The Good Cop, episode ten

An older woman comes back to her apartment building and makes small talk with the doorman as she heads to the elevator. She’s all set so she gets inside and up she goes. The elevator gets stuck before her stop though. It’s between floors when the doors open and she tries to climb out. The car freefalls, cutting her in half near the waist and killing her. TJ picks the case up and explains it to Burl and Cora. They make a few jokes about the premise but Cora’s mood sours when she sees TJ’s review of her. They head upstairs fighting about it. They are still fighting when the captain comes in and tells them that they are going undercover. Together. As a married couple. They both object but it’s no use.

Tony goes to see his bookie about tracking down the guy that killed Connie. TJ and Cora go to the building posing as the victim’s nephew and his wife. They bicker the whole time and are supposed to get handwriting samples from everyone because they found a note. They start with the doorman. He’s not a match but he does tell TJ that they are going to have a memorial and he should probably say a few words. Tony finds out the man that killed Connie is back in town. His bookie also set it up an appointment so Tony can find him. TJ gives a speech while Cora gets the guests to sign a memory book. They almost all do. One tells them that only one man missed it. She also tells them that she’s a marriage counselor and that she sees them making it work.

They get awkward and then Cora goes to take the writing samples to Ryan. Turns out Tony has an appointment for acupuncture. He settles in and is super relaxed by the time his suspect shows up. He’s too loose and can’t grab him when the guy runs. All he does is rip his pocket and find a news article. Cora and TJ try to visit the building reclusive but find that he is out of town. The doorman is there though feeding his pet snakes. They go to their room and settle in. With no other options they have to share a bed but there aren’t any problems. At least, not until morning. That’s when one of the poisonous snakes manages to get into the apartment and into TJ’s pants. It slides up his body and after scaring him immensely, Cora grabs it and they get rid of it.

With that they have a workable theory. The doorman was the killer. His mother died at the building and now the doorman is back to avenge her by taking out the witnesses that didn’t save her. There is still one left. The marriage counselor and he has her at gunpoint in the courtyard. Tony knows where the guy is now based on the article. He’s at a building about to be demolished. Tony chases him inside and they square off. Cora is doing her best to talk the doorman down. TJ gets through to him though, talking about his own dead mom. Tony and the guy argue. The guy hid money in the building and that’s what he went back for. He offers it to Tony who lowers his weapon. The guy has a gun of his own and when Tony dives out of the way the ceiling caves in.

Tony and the guy are both buried. TJ gets the gun from the doorman. It’s over. Tony digs himself out and looks for the guy. He can’t find him and the final countdown starts. As the building implodes, Tony makes it away with the briefcase of money. Back at the station, Cora is still pissed at TJ for her review. He hides in his office. Tony opens the briefcase and finds a file on his wife with the cash. There are pictures. He’s got more questions than answers now.

And that’s a wrap. I have no use for Tony but I was very amused by the undercover antics of Cora and TJ. I would watch another season of this if they cut Tony out. Otherwise I’m done.


The Good Cop, episode nine

Tony’s out to eat at a famous Italian place with a woman. He’s impressing her with talk of Sinatra and the good ole days when some hedge fund types come in. He mocks them until he notices something. Two guys with big guns come in and rob the customers. They also kill a bus boy. TJ picks up the case and gets to the scene. Cora is already there. She took all the statements, including Tony’s who was great. Tony is more interested in buying the restaurant than solving the murder though. He hounds TJ to co-sign a loan for him and Cora teases because she knows he will.

He does of course and they have a grand opening. Barely an hour in and Tony is already comping things. TJ is not amused. He’s even more pissed when they get a citation from the health department. Cora has a lead. The bag of stolen goods has been found with everything still inside. Ryan knows more. He’s got audio of the burglars talking about which busboy to kill. One was a target. They talk about it that night at the restaurant but Tony is no help and then he’s off to schmooze. Cora mocks TJ’s lack of spine. Ryan has an idea. Maybe they are looking for a different guy with the same name as the busboy. Burl thinks that’s just dumb. Turns out it’s right though.

