Chicago Med, episode twenty

Goodwin updates the media on the conjoined twins. It is all systems go. Manning gets an update from Bekker and then asks for Rhodes to weigh in. He tells her that he isn’t going to be operating. He lost a patient because he made the wrong call. He’s not risking it. Choi hasn’t heard from Emily but April isn’t worried. Halstead has a ring for Manning and asks her to meet him on the balcony after work as Maggie gives him a patient.

That patient is Bert. He was found in the garage in the car with the engine running. Maggie pages Goodwin who is at the test run for the twin surgery. Rhodes is also there and he’s still chiming in. Goodwin goes to see Bert and Halstead updates her. He suggests reasons for the situation but Goodwin isn’t having it. She figures he tried to kill himself. Choi gets a patient and brings April with him. It’s one of the girls from the tent city. Bert wanted to die and is pissed at Halstead for not letting him.

The board wants to talk to Goodwin but she has other issues. The girl from the camp has hepatitis and it’s probably spreading big time there. Manning and Choi are going to have to go over and clear it out. Reese has been helping her father find a rehab and the twins’ parents are freaking out. At the tent city, Choi finds a sick teens, and his sick sister. Jay Halstead is waiting to talk to a victim and comments to his brother about waiting so long to propose.

Charles gets a call from the parents of the missing girl that was tied to Bob. He takes down the number. There are a lot of people watching from big name places. Rhodes is in observation too and he’s explaining what’s going on to an intern. They have a few complications. Charles goes to see Bert but it goes nowhere. The folks from the tent camp are brought in and tests are ordered. One girl, who recently had a baby is in much worse shape than the others.

After another issue, Rhodes rushes in and is willing to scrub in with a radical plan. Latham approves. Charles asks Goodwin to try and talk to Bert. She says no. She doesn’t owe him anything. The teen that is in worse shape actually has Hep A and Hep C. They have to call the baby’s parents and bring her in for tests. Goodwin is still blowing off the board. Rhodes saves the day in surgery. Choi talks to Emily and then updates April. She suggests a group home because Emily needs professional help but Choi isn’t hearing it.

Reese took her father for a walk and their way back to his room, they run into Charles. He lets Reese go back to work so he can talk to Bob. Seems that Bob is up to his old tricks and Charles wants to make sure Reese doesn’t fall for them. He ditches Bob and makes plans to visit the missing girl’s parents. In Wisconsin he gets to see the girl’s room and asks the family about her time at college. There was nothing that stood out. Charles notices that she had a set of stuffed monkeys and one was missing.

The teen with Hep A and Hep C gets to see her baby. As Manning walks the family out, the teen crashes. Halstead and Manning rush to save her but it’s too late. They call it. Charles goes to Bob’s place and peeks in the window. He sees the stuffed monkey on a shelf. The twins’ surgery wraps up. It’s a success. Goodwin finds Maggie giving the new chief of trauma a tour, a position neither one of them knew was being created. There is also a new COO that Goodwin wasn’t ready for.

Choi is bringing Emily home with him. She’s family and he wants to stand by her. April is not having it so an argument ensues. Choi is bringing her home, but April isn’t going to that home if that’s the case. Halstead is getting ready to take Manning somewhere private when Frisch asks him to celebrate. Manning overhears and puts the pieces together. She storms out and he chases. He proposes in the parking lot. Rhodes and Bekker talk about his work on the twins.

She figures he did it for her attending spot and by his reaction she knows she is right. He actually got an offer from the Mayo Clinic. He’d be a fool not to take it. Charles goes to see Bob. He’s not going to rehab. He’s going home with Reese. Charles brings up the missing girl case and Bob falls for his trap. It’s too late though. They taunt each other before Bob falls to the ground. Charles reaches to do compressions but Bob maybe blinks? Charles does not do anything and Reese walks in. She finds him over her father’s body.

Is Bob dead? I don’t think so. They made it seem like it was up in the air so I don’t think he is really dead. Rhodes isn’t actually going to go to Mayo. And that was an absolutely awful proposal by Halstead. You waited a week. You can wait another few days for Manning to not be pissed at you. I’m glad April didn’t just let Choi bully her.


