Chicago PD, episode nine

Denny and Ruzek meet in the middle of nowhere. They argue about getting evidence on Voight. Ruzek doesn’t have much time before Denny comes after him instead. Halstead wakes up surrounded by beer bottles with a message from Upton. He’s in bed with the chick he met undercover. She still thinks he’s Ryan looking for a job.

Upton is hanging out at a kiddie soccer game. She tries to make a buy off a soccer mom. She makes a move and Halstead is in position to tail her. She gets away though. They go to her house to try to bust her but her kids come running out yelling before they can.

She ODs. Voight wants the unit to take it but Denny turns up and thinks that is a bad idea. Her father is a judge. The unit is handling it. Voight gives out assignments and then goes to see the judge.

Burgess goes to a bar to try to get a spoke in the supplier wheel. It works. She and Antonio bring him in. Olinsky and Voight ask the questions. He doesn’t say much and asks for a deal.

Anna is there for the prosecution. She’s hesitant but the judge turns up. He says to go with it so they come with a plan. They set a meet for that night and Antonio, Burgess and Atwater are there to observe.

Antonio and Burgess move in. The supplier/bartender is dead. Shot in the head. The unit investigates. There’s some cash on hand and Ruzek watches Voight pocket it. They also find prescription bottles. Antonio and Burgess go to see the doctor that wrote them. He knows nothing and his pad was stolen months earlier.

There are patients on the bottles too and more than one worked at the same place as the dead guy so Halstead and Upton go to see the boss. They get nowhere but after he calls the doctor, Burgess and Antonio go pick him up. And the girl he’s got with him.

Apparently Ruzek is a traitor and he wore a camera to the scene so now he has evidence on Voight. At the district, Voight and Antonio talk to the doctor and tell him he’s taking it all if he doesn’t roll on his cousin. The girlfriend is mostly concerned with her drugs.

Ruzek heads out and Denny stops him to tell him the clock it ticking. Ruzek pretends Voight didn’t take the bait. Upton and Halstead bust the girlfriend trying to get high and throw it back at the doctor.

He talks then to protect the girlfriend. They set up a sting but bar owner catches on, shoots his own cousin and makes a run for it. Burgess pursues him and ends up riding the bus with him. Voight gets on at the next stop and when bar owner makes him, Burgess moves.

They take him back to the district and question him. He has a different alibi, one for his drug business that he didn’t want to advertise. Ruzek meets with Denny and tells him to fuck off. Voight goes to see the judge. He tells him they busted the bar owner and then asks a few questions.

They get more and more pointed. He knows what happened. He’s letting it go. Ruzek is back at the district and Olinsky is lurking. He asks him to take a ride. He wants to see a CI. They go and Ruzek is a little suspicious. They get to the meeting point and it’s no CI. It’s Voight.

There was hardly any Atwater in this one. Burgess was awesome though. She was calm under pressure on the bus and it worked out well. I’d like to see a mission where she is partnered with Upton. And again, Anna turning up. I love that.


Chicago PD, episode eight

Voight shows up to shake hands and schmooze at a politician’s party. He runs into Burgess and meets her new boyfriend Matt, a federal prosecutor himself. The congressman’s big speech is about the state of the city and how much support the police department needs.

Halstead talks to Voight about a call he got from IAD about the bar fight while he was undercover. Voight tells him to keep it simple and then asks who knew about it. Atwater, Upton, two narcotics cops and Ruzek but it couldn’t have been Ruzek, Halstead says. He asks Upton if it was her and she tells him no. She also recommends he talk to someone about potential triggers from the case.

Seems they have a new case. Voight shows up at a hotel. There’s a dead Jane Doe and a male hotel guest. Voight goes to see the guest. It’s his congressman friend. The unit takes the case so Halstead and Upton are looking at the scene. Voight and Olinsky question the congressman. He claims he was drugged and framed.

Atwater and Ruzek go to see the security footage. It cuts out while the congressman was at the bar. They talk to the security guard but come up empty there. Voight goes to see Price about Congressman Graynor’s potential enemies. He has a lot.

