Thirteen Reasons Why, episodes eleven to thirteen

Clay’s turn. It’s the day of Jessica’s party and Hannah wants to go to hang out with him. She ends up doing just that even after she said she wasn’t going to. He shows up early and helps set up and gets a pep talk from Jeff. When Hannah turns up they talk and end up in Jessica’s room making out. She freaks out and yells at him and tells him to go. He does. That’s when Justin and Jessica come in and things spiral from there.

She tells Clay that he isn’t like the rest and doesn’t belong on the list but that this is part of the bigger story so he had to be included. He rides around with Tony while listening to the tape and does meltdown, threatening suicide himself. Tony talks him down.

Justin fights with his mother and seeks refuge with Alex of all people. No one else is answering him. They are all partying at Bryce’s house. Eventually Justin and Alex head over and Justin tries to get Jessica to leave. When he tries to use force and she fights back he admits that Bryce raped her.

The lawsuit between the Bakers and the school is moving forward, putting Mr. Porter (Derek Luke) and Mrs. Bradley (Keiko Agena) on edge. Also on edge is Mrs. Baker as she goes through Hannah’s things. She finds a note that seems to be the blueprint for the tapes.

The next tape is Hannah’s worst day ever. She tries to convince her parents to use her college fund to keep their story afloat. Then she has an awkward chat with Clay before losing her parent’s bank deposit. She checks out. She goes for a walk and ends up at Bryce’s where a party is going on. The usual suspects are in the hot tub and she hangs out with them. Everyone leaves and Bryce rapes Hannah. Afterward she goes home and starts to plot the tapes as a way to tell her side of the story.

The kids are getting subpoenas. They are freaking out. Justin tries to talk to Jessica but she doesn’t want to hear it. Bryce doesn’t know why Justin is upset. The rest of them decide to get their story straight. Hannah was a liar and they tried to be her friend. Alex isn’t on board and they fight. He wants the truth to come out.

Sheri doesn’t get subpoenaed. She calls the police though. And Clay has a plan. He gets a tape recorder from Tony. Speaking of, Tony has a confrontation with Mrs. Baker. Clay’s big plan is to buy weed from Bryce? He talks about parties. He accuses Bryce of raping Hannah and promptly gets his ass kicked. Then they have a drink and Bryce admits it.
The episode ends with everyone in a disarray. Clay never went home and someone shot themself in the head and is in an ambulance.

Okay. Time for the final tape. Hannah is giving life one last shot and the kids are giving depositions. Hannah records all the tapes except the last one. Her parents are still fighting. She has one person to talk to about getting help with her life and he must have failed because the tapes are making the rounds and she is dead.

Tony turns up at Clay’s house. Clay plays him Bryce’s confession and says that they have to turn it in. Sheri went to the police. It’s all going to come out in the depositions anyway. He goes to Jessica about destroying the tapes or going after Bryce. She isn’t ready yet. Justin is going nuts and Bryce is being himself.

Hannah goes to Porter for help. She tells him she feels empty and doesn’t care about anything. She tells him she doesn’t want to live and brings up the idea of suicide.
Clay confronts Porter about Hannah and what they might have met about the day she died. He talks Porter through what he knows happened and then brings up the rape. Porter tries to defend himself but Clay shows him the tapes.

The depositions continue. Tyler, after shuffling around in a chest full of guns and ammo back at home, admits that the school has bullying problems and mentions the tapes. Jessica denies knowledge of the tapes but at home tells her father that “something” happened to her. Justin basically tells Bryce that he knows he is a rapist. Tony gives the Bakers a flashdrive with the audio from the tapes. Alex shot himself in the head. He’s in critical condition. Clay tries to befriend Skye. He and Skye and Tony and his boyfriend ride off into the sunset.

I mean I get that the whole point was that little things add up and it weighs on people but seriously this stuff isn’t all on the same level at all. Clay doesn’t fit and neither does Ryan really. And Jessica is just as much a victim in this situation. There will be another season and I will watch it but that’s more to tie up loose ends than anything else.


Thirteen Reasons Why, episodes seven to ten

So the next tape belongs to Zach Dempsey (Ross Butler) because he was a jerk and tried hit on Hannah when she wasn’t interested. He messed with paper bag note project in class and was just an all around jerk.

Clay is having a rough time. He’s like hallucinating during the day and has visions. He goes to the basketball game and ends up keying Zach’s car. Their parents find out and his mom talks to the Jensen’s. Clay also freaks out to Tony.

