Chicago Fire, episode twenty-two

It’s a rough night for Alderman Casey. He tries to speak his piece but can’t get a word in. His constituents aren’t interested. He goes home to find Ramon camped out on the couch. He’s being a waste.

Next shift Mouch tries to talk to Cruz but gets nowhere. The alarm goes. It’s ambo and truck for a car accident. The car is on fire on its side. Herrmann climbs in and pulls the kid out. His arm is busted though and he loses his signed Cubbies cards in the fire.

At the house Mouch apologizes to Cruz. It’s no use. Cruz is not looking to forgive any time soon.

Gabby goes looking for Matt to talk about the Ramon situation. She doesn’t want to put a date on it but he wants him out. Matt goes out and smokes a cigar with severide to vent about Ramon and talk about Cruz.

Another call for ambo. A landlord wanted the police because she has a tenant whipping someone. Dawson is a badass and kicks down the door to get in. The man is whipping himself. He fights them when they try to help until they subdue him.

Tamara turns up to talk to Matt. The other alderman wants the funding for a Gold Coast beach renovation. He just needs to muddy the waters to throw off Matt’s plans.

Boden tells Severide that squad is under review and might lose a man. It’s up to Severide who. He goes out and sees Cruz standing alone and tries to engage. No use. He walks away and Cruz calls his brother.

Mouch gets a job offer from his alarm selling friend. He needs time to think about it. End of the week, his friend will be back.

Herrmann goes to visit the kid from the accident. They talk Cubs until the kid starts having a reaction to his medication. He’s not breathing but they get him stabilized. Later,¬†Herrmann is being himself and trying to help the kid with his Cubs obsession.

Everyone is at Molly’s. Ramon is drunk and being demanding of Gabby. Cruz is drunk and being nasty with Mouch. Severide tells him to take a hike. Matt meets with the other alderman about their respective bills. They establish a quid pro quo. Then Ramon runs his mouth and Matt gets pissed. He tells Gabby he’ll find someplace else to sleep.

Mouch is still at the bar hours later reminiscing with Herrmann about how he used to be. He tells him he feels old. Platt comes in and he tells her that he thinks it’s time to hang up his hat.

He’s still in a bad way when he turns up for next shift. Gabby confronts Matt about not coming home and how marriage works. She blames the alderman job and he points a finger at Ramon. Herrmann interrupts. He wants to take a ride. Casey says okay, then thinks about it and tells Herrmann to go without him.

Dawson is crying in the bathroom. Brett come in. She tells her everything and Brett tells her to talk to Casey.

Herrmann is at med when the kid gets discharged. He wants to take him for a ride. Casey heads to the town hall and calls out the other alderman. Then announces that he will be stepping down. He nominates Tamara to take his spot. She gets a round of applause.

The ride takes the kid to Wrigley. Not only that but he gets to meet Kris Bryant and Jake Arrieta. The kid asks Herrmann to sign his cast but then the radio sounds. They have to get to a factory fire.

They get there and Mouch tells Herrmann it’s his last shift. He’s retiring. Everyone heads into the fire. There are still employees inside. Things take a turn and boden calls for everyone to evacuate. Casey finds a victim that he’s going to try and save. Mouch had a heart attack.

Outside everyone is panicked. Cruz wants to go back in. Casey is trapped. Squad is at a dead end too. Herrmann tries to drag mouch out but they are surrounded. Boden agrees to go back in with Cruz but the entrance blows out. He calls for them to get out by any means necessary. Gabby and Cruz are in tears.

Casey talks to Boden. He says that it’s bad. He takes off his mask to talk to Gabby. He wants her to remember them happy. She’s his miracle. He loves her.

If anyone dies, it’s gonna be Mouch. That’s a shame because I like him but they set it up so much. Also, the whole explosion thing and the last shot of Dawson standing there was very reminiscent of when they killed Shay off. I’m still not over that.

Chicago Fire, episode twenty-one

Cruz and Capp are going over the ways of the house with the new guy Kannell. They mention Severide not taking any time off and then he turns up and gives some orders about getting squad ready. Cruz is called into Boden’s office. Turns out he is being charged with conduct unbecoming for his issue at the bar. There will be a hearing. Alarm sounds.

