Chicago Fire, episode nine

Casey wakes up in the middle of the night. Dawson is not in bed. He goes and finds her on the computer still looking for Bria. She even asks about taking the day to keep at it. Kidd will sub on ambo.

At the house Brett notices that something smells rank in the bunk room. Before they can look into it, the alarm sounds. There is a woman stuck in a rotating door. Her foot is trapped under one of the panels. They have to break the door to get her out.

While they pack up, a guy approaches Severide. He recognizes him from the night before. He was in the alley that Severide and Dawson were looking for Bria in. He’s got a lead on where she used to hang in school. Once the kid walks away, Casey approaches. He didn’t know what they were up to the night before.

Now he’s cranky and the bunk room smells worse. He snaps at Otis about cleaning up. Severide gets a call from Dawson. She’s taking a ride to Joliet to see about an aunt. Severide says he will check on his end too. Dawson still hasn’t told Casey. Severide mentions it.

Severide rolls to the market and finds some kids hanging out. They scatter but one drops her phone and comes back. Severide finds out that Bria was looking to go see her dad in a mandatory rehab but she should’ve been back.

The guys are trying to figure out what the smell is in the bunk room. They clear out the beds and keep searching. Casey goes to Boden about working elsewhere to avoid the distraction and gets himself a new office in the process.

Ambo gets a call. On the ride, Kidd and Brett trade tips about ambo. They help a woman who was mixing chemicals in her basement and passed out. They load her in the ambo as hazmat cleans the scene. Kidd checks in with one of the hazmat guys and she stares after him just a little too long.

Mouch thinks the smell is coming from the plumbing. He goes to the pipe room and sends Otis for tools. This won’t end well. Severide goes to see Bria’s dad. He’s beating himself up about Bria not loving him. She left a note on the window though, proof that she cares. Severide tells him to just focus on getting clean.

Dawson finds the aunt. She finds out that Bria’s mother killed herself and the aunt thinks Bria is better off without her father. She reports back to Severide before heading back to the city. At the house, Mouch took apart the plumbing and now can’t get all the pieces back together. Oh and Otis played whistleblower and called HQ about mold.

Brett has a great idea. She calls the hazmat guy to come check over the station. Then her and Kidd argue over who gets dibs. They are both playing for keeps on this one. Casey turns down Boden’s offer of the new office after listening to a voicemail from Dawson and realizing he’s become distant.

Hazmat man turns up and uses a magic wand to find a dead rodent in the room divider. It’s the guinea pig Herrmann’s kid gave the house. He is disappointed. Hazmat man is ready to leave and Kidd gives him a solid handshake goodbye. Brett gets a minute alone and with him and talks up Kidd. He asks for her number.

Casey tells everyone to get the bunk room back together. He goes back into his office but leaves the door cracked open. At Molly’s Otis unveils a painting of the guinea pig and it gets Herrmann mad. He makes Otis, Cruz and Mouch put money in a pitcher to be donated to the humane society.

Kidd has got a date with hazmat guy. She tells Brett and then thinks it might’ve been a setup because Brett pitied her. Brett tells her that’s not the case. They hug it out. Dawson is at the bar telling Casey and Severide all she knows about Bria’s family. She had Antonio look into it. Her phone rings. When she hangs up she’s got to go. There is a teenage Jane Doe at the morgue, with her card.

I’m going to assume that the dead girl is Bria because I really don’t see them dragging this out for another week but I feel like that’s a shame. It also seems like a missed opportunity because that was the perfect setup for a crossover. Is there one this season? I haven’t heard anything. I feel bad for Dawson and I’m not sure what this whole confiding in Severide and Casey gets angsty thing is about. I like that they used hazmat and I figure dude will be around for at least a few episodes.


Chicago Fire, episode eight

Dawson stops by to visit Brea from the clinic fire. She banters and they play some cards. She goes to the firehouse and talks to Severide. Something doesn’t add up. This girl was stealing drugs but she’s clean. Not a lot of visitors. They are going to look into it.

Otis calls Brett out for seeing someone. She put off grocery shopping for their apartment and was hardly home. She announces that she won’t be discussing her personal life at work but as soon as she is in the ambo she tells Dawson its Antonio. Dawson doesn’t seem interesting in hearing about it.

Ambo and 81 get a call. A cop has a picket fence through his neck. They have to get him to Med and his partner is there freaking out. They cut the fence up and take him away.

