Chicago Med, episode twenty

Goodwin updates the media on the conjoined twins. It is all systems go. Manning gets an update from Bekker and then asks for Rhodes to weigh in. He tells her that he isn’t going to be operating. He lost a patient because he made the wrong call. He’s not risking it. Choi hasn’t heard from Emily but April isn’t worried. Halstead has a ring for Manning and asks her to meet him on the balcony after work as Maggie gives him a patient.

That patient is Bert. He was found in the garage in the car with the engine running. Maggie pages Goodwin who is at the test run for the twin surgery. Rhodes is also there and he’s still chiming in. Goodwin goes to see Bert and Halstead updates her. He suggests reasons for the situation but Goodwin isn’t having it. She figures he tried to kill himself. Choi gets a patient and brings April with him. It’s one of the girls from the tent city. Bert wanted to die and is pissed at Halstead for not letting him.

The board wants to talk to Goodwin but she has other issues. The girl from the camp has hepatitis and it’s probably spreading big time there. Manning and Choi are going to have to go over and clear it out. Reese has been helping her father find a rehab and the twins’ parents are freaking out. At the tent city, Choi finds a sick teens, and his sick sister. Jay Halstead is waiting to talk to a victim and comments to his brother about waiting so long to propose.

Charles gets a call from the parents of the missing girl that was tied to Bob. He takes down the number. There are a lot of people watching from big name places. Rhodes is in observation too and he’s explaining what’s going on to an intern. They have a few complications. Charles goes to see Bert but it goes nowhere. The folks from the tent camp are brought in and tests are ordered. One girl, who recently had a baby is in much worse shape than the others.

After another issue, Rhodes rushes in and is willing to scrub in with a radical plan. Latham approves. Charles asks Goodwin to try and talk to Bert. She says no. She doesn’t owe him anything. The teen that is in worse shape actually has Hep A and Hep C. They have to call the baby’s parents and bring her in for tests. Goodwin is still blowing off the board. Rhodes saves the day in surgery. Choi talks to Emily and then updates April. She suggests a group home because Emily needs professional help but Choi isn’t hearing it.

Reese took her father for a walk and their way back to his room, they run into Charles. He lets Reese go back to work so he can talk to Bob. Seems that Bob is up to his old tricks and Charles wants to make sure Reese doesn’t fall for them. He ditches Bob and makes plans to visit the missing girl’s parents. In Wisconsin he gets to see the girl’s room and asks the family about her time at college. There was nothing that stood out. Charles notices that she had a set of stuffed monkeys and one was missing.

The teen with Hep A and Hep C gets to see her baby. As Manning walks the family out, the teen crashes. Halstead and Manning rush to save her but it’s too late. They call it. Charles goes to Bob’s place and peeks in the window. He sees the stuffed monkey on a shelf. The twins’ surgery wraps up. It’s a success. Goodwin finds Maggie giving the new chief of trauma a tour, a position neither one of them knew was being created. There is also a new COO that Goodwin wasn’t ready for.

Choi is bringing Emily home with him. She’s family and he wants to stand by her. April is not having it so an argument ensues. Choi is bringing her home, but April isn’t going to that home if that’s the case. Halstead is getting ready to take Manning somewhere private when Frisch asks him to celebrate. Manning overhears and puts the pieces together. She storms out and he chases. He proposes in the parking lot. Rhodes and Bekker talk about his work on the twins.

She figures he did it for her attending spot and by his reaction she knows she is right. He actually got an offer from the Mayo Clinic. He’d be a fool not to take it. Charles goes to see Bob. He’s not going to rehab. He’s going home with Reese. Charles brings up the missing girl case and Bob falls for his trap. It’s too late though. They taunt each other before Bob falls to the ground. Charles reaches to do compressions but Bob maybe blinks? Charles does not do anything and Reese walks in. She finds him over her father’s body.

Is Bob dead? I don’t think so. They made it seem like it was up in the air so I don’t think he is really dead. Rhodes isn’t actually going to go to Mayo. And that was an absolutely awful proposal by Halstead. You waited a week. You can wait another few days for Manning to not be pissed at you. I’m glad April didn’t just let Choi bully her.


