Chicago Justice, episode thirteen

Antonio comes out of his place and gets an alert. He rushes to a scene right away. A crane fell at a work site. There are people everywhere. Lindsay is trying to restrain a woman running onto the scene. Her husband was killed. A beam on a crane hit a building, collapsing several floors before the crane fell.

Nagel and Antonio head to Med to talk to the crane operator. He says that he’s never done drugs not even in high school. He doesn’t know what happened.

The owner of the site is a big name in the city and he’s friends with Mark. The man that was killed was his son-in-law and his daughter is naturally distraught. The family heard that the crane operator had drugs in his system.

Peter goes to talk to the daughter. She works for her father, as did her husband. She was on the phone with him at the time of the collapse. She rushed downtown but it was too late. Now she doesn’t know what to tell their 4-year old daughter.

Boden explains what happened at the scene to Antonio and Nagel. Even if the operator was high, it wouldn’t have caused the accident. The equipment was tampered with. This was intentional.

Anna and Antonio talk about the case. They meet with Nagel who has a lead on who maybe messed with the equipment. Anna leaves and meets with Linden. He doesn’t have the time to talk and wants the crane operator charged. He says he has a lot of enemies and names on guy in particular.

They bring in the other guy. He’s a small business contractor. He gets screwed over by the big businesses all the time and once he decided to fight back. He says that he didn’t do the riverfront property but he’d bet that Linden made it out ahead in the deal.

Research leads to Linden’s financials. He’s declared bankruptcy multiple times and all sorts of other backroom dealing. He also took out a massive insurance policy on the riverfront site before the accident.

Antonio knows a guy that could do the tech but Peter says no. A firefighter that they both knew gets brought up. Nagel pushes Antonio about it and Antonio admits that the firefighter died in a situation similar to the crane incident. They get a lead about a mob connection.

They track that down at a bar. Linden met with the mobster, and his daughter. Bartender IDs her. They bring that to Peter and he and Anna go to see the daughter after Anna confirms the daughter’s story has holes.

She won’t talk at first but Peter threatens to take her daughter away and arrest her. She finally relents. She knew the crane was going to fall.

Peter brings in Linden. They talk but Linden knows his daughter won’t testify against him so it’s no use to stop him when he walks out.

Nagel and Antonio go talk to the mobster construction guy. He denies involvement but Nagel notices something on the wall. A photo of the car the tamperer used. They go to his house and his wife lets them look at the car. The chemical used is in the trunk.

Time for Peter to make the arrest but Mark made a deal. They take it to court even though Peter is pissed. The judge agrees to it but Peter finds a loophole and arrests him for murder. Out on bail, Linden confronts Mark but he doesn’t back down even though they’ve been friends for 30 years.

The daughter is on the stand and she is okay at first but Peter gets more intense she takes the fifth. Afterward, Peter and Mark talk about how to get him and Mark suggests Peter head to a fancy arts gala to see what will happen. Peter goes and is suitably obnoxious to Linden, calling him out for being a bad person before getting escorted away by security.

Linden wants to get on the stand. His attorney talks him up but Peter does not. He rips into him using the Ford Pinto logic of profit outweighing injury. He gets under Linden’s skin. Defense wants to make a deal and the Linden family starts going after each other while they negotiate. No deal. They’ll see what happens in court.

The jury finds him guilty. Afterward Peter and Anna talk to Mark. It’s no surprise Linden is already looking to reduce his sentence.

This show needs more Anna. I’m going to keep saying that every time. More Anna as in a backstory for her. And did Peter and Antonio know each other before for real? Was that ever mentioned before? I”m glad they got Linden but I wish they had taken his son down too.


Chicago Justice, episode twelve

Nagel is at Med with a friend whose brother was shot. He has a drug history but has been clean. The friend’s boyfriend shows up and Nagel heads out. She goes to the crime scene and talks to Ken Banks (Dylan Walsh) and Steve King (Tim Kang) from narcotics. The victim apparently wasn’t quite as clean as they thought.

She takes the case to Peter and argues a bit. He tells her to stay out of the cops way but they could look into it. She gets Antonio to roll out with her. Apparently the vic was an old CI of hers and she thinks the crew that he turned on might be responsible.

They talk to the leader of that crew. He’s on the straight and narrow after his brother got pinched but does point them in the direction of a rival squad. Narcotics already picked him up. And has a witness. Nagel goes in and talks to him but gets nothing.

Antonio and Nagel go to the hospital and talk to the victim, Eric Cates (Tom Guiry aka Scotty Smalls of The Sandlot fame). He tells them what he remembers, which isn’t much, but it doesn’t jive with what the witness said. They go back to the office and talk to Anna. She thinks the witness looks good. He’s a Good Samaritian type.

