Ozark, episode ten

The Byrde family is heading out. Charlotte thinks it’s a bad idea but they are going anyway. Mason is going to have mass and then get lunch with his wife. He asks Ash if he’s even a believer. Ash tells him that he likes to hear him talk. Marty and Charlotte and the kids pay their respect to Ruth and the boys.

Mason has a breakdown on the water. He can’t keep preaching. He wants to talk to Jacob. Ash tries to get him to keep going but it’s no use. He sets up a meeting between Mason and Jacob. Rachel goes into a cabin and snoops around. Jacob and Mason meet. They are both men of principle so he’s free, it would seem.

Marty is setting up the trampoline in the backyard when his phone rings. It’s Jacob. He tells him that Mason has to face the consequences of his actions. Mason gets home and looks for Grace. He finds a baby. Marty and Wendy talk. They don’t want to take any chances. Wendy will flee with the kids.

She tells them to pack a small bag with essentials. They both are difficult about it but do it. Marty goes to see Jacob. He makes an offer. He’ll be the sole customer and launder what Bobby Dean used to.

Jonah runs into the woods. Wendy and Charlotte are ready to go. Charlotte asks about Marty when Jonah walks in with a gun. He tells them to move. The hitman is in the house. He tries to talk Jonah down but he pulls the trigger. The gun isn’t loaded. Hitman pounces on him but Buddy intervenes. Wendy and the kids flee as gunshots ring out.

The sheriff pays a visit to Jacob and Darlene. It seems Mason went to the authorities about the baby and the drug running. Jacob and the sheriff have a talk before the sheriff leaves. Marty comes home and finds the hitman’s body. Buddy is still there. He says the plan is to wait till dark. They do. They take the body to the funeral home that Marty owns. The hitman’s phone rings. They burn the body.

The next morning, Marty calls Wendy. Change of plans. He tells her where to meet him. Rachel is making the rounds at the Blue Cat. She comes across Petty sitting on the dock. He asks about the accident and then about Marty. She ducks out. Marty is at the library looking at old maps. He’s learning about how much property Jacob actually owns.

Rachel goes into the cabin and finds the money. She loads it all in a laundry bag and takes it back to the office. On her way through the bar though she finds Del. He’s looking for Marty. She’s nervous but plays it off. He leaves. Petty, still near the docks, sees him and follows. He manages to get a license plate number.

He goes back to his room and talks to Evans. Del is clean. Petty wants to get Marty for leverage. They argue. Wyatt is burning all his dad’s stuff. Ruth stops him and tells him that he’s going to want it someday. He tells her to mind her business. Rachel loads the cash and some luggage into the back of her car and drives off.

Wendy and the kids get to the meeting spot. No sign of Marty. His PI is there though. He’s got new identities for them. The kids start asking about their father. He tells them he was only hired to create three identities.

Marty gets back to the house and sees an SUV. Buddy is lurking. Marty tells him to take a walk and goes to face Del. Del asks about the hitman. Ruth gets a call from her father about Russ and Boyd and Marty. He’s done with her. She goes inside and Wyatt asks about the call. They talk about what happened and then she tells him that she is going to file to be their legal guardian so they don’t get split up.

Del and his goon want to know where the hitman is. They start plucking Marty’s toenails. Marty says he has a plan. Del believes it. Evans goes to talk to the sheriff. They want to find Del. They run his plates and actually get a hit. He’s headed to Jacob’s house.

Sure enough, Marty is introducing Del to Jacob and Darlene. He thinks that Del should buy heroin from Jacob. It would help both of their operations. Marty has it all figured out. Block a bit of the river to flood up some and they can open a riverboat casino. It would give both operations a lot of money and a way to launder it. Money that can be used for political capital in Jacob’s case. He’s in. Del has to make a call.

Wendy and the kids are eating. She tells them to stay put and ducks out to call Buddy. She asks about Marty and then thanks him for everything. Del comes back. They have deal. As he leaves he makes a joke about rednecks. Darlene shoots him in the head. Marty freaks out. Jacob tells him that he’s in a partnership with them now and they help their own.