Antonio and Burgess go to see one but he has an alibi. The unit goes over the case and Upton gets a lead on the gun. It was used in another shooting. Voight and Olinsky go to see the victim. Turns out she is the Jane Doe’s mother. Her daughter has been missing. The mother gives them some information and they run with it.

They get enough to clear Graynor so Voight lets him out. They have a suspect for the shootings but no ID. Burgess remembers that her boyfriend is working a mob case and that it might be related so she asks him about it. He can’t talk but wants to have a sitdown with Voight.

Ruzek found footage of the shooter with the security guard so he and Atwater go to bring him in. They find him dead instead. They report back to Voight about it but the conversation is cut short because Voight has a meeting with the feds. They ask him to sit on the case and he says yes.

He’s Voight though so he doesn’t listen. Instead the unit uses the information the feds gave him to get an ID. There’s another girl missing too so Platt sends patrol out with photos of her. She also warns Burgess about being close to this case given the boyfriend situation.

Price meets with Voight. He wants a crime scene photo of Graynor for blackmail. Voight talks about it with Olinsky. Upton gets a lead on the missing girl. She and Antonio move in and talk to her. They set up a sting but their suspect doesn’t show up.

He’s been tipped off though and Voight knows exactly who to blame. Burgess’s boyfriend and he tells her as much. He tells her to pick. She’s upset about it after and runs into Ruzek. He gives her a pep talk.

She goes and talks to Matt about the case some more but it’s a setup. Voight and Olinsky were running surveillance on the whole thing. They know where the suspect is holed up. Voight gives orders and the unit moves in.

Nothing is ever easy though so there’s a chase and a shootout before Ruzek and Burgess catch up with the guy. The feds are pissed and yell at Voight. He doesn’t back down. Price reaches out about that favor he asked for. Voight gives it to him. Burgess goes to see her boyfriend and he slams the door in her face.

I liked that there was more Olinsky in this episode but now there is no Antonio. I don’t know if it was always like this and I didn’t notice it or if they just don’t have a balance now or what. It just seems different.

Chicago PD, episode seven

Ruzek is hanging out with his nephew when he gets a text. He heads to the district and copies files on Voight’s computer. He hears something in the break room and finds Halstead asleep on the couch. He’s having a bad dream and when Ruzek wakes him up he comes up swinging. Something is obviously wrong.

Halstead starts his shift. He’s sitting alone in the truck drinking coffee when he hears a shots fired call. He rolls on it. At the scene he sees at least one suspect and finds a victim. After, he updates Voight. It doesn’t feel like a mass shooting. They used military style smoke weapons. Upton catches up with them and tells them it could be a kidnapping.

At the district, Burgess updates on the victim. Halstead shows everyone the security footage. He thinks it was a kidnapping gone wrong. Antonio mentions word of kidnapping ring. He heard about it from narcotics. The unit goes to track down leads on that while Voight talks to the mother of the little boy who was taken.

Upton and Halstead go to see the boy’s father. No sign of him but they find a box with the boy’s ear in it. Antonio goes to see a CI that had his nephew kidnapped. He gets a little info. Turns out the only one they can identify was a Ranger. Halstead wants to go undercover.

The unit votes and he goes for it. He meets up with the guy in a bar and gets a less than warm welcome. A bar brawl breaks out. Halstead has the guy’s back and they end up heading out together. They hang out and he tries to chat. It gets nowhere. The guy’s sister gets home and the guy goes to bed. Halstead talks to her.

Atwater and Ruzek watch footage of Halstead in the bar. Ruzek saves a clip incriminating Halstead to a thumb drive. Antonio is still working his CIs. The father is reaching out to gangs to come up with money. Antonio brings the father in.

He was told to not go to the cops. The kidnappers want a million dollars for his son. While Antonio tries to scrap together money for the drop, Voight gives Halstead drugs to use undercover. Halstead goes back under the guise of seeing the sister and hangs with the guy. He trades drugs for a “job” contact.

