Big Little Lies, episode seven

Celeste is on the floor in the bathroom. She seems to pretty broken up. She’s inconsolable. One of the twins approaches but Perry cuts him off. He sends the kid downstairs and then lays down with Celeste on the floor.

Madeline taking Chloe to school and Ed is Facebook stalking Abigail. She hasn’t launched her virginity auction yet. There’s a car lurking near her house. She confronts Joe. It’s his wife. She tries to talk to him but he freaks out.

Therapy time for Celeste. She is ready. The apartment is ready. He is leaving in the morning. She just has to get through the school party tonight and then they will move into the apartment. The therapist tells her that she is sick too and she heads out.

Jane is at home with Ziggy. He stayed home from school sick but he isn’t sick. They talk about the bullying at school and Ziggy admits that he knows who the bully is. She tells him that she has to help Renata’s daughter. Ziggy accuses one of the twins. She talks to Madeline about it who suggests going right to Celeste.

Renata’s husband confronts Jane at Tom’s cafe. He tells her that he will take out a restraining order if necessary. Tom kicks him out. He tells Jane he wanted to impress her. She’s surprised that he is straight.

At school pickup, Madeline and Bonnie argue about parenting. As usual, everything gets twisted. They head their separate ways on peaceful, at least for them, terms. They will see each other that night at trivia night.

Celeste is setting up the apartment and flashing back to the most recent beating from Perry. She is still visibly in pain. She gets a call and meets with Jane, who tells her about her son being a bully. Jane says that it’s human nature and that he will grow out of it. Celeste tells her that sometimes they don’t. She goes home and talks to her son.

Madeline is getting ready to go out while talking to Abigail about Joe. The conversation shifts to Abigail’s project. She’s not going through with the auction. It might’ve been a publicity stunt.

Renata and her husband are getting ready to go. She knows that she is the bad guy in this picture. He wants to just blow it off but she thinks that will make them look worse.
Perry is lurking while Celeste is in the shower. He wants at least a kiss so she kisses him with a smile.

Jane is all dressed up and ready to go. Her date for the evening turns up. It’s Tom.

At the school, things ar go big or go home. Everyone is dressed like Audrey Hepburn or Elvis. Madeline has an awkward run-in with Joe and his wife. Celeste and Perry are on their way out when they find out that one of the kids has a loose tooth. Perry mentions a message on Celeste’s phone, from her property manager, about the apartment. She looks scared.

The party is in full swing. The drinks are strong, as the parents tell the police. Celeste and Madeline aren’t there though. He doesn’t stop at the school valet. He asks about the apartment and promises he will change. She’s not listening though.

Madeline and Ed watch the parents sing. Nathan was right. Bonnie is very good. Jane and Tom arrive. They make small talk and Ed heads off to get his turn at the mic.

Perry and Celeste are still fighting in the car. She says that this is something she has to do. She should’ve done it a long time ago. He is read to retort but there is a knock on the window. Renata and her husband. Celeste escapes.

It’s Ed’s turn to sing. It moves Madeline to tears and when Bonnie comes over to talk, she takes off running. Jane chases her and when they are alone she admits that she cheated. Jane tries to comfort her.

Celeste has finally made it to the party. She runs in looking for Madeline but there is no sign of her. Ed finishes singing but there is no sign of his wife. He starts looking for her. Perry follows. Celeste tells Renata just as Perry catches up. He wants Celeste to go back to the car.

Nathan and Ed have a bit of a confrontation stage left because Nathan takes some jabs about Madeline. Then Nathan goes to sing. Celeste calls the babysitter and tells her to take the boys to the apartment. Renata finds Jane and apologizes for the way she’s acted. Madeline starts drunkenly rambling. Celeste approaches.

Perry follows and wants to talk to Celeste. She tells him she isn’t coming home with him. HE keeps arguing but Jane recognizes him. He is the man that raped her, Ziggy’s father. He knows her too and charges.

Cut to the aftermath. Police are trying to determine what happened. Celeste is shaken up and Perry is dead on the stairs. Everyone is brought in for questioning. The lead detective doesn’t believe any of them. They all are talking the same. It’s a rehearsed story. If it was self defense, why lie?

