Grey’s Anatomy, episode nine

Meredith, Alex and Maggie are driving to work. He wants to drink because his trial is the next day but Meredith is trying to be optimistic. They stop at a traffic light and watch an apartment building collapse.

Bailey is prepping the staff because the injured are being brought in. DeLuca gets camera duty and a speech.

A man stops Murphy because he needs a priest. He needs to talk to God.

Jo is upset because she is being called to testify. Her real name would go on public record and her husband could find her. She’s upset and tells DeLuca as much.

April and Owen are heading into the mayhem and she is asking him where Amelia is. He doesn’t know. She finds it suspicious.

Murphy brings Ben in and he pretends to be a priest. He confesses to being responsible for the building collapse.

A couple are with their 12 year old while Webber assesses her and she starts to crash.

Owen and Riggs go to update their patient’s family. One finds the wife and one finds the girlfriend.

Arizona is helping with a patient and Minnick stops to help her. She brings up their last conversation but Arizona pretends not to remember.

Those waiting hear about the landlord’s confession and are not pleased. The parents of the little girl get an update and she is in need of surgery. The father gets angry with the landlord.

Alex apologizes to Jo for all of the things he said and basically tells her goodbye.

Webber runs into Minnick and talks about working together. She refers him to Bailey. Maggie tries to tell him it’ll be okay.

Owen and Riggs talk about cheating and bad things coming back to bite you in the end.

The landlord continues to confess. He knows Ben isn’t a priest. He just wants someone to forgive him. He crashes.

Edwards is excited about Minnick. In honor of that she tries to get Webber to let her do the surgery. He says no because the patient isn’t stable enough. It’s the little girl and she crashes as well. They lose her.

Jo goes to get in the elevator. Alex is in it. She stops it between floors and tells him she is married and she can’t divorce him because she ran away from an abusive relationship and that’s what started all their problems.

She tells him that if she takes off after the trial its to hide from the husband. He tells her not to on account of the life she built there.

Webber tells the little girls parents.

Owen and Riggs talk while they continue to operate on the cheater.

Arizona and Minnick flirt though Arizona admits there is something she doesn’t like about Minnick. They agree to get drinks.

Alex goes to Meredith because he doesn’t know what to do about Jo. He doesn’t want to ruin things for her and making her testify will do that.

Ben finds the little girls mother walking through the halls. He asks her who she is looking for. She shows him a picture of a man and says its her husband. He leads her to the landlord.

There is chaos in the waiting room. They want to go after the landlord. Maggie talks them down just as a nurse calls for security. The mother tried to kill the landlord.

Webber and Bailey talk about Minnick and what her roll would be. She

Maggie talks to Avery, as a board member, about Minnick being Webber’s boss. He is shocked about the news.

Karev goes to Bailey to get his pension turned over to his mother. She asks what he’s doing. He explains the situation to her and then goes to find Meredith.

He tells her he is going to take the plea because its the right thing to do. She calls him a coward and that he should fight this so that he can be a surgeon. She tells him it has nothing to do with her

Owen and Riggs each update a significant other and decide its not their problem.

Avery holds a meeting to get everyone on board with standing up for Webber. Meredith calls Alex to leave a message. She’s willing to go down swinging for him. Amelia has left Owen a note. She’s out.

Alex better not leave. They are definitely setting up a Meredith/Karev romance too right? That’s how this seems now. I’m glad that everyone is on board to fight for Webber even if the man himself sometimes annoys me.

Grey’s Anatomy is on hiatus until Jan. 19.


Grey’s Anatomy, episode eight

Meredith, Owen and Edwards are about to perform surgery. All three of them comment on how long they have been awake and how exhausted they are. They hit a bit of a snag but are able to recover. Webber comes in. He’s wide awake and ready to assist. The patient has a shredded liver and his kidney is in damage.

Owen and Meredith argue about a course of action while Webber continues to chat. He wants to turn this into a teaching exercise but Owen and Meredith are treating the patient like a sack of organs on the table. He’s frustrated with them so he wants to know more about the patient. All that they know is that he was involved in a car accident. They don’t even know if he was the reckless driver or not. Webber decides to create a back story for the patient and Edwards plays along. They name the patient Gail (Monique Cash).

