House of Cards, episode thirteen

Frank lingers after his testimony to talk to Romero. He brings up something from Romero’s past as a threat to the investigation. Claire is waiting for him when he gets back. She’s pissed he didn’t tell her about this first. She calls it last minute but he says that it has been planned for a long time.

He tells her that he wanted her to be president so that they can maintain the power. He just wants her to pardon him. She says that that would mess everything up and they can’t trust anyone. He tells her that Davis and Mark have her back and that he has been the only leaking with Doug’s help.

She just has to pardon him and Doug. She tells him that she killed Yates. Then she meets with Mark. He is pissed about the body at his house and about the way that this whole situation played out. They weren’t prepared and now he has to deal with it.

LeAnn agrees to hand over whatever she has to Davis in exchange for her gun back and she wants to be chief of staff. Davis thinks that can be arranged.

Seth gives a statement about Doug killing Zoe and provides Frank with plausible denability.

Sean is walking through the White House and sees Tom. They exchange social niceties but Tom is not polite. Then he goes in to talk Doug. He asks about Zoe. Doug doesn’t really tell him anything. Tom asks about birthday cards and Doug says he never sent any. Tom leaves.

Claire and Seth are drinking in her office. They talk about his statement to the US Attorney. Then she tells him that he needs to resign. She says that she will bring him back later.

Doug resigns. Frank tells him to steal something from the Oval before he leaves. Then Frank goes to see Claire. He wants her to promise to pardon him before he resigns. She hesitates but eventually agrees.

Frank signs the letter. Romero goes on a talk show to say that the committee is being disbanded. The investigation is over. America needs to move forward.

LeAnn goes to see Doug. She asks if he needs to pack anything. He says no and then she tells him Claire wants him out before she is sworn in. He leaves. She gets sworn in and Frank is still there.

Doug goes home and acts like a creep. Sean reads a prepared statement to the press about the transition. The Herald holds an editorial meeting. Tom is still waiting on the Doug story.

There was an attack in Syria. Russia is jumping on the chance to start more fights. Davis suggests boots on the ground but Claire wants to wait. She talks to Mark and he points out that people are going to question Frank’s involvement.

Davis talks to Frank. She needs him to talk to Claire because he presidency depends on it. He does and she agrees. She also tells him to leave the White House. He can’t appear to be involved in decision making. They go to separate bedrooms.

Frank goes to the Oval in the middle of the night. He burns a hole in the flag with a cigarette.

LeAnn and Davis fill out a security questionaire. Davis gives LeAnn her gun back and grants access to the files. Davis updates Claire the next morning. Claire wants to know what Davis is up to. She uses a lot of flowery words but doesn’t say much.

Doug confesses to authorities.

Mark and Frank meet. Frank is mad.

Davis has news on the ICO front. She hurries in to tell Claire. Mark and LeAnn are there too. She lays out what will happen and then Mark talks cabinet. LeAnn is getting the boot again. Davis goes to the spa but updates Frank on the LeAnn situation first.

Tom meets with Doug again. He shows him the Metro security footage from the night Zoe died. Tom pushes. He doesn’t think Zoe did it.

Claire and Frank go to a hotel. She tells him she is sending in troops. She also tells him that after that announcement, she will announce his pardon. For crimes committed “while president.”

She wants to know how they got here. He says its too late to worry about that now. He also suggests being wary of Mark’s VP pick,

LeAnn puts her gun in her bag before leaving.

The mission for the ICO guy plays out. They watch it in the situation room.

While driving, LeAnn calls Doug. She did something bad and needs to talk. She asks to come over and he says yes. She hangs up and notices the car behind her is speeding up and has no lights on.

At the hotel, Frank watches everything through the ca,era on her phone. It’s pretty clear how that is supposed to play out.

Before her speech, Claire talks to Mark. He suggests himself. She seems reluctant so he threatens her with information about Yates.

She goes to her speech. She talks about ICO and Syria. Speech ends and Mark tries to chat but she says she’s busy.

The personal trainer hops the fence at the White House. Police kill him. Doug keeps trying to call LeAnn. No luck but her car is upside down on the median. There are no leads.

Frank calls Claire. She ignores it and then addresses the camera. “My turn.”

Talk about anti-climactic. What happened to Lisa? Why is Doug just letting Tom in his house? Who is going to do the rest of the jobs? Who is Davis working for? I like this show but it has definitely fallen off quite a bit.


