Will and Grace, episode four

Karen doesn’t want to work on a Saturday. She thinks that Grace works too much and should date more. Will backs her up on that before they leave for work. There’s a knock on the door. It’s a little kid. Turns out he is Jack’s grandson Skip (Jet Jurgensmeyer). Jack understandably freaks out.

He hasn’t spoken to his son in years and didn’t even know the kid existed. Elliot married a conservative woman and didn’t even invite Jack. They haven’t spoken since. Jack tries to talk to the kid and thinks he might be gay.

Grace gets to work and has to have words with Karen about sexually harassing Tony. At the apartment, Jack and Skip bond over Gaga. Turns out Skip is going to camp upstate. Jack assumes it is theater camp and goes to get him some props to take. Elliott (Michael Angarano) and his wife Emma (Natalie Dreyfuss) show up to get Skip. Jack comes back and things get awkward.

Skip asks for a chance to say goodbye to Jack and Will so his parents head down to the lobby. Jack asks the name of the camp. Camp Straight N Arrow. It’s a camp his parents found that will fix him and make him normal. Will and Jack are not pleased to hear this.

At the office, Tony comes back and Grace talk. Then he tries to help her sing and it takes a turn. She embarasses herself. Jack and Will go to the camp and see what it’s all about. It’s not good so they want to come up with a way to save Skip that doesn’t involve kidnapping. Will distracts the staff and Jack is supposed to talk to Skip.

Elliott is there too. He yells at Jack and tells him to go home. While counselors Reggie (Andrew Rannells) and Roberta (Jane Lynch) sing about praying away the gay, Will tells Skip to go outside. Grace talks out her problems with Karen. She is going to put herself out there.

Will distracts the counselors by kissing Reggie. Jack has a heart to heart with Skip. He tells him that the camp can’t fix him because he’s not broken and that things will get better. Back home, Will and Jack are melancholy. There’s a knock on the door. Elliott. He pulled Skip from the camp and fought with Emma about it. Jack and Elliott make progress though.

This wasn’t a bad episode. It was kind of blah though. I feel like they are just finding ways to parade old guest characters through every week instead of actually writing a show. I’ll keep watching it for now but it could get old quick.


Great News, episode four

The American Journalism Award nominations are in. The show and Katie are both nominated. Everyone, especially Chuck, is thrilled. Katie is worried that Carol will mess it up. Greg tells her to just not bring her mother. Katie tells Carol but blames Greg.

The gang goes to the award show. Katie goes to take a selfie to send to Carol but she pops up. She was hired as a seat filler. Chuck runs into some old friends including Shooter McGavin and ditches the team to hang out with them. Katie is already mortified. She meets a guy named Jeremy (Reid Scott) and finally has a chance to hob knob.

They are all seated by the bathroom and don’t get food. Chuck bashes the show and everyone overhears it. Katie is so busy fighting with Jeremy that she loses Carol. Her category goes off and she loses but Carol doesn’t embarrass her.

Chuck finds out that not selling out isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. His old friends are kind of duds. Katie tracks down Carol in the bathroom. She realizes that Carol cared about the show’s award. It’s the first time she’s been recognized for anything. It was a miscommunication and now she’s getting the boot and it’s all Katie’s fault,

At the last second, Katie saves the day and gets Carol back in. They lose and Katie pulls a Kanye but then Chuck and Portia add-on. As they leave, Katie exchanges business cards with Jeremy.

Katie is kind of a brat. And we knew that Chuck would end up selling the team out but redeeming himself in the end. Portia is still the best.

Chicago Fire, episode four

It’s a big day for Casey and Dawson wants to do something to make it memorable. She got him a gift. Hope starts shift and Brett confronts her about the news that she stole money back home. Hope has an excuse though. Casey calls to find out where Dawson is. She took the morning off and is running errands she tells him. She gets off the phone when she sees unsafe construction.

