Stranger Things, episode nine

It’s a tearful reunion for Mike and Eleven. Then Hopper admits that he’s been keeping her hidden. Mike yells at him but it turns to crying soon. He’s got a lot of emotions. Eleven talks to the others and then goes to see Will with Joyce.

She opened the gate and now she’s going to have to close it. Billy is looking for Max and ends up hitting on Mike and Nancy’s mom while he’s at it. The folks at the Byers house brainstorm. They have to cut off the shadow monster and it will kill the army. Only problem is, Will is part of the army. So they have to flush it out of his system.

Hopper sends Jonathan and Joyce to the cabin with Will. Nancy and Steve talk. He suggests she go with Jonathan. Eleven and Mike say their goodbyes before she heads out with Hopper to close the gate. Nancy does go with the Byers.

On the ride, Hopper and Eleven talk about where she’s been and what he’s done wrong. He’s worried he will lose her like he lost his daughter. That’s why he’s been so protective.

Dustin stows the dead monster in the freezer. Mike wants to help Eleven. He doesn’t know how. But eventually he comes up with a plan. Create a diversion in the tunnels. Steve is not interested though. He tells them in no uncertain terms that they will not be leaving.

Billy shows up and threatens Lucas and yells at Max and fights Steve. Max drugs him to knock him out and then they take his keys and leave. Nancy and the Byers family gets to the cabin. They light a fire and crank the heat.

Eleven and Hopper get to the lab. It’s go time. Steve wakes up in a car full of kids and flips out. They don’t stop. Will wakes up sweating and starts screaming. Joyce turns up the heat. Steve reluctantly heads into the tunnels with the kids.

Inside the lab, Hopper comes across Owens. He patches him up and tells him to think about helping Eleven lead a normal life when this is over. In the tunnels, they find the hub and douse it in gasoline. Jonathan wants to turn the heat down. He thinks it is killing his brother. Nancy notices something. The monster taking over.

Hopper and Eleven find a monster. He moves in to shoot it. Steve lights the tunnels on fire. Nancy jabs Will with a branding iron. All of the monsters move out toward the tunnel fire. Will is free. Jonathan sends word to Hopper. It’s time to close the gate.

They head down to the gate on the service elevator. Mike trips while they are running and the vines get him. Eleven starts to close the gate. The others get Mike free and are confronted by Dustin’s pet creature. He feeds it candy and they get away.

Using the anger technique that Kali taught her, Eleven works on the gate. While they are getting out of the tunnels, the monsters swarm. They don’t stop though. They are headed for the gate.

It’s getting to be too much. Eleven is failing. But she digs deeper and manages to close the gate. The army of monsters falls. Hopper hugs her and tells her she did good.

A month later the lab is shut down because of a chemical leak. Barb’s parents get the closure they deserve. Hopper meets with Owens. He’s got paperwork for Eleven. He suggests giving it a year though. Hopper asks about one night.

The kids are all getting ready for a dance at the school. Dustin even does his hair. Steve gives him a ride and admires Nancy from afar. She’s chaperoning. So is Jonathan. They smile across the room. A slow song comes on. Lucas and Max dance. Another girl asks Will to dance.

Dustin asks around but no one is willing to dance with him. Nancy sees him and asks him to dance. She gives him a pep talk. Girls are dumb at that age but they’ll wise up in a few years.

Joyce is lurking outside when Hopper strolls up. He asks how she’s doing and they hug it out. Mike is sitting alone when Eleven walks in. He tells her she looks beautiful and asks her to dance. They all enjoy the dance. In the Upside Down, the shadow monster is still watching the school though.

The poor Byers family. They can’t win. At least things are looking up now though. Everyone is happy, except Steve but he’ll bounce back. I liked that the kids thought to create a diversion. That was a good plan and most likely saved Eleven. She seemed to recognize Owens though. I wonder if that will come up in future seasons.


Chicago PD, episode two

Atwater, Ruzek and Burgess are on foot patrol at a street fair. Burgess chats with someone she knows from the district named Frank Toma (Ben Youcef). Her and Ruzek chat about her new man when Atwater sees something. A van in a restricted area. He sees two guys get out and run. He and Ruzek chase while Burgess and Toma try to clear the area. One of the guys gets hit by a car before the van blows up.

Voight and FBI are working joint and they call it terrorism. Voight tells the unit where to canvas. Burgess suggests bringing Toma to translate. She and Antonio ask Platt to assign him but they haven’t heard from him. She tells them where to look and suggests asking his partner.

