Chicago PD, episode four

Burgess and Atwater are celebrating his brother’s birthday when he gets a call. He’s needed for an undercover. Ruzek is out on the case already. It’s a drug case. They meet in a bar and Atwater is lurking nearby to be safe. They just set up a meeting for later. Ruzek checks in with Voight. He tells him to keep on it. Ruzek tries to follow up on his in. He finds him bleeding out.

He calls for an ambo and puts pressure on the wound. He admits that he’s a cop and the guy shuts up. He’s not going out like a snitch. The guy dies and Ruzek feels guilty. The unit starts its investigation but no one is willing to talk. They do get some prints off a beer bottle and roll out on it. They move in on the guy at work and find out he’s the victim’s brother.

In interrogation, he says that he was there but he doesn’t know anything. Atwater comes in. He knows the guy. He offers protection but the guy says he’s not a hero. Upton might have a lead on the getaway car. She and Ruzek go to get it and have words with their suspected driver.

It comes back clean but driver’s girlfriend has some issues so they take her in next. Ruzek fights the suspect. Atwater wants another chance to convince the brother to talk. Ruzek doesn’t understand the hesitation and runs his mouth. Voight tells him to just make the case. Atwater interrupts. It doesn’t matter. The brother is dead.

At the scene, Atwater sees his brother. He tells him off for being there before taking him home. Voight brings the case to the state’s attorney’s office. Anna is on board but they don’t have the evidence. When Voight is leaving, he notices Antonio meeting with someone across the street. He lied about where he was going to be.

Someone reported Ruzek for punching a suspect. Voight gives him the story. Ruzek goes to talk to Upton. She’s not so quick to agree in this age of technology. They have more security footage of the second murder. Someone saw the escape. Atwater’s brother.

He goes home and talks to him. He’s not a snitch. He’s brave. Jordan agrees to come in and make a statement. At the district, Voight asks Atwater if he’s sure. Doing right by your family is more important than doing right. Jordan goes through with it though and they move in for the arrest. A shootout and chase ensures. Atwater catches up with him after he drops his gun.

Voight joins the two of them alone in the alley. Atwater still might shoot him. Voight will let him but then Upton and Antonio show up and arrest the guy. Ruzek thanks Atwater for his work on this one. Denny stops by to hassle Voight. He quotes Machiavelli.

At Molly’s, Ruzek finds out that Upton made his case go away. It wasn’t for him though. Olinsky ran the plates on the guy that Antonio was meeting. It’s a state’s attorney that works with Denny. They begin to suspect Antonio is looking to snitch. Atwater is out with his brother and sister. He’s watching the door. He’s just paranoid.

I honestly forgot about Halstead and Olinsky for most of this episode. That’s not a good thing. Is Antonio working undercover? I doubt it but there has always been this back and forth between him and Voight. I’m glad Anna is still around. She was the best part of Justice. Who did Upton do it for then? Voight? Is she another stray he helped out?


Chicago PD, episode three

Antonio is talking to his daughter. She is coming to live with him. It’s a big year. She’s applying for college. Her advisor suggested writing her essay about being Latina. She doesn’t think it’s much of a challenge. He gets called to a scene.

A drug mule was sliced open and left for dead. Antonio and Upton talk about passing on the case but his daughter sees it and says they should help other Latinos. He takes it. They present it to the unit and Voight tells them to get to work.

Olinsky meets with a source and gets a lead. Antonio is partnered with Burgess as they watch for another drug runner to turn up. They get their chance. The girl gets in a truck and they move in. The driver makes a run for it and Atwater and Ruzek chase while Burgess calls an ambo for the girl.

Dawson helps Burgess talk to the girl in Spanish. She says that the victim isn’t a drug mule. She was too old. Voight and Halstead question the driver they picked up. He tells them he had nothing to do with the murder. He points out that she wasn’t a mule though because if someone had cut her open for drugs, it would have been vertical not horizontal.

They tell the unit and Upton has more info. The victim was raped, strangled and then cut up. Voight gets a report from patrol about bloody clothes. Burgess and Atwater move on it and find a fake ID. They head to the address and find more bloody clothes and the victim’s son.

