Chicago Med, episode seven

Recap of “Over Troubled Water”Halstead and Manning are in bed when his alarm goes off. He’s got to go. He’ll see her in the morning. Rhodes tells Charles that he is heading to Minneapolis to see Robin that night. Charles asks if that is a good idea and Rhodes doesn’t care.

Patient comes in. It’s a woman who just gave birth and she’s calling the baby a monster and screaming to kill it. She rips the cord. Choi has her strapped in while Manning works on the baby. Choi tells April to call child services. He won’t let her take the baby. Manning gets the baby’s temperature regulated. Charles tries to get the mother into rehab but Choi thinks she is a lost cause.

Paramedic Barry stops in to see Maggie. Halstead gets a patient, Goodwin’s ex’s new wife. Choi invites April over but she is going to Noah’s hockey game. She gets that isn’t importnat to him, that being family. Rhodes asks Bekker to cover for him when he goes to Minneapolis. She agrees but judges him.

Stohl comes over and tells them both that they are needed in the field and sends them out. Goodwin wants progress reports on Reese. Manning’s infant patient is crashing. She tries to help but she thinks it is withdrawal. She wants the baby to hear the mother’s heartbeat but Choi and Charles vote against that.

Reese gets a new boss. She’s basically Umbridge. She’s all theoretical, no practical. Bekker and Rhodes get an update from Squad 3 as they make their way into a collapsed building to see the patient.

Halstead updates Lilah on her condition. She needs to be intubated because her lungs may fail. It could only be temporary. She’s not sold on it. Charles talks to the mother about holding the baby. She seems interested at first but she says no. Lilah asks Goodwin to keep an eye on her husband because she signed a DNR.

Left with no other options, Rhodes is taking drastic measures in the field. Reese goes to see Charles. She wants to be on his service and tells him as much. He appreciates her wishes but thinks that her current assignment is the best course of action.

Bert is pissed at Halstead over Lilah’s DNR. Goodwin tries to calm him down. Choi talks to the baby’s mother. She knows he doesn’t like her. He knows more about this sort of situation than she thinks. Barry is persistent and Maggie is annoyed.

Things are rough for Rhodes’ patient. His leg is trapped and they aren’t making progress clearing it. They have to amputate. The baby is crashing. Manning and April rush to stabilize him. Halstead checks in on Lilah. She cancels the DNR.

Charles talks to the mother again and convinces her to hold the baby for Manning. Lilah crashes and Halstead is ready to shock her. Bert stops him. They check with Lilah. She doesn’t want extreme measures. They let her go.

Rhodes brings in his amputee. Child services shows up for the baby. The mother doesn’t want to let him go now but she has no choice. Goodwin and Maggie walk out together. She is going to call her kids and have them check on Bert.

The mother checks herself out despite Charles and Choi trying to stop her. Charles tells Reese that he feels responsible for her situation. He will allow her back on his service. Rhodes goes to see his amputee. Rhodes realizes that he should let Robin go.

Choi tells April about his own family. Rhodes and Bekker banter. Halstead’s alarm goes off but Manning tells him to stay. He’s happy.

I like Choi in a general sense but I’m never positive on what to make of him because we really don’t know much about him. Also, how is Noah playing hockey with a busted face? I felt bad for the amputee guy in this one.


Chicago Med, episode six

Manning and Halstead get to work. Things are good. The former goes off to take care of something while the later chats with Rhodes about Robin. Rhodes gets a text and takes off in a hurry. Reese gets to work. She brings her pepper spray with her.

Robin’s been caught shoplifting in Rhodes’ father’s store. She’s in their security office and she doesn’t know what’s wrong with her. Manning and April help set a woman’s arm. Afterward Manning asks after Noah.

Rhodes and his father have a confrontation about Robin and her behavior. Halstead asks Choi about April and is surprised to find out they managed to keep it secret for quite a while. Maggie flags down Goodwin. She’s annoyed to be doing grunt work. They need more nurses. Goodwin tells her they can’t afford it.

New patient in. Halstead takes it. A man rambling and flailing. Halstead has him restrained, orders tests and hands it off to Charles and Reese. She’s visibly uncomfortable as the man succumbs to the sedatives they gave him.

After getting Robin home, Rhodes has to get back to work. First he assures her that he will figure out how to make her feel better. Halstead gets another patient. Woman with stomach pain and shortness of breath. Her husband is with her. She’s had IVF and this might be a reaction to that. Halstead can’t find anything else wrong so they decide to wait a bit.

