Designated Survivor, episode twenty-one

Hannah doesn’t listen to the cops. She gets back in the van and drives away so that the bomb goes off in the water and not near people. Mike updates Kirkman and he says to bring her to the White House. The FBI is questioning her when Forstell shows up and takes her under orders of the president.

At the White House, Hannah and Forstell brief Kirkman, Mike and Moss. The people on the ship are revealing what they know so Forstell wants to use that but Moss thinks they should bring in the big guns. Kirkman agrees.

A team is read in to go after Lloyd. They want him alive. Kirkman watches the news and then talks to Forstell about what this new group is up to. Bowman is on tv ripping on Kirkman but the other guest, Aaron, is adamant in his defense. The strike team is still en route.

Lazano is on the move in the city. Lloyd and his congressman crony keep updated. He has “the package” and is “en route.”

They get to the house and move in. It’s too late though. There is no sign of anyone. There’s just a secret tunnel.

Hannah orders for all sorts of BOLO type stuff on Lloyd but it doesn’t matter. A bunch of false info floods in immediately.

Seth is avoiding the press since there is no comment. It doesn’t work well though. Abe Leonard is waiting in his office. There’s a new story. Kirkman wants to meet with Leonard.

Emily talks to Alex on the phone. She wants him to act more like a politician but it isn’t happening. She also misses their lunches.

Moss tells Kirkman that he has already had to weather several crises and that one way or another it’ll end soon.

The crony starts to do some techy things and Chuck catches it and calls Mike. The guy wraps up but Chuck knows what happened. Someone just used the digital footprint from the hack to access the Pentagon and create an ID.

Lozano rolls up to security. He uses the new ID to get onto Pentagon property.

Kirkman calls in Aaron. He reads him in on what’s going on and asks for tips on the mole. He wants Aaron to go over his records from the prior administration.

Mike and Chuck update Hannah on the ID situation. She heads there to try and find him. They have the Pentagon on lockdown. He’s already inside though, in a naval uniform. He’s in some computer room accessing a laptop.

Leonard is in the Oval when Kirkman comes in. They talk about what Leonard will do. Kirkman calls the story incomplete but won’t comment because it is a matter of national security. He wants Leonard to hold the story but won’t press it.

Aaron goes to see the general that Kirkman fired. He wants help and no one knows more about security access.

Hannah calls the Pentagon to get an update on Lozano. No luck yet though because something is scrambling the security cameras. Hannah tells the officer in charge that Lozano knows the building well from his time working there and that they need to find him.

Kirkman gets an update from Aaron. He tells him about the general and Kirkman agrees that he wasn’t responsible.

As she heads to the Pentagon, Hannah sees Lozano. She chases him and calls for backup. She hits him and thinks she has him but he runs. She gives chase on foot and even fires at him. He goes into a house under construction and gets the upper hand. They fight hand to hand and she pushes him through a wall. He falls on some metal rods and dies, but not before telling her it’s not over.

Seth is in his office when Leonard strolls in. He is going to honor his request but not indefinitely.

Chuck is cleaning up when Hannah comes in a bit worse for the wear. She asks about the case and then he heads out but not before telling her that there is an email in her box from Atwood. It’s photos and audio from just before he died.

The mole is walking through the White House when Mike stops him and asks for a word. He turns and Forstell and Hannah are there.

Hannah goes back to Atwood’s office and flashes back to the first time they met.

Kirkman plays the audio for Emily, Aaron and Seth. They’ve got the mole in custody and rounded up more than 2,000 people across the country. He wants to address a joint session to update them. Seth will let the networks know. Kirkman recruits Aaron. They will create a job for him. He also asks Moss to be the designated survivor.

It’s time for his speech. He reveals the truth about what happened at the Capitol. He then talks about how great it is to be an American and that no one needs to make it great again. Everyone in the whole country claps.

They get to the White House. The kids are back and Kirkman gets called to Command. Lozano made the entirety of the Pentagon security system vulnerable and left access available for Lloyd. He can do what he wants with all the security information.

I’m glad that Aaron is still involved. He will probably end up in the Cabinet or something. Where was Hookstraten? Emily is supposed to be a really important part of the administration but she was hardly there at all. She just wants to do lunch? That’s kind of lame. Seth is my favorite. And Abe Leonard.

