Orange is the New Black, episode thirteen

SWAT comes in. Janae, Alison and a few others are taken right away. Taystee sees and runs away. The folks in the bunker hear the commotion and Freida explains what is most likely happening. Some decide to make a run for it. Alex, Piper, Freida and Red stay behind.

Zirconia comes to the bubble. She lets Gloria go free and handcuffs herself to Luschek. He’s her human shield. Pidge and Oujia join up with the skinheads. Nicky tries to calm Lorna down so she can warn Red. Lorna wants five more minutes.

The chapel is secured. Leanna and Angie talk about what to do. They don’t want to surrender so they go to look for drugs. Some of the bystanders talk about their kids. It’s Piper’s mom and Suzanne’s mom. Taystee finds Black Cindy with Suzanne. They try to wake her but it’s no use. Black Cindy has an idea. She tells Taystee to stay with Suzanne and runs to get the wheelchair Humphrey was in.

Maritza and Flaca are hiding out, They know this won’t end well and they hate that they got a taste of being normal. They decide on one last video. The bunker deserts turn themselves in by the front get. Medical is cleared out. The skinheads, Oujia and Pidge set up shop in one of the bunks.

Blanca decides that she should be drunk for what comes next and Red agrees. Alex starts fighting with Red and Piper starts doing that rambling thing she does. Black Cindy and Taystee take Suzanne to the pharmacy but there’s nothing that’ll wake her up. SWAT is close. Nicky has a place for them to hide but she won’t take Lorna. She tells her to turn herself in and to make sure to tell them she’s pregnant. They hug and part ways.

Leanne and Angie find a closet to get high in. It’s the one that Humphrey’s dead body is in. Leanne just wants to get high. Angie realizes that they might be bad guys and wants to do something good. Soso is sitting in the library hall and just ignores the guards. They scoop her up and carry her out.

SWAT makes it to the cafeteria. They get Boo there. Gloria is hiding out in an office. She finds out her son made it out of surgery okay. She hears the guards find Humphrey’s body and hears that the orders are now by any means necessary. She waits for them to move on and makes a run for it.

Nicky leads Black Cindy, Taystee and Suzanne to the bunker. She’s looking for Aderall when Freida comes up from down below. She has an EpiPen. They use it and Suzanne wakes up back to normal. Zirconia and Luschek hit a dead end and then she busts her ankle. SWAT moves in on the skinhead stronghold and there’s a fight.

While making one last Youtube video, Maritza and Flaca get caught. Ruiz is outside and sees her boyfriend and daughter. The rep from the governor’s office tells the CO to give her five minutes. While they talk, the rest of the inmates are led outside. Angie and Leanne burn all the files.

Penn watches on tv. Vinnie tells Lorna he’s all in. Maritza and Flaca’s fans turn up to cheer for them. Nicky goes to the bottom bunker. Freida clears bringing the new arrivals down. Gloria runs into the upper level. She tells them shit is going down. Penn hears someone outside and gets a gun.

The guards are coming up ten people short. Caputo says the pool and the SWAT wants an all clear for casualties from the governor. He gets it so Caputo won’t help. The noise Penn heard was Coates getting home. They settle in to watch tv together.

Freida leads the others down to the pool. Taystee sees Piscatella and points a gun at him. She yells and he apologizes but it doesn’t matter. She’s shaking and crying but still holding the gun. Then she collapses in sobs and Black Cindy holds her. Red lets Piscatella free.

Buses pull up for everyone outside. SWAT moves in with smoke grenades and Piscatella walks up and gets shot in the head. The bunker folks hear and look to Freida for guidance. She tells them to keep their dignity. The others are getting loaded onto the buses. Maritza and Flaca are separated.

SWAT gets there and checks Piscatella for a pulse. There is none. In the bunker, they all stand up and join hands. SWAT blows the door down. The end.

How do they end it like that? I mean seriously. I’m glad that Suzanne is okay. What happens for all the prisoners now though? And Piscatella got killed. I didn’t expect that. I was figuring Gloria to be honest so I’m glad it wasn’t her. I guess we will find out what’s what next year.