Voight gets fake cash from Denny and ends up fighting with him about it. Halstead busts into the guys apartment and gets face to face with the rest of the kidnapping gang. Olinsky and Upton get plates and IDs from where they are running surveillance. Halstead has a plan. Take one of them in so that the gang uses Halstead in his place.

Upton is opposed but Voight is game. Ruzek and Atwater grab him off the street. Halstead goes to see the sister and she kisses him. He wants information on her brother though and tracks him down. He finds out that the third gang member is gone and pushes to join up.

The guy brings Halstead to his boss and gets the all clear to use him. Halstead pushes for details. He gets a few. Voight is with the parents when the call comes in. He coaches the father on what to say. He doesn’t agree to the exchange. The boss is pissed.

He wants to kill everyone, including the kid. Halstead is along for the ride. They get to near some abandoned buildings and when the boss orders Halstead out, he and the other guy attack. They take the boss down and move inside to save the kid.

Halstead saves the kid but the other guy gets killed. Halstead doesn’t react well. Voight reunites the parents with the son at Med. Ruzek meets with Denny and hands off the thumb drive. He tells Denny they are good but Denny days they aren’t. Halstead goes to see the sister. She asks if he was there and he says no. They hug and cry.

Again, hardly any Olinsky. Does he even work there? It was only a matter of time before Halstead’s Ranger past came up again. Especially after Mouse left a couple of seasons ago. I don’t know if I like Upton of not. She can be grating.

Chicago PD, episode six

There is a police banquet. The unit is in uniform. Upton and Halstead talk about her time in narcotics and one of the cops there in particular. He was always looking for an angle and it drove her nuts. Voight chats with his good friend Alderman Price.

On her way out of the bathroom, Upton sees her narcotics buddy shoving another guy. They go their separate ways as Halstead comes running up with a shots fired call. The whole unit moves in. They find two people dead and their son bleeding out upstairs. They start investigating and find drugs. Looks like motive.

Atwater and Ruzek start to talk to neighbors. One lady saw something. She explains what she saw and what she knows about the family. Back at the district Burgess and Antonio have looked into the family. The father was dealing drugs to make ends meet. Upton tracks down the drug route and a stash house. Voight tells her to chase that and get in touch with McGrady (Wil Traval) from narcotics. She tells him that they have beef but Voight tells her to get over it.

She tries to tell McGrady to let go of their differences. He just starts running the show. Antonio and Burgess talk to the son once he is in recovery. Upton, Halstead and McGrady run surveillance from a van on some gang folks. Halstead gets a call. The son IDed the guy they are watching so they pick him up.

Voight and Halstead bring the gang dude in for questioning. He doesn’t say anything so they have to let him go. Halstead is going over the case when Burgess breaks the news to him that the son died at Med. He says they need new evidence and asks Upton if she’s heard from McGrady. She says that she has and is going to meet up with him that night. No word of new evidence though.

Upton is driving when she hears a call of an officer shot. She radios in that she will respond. She gets there and just finds a car. She looks around and then looks in the window. It’s McGrady. She opens the door and he falls out. He’s bleeding. She freaks out and calls in an officer down.

At the scene, Voight walks up with Denny who warns him to keep it on the up and up. Price is there too. Voight asks him about the gang dude and says that if evidence leads there he will take him in. Atwater and Ruzek update Voight.

Then he wants to talk to Upton and basically blames her for McGrady’s death. Then she goes to pay her condolences. She isn’t very warmly received. The investigation continues. They have a lead on a guy named Damon Briggs (Furly Mac). He was an almost CI for McGrady. He mentions they were beefing over money. He lent McGrady a grand was looking to collect.

Ruzek and Atwater look into gang dude but his alibi seems to check out. They head back to the unit and tell Voight as much. Upton says Briggs’ does as well. Antonio interrupts. Blood on the murder weapon matches gang dude. They roll out.

No sign of gang dude but they talk to his kid’s mother. She said he came through the night before and took his gun. At the district, Upton and Platt talk about Voight. Halstead comes in. They have a lead on gang dude’s getaway driver. They move in and he ends up fighting with Atwater but they get some information.