Squad answers a call at Soldier Field. The electrician is dangling above the stadium. Kannell and Severide rappel down and get him.

At the house, Mouch runs into an old department friend. Guy is retired and now sells gas detectors. He knows he is getting old but still wants to be around the CFD. Mouch comments that his injuries don’t heal up as quick as they used to.

Capp is excited about his new invention. A jacket fan. There isn’t enough space for Kannell but before Cruz can sort it out his phone rings. Kannell and Casey talk about a first responder bill that he’s pushing as alderman. Cruz’s call was about a possibly suspension because of the charges. He talks to Mouch about it.

Gabby is walking through the house when her father comes in. He knows that she blames him for his divorce from her mother but everyone is doing fine. Gabby points out that that is only the case now. He just wants to still be a part of her life.

Severide goes into Boden’s office where Casey and Boden are already waiting. They want to make sure things are good with Kannell and that he is feeling welcome. Both Kannell and Severide have been through a lot recently. Severide says that he is ready and if Kannell is not he should stay home. This isn’t group therapy.

Kannell is getting coffee when Brett starts chatting with him. She pranks him about decaf. Everyone else is watching TV where Casey is talking about his new bill. He does have some opposition downtown though.

Cruz is doing laundry when Severide confronts him about not telling him about the hearing. Severide is angry but Cruz tries to defend himself. It’s no use. Mouch is trying to get ahold of his friend at the CFD office but hasn’t gotten a call back yet. He figures he will take a ride down after shift. He tells Cruz things are going well.

Ambo gets a call. A well-being check. They get to the apartment of a man that lives alone and finds him in a chair, he startles awake. He seems to be in pain and his tongue is black. They set him up and take him to Med. The whole thing makes Dawson want to visit her own father.

Mouch heads downtown and finds that his buddy retired. The new guy is concerned with “optics” and the CFD’s reputation. He won’t let the charges drop.

Casey is at Molly’s with Tamara talking about the other alderman. She knows a guy and is willing to make a call. Mouch and Herrmann talk about the Cruz situation. He turns up and Mouch tells him the bad news and that he will help him at the hearing. This isn’t over yet.

Gabby gets to her dad’s place. His door is open and he’s arguing with some guy about money. Gabby walks in and he kicks her out, saying he will call her tomorrow.

Severide is alone and freaking out. He’s pacing and staring and upset. Theres a knock on the door. Kidd is there, trying to help but he isn’t up for company. She gives him food and leaves him be.

Casey is at the house when Tamara shows up with the other alderman to discuss the new legislation. Casey gives him a tour and has him speak to Kannell about what happened at his house. Mouch is looking for Casey. He needs permission to go to Cruz’s newly rescheduled hearing. Casey grants it.

Mouch gets to the hearing and discovers he isn’t allowed to talk. He gives Cruz a pep talk and they head in.

Dawson is sitting in Casey’s office. He comes in and they talk about her father. She will give him until the weekend to reach out and then she’s going to break down his door.

In the common room, Mouch gets a call. It’s about Cruz. Suspended no pay for 60 days. Cruz is pissed… at Mouch because he is so out of touch. Mouch apologizes as the alarm sounds. Car accident. Motorcycle and cars and the cyclist went flying.

The driver is in a container truck, and when Casey starts yelling for tools, Mouch flubs it. Casey saws into the side of the truck and Kidd climbs inside. The guy is in rough shape. Ambo takes him away but Mouch is still shaken up.

Shift ends and everyone is leaving except Kannell. He’s messing with the dimensions on the jacket dryer. Severide says something to him and Kannell admits that he doesn’t like being at home. The place is too quiet.

Casey thought after the house visit the other alderman would be on board. No such luck and now the others are jumping ship to avoid the politics of it.

Cruz is at Molly’s complaining. Mouch meets with the gas detector salesman about jobs. Mr. Dawson comes in looking for Gabby. She’s not there though.

