13 Reasons Why, episode five

Tyler and Cyrus are adding to their wardrobes. They made shirts that read “assholes.” Porter goes outside to find a brick through his car window. There’s a note attached that reads know your place. Bryce gives Chloe a ride to school and mentions that his parents want to have her over for dinner that night. Clay has to get to school but first he takes care of Justin. Zach has breakfast with his mom and she rags on Hannah.

Mr. Baker shows up to sit in court with Mrs. Baker. Clay has Tony in to babysit Justin and Ryan has his turn on the stand. He talks about the school not seeing signs of trouble. Tyler gets called into Porter’s office to talk about the photos of Jess that turned up recently. The defense pushes Ryan about Hannah’s poetry. Tyler is pissed everyone else is walking away from the stand fine and he still got shit.

Justin and Tony have a chat about his time on the streets before Tony decides they are going to head out. Jess and Alex talk about the kiss and coping. Clay gets a lead on where the room in the polariods is. The defense keeps pushing Ryan about who Hannah’s poems were about. He says Justin. Speaking of, while on their little walk, Tony and Justin get spotted. Now everyone will know he’s back. Testimony ends for the day. Mr. Baker plans to keep coming back. He goes home to his girlfriend though.

Drug tests are scheduled for the baseball team so the coach gives out clean pee for anyone that needs it. They guys talk about Justin being back in town but Bryce keeps saying he has it under control. Ryan feels bad so he goes to apologize to Mrs. Baker and they end up talking about her journal and poems. Jessica talks to Porter about quitting cheerleading and Justin. Bryce and his dad are chatting while Chloe does dishes with his mom. She sees bruises on Chloe and seems concerned until Chloe explains that they are from cheerleading.

Alex and Zach are exercising. He talks about the kiss with Jess and how it made things weird. Sheri shows up for her shift with Justin and ends up chatting with Mrs. Jensen. Jess goes to a support group. and makes a new friend. Tyler’s mom comes into his room and talks to him about his new friend Cyrus. They were spotted shooting guns. Tyler blames it on Cyrus and says it was just a BB gun.

His mom believes him. She doesn’t like guns. Alex is having some problems getting aroused. He tries a video chat porn site but it doesn’t work. Clay gets home and talks to Justin about Jessica. Porter goes to see Justin’s mom and ends up fighting with her boyfriend in the yard. Clay wakes up to find Just gone. Porter gets arrested.

I feel bad for Porter. He’s trying so hard but it doesn’t get him anywhere. Jess too but at least she is making a little bit of progress. She made a new friend. I still don’t understand how Ryan can be on the same level as these other people.


13 Reasons Why, episode four

Clay tries to wake Justin up to no avail. Instead he opts to do Justin’s laundry and finds heroin. He calls Tony for help. Bryce gets up and finds his mom already in the kitchen. She tries to talk to him about the trial and school but he plays dumb. Tony is on probation and can’t get involved with Justin. He sends Sheri instead and she plans to sit with Justin while Clay goes to school.

Jessica and her parents go to see Porter about the note. He wants to know if there is anything else he can help with. Marcus talks to his dad about testifying. He’s worried but his dad tells him to look out for number one. Zach joins Alex to eat and gets teased about it by the baseball crowd afterward. He has no use for them and walks away. Clay tells Jessica he has Justin. She is not interested.

Marcus takes the stand and talks about his history with Hannah. Chloe tells Jessica she wants to help set her up with someone. Jessica goes to find Zach and Alex to ditch. Zach can’t but he lends them his car and they go to the movies. On the cross examination, Marcus straight up lies about his date with Hannah. Clay finds another polaroid of Bryce. “He won’t stop,” it says. At school Tyler is pissed about Marcus’ testimony.

Marcus comes back to school and explains to Bryce that he planted the seed for him to spin his own story. After their trip to the movies, Alex and Jessica visit Mrs. Baker. Things only get more awkward when Mr. Baker stops in. The teens leave and the Bakers talk. He’s started to move on and is seeing someone. She’s focused only on the case. Cyrus and Tyler set Marcus up. He opens a bag and gets a face full of paint.

Seems like that’s the end until he walks behind his car to find the word hypocrite painted on the back. Marcus is on the stand talking about leading by example. He knows Bryce feels the same way. Bryce, who is at home having sex with Chloe. Jessica and Alex talk about feeling disconnected. They slowly walk into ankle deep water. They kiss for a few moments before Jess pulls back in tears. She tells Alex that Clay has Justin but she never wants to see him again.

