Jessica Jones, episode thirteen

Jessica comes to and realizes that she’s been kidnapped. She gets out of the camper and Alisa follows. She wants them to run away together because they can keep each other safe. Jessica doesn’t want the pressure but when a car comes by she’s quick to protect her mother. Trish’s vitals are strong but they have trouble waking her up.

Her first concern is Jessica. She wants to go help and protect her but Dorothy gives her an earful. She wants Trish to abide by the doctor’s orders. It takes some persuading but she does. Jessica and Alisa are still fighting about the right course of action. Jessica wants to go back for Trish but Alisa is having none of it.

Malcolm cleans up and leaves his key at Jessica’s then he makes an appointment with Hogarth’s partner. He cuts his hair and leaves. Jessica and Alisa come across an accident on the road. A car and a truck full of gas cans. There’s a fire. They manage to save the family from the passenger car before the whole thing explodes.

Alisa was trying to save the truck driver and they were blown into a ditch. Both are okay but Jessica is shaken. Hogarth is wrapping up her yoga when someone comes by. It’s Malcolm. He stopped by her office to meet with her partner and has a something she might want to see. Jessica is game to stick with Alisa since the incident. She needs to make a call first though.

She meets with Oscar about papers and he is upset that she is going too. He will help her mother but he doesn’t think Jessica should be tied to all this. Jessica notices someone at the counter acting odd. It’s a cop. Oscar was followed. Jessica says goodbye to him and then takes off. The cops chase her but can’t keep up. She gets to Alisa and tells her to just drive.

Hogarth meets with her partners and shows them she has dirt on them. She wants double the severance and to take her clients. The partners are pissed but she reminds them she has nothing to lose. Malcolm thinks this means a job but Hogarth just cuts him a check and sends him on his way.

Jessica and Alisa come close to getting stuck by a road block. They change course at the last minute and that’s when they hear something in the back. The kid they saved left his phone. Costa calls and tells Jessica that she might be able to save herself. Jessica breaks the phone. Dorothy is back to running the show for Trish, who doesn’t seem interested in this plan.

Costa shows up and asks her where Jessica might be. Trish just keeps telling him that Jessica is being forced to go along. Costa tells her that they will try to bring Jessica back as he heads out. Trish can’t let anything happen to Jessica. She gets up and leaves too. Alisa and Jessica are at Playland. Jessica wants to run away by boat since the cops won’t see them there.

Alisa is done running. She turns the Ferris Wheel on so they can ride it one last time. As they go around they talk when suddenly Alisa is shot in the head. It’s Trish. Jessica jumps off the ride and confronts her. She was saving Jessica because the police were going to kill her too. As sirens blare in the distance, Jessica tells Trish to run and then goes back to the ride.

She cries next to the body. Costa shows up and thinks she’s the one that fired the shot. He tells her that she did the right thing. Time passes. Jessica goes back to work. She stops a robbery and gets home to be confronted by Trish. She’s still saying that she wanted to save Jessica. It’s no use. Jessica tells her she lost the only family she had.

Trish leaves. As she waits for the elevator she pulls out her phone and ends up getting bumped by someone getting out. She drops the phone but manages to catch it on her foot before it can hit the ground. Hogarth is setting up her new firm and she needs an investor. She hires Cheng, and his associate Malcolm.

Jessica realizes that she’s been isolated. She doesn’t want to be like that anymore but she doesn’t know how to be any other way. She starts by taking up Oscar on his standing invitation to dinner. She sits and eats and chats with his son.

Trish was probably right but she shouldn’t have been the one to do that herself. Also, Malcolm probably should have reached out or something since there was all this stuff going on with Jessica. I like that Oscar is old reliable. Even though he’s nervous about cops himself he’s got her back and that’s great.


Jessica Jones, episode twelve

Trish is still in a coma. They don’t know if or when she’ll wake up. The hospital has seen this before, back alley hacks taking advantage of people that want powers. Jessica and Dorothy each blame themselves. Dorothy says they should stop that. If anything happens to Trish, they are all each other has. Jessica gets a call. Costa has something he needs to talk to her about.