Next they head back to the neighborhood where the shooting happened. They map it out and decide to talk to the witness. He isn’t home though. His kid is and that’s where things get wonky. Banks and his partner were the ones that busted the kid. The charges didn’t stick and now the father is possibly repaying a debt. They have to keep investigating.

Nagel goes back to talk to Cates. They reminesce about growing up and talk a little about the case. She heads to the office and finds out Antonio has been busy. The heroin at the crime scene wasn’t pure so he looked into that angle. Turns out that was a trend and all the cases involving that situation have the same detectives, Banks and Kim. They might be connected with the gang Cates snitched on.

They head to the hospital to see if Cates told anyone he snitched. He didn’t. He didn’t even tell his sister, but she might be the missing link anyway. Nagel talks to her and finds out her boyfriend knew she worked at the State’s Attorney’s office. He owed money to the gang leader and might’ve used her name. That’s how the get the gang leader.

They bring him in and even though he has a lawyer, he talks pretty quick. Dawson goes to talk to Banks. Nagel picks up Kim at his house. Then Dawson takes Banks outside and busts him. At their arraignment, Anna asks for no bail. Doesn’t work.

Defense attorneys try to set up a deal but Peter isn’t game. Anna heads down to talk to forensics. Turns out there is a recording from the defendant’s car. Defense tries to get the recording thrown out but the judge says no.

Kim wants to talk a deal. He meets with Peter. He’ll go to jail for life if it means protection for his family. In court, the gang leader is on the stand. He tells them about the killings for hire. Next up is Cates. He doesn’t look very good after the cross.

Finally it’s time for Kim to take the stand. He doesn’t hold back. What difference does it make if they kill gang bangers? They’d kill each other anyway. Defense calls him greedy and a rat. Peter is at the bar when defense comes in and tells him that Banks will be taking the stand.

The next morning, he does just that and paints a picture of himself as a civil servant just trying to keep people safe. Peter gets him though. Uses his own logic to make him look bad.

Closing statements have defense bringing up Banks’ record while Peter says that his job as a police officer makes him more dangerous. The jury finds him not guilty.

I’m glad that we found out more about Nagel’s background. Peter got to be himself in court which I like. I want more information about Anna though. Her and Dawson should get more screen time.

Chicago Justice, episode twelve

The Committee on Transportation is meeting to talk about trains in Aldermann Chris Jones’ office. An angry constituent comes in and dumps oil on the table. Jones steps outside for air and gets hit by a car. The driver doesn’t stop.

Antonio and Nagel are on the scene talking to witnesses. They don’t get much though. Brett gives Antonio the report. The victim didn’t make it.

Nagel starts interrogating the man that dumped the oil. He’s pissed about the oil trains, “bomb trains” he calls them. He says he didn’t do it though and says to just ask his eco group.

Mark is talking to another committee member with Peter sitting in. They have to hurry this up because the victim was a public figure.

They go talk to the Eco Liberation folks but they are adamant that they don’t kill people.

They want to start a conversation and enlighten people.

Nagel thinks there is a middle ground on all this environment saving business. They track the plate and go pay the SVU owner a visit. It’s a little old lady though. She rents her car out through an app. They track the current renter and the car.

It’s been abandoned and there are a couple of obnoxious teenagers hanging out in it getting high. They answer a few questions but Antonio gets the idea to check the car’s log and finds Jane Reynold’s cell phone number. She was the driver.

She’s sitting on a park bench when they find her, waiting for a ransom handoff because someone took her daughter. A man told her to drive around the city getting money from ATMs. He said that her phone was hacked and she was being watched.

Not everyone is buying her story. They get in touch with the father and bring him in too. Nagel talks to the mother while Antonio sits in with the father. Meanwhile, they find her daughter. She was at the museum on a field trip the entire time.

Mark wants the mother charged. Anna argues with him because she sees the mother as a victim here. Mark makes her a deal. If she convicts the guy on the phone, the mother gets probation.

Antonio and Nagel head to the mother’s house. There is a message and they take it back to the lab. It takes some computer work but they ID the voice. It’s the father. They go and pick him up peacefully.

Anna and Peter are eating dinner and discussing divorce. The public defender stops by. She’s motioning for dismiss. They take it to the judge and argue the specifics. Motion to dismiss is denied. They are in Mark’s office afterward and he doesn’t think they have an argument.

First on the stand is the tech guy. He says that it is the defendant’s voice through an app. The defense points out that the voice was being manipulated. It could have been made to sound like him.