Everyone attends the funeral. Celeste and Jane hug. Celeste, Madeline, Jane, Bonnie and Renata take the kids to the beach.

At trivia night, Perry tries to grab Celeste, but they all fought back. He started swinging and lashing out. He knocked Celeste down and started beating on her. Bonnie to the rescue. She came charging down and shoved him down the stairs.

Madeline and Bonnie made amends. They reunited with their respective husbands. Jane cried to Tom as Renata hugged her husband.

They left out a lot from the book. I liked the way this was done, especially with the ending but the whole part of how Jane found out it was Perry was different. The cast for this was spectacular and it was done really well. I just wish that they had made it maybe ten episodes instead. Either way this was really impressive. Kudos.


Big Little Lies, episode six

Jane is being pulled over. Ed and Madeline are playing with the kids. She gets a ticket and then goes to pick Ziggy up. She tells Madeline what happened and Madeline tells her to let dead dogs lie.

Perry tells Celeste that he has to go out of town for a few days. He will miss opening night of the play. He doesn’t want her to go without him. He wants her to come away with him. She puts her foot down. Then one of the twins calls her.

Bonnie and Nathan talk about him being friends with Madeline. He can’t be friends with her. Abigail comes out and they talk about passion projects and college applications. She thanks them for having dinner with Abigail.

Madeline and Celeste talk about Jane. Celeste offers to talk to her but Madeline thinks that she will not be able to relate.

Jane gets called in to talk to the teacher. There is a petition for Ziggy to be suspended. Jane storms out and confronts Renata. She curses and gets physical. Renata threatens to sue. Jane tells Madeline who has her back.

Celeste goes to therapy and talks about Perry being loving and affectionate. She has the power, for now. When he stops feeling guilty, he will get the power back and start to hurt her again. The therapist wants to know where she will draw the line. When he hits the kids? She tells Celeste to get an apartment ready and start documenting the abuse.

She asks if Celeste has told anyone else about the abuse. The answer is no. She’s a lawyer. She knows how important having a witness is. The therapist tells her to step it up.

It’s apology time. Jane goes to talk to Renata. She has an eyepatch and they talk about the kids. Jane tells her about the child psychologist and that there is no way that Ziggy is the bully. They part on possibly amicable terms.

One of the twins lost a tooth and is stoked about the tooth fairy. The other calls him stupid and says that the tooth fairy is fake. Perry comes in. He came back for opening night. Ed and Madeline are also getting ready to go. Jane is ready and Ziggy wants to see the play. Then they have a sex talk. Perry wants to have sex but Celeste tells him to get ready. He grabs her hair and she hits him with a tennis racket.

Madeline is watching the play. Jane asks about Celeste, who isn’t there. No word. She probably lost her sitter. Afterward she makes small talk with Nathan and Bonnie. Jane tells her that she will reach out to Celeste. Joe’s wife confronts her about possibly being his mistress.

On the ride home, Ed asks why she is so quiet. She mentions the dinner with Nathan and Bonnie. She finds out that Perry was injured and her and Ed goof about it. Then Ed gets indignant about their sex life and gets nasty about their marriage. He storms off.
Parents talk to the police about trivia night. Lots of people were going to fight.

Nathan is practicing for trivia night when Bonnie interrupts. They have bigger issues. Abigail’s passion project is that she is selling her virginity online. For charity. Nathan flips.

Ed and Madeline talk. He calls her his dream girl.

Perry and Celeste get home. Things are awkward.

The next morning, Nathan tries to talk to Abigail but it’s no use. He blames Bonnie.
Ziggy and Chloe play at the house. Jane talks to Renata about a play date. Renata wants to schedule one with every kid in the class so that she can eliminate suspects so to speak. Renata’s crony Harper tries to get involved but gets shut down.
Celeste is looking at apartments.

Madeline and Ed are headed to dinner with Nathan and Bonnie. They get there and make small talk for a bit before the secret project comes up. Nathan explains it and seems to be a fan. Bonnie talks about how to parent and Madeline vomits. They exchange words and then Madeline leaves the table.

