Chicago Med, episode twenty-three

An ambo rolls into Med. It’s Robin. She’s still freaking out and they couldn’t do anything to subdue her in the field. They restrain and subdue her before Charles pulls Rhodes out and tells him that now he sees the problems and that this is on him. Reese explains the treatment and then Rhodes’ phone rings. Latham needs him. Goodwin checks in with Charles in Robin’s room.

Noah tells Halstead and Nina about his graduation party at the bar. He heads out and Nina does too. Manning turns up and she and Halstead get a patient. Man was hit by a car and dragged half a block. He’s a Syrian refugee and his parents are on their way for his college graduation.

Rhodes gets upstairs and finds out from Latham that he now has surgical competition. A South African woman named Ava Bekker (Norma Kuhling). Latham walks away and she comments on his condition. Rhodes snaps back and then walks away.

Maggie finds out one of Charles’ patients is in the waiting room. She tries to handle it but the guy isn’t interested in leaving.

April approaches Choi and he tries to talk to her about what happened but she says that they can just forget it. They get a patient. A man having a heart attack. They ask about who to contact but he says no one.

Halstead is staring at Manning. Maggie notices. He asks her about what Manning’s haircut could mean. She doesn’t know.

Noah tries to talk to Reese but she is focused. He pushes for her to come to his party.
Goodwin finds Charles in Robin’s room. She gets him to go to breakfast with her. Reese interrupts. She thinks there could be a physical diagnosis for Robin. Goodwin tells her to go ahead and then tells Charles to

Choi, Rhodes and Bekker are discussing the heart attack patient. She is adamant about one treatment but Rhodes is opposed. Choi concurs and she gets nasty with him. Rhodes shuts her down.

Halstead asks Manning about her haircut. She tells him that it was time for a change.
Manning has a patient that Choi consults on. A high school senior pulling a prank, swinging from the rafters in a monkey suit. She busted her arm and may be concussed. They’ll need to run some tests.

Noah asks Choi about his party. Choi looks longingly at April and then says that he can’t make it.

Bekker and Rhodes are doing a test on the heart attack patient. His heart is dying. They need to operate, which is what she suggested in the first place.

Robin gets moved upstairs and she’s coming too and starts yelling. They take her in the back. Charles finds out from Reese that her tests came back negative. He suggests another one.

In surgery, they run into some complications and Rhodes exerts his authority. His judgement works.

Halstead and Manning still can’t figure out a way to help the refugees oxygen levels. They have to take him to the ICU. Maggie tells them he has someone in the waiting room and Manning goes to talk to her. She has no new information though.

The results from the newest test are back. Reese was right. Robin has a tumor. Charles tells her to page Latham.

Choi updates the girl in the monkey suit. Tests came back negative. She can be discharged. She’s still upset though. Choi and April have a moment and Noah calls her on it.

Rhodes comes looking for Robin but she’s been moved. He finds her being moved for surgery. Charles updates him and Goodwin. Latham goes over the surgery. Bekker will assist him.

April talks to monkey suit. She doesn’t know why she acted that way and April tells her sometimes people do things to let off steam. This will just be a happy memory someday. She leaves the room and talks to Choi about Noah’s party.

Charles and Rhodes talk during the wait. Rhodes apologizes for the way he acted. After his mother’s suicide he wondered if there was anything he could do to save her.

Reese checks in as Latham comes to update them. The tumor is out. Now they wait. Reese walks away and runs into Joey. He tells her that he is dating someone new.

Manning sees the refugee’s girlfriend crying. She talks to her. Turns out the girl is pregnant. They were going to get married after graduation. No one else knows.

The heart attack patient comes too. He talks to Choi. Thanks him for caring. Choi leaves the room and talks to Rhodes. His heart is in a bad way, possibly because he is lonely.

Halstead and Manning go over the refugees charts. He should be getting better. They don’t know what it is. Maybe he has an underlying condition, like asthma. They start treatment. The parents get there and confirm he has asthma. He’s starting to improve.

Some days they really love their jobs. Jay comes in and says the refugee is awake. Manning goes to talk to him and the Halstead brothers talk. Manning invited Jay to Noah’s party and he wants to clear it with Will, who says yes but means no. Jay says he will pass.

Halstead goes and breaks up with Nina because he has feelings for Manning.

Noah is ready for his party.

Robin wakes up. She and Rhodes talk about the tumor and about her father. Rhodes thinks she should talk to Charles. He comes in and Rhodes leaves. The Charles’ just cry.
Rhodes and Bekker trade a few more barbs before she heads out.

The party is roaring and everyone is having fun when Halstead turns up. He asks Manning to dance. Noah does the same with Reese. April walks away. She stands off by herself until Choi joins her. He kisses her.