Clay gets home to sit with Justin. Sheri heads out and they talk a bit about Jessica. Marcus reports the fire and what happened to his car to Porter. He’s being targeted. Porter wants to know who would go after him. Cyrus and Tyler shoot guns in the woods. Alex is confronted by his parents for ditching. He rages and hides away in his room. Clay’s mom talks to the defense attorney about the trial.

Zach goes to the locker room after practice. Bryce gave him answers to their math test and he looks at them again. He sees blood in his bag and freaks out. They are both pleasantly surprised about Marcus. Mrs. Jensen warns about secrets but the other woman isn’t worried. She leaves and Mrs. Jensen snoops. She finds that they have Clay’s phone records on file. Clay is ready to give Alex the tapes because he has to take Bryce down.

He talks to hallucination Hannah about the polariods and how he needs Alex to testify. He debates with himself but eventually sends the tapes to Alex who wakes up when his phone chimes that they were received. He starts listening right away.

I can’t figure Zach out. Is he good or bad? I really thought Marcus would sell the guys out to protect himself but he’s even smarmier than I thought. Clay is so focused on Bryce he doesn’t see anything else. That’s his problem.

13 Reasons Why, episode three

On his way home from Skye’s Clay gets run off the road on his bike. He doesn’t get home until 5 in the morning and ends up fighting with his parents. Jessica gets ready for school and court. Clay goes to see Skye and she dumps him. At school, Alex tells Jessica and then Clay about the note he got. He doesn’t think it was Bryce. He thinks it was Zach. Clay pushes for Jessica to bring up Bryce on the stand.

She gets pissed and leaves. She gets to class and finds pictures of herself with Bryce calling her a slut. She takes down the pictures and leaves. Marcus is concerned when he sees her storm by. Tyler is getting picked on when the outcasts come over and sit with him. Suddenly he’s got a group of friends. Jessica is on the stand. She talks about what happened to Hannah and then pulls out the pictures from school.

They actually get admitted as evidence before the defense moves on to ask about the demise of Jessica’s friendship with Hannah. It paints the latter as jealous. Clay gets pissed that Jessica didn’t accuse Bryce. He goes to see Skye but she’s gone. She was transferred to another facility but the staff can’t tell him where. Zach and Bryce argue at practice and Zach tells him that he has his back.

Jessica’s parents don’t know what to do and try to talk to her. She tells them they don’t understand. She later tries to explain to Clay but he doesn’t listen. He wants to find Justin and bring him back to coberate her story. Tyler hangs out with his new buddy Cyrus for dinner. Cyrus’ dad tells them to resist authority. Clay is focused on bringing Justin back. He recruits Tony to help and they start making the rounds of shelters.

After a few false starts, they track him down and Clay brings him home. Marcus is next to testify and his dad prays for him. They are in the middle of a campaign event. His dad is running for office and Marcus promises that his testimony won’t get in the way of it. Tyler and Cyrus mess around in the basement. Marcus wakes up in the night to find someone has lit the campaign sign in the lawn on fire. Justin smokes out of Clay’s window.

Is Zach on Alex’s side or not? I can’t tell. I also forgot about Marcus so this should be interesting. I’m glad that Tyler has a new crowd and that Tony and Clay are in cahoots again.

13 Reasons Why, episode two

Things are weird for Clay. He’s got a talking hallunciation and he’s trying to figure out what sort of mission she must represent. His mother knocks on his door and wakes him up. They talk about court. Then hurries to get ready and leave for school. Skye turned up unannounced to pick him up. She wants to ignore what happened the night before. Courtney talks to her dads. It’s her turn to testify.

Zach’s mom wants him to get help before testifying. Bryce’s father offered their legal team and she is going to take him up on it. Zach is not happy about that. He gets a call from Alex. He needs a ride to school. Jessica gets to school and sees Chloe and Bryce. She freaks out. Bryce sees Zach with Alex and gets mad too. Things only get worse as Jessica goes inside and finds a note trying to silence her. Porter approaches and tries to be helpful. She isn’t all that interested though.

Clay talks to Tyler about polaroids in the recently ransacked yearbook room. Jessica and Alex talk about her situatoin. He thinks testifying will help things but she doubts it. Courtney talks about the night that she slept over Hannah’s and they kissed. That night Mrs. Baker is talking to the mom PR lady that is staying with her when they uncover the dress she was wearing when she found Hannah buried in a drawer. Porter meets with Sheri who is also coming back to school.

