Frequency, epilogue

Frank fixes the ham. He talks to Raimy again. He caught Robbie and he died in prison.

Raimy breaks the rules and tells him when he would die. She wants him to avoid leaving the house that day. She wants him to promise but can’t get a response on the ham. She gets better. He walks into the garage.

I like that this was released. Most shows don’t give closure. And it’s a happily ever after.


Frequency, episode thirteen

Raimy is reveling in her new life. Her mom is a doctor. Gordo is a lawyer. Daniel is back and they are engaged. She talks to Frank about it on the ham. He tells her that they are going to go off the grid for a few days.

She goes to the station and talks to Satch. She wants to learn from the best so she is going to read the Nightingale case.

Robbie is the killer. The deacon is taking the fall for him. He tells his son to put it behind him and move on.

Satch and Frank are walking and talking. Satch gets a call that the deacon is turning in a signed, detailed confession. Frank tells him that they are going to go away for a few days.
Stan is at home with his father. He accuses him of being a dirty cop.

Adult Robbie gets home to find out that his son got in a fight. He tells him that no matter what violence is not the answer. Then he goes and prays.

Raimy is walking through the lot at the station. She sees a truck that jogs a memory for her.

Frank has the family at a cabin in the woods. It’s snowing and they frolic.

Back at her desk, she runs the plate from the truck. She saw it out near the deacon’s cabin. It’s connected but she’s not sure how. She tells Satch as much.

Out at the cabin, Frank has a phone call with his undercover girlfriend. She says that things are about to get crazy.

Following the address for the truck, Raimy gets to the house and is surprised to find Robbie. She talks to him with a cover story about the truck.

Satch and his family surprise the Sullivan’s at the cabin. A fun time is had by all. When they get back, Frank talks to Raimy on the ham. She tells him about the truck and Robbie and asks him to go talk to Robbie and Megan.

Daniel confronts her when she gets inside. He wants to know who she’s talking to on the ham. She tells him that she has to trust him but that she will never tell him who it is.

Frank goes to visit Robbie and Megan. Robbie seems nervous but tells Frank what he wants to hear.

Robbie is visiting Megan at the hospital when her doctor comes in. Julie Sullivan. He goes to visit the deacon in prison and tells him he might not be able resist. The deacon tells him to suck it up.

At a bar, Satch tries to convince Frank to come to a celebration. He’s not interested though. He wants to sit along. Stan approaches and talks about how they are the same.They talk on the ham and Frank basically says they shouldn’t talk anymore. She tells him that he’s dead in present day and he tells her to spend time with her mother.

Robbie is backing out. He can’t say that stuff about the deacon because he’s not a monster, I’m not a monster. He admits to the murders.

Raimy talks to her mother and finds out Megan is her patient.

Megan and Raimy fight. He kills her.

Time warp. Megan isn’t Julie’s patient. She has no idea who that is.

Frank gets a call from Robbie. He’s say he messed up. Frank heads over and Robbie is gone but Megan’s body is there.

Satch and Raimy talk about Megan. Robbie was the Nightingale but he was never caught. The deacon is in jail for the murder of his wife.

After finding Megan, Frank knows Julie is next. He calls Stan to go to his house and protect her. Stan rushes to his car but he’s shot by Frank’s undercover girlfriend. She speeds off and leaves him bleeding out in the driveway.

Julie is making a sandwich when Robbie sneaks into the house. She brings the food to Gordo and Raimy in the garage. Robbie follows.

Raimy gets home and her engagement party is in full swing. She ignores everyone and goes to the garage. She hears what’s happening and yells at Robbie. Gordo Sr. comes in and gets shot. Robbie breaks the ham.

Frank gets home to see Robbie dragging Julie to his truck. He shoots Frank and tries to get away but Satch smashes his car. Robbie gets away but Julie is safe.

Present day Raimy goes inside to find the house dark. She’s confused until she gets to the living room and sees everyone watching an engagement video. Her mom is still alive. Someone is walking a dog outside. It’s an adult Robbie.

I liked this. I think that it was too much to try and maintain a series with a premise like this. It wouldn’t sustain. I do have a few questions though. Mainly about the fates of Stan, Frank and Gordo Sr. Also, Moseby. I liked him.

Frequency, episode twelve

Raimy is driving Robbie to the hospital. Megan is crying. Raimy is asking questions about the deacon and their mom. No one is talking so she stops the car until she gets some answers.

Frank is questioning the deacon. He brings up kidnapping him and then talks about him being a monster. He tells him to turn himself in on his own terms.

