Lucifer, episode eleven

Lucifer is in LA in a leisure suit. He’s a little behind on the times. Turns out he hasn’t been here in a while. He quickly finds a few women to party with. Things are going well until Amenadiel crashes the show. He’s there to take Lucifer back to hell.

They argue and Amenadiel walks outside. He hears gunshots and then gets confronted by a ski-masked man. The man shoots him and Amenadiel goes down. Dude steals his necklace and takes off. Amenadiel is not happy when he comes to.

He goes back inside and borrows clothes before heading to the police station to report the crime. Officer Chloe Decker takes the report. She’s still talking to him when she gets a call. It’s her husband, Detective Dan. He’s going to be late. He’s got a body. Chloe is already connecting the dots. It’s near where Amenadiel got mugged.

Amenadiel goes to Lucifer for help. He’s better with humanity. Chloe goes to the scene and finds a bloody dog tag. She tracks down Dan and tells him about it. Then she takes the initiative because she wants to make detective.

Lucifer and Amenadiel go to a bar. Amenadiel thinks they are tracking his necklace but Lucifer just wants to drink. They argue until a picture of the murder victim from Dan’s case is shown on television. Amenadiel recognizes him. He was running nearby right before he was mugged.

Suddenly Lucifer can help, for a price to be named later. Amenadiel agrees. They still a car and head out. They head to a film set, a porn film set. Apparently Lucifer recognized a woman’s boobs in the newscast. They talk to a porn star about the victim. She sends them to the gym. The victim was a fighter.

Chloe tracked the symbol on the dog tag to a gym. She talks to a coach and finds out about the dead guy’s fighting and a guy he has a beef with. Lucifer and Amenadiel are watching a match at a gym. Also there? Chloe.

She’s chasing a guy around. Meanwhile, Lucifer gets Amenadiel to take the dead guy’s spot in the fight. The brothers head to gym to train so that Amenadiel doesn’t raise suspicions. The organizer is willing to make a deal for them to lose on purpose. Lucifer knocks him out.

Dan thanks Chloe for her efforts but everything she’s brought in, including a gym with multiple warrants, is circumstancial. She’s not happy. Amenadiel wants Lucifer to have a go at the fight organizer. They took him home with them after Lucifer knocked him out. Lucifer says no though. He delegates the torture and he actually brought along a friend. Enter Maze.

She does her thing and then informs Lucifer and Amenadiel that the organizer isn’t the killer and doesn’t know anything about the necklace. They come with a plan to draw out more information from the

Meanwhile, Chloe is still trying her hand atdetective work. She goes to see Charlotte Richards, her suspect’s attorney, and learns a thing or two about negotiating. Amenadiel makes a comment about the devil being evil. Lucifer takes it to heart. He takes down the opponent and steps in to fight Amenadiel himself.

Chloe has a stakeout set up with Dan. She got some information from Charlotte and they are running with it. Lucifer and Amenadiel are also staking out in the neighborhood. They are waiting for the guy that bet on Amenadiel to pick up his winnings.

The guy is one in the same. It’s the coach Chloe talked to at the gym. He’s the one that mugged Amenadiel and killed the other guy. He admits as much to Amenadiel and Lucifer when they kidnap him. He tells them the whole story and that the necklace is at the gym.

They drop the coach back off at the beach and he confesses to Chloe and Dan. Amenadiel is ready to take Lucifer back to hell but the latter says he isn’t going back and their father can take it up with him. Lucifer has Maze chop off his wings. She cries.

I loved this. It was one of my favorite episodes honestly. It went back to it’s roots and told the story of just Lucifer and Chloe and how this all came to be. I really think this was just great. Poor Maze chopping the wings.


Lucifer, episode ten

A woman is running. She’s calling 911. Someone is chasing her. She thinks he will kill her. She drops the keys before she can get in the car. Lucifer is partying because the Sinnerman has been caught. Maze doesn’t think Sinnerman is done though.

The next day at the station Pierce tells everyone to keep their eyes on the prize. Ella likes watching him work and Chloe let’s slip that Sinnerman killed his brother and now Ella is all the more interested. It’s time for interrogation though. Lucifer wants first crack but Pierce says he will be the only one to ask questions. While the two of them argue Chloe goes in for a chat.

He talks in circles until Ella interrupts. His phone is ringing. The others barge in as she unlocks the phone and sees a video of a woman screaming for help. Sinnerman tells them that the only way to save her is to let him lead them to her.

Ella plays the woman’s 911 call. It’s the woman from the beginning. They’ve got no leads though so Lucifer wants to let Sinnerman lead the way. Pierce isn’t having it. Ella goes over the footage and finds a clue. The kidnapped woman was a roller derby player.

