Lucy that she’s already planted help for the movement everywhere. She’ll never beat Rittenhouse. Then they board the mothership and leave. Mason and Jiya are waiting when their ship gets back. She goes to the bunk room. She’s lost everything. Wyatt comforts her. Mason and Jiya have figured out some things about what they found in the past.

Wyatt figures it out. Rittenhouse planted sleeper cells throughout history. People living regular lives just waiting. Lucy mentions the solider and the others know him. He wrote the Rittenhouse manifesto. The soldier is with Lucy’s mom when he wakes up. He was right. Time travel can happen and she’s his granddaughter. Christopher needs help of her own. Flynn.

The band is back together. I love this show. I don’t actually care all that much about Rittenhouse or the drama that comes with it so I don’t know how that will impact the way I watch this season. Last year when they were trying to keep Flynn from messing things up it was good for history nerds so let’s see how it plays out.

Law and Order True Crime, episode six

It’s showtime and the boys are not ready. They have to go on the stand and they are freaking out. Lyle is up first. He talks about happy memories and loving his parents. Erik gets his turn and has some trouble answering the question.

Lyle is up again. He talks about all of the times that he was abused by his father and by his mother as well. He tried to tell them to stop but it didn’t work. Erik talk about being raped and molested, especially one time when his father held a knife to his throat and raped him. Abramson asks him if he had any other plans.

He talks about college plans but that was when he knew things would never change. He contemplated suicide but decided to tell Lyle instead. They decided that Lyle should confront their father. He tries to bargain with him but it gets nowhere.

Jose goes after Erik and he tries to go to his mother. She knew. She told him she had always known. Erik panics and goes to Lyle. They make plans, get guns and wait on edge because they think that they will end up killed by their parents otherwise. When they feel like it is kill or be killed them move in with guns and just start firing.

Abramson puts a therapist on the stand to talk about the mental state of abuse victims. Because of that, Pam wants the tape unsealed. Weisberg agrees even though the Supreme Court ruled against it. Abramson plays it herself instead of letting the state use it for their purposes. Later, Abramson’s new son is born.

Judalon gets her turn on the stand. Next up is Lyle’s ex girlfriend. Abramson tears her up. That night everyone is getting their summations ready. In court, they argue that the boys deserve involuntary manslaughter. That night Abramson spends time with her newborn son. The brothers are sleepless in prison.

I know what happens and I just feel bad. I feel like Weisberg got in the way all along. It’s ridiculous.

Supergirl, episode two

Everyone is waking up for the day. Maggie and Alex. Sam and her daughter. Kara, in bed alone. They all get started for the day. Making breakfast and heading out the door. Kara does come across on thing while looking for her shoes. An old copy of Romeo and Juliet with notes in the margins.

Lena heads to Catco for her first day on the job. James didn’t expect her and isn’t ready. He doesn’t even have an office for her. That sort of thing isn’t necessary though because she is the new sort of CEO. She plans to just roam the office and interact. Kara is thrilled to have her there and gives her

Throwdown at the DEO. Alex and Maggie are serious about… wedding music. Band or DJ. They drag Winn and J’onn into it before things get back on track with discussion of a bank robber.

Supergirl steps into the bank vault and throws down with Psi (Yael Grobglas). It doesn’t go well. She gets whammied and can’t stop Psi. Maggie is the one that finds her and brings her to the DEO.

Sam gets called to Ruby’s school. Her daughter punched someone in the face and now the school wants to get to the bottom of it. Kara gets back to Catco but she missed Lena’s editorial meeting. The one James wasn’t even invited to. He’s pissed. He argues with Lena about his involvement. Kara rushes back out.

She has another confrontation with Psi. J’onn tries to protect her but ends up getting zapped. Kara remembers being sent away from Krypton and riding in her pod. She gets knocked out and when she comes to she’s alone. Alex yells for her through the intercoms.

Back at the DEO they are trying to get to the bottom of things. Winn has an ID but still no lead. Alex heads to the precinct to see if they have anything and Kara pulls Winn aside and tells him the truth about what’s happening. He wants to tell the others but Kara says no before rushing back to Catco.

Ruby and Sam talk about the fight. It’s because someone called Ruby a liar for claiming Sam had superpowers. Lena has an interview for Kara but she tries to bail. They argue about personal lives and acceptable work behavior. Kara says she will do the interview and then heads out of the office. Lena watches her go.

In the elevator, Kara has another psychic attack. She is impaired for a few minutes before jumping up and breaking straight through the roof. It’s too late. Another bank has been robbed.

Medical assessment. Winn thinks it was just a regular human panic attack. She tells him that’s not possible. When Alex comes in, Kara takes off. Alex takes the opportunity to get the whole story from Winn.

Sam gets pizza and goes to get Ruby for dinner. The kid’s gone. She’s eating pizza at a local parlor and ignoring texts from her mother. Kara is trying to meditate when Alex comes in. They talk about how to fight this battle. Kara admits that her Kara side feels broken and that she’s only sure of herself as Supergirl so she doesn’t know what she has without that. Alex responds. “You’ve got me.”

