Saturday Night Live, episode six

I am not a Steve Carell fan. It’s the last episode for a few weeks though so there’s potential.

Cold open: Cecily Strong is a powerhouse and doesn’t get enough credit.

Monologue: I didn’t like The Office so I don’t care much about the idea of a reboot. Jenna is in a great show called Splitting Up Together.

Dumb dad: This was not funny.

Amazon: I’ll admit I laughed at this.

Friendsgiving: Nope. It picked up a little at the end but nope.

RBG: She’s a boss.

NASA TV: Again like this isn’t bad but it’s just not that funny.

First song: She sounds good.

Weekend Update: Just the best part of this show week in and week out.

Guardian angel: This was actually funny. Like I really liked this.

Second song: On point.

RV Family: This was one of the best sketches. Why was it buried at the end?

Outer space: Meh.

GPYAAS: I wish this was real.

Maybe I was biased but overall this was a subpar episode. Hopefully things will turn around with Claire Foy in two weeks.


House of Cards, episode eight

Doug doesn’t know what to do about Claire, what Frank would want. Claire holds a press briefing and says that Francis may have rigged his election. Questions are about that mostly until Janine posts an article about the missing will. Claire calls Doug troubled. A short while later he’s caught by the news and says that he has audio from Frank. Mark and Annette see the coverage. She tells him to keep Doug in check. Doug is meeting with Janine to talk about the tapes for her next story.

It goes live and Claire consults her lawyer about getting the story down. It’s not going to happen. After that she heads back to find Nathan waiting. He’s retiring. She still threatens him a bit. Bill makes an appearance. It pisses Annette off. Claire meets with her informant and finds out the Nathan is in a league with the Sheperds. Her next meeting is about Homeland Security. She plays everyone in the room. Doug is up to something himself.

He gets a visit from Seth but doesn’t say much. That night he texts Claire that he’s going to send out more lines. She tells him not to and he tells her to call him. She does and wants to know what he’s playing at. He tells her to stop accusing Francis or he will take her down. They keep arguing until she hangs up. She goes to the Oval and talks to Petrov. They volley threats and he tells her that he will now oppose her at the UN. She holds a press conference and says that no one is safe.

Bill does an interview about it and Mark listens on the radio. He’s out to visit and brings a message from Annette. She wants Bill to keep vocally opposing just so that she can oppose it. Bill just wants to know what it all means. Annette visits Claire and tries to broker a deal. Claire doesn’t buy it. That night Claire paces the nursery and talks to her teenage self. Doug and Seth are talking in Doug’s kitchen about Doug turning on Claire to help the Sheperds.

Seth offers Doug an out but the Doug figures its just for Seth’s conscience. Seth gets a call from Annette. She asks for Doug and gives him a pep talk. He doesn’t want to hear it. He’s not doing this for her. Claire fights with Petrov on a video conference and then tells the security council to be ready for a strike. Doug calls and warns her that the folks in uniform don’t like her. She has the White House cleared. Janine calls someone. She leaves a message yelling about being stood up. Bill talks art with someone.

Annette’s plan is a go but Mark can’t be here for it. He walks out. Claire the soldier with access to the football comes to see Claire. She asks what he’s been promised. Doug passes him as he enters. The soldier has been arrested. Claire and Doug talk about Francis and what the recordings mean. She thanks Doug. He’s the one that poisoned Frank. He was on his way to kill Claire and then planned to kill Doug too. He had to protect the legacy from the man. Claire says that they are both glad he’s dead and he presses a letter opener to her throat. He calms down and pulls it back. She grabs it and shanks him in the guy. She holds him as he dies.

That’s the finale? That’s it? I mean some of this isn’t bad and I get that sometimes things are left open ended but this just seems pointless. I did not expect Doug to be the one that killed Frank so that was interesting. Was Janine calling Doug? I assume so right? I’m more interested in that than most of what happened. Is Duncan still in jail? What will happen when the agents come in and find Claire with Doug’s body. What did Mark do with Yates’ body? So much unresolved here. Ridiculous.

