Lucifer, episode twenty-four

Lucifer is sad because he will never see Charlotte again. Chloe will someday because they will be reunited in heaven but Lucifer won’t go there. Dan is holding up as well as he can. Ella is still working the scene. She doesn’t have anything of consequence to share. Pierce shows up and assigns tasks. He sends Dan home to grieve and asks Lucifer about Amenadiel. Lucifer tells him that he thinks his brother got his wings back and took Charlotte to heaven.

Dan goes home and looks through Charlotte’s things. He finds the waffle iron and gets angry. He throws it and breaks a table. The files on it fall and when he picks them up he notices something. Pierce goes to see his minion. He’s still got Maze locked up at his place and he wants to keep it that way. She breaks the chains and takes out two goons but finds a room full of more when she tries to leave.

Chloe and Lucifer are going through Charlotte’s files when Dan comes in. He’s got a theory. Pierce is the Sinner Man. Lucifer tells them he knew but no one would listen. Ella interrupts their chat. Pierce is making a speech. It’s about getting justice. As he speaks, Chloe realizes that Dan was right. Pierce did it. They have to figure out how to catch Pierce. Ella found some DNA at the scene and they know it was Pierce framing someone that Charlotte was trying.

They go to see the guy and continue to tell him that they know he’s being framed. They find the murder weapon in his house, during a party where tons of people had access. This should be fun. Linda is just walking a patient out when a bloody Maze comes in. She makes sure the guy is not after Linda and then passes out.

Lucifer, Dan and Chloe are looking at all the party guests. They are all criminals and that is not who Pierce would use. The valet with the spotless record though? That’s more his style so they confront him and sure enough he owns up to it. He gives them a burner phone that was used for the drop. Dan gives it to Ella to run and tells her not tell anyone. She doesn’t listen and actually brings it to Pierce who promptly calls his minion to handle it.

Dan is asleep on his couch when Pierce’s guy comes in. Dude pulls a gun but before he shoots, Chloe turns up behind him with a gun on him and Dan was faking and his got his gun out too. Meanwhile, Lucifer confronts Pierce about his mark and his mission. Pierce is onto Lucifer too. He knows that he wants to help people. Pierce yells and officers come in to take Lucifer away. He goes back to Lux and Ella, Dan and Chloe are there.

The minion is with them as well. Ella gave Pierce the phone on purpose. It was a setup. She believes them and now they don’t know what to do. Chloe calls Pierce and plays dumb. He sees through her though. He knows they are all working against him now. He gets home and finds all his goons down and Maze in the wind. She and Linda reconcile. Lucifer and Ella have a heart to heart about his father and Pierce.

Inside, Chloe and Dan are trying to get the minion to talk. He won’t. Dan has Chloe leave the room and then he gets serious about threatening the guy. Dude is willing to talk if they can prove they have the means to protect his sister. Dan is willing to do that. Lucifer and Chloe go to get the sister while Dan and Ella stay with guy. Chloe talks to Lucifer about his truth and his devilish ways. She doesn’t see him like that and lately he doesn’t seem himself that way either.

Ella called in a favor and ran the minion’s prints. He’s an only child. It’s a trap. Chloe realizes it moments too late. Pierce and his goons are there with guns. Pierce wants to take down Lucifer but Chloe stays in front of him and won’t move. She and Pierce exchange fire and she goes down hard. Lucifer catches her and wraps his wings around her. Pierce orders his goons to finish her and they open fire.

Lucifer manages to take off and get her safely to a rooftop. She was wearing a vest so she’s okay. They just need to get Pierce so Lucifer goes back for him. Chloe gets a call from Dan about the trap and she tells him she knows. She’s starting to put the pieces together. Lucifer took Chloe far enough away that bullets don’t work. Pierce came prepared though. He has Maze’s demon blade. They fight but Lucifer wins. He stabs Pierce with the blade.

