Dear White People, episode ten

It’s almost time for the Fox pundit speech and everyone on campus is tense. Joelle is on air talking about being proud to be yourself. Sam breaks down what she found for Lionel. She wants to find the Order of X, a secret society of former slaves. Campus security is gearing up to take down anyone that protests at the speech. The one that went after Reggie is out but he’ll just be a state cop next,

Coco is sleeping with Pastiche guy. He’s helping her out with something big but they haven’t told anyone. Afterward he meets with Troy about trying out for Pastiche. Coco goes back to AP to talk about their protest. Troy walks by. He isn’t interested in partcipating. He’s also not looking to steal security footage with Al to support his conspiracy theory. Reggie and Joelle are talking when Al comes in looking for help. Reggie tells him where to go but no more than that.

Lionel has sex with Wesley and finds out they apparently aren’t monogomous. Coco and Reggie go back to her room, where there is an X on the door. They talk about feelings and end up having sex. Sam walks in but quickly leaves. She goes downstairs and texts Gabe and then checks in with Lionel. She ends up going to Gabe’s and having sex. She stays until she has to go see the pundit, Rikki Carter.

Sam heads over and at first hears Silvio planning how to amp up his brand. She goes to talk to Rikki for her doc and ends up getting schooled. Rikki doesn’t necessarily believe the nonsense she spouts. She’s just cashing the checks to build her own kingdom. She thinks its only a matter of time before Sam joins her ranks on the other side. The event starts and Rikki goes out on the stage. It’s sold out. To the Black Caucus. That’s what Coco and Pastiche guy were working on.

The only people not at the speech are Lionel and Sam. He lays out what he knows about the Order of X and the other secret societies and they are able to piece together the possible meeting place of the Order. As they head over, they see Al running by with the security footage. They get to the a dark room. They think they got it wrong. Sam is upset because she needed a win and Lionel is right there with her.

He vents about everything he does turning to shit and Wesley sleeping around and the whole Silvio thing. That’s when the missing dog interrupts. Neither understands where she came from but as they stand there a man enters. He knows their names and knows they’ve been looking into the Order.

This was good and I really liked the conversation between Sam and Rikki. It makes sense that she is just going off to make money at this point and doesn’t care about anything. She also basically implied that their guy was the same way. The fact that the security guard is going to be a statie is awful but probably accurate. The protest though. That was so boss. Especially because apparently no one slipped up and mentioned it. I love that.


Dear White People, episode nine

Sam’s father died. She packs up to head home for the services. Reggie wishes her well and tells her that they will take care of everything for the guest speaker while she’s gone. They hug and then he gives Joelle a longer hug before they head outside where Gabe is waiting with the car. He awkwardly kisses and pats Sam before she gets in the car. Before she and Joelle can leave Coco comes running out.

She is coming too because Sam’s father meant a lot to her. They hit the road and Coco does her best to distract Sam. After a false start, it works. They get to Sam’s mom’s house and catch up with her family. She’s shocked to see her mom coping so well. The family reminisces over food and drinks. A cousin lets information about Sam’s dad slip that she didn’t know. Apparently he’d had a second surgery and no one told her. She corners her mom and confronts her about it.

Her mom tells Sam that she didn’t want to acknowledge that things were getting bad. Sam feels deprived of a chance to say goodbye. Now she’s angry and she has to give a speech. She goes to her room and talks to Coco and Joelle about it. They are sympathetic and helpful as she cries. Late at night she goes into her father’s study. She finds her childhood art projects and an old book about Winchester before stumbling upon a letter from her father.

That’s what she uses at least to start her speech. She tearfully reads it. After the services, she talks to her mom. They still have each other. She goes into her room to find Coco and Joelle bonding. She gets a video call from Lionel. As luck would have it their speaker canceled since they never secured funding but at least Troy is having lunch with his dad. Sam is pissed, until she sees the box of stuff she is taking back to school. She has an idea and will tell them about it when she gets back.

I like that Coco stayed in touch with Sam’s family. I found that interesting and liked that she was there for Sam even though it’s been bad blood. I half expected the abortion to come up.