Platt talks to the son about his family. He tells her his mom told him never to talk to the police. They got some DNA back on the bloody clothes from her apartment. It’s animal blood. She worked in a meatpacking plant.

The plant is full of undocumented immigrants that don’t want to talk to the cops. The owner and his son are jerks. One woman seems to know something. Burgess follows her into a locker room. Turns out she is the victim’s sister. She starts crying and she wants to know where her nephew is.

They bring her back to the district and she hugs her nephew. Platt says DCFS is coming and Antonio asks her to hold them off as long as possible. The sister just wants to keep her nephew safe. She does know something though. The victim had gone out with the owner’s son.

Antonio and Burgess barge into a swanky restaurant to take the son into custody. They bring him in and try and paint a picture but he lawyers up. Antonio wants to keep the pressure on. Voight tells him and Burgess to head back to the plant for more evidence. They have bigger problems though. There’s an anonymous tip about undocumented workers. The whole staff is being led out and there’s nothing Antonio can do. The sister is among them.

As the vans pull away, the owner pulls up. He called himself as an act of self preservation. He makes a comment about his son not being man enough to murder someone. They go back to the district and Antonio is pissed. He wants to do something but there is nothing Voight can do. The sister has been deported and they have nothing to hold the kid on.

Platt and Antonio walk the son out to the DCFS officer. He flinches at the van though because his mom went in one and never came back. They bring him back in and he describes the guy he saw his mom leave with. It was a driver from the plant.

Burgess and Antonio head back to the plant and find out the guy is out in a van. They put out a BOLO and Ruzek and Atwater track it down in time to see it go up in flames. The unit goes to his house and brings him in. He plays dumb and then rants about illegal immigrants. Antonio snaps.

Voight tells him to slow down and then sends Halstead and Upton to the morgue he has the rest of them canvasing neighborhoods with the driver’s photo. They all find out about more victims. They still only have hearsay testimony though. They need to get the kid to ID the driver. Voight wants to feed the kid the right answer. He leaves it up to Antonio.

He doesn’t do it though. He tells the kid to just tell the truth. The kid picks the wrong guy and then gets it right on the second try but it’s too late. Voight is done with it. He yells at Antonio and then walks away. They can’t even get a warrant. Voight goes to “update” one of the victims’ brother about the “status of the investigation.”

Platt takes the kid to a group home. Antonio brings the personal effects of one of the victims to her aunt and finds out Voight had been by the night before. He rushes to the driver’s house and hears a noise. He goes inside and finds the driver dead and sliced open with a message written on the wall. He goes back to the district and Voight says that he wanted this to happen. He was just afraid to admit it.

He goes home and his daughter is still up. He tells her they found the guy that killed the woman. His daughter offers to read the start of her college essay to him. It’s a good start.

Voight is going off the deep end. Like really he’s just getting to dark again. And it’s so gory this season. I can’t handle that. I’m glad that it was actually Dawson as the paramedic for a change. I love when they cross people over in small ways like that.

Chicago PD, episode two

Atwater, Ruzek and Burgess are on foot patrol at a street fair. Burgess chats with someone she knows from the district named Frank Toma (Ben Youcef). Her and Ruzek chat about her new man when Atwater sees something. A van in a restricted area. He sees two guys get out and run. He and Ruzek chase while Burgess and Toma try to clear the area. One of the guys gets hit by a car before the van blows up.

Voight and FBI are working joint and they call it terrorism. Voight tells the unit where to canvas. Burgess suggests bringing Toma to translate. She and Antonio ask Platt to assign him but they haven’t heard from him. She tells them where to look and suggests asking his partner.

Halstead and Upton go to Med to talk to the suspect that was hit by a car. April won’t let them in though. Antonio and Burgess track down Toma’s partner. No word from him. They go to see his folks. No word there either but they look around his room and find something. Evidence he might have been involved with the bombing. Burgess is upset.

Burgess tells Voight what she knows. He tells her to take the blinders off and go question the parents. Back at the unit, Voight tells Ruzek to look through Toma’s computer. He updates the FBI agent who admits Toma has been on their radar. Voight says that he’s still one of theirs.