Supergirl, episode eighteen

Apparently Lena and James have spent the night together. She likes waking up next to him. He thinks she should get a place and not live in a hotel anymore. They are enjoying the moment when Reign busts in. She flings James across the room and yells to find out where Ruby is. Lena sprays her with Kryptonite and she leaves. J’onn tries to help his father but Myrn is not interested. He just wants J’onn to put a record on.

At the DEO, since pestilence is gone Plywood and his team are headed back to the future. They say some awkward goodbyes and Plywood seems conflicted. Alex interrupts with news on the attack at Lena’s. They head over and talk to Lena and James. Supergirl and J’onn are dispatched to protect Sam’s mom and Winn will update the profile they have on Reign. Alex badgers Lena until she admits where Ruby is. Alex then goes to keep her safe.

Sam’s mom knew Sam was Reign. She tells Supergirl and J’onn about Sam’s childhood. She isn’t leaving now. Alex gets inside and talks to Ruby. The girl is just concerned about her mom. Alex tries to give her non-answers and then distracts her. Kara and J’onn talk about his father’s condition and what can be done. The conversation ends though as Reign turns up. She attacks. Supergirl fights back but she’s no match.

Brainiac is keeping tabs on the DEO and things are not looking up with the Reign issue. Plywood seems interested in going back but as Imra approaches he doesn’t suggest it. Kara talks to Sam’s mom in the medbay for a few moments before she dies. James visits Lena at the office and tells her about Sam’s mom. He wants Lena to go to Supergirl as an ally and tell her she can make kryptonite. Lena doesn’t want to but James pushes.

Alex gets a call. She doesn’t say much but it’s obviously bad news. Ruby comes in and assumes it’s about her mom. She wants to know what’s up and she doesn’t want Alex to lie. Alex claims she isn’t lying and suggests a movie instead. She leaves the room and Ruby notices that Alex left her phone there. Reign hovers above the city. Kara and J’onn are running out of options. They head to his place to talk to his father and how to battle.

It works. They now have a plan. Imra sends her husband back to the DEO to help his ex so that when the battle is done he can make a decision on who to be with. Lena brings the kryptonite to the DEO and as expected Supergirl gets indignant. They argue about it. Ruby sneaks outside to call her mom. She leaves a message. Reign hears her talking and heads that way. Alex comes back into the room and realizes right away that something is up.

Reign arrives at the mansion just as the others get the alert. Kara is ready to roll and tells a still injured J’onn to stay behind. He needs to be there thought to wield the kryptonite. Enter Plywood. He’s ready to help. A battle in the vault in the basement ensues. Ruby finds out that her mother is Reign. Kara brings up Reign’s code to save Ruby. It works and they take her into custody. They bring her back to Lena.

Supergirl tells Lena that she trusts her and then finds out Plywood is back to stop Reign. J’onn goes home and spends time with his father. His condition is getting worse. Alex and Ruby talk about Sam and Reign. Ruby doesn’t trust Alex because she lied but Alex gives her word it will never happen again. Kara is in the elevator when Lena comes in too. They talk about Supergirl. Turns out Lena is just working with her because she has to. She doesn’t trust her. She used James against her. That’s Lillian levels. A girl steals a book from Coville’s followers.

I hate that they are pitting Lena and Supergirl against each other. I know they are setting her up to be the next big bad and I’m not interested in that. I like them as friends. I also think Kara cannot be subtle so that will blow up in their faces anyway. Also, Alex getting schooled by a pre-teen? She left Maggie because she wants kids and she as a 12-year-old teaching her.

iZombie, episode eleven

Isobel checks in with her mom while in their respective bedrooms, Liv and Peyton talk to their boyfriends. Isobel gets nosebleed and plays dead. It scares everyone else but there’s really nothing they can do outside of take her to a hospital which she isn’t interested in doing. Liv and Ravi are discussing it at the morgue when Clive comes in with a case. A man was killed by blunt force trauma after mocking a female coworker at an office party.