Satch and Raimy talk about busting the deacon. She’s adamant that he’s the Nightingale but Satch doesn’t buy it. The nurse comes out to talk about Robbie. He’s using the name Carter these days and Raimy questions that.

He says he did it to hide but then talks about putting it behind him. He’s got a new life. Raimy says that this is how he saves his sister. He explains what life was like when the deacon shipped Megan away.

Robbie talks her through his mother’s murder. The deacon did it and then gave her last rights. He put the body in the closet and never mentioned it again.

Raimy and Frank talk about breaking the deacon. Frank doesn’t want to risk things but Raimy pushes. She goes inside to find Gordo eating cereal. He tells her that she needs to chill with work. It’s an obsession to her and that’s not healthy.

She leaves and on her way to work gets a call from Megan. She remembered where the deacon stashed his belt at the cabin.

Frank gets to the station to learn that the deacon’s face is bashed in and he’s blaming Frank. Stan tells him that it looks sketch and that the deacon walked.

Satch and Raimy head to the cabin and start snooping around. They find a box of treasures, tokens from the victims.

Julie and Frank are talking. He’s going out to catch the Nightingale and wants her to stay safe. Young Raimy comes in with a pocket knife, ready to protect her mother.

At the station, Satch tells everyone how things are going to play out with the Nightingale bust. Afterward Raimy talks to Frank, tells him about the box and how they need to stop him soon to save her mom.

She finds Gordo waiting and they go inside and talk about her mom’s last day. Gordo feels guilty.

Frank and Satch talk about what happened to the deacon and he tells Satch about the cabin, sending him out there to investigate. Frank goes to talk to Megan about finding her brother.

The deacon is in a gas station store. He’s hiding from the law when a cop comes in. He ducks into the bathroom until the cop leaves. Then buys his stuff and leaves but the cop gets him.

Megan and Frank find Robbie. He sees the badge and runs.

Satch questions the deacon. He gets nowhere with it though. The deacon needs a bathroom break.

Back at the house, Raimy and Megan are talking while Frank and Julie argue in the kitchen about Megan being at the house and him chasing killers.

Raimy crashes the bathroom break to beat answers out of the deacon.

At the cabin the 1996 deacon moves the box before Satch can get there to find it. Then he goes to a diner to admire his treasures.

In the bathroom, Raimy gets him to talk after making a deal. They can give each other what they want. She gets information and he gets her shoelaces.

The waitress at the diner sees his prizes and he tells her to call 911.

Present day deacon hangs himself.

Satch, Stan and Frank search the woods and find the wife’s body. At the house, Megan thanks them for their hospitality and then there’s a knock on the door. It’s Robbie. He’s done running.

Things don’t work as they should though. Julie isn’t back in the present day. Raimy freaks out but Frank tells her to relax. She gets ready for bed while 1996 deacon gets locked up.

Raimy hears a noise downstairs and goes to search with a gun. She finds Julie there. She’s back.

Robbie and Megan talk on the phone. They have plans for the next day. He goes home and goes into his closet. He’s been stalking Julie.

If he is the stalker, how did she get back? Did he change his mind? Is that all it takes? I don’t like that he was in the house. I don’t trust him. It’s not going to end well.

Frequency, episode eleven

Raimy is in the back of the cop car. Satch comes over to reassure her. She’s more

concerned about why the body is still there. What happened to Frank in 1996? Stan tells Satch to stop talking to Raimy. There is a lot of questionable witness testimony.

Frank is still in his car. The driver that hit him was drunk. Deacon Joe escapes. The drunk guy takes off. Frank wakes up and finds Joe gone. He gives chase. No luck. He goes home and tries to cover up the car but Julie finds it. She freaks out so he freaks out. He tells her that the Nightingale knows who they are and he never stops. He needs her to trust him.
Frank gives Julie a gun. Joe makes it home. Raimy gets back to the station and is praised like a hero, until she sees Satch. IA is calling it a bad shoot. He needs her badge.

Raimy is being held and questioned. She doesn’t say anything. Gordo Sr. shows up as her lawyer and springs her.

A call came in from the drunk guy. He hit a cop and a man climbed out of the trunk. They are counting cars. Frank says his is in the lot. No one questions it.

Gordo is outside the station to drive Raimy home. Moseby texts her. She doesn’t respond. At the house Daniel is waiting. He has wine and donuts. She hugs him. She wants to be alone. He tells her that he broke off his engagement before leaving.

Raimy and Frank are talking via ham. She tells him about what happened and he tells her about the accident. He’s having second thoughts but she says that it’s too late for that.

