Notorious, episode seven

Jake is on the run three days after his arrest. He’s wearing a tracking bracelet and the alarm went off so he’s on his way down the 5 and police are on his tail.

48 hours earlier

Jake is in court. Bradley is representing him at a bail hearing. Gilford wants him to be held without bail because he considers Jake a flight risk but the judge sets bail at $10 million. She also makes sure Julia knows that the proceedings were off the record.

With the arrest of Jake, charges are dropped against Oscar so he is released. He makes a speech thanking Gilford and cursing Jake. Louise updates viewers on the Jake case and tells them to stay tuned.

Bradley gets Jake out on bail and they go to the evidence lockup to inspect the murder weapon. Gilford is there to oversee it. He “likes to micromanage.”

Back at the office, Jake wants to stop playing defense and start fighting back. He wants to find out who sent him to the storage locker in the first place because that’s who is setting this up. He gives everyone tasks and then makes a move to go talk to the paparazzi. Bradley stops him.

Police have searched Jake’s house and he is on edge. Bradley kicks him out of the office and with nowhere else to go, he ends up at Julia’s door. She lets him in. They talk a little about his case and then he asks about dinner and she laughs. He makes a joke about her going out with Gilford but she doesn’t laugh then. She is. It’s a business meeting and Jake knows that Gilford will want to discuss him. He tells Julia to see what his angle is.

At the restaurant, Julia tells Gilford she still hasn’t forgiven him for arresting Jake on her show. He asks how she’s holding up and she says she’s okay because she knows Jake is innocent. He tells her that since it is a national story, his team is going to do some press and he is going to reach out to Callie Connors. Julia wants to know why not her show and he agrees as long as there are some ground rules. They agree to terms.

Ella has tracked down the passport forger Axel Knox (Bryan Adrian). Bradley asks him some questions to jog his memory. He knows she was on the phone fighting with someone named Brian. Axel doesn’t know who that is. He was only set up with Sarah Keaton through a mutual acquaintance, her loan shark.

Bradley brings the new information to Jake to keep him in the loop but again has to convince him not to go out and try and work on the case himself.

Louise has Dr. Govnor (Kyle Secor), a psychological expert, on the show. He thinks that Sarah had borderline personality disorder and that that could be what drew Jake to her, though he’s never met Jake personally to know that for sure and for that matter the description of Jake would also apply to Oscar. Gilford is watching from the control room with Julia and his ADA Joy Grant (Sabrina Perez) comes in with a recording. He wants her to play it on the air but she argues that she hasn’t vetted it yet. He says that his team did and gives her a transcript. She agrees to air it. It’s a 911 call from more than 10 years ago. On the tape a woman is frantic that a man is trying to get into her house. He can be heard in the background and sounds upset. That man? Jake Gregorian.

At her house Jake is upset and explains his side of the story to Julia. It’s an ex on the tape. She had slashed his tires and threatened suicide. That’s why he was trying to get inside. Julia says that she will set the record straight but he tells her not to because if it comes up in court, his information will bolster his defense.

Bradley and Ella go to see the loan shark but only she is allowed inside. The guy won’t talk at first but she tells him she’s going to get his name involved in the Keaton case and then he’s more willing. She was paying him $10,000 a month to cover her brother’s gambling debt.

They let Jake know and he calls Alan over to Julia’s house. Alan tells Jake not to try and pin this on him. Jake is causing all these distractions but he thinks Jake is the guilty one.

Julia sets up a meeting with Gilford to tell him that she believes Jake is innocent and that he’s trying to railroad him. She tells him to take his dog and pony show elsewhere. Gilford brings up the fake passport and says that Sarah was trying to get away from an obsessive Jake which is why she had it. Julia says that he withheld it as Oscar’s lawyer because it looked like motive for Oscar. Gilford storms out.

Ella has tracked down the mysterious Brian from the phone call. Sarah wired him a substantial amount of money a month before her death. He’s a former marine with the nickname bloody ripper for his kill rate. He’s currently living in San Diego. Ella tells Jake not to go down there because it would violate his parole. He says of course not.