The next tape up belongs to Ryan (Tommy Dorfman). He publishes the school zine and doesn’t really run in the same circle as the others. He and Hannah starts to chat after being the only youngsters at a local poetry club. He writes well and inspires Hannah to do the same, emotional, personal writing. He then steals the poem and publishes it, albeit anonymously, but everyone knows it’s Hannah and mocks her for it.

Clay is going to quit the tapes. He gave them back to Tony. He doesn’t care. Tony scares him by making him climb a cliff face. Then he tells Clay about the night Hannah killed herself. He saw her leave the tapes on his porch but never went out to talk to her. Once he listened, he rushed to her house but it was too late.

Justin then has the privilege of a second tape. This time it’s for being a shitty boyfriend and letting Bryce rape Jessica. She had a back to school party and got really drunk. Justin mentioned it to Bryce who then went in and took advantage of her. Hannah was hiding in the room and saw the whole thing.

Clay talks to his mom about theoretically prosecuting that sort of case. He then confronts Justin, who says he was doing all of this to protect Jessica. It’s not working. She’s a mess, drunk at school and aimless. She knows. Marcus, Zach and Justin also plant weed on Clay to get him suspended in hopes of scaring him into keeping his mouth shut. He talks to Tony and agrees to finish the tapes before taking action.

The next tape belongs to Sheri. It’s also related to Jessica’s party. She was driving a drunken, sloppy Hannah home and hit a stop sign. She knocked it over and then fled the scene when Hannah wanted to call the police. Hannah eventually found a phone and did but it was too late.

There was already an accident there. A fatal one and Jake, Clay’s baseball playing buddy was killed. Clay found him and ended up calling 911. He had been walking home from the same party. Everyone said that Jake was drunk and that that was the cause of the accident.

To get justice for the false drunk driving accusations about his friend, Clay confronts Sheri. She tells him that she is trying to make amends. She helps the other driver from the accident and his wife around the house. They are elderly. Clay wants her to tell Jake’s parents but she says she can’t yet. Someday though. Clay goes and tells them without naming names.

He also tells Tony that he is ready to finish the tapes. Tony tells him that’s good and then mentions that his tape is next. Clay freaks. He asks Tony if he killed Hannah and then after trying to dodge the question, Tony admits that yes he did.

RIP Jake. He was the best part of this show. Poor Clay. He lost his buddy. I’m curious to see how he fits in, especially since it must be something from the party. His parents are so oblivious and like… never actually punish him. It’s so bizarre. And Justin wants to kill him? That’s nuts too. Alex and Sheri seem to have the best handle on things. And Jessica is just spiraling.

Thirteen Reasons Why, episodes four to six

Hannah had a stalker. Now Clay is en route to said stalker’s house as per the tape’s instructions. He runs into a kid named Marcus (Steven Silver) outside the house. Marcus was also on the tapes. He didn’t listen though. He found out who was next and passed them on.

The tape is about a kid named Tyler Down (Devin Druid). He stalked Hannah. Legitimately creeping outside of her window stalked her. She caught him while drunkenly making out with Courtney (Michele Selene Ang) in her room. He snapped a quick picture of that and then released it to the school the following day.

Clay has some words with Tyler. It’s no use though. He also has a very awkward interaction with Mrs. Baker in their house. Bryce invites him over for a party, says to bring the tapes and Clay is going to go but Tony is at his house so he can’t. He does creep on Tyler though and gives him a taste of his own medicine.

The next tape is Courtney’s story. After the picture circulated the school, she panicked. Nobody knew it was them so Hannah played it cool but Courtney was avoiding her. She eventually relented and they went to the winter formal together as part of a group. At the dance Hannah has a moment with Clay but it is ruined when Courtney starts a nasty rumor after a few boys figure out it’s them in the picture.

Clay talks to Courtney, tells her he needs a friend and asks to go for a drive. He leads her to Hannah’s gravesite and yells at her. Says that she is too ashamed of being gay to worry about other people and it got Hannah killed. Justin and his cronies want to take care of Clay so they basically kidnap him and then scare him. Clay’s mom (Amy Hargreaves) is brought in by the school as a litigator for the lawsuit.

