Chicago PD, episode fourteen

Some young black folks are speaking about protesting racism and taking a knee. Upton and Halstead are in the crowd. Antonio is nearby as well. Seems like they are on the lookout for someone in particular. A white supremacist type guy. Ruzek tries to get in undercover and it seems to work.

The guy, David Dixon, shows up and moves in on the demonstration. They start fighting and cops with riot gear move in to break it up. When the dust settles there are tons of arrests but Dixon is not amongst them. They hear a call of shots fired on the radios and run over. There is one man dead.

The unit takes the case and the dead guy is one of two college basketball players to take a knee during the anthem. Voight and Upton bring in a girl named Brianna who was at the demonstration. She knew the victim and tells them that both players were getting threats. She also happens to be Denny’s daughter.

Antonio runs down what they know, which isn’t much. Ruzek is still undercover with them. Burgess has some campus security footage. It looks like Dixon followed the victim into the garage. Voight calls for his arrest and it turns out Ruzek just did it.

Voight talks to Dixon who fancies himself a white nationalist. Atwater comes in and chats a bit too. Dixon tells them that he was in the parking garage because he was going to fight the guy but he heard a gunshot and saw a black guy running.

Halstead and Brianna have a PSA moment about kneeling for the flag when there’s a drive by. Halstead manages to get a plate number and calls it in. They start to investigate that too. Ballistics gets a match. The bullets from that are the same as the ones that killed the victim.

Upton and Halstead talk to Brianna and her boyfriend Jamal, the other kneeler, while Burgess and Antonio go to talk to the assistant basketball coach. He owned the truck used in the drive by. He claims he sold it and then directs them to his lawyer. They listen to his phone though and he does call someone about lying low with the truck.

Atwater and Ruzek go to follow that lead because he has ties to the victim and Jamal too. He denies involvement but they think he’s lying. There is a memorial service for the victim and Halstead and Upton are there. Halstead notices that Brianna is on their suspect’s Facebook so they bring her in.

Voight tries to talk to her but Denny comes in. They step out and Voight tells Denny what he knows. Denny blames Jamal and goes back inside. He talks to Brianna. Jamal and the victim both were getting paid by the suspect for shaving points. He’s willing to wear a wire and make a deal. Voight is willing to play ball but Denny is not.

Brianna and Denny are having dinner and she thanks him for his help with Jamal. He tells her that he didn’t help Jamal and they fight. She storms out. Antonio listens in while the suspect and Jamal talk. In the car Voight and Olinsky talk about the ongoing investigation about the guy that killed his son.

Jamal manages to get the confession but before they can move in Brianna turns up. Antonio tries to get her out but Jamal opens his mouth. Guns are drawn and Antonio tries to calm everyone down. Jamal ends up pistol whipped and the gun is pointed at Brianna.

Denny gets to the scene and isn’t thinking rationally. Antonio tries to talk the suspect down but it’s no use. He convinces him to talk to Voight though. He wants a car so Voight gets him one. The guy takes Brianna and Antonio as hostages to get to the car. When the guy tries to shove her in the car she takes off.

Then it’s pandemonium. She gets shot in the back and Denny moves in firing. The guy’s crony and Antonio duke it out and when it seems Antonio may be out, Halstead shoots the guy and saves him. When things settle Denny gets to his daughter and yells for a squad car. She is bleeding out.

At Med, Denny doesn’t let Jamal in to see Brianna. Voight comes over and asks how she’s doing. Denny tells her that she’s dying. Voight tells him that they did everything they could. Denny responds that it was not enough.

So this will spark the Denny/Voight friction even more then? I thought it would go the other way. Denny would kill the guy and his daughter would be safe so he would drop the efforts for that cold case. Guess not. Also, a lot of shows are like this but PD in particular, when they talk about current events they just get so preachy and they try to take a middle ground. It’s like an after school special.


Chicago PD, episode thirteen

Voight and Olinsky observe a crime scene by the lake from afar. Voight did what he had to do and now he’s got to give Lindsey a heads up because whatever this is could blow her way. Antonio and Burgess swing by a shop to talk to the owner. Antonio has known him for years. Days after a robbery, a kid tried to shake him down but the guy flashed a gun himself.