He wants more information about her so that she’s real. Webber and Edwards add more characteristics. She plays the cello. She has three kids, but no dog. She dreams of being first chair in the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. The patient is still bleeding from the liver and it is getting critical. Webber suggests the transplant list but Meredith shoots him down. They argue about whose patient it is and he suggests a vote but Meredith is having none of it. She outranks him and tells him as such before laying down the law.

They do what they can to stablize the patient and Webber suggests Owen take a turn creating an identity for the mystery patient. He says that he’s operated on countless John Does and that this is not an issue but he has flashbacks or hallucinations or visions of his time performing surgeries in the middle east. His sister (Cassidy Brown) is part of his vision and they talk about the fact that he feels guilty about what happened to her. He makes the call to take out the patient’s liver and add him to the transplant list. Meredith is livid.

Owen tells her that it was the right call and Meredith says that its not what they decided. Owen says its not what she decided. Webber gives Gail more of a backstory. Edwards starts having visions of her own. It’s her younger self helping her diagnose a rare autoimmune disease. They have to treat him with steriods, which will be risky because Owen cut out his liver already. Younger Edwards implies that she knows all about this because she has it herself. They start the treatment and the patient crashes.

Webber confronts Meredith about being hostile in the OR. A nurse has come in with the name of the patient. It’s Carl. Meredith is done humoring Webber. She refers to the patient as Carl and tries to stop his little Gail game. She also has a vision of her own. It’s her kids. Zola is asking for her father and Meredith has to tell her that he died. She realizes Webber didn’t create Gail. She was his mother.

Turns out his mother died of pancreatic cancer when he was ten years old. As he talks about her, Meredith has an idea. Repair his liver outside of his body and then put it back in. She delegates tasks and then get to work. They do it and close him up. He seems stable but they take him to ICU and go to update the family.

Meredith asks Webber if he’s always had this trick of turning the patients into his mother. He tells her he didn’t always but he had become numb. He told a family that there loved one had died and he felt nothing

I liked the set up of this episode a lot. I really liked that it was not like typical hospital shows with several plots and patients that are hard to keep track of or not fully explained. It was interesting to see a little bit of what makes these characters tic, especially Webber and Meredith who have been around since day one.

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Grey’s Anatomy, episode seven

Bailey and Catherine are in her office discussing Eliza Minnick (Marika Dominczyk). Bailey says that she e-mailed the staff so they know she’s coming.

Owen and Amelia are being antagonistic about running late. Alex is behind them and when

Owen walks away Amelia gets defense and Alex just tells her to calm down. She sees the e-mail then.

Meredith reads it out loud to Alex since he didn’t get it. It’s about an education consultant.

Alex thinks its fault. Teacher punching student and Meredith thinks he might have a point.

Maggie and Edwards send Ben to find out what’s up. He talks to Webber who knows nothing.

Arizona, Maggie, Riggs and Avery talk as well. Avery tried to find out but got nothing.

Arizona says that she’s safe but the rest better watch out.

Webber goes to Bailey. She’s just observing. He calms down until he finds out she’s there talking to the residents without him.

“I train attendings to train you,” Eliza says. Then she asks who they like who they hate. Jo says that they have to work with these people and she’s leaving but she says it is to help them be better surgeons right now and that nothing will get back to the residents.

Riggs, April, Maggie and Arizona watch the meeting. It turns out that April is now on Tinder and has gotten a few matches.

Webber consults on an elderly woman that needs a gallbladder surgery. DeLuca turns up a bit late because of the meeting and after talking to the woman Webber tries to get information about the meeting. DeLuca won’t give it to him.

Owen is working on a patient that fell off a ladder. Amelia comes in to check his spine and Owen is hostile to her.

Meredith and Ben are doing a surgery when Eliza comes in to observe. She offers a lot of unnecessary, and unwanted advice and pushes for Meredith to let Ben do an intricate part of the surgery. Afterward Meredith complains about the “watchdog” to Webber who knows nothing about it.