As he takes his last breaths, Pierce talks about having no regrets and making it into heaven but Lucifer points out what happened to Charlotte. He’s going to hell for it. He’s a monster and he will spend eternity remembering that. He’s not the only one though. Lucifer is a monster too, Pierce taunts as Lucifer’s devil face flickers. Pierce dies just as Chloe comes in. Lucifer turns around and is full devil. She is shocked to see that “it’s all true.”

This is how they end it? That sucks. At least do it like Frequency and give them a five minute wrap up online. Seal it off with a little bow. I’m glad that Maze and Linda made amends. That was good but having the show end on this note sucks. I know why they did it and I don’t blame the show runners but it still sucks. I’m glad Chloe knows though.


Lucifer, episode twenty-three

Charlotte wakes up in bed with Dan. She’s glad they talked about how they felt. They kiss and then hear something. They head out to make breakfast with her kids. A man busts in and kills everyone. It was a nightmare. A recurring one that Charlotte has and Dan is there to comfort her. Lucifer has a session with Linda and she wants to know if he is going to tell Chloe how he feels now that she is available. He doesn’t plan to.

Chloe and Ella are at a crime scene when they hear piano music. It’s Lucifer. He’s taking a stroll down memory lane. She appreciates the normalcy but wants to work the case. The victim is the wife of a famous baseball player. The player is at the hospital getting checked out. Charlotte talks to Amenadiel about atonement and faith. Then swings by the station just as Chloe brings the player in to give a statement.

She recognizes him. It’s the man from her nightmare, from her hell loop. She tells Lucifer. Chloe talks to the player, Forest. Then Lucifer brings her in to talk Charlotte who explains some background she has with Forest and why she thinks he is guilty. Chloe agrees to look into it. Lucifer finds Amenadiel daydrinking at Lux and talks to him about mortality. Dan is researching Forest and talking to Chloe when Ella comes in.

Forest lied. He wasn’t home when the murder happened. He was having an affair. They bring in the mistress and their stories match up. The mistress also reveals that the wife was cheating too. Pierce is home alone when Maze comes in and fights with him about the plan. He has a new idea. Kill Amenadiel instead. He just needs Maze to weaken him first. Chloe and Lucifer go to see the man that the wife was sleeping with.

He denies it. They were just working long hours together. He also mentions corporate spies lurking in the store and Chloe realizes that they were stalking the victim not the shoes. She wants to see the security footage. Amenadiel goes undercover to see Forest’s lawyer. While in his office, Charlotte causes a scene at the front desk and he has to handle it. Turns out that was a diversion to steal files.

Lucifer and Chloe are at her desk when a messenger comes in. He’s got a package for Dan. It’s a waffle iron for Charlotte. Chloe and Lucifer point out that its kind of weird. He then reveals that he has a necklace too. Charlotte and Amenadiel are going over the files they stole. There were murders tied to Forest but she got rid of the evidence so now they can’t connect them. Dan shows up and Amenadiel leaves. He finds Maze crying in the parking garage.

Amenadiel hugs her and tells her that he will always be there for her. She has a needle to drug him but can’t go through with it. Chloe is home with Trixie when Lucifer shows up. He tries to recreate a game night they had. Trixie thinks it’s weird and goes to her room. Chloe doesn’t understand what Lucifer is trying to do and is upset. She tells him to leave.

Chloe ends up staying up all night to work on the case. She goes over her theories with Ella. She thinks Forest was the real target. Charlotte comes in with her new information. The boyfriend of the girl that was killed years ago is out of prison. Chloe brings him in. Maze and Pierce fight over killing Amenadiel. The boyfriend confesses to killing the victim because he was after Forest for revenge. Forest was rough with his girlfriend way back when.

It solves the case but it’s not what they were after so Chloe and Charlotte come up with a new plan. Pierce and Maze continue to fight. He says that he has someone on Linda as a fail-safe and Maze hesitates. It’s enough time for Pierce to drug her. The mistress is with Forest and he tells her to go get him a beer. She walks away and Charlotte comes in. She confronts him about the violence and murder, claims she didn’t destroy the evidence.

