Designated Survivor, episode twenty-two

Emily was just grazed with the bullet. 13 stitches. Kirkman puts her out of commission until she’s healed up. Kirkman and Kendra meet with the attorney general, Ethan and congressional leadership. There will be charges brought up against Kirkman for what Hannah did if he doesn’t resign. He doesn’t plan to do that. After the meeting, Aaron updates Kirkman on the rest of his schedule. Lyor and Seth are on an official trip to deal with a territory nation that wants independence.

Aaron and Kendra talk about how to clear Kirkman’s name. Her suggestion is a statement from Hannah but that’s easier said than done. Hannah is in the wind. She’s touched down in London and had her first encounter with Damian’s less than friendly daughter. Speaking of kids, Kirkman meets with his own son, Leo. Kid got into Georgetown and Kirkman is thrilled. Mike interrupts their moment because Kirkman is needed at command.

Turns out an earthquake triggered a tsunami in the territory where Lyor and Seth are. They watch it on radar but can’t get through to anyone to warn them. Kirkman wants to send aid but Congress is stalling so he takes the deal from the attorney general. He isn’t looking to do that. Hannah checks in with Chuck and finds out where the daughter took off to. She tracks her down and talks about Damian. The girl believes her.

Kirkman gets through to Lyor and gets an update on the situation on the ground. It’s not good. And things are worse because Seth is missing. Hannah and the daughter talk. They are headed to Damian’s storage unit. The Russian is lurking nearby. Congress is blocking the aid package and the allies aren’t looking to help. At the storage unit, the safe is empty. There had been a list of names in it. The daughter memorized it. Leo stops in to talk to Emily.

He wants to go to Stanford, not Georgetown and his father doesn’t know. Kirkman tries an executive order to get the aid but Congress blocks it and the Supreme Court won’t hear an appeal. Moreover, Emily tried to get it on the docket which is misconduct unto itself. There’s one option left but it would risk impeachment. Moss brings in Ethan. It’s almost time for a changing of the guard and Moss wants Ethan on his team. Ethan is hesitant.

Chuck and Hannah for over the list Damian had. It’s all the British undercovers at work. If the Russian gets them, there will be trouble. Lyor finds Seth. He got a heads up and saw the tsunami from a rooftop. He got a tour of the island and they bring the information back to Kirkman. He has a different idea. If the territory signs the papers to be independent then Kirkman can treat them as a sovereign nation and act accordingly. He brings that to leadership and they just get annoyed.

Kirkman talks to Leo. He knew about Stanford and he wants Leo to do what makes him happy. They have a moment. Hannah sets a trap to catch the Russian. Kirkman goes to see Emily. The aid is en route. They are happy, at least for a moment. That’s when Emily hands in her resignation. This job has changed her and she needs to get out before it’s too late. He respects that. As Kirkman gets back to the Oval, Ethan is there. He tells Kirkman to hold strong to his values.

Across the pond, Hannah and the Russian fight. Hannah gets stabbed but ultimately gets the upper hand and kills the other woman. Kirkman and Aaron talk to the president of the territory. They are coming back into the fold. Seth and Lyor take off soon. They will watch the speech beforehand and don’t know what to expect. Hannah is headed home and Damian’s daughter tags along. Kirkman says goodbye to Mike in case this is the end of the line.

Then he goes to give his speech. He announces his candidacy for re-election as an independent. On the flight, Hannah watches a video on a USB drive. Emily was working with the Russian agent. Kirkman gets a call from the AG.

And that’s the end. The show was canceled. I’m glad Kirkman didn’t try and convince Emily to stay. She was off her rocker by the end. I don’t understand her ties to the whole Damian thing though. Also, his daughter can just move to America? Isn’t she like in school or something? That’s weird to me.


Quantico, episode three

Two lawyers are discussing a case and a witness on the streets of New York. One is sure that they have got this on lock, because of the witness. Said witness falls of a building right next to them. Alex is with Shelby and Ryan. It’s a little awkward and Shelby is looking to catch up with Alex. She’s hesitant. When Shelby leaves the room, Ryan brings up the near kiss. Alex is not happy about it. She thinks he should tell Shelby but Ryan is not planning on it.

Owen talks to the lawyers. The team is taking the case joint with the Marshals to protect another witness. This guy is a fed that was undercover with the cartel for years. Alex levels with him and he agrees to go with them. On their way into the city from “rural” New Jersey, they hit some traffic. A guy on a motorcycle is weaving through looking in the cars. They’ve been made and a firefight ensues.

