Great News, episode thirteen

Carol gives Katie a ride to work. She’s been out of a job for about a week and Katie invites her back but Carol says no. This is good for her. She’s reconnecting with her New Jersey friends.

The show most go on but because of the lawsuit, they have to do puff pieces. Diana drops in via screen and tells them that the lawsuit will be dropped if Chuck reads a pre-written statement at the end of the show and then retires.

Katie goes in to see Greg and finds out he wants to be with her. She’s thrilled and kisses him, but he’s not quite broken up yet so it’ll take some time. Chuck gets to the office to retire in shame.

He shows up for rehearsal and reads the statement. Portia is appalled. She wants to know why he isn’t fighting back and he tells her that he doesn’t even know why he got into news anymore.

She remembers her reasoning and tells him a story of journalistic integrity. Greg has great news for Katie. His girlfriend dumped him so he’s free. She’s a bit upset that he didn’t do anything himself but he tells her that that’s just the American in her.

Carol swings by the office to drop something off for Katie. She runs into Chuck and is thrilled that he is back on the air. He tells her he’s just there to retire and that he’s okay with it.

When Carol goes to Katie’s office and starts talking it’s a lightbulb moment. Katie realizes her mom knows tons of people and might be the key to taking down the billionaire. It takes a bit of convincing but Carol agrees to help.

They embark on a trip around New Jersey tracking the billionaire’s old business partner. Meanwhile, Portia has been doing some journalism and she found Chuck’s contract. He has the right to say his piece on his last show and until he agrees to do it she starts trashing his stuff.

It reminds him why he got into news. He likes to tattle on people. He goes on air and does the best thing he can at this point. He stalls. Katie finds the partner but he won’t talk to reporters.

Katie has another plan though. Get him to talk to Carol since she’s not a reporter. Carol won’t do it though because she thinks she will screw it up and that’s when Katie realizes that Carol needs a pep talk, so she makes her give herself one.

Chuck has run out of steam and the billionaire is that the station threatening Greg but the night is not over. Carol and Katie get back with partner. He gets on the air and drags the billionaire.

It works. All the other networks pick it up and billionaire has no way to get them back. Chuck gets to keep his job and Carol gets an actual job, but that’s because a higher up threatened to quit. It wasn’t Katie though. It was Greg. Katie thanks him and they share a big dramatic kiss.

Everyone does know everyone in New Jersey and Ray Liotta is a treasure. I liked this episode because it utilized everyone which is always a plus in my book. Carol and Katie weren’t awful and Portia had a lot to say.


Great News, episode twelve

Katie is in the elevator when Carol gets in. They both think the separation will be good for them though Carol is still naggy about Greg. Katie gets to the office and goes to see Greg. She tells him that she is cool and doesn’t need an answer anytime soon. He thanks her because he’s been stressing about this “complicated” situation and about the lawsuit.

Carol gets to the morning show but taping is over. She will be cleaning up wine stains while the pitch meeting takes place. She wants the fast track but a higher up tells her to stay in her lane. Katie and Greg meet with their attorney. He tells them to steer clear of the billionaire.

This doesn’t sit well with Katie’s journalistic integrity but the only person even remotely on her side is Chuck and he’s suspended. He tries to help her dig deep investigatively but his contacts are a bit outdated.

With Chuck suspended, Portia has to host the show alone. She needs some work which stress Katie but Greg is cool as a cucumber because he doesn’t have to do anything at the moment. Carol crashes the pitch meeting and the hosts love her. They want to put her on the show.

Chuck gets back to Katie’s office after a day of research. He thinks he has a lead. It’s not. He’s just a crazy old man but his proof may actually be evidence of something else. Katie thinks the billionaire shot his old business partner.

She takes it to Greg but he wants to think it over. He needs time, much like he needs time to think about being in a relationship with Katie. She starts to make that comparison but they get interrupted by Carol. She comes to tell them about her new on air gig.

Katie goes back and watches the video. She sees that they are making fun of her and goes to tell Carol. Naturally Carol is offended and just thinks Katie is trying to destroy her success. She turns it around and brings up Greg again. Katie goes and confronts him.