House of Cards, episode twelve

Cathy meets with Frank about her testimony. He tells her not to do it but she doesn’t back down. Then, he pushes her down the stairs.

Mark is at a card game with other power players. They comment on Cathy and Frank but Mark says he is still backing the senator. That prospect doesn’t look too good at the moment either. Someone wants him out.

Sean uses his sleeping girlfriend’s fingerprint to get into her phone. She wakes up and sees him doing it but doesn’t let him know.

Claire is in the kitchen getting ready for the day when an aide comes in. She has a note from Yates and other things to go over. Claire walks away. She finds Yates’ manuscript in a desk.

Frank is talking to the press. He has a leader of Syria on hand. He gets asked about the impeachment proceedings. He tells them its nonsennse.

Davis talks to Claire. There is an ICO lawyer in DC that she will be meeting with. Claire is hesitant. She blames it on a headache.

LeAnn is back. She gives her rehearsed testimony to Frank and he welcomes her back. She heads out and Frank tells Doug that he hates her. He thinks that she has info from the NSA guy. Then Frank heads back to the guy from Syria.

The meeting between Claire and Davis continues. Davis is pushing for troops on the ground in Syria. She offers to hold off so that they can move forward after the impeachment. Claire calls Frank and tells him what can be done. He tells her to push Davis along.

Seth and Frank are walking down the hall. Sean turns up. He wants to talk to Frank. He wants to rat on Tom. Frank takes him into an office to talk. Sean tells him that Tom can link him and Doug to Zoe’s death. Frank tells him to keep an eye on it.

Doug threatens the FBI guy regarding his testimony. Dude has to protect himself. Frank is losing support Dude is done.

Later that night, Davis confronts LeAnn. She tells her to stop being distracted and tell the Underwoods what she knows. LeAnn seems spooked but blows her off.

Frank tells Claire what Sean told him. That Tom suspects him for Zoe’s death. They deduce that someone is talking to Tom. They need a fall guy. Doug.

Doug is at home. His phone rings and he assumes it’s Frank. He starts his update but it’s Claire instead. She invites him to the residence for dinner. They need to catch their breath.

Tom is walking his dog. He gets a call. It’s a distorted voice giving him more information. Doug killed Zoe.

It’s time for dinner. Claire tells Doug them all need help during difficult times. They tell him that they appreciate him. And then ask him to take the fall for Zoe’s death. He goes back to his office and digs a ton of birthday cards out of his desk to throw out.

Tom meets with the staff at the paper. They try and figure out if they can take the phone call seriously. Then he heads back to his office. Doug wants to set up a meeting. He says right away. Sean’s girlfriend, Tom’s assistant, has been setting Sean up. She left info on her phone for him to see so they can trap the White House.

Claire tells Frank about the book Yates’ left. He alludes to things. Frank wants to know what he knows but she just says she will handle it. He yells at her for falling in love. Frank talks to Mark on the phone about the impeachment vote.

Doug shows up at LeAnn’s house. He needs to lay down. He tells her that whatever she is holding is not insurance. She is putting herself in danger. She tells him that he is too dedicated and he confesses to killing Zoe Barnes. She doesn’t buy it but he repeats himself and leaves.

Frank tells Seth what he needs to say about Doug when he testifies. Claire goes to Mark’s house for a secret meeting with Yates. They talk about regretting the entire situation and then the manuscript as they have a drink.

She misses him. She told him more than she told anyone. He kisses her neck. They have sex on the living room floor. She won’t kiss him though. His speech is getting slurry and then he’s mumbling. She killed him.

The Syrians are holding a speech. Davis is there. So is Mark. Afterward she tells him that they can work with Claire, not Frank. She’s a better option and they need to push Frank out. Mark gets a call. He hurries home and finds Yates. He calls someone to take care of it.
Seth is giving a statement about Doug. He talks about Doug being unstable and killing Zoe. The
lady running the statement says that this has nothing to do with anything but he tells her that it’s about Doug.

Romero is in charge of the hearing. He reads the Herald story and asks the FBI guy about it. He follows what Doug told him. LeAnn appears and does the same. Frank, Mark and Claire watch it on tv. Frank wants to testify but the others think he shouldn’t. Doesn’t matter. He’s going to do it.