Young Raimy comes and talks to him about skipping dinner. He has something he has to do.
Frank is at the deacon’s house. He’s in the deacon’s house. He tries to line up the shot but he can’t. Then there’s a knock on the door. A parishioner coming to tell him that the priest is going to report him for stealing the collection money. He invites her in.

Julie comes down the stairs. Frank is home. He didn’t do it. Gordo Sr. is taking her to the station and he tells her honestly that things don’t look good. They get out of the elevator and … everything is different. Satch just questioned the deacon about checks in Arizona. They have nothing to hold him on. They are going to let him go. She pulls her gun and talks about the body in the closet.

They search the house. There is no body. Raimy tells Frank she is off the hook for murder. Frank is still having trouble though. The car pool needs to see his car and the deacon is in custody for robbery. The deacon knows that Raimy knows. They figure out he is blaming Megan since he hasn’t killed her yet. Shes probably at the cabin and in trouble.

Satch goes to the house and starts poking around. Julie covers for Frank and then gets indignant on his behalf. She lets him see the car and scares him off. At the station, Satch catches Frank in a lie and just wants him to come clean. He wants Frank to trust him but Frank doesn’t trust him because of Stan.

Raimy is hurrying to the cabin. Satch and Frank go down near the river and talk. Satch tells him why he’s so loyal to Stan. He explains a call they had back when Satch was new on the job. They flubbed it and it still eats at Satch. That’s why he wants Frank to make a better choice. Raimy calls Moseby to run a plate on a truck that’s been messing with her. She thinks it’s the deacon.

Frank gets a call. The deacon is being released. Julie tries to talk Frank out of killing him. He thinks he still has to do it. Julie tells him to come home.

The deacon and Megan are at the cabin. She’s apologizing but he says it’s worthless. He says he has to clean up her mess again. He doesn’t want to do it. She needs to atone.
Frank is watching the deacon’s house. He gets home. Cops pull up right behind him.

Frank called in a tip on where the money is. The deacon is arrested. He calls Julie to tell her he’s coming home.

Raimy is at the cabin. She snoops around inside a bit and then hears a scream. She runs toward it outside. It’s Megan, and her brother. He’s bleeding really bad. Raimy looks flabbergasted.

So Satch is still a jerk and Frank doesn’t have to commit murder. Not bad on those fronts. I’m still pulling for Moseby though.

Frequency, episode ten

The Nightingale has a Megan hostage. And he’s changing his appearance.

Frank and Julie are in bed together. He spent the night. They still have work to do. Raimy comes in and asks if he’s moving back in but the answer is no.

Adult Raimy is trying to track down Megan. She’s looking for medical records, anything she can get her hands on. Daniel walks in

Megan calls Nightingale names. He doesn’t take kindly to it.

Frank is packing up to move out. Satch comes in to talk sense into him but Frank is still mad that he ruined his chance to set up Stan. They are not speaking. Raimy calls him on the ham. He has been monitoring the deacon, aka Nightingale, because he is going to kill him tomorrow night. Raimy asks if he is ready.

Gordo comes by Raimy’s house. His tv is busted and his family is out of town. His father is flying in and they are going to watch the game. Raimy tells him to behave.

Frank stops by the hospital to visit Julie. They talk about his living situation and then she mentions Raimy’s school concert. It’s the following night. He has to skip it to kill the deacon. She doesn’t like that he’s missing it but she has to go see a patient. He steals a ton of drugs.

Raimy and Satch are talking about her taking a break. She won’t do it. She’s going to go over the psych evaluations.

Frank is getting supplies. He runs into Gordo and Gordo Sr. They chat and then he’s on his way but he’s anxious.

Raimy is listening to Megan’s therapy sessions. She describes what life was like with the Deacon.

Frank is packing up the car. Raimy comes out to confront him about her concert. He doesn’t back down but does promise that they will get ice cream the next day.

The Nightingale is grabbing some supplies and a burner phone from a convenience store. There’s a cop in the the store too so Deacon Nightingale is jumpy.

Raimy continues to listen to the therapy. In the first session she described getting beaten at home but the second session is more focused on her brother and their time in a cabin in the woods. There was a shed in the back. They used to go there for prayer, and got abused.

Satch interrupts Raimy’s search. There’s been an accident. It’s Moseby. He got an accident. She hurries to his bedside and meets his mother. They talk about how smitten he is with Raimy.

Raimy heads home and finds Gordo drinking on the couch alone. His dad is on the phone with work. He hangs up and talks to Raimy and insults Gordo and they argue. Gordo storms out and Raimy tells his father to buck up and admit he’s proud of Gordo. He says he will. He also says his wife kicked him out so he’s moving back.