He leaves and at the end of the driveway runs into Evans and the sheriff. He gets out and lays down. Evans searches the car but doesn’t find Del. He wants to take the car but the sheriff doesn’t let him. Marty is free to go. Evans goes back and tells Petty who wrecks the hotel room.

Mason is home with his son when Marty visits. They talk about kids and hope and God and the devil. Marty leaves and talks to Wendy. She wants to find a solution and he tells her they did. This is it. She asks if he wants to talk to the kids and he tells her he can’t.

She gets back in the car and fights with Charlotte about what is going on and what they are doing. Jonah chimes in that once they take their new identities, their old ones will be dead and he doesn’t want that. Mason stops on the side of the road. He hikes to the lake and dunks his son. He holds him under water for several seconds before pulling him out. He was baptizing him.

Petty is slowly piecing the glass he broke back together. Marty lays alone on the trampoline. Wyatt and Ruth are dressed up. They leave the trailer. Marty hears car doors. Wendy and the kids are back.

I feel like there are still so many unanswered questions. Rachel just took the money and bounced? When will Marty notice that? Also, what is going on with the strip club? Is that still Ruth’s income? Do these kids ever go to school? I liked this show a lot and look forward to more episodes.


Ozark, episode nine

Tuck goes to the store. Buys a gun with a sling and a high capacity magazine. He checks the box that he’s buying it for someone else and the salesman points it out as a mistake. He switches the box. He pays and heads outside. He did buy it for someone else. Jonah.

Marty is trying to hurry the kids up. He’s taking them to school and then going to the church to deal with the sheriff. Wendy offers to go with him but he says no. The kids are nervous about the guy watching the house. It’s the same guy Wendy tried to sell a house to. Wendy stays home. She has a nice talk with Buddy.

At the church site, Marty and the sheriff butt heads again. It’s an active arson investigation so now Marty can’t have the site cleared. He confronts Jacob about burning the place down but finds out it wasn’t him. It was Mason and now he’s wise to Marty’s schemes.

Wendy is heading into work when Evans pulls up. He offers her a “life raft” because the feds are moving in on her husband. He wants to know what’s up with the Mexican watching her house. She doesn’t give him anything though.

Petty is looking through Russ’ bait shop plans. Russ wakes up and starts talking but Petty stops him. He tells him that he’s FBI and has a confession for conspiracy to commit murder. Petty tells Russ that if he helps him get Marty, he will get a deal. Russ freaks out and Petty offers him water. Russ takes a swing and says Petty “turned him” before they fight. Petty says that he found Russ because he was picked up before for picking up a male prostitute. He gives Russ papers to sign. Permission to bug the trailer.

Sam is at work when Wendy walks in. He tells her about his mother’s death and she is sympathetic. She tells him to go home. He gets ready to leave and tells her that she can do one thing for him. He needs some of the money back from Marty.

Speaking of, Marty goes back to the Blue Cat. He needs a week. He pleads with Rachel but she says no. He records himself threatening her to set up an alibi. Then he tells her that he needs to make deadline or his family will die. She gives him the week.

Ruth is getting out of the car. Russ flags her down and invites her in to mend fences. He tries to get her to confess but he’s not very good at it. He goes to see Petty and meets Evans. He figures he’s done enough but they tell him that’s not the case. Marty and Wendy are cleaning up a cabin. They don’t want to talk about their fight. Sam turns up. He wants his money.

He’s ready to lawyer up when Marty tells him they will pay for the funeral so the money doesn’t get moved. Wendy goes with Sam to the funeral home. The director there charges crazy fees for extravagant add-ons. Wendy kicks Sam out of the room and negotiates with the guy.

Marty is in the backyard drinking. The kids are playing. Wendy comes home and asks why the hitman is gone. Turns out Marty cleared the money. They are done. For now. Oh and Wendy bought the funeral home.

