Chicago Med, episode twenty

Goodwin updates the media on the conjoined twins. It is all systems go. Manning gets an update from Bekker and then asks for Rhodes to weigh in. He tells her that he isn’t going to be operating. He lost a patient because he made the wrong call. He’s not risking it. Choi hasn’t heard from Emily but April isn’t worried. Halstead has a ring for Manning and asks her to meet him on the balcony after work as Maggie gives him a patient.

That patient is Bert. He was found in the garage in the car with the engine running. Maggie pages Goodwin who is at the test run for the twin surgery. Rhodes is also there and he’s still chiming in. Goodwin goes to see Bert and Halstead updates her. He suggests reasons for the situation but Goodwin isn’t having it. She figures he tried to kill himself. Choi gets a patient and brings April with him. It’s one of the girls from the tent city. Bert wanted to die and is pissed at Halstead for not letting him.

The board wants to talk to Goodwin but she has other issues. The girl from the camp has hepatitis and it’s probably spreading big time there. Manning and Choi are going to have to go over and clear it out. Reese has been helping her father find a rehab and the twins’ parents are freaking out. At the tent city, Choi finds a sick teens, and his sick sister. Jay Halstead is waiting to talk to a victim and comments to his brother about waiting so long to propose.

Charles gets a call from the parents of the missing girl that was tied to Bob. He takes down the number. There are a lot of people watching from big name places. Rhodes is in observation too and he’s explaining what’s going on to an intern. They have a few complications. Charles goes to see Bert but it goes nowhere. The folks from the tent camp are brought in and tests are ordered. One girl, who recently had a baby is in much worse shape than the others.

After another issue, Rhodes rushes in and is willing to scrub in with a radical plan. Latham approves. Charles asks Goodwin to try and talk to Bert. She says no. She doesn’t owe him anything. The teen that is in worse shape actually has Hep A and Hep C. They have to call the baby’s parents and bring her in for tests. Goodwin is still blowing off the board. Rhodes saves the day in surgery. Choi talks to Emily and then updates April. She suggests a group home because Emily needs professional help but Choi isn’t hearing it.

Reese took her father for a walk and their way back to his room, they run into Charles. He lets Reese go back to work so he can talk to Bob. Seems that Bob is up to his old tricks and Charles wants to make sure Reese doesn’t fall for them. He ditches Bob and makes plans to visit the missing girl’s parents. In Wisconsin he gets to see the girl’s room and asks the family about her time at college. There was nothing that stood out. Charles notices that she had a set of stuffed monkeys and one was missing.

The teen with Hep A and Hep C gets to see her baby. As Manning walks the family out, the teen crashes. Halstead and Manning rush to save her but it’s too late. They call it. Charles goes to Bob’s place and peeks in the window. He sees the stuffed monkey on a shelf. The twins’ surgery wraps up. It’s a success. Goodwin finds Maggie giving the new chief of trauma a tour, a position neither one of them knew was being created. There is also a new COO that Goodwin wasn’t ready for.

Choi is bringing Emily home with him. She’s family and he wants to stand by her. April is not having it so an argument ensues. Choi is bringing her home, but April isn’t going to that home if that’s the case. Halstead is getting ready to take Manning somewhere private when Frisch asks him to celebrate. Manning overhears and puts the pieces together. She storms out and he chases. He proposes in the parking lot. Rhodes and Bekker talk about his work on the twins.

She figures he did it for her attending spot and by his reaction she knows she is right. He actually got an offer from the Mayo Clinic. He’d be a fool not to take it. Charles goes to see Bob. He’s not going to rehab. He’s going home with Reese. Charles brings up the missing girl case and Bob falls for his trap. It’s too late though. They taunt each other before Bob falls to the ground. Charles reaches to do compressions but Bob maybe blinks? Charles does not do anything and Reese walks in. She finds him over her father’s body.

Is Bob dead? I don’t think so. They made it seem like it was up in the air so I don’t think he is really dead. Rhodes isn’t actually going to go to Mayo. And that was an absolutely awful proposal by Halstead. You waited a week. You can wait another few days for Manning to not be pissed at you. I’m glad April didn’t just let Choi bully her.