He seems to be going along with them and heading for his checkbook. He grabs the mistress and a weapon. Then he confesses and Chloe got the whole thing on tape. She makes the arrest and Lucifer looks on from outside. Charlotte finds a spot on a hill to celebrate. Amenadiel joins her there and they talk about why they behave the way they do. But then shots ring out. Charlotte is hit. It’s Pierce. He was after Amenadiel but she jumped in front.

At the scene, Chloe plays the piano. Lucifer hears her and comes in. He realized that she can do all this without him. She’s been choosing to work with him all this time. He has something he has to tell her. He is the devil. She tells her that he’s not to her. They kiss. Then her phone rings. She has to take it. It’s bad news. Lucifer goes with her.

Charlotte is fading fast. She talks to Amenadiel and as she dies, he gets his wings back. He scoops her up and they head home as he flies to heaven. Chloe and Lucifer get to the scene and find Charlotte’s body. She breaks down crying. Dan is a few steps behind them and he is a mess too. Lucifer comforts Chloe for a few moments. Then he spots something. An angel feather.

This was intense. I’m shocked it wasn’t the finale. It was set up like one. I can’t imagine they will actually let Chloe and Lucifer be together but I really hope they have at least one good episode. That would be enough at this point. I just want them to be happy together.

Lucifer, episode twenty-two

Backstage at a dog show. Things are hectic and it gets worse when a murder victim turns up. Chloe tells Ella about the engagement and mentions the wedding will be held in about three weeks. Ella wants to plan the bachelorette party and though Chloe is reluctant she agrees. Pierce starts listing all the things they have to do and Chloe gets frazzled. He suggests she take a few days off. Lucifer can’t understand Chloe’s logic.

Amenadiel agrees to help Lucifer because it is his test. Lucifer goes to the station and tries to get Chloe to take a personality test. She doesn’t. Instead she hands her cases off to Dan, who now has Lucifer as a shadow. They go to the dog show where Ella is in rare form. She runs through all she knows before ducking out for bachelorette duties. Dan and Lucifer talk to the victim’s husband. Best he can come up with is a partial license plate from a parking lot squabble.

Pierce has summoned Maze. She thinks it’s because they are back in business but really he just wants to apologize. He tells her that he will find another way to send her back to hell. Then she gets drafted by Ella to help plan the bachelorette because Chloe is a wreck. Lucifer is trying to be Chloe to understand her choices. Dan just wants him to get on with it. Amenadiel needs to cause Pierce to have a change of heart so he goes to Charlotte for help.

She suggests weaponizing his own fears. Lucifer puts a few pieces together but he needs a foil like he usually plays for Chloe. That’s what he gets Dan to do. Meanwhile, Maze leads Chloe to her party and it is so very tame and kid friendly. Dan is on to something with a suspect and that’s when Lucifer interrupts with a SWAT team. Charlotte takes matters into her own hands and calls for a party bus. Maze is not happy.

Dan and Lucifer question their suspect. He didn’t murder anyone. He was fighting with the victim over the custody of puppies. Very expensive puppies. Things are going nuts on the bus. Maze wants things to go smoothly but now Charlotte has some shirtless guys boarding. Dan and Lucifer go to question the dog’s vet. She didn’t do it. Her assistant did, or so Lucifer thinks. The assistant admits to kidnapping the dog but she claims she didn’t kill anyone.

The bus devolves into fighting. Charlotte was psyching Chloe out and Linda was ready to throttle Maze. Pierce and Amenadiel talk at Lux about how precious life is when you are no longer immortal. Ella clears them all of the bus to fight. She mentions Pierce wanting a fake tattoo and that’s when Maze realizes that Pierce lied to her. Lucifer and Dan took the dog and the victim’s husband picks her up. It doesn’t add up though. Lucifer goes over the paperwork. He figures out that the husband lied.

Chloe, alone on the bus, talks to the driver about rushing into things and knowing when it is right. Dan beat Lucifer to the punch and went to the guy’s house. He pulls a gun and Dan tries to talk him down. Lucifer and backup bust through the door and save Dan. That’s when the other show drops. Lucifer understands why Chloe said yes. Maze goes to Chloe’s to take down Pierce but Trixie is there so she won’t do it.