Boden is still at the house. His wife rolls in. Her younger brother just turned up in town. She tried to take the day but couldn’t so he opts to stay at the house and hang with Boden, who seems less than thrilled about that.

After a run, Brett and Dawson are leaving Med talking about the former being involved with Antonio when Dawson sees Brea walking across the street. They give her a ride and something doesn’t sit right so Dawson follows Brea into an apartment building. She thinks that she sees an older man taking advantage but it turns out that the man is Brea’s father.

He’s addicted to the pain pills and can barely function without them. Dawson wants to help. Brea is 16 and her father needs professional help. Brea wants to figure out how to do right by her father. Dawson gives the kid her card and tells her that she will be checking up on her to make sure she gets help.

At the house Boden finds his brother-in-law regaling tales of his glory days. Boden is thrilled when he leaves. Dawson consults Severide on what to do about Brea. Casey overhears and tries to get involved but Dawson snarks at him and he backs off.

Herrmann calls Boden on his demeanor with the in-laws but it gets nowhere. Brett is having a movie night with Otis and Cruz but they tell her she can bail if she wants. She takes off to see Antonio. The next day Boden listens to Julian and tries to play nice. He doesn’t shoot down his business proposition outright.

Kidd is tending bar at Molly’s and Severide is there ragging on her. Down the other end, Otis and Cruz debate about Brett’s new mystery man. Dawson jumps in and teases them until she gets a phone call. It’s Brea. She needs help. Dawson and Severide take off. They get to the scene and find Brea’s dad in a bad way.

He’s going through withdrawal and stops breathing at one point. They call an ambulance for him to get taken to Med. Brea is mad at Dawson for ripping her family apart. Dawson goes home and cuddles with Casey. She doesn’t want to talk about it. They next shift, Severide asks after Brea and Dawson tells him what she knows.

Casey is annoyed because he and Dawson aren’t communicating. She asks him to cut her some slack for the day because she ruined a family. Boden goes to Herrmann and Mouch about Julian. Does he let the guy get away with his fake business scheme or does he call him on it? Neither has an answer.

Otis has figured it out. He knows the mystery man is Antonio. He tells Cruz as much who immediately wants to confront Brett. Before he has a chance ambo has a call. Brett and Dawson have a chat about communicating on the ride. They stop by Med and Dawson talks to Brea.

No change in her dad’s condition but the nurses are asking questions. They see a child services rep. It’s the same one that handled Louie’s case. She tries to put in a good word but as they walk back across they see that Brea pulled a runner. She talks about it with Casey and Severide. She’s beating herself up about it.

Julian pulls up to the firehouse. He’s got firefighter gloves he is trying to sell Boden. The chief is still reluctant though. Once he sees the gloves he is all in though. Otis and Cruz tease Brett until she owns up to it being Antonio. Later she is at his place and he cooked her a fancy dinner. He is making things serious.

She wasn’t game for that though so she walks out. Dawson and Severide brainstorm about where Brea is. They come up with a place to check out and head over there. Boden admits to Donna that he didn’t trust Julian. She knew that though.

Casey comes in to Molly’s looking for Dawson. Herrmann doesn’t know where she went though. Severide and Dawson roll up to a sketchy alley where a ton of homeless teens are obviously spending the night. They start asking around for Brea.

I just assumed that Dawson and Casey were going to end up taking this kid in. I figured she’d be like the next Louie or something. I guess not though. I feel bad for Antonio. I think Brett has a point and that’s probably the smart decision but I feel bad for both of them.

Chicago Fire, episode seven

Ramon is in the ambo and Brett is treating him. Dawson is behind the wheel and making up time by driving like a maniac. Ramon has blood in his chest so Brett has to puncture it. They make it to Med and he is taken in to the OR with Rhodes right away.

Gabby is waiting when Matt and Antonio turn up. Apparently there was a psycho on the platform and Ramon stepped in to stop him. Brett comes in with coffee. She and Antonio awkwardly talk until Rhodes comes out with an update. Ramon will be okay.

The Dawsons go in and visit for a few minutes. Next shift and Gabby is back at the firehouse. She does plan to duck out of Otis’ Molly’s North meeting. Brett watches an awkward interaction between Kidd and Severide. She does remember the drunken kiss.

Otis holds his meeting. He wants to run point and it seems obvious that he’s doing it to impress Lily. Herrmann gives him the all clear as long as he doesn’t waste money. Kidd is skeptical. They get a call. On the drive, Gabby thanks Brett for saving her dad.