Megan and Louise confront Julia about Jake staying at her place and she tells them she needs support. Gilford calls to ask if Jake is running and she has no idea what he’s talking about. He tells her his bracelet alarm was triggered. Louise goes on the air to update that Jake is driving on the 5 south in a black SUV

He drives off in a warehouse district and police surround the car. The driver gets out but it’s not Jake. It’s Bradley. Ella is also in the car and she has the tracking bracelet in her hand.

Jake rolls up to Brian Farringdon’s (Adam Harrington) house in San Diego without any trouble. He waits inside with his wife for Brian to get home from work. Brian brings Jake into his office to “talk business” but pulls a gun on him because he knows what Jake is up to. Brian explains that the money wasn’t for him. It was for his daughter, Sarah’s biological daughter.

Mrs. Farringdon figures out who Jake is and calls the police so he leaves, but not before nabbing a juice box from the trash that the daughter had been drinking. Julia calls Gilford and tells him she can bring Jake in as long as he meets a few conditions. She goes to a parking garage to pick Jake up and he tells her that he thinks he is the father of Julia’s kid. He asks her to run a DNA test on the juice box and compare it to his. She agrees before driving to the courthouse to meet Gilford.

Julia comes to the jail to give Jake the DNA results. He is not the father. As it turns out, Alan is. He beat and raped his own sister and the Farringdon’s daughter is the result of that. Julia and Jake piece together the situation and she brings it to Gilford.

She brings Alan in under the guise of putting him back on the show but Gilford is waiting in her office. They explain that his phone recorded the conversation and that they have him and Sarah fighting a few days before her murder. He lawyers up and Gilford puts in a call to free Jake.

At the firm, Bradley is holding a celebration for Jake’s release and while he puts on a good front, he is still upset about what Sarah went through. He’s cleaning up the papers from the investigation and finds something that he brings to Gilford right away. It turns out Alan and Oscar had seen each other a few weeks before the murder. They were in cahoots but without hard evidence nothing can be done.

Jake calls Bradley for a favor and then goes to Julia’s house. They are eating and talking when Julia gets a message that Oscar was arrested for cocaine possession. The episode ends with Julia getting a call from a woman named Dana who wants to know if she is still close to Jake. The camera pans to show Dana is standing next to a pool with a bloody dead body in it.

I liked the beginning of this episode but when they took the turn into family rape and violence as a way to set up a continued blackmail scheme I checked out. They have done this on numerous occasions. They have something solid going and try to set up a big shocking twist that just annoys me to no end.

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Notorious, episode six

Julia heads into the county jail to visit Oscar. He’s called her to arrange an interview. He wants to go on the air to talk about Jake. She agrees and he goes on live from the jail with Louise, during which he accuses Jake of the murder of his wife. Louise points out that this affair would also serve as motive for Oscar but he dismisses that, saying he didn’t know about it until now. The segment ends and Julia gets a call from Jake. He thanks her for the heads up and says that he still plans on working for Oscar.

Julia’s boss stops by to talk about the story that the competition. Callie Connors (Missi Pyle) is covering a missing girl and Julia says she can get the parents. Jake represents them so he sets it up for the next day.

Ted and Laurie Parker (David Burke and Julia Ann Emery) are in Jake’s office prepping for their first national interview. He points out all of the quirks and tics that they have that might not play well to the audience. Before they leave, Ted asks Jake about the Oscar Keating situation and Jake assures him that the firm is invested in their case. Ted then tells Jake that they were offered $100,000 by Connors so they are going to do the interview there instead of with Louise. He advises against it but they say they need the money so that’s that.

Jake breaks the news to Julia and she is upset. He tries to explain it to her but it’s no use. Her boss wants to make a donation to the search fund that matches Connors offer in an attempt to lure them back. They lost the ratings war for the first time in seven months. He’s not letting it happen again.

Jake goes to visit Oscar in priso to get him to rehire him. Jake explains that he can attest to Oscar not knowing about the infidelity and that by presenting a united front it looks better for Oscar. They debate the issue before Oscar eventually agrees.

