Lucifer, episode three

Linda and Maze are drinking. It’s fun. Linda wants to know more about the whole soulless thing. Lucifer butts in. He says that that’s why demons live in the moment. Maze admits that she’s getting bored. She isn’t into the whole sex and violence thing any more or being a bounty hunter. She’s going to take after Lucifer and follow her deepest desires.

Maze is hanging out at the police station. She’s got a new case. She’s going to chase a murdering maniac Ben Rivers (Chris McKenna) around Canada. Back at the house Chloe wants her to rethink this mission because it’s a whole new ballgame up there. Trixie wants to go too as backup. Maze goes and starts adjusting quickly.

Chloe is working when Dan comes up to her desk. He’s headed to Hawaii and wants to give her some contact info. Chloe just had a phone call. Maze is making quite a mess of Canada. Lucifer tells her to relax.

Up in the great white north, Maze threatens a hotel clerk and gets a lead. She chases it and finds the girl he’s been running amok with. Turns out he’s in town too.

Police bring the Rivers’ lawyer in. They’ve been in touch. Lucifer paints a picture of what Maze will do and the lawyer admits that she’s been helping him because she loves him. Maze cuffs her catch.

Rivers wants a drink and Maze allows it. They chat and he tells her that he’s just like her. They talk a bit more and when it’s time to take him in, she realizes that she’s the one in the cuffs. Chloe calls to check in. Maze says that she’s got it under control. Lucifer hangs up the phone and texts her Rivers’ address.

Maze goes to his place and they throw down. He says he was framed and it was Lt. Herrera (Marco Sanchez) that did it. Chloe gave Herrera her new lead. He wants to finish things off. She obliges but seems suspicious. Room service brings a gun to a fist fight so Maze and Rivers take cover together.

Chloe does not leave well enough alone and calls Maze again. She’s a little busy ducking for cover though. Eventually she bring a knife to the gun fight and takes out the attacker. Not before Rivers gets shot though. Lucifer doesn’t understand Chloe’s concern. He talks to Linda about it. She thinks that Maze is trying to connect with life.

They are interrupted by a phone call. It’s Maze in need of medical advice to fix up the fugitive. Lucifer notes that she is softer now. Rivers wakes up the next morning. Maze is ready to bring him in but he tries to plead his case. There is a knock on the door. Dan. Chloe asked him to check up on Maze because Herrera didn’t sit well with her. Maze turns to Rivers but he took off again.

Dan says that it’s time to turn the case over to the Canadians. Maze agrees. When Dan turns his back, she takes off. Lucifer wants to head to Canada but Chloe tells him that they have to let Maze run the show and trust her. Maze keeps doing some tracking. Lucifer and Chloe question the security guard that Herrera paid off. He gets caught.

Maze finally catches up with Rivers. He’s got four guns pointed at him. It’s the room service woman and she does the evil villian speech. She orders her goons to kill Maze but Dan to the rescue. They take down the bad guys and then Dan tells Rivers and Maze to take off.

Herrera gets back to his office and finds Lucifer there. Chloe comes in and breaks it down for him before the uniformed cops come in to arrest him. Maze gets a call from Chloe. Rivers is cleared. Maze relays the message and tells him that he can come home. He knows it doesn’t end with Herrera though. He’ll never be able to stop running but she can come with.

She goes home. Everyone is happy to have her back. She’s not in the clear though. Someone has a file on her now too.

I liked this episode because I’ve missed Maze in the other ones. I didn’t like this episode because I missed Ella. I’d also really like another girls night episode with Chloe, Linda, Maze and Ella. That was so good last year. I feel like overall this was just filler.


Lucifer, episode two

Lucifer brings home a woman. As they make it into the bedroom, his wings pop out. He cuts them off again and tells Dr. Linda as much at their next session. He tells her about Sinner Man and asks again if she should be at work. He then pitches the Sinner Man case to Chloe. She isn’t interested. They get a new case from Pierce to handle.