Antonio is going through Toma’s room. Burgess comes in. She still convinced that he is innocent. Antonio finds photos of Toma with another officer from the district. They go to find him. Halstead and Upton question the suspect. They get him to name a few people and report back.

Atwater got a lead on the other guy from the van and his wife. They move in. FBI guy and Halstead corner the wife while Upton and Voight chase the guy. The wife pulls a gun so Halstead shoots her. She doesn’t make it. They get the guy though. Voight sends Halstead and Upton in to question him.

Burgess and Antonio are still trying to track down the boyfriend. Halstead and Upton make some headway. They find out there is a second bomb and that he was working for a terrorist high up the ladder. FBI doesn’t buy it but Atwater says forensics matches.

FBI updates on the terrorist leader. Burgess finds out that the boyfriend is about to land at O’Hare. She and Antonio go to meet him. They talk to him and find out that he got a voicemail from Toma. It sounded like a goodbye. He also tells them that Toma’s partner, son of a commander, has been getting grief for being Muslim and being gay.

The unit tracks down Toma’s car but he’s not in it. After a foot search, Burgess finds him. He tells her that it’s too late, he messed up and there is a letter in his backpack explaining it. He wants her to be the one to tell his parents. Then he takes his own life.

Everyone else shows up and Burgess rants. Voight benches her. Back at the unit they sort through Toma’s things but don’t find a letter. They find more info on his computer but it will take a while to sort through. Antonio and Burgess go to an apartment Toma told Burgess about. It looks like he was running his own solo undercover op. They call in and update the unit.

There is information there that might lead to the second bomb. They raid a warehouse and find one guy. He tells them it’s too late though. The bomb has already been moved. Ruzek finds a chat room talking about the academy graduation at Navy Pier. Voight thinks it’s a false lead. He tells Burgess to look through the notebook. She and Antonio find information about a high school football game and head that way.

They get stuck in traffic but see the van. They move in on foot. They get the guys and stop the bombing. Afterward Burgess tells Voight that she wishes she could have saved Toma. He saved a lot of people.

Burgess goes to see Toma’s parents. She tells them that no matter what they hear, their son was a here. Then she goes to see his partner and tells him that his time will come and she will be waiting. She gets called to Voight’s office. He tells her that she needs to stay away from the partner. Her career will go up in smoke otherwise.

Voight wants the higher ups to clear Toma’s name for the sake of his family. The investigator comments that Voight knows when to fight and when to run. Voight says he doesn’t run. He waits.

I liked seeing Burgess actually take control for once. I’m also glad that Antonio had her back. Halstead is just killing all the people these days. I don’t like that he’s so trigger happy. I feel like Voight is building up for some big showdown with the investigator guy. I’m interested in that.

Chicago PD, episode one

Halstead walking around Erin’s empty apartment. He finds a picture of the two of them on the floor. Voight talks to a suit about letting Erin go. He says that it was the right thing to do but now he feels lonely because she was like a daughter to him. He organizes a raid that ends up with a little girl shot. Halstead and Upton rush her to Med.

The little girl is still in critical condition. One victim was killed and another just had his leg grazed. He doesn’t want to talk to cops though. Back at the unit, Burgess runs down the case for Voight while Ruzek and Atwater follow up on some gang ties when the chief comes up to talk to Voight. An independent contractor will review the incident. That contractor is someone that has a history with Voight.

On the ground, Burgess and Olinsky go over the case when Alderman Price rolls up and starts arguing with them. The chief intervenes. Upton and Halstead go to find the little girl’s mother. They take her to Med. When they get back, Halstead goes to see Voight. Ballistics are back. It was a stray bullet that hit the little girl. One fired by Halstead.

Voight and Halstead go talk to ballistics. Halstead sticks with his story and Voight tells him to take some time off. Ruzek and Atwater go to see an ME. She stitched up a gang banger and gives them a lead. They chase it but come up empty handed. Ruzek pulls a gun on an innocent black man in front of his son and Atwater does his best to diffuse the tension.

The entire situation is a PR nightmare. Voight goes to bat for Halstead though. Atwater calls Ruzek belligerent. They argue about protocol and being PC. Halstead has an interview with the higher ups. After he finds out from Burgess that the little girl died.