Maggie pages all the attendings to the clinic to talk about Eliza. She ranked them. Maggie is at the bottom and Avery is at the top. Arizona and Alex were not included.

April recruits Edwards to turn the volume off on her Tinder app, and she tells her to accept a date while she’s at it.

Owen and Amelia are arguing about whose procedure is more necessary when Eliza comes in. She talks to them and makes the fight worse.

Webber, Maggie and Murphy are observing the elderly woman while she walks on a treadmill. Maggie is telling Webber about the list when the woman’s blood pressure spikes. They rush to stabilize her.

Owen asks Amelia if she’s read to go home but she tells him she plans to stay the night to observe her patient.

Webber’s patient had a heart attack and her friend talks her into the more difficult treatment, surgery.

Maggie goes to find Eliza to “introduce herself” and Eliza gets a bit sassy with her. Webber sees the interaction.

Webber goes to Bailey about Eliza and he says to get rid of her but Bailey won’t. She says that medicine is changing and that they need to fight hard or get left behind. She says it is her decision as chief and he replies “I know.”

Arizona is freaking out to Alex about not being on the list. He tells her it means nothing.
April tells Avery what he needs about taking care of Harriet and he’s shocked that she’s going on a real date. They have an awkward moment and she leaves.

Ben is talking to Bailey about how great his surgery was and how much Eliza bothered Meredith. She needs him to tell her she’s doing the right thing.

April talks to Avery in the break room about how “great” her date was the night before. He doesn’t buy it.

Owen and Amelia are still arguing about treating the patient with the injured spine. They reach a solution. Edwards will hold the man’s bowels in if there is an issue. Eliza suggests Owen do that instead.

Maggie is talking to Murphy about being a teacher. She explains that Maggie is so fast that she has trouble keeping up sometimes. While she talks Maggie discovers that their patient needs an emergency bypass.

While they wash up to scrub in, with Eliza helping as well Webber comes in and tells them that Murphy shouldn’t be involved and he’s going to consult Bailey. Eliza says to do that because Bailey already approved it. In the OR Eliza pushes for Murphy to take the lead spot and Maggie allows it.

Karev sneaks into the gallery to observe it. April and Avery talk about how weird it is to be dating and how awkward they are with each other.

The spine patient’s wife asks to stay in the hospital because even though he drives her crazy she can’t stand to be apart from her husband for another night. Amelia doesn’t respond.

Murphy does well with the beginning of the surgery but while Eliza pushes for her to do more, she asks to step out. She doesn’t feel comfortable so Maggie takes over. Eliza tries to get DeLuca to do what Webber is planning to do but both Webber and Maggie say no. He’s too inexperienced. She compares it to a completely different procedure and when Webber is still resistant, she nicks an artery on purpose so DeLuca can be the hero.
Afterward Webber and Eliza argue about her methods.

Owen and Amelia argue and it gets more heated until she finally yells at him that she doesn’t want to have kids.

Arizona confronts Eliza about being left off the list. She reveals that it was just a way to remember names and that “with that face Arizona Robbins is not a name you forget.”
April is sitting on the couch with Avery when her phone buzzes. The date she ditched the night before is trying to take her out again for real this time. After a pep talk from Avery, she agrees.

Amelia shows up and needs a place to crash. Alex tells her no. She has to go home and get her stuff over with. She says she did and now she needs a place to crash.

Bailey and Eliza are talking about her being interested in coming to work at the hospital. She tells Bailey she is interested but she works alone and has authority. Webber comes in just as she’s leaving and talks to Bailey about how she’s helping him and the hospital keep moving forward.

I don’t like this new doctor at all. She is pushy and reckless with patients. There wasn’t a whole lot of Karev in this episode either which was a shame. Is the new doctor a love interest for Arizona? Was that what that memorable business was all about? Meredith wasn’t all that important either. Better luck next time Grey’s.

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Grey’s Anatomy, episode six

Amelia and Owen are talking when April interrupts. There is a call for an accident with two ambulances heading in. They go outside to meet them.