House of Cards, episode seven

A man is digging in a field. He hits something, whatever he was looking for. It’s Doug with a beard. He gets back into a can and looks at what he found. It’s a phone. He talks to himself about his wife. He stares into the camera. Claire wakes up with a jolt. It’s the beginning of the Women’s Conference and Claire is giving a stump speech. The Sheperds are taking a case to the Supreme Court questioning her ability to serve.

Doug was visiting where he buried Rachel. Claire has Nathan keeping an eye on him. He recently reached out to Seth. It’s time to bring Doug in. Claire has a Cabinet meeting and fights about how to do something about the Sheperds app. She wants it done by Congress now. Janine is on Air Force One and Claire pitches a tell all about Frank. Janine isn’t sold. She wants to know who she should interview, Claire or Doug.

Bill has some high powered friends over and talks about the change coming and how he’s always tried to do right by America. That might be what sends him to jail though. In the hall, Cole talks to Mark about distancing from the Sheperds. He doesn’t like that he has to deal with the fallout from what Duncan did. He needs Mark’s help. Annette presents Cole with a copy of Abruzzo’s majority ruling. It’ll limit Claire’s power and help Cole on the road to the White House.

That is their plan. Put him up as president and then declare a third major party in the political spectrum. Seth gets a call from Doug. He quotes Frank’s diary and talks in circles. He has demands and when they are met he will sit down with Annette. The doctor wants Claire to head back to DC and get some fluids. Claire isn’t interested. Annette makes Bill adopt Duncan. Seth gives a speech for the Sheperd Foundation. Nathan is waiting in the wings afterward. He wants information on Doug but Seth doesn’t tell him anything.

Claire is video conferencing with Petrov. They are talking about Francis’ legacy and his crimes when she starts to have pregnancy pains. She’s rushed to a hospital. As she is treated she remembers the days before she accepted Francis’ proposal. She slept with some other guy. Claire finds out she was given something to induce labor. She’s okay now though and as she listens to the heartbeat, she calls Annette and makes her listen too. It’s a girl.

Doug is alone and ready to go after Claire. He opens the door to find Nathan there. He wants to know if Nathan is really willing to abandon him now. Nathan just wants to get out of this alive. He checks in with Claire and lies. Claire realizes that Doug took something from the Oval. She starts looking around and finds that something is missing from under the drawer. She gets a visitor. Cole. She tells him how it’s going to go. He’s going to tell Abruzzo he’s out or take the fall for the app.

Cole is willing to do it. Duncan is giving an interview when the feds show up and take him into custody. Abruzzo recuses and Annette is livid. It gets worse when she finds out about Duncan. The reporter the Sheperds hired gets a new script. It’s so bad she just quits. Mark, Seth and Annette are amongst a group plotting the assassination of Claire. With no VP, that puts Cole in power. The room is cleared for Annette to meet with Doug. He’s not willing to play ball yet because he wants to protect Frank.

Claire has a meeting with a Cabinet member. She was withholding information and when Claire asks why she admits that she doesn’t trust Claire. She is promptly fired. Doug is riding around with Janine. She knows what Tom was working on. It’s the same thing that Zoe and Lucas were working on too. She’s ready to pick it up but she needs evidence. Claire has a sit down the Sheperds reporter and it’s not bad. Doug seems and is ready to go after her for it. He shaves. That night Claire sits in a rocking chair, looking at a crib.

It kind of creeps me out when they all stare at the camera without talking. So did that reporter get a new gig already? I’m glad Janine found what Tom left hidden. I hate that Mark is helping the Sheperds so much.

House of Cards, episode six

Doug gets to Tom’s house and let’s himself in. He snoops around a bit and the place seems ransacked. There’s no sign of Tom. News of the abortion breaks. Claire makes a statement. The baby wasn’t viable. Claire is going through some pomp and circumstance with her new Cabinet. Mark is holding a press conference of his own to defend himself against the collusion accusations. A special prosecutor will be appointed. Tom and Janine are in a supply store. She saw someone in his house but there isn’t anyone there now.