Orange is the New Black, episode twelve

The video of Piscatella leaks. The governor just wants it over and agrees to do all the budgeting he needs to. Taystee hears and she and Caputo are stoked, until she realizes that Bayley won’t be sent to jail for what he did. Figueroa says that there will be an IA investigation. Taystee says that’s not good enough. She wants justice for Poussey. She kicks Fig and Caputo out.

Bayley is on a bus. The lady next to him is having a panic attack and he confesses to murder. Red’s gang is inside watching the comments rack up on their video. Red wants to plan an attack and Nicky wants her to chill out. Piper is going to venture upstairs to get painkillers for Alex. She’s turning it into a cause and Alex is annoyed. They fight.

Outside Caputo is trying to negotiate still but no one is listening. Out the window of their command center, they see Ruiz leading out the hostages. They think Taystee came to her senses. Gloria and Luschek are tossed in the bubble. Oujia is sick from all the snorted coffee. Penn finds the hole in the fence and makes a break for it.

MCC explains her side of things and Boo decides extortion is the best way to deal with it. $5,000 is her asking price. Nicky makes it to the pharmacy and just doesn’t want to talk. Lorna shows her the pregnancy tests. They are positive. Even if Vinnie is out, Nicky will help she says.

In the command center, the guards get water and snacks. The rep from the governor talks to Ruiz. This was not part of the negotiations. This was for the deal. She lets her know that MCC has nothing to do with sentencing and any promises made were empty. Ruiz breaks down and the lady tells her she will see what she can do.

Red is still planning a victory lap but Freida tells her that ain’t happening. Yoga helps Alex and they talk about Piper. Penn snoops around the guard cabin. Nothing there. She moves on. Piscatella comes to with Red sitting there watching him. They talk and Red realizes she is regaining her humanity.

Taystee is waiting for Caputo and Fig to come back when Janae and Alison approach. She tells them what happened and Alison gets pissed that she rejected the other stuff. Then tells her what happened to Suzanne. Taystee goes to see her.

Bayley gets to a house. Turns out it’s Poussey’s father’s place. Bayley apologizes but Mr. Washington isn’t hearing it. He doesn’t want to help him make things right. There is no right and he hopes this haunts Bayley forever. Boo blows up MCC’s spot in the cafeteria. People start throwing shit at her.

Piper comes to the front to check things out. She gets an update on the negotiations and sees her mother. She calls her and talks about Alex. Then the SWAT starts moving people around and her mom hangs up. Pidge and Oujia are sick but they don’t know if it is the coffee or the stress.

Fig and Caputo are getting ready for a press conference. They are going to have sex when thye get interrupted. That’s how they find out that it wasn’t Taystee and SWAT is moving in. Penn breaks into another house and eats cereal. It’s Coates’ place. She puts on his clothes and gets in bed. Gloria and Luschek talk about the procedure her son is having.

Nicky calls Vinnie to get him to check himself. Lorna is really pregnant and he needs to step up his game and deserve the love Lorna has for him. Bayley is in a bar. He doesn’t want to go back to Litchfield and the bartender agrees that it’s a shitty place. He doesn’t get on his bus.

At the bunks, Taystee is freaking out on Black Cindy for what happened. Pidge and Oujia come up and tell them the hostages are gone. Taystee goes to try and salvage some negotiations. In the bunker, Piper proposes and Alex says yes. Taystee runs to the front but it’s too late. SWAT is moving in.

After all that, Taystee didn’t get anything. I feel bad for her. And Suzanne. I hope Gloria’s son makes it and I’m glad to see Ruiz knows she was a shitty person to Gloria. Penn is free! And I really don’t care one way or the other about Piper and Alex at this point.

Orange is the New Black, episode eleven

Piscatella is out and on his back. Red wants to tie him up and torture him when he comes to. Piper is not game and the rest of them sort of look away until Nicky calls them on their shit. They move him into the pool.

In the negotiation room, Taystee is talking up a storm but not getting anywhere. Fig is tired and wants coffee and for this mess to be done though so she agrees to the terms on healthcare. Oujia and Pidge are falling asleep so Gloria gets shifty. She pretends she saw something and pulls the Mormon out to take him to a toilet.