Perry is watching tv with the twins. Celeste comes downstairs and says goodbye. She says that she is going to dinner with Jane and doesn’t hesitate. She just walks out.

Madeline confronts Abigail. They argue about being perfect and good causes and Madeline admits that she cheated on Ed.

The twins are playing video games. Perry is walking around the house and Celeste is at the rental place alone.

Jane is home with Ziggy, who is goofing around dancing.

I’m glad Celeste is making moves but I want her to tell Madeline. I also kind of want to punch Bonnie. What universe does she live in? I mean really. I really don’t understand how Ed and Madeline fit together. And Jane just sort of also existed here. But I’m glad she went after Renata.

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Big Little Lies, episode five

Madeline drives to a parking lot overlooking the ocean. It’s quiet, eerie. A puppet attacks her. She wakes up in bed. Flashes of Renata. Celeste. Jane. Everyone.

Somber music as the kids are dropped off at school. More flashes.

Nathan is at the shooting range. Jane sees him. She later reports back to Madeline and they talk about guns.

Renata is getting her daughter ready for a playdate. She finds out she’s been bitten.

Madeline gets to the theater. The show is a go. The mayor gave the all clear.

It’s stressful. Renata is yelling at her husband and her daughter. She wants to know what is going on but her daughter isn’t blaming anyone.

Celeste is home and Perry shows up. He decided not to play tennis. She says the boys are with their tutor. They have rough sex in the kitchen.

Madeline is putting away groceries and texting someone about sex. She starts eyeing Ed.
The fight is still on at Renata’s house. She is basically blaming her husband.

Ed and Madeline are trying to have sex in the kitchen. Chloe walks in and they stop. Chloe mentions Abigail and Madeline acts okay. Madeline talks to Nathan on the phone about parenting Abigail. She and Ed talk about Jane and tracking down her attacker. Ed thinks its a bad idea. He also doesn’t think Perry will let Celeste get involved.

Jane is running. The school calls. She yells. She visualizes shooting someone. She runs again. This time Celeste and Madeline are with her. They go to lunch and she vents about this town. Joe interrupts. He wants to talk to her. He wants to go for a dive.

Joe and Madeline go for a drive and argue about their affair. They get in accident. Everyone freaks out.

Jane is looking up information about the interior designer that might be her attacker. Ziggy sees and she plays it off.

Celeste and Perry eat with the boys.

Ed asks Madeline why she was in Joe’s car. She plays if off like they were discussing work on the way to the theater. Her daughters both check on her before bed.

Jane can’t sleep. She’s thinking about Ziggy and Renata and all of the stresses of her life.

Perry is passing through the living room and finds the twin’s toys all over. He gets nasty with Celeste about it and she snarks back. Later she’s at the cafe and Tom offers her more water. He startles her on the approach.

Jane has a meeting at the school about Ziggy and Renata’s daughter. She tells Madeline about it later. They drag Renata who turned up with her husband at the meeting and was terrible toward Jane. There will now be an aide in the classroom.

Madeline visits Joe in the hospital. She led him on. She wanted to feel those things from last year but it’s not right. His wife walks in and things get awkward and Madeline leaves.
Jane breaks down in her living room.

Celeste goes to therapy. She thinks it is a good sign that he wanted to go to therapy. She talks about their “volatile lovemaking” and the therapist tells her that she thinks that he is abusing her. Celeste gets uncomfortable. She tries to put the doctor in her place but it’s obvious the session got under her skin.

On the drive home Madeline thinks about her time with Joe. She gets home and her phone rings. It’s Jane, thanking her for being a great friend and asking her to pick up Ziggy. She says she needs to catch up on work but she’s actually driving, and lighting up a joint.

At therapy, Celeste is upset. The therapist asks her if she’s scared of Perry. She asks if Celeste ever considered leaving him. She asks what is actually good in the marriage.

Celeste talks about how they are bound together through their experiences. They both acknowledge that things will get violent again but the therapist keeps bringing up the boys and Celeste is adamant that they don’t know. She wants to set up another session.

Jane goes to see the designer. She’s acting wonky and leaning into him and smelling him and everything. She runs out and speeds away.