They get interrupted again though because Chuck is about to go Facebook live. He’s locked in his office so they try to talk to him through the door. It’s no use and they are left with one option. Carol. She’s on the air though.

She realizes Katie was right and that they are making a mockery of her. She says that she has to stand up for herself like her heroes, including Chuck. Katie has Justin patch the feed into Chuck’s office. It works. He doesn’t do the livestream. Carol quits and everyone is excited. They think she’s coming back. She’s not though. She wasn’t respected there either so she’s done.

I loved the Portia part where she thinks she is having a million dollar idea but it’s just newspapers. I don’t care much about Katie but I feel bad about the way Greg is treating her. Make a decision dude. I’m glad she stood up for herself.

Great News, episode eleven

Carol is watching morning shows when Katie turns up. She is immediately cornered by her mother who wants to know what the next step she will take with Greg is. Katie is adamant that there will be no next step because Greg isn’t interested. Though Carol knows that is not the case, she keeps her mouth shut for now.

In addition to keep secrets, Carol has also broken the thermostat and expects an intern party. It’s very hot in the office as a result and many people are complaining. Greg has bigger fish to fry though as the show is being sued and Chuck has been named specifically.

Chuck isn’t concerned but Diana is. She hacks into the meeting and tells Greg and Katie to look through every detail of the story in question, just the two of them, alone, all night. Carol basically tries to tell Greg the truth when she mentions it to him. She also wants to be paid because she has been an intern for a year. Greg tells her to maybe try for some leverage before coming back with this.

Despite Diana explicitly saying otherwise, Chuck goes to see the guy suing them. Turns out they’ve met before. Chuck destroyed him on local Nebraska TV and now he wants Chuck to admit he was wrong for that story. Chuck won’t do it. Instead he tells Portia and the others that they have to execute a heist to get evidence backing up his claims from the ’70s.

The morning show ladies get into the building elevator where they are met with Carol. She tells them she’s a fan and wants to work for them. They find her adorable and tell her they could probably use another PA.

Greg and Katie are hard at work in the office. They keep making things awkward trying to not acknowledge their attraction to one another. Katie escapes to try to cool off near the fridge. She runs into Carol who gets an idea. She takes them to her house in the burbs and they try to work there.

Carol mentions her counter offer but Greg can’t make any promises, especially not where there is a lawsuit. Chuck explains the heist plan to the team. Basically they are all dressed as plumbers except he’s in a tux. They go to the security gate and Chuck gets his arm stuck in the fence.

Katie and Greg finish looking through the files. The story is air tight. They shake hands and lean in for a kiss but Katie panics because Greg still has a girlfriend. Instead she chugs milk which will set off her IBS. She hopes that will scare him away.

Portia saves Greg because only a jerk would leave their friends out to dry like that. He sees that now and will set things right with the lawsuit. Greg doesn’t leave. He whisks Katie to the bathroom and holds her hair back. They kiss and Carol sees.

Chuck goes to see the guy about the lawsuit. He says that he was a liar. Dude records it and doesn’t drop the lawsuit. Diana suspends Chuck indefinitely. Katie goes to see Greg about the kiss but he’s not on the same page. He needs time and makes a comparison to Prince Charles and Camilla.

Lightbulb moment. Katie realizes Carol has been meddling and confronts her. Carol admits as much and brings up Greg’s confession of feelings for Katie months ago. She’s pissed. Katie wants to know if Carol even wants a career or if she just wants to stay an unpaid intern to control Katie’s life. Carol says if that’s how Katie feels she’ll go far away.

I want Greg and Katie to get together. I also want Carol to stop being involved and I definitely want more of Portia.

Great News, episode ten

Greg and Katie are talking about what to put on the show and playing a goofy game. Carol interrupts to ask Greg about a birthday cake. Again he and Katie are totally in sync in response. Carol leaves and talks to Chuck about how cute they are together.