When Chloe gets home Pierce asks her to forego the big event and elope. Instead she calls off the engagement. The next day at work Lucifer comes in ready to tell Chloe that he’s learned and grown as a person. That is until he sees that she’s not wearing the ring. Then he goes back to business as usual as she tells him they got a case. The two of them leave the office smiling while Pierce broods and watches.

I feel like there was a lot more potential for this episode than it actually lived up to. Like Dan and Lucifer paired up was really funny but the bachelorette party could have been funnier. I just felt like they were going through the motions and it was only okay.

Lucifer, episode twenty-one

A woman is dancing ballet when a figure sneaks up behind her and wraps something around her neck to drag her off. Lucifer is still at Pierce’s and he just realized that the curse is broken so Lucifer wants to know why. Pierce thinks that it’s Chloe’s love that makes them vulnerable but Lucifer thinks it’s still manipulation. Either way he’s ready to kill Pierce but now Pierce isn’t interested.

Ella is in her lab when Chloe swings by. Ella comments on her sunglasses and then talks through it. She sees that Chloe was crying because of Pierce and despite Chloe’s insistent that she leave it alone, Ella goes to give Pierce a piece of her mind. He realizes that now that his curse is gone he can spend his life with Chloe. She’s safe. So now he wants to win her back. They get a murder and at the scene, Lucifer starts ragging on Pierce.

Pierce shows up and tells Chloe he loves her. It seems like just empty words now though. The victim that they have is the ballerina. She was rehearsing alone and someone killed her with the strings of a ballet slipper. Lucifer keeps going after Pierce and Chloe tells her to mind his own business. Lucifer goes to see Linda. Talking to her makes him realize that he wants to win her himself.

Maze goes to see Pierce. He tells her the plan is off and she is livid. This is her only plan to get back to hell. She has to kill him and frame Lucifer but he says no. She storms out and doesn’t plan to let it go. Lucifer got Chloe a latte and a treat, but Pierce is using the same wooing techniques. He seems upset. Ella gives them a lab report. They now have a suspect. Another dancer. Chloe and Lucifer go to talk to her and it’s not her but they get a new lead.

The victim was working on a reality show. Lucifer goes to Amenadiel for help taking down Pierce. Amenadiel is game because he wants to help Lucifer. The plan is for Amenadiel to look into Pierce’s seedy deeds while Lucifer continues trying to win Chloe. Ella presents Lucifer and Chloe with reality tv footage. The host there was working with the victim so they bring him in.

They question him and it doesn’t get them anywhere. Then Lucifer does his voodoo and they find out not only that the guy is a fraud but that someone was blackmailing him in the victim’s name. Seems like a decent lead. Amenadiel goes to Charlotte for help taking down Pierce. It might sort of kind of help her get in God’s good graces so she’s in. After the questioning, Lucifer and Chloe are heading out and he presents her with a car.

She realizes that he thinks it’s a competition. That’s not the case and she needs him to understand that. The next morning, Chloe comes downstairs to find Maze. She wants to earn her way back into the house. First order of business was beating up Pierce. Chloe seems willing to let her try but Trixie is not as forgiving. Dan calls with a lead on the case. They got an ID from a blackmail.

Chloe heads to the address but Lucifer beats her there. He wants to show her with actions. He thinks their guy is a stalker but as he gets home and finds them there it becomes apparent that he was in love with the victim and they were having an affair. He didn’t think anyone else knew about the apartment and let’s Chloe take the victim’s laptop. Amenadiel and Charlotte spy on Pierce and see him exchanging something for an envelope.

That’s not enough though. They need to see what’s in it and as Pierce leaves, Charlotte gives chase. She gets caught and pretends to want to sleep with Pierce as a cover. He tells her that he’s in love with Chloe. As the team works on the case, Chloe gets a call from Pierce. He wants a chance to explain and invites her over for dinner. Lucifer overhears and wants to talk to her too. In private. She agrees.