Chloe and Lucifer head to the rink and talk to her team. They hit a few dead ends. Dan is hitting dead ends of his own trying to find a sitter for Trixie. Chloe and Lucifer manage to track down the kidnapped girl’s car but when Lucifer grabs the handle it triggers a grenade.

They head back the station. Chloe decides it’s time to bust out the Sinnerman. She sends Ella to Pierce as a diversion and uses an elaborate scheme to do it. It works, sort of. Pierce caught on and let it happen.

Apparently Dan found a babysitter. Charlotte, but it’s not going great. She and Trixie soldier on nonetheless. Pierce, Chloe, Lucifer and Sinnerman are walking in the woods. They hear screaming. It’s the kidnapped girl. They save her but not the Sinnerman accomplices.

After looking around the scene, Chloe and Pierce question the victim. Her story unravels though and she admits she faked the whole thing because a guy granted her a favor. A guy that goes by Sinnerman. Pierce and Chloe try to put it together.

Lucifer kidnapped the Sinnerman and questions him. It gets nowhere so he brings in his secret weapon, Maze. She tries and gets nothing from him. At the station, Pierce, Chloe, Dan and Ella are trying to track down Lucifer. They have a list of his properties. Lucifer convinces Maze to let him kill Sinnerman. She makes sure he knows how dumb that idea is.

Chloe figures out where Lucifer is and goes running with Pierce. Lucifer is busy taunting Sinneman. Chloe gets there and she and Pierce begin to search the house. Lucifer figures it out. Sinnerman’s greatest desire is to die by Lucifer’s hand. He just doesn’t know why. So Lucifer won’t do it and they start to scuffle. That’s when Pierce comes in and shoots the Sinnerman.

They are cleaning up the scene while Chloe talks to Lucifer. She doesn’t really talk though. She yells at him for betraying her and the team. Trixie is the best wingman ever and gets Dan a date with Charlotte. Lucifer is in the lab looking for answers. He’s going through the evidence.

Ella goes out to congratulate Pierce but he gets mad and yells at her. Lucifer sees and then looks at the evidence again. He figures something out. He’s at Lux where he’s summoned Pierce and then explains his theory. Sinnerman didn’t have an accomplice. He was the accomplice of an immortal crime boss. Lucifer’s proof is a childhood photo of Sinnerman.

In the photo there is another guy who would have to be very old by now. Or immortal. Pierce finds the idea of an immortal crime boss laughable but Lucifer stabs him in the heart. Pierce seems down for the count but within a few moments he’s up again. Lucifer knows who he really is. He’s Cain.

I called that all along. That Pierce was the bad guy. I freaking knew it. I assumed he was just a serial killer of the human variety so this threw me a little but that was awesome. It sucks that Chloe is pissed at Lucifer now though and will probably fall for Pierce.

Lucifer, episode nine

A young guy begs his way into Lux so he can ask Lucifer for a favor. Lucifer is willing to hear him out. Linda and Lucifer talk about his powers. She wants to know why he deals in desire. He has no answer.

Chloe goes to see Pierce and ends up with an eyeful since he is changing in his office. She wants to take a personal day but he doesn’t grant it outright. She vents to Lucifer as they approach a crime scene. They get to the scene and see the body.

Lucifer knows him. It’s the guy that needed the favor. Joey. He wanted to be the next Godfather so Lucifer got him an internship and that might have been what killed him. Amenadiel and Linda catch up. They maybe a little bit flirt before Maze barges in. She’s back and less than thrilled to see them together.

At the station, Ella is going over the evidence with Lucifer, Chloe and Dan. Charlotte comes in. It’s her first day in the prosecutor’s office. Chloe gets things back on track and Charlotte gives them a lead so they head out.

Linda and Amenadiel talk about Maze’s reaction and then kiss. Linda says it’s a mistake but they kiss again. Lucifer, Chloe and Charlotte talk to a mobster who is intent on getting revenge. Dan interrupts. His alibi checks out and they have another body. It’s another woman who Lucifer helped. It’s a message…. for him.

Ella is a big fan of the dead woman. She was a hair care guru. Lucifer knows who the killer is. Sinnerman. Chloe thinks he is nuts but Pierce buts in and backs Lucifer up. Lucifer goes home and calls Amenadiel. He has to leave a message. He also finds Maze waiting for him. They talk but he’s selfish and she gets mad as his phone rings. It’s the Sinnerman.

Chloe meets with Ella. She has a DNA profile on the Sinnerman. There was evidence at both scenes and she linked it to a Chicago cold case. Chloe is impressed but a bit distracted by Pierce. She’s about to head out and Pierce volunteers to go with. She takes Charlotte instead.

