Chicago Fire, episode twenty-two

There’s some time before shift so Casey and Dawson try to make the most of it by trying again to get pregnant. Boden and Grissom are in a meeting discussing the investigation into the fire at the auto shop. There was no foul play. Afterward, they talk about the commissioner spot. Boden goes back to the house and tells everyone to have each other’s backs. Otis talks to Cruz about not being able to sleep. The alarm sounds.

At the scene there is a tree down but not on the car nearby. Onstar tells Casey that the driver saw a kid get hit by the tree. Herrmann goes digging into the tree to find the kid. He’s breathing but unconscious. The driver comes back with the kid’s mother. They get the kid out and rush him to the hospital. While filling out paperwork, Brett talks to the driver. He wants to know how the boy is doing. She doesn’t know much though. The guy knows how it goes.

He got hurt at the academy. Now he’s a civilian but he still works for the department with equipment purchases. Brett is thrilled to hear that. Kidd and Severide are enjoying some alone time in his office when there is a knock on the door. It’s Rene. She wants to know if he is willing to help with her case. He is. Otis is talking to the “old guys” about Boden’s chances at becoming commissioner. That’s when Brett comes back. Word on the kid is good and she got the driver interested in the slamigan.

Severide walks Rene out. As she leaves and he heads back in, Grissom pulls up and rips him apart for backing Boden. Severide tells Boden and Casey about it and Boden tells him to fix his relationship with Grissom. That’s the priority. Cruz demonstrates the slamigan for the driver and it goes well. Kidd makes plans with Severide but they have to be late because he has to help Rene first. Dawson comes into the kitchen where Casey is waiting. Not pregnant.

Casey wants to double their efforts starting immediately. Dawson doesn’t seem thrilled. Severide is at Rene’s working on the case. Her son comes in and pulls Severide away. The kid really likes Severide and the feeling is mutual. When they have a moment alone, Rene apologizes for her behavior years ago. He appreciates it. Kidd is upset because Severide is late and ends up helping Herrmann with his kids as a result.

Dawson talks to Brett about their pregnancy efforts. It could take years. That’s when the driver shows up. He meets with Brett and Cruz and wants to order 73 slamigans. He also wants to date Brett. Boden made the short list and the mayor’s team has to vet him. Severide is at HQ getting some files for Rene’s case when he bumps into the commissioner. He’s worked under two frontrunners. Who would he pick? Mouch crunches the numbers for the slamigan order.

Cruz seems a little reluctant though. He’s not a fan of the driver. Severide backed Boden and now he’s worried about the repercussions from Grissom. He’s also got some visitors. Rene and her son. While Severide chats with the son, Kidd warns off Rene. Dawson talks to Casey about going to see a fertility doctor. Herrmann caught Kidd and calls her on it. She tells him she had to be proactive. They get a visitor from the commissioner’s office.

He’s endorsing Boden and that is going to carry weight. It’s time for the business meeting about the slamigan. Cruz gives a number much too high so the buyer can’t handle it. Brett calls him on it. She wants to know why he changed the cost. Before he can, the alarm sounds. There is a guy stuck in a pipe on a boat. Boden and Severide are working it when Grissom turns up. He commends them on a job well done and Boden on the endorsement.

Otis talks to Cruz about his feelings for Brett and how he doesn’t function right when he keeps them bottled up. Brett comes in. She got the buyer back and they negotiated a price. Cruz gives her the go-ahead. She walks away and he starts planning a grand gesture to tell her his feelings. Dawson and Casey go to the doctor. Dawson has an aneurysm. She shouldn’t try to get pregnant. She cries. Mouch, Herrmann and Boden are celebrating the endorsement when a reporter shows up.

Someone tipped him off about the money that came in the mail and he wants a statement on it. Kidd and Severide are flirting when Rene comes in. Her son is missing and she needs help. He takes her to 21. While they are there, Rene gets a call from the babysitter. She finds her son. As Severide tells Kidd about it she thinks that Rene overreacted. Severide takes Rene’s side though. Dawson comes into Casey’s office. She wants to keep trying. Boden tells Casey and Severide about the reporter. Severide thinks it was Grissom.

