Dear White People, episodes eight to ten

Lionel gets some backlash for his story but he’s more interested in why people aren’t made at the rent-a-cop. Everyone is mad at Reggie or Gabe.

His editor gives him a new assignment, a parade at the school. He pushes to write a feature on Troy but the editor gives that to someone else. Lionel shows up at the parade late and leaves early with Troy, after overhearing Sam and Reggie talk about getting “caught up” the night before.

They go to a local dive bar and talk about their lives and their fathers. They also run into Hobbs and Troy admits that they have a history. Troy’s father gives him drug tests so he asks Lionel to pee in a cup for him. He does. His inner monologue, which sounds an awful lot like his editor, judges him for it.

After the bar, Lionel and Troy sneak into the newsroom to steal some alcohol. They get caught and the editor has words for Lionel about missing the big story at the parade and about Troy. Newsflash. He’s straight.

Back in their room, Troy asks Lionel if he wants to watch something. Lionel just has to finish something first. It’s a story about Troy, using the stuff he said in the bar.

The story breaks and Coco is not happy. She comes at Lionel but Troy protects him. The article actually helped his relationship with his father. He has to go to a donor party and he invites Coco.

She’s excited and even shows Troy her real hair but the party is not what he expected. Hobbs is there and Coco figures out their history. She also figures out that they are props to sell the donors on the campus life they want.

Back in Troy’s room, she gets him to admit to the affair then cries in the bathroom. She even tells Lionel that being with Troy isn’t as good as one would think it is.

The next day, she goes to talk to Sam, like old times. Only it’s not. She’s trying to convince same to call off the protest. Sam thinks she is there as Troy’s lackey but Troy turns up to push for the same thing.

Afterward they break up, or she breaks up with him. He never really thought they were together. She says that she is too ambitious for him and he wishes her well.

Things are coming to a head at Winchester. Reggie is supposed to be a guest on Sam’s show but she ditches him to talk to Gabe. Joelle helps Reggie out and Gabe blows off Sam so she’s upset. Reggie reads his poem and then bounces.

Lionel turns up to interview Sam about the town hall and the protest and she mentions donors. He looks into it. It’s the Hancock’s and they are bigots but his editor won’t run a story about it because they own the paper.

Time for the town hall. Coco sets it up to manipulate who can ask questions. There is a protest outside, but its about binge-drinking. Sam shows up and Troy tries to convince her to go into the town hall.

Coco keeps the questions tame and as soon as it starts to look like things might be a little more intense she cuts things off. She has time for one more question. Lionel.

Sam and Kurt are fighting about what good she’s really done when series MVP Lionel blows the top off the whole thing. He calls out the administration and sends an alert through the paper’s site to everyone.

Gabe shows up to talk to Sam. He tells her this won’t work. Lionel and his editor argue until the editor kisses him. The door is locked. Troy breaks it and ends up getting arrested. Security nearly pulls a gun on him.

Troy ends up arrested. Reggie tells Joelle there is nothing between him and Sam. And Sam and Coco wonder where it all went wrong.

TEAM LIONEL! He was consistently the best part of this show and it paid off wonderfully. I do feel sort of bad for Troy for being a puppet and a little bit for Sam because she tried so hard and it didn’t really matter.


Dear White People, episodes four to seven

Coco is the next featured student. She’s trying hard to fit in with the white folks but Sam puts her on blast on the radio. Her white friends can’t believe that she used to be friends with Sam.

Flashback to early days at Winchester. They were roommates and mocked the white people together. Coco tried to fit in though while Sam got more involved with the black community at the school.

Coco joined a black sorority and Sam joined the BSU. Their friendship wen off the rails soon thereafter. Coco doesn’t think Sam gets it because although black, her skin is much lighter.

After that Coco quits the sorority and starts hanging out with the white people again. Sam makes a peace offering and Troy starts sleeping with her. He tells her he will show her off around campus.

Reggie usual rolled alone but he fell for Sam early. He wants to do everything he can for the revolution all the time but Joelle and Al (Jemar Michael) tell him to take a break sometimes.

He’s mostly hung up on Sam dating Gabe, and everything else that happens to bother him on any given day. He complains a lot about being oppressed. They make an Asian friend along the way named, Ikumi (Ally Maki).

They go to a party at the house that had the blackface party and Sam and Gabe are there. Reggie tries to have fun and plays tipsy trivia with someone he knows from class named Addison (Nolan Gerard Funk). Afterward everyone is dancing around and Addison, while singing along, uses the N word.

Reggie tells him not to and they discuss it before the blackface party host, Kurt, gets involved. Tensions rise, punches are thrown and security turns up. They single Reggie out and go as far as pulling a gun on him. Shit is real. People are crying and Reggie is scared. The cop lets him go and breaks up the party. Sam tries to talk to Reggie but he blows her off. He goes back to his room and cries while she knocks on the door.

