Chicago PD, episode twenty-two

People rush to help Olinsky in prison. Voight gives Denny shit about locking him up. Voight says Olinsky dedicated his life to the city and Denny says that he dedicated his life to Voight. Voight is willing to talk but nothing will be recorded until he’s got a deal. They bring in an attorney to make the deal legit. All charges against Olinsky will be dropped. Before Voight starts talking though he finds out something happened and goes running.

He sees Olinsky as they rush him into surgery. He waits just outside the door for hours until someone finally comes out that he can ask. Olinsky didn’t make it. Voight goes down to the waiting room and tells the rest of the unit. He gives them a moment and then tells them that the way to get justice will be to catch the guy who did it. On his way out, Voight runs into his judge friend. He blames the judge for the murder. He’s the one that put Olinsky there.

Voight goes to see the warden. He tells him that he is running the show and sets the unit up in the jail. Voight talks to the guard that had been walking Olinsky to his cell. He brings up with scuffle Olinsky had a few days prior so Voight and Atwater talk to that guy. He plays dumb at first. Then he tells them the race of the guy who did it. That’s all he knows. Ruzek has the security footage. He runs it. The see that the guard let it happen. He was in on it.

They bring him in and he admits he got paid to look the other way and rats who did it. They bring him in and Voight beats the crap out of him. Antonio is not happy. The unit regroups at the district. It feels like a contract hit so they are going to try that angle. Voight also tasks Burgess with cleaning out Olinsky’s desk. Denny and the judge talk it out. They don’t know what their next move is since all they have is circumstantial.

The judge mentions a potential witness and Denny pushes him until he gets the lady’s contact info. He meets with her and the details are fuzzy. Then she admits that she knew the information was valuable. She wants $20K or she won’t help. Upton comes up with a lead on who wired the money for the guard and they chase it. Ruzek and Voight get the guy and again Voight roughs him up. Then he talks and they bring the information back to the district.

Turns out Olinsky was on loan to DEA years back. He tried to bust a guy named Carlos and got his brother instead. While the feds tried to flip the brother he ended up dying in jail. Olinsky’s death was payback. The unit moves on Carlos. He’s not home but his wife is. She doesn’t back down from Voight so Burgess and Upton handle it. Burgess gets in her face while Upton looks into the wife’s mother. She’s illegal and they threaten to call ICE. She sells out her husband.

Seems he’s at a warehouse with his cousin. They all move in on it and meet some resistance. When they get Carlos, Voight takes him outside. Carlos offers money but Voight isn’t having it. He tells Carlos to put his hands up, and he does, then Voight shoots him. Antonio comes running out and Voight claims he was reaching for a gun. Antonio checks and finds a gun. Then a witness across the way starts yelling that he saw the whole thing.

He says the shooting was in cold blood. The unit is talking about the witness on the news when Antonio comes in. He talks like a lawyer and Ruzek gets in his face about it. Platt comes in and splits them up. HQ wants to talk to Antonio. He goes downtown to do so. Voight is there too, waiting his turn. He goes in and tells his version of the events. Denny meets with the witness again. He’s willing to pay if she tells the story he wants. She agrees.

Denny calls Voight and invites him over. They talk about their history. Voight isn’t willing to hurt the innocent. Denny tells him that he did what he had to do. They talk about Voight getting a deal but first he wants to hear about the witness. It was a setup and Voight takes Denny down for bribing a witness. As the cops take Denny away, Voight walks over to a parked car and thanks the judge for his help. He later drinks on a rooftop alone, punching a wall and howling at the moon.

Poor Olinsky. He was hardly in this season though so I’m not all that surprised. Now they are setting up this whole Antonio versus Voight thing…. again. I hate when they do that. Why can’t the unit be on the same page and fight the bad guys together. I also really expected Erin to turn up. Like I thought she would be in that car at the end or something. I was surprised that she wasn’t.


Chicago PD, episode twenty-one

Atwater is undercover for a gun buy. Halstead is in on the op too and things get rough. Antonio and Ruzek want to move in but Voight tells them to wait for the signal. They don’t get it and the buy doesn’t go off either. Back at the district, Halstead and Atwater get in each other’s faces before calmer heads prevail. Voight tells them both to stay under. That’s when some other officers turn up.