Boyd and Ruth are playing video games. Russ comes home and tells them to clear out. He stops Ruth for a minute and tries again to get her to confess. He’s pushy and she comments that he’s acting weird. She might’ve figured things out. She says she never wanted to kill him, that he’s a good guy and that she wants to keep her job.

Russ calls Petty. He wants to try again. Evans gives him one more chance but tells him to calm down. Russ goes outside and gets Boyd. Tells him that he is going to kill Byrde and then run because the feds are into. Boyd offers to go with him when he runs.

Rachel is working with Jonah and Tuck when a van pulls up. Delivery for Marty. It needs to be Marty. Jonah recognizes the guy. It’s the hitman. Rachel calls Marty. Russ calls the boys over and gives them specific instructions. He wants them to pack a few essentials. They are leaving and not coming back. That night. And Ruth is not invited. Russ goes and buys some things in the superstore. In the background, Tuck buys another gun.

Jonah goes out in the woods and shoots the gun. Then he buries it in some leaves. Buddy comes by and unloads it. Ruth comes home to find Wyatt packing. He pulls her outside and explains what he knows. Russ and Boyd are up to something and they are leaving town. They hug it out.

Turns out the delivery is cash. $50 mil to be exact. They’ve got to wrap it and store it. With no other options they put it in the walls of the cabin and make the kids help. Jonah complains about being hungry so Marty heads over to find food. He sees Ruth drive by.

They finish wrapping and reset the cabin. Russ and Boyd pull up to the Blue Cat dock. Russ grabs the ladder. It’s been rigged. He’s electrocuted. Boyd grabs him and gets electrocuted too. The power goes out at the whole lodge. Marty and the hitman go out to investigate. They run into Rachel doing the same thing. They find the Langmores. Rachel accuses Marty of doing the rigging but he denies it.

She wants to call the cops but hitman pulls a gun on her. Marty talks him down. Rachel’s legit and these things happen as accidents on the lake. It’s not an issue. Hitman stays with Rachel while Marty takes the family home. Wendy is freaking out.

Marty goes to see Ruth. She asks if it works and he tells her it did. Then he tries to ask why. She tells him that she couldn’t let them kill him. Then she cries and he comforts her. Petty and Evans talk about it. Petty knows it was Ruth. Evans says he hopes not because if it it, that’s on Petty.

Did not see that coming. It was good though. What happens to Wyatt and Three now? Will Marty adopt Ruth? What is the preacher up to? Now Rachel is in it too. There are still so many things happening and there’s only one episode left. This show is great.

Ozark, episode eight

2007. Marty and Wendy are riding in the car talking talking about decisions. They get blindsided by a truck at an intersection. Then Marty and Bruce are in a meeting with Del. He might become a client. Wendy is applying for jobs but not getting them. Petty approaches a guy named Louis (Ivan Martin) to be his inside man.

Turns out Louis works for Del. The two of them go golfing with Bruce and Marty. Petty goes to lunch with his mom and his boyfriend. She goes to the bathroom and the boyfriend points out that she is acting like she’s on pills.

Marty and Bruce go to lunch and talk about snowball effects and Marty taking pressure for things. Bruce tells him that “everything happens for a reason.” It doesn’t go over well. Later that day he goes home and finds the house in disarray and no sign of the family. Turns out the kids are in the backyard and Wendy is upstairs crying. He asks what he can do and she says nothing.

Wendy joins Marty and Bruce for dinner with Del and his wife and Louis. They seem to have a good time. Marty has crunched the numbers on Del’s financials. He found some inconsistencies, looks like someone is skimming off the top. It impresses Del who then asks Marty if he wants him as a client. Marty is not interested.

Petty and his boyfriend are transporting a table for his mom. They talk about the fishing trip they are taking. She goes to head inside for something and falls. They rush her to the ER.

Wendy is in a hospital bed crying. Marty comes in to comfort her. Marty is in bed when the phone rings. It’s Del. He wants to talk to him downstairs. They talk. Del lays it out. He wants Marty to clean his money. They eventually reach a deal.