The new team members are looking through files and find a rookie mistake by a vet trying to take down cartel members. It seems suspicious. Owen and the team meet up with the Marshals. They have to hand off the witness and throw the rulebook out the window in protecting him. Jocelyn and the new kids nab the agent that busted the arrest and bring him in for questioning. He admits he was coerced.

Witness has an old safehouse in Brooklyn that they hole up in. He wants to crack open the booze and McQuigg is game. Alex vetoes that idea. They have to stay on their game. Shelby pulls Alex aside to check in. She knows that morning was weird and Alex confirms it. She figures they will get over it eventually. Owen and Jocelyn talk about Charlie the witness. Owen feels bad about how beaten down he is but Jocelyn tells him looks can be deceiving.

Alex and Charlie talk history but a bit until something happens at the safe house. The cartel found them and now when it goes up in flames they bail out and head to Alex’s place. They have a lead on who is leading the charge after them. He’s a high ranking cartel member. He’s apparently also gay and on a hookup app so the others are trying to track him through that. At her apartment, Alex and Charlie talk about keeping secrets and keeping others safe.

It’s a quiet conversation until Charlie starts choking. He’s having an allergic reaction but recovers fine with a shot from his epi-pen. Back at the base, the youngsters have set up a profile for each of the men on the hookup app. It worked. The cartel guy took the bait. He wants to meet Ryan so they send him to a club. He’s uncomfortable but they talk him into committing. At Alex’s, she and Shelby talk about how things have been tense since Alex came back.

Their friendship is a sure thing though. Shelby hugs it out but Alex is still uncomfortable. Ryan spots the target and invites him outside. They go out a back door and the guy pounces. Ryan tries to get him to wait but the guy catches on something is up. Ryan is made and gets stabbed for his troubles. The guy doesn’t get away though. Owen and Harry corner him and try to talk to him. He gets sniped though. Owen and the Marshal fight over who is at fault. The focus should be Charlie though.

His trial is in a few hours. Shelby accompanies him to the courthouse while Alex and McQuigg finally figure it out. He doesn’t want the cartel boss locked up. He wants him killed and he wants to do it himself. Alex also finds out who the mole was feeding the cartel. It was the Marshal working with Owen. He’s a sniper and he’s set up to take Charlie out. McQuigg tries to stop him but the Marshal gets the jump. Alex comes to his rescue though.

In the courtroom, Charlie is on the stand and talks about how evil the cartel boss is. Then he shoots him with his epi-pen. Owen busts in and shoots Charlie in the shoulder. Ryan is ready to leave the hospital after his stabbing and Shelby is happy to help. Alex goes to see Charlie in prison and tells him they aren’t alike. He isn’t convinced.

So Alex is going to get with this McQuigg guy right? I have no use for that. Or for Shelby and Ryan. Or for Alex and Ryan. I feel bad for Shelby. Her dude is a tool. Harry is the best part of this show. By a lot. Also, Jocelyn is awesome. This was canceled but from what I know they are already done filming. Hopefully it is set up with a series finale.

Designated Survivor, episode twenty-one

Hannah is on a mission and she runs into trouble pretty quickly. She’s trying to find Damian’s Russian handler and ends up getting picked up from breaking in by the local cops. Kendra wakes up to Trey doing the walk of shame. Emily, Aaron and Kirkman are meeting when Lyor comes in and tells them to put on the news. Moss is on and he’s taking shots at Kirkman. The solution is a special prosecutor but Kirkman doesn’t like the optics.

Ethan is on another network doing much the same. That’s the key. Name Ethan the special prosecutor. Kendra is on her way out the door when she notices Trey’s wallet. She calls him about it and he asks her to wait. He’ll be right back to get it. Kirkman has a meeting about the DoD budget. The senator at the table is more concerned about the general election. She’s willing to hold the budget hostage to bring him into the fold for the democrats.

Trey gets back to Kendra’s and sees signs of a struggle. He creeps through the house looking for her. She’s hidden in an upstairs with a bat. They tell Kirkman and the team. He takes it as an attack on the White House and has Mike coordinate with local PD. Kirkman tells Trey it can’t happen. Emily is here for it but Kendra says it was a one time thing. Lyor gets Ethan to agree to be the special prosecutor. He won’t answer to Kirkman, just the attorney general.