Megan comes in to Julia’s office. She’s having no luck tracking down someone to talk about the missing Emily Parker but she did find a shocking statistic. Nearly 600 girls go missing in L.A. every year. Of course most don’t look like Emily or have the upper middle class resources of her parents so they slip through the cracks. Julia decides to use that as the story.

Louise opens with information about missing persons before presenting Silvia Baez (Patricia De Leon). Her daughter Rosa went missing the same night as Emily Parker and the police haven’t exactly been helpful. Louise ends the episode with a statement that she, and the network, will make an effort to be more inclusive in their coverage and she hopes that other networks will as well.

Ella searched for Emily online and found a profile name on a cheerleading forum that she then looks elsewhere for. She finds it on an online stripping site which Emily used to make some extra money.

Connors responds to Louise’s call for inclusion by claiming to know what happened to Rosa. She blames it on her boyfriend Braydon Lucas (Tye White) and labels him as a felon and a thug. Julia decides to track down Braydon and he is not the warm and fuzzy type. Julia thinks he might know something and has Megan tell Ryan to trail him for a few days.

At Jake’s office, Emily’s friend Samantha (Jess Gabor) is explaining the stripping website to her parents. She says that Emily always thought it was safe because she didn’t have to meet the guys. Jake says its possible someone tracked her down through that. Jake asks if Samantha told anyone else. She did. A producer from Connors’ show. Jake says he will talk to Connors and try to get them not to air that story.

Gilford stops by the to talk to Jake. They discuss Oscar hiring him back and then move on to the topic of Sarah. She had scars consistent with giving birth so Gilford wants to know where her child is.

Jake goes to talk to Oscar but he doesn’t want to know anything about it. Every day that goes by he knows his wife less and less. Jake calls Sarah’s brother Alan and tells him to come by later to talk.

Julia goes to the fast food restaurant where Rosa worked and asks her boss Miguel Ortiz (Roberto Sanchez) a few questions. He seems to be forthcoming though he doesn’t really provide any information. Julia notices a camera on the way out and he says that she’d need approval from corporate which won’t be available until next week. They part ways and he heads to his office while she manages to get the video footage.

Megan and Julia review the footage and find that she had a bit of an altercation with a man about an hour before the end of her shift. They are able to get a partial license plate so she takes it to Gilford. He agrees to track it down and bring in the guy. He doesn’t mind being used by her, he says, but he wants it to be mutual. When she mentions the show, he counters with dinner and she agrees.

Connors airs the cam girl story. She seems to turn on the Parker parents in the process as well.

The police questions Gavin (Joshua Dov) about the argument at the drive thru window with Rosa and as it turns out the place was a front for a drug den. There was a secret code with the menu to get drugs, which is what Gavin had been in the market for.

Jake asks Alan about Sarah’s baby and he reveals that she gave birth while she was in high school. The family was very devout and it was never spoken of again.

Louise updates viewers on the Rosa case. Police have raided the restaurant and Ortiz is now out on bail. Ryan turns up at the office to tell Julia that Braydon is trying to get money together fast. To skip town? she assumes but Ryan doesn’t think so. He hasn’t packed a bag or anything.

Julia goes to see Braydon again. She asks if he is trying to collect ransom. She tells him she thinks that he wants to help Rosa and she does too. He tells her he thinks they’re too late.
He explains that Sylvia knew about the drug trafficking and basically offered Rosa up to Miguel. Rosa wasn’t making any money for her time there, Sylvia was so Rosa started to skim money from the registers so that she and Braydon could run away. Miguel found out and set up a ransom situation with Braydon but he’s still short. Julia tells him to go to the police.

Jake tells the Parker parents to keep at it even though people are not exactly being supportive anymore. Julia talks to Sylvia. She tells her she knows about the Miguel set up and says that this is all about money to her. Sylvia says she will do anything to help.
Jake goes to a storage locker rented by Sarah and finds out that it is co-registered in his name. He looks around and finds nothing of consequence though there are mementos of their relationship such as a photo from Spain in 2008.