Frank meets with Davis about his own testimony. She tells him not to do it so as to protect Claire. He tells her to make him an offer so that he will take the fall.

It’s time for Frank’s testimony. He gives an opening statement saying that if he is guilty so is everyone else in Congress. He tells them that this is what everyone signed up for. Then he announces his resignation.

So Frank is out and Doug was the leak? Didn’t necessarily see that coming. I still don’t really understand to what end this is all leading up to. Why are they all doing this stuff? Romero wants to be president and so does Claire and Frank but what does Mark get out of it? And why is Doug so loyal. It makes zero sense to me.

House of Cards, episode eleven

Tom and Seth are duking it out on Rachel Maddow’s show. The word impeach is tossed around.

Cathy and Davis meet. Davis promises that she is on Cathy’s side but it doesn’t seem to convince her.

Frank and Claire are fighting about the fate of his presidency. She thinks that he should let people forgive him.

Sean is hounding his girlfriend for information on Tom and what he’s working on. She doesn’t want to play

Late that night Frank is on a bike ride with the secret service and his personal trainer. He figures he will be impeached and the personal trainer thinks that will solidify his legacy because at least he will be remembered.

Claire goes looking for Frank. He’s not in his room though.

Doug calls a reporter. He’s trying to find out what Tom is working on. He gets nothing. Tom gets a flash drive in the mail and makes IT check it before he starts going through the information. He makes a call. There’s a leak in the Underwood administration.

Mark and Romero talk. The Walker thing did not help Romero with his party, but he swapped to independent so this might play out in his favor.

Tom wants to run with the story of how the Underwoods intentionally arrested an innocent man to muck up election day. He has no sources though so the higher ups say no. He deliberates in his office before telling his assistant to leak it.

The story breaks big and Seth has to deal with the flak. He’s not pleased. Especially when Doug comes in questioning his loyalty.

Frank, Claire, Doug and the head of the FBI talk about finding the leak. Doug talks to LeAnn about keeping her mouth shut. Later, she gets a visitor. FBI is investigating the death of the NSA guy.

Claire, Frank and Mark meet. Mark thinks Claire should back away so that she isn’t caught in the crossfire but she says no. She heads to the residence and finds Yates in the kitchen. She tells him that he needs to leave. He’s shocked but she insists so he does it.

Birch and Womack from the Caucus stop by the Oval to talk to Frank about resigning so that he doesn’t get impeached. He tells them they are nuts and then Birch says he’s leaving.

Doug is watching footage of Seth. He’s making calls to coordinate about Frank’s liver transplant. Next up, he watches LeAnn reading files NSA guy sent her.

Sean comes in to talk to Seth. He wants to talk to Claire about something. He asks about her but Seth gives nothing. Claire watches on a laptop. Meanwhile, Frank watches Cathy talk to Tom on the phone.

Frank goes for a bike ride with the trainer. Dude professes his love to Frank but he isn’t interested. He tells dude to go away and then leaves.

Claire is in her office when Doug comes by. He’s looking for Frank. He has a file of survelliance on Yates. Claire tells Doug to back off the widow.

Cathy meets with Romero. She goes on the record telling him that he is betraying the Underwoods. But as she leaves, she slips him a note that simply says “Yates.”

Later that night, Doug is dropping his girlfriend off. He tells her he messed with the donor list and got Frank bumped ahead of her husband. She knew and tells him as much. She says that she was only with him because she hated him.

LeAnn gets a late night visitor. Doug. He comes in asking what NSA guy gave her. She wants to know how he knew and realizes it was spying. She talks about her relationship with NSA guy and then asks Doug what he’s about. She asks if he liked watching her and he admits that he did. They have sex.

Claire is going to the gym and looks for Frank to tell him as much. She wants to know where his trainer is and Frank says that he won’t be around. She doesn’t go to the gym. She meets with Davis to go over upcoming plans. Davis is insistent that Frank be left out of the loop. Frank watches the gym on his laptop, waiting for Claire to turn up.

The next morning, Doug is leaving. He tells LeAnn this never happened. He sees that there was another leak. LeAnn wants back in but he says no. The leak is about the polling centers. Frank sees it and talks to Cathy. He tells her to get some documents ready justifying his actions. She heads out and does what she can to protect herself.