Aaron bails Hannah out. She then gets called in to talk to Ethan about Moss. She’s defensive but agrees to answer his questions. Kirkman brings in GOP senators and they also want to talk about him siding with them for the general election. He is over it. Kendra is in her office when she gets a call. It’s Trey and she tells him she can’t talk. Only, it’s not actually Trey. It’s whoever broke into her place. They want her to look into an unsolved murder…. or else. She tells Mike and the detective about it and who it might be.

Chuck gets in his car and finds Hannah waiting. She needs a sounding board for her issues with the Russian. She tells him what she knows. He points out that it seems she just wants Hannah out of commission. Kirkman goes off on both parties to the press and they run with it. Seems like Kirkman is not going to running so no one needs to come to the table on the DoD budget. They will have to go on the offensive to get things done. Hannah checks in with Chuck again. It seems the Russian is looking for something Damian had.

Ethan questions Aaron and Hannah comes up. Emily and Seth are meeting when Lyor comes in. Seems like Moss is getting busted. Lyor is thrilled. Moss gets a turn talking to Ethan. He’s abrupt but knows how to play the game. When he wraps up there, Moss heads in to see Kirkman. He wants Ethan fired but if it comes to court he will use Kirkman as his defense. That’s not really good for the country. They aren’t going to agree so Moss heads out.

Kendra and Mike go to see the suspect’s father for the break-in. He blames Kendra for ruining his family, claims to not know anything and then kicks them out. Kendra noticed something though. A photo of a house in the woods. That’d be a good place to hide out. Mike and the detective head out. They find their suspect and he starts shooting at them. After a chase he gets the upper hand on the detective so Mike takes him out.

They get back to the Oval and update Kirkman. Then he meets with Lyor about what to do with leadership about the budget. He’s going to threaten them with making it public that they worry more about politics than security. They back down and things turn out the way he wants. Trey stops by to see his brother. He wants permission to pursue Kendra and Kirkman grants it. Kendra had a rough day and she still feels like crap. She doesn’t want to go home.

Emily offers her couch and Kendra accepts it. Aaron is at a market when Hannah approaches. She wants to see Damian’s personal effects. He says no because there is no evidence. She tells him she’s looking for closure and he grants it. She is looking for evidence though. She finds a clue. It leads to a video of Damian for her. He begs her to protect his daughter in London. She’s going to London. Kendra is in her office when Trey comes in.

He wants to talk about the night before. She tells him that she doesn’t usually date and she tends to screw things up. He asks her to dinner and she agrees. Seth knows who is going to run. It’s Moss. This is awful for Kirkman’s candidacy. Kirkman then meets with Ethan. It’s not really about Moss though. It’s more about Hannah and then Kirkman’s own judgement. Moss announces his candidacy and the team talks about what Ethan’s investigation means for Kirkman.

Mike comes to see Kendra. The case isn’t over. The father is still after her. She will need around the clock protection and can’t go home. She hadn’t planned on it though. The only one going to her place is Emily. Kendra calls Emily who answers and starts to chat. A shot rings out. Emily goes down. Kendra screams as Mike looks on.

This is just getting more and more convoluted. I get that Ethan would find that Hannah is the bad guy and now she’s going to London so that looks even worse. I just don’t get the whole circus around it. Also, Emily can’t be hurt. They wouldn’t have next week be about something else entirely if she was. This show was canceled so I guess one more episode to see what’s what.

Designated Survivor, episode twenty

Kirkman has a fancy dinner. He argues with an ambassador about a teen in his country’s custody and the rights to an island. The teen is being used as leverage and Kirkman will not back down because of that. Emily and Kendra meet with the latter’s mentor Flannery. There is an empty judge spot and Kirkman wants him to fill it. He’ll do it if the president wants it. After a few more donor chats, Kirkman runs into Ethan. He’s representing the teen’s family.

Hannah meets with Dax. She wants him to take Frost out to lunch while she snoops around her house. He wants to know why him and it’s because he has Kirkman’s back. The ambassador approaches Kirkman to thank him for the deal. Apparently Ethan presented it. Kirkman confronts Ethan about misrepresentation and sends Emily and Aaron to correct the information the ambassador has. Before they can though, he has a heart attack.

He dies and according to the ME it might be poisoning. This is not good for anyone. Kirkman wants to talk to the teen’s mother because this will surely impact that. He sends Mike to solve the murder. Mike brings Chuck in and they talk to someone that knew the ambassador well. After a conversation with the teen’s mother and Ethan, Kirkman has a video conference with the foreign prime minister. He tries to blackmail Kirkman. Seth is in the midst of a press conference when the sentence of 20 years hard labor.

