Designated Survivor, episode nine

Kirkman is swapped with mail. It’s a three letter day. The president gets tons of mail a month and he choses three to respond to personally. Senior staff investigates the requests first though. Aaron and Emily get one about a medal of honor. Lyor and Seth get something about bees and Kendra has to deal with a federal death row pardon.

Hannah is looking into the case regarding the first lady. She goes to find a bank officer about opening a foreign account in someone else’s name. Forstell is still after her. Kirkman wants to stop playing defense and start fighting.

Damian is annoyed Hannah didn’t call him for backup but she’s happy she got a name. Chuck is tracking it. He and Damian exchange words and Hannah is called in to help Kendra with the pardon case. Something doesn’t add up. They go to see the man’s son and talk about his daughter.

Emily and Aaron are conducting interviews too. A widow who thinks her husband deserves a medal of honor. They talk to her husband’s commanding officer too and then report back to Kirkman. It doesn’t add up for Mike though and he’s a vet himself so Kirkman tells Aaron to keep looking into it.

Then he talks to Emily about Forstell and the case with Alex and the fact that Forstell wants to meet about some other case. They see it for what it is. A chance to talk off the record about Alex. Emily goes to the meeting and they talk in subtext about Alex.

After, she reports back to Kirkman. Lyor and Kendra are there too. It’s not as straightforward as it seems. Forstell has a PAC and an exploratory committee in place for a potential Senate run. They advise Kirkman to appoint a special prosecutor.

Seth is getting coffee when Emily walks by. He asks her if she told Kirkman about him getting busted. Then he and Lyor go to talk to the bee farmer. He blames the FAA for killing his hives because of magnetic fields. Lyor is on it and they meet with the FAA. Turns out the FAA lady practically had to get a restraining order against the bee guy.

Kendra and Hannah meet with death row’s daughter. She’s not very helpful but they think she wrote the letter because of a guilty conscience. They go separate ways after because Hannah has to update Damian on Alex’s case. While she’s doing that, Chuck calls. He’s got a lead on the guy she learned about that morning.

While Damian pops off to the bathroom, she hurries outside to go and a car tries to run her down. She and Damian go to see the guy, Lang, and he’s just gone. He’s been tipped off. Emily and Aaron meet with the commanding officer again. Turns out he just resents the dead soldier for having an affair with his wife. So he’ll write the recommendation, and include the affair.

Emily and Aaron take this information back to Kirkman. He decides to meet with the wife himself. Aaron heads out but Emily hangs back to tell Kirkman about Seth’s arrest. He already knew. He’s friends with the DA. He’s upset she didn’t tell him and asks for advice.

Lyor and Seth go to see the bee guy. He’s not home but that’s okay. Lyor thinks that the wife is killing the bees. He’s willing to mess up their marriage to save the bees. Kirkman meets with the widow and her son. He won’t give them the medal but gives them a flag and talks to the son about his father.

Seth and Lyor tell the bee people who the FAA will reroute their stuff and are about to head out when the husband admits he was killing his wife’s flowers. Then she admits to kill the bees. They yell so Seth and Lyor duck out.

Kendra has a lead on the pardon case. She calls Hannah and they talk about it. It wasn’t the daughter. It was the son that he was covering for. He’ll get the pardon if he admits it to Kirkman. He won’t do it.

Emily is in her office when Seth comes in. He’s going to offer his resignation to get himself out of the doghouse. She tells him that Kirkman won’t accept it. She knows that because she told Kirkman to fire him but he said no. Seth says he’d do it again. Emily tells him that he gets one get out of jail free card and he just used it.

Kirkman and Kendra go over the pardon case. He is going to commute the sentence to life in prison. Chuck updates Hannah on the car that tried to run her down. There is no link to the Lloyd investigation but she does find a connection to the son of the pardon guy. She goes and arrests him.

Alex turns up in the Oval. She wants Kirkman to fire Forstell because of his Senate aspirations. She calls him a lousy husband and he fights with her. Hannah and Damian are in bed, They are out of wine. She gets up to get more and her phone rings. It’s Chuck. He’s got a lead on Lang.

She was right. He was tipped off. He got a call just before Hannah got there from a burner phone. Chuck was able to triangulate the origin though. H and Fourth. Right where Hannah and Damian were.

I knew Damian was a bad guy! I knew it! I don’t like him one bit. I’m rooting for her to get with Chuck. I like them together. Alex is awful. And whiny. Also Seth is the best part of this show. Hardly any Aaron again. That’s a shame.