They get to the scene and talk to Dan. The victim is a comedian and they try to figure out if that served as motive. Ella gives them a rundown of the forensics and Lucifer announces that he is all in. Chloe says that at least Pierce isn’t there. He is though. He’s watching them from a distance.

Back at the station they watch a video of the victim accusing someone else of stealing his act. They are going to question him. Ella wants to tag along. She’s a fan. Chloe allows it. Linda is at the bar and Amenadiel joins her. She thanks him for saving her and he brushes her off. He tells her that he’s being tested by his father and she says that she will help him.

They head to the penthouse. He has to dispose of Lucifer’s wings. Dan goes to see Pierce. He wants to get off on a better foot. Pierce doesn’t care. He wants the file he knows Dan has on Lucifer. The other three go talk to the comic. He’s not exactly pleasant but they stick around for the show. Ella is into it. Lucifer interrupts and argues with the comic. He picks up one of the prop puppets and finds a fun inside. He mishandles it and shoots the comic.

Chloe questions the comic. Lucifer is convinced that he’s the murderer and confronts him. The comic admits he stole the jokes but didn’t kill him. The jokes were his ticket out of his shit gig. He had the gun because he got death threats from an anonymous email.

Linda and Amenadiel talk while they bag Lucifer’s wings. She asks why he thinks it is a tst and he tells ehr that his father always has a plan. Chloe comes up with a theory. The person sending the emails realized he was threatening the wrong comic and killed the victim. Lucifer calls Maze for help tracking down the Sinner Man. She drops the call. Someone is walking around behind him in his apartment. It’s Pierce.

He tells Lucifer that he knows who he is and Lucifer thinks that he knows he is the devil. They argue about the Sinner Man. Pierce tells him to back off but Lucifer doesn’t care. Linda and Amenadiel take the wings outside and burn then. He also realizes that maybe Lucifer is his test. At the station, Lucifer tells Chloe about his visit from Pierce. She tells him that he should take the advice because it makes him sound crazy. Dan does some standup to see if it draws out the killer.

Lucifer yells at him and lends a sympathetic ear to a man that takes issue with the act. They bring the guy in and talk to him. It produces a lead. The opening comic. They head to the set to find her. They get separated and Lucifer goofs off. Chloe tells him off and they continue looking. Chloe finds the comic and Lucifer finds the murderer. They work together to bring her down.

Back at the station, Lucifer talks to Dan. He thinks that Dan summoned him. Turns out it was Pierce. He agrees that the Sinner Man is in town and they will look for him together but they have to keep it quiet. There’s a guy in interrogation that might know something. Lucifer questions him but that turns up nothing.

At the next session with Linda, he talks about the interrogation and then his wings. He realizes that it’s not a matter of having the wings, it’s what he does with them. He has to get back in the game. Linda is not endorsing this plan but he goes back to the club and starts offering favors again.

Pierce is the Sinner Man right? There’s no way around it. He’s got to be. Or maybe some other celestial being. He’s not just a run of the mill cop. That’s for sure.

Lucifer, episode one

A guy is driving an armed truck through the desert. He almost hits someone. It’s Lucifer. Turns out the driver is a jewel thief and Lucifer got him busted in the first place. Lucifer takes the truck back and has a run in with the local cops.

Dr. Linda is in a wheelchair. Lucifer has a nice spread set up. She knows he’s up to something and calls him on it. He shows her that his wings are back. He wants her to cut them off but she won’t do it. As a therapist it is not safe for him mentally and as a friend it’s even worse. She almost died the last time she was in his family drama. She doesn’t want to try that again.

Lucifer heads to the station. He wants Chloe to look into his kidnapping. Yes. He was kidnapped. He takes her to the desert to prove it. She thinks he is just avoiding the sappy message he left her until she sees evidence of another body.

Ella is making with the dramatics at the crime scene. Lucifer and Dan are more concerned with the locals that they have to share the investigation with. Ella is stoked about the new boss is a rock star.