Chuck and Mike go to the ambassador’s horse farm and discover he was in a ton of debt. Seth, Kendra and Emily are looking into the Flannery while Chuck helps Hannah get into Frost’s house. She finds a ton of servers and a hacking command center. Chuck gets to work and Hannah helps. There is a lot to go through. Seth meets with an old colleague to talk about her filed complaint against Flannery. She was passed over for a job because he asked her out and she said no.

He reports back to the others and they don’t think it’s enough to stop his appointment. Kirkman talks to the teen, who is adamant that he doesn’t want to be a pawn and doesn’t want Kirkman to make a deal. Instead Kirkman decides to play hardball. Kendra admits to Emily she slept with Flannery. Chuck and Mike solve the murder. Kendra notices Flannery’s flirtatious behavior. With the murder solved they should be able to get the kid home.

Problem is Ethan is running his mouth and as a result the news is putting pressure on both governments. Kirkman meets with Ethan and finds out his involvement is an effort to make amends because of a murder many years ago. Lyor finds one other complaint against Flannery. Kendra is the one to make the call. She goes to see him and he is on top of his game. He’s got her drink ready and everything. Kirkman and Ethan team up to get the kid freed.

Kendra pulled the offer. She’s still not sure she made the right decision but she had to go with her guy. Emily respects that. Kirkman meets with Dax. They talk about Hannah and Frost before Kirkman turns the table. Turns out there was a bug in his office planted by Dax. The whole thing was a setup. Hannah had been in Dax’s house, not Frost’s. He’s the hacker and it’s all because he wants unrestricted free enterprise.

Mike knew what Chuck was up to and talks to him about it. He’s glad that Chuck has Hannah’s back but he wants Chuck to watch out for himself. Kirkman thanks Frost for her help and she was happy to offer it. She tells him she is moving to San Francisco and wishes him well. Chuck is sorting through Dax’s files and found something. The payment for Damian’s murder. It was his Russian handler. When Hannah realizes that she was the target she leaves.

Aaron finds her in a bar drinking alone. He tells her she can’t go after the Russian. She tells him there are things she has to do that she can’t while working for the White House. She gives him her ID and badge.

I’m glad Chuck is more important. I’m a fan of him and realize he will probably be killed off but I still root for him. Same for Mike. I was surprised to see that it was Dax and that the whole Hannah thing was staged but that was pretty good. Clever of them.

Designated Survivor, episode nineteen

Kendra explains how the 25th amendment hearing will play out. It’ll be an uphill battle but she has confidence that they can pull this off. Hannah is on a mission she wants to storm the Oval to tell Kirkman about Frost. Aaron explains to her that it’s not that simple and sends her home to shower and collect her thoughts. Seth has some budget talking points he needs answers on. Emily and Lyor do that. Lyor wants to push this out soon because of the media.

Louden is on the stand and Ethan is going hard. Kendra tries her best to change the story and provide context. The same can be said for Aaron’s testimony. Back in the office, Hannah is ready to go to Kirkman. Chuck tries to tell her that she is rushing things but she doesn’t listen. He also tries to offer his condolences for Damian but Hannah leaves. She meets with Aaron and Kirkman and accuses Frost. Kirkman doesn’t buy it.

When Hannah leaves he tells Aaron as much and says they need evidence. Ethan talks to Trey in the canteen while waiting for Kendra. Kirkman, Emily and Lyor meet with some congressmen about the budget. They are rolling back on their deal and Kirkman is ready to shut down the government to get back on track. Then he talks to his friend Dax about Frost.

Speaking of, she takes the stand. She talks about a private conversation between herself and Kirkman. Kendra sees it as her undermining Kirkman and wants to go after Frost. Kirkman tells her no. With no other options, Hannah goes after Ethan and he reveals that it wasn’t Frost that told him about the conversation but an anonymous letter. Hannah doesn’t believe it and goes after Frost. She denies it and threatens to press charges against Hannah.

Next on the stand is Emily. She doesn’t handle it well. Aaron goes to yell at Hannah for making him look bad. After he goes back to his office, Emily stops by. They talk about the hearings and about their kiss last year. She seems interested in a repeat and he shuts it down. Ethan meets with Moss. He invites him to testify. He says that Kirkman is not fit to be president. Kendra goes back at him but the damage is done.