Alisa hitched a ride in the back of a truck. She turns up at a warehouse, swipes some clothes and heads out in search of Trish. She goes by the radio station looking for her there and ends up hurting the producer. Jessica talks to Costa and his partner. They want to know where Alisa could be.

Jessica consults Karl’s notebook and connects the dots. Alisa will go after Trish. Alisa is at Karl’s hideout and she sees Dorothy on the news. She knows where to find Trish and heads out. Jessica is in the car with the detectives. They hear a call about the radio station. Jessica can’t wait anymore. She jumps out of the car and runs to the hospital.

She finds her mother climbing in the window of Trish’s room. They fight and Trish gets tossed around in the process. Jessica tries to get her to calm down and it’s working until Costa and his partner barge in. She takes Costa’s partner hostage and jumps out the window with her. Alisa lets the cop fall to her death and gets away.

Hogarth tracks down her stuff and Shane. Dorothy and Jessica fight about who puts Trish in danger more. Costa interrupts. He’ll let Jessica see Trish but he wants her to go down to the station to give a statement and then head home. She’ll have police guards from then on. Trish is awake and they fight about Karl’s death and having powers.

Alisa calls Jessica. She wants to meet. Trish volunteers her apartment. They still aren’t done fighting about mommy issues but Jessica heads out. Hogarth meets with a former client to get a gun. Jessica ditches her tail and heads to Trish’s place. Hogarth tracks down Inez. She tells her Shane has been stepping out and building his nest egg.

She thinks Inez is too good for him and gives her the gun to protect herself. Jessica gets to Trish’s place and grabs her gun. Hogarth watches Inez and Shane fight and then calls the police about a gunshot. Dorothy is trying to get Trish into a different hospital but Trish tells her that she feels off.

Trish thinks she is dying. Then she goes stiff and her eyes roll back. Nurses come in. Alisa gets to Trish’s and Jessica puts a gun on her. Alisa apologizes for snapping but this is proof that Jessica can help her. They can beat this together.

Jessica isn’t interested though. She wants her mother to turn herself in or she will kill her. Jessica pleads with her to not have it come to that. Alisa tells her that she has no life without her anyway. But then Alisa knocks Jessica out. She kidnaps her and drives out of the city.

I don’t think Jessica was ever going to kill Alisa. I also know why she didn’t trust the cops enough to tell them but she should have had more of a backup plan. Malcolm I guess but he’s not an option. Also, maybe now Trish is going though the change. Dorothy sucks. Alisa sucks. The moms all suck.

Jessica Jones, episode eleven

Jessica is freaking out. She doesn’t know what to do. Then she gets an idea. She hears Kilgrave in her head telling her to make it look like a suicide. She does. She cleans up and leaves a note. Then she throws him off his own roof. Kilgrave applauds her and she yells at him. Alisa wakes up to a new guard. She knows something is up.

Her first instinct is to get permission for a call to Jessica. The substitute guard allows it. Jessica gets home and she’s still a wreck. She chugs some whiskey and then sees blood on her pants. She strips and starts to cry. Her phone rings. It’s Alisa. They talk for a few minutes. Alisa knows what happened. Jessica ends the call and showers. She’s still hearing Kilgrave.

Karl’s passport is done. As Jessica looks at it, she again sees Kilgrave. She tries to calm down but he tells her that he’ll be inside her forever. She heads to Karl’s hideout but he’s not there. It seems suspicious. His coat and room key are still there. Kilgrave continues to taunt her. She goes to visit Alisa and hears the other guards talking about Dale’s suicide.

Alisa manages to get them a few minutes alone and Jessica asks where Karl might’ve gone if he stepped out. Alisa says he wouldn’t and starts blaming Trish. Jessica tells her that she will handle it and heads out. Kilgrave keeps pointing out that Jessica has killed before so she should just keep it up. She gets home and sees the Malcolm was on her computer.