The unit gets a lead from a burnerphone and follow up. Halstead asks Voight about Erin. Voight tells him to move on. After a raid, the team brings the man that was grazed by a bullet in for questioning. He lawyers up real quick. Alderman Price swings by to get him released.

At the desk, Platt is reading the internet. She finds all sorts of things about people demanding Halstead’s badge. Voight and Price meet and talk about Halstead. Basically Price wants to make an example of Halstead. Voight isn’t interested. He tries bargain with the graze victim and they come up with a sting op.

Ruzek goes in for a deal with… Antonio. They have Atwater nearby as backup and to sell the story, Ruzek punches him in the face. They’ve got enough to move in on the guy for real. They do and he’s got the wound the ME patched up so they know he’s the right guy.

Voight meets with the contractor and Price about the case. He will bury the guy he’s got in custody and let the graze victim walk in exchange for backing off Halstead. They shake and there’s a presser. Halstead and Upton talk after. She’s done something similiar, different circumstances. She tells him talk to the kid’s mom.

Burgess and Antonio watch the news. They toast to Halstead before Antonio walks away to take a job in the unit from Voight. Burgess tells Ruzek she met someone before taking off. Halstead goes to apologize to the mother.

So Upton and Halstead will be a thing? I’m okay with that. I’m stoked that Antonio is back. Ruzek was awful in this episode. I’m kind of hoping things stay tense with him and Atwater. It makes it more interesting.

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Chicago PD, episode twenty-three

Lindsay is at her hearing. She gets striped and is facing possible assault charges. She gets angry but the chief doesn’t care. She leaves and Bunny calls. She says that “he’s dead.”
The unit rolls in. Dude is not dead and Voight knows him. They roll an ambo and start securing the scene. Ruzek points out that it’s a wonky situation for Halstead as they search for evidence. Halstead finds a gun behind the stove.

Voight and Halstead interrogate Bunny about Johnny Martelli. It gets them nowhere.
Erin shows up at the district and Platt tries to stop her. It’s no use. She confronts her mother and then Voight tells her to go home and get head on straight.

Martelli is dead and Jay asks Will for the key to the safety deposit box so that he can get their mother’s ring and propose to Erin. Will tells him to run. Erin isn’t looking to be saved. They get interrupted by an incoming ambo. There are a lot of oxy incidents in Bridgeport.

Upton and Olinsky get the autopsy info and then the unit talks about the case. They want to link the drugs to the murder so they better get to work. Platt comes in and talks to Upton. She warns her about the review board and basically tells her to have Erin’s back.
Voight talks to the chief. Who gives him an ultimatum, the unit or Lindsay. Voight heads to his club and talks to the guys. He gets some of what he needs and says that he will try to keep their names out of it. They tell him to do better than try.

Erin tracks down Bunny and demands to know what happened so they can get ahead of this. Bunny doesn’t want to deal with her and walks out.

Halstead and Olinsky rough up the guy Voight brought in for some answers. Turns out he doesn’t know about the murder but knows where Bunny fits in. She was the one storing the pills. They move on her bar but she’s gone. Voight asks Erin for her associates.

Voight teams up with the feds to track down Bunny’s people. She leaves and he calls Olinsky. They set something up to save the unit and Erin.

Upton has her meeting with the review board. Will stops by. They talk about the pills and then he gives Jay the ring. Upton gets back and talks to Platt. She says it’s like they already made up their minds.

Bunny is driving when the FBI swarms and busts her. She has the pills in the trunk. The fed then heads to Erin’s place to talk to her. She offers an undercover gig, in New York. Oh and it will help Bunny in the process.

The fed takes Erin to talk to Bunny and gets the whole story. Johnny and the guy Voight got were working with a third guy. Erin tells Jay who brings it to the unit.

They move in on the third guy, the likely shooter. He’s dead, long dead, and they start working this side of the case too. They set up a timeline. They are piecing it together when Voight tells them that the feds are taking it.

Erin agrees to the job on the condition that they let Bunny walk.

Voight cuts down the tape and heads into Bunny’s apartment for a look around. He’s got Bunny in the cage and talks to her about killing Johnny. There was blowback and blood on her glasses that she left in the bathroom. He tells her that Erin can never know.
Voight and Erin say their goodbyes and she asks about whether or not her mother is guilty.