Black Cindy and Janae have to come up with a plan for Humphrey’s body. Suzanne thinks he is still alive and suggests a room. Alison walks by and sees that he’s dead. She says it and sets Suzanne off. Lorna is taking the post of pharmacist very seriously.

The gang gets Piscatella propped in a chair in the pool. That’s as much as Piper is willing to help though. Nicky is fascinated with the bunker. Gloria puts the Mormon in a toilet while the people that have set up camp outside head in because of the rain.

Janae, Alison and Black Cindy are trying to calm Suzanne down by talking about heaven. It doesn’t work. Pidge and Janae are snorting coffee to stay awake and Gloria has moved all the guards into the toilets.

Taystee is on a roll when Black Cindy interrupts her to get help with Suzanne. Taystee tells her to deal with it because she is making a difference for women in prisons everywhere. The gang is still discussing torturing Piscatella. Boo leaves and Red tells the rest to scram. When she stands up, the knock her back and tie her to a chair.

Boo gets upstairs and finds MCC waiting for her. They talk and Boo promises a shower to her lady love. Black Cindy fights with Lorna to get Suzanne’s medication and Boo bribes an hour’s worth of privacy in the bathroom for herself and MCC. They are chatting and Boo goes to get her a towel. She finds a phone with pictures of MCC and Caputo.

Ruiz comes back and talks to Pidge and Oujia. They give her shit for not being more dedicated to the cause. Red still wants to get revenge on Piscatella and the others tell her she’s crazy. Eventually they all start arguing amongst themselves. Lorna finds a pregnancy test. Gloria gets a call from the outside. Her son is headed to surgery. Ruiz hears her on the phone.

Gloria tells her her plan and Ruiz tells her she’s brave and that she’s gotta look out for number one. MCC finds Boo and they talk and then Boo confronts her about being a mole. MCC promises to tell the truth.

The gang is still fighting but Freida calls them to order. She wants to ration things and says they will keep Piscatella and hand him over when everything is done. Gina shows them a cell phone video of him torturing the others. Lorna takes the pregnancy test.

Suzanne is trying to find heaven by ripping open the ceiling. Janae and Alison can’t get her under control. Black Cindy comes up with some medication, lithium to help her and gets her to take it by telling her that its what is on the schedule.

Gloria is taking the last guard to the toilet and this time Pidge and Oujia come with her. Only when they get outside, the toilets are empty and there’s a hole in the fence. That was Gloria’s plan. Gloria melts down and tries to escape but Pidge tackles her and it seems like the tables are turned.

So Suzanne is in some serious trouble. That’s not her medication and they didn’t check the dosage. That’s not going to end well which is upsetting. Why they gotta put the nicest people in trouble? Also, all that drama is just going to get Red and her people hurt in the long run.

Orange is the New Black, episode ten

MCC is still on the run. Zirconia is still chasing. Freida and her pals are playing Scrabble and avoiding The Purge. Piscatella is taping Red up. She keeps talking and he says that he’s not there for the hostages. He’s there for Red.

Flashback to Piscatella’s first job as a CO. He seems very green and talks to an inmate, Wes Driscoll (Charlie Barnett aka Peter Mills from Chicago Fire) about crossword puzzles.

Leanne and Angie find the shot off fingertip. Caputo is trying to help Taystee but he’s just making himself sound bad because he was the warden. Suzanne gets to the bathroom and sees the makeup on her face. She freaks a little before washing it off. Maureen is in the bathroom too and she calls for help. Her injuries are in bad shape so they head to medical.

Gloria goes back to near the bubble. Oujia and Pidge still haven’t taken a break so she convinces them to do so. Freida’s gang is snooping through her bunker stuff. She humors them at first but eventually they cross a line and she yells at them.

Piscatella is prepping to torture Red who is still running her mouth. Nicky sees that Alex is making a move on some scissors so she creates a distraction by yelling at him. It works but she gets hit for it. Then Piscatella cuts Red’s hair and yells some more.

Another flashback at Piscatella’s first job. The inmates talk about him being gay and then he sends them off to do work before getting flirty with Driscoll. They talk and kiss and then jump apart as the inmates come back in.

Leanne and Angie find the nurse and ask him to reattach the finger. He says its too late so they decide to do a finger transplant. They run out and bring him with them, using a scalpel to motivate him. Penn sings the Big Red jingle in her toilet and MCC chick joins in. They have a heart to heart about how hard things are.

