The Good Doctor, episode twelve

This is a continuation of the last episode. One twin woke up and seems to be in good shape. The other hasn’t woken up yet. The team talks about it when Murphy rolls in. He’s back from his personal emergency aka a road trip with his girlfriend. He and Browne head off to do brain scans.

Melendez is pissed and goes to confront Glassman about Murphy’s situation. Murphy and Browne run the scans and figure out that the twin is getting hardly any blood to her brain. Glassman pulls him out to reprimand him. Murphy gives his two weeks notice.

Legal counsel for Kalu brings a lawsuit to Preston’s office. Apparently there have been incidents in the past related to race and he uses that as framework for such a suit. The team discusses how to save the twin with no bloodflow to her brain. Murphy gets an idea and the neurosurgeon asks him to scrub in. He asks Melendez for a letter of recommendation.

The emergency procedure doesn’t work. She will not wake up. They want to give her heart to the other twin. Andrews, Melendez and the neuro go to the mother and ask her to donate the coma twin’s heart to the one that woke up.

Browne talks to Glassman about Murphy. She lets him know that the young doctor thinks he is mad and that might be motivating this. Melendez wrote his letter and hands it off for Glassman to sign it. The mother unplugs life support but the twin starts breathing on her own.

They can’t use her as an organ donor while she is functioning on her own so they are back at square one, until Murphy gets another idea. Re-conjoin the twins via the femoral artery. It should work and they are pleased with this.

The awake twin is not. She doesn’t want to use her sister as life support and is annoyed her mother pulled the plug. Andrews tries to explain that she will not wake up but it doesn’t get through. Browne has an idea. Put the coma sister in a room with the one that’s awake.

Coma twin is brought in and it works. She sees that her sister won’t get any better but with the conjoining and then transplant her sister will always be with her. They go ahead with the procedure and it is a success.

Glassman asks Murphy why he wants to go to Hershey and he admits it is because Leah is moving there. Glassman gives him the letter of recommendation but tells him that he would like him to stay and if he does he’ll back off.

It’s taking some time for the vitals to stabilize for the twins. Melendez isn’t sure what the problem is but then coma twin wakes up. Melendez sends Browne and Murphy to do a full workup. The team doesn’t know what it is but the mom does. She says they need each other.

One twin still needs a heart of the transplant and now they need a donor fast. Kalu gets a huge settlement from the hospital. It’s not what he wants though. He wants his job back. Browne asks Murphy if Leah knows he is moving for her. She knows he is moving but not for her. She makes him happy. Browne tells him that she will miss him.

Test results are back. The heart transplant twin is killing the other. They need emergency disconnection surgery. During prep one twin crashes. The twin with the bad heart dies. The other won’t let them disconnect. If they don’t, she will die. They call in the mother to convince her.

She tells her that she can’t lose both daughters. Andrews is on his way out when he runs into Kalu. He tells him that he doesn’t want him there. Misrepresenting the case as racism sets everyone two steps back.

They do the surgery to separate the twins. Murphy doesn’t leave because of his talk with Browne. Melendez gets home and Preston is sitting there. She tells him she wants to break up. She wants to give him everything he wants and that includes kids. She doesn’t want him to resent her.

She would rather have her heart broken than be resented so she wants him to go and find someone to have kids. Murphy says goodbye to Leah. She lets him borrow a signed baseball she has. Borrow, because she expects him to come visit and bring it with him.

Obviously Murphy wasn’t going anywhere. I don’t think anyone was fooled by that. I felt bad for the twins and moreso for their mother. I also feel bad for Melendez, especially because that is exactly the same thing I watched like two months ago with Alex and Maggie on Supergirl.


Chicago PD, episode twelve

Burgess comes down from the unit. It’s Platt’s birthday and they are headed to Molly’s. Atwater and Ruzek come down to go too. Atwater gets a call. He has to check on something but he will meet them there. The unit is at the bar drinking and Atwater doesn’t turn up.

Atwater goes into a house. Something seems amiss but when he goes to pull his gun someone creeps up behind him and puts a gun on him. The guy takes his weapon and knocks him out. The next morning Ruzek shows up late to training. He was looking for Atwater.