That new boss, Lt. Marcus Pierce (Tom Welling) comes in. He is not all that interested in Dan, Luficer or Chloe. Ella is pleased with things though. Amenadiel comes in to ask about their mother. Lucifer gives him a rundown. Amenadiel is upset. His mother is gone and he doesn’t have his powers back. Ella interrupts. She’s got a suspect.

Chloe and Lucifer head out to talk to him. They ask him about the dead guy but he runs. They give chase and corner him. He laughs and a frustrated Lucifer throws him off the roof into a pool. They take him to the station and he tells them that he thought the whole thing was a prank. That’s what him and the victim did. Pranked each other. He set up a fake kidnapping and that’s what this was. Lucifer wants to know everything.

Amenadiel goes to Lucifer’s place as requested. He finds a a masseuse… and Lucifer’s wings. Chloe and Lucifer go over the case with Ella but are stuck. Chloe asks Lucifer how he fits into things. She’s a woman of logic and reason though so he has to show her who he really is. He starts to psych himself up and she tells him that she is here for him. He tries to change form but can’t. She thinks he is treating the whole thing a joke and leaves in tears.

They bring the dead end to Pierce. He tells them to find a way around it. They decide to send Dan in undercover to try and get kidnapped. As they set up, Dan tells Chloe he still feels the affects of Charlotte’s bailing. Lucifer tries to give Dan a pep talk but he snarks off at him.

Ella is still in the lab when Amenadiel turns up. He’s looking for his brother but ends up getting a lecture about faith from Ella. Dan is standing on the street. The kidnappers are nowhere to be seen though. Then Chloe gets a text. They snagged Lucifer instead.

They start to intimidate him but he laughs and turns the tables. Chloe and Dan are pissed at Lucifer. He gets some information. The goons that took him usually hand the victims off to another guy. He gets the whereabouts of that guy.

Back in the lab, Dan, Chloe and Ella figure something out. The guy that said he was a local detective wasn’t. That was the killer and now they have a license plate. Lucifer uses his lead to get to the guy. Turns out he just dropped Lucifer and the victim in the desert because Lucifer sprouted wings and he freaked the heck and ditched them there. The person that hired him to kidnap Lucifer was called the Sinner Man. Lucifer’s wings are back.

Chloe and Dan bust in and arrest the perp. Back at the station, Chloe defends her method with Lucifer to Pierce when he stops by her desk. He doesn’t care though. He was just telling her that the guy is out on bail.

Lucifer goes home and finds Amenadiel. They talk about their father and forgiveness and redempetion. Amenadiel has faith. Even when he sees that Lucifer’s wings are back again. Lucifer asks about the Sinner Man. Amenadiel says he doesn’t know but he seems to be lying. Lucifer and Chloe find the perp dead under the boardwalk

The will they/won’t they with Chloe and Lucifer drives me insane. I just want them to get together and be done with it. And now they bring in this other guy. If Chloe ends up involved with him, I’ll be pissed. She shouldn’t just bounce through everyone at the station. I think Ella is my favorite. She’s too funny. This whole Lucifer is an angel again storyline might be interesting or it might get old fast. I don’t know which yet.

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Lucifer, episode eighteen

Charlotte staples the gash in her stomach and prepares to dispose of the body in her office. she quits that and calls in a favor before leaving the apartment.

Amenadial and Lucifer discuss the sword and their father’s manipulation. Then Lucifer is ready to go with the sword but Amenadial wants to process things.

Linda walks into her office and finds Charlotte waiting for her. She needs medical attention and coerces Linda into helping her.

Lucifer asks Chloe for some help as they walk on the crime scene. He needs advice dealing with Amendial. They get to where Ella is with the body. It’s the one from Charlotte’s office. He’s been shaved and bleached before being dumped.

After being distracted looking for his brother, Lucifer leaves the scene and goes to Linda’s office. He finds his mother there and her light bleeding problem. He tells her that this will probably cause her human form to burst and mentions Amenadial having the piece of the sword.

She tells him about the body and he’s worried that Chloe will solve the case and get hurt by his mother in the process.