Timeless, episode nine

Beaufort, South Carolina in June of 1863. A Confederate general gets a visit from Emma. He’s the sleeper. She brings him a burger and a mission. In the present day Carol talks to Nicholas about Emma. She doesn’t trust her and thinks she is sabotaging missions. Rittenhouse isn’t in her blood and they can’t forget that. Mason and Christopher tell the team about their concerns regarding Jessica. Wyatt isn’t interested. Lucy tries to take his side.

Christopher is not interested. She wants to kick Jessica out of the bunker. Wyatt tells her that he will walk if she gets booted. The alarm sounds. Looks like Rittenhouse is trying to stop Harriet Tubman. Wyatt talks to Jessica before boarding the ship. He wants to know about how her brother was saved but she says she doesn’t remember. They head back in time. Pretty much right away, Lucy and Wyatt fight about whether or not Jessica is trustworthy.

He storms off but they start moving and find the regiment that they were hoping to protect already attacked. They seem to be too late. That’s when Harriet Tubman storms in. She’s a boss and lets them know as much. They tell her about a spy and she agrees to let them tag along. They still need to slow her down and find backup but it’s a start. Jiya confronts Mason about another pilot with visions. He’s in a mental home. She wants to meet him.

Lucy and Flynn are going to go for reinforcements while Wyatt and Rufus try to slow Tubman down until they get back. She’s not about to be persuaded though. Jiya meets with the other pilot. He’s not what she expected. Wyatt goes to a party for plantation owners. Rufus talks to Tubman for a bit about the visions that she attributes to God. They talk to the slaves on the plantation and sneak Rufus inside to help Wyatt. Jiya talks to the pilot about her visions.

After so long with them, he can trigger them and see much longer. It’s time travel in it’s own right. He goes back under. Wyatt figures out the sleeper and he goes to Rufus with the information. While they are deciding what to do, there’s a commotion outside. Tubman takes out a plantation owner. Rufus and Wyatt get in a shootout with the sleeper and get him to run after Rufus throws his history book in the fire. Lucy is outside with backup. They win.

While still in the past, Rufus had a talk with Wyatt about Jessica. When they get back Wyatt spends time alone with his wife. She mentions that Christopher suggested she leave the bunker for the sake of the pregnancy and after a pause, Wyatt endorses the plan. Jessica is reluctant. Using advice from the other pilot, Jiya provokes a vision. Wyatt wakes up in bed alone. He goes looking for Jessica and finds her in the ship about to take off with Jiya as her pilot. Jessica pulls a gun and orders him to stand back as they take off.

The others come and find Wyatt. He explains what happened and they are all pissed, Rufus especially so after Wyatt admits that Jessica’s story didn’t add up. Flynn taunts Wyatt and they come to blows. Jiya comes face to face with Carol. She’s given a pill to knock her out because they are keeping her around for a while. Carol, Jessica and Nicholas are discussing what happened when Emma turns up. She’s annoyed she wasn’t consulted. She thinks she is that important.

Wyatt goes to apologize to Rufus about getting Jiya caught up in this but it’s too little too late. Speaking of, Jiya fakes passing out on the floor so an agent has to help her. He goes to put her on the bed and she takes him out. She runs to the lifeboat and manages to take off. She did take the pill though so she’s fuzzy. She doesn’t stick the landing and ends up lost in time. She did manage to send them a message though. Lucy finds her in a photo in the 1880s in San Francisco. There’s also a message on where the lifeboat is.

Rufus and Mason find the lifeboat and the team heads into the past to find her. They go to the place the photo was taken. There is no sign of Jiya but half of Rittenhouse is there, including Carol, Emma and Jessica. Emma kills Carol and then takes off. Jessica ran too. Left with no choice, Wyatt chases Jessica and sends Flynn after Emma. Wyatt catches up with Jessica and she tells him Rittenhouse is her family and that’s all that matters before disappearing.

Lucy manages to get the little girl at the photo shop to tell them where Jiya is. Rufus goes to see her. She is happy to see him but she tells him that he shouldn’t have come. She can’t go home either because that’s how he dies. She explains the vision and he isn’t interested. He still wants to take her home. Flynn comes back and talks to Lucy about her mom. Emma has big plans for Rittenhouse now that she’s killed upper management.