Kirkman and the team regroup afterward. Lyor points out that if Kirkman is out of office Moss’ legal troubles are over. He also wants Kirkman to sign the budget deal. Kirkman won’t do it. Lyor is not happy. This could be his last act as president, shutting down the government. Kirkman relents and calls for a meeting. Kendra’s phone rings. Ethan wants a sitdown. He’s trying to give Kirkman a chance to duck out. Kirkman thinks Ethan is worried about loss.

Ethan tells them that he tried to warn them. Next on the stand is Trey. He talks about the family’s history of mental illness. Afterward, Kirkman and Trey talk about getting closer and going on a trip when this is all over. Next step is an ultimatum for congressional leadership about the deal on the budget. Then he gets a turn on the stand where he gives a rousing patriotic speech about being human.

Later that night Kirkman is in the Oval when Darby stops by it is with word that he will stay on as president. They decided because of who he is. He runs into Ethan next and they talk about being different. Then he heads back to the Oval and meets with Hannah. Her dedication to the country is admirable but she was insubordinate and out of line confronting Frost. He fires her.

So it was Trey right? It had to be. He definitely gave Ethan the tip too. I’m convinced he is the bad guy and I feel bad for Kirkman when that comes to light. Hannah is so set on Frost she needs to see the bigger picture. Also this needed more Seth. Why wasn’t he called in to testify?

Designated Survivor, episode eighteen

Aaron breaks down what the protocol is for figuring out the hack. Lyor is less than thrilled. Kendra tells them that they don’t have a choice so everyone goes along with it. Kirkman has breakfast with Trey and is understandably distracted. His brother seems to think it will blow over. That’s not the case. It’s everywhere and the public is reacting. Kirkman can’t get a break anywhere. Lyor tells Louden to write a statement about Kirkman’s mental health.

Hannah and Aaron talk about what to do with Damian. She’s running the show and should keep a close eye on him. Speaking of, he goes to meet with his Russian contact. She gives him what they know about the hacker but expects help when this settles. Kirkman meets with Louden. It isn’t going the way he wants. Aaron comes in with more drastic news. Another leak. There are seven hours worth. Seth tries to handle it but he’s bombarded.

Emily and Seth try to tread water but it’s a mess. Lyor isn’t all that encouraging and the Cabinet is nowhere to be found. Frost has been mentioned so now people are linking her and Kirkman. The two of them meet and Kirkman warns her of what may come. Chuck has checked all the devices. No sign of a leak. It must have been a visitor. Lyor is still trying to get through to the Cabinet and his secretary is as well. She mentions that they have been meeting with the VP.

Lyor knows what that means and takes off running. It’s a coup. He warns the rest as well. They are all in the Oval as Kirkman dresses down the VP for her secrecy. She tells him that she’s willing to hear his side of things before signing off on the letter enacting the 25th amendment, which would deem him mentally unfit for office. There’s an expert on hand to help him as well. Ethan West is on hand to guide him. The team questions his suitability and is willing to go with it.

Seth and Emily talk and she admits to what she did in order to get the information about the leaks. She plans to resign but he tells her to talk to Kendra first. She tells Chuck what’s going on and he explains that he was above-board and just went and asked people. He didn’t hack because he is more than that. She tells him she will remember that. Lyor wants to fire Cabinet members but Kirkman won’t do it.

Next order of business then is a meeting with Ethan. Lyor has a file on him and Ethan has one on Lyor in return. Kirkman sits down for a TV interview. He explains that he is still fighting for the American people. Chuck, Hannah and Damian are looking into the visitor logs. They make a connection to the hacker and head to an action house in Baltimore to follow the lead. Kirkman consults with Lyor about what he would do. He would have Kirkman step down.

He’s a teacher and he was just serving in the interim to right the ship. He’s done that and can move on. Kirkman talks to Frost about what’s going on. Seth snaps during his briefing. He defends Kirkman. Afterward, Emily gets a call. Kirkman is headed to the science fair. She tries to cut him off but he’s set on going. He gets there and interrupts Frost’s interview to talk science. He explains his therapy conversation about her. She says she understands.

Hannah and Damian continue to chase their lead. They have an address and it’s to a member’s only club near DC. They head there. Meanwhile, Kirkman and Frost explore the science fair. Hannah gets the list of club visitors and sends it to Chuck. He compares it to the visitor log and one name stands out. Andrea Frost. As Hannah calls Aaron to warn Kirkman, they are hit with a drive-by and Damian is taken down.