Goodwin and Charles exchange goodnights before Charles heads out. The man from the waiting room confronts him. He shoots Charles and then himself.

That guy has been around before right? He’s been a cranky patient before this for Charles. I feel like I should have seen that coming. This show is so obvious with these set-ups. I mean I like April and Choi together and Halstead and Manning was inevitable. I don’t like Noah. Reese could do better. And now Rhodes is going to be all will they/won’t they with this Bekker woman.


Chicago Med, episode twenty-two

Rhodes visits Robin. They talk about how she’s doing. He admits that he brought it up to her father but she tells him that he is not at fault. She blames her father. The place is what will make her crazy. On his way out he runs into Charles and tells him as much. This isn’t for her well-being. She’s not being treated. She’s locked up.

Manning and Halstead awkwardly exchange hellos. Rhodes is looking for Reese and April and Choi talk about Noah and Portuguese superstitions before he gets a patient. A man that got hit by a taxi.

Reese is in the cafeteria when Rhodes finds her. They talk about Robin. He wants her released but she says many times that it isn’t her call. He asks if she is a danger to herself. Reese says no but its not that simple. He says that it is.

Jeff is back. He got placement at Med. He gets a patient pretty quick. A guy Maggie knows was doing construction and stepped on a nail.

The next patient goes to Manning, a teenage girl. She’s disoriented and in pain. Her stepfather brings her in and Manning asks routine questions. He doesn’t know the answers. Manning orders standard tests and the girl’s mother has joined them in time to say that a pregnancy test is unnecessary.

Choi’s patient will take about a year to return to full strength but he needs surgery for a brain bleed. He declines. He has ALS and it is progressing rapidly. He has directives. They are ironclad and there is nothing the hospital can do. Choi and April are upset about this.
Manning congratulates Jeff on his placement. Halstead does as well and then the alarm sounds on the teenager. She has a seizure and needs to be intubated.

Jeff goes to talk to his patient. It’s diabetes that made his foot numb. They can get ahead of this thing.

Halstead brings the teenagers labs to Manning. She has HSE, herpes. Manning didn’t expect that. She’s only 13.

The accident victim is crashing. He has a circulation issue but they don’t know why. Choi assigns more tests.

Goodwin summons Charles and he comes into the conference room to find lawyers. They want to talk about the hold on Robin. Rhodes is there, glaring daggers.

Back with the teenager, Halstead and Manning tell her parents. It is consistent with genital, not oral herpes and may be a sign of sexual assault, given the abdominal pain. They want to do a more thorough exam. Stepdad says wait but the mother says that they can go ahead.

Robin is being discharged. Charles gets snarky with Goodwin and then goes after Rhodes who isn’t going to take it. They scream at each other before Rhodes storms off.

It was sexual assault. Manning and Halstead tell Goodwin. It’s now time to bring in PD. She will handle that while they go tell the parents.

Diabetes man tries to make a break for it but Maggie stops him. He admits that he’s scared. She has someone he can talk to.

The parents can’t be in the room while the examiner collects evidence. That’s just protocol. Stepdad goes for coffee and the mother talks to Manning. She thinks she is just being paranoid but the only person that has been alone with her daughter was her stepfather. Jay turns up to start the investigation. Manning tells him what the mother says.

Choi and April talk to the accident victim. With his current condition, he wouldn’t be able to donate his tissue or organs. Choi suggests surgery but he isn’t interested. There is another treatment but it would drop his life expectancy from weeks to hours. He opts for that and April is pissed. Choi says that this decision will save other lives and tells her to put in the order. She says no.

A nurse brings Robin her belongings. Charles is there to talk to her. He says he wants what’s best for her and she says she will be taken care of with Rhodes.

Noah shows up. He got a placement at Med. April is stoked. But that doesn’t make sense. There was only one spot and Jeff is there. Manning asks Jeff and he admits he is going to Hawaii.

Jay pulls Manning and Halstead aside to talk about the girl. He interviewed the parents and doesn’t think it was the stepdad. There was a little bit of a sedative in her tox screen. They didn’t give her anything before her tests though. She did just get braces. Dentists use it too.

Maggie goes over the particulars of the donation process with the accident victim. They need to adjust the directive to make sure the organs stay viable until they can be harvested. He signs on. He talks to April. Knows she thinks that he is making a mistake. He tells her his time is up but this will help others.

Goodwin visits the diabetes man. She knows him too. He views this as a death sentence because his family has a history. She admits that she is diabetic and that its all about handling things.

Rhodes comes by and picks up Robin. Reese and Charles watch her leave. Then he turns to her and says that he would understand if she wants a new attending.

Jeff says goodbye to the diabetic man. They talk about new beginnings.

Robin and Rhodes get to his apartment and they talk about dinner. He thinks it would be good to stay in. Just for the night.