It’s time for school pickup. Madeline takes Ziggy. They head back to her house and eat dinner. Celeste brings the boys to the airport to pick up Perry. Jane is speeding home and gets pulled over.

Flashes of the talent show. Cops. Other parents. Jane.

I like the friendships the best on this show. All the romantic stuff is total shit. They are all cheating on each other or abusing each other or just being genuinely terrible, except maybe Ed. Madeline helping out Jane is great and she would totally have Celeste’s back. The school and Renata need to be taken down a notch. I can’t deal with them.

Big Little Lies is new Sundays at 9 p.m.

Big Little Lies, episode four

Nathan and Madeline meet up to talk about Abigail. Bonnie wants to plan a dinner for all of them to discuss the “parenting paradigm” and since Nathan is willing to do fucked up things, he will do it for Bonnie.

On her drive home, Madeline calls Celeste and talks about Nathan and the dinner she agreed to. Celeste tells her to bottle the anger and save it for the town meeting about the play. She wants Madeline’s passion and Joe’s knowledge. They hang up and Perry walks in and asks what’s going on. She tells him that she is helping out and he asks why she didn’t talk to him about it. She says that as soon as the conversation shifts from the kids, he’s out. He asks her if she wants him to hit her.

Madeline gets home and Ed is doing Elvis karaoke. He’s practicing for the talent show and it wakes Chloe. She comes down and suggests a song no one else will do. As Chloe and Ed sing, Madeline questions if this is real.

Jane is asleep. She wakes with a start to find Ziggy lurking over her. She puts him back to bed.

Perry and Celeste are talking. He’s worried about her stress levels. He says that if she goes to pieces there will be no one to put her back together. Later he tells her he wants to have another baby. A daughter. She says its too late but he says its not. He starts kissing her but then leaves her high and dry and she jumps on top of him.

Madeline tells Jane about Ed liking to dress up in the bedroom. She apologizes for talking about sex and Jane asks if she feels bad because she now knows about Jane being raped. Jane tells her that she thinks it was good she told her. The words lost their power when she said them out loud and now she is reawakened. She is also considering moving back to near her folks. Celeste arrives and both she and Madeline tell Jane not to.

Parents tell the cops that there have been many orientations but this is the first with an incident. The new variable is Jane.

Bonnie is running a fitness class. She tells the class what to do and walks out. Ed is there and wants to talk. He says that Madeline and Nathan can be a bit volatile and that its up to them to keep the peace during dinner. He tells her that Madeline felt abandoned by Nathan and Bonnie tells him everyone has baggage.

At the school, the teacher notices Renata’s daughter seems upset. She talks to her about Ziggy and her other friends.

Madeline tells Celeste that she may have found Ziggy’s father as they walk to the meeting. Joe comes up tells them they should drop it because he doesn’t want to make an enemy of the mayor. In the meeting the mayor wants something more wholesome and Renata is there being snarky and passive aggressive. Celeste owns it though because America and free speech and progressive politics.

Afterward Madeline praises Celeste who turns morose right away. She’s been taking care of the kids for so long that this is the first time she’s felt alive in years. She thinks it makes her a bad mother but Madeline tells her not at all.

The teacher meets up with Jane to tell her that Renata’s daughter is still being bullied and that she has sensed tension between her and Ziggy. There is no actual evidence. Jane defends her son. The teacher asks if there is a history of violence and again Jane says no.
Joe and Madeline are at theater rehearsal talking about how awesome Celeste was. He kisses her. She kisses him back.

Madeline tells Celeste about what happened with Joe. It all happened so fast and then his hand was under her shirt or maybe hers was under his? She doesn’t know. Celeste just starts laughing and Perry comes outside. He asks about court but Celeste is quick to point out it wasn’t court. The boys run up and drag their father away. Madeline comments that Perry is a great dad.

Jane and Ziggy go to the aquarium and eat pizza on the beach. He knows something is up and asks her. She tells him that she is sending him to a child psychologist.

Bonnie tells Nathan she saw Ed and that they talked about the dinner. He asks if Ed was inappropriate so that he can pop him. Bonnie tells him that’s not the point. Abigail is on her way out and Nathan badgers her about where she’s going. He wants to move. Bonnie laughs at him.

