The Americans, episode ten

Philip is drinking with the defector. They talk about the kids and then he talks about being homesick. Elizabeth is at the other house doing dishes when Tuan gets home. He apologizes and she tells him that he is special but not to make any more mistakes. Philip gets there and they update on the defector family.

They go home and find Paige mopping the floor. She’s in a bad way. She read the pastor’s diary again and he’s worried about her soul. She thinks it is because of all the lying.

At work the next day, Philip and Elizabeth talk about the diary and how to handle Paige. Elizabeth says that it isn’t all bad. Paige is starting to see the pastor for what he is.

Oleg is stalking someone. She might be pocketing money or she might just be a secretary. Then he talks to his partner about the government types coming after him at home.

Unless there is evidence of treason, he’s safe.

Stan and his partner meet with their new mark. She talks about the dentist and this man she is “growing closer” to. He runs packages for the government and gets along well with her son. Oh and he’s a hockey player. For the Soviet national team.

Elizabeth and Philip meet with Granny. They mention the virus they sent out and how it’s being used in Afghanistan. She knows nothing. She tells them that the wheat that they sent was actually stolen from them and now it’ll be years for them to research it.

They talk to Paige about the pastor. They can orchestrate a job offer for him somewhere overseas if she wants it. She asks about the crops and their work. They leave under the impression it went well. Elizabeth has to go back to Kansas.

Oleg has a silent, awkward dinner with his folks.

At the defector’s house, Elizabeth talks to the wife about her class and then her son. She admits that she slept with one of her students. She regrets and just wants her family to be happy.

Stan and his girlfriend have dinner with the Jennings’ and make plans to go out again soon. In the car afterward, Elizabeth wants to know why it bothers Philip so much. He admits that he doesn’t want Stan to end up like Martha.

Philip runs. He goes to EST. Learns that people are machines and should accept that. He gets home and finds Paige doing her homework. They talk about the pastor and changing who you are and then it shifts to Henry. He knows what he wants and Paige thinks it would be good for him. She says that he is different but it sounds a lot like she’s calling him innocent, or to good for this spy life she is now caught in.

Someone picks up and starts to translate the message Philip left during his run.

Paige is packing boxes of food for the hungry with the pastor. She starts talking to him about being lucky. Then he starts quoting the Bible. He knows that she will do great in life.

Meeting at the FBI about couriers and secret message pouches. They are going to attack the messengers at the airport in the bathroom.

At night, Philip and Elizabeth are driving somewhere. He knows whats up but she doesn’t. She keeps asking because she doesn’t like surprises. He eventually parks and takes off his disguise. She follows suit. He pulls out their marriage license and flashback to when they were given their paperwork. He asks if she wants to make it official.

They go inside and the priest that Gabriel was running was there. He blesses their rings and makes them Russian married. They go home and have a moment.

The defector wife picks up her dry cleaning. She is putting it in her car when someone from the embassy approaches. She wants to make sure that the defector knows they will always be welcome in Russia.

Elizabeth and Philip are at home doing actual travel agent work when Paige gets home. She took pictures of the pastor’s diary and wants them to get home a job offer. The diary might help with that. They jump into action, turning the laundry room into a darkroom to print the photos. Philip and Elizabeth read the diary. It’s about Paige’s suffering.

They were actually travel agents for once. I thought that was only their cover so they could get deals on flights to Kansas. I loved that they got married. I also love that Philip still feels guilty about Martha. It makes him human and relatable in a way that Elizabeth is not. It sort of seems like Paige and Philip might team up in the future. They have more developed morals.

The Americans is new Tuesdays at 10 p.m.

Shots Fired, episode four

A phone is ringing. It wakes Preston up. He heads out and meets Ashe where she is holed up with Cory and his uncle. Cory tells the story of the night Joey died. He was riding home on his bike when he saw a police van corner Jesse, who started yelling for his mom. Two white old man cops got out and started roughing him up before shooting him. It sounded like he was crying by the end.

Ashe asks if he would be able to pick the cops out if he saw them again. He says yes. They head out but they have to be patient and keep digging. Preston reaches out to his boss who isn’t as interested as they want him to be.

One of the Beck kids wakes up. He sees a shadow out his window and goes to investigate. It sets the alarm off on the house. Beck jumps into action grabbing his gun and going outside and though there is no one there, someone tagged the house with the words “killer cop.” Platt comes to tell him there will be a car in front from now on because they take of their own. Beck tells him it doesn’t feel like it.