She goes to his place and realizes that he’s with Trish. Then she uses the dating app on his phone to figure out where he is. Trish has Karl at a storage unit. She wants his research. They argue but he loads the car. Malcolm is trying to break out of the trunk when his phone rings. It’s Jessica telling him she’s after him. She figures out where he is and heads out.

He manages to get out of the car and turns around to find Karl and Trish approaching. Trish pulls a gun on him because she’s leaving either way. As she gets in the car, Jessica shows up. Trish takes off and Jessica chases on foot. Alisa is in her cell and the new guard Marilyn is watching tv and moves to let Alisa sees.

The show reminds her of Karl and when he told her he was closing the clinic and they were moving away together. Jessica and Malcolm fight on the street about helping Trish. Jessica knows Trish is just trying to get another inhaler. Kilgrave chimes in that Malcolm is a waste. Jessica sends him to find a shop that Trish took Karl to. He finds it.

It’s a pet adopting place. They got drugs. It’s not about the inhaler. Trish wants to be powered. She takes Karl to IGH and he preps to treat her. He warns her it might not work. Jessica and Malcolm are trying to figure out where to look for Trish. Jessica is sinking further and Kilgrave is getting to her. She strangles a random guy. Malcolm tells her to go. He’ll handle it.

Jessica gets to IGH as Karl starts the procedure. Trish starts to crash and Jessica breaks through glass to get into the room to stop it. She yells at and threatens him. She wants to kill him but doesn’t. She has to save Trish. Karl gets Trish’s gun. It’s useless. All of his equipment and the man who made it. He tells her to grab Trish and get out.

She does. She makes it outside just as the building explodes. Jessica gets Trish to a hospital and Malcolm turns up. He tries to comfort her but Jessica has had enough. She yells at him for not minding his own business. He can’t fix himself so he tried to fix her. She’s done. He’s out. He’s done with her too. In case she changes her mind, he quits.

In the waiting room, Jessica reflects on what happened. She’s not a killer and she’s stronger than Kilgrave. Alisa is watching the news when there’s a breaking development. The reporter explains that the fire killed Karl is linked to Trish because of a fan photo from that day. Karl is dead. Alisa sobs and Marilyn hears. She comes in to check on her and Alisa breaks out.

I feel bad for how things went down with Malcolm but they both have points. Also is Trish going to go to jail for Karl’s death? That was crazy. I didn’t realize it would explode like that. Now Alisa is definitely after Trish.

Jessica Jones, episode ten

Alisa is locked up but Jessica shows up with Hogarth. They are trying to explain the situation to her. Trish is at the cable network ready for her test. Hogarth can’t get her a humane life sentence with visitation. She has to give up Karl though which she won’t do. Trish crashes and burns. After the test she overhears people talking about the arrest of the killer.

She calls Jessica and finds out it was her. Jessica explains the last few days to Trish and Malcolm. He’s pissed and storms out. Trish explains her inhaler use and then heads out. She stops at Malcolm’s to check in on him. He tells her that she’s no good for him and that they aren’t friends.

Jessica is up late at night thinking. She calls Oscar and he talks about his weekly visits with his son during his time in prison. Jessica figures her mom will get locked up with the key thrown away. Trish took the inhaler to lab to see about getting the stuff recreated. Doctor tells her it’s too toxic. Jessica goes to Hogarth’s and meets Shane.

Shane tells her about his time at IGH but Jessica isn’t sure she buys into it. She goes to see her mother again and gets a lead on Karl. Alisa is taken back to her cell and snaps on the guard. Jessica goes to see Karl. If he goes to hide out someplace with no extradition, Alisa can confess with no repercussions.

They talk and Jessica mentions Shane. Karl claims to not know anything about a healer. Jessica gets photos for a new passport for him. Alisa gets another visitor. Trish. They argue about Jessica and Alisa says she should have killed Trish while she had the chance. Jessica is hanging at Oscar’s when Trish shows up there.

