Pitch, episode ten

Ginny is on the mound. She’s pitching a “very nice game.” One of those kinds you can’t comment on but she’s six outs away from finishing it without giving up any hits.

36 hours earlier

Evelyn knocks on Ginny’s door for all the deets on her date with Noah. She tells her that it ended early and then things got weird with Mike. Amelia comes in and the conversation stops.

Oscar and Ross are talking about Ginny’s innings count. Because she pitches so many screwballs, it throws off the count. She’s actually way over the limit.

On the way to the park, Amelia gives Ginny a run down of her schedule and it includes an interview with Mike’s ex-wife. Evelyn also tells Amelia about Will messing with the money. Amelia says she will talk to him.

Mike walks into the clubhouse and chats with Blip, who is under the impression Mike called off the trade. Mike and Ginny have an awkward encounter before Mike ends up in Al’s office. They talk about Ginny’s pitch count. Mike wants her to keep going but Blip interrupts and says they should shut her down. Mike then tells Ginny.

She goes to confront Charlie and Oscar and they argue about inning counts. Compromise is reached. One more start. She complains to Amelia and Will but they both have their own agendas and she ends up storming out. That’s when Amelia tells Will she knows about the restaurant money. He blows her off.

Ginny has her interview with Rachel. It goes well. Afterward when they are walking they bump into Mike. He and Ginny are still being weird but he talks to Rachel fine. Ginny leaves and texts Noah. Rachel tells Mike she broke up with her fiance.

Al and Mike drink in his office and talk about the team coming back to Mike. They will. Even Blip.

Eliot tracks Noah down. He’s singing in a coffee shop. When his set ends he approaches and offers to buy her a drink. She tells him she will buy the drinks. They walk and talk before ending up sitting on a bench talking about doing what scares them. He goes home with her.

Mike makes up his mind and heads to the hotel. He knocks on a door. Whose is it? Rachel. She lets him in and they kiss.

Noah wakes Ginny up. He wants to move to fast. He asks her to go on vacation with him during her break. She tells him she’s never been anywhere but she’ll consider it if he goes to get her coffee. He runs to get it.

Mike is getting ready leave Rachel’s room and head to the park. They chat and he thinks they are getting back together. She doesn’t seem to be on the same page. He leaves and rides the elevator down with Noah.

Blip and Evelyn talk about the missing money. She still wants to do it without Will. He wants to have more kids. She’s done having kids. They argue.

Will tells Ginny that Amelia got in his face about the restaurant. She sees through his lies. They fight because he stole from her and doesn’t seem to see it that way. She tells him to go home and that she’s out. He leaves.

In the clubhouse the next day Ginny is confronted with paparazzi pictures of her with Noah. The guys tease her a bit. Mike sees and she goes to apologize but he pretends there is no need. Mike tries to make plans with Blip. That’s no go. Amelia goes to talk to Ginny and they end up fighting about Will and Ginny and what Amelia’s job is. Ginny basically fires her.

Gametime. Ginny is on a roll. Everyone else is a mess though. Blip and Mike practically come to blows in the dugout. Oscar calls down to tell Al to pull her. Ginny tells him its not happening. She walks a batter and Mike comes out to deliver one of his movie style speeches. She shuts him down. She doesn’t need a man. She’s pitching a no hitter and she’s doing it herself. Things straighten out and she gets a few more outs but when she tries to field a bunt she messes up her arm. She’s done.

Amelia sees it on the tv at the airport. She boards the plan. Blip is sleeping on the couch. Mike is home alone and Ginny is at the hospital undergoing tests.

I really wanted them to let her finish the no hitter. I was rooting for it so hard. I loved the speech she gave Mike on the mound. She doesn’t need anyone. She’s got herself. Boom. Mic drop.


Pitch, episode nine

Mike walks into the clubhouse. The news is talking about him waiving his no trade clause. His phone rings. It’s the Cubbies GM. He wants Mike at Wrigley in two days. Ginny walks into where Mike is taking his call. She teases him about the coverage and says that she doesn’t expect him to go anywhere.