Ed comes in to find Madeline staring off in the distance. She asks him about his visit to Bonnie’s studio and he’s not surprised that word travels fast in their small town. He tells her they talked about the dinner and she asks him how psychotic he thinks she is. She tells him she feels like she’s losing control.

Celeste is listening to music and watching the ocean. Later she and Perry have sex. The next morning he sits outside and eats breakfast with the twins. She is getting dressed and he asks what the occasion is. She tells him its to settle about the play and he tells her that he doesn’t want her doing it. He grabs at her neck but before he can get any more aggressive, one of the twins interrupts. They head their separate ways.

Jane meets with the child psychologist after her meeting with Ziggy. He’s not a bully. In fact, he’s probably the victim of bullying himself. She wants another appointment though. She does mention Ziggy’s father.

Madeline finds out that Joe was following her. He confronts her about what happened the other day. It turns it happened the year before too. They had an affair but it’s “been erased” because she’s happily married. He doesn’t believe her and tries to kiss her before she storms off.

Celeste goes to counseling and talks about Perry reacting to going back to work. He likes her at home with the twins and not a lot of friends.

Madeline shows Jane a picture of the guy that might be Ziggy’s father. Jane thinks it could be him. She wants to know where he’s from. Celeste is concerned that she will go there. Jane goes to a shooting range and for a run. She gets home and breaks down.

I really like Madeline and Jane, and their friendship as well as the bond between Celeste and Madeline even though Celeste is obviously keeping big secrets. I feel like Madeline would have her back with that. Celeste knows Perry is wrong but won’t ditch him. Poor Ziggy. He’s getting blamed for all this stuff.

Big Little Lies is new Sundays at 9 p.m.

Big Little Lies, episode three

Jane and Ziggy are by the water. He’s ready to go home. It’s time for dinner.

Renata is comforting her daughter, who is concerned that no one will come to her party because Chloe isn’t coming. Renata vents to her husband about Madeline, who set up an outing for a bunch of the kids that conflicts with the party.

Perry and Celeste are talking about the twins’ plans. He’s upset she is making decisions without him. He should be able to spend time with his family after being away all week. He grabs her by the throat. She threatens to leave him.

The police hold a press conference updating everyone on the case.

Madeline is helping Chloe with her family tree when the phone rings. It’s Renata. She is willing to do pretty much anything to get those kids to the birthday party. Madeline won’t do it.

The group heading to Disney on Ice are drinking in a party bus and singing along. They are “desperate to have more fun” than the party.

The hit of the party is Bonnie dancing, somewhat provocatively. The fathers can’t take their eyes off her.

Ed stays home. He’s working and as the older daughter, Abigail, talks to him about her mother constantly being agitated.

Renata cuts the cake and hands out Frozen party favors.

Jane and Madeline get back to Jane’s with the kids. They realize that she forgot the class toy at the arena. Madeline then goes to her job at the theater and finds out that the mayor wants to shut down the show. She says she will get a lawyer to help them. She gets called to Abigail’s school. Her grades are suffering. There is stress at home. She wants to live with he father.

Madeline talks to Ed about pushing too hard.

Celeste is in the shower when Perry approaches. He gives her a new diamond necklace and puts it on her before joining her in the shower.

Renata walks into her husband’s office. She thinks their daughter should be in therapy. Her husband thinks she is being ridiculous. Their daughter is six. He thinks that

Perry and Celeste go to therapy and talk about passion and rage. They fight and then make love and its all tied up together. He admits to being physical but still makes it sound like it is her doing the manipulating. She’s ashamed of the way they are.

Renata fucks her husband in his office.

There is a meeting at the school and afterward Nathan talks to Madeline about Abigail. He also thinks Ed wants to fight him.

Ziggy is at teeball. He doesn’t really want to do it but Jane is trying to get him more involved. She talks to Madeline on the phone about Abigail. Ziggy hits a home run.
Madeline helps Abigail pack up her room. They agree to have girlfriend time and Abigail tells Chloe she will still be around all the time.