The alarm sounds. Squad saves two people from a fire. Back at the house, Cruz makes plans for a romantic getaway. That’s his grand gesture for Brett. He tells Kidd about it and then starts second guessing himself. She tells him to go for it. Then she goes out to chat with Severide. Rene turns up. She needs to talk to him about the case. Dawson gets invited on a special trip to help Puerto Rican recovery efforts. She turns it down.

Boden heard the commissioner’s statement to the press and he gets mad. He goes to confront Grissom about it. When he is back at 51 he gets another visit from someone in the commissioner’s office. The story was killed but so was the endorsement. Boden still has a chance though since a lot of people hate Grissom. Casey tracks down Dawson. He has an idea. Adoption. She is not interested. She can’t go through what they did with Louie. She wants to stick to the plan.

Cruz gets confirmation on his trip. He’s about to talk to Brett when the alarm sounds. Ambo rolls out and it seems like it is just a stoner with a cut head. Dawson has to go back to the rig for gauze so Brett talks to the guy. He tells her that his neighbor is messed up in the back. He leads her to a bedroom and his neighbor is lying there with a knife in her chest. He stabbed her and Brett tries to call dispatch. The radio doesn’t work though.

When Dawson gets back, the guy is gone. As Dawson calls it in, the woman dies. Brett as expected takes it bad. They give statements to the police and then head back. Boden heard about the call offers to take them out of service. They tell him no. After shift, Casey has an errand to run but he wants to talk to Dawson at lunch. She agrees. His errand is to an adoption agency. Mouch and Herrmann talk at Molly’s about Boden’s chances.

Someone from another house chimes in. Grissom’s house has the best stats in the department. That will work in his favor. Brett is nowhere to be found. It’s the big day. It’s time for Severide to testify. At the house, Kidd is tense and Casey feels her pain. He gets to his office to find Dawson with the adoption pamphlet. She’s pissed at him for going behind her back. She won’t adopt and he doesn’t want her to risk getting pregnant. The alarm sounds for ambo. It’s a bike accident. A guy has a broken arm. Dawson snaps at Brett and she walks off the job.

Severide’s testimony is going well. Dawson apologizes to Brett but she is not interested in hearing it. She sits alonge and Cruz goes to comfort her. She tells him that his friendship is important to her. Severide’s testimony worked. The defendant wants to settle. Rene is stoked and so is Severide. She kisses him. Shift ends and Kidd walks out. There is no sign of Severide. Mouch and Herrmann are ready to roll out but Otis needs a minute. He’s looking at something on the computer.

While he was out he did the stats. Grissom has been cooking the books. They have to take it to the mayor but first they show Boden. Casey gets home and tries to talk to Dawson. He can’t risk losing her but she isn’t hearing it. She’s ready to go ahead without him. He won’t let that slide. They are in it together or not at all. She needs to take a walk. Kidd is looking for Severide. She goes by his place but there is no sign of him. He’s at her apartment when she gets home. He tells her that she’s all he thinks about.

He does not tell her that Rene kissed him. Boden and the guys roll up to see the mayor. They are too late though. Grissom was just appointed commissioner. Dawson goes to find out more about Puerto Rico.

So is Cruz out the money or can he cancel the romantic getaway? Also, Severide was like best friends with Rene’s kid. It’s mean to go back on that. And he didn’t mention the kiss. Is Dawson going to ship out to Puerto Rico? Will it be a time jump and she’s back when next season starts? I feel like that is probably how it will work. I get where she is coming from but Casey has a point too.


Chicago Fire, episode twenty-one

Cruz went through with the night at the hotel after all. In the morning, he seems to feel like everyone is judging him. Herrmann runs into some problems with the other parents at a youth basketball game. He vents about it as shift starts while Cruz freaks out over his misplaced money clip. He lies about where he spent the night and Brett says that wherever he was must be where the clip is. Severide delivers Kidd’s mail to her and finally asks her out on a real date as the alarm sounds.