They are there to arrest Olinsky because a grand jury indicted him for the murder. In court he’s got two days in jail before his bail hearing. Voight goes to see him and tells him he will handle it. His next stop is to see the judge to make sure Olinsky will get out on bail. He does back to the district and mentions it. Antonio figures that’s not definite but Voight reiterates that it is.

It’s been a stressful day but they’ve got jobs to do. Atwater goes to his gang and talks them into keeping the deal up. Halstead and his gang go to pick up the leader. He’s dead though. They figure it’s Atwater’s crew. The guy in that gang with a beef steadfastly denies it. Atwater brings that information back to the unit. No one buys it. They have to stay under and sort things out while the others start surviellance.

Olinsky gets a cell. He’s got a guard looking after him which is good because he fights another inmate within minutes. Voight checks in with his judge. They are all systems go. Halstead gets his side to stay in the deal. They can go revenging after the buy. Atwater has a bit more trouble. He goes to see the second in command and finds out he’s been tasked with killing his own little brother.

At the jail, Olinsky gets a visit from his wife. She wants him to talk and save himself but he isn’t built like that. Voight tries to go visit himself but the guard won’t let him in. At the unit, Voight is done talking about Olinsky. He wants to go over the case. Atwater tells him about the newest roadblock and Voight says to let one brother kill the other. The guard that is a fan of Olinsky tries to give him a burner phone to call in a favor. Olinsky tells him off. Atwater pulls up to the gang house.

As he approaches he hears gunshots. He and Ruzek go in and find the older brother bleeding out. The gang leader did it to make sure the deal stayed on. While Atwater tells Voight, Halstead rolls up. They are meeting in an hour. The team sets up at the location for the buy. The younger brother is with the gang leader for the buy. They show the money and Halstead’s gang leader calls for the guns to be brought in.

In the meantime, the younger brother gets a text about his brother being shot. His gang leader tells him to focus. As a van moves in the younger brother snaps and goes after the other gang leader. He pulls a gun and that’s when Voight orders the unit to roll in. Antonio and Burgess come under serious fire but Ruzek takes out the shooter and they get the guns. It’s time for Olinsky’s hearing. The judge that Voight talked to isn’t handling it though. It’s another judge. She sets no bail. Olinsky is in jail until trial and it’s Denny’s doing.

Voight goes to see his judge. He explains that this was the mayor’s doing. Olinsky is in custody because that’s what the prosecution wants. He breaks down. Then he goes back to the district and everyone has questions. Voight stays vague and Antonio pushes. They come very close to blows before the others jump in. Voight ends up drinking in his office alone. Olinsky gets protection from the on the inside while Voight goes to see Denny on the outside. He’s willing to talk if it’ll get Olinsky out. Denny agrees. The guard leaves him alone and Olinsky turns a corner right into a hit. He’s stabbed in the abdomen several times and slumps to the floor.

I feel like they are probably killing Olinsky off. The cast is too big and he’s hardly been in this season. Voight’s deal was to get him out yeah but it was still to protect Erin more. I’m glad Antonio was the one asking questions. He’s been through this Voight stuff. He knows it won’t end well. I thought Atwater was going to snap though.

Chicago PD, episode twenty

Voight is home when he gets a visitor. Olinsky. Voight knows something is up. Denny protected his witness so the hammer is coming for Olinsky and he wants to let it. Voight goes to the district and Ruzek is waiting. He doesn’t have anything about Olinsky so Voight tells him to push for details. Platt approaches Voight with a note from a girl named Hannah. He takes Ruzek with him and they head to where Hannah might be.

Apparently Voight knows her from years back. He gave her a card and finds her now in a diner. She talks about theoretically needing help and he’s game for it. She ducks into the bathroom but he knows something else and follows. He sees her being forced into a car a block away and calls it in. He and Ruzek give chase and end up at getting caught in a credit union robbery. It was the guys Hannah was grabbed by.

The unit takes the case and everyone starts working. Except Ruzek. He goes to see his contact about Olinsky’s case. All of the leads are coming up empty but Upton has a little footage from inside the bank. It isn’t enough to go on so Voight tells them to focus on the abduction. Ruzek comes back with news. The grand jury will convene in 48 hours. Antonio and Burgess go to see Hannah’s aunt and get a lead on where she was squatting.

Atwater and Ruzek follow-up on that and end up bringing in her best friend. They all pitch theories in Voight’s office and he tells them to go call Vice Burgess comes back a few minutes later because a 911 came in that there was another credit union robbery. This time all the witnesses are killed and a young woman participated as well. Hannah. Denny wants to release her ID and the footage to the media but Voight fights it.

