Orange is the New Black, episode thirteen

Alex stops by to visit Piper and they have a chat before on of the guards comes in and leads Piper away. She waits in line for a case officer with Blanca and Sophia. Alex goes to work for Carol. Piper finds out she is getting released tomorrow. Cindy is still in a bad way but Flaca tries to keep her spirits up. Caputo and Fig are both tense and they fight. Barb and Carol rally their teams. Freida is back in her cell. She gets some stuff from Sophia.

Piper gets back to the block and looks for Alex who is nowhere to be found. She goes to shower and talks to Blanca about getting out. Fantasy Inmate is canceled after the game. McCullogh wants to call off the game. She’s worried about being outnumbered. Closing arguments are made in Taystee’s trial. As the jury deliberates, she talks to Caputo. He tries to keep her spirits up but she has to prepare for the possibility of being found guilty.

Daya has a visit from Aleida and she is high as a kite. Blanca calls her boyfriend and tells him that she is getting out. Alex swings by Piper’s cell and finds out she is getting out as well. Piper isn’t all that thrilled and Alex realizes she completely threw their lives away making a deal with Carol. Hopper gets home and finds Aleida distraught about Daya.

First think in the morning, Nikki goes to see Lorna. There is something crazy happening. Alex leads Piper through the halls and sneaks into the rec room. Nikki and Lorna are there to celebrate their prison wedding. Nikki presides. Piper makes Alex promise to get out asap. Flaca and Cindy turn up to do their show and are happy for Alex and Piper.

Luschek sees Gloria in solitary to try and apologize. She tells him that the game will be a bloodbath but knows he still won’t do anything. After she chats with Red. Someone comes to get Taystee. They have a verdict. Guilty. Caputo confronts swat guy and gets punched in the face. Nikki talks to Lorna and finally gets through that the war is dumb. They don’t go outside. Meanwhile Piper and Alex have a chat before Piper heads out and Alex heads to the kickball war with a shiv.

Lorna and Nikki are hiding out but they make noise and Nikki goes out to take the fall. She heads to the game. In the closet, Lorna goes into labor. Teams go out, Carol and Barb hide. They are going to the safe block to go after Frieda. Suzanne doesn’t want to go to the game and leave Frieda behind. Frieda tries to tell her nicely to go but it doesn’t work so she gets nasty. The teams get outside and it seems like Maria is second guessing.

Penn and Suzanne don’t know about the war but they wander out. Maria is desperate to stop things. She goes to McCullogh who hesitates but helps her out. They pick new teams. Luschek sees that the game is starting and flees. Caputo goes to MCC’s big party to talk to Fig. She’s nice and cleans him up. Cindy and Flaca announce the game and talk about feeling guilty. The teams have noticed Carol and Barb aren’t there but they are still all systems go. Suzanne kicks as Badison calls for attack but the outfielder plays the ball instead. They all play the game and smile.

Alex points out to Badison that Carol isn’t even there and Nikki does the same to Daddy about Barb. Speaking of, they are inside fighting in the closet. They argue and end up killing each other. Piper goes through the release process while the inmates on the field have fun. Lorna makes it to medical. At the party, Linda announces to the media and shareholders that MCC will now have an immigration facility. Those being released are split into two groups. One line leads outside while the other leads to an ICE bus. Blanca sobs. Her man waits outside the gate with flowers. Piper’s brother picks her up as Taystee is brought back to max.

I’m not gonna watch the next season, assuming there is one. I really have no use for this show. It just took a turn this year and I don’t have any interest in what happens next. I feel really bad for Blanca and her man. Otherwise I’m done.


Orange is the New Black, episode twelve

The guard watches Carol and Barb all night. Nothing happens but when they get back to their blocks, they declare war. Linda has decided that the best course of action is a rebrand. She tells Fig about it. They are going to make a promo video. Piper tells Alex about Badison messing with her. Nikki and Red both hear about the war. They are not happy about. Fig ropes Hopper into doing paperwork for her.