It is an ambo accident with that private company. The driver is okay but the paramedic in the back busted her wrist. While they try to tow the ambo, the actual patient takes a turn and they have to cut into the back to treat him. As they load up the patient, Dawson makes a crack about going private and the other paramedics tell her that they are getting a new commissioner soon. Back at the house, Delia stops by and drops off Cruz’s money clip. Brett takes it.

Mouch reached out and confirmed that the commissioner is leaving and a desk jockey is on the inside track. Boden tells them all to not jump to conclusion and wait until they know more. Brett confronts Cruz about lying and cheating. She’s upset with him. Another visitor comes by the house and as she approaches Kidd asks Dawson who it is. It’s Rene and she goes right to Severide. She updates him on her life before getting to the point. She’s working a pro bono case for some firefighters and needs help.

Kidd goes to see Dawson and gets an update on who this Rene is. Kidd doesn’t seem happy. Cruz and Otis fight about the former’s feelings for Brett. As they start to leave the room, Mouch comes running in. The commissioner is at 51. He tells them about his new job at FEMA and that he will help pick a replacement. Then he asks Boden for a tour. Casey gets an idea and talks to Severide.

He thinks they should help float Boden’s name for the commissioner job. After a discussion, he agrees and they start to work their contacts. Herrmann’s wife stops by to tell him that kids are pulling from the team because of the obnoxious father. As shift ends, Cruz and Brett have a talk about his behavior. She has no right to judge it. Kidd and Severide talk about Rene and spending time together. Herrmann confronts the obnoxious father. He explains that he is just trying to connect with his kid.

Herrmann gives him another chance. Cruz goes to talk to Delia again. He calls things off and leaves. On the way out her husband shows up and decks him. Next shift he has a talk with Brett. They are in a better way. Boden confronts Casey and Severide about going behind his back. They tell him why they did it and he’s on board. Rene drops by with her kid and some documents on her case for Severide. Kidd and Brett watch as Severide goofs around with the kid. Then the alarm sounds.

It’s a mechanic shop. There is one guy missing inside. Everyone pairs up to go inside and search. Herrmann pairs with the obnoxious basketball dad from another house. As the fire gets worse, Boden calls for evacuation. Everyone is out except Herrmann and his partner. They found the victim. They get separated and Herrmann gets the victim out. He assumed the other guy made it. He didn’t but as Herrmann turns to run back inside, the building blows. They put out the flames and hustle in.

They manage to find him but it’s too late. Herrmann tries CPR but it’s no use. At the house, Herrmann is a mess. He and Mouch talk about the firefighter. Herrmann feels guilty but Mouch helps. They have to be there for his family. Severide picks up Kidd and they join the procession headed to see the widow. Boden tells Casey that he has more to give and he’s going to try for commissioner. Inside, Grissom says the same thing to Severide. Herrmann takes a minute to step outside. He finds the firefighter’s son in the driveway playing basketball.

I feel bad for Herrmann. This is going to weigh on him for a while. Also, Grissom can take commissioner and that would still leave a spot for Boden to bump up to. That’s win-win. I’d be okay with that. I’m team Rene even though she was nuts. I know that it will end up with Severide and Kidd but I still like Rene. And at the end, the whole pay your respects thing. Where was Dawson?

Chicago Fire, episode twenty

Otis is at the doctor. It’s good news though. He’s cleared. At the next shift, Boden and Casey welcome him back on 81. After the meeting Boden goes back to his office to find Grissom waiting for him. He’s there to tell him that he won’t be retiring after all so Boden won’t be getting a promotion. The alarm sounds for squad. There’s an accident with a cement truck. One of the bystanders tells Severide that the truck swerved to avoid a woman.