Karev is taking care of a pregnant woman in the clinic. She’s been feeling fine and is surprised that despite being pregnant she’s lost weight. This alarms Karev and he tells her they are going to run some tests. She asks if she needs to call her baby’s daddy and he tells her that a little company couldn’t hurt.

Catherine Avery is in Bailey’s office talking about Karev. She doesn’t understand why someone charged of a felony is still employed by the hospital. Bailey says that he’s innocent until proven guilty but Catherine thinks she’s too lenient and tells her to get rid of Karev.

Several doctors are treating a man that was in a car accident with his son, Robbie (Micah Nelson). They were cut off and the father hit the median to avoid the other car.

Karev needs a surgeon to look over his pregnant patient but he can’t get anyone on the phone so he tells her and the father to sit tight while he goes to find someone.

Owen tries to talk to Amelia about their almost-pregnancy. She doesn’t want to talk about it. She also doesn’t want to try anymore. No need to rush she says. He tells her that’s okay but seems confused.

Bailey and Webber talk about Catherine’s visit. They both feel that people should be granted second chances. Karev finds them and tells Bailey he’s been paging her. He needs to best to come and confirm that the pregnant lady has cancer.

Bailey and Jo consult and though its too soon to tell if its cancerous she has a mass on her pancreas.

Avery, Ben and April are operating on the father, Bob (Cliff Chamberlain) and chatting.

Word travels throughout the cafeteria about the return of Leah Murphy (Tessa Ferrer). She slept with both Karev and Arizona and dragged the hospital through harassment lawsuits. She was trouble and now she’s back.

The biopsy shows that pregnant lady does have cancer and that treatment needs to be started right away. It will include heavy radiation, which the fetus would not survive.

Karev says that there has to be some other option and pushes Bailey but she tells him that he is on thin ice and needs to back off.

Amelia updates Robbie on his dad’s condition and they talk about his being scared. He is upset but when he starts to calm down he seems disoriented and passes out. They rush him to get a CT. His mother Laurel (Laurel Garner) turns up just as they rush him away.

Bailey goes to update the cancer patient and her options are death and more death. She can’t handle it but Karev suggests a different surgery that is far more radical. It would buy her enough time to deliver the baby but that’s pretty much it. She’s interested but Bailey pulls Karev aside to yell at him again and tells him to know his place.

Amelia and Jo are operating on Robbie when he crashes during the surgery. She flips out.

Murphy explains her life after she left the program. She doubled down at another hospital to get better and read an article that Maggie had written. After that she knew she wanted to work with her and when she found out she worked here she tried harder still and was able to earn her second chance.

Bailey talks to the pregnant lady about scheduling the DNE but she’s interested in the surgery Karev suggested. Bailey tells her that doing that would be sacrificing her life for her child and the patient says she’s interested in it.

Karev comes in to talk to the patient and finds out that she’s been moved to pre-op, for the surgery he suggested. He talks to the father to calm him down.

Amelia goes to let Robbie’s parents know what happened. After everything is explained, Laurel tells her husband it should have been him as she cries. Amelia runs into the lounge to get away and Karev is sitting there. He tells her that she can talk if she wants. They stare at each other for a minute before she tells him that she had a son when she lived in LA. He was born without a brain so he only lived for 43 minutes but she got to hold him before all of his organs were donated.

She talks about waiting for the pregnancy test results and how excited Owen was but she felt just the opposite. She felt like she was dying and she was relieved that the test was negative. She thinks Owen will hate her for this and Karev can’t tell her otherwise.

Arizona has an awkward encounter with Murphy.

April and Avery are nervous about Harriet in the car as the leave the hospital, especially after what happened to Robbie.

DeLuca doesn’t want to talk to Jo anymore. He saw her talking to Karev and it bothers him that she picks the bad guy.

Catherine stops by Bailey’s office again but this time Bailey stands up for Karev and Catherine says that its fine. She says that the fundamental flaw in the way they are teaching residents. The problem may be Webber.

Karev comes into Meredith’s room and flops on her bed. He talks to her about all the things that are important to him that he wants to do before he goes away, such as waffle Sundays.