Frank is walking around in the woods biding his time. His phone rings. Raimy wants to say goodnight. They talk about the moon.

Raimy tells Frank to rob the collection safe via the ham. It’s a good cover. She talks about the way things could be if this works out.

Frank drops young Raimy off and wishes her luck at the concert.

Raimy calls Daniel and tells him not to break up with his fiance yet. She also goes back to the hospital and snuggles up to Moseby.

Frank fights and drugs the Deacon.

Raimy gets a call from Satch. They are patching through a call that might be Megan. It is her. She’s telling them where she is. They realize it’s the cabin and give chase. They get there but he’s been spooked and he’s on the run.

Megan’s dead body is in the house. Raimy is on his tail through the woods. They end up near a gas station and he surrenders but she shoots him anyway, because it won’t matter.

Frank is driving with the body in the trunk. His phone has a message. It’s Julie. Raimy left her clarinet in the car. He needs to come back. He starts reaching for and looking at the case, taking his eyes off the road. He gets hit and knocked out. With the Deacon. In the trunk.

This was a good episode for Frank. He’s prepping and resolved to do what he has to. Raimy is terrible. I feel bad about what she did to Moseby, getting his hopes up and all. And Satch sucks.

Frequency, episode nine

A young man starts a fire in 1996.

Raimy and Daniel spend the night together. She wakes up alone and texts him.

Frank hears about the fire on the news and gets a call from his girl from when he was undercover. He tells her to stay stuff.

At the office, Raimy finds out about the tip from Megan. She follows up at Bellevue and she was transferred to long term care. She finds Megan claimed to know who the nightingale was and that she thought her father, the deacon, was going to kill her.

In 1996 Frank meets up with his girl and finds out Stan is still after her because she’s dealing again. They make a plan to move forward with and she tells Frank that once this is done they are even.

At the long term facility there is no sign of Megan but Raimy’s phone rings. Dispatch has Megan on the line. She tells Raimy that she ran away and where to meet up before seeing something upsetting. Raimy rushes to where Megan was but its too late. She’s gone and the pay phone isn’t even on the hook.

Raimy and Frank talk via ham about Megan and his Stan problems. She tells him to track down Megan. On her way back inside Gordo intercepts her and asks about Daniel.

Frank is setting up gear to bug a meeting that Stan is holding. Just as his buddy is clearing out, Satch comes in. He fights with Frank about staying safe and ditching the residuals from his time undercover, namely the girl.

Young Megan is found. Frank talks to her about Deacon Joe (Kenneth Mitchell). She tells him that he was physically abusive for years. One time he beat her brother really bad and she went after him. Her mother backed Joe and she was committed. In the years since, she believes Joe murdered both of them. She also let’s slip that her mother was a nurse.

Daniel and Raimy are on date number three and it is going really well. Them the phone rings. It’s Daniel’s girlfriend. She’s coming over and obviously doesn’t know about Raimy.

Time for another ham chat. Raimy is all for killing the deacon but Frank is hesitant and he has the final say. He’s the one doing the killing after all. He tells her to find more evidence, and Megan. He’s got to handle his Stan problem.

Frank goes to meet up with the guy listening in on Stan’s meeting. He reiterates the need to wrap this up.

Deacon Joe turns up at the station and seems aggravated. He answers questions for Raimy and Satch but isn’t very forthcoming with it. He also gets agitated at the mention of his wife. They have to let him go and Raimy tells Satch that Megan thinks Joe killed her mom before leaving to follow a hunch.

Frank is on a stakeout. Satch has checked out a the deacon’s alibi and its legit. A man that used to be in his youth group was worried he would fall off the wagon. Raimy is still heading to his house though.

On the stakeout, Stan knows that Frank is listening and he talks to him. He tells him to rethink this crazy idea he’s got. Turns out Satch gave him a heads up and when Frank goes to see Satch he confirms it. He tells Frank he doesn’t want to get dragged down in this too.

Raimy is at the deacon’s house. She breaks in. There’s a banging noise and she is following it upstairs when her phone rings. She silences it pretty quickly but after the ringing, the banging noise stops. Satch leaves a message. He found a flaw in the alibi and local cops are headed in now. It’s too late though. The deacon sneaks up on Raimy and they fight before he runs away. She gives chase but he makes it to the car and away. She goes back in to sort through the house and finds a crawl space with some bags. One of which has photos of the deacon, Megan and the rest of the family. The other has her mother’s body.