He and Boden run around the front of the truck to find a woman stuck in the concrete. The dig her out and manage to clean her airway. The visit from Grissom was a wakeup call. Back at the house, Kidd doesn’t mince words. She wants to keep driving truck. Otis thinks it’s a joke but she’s serious. Casey is willing to test them both to see who the best option is. Dawson is more concerned about something else. She got a message from Bria.

Naturally she assumes the worse so Casey tells her to calm down until she knows more. Connie gives Boden a box he had in storage. He looks through it and reminisces. Dawson is fretting and leaving Bria messages when her father shows up. Turns out it’s a girl problem and Dawson is all set to help. Otis and Kidd are trash talking each other. Herrmann and Mouch butt in but Kidd goes at them too. Otis tells them to stand down. He’s game for the competition.

Cruz got a Facebook message from an old flame. Now he’s got plans to meet up with her. The rest of squad points out its a bad idea. Brett sees the whole thing and seems concerned. Then ambo gets a call and they end up at a barber shop where the barber cut off a customer’s ear. As shift ends, Boden asks Severide to run an errand with him while Casey and Dawson talk about weekend plans. He wants to go to a block party but they have Bria plans.

As a matter of fact, they head over to see her. The weekend plan is to help Bria get ready for the prom. She doesn’t have a mom to help but Dawson is more than happy to do it. At Molly’s, Hermann tells Otis and Kidd that he got a call from Casey and that he will be able to endorse a driver. He puts them to work. Boden wants to do something that’ll make him happy. He wants to buy a boat. Cruz meets him old girlfriend. She’s married… but still thinks of him.

Dawson wants to make the night special for Bria so she asks Herrmann about a limo. He’s no help. Boden gets a package by messenger. No marking on it and it’s full of cash. Severide got one too. The call down to HQ and end up summoned by the commissioner. Casey is testing Kidd and Otis’ driving skills. Kidd does well. Otis less so. Cruz needs advice on the woman so he goes to Brett. She has a strong reaction and he seems surprised.

Boden and Severide get downtown and find Grissom waiting outside the commissioner’s office. He’s pissed at Boden for dragging him into a mess. They go into the commissioner’s office and find out that it was the father of the girl they saved. He was just showing his appreciation. All cleared up. On the way out, Grissom is all smiles. Boden asks Severide if Grissom is up to something. He always is.

Casey has a decision on the driver. Before he can say it, Kidd pulls Otis aside. She’s willing to pull her name out of the running if he takes her chores. He agrees. Otis is the driver and Casey commends Kidd on a scheme well-played. Boden and Severide get back to the house. Boden gives the box of money to Connie for safekeeping and then tells Severide he bought the boat. Prom night. Casey arranged for Kidd to drive Bria and her date in 81. As they head off, Dawson tells Casey she wants to start trying again.

Grissom had a hand in sending the money right? And now Boden bought a boat and it will look fishy because of the cash. Is he clearing a path for Severide or is it something else? Dawson and Casey are gonna have a baby and now Brett will ping pong back to Cruz. Lame. Also lame? The whole “let’s have Casey pretend to use an Australian accent and then call it bad even though Jesse Spencer is Australian” bit.

Side note I am completely stoked that Sarah Shahi is coming back. I’m also excited for her new show. I will definitely be tuning in.

Chicago Fire, episode nineteen

Otis is rehabbing hard. Maybe a little too hard the doctor thinks. Kidd is running late and Severide comes in and delays her further. Boden gets to the house and checks in with Otis about his progress. It’s slow going. Then the alarm sounds. It’s a gang crime scene so there are cops on the scene. Everything inside is evidence. Casey sends his team in and Kidd gets paired with Cordova. She loses sight of him and then finds victims behind a door.

She can’t get through so squad comes in and helps. They get a victim out and hand her off to ambo for a ride to Med. Afterward, Boden thanks Casey on behalf of the gangs unit. Then he asks how Cordova is working out. Casey says that after a rocky start he’s doing well and the freelancing at that call was no more than what he or Severide would have done. Boden asks about long-term because they have to be practical. Casey seems shocked.