Preston tells Ashe that she can say “I told you so” and she does. She rants at him for having an ego and comes up with a game plan. It’s about more than the murder now. It’s the whole sheriff’s department.

She heads to the college looking for the weed connection. She finds the big name dealer and asks about a connection to the hood but he says there is none.

He goes to the sheriff’s office and requests arrest records, hard copies, for the last 90 days. Platt tries to put him in his place and Preston tells him to respect the office.
Beck talks to his father about legal fees and being guilty.

Platt takes Preston out for a ride. He pulls over a truck of good ole boys and makes Preston pat them down. It’s a lesson on how his deputies feel every day. Policing people that hate them and might hurt them. Preston tells him this isn’t a game and Platt basically tells him to know his place.

Eamons holds a speech at a school. She talks about closures and new initiatives to get kids more opportunities. She thanks Pastor Janae and says that a young man will speak later. That young man is Shawn Campbell. The new initiative will bus kids from the rough neighborhood to a much more privileged high school. The moderator brings up the cost and she says that it will be privately funded by Arlen Cox.

Ashe and Preston try to piece together what happened the night Beck killed Jesse. They find a link between both murders. First on the scene in both cases was Breeland. They have to get him to talk.

Time for the audience question part of the Eamons talk. Some of the white parents get super racist about not wanting to let the blacks in the school. Eamons tells them to stand down and that everyone just wants what’s best for their kids. They tell her to put up or shut up and send her kid to the school in the rough part of town.

Preston and Ashe bring an older black woman into the station to talk. She says that Breeland killed her husband. He harassed them for months until her husband died from the stress.

A guy moves in on the hotel room that Cory was hiding out in. He goes in and shoots first. Then turns on the lights. The room is empty. Cut to Ashe escorting Cory and his family to a safe house.

They had back to the station and start talking to Brooks. He doesn’t think Breeland is dirty and on the whole has no interest in talking to them.

Eamons meets with Cox. They are getting the contract settled with the school initiative. He tries to make some last minute changes and she is not interested in playing ball.
The investigators have their much anticipated showdown with Breeland. He has an answer for everything and believes that there is no good guys or bad guys. He tells them to go back to DC and leave Gate Station to them.

Sarah Ellis talks to Eamons about the initiative. Eamons wants an opinion and she gives her one. Go with the Cox plan. She does.

Shawn Campbell doesn’t want to go to the white school but his mother tells him it is not up for discussion. He doesn’t want to go where everyone will hate him but she says that this will give him a chance to not end up like his brother.

Discussion of the talk is held at the Eamons house as well. Her daughter wants to go to the rough neighborhood school but Eamons and her husband tell her that that’s not an option.

Campbell takes the bus to the new school with a few other kids. He gets off the bus and maybe makes a friend.

Ashe and Preston know Breeland is the connection. They just have to find out how. She says to follow the weed. They check the tox. It’s the same strain of weed found at both murders which is evidence of foul play.

Preston and Ashe go to his boss again. They get permission to open a case on Joey Campbell and to keep him posted. They are ecstatic and want to go celebrate. They go out and drink and have a talk about why she’s working this case before dancing together, after a confrontation from another guy dancing of course. They share a moment before going separate ways.

Pastor Janae holds a service. Some new parishioners, white ones, come in.

Breeland is looking into Ashe.

Platt is the bad guy right? He’s pulling the puppet strings on this. I still like Eamons but I don’t trust Cox. I was really worried for Shawn going to the new school but I’m glad it worked out for him. I’m interested in seeing how it all connects.

Shots Fired is new Wednesdays at 8 p.m.

The Americans, episode four

Gabriel gives Philip and Elizabeth an assignment in Topeka, Kansas. Philip is anxious about it. Elizabeth tells Gabriel that it’s a lot with all the other assignments they have but he tells them to work it out.

The next morning, life goes on as usual. Henry comes in and complains about food. Elizabeth asks why his math teacher is calling. He says that he doesn’t know and then throws out toast. Paige sees and yells at him for wasting.

Oleg is in a meeting with some other people and they talk about interrogation.

Philip heads to Kansas. While in town he goes to the gym. He makes small talk with a local that does logistics work. She isn’t interested.

At home, Oleg talks to his mother about being in trouble. He tells her about being a rat while he was in America and how it is coming back to bite him now. The Americans want him to do things that could land him in jail.

The young man is on the move from Yugoslavia. On the floor of a car.