Truck gets to the scene and finds that it is an electric fire. The landlord mentions one of the units in the apartment building so Herrmann and Otis head there. They break in and find smoke and a victim. The fire is in the walls and Boden seems to know the victim.

During the drop off, Gabby goes to see Ramon. He’s quite the celebrity and has interviews lined up with newspapers and TV stations. Casey sees the tension between Severide and Kidd and asks the former about it. He says that he thinks she regrets drunk decisions.

Out on the floor, Boden talks to Mouch and Casey about the victim. He was a popular blues harmonica player. Mouch doesn’t know him so Boden suggests the three of them hang out and listen to his stuff. They agree but Mouch is confused about why once

Otis is full steam ahead to open the new Molly’s by the end of the week because Lily thinks it is a good idea. Kidd thinks he is nuts and wants Herrmann to intervene. He says that he’s not going to. Antonio turns up at Brett’s place. They kiss. It’s a bad idea but they go ahead anyway. It’s a one time thing.

Gabby goes to see Ramon but can’t get in the room. He’s filming a tv segment. Otis shows up at Molly’s. He needs to bum so alcohol for the other location because of distributor problems. Oh and he just spent $25K on flyers because Cruz didn’t give him all the details.

Kidd might be able to get a DJ to talk about it on the radio. Otis wants to talk himself though. She’ll see what she can do. Boden, Mouch and Casey are drinking bourbon and talking about a man’s legacy. Boden seems to be having a bit of an existential crisis.

They talk about the harmonica guy and Boden decides they should go visit him. They head to Med and find out he didn’t make it. They also discover he had a daughter that he didn’t have contact with.

So Kidd pulled through and got Otis some airtime. He starts to freak out and then the DJs make him a laughing-stock. He and Kidd argue about it as they get to the station. Boden asks after Ramon when he sees Gabby. He talks to her about visiting and how important she is to her father.

Alarm sounds and the whole house heads out. Another station is already there and they think the building is clear and are just waiting for the overhaul call. Gabby and Brett start asking the people who have been evacuated if they feel okay. Dawson sees a woman run into the building and chases her.

Severide is walking around looking for the fire. He finds it in the ceiling near and oxygen tank. Just then Gabby and the woman come out into the hall. He yells as the oxygen tank explodes. The woman had gone back in for her purse which tipped in the explosion. She had a bag full of fentynal. Dawson puts it back on the shelf as Severide carries her out.

There are cops everywhere and the girl freaks out. Gabby tells her she put the drugs back though she’s not sure why. Mouch invites Boden to the Molly’s North opening. Boden says he will go and he’s going to bring a friend. Severide gets home with some beer. He was planning to order in for the two of them so they could hang out and watch the Blackhawks game.

She has other plans though. She’s going out with the DJ. Otis pulled off the opening though it’s not as crowded as he would’ve liked. Herrmann pats him on the back. Boden’s guest turns up. It’s the musician’s daughter. He tells her how much her father meant to both him and his own father.

Lily is impressed with Otis. He pulled it off. Brett and Antonio run into each other outside Molly’s North. They decide not to go in but instead head someplace quieter. Gabby goes to see her dad. He asks her if there is something wrong.

She admits that she wishes she could’ve done more to help him when he got hurt. He tells her that he just did something once. It was one moment. She’s the real hero.

So did they catch the guy that stabbed Ramon or will he randomly turn up for episodes from now? I’m glad that Brett and Antonio got back together. I’m also annoyed that Kidd and Herrmann let Otis run wild like that. It wasn’t nearly as big of an opening as it should have been.

Chicago Fire, episode six

Dawson has breakfast with her dad. He’s got some bright ideas for his new job so he’s having a meeting with the higher ups. She suggests he spend some time there first. Then he asks about Casey’s connections downtown and she promptly shuts him down.

As they head into shift, Otis and Cruz walk by a bar that’s going out of business. They have equipment on sale and Otis makes not. Kidd and Severide talk about uping his game as they head into the locker room. The alarm sounds. There is a grease fire. Some people are trapped but the get rescued, including a baby that Kidd saves.

Hermann is looking at napkin designs for Molly’s when Otis comes in. He wants to go to the defunct bar and see what’s what. Hermann tells him no way. He won’t profit from the misfortune of others. Boden calls Connie in to ask about a file. She says she left it on his desk but he can’t find it. Oh would you look at that, Hope knows where it is.