The wife takes the stand and explains what happened. The defense brings up the divorce and how there were initially mentions of violence in the filing but they were removed. As the jury goes to deliberate Mark knows it won’t work.

The jury can’t agree and the judge declares a mistrial. Peter is going to file for a retrial. Nagel and Antonio decide to talk to the kid. She says that her folks didn’t fight. Antonio and Peter talk afterward about family.

Everyone meets because the mother is going to trial now. She and the father fight and then he admits to everything. He’s going to prison and now she’s on probation.

I forgot that Diego was kidnapped that one time. Antonio has had a rough deal. And apparently Nagel has too. I’m glad we are getting backstory there but I want one for Anna. She needs to be more involved.

Chicago Justice, episode ten

A man is getting ready to leave. He picks up a gun. Considers it. Then takes it with him. He’s sitting at the bus stop and a cop stares him down. Another man thanks him for his military service. He goes to church and Antonio and nagel are there for a gun buy back. He’s turning the gun in and it has blood spatter. They take him into custody.

They are questioning him at their desks about the gun. He says it isn’t his. They where him down and he admits that he found it under his nephews bed. His nephew, Andre is just a kid. They talk to the kid at school but he knows nothing about it.

Forensics IDs the blood and says the gun has been bouncing around for a while. The blood belongs to a gang member that wasn’t cooperating with a case Anna and Peter are handling.

Anna and Peter talk to the parents of a little girl that was murdered in a drive by. Anna knows the public defender. Peter gives opening statements and while the defense does the same Antonio and Nagel come by to tell them that they found the gun.

Peter updates Mark and then files for a continuance. Judge grants it and the defendant gets to go home. As they drop him off, there’s another drive by. They don’t get anything off that though. Peter and Anna visit Andre’s uncle to find out what’s what. He points out another nephew that was up to no good the day of the murder.

Antonio Peter and Atwood head over and talk to that nephew. He’s an arrogant jerk but they don’t bring him in.

Peter wants to take the kid down if he did it. Anna tells him about the fact that they are fueling the gang war on social media. They take it to a judge and get a hearing to shut the phones down on 39 gang members.

Mark doesn’t like it but he’s going to let it happen. He and will throw Peter under the bus. They make a good case and the judge grants it. The appeal is prompt but they will drag their feet.

Andre and his uncle stop by. The other nephew is back demanding his gun. Peter is going to arrest the other nephew but he needs them to testify. They can’t though. The streets are too dangerous.

Peter talks to Mark about the case and about risks. Mark knows that he will find a way. He comes up with a plan. A shadow case. They keep the case going as is and bring the real prep in as a witness hoping they can get him to confess on the stand.

Antonio and Nagel go pick him up and bring him to court. On the stand Peter talks to him about the day of the murder. They get him. Peter apologizes to the little girls parents. Antonio tries to get the defendant on the straight and narrow.

Mark is getting calls from all over the country about shutting social media down. It’s crazy but it’s been working. Anna gets a call and is visibly distraught. They head to a new crime scene. It’s the uncle with the clarinet he bought Andre.

I just wanted to punch the kid that did it. He’s such a jerk. I don’t understand the uncle. Why is Andre more important than the murderer nephew? Maybe he could have helped him. I feel like Anna needs to be used better. She’s there for exposition and for when the other characters have to talk themselves through a problem. She should be more developed.

Chicago Justice is new Sundays at 9 p.m.

Chicago Justice, episode nine

Two women are running around a basement. They get to a locked door and are freaking out. Someone opens the hatch in the door. It’s their friend. The whole thing is a game and when they talk about rounding up their friends when they hear a scream. They rush over and find one of their friends dead.

Antonio and Nagel turn up to investigate. Turns out it was a homemade escape room game. The dead girl is from a prominent family and her game partner was basically Amanda Knox, found not guilty of killing her boyfriend while studying abroad. The players get questioned but the partner ran away.

Peter and Anna explain the case to Mark and he is willing to arrest the partner, Abigail Chapman (Cathryn Dylan). Anna does not agree. They head over to talk to her mother and find out Abigail may have had something of a secret admirer. They track him down and it seems like he might be hiding her.

Nagel and Antonio follow him and find Abigail. They also find a bounty hunter pointing a gun at her. They take her into custody.During questioning she seems agitated and defensive. She argues and then attacks Antonio. Anna calls for a medic.

Mark and Peter are talking about the case when Anna comes up. Spain is trying for extradition to retry her and the state department is willing to let it happen. The judge is willing to give Peter 48 hours to charge her.