Designated Survivor, episode twenty

Hannah has escaped but not really cause she’s on a ship. Everyone is looking for her so she’s hiding. She sees a smaller boat transporting weapons

Seth is airsick and Moss is teasing him. Then he goes to see Kirkman. They talk about the summit and arms priorities.

Forstell and mike talk about Hannah and Browning Reed.

Emily is out to drink with some aids. She sees Aaron and goes over to say hello. They talk about Kirkman and Hookstraten. He’s not following her to the cabinet.

Moss explains the game plan for NATO and who the big players are.

On the ship, Hannah is creeping around. She attacks a guy and sends out a mayday signal before more people come after her. Some lackeys rush in and fight her. She’s banged up by the time Lazano corners her with a gun.

Kirkman tells some important foreign leaders about the plan to cut back nukes. It goes well.

Mike brings in Chuck to find out who has been deleting files. Chuck knows some tech things that might help them.

Seth interrupts a conversation between Moss and Kirkman. The Abe Leonard story ran and now people are freaking out. Seth and Emily don’t know how to handle it and Kirkman won’t issue a flat out denial…. because it’s true.

With no other choice, Kirkman reads Moss in on the investigation. Moss is pissedthat he didn’t know and now the allies.

Lloyd watches Leonard on morning shows. He’s mad at some of the story details. He calls the congressman. Leonard has served his purpose.

At the briefing, Seth gets bombarded with questions about the story. He sticks to the party line and then tries to talk NATO.

Forstell gets a call from the coast guard about Hannah’s mayday call. They don’t have answers. He’s headed their way and he wants more info.

Hannah is back in the container on the ship. Lazano comes in and says that since she killed his brother MacLeish, he killed her family. He hands her a wedding band and she cries. He drugs her and she passes out.

Kirkman has to answer to NATO about the article and it doesn’t go well. France tabled the disarmament talk until he’s willing to discuss the issue.

Chuck plants the tracker. Leonard heads into the office and it turns out the FBI wants him to stop by for an interview. He doesn’t want to but his boss gives him no choice.

Emily and Seth talk. She asks about Air Force one and then admits that Moss sent her a photo.

Forstell gets to the coast guard station. No sign of the ship Hannah is on. He tells her to get cracking.

Back in his room Kirkman is going over the agenda. Seth comes in for an update for the pool. They talk about how hard of a day it’s been. Seth gets a call. No go on disarmament. Alex calls Kirkman to talk about what’s going on. She knows it’s true.

Coast guard pulled through. The ship may be docking in Baltimore within the hour. Forstell heads out.

Before the afternoon session Kirkman meets with France. She calls him a dreamer and he agrees. They will talk more at the next summit.

The mole goes after the files. Chuck calls mike to go after him but the guy is smart. He throws them off by cloning his digital fingerprint.

Back on the way to Washington Seth falls asleep on the plane and Kirkman and Moss talk about the trip. It’s just the beginning though because it’s a new kind of trouble back home.

Forstell is moving in on the ship. They take people into custody and search all the containers. No Hannah. Speaking of, she wakes up and realizes she’s surrounded by bombs she finds a door and gets out. She was in a van in the basement of the Hoover building. A countdown on the bombs in the car starts. Agents swarm.

I’m glad that Hannah is back on solid ground. I’m ecstatic that Chuck is back. I don’t really care about the rest of the stuff. It was just setting the stage for next time.

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Designated Survivor, episode nineteen

The recently kidnapped Hannah is dumped in a shipping container by Lazano. The container is on a truck that is then taken away. He makes a call.

Emily meets with a Congressman about things to pitch to the president. The man walks out of the room and gets a text that the “package out for delivery.” Lloyd gets the same text.

Alex is helping give a tour to a high school when they get interrupted by Kirkman. Turns out the deceased president’s son is the one in charge of the program that brought the kids there, the program which needs to be renewed by Congress next month. Kirkman will look into it.

Forstell and Mike don’t know where Hannah is. They haven’t heard from her at all. They head to her hotel room and realize that something is amiss.

Seth and Emily talk about Ethics and then the upcoming NATO summit. He is excited to ride on Air Force One.