Brett and Dawson are cleaning up the rig while Dawson vents about her father. Casey is cooking. Kidd gets mail. It’s a transfer to the office of public relations. Union rep Mouch talks about Kidd’s options. An appeal would take months. Casey doesn’t have that much sway. Boden made a call but hasn’t heard back so as it stands she changes next shift.

Everyone is freaking out about Kidd’s news. Hope is surprised that people can get transferred like that. Night falls and everyone is asleep, except Kidd. She paces and finds Mouch sitting in the common room. He tells her this could be a blessing because now she can use her platform to provide a voice for issues.

She’s a firefighter though. She was saved and now she wants to pay it forward. As shift ends, Kidd ducked out early. Everyone is quiet in the locker room. Hope comes in and talks about buying a grill with petty cash.

Hope tries to make plans with Severide but he’s not interested. Dawson goes to see if Casey is ready to go home. He’s not. He’s busy dealing with angry politicians because her dad was using his name. Otis goes to the closing bar. At Molly’s, Kidd is drunk. Severide takes her home and she kisses him. He pulls back and says “not like this.”

Kidd wakes up with a raging hangover. She says that she can’t remember anything after the bar. Severide offers to make her eggs. Casey and Boden go to see the higher ups about Kidd. Apparently the story isn’t exactly as they heard it. Kidd wasn’t handpicked. Otis has a plan. He approaches Hermann and Dawson. He wants to partner with the other owners on the closing bar for a second Molly’s location. They’ll consider it.

Ramon shows up at the house. He’s on probation at work and needs a favor from Casey. Dawson goes off on him about being selfish. Kidd reports to her first day at the office. She’s just a prop. At the house the new guy talks about all the transfers he’s had. It gives Casey an idea.

Casey and Hermann head downtown to see the transfer order on Kidd. It has Mullins’ signature on it so Casey asks him about it. Turns out Hope forged it and they confront her and Boden tells her to pack up. Brett gets home and Hope is waiting there. She tries to plead her case but Brett tells her to get lost.

Otis, Dawson and Hermann go to see the other bar owner, and his daughter that Otis crushing on. Severide and Kidd carpool to shift. They banter along the way. Everyone is happy to have Kidd back and Brett gives an apology speech. Kidd isn’t interested. Ambo gets a call.

They get there and find out there was an incident on a train platform. There was an argument and a man was stabbed. He’s lost a lot of blood. Dawson and Brett roll him over. It’s Ramon.

I have no use for Ramon. I feel bad for Dawson that she keeps getting trapped in the middle with him and Casey. I also feel bad for Brett because she feels guilty about Hope but that wasn’t her fault.

Chicago Fire, episode five

It’s a typical morning at the house. People are milling about talking. It’s breakfast. Hope comes out and provides paychecks to everyone, except Kidd. Her’s must be lost somewhere. Otis gets a very large package from Japan. He doesn’t get a chance to open it before the alarm sounds.

It was an attempted break-in that ended with the suspect tangled in some barbed wire and dangling from a building. Casey and Severide have different opinions on how to handle it. Casey pulls rank and they get the guy down but the situation between the two of them gets tense.

Back at the house, Kidd talks to Hope about her paycheck. Someone, somewhere made a mistake but she will figure it out. Kidd is not impressed. Otis reveals what is in the package. It’s a rescue pal. Casey is not impressed. Neither is anyone else. Casey updates Severide on the victim and gets a lecture on his leadership abilities. The tension remains.

Casey goes to Boden about his issues with Severide. Boden tells him to handle it. Severide is grumpy and Cruz doesn’t help anything. Kidd vents to Dawson only Brett hears and defends her friend. She says that the beef started when Hope slept with Severide. Kidd says she needs the money. Hope comes in and says the new check will take a few weeks. Dawson tells Kidd to not put Brett in the middle.

Otis tests his robot. It’ll take some practice. Ambo gets a call. Pregnant lady at a grocery store. There is a doctor on the scene helping out. The woman has a seizure. Later on, Casey hears that Severide left in a hurry. The pregnant woman had a c-section and it was a success. Kidd will apologize to Hope if she gets her check. Otis locks his robot in the food locker.

At Molly’s, Casey tries to mend fences but Severide proves that he is an expert for a reason. Casey doesn’t want to hear it and Severide storms out. Brett goes on a date with the doctor that was helping the pregnant lady. It goes well and when she’s about to invite him up he gets called to work.

Severide gets home to find Kidd drinking beer and watching the Hawks game. She mentions to Severide that she might be short on rent. He tells her he will help. Dawson has a visitor. Her father. They are chatting when Casey gets home and vents about his Severide problem. Ramon chimes in and Casey snaps at him and Dawson. Ramon leaves and Dawson leaves the room.