She and Matt are at home getting ready for date night and talking about his alderman troubles. Herrmann calls her. She ignores it. He calls Herrmann so they answer and it turns out her father is drunk at Molly’s. He’s in a spot with money and he’s being a weepy drunk about it. He says he has nothing but that’s not true. He has her. She and Matt lead him out of the bar.

At the house, Kannell is fixing up the jacket fan. Severide comes by and helps.

Why is this all Gabby’s problem? Like either she handles it alone or calls her mother? Doesn’t she have a brother floating around that would probably be able to relate to divorced dude issues too? Why was Antonio not called? I feel bad for Cruz with the suspension and I feel bad for Kidd because she is trying with Severide. If someone dies in the finale, it’ll be Mouch. Calling it now.

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Chicago Fire, episode twenty

Severide is at the hospital. Anna is asleep. He asks the doctor about her condition. She wakes him up and sends him on his way.

Casey gets to the house and talks to Boden about saving the surviving firefighter from last week. He’s got to find a way to save him from the hearing.

Otis and Cruz are looking for a new roommate. Brett offers and they are not all that interested. As Kidd jokes about everyone in the house wanting to live together the alarm goes off.

Everyting responds and squad goes inside. They find some flames and victims as well.
Boden and Casey talk to the guy in charge of the hearing and explain the situation. He’s open to an alternative.

Kidd talks to Severide about her past and Anna. Everyone is pulling for her.

Cruz and Otis are still saying no to Brett moving in but she pushes. They don’t like the idea of a woman roommate. She tells them to write down all the potential roommate questions and let her have a shot at them.

The alarm sounds. Ambo reports to a rock climbing facility and finds two young people snuck in. There was an accident and now it seems that the woman has a spinal injury. They are able to strap her in and take her to Med.

Severide gets a visitor. It’s the daughter of the woman he saved earlier. She mentions that her mother won’t leave the building even though it’s not safe.

Brett goes through the interview process with Cruz and Otis. They are rigging it against her until she pulls out the big guns. She secured them all parking spots. The landlord loves her. They welcome her with open arms.

Anna and Severide are talking about food and her condition and what he is going to do about the lady that won’t leave her home.

Casey goes to see the man he got cleared. He doesn’t jump for joy though. He tells Casey that he doesn’t get it. He’s done with the CFD. Casey goes home and talks to Dawson about what to do. She tells him not to quit.

Severide is back at the scene of the fire. He talks to the woman there about the safety of the building. Then about Anna then building lives together.

There are a few growing pains as Brett moves in with the other two. She is big on cleaning and organization.

Maybe the third time will be a charm? Casey goes to talk to the firefighter that was cleared. He doesn’t answer but Casey yells through the door.

Cruz is at his bouncer job and he has to bounce a guy. He uses his hands and ends up getting fired.

Squad is on a call. They pull a trapped man out of a car when Boden comes flying up the street. He got a call about Anna. He lets Severide take it to Med. Anna took a turn and it’s time to say whatever he might need to say.

He goes in and talks to her about staying strong and continue the fight. She does though. And Severide goes downhill.

Casey is at the house when the other firefighter turns up. He can’t go back to his other house though. Casey offers to set him up at 51 but it might take some time.

Severide goes to see the lady that wouldnt leave her house. He pulls off the molding. She can take her husband with her. He needs to take Anna with him.

I mean it was pretty clear from the jump that Anna was just a set up for drama with Kidd and Severide. Now she will help him deal and they will get together. I’m glad Casey helped the other guy.

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Chicago Fire, episode nineteen

Brett and Dawson go to retraining. Dawson wants to sit in the back but Brett suggests the front just as an attractive mail instructor enters the room. They sit. Then he leaves and a grouchy woman comes in reading the riot act.

Connie comes back from vacation to find that the temp is staying on longer. Boden breaks the news and Otis giggles in the background.

Severide is trying to get through to Anna. She’s not answering. He mentions it to Kidd. The alarm goes off.

There is car accident in front of Med. The squad truck breaks down as they pull in. The walk to the car and as they talk to the driver, it lights on fire. They have to cut some cables and save the guy. As they wait for help with the truck, Severide heads into the hospital.