Hookstraten is at her ethics hearing. She wants them to consider her lifetime of public service.

Mike and Forstell consult the security footage. They see that she was kidnapped and take the news to Kirkman. They update him on Lloyd and the investigation. He tells them to find Hannah.

Atwood gets some high tech gadgets.

Emily and Moss meet with Kirkman and talk about meeting with the French about de-escaltion. They want to decrease their nuclear arsenal and maybe the States should do the same to set an example.

The plates are back. The van Hannah was taken in is burnt out. Forstell is more concerned with why they took her since it wasn’t to kill her. She’s still in the container yelling for Lazano.

Kirkman has some meetings and then meets with Hookstraten. He pledges support and she tells him she is just going to keep going. The arts grants come up and she tells him who to talk to.

Tyler and Alex talk about adjusting to White House life.

Lloyd shows up for his speaking engagement downtown. He is taken through security and asked to remove his pin. The security guard swaps it out. He leaves and talks to Atwood. Now Lloyd is really under survelilance.

The new Congressman Saldua comes in to talk to Kirkman, who is pitching the arts grant. Saldua isn’t interested. He’s sick of back-room dealing and wants to focus on the maths and sciences. He will look into it on the next budget.

Lloyd is wrapping up his speech and Forstell and company are ready for him to roll out.

Hookstraten looks to be losing in her ethics hearing after Aaron meets with his cousin to talk about the vibe of the committee. He says they have to drag it out until they can swing public opinion. Now she’s got an idea.

The speech is over. Atwood is following and Forstell’s team is too.

The team is meeting in the Oval to talk about what’s what. Emily is working on getting support for the grant.

Atwood sees the congressman that was at the White House with Emily on Lloyd’s porch.
Saldua is talking to Hookstraten. He wants her old school way of doing things out. She offers to step aside if he pushes the arts grant through.

The tech comes in handy. Atwood hears about Hannah and their work with Leonard. They know the feds are looking at the targets they found blueprints for. They have operational control. A twig snaps and Atwood gets jumpy. He starts looking around and finds a deer. Her starts to let his guard down. Turns around. Two shots to the chest. Lazano is there.

Mike and Forstell notice that files are being deleted. If they figure out who is doing it, they find the mole.

Alex talks to Kirkman about bringing the kids back. He says not yet. Hookstraten comes by. She tells him that she is stepping down. She did make one last move though. The arts grant. He says that he won’t accept it and that he has a way to make things work.

Seth is on the phone with his mom talking about going on the plane. Then he and Emily chat about it too.

Kirkman meets with Mike and Forstell about tracking the files. Mike wants him to pull out of the NATO summit but he won’t. Just bump up security.

Hannah is still trapped. They bring her a sandwich and she says she can’t reach. The guard loosens her chains.

Alex and Kirkman hug. He’s upset and she tells him to just tell her something. The Hannah situation is weighing on him.

It’s time for the choir concert. Kirkman tells Tyler that the grant will be passed. He gives his remarks and announces his nominee for Secretary of Education. Kimble Hookstraten.

Hannah is a ninja. She uses the underwire from her bra to undo the cuffs.

It’s time to head to NATO. Kirkman makes his way onto the plane and Seth stops at the base of the stairs to snap a picture. Moss stops him. Sends him up to take a great picture with the president to send to his mom.

When the guard comes back to drug Hannah, she pushes the needle into him and steals his keys. She runs away only to find she is on a huge shipping barge.

Seth though. He’s probably the bad guy because he is just so adorable with the whole sending pictures to his mom stuff. I can’t. Hannah is awesome and I’m sure she will figure something out. It’s a shame they killed Atwood but he really wasn’t serving a purpose. Saldua is going to be a problem for a while.

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Designated Survivor, episode eighteen

Atwood and Hannah are spying at the base. They get cause and make a run for it.
Abe Leonard is waiting for his source. He’s been waiting three hours. The source calls and gives him another tip. Jason Atwood.

Speaking of, he and Hannah fleeing by car. He’s been shot.

It’s a big day at the White House. Kirkman is signing the gun legislation. He thanks Hookstraten for her help.