Halstead and Upton go to Med to talk to the suspect that was hit by a car. April won’t let them in though. Antonio and Burgess track down Toma’s partner. No word from him. They go to see his folks. No word there either but they look around his room and find something. Evidence he might have been involved with the bombing. Burgess is upset.

Burgess tells Voight what she knows. He tells her to take the blinders off and go question the parents. Back at the unit, Voight tells Ruzek to look through Toma’s computer. He updates the FBI agent who admits Toma has been on their radar. Voight says that he’s still one of theirs.

Antonio is going through Toma’s room. Burgess comes in. She still convinced that he is innocent. Antonio finds photos of Toma with another officer from the district. They go to find him. Halstead and Upton question the suspect. They get him to name a few people and report back.

Atwater got a lead on the other guy from the van and his wife. They move in. FBI guy and Halstead corner the wife while Upton and Voight chase the guy. The wife pulls a gun so Halstead shoots her. She doesn’t make it. They get the guy though. Voight sends Halstead and Upton in to question him.

Burgess and Antonio are still trying to track down the boyfriend. Halstead and Upton make some headway. They find out there is a second bomb and that he was working for a terrorist high up the ladder. FBI doesn’t buy it but Atwater says forensics matches.

FBI updates on the terrorist leader. Burgess finds out that the boyfriend is about to land at O’Hare. She and Antonio go to meet him. They talk to him and find out that he got a voicemail from Toma. It sounded like a goodbye. He also tells them that Toma’s partner, son of a commander, has been getting grief for being Muslim and being gay.

The unit tracks down Toma’s car but he’s not in it. After a foot search, Burgess finds him. He tells her that it’s too late, he messed up and there is a letter in his backpack explaining it. He wants her to be the one to tell his parents. Then he takes his own life.

Everyone else shows up and Burgess rants. Voight benches her. Back at the unit they sort through Toma’s things but don’t find a letter. They find more info on his computer but it will take a while to sort through. Antonio and Burgess go to an apartment Toma told Burgess about. It looks like he was running his own solo undercover op. They call in and update the unit.

There is information there that might lead to the second bomb. They raid a warehouse and find one guy. He tells them it’s too late though. The bomb has already been moved. Ruzek finds a chat room talking about the academy graduation at Navy Pier. Voight thinks it’s a false lead. He tells Burgess to look through the notebook. She and Antonio find information about a high school football game and head that way.

They get stuck in traffic but see the van. They move in on foot. They get the guys and stop the bombing. Afterward Burgess tells Voight that she wishes she could have saved Toma. He saved a lot of people.

Burgess goes to see Toma’s parents. She tells them that no matter what they hear, their son was a here. Then she goes to see his partner and tells him that his time will come and she will be waiting. She gets called to Voight’s office. He tells her that she needs to stay away from the partner. Her career will go up in smoke otherwise.

Voight wants the higher ups to clear Toma’s name for the sake of his family. The investigator comments that Voight knows when to fight and when to run. Voight says he doesn’t run. He waits.

I liked seeing Burgess actually take control for once. I’m also glad that Antonio had her back. Halstead is just killing all the people these days. I don’t like that he’s so trigger happy. I feel like Voight is building up for some big showdown with the investigator guy. I’m interested in that.

Chicago Fire, episode eighteen

Severide is hanging out with Anna. They are talking about indoor camping. He suggests a trip to a cabin. His phone rings. Benny got in a fight, Platt tells him. He picks Benny up at 21.

Dawson is telling Casey that she has a trainee for the day. They goof around as they ride to the house. They pass what appears to be a crackhouse.

Boden brings the trainee in to meet Dawson and Brett. He seems eager. Severide brings Benny with him. He settles in for a nap on the couch as they respond to a call.

Guys been locked in a walk in freezer. His fingers are caught in the door. Thanks to a clever idea by Cruz, they save the man and his fingers. Ambo rushes him off to Med while Casey brings truck past the new neighbors. They see a car with a kid in it. Casey pops the window but the owner runs out and drives off.

Kidd gets the license plate and when they get back, Casey tells Boden about it. He says he will call PD.

Herrmann’s wife shows up. Their son is being suspended. He took a knee during the pledge of allegiance. Herrmann tells her to drop him off at the house.

Dawson and Brett impart wisdom on the trainee before they get another call. It’s a restaurant and there are sick teenage customers. No sign of any employees though. Trainee checks and finds the cook. He figures out that it is cyanide poisoning and then starts compressions even though he was only supposed to observe. He cracks a rib and Dawson yells at him.

When they get back to the house, Dawson admits to Brett she would have done the same thing.