Philip is back. Henry’s teacher wants to meet with them. He tells Elizabeth about the lady’s “passion for logistics.” She is heading out there the next day.

At the border, the patrol is distracted by a game on the radio. They make it out of Yugoslavia with no problems.

Oleg is investigating food at grocery stores. The owner won’t give him anything and the idea of jail is tossed around.

In Topeka, Elizabeth is acting ditzy to get a man’s attention. It works and again with small talk. This guy is much more interested than Philip’s mark. He introduces himself and they shake hands and smile.

Philip and the defector are having a beer. He talks about making Russian cola in his basement and then they chat about the kids. And then about work. He tells Philip about the Americans being interested in moving produce.

Elizabeth gets home and they talk about Paige and then about her mark. He’s full of himself and they are going hiking on the weekend.

Stan and his new girlfriend are out to eat with Philip and Elizabeth. She always wanted to be one of the boys as a kid and spent time in Pittsburgh, Philip’s hometown.

Update on the grocery stores. They aren’t going to do it the Afghan way.

Stakeout time. Stan’s partner tells him about blackmailing a source and how that might work for Oleg.

Paige is babysitting for Pastor Tim. She is getting the rundown from his wife who is a little nervous. Then she talks to Tim about her family and her mom trying to be involved. He gives her a book to read.

Philip calls his mark from the gym. He tries to make dinner plans but she isn’t interested. Elizabeth is meeting no such resistance, enjoying a nice hike with her mark.

Babysitting is apparently not interesting enough so Paige starts snooping around the house. Meanwhile, Elizabeth goes home with her mark after the hike. Paige finds a diary.

Elizabeth stops things before they get too intimate but makes plans for the following week.

Stan is at work. He’s got an idea about blackmail but it’s not Oleg. He’s going to blackmail the FBI into stopping with Oleg. He will confess to killing a captive in cold blood to the world.

Elizabeth is making lasagna. Paige gets home from school and they talk about Henry possibly having a girlfriend. Then the conversation turns to work. Paige points out that they have been traveling a lot. Elizabeth explains how a to develop a source. Paige tells her about the diary but immediately gets in trouble. It’s too risky. Paige disagrees. She was there and made the call.

Oleg’s mother tells him about being sent to a camp before he was born. She did what she had to do to survive and expects him to do the same now.

The young man isn’t in Austria. He’s in New York now.

Philip gets home and Elizabeth tells him about Paige. She knows that it’s wrong but if there had been something about Tim and a parishioner. It would would be interesting. Philip asks about the mark. She doesn’t want to talk about it. He thinks she likes him. She says that she has to sit there listening to him make jokes while he tries to starve a whole country.

Paige is getting too big for her britches. Making judgement calls while spying on her pastor? That’s a little much. And suddenly Henry is relevant. What’s up with that? I’m glad to see Stan taking a stand, even if it is for Oleg. Philip is gonna end up dead before this show is over. He just wants to quit and be an American.

The Americans is new Tuesdays at 10 p.m.

Quantico, episode fourteen

Alex is back in action with the FBI. They are moving in on a drug bust when one of the guy takes a runner. Alex gives chase while bantering with Shelby on the comms. The guy gets the upper hand and fights Alex but Shelby to the rescue. Then they get the alert. They have to head to DC for a task force meeting

Ryan, Dayana and Nimah get the call.

Shelby and Alex are at the bar waiting for the task force meeting. They see someone. Caleb. They go to say hello but it’s not him. It’s his brother Clayton (Hunter Parrish). He goes by Clay and has no use for Shelby.

They head to the farm for the meeting but don’t know why. Claire Hoss, the president and leader of the task force turns up to explain what they are doing. There is a potential attack and they need to take it a step further than the perpetrators. They need to find the collaborators too. Clay is running the op. As they get ready to head out, Alex’s phone rings. It’s Leon. Someone is trying to kill him, to kill all of them.

At the farmhouse they start setting up sleeping arrangements. Ryan stayed in touch with Nimah and Alex tells Dayana about Leon. Then Ryan and Alex are finally alone and he tells her he’s moved and didn’t think she cared.

Clay is walking and Shelby tries to make nice. He tells her that the only reason she is there is because she knows too much and he would appreciate her keeping out of his way.
They head into “the bunker” and have to figure out who benefitted from the cargo plane crash. They mostly just argue amongst themselve. Dayana and Alex talk about Leon’s paranoia. Clay gives up and goes to his office. His boss stops by and they talk about what the group needs.