Turns out Price was involved. Voight confronts him and Price says that he knows that gang dude won’t get a fair chance so he was trying to help with a peaceful surrender. The two of them eventually go in and bring gang dude out. They hand him off to Denny.

Denny holds a press conference about the arrest and McGrady’s sacrifice. Voight yells at him for sending in the TAC team after. Upton again talks to McGrady’s widow. She’s better received this time. She offers to help with whatever comes up and the widow mentions that McGrady had been upset one night because he was accused of stealing from the cop community program.

Upton chases it. The guy that accused him was Mike Adams (). The same guy that he fought with at the banquet. During their conversation, Adams mentions the blood on the gun and it gets Upton thinking. Gang dude was arrested a few months back for DUI. His blood was in the lab.

She calls Voight to test her theory. She thinks that McGrady framed gang dude and killed himself. Voight talks to Price and they “muse” about what happened with McGrady and the gang dude. No one is saying anything though.

The unit is at McGrady’s house. Ruzek gets a call. He’s gotta run out. Upton and Voight leave and talk about what to do. They have to bring the evidence forward or take it to the grave. She’s upset. He was a fraud. Maybe a good cop but not a good man. Voight tells her to think of the kids, and the city. She agrees to take it to the grave.

Ruzek’s call was Denny. Seems he falsified some reports and messed with evidence to protect his sister. Denny wants him to be a snitch. He doesn’t want to do it but is convinced to protect himself.

I don’t like Ruzek anyway so I really don’t care about that. I’m hoping he doesn’t snitch though and I’m glad they backed off Antonio. There was hardly any Antonio in this episode and I completely forgot about Olinsky until the end. This show is so different from last year and I still don’t know what to make of it.

Chicago PD, episode five

Atwater is headed to work when his brother comes in. He needs his report card signed. It’s not good. Atwater says they will address it later. Antonio is running point on a raid. He got information on a drug operation and the unit moves in. They round-up a few guys before hearing something outside. It’s a kid trapped in tool shed. There are two dead kids in with him.

Back at the district, Platt is trying to find a translator. The kids don’t pop on facial recognition but the one that survived says that he is from Vietnam. Voight and Antonio interview the drug dealer. He says the shed isn’t his. He tells him everything that he knows about the guy. He’s still on the hook for the deaths though because of criminally negligent homicide.

Ruzek and Atwater talk to the boy through a translator and find out a few details. They start canvassing a neighborhood and find a couple that claim to be his adoptive parents. The father was away on business and the mother was having issues with him. She found a couple online and gave the kid away.

The parents are separated and questioned. Ruzek takes the father who is in shock. Atwater talks to the mother. She is defensive but not all that remorseful. The unit takes the next step. Atwater and Burgess pose as a couple giving up a kid. They meet with a couple and ask some questions. The couple tells them that they aren’t ready and leaves.

Antonio and Ruzek tail them. They don’t go to a farm in the burbs but a trailer park. Ruzek sees another person inside and calls in the plates on another car. They hear shots fired and move in. It’s the father that was away on business. As everyone is taken into custody, Atwater gets a message from his brother. Emergency at home. He rolls out with Burgess.

Some kids from the neighborhood cornered his sister. They knew her brother was a snitch so they were going to teach her a lesson. Afterward, Atwater doesn’t know what to do. He talks about sending them to Texas.

The couple that Atwater and Burgess met, the Marsdens, claim that they thought they were helping an undercover ICE agent investigate child trafficking. They actually believe that. They explain the process. Upton and Antonio head out to the truck stop they use as a meeting point to get some security footage. Atwater goes home to find out Jordan is on the street looking the kids that attacked his sister.

Atwater catches up with Jordan before he can do anything. He yells at him and Jordan blames him for all of this. It’s his fault that Jordan testified to begin with. Atwater apologizes and they hug it out. Upton and Halstead go through the security footage and get a suspect for the secret ICE agent. The unit goes after him. They don’t find him but find a site on the dark web that he is auctioning kids off at. They have 19 minutes to win.