Leonard got a plate when he was waiting for his source. He pays a guy to run it and finds out it is from the White House pool. That could be any one of hundreds of people. It’s of little use.

Aaron, Seth and Emily talk about the legislation and Hookstraten possibly as VP. Seth is on board.

Kirkman and Hookstraten talk about what a good job they’ve done and how to keep the momentum going. He wants someone that can do that as VP and she does too. That’s why he wants her to vet the list of candidates for him.

Hannah meets with Forstell and Mike. She updates them on Lazano and what happened in the Dakotas. If he’s still alive, who did the FBI kill after Kirkman was shot? Hannah goes to see the body in that case.

Politico calls Aaron. They want a comment for a Hookstraten story.

An aide runs in to tell Seth to look at Politico. They have the Hookstraten story up. It’s about her ties to Turkey.

Emily and Seth update Kirkman. It’s bad optics but legal. Mike also lets him know about Lazano.

Bowman runs into Aaron. They argue about the Politico story. Bowman denies leaking it and tells Aaron to mind his place.

The body in the morgue matches Lazano’s prints. Someone hacked the database. It’s time to consider that the person in charge of the whole thing is still operating.

Leonard meets with someone from the FBI about Atwood. It doesn’t go well.

Hookstraten comes to Kirkman’s office. They talk about Turkey and the new Congress. Emily comes in. The Ethics Committee is going to investigate the Speaker.

Someone is showing Hannah the footage of the day of the Lazano shooting. She notices enough that she will be able to get a lead.

Aaron talks to the Politico reporter about people being out to get Hookstraten.

Kirkman wants her as VP. He thinks announcing it now is the way to go. Emily disagrees. He doesn’t care.

Bowman is about to head to a fancy dinner.

Seth and Emily talk about Kirkman’s latest brief.

Leonard tracks down Atwood at a diner and asks all sorts of questions. Atwood has no use for it. Leonard brings up his son. Atwood gets rough with him before driving off.

Hookstraten is getting called in to the ethics hearing first thing in the morning. Aaron tells her that Bowman isn’t to blame.

Hannah and Atwood talk about moving forward. She tells him that she needs him to heal.

The op-ed that Seth ghost-wrote to help the Hookstraten situation doesn’t have anyone interested in putting their name on it. Seth will keep trying.

They know who leaked the story. A former aide by the name of Liam is the one running Hookstraten into the ground. She fired him years earlier for taking payments when he shouldn’t have. And now she’s passed that evidence along to Bowman.

Forstell and Hannah go over the video of Lazano’s last day. She figured out when the switch was. Lazano never left the building. He was hiding out for more than a day. The decoy was willing to sacrifice his life for Lazano to escape.

They have a hit on the dead guy’s prints. He was involved with the same contractors as the other service members. They even co-signed on a loan for him.

Emily and Seth stop in to update Kirkman. The op-ed will run but it won’t be in a big name paper. They have to save this.

Hannah meets with a source to track down the head of the contractor company, Browning-Reed. The dude dissolved the company because he felt like the government betrayed him. Now he’s big with the alt-right and has the money and IQ to make a real play at the government.

She and Forstell head out to the guy, Patrick Lloyd’s, farm and talk to him about the silo property. He legally bought all the munitions on the property and plays it off like he doesn’t remember the fall guy from the Lazano case. He blows them off and tells them to talk to his attorney.

It doesn’t sit well with Hannah. She puts the pieces together. Lloyd wrote the manifesto. They have eyes on him now but he’ll know and this isn’t going to be easy. Knowing and proving are different things. They won’t be able to just flush him out. Forstell tells her to get some rest and that they will try again in the morning.

Kirkman calls is family and talks to his daughter. She thinks it would be cool to have a female vice president.

She eventually heads back to her room but notices something is off. It’s too late though. She is promptly drugged and kidnapped.

Leonard meets with his source in a parking garage. He gets another tip. Check the White House visitor log. The source leaves and makes a call to…. Lazano. Leonard is playing right into their hand!

It sucks that Leonard breaking the story is going to take down Kirkman. Emily is getting a little power hungry it seems. Hookstraten and Bowman are going to have to work together to take down Lloyd. Seth is still the best part of this show.