Halstead and Manning tell the parents that they suspect the orthodontist. The girl has woken up and wants to go to the school dance. She has no idea what happened. Her mother wants her to maintain her innocence, at least for now, so they aren’t going to allow Jay to question her.

Manning is in the locker room wrapping up for the day. She notices Jeff’s locker is cleared out. Maggie walks in and Manning asks about it. Maggie didn’t know that Manning didn’t know Jeff was moving on. Halstead stops by and invites Manning to Molly’s. She says no but changes her mind. She’ll meet them there.

April is on the roof when Choi finds her. They talk about the donation procedure. It went well. She just wishes it felt like a win. He leans in to kiss her but she’s not interested.
The Halstead brothers and Nina are at Molly’s when Manning walks in. She went and got a new haircut. They all like it. Will is tongue tied.

Rhodes wakes up. Robin is not in bed. He hears glass shattering and goes to find her in the other room swinging a broom at nothing. As he approaches, she starts swinging at him. He jumps back, stepping on the glass and yelling. She runs out on the balcony and wedges the broom in the door. She screams.

I think Reese should’ve been more pissed at Charles for undermining her authority. I also think he is withholding a ton of vital information, given how the episode ended. I called that Choi/April thing a while back and I still think that would be good but apparently April does not. This Manning and Halstead will they/won’t they is too much. I have no patience for it.

Chicago Med, episode twenty-one

Robin is going for a psych visit and Rhodes walks with her. Reese goes to talk Charles. She is the resident handling the evaluation.

Jay walks in to find Will Halstead. He’s got Hawks tickets and he’s bringing his brother. A trauma comes in. Fall victim with trouble breathing. Rhodes wants to do a scan but the woman and her husband are adamant that he can’t, that they have to protect the baby. Turns out it’s a donor baby. Their older daughter has leukemia. Rhodes talks to Maggie about the patient.

Manning has a patient and has Halstead consult. They walk out joking and laughing. Nina sees and is upset. She brings Halstead a coffee and they have stilted conversation before he gets back to work.

Choi and Maggie talk about the new med students getting shown the ropes. Noah is among them.

Reese starts her discussion with Robin. There is a history of mental illness and she’s been hearing rats in the wall.

Rhodes talks to pregnant woman. She doesn’t have a collapsed lung but is in heart failure. She is in serious shape and the best course of action would be to terminate the pregnancy. They aren’t interested. They need three weeks is all so Rhodes orders medication.

Goodwin talks to Charles about Robin’s treatment and Reese.

Manning’s patient crashes. She and Halstead do what they can to save him but it’s too late. She calls it.

Noah tries to impress his instructor during rounds.

Charles talks to Reese about Robin from a “professional” standpoint but she doesn’t tell him anything.

The autopsy comes back. Manning made a mistake. She missed something and goes to talk to Halstead about it. He’s surprised that the results are back so quick and even more surprised that Nina brought them up herself.

Choi is working at a computer next to Noah, who starts pumping him for ideas for his case. Choi plays along at first but then yells at Noah for half-assing it.

The pregnant woman crashes. Rhodes rushes in to help and has to give her an external pacemaker. Her daughter with cancer passes out while he’s doing emergency treatment. Manning handles it and then talks to the girl about her family.

Halstead confronts Nina about bringing the autopsy results to Manning. He asks her point blank if she has it out for Natalie because she thinks there might’ve been something between them.

Reese discovers that Charles looked at Robin’s file. She tells Goodwin and then asks if she was only assigned this case as his pawn. Goodwin says that it’s not.

Rhodes and Manning got some results on the pregnant woman. Her condition is deteriorating rapidly and the only course that is safe for the baby will probably leave her brain dead. She says to do it. Manning doesn’t think that’s a good plan. The family needs a mother.

Charles spots Robin in the cafeteria and sits with her. He makes small talk and then asks a favor so she leaves the table. He snags her keys.

April talks to Choi about taking it easy on Noah. Choi tells her that Noah has potential but he has a way of talking people into doing his work for him. April turns around to see him chatting with Reese and realizes Choi was right. She yells at Noah.

The pregnant woman crashes. She needs surgery or intubation now. Her kids plead with her. Her husband does too. She opts for the risky surgery that wouldn’t harm the baby.

Nina admits to Will that she’s jealous. She misses Will and doesn’t want to grow apart.
Noah finally goes to talk to the patient. He comes up with and idea to check his vitals. The patient has an app that does that since he is a runner.

Rhodes does the surgery. It’s dangerous and isn’t going well. The other doctors want him to deliver the baby.

Charles goes to Robin’s place and finds tons of mouse traps. Her tv is gone and there’s a hole in the wall. He heads back to the hospital and tries to talk to her. She’s not having it.
The pregnant woman wakes up. She’s doing better but the baby didn’t make it. It’ll be rough for the family but at least there will be a mom.