She tries to get the foreman to shut it down but he won’t listen. She takes matters into her own hands and runs into the parking garage to evacuate it. When she and the foreman are inside, it crumbles and they are trapped. Two other guys, one an army man, are with them but the foreman is in trouble. He’s got a cracked skull. He barely lasts ten more minutes.

Kidd is on ambo with Brett. She asks why Hope is so bubbly but Brett tells her it’s a long story. In the collapse, a few more people wander over. They are fighting and the army man takes control. Dawson tells him to stand down but he just tries to appease her. Mouch and Cruz see the collapse on tv. Boden comes in and asks Casey to start taking some captain duties. Personnel and furlough. He doesn’t seem to happy.

Things are tense in the garage. Dawson is trying to keep the peace while army man fiddles with a CB radio. They can’t get a signal out but Dawson hears the firefighter orders. They are pulling back. They also find another survivor. A man trapped in his car. They manage to get him out even though his car is holding the ceiling up.

Army man takes over again when the pillars start shifting. He wants to dig out. Dawson says that its too dangerous but he puts it to a vote and the rest side with him. Casey is already sick of captain work. He makes an announcement to laugh off. Hermann’s kid turns up and gives him a mascot.

Brett tells Kidd about Hope’s trouble back home. They hear a call about the garage but it’s not for them. Dawson has her hands full. The ignorant chick is being nasty to the black guy and the newest addition keeps freaking out about something but it’s not in a language they understand. He gestures to the elevator. His daughter is trapped inside. They get a jack and manage to pry the doors open enough for her to escape.

Dawson again advocates for sturdying the pillar. This time army man agrees. At the house Casey is starting to worry about Dawson. Things are tense inside but Dawson tries to keep spirits up. The ignorant woman is hoarding water though so they keep fighting, until someone passes out. He feels dizzy and weak. Army man has a headache. It’s carbon monoxide.

There must be a car running. Army man goes to shut it down. It’s a suicide mission though. He knows it. Dawson knows it. She tries to get the others to keep working. Kidd has a bit of a passive aggressive confrontation with Hope. In the garage, there are more crumbles.

It’s almost time for Casey’s ceremony. No one has seen Dawson. She’s cutting it down to the wire. Hermann’s wife mentions that she heard from her earlier. She was at an antique shop… near the garage collapse. They all roll out. They get there and find out that Dawson is inside. They start helping clear debris.

On the inside they get the emergency phone in the elevator working. Dawson calls out and talks to Casey. He tells her where to go. She sends the others and takes a detour to find the army man. The team digs out a clearing and people start coming out. Dawson isn’t with them though. Casey goes in to save her.

He finds her doing CPR on the army guy. They work together to get him out and then get clear. Brett treats the ignorant woman. The black guy comes over and gives her the rosary beads she dropped. She doesn’t thank him. Dawson and the army guy shake hands.

At the house, Cruz and Otis see that the gerbil escaped. They pretend to know nothing. Boden promotes Casey. Dawson presents him with a badge. It belonged to the first captain of 51. He served during the great fire of 1910. Casey commends Dawson for her work at the garage.

I’m glad that Dawson handled that so well. You knew that she wasn’t going to die but it was still pretty tense. Also when she went to find the army guy it was like straight out of Legends of the Hidden Temple. Casey needs to calm down. This captain thing is going to cause trouble. And can they just ditch Hope now. She’s going to fight with Kidd and that will lead to Kidd and Severide fighting. I don’t want to watch that. I liked the history of the badge.

The Good Place, episode four

Chidi is holding his next ethics lesson. It seems that Eleanor and Tahani have a handle on it. Michael not so much. Class ends and Eleanor wants to hang out but Tahani and Jason make excuses and leave. They sleep together. Tahani doesn’t want anyone to know but Jason doesn’t get why.

Eleanor gives Chidi a pep talk. It seems to work. Tahani finds someone to talk to. Janet. Therapy is in session. Jason wanders in and gets some therapy too. Chidi calls Michael in for a special lesson. He has issue with the theoretical. He makes the trolley lesson more concrete, and zaps them onto a trolley. This is him trying.