Mouch, Otis and Herrmann talk about money and life lessons. Kidd finds Dawson and Brett sitting in the sun. They chat about the hotness of her relationship with Severide and Dawson comments that he’s come a long way. Brett cracks a joke about his Vegas wedding. Apparently Kidd didn’t know about that. Brett is saved by the bell or in this case the alarm. Ambo responds to a call but it turns out there are no survivors. It was a gang hit.

On the car the Spanish word for thief. Antonio comes in and talks to Dawson, Casey and Boden about it. The cartel thinks it was an inside job and are going after people as a result. Dawson thinks that the victim from the fire might know something. Kidd and Severide talk after shift. She brings up his marriage and he tells her a little about it. She tries to make a joke about weddings and he brings up his ex-fiance.

Dawson talks to the victim at the hospital. She won’t talk at first but eventually says that someone tried to kill her and describes a big guy in a heavy coat shoving her in the cage and locking the door. Meanwhile, Antonio visits Casey and goes over his incident report. Things are going well at Molly’s. Herrmann has his oldest son working as a bar back. Kidd points out that any time she was willing to help as a teen she was up to no good. Otis tells Brett that he failed his assessment. He’s been pushing too hard.

Casey confronts Cordova about the stolen cash. They get into it and Cordova accuses Casey of trying to run him out of 51. Casey and Dawson go home and have it out about the confrontation. They both get a little nasty. Next shift, Herrmann’s wife turns up to talk about their son and his porn habit. Kidd is checking the equipment and Casey walks in. They talk about being with someone that still keeps so many secrets. It’s not easy but it’s worth it.

Cordova, Casey and Boden meet and he explains that he thought he saw someone in the fire so he followed them. It was a ghost. He leaves and Casey tells Boden it matches the description of the other victim. Cordova tracks down Dawson and tries to get her to snoop with Casey about the proceedings. She tells him off. He’s been around a month. The others can make their own call on his character. The alarm sounds. There’s a baby hanging off a bridge.

Truck rigs up ropes and Casey dangles himself to get the baby. He slips and it’s up to Cordova to assist him and pull him back. When they get back to the house, Otis finds Cordova on the floor and the talk about the people at the house. Then Otis tracks down Casey and tells him that if he fails the next assessment he is going to step aside. Casey tells him not to rush it. Then flags down Severide to go over his incident report.

Herrmann has his son scrubbing toilets at the house and he’s making him move out of the garage apartment. Kidd hears him talking about AirBnb and stops him in the hall. She wants to rent it and he’s more than happy to let her. Severide found something on the incident report. There was a fake wall. It might be something so truck takes a ride back to the house and Cordova leads them through what he saw.

They find a body. The guy Cordova saw tried to hide. Antonio takes statements. Casey apologizes to Cordova for jumping to conclusions and tells him that he plans to tell HQ that he wants Cordova at 51 for as long as there is an opening. Kidd tells Severide that she is moving out so they can slow down. He seems upset. Casey and Dawson are tense at home. There’s a knock on the door. It’s Cordova. He swung by to tell Casey that he’s moving on.

He feels like he’s been a burden and that it doesn’t do to dwell on the past. Seems he isn’t just talking about things at the house. He tells Casey that he’s lucky and Casey assures him that he knows. Cordova leaves and Dawson and Casey hug it out. Otis goes for another assessment and gets tons of encouraging texts before heading in. Kidd is nervously looking around her new apartment. Severide turns up and says so sappy crap then they kiss.

I really expected Cordova to be around for a while. I’m glad they aren’t dragging out the drama with him and Casey/Dawson but I figured they’d resolve it and keep him. I guess Otis will be back on truck soon. Also, smart move by Kidd but why hadn’t she moved there sooner. It’s been empty for a while now right?