The unit pings his phone and goes to the house. They go and walk through. They find some blood and Atwater’s badge. The unit starts looking into the guy that owns the house. Joe Baker. He’s got a sheet. They look into his friends but don’t have any leads.

Upton is looking through Baker’s social media and finds a video of a guy being beaten. Atwater is in the background and he’s alive. They start looking for a location from the video. Atwater is chained up but he is trying to escape. The kidnappers aren’t in the room but the other guy is. It’s Baker (Mehki Pfieffer). He hates Atwater for killing his kid.

Burgess makes the connection. It was an old case and Atwater killed the kid but it was rulled a clean shoot. The phone call he got the night before was the kid’s aunt. Her brother had been missing.

Voight talks to the sister. They get nowhere. Baker and Atwater fight about what happened to his son. Burgess and Antonio got a lead on a girl that picked Baker up at a bar. They bring her in and question her. It’s not much but it might add up.

Baker is ready to rat on Atwater being a cop. Atwater starts running his mouth though and ends up with a hole drilled in his leg. The unit found drugs in Baker’s place. They get prints on it. It’s Baker’s buddy. They bring him to the cage and scare him into talking.

Atwater is able to convince the kidnappers that he can get them money. They let him make a call to Ruzek to arrange a dropoff. The unit rolls out. They let the drop happen so that they can follow the cash. They do listen in though and find out he’s not going back to where Atwater is being help.

The unit moves in and they yell at the guy. He fires at them so Antonio takes him out. Ruzek is pissed and says Antonio killed Atwater. The head kidnapper hears the whole thing through his cell phone. He goes inside to find that Atwater and Baker have gotten out of their chains.

They haven’t gotten out of the building though and Atwater fights the kidnapper. There is a gun involved and Atwater takes out the kidnapper. Then Baker points a gun at Atwater. They talk about his son’s death. Ruzek shows up and moves in but Atwater tells him to stand down.

Baker puts the gun down. He gets taken to Med for his injuries from the kidnapping. Atwater goes to see him and they talk about how he raised his son, how what the son did is on the father.

Saturday Night Live, episode ten

I don’t know much about Sam Rockwell. He was good in Iron Man 2. I haven’t had a chance to see Three Billboards yet.

Cold Open: I’m not a fan of Morning Joe but these two are pretty funny and Fred Armisen is great. The real winners here were Bill Murray and Leslie Jones though. I could just watch that forever.

Monologue: This was funny before he started singing. Then just meh.

Science Room: I haven’t decided if that was funny or not.

Tucci Gang: This was spectacular! I loved this!

E! The Look: Team Kenan for all things but they were all pretty good in this one.

My Drunk Boyfriend: Cecily really tried here but this was a bust.

First song: I like this song and I like how she did it.

Weekend Update: Michael Che is amazing and I really love Leslie Jones as Oprah. She’s amazing. Also. Team Kenan.

Peter Pan: It wasn’t bad but kind of boring.

ATM: What even was this?

Second song: This was pretty good too.

Meet the family: I’m not sure what I just watched but I laughed at it.

Next Labs: He’s a dog head guy. Like I just kept giggling at that.

Chantix: Cecily is great but this ran too long.

Most of these skits seemed fairly run of the mill which was a shame but I didn’t mind Rockwell as the house and there was a lot of Kenan.

Chicago Med, episode seven

Recap of “Over Troubled Water”Halstead and Manning are in bed when his alarm goes off. He’s got to go. He’ll see her in the morning. Rhodes tells Charles that he is heading to Minneapolis to see Robin that night. Charles asks if that is a good idea and Rhodes doesn’t care.

Patient comes in. It’s a woman who just gave birth and she’s calling the baby a monster and screaming to kill it. She rips the cord. Choi has her strapped in while Manning works on the baby. Choi tells April to call child services. He won’t let her take the baby. Manning gets the baby’s temperature regulated. Charles tries to get the mother into rehab but Choi thinks she is a lost cause.

Paramedic Barry stops in to see Maggie. Halstead gets a patient, Goodwin’s ex’s new wife. Choi invites April over but she is going to Noah’s hockey game. She gets that isn’t importnat to him, that being family. Rhodes asks Bekker to cover for him when he goes to Minneapolis. She agrees but judges him.