A drill sergeant. Enter Owen. He tells them to follow the money and they talk about stocks and how to handle tracking people down. It’s all of them and the president on the line so they have to step it up. They have to go out in the field.

Owen runs down who is in charge of what and they head to a party full of investors and try to find out who leaked some info that led to the cargo plane incident. Owen is paired with Alex and they get to the owner of the firm. They get his prints and start looking through files while everyone works at the party. Owen goes back and picks up a new mark. Emily.
Dayana talks to Alex about Leon. Apparently he spiked someone’s radar and now they are after him.

Emily ditches Owen and heads to the office with the owner. Alex is tailing them but she bumps into someone else instead. Harry Doyle. He pulls her behind a table and they hide from security.

He wants her to tell him what Langley’s play is. She’s reluctant. They make out to cover with security and then listen to Emily and the boss talking. It’s not AIC funding. It’s a ponzi scheme. Then she gets caught and Doyle saves her and they head out.

Clay calls them failures and they go back to the drawing board. Owen wants nothing to do with it. Shelby is packing up. She and Nimah talk before she leaves about regret.

Alex is at the pub. Doyle comes in looking for the cards she stole from him. They talk. He’s out of MI6 and can’t get a job so he’s been going it alone to prove his worth. She tries to recruit him and he tells her that he can’t be bought. She gets him to work with her.

At the bunker, the president has left it up to Clay. Alex presents her new idea. It’s a tech firm that got a huge windfall thanks to the cargo plane crash. It’s actually a good idea. Owen comes back. Clay doesn’t kick Shelby out but they don’t want Doyle.

Ryan and Alex sit on the porch and try to figure out how to move forward. She still loves him but she needs more time.

Nimah wants to hang out with Shelby. They area about to explore the farm but first Clay stops by. He and Shelby chat about the past and moving on.

The mark Ryan was working figures out who he really is. Alex and Dayana meet with Leon. They don’t believe him and he gets agitated and leaves. He’s kidnapped on his way to his car.

I love Alex working with Doyle. I have no idea why but the two of them snarking and saving lives is amazing. I like Shelby most of the time but she was kind of whiny when dealing with Clay. Overall, I’m glad this is back.

Quantico is new Mondays at 10 p.m.

Supergirl, episode ten

Supergirl and Mon-El are training at the DEO. He’s ready to go out and fight crime.
Maggie and some other cops roll in and find bodies in a pile of garbage. Guardian is mentioned.

Guardian and Winn are out fighting crime. James gets shot and Winn doesn’t want to have to repair his suit. He has a lot of work to do, making Mon-El a suit and constantly lying to Kara. It’s weighing on him. James agrees that he will talk to Kara in the morning.

M’gann is being attacked by something. She’s having hallucinations and grabbing her head. She breaks the glass of her cell and passes out. J’onn rushes her to med and Alex checks her over. Nothing registers.

Livewire is in prison. She’s having a therapy session and talking about hurting Supergirl when she gets out. She threatens her doctor and talks about having power. Her power makes her “a god” she says. The doc gets tazed and she is set free.

Maggie and Alex are on the scene talking about the Livewire escape. Kara is trying to get to the scene, as Kara, and they bet on how long it will take. Livewire is a touchy subject for her. She freaks and even Alex can’t calm her.

At the DEO, Winn and Mon-El are pumped to fight Livewire but Kara is still sensitive. Alex comes in and pulls J’onn away to talk about M’gann. He won’t save her. He holds a grudge.

James and Kara talk. Well she talks and he gets steamrolled. She hates having a nemesis but she isn’t the only hero now. Mon-El is there now. James has something against him but Kara doesn’t know what. She wants to know what he wanted to meet about but before he can answer she gets distracted. Livewire has made an appearance.

Supergirl and Mon-El are fighting Livewire and her sidekick. Mon-El is supposed to protect the cops but when Supergirl loses the upper hand he goes to save her and Guardian swoops in to help.

Livewire gets away and one cop and Guardian are knocked out. Mon-El goes to help the cop and Kara makes her way to Guardian and pulls off his mask. It’s James and he’s unconscious.

Back at the DEO, Alex is checking James over when Kara comes in. She realizes that Winn and Alex knew well before her and she’s upset. But she tells them to leave the room. She wants to hear what James has to say.

He feels the call to be a hero and tries to justify it but she isn’t having it. He’s human. He’s too vulnerable. He’s not like…. Mon-El. They argue about him for a minute. She tells him to stop hero-ing or she’ll stop him. He tells her to try.