Mason discovers that Christopher likes to knit in order to relieve stress while the others are on missions. Jiya still isn’t leaving and Rufus still isn’t having it. The others come in and they argue. It’s too late though. Emma busts in guns blazing. They’ll have to fight their way out but Jiya agrees to go. Flynn shoots Jessica but more importantly, Jiya’s vision doesn’t come true. She intervenes and Rufus lives. At least, for a little while. As they all make their way outside, Emma shoots him. Lucy chases her and Flynn chases Lucy.

Wyatt and Jiya try to stop the bleeding but it’s too late. Rufus is gone. Lucy has Emma cornered and a gun to her head. She’s out of bullets though so Emma gets the upper hand. Flynn comes in and scares her off. They go home and at first Mason and Christopher are in high spirits. At first anyway. Once they realize what happened, Mason wants to go back on his own but Jiya lashes out at him.

She goes back to her room and starts a vision. She’s trying to find Rufus but he’s not anywhere. She cries with Mason. In the hallway, Lucy is mourning in her own way. Wyatt joins her. They talk about Rufus and then Wyatt professes his love for her. She doesn’t say anything back and then he keeps talking. They hear a noise from near the lifeboat. It’s another lifeboat! An upgraded one. Out step Older Lucy and Older Wyatt ready to help the team get Rufus back.

I quite like Rufus and don’t think that, should this get renewed, he will be gone permanently. I really think that they’d save him. Jiya was a boss. I’m so impressed with her snarky and fight skills. Also, the Jessica situation is going to cause more harm that good. I would love it if they all wore the scarves from Christopher.

Saturday Night Live, episode twenty-two

I generally don’t like Schumer so I don’t have high hopes for this but sometimes they surprise me so maybe this will be one of those times.

Cold open: This was nice. I liked that they let the moms tell the jokes.

Monologue: Was this a lot longer than usual? It seemed like she was up there for a while. It wasn’t awful, just sort of played out.

Mother Knows Best: This was a little funny at first but then it just got creepy.

Handmaids in the City: This was actually pretty funny.

Mother’s Day: This was good. I liked this.

Gospel Brunch: Kenan! Leslie Jones! Yes!

First song: She sounded good.

Weekend Update: Che was the winner here. He had this on lock.

Lil’ Rent: Nope.

Bar: This was funny but it dragged on.

High School Graduation: Loved it.

This wasn’t as bad as I expected it to be but that might be because they went for the more sentimental uplifty stuff than with the politics. Finale next week with Tina Fey. I’m about it.

Chicago Fire, episode twenty-two

There’s some time before shift so Casey and Dawson try to make the most of it by trying again to get pregnant. Boden and Grissom are in a meeting discussing the investigation into the fire at the auto shop. There was no foul play. Afterward, they talk about the commissioner spot. Boden goes back to the house and tells everyone to have each other’s backs. Otis talks to Cruz about not being able to sleep. The alarm sounds.

At the scene there is a tree down but not on the car nearby. Onstar tells Casey that the driver saw a kid get hit by the tree. Herrmann goes digging into the tree to find the kid. He’s breathing but unconscious. The driver comes back with the kid’s mother. They get the kid out and rush him to the hospital. While filling out paperwork, Brett talks to the driver. He wants to know how the boy is doing. She doesn’t know much though. The guy knows how it goes.

He got hurt at the academy. Now he’s a civilian but he still works for the department with equipment purchases. Brett is thrilled to hear that. Kidd and Severide are enjoying some alone time in his office when there is a knock on the door. It’s Rene. She wants to know if he is willing to help with her case. He is. Otis is talking to the “old guys” about Boden’s chances at becoming commissioner. That’s when Brett comes back. Word on the kid is good and she got the driver interested in the slamigan.