Ginny is getting recorded pitching for a video game. The tech Noah (Tyler Hilton) spends some time chatting her up, even asking her out to dinner, but she says no. Turns out he’s not just a tech. He’s the billionaire CEO.

Ginny and Will are having dinner with Blip and Evelyn. They discuss Noah and Will’s restaurant idea. Evelyn wants to invest and pleads with Blip until he agrees. He is still visibly hesitant.

At the stadium, Mike walks in to applause. Amelia is waiting for him. She tells him that if its true and he’s leaving he should tell Ginny. He keeps his mouth shut. She believes it’s true.

Oscar and Charlie are talking about what they can do with the Mike deal. Oscar keeps pointing out that fans will be upset but Oscar doesn’t care. Mike comes in. He’s got a final request. Keep things quiet on the Padres end until it is finalized.

Ginny and Amelia talks as she walks in. Amelia warns her against getting caught up in Will’s schemes. Ginny tells her that she will always have her brother’s back.

Oscar talks to Livan and then Natalie all about the Mike trade. Natalie also tells him about a job opportunity in San Diego. He asks her to stay.

Mike is getting ready for the game when Ginny walks in. She talks to him about staying but he doesn’t want to hear it. He’s running out of time and he wants a ring.

Oscar goes to talk to Al about trading Mike. Al thinks it is a bad idea. He also gives Oscar a chance to admit he’s dating Natalie. Then he gives him the talk.

Amelia confronts Evelyn about Will. She says she has it under control.

Blip and Ginny are chatting while Mike takes BP. Blip tells her that there isn’t an i in team. There are 25 so you can’t blame him. They start razzing Mike and he fixes his swing to his some home runs.

Charlie and Oscar are on the phone with the Cubs GM. They are discussing salary. He also wants Mike out of the lineup so he doesn’t get hurt. The edict comes down and Al scratches Mike. He is very upset.

The game starts and Mike is restless. Amelia tries to mend fences with Will and Evelyn. Livan ignores a sign and brings the Padres within one in the bottom of the ninth. Al isn’t putting him in but Ginny orchestrates it so the fans demand it and Mike gets his way. He pinch hits and strikes out on three pitches. Fans don’t care though. They still cheer for him and demand a curtain call.

After the game Mike is upset. Ginny tries to talk to him but he’s not in the mood and she tries to make plans for later but it’s no use. She leaves. Blip tells Mike to be a better person but he’s wasting his breath. Livan shakes Mikes hand and then they argue about him ignoring the sign.

Al and Natalie are talking in his office when Oscar comes in. He says he will leave
Ginny goes out with Noah. They talk about investments and he tells her to avoid them, especially family and friends.

Evelyn notices some discrepancies in the books and goes to talk to Will about them. He says that it is for promo materials and kitchen equipment. She lets it go.

The date is going really well until Ginny gets a text. Mike wants to meet up in a bar. She ditches Noah to go see Mike. She gets there and finds out that it’s just the two of them, not the team. They talk about missing each other.

Evelyn calls Amelia for advice. Oscar pitches a bad deal to Charlie. He doesn’t want to trade Mike.

Outside the bar, they are waiting for their cars. Ginny’s gets there first. As she goes to get in the car he calls her back. They come very close to kissing but don’t. He has an early flight. Mike’s phone rings. It’s Oscar. The trade fell through. He’s staying with the Padres.

I liked this episode a lot. I felt bad for Mike because that’s gotta be tough. I also felt bad for Ginny because she seems so naive. I don’t like Will at all. I do like Noah though. He has like two lines so he really isn’t an actual character. I get that. But I’ve had a soft spot for Tyler Hilton for years so it’s nice to see him on anything really.