Olinsky comes in and talks to Casey about the crackhouse. He’s gotta go but he will look into it for him.

Herrmann gets a chance to yell at his kid. He should value his country instead of being a whiny twerp complaining about vending machines.

Severide and Benny talk about his marriage and Springfield and Anna. Benny wants to meet her.

Casey and Dawson are in his room. They talk about the lady at the crackhouse. Boden comes in. He has an address for the lady. It’s in Bucktown. Also, there is a chief waiting to talk to Dawson about her last call. He wants to dismiss the trainee from the program but Dawson takes the fall for him. Now she has to write out an incident report.

Shifts up. Dawson and Brett tell the trainee not to worry about the fallout. They are there to save lives first. Herrmann tells Mouch and Boden he has a meeting with his son’s vice principal. Boden suggests letting the vp talk.

He and his wife get to the school. They are gracious but the vp basically blames them. So Herrmann goes off that his son had the right to protest.

Severide and Anna are out. He tells her that Benny wants to take them to dinner. She is all for it. She wants to know all about Kelly Severide but she might be a bit late.

Casey follows up on the lady from the crackhouse. He talks to her neighbor and finds out that the cops have been at the house three times in the last year. It’s a nice house in a nice neighborhood though. He knocks on the door and the husband answers. The lady comes up behind him and asks if “she” is dead. Casey is confused.

The man and his wife tell Casey that their daughter is in the house doing drugs, probably. They went to the police the year before but it didn’t work. They don’t know what to do. They had to try something. Their daughter is the victim. The guy, Rojo, won’t let them see her and told the wife he would kill her if she came back. Casey says that he will see what he can do.

At the start of next shift, Herrmann tells everyone that his son is a smart kid. Olinsky comes by to talk to Casey. Narcotics knows about the house. They are prepping for a raid. The trainee comes by. He’s not allowed to train with Dawson and Brett but he thanks them for helping him out.

Dawson runs into Casey. He tells her about the girl in the crack house. He’s got an idea. He talks to Boden. Benny got him thinking. 81 rolls up to the house as though there’s a fire. They go in like it’s a raid. Casey tells the people inside to clear out but Rojo has a machete and he’s yelling at Casey. The girl staggers into the room and ht puts the machete to her neck.

They start spraying the extinguishers and Matt takes out the guy. They fight and he runs. Casey tries to talk to the girl but she won’t listen. He brings in her parents and she yells at them. Kidd comes in and tries to talk some sense into her. Her mom tells her she loves her. She cries and the family hugs.

It’s high fives all around as they head back into the house. Boden comes in with the paramedic boss. Dawson and Brett need to go to retraining. Herrmann needs a favor. He brings his son, Boden and Mouch to a VFW pancake breakfast. They meet some vets and then say the pledge.

Kidd and Casey go to get an update on the girl at Med. Reese says she is physically fine but it’ll be a long road to recovery. They head out together, texting Dawson and the rest on the way.

Severide is at dinner with Benny and some girl. Anna shows up but she’s upset. She leaves quickly and Severide follows. He apologizes for Benny. She breaks up with him.

That kind of came out of nowhere didn’t it? Like I wasn’t exactly invested in the relationship so I don’t care but it seems so random. I liked the trainee and I’m amused that they have to go back to training even though we won’t see it. Getting some more information about Kidd was interesting too. The Herrmann stuff seemed forced and his kid is a tool.
Chicago Fire is new Tuesdays at 10 p.m.

The Flash/Supergirl musical crossover

Young Barry and his mom are watching “Singin’ in the Rain.” Fast forward to present day. He’s watching it again and Cisco is teasing him. He just wants to cheer him up. Cisco gets a call from Wells. Someone is teleporting in. They find Mon-El, Kara and J’onn.

The earth-38 travelers talk about what happened to Kara and Cisco starts tracking the person that did it. He did turn up. Barry goes after him. Kid Flash does too. Some fighting ensues and then the Music Meister knocks out Barry the same way he did Kara.

Barry is in a club in the 20s and Kara is performing. She’s onstage singing “Moon River.” She sees Barry and after the song they talk backstage. They try and figure out where they are and Kara says that Mon-El is nothing to her. They go out into the club and start encountering some familiar faces.

Malcolm Merlin is Cutter and Winn is Grady and Cisco is Pablo and Barry and Kara don’t know what is going on. Music Meister turns up and tells them that they are inside their heads which means the musical setting is fortunate. Could’ve been a war movie.

They just have to follow the script and if they die in here they die out there. Then everyone starts singing “Put a Little Love in Your Heart” and there is choreography. When the song ends they are alone and decide the best course of action will be to figure out the movie. They know they are singers and they work for a gangster.