Severide walks Rene out. As she leaves and he heads back in, Grissom pulls up and rips him apart for backing Boden. Severide tells Boden and Casey about it and Boden tells him to fix his relationship with Grissom. That’s the priority. Cruz demonstrates the slamigan for the driver and it goes well. Kidd makes plans with Severide but they have to be late because he has to help Rene first. Dawson comes into the kitchen where Casey is waiting. Not pregnant.

Casey wants to double their efforts starting immediately. Dawson doesn’t seem thrilled. Severide is at Rene’s working on the case. Her son comes in and pulls Severide away. The kid really likes Severide and the feeling is mutual. When they have a moment alone, Rene apologizes for her behavior years ago. He appreciates it. Kidd is upset because Severide is late and ends up helping Herrmann with his kids as a result.

Dawson talks to Brett about their pregnancy efforts. It could take years. That’s when the driver shows up. He meets with Brett and Cruz and wants to order 73 slamigans. He also wants to date Brett. Boden made the short list and the mayor’s team has to vet him. Severide is at HQ getting some files for Rene’s case when he bumps into the commissioner. He’s worked under two frontrunners. Who would he pick? Mouch crunches the numbers for the slamigan order.

Cruz seems a little reluctant though. He’s not a fan of the driver. Severide backed Boden and now he’s worried about the repercussions from Grissom. He’s also got some visitors. Rene and her son. While Severide chats with the son, Kidd warns off Rene. Dawson talks to Casey about going to see a fertility doctor. Herrmann caught Kidd and calls her on it. She tells him she had to be proactive. They get a visitor from the commissioner’s office.

He’s endorsing Boden and that is going to carry weight. It’s time for the business meeting about the slamigan. Cruz gives a number much too high so the buyer can’t handle it. Brett calls him on it. She wants to know why he changed the cost. Before he can, the alarm sounds. There is a guy stuck in a pipe on a boat. Boden and Severide are working it when Grissom turns up. He commends them on a job well done and Boden on the endorsement.

Otis talks to Cruz about his feelings for Brett and how he doesn’t function right when he keeps them bottled up. Brett comes in. She got the buyer back and they negotiated a price. Cruz gives her the go-ahead. She walks away and he starts planning a grand gesture to tell her his feelings. Dawson and Casey go to the doctor. Dawson has an aneurysm. She shouldn’t try to get pregnant. She cries. Mouch, Herrmann and Boden are celebrating the endorsement when a reporter shows up.

Someone tipped him off about the money that came in the mail and he wants a statement on it. Kidd and Severide are flirting when Rene comes in. Her son is missing and she needs help. He takes her to 21. While they are there, Rene gets a call from the babysitter. She finds her son. As Severide tells Kidd about it she thinks that Rene overreacted. Severide takes Rene’s side though. Dawson comes into Casey’s office. She wants to keep trying. Boden tells Casey and Severide about the reporter. Severide thinks it was Grissom.

The alarm sounds. Squad saves two people from a fire. Back at the house, Cruz makes plans for a romantic getaway. That’s his grand gesture for Brett. He tells Kidd about it and then starts second guessing himself. She tells him to go for it. Then she goes out to chat with Severide. Rene turns up. She needs to talk to him about the case. Dawson gets invited on a special trip to help Puerto Rican recovery efforts. She turns it down.

Boden heard the commissioner’s statement to the press and he gets mad. He goes to confront Grissom about it. When he is back at 51 he gets another visit from someone in the commissioner’s office. The story was killed but so was the endorsement. Boden still has a chance though since a lot of people hate Grissom. Casey tracks down Dawson. He has an idea. Adoption. She is not interested. She can’t go through what they did with Louie. She wants to stick to the plan.

Cruz gets confirmation on his trip. He’s about to talk to Brett when the alarm sounds. Ambo rolls out and it seems like it is just a stoner with a cut head. Dawson has to go back to the rig for gauze so Brett talks to the guy. He tells her that his neighbor is messed up in the back. He leads her to a bedroom and his neighbor is lying there with a knife in her chest. He stabbed her and Brett tries to call dispatch. The radio doesn’t work though.