Sean shows up at Seth’s office. He’s got a new job. Deputy press secretary. Seth thinks it’s a joke but they have bigger fish to fry. Frank is pinning the leak on Cathy. Mark tells him not to do that. They should focus on protecting Claire now.

Doug comes clean about getting Frank to move up on the donor list. Frank is more upset that Claire knew and didn’t tell him. He tells Doug that he lost track of her for 45 minutes. Claire practices her speech about not knowing anything.

Tom gets another flash drive in the mail in a birthday card. It’s not from Cathy. She negotiated immunity.

So who is the leak? Frank probably. Just because that would make no sense like everything else on this show. What happens to Will now? Do we ever find out? I miss him. And Davis is just trouble but I like her quite a bit.

House of Cards, episode ten

Romero is calling Jackie Sharp for the investigation. Mark and Doug have to keep people in line to make sure this doesn’t burn them all.

Claire is on the phone with a security director. They are talking about shipping a dead body back to the States. She tells him to lose the body. Yates comes in and they talk about death and Frank.

Frank is working out. He’s working hard on his stationary bike.

Doug has the NSA looking into Lisa. They think she’s nothing but he pushes it.

Davis talks to Claire about the body. It was the American on the Russian boat. They also talk about the ICO leader on the loose. Claire wants results but Davis just has more questions.

Mark and Romero talk about the investigation. Mark tells him to be patient but Romero knows what he wants and he thinks Mark is washed out. He says no deals. Mark reports back to Frank that he is trying other options.

Needless to say, Frank is pissed. He gets snippy with Claire and then reaches out to other congressmen to secure things.

Sean is up to something. He’s talking to other charity organizations. He brings up Doug’s girlfriends group and gets an awkward response.

At a diner in the city, Davis meets with LeAnn. She is trying to find out what the NSA guy might have leaked. She doesn’t get anything though.

Doug is walking around at night alone. He tracks down Lisa and starts following her. He talks to her about Rachel. He misses her and he wants her to come back. As soon as Doug turns away, Lisa runs as fast as she can. She doesn’t trust Doug. He sees her go and then empties a syringe he had in his pocket.

Tom talks to a tech guy about the phone he got from Barnes. It was used once to call a government number. Tom gets a call. It’s Lisa telling him Doug followed her.

Seth meets with a reporter. There is a story coming out about Jackie Sharp. She was in the wrong with campaign funds and now she can’t testify to the committee without getting herself in trouble.

Turns out the leak came from Mark. He did what he could to protect Frank. They don’t mind that he did it. Frank just doesn’t like how he went about it.

Claire has a meeting with LeAnn. She tells her about Davis talking to her. Claire thanks her. Then LeAnn wants to talk her future and Claire basically laughs. Claire confronts Davis. Then both women meet with Frank about the ICO guy.

Davis gets blunt. She knows that there is an attack coming. If the US gets involved ahead of time, they can make the investigation go away so that the debate turns to war. Frank asks Davis if she’s worked with Mark. Similarly, Claire asks Mark about Davis.

Sean and Seth meet. Seth is fidgety but Sean knows that he’s on the right track. He says as much.

The Underwoods brief Cathy and then basically tell her to resign once they get this situation in check. She agrees to do so.

Cathy calls Davis. She can’t believe that the Underwoods would get involved with the attack. Davis plays both sides. She acts sympathetic to Cathy, who warns her to be wary of them.

Seth talks to Claire about Sean’s story. The dead guy, the one whose widow is now with Doug, was jumped on the donor list for Frank. Claire

Mark and Davis meet up and talk about the Underwoods. He thinks that Frank could be a great president.

Frank is talking to other congressmen about Romero. Doug is more concerned with Mark. He’s playing both sides. Sure enough, Mark is on the phone telling someone to reign Romero in. He knows Walker is going to testify soon.

Claire talks to Yates. She leaves the room and Frank comes in. He just found Walker will speak to the committee. He wants to have words with Mark about it. He does just that the next morning but Mark holds his ground.

Seth introduces Sean to Claire. She tells him to back off the donor story. He doesn’t agree to anything. Claire walks away and meets with Davis again. They talk about Cathy and then about Davis’ skills being utilized now.

Romero is in his office with Mark. He wants Underwood to resign. Mark tells Romero that he is a fool and that everyone else will see it. He leaves and calls Frank. Tells him Walker will plead the fifth and that Romero is going to burn out.