Brett tells Dawson about her date but she isn’t paying much attention. She still thinking about her fight with Casey. They see that Otis’ robot got vandalized. Hope wants an hour off to go bother accounting. Boden grants it. Casey has truck running drills. Otis ditches it to make calls about the robot. Casey gets mad and tells him to ship it back.

Since they were low on supplies, Brett and Dawson stop off at Lakeshore for a change to restock. While there, Brett has her new doctor friend paged so she can visit. He doesn’t seem pleased to see her and then she discovers he’s married. Dawson steers her outside and gives her a pep talk. She mentions that Brett sees the good in people and all her friends know that. Brett has a lightbulb moment.

Hope gets back to the house and gives Kidd her paycheck. She thanks Hope and points it out to Brett. She’s got bigger fish to fry though. Mouch and Hermann give Otis a robot talk and compliment his driving skills. Casey talks to Severide and they come to a tense understanding. After, he updates Boden and finds out that he might have bitten off more than he can chew.

Casey and Dawson head out of the house. He invites her to breakfast. Brett goes to see Hope. She puts Hope in her place and tells her not to mess with her friends at 51, says that it worked out that she could be a hero to the only person at 51 with a beef. Hope denies it but when Brett leaves, Hope pulls out the “missing” paycheck and shreds it.

Hope is trouble. We all know that. I am worried about Casey. This captain thing is going to mess with him and make him spiral. I feel bad for Brett. She deserves to be happy. When will she get back with Antonio?

Chicago Fire, episode four

It’s a big day for Casey and Dawson wants to do something to make it memorable. She got him a gift. Hope starts shift and Brett confronts her about the news that she stole money back home. Hope has an excuse though. Casey calls to find out where Dawson is. She took the morning off and is running errands she tells him. She gets off the phone when she sees unsafe construction.

She tries to get the foreman to shut it down but he won’t listen. She takes matters into her own hands and runs into the parking garage to evacuate it. When she and the foreman are inside, it crumbles and they are trapped. Two other guys, one an army man, are with them but the foreman is in trouble. He’s got a cracked skull. He barely lasts ten more minutes.

Kidd is on ambo with Brett. She asks why Hope is so bubbly but Brett tells her it’s a long story. In the collapse, a few more people wander over. They are fighting and the army man takes control. Dawson tells him to stand down but he just tries to appease her. Mouch and Cruz see the collapse on tv. Boden comes in and asks Casey to start taking some captain duties. Personnel and furlough. He doesn’t seem to happy.

Things are tense in the garage. Dawson is trying to keep the peace while army man fiddles with a CB radio. They can’t get a signal out but Dawson hears the firefighter orders. They are pulling back. They also find another survivor. A man trapped in his car. They manage to get him out even though his car is holding the ceiling up.

Army man takes over again when the pillars start shifting. He wants to dig out. Dawson says that its too dangerous but he puts it to a vote and the rest side with him. Casey is already sick of captain work. He makes an announcement to laugh off. Hermann’s kid turns up and gives him a mascot.

Brett tells Kidd about Hope’s trouble back home. They hear a call about the garage but it’s not for them. Dawson has her hands full. The ignorant chick is being nasty to the black guy and the newest addition keeps freaking out about something but it’s not in a language they understand. He gestures to the elevator. His daughter is trapped inside. They get a jack and manage to pry the doors open enough for her to escape.

Dawson again advocates for sturdying the pillar. This time army man agrees. At the house Casey is starting to worry about Dawson. Things are tense inside but Dawson tries to keep spirits up. The ignorant woman is hoarding water though so they keep fighting, until someone passes out. He feels dizzy and weak. Army man has a headache. It’s carbon monoxide.

There must be a car running. Army man goes to shut it down. It’s a suicide mission though. He knows it. Dawson knows it. She tries to get the others to keep working. Kidd has a bit of a passive aggressive confrontation with Hope. In the garage, there are more crumbles.

It’s almost time for Casey’s ceremony. No one has seen Dawson. She’s cutting it down to the wire. Hermann’s wife mentions that she heard from her earlier. She was at an antique shop… near the garage collapse. They all roll out. They get there and find out that Dawson is inside. They start helping clear debris.

On the inside they get the emergency phone in the elevator working. Dawson calls out and talks to Casey. He tells her where to go. She sends the others and takes a detour to find the army man. The team digs out a clearing and people start coming out. Dawson isn’t with them though. Casey goes in to save her.