Other gangsters turn up to kidnap them. Barry gets knocked out. When he comes to they talk about their love lives. He thinks Mon-El really cares about her and she wants something like he has with Iris. Obviously they need to catch up more often.

Joe and Stein, well their alter egos, are running the show. His daughters missing and she frequesnts the club they work at. He wants them to find her. They go looking and Kara reminds Barry that it’s not really Iris. They hear a noise and decide to kick down the door, together. Inside they find two lovebirds. Iris and Mon-El. Well, their alter egos.

Caitlin figures out that their cells are being drained. The Meister is stealing their powers. Cisco and Wally and J’onn head out to stop the Meister.

Kara and Barry are able to convince Iris and Mon-El to go tell their families about their love. Barry goes with Iris and is all lightbulb you should fight for love moment and her dads (!) see that she had courage to tell them. Kara goes with Mon-El and shocker sees that sometimes things are hard to tell people you care about. Then the three dads sing a song and hug it out with their kids. When the kids leave though, it’s time for war.

Mon-El and Iris confront Meister and he’s all it has to play out but if they really love them, they can save them. In the coma, they need to practice and ask Winn to play an original and sing about being “Superfriends.” The dads argue and a shootout ensues. Barry and Kara are both hit. They crash in the real world and Cisco has to vibe Mon-El and Iris in to save the day.

They go to coma world and profess their love and kiss the sleeping beauties and wake up in the real world. Meister is free from his cell and tells them that sometimes you have to let love save you. He saw some broken hearts that he wanted to fix and now he is off to teach another lesson.

Alex is waiting back on their earth so after some singing jokes, Mon-El, Kara and J’onn head out. They are back together. Things are less definite for Barry and Iris. They talk and then he sings to her. And he proposes again and she says yes.

I mean I like The Flash and watch it most of the time. So as far as Barry and Iris and that show this was a good episode. And I liked the singing. I have no use for Darren Criss and I hate that Kara and Mon-El are back together. So it was a good Flash but a terrible Supergirl.
Supergirl is new Mondays at 8 p.m.

“Iron Fist” scores release date

After a weekend filled with buzz for it’s newest offering, Luke Cage, Marvel Studios and Netflix announced the premiere date for their next joint venture, Iron Fist.

It will debut at 12:01 a.m. Pacific time on Friday, March 17, 2017.

This new undertaking stars Finn Jones as Danny Rand aka Iron Fist, a billionaire Buddhist monk that has been missing for years and recently returned to New York to reconnect with his past. He uses his kung-fu expertise to fight the crime. Jessica Henwick co-stars as Rand’s ally, Colleen Wing.

Iron Fist is the fourth in a line of shows building up to a team-up series entitled The Defenders, which also includes Daredevil, Jessica Jones and the aforementioned Luke Cage.

A teaser trailer was previously shown at San Diego Comic Con in July and both Marvel Entertainment and Netflix have posted on their respective Twitter accounts about the release date.

Okay, let’s give this a try.

So I decided to start a blog… about TV because apparently there aren’t enough of those out there already. I haven’t exactly figured out how to distinguish this one from all the rest but I guess over time that’ll happen.

I should preface this whole thing by saying that I watch a lot of TV. Like, way too much really. I’m an equal opportunity viewer too, dramas, procedurals, sitcoms, I’m okay with whatever. And I watch a lot of what many consider garbage television too.

By that I don’t mean the likes of the housewives from wherever or the Kardashians, though I’m not necessarily opposed to them either. I mean more along the lines of those shows that only make it one or two seasons and most people are only vaguely aware they ever existed. The likes of Smash and Under the Dome. The Crazy Ones and The Black Donnellys. Those are the shows I’m more apt to watch and I don’t know why.

That’s not to say I don’t like more critically acclaimed shows. I live and die by The Americans every spring and wait with baited breath for pretty much anything Netflix has to offer but I don’t stick with any one type of show.

I watch the first two episodes of every show on network television every year. I started doing this in college because a few years earlier I had watched just the pilot of a show and figured it would be terrible so I never bothered with it again. That show was Lost. I’ve learned from my mistakes.

This blog will be news about current and upcoming shows as well as recaps of currently airing shows. I’m also inclined to post thoughts and analysis on older shows that I’m watching for the first time and I can’t promise to ignore binge type marathons that are airing on basic cable during any given weekend. I’m looking at you, SVU and NCIS.

In the meantime, I’ll just see how this plays out. Let’s watch some TV.