Noah is able to make the diagnosis and impress his instructor.

Reese confronts Charles. She was making progress but Charles went behind her back and destroyed the trust that had been established. She says that because he sticks his nose in everything it’s ruined.

Halstead apologizes to Manning for what Nina did and explains her jealousy. Manning says that if her boyfriend worked with someone the way they work together she would be jealous too. He says they are friends and she seems upset.

As she gets off the elevator, Rhodes asks Reese about Robin. She tells him.

Jay turns up to head to the Hawks game but Will bails. He is going to spend quality time with Nina. Jay needs an alternative. He asks Natalie and she is reluctant but does say yes.
Rhodes sees Robin in her psych room.

Goodwin finds Charles alone in the cafeteria. He’s upset. He just got her back,

Will needs to be punched. He knows he is into Natalie more. I mean really. Also, Nina is awful. That’s just mean. I’m glad Choi had words for Noah. He’s too big for his britches already. It’s a little much. I felt bad for the kid with cancer because her parents seem selfish.

Chicago Med, episode twenty

Charles gets to work and is about to get in the elevator. The door opens on Robin and Rhodes fighting. They’ve had two exterminators check. No sign of rats but she knows that she heard them.

Manning asks Maggie to remind her of a video call date with her son. She hasn’t had a chance to spend much time with him at all lately.

Choi gets a patient. A 17-year old kid that got beat up at school. He’s got a busted nose and some other injuries. April comments that she hopes they caught the kids that did this but the kid says he deserved it. He then asks them to castrate him.

Halstead is on the phone in the break room asking some medical questions. It’s his brother. Their dad has a condition that he keeps putting off treatment for. He has to head there and is taking the train. Rhodes offers his car and Halstead asks him to come with instead.

Charles is talk to the kid. He says that he thinks about sex all the time and that sex is only for procreation. He was spying on some girls in the shower when his classmates found him. He wants to be chemically castrated. Charles talks to Choi and tells him that he wouldn’t rule it out.

Maggie gives Manning and Jeff a little boy that has been sick for a few weeks. They don’t know what it is so they look him over and schedule some tests.

Reese has to teach a high school class about parent responsibilities so she is going them computer babies. She says that it is awful because she has no maternal instinct and doesn’t want kids. Noah comments that he doesn’t want any either.

Robin is staring at the vending machine when Charles approaches. He tries to make small talk but she just walks away.

Rhodes and Halstead get to his father’s place. It’s a far cry from where Rhodes grew up. Mr. Halstead (Louis Herthum) is defensive and not interested in what they have to say. Jay is there but has to head back to the district. Rhodes listens to his heart. Dude is literally drowning in his own blood. They drive him to Med since he refuses an ambulance.

They bring him in and set up some tests so that they can figure out a game plan. As Rhodes wheels him away, Halstead looks on and Manning asks what’s wrong. He tells her as Maggie comes over to give her a new patient. Jeff updates her on the little boy. No obvious issues. Could be lead poisoning or maybe abuse. She doesn’t want to consider that yet.

The parents of the castration kid show up and Choi tells them about his condition. When they start to question their son about what happened, he avoids answering.

Time to teach some kids. Reese explains the dolls and what they do. Noah comes in to check on her.

Choi and Charles talk to the castration kids parents. The mother is shocked and saddened but the father is livid. He has no interest in what they have to say.

Rhodes comes through and finds Halstead waiting in his father’s room. His father ignored protocol and went to the bathroom. When he gets back, Rhodes lays out the options. Open heart surgery or a less invasive and less helpful procedure. He picks the latter. Halstead storms out and Rhodes confronts him. Halstead tells him its no use arguing. He’s a disappointment to his father.

Still no sign of what could be wrong with Manning’s little kid. He throws a small fit when he is given white milk instead of chocolate milk and when Manning talks to the mother about his eating habits, and various babysitters, she comes up with another idea.

It’s time for castration kid to have eye surgery. Choi tells him that they tried to talk to his parents and that Charles will come up with another plan.

The brothers Halstead are in with their dad after his procedure. He feels great and thinks that all his problems are solved. He also takes a few jabs at Will before basically dismissing them.

There is a knock on Charles’ door. It’s Rhodes. He is worried about Robin. She hasn’t been acting like herself. He lays out the facts but Charles has no interest in it. He gets rid of him as quickly as he can. Once alone, Charles seems very concerned.

The results are in. The little kid has scurvy because he is so malnourished. Manning rips into her and then leaves Jeff to explain the course of action.

Goodwin goes to introduce herself to Mr. Halstead but he’s in trouble again. The procedure didn’t take and now there is no option but surgery. As they wheel him away, he asks them not to tell Will.