Chicago Fire, episode eighteen

Kidd and Severide are eating breakfast with his parents before shift. Their reunion seems to be going well and Severide doesn’t seem thrilled with that. He lies about plans when his mother tries to invite them to dinner. They head to the house and Severide admits that he’s mad, though not at Kidd.

Dawson is still sucking up after the Cordova mishap. Speaking of, he pulls off the just a towel look well. Brett is impressed and asks if he is a good guy. She seems interested. Casey and Otis talk about his recovery. It’s slow but at least it’s going. Cruz has befriended a kid in the neighborhood. As he leaves for school the alarm sounds. All vehicle head out but get called off before they leave the driveway.

Federal SUVs come flying in and take over the floor. The FBI has commandeered the station to watch a house across the street. The brother of a violent fugitive lives there so it’s only a matter of time. While they are basically on lockdown, Kidd and Severide talk about his parents. He knows it will end in a mess. He gets called in to see Boden.

Casey is venting about the FBI and Dawson just keeps agreeing with him. He calls her on it and she tries to be sweet. As she leans in for a kiss, Cordova interrupts with a message. Boden needs Casey. Basically the feds, Reardon and Cortez need info on the apartment building across the way. They want to do recon but Casey and Severide know a guy inside. They go for a visit.

As Casey awkwardly chats with the guy, Severide skulks around the hall. The apartment the feds want to keep an eye on has some comotion inside. He lingers to listen and sure enough the door opens. He makes excuses but its too late. He sees guns and a kid inside. They leave and report back. Reardon is pissed.

One of the other agents is getting on Dawson’s last nerve. Civilians keep turning up and she has to turn them away. Well most of them. She vouches for Benny so he can stay. The feds get an alert. Their suspect is less than an hour away. They gear up. Benny goes to Severide’s office. He tries to chat but Severide isn’t playing games. He tears into his father because sure things are good now but he hasn’t changed.

Sooner or later he will revert to his old ways and Severide’s mom will suffer the consequences. Benny leaves in a huff. Severide keeps walking and bumps into Cortez. She tells him not to worry about Reardon. Kidd approaches and asks about Benny. Cruz’s buddy comes by too and the Feds scare him off. Herrmann ovrehears that the abrasive one actually lost his partner and thinks he should be pulled from the case.

Dawson and Cordova chat about their history. She’s sure Casey is fine with it because it didn’t mean anything. Only, that’s not the case. It wasn’t nothing to him. Brett is trying to cheer Cruz up when a brick comes flying through the window. The agents move out. It’s Cruz’s buddy. He’s just pissed at them. While Reardon tries to understand that, their suspect shows up and makes it inside the apartment building before they can move in.

Reardon starts blaming CFD and Boden tells him to come up with a plan to fix things instead. Cruz is still trying to make amends with his buddy. The others are brainstorming and Casey gets an idea. People trust firefighters. Have the feds gear up and come in like firefighters. Casey has his guy inside call in a fire. Truck and Squad respond. Severide and Casey move in to help with the evacuation.

They come to the apartment where the fugitive is. Dude has the door chained and no plan to let anyone leave. Casey busts in. He and Severide are quickly taken hostage. They are led out at gunpoint and in the hall, pull a duck move. Cortez ends up injured but the fugitive and his brother are killed. Afterward, most of the team is drinking at Molly’s. Cordova and Dawson share a smile. Brett compliments Cruz’s dedication.

Severide and Kidd get home expecting to have the apartment to themselves. His mom is there though. Benny dumped her so she’s leaving town. She gets a minute alone with Kidd and tells her not to give up on Severide. Kidd is game.

I like Brett with Antonio so I root for that obviously but either way, her with Cordova would be weird. I like that at least for now thinks for Casey and Dawson as well as Severide and Kidd are settled. It won’t last long but it’s nice.

Chicago Fire, episode seventeen

Otis is making great strides at rehab when Boden swings by and offers him a desk job in the meantime. Otis is not thrilled. Dawson asks Casey what he thinks of Cordova. He wants the new guy out because he doesn’t fit. Dawson walks onto the floor and sees ambo in a bad way. The other shift left it a mess and she plans to call them out on it.