Manning’s arm patient is about to be released. Her daughter has stomach pains though so Manning takes her in to run some tests. It seems like appendicitis but the patient had that out years ago. Rhodes confronts Reese about Robin’s treatment.

Halstead goes back to the IVF woman. She is pregnant but might have another condition as a result of the hormones. They can treat it but he’s going to run some tests. Maggie yells at the ambo folks for bringing in another guy with no insurance.

Tests came back. Manning’s patient does have appendicitis. It seems she also had her tubes tied. It makes no sense. The woman spoke about wanting to have children. Manning and April try to talk to the woman but she crashes. Her appendix ruptured.

April and Manning go talk to the woman’s mother. Turns out she let her daughter be sterilized because she was wild as a teen. She didn’t want her to end up pregnant and throwing her life away. Now she doesn’t want them to tell her.

Reese is treating the flailing patient. He’s awake and calmer now. He thinks that he was poisoned by the CIA. He asks her to take off the restraints but not to touch him. She does but she’s nervous the whole time. Rhodes consults for Halstead. The pregnant woman has a blood clot. They might be able to treat it though.

Choi is treating a man with no symptoms.He calls for a neuro consult. Maggie has an idea on how to afford more nurses. Motivate the paramedics to bring better patients. Manning is reading up on North Carolina sterilization laws. The judge thought it was a good idea and now she can’t have kids.

The neuro consult proves futile for Choi. Rhodes talks to Charles about Robin before rushing back to help Halstead. The pregnant lady needs surgery after all. Charles goes to see Robin. She’s freaking out. She just wants to be a person, not a disease.

Surgery was a success and the pregnancy is okay. Noah comes to work and Reese tells him that he doesn’t look so good. April and Manning discuss whether or not to tell the patient that she has been sterilized.

Maggie’s motivational tool is a pizza room. Reese is ready to move her flailing patient to psych. As she walks away Choi asks for a consult for his guy with no symptoms. Reese starts to talk to him but once he hears she’s from psych he gets in her face.

She tells him to step back but he keeps yelling so she pepper sprays him. Choi comes in and tells Reese to go. The two of them as well as a few guys from upstairs tell Goodwin what happened. They order a bunch of tests to avoid a lawsuit. Reese is suspended. She hands in her badge.

The pizza room will be a hit, a paramedic says. Manning tells her patient about the tube tying procedure. She’s very upset. April brings in her mother and then they leave. They both can’t fathom something like that happening to them.

Rhodes gets home to find Robin gone. She left him a note. Charles took her to the airport. She has to get away. Choi brings the test results to Goodwin. The man has a rare genetic disease. If it wasn’t for Reese, it might have killed him.

Armed with the note, Rhodes confronts Charles. He vows to find Robin and bring her back. As he storms away, Charles gets a text. He goes to Reese’s place. Noah lets him in and then heads out. Charles sits with Reese as she cries.

I feel bad for Reese. I know that there are all sorts of legal areas here but I don’t necessary think she was in the wrong. I guess they are going to leave Halstead and Manning together and just have Rhodes have issues. I didn’t expect that.

Chicago Med, episode five

Halstead and Manning are enjoying themselves in the backseat of her car. They run into a few obstacles and resort to a rain check. This isn’t the first time that has happened though. April is talking to one of the other nurses about post-work plans. Choi is invited too but he declines.

April isn’t happy about that but Choi tells her that he didn’t sign up for keeping secrets on his off time. They get a patient. She had a seizure. Choi orders a host of tests but April notices lesions when it’s time to gown her, lesions consistent with HIV. The lady says no to an AIDS test though.

Choi goes to Goodwin who finds a loophole. Robin is all done up and Connor approves. She tries to head out but he stops her. He tries to initiate sex and they end up talking about her illness.

A woman in the waiting room is ranting because her kid needs a doctor. That’s when Halstead and Manning walking in. He scoops the girl up and they take her inside. She is having mobility issues after a trip to Australia. Manning orders a ton of tests.

Charles is back to work and Choi pulls him in for a consult. Noah tries to ask Reese out when Maggie calls him away for a trauma. Rhodes needs the assist but a second injury comes in to pull him away. Noah is on his own.

They each have a driver from a car accident. Noah’s has a dislocated hip but Rhodes’ is much more complicated. Charles talks to the HIV lady and tries to convince her for treatment. Manning and Halstead are trying to help the little girl but she is getting worse. The mom is angry.