Robin can’t find her wallet in her purse in the cafeteria. Charles pays for her snack while she rants about having to cancel her cards and all the hassle. He finds the wallet with a quick glance and then tries to chat with her. She tells him that she is not a head case and leaves.

The students give the dolls back to Reese. One student had an amazing score. Reese confronts her and she admits that she hacked the doll.

Rhodes has Mr. Halstead in surgery prep and they have a heart to heart about Will before he starts the surgery.

Choi takes the castration kid back to his room after his eye surgery. That was a success.
Manning talks to Maggie about going off on that mom and feeling inadequate as a mother herself.

Goodwin talks to the Halstead brothers and then Rhodes comes out to say the surgery was a success. He also tells Will that he admires the relationship he has with his father because it is better than his own.

When he goes to check on castration kid, Choi finds an empty room. He goes looking for him and finds him creeping in a room with a young blond patient asleep. They have a standoff before the kid runs into the bathroom and looks the door. He screams. Choi breaks down the door. The kid cut off his penis. Choi and Charles have another conversation with his parents.

Halstead is waiting by the elevator to go up and see his father. Nina approaches. She is happy his dad is okay but wants to know why she had to hear about it from Manning. He offers to introduce her but she says no.

Charles goes to see Robin. She says that she has proof of the mice, their droppings but when she opens the bag there is nothing there. He tells her that, as a dad, he would feel better if someone took a look. He agrees.

Reese and Noah are having coffee and talking about the hacker girl and wanting kids. He thinks she would be great mom and basically admits that he has a crush on her.

Manning talks to the little kid and his mom about nutrition and apologizes for her behavior.

Halstead has a moment with his dad while Rhodes looks on. As he leaves the breakroom, Manning is facetiming her son.

So Reese and Noah are going to get together right? I liked that it was a lot about the family relationships of the characters but I like Maggie and April and they were severely lacking in this episode. That poor castration kid. I felt bad for him. His dad is nuts. And jealous Nina needs to take a hike. Seriously.

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Chicago Med, episode nineteen

Halstead has a patient. She fell walking to her car after skydiving.

Goodwin and Maggie are having some technical problems with the tablets. While they work on that, Bert walks up. Goodwin panics but he’s not there for her. His lady friend is Halstead’s patient.

Rhodes and Latham are in surgery. The monitors get wonky and then a message shows up on the screens. Maggie has the same problem with the tablet. She shows Goodwin. It’s a ransom note. They’ve been hacked.

Staff meeting. All imaging and monitors and records are down. They will have to do it the old fashioned way. Rhodes wants to pay the ransom but as Halstead puts it he’s the one with the trust fund. Until IT can get it up and running, they are flying blind.

Robin Charles is freaking out. She’s have a rough week and needs to check into a hotel because there are rats in the vents at her place. Rhodes isn’t having it. She will stay with him.

Manning has a little kid patient. His lymph nodes are swollen. There is some hesitation from the parents when the conversation turns to vaccines. Manning has April set up some tests and get steroids.

Halstead goes back to his patient. She knows now that she’s the other woman and that makes her uncomfortable. He tells her the system is down and confirms her history.

Reese and Charles talk about what to do with the psych patients. He doesn’t want to let them know about what’s happening because it might set them off. He mentions that the ED is having trouble filling Wheeler’s spot. Reese is intrigued.

Choi gets a patient. Gunshot victim. His friend shot him by accident. The bullet is lodged inside and they have no tech to track it down.

Nina is looking for Halstead but he’s with a patient. She talks to Manning instead. She wants to make sure Halstead gets his Blackhawks jersey since he is going to watch the game with his brother. She had it because she slept in it and she makes sure to mention that to Manning. It’s not awkward at all.

Halstead is talking to his patient. She is having a bit of a reaction and it turns out she left something out of her history. She’s on insomnia medication and it might be messing with the other stuff they gave her. He wants to rerun her labs and Maggie gets mad at him. They argue and she gives him paperwork.

Down in the lab, Reese is talking to Joey about what Charles said about the ED spot. She thinks that he was hinting that she is crap at psych. Joey doesn’t see the issue because she wanted the ED job anyway.

Manning talks to Rhodes about her kid patient. Without a computer to run scans, they have to pull tissue with a needle. The mom panics while watching but they get enough to run the tests.

Choi is trying to track the bullet in his patient. It might be in his heart, or just behind it. They have to run more “dark ages” tests to know for sure.

Goodwin asks Bert if the kids know. They don’t. He walks away muttering and Maggie gives him a piece of her mind. Goodwin finds out that IT can’t fix the hack and the lawyers say it might be time to pay the hackers. Goodwin says no. She puts the hospital on diversion.

Manning still hasn’t heard back from pathology. Robin Charles brings the labs up because she was called in. Its valley fever which is a fungal infection, but at least it’s not cancer. The illness is found in the Southwest but the kid hasn’t been there. Robin wants to get a detailed history from the parents to help figure out what happened.