They find out the kid that ran the escape room took pictures and sold one to a tabloid. Nagel and Antonio go to see the others and find one of Abigail that is timestamped for after the murder. It might prove she’s innocent. They go to talk to her during the psych hold and ask about the other participants.

Afterward they head to the place that the escape room was help and find the gun. That makes Abigail a material witness. She is staying in Chicago. They run the gun and anna tells Peter the information. It can be traced back to the victim.

Peter and Anna talk to the victim’s father. He gave her the gun for her protection. She was by the book with it. She had conservative views and protested for them on campus. It got her into some trouble with one of her professors. Antonio and Nagel go talk to him. He’s a jerk but doesn’t seem guilty. He does know a few details though so they look for links and find one with another escapee, Bethany Pierson (Anna Friedman). They get her prints and run them. It’s a match for on the gun. They arrest her.

At the trial, the defense sets up a self defense storyline. The father is on the stand and the defense rips into him and his dead daughter. Later, the defense attorney and Peter talk about the second amendment in a bar.

The professor is on the stand ranting about guns and gun owners. Then comes Bethany. She acts like a scared little girl that tried to save herself, until she quotes the professor’s classroom rant about shootings.

Anna, Nagel and Antonio talk about the case at Molly’s. They connect some dots and realize Bethany might be full of it. They need Abigail’s help. She is hesitant to go back into a courtroom but eventually agrees.

On the stand she talks about Bethany being her friend and actually knowing the victim. The defense is brutal with her.

Peter and Anna realize that Bethany quoted the professor and its time for the cross. Peter gets her good. She is found guilty. Afterward, Peter goes to bat and keeps Abigail in the states.

This show is too preachy sometimes. If they had stuck with the Amanda Knox type thing it would have been interesting but the gun control stuff was annoying. And it needed more Anna.

Chicago Justice is new Sundays at 9 p.m.

Chicago Justice, episode eight

A jury member is in the judge’s chambers with all the lawyers. She wants to be excused. It is too much pressure. The defense is okay with her leaving but the judge and Peter are not. She stays. They call the defendant guilty and then she runs from the room.

Anna and Peter are in a bar talking about ASA traditions when he gets a call. The jury member that wanted out was found dead in the river. Naqgel and Antonio are on the scene. Her hands are taped together and her mouth is taped over.

Peter talks to Mark about the case. He also wants unmarked cars guarding the other jury members. Peter is running point and Antonio and Nagel head out to talk to the defendant’s family and friends. One guy knows nothing but the other flees. He says that he knows nothing but points a finger at another jury member.

They head over to his place and talk to him. He didn’t do it, he says. He consoled her when she was upset and when he finds out she is dead he panics. He was the foreman so he figures he is next. He wants protection, which is already there. He talks about her receiving a lot of intimidating texts.

Nagel talks to the phone company. She got a lot from the same guy. Telling her how to decide the case. They were threatening her kid. Antonio and Nagel head to the tech firm that the texting guy owns. Turns out he is her ex and father of her son. The texts were about custody. He didn’t know anything.

Antonio asks a few more things but is dismissed. They head to Jaxson Clark’s (Jordan Belfi) boat and talk to the guy at the docks. He can’t keep track of the women that come to the boat with Clark but they do find a hoodie with keys in the pocket. It opens the victim’s apartment.

They discover that she worked at Walmart and was being evicted. They talk to the building’s live-in manager and get pointed to her sister. The sister died three months prior from cancer and her wife talks to them.

She tells them that Clark was controlling and abusive. She mentions that the victim thought Clark was stalking her and that he noticed him watching her near the river once. They canvas the area and finding a running club that records their runs in the area. Antonio asks to see the footage and they find the victim, killing herself.

Anna and Peter talk about the case. He doesn’t understand how she could tape her own hands. He feels guilty because she admitted that she was under a lot of pressure and he did nothing. Anna says she will look through her domestic cases.

Back at the office they talk about Clark’s pattern. There are reports of the victim abusing her son. Antonio goes to talk to the kid while Nagel and Anna head to DCFS. Clark called a lot reporting even the most mundane things. There was never evidence of real abuse except one time the victim had a cast on her arm that seemed suspicious.

They roll out and head to Med to find out about the broken arm. Antonio talks to the son. He says his mom never hit him. Clark shows up and grabs him by the collar to leave. Antonio twists Clark’s arm for a few moments before letting him go.

At Med, they find out the victim had been in under the influence. She might’ve tried to kill herself before. Anna and Peter talk about the case. She wants to go after Clark for stalking and harassment. He doesn’t seem opposed.