Trish and Jessica talk about her mother and Karl. Trish tells her that Alisa is manipulating her but Jessica is sticking with it. Trish goes to sleep with Malcolm. Oscar makes the passport but it’s still going to be a while until it’s ready. In the meantime Jessica goes to see Alisa and updates her. She got a call from Hogarth to do so.

Hogarth worked wonders and Jessica is grateful. She tells her that Shane is a fraud. She doesn’t believe it. She felt herself heal. Jessica finds out Alisa is being abused. She tells her to sit tight and not do anything. Trish is a million miles away. Malcolm asks where her head is at. She tells him that things are bad for her but the Karl stuff is weighing on her worse.

He agrees to look into it with her because neight of them can just let bad things happen. They find something on Jessica’s computer. Hogarth gets home and finds the place ransacked. She cries. Jessica researchs the guard at the prison. She finds out he’s been associated with prisoner suicides and follows him home. Malcolm and Trish find Karl’s hideout.

They go to keep watch and eventually see him peak out his door. Trish wants to go see him. Malcolm won’t let her go alone. He goes to the trunk looking for a weapon. Trish knocks him out and closes him in the trunk. Dale the guard goes out and Jessica breaks in to look around. She finds that he likes to keep trophies. It’s not all about the suicides though. He likes to hunt.

She gets caught though because she tripped a censor and now Dale is back and he goes after her. First pepper spray then his batton. Jessica goes down hard and he starts yelling that she attacked him and it’s self defense. She grabs the batton and whacks him in the head. He goes down. She gets up and looks at him. He’s dead.

Trish is nuts. Honestly what was the point of bringing Malcolm if she’s not going to let him actually help. She needs rehab. Jessica was just defending herself but this is bad for her. Very bad.

Jessica Jones, episode nine

Cheng is spying on Jessica and sees the woman from the photograph, Alisa. He shoots at them and then runs. Alisa, and Jessica, catch up with him. The former wants to kill him but the latter just kidnaps him instead. She’s going to come up with somewhere to put Alisa before she lets him out. Then she can hang the shooting over his head to keep him quiet.

Jessica straps her mother into bed for the night. Hogarth is now planning a future with Inez but Inez isn’t interested. Jessica is trying to figure out what to do when Trish shows up. She’s high and wants to find the killer. Jessica just wants her to call her sponsor. Trish hears a thump, assumes it’s a guy, gets mad and leaves.

Alisa has a night terror but Jessica manages to calm her down. The next morning Oscar is putting out his garbage when he sees broken glass from Jessica’s window. He goes to check on her and she tells him that she has to handle powered shit. His ex shows up with his son and they fight. Jessica tells him deal with his family while she handles her own.

Trish is coming down and eating a burger. She ignores a text from Jessica and then hears the news. It’s Griffin in a war zone. She takes a hit on the inhaler and then goes to take a shower. Hogarth is trying to decide what to wear to convince Shane the healer. There’s a knock on her door. It’s Trish. She wants to put Inez on the radio.

Hogarth defends her and kicks Trish out. Jessica sprays Cheng down. She still doesn’t know what to do. Jessica reveals that she still feels guilty about the accident. Alisa tries to take the blame for it herself. As they bicker, Oscar calls. His ex really took his kid. Like packed a bag and talked Peru. Jessica agrees to help. She takes Alisa and leaves Cheng drugged in the tub.

On the air, Trish is supposed to be talking about gluten but she calls it bullshit and just melts down and quits. Hogarth picks up Shane. She got him released and will blackmail him into healing her. Jessica and Alisa find Oscar at his ex’s place. They break in and snoop through her stuff. Passports are gone and she bought bus tickets.

They head to the station and find out she’s en route to Montreal. Jessica and Alisa stop the bus. Oscar gets his son and mother and daughter have a moment. Hogarth is ready to try and be healed. Inez tells her that it might not work so she should be prepared. Shane comes in and starts to do his thing. Hogarth cries.