Chidi and Michael go through more scenarios until Eleanor figures out that Michael was just doing this to torture Chidi. It’s the final straw. Chidi can’t deal and kicks Michael out of ethics class. Eleanor talks to Chidi. He thinks a tiger can’t change it’s stripes and that this was Michael’s plan all along. Eleanor thinks that she might have another idea.

Couples therapy is going well. They’ve realized that Eleanor takes Jason for granted and she is going to try and work on that. Eleanor confronts Michael about what he was doing to Chidi. He’s lashing out because he feels inferior.

Michael comes back to class and gives everyone gifts. Chidi calls it what it is. A bribe. He doesn’t want anything but an apology. Michael provides one and Chidi calls class to order. Therapy has been working well for Tahani and Jason but Janet is glitching and can’t fix it.

I like that Eleanor is getting the hang of things and wants to see Chidi happy. I also very much like Tahani and Jason together. This was good but felt kind of like filler.

Chicago PD, episode four

Burgess and Atwater are celebrating his brother’s birthday when he gets a call. He’s needed for an undercover. Ruzek is out on the case already. It’s a drug case. They meet in a bar and Atwater is lurking nearby to be safe. They just set up a meeting for later. Ruzek checks in with Voight. He tells him to keep on it. Ruzek tries to follow up on his in. He finds him bleeding out.

He calls for an ambo and puts pressure on the wound. He admits that he’s a cop and the guy shuts up. He’s not going out like a snitch. The guy dies and Ruzek feels guilty. The unit starts its investigation but no one is willing to talk. They do get some prints off a beer bottle and roll out on it. They move in on the guy at work and find out he’s the victim’s brother.

In interrogation, he says that he was there but he doesn’t know anything. Atwater comes in. He knows the guy. He offers protection but the guy says he’s not a hero. Upton might have a lead on the getaway car. She and Ruzek go to get it and have words with their suspected driver.

It comes back clean but driver’s girlfriend has some issues so they take her in next. Ruzek fights the suspect. Atwater wants another chance to convince the brother to talk. Ruzek doesn’t understand the hesitation and runs his mouth. Voight tells him to just make the case. Atwater interrupts. It doesn’t matter. The brother is dead.

At the scene, Atwater sees his brother. He tells him off for being there before taking him home. Voight brings the case to the state’s attorney’s office. Anna is on board but they don’t have the evidence. When Voight is leaving, he notices Antonio meeting with someone across the street. He lied about where he was going to be.

Someone reported Ruzek for punching a suspect. Voight gives him the story. Ruzek goes to talk to Upton. She’s not so quick to agree in this age of technology. They have more security footage of the second murder. Someone saw the escape. Atwater’s brother.

He goes home and talks to him. He’s not a snitch. He’s brave. Jordan agrees to come in and make a statement. At the district, Voight asks Atwater if he’s sure. Doing right by your family is more important than doing right. Jordan goes through with it though and they move in for the arrest. A shootout and chase ensures. Atwater catches up with him after he drops his gun.

Voight joins the two of them alone in the alley. Atwater still might shoot him. Voight will let him but then Upton and Antonio show up and arrest the guy. Ruzek thanks Atwater for his work on this one. Denny stops by to hassle Voight. He quotes Machiavelli.

At Molly’s, Ruzek finds out that Upton made his case go away. It wasn’t for him though. Olinsky ran the plates on the guy that Antonio was meeting. It’s a state’s attorney that works with Denny. They begin to suspect Antonio is looking to snitch. Atwater is out with his brother and sister. He’s watching the door. He’s just paranoid.

I honestly forgot about Halstead and Olinsky for most of this episode. That’s not a good thing. Is Antonio working undercover? I doubt it but there has always been this back and forth between him and Voight. I’m glad Anna is still around. She was the best part of Justice. Who did Upton do it for then? Voight? Is she another stray he helped out?