Antonio tells the guy he will look into it and they will be back in the morning. On their ride over, they hear a shots fired call at the shop. They get there to find owner dead and a message written on the wall in blood. Voight comes by and they update him. Another unit comes in to talk too, and has a shadow officer from El Salvador with him named Marcella Gomez.

Turns out she is familiar with this gang and ends up agreeing to assist Antonio. The rest of the unit starts canvasing the neighborhood. Halstead and Upton get a lead on the gang bosses while Ruzek and Atwater get another shopkeep to agree to help them. The unit gets security footage of the murder and start to run facial recognition on the gang.

Gomez has to step out because its gruesome. Antonio follows and they have a moment. Ruzek figures that after the bakery owner dealt with the vandalism, the gang will come back to demand protection money. Gomez instructs them on how to set up a sting while Voight goes into his office to talk to Denny.

That crime scene Voight was watching turns out to be a construction site. They broke ground and found human remains. It’s the guy that killed Voight’s son and Denny has all hands on deck to “clear his name” because Voight has been through so much.

The unit goes over what they have and the sting. Antonio and Gomez talk about their respective marriages. She’s had a rough go of it. Halstead and Upton watch from across the street, discussing his therapy, until they get a heads up call.

Ruzek and Atwater are in the bakery undercover. The owner refuses to pay and the teen leaves. The whole unit follows as the teens pass notes around while headed toward the gang boss. Gomez is the last to see a handoff and she stops responding to Burgess on the radios.

She tails a girl to a house and then says she lost her lead when the unit regroups. Now they have to protect the bakery owner. Burgess is at the district that night doing grunt work when Platt gives her an envelope from gangs for the visiting detective. Burgess is confused because Gomez was from homicide but she brings the envelope upstairs.

Once she is alone she opens the envelope and finds it full of files of people who have the same tattoos as their suspects. She calls Antonio but he ignores it. He’s out for a drink with Gomez. They talk about being single. She invites him to her room and he says he’d like to but they shouldn’t. Then they kiss.

He did spend the night and she snoops on his phone before waking him up to tell him that Burgess is calling. Voight gets to the district and Olinsky tells him that he talked to Lindsey. The feds don’t have anything to go on with the human remains.

Burgess is waiting when Antonio gets home. She lays out her evidence as to why things don’t add up with Gomez. He doesn’t want to listen though. He figures she is just helping. He asks her about the connection to a guy in gangs. She has a story for him. Burgess talks to the guy in gangs though and finds out he was in touch with Gomez two months earlier.

Everyone is watching the bakery when Upton calls out about armed men moving in. The unit descends and one suspect gets killed while Antonio arrests the other. Back at the district, Antonio tells Voight about what happened and Gomez chimes in about gang initiation. Either way, the guy the busted is a scared kid.

Voight and Antonio head into the room to do the questioning. He tells them about where the gang met up the night before. In observation, Burgess confronts Gomez about lying the day before. She waves it away before leaving. Burgess follows and snaps a photo of her driving off with some guy.

Back upstairs she and Ruzek chase the guy. He’s from a vigilante group that’s after the gang boss. They tell the rest of the unit about it and Antonio is upset that he was played. Halstead tracked down the house the suspect told them about.

The unit moves in. There is one dead guy in the living room. The family that owns the house is hiding in a pantry. They flag Gomez and her partner in every way they can. They aren’t leaving the city.

They find her in a vacant house with the boss tied up. She’s got a gun to his head. Antonio and Voight try to talk her down but she isn’t interested. She shoots the guy and then turns the gun toward them. Antonio takes her out.

Afterward Antonio apologizes to Burgess. She was just being a good partner. Voight tells him that he wouldn’t have been able to stop her. The only thing driving her was the hate. Voight is at a bar when Denny walks in. He updates on the crime scene lab work. They found a bullet that can be traced to a gun used in a crime. A crime that Voight made the bust in and the weapon was never recovered. Denny tells him they are getting closer.