He finds her doing CPR on the army guy. They work together to get him out and then get clear. Brett treats the ignorant woman. The black guy comes over and gives her the rosary beads she dropped. She doesn’t thank him. Dawson and the army guy shake hands.

At the house, Cruz and Otis see that the gerbil escaped. They pretend to know nothing. Boden promotes Casey. Dawson presents him with a badge. It belonged to the first captain of 51. He served during the great fire of 1910. Casey commends Dawson for her work at the garage.

I’m glad that Dawson handled that so well. You knew that she wasn’t going to die but it was still pretty tense. Also when she went to find the army guy it was like straight out of Legends of the Hidden Temple. Casey needs to calm down. This captain thing is going to cause trouble. And can they just ditch Hope now. She’s going to fight with Kidd and that will lead to Kidd and Severide fighting. I don’t want to watch that. I liked the history of the badge.

Chicago Fire, episode three

Severide is in the shower. Hope comes in behind him. Kidd is yelling for him to hurry up to head to the station. Hope comes out. An awkward conversation ensues. At the house, there’s a new chief for half the shift. He gives them a lot of busy work. Casey comments on it but they start the work anyway.

Ambo gets a call. It’s a little girl on a bike. She was hit by a car. The driver is still there and while Dawson and Brett strap her in, the driver goes into cardiac arrest. Dawson hits him with the paddles and revives him but the second ambo is still too far out. They have to transport both patients.

Mouch is in a good mood. Otis and Hermann call him on it and he admits that he flew Cruz’s brother in for his birthday, his on the run from gang members brother. Dawson and Brett get back in high spirits. Chief Mullins is less than keen about their judgement call. Casey tries to come to their aid but it is of no use.

Severide tells Casey to keep his head down. Casey goes to check on Dawson and Brett’s paperwork. He criticizes Dawson’s handwriting. Out on the apparatus floor, a fireman from another house brings by some gear. He comments to Cruz that he saw his brother. Cruz insists his brother is not in town.

Casey hears from Severide that Mullins is on the shortlist for commissioner. Dawson comes in and tells Casey to do something. He goes to see the chief. He apologizes but Mullins is a jerk about it. There’s a call. Everyone has to report. There’s a man on the ledge of a highrise.

Hermann and Casey head to the roof. The negotiator is up there but he’s not optimistic. Casey asks if he can try something risky and gets the go ahead. They rig up a rope to yank him back with. On the ground Mullins asks Dawson what Casey is up to. She tells him whatever it takes. The guy tries to step off but they yank him back and bring in the paramedics.

He will be fine. Ambo takes him to Med. She has another strange encounter with Kidd before talking to Brett about how great it’s been in Chicago. Casey doesn’t care if he gets dinged. He doesn’t like Mullins. Cruz’s brother shows up at the house but they hide him.

Boden tells everyone he was at the academy earlier. He then addresses another issue. They hired someone to handle paperwork in the bullpen. It’s Hope. Severide is less than pleased. Also, shocked is Brett. Hope gives her a whole story and says that she thought Brett would be happy for her. Brett says she is but it seems like a lie.

Mullins is calling for Casey’s file. Kidd mocks Severide. The sister of the suicidal man turns up. She’s just thrilled he is alive. She tells Casey, Hermann and Dawson that her brother stopped going to therapy and taking his prescription. He had a will in his pocket. The sister wants to thank them for all they do.

Cruz wants to tour gang corners and ask about his brother. Otis tells Mouch to abort the plan. He says no. Casey and Dawson get called to Boden’s office. He gets asked about the jumper call and again defends his actions. Mullins tells him that he is a true leader and he’s been recommended for a meritorious promotion. He will have a ceremony but he’s now Captain Casey.

Hope starts the job and gets advice from Connie. She then seeks out Severide tells him they should leave what happened behind them. He agrees. Cruz is ready to hit the corners but Otis tells him that he has to work. They can go after. Mouch does some convincing but Cruz agrees to head to Molly’s.

Severide, Casey and Dawson talk about Mullins. Severide gets teased by Kidd about Hope. Cruz shows up and is surprised. It’s a great night. Until Connie seeks out Brett. Turns out Hope stole $10K from her last boss.

I don’t really get why Casey gets all the attention all the time. Hermann does all this stuff too. He’s really the backbone of 51 and should get some more recognition for that. I still think bringing Cruz’s brother back to town is dangerous.