Law and Order True Crime, episode four

Erik tells the therapist that Oziel used to report back to his father. He was told that if he said anything to anyone he would be killed. Lyle feels guilty. He thought it had stopped. He wouldn’t have gone away to Princeton otherwise.

Zoeller is pissed about the handwriting analysis when he gets a call. The car has been located. In New Jersey. Local cops take it in and search it. That comes up empty. Abramson goes to see Erik’s onetime acting teacher. She didn’t suspect anything but does note that he impressed the class on one occasion with a Richard II soliloquy. Next stop is Mrs. Menendez’s therapist. Abramson finds out that there were sick secrets in the house but Kitty never elaborated.

The investigative team doesn’t know what to do from there. Judalon does another interview with Diane Sawyer. The boys look guilty. Abramson files a motion to throw the tapes out because of the interview. Judge says no but suggests a plea bargain. Pam is not interested though.

Lyle slips and says “us” when referencing what happened growing up with their parents. It wasn’t his father though. It was their mother. The therapists present it to Abramson. She knows there are holes in the story. She thinks it is because they are lying. Vicary suggests giving them more time.

The boys want to meet with their family. They want to come clean to them before it comes out elsewhere. It doesn’t go well. Abramson goes to the DA’s office to talk to anyone who will listen about a plea bargain. None are forthcoming. Back at home, a cousin comes clean. He knew about what was happening but he was a little kid so he didn’t understand it at the time. He tells Abramson.

The tapes are in. Oziel and Judalon’s sealed testimony is in too. Oziel is pissed and holds a press conference to say that everything that Judalon said about him was a lie. Kitty’s family is out for blood. They want the money. Another cousin, this time on Kitty’s side comes forward. She says she told Kitty who then took Lyle into a room and it was never discussed again. Abramson knows that they still don’t have enough.

Movers are clearing out the house. One of the Lyle’s friends admits that he and Lyle had talked about both being abused as children. Jill goes to try to get Lyle’s friends to testify. It doesn’t go well.

Abramson goes to see Erik. It’s his birthday and she gives him a card. She also tells him that a judge agreed to review the ruling on the tapes. This is good for the case. She needs more information though. She wants him to talk about the last time that he was abused.

It was two weeks before the murders. He was accepted at UCLA and wanted to live in the dorms. His father wouldn’t allow it unless he stayed at home four nights a week. That’s when he knew it would never end. That’s when things got crazy. The boys thought they were going to be killed.

Cindy is going through the house. She finds pictures proving the abuse and brings it to Abramson. This is good but they still need to put together a timeline. The Rodney King ruling comes out. Abramson starts doubting their adoption plans.

Pam is getting crap about being ruthless. Abramson gets a small victory. The tape is ruled out. Other recordings are still in though. And they get a venue. Van Nuys. Erik’s girlfriend breaks up with him.

Lyle has another therapy session. When he found out his father hadn’t stopped, he confronted him. That’s when things got crazy. The boys feared for their lives. They didn’t know what their father was capable of but he had guns. Lyle assumed his father stopped when Erik was 12 because that’s when he stopped with him.

The therapist tells Abramson and Jill. The boys legitimately feared for their lives. They acted in self-defense and that is the case that they will present. That’s the case they believe in.

I’m glad that this is short, only 8 episodes. I don’t know how much more of it I could handle. We know how it ends.

This is Us, episode four

The Pearsons are in the video store trying to decide what to rent before they are snow bound. Kevin is whiny and Rebecca asks him why. She feels his forehead. He’s burning up. It’s not just a fever. He’s got the chicken pox. The doctor recommends exposing all the kids to it so they can get it and be done. Randall is not happy about that.

Adult Randall is doing his daughter’s hair. Beth tells the girls to get ready for school and once they are out of the room turns to Randall about Deja’s hair. She hasn’t washed in the two weeks that she’s been with them. Randall wants to give her a chance to settle in first.

