Ozark, episode ten

Marty gets a passport photo taken and then shows Ruth where the money is and tells her he trusts her to handle it. Wendy and Helen are already on the boat when he gets there. They are a few days from opening and all seems to be well. He’s anxious to take off though. Wendy tells him that Charlotte went to school so there’s that. Cade is chirping in Petty’s ear but it’s nothing that he didn’t know before. Petty starts talking about Russ and Cade hits him with a tackle box. He realizes that he can’t go back. He beats his head in.

Then he sinks the body. Wendy gets home to find Darlene there. She tells her about Jacob’s death and that she will do whatever it takes to stop the casino unless Wendy gives her Mason’s baby. Cade goes to Ruth for an alibi but she isn’t willing to play ball. Marty goes to social services about getting the baby into a home. Jonah is on his way home when Darlene grabs him. She wants to send a message and shaves part of his head. Cade goes back to cover up Petty’s car. A park ranger almost writes him up for being in the park after closing. Darlene has guests offering support. Marty shows up and gives her Mason’s baby. It’s a foster situation. She can adopt if no parents come forward in two years.

Charlotte is on the Langmore land talking to Wyatt about moving in with him when he goes to college. Cade gets home. He tells Ruth about the ranger and wants money to get out of town. Otherwise he will tell Wyatt what happened to his dad. Ruth isn’t turning over the money. She tells Wyatt what she did. Wendy gets home to find that Marty gave Darlene the baby and made the plans to get away. She’s upset that he didn’t think they would pull it off and made plans without her.

The next day Marty heads out to finalize the plans for the escape. Helen swings by the house unannounced and just reiterates how impressed she’s been by them, and Wendy in particular. At the office, Marty has a run in with Cosgrove. He takes it at first but then starts to yell. Cosgrove leaves. Charlotte goes by the trailers looking for Wyatt. He’s still not back and she ends up fighting with Cade. Ruth comes to her rescue with a shotgun.

Ruth drives her home. She hasn’t changed her mind but she needs to sleep in her own bed. She does in and instead helps Jonah shave his head. Marty and Wendy talk to Ruth about Cade. They want her to stay the night. Wyatt talks to Charlotte for a bit and then talks to the hallucination of his dad. He doesn’t know what to do. Marty wants to pay Cade to leave so that Ruth is safe with the money.

In the morning, Ruth joins family vacation and then gets the rundown on their escape. Wendy meets with Cade to pay him off. Then the family gathers to officially launch the boat. Cade took the deal and is driving away when he comes across a guy stopped with a dog in the road. Cade gets out and the guy kills him. Wendy told Helen about Cade and had him taken out. It’s almost go time. Marty comes to get Wendy and she tells him that they aren’t leaving the Ozarks.

Cade’s body is found. Wendy explains that they can’t run. They will never be able to stop if they do. Marty tries to counter that it won’t be sustainable but she doesn’t listen. She figures she has the cartel backing her and that will keep them safe. Marty gives a speech. While he talks, Cosgrove blows up the office. Wendy tells the kids they are still family and she loves them. Ruth goes to ID Cade. After the ceremony, Helen tells the Byrdes that Cade is dead. Marty just looks at Wendy.

So will Ruth blame the Byrdes or will she just join the family? I’m about that. They could totally just take in the three Langmores if they are going to stick around. I think she got a raw deal on the family front but things seem to be looking up. I also think that just because Petty is dead doesn’t mean they are safe there. They are going to infiltrate the casino and take them down that way. They will never be safe.


Ozark, episode nine

A soldier is sitting in a diner talking to a woman. He’s recently back from Vietnam. Another woman interrupts and sits at the table. She tells him that she’ll make his life interesting and tells him to come with her. He listens. It’s a young Darlene and Jacob. Present day Jacob is bleeding out in the backseat of his car. Darlene tells the driver to go. He does. Breakfast is tense at the Byrdes. Wendy and Charlotte are fighting about the emancipation. Wendy wants to know what grounds she will argue that don’t get them all arrested or killed.