Sylvia goes to talk to Miguel, while wearing a bug with Gilford and Julia listening in. She plays the part of concerned mother well, inclduing real tears and gets him to admit to where Rosa is being held. They go and get her back and she and Braydon leave town.

Jake shows up at the studio for his interview with Louise and he is upset. On air he admits to one night of weakness with Sarah before they are interrupted by police who arrest Jake for the murder. Gilford comes into the control room. He tells Julia that they received a tip about the storage locker and when they went to look at it they found the murder weapon.
Connors updates her viewers on the Emily Parker case. Her body was found. She was the victim of a brutal homicide only a few hours prior to the update.

I feel like this show had a lot of potential. It was just handled wrong. It wasn’t officially cancelled but the episode order was cut instead of expanded so its done. The convulted Keating story is what really bogs it down. If they had stuck to a case by case type setup of the Louise show it would have been better I think.

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Notorious, episode five

Julia is freaking out, understandably so. She called 911 while in the house with Levi and was pretty much in shock the whole time. She was covered in his blood and just stood there waiting for police to arrive. She has to report to the police station the following morning to give a statement.

Jake is on the steps of the station telling the media he plans to demand the release of Oscar because since Levi killed himself he was obviously the killer all along. He wraps up when Julia walks by and asks to go over her statement. She blows him off.

Sarah Keating’s brother Alan calls Jake. He just saw the press conference and wants to know if Jake really thinks it was Levi then he asks to meet up.

The district attorney, Max Gilford (Adam Rayner), talks to Julia about what happened with Levi and if it connects to Sarah’s murder at all. She says that she doesn’t think so. They are interrupted by his assistant. She brings an envelope that was found in Levi’s desk. Its the pictures of Jake and Sarah in bed together. He ends the conversation with Julia who tries to invite him on the show. He declines but she is persistent. He agrees to lunch.

At the office Megan and Louise watch Julia. She’s acting weird. Louise asks if she wants to talk but she just jumps into the plan for the evening’s show. They ask about the video Levi sent her but she says it won’t air.

Jake talks to Bradley on his ride into work. They are going to take advantage of Levi’s suicide and try to hurry up the case against Oscar. As Jake pulls into his parking spot he sees a woman standing in it, a pregnant woman. She tells him she doesn’t want the baby and when he offers help she tells him its not that simple because… this isn’t her baby.

She’s a paid surrogate. The biological parents bailed and now she can’t raise the kid but isn’t legally allowed to put it up for adoption. The case “hits close to home” for Jake so despite Bradley’s recommendation he agrees to take the case.

Ella and Ryan are in bed together. He’s trying to start something but she looks at the clock and sees that she is late for work.

Megan confronts Julia about her mental state. She tries to reach out by relating a story that she had when she was just an intern that turned out to be wrong. Julia gave her some sound advice but “maybe she was wrong” is what she says now.

Jake goes to see Maggie Sherman () at the surrogate agency to try and track down the parents for Jenna (Sofia Vassilieva). Sherman isn’t budging though. She thinks the situation is unfortunate but won’t compromise her clients by revealing their names.

He leaves her office, calling Ella as he goes. He sends her to the county clerk’s office to find the petition filed for the surrogacy. Jake then goes to meet Alan. He says that Levi was complaining at the Keating wedding reception about how wrong Sarah was for Oscar. He gives the video to Jake who then presents it to Julia.

She declines the rights to it. She’s done enough to smear Levi’s name but Jake doesn’t understand. It’ll protect his client and the situation was corporate sabotage. Julia explains that that’s not the case. Levi was actually in love with Oscar. No segment.

Back at the office, Gilford is in Jake’s office. He doesn’t want the media circus. He just wants to try the case in court. He also admits they are looking into other people in Sarah’s life and acknowledges that she was having an affair. Jake reads between the lines and know that he’s been caught.

Jake goes to Julia’s office to talk it out. He says that he can’t imagine what it was like to see Levi pull the trigger. She cuts him short because Gilford is there to see here. They are doing lunch.

Julia is pitching an appearance on the show. It’ll be great for his career. It’ll help establish him. It’ll let him help dictate the story. Gilford reluctantly agrees. He also admits he wants the lunch to be more than just work. She doesn’t dismiss the notion.