Jane and Ziggy get home from the game. They have to do the family tree project but don’t have supplies. Madeline to the rescue. They start the project but there is no information about Ziggy’s father. Ziggy freaks out when Jane says she doesn’t know. She sends him to his room. She tells the story of the night Ziggy was conceived to Madeline.

They met in a hotel bar and he gave her a fake name. She was drunk and swept up in the romance of it until they got upstairs. The guy got aggressive and forced her. She stopped resisting because she feared for her life. She’s got Ziggy now though. She knows she will never be over it but things will be better for Ziggy.

Madeline stops on her drive home to cry. Renata gets home and tells her husband about the upcoming school party. Jane imagines a break-in where she shoots the intruder.
Parents comment to the police about Jane and Madeline and Renata and Bonnie and Celeste. Nobody knows the real them though.

Celeste is in the kitchen when Perry approaches. She is trying to decide if she is happy or sad. She’s sad he doubts her love but happy because she is hopeful for them. They dance in the kitchen.

Madeline goes home and sits in Abigail’s room. Jane stares at the family tree project.

This hour goes by so quickly every week. Like I didn’t really think I would be so invested in this show but Reese Witherspoon is on point. It is a great show. And when Shailene Woodley was talking about the night she got pregnant with Ziggy. She was spectacular. I’m so here for this show even though I didn’t expect to be at all.

Big Little Lies is new Sundays at 9 p.m.

Big Little Lies, episode two

Jane is on the beach alone in a dress. Madeline is watching the ocean from her kitchen. Her daughter creeps up behind her and talks to her. Madeline explains that she’s watching the big unknown. Jane is trying to get Ziggy to go to school. Madeline is fighting with someone on the phone about the upcoming production of Avenue Q.

Celeste and Perry are taking the boys to school. He apologizes for the way he acted the night before. She suggests going to another counselor. He gets mad when they get to school and he finds out he won’t be able to meet the teacher.

At school, Madeline invites Jane to yoga but she can’t go. She has a job interview. The parents are still being interviewed by the police. Renata causes some trouble handing out party invitations. At yoga, Madeline is trying to get Celeste to come out of retirement to represent the theater. Bonnie and Nathan are also in yoga class. Unbelievable.

The teacher explains first grade projects and responsibilities to the class. Celeste talks to Perry about the first day of school. He smacks her and shoves her. She yelps in pain and he snaps out of it, apologizing. She tries to move away but he restrains her and then forces himself on her.

Madeline and Jane pick up the kids from school. They said they had a good day. They talk about Renata handing out invitations to her daughter’s birthday party, to everyone but Ziggy. Madeline complains about it to Ed at dinner. He tries to stay levelheaded but the argument turns to Nathan and Bonnie, a point of contention in their relationship. Ed gets angry. He tells her he is not anyone’s runner up.

Celeste talks to her kids and they want to hang out with Ziggy. She tells them they have to check with their father. Madeline calls to complain about her fight with Ed. Jane is at the cafe talking to Tom. He gives her business advice. The police are still looking for leads.

Madeline and Celeste are out for drinks so the former can vent about Ed. The subject turns to Nathan but Madeline shuts it down. She turns the tables and Celeste mentions that most of her fights with Perry lead to sex. They get interrupted by Renata trying to get them to come to a VA fundraiser. Madeline brings up the birthday party and words are exchanged. “The war is on.”

Ed tells Madeline that their daughter Chloe shouldn’t be used as a pawn in Madeline’s fight with Renata, or anyone else. Celeste gets home. Perry sent her flowers and a card. The twins are in her bed and want to stay there for the night. They miss their father.

The next morning Jane tells Madeline that she doesn’t want to stir up any trouble with the birthday party. Madeline cuts the conversation short though when she sees her older daughter fumbling with birth control pills. She got them at Planned Parenthood. Bonnie took her. Madeline confronts her and then mentions it at the cafe to Celeste and Jane. It’s also mentioned that Tom is gay.

Nathan and Ed meet and talk about Bonnie and Madeline. It turns into something of a macho contest. Madeline goes to work She wants to win. She’s not changing the play. Jane gets called to the school. There was a situation with Renata’s daughter, Ziggy, Bonnie’s daughter and Madeline’s daughter.