Otis wants to help the temp. There is a new truck brought in and one of the guys on it grew up with Casey.

Dawson is doodling and Brett is listening attentively. The instructor calls Dawson out. It doesn’t go well.

They try to warn the temp. She doesn’t think it’s necessary.

Truck gets a call. A man has been evicted but won’t leave. They go inside and find him sitting in wet cement in the bathtub. Thanks to some first aid skills by Kidd, they get him out and ready for transport.

Back at the house, they start to settle in and chat with the other squad when Severide and company roll back in. He tells Kidd about what happened. She thinks there must be more to it.

Brett and Dawson are in retraining taking a test. Dawson breezes through it while Brett doesn’t finish before time runs out.

Casey and his neighborhood buddy meet at Molly’s for drinks. They talk about how far they’ve come.

Severide goes to Anna’s parent’s house to talk to her. Her cancer is back and its in her bones. He wants her to fight. She just wants him to go. Back at the house, Anna’s father tracks Severide down. He tells him that Anna is strong but that doesn’t mean she’s right. He doesn’t want Severide to give up on her.

Dawson and Brett get back to the house and Brett is still worrying about the test. She’s asking Dawson about her answers but Dawson admits she just winged it. They get their results. Brett, who studied hard got a 98. She’s happy. Dawson is hesitant to tell Brett but she got a 100 even though she hardly tried.

At breakfast, tensions rise between the temp and Connie. Casey gets truck out of the house for vehicle maintenance. They take bets on how long the temp will last before hearing a call right near where they are. They report to assist another squad. The call turns into a mayday when there is a gas explosion underground. Casey heads in after calling it in.

Topside they are scurrying to get things ready for a rescue but the explosive levels are still climbing. Casey comes across one of the squad guys pulling another toward the exit. He takes the victim while the other guy runs. Casey sends that guy up and then heads back in. They rescue another victim before going up to ventilate.

The two victims are receiving treatment, one CPR while Dawson intubates the other. Herrmann sets up to ventilate the tunnel. When all is said and done, three are dead, one is critical and only one firefighter walked away. They all head to the hospital and get an update. Herrmann says they will hold a fundraiser at Molly’s for the families.

Severide heads into the wing Anna was working in. He asks one of the nurses for a favor.
Casey goes into the hospital chapel and finds the surviving firefighter. He says that it is his fault his squad died. He hasn’t been watching the gas readings and deliberately broke protocol.

Boden and Casey go back to the scene. They walk through what happened, using the report as a guideline. It doesn’t add up.

The favor was a chance to talk to one of the patient’s Anna worked with. Severide brings a picture the little girl drew to Anna. He tells her they love her. She tells him she is scared.

At the fundraiser at Molly’s, the guys talk about the shifts they are picking up to help the other house. The injured firefighter made it through surgery. Connie and the temp have made peace.

Back at Med, Severide helps Anna inside. She tells him the odds aren’t good and he tells her that he isn’t thinking about odds. They are both there now and that’s what matters.

Casey goes to see the surviving firefighter. He tells him that he thinks the other firefighters knew the levels were up but went in anyway. Now he is protecting their memory. The guy says no but Casey pushes until the guy snaps at him and tells him to stop. He wants Casey to leave well enough alone, even if it means he’s never on another rig again.

The whole Anna and Severide thing seems forced. I don’t mind them together but it’s just drama for the sake of it and you know he is going to end up with Kidd anyway. I liked Brett and Dawson at school but Gabby is a pro so obviously she was going to ace the test. I liked Connie with the new girl too.

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Chicago Fire, episode eighteen

Severide is hanging out with Anna. They are talking about indoor camping. He suggests a trip to a cabin. His phone rings. Benny got in a fight, Platt tells him. He picks Benny up at 21.

Dawson is telling Casey that she has a trainee for the day. They goof around as they ride to the house. They pass what appears to be a crackhouse.

Boden brings the trainee in to meet Dawson and Brett. He seems eager. Severide brings Benny with him. He settles in for a nap on the couch as they respond to a call.