Donnie is setting up film equipment to broadcast Angus beyond the walls of the church. Angus’ interest is piqued. Dale is in her office watching the dash cam video of Liv beating a guy with a fish. She listens to the audio and hears Clive talk about wanting kids. Clive and Liv bring in the female coworker to talk about the victim. He was a germophobe. Liv gets a vision and they get a new suspect as a result.

Peyton and Ravi have dinner with her parents. Peyton’s dad takes a few jabs at Ravi who defends himself. Peyton is happy about it. Donnie uploads his video of Angus. At the dinner, Peyton’s upcoming trip to DC is mentioned. Her parents tell her not to come back. It’s too dangerous and Ravi agrees. Clive goes to see Dale and she breaks up with him. She tells him that she met someone but it seems more like she’s letting him go so he can have what he wants.

Clive and Liv talk to their new suspect, a bar patron that had a bit of a scuffle with the victim. They maybe get a new lead. Ravi finds Isobel playing dead again. He tells her to stop doing that because it upsets him. She isn’t dead yet and he’s going to work to stop it from happening. At Fillmore Graves, they spot the Angus video. So do Ravi and Liv. No one is happy with it. Peyton has to head out to DC but she will be back.

Liv finds Isobel playing dead again. Isobel wants her to eat her brain when the time comes. She doesn’t want to be mush. Liv and Clive question the husband of the women the victim was mocking. He admits to punching him in the head. It’s basically a confession. Liv has bigger fish to fry. Another coyote has been caught and she impersonates Peyton to get her back. Major has problems of his own. He’s still undercover trying to get into the blackmail brain business.

The gang leaders feed him brains that are basically a truth serum. He talks about how he’s undercover and that the unit is taking the mobsters in. Clive spends some time with Michele. As he gets ready to leave, she wants more time and he climbs back into bed. The person Liv was smuggling in? Isobel’s mother. They are happily reunited. Graves wants to celebrate Major’s accomplishment. As the company starts to feast, Major’s team comes in. There was an incident.

One of the guy’s they had in custody got away. Graves shoots the girl in the gut so the boy shoots Graves in the neck. Graves returns fire and takes the boy out. Angus is preaching again and a human comes in to shoot him. He misses and the zombies eat him alive. Ravi goes to Liv’s to pick up Isobel. It’s too late. She died.

Ravi takes it rough. He talks to her and when he has her at the morgue he notes that he didn’t get to say goodbye. Levon has something for Liv and Ravi to watch. It’s a video of Isobel saying goodbye to them.

You had to see it coming. I mean not even the whole she is sick and going to die anyway thing but the playing dead through the whole episode. You had to know she wouldn’t last the hour. It’s a shame though, both for Ravi’s research and because Isobel was an interesting character. I like that Donnie gets to do important things now like record Angus.

Lucifer, episode twenty-four

Lucifer is sad because he will never see Charlotte again. Chloe will someday because they will be reunited in heaven but Lucifer won’t go there. Dan is holding up as well as he can. Ella is still working the scene. She doesn’t have anything of consequence to share. Pierce shows up and assigns tasks. He sends Dan home to grieve and asks Lucifer about Amenadiel. Lucifer tells him that he thinks his brother got his wings back and took Charlotte to heaven.

Dan goes home and looks through Charlotte’s things. He finds the waffle iron and gets angry. He throws it and breaks a table. The files on it fall and when he picks them up he notices something. Pierce goes to see his minion. He’s still got Maze locked up at his place and he wants to keep it that way. She breaks the chains and takes out two goons but finds a room full of more when she tries to leave.

Chloe and Lucifer are going through Charlotte’s files when Dan comes in. He’s got a theory. Pierce is the Sinner Man. Lucifer tells them he knew but no one would listen. Ella interrupts their chat. Pierce is making a speech. It’s about getting justice. As he speaks, Chloe realizes that Dan was right. Pierce did it. They have to figure out how to catch Pierce. Ella found some DNA at the scene and they know it was Pierce framing someone that Charlotte was trying.

They go to see the guy and continue to tell him that they know he’s being framed. They find the murder weapon in his house, during a party where tons of people had access. This should be fun. Linda is just walking a patient out when a bloody Maze comes in. She makes sure the guy is not after Linda and then passes out.