Noah is helping the dislocated hip with his mobility. The kids family comes in and he tells them about the other driver. Noah promises that the other driver will be fine. Then he checks in with Rhodes and gets a less promising update.

Goodwin, Charles and Choi talk about what to do for the AIDS woman. She is of sound mind so there is nothing Charles can do. The little girl crashs. Manny has to intubate her. Things are not looking good.

Manning and Halstead get a consult on the kid. It’s time the throw everything but the kitchen sink at her. Rhodes comes to tell Noah and his patient that the woman he was operating on pulled through. The kid wants to visit and Rhodes says that she will let him know in a couple hours.

The kid’s brother has a game though and the mom is reluctant to leave. Noah says he will stay with him. Choi’s HIV patient has fluid in her lungs. Halstead tries to get up but his foot goes numb. Manning helps him up but he tells her that he can’t feel his foot. It’s just like their patient.

Noah loads his patient into a wheelchair to go visit the other driver. They barely make it into the hall before the kid complains of a headache and starts slurring his words. Two more feet and the kid falls out of the chair and dies.

Rhodes offers to tell the family but Noah says that he will do it. He has to. A whole team is talking to Halstead about what contact he has had with the patient. Manning points out that they still don’t even have a diagnosis. Choi and April are working but their HIV patient isn’t getting any better.

The girl’s aunt yells at Choi and he points out that the patient isn’t consenting to all tests. Goodwin yells at him. Reese dodges a patient. Her car had been vandalized. She’s still blaming that psych patient that yelled at her. She says that now she has to deal with insurance instead of help Charles.

It’s time for Noah to tell the family that his patient died. The mother starts to cry and sits but the brother attacks Noah. They fall through a door and have to be pulled apart.

Afterward, Noah gets stitched up and Maggie asks if he wants to press charges. He says no because the family has been through enough. Reese freaks out. She goes and rants to Maggie because she thinks there should be more security so that people can feel safe.

Goodwin goes to see the HIV patient. She talks about all the patient’s that were lost in the 80s and how things have changed and her family needs her. The girl relents and agrees to the test. Manning is trying to figure out what the paralysis is about when she gets summoned to the little girl’s room.

She can walk now. It’s like a toxin had to work it’s way out of her blood. That gives Manning an idea and she goes to see Halstead. She finds a tick. He still has to stay in the ICU but she should be okay.

Reese is on her way home when Charles chats with her. He wants to talk about her comments on the safe wotk environment. She tells him that it was just a bad day. Halstead is in isolation. Manning sees some perks in that though.

April tells the other nurses that she is dating Choi. Rhodes and Robin are waiting for their table for dinner. They’re in a small shop. The buzzer goes off and Rhodes starts to head out. Robin does too, only she steals a scarf first. Reese wants to buy a gun. She’s not licensed though so the guy in the shop offers her some pepper spray instead.

So Reese is obviously going to go off the rails. That’s such a shame. She was one of my favorites. Also, Robin is a klepto? I’m assuming that’s a symptom but it just seems weird now.

Chicago Med, episode four

Maggie has a patient and tells Noah and April about it. Could be a bacterial infection outbreak. Rhodes updates Bekker on a case he will be handling. She tells him that she knows she’s along for the ride.

Charles gets to work and Reese talks to him. She feels guilty because the guy that shot him killed himself and she tried to keep him from getting help. Choi needs a consult and when they walk over, Reese gets nervous. She leaves and Charles helps out.

Robin is back to work helping Noah and April. The bacteria patient is an old man with a nagging wife. It’s commonly found in rats and contaminated water. April updates Rhodes on his patient’s scans and the bacteria patient gets mentioned. He knows rats may be rough for Robin.

Manning gets a patient that is pregnant and cramping. She does and ultrasound and the baby seems fine. The bacteria man crashes. Noah can’t intubate. He needs to do a surgical airway. April seems to second guess him and he gets annoyed at her when it works.

The pregnant woman’s husband turns up but he’s looks pale. The cramps are Braxton-Hicks but Manning will run a few tests to be safe. Halstead takes the husband just to have a look. Bekker runs her mouth during the surgery so when he gets a chance he leaves.

Noah does not need a big sister at work and tells April as much when she is eager to help. Maggie sees. Robin is trying to find the link between her case and the ones at other hospitals. When she gets off the phone she hears something and flees into the hall. That’s where Rhodes finds her. She tells him she hears the rats again and cries.