Designated Survivor, episode eight

Kirkman is on Air Force One. Lyor and Emily are at the White House. Apparently the trip is a secret. She calls Seth and asks about his brother. They hang up and Seth and his brother chat about him dating his boss until a cop pulls Seth over and asks him to get out of the car.

In the Middle East, Kirkman gets a rowdy ovation and makes a speech. Then he cooks breakfast for the military folks. He gets pulled away for a briefing with Aaron and Hannah. They are after a terrorist leader that is taking over the region and plotting an attack on the US.

Seth spent the night in jail and Kendra got him in the morning. He had a lot of caffeine pills. Like hundreds of them and that’s enough for intent to distribute. Kirkman starts meeting with Afghan leaders and apologizes for the failures of his predecessors. They have to work together to make a partnership.

Lyor has some legal troubles of his own. A hidden wife that has caused some tax… discrepancies. Emily and Kendra will handle that while he covers for Seth. Kirkman meets with the other Afghan leader and it doesn’t go well.

Emily watches during Lyor’s press conference. It’s a snarky situation. Kirkman is eating with the cook when there is a bombing. Mike wants to get out but Kirkman knows it sends a bad message. Now the station chief is missing. Mike and Hannah are going to look for him.

They’ve tracked down Lyor’s wife and she’s there to sign the papers. They seem very comfortable together. Hannah and Mike aren’t comfortable together. They actually don’t even like each other. They end up getting shot at. Aaron and Kirkman talk about the state of Kabul back on the base.

Both leaders blame the other for the bombing and yell at Kirkman about it. Seth and Emily meet with Kendra about what to do. That’s when Emily puts the pieces together. Seth is covering for his brother.

Hannah finds the station chief. He’s injured and they are bringing him in. He overheard something. Aaron presents the information to Kirkman and he confronts the leader responsible. They take him into custody.

Nobody signed the annulment papers. Lyor is still married. A reporter knows what Seth was up to. He has bigger fish to fry though. Emily plans to tell Kirkman. Speaking of, he’s on his way back after one more chat with the chef.

Wait so are Emily and Seth an item? She’s still power tripping which is unfortunate. I liked that this showed a human side of Lyor. Usually he just makes me angry. This seemed pointless overall.

Designated Survivor, episode seven

There are some protests regarding the Turkish prime minister. He’s important for NATO though so Kirkman has to make nice. Hannah and Damian know Charlotte Thorne was having an affair with Moss. They question her assistant and she knows that it was happening but it was petering out. Hannah and Damian are going to have to question Moss.

Leo uses the Oval Office to woo a girl. It works. Alex and Kendra meet with the former’s mother to talk about Forstell and the subpoena. She’s going to talk and try to avoid sensitive topics. Kirkman holds a joint presser with the Turkish president and the latter goes off book. Kirkman yells at him after and the Turkish president tells him that he’s going to break ties with America.

The team updates Kirkman and tells him that Moss is a suspect in the Thorne murder. Leo and his girlfriend are walking to breakfast when they pass the Turkey protest. A man gets in the girlfriend’s face and Leo defends her, pushing the man. It goes viral.

Seth deals with it as a press conference about Leo while Kirkman goes to the NATO meeting. Turkey wants to pull out of NATO if Kirkman doesn’t extradite the man they think is responsible for a coupe attempt. Leo is being sued. Hannah and Damian try to question Moss. It doesn’t go well.

A reporter corners Seth. She wants facetime with the president to talk about his mother-in-law. Seth brings it to the group and they are all opposed but Kirkman wants to go with it. Emily brings in Moss to question herself. She makes a little more headway but still doesn’t get answers. Moss is suspended.

Kirkman sits with the reporter while Alex’s mother sits with Forstell. They both think that they get through it well. Afterward Kirkman talks to the man the Turkish president wants extradited. He isn’t going to do it though. Mike comes in with an update. The guy that is suing Leo works for the Turkish president. And Leo’s girlfriend was in on it.

Kirkman is mad at the world so he sets up a presser with the guy that the Turkish president wants to extradite. He’s going to bluff. Alex and Kirkman tell Leo and he’s pissed. Chuck helps Hannah and Damian identify another suspect in the Thorne murder. The assistant. Turns out she was in love with her boss but it didn’t go both ways so she killed her.

The Turkish president comes to the Oval to rage about the presser. Kirkman gives him an ultimatum and he agrees. Moss tells Kirkman he fell off the wagon and needs to go to rehab. Damian goes to Hannah’s place. They sleep together. Kirkman goes to see Leo.

He’s upset that he can’t have a normal life. Kirkman apologizes for that. Damian is now posted full time to the British embassy. Alex talks to Kirkman. She got subpoenaed. Forstell found an account on an island in her name. They are being set up.