Negotiating has gone nowhere since Caputo and Figueroa started talking. Taystee is fed up and tells them to sit their asses down and start talking. Zirconia is watching the news while Pidge and Oujia try to sleep. There’s coverage of Litchfield and the talking heads mention hostage escapes. They head back to the bubble. TV says the hostage guards always die.

Back at the torture chamber, Piper has managed to get the tape off her mouth. She cries for help and the bunker folks hear. They investigate and see what’s up. Suzanne tries to help Maureen but doesn’t do much. Gloria tries to set the guards free but the others come back.

Penn keeps talking to MCC about her depression and how awful things have gotten. MCC lets her free and Penn punches her in the face for stealing her best friend. Angie and Leanne take the guard Stratman out of the toilet to transplant his finger. The nurse is not on board and neither is he.

Things are still rough for Red’s crew. He’s about to cut Red’s clothes off when Alex makes a move. She jumps on his back and he breaks her arm. Piper screams at him but he says that when this is over no one will believe them anyway. Flashback to him finding the other inmates raping his boyfriend. He freaks out on them and then calls it in.

Taystee takes control of the negotiations again. She sounds diplomatic and Caputo smiles. Suzanne is running toward where Black Cindy and Janae are watching with Humphrey in a wheelchair. They cut her off and head back to medical.

Piscatella explains his psychology of a CO to his prisoners. They aren’t interested. They keep yelling at him and he gets interrupted by Gina from the bunker. She runs back down and he gives chase. Flashback to him scalding the dude that raped his boyfriend in the prison shower. He keeps him in there until he dies.

Freida manages to get Piscatella with a poisoned dart. Now they’ve got him in the bunker. Thanks to teamwork.

This was a rough one to watch. All of the Piscatella stuff was horrible. Everything Taystee is doing will be for naught when they find out Humphrey is dead. As the season winds down, I keep trying to figure out who is going to die.

Orange is the New Black, episode nine

Piscatella is inside. He sneaks up on Blanca and the fight. He knocks her out. Red is sure that there is trouble but Nicky tells her its the drugs messing with her and that she has nothing to worry about.

Gloria talks to the MCC guy. He wants her to let the hostages free and then maybe they will be able to let her see her son. Aleida turns up at causes commotion when she sees Daya cuffed and talking to police.

Negotiations have started back up. Taystee is trying to be diplomatic but Black Cindy doesn’t keep her mouth shut. Nicky gets ice for Red and is headed back when she hears someone calling her. She goes to investigate and someone grabs her.

Piper tries to explain herself to Alex. They eventually agree to disagree. Angie and Leanna raid the bunks to steal stuff. They come across Suzanne and start to mess with her. Red goes looking for Nicky. She finds spilled ice and goes to get help from Lorna, who is playing therapist for Zirconia. Lorna is no help and Zirconia points out that Blanca is missing too.

Black Cindy is walking alone when she hears a phone ring. She answers and its Angie and Leanne. She ain’t got time for that. As she leaves the office she sees someone dart by. When she gets into the hall, there’s no one there. Aleida calls Gloria and they argue about Daya.

Taystee and Janae cut Caputo out of the toilet so that he can be their credibility man with the negotiations. He’s less than pleased to hear Figueroa is involved. Boo and MCC are alone in a hallway. MCC thinks it’s spooky but Boo is trying to be suave. She leads MCC into a room but ends up kidnapped before she can go in too. MCC doesn’t see it though.

Red is on the hunt, armed with a frying pan. She tries to recruit Piper and Alex to help but they just tell her she needs some rest. Black Cindy is still walking around alone. Maritza and Flacca are making videos to post of themselves singing and Red is back in her bunk. Her roommate comes back and gives her her cookbook. She finds a map in it.

MCC chick is by the toilets looking for Caputo. Brandy sneaks up behind her but she runs away. Gloria is talking to Oujia and Pidge. She tries to get them to abandon their post watching the guards but ends up joining them instead.

Piper is in the shower when someone comes in behind her. It’s Alex and she’s willing ot give shower sex a try. Piper gets an idea though and ducks out. When she does, Piscatella grabs Alex.