Lucifer, Dan and Chloe are looking at all the party guests. They are all criminals and that is not who Pierce would use. The valet with the spotless record though? That’s more his style so they confront him and sure enough he owns up to it. He gives them a burner phone that was used for the drop. Dan gives it to Ella to run and tells her not tell anyone. She doesn’t listen and actually brings it to Pierce who promptly calls his minion to handle it.

Dan is asleep on his couch when Pierce’s guy comes in. Dude pulls a gun but before he shoots, Chloe turns up behind him with a gun on him and Dan was faking and his got his gun out too. Meanwhile, Lucifer confronts Pierce about his mark and his mission. Pierce is onto Lucifer too. He knows that he wants to help people. Pierce yells and officers come in to take Lucifer away. He goes back to Lux and Ella, Dan and Chloe are there.

The minion is with them as well. Ella gave Pierce the phone on purpose. It was a setup. She believes them and now they don’t know what to do. Chloe calls Pierce and plays dumb. He sees through her though. He knows they are all working against him now. He gets home and finds all his goons down and Maze in the wind. She and Linda reconcile. Lucifer and Ella have a heart to heart about his father and Pierce.

Inside, Chloe and Dan are trying to get the minion to talk. He won’t. Dan has Chloe leave the room and then he gets serious about threatening the guy. Dude is willing to talk if they can prove they have the means to protect his sister. Dan is willing to do that. Lucifer and Chloe go to get the sister while Dan and Ella stay with guy. Chloe talks to Lucifer about his truth and his devilish ways. She doesn’t see him like that and lately he doesn’t seem himself that way either.

Ella called in a favor and ran the minion’s prints. He’s an only child. It’s a trap. Chloe realizes it moments too late. Pierce and his goons are there with guns. Pierce wants to take down Lucifer but Chloe stays in front of him and won’t move. She and Pierce exchange fire and she goes down hard. Lucifer catches her and wraps his wings around her. Pierce orders his goons to finish her and they open fire.

Lucifer manages to take off and get her safely to a rooftop. She was wearing a vest so she’s okay. They just need to get Pierce so Lucifer goes back for him. Chloe gets a call from Dan about the trap and she tells him she knows. She’s starting to put the pieces together. Lucifer took Chloe far enough away that bullets don’t work. Pierce came prepared though. He has Maze’s demon blade. They fight but Lucifer wins. He stabs Pierce with the blade.

As he takes his last breaths, Pierce talks about having no regrets and making it into heaven but Lucifer points out what happened to Charlotte. He’s going to hell for it. He’s a monster and he will spend eternity remembering that. He’s not the only one though. Lucifer is a monster too, Pierce taunts as Lucifer’s devil face flickers. Pierce dies just as Chloe comes in. Lucifer turns around and is full devil. She is shocked to see that “it’s all true.”

This is how they end it? That sucks. At least do it like Frequency and give them a five minute wrap up online. Seal it off with a little bow. I’m glad that Maze and Linda made amends. That was good but having the show end on this note sucks. I know why they did it and I don’t blame the show runners but it still sucks. I’m glad Chloe knows though.

Timeless, episode nine

Beaufort, South Carolina in June of 1863. A Confederate general gets a visit from Emma. He’s the sleeper. She brings him a burger and a mission. In the present day Carol talks to Nicholas about Emma. She doesn’t trust her and thinks she is sabotaging missions. Rittenhouse isn’t in her blood and they can’t forget that. Mason and Christopher tell the team about their concerns regarding Jessica. Wyatt isn’t interested. Lucy tries to take his side.

Christopher is not interested. She wants to kick Jessica out of the bunker. Wyatt tells her that he will walk if she gets booted. The alarm sounds. Looks like Rittenhouse is trying to stop Harriet Tubman. Wyatt talks to Jessica before boarding the ship. He wants to know about how her brother was saved but she says she doesn’t remember. They head back in time. Pretty much right away, Lucy and Wyatt fight about whether or not Jessica is trustworthy.