Lucifer follows the lead Sinnerman gave him on the phone and ends up kidnapped. Chloe and Charlotte go see the mobsters. Charlotte goes off book and then gets offended because Chloe didn’t trust her. Pierce crashes Chloe’s stakeout with food.

Maze tracks down Lucifer and then argues with him. She keeps him trapped until she has a chance to say her piece. They talk about Linda and Amenadiel and feelings. She eventually lets Lucifer out.

Pierce and Chloe have a heart to heart while on the watch. They see movement and that’s when Lucifer calls her back. He tells her what he knows and she realizes the source she saw is the Sinnerman himself.

She runs in as he kills the mobsters. They exchange fire until Sinnerman tries to make a run for it. Pierce catches him. He wants to shoot him because Sinnerman killed his brother but Chloe helps him do the right thing. Lucifer gets to the scene and wants to talk to Sinnerman but Chloe stops him.

After her talk with Lucifer, Maze goes to see Linda. She tells her that she doesn’t like the idea of her and Amenadiel. Linda assures her that there is nothing doing. Charlotte is crying in the bathroom and Dan comes in. She tells him about her struggles with being good.

At the station, Lucifer stands off to the side just watching, waiting. Eventually he heads into interrogation to see the Sinnerman. Lucifer wants to use his power and get the Sinnerman’s desires but there is no chance. Sinnerman gouged his own eyes out.

So Pierce is the Sinnerman right? That story wasn’t real. He is actually the big bad and Chloe is falling for him and that the end of the season will be super upset that she’s been duped. At least that’s what I think will happen.

Lucifer, episode eight

Lucifer is enjoying a night with Chloe and Trixie. They play Monopoly. He gets home to find Amenadiel there. They fight about him being boring and then he goes to check on Linda. The next morning at the crime scene, Lucifer tries to make himself seem more exciting. The victim was not. She was last heard arguing with the founder of an exclusive dating site.

Ella goes into the lab and finds Charlotte there. The latter wants to know how to be a better person and wants Ella to help. She runs off. Amenadiel gets to Linda’s office and helps her.

So the victim hacked the app. She got one match and that was the night of the murder. They now have a suspect and he’ll be at a mixer at the apps headquarters. Chloe goes undercover and although Lucifer tries to interfere she manages to track down the victim’s date.

He admits that he went out with her. He also admits that he had originally met her when he went on a date with her roommate. He liked the victim better and Chloe gets an idea. Maybe the roommate found out about the date and got mad. She goes through the evidence and finds a potential murder weapon.

Charlotte is still following Ella around. Ella keeps running away and when they finally talk she realizes that the forensic mentor program is a lie and she kicks Charlotte out of the lab. Linda and Amenadiel are trying to plan the memorial service for her ex. She’s distraught but not about his death, about herself. Now that she knows what comes next she is having trouble as a therapist.

Lucifer and Chloe go talk to the glamourous roommate and find out she was faking her fancy lifestyle. He’s upset that he couldn’t figure that out and then ditches Chloe. Amenadiel gives Linda a pep talk.

Chloe tries to figure out if the money that the roommate mentioned was motive for the murder. She talks about it with Ella and Charlotte approaches. She’s tracked the money back to the dating app. The victim was the creator and she hired the attractive guy Mac to play the role so that it would get funding. The money from the app is all hers.

So to get his grove back Lucifer goes to see Mac and finds out that Chloe is there. They find the murder weapon and get the guy. Lucifer goes to see Linda and is happy to find out she is doing better.

Ella is in the lab when Charlotte comes in. They talk about her efforts to be good and she lets Ella know that she took a job in the DAs office. Chloe is home playing Monopoly with Trixie. They talk about the importance of being yourself. Lucifer enjoys the company of a woman in the penthouse.

I was really annoyed with Lucifer during this episode. He tends to butt in at inopportune moments all the time but this episode he was just obnoxious. I couldn’t deal with it. That being said, I loved the scene at the end with him and Linda. The fact that she accepts her new wealth of knowledge and that he cares so much for her is fantastic.

Lucifer, episode seven

A man wakes up in the hospital. He had a near death experience and has a new lease on life. He leaves to woo his wife and as he gets to her house and sees Lucifer leaving. He follows to Lux and ends up talking to Lucifer, telling him that his wife is cheating and he wants to punish the other man. Lucifer is all for it and wants to help but Chloe turns up with a case.

Reese Getty (Patrick Fabian) turns out to be a reporter. He pitches a story to his editor about a con man named Lucifer. He talks to people at the station but everyone likes Lucifer, except Dan. Getty sees him as something of a kindred spirit and tries to talk to him about Lucifer and Chloe. No luck though. They have a case.