Emily talks to Kendra. Even though Chuck ignored her orders, she could go down for issuing them. Kirkman heads to the residence and sees his daughter. Kendra updates the staff on where they stand in the proceedings. Then Kirkman comes in and thanks them for their work. His next stop is the VP to apologize for his candor earlier. Lastly, he sits down with Ethan to talk about his plan. He will do all he can to stay in office. At the hospital, Hannah gets an update on Damian. It’s not good.

I feel like Emily will probably be the one to go down. Chuck is apparently getting more creditability which is great and Frost is the bad guy. That was unexpected but I still think it will tie to Trey in some way. He just knows too much. Team Seth for yelling at the reporters too. That was great.

Designated Survivor, episode seventeen

Kirkman announces to the public that he basically declared war. Afterward, the phones are buzzing. Lyor freaks out. Chuck is trying to piece things together. They know who helped plant the bomb. It was the guy Lyor knew that worked for the dictator. He’s willing to play ball though. A week later, Seth does a press conference. He’s got no new information.

Mike chats with another staff member about special force training. Kirkman meets with the generals. They are moving a Seal team and Hannah in to meet with someone. If the mission fails, there is a chance for ground troop action. Lyor is not happy about that but Emily and Aaron tell him to fall in line. The mission starts and they face fire. Kirkman talks to his brother until he gets summoned and hears about what happened. Two people are missing.

Hannah and a soldier. Aaron meets with Damian to talk about the hacking. No progress yet. Hannah and the soldier Rice meet their guide and have no choice but to start making their way into civilization. Chuck tries to say he won’t work with Damian but Aaron isn’t having it. Hannah gets in a fire fight. Kirkman meets with the ambassador of the country he’s bombing. They don’t resolve anything. As he leaves, Aaron comes in. A bomb missed and hit a hospital.

There’s a briefing. Kirkman isn’t stopping. The rest of the world now has opinions and want to talk to Kirkman. Seth writes a release and then throws in his two sense. He wants this to stop. Emily snaps at him. Hannah figures out the guide is a fake. She kills him and swipes his phone to call Aaron. He wants to pull them out but she says no.

Chuck is able to identify a suspect for the hacking. He and Damian confront her. It’s not her but they get information. Aaron meets with the ambassador. They still aren’t taking responsibility. Mike lets Kirkman know about the staffer with a Seal brother. Kirkman then meets with Emily. They talk about the offer on the table.

As they keep moving, Hannah and Rice come across some opposition. They hide but Hannah is spoiling for a fight. Rice talks her into being smart and staying down. She wants to avenge Forstell and Rice explains that the best way to honor the dead to stay living. Kirkman meets with the special forces sister. She tells him that her brother re-enlisted because of him.

While he escorts her out, he sees Seth on tv. He heads down to the briefing room and tells the press that they will see this through. He sounds good but he goes all in. Hannah and Rice meet with the rebel leader. They are supposed to arrange a conversation with him and Kirkman before moving forward on a partnership. When he leaves the room, they snoop and find correspondence. He’s playing them and she has to call DC to let them know.

Kirkman meets with the ambassador to go over the negotiations. He’s really the bad guy though. He played his own country and the dictator’s attaché that Lyor knew confessed to the whole thing. The ambassador is busted and now they have to justify the war. That’s when command ops calls Kirkman in. The rest of the special forces team turned up.

They found biological weapons. It justifies everything and as it turns out Rice is the brother of the staffer. She catches up with Mike and thanks him for looking out. Kirkman and Trey have a chat about not knowing how their actions will turn out. Lyor and Aaron talk about Lyor not actually being awful when Aaron gets a call.

They both go running. It was Chuck. The session notes from Kirkman’s therapy have leaked. It was the result of a hack but this one is different. It comes with a clue. And moreover, everyone that knew about the therapy is in the room. Kendra, Seth, Emily, Aaron, Lyor and Chuck.

I’m rooting for Mike to date that female staffer. They had sparks. I’m about it. Also, why did Chuck know Kirkman was in therapy? Or did he just find out with the leak? It can’t be Lyor. That would be too obvious. It’ll end up being Chuck or Kendra. Or Trey. He was asking about the therapy and knows it is twice a week. That’s suspicious but I’ll feel bad if it’s Kirkman’s own brother.