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Designated Survivor, episode seventeen

In a war ravaged country, Abe Leonard is being driven around with a hood on. He’s taken to see the head of a terrorist organization. He asks about the bombing and the attempt on Kirkman’s life.

Hannah and Atwood head out of the bunker and talk to Forstell and Mike about what they’ve found. They can’t move on what they’ve found yet but they need to work fast.
Emily tells Kirkman that Hookstraten came through. The gun bill should pass in the House soon. She asks about VP and he says no decisions have been made yet so he turns to Supreme Court. Four from each party and the ninth a legitimate independent.

Leonard is at the White House. He’s back from his journey to the Middle East and wants a comment from Seth about what he’s learned. He has until the end of the day because the story runs in the morning. Seth tracks down Emily to find out what’s what. She says that she will talk to Kirkman.

It’s time for a meeting with leadership. Senator Harris and the Democrats are on board but Bowman is not. The impartial justice is not impartial enough for his liking. They intend to hold up the process. Kirkman goes off but Bowman doesn’t back down. Another republican stands up to ask for an alternate for the ninth spot. Kirkman agrees but tells Emily they have to come up with someone good.

Atwood and Hannah are surprised by all the out of state plates in the middle of nowhere. They park and talk to a couple from New York. If it’s a test, they fail.

Kirkman knows that he has to stop Bowman. They have to come up with an option that he has no choice but to pass. They can’t let the “darling of the far right” win.

Hannah and Atwood head into a local bar and talk to the owner about the out of state plates. They meet a few times a year at the old air force base and light bonfires and such. The locals hope that the air force will come back. They still hear choppers and trucks out that way at night on occasion.

Aaron and Hookstraten are talking about VP and his meeting with Emily when Leonard shows up. He thinks her gun legislation move was smart and wants to talk about the appointment of Peter MacLeish. Leonard knows she tried to delay the vote. He wants to know why. He pushes for details about Hannah and she tells him that she can’t comment on an ongoing investigation. He leaves and Aaron points that he’s dangerous.

Hookstraten says that that’s why she keeps him close. Aaron walks out and tries to call Hannah.

Forstell meets with Aaron. He had been trying to talk to Hannah but Forstell intervenes and pushes for what he might know. Then Forstell goes to Kirkman about arresting Leonard basically for knowing too much. That doesn’t fly with Kirkman. He says they have to Leonard do what he is constitutionally allowed to do, the price of living in a free society.

Emily and Aaron meet. He pushes the VP agenda but she holds by that they didn’t make any promises. He gets frustrated but she keeps playing hardball.

Leonard is in the office. His story won’t run until he gets better, more reliable sources. As it stands it is all conjecture.

Out in the Dakotas, Hannah tries to get a random guy to talk but he is cagey. She pickpockets a book from him. The American. The same one that was on the dashboard of the New York car.

Trying find a connect, Leonard starts googling things. He gets a conspiracy site about the Kirkman shooting and finds video of Hannah.

In the Oval, Kirkman is talks to Julia Rombauer (Linda Puri) when Emily pops in. Bowman shot down another nominee. So time for plan B. Kirkman asks Julia to do it.
Atwood and Hannah are watching the site. She is reading the book. It’s a manifesto for a new world order.

Julia comes by to tell Kirkman she can’t be the ninth judge because she has early onset dementia. He is upset.

Atwood and Hannah try to drive onto the base but there is a militia blocking the road.

Whatever they are doing out in the woods, they are willing to kill for.

Idea time at the White House. Don’t cater to Bowman. Go around him.

Leonard is walking around scoping out buildings. Takes some selfies to prove he’s being followed.

Hannah checks in with Forstell and tells him that they will keep looking for information. He tells her backup is assembled but she tells him to wait on it.

Leadership is called together again. Julia lays out her plan. Move forward with the eight nominees and leave the potential for a ninth to be determined later.

Seth holds his usual presser and Leonard tracks him down after. He’s being followed by the FBI but he won’t be intimidated. Seth tells him to talk to someone.

Kirkman and Julia toast to the new court before she has to head out. She tells him to remember her like this.

After talking to Seth, Leonard gets to his car and finds a package on the windshield. It’s a cell phone and it rings. A friend that is also interested in what he is doing left it. He sets up a meeting.