Lucifer sets up a romantic dinner and points out that it’s better than what Pierce could do. That’s all he’s worried about. Chloe cries. Not tears of joy. She wants to know why Lucifer is doing this but he just tells her that Pierce doesn’t deserve her. She deserves someone better. Before she can storm out, Dan calls. They have a lead. It’s the male lead ballerina.

The two of them head to the production but before they can move in the victim’s lover storms the stage with a gun. He put the pieces together and is out for blood. Lucifer and Chloe stop him and talk it out. The dancer did it to get the woman he loved the job as lead so they could be together. He was just too afraid to tell her and now it’s too late. As they leave Lucifer sees that he’s in the same spot.

Pierce checks his phone, again. No sign of Chloe. He leaves. Amenadiel and Charlotte break into Pierce’s place to see what’s in the envelope. It’s empty. Lucifer is home alone drinking when Linda shows up. She wants to be his friend. She wants to know what he is so afraid of and what he really wants. She sends him after Chloe. Pierce gets to Chloe’s and tells her how he feels. Then he proposes. Lucifer sees through the window as Chloe says yes.

Okay that was just too much. I can get on board with them dating or something but proposing? That’s too fast. I guess next week will be funny because the whole girl’s night gang will have to be drinking together again. I’m ready for that. I feel bad for Lucifer though. He tries so hard.

Lucifer, episode twenty

A woman is woken up by a commotion in her house. She creeps downstairs to investigate as she calls the police. The intruder pulls a gun on her but before the shot is fired she sees the shadow of an angel and then the intruder is gone. Pierce invites Chloe on a tour of the evidence closet. They make the most of their alone time though Ella knows what is going on just beyond the wall.

Another scene crops up and Lucifer meets Chloe there. He’s ready to banter until Pierce gets out of the passenger seat and interrupts. Lucifer is not amused. They go inside where Ella teases Chloe before breaking down what they know. The victim comes from a prominent family but was renting a room from the woman that was saved by an angel the night before.

She tells as much to Chloe and Lucifer before pointing out that the angel in question stole a figurine from her. Pierce thinks there could be some truth to that but Lucifer shoots that theory down. It wasn’t one of his brothers. Speaking of, he gets a call from Amenadiel. He seems to be having second thoughts about revealing their divinity to Charlotte. Lucifier doesn’t care though.

He does mention the case with the woman that was saved and Amenadiel says an angel would have to be bored or confused to do something like that. Lucifer laughs and that’s when he finds the figurine in his bedroom. He goes to Linda to talk about it and she suggests that he could be sleep flying. Chloe and Pierce have sex at her house this time.

Then she promptly kicks him out because she doesn’t want to introduce him to Trixie. She gets a call from Lucifer and heads to the office. He wants to solve the case to ask about the angel. They know the victim was in rehab recently and fought with someone there so they follow up. It’s a bust though and Lucifer gets riled up as a result. Chloe sends him home for the day and he borrows her handcuffs. He chains himself down to go to bed.

The next morning Amenadiel wakes him up with news that he is saving people and he has done it again. Amenadiel thinks it is punishment but Lucifer calls it manipulation. He needs to find the killer to prove he’s not saving people. Ella goes to talk to Pierce and hears him on the phone. They talk about his relationship with Chloe.

Charlotte rolls into the station. She tells people actually what she thinks of them, which is mostly not nice. She compliments Ella though and drags Dan away. Chloe and Lucifer go to see one of the victim’s exes. He called a few months earlier looking for money. He spoke to her current husband. The visit seems to get them nowhere.

Meanwhile, Dan and Charlotte go out for drinks. She wants another round but he puts a stop to it so she suggests a hookup in a storage closet instead. He’s game for that but ends up caught by a manager. Chloe is looking for more leads but its slow going. Lucifer is agitated and she tells him to go home and get some sleep. He can’t though in case he is this angel. So Chloe tells him not to sleep.

Great plan. He starts doing all sorts of reckless things to stay awake but settles down when the show Bones gets his attention. Chloe gets a call from Maze. She’s ready to make amends, but at Chloe’s pace. Her speech is much the same as Pierce’s was about their relationship. As she gets off the phone, Lucifer shows up. It’s been a week and he binged all of Bones but now Chloe has a lead so he’s ready.