Jane breaks down crying. Madeline tries to explain that making little boys and girls kiss is inappropriate. Celeste is getting ready for bed when Perry video calls her. Renata doesn’t know what to do. She doesn’t want to switch her daughter’s school. Jane talks to Ziggy. He overheard someone call him a monster. Jane tells him he’s not.

Madeline talks to her older daughter about sex. She then heads downstairs and finds out from Ed about his talk with Nathan. Celeste and Perry have videochat sex.

I don’t love this show. I like it and the episodes go quick but I mostly watch it for the interactions between Madeline, Jane and Celeste or any variation of that. I get that you need the other plots to flesh out the story but at this point they are still pretty boring. Ed isn’t bad either.

Big Little Lies is new Sundays at 9 p.m.

Big Little Lies, episode one

Two police officers are talking about something that happened at a school fundraiser. Parents are being interviewed. Madeline Mackenzie is the topic of discussion.

Enter Madeline (Reese Witherspoon). She’s taking her daughter to school and is behind a teen that is driving and texting. She gets out to yell at the driver and finds her older daughter in the car. On the way back to her car, she rolls her ankle. The driver behind her Jane (Shailene Woodley) helps her.

Madeline in turn takes Jane, who is new to the area, under her wing introducing her to Celeste Wright (Nicole Kidman) as well as her ex-husband Nathan (James Tupper) and his new wife Bonnie (Zoe Kravitz).

Parents continue to be interviewed by police. They talk about Madeline and Bonnie. They don’t know Jane. They don’t know anything about anybody.

Jane goes to breakfast with Celeste and Madeline and talks about not fitting in anywhere. Bonnie and Nathan talk about Madeline taking her frustrations out on them. The kids get out of school and the teacher makes an announcement. A little girl was hurt. Renata’s (Laura Dern) daughter says that it was Jane’s son, Ziggy.

The Mackenzie family is having dinner. A snarky teen and a precoscious first grader chime in as Madeline and her husband Ed (Adam Scott) talk about what happened at the school.
Celeste is spending time with her sons near the water. She’s taking pictures. Her husband is supposed to be away on business but he sneaks up behind her to surprise her. Perry (Alexander Skarsgard) genuinely seems to startle her.

Madeline and Ed talk about Nathan and her older daughter’s preference for Nathan and Bonnie. She loves Ed but still feels hurt about Nathan.

Renata vents to her husband about what happened at the school. She stood up for her daughter and now she’s the bad guy. She works. There’s no way around that. The other mother’s need to see that.

Jane calls her mother. She’s ranting about things and her mother tries to tell her to move back home. She gets frustrated and hangs up but calls back minutes later to apologize and say she loves her. She talks to Ziggy about what happened at school. He didn’t do it. He stands by it.

Madeline talks to her daughter about college. She thinks it is necessary. Her daughter does not. Celeste listens to Perry with their twin sons. He’s a good dad. Later that night she’s on the computer. He startles her again. They talk about the Ziggy. Perry wants the boys to stay away from him. She doesn’t think it needs to be that dramatic. He grabs her arm and reiterates that the twins should stay away from Ziggy.

Madeline is still up when her daughter comes in and they talk. Her younger daughter comes in and interrupts. Madeline turns her attention and the older daughter frowns and walks away.

The police announce that there are no suspects at this time. They interview parents. Madeline gets ready for bed. Jane lies in bed awake. Celeste is also in bed awake.

I figured I would give this a try since I’m one of those like three people that doesn’t watch The Walking Dead and I’ve already read the book. I thought the book as pretty good but not amazing so I was king of surprised to hear it would be a show. It’s similar to Gone Girl and The Girl on the Train though so I guess it was more about the trend than anything else.

Overall, I thought this was pretty good. It went by quickly and was intriguing with the back and forth to the police parts. I know we are supposed to feel bad for Jane, or maybe all the moms?, but I don’t. She kind of was just annoying. She didn’t do much but I do feel bad about the stuff at school with Ziggy.

Big Little Lies is on Sundays at 9 p.m.