In court, Jake is representing Jenna. She became a surrogate to pay off college debt. The judge is sympathetic but won’t oppose attorney/client privilege. He doesn’t force Sherman to name the parents.

Gilford is live with Louise. He’s calm and composed until she ambushes him with the Levi video. He handles it well but when the segment ends he has a few words for Julia. He thought she was a news producer but it turns out she’s just a mouthpiece for Jake. Julia doesn’t back down though.

Julia and Jake meet and talk about Levi and Gilford. He has a story for her. Jenna’s.

Jenna and Jake go on the air with Louise and explain the situation. She namechecks Sherman and also reads a passage from a letter she received from the parents. Oh and then her water breaks.

Back at the office, Sherman won’t budge so Jake and Bradley are going over their options when a couple walks in. Mary and Arthur Gower (Carly Nykanen and David Stanbra) wrote the letter. It’s their baby but they didn’t abandon it. They paid up front and were told Jenna has a miscarriage. Sounds like Sherman is up to something fishy.

Jake takes the couple to see the baby and Jenna. Everyone’s all smiles when they get another visitor. Someone from Family Services. Since the Gowers are adopting it and not the biological parents, and Jenna is not the biological mother, they don’t have the rights to go through with this. They have to put the baby in foster care.

Jake is pissed. He goes to give Sherman a piece of his mind but when he gets to her office he finds out she pulled a runner.

He goes to his office and goes through a box of mementos from his own time in foster care. Meanwhile Julia scrubs the blood off her shoes and finally breaks down and cries.

Jake worked all night and found a case similar to this situation that occurred in Boston. He looked into Sherman’s background and as it turns out there are no registered attorneys by that name. She’s been running this scam throughout the country.

Julia goes to Gilford’s office to apologize for blindsiding him. They talk about how tough their jobs are and how they both can’t escape work, even at home.

Ella and Bradley track down Sherman at the train station. Apparently she was running low on cash and decided to double down on the one baby to make twice the money. Oh and the biological parents? Sherman bought the sperm and egg from a clinic in Prague. The Gowers are pressing charges.

Oscar gets his meal through the slot in his door and its not just food on the tray.

Louise gives an update on Jenna’s case while Jake explains the legal side of things. Jenna is the de facto parent and can give the baby up for adoption or to the Gowers, which she does.

Julia, Louise and Megan go out for happy hour. She takes the time to apologize for being mean to them. They are okay. Louise even called Gilford and told him to come by. Julia buys him a drink.

The paperwork is all worked out and Gowers can take the baby home. Jake and Bradley toast to a job well done and to being awesome brothers when Ella walks in. Oscar needs Jake. It’s urgent.

Jake gets there and Oscar confronts him about the picture he found on the tray. Jake apologizes and Oscar punches him and then fires him. Gilford is watching from the control room. He’s the one that slipped the picture to Oscar. It was a setup to see if Oscar knew. He didn’t and now the DA has another suspect, Jake Gregorian.

I thought that this was a pretty interesting episode. I’m glad that Julia wasn’t back to her normal self immediately after such a traumatic incident but it looks like she will be next week. I’m also glad that Jake got caught. I’m also intrigued by the new DA. What’s his deal? Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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Notorious, episode four

We open with an exclusive interview, from prison, with Oscar Keaton. Jake gives him a few last minute tips on how to handle himself while Julia goes over the interview strategy with Louise.

Right out of the gate Louise brings up Sarah’s death and the accusations against Oscar that landed him in prison in the first place, but he twists the narrative, implies it might have been his business partner Levi that orchestrated the whole thing. After all, he’d have “a lot to gain” with Oscar out of the picture.

During the interview, something comes through on the scanner and Megan lets Julie know. A body has been found. It’s a star college football player that has been missing.

As the news breaks, on campus of California University an app used for sharing secrets targets Dax Edwards (Zak Henri) and his picture goes viral. He is arrested for the murder by nightfall. His sister, Chloe (Monica Barbaro) and their friend Finn (Keean Johnson),  bring the cast to Jake, who went to school with their mom.