Pitch, episode eight

Mike meets with his agent. He’s cleared waivers and several teams are interested in him, including playoff contenders. Oscar wants to know what Mike is interested in doing. He’s a Padre he says.

The rain starts so the game is put on hold. That means Ginny might be out and Mike definitely is. Neither is happy.

Oscar consults with Charlie, who wants to strategy the rain delay. Charlie wants to talk to the head groundskeeper and sends Oscar to try and get Mike to agree to a trade.

Ginny and Livan walk the clubhouse and talk. Turns out he left a girlfriend behind in Havana because he saw a chance at his dreams. They are interrupted what someone comes to find Ginny. Someone is asking for her, claims to by her brother.

Flashback to the day of her first start. She and her brother talk on the phone about how huge this is. When she hangs up, Will turns and he’s got a big bruise on his face.

They meet up in the tunnels and talk about how good it is to see each other before Ginny says she has to head back. She gets Will set up in the family suite but before she walks away he tells her that he got a new phone so he’ll call from a new number.

Oscar and Charlie meet with the grounds crew. Charlie is… himself and Oscar plays peacemaker.

Amelia spends the delay working and Evelyn starts to chat with her but stops when she sees Will walk in. She’s happy to see him. Amelia is not.

The day of Ginny’s second start Will was there to see her, but he was still all beat up. Amelia says that Ginny can’t see him like that and gives him a loan so that he’ll go away.

Blip and Mike are bored watching the Cubs game. They talk about waivers and then Blip decides to motivate the rest of the team. He pulls something out of Mike’s locker and Mike takes that as his cue to go talk to Oscar.

They talk about Mike being happy and playing for a contender. Mike wants to know whose idea the waivers were and Oscar tells him that they are under new management so he had to ask. Mike says that he will tell Oscar how happy he is by the end of the day.

Back in the clubhouse Mike pulls out the box that Blip had. It’s a gavel. He’s holding court in the clubhouse. Everyone is guilty until proven innocent. They will discuss on the field errors and clubhouse infractions and pay the fines they are given. Ginny gets two $20 fines quickly for speaking out of turn. It’s a 30 year tradition and Mike’s not about to let it die.

In the family room, Will and Evelyn are catching up but Amelia is making her presence known as well, taking passive aggressive swipes at Will whenever she can.

Ginny gets accused of missing a sign but instead of accepting the fine she argues her case. She’s going against Mike though and he won’t let her win. He even closes the argument with because I said so basically before storming out of the room. Ginny gives chase and they argue again about how everything is all about her.

Blip talks to Ginny and she vents about Mike but Blip has more experience and sees Mike’s side of things. He tries to explain it to her but doesn’t get anywhere.

Oscar and his new girlfriend meet up in a quiet hallway and talk about Mike.

Amelia has had Elliott look into Will. He’s bankrupt and creditors are after him. She approaches him and gets nasty again but he defends himself. He wants Ginny to be his private investor.

Charlie is trying to get the tarp of the field because the rain has been reduced to a light drizzle. He makes Oscar take him to the umpire room.

Will sends Ginny an SOS text and she rushes to see what the problem. He wants her to agree to the bar idea in a room full of witnesses. She does but pulls him out of the room and tells him not to put her on the spot like that.

One of the other players apologizes to Mike about the call he agreed with Ginny on during court. He got distracted by her. He has feelings for her. Mike and Blip take him aside and explain why he doesn’t have feelings but in the process it sounds an awful lot like Mike does.

Will explains what happened with him and Amelia and Ginny is pissed. She goes to find Amelia to talk about it and they

Oscar brings Charlie to the cages instead. They talk about why he’s involved in baseball and how no matter how much he tries he can’t change some things.

Court comes back in session and Mike admits he was wrong and that he’s getting old. Al interrupts to say get ready.

Oscar talks to his new girlfriend again and we find out why she’s in the family room. She’s Al’s daughter.

Mike gives Ginny a few pointers and she talks about how important he is. The team heads out to take the field and Mike tells Oscar his choice. He’s going to Chicago.