On his way out, Denny makes a comment about Voight and Olinsky being busted soon. They go over what they have which isn’t much. Antonio is surprised to hear that Voight is still following the abduction angle. Voight talks to Hannah’s friend. He scares her into telling him the little bit she does know. The guys’ first names. The fact that one is Hannah’s boyfriend and that they are in love. It’s enough for the unit to ID them.

The unit is set to move in on a possible location but Voight has Ruzek go see the prosecutor for help with Olinsky’s situation. They manage to get one of the two guys and he talks but doesn’t know much. Voight has everyone chase all of the possible angles on that because it’s not him that gave her his card. It was his late wife. He goes to confront the prosecutor and ends up face to face with Denny.

He tells Denny to come for him, not Olinsky and Denny tells him that he’s after both. Ruzek is waiting when he walks out. A used car dealer recognized his customers from the news. It’s Hannah and her boyfriend. The rest of the unit moves in and a firefight ensues. Hannah and the guy hole up in the garage. That’s when Voight shows up and goes in the back door. He tries to plead with the guy but it’s no use.

They go outside and open fire. Both are killed. That night Voight tells Olinsky about how he knew Hannah and that after his son’s death he wasn’t there for her anymore. He blames himself for her situation.

There is no way that they will bust Olinsky and Voight. Maybe they will but it will only stick on Olinsky. That’s how this show works. I liked Voight pairing with Ruzek. It was random which made it interesting.

Chicago PD, episode nineteen

Olinsky is in a diner when Voight pops in. He’s got some information from a source about the case Denny is building against him. A witness. Voight will look into it. Ruzek goes to meet with a source. Someone sees him looks suspicious so the guy, Ray, pulls a gun and yells at Ruzek. They go their separate ways and meets up a few blocks over. Atwater is with them. Ray has no information but wants an advance on money. Ruzek lets it happen.

As Ray walks away, a call comes through about shots fired. Ruzek and Atwater respond. There are a few victims but they hear crying and take off down the hall. A little boy is killed there as collateral damage. Antonio runs into a cop he knows. Voight knows him too. They are there to serve a subpoena. Kenny is good with letting Intelligence take it but another cop Rojas is pissed. Burgess and Upton talk to the boy’s mother.

She is willing to tell them what she saw but it isn’t much. The unit goes over what they have and their plan to move forward. As they start to work the case, Voight goes to look into Denny’s witness on Olinsky. He gets nothing. Ruzek and Atwater go to see Ray. He’s got nothing and wants more money. They aren’t willing to bite this time.

Back in the bullpen, no one has any leads yet. Ruzek gets a call on dealing out of a vacant house. They move in and find two guys and two bricks of heroin. They have the two guys in for questioning but it’s not turning up anything. Platt showed the guys to the mother and she didn’t recognize them. Upton looked into their alibi and it checks out. They have the wrong guys. Ruzek got bad info.

He goes to confront Ray. They argue. Ray still resents Ruzek for not testifying on his behalf. Ruzek didn’t see the issue in question and now he’s just trying to help out. Ray tells him that he doesn’t want pity and Ruzek offers to call the whole deal off but Ray backtracks. Ruzek calls Voight to apologize for his bad info. Voight tails Denny’s witness to an NA meeting.

Upton figures something out. There were warrants for all of the stash house for narcotics. Someone is tipping them off. Antonio and Voight go to see Kenny. He gets defensive and they lay out the facts. He sees what’s what and they set up a fake stash house. While on the mission, Voight and Olinsky talk. Voight tells him what he saw. He wants to find another way. Halstead alerts the others of movement.

All eyes are on two guys approaching the stash house. It takes a minute but the guys move in and shots are fired. One guy is dead but they move the other end. The unit goes over what they know. The ballistics match the scene where the boy died. They also have heroin from that scene. Antonio brings a file for Voight. They have a lead on who from Kenny’s team is leaking. They think it’s Rojas and head over to talk to Kenny and then her.

She denies being dirty and walks out. They go back and work through the case. Burgess has a lead on a contact from one of the guys killed at the stash house. They move in on that house and get the name of a bar where the guys would meet a dirty cop. Ruzek and Atwater head to the bar and check the security footage. It’s not Rojas. It’s Ray. They head to his apartment and he’s gone.