The victim is dead on the beach and seems to be the latest in a line of serial killings. Chloe wants to work fast and the others are along for the ride. Getty leaves another message for his wife and ends up getting threatened by Maze. He goes back to the newsroom and finds out he has a guest in his office. His wife. Dr. Linda.

She tells him to stop calling her his wife. They are separated and have been for two years. She wants him to sign divorce papers but he keeps fighting. He wants just 24 hours to finish the story and then he wil sign the papers. She agrees.

Getty sneaks into the penthouse and finds a woman tied to a bed. He thinks she is there against her will and wants to save her. Lucifer catches him though and as it turns out the woman consented to be there. Getty is upset but sees that Lucifer is not a fraud.

He rides along as they bust someone in the serial killer case. After watching Lucifer in action he admits to Chloe that he’s just charming. She agrees and then gets called out of the observation room. Lucifer is in interrogation and thinks there are no witnesses so he uses his devil face to scare the suspect into talking.

Obviously Getty sees and goes running to Linda. He tells her that Lucifer is the devil and then they fight about Lucifer and his influence on Linda. She demands that Getty sign the papers. He does and then he goes home and makes a Lucifer timeline.

Chloe and Lucifer show up at the newsroom to talk to Getty about comments on the paper’s site. He says that his assistant will help. Lucifer has to go though. He has therapy. He gets to Linda’s office and Getty comes in right behind him. He shoots Lucifer but the bullet just bounces off.

That’s when Linda knows that Getty knows the truth. She tries to calm him down but it’s too late. He runs out and goes back to the office. His editor yells at him to let the story go. He smashes things. His editor dropped off the comments from site off.

Getty finds the commentor and sends him after Lucifer. He arranges to meet Chloe at Lux while the killer goes after Lucifer. The killer tries to poison Lucifer while Chloe and Getty chat nearby. The drinks het swapped though and an innocent woman gets killed in the process.

Lucifer is upset. He goes to his penthouse while Chloe thinks about the possible connection. She thinks the killer was after Getty. He blames Lucifer though and goes after him. They argue about hell and damned souls. They end up talking about Linda and how she accepts him because he showed her his true self.

Afterward, Getty goes to see Linda. They still fight and then he shoves Linda after he confesses to what he did at the club. He realizes what happened and goes back to his office where he is confronted by the killer. He drinks poison but the cops are already there. Chloe gets the killer while Lucifer talks to Getty.

Getty wakes up in a hospital. He had a brush with death. His wife hasn’t been to visit but they were having trouble so he thinks he should use this second chance. It’s the same as the opening. He’s in hell. Doomed to repeat this over and over and over.

I actually loved the ending of this. Like absolutely loved it. That was shockingly clever. I was really surprised by it. There was no Ella which was a bummer and I would’ve appreciated more Dan but this was overall great.

Lucifer, episode six

Chloe has a birthday. Dan goes the traditional route with a cake but Ella goes big and gets her a stripper. During the festivities, Lucifer gets a call. His temporary wife is missing. Despite her aversion to Sin City, Ella offers to go with him to help find her. Chloe wants to know what’s up but Lucifer doesn’t tell her. He doesn’t want to ruin her birthday.

They make it to Vegas and stumble into a crime scene. The deceased looks like the missing Candy but he notes the feet don’t match up. They make asses of themselves at the scene so a detective notices them. Chloe can’t get ahold of Lucifer. She checks in with Linda. No word there. She’s willing to help check the penthouse though.

Ella asks Lucifer about Candy’s enemies. He remembers a loan shark so they head to his place. No Candy there but they do find the loan shark, dead. They investigate the scene and think the loan shark’s wife is the killer. Chloe and Linda get to the penthouse and see no sign of Lucifer. They decide to drink and dance around.

Lucifer calls. While on the phone canceling his therapy session he sees Ella all cleaned up. He calls Ella ravishing and then hangs up. Chloe hears and has a meltdown. She decides its time to leave the penthouse and stumbles around. She knocks over a painting in the process and finds a wall safe.

In Vegas, they see the wife on the casino floor. They form a plan. Play cards. Ella psyches in on the game though and soon enough they are escorted away from the table. Ella used to count cards. They’s why they are taken away. Once alone in the office, the wife comes in to threaten them.

They try to turn it around on her and bring up the murders. She knows nothing about them. Chloe and Linda can’t get into the safe. Desperate times means they apparently called Dan. He’s there with a drill.