They head to a wedding. The best man was seen fighting their victim so when his speech wraps and Lucifer is certain he recognizes him they confront him. He’s not the killer. He’s an actor. Lucifer recognizes him from Bones. He was hired to be the best man just like he was hired to be best buddies with the victim.

Only in that case he was hired to keep the victim on drugs and they fought because said victim was trying to stay clean. Pierce gets home to find Maze waiting around. She’s ready to kill him but it’s not time yet. She asks if he wants pain or no pain. He opts for the painless and she comments that it won’t be painless for Chloe.

In fact, having her fall for him just to disappear is ruthless. Pierce doesn’t care who gets hurt. He just wants to be done. Chloe wants to get a warrant for the company that assigned the actor to the victim. That’ll have to wait till morning though which Lucifer is not happy about. She tells him to get some sleep and he snaps. He tells her the truth about why he’s not sleeping and helping people and all about Pierce.

She doesn’t want to hear it. In her book Pierce is a good man who treats her right. She is about to say she loves him but runs out instead. Charlotte is buying jewelry when Amenadiel comes in. He wants a word and Charlotte grants it. She’s been partying because she figures between him and Lucifer she was a direct ride to heaven. Amenadiel explains that that isn’t the case. Nothing has changed.

When it’s her time she wil be judged the same as everyone else. It’s awful news. She realizes that as soon as she thought she was safe she relapsed and now she will never make it into heaven. Trixie is at the office with Chloe who finally breaks the news about her relationship with Pierce. They are about to invite him out when Chloe sees a picture on the computer. It’s the victim with the ex’s new husband.

Speaking of, he’s at home and he’s got some company. Lucifer. The husband was an actor from the same company as that best man. The wife hired him and when the victim came snooping around to get back with her and his son, the guy took him out. Lucifer goes full tilt and threatens him That’s when he finds out there was no angel. The killer touched the figurine so he took it with him. Lucifer figures out what’s going on.

Chloe gets to the house and finds the killer. He confesses everything. Lucifer is tearing his penthouse apart looking for the figurine. Pierce planted it. It was a diversion so he could get close to Chloe. Lucifer knows it and explains as much to Maze when she shows up. She tells him to explain everything and that’s when he realizes something is up.

Maze owns it. She’s not helping Pierce. It was her plan. Now she’s stalling him and he sees that. He takes off. Pierce gets to Chloe’s. He brought her soda and cake. She tells him that he can spend the night and he seems happy. Then she starts to tell him that she loves him but he cuts her off and tells her that it’s not worth it and breaks up with her. He leaves. He seems upset.

Lucifer gets there and knocks. Trixie lets him in and sees how upset Chloe is before taking off too. He goes to Pierce’s house and starts wailing on him. Pierce doesn’t fight him. He stopped Chloe because he couldn’t hurt her like that. That’s when Lucifer points out that Pierce’s mark is gone.

I want more Linda. She’s the best part of this show. Also, I feel really bad for Charlotte. This has been such a crazy time for her. Lucifer would do anything to keep Chloe safe but she doesn’t see that and it ends up getting him in trouble always. She didn’t do anything wrong with Pierce and now this is going to be a long drawn out thing and he will probably win her back and then Maze will still kill him and everyone will be cranky.

Lucifer, episode nineteen

Lucifer meets Maze at the apartment. She’s looking for her knife but there is no sign of it. Oh well. She’s going to swipe some coconut water and then head to hell on the Lucifer Express. He’s not willing to risk someone, namely Chloe, getting hurt. Maze freaks out. That’s when Chloe comes in. She tries to talk to Maze but it’s no use.

Maze storms out and Chloe tries to send Lucifer after her. He’s in no hurry though so he’s still there as Pierce comes in. He and Chloe were at the beach. Chloe tells Lucifer that there was a crime scene but she didn’t call him because he hates sand. When he leaves, she apologizes to Pierce for panicking. He’s okay with it. He’s also okay with telling people they are dating.