Piper thinks that the best way to deal with Badison is for a transfer to ad seg so she tries to make that happen and has no luck. Alex tries to talk to Badison which is even less successful. Caputo tracks down Taystee’s attorney and tries to get more information. It’s not looking great. The guards all talk about the kickball practice that set off McCullogh’s PTSD. They talk about the inmates like animals. It’s disgusting.

Caputo visits Taystee and gives her quite the motivational speech. Badison bribes a guard to mess with Piper’s record. Tamika takes a personal day. Suzanne keeps going off book with the promo video and its delaying things. Hopper finishes the paperwork. He’s ranked all the inmates and bunch will be released soon. Red is annoyed with Carol and Frieda. Gloria talks to Flaca about cohosting while Cindy is out. It’ll give her a chance to talk to Luschek.

Alex pays a visit to Carol to call off Badison. Carol doesn’t seem all that interested but Alex knows how to play the game and she agrees to work for Carol. Piper tries to make a connect of her own and goes to Hopper. She turns in drugs in exchange for protection. Taystee is on the stand. Caputo is in the gallery and Tamika joins him. She brings up Poussey and seems to compel the jury.

Carol pays Badison a visit and tells her to steer clear of Piper. Gloria tries to talk to Luschek but he has to run. He tells her to leave him a note. When she’s trying to do that she finds the score sheets from the fantasy league. Badison’s bribed guard submits his report. Red finally gets a visit from the grandkids but on her way there she sees Frieda and attacks. Gloria confronts a guard about the game and he tells her he is sending her to solitary.

Piper thinks she solved the Badison problem on her own. Carol gives Badison a weapon for the kickball game. Hopper moves Piper to the top of the early release list.

I feel like this whole episode was a waiting game for the finale. I’m also sure that Piper won’t get out and no decision will be made on Taystee. I’m not watching another season on this.

Orange is the New Black, episode eleven

Hopper confronts Aleida about the drugs but she fights back before heading out. Piper’s team has kickball practice and she makes them run. Badison pukes as a result. Carol tells Red she has a hit out on Frieda. After practice, Suzanne tells Frieda that she doesn’t know who could be after her but Frieda is sure someone will try to make a move on her soon. Nikki is concerned about Barb’s plan to go after Carol’s posse. She tells Lorna about it but Lorna has already joined the Barb bandwagon.

Caputo is trying to change the narrative by bringing lawsuits public against MCC. He needs Sophia to help. She’s willing to meet with the lawyer, for Taystee not him. Taystee visits with Cindy whose back is still bothering her until a guard comes and runs her out. Maria tries to make amends with Gloria but she isn’t all that receptive to it. Alex and Piper talk about life after prison and her beef with Badison which escalates shortly thereafter. Suzanne and Penn are looking for the hitman. They aren’t having much luck though.

Cindy’s back is still in pain and Flaca tells her that it is something mental manifesting. Hopper gets to work and realizes that maybe Aleida had a point. Nikki jumps in on Barb’s plan to take out Carol and her squad. As the plan unfolds, Nikki tries to warn Red and one of the CO catches wind. They take Carol to ad seg and the whole thing is off. Linda notices that Caputo has been talking to several inmates. Maria has a crisis of faith but one of the COs talks her down. Piper has a heart to heart with Taystee. Cindy tries to change her testimony.

After listening to the other two ramble, Frieda might have IDed the hitman. Linda tries to buy off Sophia. It doesn’t work. In prayer group Maria finds out that Beth the baby killer was the one that held her in the toilet. She freaks out. Frieda goes after the possible hitman. She was spot on and she takes her down. Badison and Piper go toe to toe and someone else gets hurt as a result. Aleida goes to Hopper’s place and he tells her he is in for the smuggling. Sophia takes Linda’s deal. Barb needs to figure out who might have been a mole.

She blames Nikki but as always she is able to talk her way out of trouble. On her way back to her cell, Barb sees Frieda being loaded into a bus. Also on the bus… Cindy and Taystee. Piper is in her cell when Badison comes back. They argue and Badison makes some threats. Cindy testifies against Taystee. One of the guards moves Barb into Carol’s ad seg cell in the night.