Chicago Med, episode nineteen

The brothers Halstead play a bit of basketball and talk about how great Will and Manning are. Emily called her brother to help an ODed guy at a party she’s at. Choi does but criticizes her for being there. Goodwin tells the nurses that there will be a new system since percocet went missing during the trauma incident the week before. A pregnant woman comes in and Manning takes it.

Reese goes to visit her father. He asks her to pick up his mail and she agrees but she has work to do first. Speaking of, Charles goes to Goodwin about some information he got on Bob. Someone is accusing him of kidnapping women. Charles doesn’t think it’s credible enough to go to the cops. Choi comes in with the OD patient. Emily goes home to change and get ready for her shift. Manning is thrilled to see Halstead come to work.

Bekker is trying to do simulations for the twin separation surgery it’s not going well. Before she can start again, she and Rhodes are called to help Manning. The woman needs surgery and the medication could end her pregnancy. They want to do that first but the woman is opposed. The baby is all she has left of her husband after his tragic death. Halstead and Manning get another patient. A little boy that is sick and unvaccinated. He’s allergic to the vaccinations. They will run tests.

Rhodes is doing the surgery when they hit a snag with the equipment. What he needs is on back order and Bekker thinks they should wait for a replacement. Rhodes doesn’t want to risk the pregnancy and forges on. Charles and Reese stop at Bob’s place on the way back to the hospital from the prison. He snoops a little and sees a picture of Bob with one of the missing girls. Emily made it back to the hospital for her shift. April is a little suspicious. She thinks Emily stole the percocet. Charles tells Goodwin what he saw in the apartment. She warns him to be careful.

The little boy crashes and Manning has to intubate. Bob meets the widow of the heart he received. The labs came back for the OD. It’s consistent with percocet. Choi thinks Emily stole the pills. Charles visits Bob. Conversation doesn’t reveal much but as Bob is taken for therapy, Charles snoops and finds something. Rhodes tells the woman her surgery was a success and the baby is okay. Then he mentions a technique option to Latham and gets a chance to run a simulation.

Manning and Halstead are about to start a new treatment on the little boy with allergies. She thinks it’s a bad idea though because of said allergies. Halstead differs to her. They explain the treatment and get the all clear. Charles tells Maggie that he is going off the grid for a bit. Goodwin hears him and questions what he’s up to. Apparently he’s solving a murder. Rhodes’ simulation is going well when he and Bekker are called to the ICU. The pregnant woman is hemorrhaging. Rhodes will not sacrifice the baby.

Choi confronts Emily about the percocet. She denies it and then thinks that April put him up to it. She storms out. The pregnant woman’s pulse is low. They have to change her valve and are rushing to the ER when she crashes. Rhodes tries to revive her but can’t. Bekker calls it. Rhodes tries to talk to the girl’s mom. She blames him. The little boy is crashing too. Manning doesn’t know what to do. Halstead comes in and shows her lab results. She was right. He has a rare condition.

Now she has to help him get better. The OD patient wakes up. He got the pills from his dad’s prescription, not Emily. Choi is pissed and leaves to go find his sister. The little boy’s mom thanks Manning for her work. She and Halstead made a good team. Rhodes goes to see Latham. He quits the team for the conjoined twin surgery. He doesn’t trust himself. April talks to the OD guy. He admits it was Emily. Choi gets home to find a note from Emily. She’s headed to Vegas. Charles snoops through Bob’s storage container. Will goes to see Jay Halstead about their mother’s wedding ring.

I feel bad for Rhodes. He was just trying to do what the patient wanted. This really messed with his head and that’s a shame. I thought we were done with the whole Reese’s dad is a bad guy thing. They are really keeping it up though. I have no use for it. Now Choi is going to be pissy with April and that makes no sense.

Chicago Med, episode eighteen

Emily is volunteering at the hospital. It’s not very glamourous and Choi thinks it’s only a matter of time before she quits. Halstead talks to Manning about tickets they bought to a concert. It’s coming up but she has plans with her son. She tells him to use them. Goodwin is trying to convince the board member to present for a new CT machine. He’s not really willing to help. A cop pulls up with victims in the back. And another. And another

Someone opened fire at Millenium Park. This is a mass casualty incident. All hands on deck. Maggie starts funneling people into trauma rooms while all the doctors help. Manning is worried. Her son’s nanny sometimes takes him to the park. Maggie agrees to check for her. The patients keep coming. Emily is handing out water in the waiting room when a man passes out. Reese helps her get him back. He needs treatment. They all do.