Kate is working out. Toby made super healthy muffins but she is using it as motivation to keep going. He tells her that she has been a champ. Kevin is on set. The producer sees him hobbling and inspects his knee. Kevin needs a medic.

Jack and Rebecca are helping Kevin and Kate with the chicken pox. Randall is trying to catch them so he can be healthy for the science fair when there’s a knock at the door. It’s Rebecca’s mother.

Kevin goes to a doctor. He tore something and needs surgery. He’s not happy. As they put him under, he thinks about Jack. Rebecca and Jack talk about her mother being awful while said mother is in the room with the kids. She gives them gifts. A football helmet for Kevin. A dress that’s too small for Kate. And a basketball for Randall, for the third time.

Randall has taken the kids bowling. Deja takes issue with the idea of bowling shoes when she hears the girl behind her mocking her hair. She shoves the girl and the girl’s father steps in. Randall tries to talk the man down but it doesn’t work. Deja walks out and Randall takes the girls and follows.

Toby and Kate are helping Kevin settle in after surgery. He’s on the phone with Sophie. Kate hears him say that he’s fine and takes it as a reason that she can go to yoga. Toby tries to do what the doctor said but Kevin says that he’s an expert and takes off the brace.

Young Kevin is scratching his chicken pox and Jack tries to give him a mind over matter pep talk but Grandma wants him to stop. She has a headache. Randall and Beth talk about talk about Deja. He’s wallowing that his bonding attempt failed. Young Randall is still trying to get sick. It’s not working. Rebecca’s mother runs her mother and talks down to Rebecca. Jack has a fever now too.

Beth finds Deja packing. She thought she was getting kicked out. Beth tells her that’s not the case and then talks to her about washing her hair. She tells her they can go to a salon or she will do it herself. Kate goes to buy weight loss pills. Beth helps Deja do her hair. They have a moment.

Not bonding with her mother? Rebecca. She’s finally had enough and starts to yell at her mother. She tells her that she is racist and she wants her out because it’s bad for Randall. Speaking of, he’s come downstairs and heard the whole thing. He’s got the chicken pox now too.

Kate tries on her goal dress. It fits and Toby is thrilled. Kate doesn’t seem to be. Randall doesn’t understand how his grandmother is racist. She doesn’t say mean things. Rebecca and Jack try to explain it to him.

Randall and Beth talk about how they make a good parenting team. He goes to see Deja and apologizes for his behavior. Then he blows up Beth’s spot and reveals that she told him what Deja told her in confidence.

Kevin is on the treadmill. Toby thinks he is being nuts and stops it. He doesn’t want Kevin to screw up his knee for the rest of his life. Kevin is more worried about his knee screwing up the rest of his life. It’s happened before. He played ball in high school. He was good. Scouted by colleges good and then his knee got whammied and it was all over. He appreciates Toby’s effort but he’s not letting his knee blow another dream. Production has already started cutting him out of scenes.

Jack finally wakes up from his fever coma. He asks for tylenol which is downstairs. Rebecca will go get it. Jack finds out that they have all been avoiding going down because Rebecca’s mother is down there. He has to do something. He gets up and goes to shovel out. Kevin helps.

Adult Kevin is watching his football highlight reel while doing rehab exercises. It’s mostly Jack cheering him on. Kevin takes a pain pill. He gets to set. He didn’t slow things down. Rebecca tells her mother that Jack cleared her car out. She can go. Her mother tries to defend her actions but Rebecca isn’t all that interested.

On her way out, she says goodbye to Randall. He’s a little snarky. Deja cuts her own hair. It’s choppy and Beth is visibly upset when she comes down for breakfast. Kate is at the doctor. She bought the vitamins she was advised to take. She’s pregnant.

I thought Kate was falling down some evil pill rabbit hole. I’m glad to see she’s not. Kevin on the other hand… someone needs to help him out. And why would Randall open his mouth like that?!?! Man things were finally looking up. He needs to get his act together. Rebecca’s mother was awful.