Satch is annoyed with Raimy. All the evidence is inadmissible because she didn’t have a warrant. He’s not upset though because now they know who it is. They can get him.

Frank turns up to talk to Julie. He wants to tell her everything. He needs to because she’s the only one that ever had his back.

Daniel shows up at Raimy’s place. She talks about seeing his fiance. She didn’t realize they were that serious and she isn’t signing up to be a mistress. He tries to explain it. He wants her there with him when he breaks it off with her.

Frank kisses Julie and then apologizes. She kisses him.

Raimy walks away from Daniel and when he starts to leave she pulls him back and kisses him.

Another ham chat. Raimy tells Frank that she confirmed the deacon is the nightingale. She found the body.

Frequency returns in January.

Frequency, episode eight

Satch and Raimy hold a press conference about the nightingale developments. Raimy pleads to the victim’s families as one of them. A lady in a facility watch it in a precinct. They find out who the first victim was.

Raimy and Frank talk via the ham about following leads so that he can bust people in ’96 without anyone knowing he’s coming. She asks about him and her mom and he tells her to mind her own business. Satch visits Frank and they talk about Moreno. Satch says he’s protecting Frank.

Julie is waiting on the porch when Raimy comes home from practice. Her coach drops her off and chats with Julie, asking her on another date. She agrees.

Raimy and Satch talk about her parent’s marriage. Satch says if there was one couple he would have bet on, it would’ve been them.

Frank visits the house of the first victim, at the time she was still just missing. He assures her mother that they are doing everything they can to track her down. He snoops in her room and finds some journals.

Frank wants to go back to the missing girls house to ask about her allegedly violent boyfriend. Raimy tells him to keep digging.

Raimy is working at home while Gordo hangs out on her couch. Kyle turns up with pizza and beer and becomes fast friends with Gordo. They play video games and then the doorbell rings. It’s Daniel. He’s not sober. He wanted to see Raimy.

Daniel needs a ride home so Raimy takes him. He doesn’t know what he’s doing with himself he has a…. long awkward pause.

Young Raimy is ignoring her mother. She cut up her glove and wants to quit softball.
Raimy walks Daniel to his door. He kisses her. He also comes very close to throwing up.

Frank rolls up to check how things are going with the protective detail. They tell him that she’s been seeing the coach. He goes in and confronts her because of Raimy’s welfare. They argue and she kicks him out.

Daniel throws up. Raimy sits with him. They chat about being pretentious and then she goes to get him aspirin. In the medicine kit she finds an engagement ring.

Satch and Raimy follow up on a lead. They ask about the nurse and the mystery friend Megan.

Frank goes to talk to the boyfriend. He is serious that he didn’t do it but Megan gets brought up.

She walked through camp naked with her arms all cut up. She did it to herself. She wanted to escape because she was scared of “him.” The missing girl took care of her but she still disappeared. Raimy went through the registry though. There was no Megan enrolled in the camp.

The woman from earlier in the institution breaks out of her room to call the tipline. Her name is Megan.

Julie calls Frank in from his shift on watch to tell him that she is a damn good mother. He admits to being jealous and before the conversation can get any further, Raimy interrupts. Frank says he’s there to tuck her in and brings her upstairs.

Raimy is still at work when Kyle stops by. She apologizes for the last time she saw him and offers to buy him dinner, takeout because they are still working, and then gives him files to comb through for Megan.

Frank snoops in Raimy’s room and then goes to talk to Julie. He admits she is a good mother. She asks if he would have married her if it weren’t for Raimy. He says eys and she says she would have too. He tells her that he thought that going undercover would be best for the family. He didn’t want to admit he changed. They agree to keep Raimy out of their drama.

Raimy and Frank talk about who could’ve taken bedroom pictures of the missing girl. They also talk about his marriage to Julie. He’s going to win her back.

Megan is talking to her doctor. Someone comes in to tell her that she needs long term care but she freaks out. He’s a bad man that is going to kill her.

Julie and young Raimy watch tv together. Frank leaves her a baseball glove with a note. Adult Raimy gets home to find Daniel waiting on her porch. She kisses him. At the tipline, they are closing up shop and there is a sheet logging Megan’s call.

I really like this show. I don’t love it but I really like it. I think it works best when it is a family drama, that also has procedural and time travel elements to it. I don’t care about Moreno being dirty or what Frank’s crew from when he was undercover is up to now. I like the strange buddy cop through the ham radio situation between Frank and Raimy and I’m invested in the Frank and Julie drama. I’m also interested in Raimy’s personal life. The goings on at the station don’t hold my attention nearly as much.

Frequency is new Wednesdays at 9 p.m.