Goodwin calls for patients to be doubled up. She grabs April to help unload the next round of patients. Doubling up isn’t enough. They are overrun and nothing can be done. Choi suggests an assembly line. Keep the doctors in place but shuttle through patients. Goodwin tells him to make it happen. Charles and Reese are still in the waiting room. Paramedics are bringing personal effects in. Emily is tasked with laying them out in the cafeteria.

The new system is set. Goodwin tells the doctors where to go but Halstead is still running into medication problems. Goodwin will override that. Stahl is pissed. He wants to know who is getting what. Goodwin knows he is more concerned about billing. April runs in with a little boy. He was brought in by a good Samaritan. It’s too late though. Manning calls it. April takes him and leaves the body with the other victims.

Manning freaks out because she hasn’t heard about her son. Bekker tries to calm her down. The new system is working. Charles has one patient in shock and another that won’t hold pressure on his wound. Rhodes needs to do a surgery but there is no room. Choi offers the doctor’s lounge. Bekker thinks it is nuts but he takes it. Latham turns up and is sent in to help. The whole thing is overwhelming for him but Rhodes gives him a pep talk.

Charles is barely getting by with his two patients. The one in shock is getting his memory back in fragments. He knows he was wearing a jacket. The other doesn’t see the point in living because his wife was killed. Charles finally gets him to put pressure on the wound though. Jay Halstead comes by with a couple guys. They still haven’t found the gunman. He might’ve been brought to the hospital. Manning tries to ask him about her son but he doesn’t know anything.

Latham is still having trouble adjusting. Reese helps settle a squabble for belongs. The woman involved is the mother of the man that passed out. Reese tells her he’s fine. Emily is overwhelmed but doing her best. They need volunteers to help with bandages. Maggie helps set them up and notices a guy acting suspicious. She tells Jay who tackles the guy. He’s not the shooter though. Just a thief. Bekker shows Reese the body of the man. He died waiting for an x-ray.

Things are still hectic and Charles is still dealing with his patients. The one in shock sees a man that looks familiar. He thinks it is the shooter. Manning and Halstead are going to have to double up ventilators. She sees another boy and thinks it is her kid. It’s not but she finally takes a minute to get air. Charles tells Goodwin about the witness ID. They tell Jay. He puts a guy on it and comments that the shooter killed his own wife. When Charles goes back to his patients, he sees that the neck bleeder is gone. He runs outside and finds him in an alley.

Manning helps him. As they get him inside to stabilize him, Charles knows. His patient is the shooter. Rhodes takes him in for surgery and Manning snaps at Charles before storming off. Reese tells the mother her son was killed. Rhodes is done with surgery. The shooter will live. He and Bekker are exhausted but the work is not done. Manning is looking through the belongings when she gets a message.

She goes outside. Halstead tracked her son and his nanny down at a police district. They were at the park but they are okay. The family hugs it out. Choi did well but he doesn’t know how to feel about it. Maggie can’t believe it’s only been two hours. Goodwin will get her CT but now she wants more. She wants a whole new ED. She tells Charles he did the right thing.

I’m going to start off by saying I though this was a great episode. I really did. They didn’t get caught up in the romantic nonsense and just worked as doctors without focusing too much on anyone. I liked that it seemed real as far as the urgency and desperation go. I didn’t like the gimmicky shots of ambulances or dead bodies though. It just got to be a little melodramatic every once in a while.

Chicago Med, episode seventeen

Choi is cranky because Emily borrowed his car and isn’t back yet. He needs to leave. April tells him to relax. Bob is in a bad way. He can tell because of Rhodes’ face. After the examination, Rhodes tells Reese that it might be time to say her goodbyes. Choi is checking on the homeless kids camp. He is running a blood test when Emily shows up. She introduces herself to the kid he is looking at. Choi thinks the kid has signs of leukemia and Emily convinces him to come to the hospital.

Maggie calls Manning on her avoidance of Halstead. She denies it and that’s when Maggie sends a patient to Halstead and Manning. A little boy with abdominal pain. When the parents explain his medical history, Halstead gets angry. He and Manning head out. He thinks that the fact that the parents couldn’t accept a psychological condition and shopped around for a physical one has led to his current situation.