Lorna is still guarding the drugs. She takes a walk and finds Suzanne cuffed to the bed with white face on. She takes her prescription and sets her free. They bring Caputo to help with Figueroa. MCC chick sees and tries to appeal to him. He ignores her and she’s taken away. That’s when Zirconia remembers her as the hostage with the heels. They try to Cinderella her and she makes a break for it, with the heels.

Red is following the map. She finds the room with all the hostages and starts to set Nicky free. Nicky apologizes for not believing her and Red says that he’s only a man and they will take him down. Then he comes in and tosses Red in the hall. She squares up to fight.

This one had a very different feel from all the others. The horror movie vibe with Black Cindy walking around alone was kind of amusing but then it would cut to the really cruel stuff happening to Suzanne or the negotiations and it just seemed off kilter. I have no use for Aleida at this point. She just yells.

Orange is the New Black, episode eight

Red and Blanca are arguing about getting Piscatella in and trapping him. He calls and they deflect with a text. They tell him to come in through a vent and then Blanca suggests Home Alone tactics to trap him. Outside he tells a SWAT guy that he knows a way in but SWAT don’t care.

Soso, Piper and Taystee are getting ready for the negotiator to come. Zirconia is guarding the door and talking about eating people. Negotiator turns up. It’s Figueroa. They are not pleased.

On the outside, Judy King is back in her element. She’s going on tv to talk about the prison. Turns out she’s not the only guest. Aleida is there too.

Ruiz is serving lunch and talks about how she’s keeping herself outside to not get added time. Piper and Daya discuss guilt. Piper has some but Daya says she’s got none. Gloria is trying to get information about her son’s condition but the receptionist is no help.

Lorna is raiding the drugs and whining to Nicky. She’s not being super sympathetic. She just wants the keys to the good pharma stuff. Red comes by. She wants needles. She’s acting nuts. Nicky figures out the vitamins they’ve been taking are speed. Red and Blanca explain the Piscatella plan and Nicky asks if they are trying to get everyone killed.

Crazy Eyes is still hanging with the guards while Black Cindy and Alison are fiddling with phones. They leave Pidge and Oujia to watch Crazy Eyes while they go watch Taystee take Figueroa down a few pegs.

Gloria gives Caputo a cigarette and asks for help getting furlough. Her son got jumped and is in the ICU in a coma. She wants to see him. He tells her a way to get help but says that she will have to help end this thing in return.

JK and Aleida chat with Meredith Viera about prison. JK lets it slip that Humphrey got shot and is in bad shape. The SWAT sees it and mocks Piscatella thinking he tried to pull one over. Gloria talks to Ruiz. Flaca has a video of the JK interview on her phone. Gloria goes to talk to Daya, to warn her. She tells her to own her choices and talk to her mother.

Taystee is still negotiating with Figueroa when her phone rings. Someone saw the JK interview and knows a guard was shot. Amnesty is off the table. Taystee consults with the others. They decide to turn in Daya.

Penn is running into more trouble with Angie, Leanna and the Nazis. Now they won’t let her use a bathroom. She goes inside and finds a corner. They still follow and harass her.

Blanca is going crazy. She’s trapped in the cage with Nicky, Red and Lorna but she wants out. Piscatella is going to come and they have to be ready. Lorna lets her free but keeps Red trapped. Nicky tries to talk her through detox. Lorna gets Piscatella to stand down.

Janae and Piper go looking for Daya but Gloria and Alex block it up. Daya calls Aleida. She tells her what happened and Aleida tells her to lie and act like Humphrey had gone after her before. Daya says she won’t do it and they argue.

Crazy Eyes is still hanging with the guards while Oujia, Pidge and Zirconia watch them. Zirconia hits on Luschek but he’s not into it and Crazy Eyes comes to his defense so they take the guards back and cuff her to the bunk.

Penn finds Boo to rant about the way she’s being treated. She needs help but Boo is busy with MCC. Angie, Leanne and that lot come in and start trouble again. A scuffle ensues and Penn breaks Angie’s nose. They want to lock Penn in the toilet after that.