I feel bad for Leo but it seemed obvious. The girl was adamant about walking that way. Just fishy really. Kirkman can’t catch a break but always seems to figure it out. I really feel bad for Chuck though. He’s in love with Hannah.

Designated Survivor, episode six

There’s a ship in the Persian Gulf that has encountered bad weather. It’s radar is offline. It hits something. Aaron updates Kirkman. A warship hit a garbage ship. Now the Middle East is watching and the country near the accident is pissed. Oh, and the commanding officer was swept out to see.

Emily updates Seth but it’s nothing. Kirkman talks to the Lt. Griffin of the Verona (Gregory Smith) and promotes him to captain. Kirkman has to worry about the dead British woman. Hannah and Damian are still working on that. They want to flush Cray’s wife out. Aaron meets with the ambassador from the middle east. It goes nowhere. He reports back to Kirkman about it.

Lyor points out that it is an unstable nation and they won’t take America bossing them around. Kirkman tells the team to find a concession. He meets with Kendra about his mother-in-law. Emily is preoccupied. She has plans with her father. She hasn’t seen him in decades. Seth tells her to not use work as an excuse.

She goes to dinner and calls her father on being awful and abandoning her. He tries to make excuses but she won’t accept them. He makes one last plea and as he walks away. She chases him. Hannah and Damian talk to Mrs. Cray. She claims to know nothing of the weapons trading.

Chuck interrupts. Cray’s assistant was kidnapped. They add that to her list of offenses but she still isn’t playing nice. Seth is about to go into a presser when Lyor interrupts. The ambassador is holding his own. They are taking custody of the ship after accusing it of spying.

Kirkman freaks out. There is some evidence of spying. He talks to Griffin. They need to destroy the black box but it’s under water. Kirkman tries to come up with another plan. He tells Aaron and Emily to find options. Hannah and Damian are still trying to pin Cray.

Kendra deals with Kirkman’s mother-in-law. They don’t see eye to eye. Emily gets to her office to find her father chatting with Seth. She doesn’t get to sit before being pulled into a meeting with Aaron and some senators. They need to negotiate with the ambassador. The senators aren’t interested. Kirkman comes in and says that they need to save the sailors.

He soon finds out how accurate that is. The ship is sinking. Kirkman talks to the captain. He says hang in there. Chuck shows Hannah and Damian some data findings. Mike comes in. Package for Hannah. It’s a phone. She gets a call from the kidnappers. It’s not good.

Ambassador is there to talk sanctions but Kirkman believes they caused the collision on purpose. They fight and the ambassador leaves. Kirkman deploys a ship to get the crew. He will leave the boat for the ambassador. The crew is cleared soon enough.

Kendra talks to the First Lady’s mother again. Turns out she hasn’t been super honest. Now it looks like Alex obstructed justice. Chuck gets a proof of life video. There is a code in it. Hannah and Damian roll out and save the hostage.

Emily finds out that her dad wants to meet Kirkman… for a photo op for his investors. She is not pleased. She gets called to command. Griffin never left the ship. He’s going to make sure that the black box is destroyed. Kirkman tries to save him but he won’t listen.

Hannah talks to Cray. She isn’t the killer but she was the arms dealer. Emily feels sorry for herself and tells Seth about it. He gives her a great speech about how special she is. She kisses him.

With Cray out of the picture, Chuck is researching the day of the murder. Mrs. Cray had a visitor. Secretary Moss. Mike talks to Kirkman about the hero of the Verona before he heads out. Kendra comes to see him with bad news but he’s gone.

I’m still rooting for Chuck and Hannah. I’d like Damian to leave. Also, Emily and Seth? Is that going to be a thing? I thought that Ephraim from Everwood was great as the ship captain. I like Kirkman but have no use for his family.

Designated Survivor, episode five

A woman runs alone in the woods. She’s recording a voice memo about the gun violence when someone sneaks up on her and shoots her in the head. Kirkman is playing hockey with Sen. Alan Rouse (Christopher Cousins). After he approaches him about an economic plan. Rouse is hesitant.

Mike is waiting when Kirkman finishes changing. The woman killed in the park was a member of British Parliament. Emily, Aaron and Hannah talk about the case. Emily needs Kirkman to take a stand on it. Hannah goes back to her office to find Damian waiting. He’s here for the G20 summit that the Parliament woman was in the country for.

Kirkman talks to Alex about getting a lawyer for her mother. She has a few choices but he thinks that the White House counsel is the best option. Alex is unconvinced. Kirkman meets with a few Democrats about the economic bill that he is pushing. They want action.