To track his brother, Lucifer needs the best. He goes to talk to Maze and she isn’t interested in doing him any favors. He pleads to her

Chloe talks to the victim’s brother. The Ruiz family obviously had a lot of enemies but Chloe promises to be fair.

Ella is in the lab with Lucifer. He is trying to muck up the evidence but it’s no use. There are no real leads. Chloe comes in and the three of them talk about the case. Lucifer’s talk of his father gives Ella an idea. Satellites footage.

Amenadial is talking about his relationship with his father, during improv class. Dan tries to tell him to lighten up. It doesn’t work.

Lucifer and Chloe follow up a lead Ella found from the satellites. He tries to dissuade her but it’s no use. They approach the company that might be involved in the coverup and find two people hauling a body.

Chloe asks some questions. Turns out the company is certified to clean up crime scenes and the like. Lucifer still rushes the process and Chloe is upset with him for hiding things from her.

Dan and Amenadial chat after class. Dan leaves and Maze comes in and they chat before she tazes him.

Ella and Chloe talk about Paris and Vegas and the case.

Amenadial and Lucifer discuss what to do with the sword. Amenadial doesn’t want to unleashed Lucifer or his mother on heaven but Lucifer says that their mother’s powers are coming back. They don’t have a choice. Maze comes in to tell them they have a problem. Their mother is missing.

Charlotte goes to see Linda. She wants to know what she knows about Lucifer and what he might be planning. Linda doesn’t want to talk but Charlotte doesn’t really give her a choice.

The case has another victim. One of the two sisters from the cleaning company. The other sister admits to being involved in a coverup. She won’t talk though. She thinks this was a warning. Chloe calls Lucifer for help.

He can’t help her though. His mother is at Lux. This gives Chloe an idea. Meanwhile, Charlotte now knows of Lucifer’s plan to ditch her. She’s pissed and wants the piece. Amenadial tells her she’ll have to kill his.

Lucifer and Amenadial come up with a strategy. It’s too late though. Chloe and Dan are confronting Charlotte while Amenadial goes to see Linda. Lucifer calls his mother and finds out that she’s with Chloe. He panics and calls his brother, pleading for the last piece of the sword.

Maze goes to Linda’s office and finds her all battered. She’s bleeding out. Maze comforts her and cries. Amenadial comes in.

Chloe and Charlotte are talking on the pier. Lucifer tracks down Dan, who inadvertantly was hiding the last piece for Amenadial. Then Lucifer confronts his mother while Chloe argues, even though she doesn’t understand. Then the second killer shows up. It’s the brother.

The hospital is too far. Linda won’t make it. Maze cries. She needs more time. Amenadial summons his powers.

The brother shoots at Charlotte for the sake of his family but then time stops. It’s because of Amenadial. Lucifer grabs his mother and jumps off the side of the pier. Then he ignites the sword and he’s ready to end things. She tries to talk him into giving her the sword.

He rips a whole in the earth and sends her through it. It leads to nothing and she will be a casualty of war. They will not see each other. She goes through and the body of Charlotte stays there. It’s not his mother though. It’s the real Charlotte.

The brother on the pier is dead. Amenadial is relieved. Linda is being rushed into the hospital.

Chloe and Lucifer talk. She tells him that he needs to trust her and that he is not alone. Then she walks away.

Lucifer goes to visit Linda. She tells him that none of this is his fault and that she came into this with her eyes wide open. He realizes he needs to give Chloe that same chance and as he leaves the hospital calls and tells her that he has something to tell her.

Then he gets hit in the head and wakes up in the dessert with his wings. He’s back in hell maybe? I guess?

I was very concerned about Linda. I would be sad to see her go. Otherwise this annoys me. They do this whole Lucifer is missing/he abandons Chloe thing before every hiatus. They should find some new plot device or just quit. It annoys me

Lucifer, episode seventeen

Lucifer is at a beach bar spying on his mother. Amenadial interrupts because there is a problem with Maze. That’ll have to wait though. Mum is being conned. They chase the man she was paying for a piece of the flaming sword. They find him with no cash, murdered.

