Great News, episode four

The American Journalism Award nominations are in. The show and Katie are both nominated. Everyone, especially Chuck, is thrilled. Katie is worried that Carol will mess it up. Greg tells her to just not bring her mother. Katie tells Carol but blames Greg.

The gang goes to the award show. Katie goes to take a selfie to send to Carol but she pops up. She was hired as a seat filler. Chuck runs into some old friends including Shooter McGavin and ditches the team to hang out with them. Katie is already mortified. She meets a guy named Jeremy (Reid Scott) and finally has a chance to hob knob.

They are all seated by the bathroom and don’t get food. Chuck bashes the show and everyone overhears it. Katie is so busy fighting with Jeremy that she loses Carol. Her category goes off and she loses but Carol doesn’t embarrass her.

Chuck finds out that not selling out isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. His old friends are kind of duds. Katie tracks down Carol in the bathroom. She realizes that Carol cared about the show’s award. It’s the first time she’s been recognized for anything. It was a miscommunication and now she’s getting the boot and it’s all Katie’s fault,

At the last second, Katie saves the day and gets Carol back in. They lose and Katie pulls a Kanye but then Chuck and Portia add-on. As they leave, Katie exchanges business cards with Jeremy.

Katie is kind of a brat. And we knew that Chuck would end up selling the team out but redeeming himself in the end. Portia is still the best.


Great News, episode three

Diana calls Katie in to tell her that she is moving on. She gives Katie a title bump. She obviously rushes off and tells Carol. She has some news of her own. There’s an opening as head intern.

Katie got Diana a cake. Carol thinks it’s for her because she’s now head intern. Chuck thinks it’s for him because he got an endorsement deal. Katie has a meltdown. Greg goes to see Diana and ends up getting sexually harassed. He tells Katie about it.

She asks and he tells her what happened. She tells him that it’s all in his head. Carol tells the other interns that she runs a tight ship. Greg has talked to others. They confirm his story. Diana harassed them too.

Portia is with Katie. The men are blowing it out of proportion. Chuck goes to test her and says that she isn’t doing anything wrong because she didn’t come on to him. Carol overhears the other interns talking about her. She mentions it to Chuck and he tells her that she deserves her post.

Diana is in her office when Katie comes in to tell her what the guys are saying. Diana says that they wanted it. Then she sas she wants to cut loose on her last few days. Carol is being obnoxious trying to get a balloon down.

Carol gets the balloon and brags to another intern. She goes to see Katie and they talk about Diana being a harasser. Turns out Carol was harassed too. Katie apologizes to the others for not believing them. They come up with a plan to take Diana down. They have to get her on film.

Everyone turns up to watch Carol get harassed so they can film it. Diana admits that she was doing it on purpose to get a payout. Katie offers to go to HR but Diana says that it’s too late. The other interns accept Carol. Katie still gets her promotion.

I just have no use for Carol. I don’t think her or the storylines are funny at all. I like Katie when she’s not fretting but the best part if this show is Portia. She needs more screen time.


Great News, episode two

Katie and Carol are riding the elevator to the office. Katie tells her mother that there is nothing going on with Greg but Carol is herself and gets upstairs and starts bothering Greg. Katie goes to see Diana for career advice. She tries to use it during the morning meeting but makes no progress.

Diana is on a panel of women CEOs. So is Portia. Diana is not pleased. Katie and Greg fight about how difficult his job is. He decides she will do his job for the next show. Carol meddles in their non-relationship.

Portia tells Chuck about the panel. She’s mad that Diana insulted her. He commiserates and she realizes that she needs to have a squad feud. Then Katie hosts the meeting. It is a rocky start. Things between Portia and Diana are bad. Portia goes full Taylor Swift/Katy Perry and starts stealing backup dancers. Diana gives Portia’s team a show.

Everyone complains to Katie about small meaningless crap. She gets frustrated and thinks Greg is setting her up. She assigns him a lame story. He sics Carol on her. The squad feud hits music video levels. Katie handles all the problems except for Chuck’s newsisodes.

Carol tells Katie to quit and apologize to Greg. Instead she gets everything done and tells Diana, who then promotes her and says she will demote Greg. Now Katie feels bad. She doesn’t know what to do. She talks to Carol. She realizes that she should go to Diana.

Portia and Diana put their feud behind them and Diana compliments her on her business savvy. Katie comes in and tells her she doesn’t want the promotion and Diana says she’s proud that Katie stood up for what she wanted.

Katie apologizes to Greg and says his job is harder than it looks. He tells her that he learned something too and will consider listening to her pitches in the future. They agree to be friends and get in the elevator.