Darlene is nursing Jacob back to health at home. She doesn’t want to involve the cops. Ruth is at the club when two masked men come in. One drags her into the office. It’s Cade. He wants the money in the safe. She argues with him but relents. She calls in the sheriff and he takes down the information. He seems to think it was an inside job. Marty shows up and backs Ruth. He’s only there for a few minutes though because he gets a call. He heads out to the Snell property to see what’s holding up the workers from making the access road.

It’s Darlene. She’s calling off the deal because they tried to kill Jacob. At the office, Marty freaks out on Helen. She isn’t interested in what he has to say though. She just wants him to clean up the mess. He storms out. Ruth gives Wyatt shit for following Cade. She takes back his cut. Marty and Wendy get home to find Charlotte and her lawyer there. Papers have been drawn up. If they sign, nothing goes public. If they don’t, everything will be brought out in testimony. Wendy gets loud and the lawyer goes back at her. She leaves the papers. They have two days.

Ruth rummages through Cade’s trailer for the money. He finds her and she confronts him. She threatens to kill him but he doesn’t blink. Marty talks to Charlotte. He just wants her to know they love her. He’s willing to sign. Wendy not so much. She vents about it but he’s more focused on the casino. Petty presents a link to the mob to his bosses. He will let them take the whole thing through the casino. He just wants a transfer home. When he gets there he goes to see his mother and tell her the news.

Marty meets with a rep from the power company about the casino land. Wendy talks to Wilkes about the commission. Helen and Marty meet with Jacob and basically tell him that they have a federal order to get access to the river and the boat. Jacob wants assurances that there will be no more hits and Helen grants it if he keeps Darlene in line. On his way out Marty tries to be encouraging but Jacob knows better. Ruth finds Wyatt. He’s got a letter from Mizzou. HE GOT IN! He wants to defer for a year though. He just feels stuck. He has to understand what happened to his dad.

Darlene is peeling potatoes when Jacob gets back. She’s still pissed and he doesn’t back down. He fights with her instead but they end at a draw. Wendy goes to see Charlotte’s lawyer to try and find out what she knows. It’s not a very productive conversation. The sheriff stops by to see Cade and let him know he’s onto him. Wilkes has a gathering to help them get votes for the casino. Jacob has to chat with people while Helen has an awkward run in with Darlene. She goes to Jacob about it and tells him to keep her in line. Jonah is not pleased with Charlotte and says as much so she rips into him too.

Wendy and Marty talk to a commission member. If they keep the union out, they’ll have their casino. Marty agrees, betraying Cosgrove. They get home and have another confrontation with Charlotte. She is nasty to them and Wendy goes off. Charlotte leaves and Marty tells Wendy that Charlotte is right. Cade fights with Ruth. He wants her to cover with Nix or he will go to Petty. Wendy interrupts, looking for Charlotte. Ruth tells her they went off in Charlotte’s van. Marty is home making travel arrangements when Wendy calls and tells her about the van.

The next morning, Jacob suggests a walk on the property before the work starts. He pockets a knife. Petty cleans his hotel room. Wendy is still watching Charlotte’s van the next morning when Wilkes calls to tell her they got the casino. Cade is up to something. He goes to see Petty. On their walk, Darlene finds a dead badger. Jacob tells her to leave it and keeps walking. Marty wants to run. As soon as the approval comes he is taking the family and going. He’s going to leave the whole thing to Ruth and the cartel will have to accept her. She agrees. Before Jacob can do anything he starts to choke. Darlene poisoned him. He dies in the woods.

This freaking show. I mean seriously. Ruth doesn’t get out. She gets a cartel membership. That shit is nuts. But yay Wyatt got into college. Totally insignificant but… Charlotte doesn’t have insurance for that van does she? Cade is definitely going to start trouble. He’ll probably end up killed but I don’t know if it’ll be Ruth or Petty to do it.

Ozark, episode eight

Now an ambulance is full speed ahead going to the lodge. Tuck is on the porch screaming for them to hurry. Rachel is on the floor inside, unresponsive. They bag her and give her a shot of narcan. Half an hour earlier, Rachel was there alone snorting a line. She passed out. Three hours earlier she went looking for Oxy but could only get H. She settled for it. Three days before that, the dealer, Eddie goes to a guy for a half load because business has been good. The guy suggests getting into the market but Eddie is okay.