When Dawson gets back, the guy is gone. As Dawson calls it in, the woman dies. Brett as expected takes it bad. They give statements to the police and then head back. Boden heard about the call offers to take them out of service. They tell him no. After shift, Casey has an errand to run but he wants to talk to Dawson at lunch. She agrees. His errand is to an adoption agency. Mouch and Herrmann talk at Molly’s about Boden’s chances.

Someone from another house chimes in. Grissom’s house has the best stats in the department. That will work in his favor. Brett is nowhere to be found. It’s the big day. It’s time for Severide to testify. At the house, Kidd is tense and Casey feels her pain. He gets to his office to find Dawson with the adoption pamphlet. She’s pissed at him for going behind her back. She won’t adopt and he doesn’t want her to risk getting pregnant. The alarm sounds for ambo. It’s a bike accident. A guy has a broken arm. Dawson snaps at Brett and she walks off the job.

Severide’s testimony is going well. Dawson apologizes to Brett but she is not interested in hearing it. She sits alonge and Cruz goes to comfort her. She tells him that his friendship is important to her. Severide’s testimony worked. The defendant wants to settle. Rene is stoked and so is Severide. She kisses him. Shift ends and Kidd walks out. There is no sign of Severide. Mouch and Herrmann are ready to roll out but Otis needs a minute. He’s looking at something on the computer.

While he was out he did the stats. Grissom has been cooking the books. They have to take it to the mayor but first they show Boden. Casey gets home and tries to talk to Dawson. He can’t risk losing her but she isn’t hearing it. She’s ready to go ahead without him. He won’t let that slide. They are in it together or not at all. She needs to take a walk. Kidd is looking for Severide. She goes by his place but there is no sign of him. He’s at her apartment when she gets home. He tells her that she’s all he thinks about.

He does not tell her that Rene kissed him. Boden and the guys roll up to see the mayor. They are too late though. Grissom was just appointed commissioner. Dawson goes to find out more about Puerto Rico.

So is Cruz out the money or can he cancel the romantic getaway? Also, Severide was like best friends with Rene’s kid. It’s mean to go back on that. And he didn’t mention the kiss. Is Dawson going to ship out to Puerto Rico? Will it be a time jump and she’s back when next season starts? I feel like that is probably how it will work. I get where she is coming from but Casey has a point too.

Chicago PD, episode twenty-two

People rush to help Olinsky in prison. Voight gives Denny shit about locking him up. Voight says Olinsky dedicated his life to the city and Denny says that he dedicated his life to Voight. Voight is willing to talk but nothing will be recorded until he’s got a deal. They bring in an attorney to make the deal legit. All charges against Olinsky will be dropped. Before Voight starts talking though he finds out something happened and goes running.

He sees Olinsky as they rush him into surgery. He waits just outside the door for hours until someone finally comes out that he can ask. Olinsky didn’t make it. Voight goes down to the waiting room and tells the rest of the unit. He gives them a moment and then tells them that the way to get justice will be to catch the guy who did it. On his way out, Voight runs into his judge friend. He blames the judge for the murder. He’s the one that put Olinsky there.

Voight goes to see the warden. He tells him that he is running the show and sets the unit up in the jail. Voight talks to the guard that had been walking Olinsky to his cell. He brings up with scuffle Olinsky had a few days prior so Voight and Atwater talk to that guy. He plays dumb at first. Then he tells them the race of the guy who did it. That’s all he knows. Ruzek has the security footage. He runs it. The see that the guard let it happen. He was in on it.

They bring him in and he admits he got paid to look the other way and rats who did it. They bring him in and Voight beats the crap out of him. Antonio is not happy. The unit regroups at the district. It feels like a contract hit so they are going to try that angle. Voight also tasks Burgess with cleaning out Olinsky’s desk. Denny and the judge talk it out. They don’t know what their next move is since all they have is circumstantial.

The judge mentions a potential witness and Denny pushes him until he gets the lady’s contact info. He meets with her and the details are fuzzy. Then she admits that she knew the information was valuable. She wants $20K or she won’t help. Upton comes up with a lead on who wired the money for the guard and they chase it. Ruzek and Voight get the guy and again Voight roughs him up. Then he talks and they bring the information back to the district.