After the card counting, Ella and Lucifer get kicked out of the casino. She wants to know the whole story of how he even ended up married to Candy in the first place. Basically it was to avoid his feelings for Chloe. After his story, a woman approaches them. It’s Candy and she wants to know why he’s in town.

She tells him that theis all boils down to someone wanting her father’s club. The deed was stolen and now people are getting killed and she doesn’t know who is doing it. Lucifer realizes that since they are technically married still, he has widower rights which would make him the next target.

In true Lucifer fashion, he sings at the club to draw attention to himself. Still no luck on the safe and when Dan walks away, Chloe and Linda really talk. Chloe knows she sounds jealous and she tries to convince Linda, and herself, that she’s not.

The club closes and the killer confronts Lucifer. It’s the bartender. He was in debt and needed the money from the land. They close out the case and hurry back to LA. Lucifer gets to the penthouse and finds Dan, Linda and Chloe asleep. He talks to Chloe while she sleeps about why he didn’t tell her what he was up to. She isn’t really asleep though.

Chloe hears the whole thing and when he stands up to go in the safe, she pretends to wake up. In the safe is her borthday gift. It’s a necklace he had made from the bullet she shot him with when they first met. She seems to like it. They hug.

I’m rooting for Chloe and Lucifer to get together. I really like them when they are getting along and bantery. There was a lot of Ella in this episode and that was a nice change. She seems to have quite the background so it was cool to see that.

Lucifer, episode five

At a pudding plant a man goes to the make some pudding. He hears something and looks around. The security guard hurries back to his desk and hears an alarm. He heads to the factory floor. The man is in a pudding vat.

Trixie swears and Chloe tells her to put some money in the jar. Lucifer comes in and Chloe tells him they have a new case. She explains the jar and accountability. Lucifer is not impressed. They head to the pudding plant where Ella declares death by scalding.

Pudding fanatic Dan is very upset. Lucifer and Chloe have other problems though because the company owner won’t hand over security footage. Adrian Yates (Matthew Yang King) wants to guard his pudding recipe and his lawyer, Charlotte Richards is more than happy to help.

Charlotte gets up and gets ready for the day. She gives herself a pep talk. It’s okay that she can’t remember the last few months. At the station, she tells Chloe that she won’t allow them to commit the pudding recipe to public record. Her client notes that there is nothing to be seen anyway. Chloe calls it a clue and Charlotte calls the conversation over.

Dan is upset also when Charlotte blows him off. Lucifer and Chloe head to see the head of a rival pudding company. She used to be Yates’ partner. She’s filming a pudding commercial. It’s exploitive because the pudding isn’t that good. They talk about the fact that the dead guy was going to sell her the recipe before he was killed.

As Lucifer flirts with the models in the commercial, Chloe notices a spy from Yates’ pudding company. He lawyers up. It’s Charlotte Richards so Lucifer is thrilled. Speaking of, Dan is waiting at her office. He wants answers but she doesn’t have any. Dan mentions that she and Lucifer were close.

Chloe gets a call from Trixie’s school. She’s been almost-swearing all day and Chloe yells at Lucifer for it. She goes to question the spy while he heads home. Waiting there? Charlotte Richards and when he asks why, she kisses him.

He shoves her off and she admits that she is missing time. She’s been pretending since the beach because everyone would think she was crazy otherwise. She felt like she was in hell. He tells her she might be more aware than she thought and not to screw up this second time.

In interrogation, Chloe finds out dude wasn’t spying. The pudding companies were merging. They just wanted to make sure Chloe didn’t mess it up. Charlotte turns up with the security footage. It doesn’t show the murderer but it shows the secret recipe. A combination of chemicals that cause renal failure.

It suddenly gives a lot more people motive to kill. Turns out the biggest beneficiary would be the security guard. He gets called in and talks to Chloe and Lucifer. He admits the victim was suicidal. He knew about the recipe and how sick it could make people and felt guilty. Chloe decides he killed himself to get the company investigated.

Charlotte wants to make sure that the guilty party is caught so she holds them at gunpoint. Lucifer comes to the rescue. He knows she wants to clear the red from her ledger but this isn’t the way to do it. He takes her gun. He also calls Chloe because everything that Charlotte talked to the others about was recorded.

They are getting put away for knowingly poisoning people with pudding. Charlotte apologizes to Dan for the way she treated him. Lucifer gives her a ride home. Chloe talks to Trixie about the impact her words can have. Lucifer goes in with Charlotte and talks to her about her missing months.

I feel bad for Charlotte Richards. I also don’t understand why Chloe has a kid. She’s just a plot device and that’s annoying. I want more Maze and Linda. I miss them. They should get together with Ella and Chloe for a girls night.