The unit is at Molly’s waiting for Erin. She hasn’t answered her phone. Jay steps out to call again. She’s on a bridge looking at the skyline. Her phone rings. She sees that it is Jay but doesn’t answer. She’s crying as she walks away.

This was a very anticlimactic episode, especially for a finale. Erin isn’t leaving. We all know that. They are never going to actually bust Bunny. We know that too. Breaking up the unit would make the most sense. They did that on NCIS once. Sent everyone to different assignments. Didn’t last long though.

Chicago PD, episode twenty-two

Erin comes outside to find Bunny waiting for her. She gives her some pearls and asks for nothing in return. Erin tells her that she has to go to work.

Upton took the job. She shows up with Greek donuts. Erin comes in and tells Jay about her visit with Bunny. He offers unsolicited advice. Voight pairs Erin with Upton and Halstead with Olinsky.

Ruzek gets a call. It’s about 911 calls regarding a Facebook stream. They tune in and watch someone get murdered while waiting for coordinates. They roll out as soon as they get them. No sign of the killer but the body is still there when they get there. Along with the word pedophile written on the wall in blood.

The unit talks about what they know. They still have to ID the victim though. They know what car was at the scene and go see the woman it was registered to. Olinsky and Halstead head out. Olinsky comments to Jay about ruining a good thing in Intelligence because of his relationship trouble.

They get to the woman’s neighborhood and there are posters and flyers about a child rapist with a picture that looks like the victim. They talk to the car owner. It was her nephew. He served time as a rapist because he had sex with his underage girlfriend. She was white. When he moved in he had to register as a sex offender and the neighborhood watch got busy.

Voight sends Erin and Upton to talk to the ex-girlfriend in Indiana. They talk to the police and then the girlfriend. She mentions her current boyfriend. She’s got a black eye and he’s got a jealous streak. They head to the local bar and exchange a few words with him before he goes outside to talk. He plays dumb about the murder and then admits he knows about the video. He says it wasn’t him though. He just posted about it online.

Atwater finds something on Youtube. An organization called “Perv Hunters.” They make public shaming videos and have been active in Canada for a while. They recently made their way to Chicago.

There’s a new video up so Olinsky and Halstead go to talk to this offender. He gives them a license plate. Ruzek and Atwater pick up the guy. He’s a white supremacist that “can’t abide” by pedophiles.

Halstead and Voight talk to him in interrogation and he admits to the harassment but denies the murder. They get interrupted by Upton. The second molester just got murdered live online.

Voight recruits the Perv Hunter to set a trap. They film a video of him harassing Olinsky. Set it up to go live with fake info.

Erin calls in Bunny to find out what she is up to. She met a great guy and might have to leave Chicago. This could be goodbye.

The whole unit is waiting for the killer to come after Olinsky. Upton and Erin talk, as do Voight and Halstead. A man drives up and they wait for him to move before grabbing him. He’s got a bag of supplies with him.

Dude claims he was just there leaving business cards, in the middle of the night. He has not arrest record but was brought in for questioning for the murder of a kid in Detroit. Cops there say they just didn’t have the evidence. It’s the kind of case that haunts, they said.

They need a psych profile so Erin brings in a doctor she knows. She determines that he is a vigilante and a pedophile and that he tried to kill himself. He probably also has a kid somewhere, hidden away. They move on his house to find the kid but there’s no one there. There is a backpack with little boy underwear in it.

Erin goes to the interrogation room and cuffs the guy to the wall. She says it isn’t like Detroit. He won’t get away with it. Now they are working the kidnapping angle too and they get a lead from the store where he bought the burner phone. They ID the kid and talk to his mom.

Voight and Olinsky get the mom to ID the guy. Erin goes to interrogation and gets a little physical. The chief turns up and keeps Erin behind to yell at her and Upton. The rest of the unit rolls out. The find the kid but it’s too late.

Afterward, Voight calls Erin into his office. The review board needs her at 9 a.m. He tells her that he’s with her “until the wheels come off.”