Turns out Olinsky was on loan to DEA years back. He tried to bust a guy named Carlos and got his brother instead. While the feds tried to flip the brother he ended up dying in jail. Olinsky’s death was payback. The unit moves on Carlos. He’s not home but his wife is. She doesn’t back down from Voight so Burgess and Upton handle it. Burgess gets in her face while Upton looks into the wife’s mother. She’s illegal and they threaten to call ICE. She sells out her husband.

Seems he’s at a warehouse with his cousin. They all move in on it and meet some resistance. When they get Carlos, Voight takes him outside. Carlos offers money but Voight isn’t having it. He tells Carlos to put his hands up, and he does, then Voight shoots him. Antonio comes running out and Voight claims he was reaching for a gun. Antonio checks and finds a gun. Then a witness across the way starts yelling that he saw the whole thing.

He says the shooting was in cold blood. The unit is talking about the witness on the news when Antonio comes in. He talks like a lawyer and Ruzek gets in his face about it. Platt comes in and splits them up. HQ wants to talk to Antonio. He goes downtown to do so. Voight is there too, waiting his turn. He goes in and tells his version of the events. Denny meets with the witness again. He’s willing to pay if she tells the story he wants. She agrees.

Denny calls Voight and invites him over. They talk about their history. Voight isn’t willing to hurt the innocent. Denny tells him that he did what he had to do. They talk about Voight getting a deal but first he wants to hear about the witness. It was a setup and Voight takes Denny down for bribing a witness. As the cops take Denny away, Voight walks over to a parked car and thanks the judge for his help. He later drinks on a rooftop alone, punching a wall and howling at the moon.

Poor Olinsky. He was hardly in this season though so I’m not all that surprised. Now they are setting up this whole Antonio versus Voight thing…. again. I hate when they do that. Why can’t the unit be on the same page and fight the bad guys together. I also really expected Erin to turn up. Like I thought she would be in that car at the end or something. I was surprised that she wasn’t.

Chicago Med, episode nineteen

The brothers Halstead play a bit of basketball and talk about how great Will and Manning are. Emily called her brother to help an ODed guy at a party she’s at. Choi does but criticizes her for being there. Goodwin tells the nurses that there will be a new system since percocet went missing during the trauma incident the week before. A pregnant woman comes in and Manning takes it.

Reese goes to visit her father. He asks her to pick up his mail and she agrees but she has work to do first. Speaking of, Charles goes to Goodwin about some information he got on Bob. Someone is accusing him of kidnapping women. Charles doesn’t think it’s credible enough to go to the cops. Choi comes in with the OD patient. Emily goes home to change and get ready for her shift. Manning is thrilled to see Halstead come to work.

Bekker is trying to do simulations for the twin separation surgery it’s not going well. Before she can start again, she and Rhodes are called to help Manning. The woman needs surgery and the medication could end her pregnancy. They want to do that first but the woman is opposed. The baby is all she has left of her husband after his tragic death. Halstead and Manning get another patient. A little boy that is sick and unvaccinated. He’s allergic to the vaccinations. They will run tests.

Rhodes is doing the surgery when they hit a snag with the equipment. What he needs is on back order and Bekker thinks they should wait for a replacement. Rhodes doesn’t want to risk the pregnancy and forges on. Charles and Reese stop at Bob’s place on the way back to the hospital from the prison. He snoops a little and sees a picture of Bob with one of the missing girls. Emily made it back to the hospital for her shift. April is a little suspicious. She thinks Emily stole the percocet. Charles tells Goodwin what he saw in the apartment. She warns him to be careful.

The little boy crashes and Manning has to intubate. Bob meets the widow of the heart he received. The labs came back for the OD. It’s consistent with percocet. Choi thinks Emily stole the pills. Charles visits Bob. Conversation doesn’t reveal much but as Bob is taken for therapy, Charles snoops and finds something. Rhodes tells the woman her surgery was a success and the baby is okay. Then he mentions a technique option to Latham and gets a chance to run a simulation.