I liked this episode. I’m glad that Bailey stood up for Karev in the end and was surprised to see Catherine plans to go after Webber. I felt really bad for Amelia with the Robbie case, moreso after she explained her own past. It should be interesting to see her explain it to Owen.

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Grey’s Anatomy, episode five

It’s hot because of global warming and the air conditioner is busted so Meredith is a bit cranky. Bailey isn’t though. In fact, she thinks it’s a “glorious day.” She’s got a liver transplant surgery for a patient that is almost 80. She’s been on the list forever and has finally made it to the top.

Kepner is back to work and excited to talk to people that can actually talk back and Bailey is spreading the joy by bringing DeLuca into the surgery with her.

Granny June Crowley is finally getting her liver after three years. The family is ecstatic and according to the DeLuca is a “hottie.”

Webber, Jo and Meredith are treating a patient with a heat stroke. Jo goes into her phone to find her sister in her emergency contacts while Meredith goes to track down a cooling blanket.

Riggs approaches Meredith about the broken air conditioner. He can’t fix it but his is working and he can help a colleague in need. She tells him he needs a cooling blanket.

Amelia is in the storage room when Meredith gets there looking for the blanket. She’s rummaging through the shelves and Meredith asks why. Amelia is pregnant. Meredith gives her a hug and says that Owen must be thrilled. She hasn’t told him. She hasn’t even peed on a stick yet. Meredith hands her the test and tells her to come back when she knows its legit.

Amelia tries to talk to Owen but Avery interrupts. He was paged for an emergency and has to find Kepner to hand off Harriet. Owen volunteers to take her instead.

Meredith blows up Amelia’s spot in front of Edwards and Maggie but points out she’s yet to take the test. Maggie congratulates her nonetheless.

Webber finds his patient’s sister and brings her into the room. Chelsea is in bad shape. The heat stroke compromised her liver. Worst case scenario she needs a transplant. Her sister offers to get tested to donate.

Owen can’t calm Harriet down. He asks Karev for some advice and when he hands off the baby, she quiets down. Maybe Owen just isn’t a baby guy.

Maggie and Edwards are working on a heart patient for a very tricky procedure. He’s a former astronaut so he’s used to risky situations. He’s ready to “buckle in.”

Chelsea’s sister is not a viable donor because she’s pregnant. Chelsea is now at the top of the donor list.

Amelia tells April about the pregnancy to get how to tell the father advice. April freaks out because Owen should know first.

Owen still can’t get Harriet to quiet down. He pages Ben for help but it’s to no avail.

Webber and Meredith need a liver right now to help Chelsea. She won’t make it till tomorrow. That’s when Meredith remembers the surgery that Bailey mentioned. She asks Bailey and the three of them ask Granny June, fully expecting her to give it up. She shocks them. Her answer is a resounding “hell no.”

They all still can’t believe that June said no. Webber tries to appeal to Bailey but just sounds ageist.

Amelia and Maggie arguing over the rights to Edwards. Meredith tries to give them some perspective. And then brings up her dead husband. Maggie and Edwards go surgery to work on the astronaut.

Meredith and Karev are outside talking about livers and losing your job. She wants to talk to June again but Karev finally talks her into just sitting back down.

Amelia is in the bathroom when April walks. She’s freaking out about telling Owen because the last time she was pregnant she didn’t have to tell the father. He was dead.

Owen and Riggs talk about babies when something terrible happens. They have to change Harriet’s diaper and they talk about the fact that he and Amelia are trying.

Edwards and Maggie talk while they wrap up the surgery. It’s a success, until it’s not. He crashes and they try to get him back but are too late. He’s brain dead.

Bailey complains to DeLuca that Meredith stole the Joy of the day from her.

There is an upside to the death of the astronaut. He has a viable liver to donate to Chelsea. Meredith thinks Bailey was right. It is a glorious day.

Bailey updates Granny June’s family. So far so good. And they have a scarf they made for DeLuca.

Meredith is able to do the liver transplant surgery for Chelsea while several other surgeons watch from the gallery, including Jo and DeLuca.