I don’t want Mike to go and I can’t fathom him actually going through with it. He’s just madly in love with Ginny and running away. I don’t really like Will and hopefully he isn’t around a ton more.

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Pitch, episode seven

Mike is the first one at the ballpark. He’s off but still there.

Amelia and Ginny are discussing her bobblehead. Ginny is more concerned about the photo leak but Amelia says that there’s nothing they can do. She’s got tabloids blocked by underground websites will still run them. She has to go alert the front office, which will not be good for Ginny either.

The back-up catcher gets hurt and Mike has to play most of the game on his day off. More importantly, he’s about to be “Wally Pip-ed” by the hot shot Cuban catcher being called up from the minors. Al assures him that’s not the case but suggests he try working out at first base. He tells Al he isn’t good at change.

Flashback to Mike as a kid. He is moving, again. He’s not happy but his mom calls it an adventure. In the new town, she brings him to the ball field to meet his new coach. Mike tells him he wants to play first and the coach says he’ll do him one better.

Ginny finds out she is getting skipped on her next start. She’s not being punished. That’s just the way the scheduling works. She’s upset and tells Mike. He tells her it isn’t all about her and they mock each other.

Amelia approaches Oscar and he defends the bobble head but she counters with the news of the leaked photos. He tells her to handle it and actually keep him in the loop for once.

Mike is in the ice bath when Oscar comes in with the new back-up catcher Livan Duarte. They have a stare down and then Mike has a few choice words for Oscar.

Ginny is still complaining about her skipped start when she talks to Amelia before the road trip. Amelia tells her to keep her head in the game. It’ll work out. As Ginny walks away, Mike approaches. They have stilted conversation before she walks away.

In the hotel in San Francisco, Blip tries to calm Ginny down and she mentions the photos. He freaks out and they end up arguing about double standards, which gives Ginny an idea. She finds Amelia to explain it.

During the game Livan hits a home run and showboats a bit. The Padres are down so no one on either team is amused. Ginny is in the clubhouse running and Al comes in. He tells her she needs a night off to not think about baseball so he’s taking her out in his hometown.

After the game Livan blows off reporters, so they turn to Mike. He answers there questions about the game but when the conversation turns to Livan he toes the party line before making a hasty exit.

Mike heads to the office to complain to Oscar about the way Livan handles himself. He wants Oscar to step in and talk to him. Oscar tells Mike about Livan having a rough childhood but Mike points out that lots of people have rough childhoods.

Flashback to Mike as a kid. He’s practicing at catcher when the coach’s family turns up. He’s late to meet them for a dinner reservation. The coach looks at Mike who tells him that it’s okay. He’ll walk to the bus. And the coach leaves with his family.

Al takes Ginny out and then they go to a spot overlooking the city and talk about how baseball can’t be her whole life.

Mike and Blip are in the hotel bar. Mike is talking about all the reasons he hates Livan and Blip points out that he’s better with the ladies than Mike is, which adds another strike against him. Mike spots Amelia walking across the room and approaches her. He wants to make sure they are okay. For the sake of Ginny… and the team. Amelia gets an idea and asks Mike if he’d be willing to help Ginny and the team, but if he agrees he has to go all in.

In the clubhouse the next day the guys are talking because Livan is late. When he strolls in, Mike has a few words for him but when Al asks if there’s a problem Mike says no. When someone points out that Livan was late, Mike replies that they’ve all been late.

Young Mike turns up an hour late and his coach yells at him. Mike tells him that he has to quit the team because his mother is having trouble finding work and now the car broke down and he has to take the bus to get there. Mike gets into his mother’s car and hands over a wad of cash that the coach must’ve given him to help out.

In the clubhouse reporters are trying to talk to Livan but he isn’t speaking to them. He pretends not to understand English but Mike jumps in and says that he knows Spanish and that Livan told him what he wanted to say. He talks about Livan learning humility and trying his best to learn from the veterans so that he can help the team. Short;y afterward, Livan confronts Mike telling him to mind his own business.