They threaten to charge his girlfriend with conspiracy and seh tells them where Ray might be. They head to the marina where the boats are drydocked and see Ray so they move in. The rest of the unit is still a few minutes out. Ray gets the jump on Atwater and knocks him out. Then Ruzek confronts Ray. They argue and Ray reaches behind his back. That’s when Atwater runs in and tackles him. Ray didn’t have a gun. He wanted Ruzek to take him out.

Platt asks Voight what’s up with Olinsky. Turns out his pension was flagged. She asks again but Voight says he can’t tell her. Denny’s witness gets busted for drugs. Olinsky watches from down the street. Then he goes to meet up with Voight at a bar. They talk about running from demons.

It looks more and more like Olinsky is on his way out the door. That’ll be a shame. I’m a fan. I knew something was wonky with Ray from the drop. The ensemble here is just too big. There was so much Ruzek and like no Halstead or Antonio. They need to find a better balance.

Chicago PD, episode eighteen

Voight checks in with Olinsky. They are calling for a grand jury and Voight tells him if they go any further he’ll turn himself in. Olinsky tells him he knew what he was signing up for. Antonio is undercover with a gang and they have a buy going down. The whole unit is on the scene when there is a shooting before they can move in.

The guy Antonio is with takes off. The others find a body and a fresh trail of blood. They follow it and find another wounded guy. He recognizes Upton before he dies. Turns out it was a distribution crew she was under with a few years back. Leader is out on parole and Upton thinks he’s involved.

They go over the shooting and Voight trusts Upton. They start surveillance on the leader, Booth after that. They need eyes inside though so Upton suggests dusting off her old cover. Voight asks a few questions but she has answers. She’s game to go so Voight lets her. She makes contact at the victim’s funeral.

Upton just chats with Booth at first and then pitches a buy. He claims he’s clean though. They are back to the drawing board until Antonio points out the link between his gang guy and Booth. They have to get rid of his guy so they fake a drive-by to scare him off. It works. Upton gets to her undercover digs to find Booth waiting.

At first they just catch up but then Booth is willing to do business. Upton has to run a package for him. After she wants to arrange a meet with Booth and her dealer friend. He says he’ll think about it. Halstead know something is up and talks to Upton’s old case officer. Guy isn’t willing to talk but Halstead pushes. He finds out something and calls Upton in.

She rushes in to talk and finds him looking at pictures of her beat down. He confronts her and gets her to tell him what happened. Before the bust, she was with him when he was drunk. She tried for a name but he had other ideas. She tells Halstead she has a handle on it but he isn’t willing to take that. She opts to just put a camera in his office before pulling back.

They go to his paint warehouse and she goes to see him in his office. He’s not around so she ducks in and puts up a camera, almost getting caught in the process. Booth is not happy and gets in her face but she handles it. Halstead calls to run interference and it works. They end with a meet for later that night at the warehouse.

Booth brings Halstead down to the basement to talk alone. Booth starts asking questions but Halstead has answers. Then he gets personal about Upton and Halstead deflects. Booth calls the deal off. Back at the district, Halstead tells Upton and Voight that he thinks Booth has a for Upton. Voight calls the op off. They have the day to clear out.

Upton goes off book and meets with Booth. Halstead knows something is up and moves in with money to the rescue. It works. They get a buy set. Halstead goes to tell Voight. They are full speed ahead. The meet is on and the exchange is set when Booth decides it’s time to “check for wires.” Upton can’t get away and Halstead wants to intervene.

It looks like he’s reaching for a gun so Booth’s nephew yells. Booth turns to Halstead and Upton swipes his gun, takes him down and shoots the nephew. Booth makes a run for it but she gives chase. They end up in a fistfight in the stairwell. She gets the upper hand and has a gun on him when Halstead finds them. He talks her down before taking booth into custody.

Halstead swings by that night to check on Upton. She tells him about the partner that got killed during the first op. She loved him. She’s not feeling very social either.

I feel bad for Upton but at the same time she’s very like… moral high ground with Halstead all the time and that annoys me. I’m glad that she and Halstead had a focused episode but this season still just feels like it’s bouncing all over the place. Is Antonio still under with the gang? When will the grand jury be? So many questions.