Another guy with the same name gets shot. He doesn’t die though. Cora is going to talk to him because TJ has to fight with Tony about the restaurant. Nothing is up to code and they are getting tons of violations. Tony doesn’t care. He paid a guy off but then he gets a call. His guy has been reassigned. Now they have a real inspector coming and they probably won’t be ready for it. The guy in the hospital won’t talk to Cora. He says its too late. Cora sits with him while he sleeps. He’s trying to warn someone named Dolores. She has Ryan run it but they don’t find a relative.

TJ tries to crunch the numbers and find a way out of trouble. Tony has two sets of books though so when he sees how bad things really are he knows they are done. Then their maitre d’ comes over with a customer. He loves the place and wants to make an investment. Cora talks to the victim when he wakes up. He tells her to forget that name and to leave him alone. The maitre d’ is in cahoots with the investor. He’s been recording meeting between heavy hitters and using the information to play the market. He’s investing so that he can keep cheating. Cora gets a warrant for the victim’s place. Dolores is the neighbor’s dog. The guy is a paranoid schizophrenic. They are back to square one. When running the numbers after closing, Tony says goodnight to the maitre d’ and notices she has a necklace that was stolen the night of the burglary.

After she leaves he starts snooping and puts the pieces together. He goes to confession and talks it out. The priest asks what Connie would do. Tony goes home and talks to TJ, who is close to figuring it out himself. Tony helps him get there. Then he goes to the restaurant and makes a call that he knows will be overheard. It’s a setup. They send people in thinking they are taking Tony out but the NYPD gets the hired guns and the maitre d’ and investor as well. It all ends as it should.

I don’t know why TJ is so shruggy about the whole thing. You’ve got a loan for more than a million dollars out on this bro. You can’t just say nevermind and hand it back in. Also the fact that Tony was willing to butt in at the beginning made him look guilty. Double also, Belinda was only five weeks about? What is the time frame on this show?

The Good Cop, episode eight

Tony is sitting near the place where his wife died. TJ and Cora are sitting at a bar. He is boring her with talk of straws. She’s moping because she has no family that would show up to mourn her the way Tony mourns Connie. She hired a genealogist to try and find some family. Their conversation is interrupted when a guy comes in. He hit her car trying to park. They talk and banter and hit it off. TJ is not impressed. She falls for the guy hard and fast. TJ is upset because now she doesn’t answer calls and she’s late to work. He feels as though he missed his chance.

Two weeks later, Cora has gone out with the guy, Warren every day. She goes back to his place with him after a night out and then find his roommate Dennis dead. She calls TJ. He shows up and starts to do the investigation. She’s already done most of it though. Now she just needs his help. She wants this settled. She talked Warren into going out. He’s going to feel guilty. She tells TJ about her suspect. A homeless guy the roommates called Stax. They used to give him food and help him out. His hat was found on the fire escape.

Cora goes to Warren’s gym. He asks about the case and then makes a comment about TJ being into her. He thanks her for being there for him. Tony has been watching a cat video for days. Apparently he ran it through some software and can see the van that hit his wife in the background. He gets a partial plate and gets Wendell to help him run it. He wants to know who is driving it so he can go kill them. Wendell has Ryan do it and gets a list of potentials. At the station, Cora is upset that the genealogist report came back with no matches. She’s upset. TJ tells her that they will always be her family. Then Warren shows up and the conversation continues. He pulls her into an office and proposes. She says yes.

Warren is at his gym setting things up. He looks over and sees his fiance coming out of the steam room. He’s thrilled he gets to marry her. It’s the genealogist. He has to marry Cora first. Turns out the geneaologist found a dying rich uncle. The plan is for Warren to marry Cora and then get the money and kill her. Tony and Wendell are narrowing down the list when TJ comes running though. Someone picked up Stax. On his way out he asks how long Tony knew Connie before proposing. He also grabs his umbrella. With TJ gone, Tony and Wendell get back to work and maybe figure out the guy.

Burl and Tony are questioning the suspect. He denies any involvement or knowledge of the case. He only knows the roommates by looking at them. He tells the story of how Warren gave him an umbrella but it was broken so he took it back. TJ and Burl exchange looks. Cora rolls into the station late. She’s got printed flyers. She’s going to do a city hall wedding that afternoon.TJ tries to get her to hold off but she’s not interested. They fight about Warren’s guilt and TJ’s jealousy. When TJ leaves, he grabs Cora’s umbrella by mistake. It’s Warren’s with the faulty handle. He solved the case. Tony finds the house of the guy that maybe killed his wife. He talks to a woman who claims to be a renter. she says the guy died but takes his info.