Owen hands off Harriet to Avery. He tells her she was great, easy and Webber comments that he and Amelia should work on getting one of their own.

Amelia finally works up the courage to tell Owen that she might be pregnant. He is very happy.

Karev, Meredith and Maggie are standing in front of the open fridge. The air conditioner is still broken. They discuss the potential pregnancy.

Amelia takes the test. No dice.

I liked this episode because it really surprised me. The concept of someone else needing Granny June’s liver was so predictable but the idea that she actually said no really shocked me. I thought, as did many of the doctors, that she would just agree to help the younger patient. I also figured that it was too quick for Amelia to be pregnant. That will probably drag on all season.

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Grey’s Anatomy, episode four

Things have been rough for Karev and now he is at work early, work being the clinic, restocking supplies because the lawyers tell him that will look good. He needs to appear to be a valuable member of the community. Meredith is all about solidarity but doesn’t make a move to help him.

Owen and Amelia are in bed talking about how to “raise the children” and what to tell them about the afterlife. She is freaking out because she doesn’t know him at all. He is mystified as to what is happening.

Riggs asks Meredith to “hang out” and she responds that she doesn’t hang out. He feels that since he let Maggie down gently. Ben and Avery talk about helping with babies and how exhausted Avery is.

A glider plane accident brings a man and his wife into the hospital via helicopter. The man is parapalegic and has severe injuries, as does his wife. They both ask about each other while being treated and when they are near each other, the man apologizes.

Karev is treating a patient in the clinic with an infected abscess. When he gets ready to set up an IV his nurse boss tells him to page surgery. He responds that he is surgery and the nurse boss tells him that in here he’s not.

Bailey updates Deluca on the medical side of his trial and warns him against talking about it inside the hospital. He explains that that shouldn’t be hard considering nobody talks to him anyway.

Amelia is still fretting over not knowing Owen well enough. She doesn’t know how old he was when his dad died. Riggs chimes in that he was almost 10 and Amelia leaves still upset.

Edwards is in the break room when Kepner shows up “six hours early” for her appointment with Arizona. She can’t sleep at home because she is a guest in Jackson’s house so she naps at the hospital.

Karev is getting a crash course in clinic 101. It’s not a hotel and they need the beds so the protocol is hurry through the bare minimum and get people out.

Meredith, Owen and Riggs are looking at the scans from the wife in the accident and while Own thinks surgery is necessary, he is outvoted. He goes to Amelia to complain and she continues to question him on details of his life. He asks why all this matters and she explains that there are things he doesn’t know about her either. Things he might not like. When he questions that, she makes a quick getaway.

Arizona, DeLuca and Jo talk about his surgeries and when Arizona wants to ask about the trial he says he can’t talk about it, chief’s orders.

Karev sneaks into a room in the clinic to chat with Meredith. Maggie and Amelia turn up shortly thereafter complaining about their lives. Karev asks for advice about his alcoholic patient and Amelia says pamphlets won’t help. The nurse clinic boss catches them and reprimands Karev.

Back on duty, he tries to talk to the alcoholic and when that doesn’t work he yells at her. Webber intervenes and takes Karev away. But wait! They planned this. Now Webber can go talk to the girl and maybe make some progress.

Meredith talks to the husband from the accident and when she tries to bring him into his wife’s room, she finds that Owen was right. Her stomach is full of blood and she needs to be rushed to surgery.

The good cop bad cop plan in the clinic doesn’t work so well. She sees through it and trys to leave. When Webber grabs her arms, it pops her shoulder out and she needs x-rays on the bones. Bailey is not pleased.

Jo tries to chat with DeLuca again but Bailey comes down the hall so they scatter. During surgery Avery complains to Ben about April while she does the same to Arizona, who suggests moving out to a fully healed April.

The nurse boss yells at Karev for making him look incompetent. Then Jo shows up for the requested surgical consult and yells at him for making her do his grunt work. He gets fed up and storms out of the clinic. He is on the bus waiting to leave when he looks out the window and figures out what’s wrong with the clinic patient.