Winchester is trying shove what happened to Reggie under the rug but Sam isn’t about to let it happen. The black caucus meets to talk about what to do but no one can agree. They all decide to go with Reggie to talk to Troy’s dad though.

Funny thing. Reggie doesn’t turn up for his meeting so everyone else just sits there and waits. On the way out they discuss how to reach him and how to be heard. They are going to form a blockade at the pep rally.

After having coffee and meeting Gabe’s very white, though supportive of the black cause friends, Sam tracks Reggie down and goes with him to an open mic. It’s something he does on the regular but she had no idea. He reads a poem and she is thoroughly impressed. She wants him to read it at the blockade but he isn’t interested in going.

She doesn’t understand why. She’s just trying to bring attention but he doesn’t want that. They get back to his dorm and he goes inside. She’s in the hall looking in and he keeps the door open. She comes in and closes the door. Her phone rings and she ignores it.

Gabe is a bit insecure about Sam and Reggie. He hates that he has to tip toe around certain political issues but will do it anyway. The caucus decides to protest a university organized town hall. Sam hands out jobs and pairs herself with Reggie. Gabe is paired with Joelle.

He and Joelle get along well enough. He talks a little about his insecurity before moving on to her love life. She’s into Reggie but has never understood his relationship with Sam. Gabe admits he’s the one that called the cops at the party. Joelle tells him never to tell Sam.

Sam goes with Gabe to a dinner with his friends. They argue about the ethics of affairs and things are still tense on the walk home until he declares his love for her. She says it back and they go back to his room together.

The next morning Lionel’s story is up, complete with the 911 audio. Sam finds out it was Gabe and leaves. He is sorry and tries to tell her but she doesn’t listen. He shows up at the caucus meeting and Coco and Troy take his side. It’s not enough. He’s not welcome.

I’m not going to front. I probably would have called the cops too. And it always seems like Reggie and Sam are on the verge of something. She’ll probably end up with Troy though. I feel bad for Coco because she seems to be the only one that knows what it’s like in a tough area all the time. And Reggie.

Dear White People, episodes one to three

Class is in session at Winchester and the narrator sets the scene well. Sam (Logan Browning) is hosting her radio show about the everyday racism on campus. She and her friend Joelle (Ashley Blaine Featherson) talk about meeting up at the black caucus later on.

Sam is sleeping with a guy named Gabe (John Patrick Amedori). He’s white. She leaves to go to the caucus. He offers to come with but she says that it’s members only. He then tells her that he doesn’t want to just be a hook up. He wants more.

She heads to the meeting and is the black woman in charge. She handles the intros and gets catty with Coco (Antoinette Robertson). They don’t know what to do in response to the blackface party held on campus. They discuss it but the conversation is interrupted when Sam gets tagged in an Instagram post, by Gabe.

She tries to bring him around to her friends and the dude everyone expects her to get with Reggie (Marque Richardson) is a jerk to him. Gabe gets made that she didn’t stand up for him and bounces.

She’s back on the air and she admits that she sent the invites to the blackface party to see what would happen. It should be a campus wakeup call. People there is a racism problem.

Winchester is still reeling from the party and student journalist Lionel (DeRon Horton) is now popular because of his story on it.

He’s trying to come to terms with his sexuality and is taking guidance from the paper’s editor. He goes to a theater kid party and meets a guy that’s sort of repressed that hides behind his female roommate. He calls the other guy on his shit when they go back to his room. Then he heads back to the paper to help his editor in a crisis.

They discover that Sam sent the party invite. Lionel gives her a heads up that they are running the story so she can own it before they expose her.

Lionel asks his roommate Troy Fairbanks (Brandon P. Bell), that he has a crush on and jerks off to, to cut his hair.

Winchester is about to hold student elections and the frontrunner is Troy. He’s struggled to escape his father’s shadow because his president of the university. He took matters into his own hands and made sure his father called the police on the blackface party at Pastiche.

His father has run the show on everything in his life, including his relationship with Sam. He spends the day campaigning but he doesn’t seem very happy. He meets a new professor, Nika Hobbs (Nia Long) and suggests Lionel interview Thane Lockwood (Brant Daugherty).

Troy ducks out of the party as soon as he can and goes to a student party. He argues with Kurt Fletcher (Wyatt Nash) about Pastiche. As he leaves that he gets a text to meet up. It’s from Hobbs. They’ve been having an illicit affair for quite some time. He have sex and then fall asleep.

They find out the next morning, after spending the night in the boathouse, that Troy won the election and that Thane is dead. He tried to fly, and couldn’t. Troy goes back to his room to shower. He gets a message on his phone. It’s a video of him sleeping with Hobbs.

Okay so is Sam with Gabe then? And all told this has been over the course of like 36 hours right? I’m interested in the Sam and Troy relationship and would like to know more about Joelle. I’m assuming everyone gets an episode. Overall, I like the show. I feel bad for Lionel though.