Blanca is setting up traps a la Home Alone. Daya calls Mrs. Powell and tells her the truth. Aleida lied and now her daughter is in foster care. She wants them to raise her and reinvent her. Don’t even tell her about Daya. Powell and her son, Pornstache, agree to take her.

Taystee is trying to negotiate but Figueroa is leaving. Daya comes and turns herself in. Penn gets taped into a toilet. The guards are locked back up. Crazy Eyes is a mess. Nicky helpds Red through detox. Gloria calls the head of MCC. Piscatella sneaks in the back door in SWAT gear.

I’m glad Daya turned herself but things are going downhill fast. People are antsy and anxious. It’s good that Nicky was the one to help Red through it. I feel bad for Penn. She doesn’t deserve what they are doing to her.

Orange is the New Black, episode seven

Black Cindy and the skinheads are watching the news coverage of the riot. They’re bored. Pennsatucky is bringing around yellow drink in jugs. She encounters Crazy Eyes having a meltdown in visitation and tries to be sympathetic.

Piper, Taystee and Alison are in the office waiting for the governor’s office to call them. Black Cindy comes in and tells them about Crazy Eyes. Taystee tells her to handle it and Alison goes to help because she’s a hufflepuff.

Taystee feels useless. She wants to do something constructive. Piper suggests a memorial for Poussey and then turns it into a project. She convinces other people to get involved and fights with Alex in the process.

The old folks downstairs share stories of sexual conquests. Lorna Facetimes with Vinnie. He’s headed to the prison. She doesn’t get the chance to tell him she’s pregnant. Pidge and Oujia are running a coffeeshop. Pidge befriends Brandy and enlists her as an employee.

Boo and MCC are strolling. Boo wants to woo her. Black Cindy and Alison are trying to help Crazy Eyes. Piper and Taystee are holding auditions. Soso and Janae are boxing. Everyone is getting stir crazy.

Ruiz is trying to convince Boo and MCC to settle down outside. Alex calls out MCC and she says she’s blending in.

Red is still trying to back at Piscatella. She’s going nuts but Blanca gives her more vitamins. This time she snorts them and sees the answers. Lorna tries to go outside but the inmates guarding the door won’t let her. She heads back to come up with a big way to announce her pregnancy.

Alex goes to take a shower and finds Nicky standing there. They have a heart to heart about the importance of change. Then they go outside and get makeovers from Flaca and Maritza.

The guards are out of the bubble. They are now the inmates in Crazy Eye’s bunk to help her structure. Frieda’s crowd is playing cornhole. The coffee shop has an open mic. Someone sings and there is poetry but Pidge wins with her impressions of the other inmates.

Soso is pitched her idea for the Poussey memorial. Taystee is still argumentative about it but Piper gives her a chance. Daya is painting outside. Lorna wants to borrow paint to tell her husband the good news. Daya points out that babies aren’t always good news.

Boo and MCC are walking around. They get into a confrontation with some other people and Boo defends MCC. They promptly go have sex. Red and Blanca need Humphrey’s passcode. He’s a vegetable so they can’t wake him. Red opts for the next best plan. Chopping his finger off.

It’s story time with the guards and Crazy Eyes. Alison and Black Cindy watch and Alison gets homesick. Lorna makes it onto the roof to tell her husband about the baby. She makes a sign and waves it. He sees it and runs.

Alison goes to the chapel to pray. Soso finishes her project. It’s a new library throughout the halls. Books are everywhere. It’s magnificant. She and Taystee talk about Poussey and their grief. Nicky and Alex walk in all done up. Piper quickly drags Alex away.

Frieda’s gang is all stoned. Gina gets a signal booster working and Gloria gets some texts from her son. Red and Blanca text Piscatella while pretending to be Humphrey. The coffee shop is out of coffee so trouble ensues.

A distraught Lorna walks back inside and sees Nicky with some other chick. She mopes away. Gloria gets through to someone on the phone. Her son is in the hospital. She cries.

Angie and Leanna grab Penn. Angie holds her while Leanna pees in the yellow drink. There is a lot of fisticuffs in the hallway.

You know that Nicky is going to go back to Lorna to try and help her. Soso’s library was amazing. It was so clever and beautifully done. The guards should be glad they are out of the bubble.