They win and go to the meetup point. They get confirmation and then move in. Things get nuts and Voight beats up the suspect. While everyone else tries to catch the auction winners that were also on the scene. In interrogation, Voight gives the suspect one chance to admit where all the kids he’s auctioned off are. He threatens him with gen pop at Cook County.

It seems to do the trick. The man starts writing. Voight intends to send him to gen pop anyway. Afterward, Voight confronts Antonio about his meetings with the state’s attorney. Antonio tells him what happened. They are investigating an old case but Antonio has been loyal. Voight goes to visit Atwater and finds out he moved the kids to Texas. It was the best decision for them.

Halstead and Olinsky were hardly in this. And this whole Antonio is the bad guy thing is so season one. This show is a lot darker than it was before. I don’t like it much. They are setting up Halstead and Upton though. I feel bad for Atwater but it’s interesting that he finally has his own story lines.

Chicago PD, episode four

Burgess and Atwater are celebrating his brother’s birthday when he gets a call. He’s needed for an undercover. Ruzek is out on the case already. It’s a drug case. They meet in a bar and Atwater is lurking nearby to be safe. They just set up a meeting for later. Ruzek checks in with Voight. He tells him to keep on it. Ruzek tries to follow up on his in. He finds him bleeding out.

He calls for an ambo and puts pressure on the wound. He admits that he’s a cop and the guy shuts up. He’s not going out like a snitch. The guy dies and Ruzek feels guilty. The unit starts its investigation but no one is willing to talk. They do get some prints off a beer bottle and roll out on it. They move in on the guy at work and find out he’s the victim’s brother.

In interrogation, he says that he was there but he doesn’t know anything. Atwater comes in. He knows the guy. He offers protection but the guy says he’s not a hero. Upton might have a lead on the getaway car. She and Ruzek go to get it and have words with their suspected driver.

It comes back clean but driver’s girlfriend has some issues so they take her in next. Ruzek fights the suspect. Atwater wants another chance to convince the brother to talk. Ruzek doesn’t understand the hesitation and runs his mouth. Voight tells him to just make the case. Atwater interrupts. It doesn’t matter. The brother is dead.

At the scene, Atwater sees his brother. He tells him off for being there before taking him home. Voight brings the case to the state’s attorney’s office. Anna is on board but they don’t have the evidence. When Voight is leaving, he notices Antonio meeting with someone across the street. He lied about where he was going to be.

Someone reported Ruzek for punching a suspect. Voight gives him the story. Ruzek goes to talk to Upton. She’s not so quick to agree in this age of technology. They have more security footage of the second murder. Someone saw the escape. Atwater’s brother.

He goes home and talks to him. He’s not a snitch. He’s brave. Jordan agrees to come in and make a statement. At the district, Voight asks Atwater if he’s sure. Doing right by your family is more important than doing right. Jordan goes through with it though and they move in for the arrest. A shootout and chase ensures. Atwater catches up with him after he drops his gun.

Voight joins the two of them alone in the alley. Atwater still might shoot him. Voight will let him but then Upton and Antonio show up and arrest the guy. Ruzek thanks Atwater for his work on this one. Denny stops by to hassle Voight. He quotes Machiavelli.

At Molly’s, Ruzek finds out that Upton made his case go away. It wasn’t for him though. Olinsky ran the plates on the guy that Antonio was meeting. It’s a state’s attorney that works with Denny. They begin to suspect Antonio is looking to snitch. Atwater is out with his brother and sister. He’s watching the door. He’s just paranoid.

I honestly forgot about Halstead and Olinsky for most of this episode. That’s not a good thing. Is Antonio working undercover? I doubt it but there has always been this back and forth between him and Voight. I’m glad Anna is still around. She was the best part of Justice. Who did Upton do it for then? Voight? Is she another stray he helped out?

Chicago PD, episode three

Antonio is talking to his daughter. She is coming to live with him. It’s a big year. She’s applying for college. Her advisor suggested writing her essay about being Latina. She doesn’t think it’s much of a challenge. He gets called to a scene.