The next tape is Marcus’. There was a cheerleader fundraiser that set people up for Valentine’s Day. Hannah wanted Clay but didn’t end up getting him. She ended up with Marcus instead. She tries to say no and talks to Clay but when he doesn’t see that she wants him to ask her out she agrees to go out with Marcus. She waits at the diner for him even though he’s an hour late but when he tries to get physical she shoves him off. He calls her easy.

Clay watches as a guy named Montgomery (Timothy Granaderos) beats the crap out of Alex in the parking lot. The fight is brought before the school honor board of students, where Marcus and Clay are both members. The proceedings get out of hand but Montgomery is suspended and Alex isn’t when all is said and done.

A girl named Sheri (Ajiona Alexus) talks to Clay about homework. She needs help and he agrees to do it. They go to a coffee shop but Tony turns up. Clay confronts him about following him. Tony denies it. Clay and Sheri go back to his house to work on the project. After a while, they start making out but he eventually backs off. She says that its because of Hannah but he denies it. She tells him she is on the tapes before leaving.

Clay’s mom wants to talk to him about whatever is bothering him. Is it bullying? Is it school? He tells her that it’s a conflict of interest but she says she will quit the case if he talks to her. He doesn’t.

I still want to know what happened to Hannah and where Clay fits in to all of this but the present day drama is annoying. Clay can’t yell at Courtney for not coming out. That’s messed up. I truly just feel bad for the Bakers at this point.

Thirteen Reasons Why, episode one to three

So I read this book like a decade ago so I don’t remember it really well but I do recall the gist of the story.

Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford) killed herself and left audio cassette tapes behind in lieu of a note. She has her classmates mail them around but only 13 of them because they are the reasons.

Viewers get to go on the journey through the tapes with a kid named Clay Jensen (Dylan Minnette). He worked with Hannah at the local movie theater and had an unrequited crush on her. He gets the tapes about a week after her death.

Each side of a tape is for a different person so you have to keep listening to all of them to hear the whole story and how you fit in.

The first tape is about a boy she liked named Justin Foley (Brandon Flynn). He made nice with her after his girlfriend and her best friend moved away. They flirted and then met up in a playground at night. They kissed, that’s it, but that’s not the story he told.

She gets a reputation for being a bit promiscuous. Clay sticks with her though he is pretty insensitive about it.

As Clay listens to the tapes, he gets easily distracted and clumsy. He panics about how he might fit in and hounds his friend Tony (Christian Navarro), the keeper of the tapes, about how he fits in. Tony tells him to just keep listening.

The second tape is about a girl named Jessica (Alisha Boe). She, like Hannah, was a new student. They became fast friends and were soon joined by a boy named Alex (Miles Heizer). Times change though and the three soon drift apart, or so she thought. Actually Alex and Jessica started dating behind her back. They abandon her and she’s upset.
Clay tries to talk to Tony, and now Justin and Jessica, about the tapes but the prevailing logic is to just listen to them for himself. He slowly does but not at the same binge rate as the other student.

Hannah’s mother (Kate Walsh) and father (Brian James D’Arcy) are also trying to cope with what happened. They are suing the school. As her mother goes through her things she finds a list rating the girls in the high school physically. She calls someone to explain it to her. That someone is Tony.

The third tape is about Alex. He wrote the list which resulted in Hannah being objectified for having the best ass amongst sophomores. She spends time being mocked and is confronted by Jessica, who thinks Hannah wrote it to break her and Alex up. It worked. He dumped her and Jessica slaps Hannah across the face.

Alex didn’t write the list to be complimentary, as Clay had thought. He wrote it to piss Jessica off because she wouldn’t sleep with him. Clay doesn’t understand. He goes to the local liquor store that Hannah mentions on the tape and runs into a classmate, Bryce (Justin Prentice).

Hannah had seen him there as well. He grabbed her ass after buying her a candy bar. He buys Clay a beer and then brings him outside to chug it while being cheered on by Bryce and his buddies, including Justin and Alex. Tony pulls up and when Clay finishes the beer he chases Tony, and finds him beating some guy up.

Justin and his friends are worried because Clay can cause trouble for them. He just doesn’t seem to know it yet. Clay gets home, drunk, and pukes all over the table while his mother grounds him. He’s in his room and decides to start the next tape. Hannah tells the listener to be careful because this tape involved doing something dangerous.

I like this show. It’s about high school kids but doesn’t feel like a high school show. The way it’s told is interesting too but that goes back to the book more than the show itself. I feel bad for Clay. Tony is kind of annoying. I want to know where Clay fits in but I’m scared to find out.