Amelia has a new plan and takes it to Oscar. He is not impressed. He doesn’t think it is good for anybody and that she should have come to him sooner with this whole problem.

The Padres roar through their bullpen and when an error by Mike leads to a tie game and extra innings, Ginny is forced to warm up. The Padres get a lead thanks to Blip but in the bottom of the inning the Giants load the bases. Ginny is called in from the bullpen. On the mound Al tells her to make him look smart and then she turns to Mike for a pitch plan, ignoring Livan.

Flashback to young Mike listening to his coach and his mother fight. His mother tells him to pack up and tells the coach to get out. Before he leaves, coach tells Mike to be the adult if he has to.

Mike tells Ginny to listen to Livan. He calls for the cutter even though she’s never thrown it in a game. The strategy works and the Padres win. Afterward the team goofs around.

Young Mike and his mother drive away. She is upset and almost crying as they drive past his coach and further away. Mike won’t stop looking back and his mother finally tells him to stop because they don’t need his father. She then apologizes for telling him like that.

Blip and Mike talk on the way out of the clubhouse. A reporter stops Mike to ask him about a rumor that he might be put on waivers. He tells him to talk to the front office.

Ginny is in a robe getting ready for a photo shoot. Amelia is giving her a pep talk when Mike and Blip come in, followed shortly thereafter by the rest of the team. It’s for the ESPN magazine body issue and the media is impressed.

As the team gets off the bus after the road trip everyone is meeting their families. Blip invites Ginny over for dinner, and Mike too. She accepts but he declines. She tells him to text her if he changes his mind.

Oscar catches up with Livan before he leaves. He tells him that he might be a good ballplayer but he’s got a lot to learn and that’s why he’s headed back to the bench. Livan argues but Oscar doesn’t back down.

Mike goes to see his father. He parks up the block and watches him but before he can approach a kid comes out of the house calling to grandpa. Mike drives away. He sits at home and considers calling Ginny but doesn’t.

I thought that the trade rumor was Amelia’s set up. I am not okay with him being traded but I guess that won’t happen anyway cause he’s too important to the show. I like Mike acting as Ginny’s mentor but every once in a while it seems like they are setting it up as a romance situation which I’m not a fan of. I guess we’ll see.

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Pitch, episode six

Ginny is in an office at the stadium trying to kill time so she doesn’t have to share her “deepest, darkest secrets” with a therapist brought in by the team. Andrea Barton (Rita Wilson) asks her to just describe the last 48 hours. Cut to a montage of Ginny warming up, at a press conference, in the gym, as a kid, at a red carpet event. She answers Andrea with “pretty standard.”

48 hours earlier

Ginny is signing a contract with Nike. Amelia is there and congratulates her. The advertising lady presents her with a new glove and some new cleats before showing her the new commercial she is featured in. Comparisons to Jackie Robinson, Valentina Tereshkova and Barack Obama are made but no pressure.

Amelia and Mike are in a hotel room. She’s still working and he’s reading something. He tells her that Ginny invited him to her event the following night. She says its just proof that Ginny is not okay with them.

Ginny is in her own room sweating and hyperventilating as she looks at the ad campaign she is featured in. She calls Amelia who comes rushing over. Ginny explains that she’s tired but can’t sleep. She asks if she can get out of this deal and Amelia says no but that it’s okay. She made the right choice.

Ginny is in the batting cage. Andrea is there asking about her last start and Ginny keeps trying to blow her off. Andrea admits that she’s familiar with high stress jobs having been an army psychiatrist with some experience in Iraq. Ginny admits that she doesn’t deserve all the attention. She shouldn’t be in the company of the other people in the ad. She asks if she’s had her breakthrough and Andrea says it probably won’t come until she sits down to talk. Ginny says its time for a run and Andrea says she will tag along so they can talk about her last start.