Atwood and Hannah spy on the wilderness. There are about 35 or 40 people at the base. And they don’t light bonfires. They mark a landing zone. A chopper arrives. It’s Lozano aka Catalan.

I’m rooting for Abe Leonard big time on this one. I want him to break the story and everyone to have to deal with the repercussions. I think Seth is the snitch. He’s my favorite so I don’t want him to be but he seems like the least obvious. Unless Alex counts. Does she count? If she does, it’s totally her. Emily is too self-important. She annoyed me a lot in this one.

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Designated Survivor, episode sixteen

Hannah updates Mike on what they’ve found from the mystery woman, Brooke Matheson. She had blueprints of Golden Gate Bridge, Hoover Dam and Statue of Liberty. Could mean more attacks. Mike goes back to Kirkman with the new information and they set up covert sweeps.

Then it’s time for Kirkman to talk the press. The gun control bill is headed to the House and Kirkman is committed to working with everyone for America’s safety. Hookstraten is watching and is miffed that she wasn’t consulted. Aaron tells her that that’s what this is.

After the press questions, Kirkman talks to Emily and Seth about what it will take to get the bill passed. Emily knows that they have a tough road ahead of them. Seth goes to meet Alex for her roundtable about the gun violence. She’s happy to do something that matters to people.

Hookstraten and Aaron talk about the senator introducing the bill, Bowman (Mark Deklin). She doesn’t want to go against him because he is in her party but Aaron thinks she should push back before it is too late.

Kirkman has a meeting with the new minority leader. She is willing to get the democrats to fall in line as long as he doesn’t touch things like health care or provide tax cuts to the rich. He agrees to those terms.

Forstell and Hannah go over Matheson’s file. She knows there is another property in play in North Dakota. She plans to head out and he tells her to bring backup. She tells him she is bringing Atwood. He’s not pleased.

Moss is back from negotiating with the Russians. Things went well and now he offers a reality check about dealing with Congress. Take the bill you’ve got and make it work.
Bowman and Hookstraten meet. They talk about the bill and making Kirkman look bad. She tells him that there are bigger issues and that he isn’t helping with his stunt. He doesn’t back down. He says that she is the last of the old guard and it’s time for her to learn that.

Emily, Moss and Kirkman meet about swing votes. Alex starts her roundtable with a few comments for the press pool before talking to

Hannah recruits Atwood for a road trip to North Dakota.

Kirkman and company are having no luck with the republicans. Alex comes in and tells Kirkman how important the bill is. Emily meets with Aaron. He says that Hookstraten may be able to help and Emily wants to know what would be in it for her. She figures it out though. Vice President.

Time to work on swings. Kirkman meets with a guy he knew in college. He won’t cross party lines though. Bowman is on television talking about the bill. Hookstraten comes in to talk to Kirkman. She’s willing to comment publicly about amending the bill and basically supporting him. He thanks her and offers help down the line.

On the ground in North Dakota, Atwood and Hannah talk about strategy and taking people down. She seems uncomfortable.

Kirkman gets a call from his old college friend. Turns out he had a chat with Hookstraten and now he’s willing to help.

Alex goes to talk to the minority leader, following up on a promise she made during the round table. On her way out she seems Bowman and they talk about the importance of the bill.

Emily is going over who they can possibly swing voters. They all have people to try and work. Then she gets a call. A democrat dropped because Kirkman teamed up with Hookstraten.

Hannah and Atwood are wandering around the wilderness. They come across an open field where the facility should be. They don’t know what’s what.

They all head out to try and get the votes. It will be tight but they might make it. Hookstraten will not go with Kirkman if he starts to sink.

Seth comes in to talk to Emily. He just found out about Alex’s visit. They need to reconfirm votes.

Forstell talks to Hannah on the phone. Turns out there was a missile silo underground. They will head back out at first light.

The vote is on. It all comes down to a woman from Alaska. She votes no. They will lose. But wait! A woman from Tennessee voted yes. Someone nobody expected. They passed the bill.

Atwood and Hannah are searching the woods. They find a tunnel and obviously head inside.

Aaron calls Emily and they congratulate each other.