Petty is frustrated at work. No one is listening to him in the war on drugs. He’s frustrated at home because his mother is staying with them and they tend to rile each other up. Wendy has a job interview. Petty takes his mom home. She doesn’t go in though. She goes to the neighbor’s house. Petty goes to the door and then busts inside. His mom is shooting up. They all fight.

Small child Charlotte wants her father to get her water and read her a story. Wendy feels useless. He puts Charlotte to bed and then sits with Wendy on the porch. She tells him that she feels like a fraud. Then he talks to Wendy vaguely about Del.

Bruce asks Louis what he does for Del. He admits that he cleans money. Bruce tells Marty but Marty is okay with it. Petty brings his mom home after her ER visit. Marty and Wendy talk it out about the money laundering client.

Petty tries to get his mother to take some pain pills. She won’t do it. He begs her and she relents “just this once.” Wendy is anxious in the bathroom. She looks at a pregnancy test. She’s pregnant. She and Marty are riding in the car talking about if they should keep the baby. It would be tough financially but they can make it work. She’s not sure if she wants to keep it. Another driver is trying to light a cigarette. He’s not watching the road. He blindsides the Byrdes.

Marty and Bruce go tell Del that they are in. He fires Louis because he’s a cheat. Louis tries to deny it but Del explains chaos theory and how he figured out that Louis was a cheater. He has his goons rip Louis’ eyeballs out. Marty and Wendy get home and give the kids big hugs.

So I get that this was all out of chronology and was sort of explaining things but not really. They lost the baby in the accident. Petty has been chasing Del for a decade. Wendy knew about the money laundering. I feel like Petty’s mom was important but was that just because of the drugs? Will that somehow connect to Jacob? Also, Wendy wanting to work was probably relevant.

Ozark, episode seven

Marty is rightfully panicking about the construction site. He heads to the preacher’s house to find out what’s up and sees Jacob and Darlene pulling up as well. He cuts them off in the yard and has an awkward interaction with Mason and Grace before taking Jacob to the storage unit and giving him the rest of the cash.

Jonah watches a video about birds and then asks if he can kill starlings if he gets his hunting license. Wendy takes the kids to school. Ruth tries to hurry Wyatt and Three along because they are going to be late. She tells them she can’t get them after school because she is going to visit her father. Russ tries to talk to her about hitting her. She’s not interested.

Russ goes to see Petty, tells him Ruth’s plan to kill Marty. Petty is not a fan. It’ll make Russ an accessory. Petty wants Marty to invest in their bait shop. He makes Russ promise not to kill him. Marty is trying to get in touch with old clients but none of them want anything to do with him. Wendy goes to work. A man walks in. He wants to buy a house and Wendy takes him to give him tour.

The man works for Del and he’s been keeping an eye on the family. He tells Wendy as much. She kicks him out of the car and goes home to tell Marty. They need a new plan now. He’s at a dead end but she might have an idea. She goes to talk to Sam (Kevin L. Johnson), her boss. His mother has more than $900K floating around. She talks him into investing it.

Marty talks to the pastor about the church. He’s going to hold prayer circles or something because beurcrats suck. But that won’t help Marty with Jacob so he just comes clean about the drug dealing and how Jacob will kill the families.

Petty tells Evans about turning Russ. He says that Ruth is the next step. Evans wants to roll in as back-up. Petty tries to discourage him but when Evans starts to get suspicious, Petty relents. Evans is coming into town. Russ and Boyd are out on the boat. They have a heart to heart and Boyd basically tells Russ that it’s okay if he’s gay.

Mason and Grace argue about what to do. He thinks that God will protect their baby but she doesn’t want to leave it to chance. She wants to run but he doesn’t. They argue and then he leaves to pray. Jonah disrupts class by not signing his drup policy pledge. He doesn’t believe in the economics of it. The principal makes a comment about both kids being off to a rocky start. Turns out Charlotte never went to class.