Tom tells her not to worry about it. A few moments later her fax from Fred comes through. Tom grabs it so they can read it right away. Fred gets the originals back and shreds them. Bill has a pretty serious fever. Annette is taking care of him. She asks about canceling plans for the next day. He isn’t interested. She’s also concerned that she hasn’t heard back from Duncan. Jane is back in the States and she’s waiting for a debrief. Instead she gets a visit from a feisty Claire. Jane’s been burnt and should stop acting like a fool.

Seth is waiting when Doug gets to the hotel to hear a job pitch from the Sheperds. Cole and Amburg are there and were just on their way out. Once they leave, Bill starts his pitch but Doug doesn’t say anything. He just lets Bill and Annette talk about Francis and Claire. They want him to help take Claire down. Doug leaves and Seth follows. This was a setup so Doug could see he’d been working for the Sheperds all along.

Jane goes to see Mark and they fight about Claire and what to do next. Speaking of, she’s talking to Petrov about what their deal means. Mark is trying to find out more about who these new Cabinet members are to get ready for the special prosecutor. There’s something on the news about Yates and the press secretary, Kelsey. Claire goes to see Kelsey, who wants to quit. Claire tells her that she’s being hired permanently. Mark goes to see the Sheperds.

Bill isn’t taking visitors and Annette tells him he’s on his own. He needs to sort this Russia thing out because it’s bad for the country and it makes them look bad. Claire meets with Nathan and they talk about Mark and Tom. He doesn’t have a ton of information though which pisses Claire off. Bill wakes up and Annette starts to coddle him. He’s not having it. He’s mad and starts yelling at her and then Seth. They don’t know where Janine is.

She’s in a hotel room with Tom, who gets a phone call from Doug. They talk about Janine’s story and the fact that Doug has Tom’s dog. Annette tells Seth that from on everything that is told to Bill gets filtered through her. He asks about Duncan and she tells him to shove off. Jane meets with Claire in the Oval to talk about Mark. Jane wants to protect him and Claire tells him that impeaching him will do that. Claire asks about how much Jane helped Durant in her escape.

Jane leaves and calls Mark. She tries to convince him to walk away. Instead he threatens to use Yates’ body. She apologizes. Doug talks to Seth about Janine and the Sheperds. Then he meets with Tom. The story on Ohio is done. They talk about Rachel and Zoe and LeAnn and Francis and everything that has happened. Meanwhile, Seth is fighting with Janine. She’s asking for comment and he is trying to intimidate her. It doesn’t work.

Claire has gone to see Mark and is not about to back off there either. He’s ready to go down swinging though. She leaves and he calls Jane. She just keeps apologizing and telling him she has a migraine. She’s in a little pod. Tom gets a visit from Claire. She stopped by to tell Tom that Doug is delusional. She was not complicit with Francis’ scheming. Tom doesn’t buy it. He wants to have this conversation on the record.

Annette is at the hotel when Duncan comes back in. He’s the son of the housekeeper and wants to know why he wasn’t adopted and all sorts of other things. It’s emotional and then Bill comes in and makes it worse. Annette turns to him for help and he just says that Duncan isn’t “one of us.” It sets Annette off. She’s done with Bill and storms out with Duncan. Doug brings Janine’s article to Claire. It would prove that Bill can be held accountable.

Bill is set to be arrested and paraded out in cuffs. Doug tells Claire she doesn’t belong but she doesn’t care. She’s done listening. Tom is grabbing a late dinner across the street from his place. He sees someone coming that looks suspicious and he knows what’s up. He messes around with the collar on his dog as the person approaches from behind. Tom stands up and gets shot. A world away, Durant is also killed. And closer to home, things aren’t looking good for Jane. Janine hears it on the radio and starts to cry and yell. Claire tells Doug that Tom and Durant and Jane are dead. They are all that’s left. He steals something from her desk while she pukes in another room. She comes back and clears something up about the will. It doesn’t matter because of their prenup. He can’t pass on assets if he has an heir. And she’s pregnant.