Yates and Claire are in bed together. She tells him that Frank killed people and that more people will die. He tells her that doesn’t scare him and kisses her.

LeAnn is walking to her car when the NSA guy turns up. He’s got a flight out. She tries to get him to stay but it’s no use. They kiss and then she gives him a gun and he leaves.

Claire and Frank talk about the investigation. She doesn’t know why she’s bothering. He doesn’t listen to her anyway.

Tom notices the photo strip of Lisa and Rachel is missing.

Cathy and Claire talk about her UN address. Cathy offers to skip the flight and come back to the office. Claire takes her up on it.

Frank talks to Garrett Walker who pulls no punches. He tells Frank off about morals and says he is only doing this for the party.

Doug is headed in to observe the hearings. Just before he does though, Tom stops him. He wants a quote about Lisa Williams. Doug plays dumb. Tom asks about where Doug lives and he confirms the area Tom suggests. Then he heads inside.

The hearing starts and Walker is advised to plead the fifth. Walker says he’ll talk so Romero starts with the questions. Walker accuses Frank of laundering money.

The Underwoods kick Mark out of their viewing room. Claire blames Frank because he went to talk to Walker.

LeAnn gets an e-mail. An audio message from the NSA guy. He says if she’s hearing it, he’s dead.

NSA guy was shot in a hotel room. Davis is shredding files. There’s one for the guy from the Russian ship and another for the NSA guy.

Okay so I thought that the NSA guy was dead in the last episode so that was news to me. I can’t figure out who Davis is working for. I mean, herself, I get that. But to what end? I like that Sean and Tom are both following up on different anti-Underwood things. I really want Tom to piece it together.

House of Cards, episode nine

There’s breaking news. Will concedes Ohio and Frank wins Ohio. He’s president. He offers Will a cabinet post that they both know he won’t take. Will tells him to fuck off. The Underwoods toast to the victory in the Oval.

Will has to go give a speech. His wife doesn’t want to go. Mark tells him that this is important. This shapes their future. She goes.

Cathy and the rest of the Cabinet hand in their resignation letters. Frank promptly rips them in half and welcomes everyone back before laying out is 100 days plan. He wants to reunite the country.

Doug wants to move on Mark but Claire thinks they should hold off. Also, LeAnn is out. Doug tells Seth that she’s being pushed out and it has to be handled discreetly.

LeAnn is in a bar talking to a reporter. She acknowledges the NSA guy problem because she is trying to clear her own name. She wants the reporter to talk to him.
Davis tries to recruit Claire to her cause. It’s beneficial to national security. Yates walks in with no shoes on. He leaves and Davis asks about Franks politics. Claire tells her not to presume anything.

Frank is working on his speech when the personal trainer guy shows up. Frank reads the speech for him.

Yates meets with the journalist Leann knows. They agree to no shop talk but they do anyway. He tells her there’s nowhere he’d rather be than the White House. Then he goes back and quits and breaks up with Claire.

Seth brings in an announcement naming Mark special advisor. Doug hates it but Frank is game.

The Black Caucus talks to Doug about how things are changing on the Hill. He blames it on Romero. Next person through Doug’s office is Romero himself. He wants Medicare in the inaugural address and two seats to hear it. Doug says no but Frank and Mark agree to the terms.

It’s the big day. Frank gets sworn in. He gives his speech. He doesn’t give Romero what he wants. He does nothing to honor those disloyal. He tells Mark as much.

Journalist lady makes it to Moscow and jumps through hoops to get to Petrov. She doesn’t appreciate the effort.

Mark and Romero meet. They talk about having allies and making enemies. Mark tells Romero to be caustous.

Seth calls to talk to Sean and finds out he’s been fired. He makes another call. An exclusive that LeAnn is being pushed out. He hangs up and makes another call.

LeAnn tells Doug about journalist Kate interviewing the NSA guy in Russia. He tells her that it has to be stopped and it might have unforeseen consequences.

Claire and Frank are getting ready for the ball. Yates is there, all decked out in a tux. They send him away and they talk about the NSA guy.

Tom has Metro footage of the night Zoe died. There is a white guy on the platform. Maybe it’s Doug. Maybe it’s not. There’s no way to know for sure.

Frank is heading down the back steps with his personal trainer guy. They are talking trivia and then he makes a move on Frank. Frank grabs him by the throat and threatens him. Then the trainer kisses him. They have a rendevous in the stairwell.