I thought she was going to be a gang member herself. I didn’t understand to what end that would work but I assumed she was a mole. I’m glad Antonio saw that he was wrong but I hate that it had to be him. Also Olinsky was hardly there. And the random Lindsey shout out. Unexpected but nice.

Chicago PD, episode twelve

Burgess comes down from the unit. It’s Platt’s birthday and they are headed to Molly’s. Atwater and Ruzek come down to go too. Atwater gets a call. He has to check on something but he will meet them there. The unit is at the bar drinking and Atwater doesn’t turn up.

Atwater goes into a house. Something seems amiss but when he goes to pull his gun someone creeps up behind him and puts a gun on him. The guy takes his weapon and knocks him out. The next morning Ruzek shows up late to training. He was looking for Atwater.

The unit pings his phone and goes to the house. They go and walk through. They find some blood and Atwater’s badge. The unit starts looking into the guy that owns the house. Joe Baker. He’s got a sheet. They look into his friends but don’t have any leads.

Upton is looking through Baker’s social media and finds a video of a guy being beaten. Atwater is in the background and he’s alive. They start looking for a location from the video. Atwater is chained up but he is trying to escape. The kidnappers aren’t in the room but the other guy is. It’s Baker (Mehki Pfieffer). He hates Atwater for killing his kid.

Burgess makes the connection. It was an old case and Atwater killed the kid but it was rulled a clean shoot. The phone call he got the night before was the kid’s aunt. Her brother had been missing.

Voight talks to the sister. They get nowhere. Baker and Atwater fight about what happened to his son. Burgess and Antonio got a lead on a girl that picked Baker up at a bar. They bring her in and question her. It’s not much but it might add up.

Baker is ready to rat on Atwater being a cop. Atwater starts running his mouth though and ends up with a hole drilled in his leg. The unit found drugs in Baker’s place. They get prints on it. It’s Baker’s buddy. They bring him to the cage and scare him into talking.

Atwater is able to convince the kidnappers that he can get them money. They let him make a call to Ruzek to arrange a dropoff. The unit rolls out. They let the drop happen so that they can follow the cash. They do listen in though and find out he’s not going back to where Atwater is being help.

The unit moves in and they yell at the guy. He fires at them so Antonio takes him out. Ruzek is pissed and says Antonio killed Atwater. The head kidnapper hears the whole thing through his cell phone. He goes inside to find that Atwater and Baker have gotten out of their chains.

They haven’t gotten out of the building though and Atwater fights the kidnapper. There is a gun involved and Atwater takes out the kidnapper. Then Baker points a gun at Atwater. They talk about his son’s death. Ruzek shows up and moves in but Atwater tells him to stand down.

Baker puts the gun down. He gets taken to Med for his injuries from the kidnapping. Atwater goes to see him and they talk about how he raised his son, how what the son did is on the father.

Chicago PD, episode eleven

Burgess is talking to a CI, trying to get this lady to prove her worth. If she doesn’t have anything she’s facing drug charges in three days time. The lady comes up with a story about a friend’s boyfriend being a murderer. Burgess doesn’t buy it. She tells Upton as much when she gets back in the car.

Ruzek tells Voight and Olinsky what happened with Denny. He wants to know when they will take him down. Voight says they have to find Denny’s weakness but Ruzek knows it. It’s Voight. Halstead comes in and apologizes for his behavior. Voight puts him on desk duty and he’s got an appointment with a psychologist.

Platt is at the desk when Burgess comes in. She’s in a good mood and has coffee for everyone. Upton makes her way over and asks Burgess about her plan for the CI. Upton gets a phone call. She called in the possible body and it turned out there was something to it. Burgess is pissed that Upton overstepped.

The unit takes the case. Halstead isn’t working it though. He goes to his psychologist appointment. Burgess talks to her CI again and gets a lead on her friend that has been missing. Isabel Perez. She’s been missing for a few weeks but used to frequent a shelter.

Upton and Burgess go to the shelter and talk to both the founder and Isabel’s therapist. They move on to one of Upton’s CIs next because they need to track down a place for off the books medical procedures. They find the place.