This back and forth with Erin at the end of every season gets to be a little played out. She’s in such duress but Olinsky, whose kid was murdered is all blaise. I can’t deal with that. And what happened to the racist guy? They just let him walk? I don’t understand why Voight is deciding now is the time to get involved with Halstead and Erin’s relationship either. Also, Upton and Halstead will probably end up sleeping together just so there is more relationship drama.

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Chicago PD, episode twenty-one

Halstead and Lindsay are eating and talking about his birthday the following day. He tells her about a married couple he read about. They lived across the street from each other for 42. Radio sounds. Bank robbery in progress.

They respond and find the suspects gone, one dead and one wounded. Voight comes and they read him in. Another cop turns up, Detective Upton (Tracy Spiridakos), from robbery-homicide. She fights with Voight and takes over the scene.

The unit is talking about the case when the chief and the detective come in to argue jurisdiction. She’s nasty and spills Platt’s coffee along the way. Chief picks Voight and she is not happy. Calls him a son of a bitch.

Olinsky and Ruzek head to Bucktown to find out about who bought the cell jammer. A guy named T-Rod that runs a burglary ring on the Southside. They roll in and arrest him in a strip club, confiscating his cash along the way.

Turns out that’s not the crew from the banks but they did a home invasion a few days earlier. Voight says to bust them for that.

Ruzek finds something in the files. They figure out what might be a future target and Lindsay and Halstead head over. They are checking security footage when the robbers move in. A gunfight ensues and Lindsay kills one of the robbers as they try to flee. Halstead busts another.

The crew is all kids and the one they bring in won’t talk. He asks for a public defender and child advocate and won’t talk and until he gets them. Olinsky finds the kid from custody and an older guy in Upton’s files. They call her down.

The ME IDs the dead kid and his mother comes in to identify the body. She yells at Erin.

Upton is back and apparently she knows Platt’s name but that conversation ends when she goes into Voight’s office. The older guy from the file was pinched for robbery years back and got shot in the process. He’s out on parole and she thinks he is instilling wisdom in teens from his old neighborhood.

They pay him a visit but don’t get anything except photos of all the kids that work on his used car lot and all the paper files he has on hand. The state’s attorney guy stops by because this won’t fly in court. Voight orders surveillance.

Halstead, Olinsky and Upton go spend time in a van watching. They talk about her work a bit but stop when the see something interesting. They can’t give chase though because they area conspicuous.

Atwater talks to the kid in interrogation. He says that he never shot anyone and starts to cry. Atwater presses but the advocate stops him.

Lindsay used prints to ID two of the crew members. They are from the car lot. She rolls out with Ruzek and Atwater. They get to the house the kids are squatting in and find music blasting. They move in but it’s not good. The two kids, brothers, are dead inside.

The guy they saw leave the car lot earlier was seen at the house that the brothers were murdered in. The team goes and takes him and his girlfriend into custody.

Upton and Erin talk to him but he won’t talk. He uses the same line as the first kid.

Atwater talks to the first kid. Shows him the crime scene photos and tells him that he will protect him. They got their guy. Except. They don’t. Voight talks to the kid and tells him not to talk. He’s got another way.

Mark and the chief are on hand to talk things over. They have evidence of the older guy breaking parole by distributing alcohol to minors. It’s not much but it’ll work. It gets him off the streets.

Voight calls in Upton to talk about closing out the case. She commends him on not accepting the confession and he offers her a spot in Intelligence. She doesn’t answer. On her way out, she talks to Platt. Turns out when she was a kid the diner her father owned was robbed and Platt was the responding officer. She caught the bad guy and made sure Upton was safe. She’s the reason Upton became a cop.

The gang is at Molly’s celebrating Halstead’s birthday. Erin stops by to drop off his gift. Fancy alcohol. Gabby is working bar and tells him to crack it open. When Erin is offered a pour, she says that she is going to head out. Halstead follows and asks if she is okay. She feels guilty about the kid she killed.

I’m glad that they are going to replace Burgess with another woman. I was so pissed when Upton spilled the coffee but the story at the end had me in tears. This is probably going to weigh on Lindsay for a while. I’m glad Voight actually helped the kid in a practical way.

Chicago PD is new Wednesdays at 10 p.m.