Dear White People, episode eight

Gabe came to Winchester for an MFA in making docs. He’s working on one about racism and interviews Troy and Reggie and Coco and Kelsey. His next shoot is at the radio station. Lionel walks in as he is setting up. He’s confused but Sam comes in and clarifies that Lionel has his days mixed up. Sam is Gabe’s next subject.

They set up in the booth and both record their talk. It gets heated. She thinks he has a white saviour complex and he thinks that she should shoulder the blame for Silvio’s new movement. They just go off from there. It turns into them hashing out their relationship and breakup issues. It turns to a talk about guilt and she storms out. She comes back a minute later to keep going.

He thinks that they are doing enough with his doc and her radio show. “This isn’t Selma!” he yells but she tells him that he doesn’t know her experience and tells her about the death threat email she, and her parents got. She thought it was about her dad at first, that it was the “you got to go home” message because he has been sick. That wasn’t the case though. It was about her.

After that, they calm down and he realizes that he doesn’t know the half of it. He’s ready to leave but she tells him she wants to finish. They start to talk but end up resolving their relationship nonsense instead. Just as they start to kiss and makeup, Joelle comes in. She’s been trying to reach Sam. She’s got to go home. Gabe tries to talk to her but Sam just walks out. Gabe watches back the end of his tape.

I don’t care about Gabe like at all. I think Sam has a lot of points but I really got hung up on the fact that he’s a grad student hanging out with 20 year olds. Mostly because I didn’t really realize that’s how old everyone is supposed to be. I mean, it makes sense but they all look so much older, except Lionel.

Dear White People, episode seven

Troy got off with no suspension after the busted window incident. Instead he just starts to flounder. He hangs out with the Pasitche guys and ends up in trouble. His father calls an intervention. The rules are different because he’s a black legacy. He can’t keep messing up because it sets them all back. They want him to run for head of house.

He is not interested. He does some standup instead and totally bombs. He tries to fuck away the feeling but even that doesn’t work. Especially when he finds out Coco’s white bestie got into Pegasus but she didn’t. That’s how the world works. He ends up getting high with the Pastiche crowd to find his comedic voice. He has an idea and consults Reggie. He wants to know what Reggie thinks of him.

Reggie takes him for a stroll down memory lane and tells him that he Troy acted like the token black guy, always working to make the white folks laugh. Reggie tells him that he was always too worried about what other people thought. Troy only has a realization about Reggie loving Sam which leads him to his next stop. Sam is on air blasting Silvio when Troy turns up. He wants clarity.

Sam tells him the same thing Reggie did. He was trying to be what other people wanted him to be. He apologizes to her and heads out. He goes to AP and burns his clothes. He wants to start fresh and Coco just rips on him. She calls him a shell, a body and that she sacrificed to get away from him. He leaves and has a hallucinatory conversation with a dog before jumping in a fountain.

Lionel and Wesley find him and bring him back to his room. He wakes up with his father looking over him. Troy goes off on him. He’s always been a puppet and has never had a chance to discover himself. His father tries to guide him. Troy takes another shot at standup and it is much more well-received.

I like the talking dog. Can we bring that back please? I don’t really care about Troy one way or the other. This episode annoyed me because Troy suddenly figured himself out and won in the end like a real sitcom. That’s not how things actually work.

Dear White People, episode six

Lionel is obsessed with the secret societies at the school. He wants to uncover the mystery. He also sees the connection between one group and Sam’s twitter troll. He chats with Wesley but isn’t all that invested in the conversation. He meets up with Silvio and Brooke and their startup. Before that he runs into Sam who now has real life haters.

He wants to do a hunt for the troll that backdoors into his secret society interest. Silvio shoots it down but Brooke is game to help. They make plans for later which Lionel is late for because he hangs with Wesley. They don’t make any progress on the troll but solve the dog kidnapping. Back in Lionel’s room, Brooke tries to put the moves on Lionel but he shuts it down.

Wesley shows up with food and they brainstorm. Reggie and Troy get involved to try and hack into the troll’s account. While Reggie works his magic, Troy and Lionel have a talk about the latters relationships. Reggie gets a password but they still get blocked. They are back to square one. Lionel has Wesley over after and blows off a text from Silvio to spend the night with him.