He’s new to the market himself. He only got into it two days before waiting for a shipment. That shipment was packaged in the Snell lab three days earlier. Four nights before it was packaged, Darlene ground up pills and mixed it in. Marty wakes up in bed alone. He hears the family in the other room. Jonah is getting along well with the baby. Meanwhile, Charlotte is pissed that they didn’t help out Wyatt. She leaves and Wendy talks to Marty about focusing on the casino. He gets a call about Rachel’s OD. He heads out.

Wendy goes to see Wilkes about the casino or maybe running to save Marty but Wilkes says that he’s over it. Too much trouble. Marty talks to Rachel about her using. Ruth goes to see the funeral director. She’s getting the layout to look for the cash there. There’s a raid at the drug den. Ruth gets a tour of the funeral home. The feds talk about the tainted drugs and Petty pushes for the connection to the Ozarks. Amos, the dealer, gets picked up from the police station by Helen. The sheriff stops by to talk to the Byrdes about Mason. Wendy sends him to the Snells.

Helen is questioning Amos about the drugs. He tells her everything he knows. Then she has him killed. Wendy and Marty talk about Wilkes. Marty wanted to confess to Nix but he wouldn’t he just wanted to. The next day he meets with Petty to try and get him to back off Rachel. Petty tells him he wants the Snells and that they poisoned the cartel drugs. He’s about to run into some trouble. Wendy finds Jonah in the basement looking into gamer currency. She talks to him about cleaning money.

Rachel is getting ready to leave but Petty is there. He’s taking her into custody. Marty gets to the office and finds Helen there. She’s pissed about money being moved without her knowledge. He makes up an excuse and covers his ass. When he gets home he argues with Wendy about it. She is not about to back down. She needed it to get Wilkes. And she is not over being kidnapped. On the other side of town, the Snells argue about what Darlene did. Neither of them are about to back down.

Ruth was summoned to the school. Turns out someone pleaded Wyatt’s case and they are letting him back in. Wilkes gets word of an anonymous donation and has his guy look into it. It’s the Wendy money. Charlotte and Wyatt are hanging out in a book store. He gets a call about getting back into school while Charlotte steals a first edition book. Ruth comes back to the office and talks to Marty. He apologizes and lets her have her office. He leaves and she snoops around. Charlotte gives Wyatt the book and he’s upset because he will be the one to go to jail. She tosses it out the window.

That night at dinner, Wendy tells Marty that Jonah is involved in the family business and Charlotte admits to stealing a book. She’s the one that gets in trouble. Marty has blackmail material on Petty. His mom is on drugs because she’s old and sick. Marty is willing to do it though to save Rachel. Wendy goes to a gala and confronts Wilkes. He’s got drug money now and will help them or the feds will be on to him too. Ruth and Cade move on the funeral home. The money isn’t there though. He smacks her around.

Marty visits Buddy in the cemetery. That’s where the money is now. He takes it and goes to see Rachel. He booked her a flight and a spot in rehab. The Snells attend church services. They leave and run into a road block. It’s the cartel. They open fire on the Snells and don’t stop. Charlotte gets home and tells her parents that she wants to be emancipated. They say no because family but that’s not enough for her. She loves them but she can’t do this. She wants out and will fight them.

I mean, she’s a little shit but Charlotte kind of has a point. She needs to get away. You know who else needs to get away? Ruth. From her dad. And Marty. And the Ozarks. She just needs to go and take Wyatt and not look back. How can the Byrdes just spend all the money? I don’t understand how this works.

Ozark, episode seven

Someone is at the house asking more questions. Marty is distracted though. Cade and Ruth meet with someone to sell boat parts. Things are rough at the Byrde house before Marty runs out to sort things. Ruth takes a boat ride with Cade to track down something special that their buyer wants. Marty goes to see Rachel. She still has a wire so they have a bogus conversation and text. She wants protection from the cartel but he can’t do that.