Charlotte has a session with Linda and talks about Amenadiel. She trusts him and wants to hear him out. There is a crime scene at the beach. Ella runs over what she knows for Chloe and Lucifer. He asks if it’s connected to her other murder. That’s when she admits that she’s dating Pierce. When she goes to get a glimpse at the security footage of the scene, Ella hugs Lucifer.

She tries to be sympathetic but he pretends to be unaffected. Chloe calls them over to look at the video. They see the murder. It was Maze. Lucifer and Chloe argue about whether or not Maze was capable of it. They have to head to the vineyard that the victim worked at. On the car ride up, Lucifer asks about Chloe’s relationship with Pierce.

They get to the vineyard and talk to the victim’s bosses. They find out he had a visitor a few days earlier. A woman in leather that left a can of coconut water behind. All signs point to Maze. Linda confronts Amenadiel about basically stalking Charlotte. At the station, Ella and then Dan update on what they have. Lucifer comes in and Chloe jumps away from Pierce.

Lucifer takes her seat. Dan asks if anyone believes it was her. Lucifer does but the rest are reluctant. Maze comes in and confesses. Chloe still doesn’t think it was Maze. She produces the murder weapon so they take her into custody. Pierce is ready to wrap it up but Chloe wants to look into it. She questions Maze and it’s clear she’s innocent.

Chloe and Lucifer are going to clear her name but first Lucifer has to talk to Charlotte. She confirms that Amenadiel is his brother and then pushes for more. He lays out the truth but she doesn’t seem to buy it. Ella visits Maze because she supports her. She asks for a hug and gets it. Lucifer and Chloe figure out that it’s a frame job and that Maze stole something from Ella.

Her swipe card. Maze uses it to find out who posted bail for the victim the last time he was busted. Chloe lays out the facts for Pierce and he’s impressed. As he leans in for a kiss, Lucifer interrupts. Maze tracks down the bail bondsman at a bowling alley and gets aggressive to get him to talk. Charlotte goes to clear things up with Amenadiel. She wants the trust.

A truth that makes sense. While Maze is interrogating the bondsman, he ends up shot in the head from across the street. Witnesses put Maze in the room with the victim. She couldn’t be the shooter. They start talking to her old bounties looking for a lead but get nowhere. Meanwhile, Dan and Pierce talk about how close Chloe and Lucifer are.

One of the bounties mentions that Maze helped him get away from a crap job at a vineyard. They connect the dots. It’s the vineyard that they were at. They head there in a hurry but Maze is already there. Turns out the woman’s son died in prison and mommy dearest blames Maze for putting him there. Chloe walks in just as Maze charges the woman.

She tries to talk her down and it comes out that Maze blames Chloe for Lucifer not helping her go home. She throws her knife down, through the woman’s foot, and storms off. With no other options, Lucifer and Amenadiel talk to Charlotte. Lucifer shows her his wings. Chloe apologizes to Pierce for making him deal with her friendship with Lucifer.

Lucifer walks in and Pierce gives Chloe the out. She doesn’t take it though. Maze comes by the penthouse as requested and pleads for a way home. He tells her he can’t lose her too and admits that Chloe picked Pierce. Maze realizes that she is the consolation prize and takes off. Pierce finds her at the bus stop and proposes they work together to get what they want.

I feel bad for Maze. I liked it so much better when she was best buddies with Linda. Pierce is awful and is going to destroy Chloe. I like Dan though. He’s definitely gotten better as the seasons have gone on.

Lucifer, episode eighteen

Pierce is in an old timey bar looking at crime scene photos. He gets called away by his partner who has nicknamed the killer. Pierce tells him not to do that. It’s too late. Present day Pierce reads about the death of the killer of old age in prison when Chloe comes in. They talk about their night out together.

Ella and Lucifer watch them and she is adamant that Pierce and Chloe hit it off. Lucifer calls them a flash in the pan. Chloe is being awkward and Pierce invites her to dinner. She’s hesitant since he said they wouldn’t work. That’s when Dan interrupts. Chloe runs with it. They’ve got a case. Murder in Griffith Park. Pierce wants a copy of the file.