She was last seen with Wyatt. The Byrdes head to the Langmore place to ask find out what’s what. Wyatt says she wanted to go to Chicago so he walked her to the station. She’ll need to transfer in St. Louis. Wendy and Ruth head there while Marty goes to meet with Sam’s mom.

Mason goes to see Jacob and Darlene. He asks about the farm and then says that he wants a church so he won’t help with the drugs anymore. Jacob tells him that Marty in laundering money. Wendy and Ruth get to St. Louis and track down Charlotte. Then they head to the prison so Ruth can see her father.

Marty meets with Sam’s mother and sells her on his plan. Ruth sees her father. He’s awful and tels her not to visit anymore until Marty is dead. The transfer works. Marty has the money. Ruth comes out of the prison. Sam and his mother fight. Then she gets hit by a truck. Not good for Marty.

Russ shows up to talk bait and tackle with Petty. He’s ready to go into business. Mason pours gas on the church and then lights it on fire. More bad news for Marty. Jacob and Darlene are glad the preacher made the right choice. They know Petty is following Marty. Darlene wants to kill Marty before someone else has the chance.

Wendy and Charlotte get home. Charlotte wants to go for a swim. Wendy tells Marty that she wants to send the kids back to Chicago. He is not having it. They fight about betrayal and death and the video on his laptop. Charlotte is in the lake. She’s having trouble swimming. They keep fighting. She goes under. For a bit. She resurfaces.

So who is Jonah going to kill? I feel really bad for Russ and honestly Boyd was a top notch brother during their chat on the lake. I’m shocked about that to be honest. Pleasantly so but shocked nonetheless. I feel bad for Ruth too.

Ozark, episode six

Marty is riding a bike. He goes by the construction site of the new church and continues on his way. A truck gets close to him. He tries to wave it by but the driver won’t pass. He rides along side and then swerves in front of Marty, who hits the truck and goes down. It’s Ash. He and two other guys toss Marty in the truck and drive off.

Wendy and Charlotte are driving along talking about swim team. Charlotte sees Marty’s bike. They stop and look for him. They find his phone but there’s no sign of the man himself. Marty as it turns out is getting roughed up by Jacob. The older man wants construction to stop on the church. Marty tries to negotiate but it doesn’t work.

Charlotte and Wendy get home but there’s no sign of Marty. They are about to get serious when he walks in and makes a story about an accident. Ruth gets cleaned up and visits her father. She talks about the money that they got from Marty. He tells her to take control and get rid of Marty. She is not happy with this plan but doesn’t say anything.

Marty goes to tell Mason that the church construction being put on hold. Petty and Russ are going to go into bait and tackle business together. Petty wants to get Marty to fund it. Charlotte visits Wyatt at work. Wendy goes to work and demands a bonus. She’s in charge of the family money while Marty handles Del’s. She gets the bonus.

Ruth and Marty talk about business at the club. He tells her he is going to need a ride and she says she can do it. Marty is working the books at the Blue Cat when Rachel comes in. They talk about booming business. She’s happy for the first time in a long time.

Buddy is sitting outside. Wendy joins him and they talk about his past and then hers. Ruth is up to something. She’s fiddling with electrical wiring to make the ladder emit a deadly voltage. She tests it with a mouse.

Petty and Russ approach Ruth for an intro to Marty. She tells them no because she has an opportunity. Charlotte is at work at the Blue Cat. She ducks out to go to party cove with the college guy that was hanging around.

Ruth rigs up the electric and then tells Marty she will be right there.

Charlotte is on a boat at party cove. She has a beer and then has sex with the college guy. It’s not pleasant.

Marty and Ruth are out on the lake. She’s taking him home. They get there and he steps on the ladder. No voltage. He compliments her in the work at the club and heads in.

Petty watches with some binoculars. He hears something behind him. It’s Jonah with a gun. He puts his hands up. Marty goes inside and talks to Wendy. There are a few more projects to finish but they are going to make it. They are both happy and have sex but he’s rough and she cries.