Poor Tom. I really liked him. This is supposed to scare Janine but I hope it doesn’t. Nothing will come of her story now though. Jane and Durant didn’t deserve to go out that way either. I don’t understand what Mark having Yates’ body will accomplish. Also, she’s going to have a baby now? I have no use for that.

House of Cards, episode five

Teenage Claire is outside smoking when Annette finds her. She doesn’t care about high school theater. She takes off her costume, hands it off and runs into the woods. Claire is alone on a couch. Bill gives an interview with David Gregory. Everyone is freaking out because of Claire’s deal. They are questioning her ability to lead but it’s all part of her plan. She’s still not done though.

The Sheperds talk to Mark. They are ready to make him president via the 25th Amendment. That’s exactly what Claire was banking on because that’s when things get personal. She’s ready to go. Doug and his rehab friend Amburg talk about Cole and the rehab shrink. Janine’s source, Fred, is at a diner. He sends a kid outside with a note and then borrows the landline to call Janine. He tells her not to talk. She’s in the parking lot. The kid gives her the note.

Mark has the Cabinet convened in a basement to tell them he’s moving on the 25th. A few seem nervous but he assures them that he’s got this. Doug tracks down the shrink at a cabin in the woods and confronts him about Frank’s missing will. The shrink admits that Frank left him everything. Jane is staying in the residence. She and Claire have a bit of a talk about things but it goes off the rails. Another presser, no new answers. 24 days since Claire did her job. Mark visits and talks to Claire about the power she’s lost and the chance for a dignified exit.

Tom is in New Mexico trying to find out information about Rachel. He’s got a guy cornered and is asking about Rachel and Doug. He manages to get a name. Doug stops by to see Claire. He tells her that he thinks Durant is still alive. They seem to be on the same team. She also gets a visit from Duncan. She asks him to call off the dogs in the media and he gets coy about his power. She tells him to ask his mother where he came from.

Jane is sleeping with Nasser. She excluded him from a deal and he’s upset. She goes into the bathroom to grab her phone and then turns around and finds some unsavory folks waiting for her. Janine and Fred meet in the bar. He’s got screenshots of emails from Bill Sheperd but he’s being followed so he’s skittish. Right on time a suit walks in and takes a seat. Fred takes off and Janine follows. He tells her he doesn’t trust her phone. It felt like they were tracking his. She opens the app and looks at it and then leaves the phone in a storage closet.

Mark tells Claire that Jane is in Saudi Arabia. Mark needs Claire to act on it now to get her back. She tells him no and walks away. Bill is pissed at Duncan for going to see Claire. It throws everything off. The two of them and Annette bicker about it until Duncan says that Claire told him to ask something. She told him to ask where he came from. Neither answers him. They just decide to go full tilt at Claire about the abortions.

Tom is still looking for Rachel and isn’t having much success. He tracks down some personal effects. Videos start to leak of the Cabinet questioning Claire’s competence. Jane watches on the news from her captivity. Nasser comes in with a call from Claire. She wants to know what’s going on. Claire goes to see the press secretary. She wants her to own up to the relationship with Yates to the FBI and to mention Mark’s connection to Russia.

The Cabinet is about to submit their letter for the 25th when Claire comes in and dismisses them all. Mark catches wind and is ready to go after her. He tells Bill as much by phone but Mark has bigger fish to fry. The feds are looking at him now. Claire tells him to resign as agents start asking questions. Duncan and Seth are tracking Janine when Duncan gets some mail. He opens it and tells Seth to leave. He needs a minute. Claire gets a video of Durant. Her husband is now in the wind too. She tells Doug as much and tells him to work with Nathan to sort this out.