I feel so bad for Taystee. This is just shit. I’m glad Sophia got something but I hate that she helped Linda.

Orange is the New Black, episode ten

Daya is getting high at work. She’s got a new system. Aleida is stashing the stuff in the protein powder Hopper brings to the prison. It’s good stuff and Daddy is happy with her. It’s been a month and they are on Barb’s good side. Piper and Badison are amongst the folks playing kickball. After pushing Luschek, Piper secures a real game against the other block on the field outside. Nikki is helping Barb stay sober and its working well. Barb is still mad at her sister Carol.

Flashback to them in high school plotting to kill their younger sister. Suzanne talks to Frieda about the kickball tournament. She also mentions the yard. Frieda warns her off it while Penn pushes for her to go outside. Gloria and Blanca run into some trouble. Luschek tells the other guards about the kickball game which they think will help their fantasy league. Piper and Badison get a glimpse of the other kickball team and know they are screwed. Caputo gets a call from Cindy, though he doesn’t know its her, telling him to look into the swat team.

Red and Carol enjoy drinks and rag on Frieda. Then Red confesses that being mean makes her feel at home. Flashback to Carol and Barb fighting with their parents about moving and then they get awful nice to their little sister. Daya talks to Aleida about upping the smuggled drugs. Caputo stalks one of the guards from the riot to get evidence for Taystee. Luschek talks to Gloria. He apologizes for not listening to her earlier. Caputo talks to Fig about his afternoon.

She suggests he flip the script and go after MCC instead. Nikki goes in to clean the other block and has a chat with Red. The lingering bruises come up and Nikki blames Carol. Red is not interested. She thinks Carol is her friend. Piper goes to the good block and recruits a few people for kickball. Gloria gets transferred to the other block. Daddy goes after her but Daya protects her. She’s a top dog.

At kickball, Penn throws a coup that puts Piper in charge. Badison is not happy. Hopper finds the drugs in the protein container. He is not happy. Frieda and Suzanne talk about the people out to get the former. She explains her history with Carol and Barb. Speaking of. Nikki drops in on Barb and finds out she is going to make an attempt on Carol’s life. Red will be present. Nikki tries to put a stop to it but she doesn’t have any luck.

I feel like they are trying to set this up so that the cast can rotate to these new people but I don’t care about them at all. How much time has passed since the riot? Taystee is getting a trial soon at least.

Orange is the New Black, episode nine

Piper talks to Alex about how to approach Carol and get people to sign up for kickball. She gets permission and leaves. Carol consults Badison about her though. Seems she isn’t a fan. Daddy deals some powder to the block boss and it puts her on a bad trip. Blanca has a messed up elbow and Nikki is concussed after getting pummeled. Caputo and Fig spend some time together. He’s pushed his leaving date back by a few days. He’s giving testimony for Taystee which has her freaking out.

Daya tracks down Daddy for a hit but doesn’t get it. She just ends up with an idea to try and smuggle stuff in. During dance class, Gloria uses Luschek as an example and he gets excited about it. Daya pitches the smuggling to her mom and gets rejected. Gloria tells Blanca about Luschek and also learns that it was their own block that turned against her. When Piper is still pushing the kickball thing at lunch Gloria decides its time to try and do away with the current system and eggs her on. Red gets a visit from her son. It doesn’t go well.

Caputo gives his testimony and its a glowing account of Taystee. Aleida gets home to find she’s being evicted. Piper is on a mission for kickball so she goes to chapel and ends up making nice with Maria. She even signs up for kickball. Zirconia rats out Gloria’s coup to Badison. Red bonds with Carol and Nikki bonds with the other block boss Barb. Daya doesn’t want to be alone so she goes to Daddy again. Aleida is living with the CO Hopper now. Gloria goes to Luschek and plays him to try and get something done about the block violence. Badison threatens her after.