Rhodes sees that someone got flowers. They were for Bekker from his father. He isn’t happy to hear it. Noah gets a patient. An older man with dementia. His daughter is with him and has a lot of questions. Charles goes to visit Bob. It’s not a friendly visit though. Bob sees Charles as the bad guy for forcing him to cut Reese out of his life. Bekker meets with Rhodes’ dad and uncomfortably turns him down but thanks him for donating to the hospital.

A gunshot patient comes in. Rhodes barely has time to hear what happened before the guy shows signs of being brain dead. He’s a donor though so Rhodes has him rushed upstairs to get his heart for Bob. Noah’s dementia patient shows that he has ODed on opioids. His daughter doesn’t believe it though so Noah agrees to run the test again if he can administer NARCAN. It’s a deal.

Manning and Halstead present their results to the kid’s parents. They spoke to their specialist and want to bring the kid to see him instead. Halstead is more concerned with the infection but the father won’t hear it. The tics look bad and other kids have started to notice. That’s the priority. Manning agrees to go with the other doctor’s plan. Halstead tries to fight her on it and she tells him that she is going to go with a placebo to keep the kid.

Choi has the kid at the hospital. He has cancer so Choi needs to call his parents but the kid won’t give him the contact information. Choi consults with Charles about what to do. Noah gets the second round of tests back and it still shows opioids. He explains as much to the daughter as April checks the man’s belongings. She finds a white powder that might be fentanyl. They have to scrub the area and quarantine the man now.

The kid is getting worse and Manning is still going along with the parents and their quack specialist. Halstead has had enough. He snaps at her about living up to her superior opinions and decision making. Rhodes takes another shot at Bekker for her “active social life” because he thinks that she is with his father. Choi fights with Emily about how to treat his kid. Reese finds the dementia patient’s daughter crying. Manning talks to the kid’s mother in the bathroom. The mother doesn’t want to hear her.

She lends an ear as the woman unloads about her father’s condition. Charles talks to Choi about the kid and his reluctance to contact his parents. Rhodes repairs the heart. It’s ready for Bob. He also keeps needling at Bekker. The board vetoes Goodwin’s bypass call. She tells Maggie to go ahead with it. Choi has found the kid’s parents and brought them in but the kid has pulled a runner.

Goodwin tells the board that it is financially responsible. Her liaison follows her out and tells her that if she keeps going after the board they will fire her. Reese goes to see her father. He is antagonistic and downright mean. Rhodes overhears the whole thing and as Reese leaves, he tells her that he is about to do the transplant. Noah’s patient crashes and he tries to revive him but it is too late.

Halstead and Manning have to do the surgery now. They keep pushing and the father keeps talking about the specialist. The mother snaps and tells him that the specialist is a quack and the kid’s condition is genetic. He’ll get surgery. Choi finds the kid and Emily at the homeless camp. He lets him bring his dog if he comes back. Bob is running warm so Rhodes can’t do the surgery. Reese tells him that’s normal for her father so the surgery is a go.

It’s a success. Afterward, Rhodes admits that he doesn’t like the idea of Bekker dating anyone. She tells him that she likes that he was upset. Choi gets back to the hospital with the kid. He’s going to go home with his parents if he can bring his dog. They agree to the terms. Halstead tells the parents the kid is getting better. He steps outside and Manning apologizes for pushing too far but he still doesn’t get a pass. Reese’s father will recover.

I don’t care at all about Manning and Halstead. This whole back and forth thing with them is unnecessary. They will end up back together in the finale. I also don’t understand this whole dynamic with Choi and his sister. They need to explain that better. The mystery is obnoxious not intriguing. I feel bad for Reese with this whole thing.

Chicago Med, episode sixteen

Rhodes gets to the hospital and talks to Halstead in the break room. Maggie comes in and pulls him away though. He has a patient, Bob, Reese’s dad. He’s having a heart attack. Maggie also pages Reese and she comes down. Rhodes has to shock Bob back and then rush him upstairs for a balloon. Reese seems frozen. The balloon works but Bob is in the ICU until he can get a transplant.

He asks after Reese. Word has spread and Noah asks Reese if she needs to talk. Noah gets a patient too. A cancer patient that April knows. He’s in a bad way. Goodwin is on the floor. There is a VIP patient on his way in. A young man whose parents are big donors. He and a friend were caught in a fire. Choi gets the friend and Halstead gets the VIP. He should be okay but the friend is in a bad way.