Tom took the box of Rachel’s things. He calls Doug and starts yelling. Doug tells him hang up and he’ll come to him. Nathan hears the whole thing too. Claire is back at her desk and Annette walks in. She is ready to put the news of the abortion out there to see how this will play out. Claire tells her to go ahead and do it and then talk to Duncan about the beginning of life. Apparently, he’s not Annette’s kid. One other thing before she leaves though. Claire introduces Annette to her new all female Cabinet. Game on.

I can’t believe Janine put the app on her real phone. Dumb move. Also Duncan has got to be asking a ton of questions now. I doubt he will because the whole season is about loyalty but maybe he will start questioning Bill and his mother.

House of Cards, episode four

Everyone who is anyone attends Durant’s funeral. Afterward, Mark hitches a ride with Claire and tells her he didn’t want it to come to this. She tells him he won. They all go to the repasse and talk to Stan, Durant’s husband, and Hunter, her brother. She introduces them to Doug. Claire talks to Russian president while Jane and Mark talk about Syria. Other Cabinet members come and go on that discussion. Something is happening there.

Doug plays nice with Cole and his people while Seth gives Bill a play-by-play by phone. Doug tells Nathan to find out the particulars on Durant while he watches Claire take a phone call. She tells her press secretary someone stole Yates’ identity. They don’t know where he is. Mark fights with Petrov in private about Syria. Petrov knows that Mark works for the Sheperds for real. Mark is ready to fight but Petrov is willing to win the game of chicken.

Petrov tells him to talk to who really makes the decisions. Nathan tells Claire that Doug was snooping for information on Durant’s death. She acts like she thought he killed her. Mark is looking for someone and Seth tells him to not make any decisions. Mark dismisses him. Doug runs into Linda. She tells him there is a subpoena with his name on it if he doesn’t start helping. Jane and Mark talk about making a deal with Petrov.

Claire and Linda talk about Frank being overlooked for secretary of state. Everything might be different if that hadn’t happened. Jane talks to Claire about the meeting on Syria and dealing with the Sheperds. Jane is on board to take them out. Halfway through the Syria meeting Seth butts in. Nothing gets accomplished after Claire plays dumb and backs Mark. Petrov walks out. Another staffer talks to the press secretary about Yates. She gets indignant.

Doug and Claire strike a deal. She’ll pardon him and Francis for his silence. He agrees. Jane and Mark talk about Claire and Annette. Cole interrupts to say hello. He knows something. Mark hears gossip about Yates and the press secretary. Seth talks to Bill about the Syria deal. Mark confronts the press secretary and tells her to lie better. Turns out Claire invited Petrov and they privately talk about a deal.

Seth is texting someone well Doug tells him he doesn’t care what the Sheperds are up to. He’s not talking. Mark catches up with Claire and wants to know what she was doing. She tells him nothing. Jane and Petrov fight about what he’s doing. Seth and Mark face off as well. Mark wants him to back off but Seth tells him they both work for Sheperd so it doesn’t matter. Doug and Petrov have a chat as well.

Claire and Doug have a talk with Hunter. He’s still in shock. Stan had all the arrangements made immediately. They both think it seems suspicious. Seth reports back that they seem in sync. Petrov tells Claire on his way out that he’ll take her deal. She tosses one more thing on it. His government handled Yates. He just nods. Claire is about to drag Yates and probably the press secretary.

Tom has a guest. Janine is back in town to follow-up but she doesn’t know how. He suggests the app. Tom talks about the bodies adding up. Something has to be done but he doesn’t know what. Jane has heard from Russia. She tells Claire that it will be a mess but Claire doesn’t care. Seth tells Doug that he should be more interested in Frank’s will. Claire and Cole meet before Durant’s memorial service. She also has a tense interaction with Doug before taking the stage to eulogize Durant. Seems like she is alive though and hiding out in Europe. She makes a call and then tosses her phone into a boiling pot of water.

This show though. I mean really. I like that for the mostpart the episode stayed in the one house popping around the rooms and all. I love that Tom and Janine are going to blow the lid off the Shepards. I want to see Janine interview Claire. Also, faking her death was clever.