After Marty walks away unscathed, Ruth is pissed. She confronts Russ but he says it wasn’t him. They argue before he slaps her and spits on her. The morning after at the Byrde house leads to an awkward conversation about the sex they had. Marty heads to work and Wendy goes through his computer.

She finds the porn he’s always watching. Turns out it is Wendy and her lover. Charlotte discovers the college boy docked his boat and left for the season. Wyatt tells her that they always leave. She cries.

Wendy is still home when someone knocks. Ruth returns the van and Wendy sees that she’s banged up. She brings her inside and takes care of her and tells her not to take it. Charlotte comes home upset and tells Wendy she hates it there.

Marty gets to the Blue Cat and finds Rachel at his desk. She knows he was cooking the books and now wants him gone. He tries to plead with her but it’s no use.

Ash presents Jacob with something that he “needs to see.” Marty is driving home calling Wendy. He goes near the site of the church construction and slams on the brakes. Someone put up a cross.

Rachel is going to let him back in right? I mean really. I don’t know why I’m rooting for him. He’s not a good guy. But I am. Also, I totally didn’t realize it was Wendy in the video.

Ozark, episode five

A young man is armed. He goes into a convinence store and starts firing. He shoots a teen and waves the gun around some more. A guy out on the street hears and goes inside to talk him down. The man ends up shooting the guy in the chest. The guy survives. His name is Mason (Michael Mosley) and he’s floating in the lake.

Wendy goes kayaking. She comes back and finds Bobby Dean’s body floating near the dock. She and Marty debate what to do until someone else notices. They are forced to call the cops then. Marty leaves the house and has his first run in with Jacob. It’s about business dealings.

Charlotte is at working at the Blue Cat. A college boy comes in and flirts with her. He wants to take her to party cove but she says no. Marty talks to Ruth at the strip club. Everyone thinks he killed Bobby Dean. Also, he needs her to handle things at the club while he’s at the Blue Cat.

Buddy walks into the basement to find Jonah there. They talk about the lake and guns. Then they go outside and shoot watermelons. Charlotte is now working at the dock and talking to Wyatt. She apologizes for her mother throwing the dead animal at him. Inside, Marty and Rachel talk about Bobby Dean and Jacob’s family.

Jacob, Darlene and Ash (Michael Tourek) walk through the woods talking about Marty. They realize that he is more afraid of his employer than he is of them. They send Ash on a mission and then discuss the weather as they overlook a field of poppies. Wendy gets home to find her lover’s son Josh (Ben Rappaport) waiting to talk to her. He doesn’t believe his father killed himself.

Marty goes back to the Blue Cat and talks to Rachel after her “fuck of the week.” Over at the strip club, Ruth has brought in some more dancers. They are better looking and the old dancers get pissed. One runs her mouth at Ruth and Ruth clocks her. Marty goes home and argues with Wendy about Josh.

Russ catches up with Petty to offer to take him fishing. Marty and Wendy swing by the Sheriff’s office to provide the bill of sale on the strip club. He tells them that they are chalking Bobby Dean’s death up to an overdose. After a great day fishing, spirits are high and Petty kisses Russ. It does not go over well.

Wendy and Marty are brainstorming. They have to clean $4 million but they can’t go to any of the other businesses in town because that is Jacob’s turf. Then they come up with a plan. They will build a church for the lake pastor, Mason. They go to see him and his wife Grace (Bethany Anne Lind).

Charlotte swims in the lake while Jonah swipes a gun and heads into the woods alone. Russ goes to Petty’s room to confront him. They kiss until Petty stops them because Russ is drunk. Rachel and Marty see crowds at the Blue Cat. Charlotte goes out with Wyatt.

Marty goes to the strip club and finds out business is booming. He tells Ruth to stay on as manager. She’s pleased with this development. Charlotte and Wyatt hang out on top of the trailer and talk about books. Then he fights with Boyd. Ruth follows Marty to storage locker and sees him sifting through cash.