Meanwhile Atwater and Ruzek have IDed the body and have to notify the family. Antonio sorts through her life and finds mention of the same shelter. They get a name for the suspect and Ruzek finds a sheet on him. It’s the founder of the shelter.

The unit rolls in and finds that dude moved out in a hurry. They tipped him off. They also realize he’s a pimp and he’s got six other girls involved. Burgess goes back to her CI. There might be a lead on Isabel and Burgess expects the CI to chase. Even Upton points out that the move is “hardcore.”

Halstead has been doing his part too. He found some ads featuring Isabel and called the number and tried the site. No luck. Voight goes to one of his CIs and then talks to the unit. He wants an update on Burgess’ CI. Her phone rings.

It’s a patrol officer. A body was found. Burgess’ CI. It was a setup. A drug dealer texted her to meet and the suspect went instead. They move on the dealer and Antonio takes charge. The dealer is supposed to meet with the suspect so the unit will roll in on that.

Antonio and Burgess wait in the house while Atwater and Ruzek are in their car. Isabel goes in to score some drugs. They keep her inside while the others move on the car. It takes off though,

Voight and Burgess question Isabel. She is shocked to hear that her friend, the CI, is dead. She has nothing to say otherwise. Voight decides to put her up in a safehouse for the night. She’s skittish as Ruzek and Burgess leave her there. They stay in a car outside for protection and talk about why Isabel is protecting the suspect.

It’s a trap. Isabel doesn’t know that and calls the suspect to come get her. She goes out to meet him and the police move in. He thinks Isabel is in on it and tries to use her as a shield. Burgess shoots him. They know a neighborhood but still not where he was living.

They move out and start asking CIs if they know anything. Upton’s guy might be able to find out but it would put him at risk. Upton doesn’t push and Burgess gets pissed at her for it.

Olinsky and Voight go to visit the suspect in the hospital. They try to scare him but it doesn’t seem to work. They head out but not before arranging to leave a phone in his room. He takes the bait and calls a friend to sell the girls.

The unit rolls in and finds the girls. One, a diabetic, died. Voight and Burgess play a recording of his call to Isabel so she will testify against the suspect. Burgess talks to her and she breaks down but agrees to help.

Upton tells Burgess she did a good job afterward and that she will have the death of the diabetic on her consciousness for the rest of her life. Then they make plans to get dinner sometime. After shift, Burgess goes to Molly’s and talks to Ruzek. she kisses him. They leave together.

Upton should have yelled at Burgess before she sent the CI out. I felt bad about that. I also like Upton more and more. There could have been more Antonio in this. It wasn’t a bad episode but felt like filler.

Chicago PD, episode ten

So PD picks up right where it left off. Olinsky brings Ruzek to see Voight. They talk about him being a rat and Voight gives him a choice. Help him take Woods out or serve him up. Ruzek says he will help and then asks if they are good. Voight didn’t say that.

Halstead is still pretending to be Ryan. His girl pulls him in a back room and they have sex. Then he leaves and she says that she will come too. He goes to wait outside. A few minutes pass and he hears an accident. He goes running. A guy swerved to avoid hitting a pedestrian.

He goes to see the woman. She’s a friend of his girl and was at the party. She’s also been shot. He tells his girl to leave since she was on coke and calls Voight. The next morning Halstead tries to make excuses. Voight sends him back to the district and tells him not to talk to anyone.

Upton is on the scene working the body. Voight goes to talk to homicide. Upton finds drugs and money on the victim. Back at the district, Voight talks to Halstead. He buys the CI story Halstead gives him and tells him to work it undercover.

He goes to the bar and talks to his girl Camila. She doesn’t know much. Atwater and Ruzek talk to the ME and find out the tox screen was clean and report back to the district. They’ve got a lead on an apartment so Upton and Antonio head out. It’s not what they expect.

They run into a DEA agent and find out their victim was an undercover agent. Voight gets full cooperation and case files from the DEA higher ups. Back at the district, they have a line on the drug distributor that might have killed the victim. Halstead has seen him around Camila before so he stays undercover t work it and takes Upton too.