Emily, Lyor, Seth and Kendra head in to talk to Kirkman. They get there just in time to see Rouse on cable news taking Kirkman out of context and bashing the economic plan. Seth does his best to not comment on Rouse’s comments. Lyor wants Kirkman to deny it. He won’t do it.

Hannah and Damain go to the British embassy to find out about the woman who had been killed. They get a lead on a man that she was going to call out as an arms dealer, Darius Cray (Paul Amos). They confront him but it leads nowhere.

Lyor and Emily meet with a senator about Kirkman’s agenda to no avail. Kendra and Alex talk about her mother’s case. Rouse stops by the Oval and Kirkman asks him to provide context. Rouse won’t do it though.

Seth, Lyor and Emily try again with Kirkman. He still wants to ignore the problem. A reporter asks Seth about a subpoena at the White House. He denies it. Seth has to handle policy on the clean air initiative. It doesn’t go well.

Mike and Kirkman talk about how to be a leader for all people. Hannah and Damain monitor shipping at the Port of Elizabeth. They see something and move in. As Hannah tries a door, someone approaches behind her and Damain shoots him. It’s Cray.

Aaron, Seth, Lyor and Emily update Kirkman on what happened with Hannah. They will issue a statement as soon as ballistics is back. Kirkman also decides he wants to go on the road to meet the people. They decide on a diner.

Kendra goes to court to argue the subpoena against Forstell. Alex strong-arms her way into a co-counsel spot and then ruins the case. Kirkman hangs out in a diner and it goes great. However, on the way out he goes over to the fence and gets confronted about the economic plan.

Left with no other options, Kirkman gets set for a cable news appearance. Kendra quashes the subpoena. Hannah is home alone. There’s a knock on the door. Damain. He’s leaving town. He comes in and kisses her. They get interrupted by a phone call. Aaron has information on the Cray case.

Chuck explains what they’ve learned. Cray didn’t kill the Parliament woman. Hannah and Damain have to get back to work. Kirkman does a talk show. He uses folksy charm to win over the hearts of America.

Rouse comes by the Oval to say he is now supporting the bill. He has an explanation, not an excuse. His wife has cancer and he had an affair. He acted opportunistically because his life is in shambles. Kirkman tells him that he knew about the affair. It’s out there so he should take care of it.

I want Hannah and Chuck to get together. I don’t like Damain. I think he’s a bad guy. He’s got to be. Kirkman is not all that charming. I like him but I don’t get why he can talk his way out of everything. I like it when Aaron is more involved.

Designated Survivor, episode four

Hannah gets questioned by local police about the dead contractor. She plays the federal investigation card and then Forstell about it. That’s not the only issue. There is a trucker blockade at the Mexican border. It’s been going on for days and a Mexican trucker gets fed up. He breaks through the gate and gets shot and killed.

Now Kirkman and company have to deal with this. Emily meets with the Mexican ambassador and he’s willing to wait it out. Lyor meets with the truckers. It’s no use. Seth tries to give a briefing but it doesn’t go well. Aaron gets called out for being a Mexican-American and not standing up for his heritage.

White House counsel meets with Hannah about the potential case against Alex’s mother. She tells Hannah that she will have to talk to Alex about it. Aaron thinks he is meeting with a senator but ends up talking to his cousin, a newly hired aide instead. He refuses to work like that.

Emily is forced to deal with an investigation into a broken vase. Hannah sits down with Alex. It doesn’t go well. Alex thinks the possibility of her mother being involved in some sort of scheme is ridiculous.

Aaron and Emily update Kirkman on the trade negotiations. It is not going well and now officials are calling Kirkman out on tv. Aaron feels like he is being pulled in two directions because of the negotiations. Seth laughs and tells him that will never end. Aaron gets the word of the senator that she will back the agreement publicly.

The truck driver’s wife holds a press conference. Lyor has to do some work here. They need to find someone to be the face of the agreement. Alex talks to her mother about Hannah’s accusation. She thinks it is preposterous but her mother says it’s true. And that she would do it again.

Kirkman sees the widow panicking before their planned press conference. He calls it off and tells Seth and Lyor to handle it. Lyor says that it’s not him and leaves. Kirkman meets with the widow and they talk about her husband. Emily comes in and gives him the file about the broken vase. It accuses his daughter but he asks her and she says no. He tells the investigator as much.

Alex gets news. Her mother is being subpoenaed by the FBI. She tells Kirkman the whole thing and he assures her that it is okay. Then he meets with the ambassador to Mexico. Turns out he owns the company that the dead trucker worked for. Kirkman throws down.

Aaron fights with his cousin about being used and being Mexican-American. She does not back down. Kirkman meets with the union leader. He says that he will back the deal but it lacks longevity. Kirkman gets an idea.