Manning and Halstead are about to start a new treatment on the little boy with allergies. She thinks it’s a bad idea though because of said allergies. Halstead differs to her. They explain the treatment and get the all clear. Charles tells Maggie that he is going off the grid for a bit. Goodwin hears him and questions what he’s up to. Apparently he’s solving a murder. Rhodes’ simulation is going well when he and Bekker are called to the ICU. The pregnant woman is hemorrhaging. Rhodes will not sacrifice the baby.

Choi confronts Emily about the percocet. She denies it and then thinks that April put him up to it. She storms out. The pregnant woman’s pulse is low. They have to change her valve and are rushing to the ER when she crashes. Rhodes tries to revive her but can’t. Bekker calls it. Rhodes tries to talk to the girl’s mom. She blames him. The little boy is crashing too. Manning doesn’t know what to do. Halstead comes in and shows her lab results. She was right. He has a rare condition.

Now she has to help him get better. The OD patient wakes up. He got the pills from his dad’s prescription, not Emily. Choi is pissed and leaves to go find his sister. The little boy’s mom thanks Manning for her work. She and Halstead made a good team. Rhodes goes to see Latham. He quits the team for the conjoined twin surgery. He doesn’t trust himself. April talks to the OD guy. He admits it was Emily. Choi gets home to find a note from Emily. She’s headed to Vegas. Charles snoops through Bob’s storage container. Will goes to see Jay Halstead about their mother’s wedding ring.

I feel bad for Rhodes. He was just trying to do what the patient wanted. This really messed with his head and that’s a shame. I thought we were done with the whole Reese’s dad is a bad guy thing. They are really keeping it up though. I have no use for it. Now Choi is going to be pissy with April and that makes no sense.

Timeless, episode eight

March 1981. Reagan is shot in the name of Jodie Foster. Christopher is running late at home. She avoids a call from her mother and says goodbye to her wife and kids before hurrying out the door. Jiya finds Rufus working on the time machine. She tries to chat with him but he flees. She confronts him about distancing himself because of the vision. Lucy and Wyatt find him sulking in the kitchen and call him on it.

He admits what is going on when the alarm sounds. It’s the Reagan shooting so they all assume that’s the target. Jiya is along for the ride. Rufus figures they will need another pilot. After they depart, Christopher gets to the bunker. She hears where they are and knows Reagan is not the mission. The team gets to the scene just in time and Wyatt spots the sleeper. Only, he’s not aiming for the president but a cop.

An officer Denise Christopher. He protects her but in the commotion Hinckley gets away they go to the hospital and split up to keep Christopher safe because they see that she is the real target. Wyatt and Rufus go after the sleeper while Lucy and Jiya go to see Christopher. The guys catch the sleeper and he’s willing to talk. The women have a bit more trouble. They talk to Christopher but her family butts in and instead of solving a crime, she ends up getting engage.

That’s not what was supposed to happen so they have to intervene. They have a talk with her while they wait to search Hinckley’s hotel room but she isn’t budging. They look through the room and find a bloody razor. Christopher calls it in and the bust is made. She’s going to give up being a cop though because it’s what’s expected. Wyatt is roughing up the sleeper and he admits that he is only along for the ride to protect his family.

He also admits that he gave the Rittenhouse team Christopher’s address in case he can’t complete his mission. Jiya and Lucy present Christopher with some information from the future because it is the only way to get through to her. It seems to work. Rufus and Wyatt go out to stop the other agent. When they get back, the sleeper hanged himself.

The team comes back to the future and Christopher thanks them for saving her family. She has to go home for family night. Her mother is cooking. In this future she is close to her mom. Rufus and Jiya talk it out. They will beat her vision. Lucy goes to see Flynn. She wants to know about her giving him her journal. They can’t cross their own timeline but they must be able to in the future because she does to give it to him.

Wyatt talks to Jessica about her family. She has a brother in this timeline that she didn’t in his. They talk about that but when he asks if she is keeping anything from him she admits that she is. She’s pregnant.

So Jessica is a sleeper agent right? She was raised in Rittenhouse because obviously they got involved in getting her brother healthy. Also I don’t understand the whole crossing your own timeline thing. I mean, I get why you wouldn’t be in a place to interact with yourself but just in the same year? That’s weird. I liked this episode even though it was different. There was hardly any history to it, just personal history.