Charles talks to Choi’s patient. He sees demons. They are after him but he doesn’t see them now. He’s just so tired. Charles wants him admitted. Halstead gets the tests back. Turns out husband has Zika which doesn’t add up. Now Halstead is concerned about the wife and baby. The guy admits he lied. He wasn’t in Buffalo. He was in Aruba and legally Halstead can’t tell his wife.

Rhodes tries to convince Robin that the episode is a blessing as she gets an MRI. Rhodes goes back to his surgery and finds that there are complications. He argues with Bekker about what to do. Tests come back for Robin. Nothing to show. Reese is happy but Robin sees it as a sign she’s losing her mind.

Halstead tells Manning about the Zika test and how his hands are tied. She wants to do something but he tells her to be careful. A man comes back to the hospital to yell at Maggie and Goodwin about the bill his sister got for her dead husband.

Choi gets a new patient in trauma. A priest that was stabbed. There is stained glass still in a wound. Robin, Noah and April brainstorm on the bacteria patients. Noah has an idea. Contaminated soil around Christmas trees. Goodwin tries to help with the family but the idea gets shut down because it is not fiscally responsible.

Olinsky shows up to take Charles’ patient into custody. Trouble ensues and Charles ends up electric shocked in the process. He still fights to find out what the charges are though. Goodwin tells him. That man stabbed the priest that was brought in, the priest that died. Reese thinks Charles’ reaction is linked to the man who shot him.

It was the Christmas trees that were spreading bacteria. It was the soil in the lot. Manning is discharging the pregnant woman and trying to find a way to warn her. Halstead found a loophole though. He called the CDC. He and Manning bask in their victory.

Goodwin blackmailed the board and got the bill cleared. Rhodes and Bekker made a good team. Now she wants to go for a drink but he’s not interested. Charles is on his way out when Reese checks in with him She’s worried about him. As luck would have it he’s worried about her too.

Charles goes to Goodwin. He wants to take some time off. Rhodes suggests a quiet night in to Robin and she agrees. She just has to grab something in her office. She goes in and maintainance is there fixing the heat. It was making a noise. Choi lures April into a closet to kiss.

I don’t like Charles. He’s making Reese second guess herself even when he knows that he needs to clear his own head. I feel bad for Reese. I’m also waiting for the other shoe to drop with Halstead and Manning. It’s only a matter of time.

Chicago Med, episode three

Rhodes gets a call from Robin while at work. She couldn’t find her keys. Bekker tries to take advantage but Rhodes is on his game and they start rounds. Goodwin is in a meeting talking about money. Board members are talking to her about closing the ED.

Maggie calls out about an incoming patient. Halstead takes it. The patient is a man with a cut in his abdomen. He cut into himself to get the person inside of him out. Rhodes has a cardiac patient that is not in any pain but in a lot of trouble.

Goodwin holds a meeting with all the doctors about implementing a new plan to keep track of supplies. Choi is worried about in the moment need and she has an answer for that.

Charles and Reese talk to the patient that cut himself. He gets rough with Charles and Reese knocks him out. Reese thinks schizophrenia but Charles isn’t sure. He thinks it could just be drugs.

Noah is falling asleep at the desk. April asks him about taking car of himself but Noah deflects and asks for her to take of food for him. She agrees and Choi gives her a look. Manning got a sitter for the night which is good news for her and Halstead.

New patient. A woman who passed out and hit her head. She was complaining about stomach pains and now her brother blames himself. He steps out to call their parents. The parents turn up and answer some questions before the girl crashes.

In the OR, the feud between Rhodes and Bekker continues. Surgery is done but the patient crashes. They do a scope and find a clot probably resulted from the anesthesia. The girl who hit her head was in the ED a month earlier. She had clear charts then and has them again now but is having seizures.

Reese and Charles go toe to toe about the treatment of the man who cut himself. When Charles relents and they head in, they find he cut himself again. He’s got to be rushed upstairs. Choi is staring down April as she orders Noah’s food.

Manning gets stopped by her patient’s parents. They think they know what is causing the seizures. They think that their son drugged her. They think he is a bad influence because he was in trouble before. They kicked him out. Manning has no evidence of that.

Bekker gets the clot but then the artery ruptures. The man is bleeding out. Charles can’t believe that he stood by while his patient harmed himself and he didn’t even know. The doctors find something during the procedure. Manning and Choi talk about what could be wrong with the patient. They still don’t know.