Halstead is talking to Sam in neuro about the lady friend patient. No way of knowing if it was just a reaction of if she has brain damage without a CT.

Charles is freaking out about his lack of files while Reese tries to prove her worth.

Choi finds out the gunshot has the bullet in his heart. He convinces Rhodes to do the surgery without any other tests.

Robin is freaking out because there might be an epidemic and no one cares and she needs her files. She yells at Goodwin to pay the ransom but Goodwin steps right back to her. Rhodes gets Robin to take a walk.

Goodwin is hiding out trying to think when she sees the monitors switching back. Her and Maggie are pleased and they thank IT but he says he didn’t do it. Someone must have paid the ransom but they don’t know who.

Rhodes is in surgery as the system goes back up. He does a direct ultrasound on the heart and finds the bullet. Goodwin confronts him afterward about the ransom. He says it wasn’t him. Same thing with Sam. Goodwin just wants to know who did it. Even after Charles tries to calm her down.

Manning’s patient is doing well. Turns out the dad tested positive as well. And the other kid that had it rode in the dad’s car a few weeks back as part of a ride share program. Robin wants to look at the car.

Halstead talks to the other woman. He wants to do a CT now that its back up. She agrees. She sends Bert to walk her dog and then tells Halstead she knows what the CT will show. She has some sort of palsy disease and she has to tell Bert. She wants to talk to Goodwin about what to do. She has only a few years left and doesn’t want to spend them alone.

The ride share guy bought his car from someone in Fresno. The CDC will have to impound the car in case there are fungus spores in the filters.

Maggie asks Choi about his girlfriend. She got deployed, and is no longer his girlfriend.

Reese talks to Charles about the ED job and firing her. He says he wasn’t going to fire her.

Bert waits for his girlfriend to get stitches. He talks to Goodwin. Wants to apologize.

Manning and Halstead have a moment.

Goodwin doesn’t care who paid the ransom as she heads out for drinks with Charles.

Latham admits he paid the ransom.

Rhodes wakes up in the night alone in bed. He goes looking for Robin and finds her in the living room, convinced she hears rats in the walls.

Robin has got something going on and it seems like her father is a bit distracted as well. Are Choi and April going to end up together? They are bother single now. Nina annoyed me with the whole make Manning jealous thing. This was an interesting episode in theory but kind of boring and anticlimactic to watch.

Chicago Med, episode eighteen

Maggie meets a patient at the door. Gunshot wound. She calls Choi. Then she gives a new nurse a tour. It’s a nursing student.

She meets the rest of the staff. Maggie gives Manning a new patient. Alzheimer’s. No next of kin. It’s Manning’s call. She and April head to the room and when Manning sees the name she tells April to page Halstead. The patient was his mentor.

He comes in and checks her out. She talks to him but she isn’t lucid. Goodwin knows the patient too. She’s been sick for days and now they are playing catch-up. It’s going to be trouble.

Rhodes and the younger Dr. Charles are talking about his sister. She wants to meet Dr. Charles but she isn’t sure. Rhodes tells her that it will be fine but she’s still hesitant. They are interrupted by Rhodes’ surgery assistant. It’s time to go talk to a patient. It’s a 13-year-old kid that needs heart surgery. The kid’s dad doesn’t seem to get him.

Reese is standing on the roof where Wheeler jumped. Charles comes out to see why she didn’t answer a page. She starts talking about Wheeler and suicide. He agrees that it’s been rough but they have work to do.

They go in and meet with Choi about a patient. It’s a former Navy fighter pilot turned private pilot. He passed out at work and was brought in by a co-pilot. He needs a psych evaluation before he can go back.

Maggie and the student go over how to treat a coding infant. It’s going well until she forgets to yell “clear” before shocking the baby. They take it from the top.

Charles and Reese talk to the pilot. He says that he is healthy and ready to go back. Reese jumps right to suicide and afterward Charles calls her on it. Choi asks what’s what and Charles tells him to run a tox screen. He’s not ruling out depression though.

Halstead and Manning go over the charts for his mentor. She’s having organ failure and he wants to intubate. Manning doesn’t think it’s a good idea. Goodwin interrupts. Someone from the nursing home is there asking for an update. Halstead goes out and yells at the guy. He’s getting emotional.

In the break room, Halstead is watching a speech by his mentor online. Nina comes in and tries to compare it to when her grandmother was dying. Halstead says it isn’t like that though because this time the patient will get better.

Maggie is showing the student the computer side of things. A woman approaches looking for her husband. He’s the pilot.

Rhodes is done with the kid’s surgery. It was a success. As they walk away the dad asks about getting him up and running around playing. Rhodes answers but he doesn’t seem to like the dad, or at least his plans very much.