Ginny’s on the mound and Mike comes out to talk to her. She takes a few deep breaths and he asks if she’s having a panic attack. Ginny asks why that’s the conclusion he jumps to. Al comes out and tells her to eat some innings because they don’t have a bullpen.

At the postgame press conference, she says that she has no excuse. She just sucked. Al is summoned to Charlie’s office. Oscar is already there. He wants to try and stop the Nike event because of the start and her behavior the day of the trade deadline. Charlie says that this is too small of a data set to make a big deal of. He also wants to know why he wasn’t invited to the Nike party.

Evelyn is helping Ginny get ready when Amelia knocks on her door with her dress for the party. She’s very proud of the dress and Evelyn freaks out about it but Ginny just shrugs and goes back to her seat. Amelia tells Ginny to let loose a little bit and Ginny comes back at her telling her to not bring up what’s happening with Ginny to Mike. Amelia says that she would never do that and Mike was just there when she called. Ginny tells her that she won’t call her in that situation anymore then.

Ginny is running on a treadmill and Andrea is walking on the one next to her. She finally explains her start. Lack of sleep, no feel for the ball, just terrible. Andrea asks about a waitress.

At the Nike event, Ginny is walking the red carpet taking photos when she sees Amelia looking beyond her. Sure enough, Mike has arrived. They take a few pictures together and she gets a little nasty with him. Evelyn and Blip look on from inside the party. She makes her way to them and they congratulate her on “breaking barriers and making bank.” A waitress comes over and says excuse me. Ginny immediately bends down for photo op but the girl only wants her drink order.

Amelia and Mike talk. He tries to explain what happened on the mound but she doesn’t want to hear it. She’s used to being the bad guy so she basically breaks up with him.

Elliot tries to hit on one of the other assistants. Blip and Mike talk about Mike finally being over his ex-wife and then realizes that he and Amelia just broke up. Ginn poses for photos with her adoring public.

Ginny escapes to a service hallway to catch her breath. The waitress tracks her down with her drink and introduces herself as Cara (Lyndsy Fonseca). She asks Ginny if she wants to get out of there. She’s reluctant at first but Ginny does agree.

Andrea and Ginny are talking in the weight room. She mentions passing up a full ride to college because she was drafted by the Padres. It was shortly after her dad died and she didn’t want to risk not being drafted again. Andrea asks her about a pair of sneakers.

Cara and Ginny are driving nowhere in particular. They are trying to figure out what to do for the night and Ginny mentions she should probably head back to San Diego to stick to her routine. Cara is jealous of the fact that Ginny has that structure. Ginny says that she wants to do whatever Cara would normally do anyway.

Amelia is trying to find Ginny at the party. Meanwhile Ginny and Cara are hanging out at a party in suburban LA, drinking and playing video games. Elliot is still trying to talk to another assistant when Amelia messages him about Ginny being AWOL.

At the party Ginny is messing around in her fancy dress near a pool. She decides she needs shoes and borrows them from some guy. Several people are filming her on their phones. She dunks on the pool basketball hoop. The video naturally goes viral.

Elliot and Amelia are trying to track her down when they see the video. She tells him to track Ginny down using the video. Mike goes to his ex-wife’s house and the motion sensor lights go on as he stands out front looking in on her dinner party. Her new fiance, David (Jay Ali) comes out and invites Mike in. He joins them for a sufficiently awkward dessert.

Ginny and Andrea are talking about why she needed to put on sneakers. She says that its because Nike wanted her to use their glove. Her glove is the last one her dad bought her.

Amelia and Elliot turn up at the house that the party was at but it’s broken up. There’s no one around and Amelia asks if this is even the right place. Elliot finds the dress so they know it is. He also finally stands up for himself to Amelia and gets a raise and a title out of it.