Halstead gets in trouble for his lack of charting ability. Choi found something. There is a lack of blood flow to the brain. She is brain dead. After some time with their daughter, her parents tell Manning and Choi that they want to donate her organs.

Their son comes back. He’s high and they blame him for their daughter’s death. Bekker and Rhodes debate what to do moving forward. She wants to give him a transplant and “take the win” but he doesn’t think they need to worry about that yet.

There was something in the guy cutting himself. Maybe a tumor or maybe a twin he absorbed in utero. Either way it’s out now. Choi goes to talk to the brother. It’s a normal talk at first but then Choi starts to connect dots. There’s a genetic disorder that killed the sister and is killing the brother.

He runs and tells Manning. She sees it too. Now they have to stop the liver transplant before the bad liver kills the recipient. Manning and Choi tell the parents. They realize that they were awful parents and apologize to their son.

Latham calls Rhodes on the issues he has with Bekker. April tells Choi that she knows she coddles her family but she isn’t the only one with a soft spot. Charles gives Goodwin grief about catering to the board. She tells him to back off. His department loses the most money as it is.

Halstead is looking for Manning for their hot date. She is asleep in the lounge. He sits with her. Maggie goes to see her ex at Molly’s. Halstead falls asleep with Manning. Choi turns out the light for them as he heads out to see April.

That guy digging into himself was so gross. Also those parents were awful. Just absolutely awful. They drove me nuts. I felt bad for the son. I’m just waiting for Halstead and Manning to break up. They won’t leave them together.

Chicago Med, episode two

Robin is up and trying to cook. It’s not working out and she’s getting frustrated. Rhodes tries to ask her about her medication but she gets annoyed with him too. He’s late getting to the hospital and once he’s there a patient that he did a valve replacement on a few weeks back comes in. There’s a problem with the valve.

Manning and Halstead banter about their upcoming first date. Things are tense between Reese and Charles. April gets a regular patient who wants his usual but Choi thinks things could be more severe. He wants April to help talk the patient into it.

Noah calls Reese for a consult. A woman injected herself with insulin only she’s not diabetic. Also, he wants to take her out for a drink. Reese talks to the woman. She panicked when she realized it was the day of her divorce hearing. She made herself pass out and now she wants a doctor’s note for the judge. Reese says no and the lady demands to speak to her supervisor.

Halstead and Manning get a pregnant lady patient. She’s very concerned about modern medicine but when they run an ultrasound she has a normal sized five month pregnancy. Only problem is, she’s eight months pregnant. They run some tests and discover the baby is malnourished. They try to explain it to the woman but she is adamant.

Choi and April go back to their patient. Choi has x-ray results that show a bigger issue. He pitches it and looks to April for backup. She reluctantly agrees but as soon as they leave the room she confronts him. She doesn’t agree with him and doesn’t want him putting her on the spot like that again just because they are sleeping together.

Goodwin hears out Manning and Halstead but her hands are tied. They pitch it as child abuse and she says that she will convene an ethics committee. Rhodes went over his notes on the valve replacement and is talking about it with Latham when he gets a phone call from his landlord.

He rushes back to the apartment and finds out Robin left a brisket in the oven and the fire department was called. Reese and Charles don’t see eye to eye about the insulin woman. He wants to keep treating her. Manning and Halstead are trying to help the pregnant woman. She might need a c-section. Goodwin interrupts. The ethics committee doesn’t think that they have a case. They have to talk the woman into accepting their help.

Rhodes’ valve patient crashes. Bekker stabilizes him. Manning pleads with the pregnant woman’s husband. He’s got no suggestions. April’s patient crashes as well and Choi ends up having to do a procedure to inflate his lung and admit him to the hospital. Manning takes matters into her own hands and sneak attacks the woman with an IV.

Reese can’t find her prescription pad but quickly connects the dots. The insulin woman swiped it. When she tries to get it back, the woman cries assault. Charles confronts her about it after and they end up fighting. She blames him for the problems with the system.

The valve patient’s condition is getting worse. He wants to know if he has options and Rhodes explains it to him. There is a surgical option but Latham would be the one to do it. April confronts Choi about the heart patient. They argue until Maggie yells at them. The pregnant woman isn’t suing. Manning apologizes and then plays the mom card to try to show she’s on her side.

Choi got the test results back. The regular patient has cancer. April tells him. Latham is heated about the valve surgery and benches Rhodes for poor judgement. He does the surgery though and finds that it was a faulty valve, not Rhodes’ fault.