Bryce asks Zach what’s going on with him and Alex. He’s busying confronting Clay about the tapes and getting his memory back. Chloe doesn’t believe Jessica about Bryce and tells her as much. Alex is frustrated and lashes out at Zach as a result. Jessica finds Courtney in a coffee shop and talks to her about testifying. Bryce sits alone at the field. He was subpeonaed too and seems to be ignoring it.

That night Clay gets home to find Skye there for dinner. Things are a little more tense at Tyler’s house where his dad talks about transferring him because he has no friends and Courtney is dealing with being outed in court. Dinner at the Jensen house is an awkward affair. Skye gets handsy and then she and Clay go upstairs. Mrs. Baker is mad the PR lady for washing her dress so she hangs out with Tony for a bit instead. Clay has some trouble holding up his end of the bargain in bed and Skye gets offended.

She feels like a stand in for Hannah and that he doesn’t like her or feel attracted to her. She storms out and speeds away. Alex gets a note of his own. It’s a target sheet from a gun range with a message about killing himself. Clay gets to Skye’s house and finds her being loaded into an ambulance. Her mother tells him to go home.

I feel bad for Zach. He really can’t win here. He sees what Bryce is up to and can’t put a stop to it. Alex and Jessica have a rough go of it too. Those notes. I don’t understand why Alex doesn’t tell him policeman father. That would help wouldn’t it?

13 Reasons Why, episode one

It’s been months since Hannah’s death and Tyler is testifying. Clay is trying to move on. He goes with Skye to get a tattoo. He passes out halfway through. He and Skye are together and afterward they go back to her place to have sex. He’s nervous but she’s not. As they start he finds cuts, recent cuts, and pulls back to talk about that instead. He wants her to call him when she feels like that. He gets home to find out the trial is about to start and fights with his mother about testifying and Bryce.

Alex is about to go back to school. He and Jessica made a deal. His father is concerned about him but Alex is adamant. He’s getting better and he can do it out in the world too. He calls Jessica to check in and she is still on for school too. Mrs. Baker has changed. She’s chopped her hair and is spending time at the gun range. When she’s not doing that, she’s trying to figure out the tapes. Tyler gets to school and finds that someone is bullying him with photos in the dark room.

He’s more concerned with testifying though. He has to do it and he has to be first. Alex is ready for school but first he wants to read his own suicide note. His mother doesn’t think that’s a good idea but he pushes and she lets him. He gets hung up on the sentiment that he “could have stopped it.” Mrs.Baker gets to court. She’s ready for this but her husband is not. Bryce and a buddy are at school shooting up steroids. Bryce is not at all concerned about the trial.

Opening statements are made. Alex and Jessica get to school to find that though some things have changed most things stayed the same. Bryce is still causing trouble and Zach recommends that Alex keep his head down. Tyler continues to testify and the defense is trying to paint a picture that Hannah brought the attention on himself. Clay can’t take it anymore so he goes to school. He talks to Zach about testifying and then about Alex’s note with him. Alex thinks there is something more to his guilt.

Clay finds a Polaroid of Hannah in his locker with a note telling him he doesn’t know everything. Tony approaches a few minutes later to talk about testifying. He was called by the school. Porter threatens Bryce to keep him in line around Jessica. Tyler visits with Alex. He has been for a while now. They talk about Alex’s attempt and his memory loss. Jessica goes back to cheerleading and the team captain Chloe seems thrilled to see her. She wants her to be the flyer during their stunts.

A few feet away Bryce is pitching. He seems distracted. Zach sees why but doesn’t call him on it. Tommy tracks down Tony to give him a note from Hannah. He’s going to testify and assures Tony he won’t drag him. After practice, Jessica runs into Bryce. He chats like nothing happened and asks her about getting a drink some time. She walks away and his girlfriend, Chloe, walks up to him and kisses him. Clay and Tyler fight about Hannah before the former head’s to Skye’s.

He wants to try again to have sex but he can’t do it. He has an episode. Jessica talks to her father. He’s not a fan of her testifying. He wants to keep her safe. After he leaves, she hears something and runs outside to find an inflatable doll hanging on the porch. There is tape over its mouth and the word slut is written on it. Clay looks at the polaroid. His Hannah hallucination asks him what he’s going to do. He’s shocked she can speak.