The Tennessee senator comes to the Oval to talk about the vote. She thinks that country over party is important and they shouldn’t give in.

Hannah and Atwood find what’s basically a Cold War time capsule underground complete with tons of bombs just like what was used at the Capitol.

The fact that this is getting more and more about politics is great. I know it will eventually take some drastic turn because of what happened with Hannah and Atwood but until then I’m going to enjoy it. Hookstraten is my favorite.

Designated Survivor is new Wednesdays at 10 p.m.

Designated Survivor, episode fifteen

Kirkman heads out to address the press. He wants to reset the clock and start his first hundred days now. Everyone is watching. He’s holding a town hall that week and will announce various initiatives.

Hannah is at Chuck’s place. He seems to have a crush on her. They are trying to track a lead and she gets an idea. Fingerprints on the wine glass in a photo of the mystery woman.

Seth and Emily are meeting with the White House staff. They have a lot to do but people are really interested. Kirkman stops by to say keep up the good work.

Aaron is running. He gets a call. Someone wants to meet him right away. He heads home and a woman comes to his door. He speaks to her in Spanish. Lo and behold, it’s his cousin.

Alex is at an event in the capacity of First Lady. It’s a women’s group and after her speech they want to ask her a few questions. One is about gun violence. She answers and the event is recorded. That won’t come back to bite her I’m sure.

Atwood is at the gym. Hannah turns up. She knows who killed his son. A woman that’s been in the wind for five years. Grew up an army brat before her father was dishonorably discharged. Hannah is going after her, off the grid. She wants his help.

Sure enough, Alex’s comments are on the news. A new senator from Montana comes back at the family. They need to do something about it though. Kirkman needs to talk to Alex about walking it back. She agrees to do it.

Aaron got his cousin an interview with a new congresswoman. She wants to know why he resigned. He’s not talking though.

Hannah and Atwood are headed out to follow a lead. There is a near accident and he flips out. She tells him that she can’t deal with him being a loose cannon and he walks away.

While waiting for his cousin, Aaron chats with Hookstraten. She respects him and knows he will land on his feet.

After searching the building, Hannah calls Chuck to tell him it was empty. While she’s on the phone, the mystery woman watches her on survelliance.

Someone is keeping an eye on Chuck.

Alex is prepping for a morning interview. She doesn’t like being the submissive wife but Kirkman tells her that that’s not what she’s doing. She goes on tv and clears up her comments on gun violence.

The cousin and Aaron go for a walk. She tells him that he can’t leave DC. He inspired everyone in their small town that they can make a change. She makes a case for him to stick around.

Hannah is at Chuck’s place going over the building. They have more stuff to follow up on now but she smells something. He mentions a gas leak from earlier but it doesn’t add up. They make a run for it as the building starts to explode. They might have the upperhand now though because the bad guys think they are dead.

Kirkman is practicing for his town hall. He’s putting them to sleep though. Later that night, he is doing a great job when someone brings up gun control and Alex’s comments. He knocks it out of the park.

Aaron meets with Hookstraten about trying to get a lobbyist job. She has another idea. She offers him a job.

Several leaders are in the Oval to meet with Kirkman about moving his agenda forward. Hookstraten and the Montana man are on hand. Afterward she just is vague but he steps out and talks to the media about bipartisanship and working together and plays up his own agenda.

Hannah has a new site to investigate. She gets there and knows someone is following her. It’s Atwood but now he is ready to help. They head inside. They creep around and Hannah finds were the mystery woman was watching her. Then the mystery woman shows up and they fight. Mystery woman gets the upper hand but Atwood saves the day. Then she goads him and pulls a gun. He kills her.

Emily runs into Aaron. He tells her about his new job for Hookstraten and she tells him she will see him around.

Kirkman surprises Alex and the kids with pizza at Camp David.

Hannah finds blue prints for all sorts of crazy things on the mystery woman’s computer.

I didn’t expect this show to turn into a what it is. I like it. I’m happy with it but the idea of them having arguments about bills and politicking surprised me. I thought that the MacLeish stuff would drag out and then it would be like 24. I want there to be more Seth. And maybe more Chuck too. I like him.

Designated Survivor is new Wednesdays at 10 p.m.