They discuss how to set them up until they run out of hallway. They decide to take Katie’s blinders off and show her what she’s up against. Chuck gets some fan mail. It seems he took Portia down on air and the right wing is thrilled. Neither anchor can remember when it happened though.

It’s Greg’s birthday and Carol invited his girlfriend to the party. She’s all over him. Portia and Chuck get to the bottom of the mystery. Upon Diana’s recommendation, Chuck has been wearing a green tie. Per Diana’s instructions, Justin has used it as a green screen and replaced it with controversial right wing agenda ties.

Portia points out that controversy is good for ratings and Chuck fits the profile. She shrugs. Katie wants to know why Carol invited Greg’s girlfriend. She admits she was trying to motivate her to make a move. Katie tells her to stop.

Greg’s girlfriend, Cat, invites the staff to the birthday party she’s throwing for him. She’s over the moon when she officially meets Katie. Greg talks about her a lot. Carol proposes that they all get lunch. They do and now Carol is team Cat.

That gets under Katie’s skin and she decides that she wants Greg for herself. She barges into his office to show how right they are for each other and ends up making a fool of herself. Chuck is running into problems with internet trolls after trying to address the controversy on air. Portia offers to help but he says he can handle it, and then snaps.

Katie and Carol go to the party Cat put together for Greg. It’s a hit. Katie sees that she was wrong as her mom sings with Greg and Cat. Portia tells Chuck to get with the program. He needs to pick a side since he already has at least one opinion, that she’s always wrong. He begs her for help and she agrees.

At the party, Katie keeps pushing and trying to prove that she knows Greg. It makes things worse. Chuck uses prison rules to beat the controversy. You don’t have to pick a side. You just have to be the craziest guy in the yard. It works.

Carol stops by to see Katie the next morning. She wants to check on her after the eventful night before. Turns out Katie does like Greg and she feels like she does know him so she brings him the crappy binder birthday gift she bought him. They have a moment. They are soul mates.

The beginning of this, when Greg and Katie were both very put upon by everything going on around them was funny. The Chuck and Portia stuff was great. It always is. I had no use for the Cat stuff. It was better when she was not an actual person.

Great News, episode nine

Katie gets to work to find Carol waiting in the wings. She’s concerned that Katie is still nursing a broken heart but Katie says that she’s fine. Carol wants Katie to have faith in true love, like she has or her parents have. Katie just needs a rebound fling. She bullies Portia into going out with her. Meanwhile Justin has a new coffee shop but when Chuck asks about it, Justin won’t tell him about it.

Seems like Justin has a crush on the barista and doesn’t want Chuck around her. Chuck manages to find the place on his own and the barista is smitten. Katie doesn’t go out with Portia. Instead she stays up listening to Carol cry about being a child of divorce.

Carol has a new plan by morning. It’s her mother’s second chance at life. She brings her to the office and expects her to get an internship. She also sets up a Tinder profile. Katie again bullies Portia until she agrees to go out. Justin makes Chuck look bad during a segment of the show to get him to back off the barista. It doesn’t work and Greg ends up having to pick, Chuck or Justin.

Portia and Katie go to a club. Portia isn’t all that enthused and tries to leave but Katie tells her to stay and that’s when Carol and her mother show up. Katie and her mother fight until Katie finally has an outburst. All of this attention is just because Carol is in denial that her mother will die, Katie says. It ruins the party.

The next morning Katie apologizes to Portia for Carol being a buzzkill but Portia tells her that isn’t the issue. Portia tells her that she’s been too wrapped up in herself and that’s the issue. She’s right. Justin is out and the replacement isn’t nearly as nice to Chuck.

Katie goes to her mother’s house to make amends. She also brings Carol’s father to try to bring her grandparents back together. It just leads to another argument until the notice that Carol’s mother left. She tries to get away in a car and ends up reconnecting with her long-lost love. Maybe there is reason to have hope, Katie says.

Carol and Katie go to the old people home for a visit and Katie notices a sign about no cell phones. It gives her an idea. Chuck apologizes to Justin and agrees that he should date the barista, until they see that she was just being nice because that’s her job. Katie takes Portia to the old people home. There she can be herself without social media following her. It’s what she always wanted.