A drug mule was sliced open and left for dead. Antonio and Upton talk about passing on the case but his daughter sees it and says they should help other Latinos. He takes it. They present it to the unit and Voight tells them to get to work.

Olinsky meets with a source and gets a lead. Antonio is partnered with Burgess as they watch for another drug runner to turn up. They get their chance. The girl gets in a truck and they move in. The driver makes a run for it and Atwater and Ruzek chase while Burgess calls an ambo for the girl.

Dawson helps Burgess talk to the girl in Spanish. She says that the victim isn’t a drug mule. She was too old. Voight and Halstead question the driver they picked up. He tells them he had nothing to do with the murder. He points out that she wasn’t a mule though because if someone had cut her open for drugs, it would have been vertical not horizontal.

They tell the unit and Upton has more info. The victim was raped, strangled and then cut up. Voight gets a report from patrol about bloody clothes. Burgess and Atwater move on it and find a fake ID. They head to the address and find more bloody clothes and the victim’s son.

Platt talks to the son about his family. He tells her his mom told him never to talk to the police. They got some DNA back on the bloody clothes from her apartment. It’s animal blood. She worked in a meatpacking plant.

The plant is full of undocumented immigrants that don’t want to talk to the cops. The owner and his son are jerks. One woman seems to know something. Burgess follows her into a locker room. Turns out she is the victim’s sister. She starts crying and she wants to know where her nephew is.

They bring her back to the district and she hugs her nephew. Platt says DCFS is coming and Antonio asks her to hold them off as long as possible. The sister just wants to keep her nephew safe. She does know something though. The victim had gone out with the owner’s son.

Antonio and Burgess barge into a swanky restaurant to take the son into custody. They bring him in and try and paint a picture but he lawyers up. Antonio wants to keep the pressure on. Voight tells him and Burgess to head back to the plant for more evidence. They have bigger problems though. There’s an anonymous tip about undocumented workers. The whole staff is being led out and there’s nothing Antonio can do. The sister is among them.

As the vans pull away, the owner pulls up. He called himself as an act of self preservation. He makes a comment about his son not being man enough to murder someone. They go back to the district and Antonio is pissed. He wants to do something but there is nothing Voight can do. The sister has been deported and they have nothing to hold the kid on.

Platt and Antonio walk the son out to the DCFS officer. He flinches at the van though because his mom went in one and never came back. They bring him back in and he describes the guy he saw his mom leave with. It was a driver from the plant.

Burgess and Antonio head back to the plant and find out the guy is out in a van. They put out a BOLO and Ruzek and Atwater track it down in time to see it go up in flames. The unit goes to his house and brings him in. He plays dumb and then rants about illegal immigrants. Antonio snaps.

Voight tells him to slow down and then sends Halstead and Upton to the morgue he has the rest of them canvasing neighborhoods with the driver’s photo. They all find out about more victims. They still only have hearsay testimony though. They need to get the kid to ID the driver. Voight wants to feed the kid the right answer. He leaves it up to Antonio.

He doesn’t do it though. He tells the kid to just tell the truth. The kid picks the wrong guy and then gets it right on the second try but it’s too late. Voight is done with it. He yells at Antonio and then walks away. They can’t even get a warrant. Voight goes to “update” one of the victims’ brother about the “status of the investigation.”

Platt takes the kid to a group home. Antonio brings the personal effects of one of the victims to her aunt and finds out Voight had been by the night before. He rushes to the driver’s house and hears a noise. He goes inside and finds the driver dead and sliced open with a message written on the wall. He goes back to the district and Voight says that he wanted this to happen. He was just afraid to admit it.

He goes home and his daughter is still up. He tells her they found the guy that killed the woman. His daughter offers to read the start of her college essay to him. It’s a good start.

Voight is going off the deep end. Like really he’s just getting to dark again. And it’s so gory this season. I can’t handle that. I’m glad that it was actually Dawson as the paramedic for a change. I love when they cross people over in small ways like that.