In the pilot’s room, Charles is going over the tox screen. He is anemic. Choi wants to admit him but he adamantly rejects the idea. He’s willing to sign out against doctor’s orders. Choi, Charles and Reese agree that something isn’t right with him but they don’t know if it is physical or mental.

The student is learning more about procedures and medication for infants. She miscalculates by a lot. Maggie seems exasperated.

The kid has lost feeling in his right arm. Rhodes rushes in and starts to check. The surgery doesn’t seem to have worked. They might need to do it again, or something more complicated.

Halstead’s mentor crashes. He wants to help her but Manning isn’t sure that’s a good idea. She hesitates and he shoves her out of the way. He does compressions and shocks her. It works.

Goodwin and Maggie talk about Halstead’s treatment plan. Then Goodwin tells Maggie about the mentor as her teacher. She was great.

The pilot is walking through the waiting room when he starts coughing up blood and passes out. Choi gets him and brings him back to a room.

Halstead’s patient is doing worse. He wants to start dialysis. Manning comments but Halstead won’t let her die.

Rhodes talks to the boy’s father. They are going to do a surgery that will cause him to lose his arm. As he’s walking away, the other surgeon asks why he didn’t mention the other option. He says it’s too big of a risk. The kid might die. Younger Charles overhears and tells Rhodes that that decision isn’t his. He tells her that he knows the father’s type. He would pick the other option and risk his son’s life to turn him into something he’s not. Rhodes won’t risk the boy’s life.

Choi updates Charles and Reese on the pilot. He had an ulcer and that’s under control but he also has something on his scans that suggests ingesting chemicals. Reese thinks suicide. Choi says he might have been poisoned but Charles thinks it might by something else altogether.

On the roof, Goodwin and Halstead talk about treating the mentor. She brings up quality of life.

The father is talking to his son about a one armed pitcher. They will figure it out together. It’s important that he’s alive. Rhodes comes in and tells him that there might be another option.

Maggie is teaching the student about drilling.

Rhodes is scrubbing up to do the surgery. The father picked the more dangerous option. The other surgeon starts sucking up again and he tells her to back off.

Charles talks to the pilot about dangerous habits and urges. Compulsions. He might know it’s bad for him but he does it anyway. The pilot admits that he is tired. Reese asks if he’s ingesting something harmful and he admits that he drinks gasoline.

Reese, Charles and Rhodes tell the wife about the pilot’s condition. He can get better though. They can help.

Halstead is watching the video online again. He closes the laptop and goes to see her. He knows that they shouldn’t proceed. He’s going to extubate her. He and Goodwin stay with her.

In surgery, Rhodes is doing the tricky part and the boy starts to crash. He finishes the surgery though and saves the boy and his arm.

On their way out of the hospital, Charles and Reese are confronted by the pilot’s wife. Charles reported it to the FAA and now the man will never fly again. She’s angry.
Rhodes and the younger Charles talk about the surgery and then being scared. He was worried about the surgery. She gets scared of relationships. She’s going to meet his sister though.

Halstead is at his locker getting ready to leave. Manning comes in and hugs him. He is crying. Nina sees them and awkwardly walks away.

I understand why Manning would let Halstead know but why was he involved in the case? He was too attached obviously. That’s why family can’t treat family. It’s basically the same thing. Sometimes Reese is my favorite and sometimes she is way to pushy. I didn’t really care about the pilot and I’m glad the little boy got to keep his arm but the father needs to chill. Also, can Manning and Halstead just get together already. Seriously.

Chicago Med is new Thursdays at 9 p.m.

Chicago Med,episode seventeen

April and her fiance talk as she walks into work. Wheeler walks in behind her and doesn’t stop. He greets a few people as he goes but heads upstairs and all the way to the roof. He looks out over the city and then climbs up jumps off the building.

Goodwin holds a meeting to tell the staff what to expect for the day. Therapy is available and anyone that can’t work is free to leave. Choi believes that the best thing for morale will be structure so he starts giving out assignment.

Choi has a teenager that fell down some stairs. He has a broken rib but his parents point out that he has been clumsy lately. Choi says they will run a blood test to be safe.

Next patient in is a little boy pulled from the river. Manning and Noah are on it and Noah starts compressions. They need a bypass but there won’t be one available for 90 minutes so they have to keep going until then.

The Good Samaritan that saved the kid is the next patient. Reese is handling it. The man has a heart condition but is in good spirits. They are going to need Rhodes to consult on his heart. Reese talks to Maggie about the guts the man must have to jump like that and Maggie says that he probably didn’t even think about it, just saw the kid in trouble.

Jay Halstead is at Med. He tells Manning that it’s a tough day and to hang in there.