He finds Webber and points out the rare disorder that she seems to have and Webber agrees and tells Karev to tell the patient. Karev can’t but asks Webber to because the diagnosis is more important that the credit.

Amelia is still worrying about not knowing Owen. She tells Edwards and then lists the things she knows about her.

The wife from the glider crash wakes up and Owen talks to her about the surgery. When he turns to leave she asks when the anesthesia is going to wear off her legs. He, Riggs and Meredith consult the x-rays and find that she is now paralyzed from the waist down. Owen goes to tell the patient and Meredith asks Riggs if they were right in waiting. She’s blaming herself and thinks he only sided with her because of his feelings for her. He takes offense and they argue.

DeLuca and Jo decide to not talk to anyone, together.

Avery comes home and he and April finally talk about feeling like they have to walk on egg shells around each other. She says that she will move out and he tells her he doesn’t want her to. She doesn’t want to either.

Amelia and Owen go to bed. He tells her that she can tell him anything and she’s that she knows. Long pause. Then she tells him about a man she used to love, that she used to love taking drugs with, who died from asphyxiation on his own vomit after he OD’ed. He tells her about choking Cristina. She asks if they’re okay and he says they are. She asks if their kids will be okay and he says they’ll be amazing. She can’t wait so he suggests not waiting.

Meredith talks to Riggs. She can’t do what they did today where she second guesses everything. Meredith wants to just be colleagues. He asks why they can’t be friends. Maggie overhears that last bit and they agree to all be friends.

Meredith picks up Karev at the clinic and asks how his lawyer meeting went. He tells her he’s going to jail and she points out that he’s “remarkably upbeat.” He caught a one in a million case today so it’s all okay.

I liked this episode. I like that Karev still seems to be growing as a person even though he had the major setback. I was also amused by the Amelia worrying bit, until it took a dark turn. I really don’t care about Riggs though so the love triangle is starting to drive me nuts.

Grey’s Anatomy is new Thursdays at 8 p.m.



Grey’s Anatomy, episode three

So Maggie ruined work by asking out Riggs and Karev is stuck in the clinic and Deluca’s eyesight is almost normal again and ARIZONA IS BACK.

There is a massive seven car pileup in the pit. A family on their way to the patriarch’s gravesite and now most of the family is suffering from what appear to be minor injuries.

The major patient story of this episode was the drama surrounding the car accident family. As it turns out, the accident was caused by a daughter of the deceased that had been running late. She hadn’t seen anyone from the family in about ten years and just wanted to tell her father she loved him. The miracle of the episode though is the matriarch who dies holding her husband’s hand while waiting for the morgue to come pick up the body and comes back to life an hour later.

Meredith is not taking any lip from anyone, including Riggs so when he tries chat about Maggie and giving a relationship a chance while waiting for the elevator, she shuts him down, not dealing with his nonsense. When he tries again later, she suggests he go out with Maggie and intentionally act like a jerk. They later commiserate over dead loved ones.

Bailey and Ben are dealing with Tuck fighting someone at school and by dealing I mean Bailey is mostly avoiding it. She doesn’t want to have to be the bad cop all the time but doesn’t see that Ben is willing to take on the roll because he too loves Tuck. He asks her to “deputize” him. She does and he uses the scared straight tactic to get Tuck to see the error of his ways.

Arizona comes back and she’s on a roll. She has words with Karev, though he isn’t necessarily interested in listening and is later quick to point out though that other people have been held to different standards. She assures Deluca that he doesn’t have to move out but the most touching moment comes at the end. She and Karev discuss the training she has given  him and how much she missed him in surgery, even if she is still mad at him. And he returns the sentiment while acknowledging that he will be the person she’s helped him become while serving his time in the clinic.

Kepner misses work. She turns up at the hospital and spends much of the day with Karev lurking and watching other doctors deal with patients.

Overall I liked this episode. I’m glad Karev is seeing the error of his ways and that things are settling down otherwise. Meredith and Riggs are amusing but it’s only a matter of time before they get together and then loads of drama will ensue with Maggie. It’s Grey’s Anatomy though so drama is a necessity.