He asks his old friend to keep plants open on both sides of the border. It will buy time and maintain jobs. The investigator has figured out who broke the vase. Lyor. The deal is done. No one is thrilled so it’s a win. Aaron goes back home and sees his family.

Hannah meets with Forstell again. She’s pissed about the subpoena but he doesn’t want to hear it. He has new information about the contractor that was found dead. He signed a huge deal and it was connected to Lloyd.

I missed Chuck in this one. It wasn’t really investigation heavy though so that was expected. I don’t care about Lyor so the side story about the vase was a waste. I’m glad that Aaron got some more screentime and got to respect his roots.

Designated Survivor, episode three

Kirkman’s mother-in-law is living at the White House while her house is still a crime scene. She wants to go home. Kirkman gets summoned about a serious virus spreading throughout the country. It’s in Louisiana now but in three days will be throughout half the country. He delegates to Aaron and Emily and Tammy (Alicia Coppola) leaves for boots on the ground.

The new lawyer is being thrown to the wolves right away. She has to mediate an argument about a confederate statue in Tennessee. The two sides go back and forth. She can’t win. Hannah and Damien are still trying to figure out what Lloyd broke into Kirkman’s mother-in-laws house for. Chuck has tracked down the file he was sending to the cloud when he died but it is going to take a bit to uncorrupt it.

Hannah and Damien go back and walk the house. They find a 30-year-old heart transplant file that they think Lloyd left. They don’t know why. Tammy updates Aaron and Emily. So far just more sick people, no vaccine is working yet. Seth and Lyor have an animal at the White House for a photo op, until they find out it’s a frog. Then the photo op is done.

Lyor checks in with the lawyer. He points out that the optics are important. A scientist comes in to talk about possible treatment for the virus. It’s untested and not approved by the FDA but Kirkman had counsel write up a document absolving the scientist of responsibility. He’s not happy but he will move on it. Hannah and Damien have to talk to Alex about the papers they found. Hannah gives her as little information as possible.

The transplant was one of the first in the DC area. Alex doesn’t remember too much but she knows her father was down far on the list and it all came together at the last second. Aaron gets a call. The scientist reneged on the deal and sold the drug to the highest bidder. Counsel takes it to court and actually wins.

Chuck presents what he’s gotten from the cloud to Hannah and Damien. And glares at Damien. Rev. Tramer Dale (Ron Canada) tells off the white girl ranting about racism. He wants the statue to stay. So it will stay. Kirkman gets an update from Tammy. Drugs have arrived and will be administered soon.

Damien and Hannah move on a warehouse with little security. They have no backup. There is a door that Hannah approaches. Damien sees that it is rigged and saves her. He gets banged up in the process. Seth updates the press on the virus. He does good but it might not be enough. Tammy updates. The drug works but the virus is still spreading fast. They need more. Kirkman tells her there is no more. She tells him she thinks the scientist lied.

Lyor hangs out with the frog for a while and then stirs up trouble at the statue negotiations. Hannah reports to Aaron that she can’t update him on the Lloyd investigation because it involved Kirkman’s family. Kirkman meets with Dale and thanks him for his compromise. They moved the statue. The scientist is back. Him and Kirkman fight. He won’t knuckle under. Kirkman comes up with a plan.

He calls Dale back in. He goes on tv ripping the scientist apart. He’s got no choice but to give over the rest of his stockpile. Damien has 12 hours to leave the country after the explosion incident. Hannah walks him out. Chuck is not happy. Kirkman is thrilled to meet the frog and wants a picture.

Hannah and Chuck go over the cloud files. Alex’s father got a heart transplant around the same time her mother handled the paperwork for a defense contract. There seems to be a bribe involved secure her father the heart. They have to go talk to the defense contractor. Kirkman gets another update from Tammy.

Everything is running smoothly with the medication, except she doesn’t look well. Turns out she tested the medication on herself to get the dosage levels. She’s in kidney failure. Kirkman wants to bring her home but she wants to stay through till the end.

Kirkman basically has the air force kidnap Tammy and bring her home. Emily congratulates the attorney on a job well done. Kirkman and Mike talk about what Dale has seen and where the country is headed. Chuck doesn’t understand why Lloyd was so interested in something that happened 30 years earlier. They get to the contractor’s house and find him dead.

I want Hannah and Chuck to get together. I’m rooting for them so I’m glad Damien went back home. I liked the frog. It was interesting but it seemed weird that Aaron, Seth and Emily were hardly around. I don’t know how invested I am into all these conspiracy theories. I miss Hookstraten.