Boden runs over the plan for the day when Otis shows up to help out. The alarm sounds. It’s a pool where the scoreboard fell. The lifeguards are electrocuted and there are kids in the pool. Kidd and Cordova have to jump in and save one while the others save the lifeguards. The wires are live though and Casey and Herrmann manage to get the power off in the nick of time.

Outside Dawson and Brett chat with the other paramedics about the wonders of the private sector. The kid the saved doesn’t end up claimed by a parent so they bring him back and reach out to CPD. Meanwhile, Otis feels useless at a desk. Dawson breaks down her Cordpva dilemma to Brett. She doesn’t get an answer the private paramedics give them some cards.

Neither throws them out. Seems they might be condiering it. Casey is looking for a new floater but Herrmann and Kidd think he should stay. Severide gets a visitor. His mom. She’s looking to move in. He introduces his mom to Kidd and it’s awkward. When ambo gets back from Med, Cordova asks after the patients and Brett is blatantly ignored.

Otis chats with the little boy and manages to get a name and address. He calls him to come pick up his boy. Severide’s mom is a big hit but she doesn’t seem to be a fan of Kidd. The boy’s father comes by to pick him up. Dawson and Brett seem to entertaining the idea of hearing the private company’s pitch. Boden and Otis are on their way out when a woman shows up.

A woman shows up. The little boy’s mother. Apparently the father doesn’t have custody and she rips into them for letting him take her son. Otis starts beating himself about it but Boden tries to calm him down. Severide, his mom and Kidd get home and are still on rocky ground. Severide gives Kidd a pep talk and it seems to help.

Casey and some of the guys are hanging out at Molly’s when Cordova comes in. Casey invites him over and compliments him. That’s when one of Cordova’s other buddies comes over and teases him about being in Molly’s. He apparently avoids it because he used to sleep with one of the owners. Cue Dawson looking away and Casey looking pissed.

They step outside and Casey is mad that she didn’t talk to him. The next shift is about to start and there’s no sign of Otis. Also, Severide’s mom is borrowing his car to go see his father. Kidd encourages her. They seem to be getting along. Cordova and Casey talk before shift. It’s tense but they are going to be professional.

Some of the big brass turn up to see Boden. The woman wants a check or she’s going to the news. Otis goes to see the woman to apologize. On his way back to the car he sees a decal on the car and goes back to the door. The father is there. It’s a scam. He takes a picture and crashes Boden’s meeting to show the bosses. They aren’t getting a penny.

Dawson and Brett are chatting. The former wants to know how she is always caught up in drama. She’s considering the private sector to get away from it. They get a call. Two guys that were shot. Before they call for another ambo they see the private one pulling up. There’s a company mandate that says they can’t take high risk patients. No insurance, no ride.

That’s the company policy. They pull out as a gun battle starts. Apparently the two guys were rival gangs. Dawson calls it in and they can just duck while they wait for the cops. 81 pulls up first and gets the shooters to scram. Both men are loaded in and taken to Med. At the hospital Dawson and Brett run into the private ambo folks.

They tell them that the private sector is not for them. At the house, Otis tells Boden he can still help out. Severide and Kidd get home and discover that his parents slept together and now have plans to reunite. Dawson and Casey have a chat about her keeping secrets. He says her that it puts distance between them. She promises to never do it again. They hug it out.

You knew that Casey and Dawson drama would be done in two seconds. I actually sort of thought that Cordova was going to end up shot at that scene. They looked like they were setting that up. Also the elder Severide’s. That’s unnecessary.

Chicago Fire, episode sixteen

Near the firehouse, Kidd and Severide are making out in the car. Kidd starts driving the rest of the way and almost runs a guy down in the process. Choi updates Otis. He’s going to run tests to find out why Otis lost feeling in his lower extremities. At the house, Boden tells everyone about Cordova the floater filling in on 81. Herrmann isn’t happy about it.