TJ confronts Warren and gets a confession and then a concussion. He’s locked in the steam room with the genealogist guarding him while Cora marries Warren. The ceremony is quick and they are off to the hotel across the street. TJ manages to find a hole in the paneling that he can fit a straw in to get air. When Evelyn comes in to check on him he takes her out. Tony hears from the renter. The guy isn’t dead. He’s on the run but Tony can catch him. Before he leaves though he gets a call from TJ filling him in and asking him to save Cora. He does and loses his chance on the other guy in the process.

After getting checked out by a doctor but goes to TJ’s after. He cooks for her and she talks about how she knew it didn’t add up because he loved her. They go back and forth about it while he tries to comfort her. When all is said and done, she’s still got TJ and Tony. She didn’t end up getting the money either. TJ asks Tony about his appointment. He missed it but he will catch up with the guy down the road.

They fell in love in like four days. I really just don’t understand this show. TJ with that Macy girl. Tony with Belinda. This. It just isn’t even plausible. Also the guy that played Warren was Voight’s son on PD so that distracted me.

The Good Cop, episode seven

It’s time for the annual NYPD retreat and Tony convinced TJ to go with. They get up to the mountains and see a woman heading into the hotel. Tony suggests TJ flirt with her later. They head inside and meet up with the guys. TJ is his usual self and it doesn’t amuse the guys. They go to check in and TJ manages to chat with the girl from the parking lot. Her name is Macy and she’s not a cop. She is interested in talking to TJ more in the bar later. With check in done, father and son head to their room. That’s where TJ finds out that Tony bribed the board to get him on the ethics panel. After getting settled they head to the bar and Tony messes around with his buddies.

TJ sees Macy but before he can approach she storms over to yell at some other guy. She throws wine on him. TJ catches up with her later and she tells him that this was closure. They had a thing last year and she didn’t know he was married. Then she and TJ chat a bit about skiing and adventures. She kisses him before leaving. He decides to embrace her mantra and try skiing the next day. He sees her and tries to follow but she hops on the lift with the guy from the night before. When they get to the top, he’s been stabbed and dies. Word spreads fast. Macy is taken into custody. TJ goes to see her in the jail. She tells him she didn’t do it.

At dinner, Tony and the guys toast their friend, the fallen officer. When TJ walks in everyone except Burl and Tony leave. TJ tries to convince them that Macy is innocent. He stages a scenario but it doesn’t add up. He realizes that and says he will back off. TJ and Tony do their ethics panel and TJ apologizes. Everyone cheers, until he gets another theory. Then they all hate him. He thinks it was an employee and when he goes to question the guy, he runs. TJ gives chase but it’s Cora to the rescue. TJ tells Macy the good news but he may have spoken too soon.

They have video that shows the cop was dead before they reached the top. It rules out most people. Macy looks very guilty. TJ goes to breakfast and Tony tells him that if Macy is going to be in TJ’s life, he can’t be. TJ goes back to the room and finds Macy there. She didn’t want to be alone. He also finds a leak in the ceiling and calls downstairs about it. When the staff goes to the roof they find a drone rigged with a crossbow. It’s still transmitting too. They trace it upstairs to the room of a cop with a beef with the victim. He did it and then killed himself. Macy is cleared to walk.

Everyone heads home and Macy goes with TJ and Tony. The force applauds TJ for his diligence. The next day, Macy is heading out when TJ tries to talk her into some breakfast or something. She says no. As she leaves the hotel calls because the leak was from the vent not the roof. Someone staged it. Macy. She needed someone to find the drone to push the blame on the other guy. She killed both cops and now she’s back to kill TJ. He’s connected the dots though and fights her. He wins and she’s arrested.

Okay Tony has such a double standard. I get that she was guilty but come on. He was all about Richie being innocent even though he was clearly guilty and then this time when TJ makes the same mistake he’s ready to disown him. I’m glad Cora showed up. She’s the best.