He storms off but they start moving and find the regiment that they were hoping to protect already attacked. They seem to be too late. That’s when Harriet Tubman storms in. She’s a boss and lets them know as much. They tell her about a spy and she agrees to let them tag along. They still need to slow her down and find backup but it’s a start. Jiya confronts Mason about another pilot with visions. He’s in a mental home. She wants to meet him.

Lucy and Flynn are going to go for reinforcements while Wyatt and Rufus try to slow Tubman down until they get back. She’s not about to be persuaded though. Jiya meets with the other pilot. He’s not what she expected. Wyatt goes to a party for plantation owners. Rufus talks to Tubman for a bit about the visions that she attributes to God. They talk to the slaves on the plantation and sneak Rufus inside to help Wyatt. Jiya talks to the pilot about her visions.

After so long with them, he can trigger them and see much longer. It’s time travel in it’s own right. He goes back under. Wyatt figures out the sleeper and he goes to Rufus with the information. While they are deciding what to do, there’s a commotion outside. Tubman takes out a plantation owner. Rufus and Wyatt get in a shootout with the sleeper and get him to run after Rufus throws his history book in the fire. Lucy is outside with backup. They win.

While still in the past, Rufus had a talk with Wyatt about Jessica. When they get back Wyatt spends time alone with his wife. She mentions that Christopher suggested she leave the bunker for the sake of the pregnancy and after a pause, Wyatt endorses the plan. Jessica is reluctant. Using advice from the other pilot, Jiya provokes a vision. Wyatt wakes up in bed alone. He goes looking for Jessica and finds her in the ship about to take off with Jiya as her pilot. Jessica pulls a gun and orders him to stand back as they take off.

The others come and find Wyatt. He explains what happened and they are all pissed, Rufus especially so after Wyatt admits that Jessica’s story didn’t add up. Flynn taunts Wyatt and they come to blows. Jiya comes face to face with Carol. She’s given a pill to knock her out because they are keeping her around for a while. Carol, Jessica and Nicholas are discussing what happened when Emma turns up. She’s annoyed she wasn’t consulted. She thinks she is that important.

Wyatt goes to apologize to Rufus about getting Jiya caught up in this but it’s too little too late. Speaking of, Jiya fakes passing out on the floor so an agent has to help her. He goes to put her on the bed and she takes him out. She runs to the lifeboat and manages to take off. She did take the pill though so she’s fuzzy. She doesn’t stick the landing and ends up lost in time. She did manage to send them a message though. Lucy finds her in a photo in the 1880s in San Francisco. There’s also a message on where the lifeboat is.

Rufus and Mason find the lifeboat and the team heads into the past to find her. They go to the place the photo was taken. There is no sign of Jiya but half of Rittenhouse is there, including Carol, Emma and Jessica. Emma kills Carol and then takes off. Jessica ran too. Left with no choice, Wyatt chases Jessica and sends Flynn after Emma. Wyatt catches up with Jessica and she tells him Rittenhouse is her family and that’s all that matters before disappearing.

Lucy manages to get the little girl at the photo shop to tell them where Jiya is. Rufus goes to see her. She is happy to see him but she tells him that he shouldn’t have come. She can’t go home either because that’s how he dies. She explains the vision and he isn’t interested. He still wants to take her home. Flynn comes back and talks to Lucy about her mom. Emma has big plans for Rittenhouse now that she’s killed upper management.

Mason discovers that Christopher likes to knit in order to relieve stress while the others are on missions. Jiya still isn’t leaving and Rufus still isn’t having it. The others come in and they argue. It’s too late though. Emma busts in guns blazing. They’ll have to fight their way out but Jiya agrees to go. Flynn shoots Jessica but more importantly, Jiya’s vision doesn’t come true. She intervenes and Rufus lives. At least, for a little while. As they all make their way outside, Emma shoots him. Lucy chases her and Flynn chases Lucy.

Wyatt and Jiya try to stop the bleeding but it’s too late. Rufus is gone. Lucy has Emma cornered and a gun to her head. She’s out of bullets though so Emma gets the upper hand. Flynn comes in and scares her off. They go home and at first Mason and Christopher are in high spirits. At first anyway. Once they realize what happened, Mason wants to go back on his own but Jiya lashes out at him.