Reporter Kate and NSA guy are talking. She namedrops LeAnn and he gets fidgety. She tells him about her being pushed out and he gets cold feet. He needs some air before the interview. He steps into the hall and barters for a cell phone.

He calls LeAnn. He wants her to run. He’ll help. She tells him that’s not an option. That it’s the end of the line. She apologizes and tells him how things will play out. Doug watches her.

Frank is on his way into the ball. Mark is there. They bump into the trainer. As the others head in, Frank sees Cathy and tries to walk in with her but she is leaving. He creeps around the house alone.

Tom calls Zoe’s father. He thinks her death was not an accident but Mr. Barnes can’t deal with it anymore. He tells Tom to stop calling.

Claire is looking for Frank. She bumps into Doug and brings up the night of the beheading. She wants to know where he was. She leaves and finds Frank. He tells her the investigation isn’t over.

Yates and the trainer watch as the Underwoods say goodnight to guests. Doug comes over and tells the trainer it’s time to go. Frank talks to Yates about the tour guide. Tells him not to cheat on Claire.

Barnes is waiting when Tom gets back to his office. He says he wasn’t close with his daughter. He didn’t really know her. Tom says that he didn’t either. Barnes leaves a burner phone with Tom.

LeAnn is officially getting the boot and Doug tells her security is waiting. She tells him that she can still be a friend and he tells her that he doesn’t have friends.

Davis updates the Underwoods on the NSA guy situation. She gives a recommendation but they have no use for it. She leaves and they talk about LeAnn. They just don’t know who to trust these days.

This was more interesting but still pretty boring. They killed the NSA guy right? That’s a shame. I feel bad for him. I’m glad that Tom is looking into Zoe’s death. That is the thread that will unravel everything.

House of Cards, episode eight

There’s a big cult meeting. They are burning bones and chanting to find clarity or something. Frank is there.

Claire and Doug meet to talk about the schedule moving forward. She points out that it must be weird for him but he plays it off. Davis is there for a meeting. She comes in and is happy to help. She wants to see an Underwood administration.

Tom is going through files. There are lots of dead girls but Rachel is not among them.

Frank chats with the other cult members. Raymond Tusk and the General and Mark are among them.

Someone comes in and wakes Claire up. She’s needed in the situation room. On the way in, Cathy stops her and gives her an update. It’s a Russian ship that is sinking. Petrov doesn’t want help though. He’s going to make America look bad either way he says.

Mark talks to Frank about what the people want. Frank gets snarky. The next morning he chats with Raymond about Claire and then gets in a battle of wits with the General.

Davis and Claire meet with China about some trade agreements. Turns out the rep has some news about the Russian boat. There is an American on the boat. China is willing to help with the boat. As a matter of fact, there’s no trade agreement otherwise.

In the woods, Frank is sizing people up. Tusk is the ringleader. Meanwhile, Claire hears audio of the boat. There seems to be an American working with Russia. Claire wants more information.

Frank takes a walk to get a cell signal. He’s still putting pieces together. He tells Doug as much. then he gets an idea. He trades barbs with the General and seems to come out on top.

Claire meets with Davis again about China. She will let it seem like China is doing the rescuing but America will do it. And the trade deal needs a modification. Davis will go negotiate that.

Mark and Frank talk about the General and what the others think of him. Frank tells Mark why he never hired him many moons ago. Because no one works for free.

Claire and Davis discuss the ship and the trade agreement with China. They drive a hard bargain but they get the deal.

Cathy updates Claire later on. The only one unaccounted for is the alleged American. Everyone is rescued and she lets the ship go down. She talks to Petrov. Wants the NSA guy back but he says no.

On his way out of the woods, Frank talks to the tech genius. He’s a friend of Will’s but he gives Frank the audio from the plane meltdown.

The news covers the ship rescue. Claire watches. Yates comes in and she tells him that she’s been having him followed. He tells her that the lady in New York is a teacher of his. She gets the real him.

Davis and Claire talk about the ship. There was a lot of tech on the boat that Russia and China wanted. Claire wants to know what Davis’ play was. She says that she wanted to save the American. He was the technology.

Tom gets a package. It’s a flash drive from November 2013. His assistant is going through files and comes across Zoe’s press pass. The flash drive is Metro footage from two days before Zoe died.