The Good Cop, episode six

The mayor started an environmental initiative. They are cleaning near the river and one of them finds a body. TJ picks up the case and finds the head doctor from the environmental task force in the office interfering with their work. The victim was an assistant for a popular TV actor. Cora and Burl are big fans. When Cora and TJ go to talk to the victim’s roommate, Cora and the roommate fangirl about the actor Richie. TJ goes home and watches Richie’s late night show. Tony joins him and they talk about Richie killing his assistant. Tony also mentions he auditioned for Richie’s show.

TJ and Cora pay Richie a visit the next day. She’s over the moon excited but TJ is just TJ. He asks some questions but it seems fairly innocuous. When Richie leaves the room, TJ has a few questions for the housekeeper. Seems Richie took it upon himself to scrub down the place the day after his assistant went missing for no reason. They are getting ready to head out when Tony interrupts. He tries to audition until Cora can wrangle him and lead him outside. TJ is pissed. That night he’s not even talking to his father. Tony tells him that Richie can’t be the killer. Then Tony gets a call. Richie wants him on the show.

Tony obviously jumps at the chance and after singing, his banter with Richie has the squad room in stitches. TJ thinks it is a setup by Richie to get in his head. They get a call from the lab. There was carpet fiber on the victim. It’s a match for Richie’s model of car. They get a warrant for the car and head over. Tony is on the show that night and Richie decides to pull a stunt and burn his car. He ropes Tony into doing it and they ignite it before TJ can get there with the warrant. If TJ was pissed before he’s livid now. He tries to make Tony see that Richie is using him.

Burl and Ryan are staking out Richie. He comes out after a few hours and drops a bag of garbage in a dumpster two blocks down. Inside it there are tickets to the show for each of them. They go and Tony starts to sing. The song can be viewed as offensive so Richie goes all in. He humiliates Tony and kicks him off the show. Cora and TJ talk about how Richie just made it tough to go after things. He made it look personal. They also talk about his memoir that Cora is reading. Something seems odd. No real mention of high school. TJ looks into his juvenile record and finds some dead bodies.

He confronts Richie about it at the gym and they go to the pool to talk. Richie pushes TJ into the pool to make sure he isn’t wearing a wire. Then he confesses to the whole thing because he knows it’s his word against TJ’s and he will win. TJ is rankled by it but Burl seems very calm. He clocks out and starts to leave when some guys approach. He’s got this locked up. Richie’s show start but TJ comes out and says Richie has been arrested. Burl realized they can connect the trash bag they got from the dumpster with the one the body was in. It works. They arrest Richie and TJ is happy.

It’s Bob Saget. I was so distracted by that when he first turned up. I still have no use for Tony at all. Like he’s awful and he’s so full of himself. I just want to watch TJ and Cora and Burl do a case of the week type show. That would be good.

The Good Cop, episode five

The feds are taking someone to a private jet. He’s in protective custody and has to stay in the car till they sweep the plane. He gets out and they make him get back in the car. When he does, it explodes. Tony has a new girlfriend named Debbie. She wants a vacation in Greece and since he promised her a trip anytime anywhere she’s looking to cash in. There is a contract and she had it notarized. TJ is impressed. That’s when the feds stop by. They need Tony to testify since they just lost their star witness. He says no because he’s not a rat but then the agent mentions the swanky hotel stay and Debbie is into it.

Tony gets on board then but it’s only an offer for immediate family. So naturally Tony and Debbie get married. TJ and Cora mock it. Even Tony says that they will be annulled in a few weeks. They have the shindig at the bar and then Tony and Debbie are taken to the hotel. They are pains in the ass from minute one. Burl is still at the bar later that night when a lackey for the drug lord approaches. He’s got information on how they want to take out Tony. He leaves his number but Burl is drinking and watching the game so he doesn’t really listen.

Cora comes into work the next day and talks to TJ. She’s heard about an inside man. As she walks out, Burl calls her over. He asks what she knows and then realizes he screwed up. Tony and Debbie are living the high life. She mentions the fact that he’s looking to be a rat and he admits he intends to plead the fifth. She gets annoyed with him. Burl and Cora go on a quest to find the informant’s number. Debbie and Tony are still at odds when TJ stops by for a visit. He’s so proud of his father. TJ deflects going over his testimony while TJ takes a ride with one of the agents.