Stohl comes over and tells them both that they are needed in the field and sends them out. Goodwin wants progress reports on Reese. Manning’s infant patient is crashing. She tries to help but she thinks it is withdrawal. She wants the baby to hear the mother’s heartbeat but Choi and Charles vote against that.

Reese gets a new boss. She’s basically Umbridge. She’s all theoretical, no practical. Bekker and Rhodes get an update from Squad 3 as they make their way into a collapsed building to see the patient.

Halstead updates Lilah on her condition. She needs to be intubated because her lungs may fail. It could only be temporary. She’s not sold on it. Charles talks to the mother about holding the baby. She seems interested at first but she says no. Lilah asks Goodwin to keep an eye on her husband because she signed a DNR.

Left with no other options, Rhodes is taking drastic measures in the field. Reese goes to see Charles. She wants to be on his service and tells him as much. He appreciates her wishes but thinks that her current assignment is the best course of action.

Bert is pissed at Halstead over Lilah’s DNR. Goodwin tries to calm him down. Choi talks to the baby’s mother. She knows he doesn’t like her. He knows more about this sort of situation than she thinks. Barry is persistent and Maggie is annoyed.

Things are rough for Rhodes’ patient. His leg is trapped and they aren’t making progress clearing it. They have to amputate. The baby is crashing. Manning and April rush to stabilize him. Halstead checks in on Lilah. She cancels the DNR.

Charles talks to the mother again and convinces her to hold the baby for Manning. Lilah crashes and Halstead is ready to shock her. Bert stops him. They check with Lilah. She doesn’t want extreme measures. They let her go.

Rhodes brings in his amputee. Child services shows up for the baby. The mother doesn’t want to let him go now but she has no choice. Goodwin and Maggie walk out together. She is going to call her kids and have them check on Bert.

The mother checks herself out despite Charles and Choi trying to stop her. Charles tells Reese that he feels responsible for her situation. He will allow her back on his service. Rhodes goes to see his amputee. Rhodes realizes that he should let Robin go.

Choi tells April about his own family. Rhodes and Bekker banter. Halstead’s alarm goes off but Manning tells him to stay. He’s happy.

I like Choi in a general sense but I’m never positive on what to make of him because we really don’t know much about him. Also, how is Noah playing hockey with a busted face? I felt bad for the amputee guy in this one.

This is Us, episode twelve

There is a cat on the loose on the street. Jack is doing some wood working. Apparently he’s making shelves in the garage for Kate. He tells her about them. Kate interrupts. She needs a dress and wants to go to the mall. She asks Rebecca, who is thrilled to take her.

Jack needs to go too and when he catches Kevin moping so he turns it into a family trip. Randall is helping his kids with homework when Beth comes in. She just got some bad news from work. She checks in that he is okay and ready for his job interview. He tells her he is but not to get too excited because the job doesn’t “get his juices flowing.” Before the interview, he has to head to William’s place to pick up a box.

After getting discharged, Kevin goes to stay with Rebecca and Miguel. He walks in and sees signs of their life together. He doesn’t seem thrilled about it. It’s time for the family trip to the mall. Kate is trying on dresses while Kevin and Jack look for the suit store. They run into Miguel who is feeling sorry for himself because his ex just got engaged.

Kevin scoffs when Jack goes into pep talk mode. He says that sometimes guys just want to wallow and Miguel backs him up. They head to the food court instead of the suit shop. Randall walks the mall alone. He sees a girl he likes.

Adult Randall picks up the box of William’s stuff. He also asks after William’s cat. Apparent;y the cat wandered off a few weeks earlier. Back in the car Randall looks into the box. It’s full of poetry and artwork about a woman.

Rebecca and Kevin chat in the grocery store for a while. Kevin tells her he lost the necklace from his father and she tries to make him feel better. Miguel turns up and ruins the moment.

At the mall food court, Kevin talks about how watching football makes him feel like crap. Randall shows up and seems rather sullen as well. Jack tells the boys that they have to own their decisions. In the grocery store, Kevin confronts Miguel about crashing their outing. Miguel tells him that he is trying to protect Rebecca from him.