Guys been locked in a walk in freezer. His fingers are caught in the door. Thanks to a clever idea by Cruz, they save the man and his fingers. Ambo rushes him off to Med while Casey brings truck past the new neighbors. They see a car with a kid in it. Casey pops the window but the owner runs out and drives off.

Kidd gets the license plate and when they get back, Casey tells Boden about it. He says he will call PD.

Herrmann’s wife shows up. Their son is being suspended. He took a knee during the pledge of allegiance. Herrmann tells her to drop him off at the house.

Dawson and Brett impart wisdom on the trainee before they get another call. It’s a restaurant and there are sick teenage customers. No sign of any employees though. Trainee checks and finds the cook. He figures out that it is cyanide poisoning and then starts compressions even though he was only supposed to observe. He cracks a rib and Dawson yells at him.

When they get back to the house, Dawson admits to Brett she would have done the same thing.

Olinsky comes in and talks to Casey about the crackhouse. He’s gotta go but he will look into it for him.

Herrmann gets a chance to yell at his kid. He should value his country instead of being a whiny twerp complaining about vending machines.

Severide and Benny talk about his marriage and Springfield and Anna. Benny wants to meet her.

Casey and Dawson are in his room. They talk about the lady at the crackhouse. Boden comes in. He has an address for the lady. It’s in Bucktown. Also, there is a chief waiting to talk to Dawson about her last call. He wants to dismiss the trainee from the program but Dawson takes the fall for him. Now she has to write out an incident report.

Shifts up. Dawson and Brett tell the trainee not to worry about the fallout. They are there to save lives first. Herrmann tells Mouch and Boden he has a meeting with his son’s vice principal. Boden suggests letting the vp talk.

He and his wife get to the school. They are gracious but the vp basically blames them. So Herrmann goes off that his son had the right to protest.

Severide and Anna are out. He tells her that Benny wants to take them to dinner. She is all for it. She wants to know all about Kelly Severide but she might be a bit late.

Casey follows up on the lady from the crackhouse. He talks to her neighbor and finds out that the cops have been at the house three times in the last year. It’s a nice house in a nice neighborhood though. He knocks on the door and the husband answers. The lady comes up behind him and asks if “she” is dead. Casey is confused.

The man and his wife tell Casey that their daughter is in the house doing drugs, probably. They went to the police the year before but it didn’t work. They don’t know what to do. They had to try something. Their daughter is the victim. The guy, Rojo, won’t let them see her and told the wife he would kill her if she came back. Casey says that he will see what he can do.

At the start of next shift, Herrmann tells everyone that his son is a smart kid. Olinsky comes by to talk to Casey. Narcotics knows about the house. They are prepping for a raid. The trainee comes by. He’s not allowed to train with Dawson and Brett but he thanks them for helping him out.

Dawson runs into Casey. He tells her about the girl in the crack house. He’s got an idea. He talks to Boden. Benny got him thinking. 81 rolls up to the house as though there’s a fire. They go in like it’s a raid. Casey tells the people inside to clear out but Rojo has a machete and he’s yelling at Casey. The girl staggers into the room and ht puts the machete to her neck.

They start spraying the extinguishers and Matt takes out the guy. They fight and he runs. Casey tries to talk to the girl but she won’t listen. He brings in her parents and she yells at them. Kidd comes in and tries to talk some sense into her. Her mom tells her she loves her. She cries and the family hugs.

It’s high fives all around as they head back into the house. Boden comes in with the paramedic boss. Dawson and Brett need to go to retraining. Herrmann needs a favor. He brings his son, Boden and Mouch to a VFW pancake breakfast. They meet some vets and then say the pledge.

Kidd and Casey go to get an update on the girl at Med. Reese says she is physically fine but it’ll be a long road to recovery. They head out together, texting Dawson and the rest on the way.

Severide is at dinner with Benny and some girl. Anna shows up but she’s upset. She leaves quickly and Severide follows. He apologizes for Benny. She breaks up with him.