As Wendy leaves the house she calls Wilkes and tells him she needs time to think about running away. Then she gets kidnapped. Marty meets with a PR guy to face their issues head on. No sign of Wendy though. She’s busy being transfered from one car to another. When Wendy doesn’t show, Marty tracks her phone and finds it in a field with the car. He confronts Darlene but she doesn’t know anything. Turns out it was Mason that took her. He will kill her if he doesn’t get his son back from social services. That’s the deal he makes with Marty.

Cade tells Ruth he wants Wyatt to go with him because Ruth hasn’t been right since the torture. Marty goes to Wilkes for help. Wendy takes the time to talk to Mason to try and get herself out of his clutches. He gives her a chance to go to the bathroom. Wilkes and Marty go to see a guy about getting her back. As soon as they are back though, he’s out. Wendy is allowed to move around now. It’s still tense and quiet though. Marty and Wilkes talk to an adoption agent. It’s unusual but he might be able to help.

Wendy lets Mason talk for a little bit and then tries to help him see reason. When he snaps she hits him and tries to escape. She barely makes it across the yard. As he is taping her back up Marty calls. He’s got the baby. Cade and Ruth got back to the boat to get what their buyer wants. Someone in the house notices and they have to hide in the water. Ruth doesn’t do well with it. Marty shows up for the handoff but Mason snaps again. They start to fight and he pulls a gun. Wendy gets the upper hand for like a second but then he gets her too. Marty has the gun though and ends up shooting Mason. He bleeds out as his son cries.

After the aborted mission, Ruth has a meltdown in the car. She apologizes to Cade but he tells her that she is more important. As they sit there she tells him that she thinks she knows where the money is. The funeral home. He’s ready to go get it. In Mason’s basement, Marty has a panic attack and Wendy talks him through it. They will get rid of the body and take the baby with them. The interview from the beginning is undeway. Marty is distracted. This was set up by the PR lady and the kids are there. Wendy does the talking during a montage of cleaning up and disposing of the body.

Ruth is just going to end up getting herself in trouble. Rachel made her bed so she has to sleep in it now. It’s only a matter of time before the Snells get that baby. I can see that coming but have no interest in it. I feel like this show is all buildup but to what end? I don’t know. Either Marty is arrested or he’s not. That’s what it boils down to.

Ozark, episode six

reWendy and Buddy are heading home after the incident at the Snells. They have a few laughs and chat. She tells him a bit about where she grew up and he slowly stops resounding. When she finishes her story, she looks over. He died. Ruth is having trouble coping after what the cartel goons did to her. Wyatt is concerned about her. The funeral home takes away Buddy and Wendy suggests some family time. Marty can’t though. He’s got to go deal with the Snells. Speaking of, Petty is there with a team to look at the fields. Ruth is ready to go to work so she shouts at Wyatt to get in the car for school. Cade tells her she did good playing the long game.

Marty gets to the Snells but Petty is there and he sends him away due to the investigation. Agents are walking the fields with drug dogs. The dogs find something. Marty goes to the funeral home and talks to Wendy. While she makes the arrangements for Buddy, he goes to the back and takes cash out of an unused casket. Wendy talks to Wilkes. Marty goes by the club and runs into Ruth. She is not interested in talking to him. Out on the Snell property, the search turned up bones. Petty and Jacob argue as the latter is taken into custody. Darlene blames everyone else and expects them to handle it.

The bones are probably Grace’s and Mason will bring in his son to match the DNA. Wendy wants to warn Mason because Darlene will go after him. Wilkes talks to Petty and he’s willing to cooperate for immunity and Wendy’s safety as well. Marty talks to Jacob and might have a plan. The Snell ancestors are buried on that land. He can make that argument to the feds. Ruth swings by the lodge and talks to Rachel about Petty. Jonah runs into some trouble at school and Wyatt steps in and stands up for him. Jonah ends up suspended and Wyatt gets expelled. Marty won’t intervene which pisses Ruth off.

Back at the house, the family has a sit down where Jonah admits he laundered his cut of the money and now has offshore accounts. Marty sends the kids to their rooms and then goes out to dig up bones at the Snells. Wendy gets a visit from Wilkes. He wants to save her but she isn’t interested. Ruth tells Cade that she’s game to his schemes if she keeps Wyatt and his brother out of it. Rachel confronts Petty about Ruth. He’s not interested. It is time for Buddy’s funeral. Wilkes is there. And Rachel. And Cosgrove. He and Marty talk business for a minute. The lab gets a hit on the bones. They match Jacob. It was a family burial plot. Petty is not happy.