They explain that Dax, Finn and the deceased were friends since childhood. Dax’s mother has paranoid schizophrenia and kids have teased him about it for much of his life. Jake agrees to go to lockup and talk to him.

Julia apologizes to Louise about airing the tape of the beheading last week. Louise says its water under the bridge and asks what the real problem is. Julia explains it would have been her anniversary with Eric soon and she misses what they had, or rather what she thought they had.

Jake talks to Dax and gets his albeit sketchy alibi before leaving. In the hall he is stopped by Det. Matthews, who tells him that charges are being filed for murder one. Jake says they have online chatter but no motive and Matthews responds, “It’s murder one. We have motive.”

The school holds a press conference during which Coach Phil Ryder (Dylan Bruno) completely vilifies Dax. Jake calls Julia. Chloe will be on air tonight. Meanwhile, Levi is up to something as well. His paperwork checks out. He is now a gun owner.

Jake recruits Ella and Bradley to help with Dax’s case. He has Ella try to confirm the alibi and Bradley is on a mission to find out which app user posted Dax’s picture in the first place.

Julia has booked Ryder for Chloe’s taping as well and “the gloves come off” during their mutual segment. Chloe calls him a bully and says he doesn’t know anything about her family. He accuses her brother of being a cold-blooded killer. There’s a development in the case. A nasty voicemail Dax left the victim. When questioned on it, she flees.

Turns out her alibi isn’t quite so legitimate. She claimed that she was at work at the diner during the murder. As it turns out she hasn’t worked there in six months. Jake and Finn track her down. She comes clean about where she actually was. She was fired from the diner and now works as a dancer to make ends meet. The victim had come in with his football buddies and tried to get a lap dance. She refused and he got physical before a bouncer tossed him out. That’s what the voicemail was about, but it blew over she says.

Jake gets a call during the meeting. Dax was in fight in jail and ends up with a broken rib and a black eye. Ella can’t corroborate his alibi but enlists Ryan for an afternoon stakeout.

Bradley comes up empty with the app creator and is trying to find a judge that will force his hand. No luck so far but Jake has an idea. He goes to Julia about asking Eric. She shuts that down but gives him a heads up that Ryder will be back on the show. Jake goes for the hard sell to get her to ask Eric for help, telling her about his own past and she relents.

Eric agrees because how could he say no to Julia “today of all days.” It would’ve been their anniversary and though she is taking the favor she won’t get back together with him. He tells her he’s in therapy and just wants her in his life so she can see that he’s a changed man. He invites her to dinner.

Ella and Ryan are chatting about their high school experiences waiting for the memorial pep rally to start. When everyone is inside, they use the app to their advantage. They post that Dax was released because authorities identified the real killer and are headed to the pep rally to make an arrest. Sure enough, two football players try to run.

Ryan and Ella corner them and they say that they didn’t mean to kill the victim and bring them to Jake’s office where they explain what happened. They saw him leaving a frat party drunk and decided to “have a little fun with him.” They blindfolded and put a helmet on him before taking turns tackling him like a practice dummy. It was hazing gone too far.

Ryder is on with Louise and he is “telling it like it is.” Viewers love him. He is a “straight shooter” and “should run for office.” Jake calls Julia to tell her what he knows. He’s on his way into the station when Julia alerts Louise as to the new developments.

The interview takes a turn when Louise starts pressing Ryder on the hazing issue. Did he authorize it? Did he pull his captains aside to encourage it as a way to “toughen up” the new freshman? As she pushes, Ryder snaps and calls his players “idiots” and says that “if they took it too far, that’s on them.”

Not everything is working out for Dax though. The football players are charged with felony hazing but Dax still looks good for the murder. The victim’s phone records show he tried to call Dax after the hazing.

Julia and Louise go out to dinner. For dessert they purge Julia of her Eric hangup by burning all of her mementos.

The app owner is backed into a corner thanks to the court order. He has to give up the user ID but he doesn’t want his app compromised so Bradley strikes up a deal. The user that pointed a finger at Dax? None other than his best friend Finn.