She goes back to her room and starts a vision. She’s trying to find Rufus but he’s not anywhere. She cries with Mason. In the hallway, Lucy is mourning in her own way. Wyatt joins her. They talk about Rufus and then Wyatt professes his love for her. She doesn’t say anything back and then he keeps talking. They hear a noise from near the lifeboat. It’s another lifeboat! An upgraded one. Out step Older Lucy and Older Wyatt ready to help the team get Rufus back.

I quite like Rufus and don’t think that, should this get renewed, he will be gone permanently. I really think that they’d save him. Jiya was a boss. I’m so impressed with her snarky and fight skills. Also, the Jessica situation is going to cause more harm that good. I would love it if they all wore the scarves from Christopher.

Westworld, episode four

James Delos is in an apartment when William swings by to talk. Apparently James has been there for a while and is ready to get out. William tells him that he’ll be able to leave soon enough. They just have to talk to establish a baseline. James is over it and william slides him a piece of paper. Old man William is following some train tracks. Bodies are being used in the construction and the tracks are headed in the wrong direction. It’s all a game.

Charlotte dumps Bernard near a cave with a gun. He goes in and finds Elsie in the cave. she’s pissed to see him because apparently he’s the one that chained her up. He doesn’t remember it and tries to set her free. She knows he’s a host and resets him. When he comes to they talk for a minute and then she’s ready to ditch him there. He tells her that Delos isn’t sending anyone to save the people in the park.

He zones out and sees a version of himself going into the cave. He follows it. Inside the cave he finds a secret passage to a lab. Elsie didn’t know about it and Bernard doesn’t remember being there before. It’s the lab he was in with Charlotte though. They are confronted by a host 2.0 but Elsie takes it out. Bernard starts glitching and she has to inject him with the juice from the other host. That’s when she finds out Ford is dead.

Guests are being held prisoner by the natives. It’s not the guests though. Stubbs is there too. He says they have only been taking out hosts and people should wait for first responders. The woman he’s talking to isn’t looking to be saved though. Old William and Lawrence roll into the latter’s hometown. Things seem abandoned but it’s really Craddock’s doing. He’s got the townsfolk held up in a church. He wants to know where they stash their ammunition.

Lawrence doesn’t want to die there so Old William makes a deal with Craddock. He gives up the weapons and knows what Craddock really wants to know. Craddock is willing to play along. James Delos is alone in his apartment. It’s the same morning. William stops by. Everything is the same. On the piece of paper is a transcript of their exact conversation. He’s a host now. It’s been seven years. James wants to get out and starts fighting with William about it.

William tells him a little longer and that’s when James starts to glitch. When William steps out it becomes apparent that the apartment is really an observation room. William points out that it’s the same problem “as before” and a tech asks if they should terminate. William gives the all clear and the whole room goes up in flames. Craddock continues terrorizing the locals. Stubbs runs into a few problems of his own. In the lab Bernard tells Elsie that he doesn’t know if he’s on a mission from Ford or someone else. It all comes down to Peter Abernathy.

Then he realizes he’s been there before. They weren’t making hosts. It was something else. She knows that it all lays behind the locked door. He remembers men walking around the lab. He yells her not to mess with the door just as she tries to shoot the lock. Craddock tortures Lawrence in front of his wife. Old William throws down with Craddock and lets Lawrence have the last laugh. He blows up the twn.

James is going about his morning as usual when he gets a guest. It’s William, only this time it’s Old William. Things start out the same but when James glitches, William goes full tilt. This is the 139th reboot. His son, daughter and wife are all dead. No one cares about him on the outside so they are just going to leave him. He walks out and tells the tech to leave him in there. Elsie and Bernard are exploring the lab. She hears someone. It’s the James host.

Bernard explains what he knows of the work on him and what he thinks Ford is trying to do. He rememers another time in the lab. The 2.0 hosts killed all the techs and then themselves. One of the techs seemed to survive the bloodbath so Bernard took him out himself. Lawrence’s wife thanks Old William for his help in clearing Craddock and his men from town. Their daughter provides a mouthpiece for Ford though and taunts William. He isn’t having it and leaves. On a hilltop he encounters the woman that had been trapped with Stubbs. She calls him dad.