Randall goes through William’s apartment building trying to find the mystery lady. He ends up posting a note on the bulletin board. Kate goes wedding dress shopping with someone from her eating support group. Randall goes to see Beth at work. He tells her about the poetry and she tells him that she is happy for him but she needs him to get a job.

Kate and her friend are looking at dresses when the friend excuses herself to the bathroom. Kate assumes that she is purging after feasting on desserts. The chick doesn’t like being called out and leaves Kate there.

Kevin finds Miguel and Rebecca watching TV. He comes in and Rebecca leaves to make tea. Kevin apologizes for what happened at the store and then asks if Miguel loved his mother before Jack died. Miguel explains that he didn’t but he loves her now and he’s not going anywhere.

While doing some online dress shopping, Kate gets a call. It’s about her friend Madison. She goes to her house and finds her crying in the bathroom. Rebecca finds Kate in the mall. The dress she was trying on didn’t fit and she is cranky.

Randall goes back to William’s building. He heard from someone who William was friendly with the super so he thinks that might be the mystery woman. She’s not but she lets him walk around William’s old place. He realizes that all the art was about Billie Holliday and that there was a mural outside William’s window.

Madison passed out and hit her head. She’s bleeding and Kate cleans her up. Madison tells her story and Kate tells hers. Right before Jack died, she lost a lot of weight and realized she didn’t know what to do when she wasn’t mad at herself. Madison tells her they are best friends.

Beth indulges Randall and takes a ride with him. He brings her to William’s building. He wants to buy it and change the lives of the residents with Beth. Teen Randall asks out a girl. Kevin and Jack try on suits.

Kevin and Rebecca have a heart to heart about her relationship with Miguel. He wants her to be happy. She has that with Miguel. After the mall Jack decides that it’s time to start his own construction company after all. Rebecca thinks it is a bad idea but he’s going to do it anyway.

This felt like filler. They settled the situation with Kevin and Miguel and they set up a real estate project for Randall and Beth but overall it just seemed like set up for other episodes about Jack.

The Gifted, episode twelve and thirteen

Campbell’s brother is dying. Also he goes to give a lecture and talks about coming together and working together as a species. At HQ, everyone talks about Campbell and his cronies. They’ve got an event and the Underground is going to do some kidnapping. The Esmes also bring up Blink being arrested.

John goes to the elder Struckers. He needs Reed to find out as much as he can about Trask from his father’s notes. He leaves and goes to get ready for the mission. Blink stops him and tells him that she used to work with the Brotherhood and lied about it. He’s pissed.

Marcos and Lorna argue about working with the Esmes and Lauren yells at Andy for buying into their crap too. Not everyone is happy that the Struckers are back at HQ. Sage is going over the particulars for Campbell’s event. Kate notices something. Someone from Trask is looking to talk to Reed’s mom. They need to get there first. They grab the kids and go.

John, Blink, Marcos and Lorna head out with the Esmes to get ready to grab Campbell. An Esme talks to Lorna and tells her she’s the only one that gets it. When she starts badmouthing the others, Lorna gets pissed and breaks things. Esme says that reminds her of Lorna’s father.

Reed and Kate go into his mother’s office to try to find her. Meanwhile, outside Andy and Lauren argue. He wants to fight Sentinel Services. Lauren tries to talk sense into him. Reed talks to his mother but it’s no use. She doesn’t want to run. He tells her his father is dead.

Marcos, Lorna and John wait on the side of the road. Their way into the convention is to hitch a ride with a big donor. Blink and an Esme are waiting nearby, arguing. They pull out in front of the guy to get him to stop and then approach the car.

Reed and his mother keep going back and forth. Lauren calls. Sentinel Services is there. They have to run. Outside Andy attacks the agents and then Lauren tries to stop him. They both get knocked down as their parents come running out.

The others have got the guy from the car tied up at their safe house. The Esmes make him call in a change to his security detail. It’s their team. As Marcos and John get ready, the former mentions again that he doesn’t like the Esmes. John tells him that he needs to keep his eyes on the prize too.

Blink and Lorna have a heart to heart too about the importance of family and how our parents don’t determine our behavior. Reed talks to his mother. He might have a lead on another researcher. She can’t go on with them though. She’ll only slow them down.