I just can’t stand Carol. If there was less of her I would like this show so much more. I loved Portia in this one though. That was really funny. Also, the stories are assigned and people don’t have to pitch them? That’s weird.

Great News, episode one

The broadcast is about to go live when Carol interrupts. She just got an alert off the wire. China has launched a missile. Everyone goes nuts. Chuck reads it but Katie finds out that she was wrong. Carol didn’t have her glasses on so they made fake news.

Greg and Katie have an awkward encounter in the elevator. Then he holds a meeting to tell everyone that they are getting a new boss. Chuck is excited to get back to hard news. The janitor tells him that the landscape of news has changed. Chuck says he doesn’t think that guy’s opinion matters. Big reveal. It’s actually their new boss Diana St. Tropez (Tina Fey) in disguise.

She gives the staff her pitch. People care about cable news now and she is going to take the show to number one. Katie is stoked. Diana is her idol. She wants to be her protege. Diana changes the format of the show. She wants it to be people arguing. Portia is game. Chuck is tricked into it.

Katie goes to see Diana. She rambles and gets some advice about focusing on her work and not her personal life. Greg tries to talk to her about their almost kiss. She’s too focused and he has a girlfriend. They have their first episode of the new format. Chuck doesn’t do well.

Carol tries to talk to Diana but it doesn’t end well. Carol doesn’t like Diana. The next day Katie lurks in the elevator to chat with Diana. She still won’t mentor her though. Greg and Diana talk to Portia and Chuck. Ratings are up. Chuck doesn’t like the new format but Portia is game. He agrees to go along with it because he is scared of being replaced.

Portia sees Chuck making up lines for the show. She tells Katie about it and they laugh about letting him fail. Katie gets back to her office and faces off with Carol about freezing her eggs. It’s the last straw. Carol goes and tackles Diana.

The two of them talk about letting Katie find success and happiness at her own pace. That night on the show, Portia throws Chuck a bone. It’s still great for ratings though. Greg and Katie watch the show. They talk about Diana and he tells her that she’s great and that if Diana doesn’t see it she’s wrong.

Katie goes and confronts Diana about it. Carol is there and they have a crying moment before Diana takes her on because she loves a challenge. Later Carol and Katie talk about having kids and Katie admits Greg tried to kiss her.

I still don’t like Carol. I very much like Diana though. So I’ll keep watching this at least for now. Less Carol and more Portia would make this so much better.

Great News is new Thursdays at 9:30 p.m.

Great News, episode ten

Katie calls her mom, waking her up. She’s been out of work for a few weeks. Carol suggests applying for new jobs but Katie isn’t interested. And she is never speaking to Greg again.

At the station, things are different. Gram runs a tight ships and Greg is on board. Everyone complains and Greg tells them if they don’t like things they can leave but no one does. Meanwhile, Gram tells Greg he needs to step up.

Carol goes to Chuck for advice on Katie. He tells her that the only approach is tough love. That night at dinner she tries but only sees Katie as a little kid to protect. Instead they end up deciding that Katie will move back in.

Katie settles in at home in Carol’s clothes in front of the tv with Carol’s best friend. Carol tries tough love with Greg and he ends up have some sort of episode.

While at home, Katie hate-watches Gram’s show and has an epiphany. She calls Carol. Gram is running the app that hacked all the people. She asks to talk to Greg and Carol tells her they are at the hospital.

Greg is in a room and gets a visitor. Katie. She tells him her Gram theory and he believes her. He’s in. It’s time to take her down. They go confront her but it doesn’t work. Instead of exposing her evildoing, she is going to run a story showing herself as the hero.

Carol gets home from work and finds Katie moping because she failed. She tries tough love. It works. Katie calls a meeting at the one place Gram will never go, Carol’s house. They need a plan to take down Gram.

They have one. A diversion show that only Gram will see while they do a real live broadcast from the roof. Carol asks a bunch of dumb questions, frustrating everyone. They get away with it because Greg fakes another panic attack to get her to confess live on the air.

Then everyone confronts her and she leaves, vowing to get Jean if its the last thing she does. Katie and Greg have a moment in his office since they figure this is probably the last time they will work together. As they are about to kiss everyone comes in. Gram got the boot. The show will go on.

Katie and Carol have a moment about their mother-daughter bond surviving the office before heading home.

When Carol gets involved, the show gets annoying. I knew Gram was the bad guy. I’m glad that Katie and Greg had a moment. This show got renewed. I don’t love it. I don’t know that I’ll watch the next season. I might try but fall off depending on how many other shows I have.