Charles calls Reese in and tells her that he’s okay and has moved on. He thinks she should too but she gets defensive. Latham talks to Rhodes about burning out and asks if he’s okay. Rhodes says that he is. April apologizes to Choi. Things aren’t going to be easy for them.

Outside the hospital, Charles comes across Noah and Reese. She’s on the phone because someone slashed her tires. She thinks it was the insulin woman. Rhodes is home with Robin. She apologizes for all the trouble she’s caused and he tells her not to worry as he chops vegetables. He cuts his finger in the process.

Manning and Halstead are headed to their date. She’s worried that they will miss their reservation but he doesn’t seem concerned. Turns out they aren’t going to a restaurant but rather he’s making her face her fears by riding the Navy Pier ferris wheel with him.

I have no use for Bekker and I feel bad for Rhodes. I feel bad for Choi too and April but she was too close to the patient I think. I’m glad they actually let Halstead and Manning go out. I thought they were going to mess it up.

Chicago Med, episode one

Goodwin finds Charles outside while another doctor handles the shooter. They rush Charles in and Rhodes takes care of him. Months later, Rhodes gives him a check-up. He seems to be okay and heads out. He’s got to testify in the shooter’s trial.

Reese is running things for psych while he’s out and Maggie is happy to see that Manning is back from her sabbatical. She announces the prodigal to Halstead but the reunion will have to be delayed as a trauma comes in. Husband and wife in a car accident.

Robin is getting released soon so Reese goes over what to expect. Rhodes is on hand too to hear everything. Manning and Halstead chat about their patients and her sabbatical. Noah catches up with Reese on the way out of the hospital. She’s going to hear Charles’ testimony.

She gets there while he is on the stand. Charles testifies that he thinks the shooter is insane and should be found not guilty. Reese confronts Charles about it and they argue. Choi gets a patient. A boy with stomach issues and no insurance.

Rhodes takes Robin home. She’s not interested in lunch though. She just wants to have sex with him and he’s not one the argue. While Halstead is updating his patient, Manning comes in to tell her that her husband has a brain bleed. She’s distraught. Halstead wants to run one more test before she can go see him.

Back at the hospital, Reese complains to Goodwin about Charles’ testimony. Goodwin points out that there is nothing they can do. Choi is treating the pus filled kid with assistance from April and another nurse. Once the kid is stabilized he gives April the easy job and the other nurse grunt work. She makes a comment to April about the fact that she is sleeping with Choi.

Latham has a patient and some interns. They need to find a hear transplant. After that Becker stops him and pilfers a patient from Rhodes with Latham’s permission. She plays him. Rhodes heads to work despite Robin’s attempts to seduce him. He gets to the hospital and sees Reese. He stops her to ask about Robin and she snaps at him.

Once inside, Rhodes finds out that Becker stole the surgery. April talks to Choi about the scuttlebutt of them sleeping together. She doesn’t want to be a cliché. Alarms sound and they rush to see their patient. He’s having a seizure so they take him up for scans.

Manning’s patient dies as she and Halstead try to save him. When they go to tell his wife, Latham requests that they ask for his heart. She grants it. Rhodes confronts Becker about poaching his case but Latham stops him. He’s got a new patient. The heart transplant.

Charles is still at court and finds out there will be a rebuttal witness. Stone brings in Reese to testify. The shooter freaks out. Choi has figured out what’s wrong with the kid. There’s an infection in his brain. April lies to the other nurse about sleeping with Choi.

Rhodes gets a call from Robin. She wants to make sure that they are good. He asks about her meds and she gets defensive. Becker tries to snark with him but he doesn’t engage. Charles gets back to the hospital and fights with Reese about testimony. Goodwin intervenes and tells Charles off for his behavior. She thinks that he is torturing himself for missing the signs.

Manning and Halstead tell the wife that the transplant was a success. She’s having survivor’s guilt because she was fighting with her husband at the time of their accident. She wants to see the heart recipient. They take her and she touches the guy’s chest and apologizes to her husband.

Robin and Charles talk about their respective days and then she talks about her relationship with Rhodes. Halstead and Manning leave the hospital at the same time. They make small talk about their patient. As they part ways, he tells her that he has feels for her and she tells him that she likes him as well. They kiss.

They aren’t going to keep them together. I figure they will get about six episodes before it ends. Rhodes and Robin will break up too. That poor kid with the pus. It was gross though. Also, I loved that the lawyer was Stone. Even though Justice is off, they still bring those people around and I think that’s pretty cool. And why was it Brett but not Dawson?