Alex finds J’onn lurking near M’gann. She thinks that its time for him to forgive himself and move on. He thinks about it.

Kara confronts Mon-El about why he’s being a hero. He wants to work with her and he doesn’t know why. She asks him if he likes her. He dodges. She leaves to find Livewire, alone. Speaking of, Livewire is being tied down and tortured.

Mon-El and Kara are shown footage of Livewire being taken against her will. Winn tells them he can’t track her. They move on. He calls James. He’s letting Guardian catch her, Mon-El overhears.

J’onn is going to do the bond to help M’gann. He needs Alex and Kara to stay with him for support. They are in her head. She’s reliving memories. The white Martians are after her for disobeying. He tells her that she will survive. She tells him she wanted to be his friend. He tells her she is. It saves her.

Livewire is being shocked. The guy doing it explains his evil plan and they argue. Intruder alert goes off. It’s Guardian. Then Mon-El shows up and they get caught and taken hostage.

Winn calls Kara to save Mon-El and James. She heads over and saves the day. She frees Livewire too and they work together but she won’t let Livewire kill anyone. They barter a deal. The bad guy goes to jail and Livewire gets a headstart before chasing her.

J’onn yells at Winn, but compliments him as well. Alex and Maggie ask Kara about why she let Livewire go, and then banter about vegan ice cream. Kara talks to James and Winn. She doesn’t think they are being smart and she can’t support them.

M’gann and J’onn talk about her condition and her past. Her people are coming for her. Kara gets home and finds Mon-El waiting for her. He admits that he remembers kissing her. He knows all about why he did it and he cares about her. He knows she doesn’t feel the same way and he just wants to keep working with her. She agrees to it. They high five and he leaves. Kara watches him go longingly.

I thought this was a decent episode. It’s interesting to see villains come back. I got annoyed that Winn withheld the information to give Guardian first crack at it. He should be helping the DEO. He’s an agent. At least when James isn’t Guardian, he’s a civilian. Winn has been in the field and is day job is the same thing. It makes no sense. Alex and Maggie were also there so it was a good episode.

Supergirl is new Mondays at 8 p.m.

The Good Place, episode eleven

Both Eleanors, Chidi and Tahani meet with Michael. Tahani thinks that improving Eleanor’s point total will help her stay in the good place. He made her a Fitbit type device to track points. Now she just needs to go out and earn them, which she discovers is harder than it sounds.

Real Eleanor and Chidi eat breakfast together and talk about their love of routine. She tells him she loves him. He stares.

Jianyu and Janet talk about telling Michael about their relationship. She says they can’t because then everyone would know he’s a fraud and he would be sent to the bad place. He just wants them to have the relationship they deserve.

Tahani holds a focus group to find out why people hate Eleanor. It’s insightful. They have to recreate Tahani’s party to make people like Eleanor.

Michael finds out about Janet and Jianyu. He is not happy about the new developments or about the fact that Jianyu is actually Jason. He wants to get to the bottom of it.

Eleanor and Chidi set up for the party at Tahani. She is studying why everyone in the neighborhood hates her. Chidi asks for advice. He doesn’t know if he can tell Real Eleanor that he loves her. She tells him that it is universe approved so go with it.

There is a real Jianyu. He was a in a deep meditative state at the moment Jason died so the system got messed up. Michael tries to give Jason a simple test to determine where he belongs and it doesn’t go well but when Michael has a panic attack Jason comforts him.

Chidi and Eleanor enjoy the party. Eleanor wants Chidi to tell Real Eleanor he loves her but he keeps getting nervous and putting it off. When Real Eleanor joins them, fake Eleanor excuses herself so they can chat. Chidi still doesn’t say it but she tells him she will wait until the end of time if she has too.

Jason and Michael are still in his office when Janet shows up. The judge will be on hand to party.

He says a few words, as does Eleanor, and the party is fun for everyone but Eleanor doesn’t get any points from it. She realizes that because she was motivated for self-benefit it isn’t going to work. She comes up with a plan. She writes personalized apologies and sends Chidi, Tahani and Real Eleanor out to deliver them.

Michael returns to his office and talks to Jason about his time on earth and how this won’t work. Jason tells Janet that she deserves better than him. Michael decides to reboot Janet but she doesn’t want that. She wants to run away with Jason.