Maze goes to see Linda who is meeting with the head of the ethics review board. She has a bit of trouble after smuggling Lucifer out of a mental institution.

Charlotte comes to visit Chloe at work. She’s worried a client is in danger. Chloe doesn’t care. Then, after much prompting from Lucifer, Charlotte says that she heard gunshots during a phone call with the man. That gets Chloe’s attention. They take her to where the con man’s body is.

Ella is on the scene doing crime tech things while Charlotte and Chloe talk about who might be responsible. They go over the scene and find a phone.

Back at the station, Charlotte makes a pass at Dan. She tells him she likes him. Ella figures out who owned the phone. Chet Ruiz. His mother is a bad guy and she’s having a party so Charlotte and Chloe are going to head there undercover to find the murderer.

Lucifer goes to vent to Linda. Turns out she’s suspended and it’s all his fault. Maze is there to tell him as much. Then she tells him to fix it.

Dan is still at the station when Amenadial comes in looking for Lucifer or Charlotte. They are gone and he’s annoyed. Dan recruits him to help with something.

Charlotte gets to the party and checks in before looking for Chloe, who rolls in dressed much better than usual. The party is in full swing and Chet is there. They devise a plan to get him to talk.

Maze and Lucifer go to see the ethics guy to plead Linda’s case. It’s going so well at first but then Lucifer ends up incriminating her more by talking about their sexual relationship.

At the party, Charlotte sets the mother up to go talk to her son with Chloe in earshot. He admits to killing the victim for trying to steal clients but the mother knew. She was getting a cut of his new business and Chet admits that he lost his phone with sensitive materials on it. Chloe turns around and… the mother is standing there.

Dan takes Amenadial to improv. Afterward they talk about living in Lucifer’s shadow. Then the conversation turns to Charlotte. Amenadial assures Dan that neither he nor Lucifer are interested in her.

At the party, Chloe has to think on her feet. She comes up with a cover. She’s a fan of Chet’s music. The mother doesn’t believe her but Chloe sings and they all fall for it and then escort her out.

Lucifer and Maze fight on their way out of the office. She’s upset about his trip to heaven and tells him that he is selfish and just like his parents. Fisticuffs ensue. They tire each other out and Lucifer explains his plan. It’s worse in Maze’s opinion.

Ella can’t crack the phone that might be vital to bringing down the Ruiz family. They have to get into that phone.

Maze and Lucifer make it to Linda’s office. Lucifer and Linda talk about how terrible he has been. He didn’t consider Maze’s feelings at all.

Mrs. Ruiz turns up to talk to Charlotte. She’s got the artifact that Charlotte wants and its hers if she gets Chet’s phone back from the cops.

Charlotte goes to the station and talks Ella into leaving her alone with phone but before she can make off with it, Chloe intervenes.

Chloe strolls into the apartment to find Lucifer at the piano. She tells him that she knows Charlotte is his step-mother. She was trying to protect him by stealing the phone.

They set a trap for Ruiz and it works. Charlotte gets a key to a safety deposit box in the meantime. The trap works. Chloe busts Ruiz. The box has a Sumerian book in it.

Chloe is wrapping up the case and talking to Dan. She tells him about Charlotte and then he leaves.

Chet goes to see Charlotte at her office. He stabs her and when she pulls the knife out light shoots out and burns Chet to death.

Amenadial finishes the translation. They are missing the third piece. A key entrusted to the favorite son. He assumes Lucifer but he’s wrong. It’s his own necklace.

The whole Amenadial as the favorite son thing was obvious. I feel really bad for Maze. And Chloe. Her and Dan are so much better when they aren’t trying to force romantic feelings. Ella is my favorite.

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Lucifer, episode sixteen

Lucifer is at Dr. Linda’s office. They talk about the flaming sword plan and Maze. He mentions that she and Chloe are inseparable.