Trish is working her rage out on a heavy bag. She gets a call from a cable news producer. He wants her to come in the following day to test. She’s thrilled. Jessica, Alisa, Oscar and his son get back to the building. They go their separate ways. Back in the apartment, Alisa is still all about killing Cheng. Jessica goes in and talks to him. He’s reasonable.

Cheng tells her that she has to call the cops. There’s no way they can control this. She calls her buddy Detective Costa. Alisa hears and starts to fight. Jessica takes a few hits while she tries to stop her. Cheng manages to get away. By the time Alisa runs out the font door, the place is surrounded. She surrenders.

Where is Malcolm?!?! Someone needs to save him. I’m glad that Jessica was able to help Oscar. I’m also impressed by how reasonable Cheng was. I don’t know that I trust that he’s done now though. Is Hogarth healed?

Jessica Jones, episode seven

Jessica’s mother hated Florida but that’s where the family was headed on a bonding trip when the accident happened. She lost everything, even herself. She woke up at IGH mutilated and powered. She panicked and tried to escape. People got hurt before Karl could put her under again. She comes to some time later and Karl tells her she’s been in an accident.

It’s been five years and she starts freaking out about her family. Karl explains to her what they did to her genetically and what happened in the accident. Her husband and son died but Jessica is okay. She was less severely injured and is safe now. Speaking of, she’s in a club that’s playing Trish’s music video. She does not seem happy. Trish is though, and drunk.

Trish confronts Jessica about not playing along and telling her things are great. Jessica thinks she should be in college instead. They argue and then Trish hurries off to get high in the bathroom. Jessica wanders to the bar and has a confrontation with Dorothy before watching the bartender get reprimanded and quit.

That’s when Trish announces she’s having a house party. Jessica is not amused. She needs to study. They fight about loyalty and friendship and using people. Trish leaves with the fake friends after Jessica busts open an ATM. The bartender sees her on the street and invites her out.

Alisa has had enough of the testing. She tells Karl she’s done and wants out. She wants to know where Jessica is. He agrees to tell her as he runs some tests. Karl tells her that Jessica was adopted by a new family and thinks her whole biological family died in the accident. Alisa freaks out and Karl drugs her to knock her out.

Jessica is making out with Stirling the bartender. They’ve been living together and he considers her his girlfriend. He wants to get her something , a leather jacket in a shop window. She breaks the security gate to steal it. The next morning, she wakes up in the jacket and he’s fighting with his mom on the phone. His family doesn’t believe in his dreams of owning a club.

She makes jokes about pretending his family is dead. He wants to meet Trish and then introduce her to his family so they go to the club. Jessica is worried because Trish looks awful but she makes the introduction to Stirling. He tells her about his own club aspirations and gives her a card, Club Alias. Jessica worries he’s after Trish’s money so she drags him away.

They discuss it and he tells her it’s just a business opportunity. Then they leave. Alisa is being taken care of by Inez and the other nurse. She’s knocked out but as Inez unlocks the restraints, the other nurse notices the stashed pills. Alisa shoves Inez into a class cabinet and grabs the other nurse. She demands information on Jessica and then starts to leave.

The other nurse reaches for the panic button so Alisa snaps her neck. Jessica and Stirling are about to enjoy a late night snack when some guys show up. They are club investors and they want to know where their money is. Stirling tries to talk them down but they get rough so Jessica intervenes. She has to protect the only family she has left.

Alisa tracks down Dorothy and asks after Jessica. It takes some persuasion but she gets Dorothy to find out and pass along where she is. Alisa goes to find her and ends up following her into a bar. She even goes so far as to follow her into the bathroom. When Alisa goes back to the bar she finds Stirling heading outside with the guys that had stopped by the apartment.

She follows them outside and hears him make a deal to pimp Jessica out as muscle for their operation. When the guys leave, she threatens and beats Stirling. It kills him and Jessica finds the body. Jessica goes to see Trish at the club and finds her about to blow some dude in the bathroom. She intervenes because Trish is high out of mind.