I was really distracted during this episode. I have a lot of trouble following the ones that jump all around like this. When were the Bernard scenes set in relation to his visit to the lab with Charlotte? Also, how long has Elsie been in a cave and what happened to Stubbs? And she knew Bernard was a host. Did everyone?

Quantico, episode three

Two lawyers are discussing a case and a witness on the streets of New York. One is sure that they have got this on lock, because of the witness. Said witness falls of a building right next to them. Alex is with Shelby and Ryan. It’s a little awkward and Shelby is looking to catch up with Alex. She’s hesitant. When Shelby leaves the room, Ryan brings up the near kiss. Alex is not happy about it. She thinks he should tell Shelby but Ryan is not planning on it.

Owen talks to the lawyers. The team is taking the case joint with the Marshals to protect another witness. This guy is a fed that was undercover with the cartel for years. Alex levels with him and he agrees to go with them. On their way into the city from “rural” New Jersey, they hit some traffic. A guy on a motorcycle is weaving through looking in the cars. They’ve been made and a firefight ensues.

The new team members are looking through files and find a rookie mistake by a vet trying to take down cartel members. It seems suspicious. Owen and the team meet up with the Marshals. They have to hand off the witness and throw the rulebook out the window in protecting him. Jocelyn and the new kids nab the agent that busted the arrest and bring him in for questioning. He admits he was coerced.

Witness has an old safehouse in Brooklyn that they hole up in. He wants to crack open the booze and McQuigg is game. Alex vetoes that idea. They have to stay on their game. Shelby pulls Alex aside to check in. She knows that morning was weird and Alex confirms it. She figures they will get over it eventually. Owen and Jocelyn talk about Charlie the witness. Owen feels bad about how beaten down he is but Jocelyn tells him looks can be deceiving.

Alex and Charlie talk history but a bit until something happens at the safe house. The cartel found them and now when it goes up in flames they bail out and head to Alex’s place. They have a lead on who is leading the charge after them. He’s a high ranking cartel member. He’s apparently also gay and on a hookup app so the others are trying to track him through that. At her apartment, Alex and Charlie talk about keeping secrets and keeping others safe.

It’s a quiet conversation until Charlie starts choking. He’s having an allergic reaction but recovers fine with a shot from his epi-pen. Back at the base, the youngsters have set up a profile for each of the men on the hookup app. It worked. The cartel guy took the bait. He wants to meet Ryan so they send him to a club. He’s uncomfortable but they talk him into committing. At Alex’s, she and Shelby talk about how things have been tense since Alex came back.

Their friendship is a sure thing though. Shelby hugs it out but Alex is still uncomfortable. Ryan spots the target and invites him outside. They go out a back door and the guy pounces. Ryan tries to get him to wait but the guy catches on something is up. Ryan is made and gets stabbed for his troubles. The guy doesn’t get away though. Owen and Harry corner him and try to talk to him. He gets sniped though. Owen and the Marshal fight over who is at fault. The focus should be Charlie though.

His trial is in a few hours. Shelby accompanies him to the courthouse while Alex and McQuigg finally figure it out. He doesn’t want the cartel boss locked up. He wants him killed and he wants to do it himself. Alex also finds out who the mole was feeding the cartel. It was the Marshal working with Owen. He’s a sniper and he’s set up to take Charlie out. McQuigg tries to stop him but the Marshal gets the jump. Alex comes to his rescue though.

In the courtroom, Charlie is on the stand and talks about how evil the cartel boss is. Then he shoots him with his epi-pen. Owen busts in and shoots Charlie in the shoulder. Ryan is ready to leave the hospital after his stabbing and Shelby is happy to help. Alex goes to see Charlie in prison and tells him they aren’t alike. He isn’t convinced.

So Alex is going to get with this McQuigg guy right? I have no use for that. Or for Shelby and Ryan. Or for Alex and Ryan. I feel bad for Shelby. Her dude is a tool. Harry is the best part of this show. By a lot. Also, Jocelyn is awesome. This was canceled but from what I know they are already done filming. Hopefully it is set up with a series finale.