Nagel and Antonio go to Clark’s office and arrest him. He and his lawyer call a meeting with Peter and Anna. Peter offers a deal. Clark tries to blackmail him with Antonio’s brutality but Anna goads him and he admits that he is happy the victim is dead and that he knew about the first attempt.

Peter talks to Mark about upping it to murder charges. Mark isn’t on board but Peter is going to do it anyway. He goes to trial and talks to a psychologist that focuses on abuse. Seems good for him but the defense does well on the cross.

The victim’s sister’s widow is called next. She does well for Peter but again defense twists the perception of the victim’s mental state.

Mark and Peter talk about the trial and what’s to come. The defense is calling the son to the stand. Peter doesn’t know how to question him. Mark says, gently. Peter does so. He establishes the abusive pattern.

The jury finds the defendant guilty but the judge tosses that verdict out because it was based on emotions, not the law. Mark and Peter can’t believe it. Peter wants to do something to change the law. He testifies to some senators.

Judges can do that?!?!?!? Dude was guilty. And now he can raise that little boy? How is that legal? I thought that this was open and shut so I was really surprised. Also, who was Antonio talking about? I don’t remember hearing about that on Fire or PD.

Chicago Justice is new Sundays at 9 p.m.

Chicago Justice, episode seven

Antonio and Nagel are executing a search and seizure. They are going through a warehouse when the find a body. A woman. Not only was she killed but the ME points out that the woman was pregnant and the baby is missing. It was cut out.

They keep the case instead of handing it off to PD. They can’t get an ID but they can track her transit card. It was through her work and they find out her name. Julia Keys. Nothing much comes from there but they can track her yoga studio.

That calls for a visit to the yoga studio.Julia was a friendly person so everyone in her class has something to say. They all point fingers at her ex-boyfriend.

From there it’s on to the ex-boyfriend. He hasn’t seen her or talked to her in months. His current girlfriend provides snarky commentary throughout the exchange.

Anna goes to see Peter in his office. There is DNA back from Julia’s murder. Hers, obviously, and a guy named David Zacharia. He was put away for life eight years prior. Peter pulls the files and explains the earlier case. Peter let him plead down on one case so as to find the bodies of his other victims. He was a serial killer and rapist.

Peter goes to see Zacharia in prison and asks about his brother. Turns out as far as he knows, his brother is dead.

Nagel and Antonio head back to the ex-boyfriend’s place. He lied. He talked to her the day she died. As they try to take him out his girlfriend says that that’s not what happened. Julia called them and she met up with her. She told Julia that they don’t owe her child support.

The ex didn’t know she was pregnant but more importantly they find out that they day of her death she was with another pregnant woman. A much larger one. They figure out it was “large marge” from her yoga class.

They head to her house and find her with a baby. A dead baby.

Peter tells Mark about the case. He tells him to wrap it up. Peter is in his office when the ex, and baby daddy comes in. He wants answers, or anything, he’s been thrown in the deep end so to speak.

Anna gets a call. Turns out “large marge,” or Dawn, is Zacharia’s daughter. She’s going for an insanity plea. Which means she gets a chance to chat with Dr. Charles. She reflects on her teenage years and her inability to conceive children.

On his way into the courtroom, Dawn’s mother comes to talk to Peter. She tells him that Zacharia raped her and that Dawn is the result.

Antonio is on the stand. He answers the questions. Next up is a criminologist. She is an expert in genetic behavior. Peter thinks that this is inappropriate. Zacharia is brought out next and both lawyers try to focus on how connected or unconnected he is with his family.

Nagel and Peter head to Molly’s after court and talk about her father and genetics. Peter is adamant about choices.

Dawn is on the stand next. She describes her mental state at the time and leading up to Julia’s death. On the cross, Peter gets her to admit to murdering the woman that her father took the plea deal for.

Peter and Anna meet with Mark to make a plan for moving forward. It seems apparent that father and daughter didn’t know each other prior to this case.

Testimony resumes the next day. Peter has evidence that Dawn studied c-sections. He gets under her skin and she rants. The jury deliberates and finds her guilty. After the trail, Peter gets a message. Zacharia is appealing because Dawn confessed to the murder he was convicted of. Peter proves the plea deal is null and void. Not only can they put him on trial for the other murders but they can do it in Indiana, which has the death penalty.

Nagel meets with a social worker to try and get a motion through to grant her joint custody. It is denied.

I thought this was an interesting episode. A lot more Nagel which wasn’t all bad. Anna wasn’t all that involved and Antonio was there but it was nothing memorable. I must admit that the how passes pretty crazy though.

Chicago Justice is new Sundays at 9 p.m.