At the apartment, Chloe tries to escape but Maze catches her. She tries to make toast and then Chloe mentions expanding their circle of friends. Maze “gets it” which doesn’t look well for Chloe.

She mentions it to Lucifer at the crime scene. He tells her that she’s stuck with Maze for the time being. There was a murder at the psych hospital. The man that found the body is God, as in he thinks he’s God (Timothy Omundson).

Naturally, Lucifer wants to talk to him. He thinks its just a delusion or drugs though, until God calls him Samael. Then he considers it legit. He goes home and tells Amenadial. He doesn’t believe it though.

Ella is going over the lab information with Lucifer and Chloe. She thinks God is the killer and has some prints to prove it.

Lucifer tries to check himself into the psych hospital.

Dan runs into Charlotte at the station and they exchange a few words about him not having any use for her.

Even though they are near capacity, Lucifer managed to get into the hospital. He plays some poker to ask about God and then heads off to find him. He finds him with his hands on a woman and Lucifer thinks it is murder. It’s not though. It’s a miracle. God saves the woman.

Chloe goes to visit Lucifer and yells at him for checking himself in. He tells her it is to help the case and maybe for personal reasons. He tells her about the woman. She talks to a doctor, who gives Chloe her number. Maze calls her.

Lucifer confronts God about all the stuff that’s happened to him. He demands an apology and does that eye glowy thing. They get interrupted by Linda.

On the phone with Maze, it’s obvious that Chloe didn’t get through to her earlier. Also the doctor wants to go out with Chloe, who quickly tells Maze not to get involved.

Since there is still a case happening, Chloe goes to talk to Ella. Santa could be the killer, or rather an older dude with white hair. Chloe wants to interview him but it’ll talk some doing. She recruits Maze to help.

Linda is being wheeled out by Lucifer. They talk about his parents fighting.

Time for an escape so Lucifer encourages the other patients to go full tilt as a distraction. They manage to get away with help from Linda.

Chloe is getting ready for dinner with the doctor and talking to Maze about it. She set it up for at the house. Amenadial turns up and they have the most awkward double date ever. Just as he starts to get suspicious about Chloe’s questions, his phone rings. It’s word of Lucifer’s escape.

Lucifer has orchestrated an encounter between his folks. He leaves them to it and hides with Linda. Charlotte and God dance and talk and kiss, until Chloe and some other cops turn up. They take God and Lucifer back to the hospital and Chloe yells at Lucifer for what he did.

She apologizes to the doctor for using him and he tells her about the guy that she was suspecting. The conversation turns to the Santa costume. The mask with the hat is missing.

In his room, Lucifer is wonk on drugs and the nurse in the Santa mask takes him and God to kill them. The drugs are working because Chloe is still in the building. Lucifer and God talk. God apologizes and then the nurse gets ready to kill them. Chloe barges in.

During the kidnapping, the nurse breaks God’s belt. Afterward, he doesn’t remember being God. Lucifer takes the buckle home and puts it on the sword.

Charlotte goes to see Dan. She talks to him about seeing someone that might have been her ex. She’s upset and disappointed in herself.

Lucifer sees God off. They talk about what he remembers and Lucifer’s relationship with his father. He resents him and is furious now.

I wanted to like this but honestly it was pretty boring. Ella’s fascination with the song and Linda being Linda were the best parts of this. Chloe wasn’t that important and you know that there won’t be any resolution between Lucifer and his father so this all felt like a throw away.

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Lucifer, episode fifteen

Charlotte explains the blade to Amenadial. Lucifer punches through a wall to get it out of it’s hiding spot. She says that to turn it into a flaming blade, Lucifer has to be angry. He tries but no luck.

Lucifer heads to Dr. Linda’s office to talk about controlling his emotions. She tries to make him talk about his feelings for Chloe. He doesn’t take the bait though.

Speaking of Chloe, she’s staring out the window and contemplating Lucifer’s marriage, which seems to have since been annulled. She tries to talk to Maze but she puts on headphones to not listen.