Armed truck robbery. Tons of cops respond but Psi uses some fear inducing know how to cause chaos. Ruby walks into the mess and texts her mother. Winn has some tech ready to go and Supergirl goes to save the day.

The shield doesn’t work. Supergirl has another episode. Ruby gets knocked down and Sam screams. Alex turns up. She’s the best big sister and talks Kara down. She gives her the strength to get up and fight back. She does. And she wins.

Afterward Alex keeps the pep talks coming and goes to chat with Ruby and Sam. Maggie comments on Alex’s skills with kids and she retorts that it’ll come in handy some day. Maggie makes a face. She doesn’t want kids and Alex puts the conversation off. Ruby wants her mom to have superpowers so she doesn’t have to work so much.

Kara apologizes to Lena for her behavior. She has baggage and was a crap friend. Lena tells her that there will be a learning curve for them both. She then introduces Kara to the new head honcho at L-Corp. It’s Sam.

Alex and Kara watch a movie. Lena and James have a stare down. J’onn is in the bar alone. He gets a message from M’gann. He’s needed on Mars.

So there is it. Maggie doesn’t want kids and Alex… didn’t seem to actually listen. I’m glad Kara got all mind over matter but why’s her whole life revolve around plywood? And the inevitable James and Lena set up is ridiculous. Lena is great.

The Americans, episode ten

Philip is drinking with the defector. They talk about the kids and then he talks about being homesick. Elizabeth is at the other house doing dishes when Tuan gets home. He apologizes and she tells him that he is special but not to make any more mistakes. Philip gets there and they update on the defector family.

They go home and find Paige mopping the floor. She’s in a bad way. She read the pastor’s diary again and he’s worried about her soul. She thinks it is because of all the lying.

At work the next day, Philip and Elizabeth talk about the diary and how to handle Paige. Elizabeth says that it isn’t all bad. Paige is starting to see the pastor for what he is.

Oleg is stalking someone. She might be pocketing money or she might just be a secretary. Then he talks to his partner about the government types coming after him at home.

Unless there is evidence of treason, he’s safe.

Stan and his partner meet with their new mark. She talks about the dentist and this man she is “growing closer” to. He runs packages for the government and gets along well with her son. Oh and he’s a hockey player. For the Soviet national team.

Elizabeth and Philip meet with Granny. They mention the virus they sent out and how it’s being used in Afghanistan. She knows nothing. She tells them that the wheat that they sent was actually stolen from them and now it’ll be years for them to research it.

They talk to Paige about the pastor. They can orchestrate a job offer for him somewhere overseas if she wants it. She asks about the crops and their work. They leave under the impression it went well. Elizabeth has to go back to Kansas.

Oleg has a silent, awkward dinner with his folks.

At the defector’s house, Elizabeth talks to the wife about her class and then her son. She admits that she slept with one of her students. She regrets and just wants her family to be happy.

Stan and his girlfriend have dinner with the Jennings’ and make plans to go out again soon. In the car afterward, Elizabeth wants to know why it bothers Philip so much. He admits that he doesn’t want Stan to end up like Martha.

Philip runs. He goes to EST. Learns that people are machines and should accept that. He gets home and finds Paige doing her homework. They talk about the pastor and changing who you are and then it shifts to Henry. He knows what he wants and Paige thinks it would be good for him. She says that he is different but it sounds a lot like she’s calling him innocent, or to good for this spy life she is now caught in.

Someone picks up and starts to translate the message Philip left during his run.

Paige is packing boxes of food for the hungry with the pastor. She starts talking to him about being lucky. Then he starts quoting the Bible. He knows that she will do great in life.

Meeting at the FBI about couriers and secret message pouches. They are going to attack the messengers at the airport in the bathroom.

At night, Philip and Elizabeth are driving somewhere. He knows whats up but she doesn’t. She keeps asking because she doesn’t like surprises. He eventually parks and takes off his disguise. She follows suit. He pulls out their marriage license and flashback to when they were given their paperwork. He asks if she wants to make it official.

They go inside and the priest that Gabriel was running was there. He blesses their rings and makes them Russian married. They go home and have a moment.

The defector wife picks up her dry cleaning. She is putting it in her car when someone from the embassy approaches. She wants to make sure that the defector knows they will always be welcome in Russia.

Elizabeth and Philip are at home doing actual travel agent work when Paige gets home. She took pictures of the pastor’s diary and wants them to get home a job offer. The diary might help with that. They jump into action, turning the laundry room into a darkroom to print the photos. Philip and Elizabeth read the diary. It’s about Paige’s suffering.

They were actually travel agents for once. I thought that was only their cover so they could get deals on flights to Kansas. I loved that they got married. I also love that Philip still feels guilty about Martha. It makes him human and relatable in a way that Elizabeth is not. It sort of seems like Paige and Philip might team up in the future. They have more developed morals.

The Americans is new Tuesdays at 10 p.m.