Jonah talks at the funeral. Jacob gets released and Petty is there to try and egg him on. The Snells don’t take the bait. After the funeral, Wendy takes the kids home. Marty stays at the lodge and has a drink. Rachel sticks around with him and they get to talking. He is getting ready to go and tells her that if it all goes south he’s got a plan to get her the lodge back so the feds can’t get it. They kiss and when it starts to get more heated she pulls back. He apologizes but she just unbuttons her shirt, to show him the wire.

Rachel is such a waste. Like all that and she is going to let him in on it anyway. Seriously though. Marty sucks and will probably still trust Rachel and this will somehow end up being Ruth’s fault.

Ozark, episode five

On the Snell property, work has started for the casino. Darlene is not happy but Jacob tries to calm her down. It gets him nowhere though. The FBI is still searching through things at the house. One agent might have hit a jackpot. He found the $5,000 Charlotte was stashing. The family is waiting outside. Jacob walks up with the head of the deer Jonah shot. That’s when Petty comes out and takes Marty into custody.

At the club, Ruth is cleaning up the office to make sure that everything is on the up and up because she heard about the raid. In custody, Marty has nothing to say but his lawyer, the cartel lawyer, turns up. Wendy confronts Charlotte about swiping the cash. Petty lays out his whole case but Marty keeps his mouth shut. He even talks about Ruth trying to kill him and killing her uncles. Marty isn’t being charged so he leaves with his lawyer. The feds leave and Wendy sits with Buddy. They talk about holding it together.

Charlotte goes to see Jonah about the money. He’s got it set up in two shell accounts earning interest. Charlotte wants some of it back to get a van but the money is tied up. Jacob brings home a foster kid to be their heir but Darlene isn’t interested. She wants a baby. The sheriff stops by to warn them about the feds but they aren’t concerned. When he leaves he takes the foster kid. On the ride back, Marty talks to the lawyer about Ruth and then the family and what the kids know. Then they discuss his loyalty and what to do about the Snells.

Rachel is tending bar when Ruth comes in. She wants to know if there is any word on Marty or if he’s left anything at the lodge. Rachel tells her to start getting her stuff in order just in case. Meanwhile Petty is on a high. He thinks it is game day. His partner tells him to get it together and stop giving Rachel pills. Marty goes home and tells Wendy what happened. He also checks in with Jonah about the time he pulled a gun on Petty. Speaking of, Petty is now at the club threatening Ruth and taunting the cartel. Ruth goes inside and tries to calm down.

Marty and Wendy go with the lawyer to see the Snells about plowing their poppy fields. They don’t take kindly to the idea. When Darlene has Wendy alone she negotiates, a baby in exchange for destroying the fields. Wendy doesn’t want to do it and tells Marty as much. The conversation gets interrupted when Ruth calls. She wants to talk but he tells her not inclined to do so over the phone. The Byrdes get home to find Petty there to taunt them. He gets nowhere though. Ruth packs to pull a runner but Cade talks her down.

At the house Marty gets some advice from Buddy. He has to go on the offensive instead of just reacting. The lawyer shows up and shows him and Wendy pictures of Ruth and Petty. They say they trust her but there’s a hesitation. Helen is going to go after Ruth. Marty calls her and tells her to meet him in town but she won’t do it. He heads to her instead. On his way out he takes a shot at Wendy for her affair. Charlotte hears and tells Jonah. He’s more interested in her idea to buy a van. Buddy finds Wendy in the kitchen and gives her the same speech he gave Marty.

Marty makes it to Ruth’s place and talks to her about trust. They only have a few minutes before Helen and her goons show up. They want to question Ruth. Wendy goes to see Darlene and brings Buddy. He’s going to be active. He’s going to burn the fields while she talks to Darlene about adoption. Marty and Cade wait outside while Helen tortures Ruth. She survives it. She’s a tough kid.