That kind of came out of nowhere didn’t it? Like I wasn’t exactly invested in the relationship so I don’t care but it seems so random. I liked the trainee and I’m amused that they have to go back to training even though we won’t see it. Getting some more information about Kidd was interesting too. The Herrmann stuff seemed forced and his kid is a tool.
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Chicago Fire, episode seventeen

Herrmann comes into the common room. He’s got an idea. There’s a pub crawl with an open spot. Otis shoots it down. Molly’s does not belong on the pub crawl scene. It’s a bunch of idiots puking in the back booths. They hear a commotion.

A Mr. Schlotman (Lew Temple) is looking for Casey, in an alderman capacity. Casey shakes his hand and gives him a brushoff, telling him to write a letter. He leaves and the alarm goes off. It’s for ambo and squad.

It’s a car that’s off the road. A driver with a kid in the back both banged up. One of the witnesses was trying to get the driver out. Dawson calls for a second ambo and they see that a big piece of concrete came through the windshield and probably hit the driver in the head. Severide talks to her son in the backseat. He wants to know where his baby sister went. Only then does Severide notice the empty car seat. He exchanges a look with Dawson.

Dawson gets bystanders involved in the search. The witness that was helping the driver is the same one to help earlier. The baby is alive and seems okay. Cruz points out that the concrete could have fallen off a nearby bridge.

Severide rides in the second ambo with the little boy to Med. As the kid gets to the hospital, Anna is there to help. Severide introduces the boy to his friend before heading out. He also watches Anna for a moment.

Back at the house, the truck folks are surprised by the fact that the baby has perfectly fine. Dawson asks Cruz what the cops said caused the accident. Cruz doesn’t know. She brings up the concrete. He still doesn’t know.

Casey apologizes to Boden for the issue earlier with his constituent. Boden tells him to keep the guy away from his firehouse. Kidd and Herrmann are working on bar crawl stuff. They are getting Molly’s involved despite what Otis said. Otis asks Dawson but she blows him off. She gets Sylvie and they go back the scene of the accident.

Dawson is doing her own investigation into the cause and she has a theory.

Unfortunately, she seems to be right. Someone was throwing things off the bridge. That’s what hit the car. They go back to the house and Dawson starts throwing chunks of concrete off the roof to prove it to Sylvie.

The cop investigator comes in and is reluctant to agree with Dawson’s idea. He seems flustered and mixes up cases when Severide asks a question. Dawson pushes him to make this a priority. The house is discussing the case when the alarm sounds. Ambo has another call.
Casey is in his office when Tamara (Holly Robinson Peete) comes by. Schlotman has been bugging her at the community center. She gets Casey to agree to hear him out.

The bar crawl organizer turns up with the papers to get Molly’s on the list. It’s $500 buy in plus another $2,200 for marketing. Kidd and Herrmann eat it up but Otis is still not into it. He knuckles under.

Brett and Dawson drop their call off at Med. He’s a frequent flier and knows the nurses by name. Dawson steps aside to fill out paperwork and makes small talk with another paramedic. He tells her they had a bad accident but a Good Samaritan managed to stop it from being a fatal. She looks up. It’s the same guy that helped at her accident earlier. She calls out to him and he takes off running.

The cop comes to Med to talk to Dawson and the other paramedic. They don’t want to believe that a guy that helped would have caused the accidents. Dr. Charles is there though and he references hero syndrome. They cause the accidents to save the day. The cop just nods along to Dawson and leaves. Before heading back to the house, Dawson has a realization. The man hid the baby in the sewer so that he could find her with witnesses.

Casey goes to see Schlotman. There is construction in his neighborhood that has been a menace. It is within the boundaries of the law though so Casey doesn’t have much to go on. He goes to the site and tries to talk to the foreman but just gets rudely dismissed.

Dawson goes to the hospital. She sees the driver from her accident still in a coma, with her family surrounding her.

Molly’s is empty. Otis is doing everything he can not to say told you so. Two guys come in and Herrmann and Kidd welcome them with open arms. Cut to later that day, Molly’s is packed.

Severide talks to Anna at Med about the family from the accident. The kid got some stitches and the mom is in the ICU. They go to see the kid and he’s happy to talk to Severide but then he starts coughing and runs into trouble. He crashes and they have to intubate. Later, he is hooked up to all kinds of machines. He was drowning in his own blood.