Voight pulls Ruzek aside and tells him to give Denny the tape. Ruzek sets up a meeting and does just that. Upton and Halstead talk to this dealer Alex. He’s willing to hook them up with a sellable amount. He also mentions that Camila is dealing.

Once the deal is set, Upton and Halstead leaves. She confronts him about his shady dealings and he begs for a few more hours. Upton reports back to the unit. She doesn’t rat on Halstead though. He goes to see Camila and tries to keep her from dealing. She thinks her name is probably on paper by now. She’s going to leave. She was going to when he brother dies but stayed because she loves Halstead so she stayed.

The unit tracks Alex and busts him. They bring him in and he tells them the name of the person that brought him in. Camila. Upton tries to stop Halstead from talking to her but he ignores her. He leaves and calls Camila, tells her to pack a bag and meet him.

Halstead tries to run but Voight and Upton stop him. They convince him to wear a wire and get Camila to talk. He manages to do it and they go to her distributor. He still has on the wire and she still doesn’t know. They set up a meet and head out.

Once there the guy is reluctant to talk. Halstead pushes, hard, and the guy pulls a gun. Punches are thrown and the unit moves in. Camila sees that Halstead wasn’t cuffed. He’s been made.

They get back to the district and Voight gives Halstead five minutes with Camila. She’s got no time for him though. The distributor is blaming Camila and she’s blaming him. Voight and Olinsky present evidence to the distributor. That’s when he lawyers up.

Voight tries to get him to talk, to try to tell his side of the story. He does. He confesses to shooting her. They’ve got their case. Denny confronts Ruzek. The tape he gave him wasn’t enough. He still needs something but Ruzek has nothing.

Upton and Platt have a heartfelt talk about Halstead. Speaking of, Voight is at his place giving him a dressing down for putting the unit at risk. Upton goes to see Camila. She’s will to help with her charges if she pretends nothing happened with Halstead. Camila seems willing but makes a declaration. The person that’s a lie. That’s Jay, not Ryan.

You had to know that was going to end badly. He couldn’t just lie to her forever. Also, of course she would end up being a suspect. How else would they create suspense? This needs more Antonio.

Chicago PD, episode nine

Denny and Ruzek meet in the middle of nowhere. They argue about getting evidence on Voight. Ruzek doesn’t have much time before Denny comes after him instead. Halstead wakes up surrounded by beer bottles with a message from Upton. He’s in bed with the chick he met undercover. She still thinks he’s Ryan looking for a job.

Upton is hanging out at a kiddie soccer game. She tries to make a buy off a soccer mom. She makes a move and Halstead is in position to tail her. She gets away though. They go to her house to try to bust her but her kids come running out yelling before they can.

She ODs. Voight wants the unit to take it but Denny turns up and thinks that is a bad idea. Her father is a judge. The unit is handling it. Voight gives out assignments and then goes to see the judge.

Burgess goes to a bar to try to get a spoke in the supplier wheel. It works. She and Antonio bring him in. Olinsky and Voight ask the questions. He doesn’t say much and asks for a deal.

Anna is there for the prosecution. She’s hesitant but the judge turns up. He says to go with it so they come with a plan. They set a meet for that night and Antonio, Burgess and Atwater are there to observe.

Antonio and Burgess move in. The supplier/bartender is dead. Shot in the head. The unit investigates. There’s some cash on hand and Ruzek watches Voight pocket it. They also find prescription bottles. Antonio and Burgess go to see the doctor that wrote them. He knows nothing and his pad was stolen months earlier.

There are patients on the bottles too and more than one worked at the same place as the dead guy so Halstead and Upton go to see the boss. They get nowhere but after he calls the doctor, Burgess and Antonio go pick him up. And the girl he’s got with him.

Apparently Ruzek is a traitor and he wore a camera to the scene so now he has evidence on Voight. At the district, Voight and Antonio talk to the doctor and tell him he’s taking it all if he doesn’t roll on his cousin. The girlfriend is mostly concerned with her drugs.

Ruzek heads out and Denny stops him to tell him the clock it ticking. Ruzek pretends Voight didn’t take the bait. Upton and Halstead bust the girlfriend trying to get high and throw it back at the doctor.