Amenadiel is having an existential crisis in a coffee shop. He finally orders and then sees Charlotte. He thinks she is still his mother and chases her. He gives her a hug and she pushes him off. She doesn’t know him but he mentioned Lucifer. That triggers her and she wants to know what he was rambling about. He makes a quick getaway.

Lucifer tells Chloe that he knows her time with Pierce is not his business. They are partners and nothing will come between them. Chloe, Lucifer and Ella look over the scene. They are piecing it together when Pierce butts in. It’s the same as that serial killer he was dealing with in the ’50s. Dan brings Trixie home to find that Maze and her band trashed the house.

He tells her off and she brings up their history. One of the victim’s was married so Chloe is ready to question the widow. Pierce moves to follow her but Lucifer has words for him first. Pierce doesn’t back down. During questioning, the widow claims it wasn’t her. Pierce buys it. Lucifer doesn’t and Chloe leans Lucifer’s way.

At least she does until Dan tells her they have another scene. Then she asks Pierce to join the case. Ella and Chloe go over the new scene. One of these victims is married too. Chloe wants to figure out how the killer is picking victims. Back in the ’50s, Pierce talks to a waitress about himself and his case. He realizes that the killer might be scoping out the scenes first.

Following that up, he gets a lead and follows that up. Amenadiel goes to warn Linda that Charlotte is back and is shocked to hear that Linda already knew. Pierce, Lucifer and Chloe follow up their lead and end up on a murder tour. They trap the tour guide. Pierce notices that they are close to the bar he used to hang out at.

Pierce tells the others he’ll meet them at the station and heads inside. He sees a waitress that looks identical to the one he was friendly with back in the day. That was her grandmother and his partner on the case was her grandfather. They passed a few years ago. Chloe and Lucifer question the suspect. He tells them a cop has been feeding him info.

Maze made pot brownies for Trixie to give to her teacher. It does not go over well so Dan yells at her for it. She lashes out and calls Chloe and Trixie names. Trixie hears and runs away crying. Pierce and Chloe talk about the case by phone. He has access to the old files in the bar so he asks her to meet him. She heads out without Lucifer because he’s being difficult.

Back in the day, Pierce dated the waitress. He breaks up with her when he transfers. She’s not happy. Chloe meets him and they talk about the case. She figured out that the killer listened to a radio show about cheating and pieces together that there must be a comparable show now. Sure enough, Ella knows it and they will go undercover to set the killer up.

Lucifer plays the jilted lover and Chloe is cheating on him with Pierce. That night, Chloe goes to Pierce’s house for the setup. He tries to turn it into a date. In the surveillance van, Lucifer and Dan talk about getting over Chloe. As Pierce serves dinner, Chloe tells him that them together might not be a good idea. She needs someone that will open up to her.

That’s not him. Outside, Lucifer sneaks up on a hooded figure. It’s the intern from the show. He’s not the killer though. He’s been posting the unedited footage online so anyone might have heard it. The killer sneaks up to the house and starts to gas them. As they eat, they talk about letting walls down, until they both pass out.

The guy that bought the original killer’s house comes in with a sledgehammer. Lucifer stops him and saves the day. Amenadiel is lurking when Charlotte gets coffee. She just wants the truth about how they know each other. Chloe gets home and finds an older woman. Maze moved out. She’s barely out the door when someone knocks.

It’s Lucifer. He realized that there is space in her life for all sorts of relationships, even if one is with Pierce. She invites him to stay for coffee but he has other obligations. Chloe sees something on her phone and calls Pierce to accept dinner plans. He’s happy to hear it. He’s at the bar and tells the waitress that Chloe is the key to getting what he’s always wanted.

I feel bad for Pierce but this should be Lucifer and Chloe. That’s how it is supposed to work. I also feel bad for Maze. It doesn’t look like things will turn around there any time soon either. Dan was a solid human in this episode.