At home, Casey is going over the zoning ordinances. The construction was never approved. Casey is going to get it shut down and Dawson likes the sound of that. She tells him that the city needs more cops on accident investigation. She has an idea.

At Med, Severide brings Anna coffee. She’s feeling homesick and he tells her that she has him. She knows that but she can’t rely on him for everything.

Dawson goes to the motorcycle shop that the man had a patch on his jacket from. She’s able to get an ID and an address and goes to see the cop to give him the information. He tells her he will check it out. She tells him she is going with and they head to the address.
They knock on the door but no one answers. A neighbor walks out and ignores the cop’s questions. They leave but the cop tells Dawson he’ll keep her in the loop. The man is up the street though, hiding between parked cars, watching Dawson leave.

Herrmann is walking through the house and finds Otis eating alone. He asks what’s the matter and Otis tells him that he is hurt because his ideas are never considered but Kidd’s are right away. Herrmann tells him his ideas are terrible and Otis walks away. The alarm goes off.

Everyone heads out but there is no sign of an accident as 61 approaches the location. There is an overpass though. And as they get close something gets thrown off the top. Dawson yells for Brett to look out. The rocks comes through the windshield but they are okay. Truck manages to block the highway ramp and they catch the guy. Mouch has to hold Dawson back.

Cruz talks to Severide about a nurse he met at Med. He wants Anna to do some recon and then they talk about showing Chicago off to her.

Casey is back at Schlotman’s house. He’s going through the political channels to shut construction down but it takes time. Schlotman just wants the portapotty away from his window so Casey pays off the foreman to move it. Mission accomplished.

Severide brings Anna to Molly’s. As she tries to decide what to drink Otis walks in and Herrmann cuts the lights. He turns on a disco ball. He’s taking one of Otis’ ideas. Severide and Anna head downtown to go ice skating. He shows her the skyline. She’s happy.

Dawson gets a call from Maggie at Med. The boy will be released from the hospital and mom is improving. She saved a family and Casey moved a toilet. All in a day’s work. Dawson can’t stop thinking about families since seeing that baby. She asks Matt if they are ever going to be a family. He tells her that they already are.

I feel like I’ve seen this hero complex syndrome on another show. It was really obvious that it was that guy too. I’m glad that they are reminding us that Casey is an alderman. Dawson’s crusade was a little much though. I’m glad they caught the guy but she was overstepping a bit. And I felt bad for Otis. Also, since Anna works at Med, why isn’t she on Med?

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Chicago Fire, episode sixteen

It’s time for breakfast at the house. Mouch is giving Herrmann crap about healthy eating, while he eats a donut. Dawson comes over and tells Herrmann that he’s fine. Alarm sounds. It’s a gunshot call for ambo in a turf war neighborhood.

Severide is a happy camper since Anna is back in town. Kidd teases him about it before going to help Casey. They are talking about the truck when they hear gunshots outside. They start to close the doors and radio main but it’s too late. Five armed guys, one that has been shot get inside and start threatening Casey.

The rest of the house meets them on the floor and the guys with guns start bossing everyone around. Kidd is going to help the guy that was shot and the others are going to keep an eye on everyone from 51. They don’t want trouble. They just want to lay low for a bit. They start to sweep the house for stragglers.

Of course there is one. Severide. He’s coming out of the shower when Kidd and one of the gunmen come into the locker room. He hides and Kidd basically explains what’s what by talking to the gunman. He’s jumpy though and almost catches Severide peeking around the corner.

Ambo gets to Med. Busy day for the gangs in the city. While at Med they hear a call about shots near 51. Gabby steps away to call Matt. His cell phone was confiscated though and everyone is just waiting at 51. Severide is trying to find a way to get word to the outside that they are being held hostage.

Boden talks to the gang leader about stepping up. Only that’s the problem. The guy isn’t looking to lead. He’s just trying to survive. Kidd needs help treating the wounded and the gunman in the room with her assists. Severide is about to get to squad and radio about the situation. He won’t leave anyone behind though.