They go talk about their issues, about Stirling and Trish’s drug use. Jessica convinces Trish she needs to go back to rehab but for now they are just going to sit got a while. Alisa goes back to IGH. She tells Karl that she has to stay away from Jessica. She can’t live like this. Karl tells her that he will find a solution.

Present day Alisa just told her story to Jessica and asks for forgiveness. Jessica isn’t interested in giving it though. Instead she punches her mother clear across the room. Karl runs over and drugs Jessica to knock her out.

I liked getting the background on this. I felt so bad for Jessica. She’s felt guilty about Stirling’s murder for so long. It wasn’t those guys. It was her own mother.

Jessica Jones, episode six

It’s chaos outside the aquarium but Jessica sees Karl drive off. She tries to get a picture of his license plate but her phone is wet and busted. She buys rice to try and fix it and see tabloid headlines about Trish. Back in her apartment, her phone turns back on. She looks at the pictures of Karl she took and notices a wedding ring.

She goes to see Oscar and he thinks she’s complaining about his loud music but she comes in for a drink. She doesn’t want to be alone and they end up having sex in spilled paint on a tarp. Trish prowls the city on a trip. She kicks some guy off a bus. Jessica wakes up in Oscar’s bed and has a walk of shame back to her place. Malcolm has been working.

He sees that Karl is wearing a ring but it’s not a wedding band. It’s a university class ring. The school he was kicked out of. She tells him to get over it and go look into Karl there. Jessica meets up with Trish. They don’t talk about the lack of engagement but instead look into Karl and his crazy woman from after the aquarium.

They go to a shop nearby and talk the owner into letting them see the security footage. Karl had to drug the woman to get her in the car. Malcolm goes back to college and makes amends with an old girlfriend. Hogarth is done with Inez. The feeling is mutual as Inez starts stealing jewelry and prescriptions.

Malcolm gets Karl’s last name and then Jessica kicks him out. She looks into Karl and finds out some other guy has been paying all of his expenses for a decade. She tracks down the other guy at a private golf course. She and Trish try to go onto the property but can’t because it’s men only. Trish creates a diversion while Jessica sneaks in.

Jessica tracks down the guy and finds out Karl saved him son so now he has his back forever. Trish makes a mess of herself. She gets sick and has nothing to get her buzz back. Once he’s rid of Jessica, the guy calls Karl and gives him a heads up about the rumors spreading. He has no idea it’s the truth.

Karl tells his crazy lady, who is has strapped to a bed, that Jessica is coming and they should be ready. Jessica is situating Trish. She’s playing sick and sad so Jessica gets her a bucket and tucks her in. She plans to stick around but Trish kicks her out to keep on Karl’s trail. Jessica goes with it and then Trish tears her apartment up looking for more drugs.

At Jessica’s place, Malcolm moves a few things around and something falls on the floor. He picks it up. Inez knows what Hogarth’s condition is because of the prescriptions. She tells her about IGH and the kid that could heal people. Malcolm goes to Trish’s place and gives her inhaler. She excuses herself and takes a hit. Then she’s all better.

She goes back out and kisses Malcolm. He asks if she’s okay and when she says yes he goes with it. They have sex. Jessica is still on a mission. She tracks down the dude’s formerly sick kid and threatens him. Dude gives up Karl and Jessica heads out to his place to find him. She looks around his yard and then his house.

No sign of anyone but she finds a tablet that plays piano music. In the basement there is a hospital bed and some wigs as well as a perfume she seems to recognize. She gets distracted by a picture and when she turns around the wig lady and Karl are there. The wig lady isn’t just a powered person though. She’s Jessica’s mom.

I don’t know why but when the piano music started I really thought it was going to hypnotize Jessica. I don’t know why. Malcolm as a fellow addict should have seen that there was more going on with Trish. I get why he was distracted but honestly dude. I feel like he should see that. Team Oscar.