The VIP parents are not happy that their son was with that friend. Rhodes and Bekker banter and consult with Latham. Rhodes goes with the team and earns some good will. Manning gets a little girl patient. She had some abdominal pain at ballet so her instructor brought her in. No parents are there yet. Manning does an ultrasound and finds that she doesn’t have a uterus or ovaries. There are twisted testes though.

Manning consults Charles who agrees to help get together a plan to tell the parents. They talk to another doctor and it turns out the girl is genetically male and that with surgery they will be able to save the organs. Jay Halstead talks to the VIP. He and his buddy were cooking up drugs. Jay wants to talk to the other kid but he’s not able. Frisch asks Halstead to lunch, since they spent the night together, but he’s can’t.

April talks to her patient. He mentions having a son but they haven’t spoken in a decade after a falling out. It’s not too late though so April promises to track him down. Rhodes and Bekker are getting along well in surgery. That is until they realize they left something in the patient. Manning and Charles talk to the girl’s mother. She wants them to remove the testes but they would need the kid’s consent.

The mother doesn’t want to hear that. She leaves to go spend time with her kid. Latham yells at Rhodes and Bekker before sending them back in to get the instrument. Bekker blames Rhodes but he fires back. Halstead is cleaning the VIP’s burns and notices some marks on his back. That’s when the alarm starts going off. It’s his friend. Choi rushes in but it’s too late.

Choi and Halstead talk about the patient. His parents say that he cleaned up his act. They don’t know what happened. Halstead has an idea though. He tells Choi to run a tox screen. April is looking for her cancer patient’s son. She isn’t having much luck though. That’s when the patient starts having trouble. Noah confirms that he only wants comfort treatment.

Charles and Manning try to talk to the little girl but her mother won’t really let them get a word in. She basically coerces the girl into agreeing to the procedure she thinks is best. Goodwin and Halstead talk about the VIP. He tested positive for drugs. His friend did not and the marks on his back are handprints that couldn’t be his own. Halstead thinks he is the one that is guilty but he blamed his friend.

Noah tries to talk Reese into going to see her father. She isn’t interested though. Maggie had some luck tracking down the man’s son. April tells him that his son is on his way. Rhodes and Bekker identify the instrument. It’s a suction device and it was Bekker’s fault. She’s shaken after that. Manning and Halstead talk about their patients.

Rhodes finds Bekker crying. It’s because she almost killed the patient. Halstead and Choi talk to Goodwin and the attorney about what to do. She tells them she will handle it and they leave. The attorney tells her to let CPD be the bad guys here. Manning and Charles talk about the little girl. That’s when something goes wrong. Her mother yells for help. She needs surgery now and the mother says not to take the testes out.

Goodwin tries to talk to the VIP’s mother. She begs Goodwin to not tell the police. That’s when the other boy’s mother walks over and hugs her, April’s patient isn’t doing well. She goes in to tell him his son isn’t there but he mistakes Noah for his son and it helps. Reese sees the whole thing. Manning thanks Halstead for lending an ear and then invites him out to dinner. He accepts.

Despite his mother’s wishes, Goodwin talks to the VIP, her godson. She tells him to come clean. He does and his mother is pissed at Goodwin. Reese thanks Noah for being a good friend after what she saw earlier. Rhodes and Bekker go to see Latham. They both confess and he tells them he will now be keeping an eye on both of them.

Halstead catches up with Manning and tells her that he has to come clean. He met someone at Molly’s but it was “high school stuff” which is “not much beyond kissing” and he fell asleep on her couch. Manning is pissed and walks out.

So he didn’t tell her it was another doctor, one that has no qualms bringing it up at work. So that is definitely going to come up again. Like a bajillion times probably. Also, Rhodes and Bekker will happen again before the season is up. And Noah and Reese probably.

Chicago Med, episode fifteen

April and Choi are chatting about household chores on their way into work. Near the hospital they run into his sister Emily. She’s been evicted because she didn’t pay the rent as an act of protest. She needs somewhere to crash but he says no. April pushes for him to say yes so he does. She leaves and they continue their walk until a man pulls up. He needs help with his daughter. She’s in the backseat and is having a fit of some sort.