Great News, episode nine

Katie gets to work and Greg is waiting for her. He wants to know how the hacking story is going because he wants to run it on the next broadcast. He thinks it’ll impress his Gram, who happens to own the network. Katie is surprised and mentions it at the meeting.

Everyone else thinks it is really weird as well but Portia is impressed. Just then Gene mentions that there is a bomb threat at a school in New Jersey, Carol’s school. Katie rushes there to make sure she is okay and finds out she’s been ditching since the first week. She’s in Atlantic City.

Gram has arrived and everyone knows. Katie is fretting because she ditched a source meeting worrying about her mom. She finds her hiding under her desk and they talk. Carol says she has a bully but it’s just her teacher. Greg is giving his Gram a tour. She likes Chuck and approves of Carol. Katie, not so much.

Greg needs his dinner with Gram to go well so he invites Chuck. It takes some persuading but he agrees. Katie takes all day to read one paper and then finds Carol writing midterm notes on her arms and legs. She agrees to help her mother.

Dinner does not go well. Gram tells Greg that he is still a disappointment and she is promoting his brother to run the news division of the family business. Carol is afraid of failing. That’s why she won’t try. Katie gives her a pep talk.

While Gram is in the bathroom, Chuck tells Greg that he’s in love with her. She comes back and Chuck tries to flirt. Greg gets fed up and yells at his Gram that he is a good boss and he’s done groveling.

Carol pulled an all nighter studying and is ready for her test. Meanwhile, Katie got scooped. She doesn’t think the story run on another network is right but Greg yells at her anyway. She’s cranky in her office after that and Carol comes back. She failed her midterm and then Katie gets nasty with her and they talk about trying and excuses and sacrifice.

Greg heads back to his office and finds Gram. She asks if he is going to apologize and he says no. Then she tells him that if he keeps his backbone he can run the news division. As he walks her out Carol tells him she beefed the midterm and asks him to bend the rules. He says no, that she’s fired, and Katie jumps to her defense.

Gram watches the whole thing and decides to fire Katie. She’s done nothing but mouth off all day. Katie turns to Greg for support but gets none. Then all of the files for Katie’s hacker story are put on a truck to be buried, dug up and burned, per Gram’s orders.

I’m surprised that Greg fired Katie. Gram is the one that runs the app where the hacking is coming from right? That’s how this connects? Katie was driving me nuts. She has been for most of the season but really in this one she was awful. Carol wasn’t too bad though.

Great News, episode eight

Carol runs into another intern at the elevator. Turns out he’s been promoted and Carol is jealous. She talks to Katie who tells her its about hustling. So in the meeting Carol pitches a story. Chuck thinks it is dumb but Portia is on board. Greg assigns it to Katie.

After the meeting Katie says she won’t do it because she has a story to pitch about hacking. It’s too up in the air for Greg so he says no. She pleads her case but he doesn’t trust her news instincts so he doesn’t budge.

Katie brings her script to Portia and mentions that she wants to do something else but Greg says no. Portia tells her to do it anyway and that she will cover. At rehearsal, Greg asks them to get along but Chuck just digs himself deeper until Portia tells him off for mansplaining and talking down to her.

After listening to Portia, Katie goes to meet her source. It’s a kid. She runs away when his mom comes to the door. Chuck calls Carol in his office and asks her to explain the story she’s doing. She does.

As the show comes to a close, Katie comes back. Greg points out that the piece she left Carol in charge of was their worst one ever. He then asks about her source meeting. He knows it went horribly but she won’t admit it so he says it will lead the next show.

Back in her office, Katie finds Carol. They talk about her story and decide that Greg is acting this way because he is insecure. The next morning, she’s ready to present her story. Not about the hacking. About why Greg won’t trust her. The reason is because he won’t trust himself. And she has proof from his old job to prove it.

Carol comes into Chuck’s office to find him on the floor. He’s been playing phone games all night. She yells at him and he sees that he was wrong to talk down to Portia. He has to apologize.

Greg finds Katie. He did some digging of his own and finds some embarassing things about her. He also finds out that her source was legit so they head out to meet him. They talk to the source and find out a few things before having to flee.

Chuck apologizes to Portia but its short-lived because he quickly yells at her after he gets hacked. Greg and Katie piece it together. The phone game is what is causing the security breaches. They have a great story and Carol was involved so she can now be smug to the other interns.

I like Katie and Greg working together and Portia snarking at Chuck was great. Carol was used in moderation, which I like but there could have been more Justin.