Ruth should’ve taken off. She should have packed up and brought Wyatt with her and his brother and just gone. Also, Charlotte got so hung up on the affair. Your boyfriend’s cousin tried to kill your father. That’s a way bigger thing. And now she’s roping Jonah into it. I am concerned Buddy will die in the fields out there. Petty needs to be punched in the face. I just feel bad Ruth is the rat and doesn’t know.

Ozark, episode four

In a sloppy motel room. Petty watches The Twilight Zone. He goes to a diner and for a drive then comes back and listens to the audio from the wire Rachel wore to see Marty. He goes to see a guy about some pills and then jerks off to the audio of Ruth and her uncle arguing. Wyatt finds out the bobcats are gone and he’s upset. Ruth feels bad. Wendy goes to see a motivational speaker named Sam. At the hotel, Charlotte is bussing tables and chatting with Tuck when Rachel comes in. She finds Marty in the office and tries to talk to him. He’s on his way out though and when he goes by the bar, Petty is sitting there.

With Marty out of earshot he tells Rachel she has to wear a wire all the time. She is not happy. At the office Wendy runs a bug detector around. Marty still thinks the shutdown was because of the casino but she thinks it’s something else.The Byrdes sit with someone from the gaming commission to go over the books and get approval. They have Rachel on the books at the Blue Cat and turns out Sam is running things at the club to keep Ruth’s name out of it. Ruth gives Sam a run down on the club. Wyatt is stoned and playing the guitar. He imagines his dad and talks to him. Ruth barges in cranky from her bad day and sits with him for a bit. They talk about college.

Wendy goes by the Blue Cat to pick up Charlotte and has an interesting chat with Rachel about her return and the Feds. Charlotte comes out and they leave but Wendy does fill her daughter in on the Rachel situation. Rachel checks in with Petty and he tells her to ply Charlotte. Ruth goes to see Wyatt’s counselor about getting him a rec letter for college. She ends up smacking the lady in the face. Jonah and Buddy head out for a walk. Buddy collapses in the yard.

Charlotte smokes with Wyatt by the lake. They talk about his dad. Buddy is in the hospital and Wendy is trying to get Marty to come down when Buddy busts out. Marty gets a call from the guy from the gaming commission. He needs more financial information. Code for a bribe. Petty is listening in. Back at the house, Marty tells Wendy about it before she goes down to Buddy’s room to tell Jonah to go to bed. Then she sits with Buddy.

Rachel goes out for a few drinks and then fucks a guy in the bathroom. She calls him Marty to taunt Petty who is still listening. Afterward she finds Ruth in the bar and they talk about Marty. When Ruth gets home she apologizes to Wyatt but he isn’t interested. Cade just fans the flames so the next morning Wyatt goes by the Blue Cat to talk to Marty about the night his dad died. Marty pulls Charlotte aside and tells her not to see Wyatt anymore. Wendy meets with Wilkes to find out how to handle the gaming guy.

The warning did nothing. Charlotte calls Wyatt and then bumps into Rachel who tries to be cool and talk to her. Charlotte puts her on blast though. Rachel’s next move is to confront Marty and throw Petty under the bus. Marty gets home to find Wilkes leaving and Mason throwing cash at him. Sam is chatting up a stripper when there’s commotion. It’s Cade causing trouble and Ruth saves the day. Petty grabs Rachel and drives into the woods. He holds her at gunpoint to yell at her.

Marty and Wendy argue about unilateral decisions. They are a team and need to work together. The next day they meet with the gaming guy but Wendy gets a bad feeling and calls it off. Rachel and Ruth bump into each other again. She’s still wearing a wire and they talk about Marty. Ruth talks too much and Petty gets what he needs. Marty finally goes down to see Buddy. They talk and then Marty helps him shave. The next morning the FBI rolls in with a warrant, led by Petty.

Seriously, Ruth is the rat without meaning to be. She’s not a snitch. She needs to get the hell out of dodge. It’s a shame shes stuck there. Wyatt needs to get out too. And Charlotte. She’s not awful. I like that she was ready to put Rachel in her place. Really I just feel so bad for Ruth though.