Casey welcomes him aboard. Cordova is familiar with Dawson too from when she was training. Before anything more can be said, the alarm goes off. It’s a guy at a dinner with his arm stuck in a giant mixer. They take the machine apart and get him to Med. Back at the house, Dawson updates everyone on the lack of information about Otis.

She makes her way into the kitchen and finds Kidd humming. Dawson puts the pieces together pretty quick and calls her on sleeping with Severide. It’s a secret but before they can talk for too long they see Grissom show up. He’s there to talk to Boden. Apparently when he retires, he wants Boden to take his spot so he’ll be around to observe.

On his way out he runs into Severide and gives him grief about blowing off their dinner. Grissom is done trying to help him. Kidd catches up with Severide afterward and notes that a little distance might be a good thing. Otis is getting an MRI. He tells the tech its only a matter of time before Lily bails. The tech tells him to focus on himself.

Dawson shares what she remembers about Cordova with Brett and Casey. Speaking of, he’s rummaging for food when Herrmann starts giving him trouble about feeding the house. Casey pulls Herrmann aside to calm down. The wife and daughter from the morning call turn up to cook for the house and Cruz seems to get along swimmingly with the daughter.

Cordova tells Casey that he can handle a lot so he’s ready to go. Brett gets a message from Lily. There was a hematoma but they drained it. Everyone loads up and heads to Med to find Otis on his feet. It’ll take time but he should recover from this. Everyone is thrilled, except Otis. He is grumpy about the rehab and Cordova and basically breaks up with Lily.

At the house, its mealtime and the food leaves something to be desired. Kidd fakes a call from their landlord so her and Severide can escape it and get some alone time in the process. Cruz and a few of the others walk the women out. They are already planning on coming back next shift. Mouch tells Cruz to handle it. Dawson and Kidd plan to split Otis’ shifts at Molly’s.

Cruz and Brett are planning to go hang with Otis at Med. Herrmann says he has to cover at Molly’s but figures Otis will be back soon enough. Cordova points out that that’s not likely. Herrmann remains optimistic. At Med, Otis has no timeframe and is still down. He tries to send them away but Cruz and Brett don’t listen. He softens to them.

Boden is home spending time with the family. He tells his wife that his name was floated for a promotion and it’s tripping him up. At the next shift, the women turn up again. Herrmann and Cordova come to blows after Cordova says that Otis isn’t coming back for a long time. Casey catches the end of it but no one is arguing and Herrmann takes a walk.

He finds Lily in the house and she talks about not knowing how to help Otis. Herrmann comforts her until the alarm sounds. It’s a victim caught between a steel beam and some scaffolding. Grissom shows up just as Severide pitches his plan. He’s going to climb up and hold things steady. Grissom volunteers to go with and help out.

They head up and make the rescue. Severide barely escapes as the scaffolding collapses. Afterward he and Grissom have a moment. Back at the house, Boden announces that Otis is out for at least two months. Cordova is around for the long haul. Casey tries for a motivational speech but Boden comes to the rescue.

He wraps it up by insulting the food just as the women walk in. They hear him and leave, obviously embarrassed. Casey thanks Boden for the help with the pep talk. Boden tells him not to worry about it. He trusts Casey and believes he’s good for the house. Kidd and Severide talk as shift ends. She’s happy he took her advice about Grissom.

Dawson catches Cordova on the way out. When he was only around for a few shifts, it was no big deal but now she has to tell Casey… something. He asks her to hold off so that he can prove himself and she reluctantly agrees. Herrmann goes to Med. He sees Lily encouraging Otis during rehab and goes in all smiles to help out.

So obviously Dawson and Cordova were together. Saw that coming from a mile away. I don’t get why they keep doing this. He’s going to find out and be pissed that she hid it and she will try to apologize and he won’t let her for like five episodes. By the time they calm down, Severide and Kidd will be done. It’s the same thing always on this show.