Taystee and Cindy talk about Caputo’s testimony. The cross was rough but Caputo pulled through for her. Cindy feels so guilty about being a snitch she tries to confess but she can’t come right out and say it. Linda shows up at Caputo’s house and yells at him for testifying. He quits. Piper gets her sign up sheet back. She’s got enough names for kickball but since most are from the other block, Carol fields a team and puts Badison in charge. Aleida comes back to see Daya. She’s in for the smuggling now.

Yay Caputo quit. They are legit all awful though. I feel bad for Taystee. I don’t care about kickball or the block wars. I do feel bad for Blanca though.

Orange is the New Black, episode eight

The prison has been on lockdown since the fight. After the COs toss all the cells they pull it though. Daddy wants Daya to make a buy from her friends in the other block. Taystee gets all her mail and in it is an interview request. She’s not sure about it though. Alex tells Piper she is stashing a cell phone in her sock. Red sees that Frieda in the swanky block and is less than impressed.

Badison comes back to the block and ropes Alex into the gang. Nikki is on cleaning duty and stops by Blanca’s cell with some tools to try and inseminate herself. Just lacking the sperm. She also swings by and says hello to Red. During the next exercise class, Daya makes contact with Blanca about buying oxy for the block. It seems like a trade for sperm can be brokered. Luschek leaves a phone and someone from the block gets it.

Taystee gets to sit down for her interview. She talks about her battle and the abuse on the inside. Alex finds out she has a lot of money in her commissary. She knows it was Badison. Blanca’s man jerks off in the bathroom and leaves it for Daya to find. Piper blackmails Luschek into looking into kickball. Alex tells Badison that she is out. Red goes looking for whomever has a beef with Frieda. The CO Tamika that Taystee knows from on the block is pissed that she ratted on the COs.

Daya cleans the bathroom. Aleida tries to sell her protein powder outside the prison and ends up getting a date with one of the COs. Red drew some unwanted attention from Carol but she explains herself and they realize they are on the same team. In exercise class Daya and Blanca trade off but they get seen. Daya gets jumped. She did manage to stash a few pills though and handed those off to Daddy before they fell into bed.

Nikki helps with the implementation process for Blanca but all the people from her block are after her for giving oxy to Daya so things don’t look good there. During mail delivery, Taystee doesn’t get her usual stack. Tamika just tossed it.

I’m gonna finish this because I want to see what happens with Taystee. Otherwise I am not really paying attention to anything that’s going on. I have no use for most of these people.

Orange is the New Black, episode seven

Cindy and Flacca start their radio show. Lorna and some of the goons start plotting how to get back at the other block. Daddy comes in and tells them not to worry. She also smuggles Daya one pill. Badison thinks she’s got some pills of her own coming through the pipeline but she was the middle man and Carol cut her out. Piper is feeling morose as she and Alex do magazine quizzes.

Maria was put on suicide watch and now she needs a psych eval. Meanwhile, Alex and Badison have a talk in the shower about the principles of supply and demand. Cindy and Taystee go through the latter’s fan mail. They talk about reconnecting with Suzanne. Linda is getting a tour of ad seg and she’s spotted by Penn. Linda ditches her tour guide and tries to get Penn to keep her mouth shut. It looks like a bribe will be necessary.

Badison talks to Luschek about being her mule. During the next radio show, Cindy gives Suzanne a shout out. Maria manages to get herself released from psych. Daya finds what’s left of Daddy’s stash and swipes it. Caputo picks Fig up to go on one real date. Penn ends up in a block with Frieda and Suzanne. At lunch they talk about secrets. On their date, Caputo asks about the girls that moved into max. He’s sweet and she gets upset that he’s leaving.

Luschek brings a phone in for Badison. Daya takes most of the pills and when Daddy confronts her about it they end up sleeping together. Piper wanted to write a memoir but first she is going to bring peace and harmony through kickball. Suzanne visits Taystee and Cindy but ends up snapping at them. In the yard, Badison needs a minute with Alex. It seems just like she wants to collect on the favors but then the strung out goons attack and she gets shanked. It’s mayhem.

Now this just seems like the same old show with some new people that I don’t really know anything about and I’m not motivated to find out. I still don’t care at all about Badison. I’m ready for the trial though with Taystee.