The gang receives an all clear. As they get ready to roll out, the bay door opens. Ambo is back. Matt panics and runs out to close the door. The gunmen chase him. The radio tells 61 not to go back and they watch as Matt is shot closing the door. Sylvie yells and Gabby drives away.

Severide tackles the shooter and they scuffle. He’s winning but another guy steps in. The first guy roughs him up a bit and then they haul Severide and Casey inside. The police arrive and surround the house. Boden tells them to let Casey go in good faith and he is sent to the bunk room for Kidd to treat his shoulder wound.

In the bunk room, Kidd and the young gunman, JB, are helping the injured guy. He’s not doing well. He needs a trauma surgeon. Another gang member leads in Casey and gives JB trouble for letting his guard down. Outside, Sylvie talks to the police while Gabby tries to get inside.

The police call the house. The leader doesn’t answer. Herrmann is having chest pains. Severide is nervous cause the guy that shot Casey is in the back with Kidd. She’s trying to treat the injured but the shooter is acting crazy. He takes her to the locker room and asks which is hers. She opens it and he takes a picture out and threatens her friends. She punches him and he slams her head into the lockers, knocking her out.

The shooter comes back out alone and Casey yells at him. He can’t save this guy alone so the crazy guy sends JB to get help. The phone rings again. SWAT rolls up. JB tells the leader what happened in the back and Boden gets pissed they hurt Kidd. The leader asks for someone to help Casey and Boden says there are paramedics outside that can walk someone through it.

Sylvie sees some bystanders that might know something. She and Dawson go over and talk to the woman. It’s JB’s mother. His sister was just killed by a stray bullet and the cliques have been going back and forth ever since. JB wanted street justice. Gabby is called away by police. Someone inside called for her.

It’s Otis. He’s helping Casey with the gunshot victim. He gives her some info and then she starts talking him through the procedure. Severide escapes back into the house. They are successful. Casey starts trying to yell helpful information but the hostage taker hangs up the phone and hits Casey. Sylvie brings JB’s mom to the SWAT coordinator.

The gang leader is told about the victim’s condition. He asks if squad and take a bullet and make it through the police line. Herrmann starts yelling at him. He’s not afraid of some punk kids. He keeps yelling, until he has a heart attack.

Cruz tells them that he will help them Mad Max out if they let Herrmann go. They agree. Word spreads throughout the gang of the plan. The crazy one is on board but Otis tells him the injured guy won’t survive. The crazy one starts waving his gun again.

JB brings Herrmann out. His mother yells for him but he goes back inside. Once he’s behind the police lines, Herrmann reveals he was faking it. He tells the police what is happening inside.

Otis gets the injured guy ready for transport. The crazy one goes to check on Kidd in the locker room. She’s not there. Cruz is nervous about helping them but a deal is a deal and he tells the gang leader that it’s crazy. JB’s mom starts talking on the megaphone. He’s listening but the leader tells him it’s a ploy. Boden tells him to run. He doesn’t. They are going to load the truck.

SWAT starts moving outside. The crazy guy is checking the bathroom for Kidd. She’s hiding in a stall and right before he gets to her, Severide tackles him. They fight big time and the crazy guy has the upper hand but Kidd saves the day. They head for the side door. SWAT rolls in and the leader grabs Boden. JB puts down his gun.

The leader takes Boden into the truck and JB too. He wants to push through and tells SWAT to clear a path. JB pounces on him and Boden grabs the gun as the leader fires. JB gets a ricochet to the neck. Everyone moves in and Dawson and Brett start to help JB. It’s on the artery and he probably won’t make it to the hospital.

Dawson needs to pull the bullet out. She gets it out and they prepare him for transport. Boden talks to his mother and Matt and Gabby hug before she heads out. Police take the gang and the members of 51 head back into the house. They are still on shift.

I thought Herrmann was brilliant. That was so smart of him. Otherwise, this was just okay. I mean, you know they aren’t actually going to kill anyone. It’s still an intense show but it doesn’t really have a whole lot of suspense because you know they aren’t really in danger.

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