The team moves in on the conference. The senator that Campbell is paying off is talking. Outside Blink and John go over the plan and then kiss before moving in. Back at HQ, Reed and Sage start looking for the other researcher while Kate tells Lauren and Andy that the family needs to stick together.

Lorna knocks out the phones while the senator wraps his speech. John, Marcos and Blink wait for Campbell to move. When he comes off the elevator they go to grab him but his detail incapacitated Marcos and John has to fight them off.

Then kids gets out of the elevator and Campbell grabs one as a shield to get away. Another team moves into the hallway and opens fire. Marcos ducks around a corner and John acts as a shield for Blink.

Four years earlier, Lorna was at a mental hospital. She gets a visit from a lawyer. It’s not a regular lawyer though. She wants to recruit Lorna to the Underground and she’s a mutant herself. Present day, the team escapes but without Campbell so Esme is pissed. They have to flee though.

Word gets back to HQ and Andy wants to go help them. It’s too far though and Reed says as much. Andy freaks out and starts yelling about fighting the humans. Reed puts him in his place. Turner has some mutants that can track people. They are at the scene where Andy attacked the agents and they use residual matter to look for Andy.

Marcos and Esme fight at the safehouse. Marcos talks to Lorna. Attacking people to get to Campbell is not the answer. Andy is pissed and moves out of the family’s room at HQ. He talks to some other kids and then Lauren about what comes next and how they have to grow up.

Turner can track Andy to HQ so he plans to do so. Other agents will handle the senator situation. Esme keeps trying to get into Lorna’s head. It seems to be working. Turner gets approval from his higher up. They can proceed with SWAT. Mutant defense starts making them feel sick. Turner tells them to push through.

Alarms blare. It’s time to evacuate HQ. This is not a drill. Andy wants to fight but Lauren tells him their job is to protect people. In the safe house, John is worried because he can’t get through to HQ. Marcos comes in and says Lorna is missing. They find out she left with an Esme to kill Campbell.

A van of kids leaves HQ but that’s it. Sentinel Services is too close. They have to fortify the building. Kate comes up with a possible evacuation plan. Reed brings the team ready to fight upstairs while the rest start breaking through the foundation to tunnel out of the basement.

Andy still wants to fight and settle a score but he listens to orders. Kate has her team keep digging. Marcos blames himself but the others tell him that he shouldn’t. Lorna tells Esme to scram. She’s not working for her. Kate runs up to get the others as Turner tells his team that they aren’t looking for hostages.

Everyone including Reed and Kate move out as the mutts move into HQ. Andy and Lauren stay behind though. They plan to link powers and take the building down. They might not survive but they want to do their part anyway. Sentinel mutts move in as the Strucker kids link up.

Marcos and the others get there to talk to Lorna. She tells them she has to do this. She wants them to leave but Marcos keeps talking about the innocent people on the plane that will die. She’s not interested. She wants to protect her family. As the plane with Campbell on it flies by she puts a whammy on it.

HQ is gone but Marcos, John and Blink meet up with the others at a new place. Andy and Lauren survived and Reed is proud of them. No one has heard from Lorna though. Turner gets in trouble at his debriefing for the failed mission and can’t take it. He quits.

The Underground meet to discuss next steps. Reed wants to rebuild but others blame the Struckers for starting all this trouble to begin with. Marcos stands up for them but gets interrupted.

Lorna is back and she is on team Esme. She wants to rebuild she’s looking for like-minded folks. She finds them. A lot of them. Everyone but Marcos, John, Blink, Lauren, Reed and Kate opt for team Lorna, including Andy.

This was great. That ending. I figured she would turn up and they made it obvious Andy would have her back. He kept bringing her up. I have no use for Andy. He’s a hormonal teenager and that much things up for everyone. I’m excited to see where this show will go next season. Turner is a vigilante now. The Underground is a handful of people. This is getting interesting.

Supergirl, episode ten

Kara wakes up and hears someone knocking at the door. She goes to answer it and finds an interesting being on the other side. It’s a half robot dude that introduces himself as Brainiac. He’s checking on Kara’s brain because she’s been in a coma for two days.