Chicago PD, episode seventeen

The unit picks up a new case. A murdered alderman. They are on the scene when Denny shows up. The guy was friendly with the mayor so they have to hurry. Two other detectives for HQ come down to talk to Olinsky. They bring him back and ask about the body they dug up a while back. The guy that killed Voight’s son. Turns out he had Olinsky’s DNA on him.

Olinsky lawyer’s up as Upton and Halstead go to see the guy that had been drinking with the alderman. They talked about a development deal, nothing unusual. Voight and Burgess go to see the widow and her son. The alderman was “innovative” and ran into trouble in the ward. A lot of people didn’t like him.

They get some leads on a few people that sent threatening messages. The widow starts making the rounds on TV to keep the pressure on. Antonio and Burgess go to see the ME. It was a hollow point bullet shot from a distance. The robbery just threw them off. Voight sends Ruzek to snoop around Denny for information on Olinsky. He gets nowhere.

A lead comes back on who pulled the robbery so the unit goes and gets him. Voight meets with Olinsky. The latter asks for money from the rainy day fund but Voight has it all wrapped up in a trust for his grandson. He can’t help. Antonio and Burgess question the guy they brought in. He’s from the neighborhood. He did the robbery but not the murder.

Dude can help out with a tip about a blue sedan at the time of the shooting. Upton and Halstead get their hands on a voicemail that threatened the alderman and was left shortly before he died. They head to the diner that the call came from. It was a regular that left it so they bring him in. He didn’t like the alderman but didn’t kill him.

He mentions the alderman’s son being around a building known for gang territory. Voight goes to see the kid but the widow steps in because Voight is shaming their family. The next day Voight gets a call about another body. The alderman’s son was killed in the same way as his father. Voight puts the puzzle together.

It’s because of the developments. They are ruining gang territory and where they can move drugs. He goes to back to see the widow and talks to her about the development. They might have been making deals with a gang. Voight goes to see the leader. He lays out a compelling scenario. Denny has Olinsky back in HQ and taunts him about Voight not being loyal.

Upton presents another lead. Voight tells them to chase it and calls Olinsky in to talk. He asks about his chat with Denny. Apparently Olinsky was scene with a woman with dark hair near the burial site. Voight tells him to stay tough while he does some digging. The rest of the unit moves in on the sedan that was seen at the first shooting.

The driver doesn’t get out though. Instead he runs and there is a car chase. When they finally catch him, they find the murder weapon in the trunk. The kid isn’t the killer though and Voight gives him a speech about how nothing is worthy his freedom and loyalty is stupid but the kid still has nothing to say. They ran his face through recognition and get a hit.

Atwater and Burgess go to see a friend of the kid they have in custody. She tells them that he isn’t in a gang but his cousin is. The cousin is actually the gang leader that Voight talked to and now he’s in the wind. He sets the kid free with a tracker to find out where the leader is. Sure enough, kid buys a burner and calls his cousin.

Halstead and Upton get the kid while the rest of the unit rolls in on his cousin. While completing the search, Olinsky finds a bag of money. Voight closes the door, and it seems like he’s going to help Olinsky swipe some but then Antonio and Burgess come in. Voight tells Olinsky to log it into evidence.

Gang leader won’t talk so they try and flip his cousin but he’s willing to take the fall. They figure out his breaking point though. He’s got sickle cell and terrible pain. They tell him he won’t get treatment in prison. He rolls and tells them that he was just the driver. His cousin was the shooter.

As Olinsky leaves that night, Voight catches up with him. The witness that put him at the scene is real. Olinsky wants to call Erin and make sure she is on the same page but Voight won’t allow it. That’s his breaking point. Erin. Voight asks Olinsky what his is but he just drives off.

Why do I get the feeling Olinsky won’t be back next season? He’s been in hardly any scenes this year and suddenly his big story line is basically about how he’ll go to jail. That’s a shame. Also, I’m half expecting a cameo from Erin before the season is over. It just makes sense.

Chicago PD, episode sixteen

Antonio gets to 51 and he doesn’t seem happy. Brett catches up with him and they walk in together. Mouch is excited. Platt is going to be on tv but Herrmann is quick to point out that it’s just public access. Antonio isn’t here for that though. He’s here to pick up his daughter who is hanging out with Dawson.

She apparently made a social media profile under a fake name to hide her behavior from him. He confronts her about it, grounds her and they head out. They go back to the district so he can pick up paperwork before heading out. Everyone else is gathered around the tv. Antonio is still yelling at his kid when Halstead hears a beep on the tv.