They have a talk before they get down. The next day, Lionel meets with Silvio. He stands up for his story idea to identify the troll and the seedy alt-right underbelly on campus but Silvio shoots it down again. Lionel isn’t having it and they argue. There is commotion in the other room. Reggie just punched Trevor and the troll sends another tweet. Lionel sees a reflection behind Silvio.

That’s how he figures it out. Silvio is the troll and it started as a way to get likes but he does on some level believe what he’s saying. He wants to stand up for new ideas and opposing thoughts on campus. He’s sick of all the “safe spaces” and everything that comes with leftist ideology. He tells Lionel to run with his expose and heads out, all smiles, shaking Reggie’s hand on the way. Lionel tells Brooke to come over.

Lionel is so good at getting scoops. I didn’t see it coming as Silvio but I’m not surprised. He likes stirring shit. I’m a little surprised he apparently believes what he’s saying though. Team Lionel. Also Team Brooke. She’s great even if she scares Lionel.

Dear White People, episode five

Joelle isn’t used to playing second fiddle to anyone and as she joins Sam’s show it only gets worse. She vents about it to her good friend Gabe. Then, because she missed her other one, she goes to lab and meets the guy she is barely beating for highest average. They hit it off and end up spending a few hours together after class. He likes that she can carry on a conversation but isn’t a fan of AP.

She gives him her number before heading to the black caucus where Coco announces she got the activist to come to school. The meeting gets heated about his takedown of a Fox host. Sam wants to use it for her next show. At the moment, she’s more concerned about Joelle’s “boy smile.” Joelle tells her about her boy Trevor.

They meet up again and there are really sparks. Joelle thinks it’s time to bring him by AP. They have an awkward run-in with Reggie and things only get worse when they talk to Troy. By the time they start watching TV it’s too much. Joelle thinks back and realizes Trevor isn’t the gem she thought. He’s whack and thinks that black men have it worse than women. He goes off on Sam so Joelle takes him down before Reggie punches him and sends him out.

During their argument, Gabe swings by to drop off a notebook Joelle forgot. Sam finds out they’ve been in touch. Also, Coco lets Sam know that the Fox pundit was booked for campus too. Oh and Sam’s twitter hater is in AP and saw Reggie punch Trevor.

Is the hater Gabe? I feel like he’s the obvious target but I don’t really know who else it would be. It doesn’t seem as significant if it is one of the random new people. Maybe James from CORE? I’m glad Joelle figured it out and stood up for herself. It’s a shame she can’t win though.

Dear White People, episode four

While everyone else is having trouble with Davis residents moving into AP, Coco is thriving. She solves debates and runs CORE. A call home shows that things aren’t all they cracked up to be though. She’s only keeping up appearances and when she goes back to her room in a funk the reason becomes clear. She’s pregnant and she has been debating whether or not to tell Troy. She goes to see him and as he takes a bong hit she decides not to.

Instead she asks him to resign from CORE. He does and she takes over. Lionel comes to the meeting to try and talk to her but she blows him off. Afterward she’s back in her room talking to her roommate. Things take a turn when the other radio show reads fake e-mails between Sam and Coco on air. Sam wants to fight fire with fire and have CORE bring a controversial activist to campus since they have a budget.

It’s Coco’s decision and she says no. Sam snaps at her but Lionel knows how Coco works and starts trying to appeal to her. Coco agrees to consider it and then takes off. Lionel chases and she pukes on him. She goes back to the room and starts researching abortions. She doesn’t like either option but her roommate talks her down. She’s got her back. They go to a clinic but Coco can’t go through with it.

She goes back to campus and tells Troy. She points out that he’s not ready to help her and she needs him to get his shit together. Coco leaves school and on her way out in the dead of night has a tearful goodbye with Sam. She leaves and 18 years later her daughter gets in to Winchester. Coco and Troy drop her off they aren’t together. It’s a beautiful moment.

Problem is, it’s not real. Coco daydreamed it while leaving the clinic. She hears the nurse call her name and she pauses for a moment to consider. Then she follows the nurse into a back room to start the procedure.

I would have been okay with Coco leaving under those circumstances but I’m glad she’s not. She needs to have an intervention for Troy and also needs to approve that speaker. He seems like a winner.