House of Cards, episode three

Claire is meeting with Judge Abruzzo about a vacant Supreme Court seat. He’s the judge she met at the gala. She accuses him of being bought out by the Sheperds. Mark comes in and the judge takes off. Claire goes off on Mark about his ties to Bill Sheperd. Speaking of, he’s waxing poetic about Washington being a crap city to Annette. She wants him to slow down with things down. Seth comes in. He wants to go after Claire’s extra-marital abortions. Annette isn’t game for that though.

At the White House, Claire has a visit from Durant. She might forget some things. As it stands though she’s taking a job. A job for the Sheperds. Claire tells Doug about it afterward. She wants him to handle Durant. He seems willing. She makes an appearance at the National Gallery and gives art back to countries in the Middle East. Then she secretly meets with a Syrian lawyer named Nasser. He tells her the Sheperds are stripping her of power.

She tries to be tough with him but he doesn’t seem impressed. Doug meets with a Republican congressman named Cole. They are going to work together because Doug says he isn’t loyal to Claire. Tom is getting pissed about the corporate news culture. It’s all clickbait and not real stories. He knows something happened with the Underwoods and wants to research it. Doug and Nathan meet and talk about Claire and Francis. Nathan also has some information about LeAnn’s crash.

Tom gets back to his office to find Duncan waiting. He’s the new boss and he is a fan of the outburst. He also tells Tom that he’s done with the Francis investigation. Now he should look at Claire. Claire gets back to the Oval and talks to Jane about Syria and the Sheperds. Then Claire asks Jane to move in and provide advice. Doug and Tom meet and talk. Tom knows what Doug is up to and tells him off for it. He quit his job so this will get him nowhere.

Annette is in bed while Mark moves around the room. They talk about Bill and Claire and how to handle things. Mark wants to let Claire act like a president. Annette seems willing to agree. The next morning Mark fields a call from Bill. They talk about the Sheperd family and loyalty. Bill wraps it up because his doctor is there. He needs another checkup. Doug tells Claire that he’s being watched. She still wants to meet and tells him to come by the White House.

Claire asks Jane to take care of Durant. Jane doesn’t outright say no but she’s reluctant. Next visit is with Nathan. She wants him to stay on Doug because she doesn’t trust his state of mind. Nathan tells her about his visit with Doug. It was arranged. Cathy gets to her lunch with Jane and sees the empty restaurant. She knows what’s up and takes off. She calls Jane and is told that once her number is up, it’s up. Mark tells Claire to go with Abruzzo for Supreme Court.

This is how she will be a two term president. She questions him about Annette but he won’t play ball. Durant is whisked out of her home. Bill is talking to Seth and Duncan about Janine’s story. She signed up for the app so they figure they can just get into her phone. Annette interrupts. Claire wants to meet her and cut out middle man Mark. Bill is against it but Annette wants to anyway. Jane brought Claire a file on Duncan. His juve record.

When Annette stops by Jane leaves. Annette isn’t interested in playing ball. She brings up Duncan’s record. Annette isn’t interested in talking. She leaves. She tells Mark to play hardball but he isn’t interested. She dumps him. Claire sees the video of her talking to Abruzzo from the gala. The press secretary brought it to her. Claire asks about Tom Yates because the two had been close. She hasn’t heard from him and never read his stuff.

Claire dismisses her to take a call. It’s about Durant. Doug is home watching the footage of LeAnn’s accident. He gets a call from Claire. Durant is dead. It’s such a tragedy. Claire goes on her run and is interrupted by Mark. He pulls her to the sidewalk for a word in private. He opens a van door. Inside is the body of Tom Yates. Either he gets rid of it or the cops find it. She’s run out of options. She tells him she understands and runs away.

That was harsh. Annette is opposed to abortions but okay with dead bodies. This show is so wonky. Jane is my favorite. Tom, Jane and Janine. I’d watch a show of just them. When will the Sheperds kill Janine is the question. I hope she used a burner to get that app and not her real phone. I think she’s smart enough to do that.