Frank is back at the White House. He and Claire are trying to figure out what to do with the plane audio. He doesn’t trust it. He brings in Mark to talk about it and he’s willing to sacrifice Will to save the General.

Yates and Claire are in bed. He talks about the pointlessness of his existence. He says that the teacher in New York helped him see reason. He admits that they were married once upon a time and now she’s in a rough spot so he’s trying to help her.

She tells him that she wants to be with him and they exchange “I love you”s. Frank and Doug are going over strategy. They can take Will down now. They both acknowledge that they are going to win.

I like Davis. I don’t know why and I doubt she can be trusted but honestly who can be at this point. That stuff in the woods was boring. I figured Tusk would be more important and why is Mark so about the General?

House of Cards, episode seven

Claire and Frank are arguing. She agreed with campaign manager Mark. Frank is pissed. He tells her she is naive and that Mark is running the show.

A high ranking ICO leader is spotted. Claire has to decide whether or not to strike. She wants to wait but Frank thinks they should go. A few military heads debate as well. Eventually Claire knuckles under.

Mark talks to Will’s wife. She wants him to realize that Will is on top of the ticket. He says he knows that but she’s not so sure.

LeAnn might have a lead on a tape that will smudge Will’s military record. It’ll cost them though. Doug says do it.

Tom is piecing things together between Doug and Rachel. There might be something there after all.

Cathy is waiting to talk to the president. She and LeAnn talk about the NSA guy. LeAnn admits that it is personal and Cathy wants nothing to do with it. A congresswoman, Jane Davis, turns up because they have a meeting. LeAnn interrupts Claire and Yates to say the meeting is ready. They head inside.

The meeting gets interrupted though and they are rushed to a bunker. A truck of radioactive material is missing. Inside, they try and figure what will happen. The truck can impact a 30-mile radius. They have to take this seriously. Evacuation protocols are mentioned.

Doug calls LeAnn. She wants to know how to spin things. Doug tells her that he doesn’t know anything. Seth interrupts. Doug has nothing to say. The two of them freak out.

Back in the bunker, Davis tells Cathy that she might have contacts that can be of assistance. Third party types. She’d need a secure line though. She steps out for a moment. Claire wants to know how she got such a high level of security. Doug does his creeper thing.

Things are tense and people start yelling at each other. Frank is putting pieces together. Davis might be connected to Will.

LeAnn and Doug talk about the spot that will muck up Will’s campaign. He wants to run with it. LeAnn is in the residence. Yates finds her.

Claire overhears Davis on the phone speaking arabic. She waits and then confronts her. She finds out about Davis’ contacts and the ICO leader in Damascus. Davis leaves and Claire tells Frank. Then Doug plays the recording for Frank. He leaves the bunker. Naturally, Frank heads to the Oval.

Sean is still following leads. He is talking to someone about kidney donations. It’s Doug’s girlfriend.

Tom is still working it too. He heads Rachel’s old apartment and talks to her landlord. Dude knows about Rachel and Lisa. He recognizes Doug too. He doesn’t judge though.
Frank goes to see the head of the NSA. He knows that this is all a plot to mess with the election. He just doesn’t know the particulars. He wants her to handle it.

The truck is found. It wasn’t ICO. Davis offers help to Claire catching the bad guy they lost today. Claire walks away.

Seth holds a presser. The whole thing is labeled as a drill. Claire expects the general to resign or implicate the co-conspirators. Then she talks to LeAnn about a meeting with Davis and points out that the NSA guy problem hasn’t been solved yet.

Sean and Seth are in the car talking about donation. Then Sean asks for a job.

Back home, Doug and his girlfriend are eating. She asks about the drill and then talks about the reporter that came by to talk about the foundation. Doug asks his name.

Claire and Frank talk about Davis and what to do moving forward. She walks away and he looks at photos of Yates and the tour guide in the press room. She finds Yates waiting in her room. She admits she was worried about him.

Frank and Claire are in the Oval with Mark. The justice swearing in has been rescheduled so the election is a go. And they play the recording for him.

I thought that would be a lot more interesting. I am just not as interested in this show as I used to be. It’s just expected that Frank will win and there are really no people worth caring about. I’m curious to see how the Herald story will play out. Will they connect Doug to Rachel and all the drama that he has?