Chloe and Lucifer arrive on the scene and she takes a couple jabs at him. It’s the administrator at a prestige LA private school. Seems that she was stabbed in the back by some commemorative ribbon-cutting scissors that are missing from the scene.

They had to the school, where the students are taught to control their emotions. Lucifer wants to know more about it. Chloe doesn’t want to derail the conversation though. She asks about the faculty and then the parents and gets a lead.

She brings in some parents that threatened the victim. They tell her that they made a huge donation to the school in order to get their son in but he was still rejected, even after the check cleared. The murder weapon was also found at their pool house.

Lucifer is reading a children’s book on emotions at Lux when three blond “detectives” turn up to arrest him. He recognizes that it is his mother’s doing and calls her on it. She wants to hurry up his emotional progress to get back into heaven. She mentions that he would understand if he had kids. Lightbulb moment.

The next morning he heads to the Decker household where Chloe has a theory about the case. Someone at the school embezzled the donation and the victim confronted them. The real killer then murdered her and set up the parents. She has to check the books to follow the money. Lucifer tells her to do that and he will get Trixie to school.

He does. Just not hers. They are back at the private school for a prospective student tour. Lucifer wants to see the classes about emotional control.

Chloe and Dan meet with the assistant dean. He admits to stealing the money but when he finds out that might not be why the parents killed he victim he wants to retract that statement. The PE teacher interrupts and mentions Trixie. That’s how Chloe finds out about the tour.

Trixie and Lucifer are in a class talking about emotions. She says that she has a lot of feelings about her mom’s work but doesn’t feel like she can talk about them with her mother. Lucifer asks the teacher how she would deal with that and the teacher says art. He then makes a crack about the kid next to him, who promptly turns and says that his mother is the murderer.

Dan takes the woman’s contact info. Chloe talks to Trixie and then Lucifer and sends them on their way.

Lucifer parks his car and finds a hooded figure in the parking garage. The person punches him and he can feel it. He’s shocked. They fight and then he figures out that it’s his mother. They argue and she storms off.

The mother is in interrogation. Chloe is reading her email. Trixie is being considered for admission. Dan and Chloe talk about her maybe attending, after they solve the murder. They talk to the mother and she says that she wanted to kill the victim for making her feel like a crap.

Turns out the mom was having an affair with the gym teacher. And the victim wasn’t all that well liked. The grief gathering would be a good place to find out more.

Chloe plans to go and tries to put herself together so that it reflects well on Trixie. She even talks to Maze about it. She goes alone and the school people are judgey until Maze shows up pretending they are together.

They prowl the party and realize that the parents are just waiting for a train wreck so they can gossip about it.

Lucifer and Amenadial argue about their mother. They both want to go home and things are getting tense.

Maze and Chloe have planted bait. The evidence is in the car. Now all they have to do is see who goes out to destroy it.

Apparently it’s the teacher. She’s about to break a window when Lucifer approaches to talk about channeling emotions. He asks if she needed something from the car and then unlocks it. While she searches, Chloe approaches just as the teacher pulls her gun from the car.

There is a bit of a standoff as she holds them at gunpoint and explains that the victim was going to expose that her son was actually the gym teacher’s and not her husband’s. Chloe talks to her as a mom and brings up what Trixie said in the class. She lowers the gun and Maze tackles her.

Chloe tucks Trixie in and talks about the school and how it made her feel. She says that it is Trixie’s choice. They decide no on the school.

Lucifer talks to Linda about pain and his parent’s deserving punishment and how to work through it, both in regard to his parents and Chloe. He goes back to the loft and makes the sword light on fire. He’s in tears though and it only lasts for a few moments. Amenadial defends Lucifer when their mother gets angry.

I don’t care about this Charlotte needs to get back to heaven stuff. I’m glad Maze was more involved and I would love more Dr. Linda scenes too. She’s great and should be utilized more. Same for Ella and… Dan. I can’t even believe I’m saying that. When they aren’t trying to do a Chloe/Dan/Lucifer love triangle thing, Dan is funny.

Lucifer is new Mondays at 9 p.m.