Jake makes Finn tell the whole story in front of Chloe. The victim called for a ride home after the hazing and when Finn got there, he was happy. He finally felt like he was part of something, that he had “real friends.” Then he called Finn a loser and still tried to get in the car. Finn was angry and he snapped. He threw a rock, which turned out to be the fatal blow. As for blaming Dax? he knew everyone would believe that.

Ella calls Ryan to finish their date. She tells him about her past, how she soent most of her childhood moving around with her mom and even after she passed the bar she couldn’t live in an apartment. It felt too permanent so she’s lived in a hotel for three years. She’s only ever told him that. She trusts him.

Chloe and Jake go to pick Dax up just as Finn is being led inside. Julia goes back to the office after a “cathartic” dinner and finds an e-mail from Levi. It’s a video of him blaming Julia and Jake for everything. They twisted the story but if they want the truth they can come and get it.

She goes to his house to talk to him. He tells her he was protecting Oscar, watching over him, because Sarah was no good for him. Julia figures something else out. Levi has feelings for Oscar. That’s why he had the fake relationship with him online. Julia tells Levi she knows he would never hurt Oscar. Levi picks up his gun and walks closer to Julia. She tells him that she believes him and he has a chance to set the story straight, then asks him to put down the gun. He asks her to tell Oscar that he’s sorry, then shoots himself in front of Julia. She is splattered with blood.

I don’t know if I like this show or not. The weekly ins and outs of the broadcast news show are interesting. I like that part but the overall Oscar story line just annoys me and I hate the way they played out the Levi part of it. He was secretly in love with his best friend so he stalked him and his wife and catfished him to protect him? No. That’s messed up. I’m not about that at all. The whole episode was about people, both Finn and Levi, ultimately being really crappy friends.

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Notorious, episode three

Oscar is in prison and has been denied bail. His late wife’s brother goes live on television and airs the couple’s dirty laundry, namely his affair with photographic proof. When confronted by Jake about what other secrets he might hiding, Oscar admits to an online affair as well.

Jake spends time trying to smooth things over for Oscar. He tells Sarah’s brother not to blame Oscar in the media because, he explains, this is only going to convince police not to look for her real killer. Jake’s assistant Ella also tracks down the actress that has been Oscar’s online girlfriend for the past few months.

Julia tries to come up with something for their next show during a staff meeting but has no luck. Later, Megan provides video of a charitable rock star that is in a coma raping an unconscious woman. The video is verified as legitimate and they go to air with it.

Louise, who as we’ve seen is rarely in a rush to get to set, is actually ready and eager to present evidence that Trinity, the rock star, is a predator.

Later, when at a bar discussing work the southpaw god of darts agrees to help Julia convince the rape victim to come on the show but the next morning the victim stops by his office to back out. Jake thinks someone from Trinity’s team provided a payoff.

Jake and Ella meet with the actress girlfriend only to find out that she has never spoken to him before. He was being catfished the entire time.

Meanwhile, back at LHN, several other rape victims have come forward to discuss Trinity. The broadcast ends with footage of a soldier being beheaded overseas, a story that had been mentioned throughout the episode which Louise was vehemently opposed to. It turns out before becoming a cable news anchor she had been a foreign correspondent in Afghanistan.

She fell in love with the interpreter of the platoon that she was embedded with, who was beheaded during her time over there, something she never told Julia despite working together for eight years because Julia has always been “a little judgy” when it comes to Louise’s personal life. The discussion ends on a tense note after Louise expresses just how obvious it is that Julia cares very little for their friendship.

As for Trinity, his coma was a result of being drugged by a mix of ketamine and GHB, which is what he had been using to drug and rape his victims. Which the victim in the video used to drug him.

And the catfisher involved with Oscar? His best friend and business partner Levi.

I think this show is growing on me. I liked but didn’t love it to begin with and now I’m much more interested in seeing what happens next. I could probably do without the Oscar storyline to be honest and just see the day to day behind the scenes of a cable news show. That side of this is fascinating. I liked this episode and respect that Julia stood her ground, job be damned.

Notorious is new next Thursday at 9 p.m.