I don’t remember at least half of these people and they are obviously setting up to bring new characters in. I’m not going to be able to keep track. Jessica is going to get dropped right? During cheerleading. Chloe is out to protect Bryce so Jessica is going down.

Dear White People, episode ten

It’s almost time for the Fox pundit speech and everyone on campus is tense. Joelle is on air talking about being proud to be yourself. Sam breaks down what she found for Lionel. She wants to find the Order of X, a secret society of former slaves. Campus security is gearing up to take down anyone that protests at the speech. The one that went after Reggie is out but he’ll just be a state cop next,

Coco is sleeping with Pastiche guy. He’s helping her out with something big but they haven’t told anyone. Afterward he meets with Troy about trying out for Pastiche. Coco goes back to AP to talk about their protest. Troy walks by. He isn’t interested in partcipating. He’s also not looking to steal security footage with Al to support his conspiracy theory. Reggie and Joelle are talking when Al comes in looking for help. Reggie tells him where to go but no more than that.

Lionel has sex with Wesley and finds out they apparently aren’t monogomous. Coco and Reggie go back to her room, where there is an X on the door. They talk about feelings and end up having sex. Sam walks in but quickly leaves. She goes downstairs and texts Gabe and then checks in with Lionel. She ends up going to Gabe’s and having sex. She stays until she has to go see the pundit, Rikki Carter.

Sam heads over and at first hears Silvio planning how to amp up his brand. She goes to talk to Rikki for her doc and ends up getting schooled. Rikki doesn’t necessarily believe the nonsense she spouts. She’s just cashing the checks to build her own kingdom. She thinks its only a matter of time before Sam joins her ranks on the other side. The event starts and Rikki goes out on the stage. It’s sold out. To the Black Caucus. That’s what Coco and Pastiche guy were working on.

The only people not at the speech are Lionel and Sam. He lays out what he knows about the Order of X and the other secret societies and they are able to piece together the possible meeting place of the Order. As they head over, they see Al running by with the security footage. They get to the a dark room. They think they got it wrong. Sam is upset because she needed a win and Lionel is right there with her.

He vents about everything he does turning to shit and Wesley sleeping around and the whole Silvio thing. That’s when the missing dog interrupts. Neither understands where she came from but as they stand there a man enters. He knows their names and knows they’ve been looking into the Order.

This was good and I really liked the conversation between Sam and Rikki. It makes sense that she is just going off to make money at this point and doesn’t care about anything. She also basically implied that their guy was the same way. The fact that the security guard is going to be a statie is awful but probably accurate. The protest though. That was so boss. Especially because apparently no one slipped up and mentioned it. I love that.

Dear White People, episode nine

Sam’s father died. She packs up to head home for the services. Reggie wishes her well and tells her that they will take care of everything for the guest speaker while she’s gone. They hug and then he gives Joelle a longer hug before they head outside where Gabe is waiting with the car. He awkwardly kisses and pats Sam before she gets in the car. Before she and Joelle can leave Coco comes running out.

She is coming too because Sam’s father meant a lot to her. They hit the road and Coco does her best to distract Sam. After a false start, it works. They get to Sam’s mom’s house and catch up with her family. She’s shocked to see her mom coping so well. The family reminisces over food and drinks. A cousin lets information about Sam’s dad slip that she didn’t know. Apparently he’d had a second surgery and no one told her. She corners her mom and confronts her about it.

Her mom tells Sam that she didn’t want to acknowledge that things were getting bad. Sam feels deprived of a chance to say goodbye. Now she’s angry and she has to give a speech. She goes to her room and talks to Coco and Joelle about it. They are sympathetic and helpful as she cries. Late at night she goes into her father’s study. She finds her childhood art projects and an old book about Winchester before stumbling upon a letter from her father.

That’s what she uses at least to start her speech. She tearfully reads it. After the services, she talks to her mom. They still have each other. She goes into her room to find Coco and Joelle bonding. She gets a video call from Lionel. As luck would have it their speaker canceled since they never secured funding but at least Troy is having lunch with his dad. Sam is pissed, until she sees the box of stuff she is taking back to school. She has an idea and will tell them about it when she gets back.

I like that Coco stayed in touch with Sam’s family. I found that interesting and liked that she was there for Sam even though it’s been bad blood. I half expected the abortion to come up.