Chidi tells Real Eleanor that he wants to tell her he loves her, he just wants to make sure he’s feeling it and not just responding. Lightbulb moment. He knows how Eleanor will get the points to stay. By deciding to leave.

Eleanor is near the train station. She is about to call Janet for a ride when she and Jason show up. They are headed to Mindy’s house, a medium place. She’s invited to join them and she agrees. A train pulls up. It’s the judge.

He gets off the train and Eleanor, Jason and Janet hop on. They will take that train to the medium place. Michael greets the judge and tells him that he truly believes that Eleanor is a good person. The judge points out that Eleanor is stealing his train.

There is a medium place? Why was this not brought up in like all the other episodes? Why is not an option for most people.

Designated Survivor, episode ten

Hannah is more than a little banged up and the “help” tries to strangle her so she makes a run for it. He gives chase but she gets away.

Kirkman shows Alex the blueprint video. He wants her to take the kids and run.

Hookstraten can’t delay any longer. The convene the committee. Chuck gets home and finds a barely conscious Hannah in need of medical assistance.

Seth, Aaron and Emily are talking about MacLeish and watching the news coverage. They are all in good spirits. Seth heads out to meet some speech writers and Aaron and Emily have a moment before she kisses him.

Mike brings the man that wrote the blueprints to see Kirkman. He denies involvement and says he was scared for his life so he stayed hidden. Kirkman believes him. They discuss who knows about the file. Pretty much the only person still alive is the general Kirkman fired.

Hannah wakes up all patched up. MacLeish will be sworn in as vice president in less than eight hours. Chuck wants to quit but Hannah says no because then the bad guys win.

Kirkman talks to the general. He says that he didn’t see the file because it was recalled by DOD. The White House didn’t let him. Kirkman has him detained until the situation is sorted.

Emily and Aaron are talking about Cabinet hearings and making plans for after work when she gets summoned by Kirkman. He tells her she can’t tell anyone what he’s about to say and explains the file. He gives her a list of people that are still there from the previous administration. Aaron is on the list. He thinks there is a traitor in the White House and wants to find it.

Seth answers some questions by the press corps. He is confronted by Lisa afterward and she says that he’s been holding a grudge.

Emily is going over the list. She is hung up on Aaron’s name. He comes in to confirm their plans for later but she deflects his questions and takes a raincheck.

Hookstraten meets with Kirkman about delaying the hearing the night before. They talk about Hannah and her investigation. Kirkman tracks down Mike and tells him he needs to talk to Hannah.

Mike goes to the FBI office to find out where Hannah is. Nobody knows but her car accident has been logged.

Hannah goes to track a lead on who has been giving her information. She gets a plate and has Chuck run it.

Emily goes to the switchboard and finds out who from the West Wing reached out to DOD to recall the file. It was the Chief of Staff.

Mike updates Kirkman about Hannah. Kirkman thinks she knows something and tells him to stay on it.

Hannah has gone to the address Chuck gave her. It’s the Chief of Staff. Everyone thinks he’s dead. He tells her that it’s bigger than she thinks and that someone will be out to get them now. Then someone starts shooting at them. She takes him out while the chief makes a run for it. She checks the body for ID and a security card. She calls Chuck and tells him to find it.

Kirkman meets with Aaron and Seth about announcing the findings regarding Atwood. Lisa will get the exclusive. Mike tells him about the latest developments with Hannah. He thinks she’s crazy.

Chuck calls Hannah. Everyone is after her. Oh and he knows what the card is. It’s access to a room in a building with a view of the Capitol steps. They are going to kill Kirkman.

Kirkman is nervous that they are doing the wrong thing. Alex tells him to postpone but he says he can’t.

MacLeish is nervous. His wife tells him that they did the right thing. The situation is by any means necessary and he will help restore the nation.

Seth tells Lisa she gets the exclusive after America celebrates. Security is sweeping the area. A secret service looking guy goes to the room that the card opens. He sets up a long range sniper rifle and points it out the window.

The switchboard operator calls Emily. The Chief of Staff was overseas at the time of the call. It was his deputy that made the call. That deputy was of course Aaron.

Kirkman starts to address the crowd. Hannah gets to the National Mall and tries to get to the front. MacLeish is being sworn in. He finishes and waves to the crowd. Hannah sees the shooter and tries to shoot him. He takes a shot.

Aaron is a bad guy. As we have known all along because he was doing covert shade file dealing way back in the beginning of the season. We shouldn’t be surprised. I feel bad for Emily though. Also, Hannah is a badass.