I can’t stand Katie and Carol. I loved the Justin and Chuck stuff and Portia is the best part of this show. I think that Carol is just annoying and she doesn’t function like a real person.

Great News, episode eight

Katie and Jeremy are watching CSPAN when he gets a message. He ducks out. The next day at work Greg gives Katie a big assignment. She’s happy but she’s happier that Jeremy sent her flowers. Portia thinks the whole thing is sketch though.

Greg calls Carol into his office. There has been a complaint against her and now she has to go to sensitivity training. Katie is out to dinner with Jeremy and now she is paranoid she’s a side piece so she eavesdrops on his phone call. Carol finds out that she’s not quite as open-minded when she gets to the training. Chuck is also in attendance.

Carol fails her sensitivity test. Greg checks in with Katie about her big story. She’s making progress but she is more concerned with updating Portia on her Jeremy situation. Portia eggs her on to get revenge. Meanwhile, to prove a point Chuck and Carol report everyone in the office for triggering them.

It is 2017 and there are literal nazis so Greg tells them to grow up. He lands himself a seat in the class too. Katie goes to Jeremy’s place to confront him and finds him just working. He’s just a workaholic. She calls Portia who tells her that’s actually worse.

Everyone but Chuck and Carol pass the class. They try to help Carol but Chuck is too far gone. Katie convinces Jeremy to leave the work for one night but then she gets a message from Greg. They have a scoop so she ditches the date to go to work herself. Jeremy eventually turns up in the newsroom to find them working. He’s upset.

Chuck comes into the next meeting and tells everyone that the ones really being discriminated against are white dudes and then invites everyone to roast him. They go to town and he cries. Katie goes to see Jeremy and they try to come up with a weekend that works for them to see each other.

After the roast, Chuck starts to see the error of his ways. The show goes off without a hitch and Katie’s story is great. She tells Greg that she and Jeremy broke up and that she is back to watching CSPAN alone. He loves CSPAN. She invites him but he has plans with his girlfriend.

Seriously. Katie and Greg need to happen soon. Also, the Chuck is insensitive storyline wasn’t all that funny but I did like Greg in those interactions. Basically I like Greg. And most of the people in the office. Just not Carol and usually not Katie.

Great News, episode seven

Katie and her mother are filling out Christmas cards when Chuck comes in. His estranged son will be with him for the holidays and they all have to work. Katie is thrilled to be away from her mother, who goes a little overboard for Christmas.

Greg is letting Carol bring the holidays to the office though so in order to get away Katie volunteers to pick up Chuck’s kid. She thought he was a kid but its actually a grown man. She gets him back to the office and Chuck tells them to hang out. Since she is still avoiding Carol, Katie agress.

Carol gave everyone assignments but they are doing their actual work which annoys her. She goes to find Katie who finally stands up for himself. Chuck’s son gets inspired and heads off to punch his father. Carol falls while decorating and things go Christmas Carol with the ghost visits and all.

Ghost of the past is Portia. She takes Carol to Katie’s favorite Christmas. It was a time when her father was in hospital and there was no pressure. Katie goes to see Chuck. She wants him to tell Petey that he’s proud but Chuck isn’t interested.

Next up is holiday present. Carol’s not interested so that one is no go. During the show, Portia hawks her cookbook and Chuck gets an idea. He brings up Petey’s “Dude Wine” but once the show is off its too little, too late and Petey is ready with the “punch of the phoenix.”

Things get weird. Chuck and Petey hug and Katie knows that she was ungrateful. She goes to find her mother. No sign of Carol but her stuff is all there, including the gifts she got for everyone. They decide to give her the gift she deserves.

Carol comes face to face with her worst nightmare of a future. Katie and kids having a happy Christmas with the in-laws. She wakes up and they all ruin Christmas together. A good time is had by everyone.

I hate when shows do this. I don’t like Carol that much and I think that though harsh, Katie was justified.