Bob gets to the hospital and wants Charles to put him on the transplant list. Charles still isn’t willing to do it so Bob goes over and tells Reese that he has no interest in talking to her. That’s his effort to be honest and appease Charles. He leaves just as Choi comes over in need of a consult. The daughter from the car is malnourished and dehydrated. Apparently she was tied up in her mother’s house and her father brought her in.

The mother shows up and wants her discharged. This isn’t a medical issue. She’s possessed and needs an exorcism. Charles convinces her to stick around and rehydrate at least. Halstead runs into Manning and asks about getting coffee. She passes and then goes to see a patient. Or rather two patients. Conjoined infant twins. Maggie gets to Med to prep for her hearing. She talks to a few people before heading up.

She runs into Goodwin on the way. Goodwin tells her to head up. She has to see about the twins. Rhodes and their doctor Frisch are there. Manning gets the boot and Rhodes scoops the babies up to go to the PICU for tests. Halstead gets a patient. A man with shortness of breath. He’s in from Cleveland and forgot his meds. Halstead wants to run a few tests but the man asks for only the bare minimum. He’s worried about money.

Rhodes and the team of doctors set to separate the conjoined twins talk about the new illness. It’s very bad. Latham is brought in to consult. Frisch wants to focus on one twin and let the other die but Rhodes is against that and Latham backs him up. Maggie meets with Goodwin and the lawyer. If she was acting as a paramedic instead of a nurse the crike is legit. Maggie’s license is still valid so it might work.

Charles and Reese talk to the man who brought his daughter in. He’s been estranged for decades because of his divorce. He had a heart attack and reconnected with his daughter. He lost touch again when she moved back in with her mother so he came to the city to see what happened and found her as she is now. Reese thinks it’s separation anxiety.

Maggie finds her license but it’s not valid. Halstead thinks his patient was diagnosed wrong the first time and wants to run some tests. The guy coughs up some blood and has fluid in his lungs. They drain him and rush him upstairs. Charles wants to talk to the demon in the girl to find out what the problem is. April overhears and talks to Choi about it. She also lets him know that she checked in with his sister.

With no other options, Maggie goes to Barry to see if he can get her a license with a fudged date. He’s willing to try. Halstead goes to Manning for help diagnosing his patient. She seems distracted through the whole thing. The math comes back against Rhodes’ suggestion. They are going to do the separation surgery and let one baby die. Rhodes is very opposed. They update the parents who plead for an alternative. Manning looks to Rhodes but he says nothing.

Reese and Charles try to talk to the girl but she just yells what Reese thinks is gibberish. It might be more than that though. At least that’s what Charles thinks. Rhodes talks to the parents after all and they want to go with his plan. Everyone is mad at him but they have to go ahead with things. Maggie’s hearing was called off. The family advocated on her behalf so she’s got her job back, after getting her license renewed in a shady way.

Halstead made a diagnosis. It’s a treatable but not curable disease. The family is thrilled. The husband not so much. He talks to Halstead alone. All of the treatment isn’t covered by insurance. It’s out of pocket and now they are ruined. He’ll have to pull his son from college. Charles has diagnosed the girl with a dissociative disorder. She is repressing something from her early childhood.

The gibberish is actually from Through the Looking Glass, a book her father used to read her. Charles tries to get the man to read it but he won’t. Charles does instead and the girl reacts. She starts screaming and yelling “No.” The mother puts the pieces together. She accuses her ex of inappropriately touching their daughter when she was young. He storms out and Reese chases him yelling. Charles tells her to stop because he’s not the one she wants to yell at.

Rhodes’ idea worked. The procedure is a success. He was right. Maggie hates that she compromised her morals but she made a promise so she takes Barry out for dinner. Halstead tries to chat with Manning but she is running late. He asks if she is avoiding him and she tells him that she needs time. Choi and April get home to find that Emily made dinner. She seems to be trying. At least that’s what it looks like until April finds a plate full of cigarette buts in the bathroom.

She had people over and they are hiding it from Choi now. Halstead contemplates the fate of his relationship with Rhodes at Molly’s but Rhodes admits he isn’t a good judge on such things. He takes off just as Frisch comes in. She snags his seat and buys Halstead a drink.