TJ asks the guy to be straight wih him and the agent assures TJ that his father is safe. There are tons of safe houses and the drug lord doesn’t know which one Tony is at. Cora and Burle continue looking for the phone number. It’s written on a dollar so it’s been passed around quite a bit. Tony and Debbie are fighting. TJ takes a ride out to see the drug lord and tries to level with him. It doesn’t work. Drug lord just admits he knows where Tony is. TJ goes back and starts yelling at the agents. He shoots out a window when the cleaner stops by.

Burl and Cora track down the dollar to a street performer and Burl calls. The guy is in the car with another lackey so he doesn’t answer but gets jumpy. Debbie admits to TJ that Tony plans to plead the fifth. Enter the lecture. Cora and Burl track down the informant but it’s too late. He’s been killed. His last words were “it’s in the cigar” so Cora calls TJ to warn him. He stops Tony from smoking it in time and tells him about the informant. That’s what sells Tony on testifying.

He does and the guy ends up convicted on all counts. He figures Tony will get his due though. And he almost does. TJ manages to figure out at the last second the poison isn’t in the cigar. It’s in the puncher. It would poison every cigar he uses it on.

I really have no use for Tony. I genuinely love Burl though. And Cora. I like TJ when he’s with them too. Otherwise this is just nonsense. Also, I guess there was a huge time jump since Tony had this girlfriend for months that we didn’t see?

The Good Cop, episode four

It’s a night at the bowling alley with team captain Tony getting really competitive. Cora takes a minute to chat with an employee Joey before the games start. While they all play, someone fights with Joey someone behind the re-racker. Joey loses and gets shot. His blood spills onto the pins and into the ball machine. That’s how the team finds out. Cora knew Joey because she was his parole officer. Based on the scene it’s being ruled a suicide.

Cora is not having it. She knows Joey was happy and doesn’t buy suicide. She takes TJ to his apartment to look around. She thinks that whoever killed him was looking for something. TJ is not convinced. Tony believes the suicide call and is more focused on the bowling tournament. Cora looked into the security. Nobody came or left so she wants TJ on the team to keep an eye on things. He’s an awful bowler though so Tony rigs the ball. It’s remote controlled. They win the game and TJ is praised as a prodigy. Cora is pissed he’s losing sight of the objective.

She starts looking into the other bowlers and finds one with a flimsy connection to Joey. During the next game, she starts talking to the guy. He has an alibi but his team captain gets a little pushy. He’s also the killer based on his watch. During the tournament he snoops through the lockers. TJ bowls a perfect game and garners the attention of a fan club including one suspicious employee. Cora who had a lead on the gun is pissed. That night when Tony gets home he finds TJ putting together a trophy case. Now his dad can be proud of him. Tony seems to feel guilty.

Burl and Cora are on a stakeout talking about TJ. He’s almost as bad as a guy she would date now. Her lead pans out and she brings the gun dealer in. She gets him to start talking and wants TJ to hear. She goes to find him but he’s left to “follow his bliss.” TJ tells his father he is going to quit the force and go pro. Tony is about to confess when TJ mentions the money. Ryan, the lab tech that made the ball, feels guilty too. He’s at the lanes when the owner opens Joey’s tool box and finds the file on the other team captain. Cora puts the pieces together. The guy is guilty of a cold case in Philly and Joey figured it out so the guy killed him.

Cora tries to bring TJ in on it but he’s a jerk. He gives them an awful pep talk and Cora storms off. She’s been keeping eyes on the other captain, Lenny. She even tells him as much. He figures out the missing piece before Cora does though. Whatever Joey had, is stashed in the claw machine prize. A little girl wins it and Lenny trades his watch for it. Cora sees and after a stare down Lenny takes off. She chases him. Ryan is the real hero though. He uses the ball to take out Lenny. They find his dead wife’s tooth stuffed inside. Lenny is sent to Philly for it. The team is mad at Tony but all’s well that ends well as he says.

I’m glad Cora stuck to her guns and followed the case. I’m also glad she told TJ off. Tony is awful. Am I supposed to think he’s funny?