He talks then to protect the girlfriend. They set up a sting but bar owner catches on, shoots his own cousin and makes a run for it. Burgess pursues him and ends up riding the bus with him. Voight gets on at the next stop and when bar owner makes him, Burgess moves.

They take him back to the district and question him. He has a different alibi, one for his drug business that he didn’t want to advertise. Ruzek meets with Denny and tells him to fuck off. Voight goes to see the judge. He tells him they busted the bar owner and then asks a few questions.

They get more and more pointed. He knows what happened. He’s letting it go. Ruzek is back at the district and Olinsky is lurking. He asks him to take a ride. He wants to see a CI. They go and Ruzek is a little suspicious. They get to the meeting point and it’s no CI. It’s Voight.

There was hardly any Atwater in this one. Burgess was awesome though. She was calm under pressure on the bus and it worked out well. I’d like to see a mission where she is partnered with Upton. And again, Anna turning up. I love that.

Chicago PD, episode eight

Voight shows up to shake hands and schmooze at a politician’s party. He runs into Burgess and meets her new boyfriend Matt, a federal prosecutor himself. The congressman’s big speech is about the state of the city and how much support the police department needs.

Halstead talks to Voight about a call he got from IAD about the bar fight while he was undercover. Voight tells him to keep it simple and then asks who knew about it. Atwater, Upton, two narcotics cops and Ruzek but it couldn’t have been Ruzek, Halstead says. He asks Upton if it was her and she tells him no. She also recommends he talk to someone about potential triggers from the case.

Seems they have a new case. Voight shows up at a hotel. There’s a dead Jane Doe and a male hotel guest. Voight goes to see the guest. It’s his congressman friend. The unit takes the case so Halstead and Upton are looking at the scene. Voight and Olinsky question the congressman. He claims he was drugged and framed.

Atwater and Ruzek go to see the security footage. It cuts out while the congressman was at the bar. They talk to the security guard but come up empty there. Voight goes to see Price about Congressman Graynor’s potential enemies. He has a lot.

Antonio and Burgess go to see one but he has an alibi. The unit goes over the case and Upton gets a lead on the gun. It was used in another shooting. Voight and Olinsky go to see the victim. Turns out she is the Jane Doe’s mother. Her daughter has been missing. The mother gives them some information and they run with it.

They get enough to clear Graynor so Voight lets him out. They have a suspect for the shootings but no ID. Burgess remembers that her boyfriend is working a mob case and that it might be related so she asks him about it. He can’t talk but wants to have a sitdown with Voight.

Ruzek found footage of the shooter with the security guard so he and Atwater go to bring him in. They find him dead instead. They report back to Voight about it but the conversation is cut short because Voight has a meeting with the feds. They ask him to sit on the case and he says yes.

He’s Voight though so he doesn’t listen. Instead the unit uses the information the feds gave him to get an ID. There’s another girl missing too so Platt sends patrol out with photos of her. She also warns Burgess about being close to this case given the boyfriend situation.

Price meets with Voight. He wants a crime scene photo of Graynor for blackmail. Voight talks about it with Olinsky. Upton gets a lead on the missing girl. She and Antonio move in and talk to her. They set up a sting but their suspect doesn’t show up.

He’s been tipped off though and Voight knows exactly who to blame. Burgess’s boyfriend and he tells her as much. He tells her to pick. She’s upset about it after and runs into Ruzek. He gives her a pep talk.

She goes and talks to Matt about the case some more but it’s a setup. Voight and Olinsky were running surveillance on the whole thing. They know where the suspect is holed up. Voight gives orders and the unit moves in.

Nothing is ever easy though so there’s a chase and a shootout before Ruzek and Burgess catch up with the guy. The feds are pissed and yell at Voight. He doesn’t back down. Price reaches out about that favor he asked for. Voight gives it to him. Burgess goes to see her boyfriend and he slams the door in her face.

I liked that there was more Olinsky in this episode but now there is no Antonio. I don’t know if it was always like this and I didn’t notice it or if they just don’t have a balance now or what. It just seems different.