I’m going to start rooting for Manning and Rhodes. Did that happen? Or almost happen? I feel like they would be a good match, especially because Halstead is going to get with Frisch for at least a bit. Also, what did Emily muck up that she had to do laundry? That won’t end well. Also, they smoke that much but it doesn’t smell in the apartment? That is an impressive ventilation system.

Chicago Med, episode fourteen

Halstead and April have a baby patient. The parents freak out as Halstead makes a diagnosis and sends the baby to the PICU. Reese confronts Charles about her father. He tries to make her feel better but she takes it hard. Halstead gets a call. It’s the PICU looking for the baby boy. He never made it up there.

Goodwin and Halstead talk to the parents. A nurse came in to take their son for a scan only it wasn’t a real nurse. Goodwin calls for a lockdown. No one is coming in or out. The last patient in goes to Noah. A young woman that was in a car accident. Her mother is with her and Noah starts treating her right away.

Maggie lets in one other patient. A stab victim goes to Choi. He needs surgery but Rhodes isn’t in the building and Latham is tied up. He has to do it himself. Speaking of Rhodes, he’s at a fancy breakfast schmoozing. Bekker is there and Rhodes’ father is chatting her up. Maggie hands a cancer patient off to Halstead and Manning.

The guy is short of breath so they run some tests. As they leave the room, Halstead says that they need to talk so Manning invites him over after work. Charles and Reese consult for Goodwin. Charles thinks it is a mother that experienced loss. Goodwin asks for someone from psych to be on every search team.

Halstead and Manning talk to a doctor familiar with their patient. He’s out of options. They have to tell him he has weeks to live. They go in and let him know before telling him that he can’t leave. Choi’s surgery is not going well. He gets Rhodes and Bekker on a video chat. Charles and Reese are part of the search. They argue over their differing opinions.

Manning goes to Halstead with a radical treatment idea but he isn’t interested. He has to be safer with his decisions now. Noah updates his patient. She has rib fractures and a spinal fracture. They are going to keep her under observation. Rhodes isn’t handling this video surgery well.

He leaves the phone with Bekker and heads to the hospital. Manning ignores Halstead and goes to see the cancer patient. She suggests her treatment and they agree to try. Rhodes gets to the hospital and a security guard sneaks him in a back tunnel. He’s got a flashlight and some tunnels to wind through.

After seeing the chart, Halstead confronts Manning. She doesn’t back down. The head of security gets a hit on the baby’s ID bracelet. They follow it and find the bracelet and his antibiotics on the floor. The woman cut them off. The cancer patient crashes. Manning and Halstead respond but it’s too late. The man dies and Manning feels guilty.

Rhodes manages to get into the hospital through the morgue. Noah’s patient crashes and he’s on another floor helping. Maggie tries to intubate but can’t. She crikes the girl even though she’s not a doctor. Choi and April are still battling when Rhodes shows up. He stabilizes the guy long enough to head to the OR. Rhodes’ father is impressed by Bekker.

Goodwin comes looking for Manning to discipline her about the treatment but Halstead takes the fall. Noah is livid about what Maggie did and his patient crashes again. It seems that she may have head a stroke. Manning finds out what Halstead did and confronts him. She’s pissed that he got involved and treated her like a little girl.

Charles and Reese go to see Goodwin. She has a suspect for the kidnapping and might know where she is. They head to the old maternity wing and find her there. Charles and Reese are able to talk her into handing the baby over but Reese lies in the process. She tells the woman nothing will happen to her. As soon as she hands the baby off, police arrest the woman.

The lockdown is over. Goodwin finds out what Maggie did and has to suspend her. Reese talks to Charles. She’s worried that she’s a psychopath like her father but Charles assures her that that is not the case. Rhodes and Choi are happy about a successful surgery. Rhodes finds Bekker and tries to ask her out. She’s not interested.

Another doctor comes in to tell Halstead that the treatment didn’t kill the cancer patient. It was actually helping. Halstead tries to give Manning the credit but she walks out. He chases her and they talk about how his love for her causes him to not treat her like an equal at work. She feels like it’s a jail and she needs a break. She gets in her car and drives off.

No one was surprised there right? Manning and Halstead will always be this back and forth. It’s like Dawson and Casey on Fire. I can’t get invested in this drama because it’s not going to change. I don’t understand why they didn’t search the old maternity ward to begin with. That would’ve saved a lot of trouble. Also, poor Maggie.