There’s a pause and then an explosion. The feed cuts. 21 and 51 respond to the scene. Voight takes control and Mouch starts looking for Platt. According to Atwater, it’s been seven minutes and they have no read on gas or Platt’s whereabouts. Speaking of, she wakes up inside and finds one person dead and another wounded. She drags the other lady to shelter.

Once inside she tries to call Mouch but the call fails. She hears the fire department and responds. It’s Severide. He carries the other woman and Platt follows him out. She gets to the triage station and tells Voight it was a bomb. He tells the unit to look for a second device. Mouch comes running over and they hug.

Dawson and Brett try to take the woman to the hospital but she won’t leave without talking to Antonio. He comes along for the ride and the lady tells him that the bomb was in a package in her office. She starts crashing and Brett can’t get her stabilized. Back at 21, Halstead explains what they know about the bomb. Ruzek says out that the woman got hate mail.

Antonio comes in and tells them the woman was pronounced at Med. They go over what they got from the station. It’s not much but Antonio is ready to release it to the public. Halstead doesn’t think they should but Antonio doesn’t back down. Burgess comes in before they¬†do though. She’s got the security log from the news station. They have a suspect.

They go to his house in a fancy neighborhood and see him pull up. Halstead and Upton approach on foot. As they yell out to him, he opens his mailbox and blows up. They call it in. No leads and no information yet. They don’t know what to do but Halstead points out that they were led to the next target. They are being toyed with.

Olinsky gets a call from arson so he and Antonio head to 51 to get briefed. Voight tells the rest of them to buckle down. Severide and the arson guy tell them what they know. The bombs were uniquely made by the same person. They used C-4 too. Back at the district, there is no connection between the victims but they did post the suspect online.

Atwater bursts in to tell Voight that they have an ID from that and it’s an ex-military guy who had access to explosives. The unit goes to get him but he won’t come out. His daughter is walking home and gets held up by a cop and the man charges to help her. Antonio takes him down and bring him in.

Dude does not want to talk. He thinks they are nuts but they get in his face and bring up his bomb background. He lawyers up. The unit is back to square one. The C-4 is old and the security guard can’t ID him. The man, Mark, did have a distinguished service record so Halstead will give him the benefit of the doubt.

Ruzek and Atwater go to visit one of Mark’s friends. He says Mark wouldn’t do it and that he defended the news anchor from a guy writing her hate mail one time. Seems like they have a new lead. Burgess is helping at the desk when Platt comes in. They talk until Platt shuts her up. There’s been a delivery and Platt thinks it’s a bomb. She evacuates the district.

Arson comes in to sweep the building. The bomb is the same signature. It was just made quicker. They pissed the bomber off. They start running down everything that they know about this bomb. Platt stepped up her game though and found a possible link between the two targets that squares up with the profile. Olinsky keeps looking for the C-4.

Everyone else heads to the second victim’s office to see and cross-reference about a story that both targets covered. They find one. Apparently another reporter was covering a murder and the internet started accusing him of said murder. He lost his job for it and never forgave anyone that covered it. Both targets did and the man fits the description they have.

The whole unit moves on this guy. They don’t find any people in his house but a lot of research about their victims. They’ve got BOLOs and stuff out on everything their suspect has ever owned. They find a video of him online and have a list of other potential victims. Voight tells them to bring them in. Olinsky has a lead on the C-4 so he and Antonio go to follow it.

They get a name. It’s a man that was at the second scene. Voight tells them not to bring the guy in though. They are going to sit on him and trace him to their suspect. Antonio goes to release the guy that was internet IDed. He doesn’t apologize. That’s when he gets a call from his son. His daughter is leaving. He goes home and talks to her.

He finds out that the social media profile situation was a misunderstanding. He apologizes and realizes he owes one to the internet IDed guy as well. He heads over there and finds out that the family is being harassed. Upton is still looking into the C-4 dealer. She might have an unconventional idea about getting access to his information.

Dude has a heart condition and is a frequent flyer on 61. Voight and Antonio want to get Dawson and Brett involved to gain access to dude’s place. Boden says no. Voight pushes and Dawson is game but Boden is still reluctant.

I love the crossovers. The last few times Med has been involved as well so that was interesting that the didn’t do that. I guess they didn’t want to carry it into next week and it would be weird to put the hospital portion first. Platt is such a badass. I love it. Also, tons of Olinsky which was unusual but appreciated.