Mon-El woke dude up from hypersleep to communicate with her. It jogs her memory. She remembers the fight with Reign and freaks out. She wants to continue to the fight. Brainiac in the real world updates the folks waiting. J’onn is concerned about their odds without Supergirl.

Sam is chasing Ruby around the house. They are just playing though. Ruby heads out to the movies with a friend as Sam gets distracted by a photo of Reign. She goes to her sand castle and gets a new mission. Fight for righteousness and take down the apathetic.

James and Lena watch the coverage about Supergirl missing at Catco. Lena wants to have a meeting with Kara to tell her that they kissed. They get interrupted when Reign rolls in. She wants them to deliver her message. She declares war on the justice system.

Winn thinks that plywood’s team should fight but they won’t do it. They are from the future and can’t jeopardize their world. All they can say is that Supergirl lives and eventually Reign leaves. Alex goes to see Kovel but that leads to nothing.

Lena and James are at work and James is acting weird. Lena thinks it is because of the kiss but James says that he is out of sorts because of concern for Kara, who has the flu. Immediately Lena decides to go see her. She will even bring soup. James calls Winn for help.

Kara is still in her coma-loft with Brainiac. He thinks she should be ready to wake up but she still can’t get the door open. They don’t know what to do in the real world either. Brainiac thinks she should wake up but she’s not.

Inside the coma, Brainiac says it seems to be a matter of self-preservation. He suggests that she may be scared. She starts punching the door and using her powers. It’s no use. In the real world Alex is begging Kara to wake up. Brainiac admits he’s never seen anything like this and that the longer she stays under, the more likely it is permanent.

Sensors go off. Reign is attacking. Mrs. Plywood wants to battle but he’s not interested. They tell Alex the story of their mission and why they can’t get involved. They have secret information in their DNA and they need to bring it to the future.

Alex calls J’onn for an update on the kryptonite weapons. They’ve got an hour still so J’onn goes undercover as Kara to trick Lena. It works and they talk about James. Once Lena leaves, J’onn hurries back and the DEO rolls out to stop Reign.

Reign shows up at a bank robbery but its a fake. Alex and J’onn are the robbers and they hit Reign with some soil and kryptonite. It’s no use though and Alex gets her leg busted in the process. Afterward, Mrs. Plywood again wants to get involved. Plywood seems to agree now.

Kara is still in her coma but now she knows that she should probably be looking for a sign. She starts looking around. Alex sits with her on the outside and tells her that she is her favorite person. Kara in the coma looks around and remembers the stray cat she took in as a kid. It made her feel less alien.

The others are prepping for Reign. Alex figures out what her next target will be but it’s too late. Reign is already there. Albatross Bay. She’ll go after the prisoners and the guards. J’onn wants to go but he needs help. Plywood and his team are ready.

At the prison Reign is messing things up. She finds Kovel praying to Rao and they talk before Bon Jovi starts piping through the prison. Reign goes to see what’s up and battles team Plywood.

Brainiac is a little distracted in the coma and Kara tells him to go. He comments that Supergirl had a great life but this isn’t Supergirl’s place. It’s Kara’s. Brainiac mentions that Alex called Kara her favorite person before leaving. Kara looks around. She finds her glasses, and a key. She can open the door.

The battle at the prison rages on. J’onn tries to stop her but can’t. same for Plywood and his wife. Kara wakes up and is ready to help. She doesn’t care that its kryptonite. She gets out and jumps into battle. She gets whacked and then hits Reign with a kryptonite syringe. Reign takes off.

Supergirl thanks the plywoods for fighting. He was worried about her and enjoyed fighting with her again. He walks away and she meets Brainiac for real this time. James is still at work when Lena comes in. They talk and then kiss again.

Alex and Kara are drinking wine and catching up. They talk about what it was like when she was in a coma. She grew as a person and learned some things about herself. Alex is glad but was genuinely worried and asks her to avoid comas. Reign went back to the sand castle and finds out she has a team too. Kovel will help her find them.

J’onn as Kara is the best thing ever. I really love that and thought that was just incredible and ridiculous and honestly one of the funniest things on this show probably ever. I’m upset that Alex got hurt and have zero use for James and Lena getting together. I think it’s likely this show will not return for another season so I’ll stick it out but I’m not invested in most of what happens now.