Will consults on Choi’s patient but it seems things are fine. He comments that Choi’s treatment is “pretty aggressive” but Choi tells him he is just being safe.

Goodwin and Maggie talk about Wheeler. A man approaches. It is Wheeler’s father.
The teen’s mother starts yelling. Her son can’t move. Halstead and Choi respond. It seems as though he is having a stroke. They start running tests and argue treatment. Abrams consults and when Choi walks out of the room, brings up Wheeler. Turns out he too contemplated suicide as a resident.

Rhodes consults on Reese’s patient. He wants to do bypass surgery. The patient is again surprisingly agreeable. Reese asks him what he was thinking and he says he doesn’t know.
The little boy’s father has been waiting. The mother shows up and tells him he is a terrible parent.

April is getting a snack from the machine when Tate shows up. They argue and he leaves.
Halstead asks Charles if he’s ever seen anything like Wheeler. Charles has. There are lots of doctor suicides every year. He says that he thinks it’s because doctors want to help and that the odds are against them. It’s because they want to assign fault.

Reese and Rhodes talk about Wheeler. She now sees that him approaching her for pills and therapy were cries for help. She couldn’t see that he was drowning. The patient crashes and Rhodes is going to do a balloon procedure bedside. Reese is hesitant but they don’t have a choice. They save him and send him upstairs.

Choi and Halstead talk to the parents of the teenager. They still don’t know what’s up. The MRI results are inconclusive. Halstead says to run another but Choi wants to take other action not. They argue but Halstead puts his foot down.

Rhodes’ patient won’t stabilze. He and Reese talk about it. Then he tells her that he too missed a sign with Wheeler. She appreciates the sentiment but it doesn’t help.

The bypass is open. They are about to take the boy upstairs but Goodwin tells them they can’t have the machine. It’s an emergency upstairs. They need it for Rhodes’ surgery. The mother gets upset and starts to yell. She gets in Manning’s face about not standing up for her patient.

Charles and Choi talk about the day. Choi says that his patient is in trouble because the attending is fixated on his mood. He doesn’t think said attending should be working because he lacks focus. Charles goes in and talks to the patient before the MRI. He is still detached.

Rhodes is in surgery. The plan changes. He asks them to page Reese.

Goodwin asks Manning about her patient and then about Wheeler. She knows nothing about him. Before Goodwin can walk away Manning has a question of her own. She wants to know if she’s a monster.

Charles is watching them scrub up the blood outside. He starts to head back into the hospital when a teenage boy stops him and asks if this is the visitor’s entrance. He talks about his friend, who turns out to be the teenager. He is not normal this dispassionate. Charles brings the teen inside.

Reese gets to the OR and Rhodes talks to her about what is happening. He found an incredibly rare condition so they don’t need to do bypass. He missed it once and learned from that mistake. There’s a lesson there.

Halstead goes looking for his patient. Choi already moved him. He runs upstairs and halts the procedure before it can start. They argue about treatment and “making hard choices” before Charles interrupts with the other teen. He goes in and talks to the patient. Turns out they are boyfriends and they have a moment.

Maggie heads into the break room and finds Wheeler’s dad. He wants to know why his son did it and she has no answer. She does know that he spent time doing magic tricks and keeping kids in oncology happy. He thanks her.

Turns out the paralysis was a physical manifestation of the teen not wanting to move to California. His body reacted to what seemed like an impossible situation and provided a serious medical condition because of things he couldn’t express. They are going to observe him overnight. Choi could have killed him with the treatment.

The father apologizes to the mother of the kid that almost drowned. Noah steps in to relieve April on compressions. He tells her to go grab some sleep but she has something she has to do. She brings Tate in and talks to him about the miscarriage and then breaks up with him.

Charles and Halstead talk about Wheeler and not helping. There is nothing either of them could have done. They just have to keep moving forward. Charles tells Halstead he is a good doctor and to keep it up.

The boy from the river wakes up. It’s a very good sign. The mother thanks Manning and she says that she is just happy he is doing well. She goes to the break room and cries. Charles sees but does not interrupt.

Goodwin and Charles talk about anyone visiting for therapy. No one went. She thought everyone had each other’s backs but no one knew Wheeler. She worries about all of the people at Med and wishes she could protect them.

Choi is alone. He goes to the morgue and sees Wheeler’s body. He apologizes and gives

him a stethoscope.

Reese goes to tell Charles that she is back with him in the morning. She asks if everyone comes to him with their pain and then asks how he is doing. He says it’s awful.

I don’t like Goodwin. I don’t know why. She just always seems to act like she’s better than everyone and that bothers me. I felt really bad for Reese and Halstead in this one in relation to the Wheeler incident and felt bad for Manning because of her patient. I loved the Good Samaritan guy and was surprised by how the storyline with the teenage boy played out.

Chicago Med is new Thursdays at 9 p.m.