Jonah goes home. There’s a man in the house taking pictures. He hides. Jonah doesn’t see him. He stashes the gun in his room and goes outside when Marty rolls up. They head to the Blue Cat for the July 4 fireworks. The next day, Jacob explains that he wants to increase the drug output. Turns out they have been selling drugs in the hymnals for the lake church. Business is about to run into a problem with the church the Byrde’s are building for the congregation.

Wyatt is in trouble. I’m just going to keep thinking it’s him. He’s the one that most wants to get away and is vaguely sympathetic. I feel bad for Charlotte too. And Rachel. She totally likes Marty now doesn’t she? That’s a shame.


Ozark, episode four

Marty gives a tutorial on cleaning money. Del takes some cash out of an ATM. Marty meets with the stripper Raven (Quinn Cooke) to get some inside information on how the club works. Wendy and Marty talk about the sale of their old house. She wants to put some money in her name or invest it in real estate, for the kids. He tells her he doesn’t have time to invest in her new career.

Jonah talks to Buddy about dying. Wendy goes to work. Marty has chat with someone on the phone in Spanish. Rachel overhears and calls him on it. He plays it off and then they talk about baseball. Rachel gets back inside to see Rtuh looking out of the kitchen at who is eating. Seems that she’s texting someone about who is in the restaurant so that their houses can be robbed.

Del calls Marty. He wants his money clean. Marty needs to hurry things along so he asks Ruth to rob the safe at the strip club. Petty saw them walk off together and goes home to investigate the Langmores. Ruth goes to the strip club and talks to the owner Bobby Dean (Adam Boyer) about a job. He interviews her and she ends up hitting him in a rather sensitive area.

Left to his own devices, Jonah walks around in the woods. He finds a dead coyote and drags it back. Marty gets home and gets a call from Ruth. She went on the interview to case the strip club and now she needs money to handle the robbery. He looks out the window and sees Jonah disembowling the coyote.

Wendy gets home and wants to talk real estate but Marty cuts her off to tell her about Jonah. Petty goes to a bar and makes up a story to talk to Russ Langmore. Marty and Wendy confront Jonah about killing animals. He says that he’s not. He’s just dragging them to the yard so he can study the vultures.

Marty heads out to meet Ruth. He hands off the money and watches as she turns around and pays a group of young guys to go into the club. Turns out Ruth is an expert at creating a diversion. She has a report of shots fired called in and the cops swarm the place. She can’t get the safe open though. Marty has another idea. They rip the safe out of the wall and drive off with it.

He sorts through the papers and finds the deed to the club. Petty goes fly fishing with Russ and talks about his life. They start to bond. Charlotte confronts her parents during breakfast because she heard them talking about Jonah the day before. They try to explain but the kids don’t want to listen.

Next stop is the local jail to chat with Bobby Dean. He’s going to post his bail in exchange for the club. They have quite the back and forth about money laundering before Marty wins. He heads to the club and has a chat with the strippers.

Petty takes Russ home and tries to set up another fishing day. Russ is hesitant. Marty then tells Rachel that he invested in another business and will be out of her hair for a while but he will be back for the game. Turns out she doesn’t stick around for Sunday Night Baseball though. She heads into town and finds someone to sleep with.

Wendy tells Marty she bought a how to launder money through and wants to know what he did. He tells her he bought a strip club. Bobby Dean goes to see someone by the name of Jacob (Peter Mullan). They were in the money laundering venture together.

They talk about Marty. Jacob’s wife Darlene (Lisa Emery) comes out to pur them more lemonade and sneak attacks Bobby Dean with a needle. Marty explains how to launder money to Jonah and walks him through what to do with the actual cash.

I like this show. I like it more than I thought I would. I’m sure that they will get busted somehow but I still don’t know the particulars. The dead lover’s family will probably end up helping the FBI. It’s all going to come crashing down at some point.