Oscar and Al are with Charlie in his office trying to figure out what to do. Al wants her to let her do her whereas Oscar wants to send her to AAA. Cara, Ginny and a third girl are eating fast food in a car. The other girl suggests going to the beach and Ginny is game. Cara mentions Ginny’s schedule and she responds “that’s tomorrow’s problem.”

Mike is helping Rachel clean up after dinner. He tells her he’s still in love with her. She says that he’s still drunk and just likes the chase. He denies that. She tells him to sort himself out before he drags anyone else into his garbage.

Ginny wakes up in Cara’s car, at the stadium. She drove her back. She figured Ginny wouldn’t actually want to miss her routine. Amelia and Elliot meet her in the parking lot and discuss the plan to beat the PR disaster. Ginny also thanks Amelia for everything she does for her. Amelia says she’s just doing her job.

A meeting is held in Charlie’s office where Ginny apologizes for the way she behaved. She knows she is a representative of the organization and she let everyone down. They are more concerned with the video. No not the dunk video. The one Cara recorded afterward during which Ginny says she doesn’t want to go back to her life as a media monkey, before crying. Cara didn’t post it though. She gave it to Amelia because she was concerned about Ginny. This is why they set up the meeting with Andrea.

Ginny tells Andrea that she liked being around normal girls her own age. She knows what she’s doing today and tomorrow and 10 years from now but she doesn’t like that. What if she wants to quit baseball? She can’t because this is bigger than her now. Andrea tells her she’s gotta do what’s best for herself.

Back in her room, Ginny is in a better place. There’s a knock on the door. It’s Amelia. While they may have averted the Nike issues, they aren’t done yet. Ginny’s ex, Trevor, had his phone hacked and pictures, including some of Ginny, are about to be released.

I liked this episode a lot. All that stress was bound to get to Ginny sooner or later so it was interesting to see how she dealt with it. I’m glad Cara turned out to be a decent human being too. I was hoping that at the end they would exchange numbers or something because Ginny could probably use a few friends that aren’t directly involved in her career.

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Pitch, episode five

48 hours till trade deadline and the players know that they could be shipped out at the drop of a hat. Lawson knows he’s safe and says Baker is too but Blip is nervous. He was on a list of people that were being targeted by the Cubs. The team is on a win streak so its possible everyone is safe but as Oscar the clubhouse Lawson thinks its unlikely.

The new boss Charlie Graham (Kevin Connolly) tells Oscar they can be buyers but they can’t trade the top prospects and they have to cut $2 million off the budget.

We flash back to Ginny growing up in a small town in North Carolina. She makes friends with a new teammate Jordan Collins (Parker Croft).

Amelia and Lawson are in his room. She’s getting dressed to head home for the night when he invites her to stay. She makes an excuse not to and he calls her on it but she doesn’t back down. When he walks her out, they find her car mirrors have been smashed which he calls “groupie on groupie crime.” She does not take kindly to the label.

Oscar makes a trade. Butch Hunter (Scott Peat) is on his way out. Al lets him know and Charlie congratulates Oscar, but points out the payroll as well.

Ginny is worried about Blip and calls Elliot, who speaks gibberish but calms her down.

Flashback Ginny and Jordan are watching tv when her dad comes in and says it’s time to wrap it up for the night. Jordan says his father is probably on his way to pick him up but Mr. Baker drives him home anyway. When they get there, Jordan’s dad comes outside, seemingly drunk.

Oscar is trying to negotiate more trades but he has to go to the dentist for an abscess tooth. He wants to keep working from there.

Amelia finds that Mike set her up with a loaner car which annoys her. She doesn’t want to be treated like a groupie so she goes to his house and tells him as much. He doesn’t understand what he did wrong.

Oscar is working in the car and a young man named Ross (Josh Peck) is supposed to be helping him but Ross isn’t much help. He mostly just sits there.

Elliot and Amelia are coming out of the office. She tells him to return the loaner car to Mike’s dealership. She confesses the whole relationship to him and then tells him he can’t tell anyone.

27 hours and 39 minutes until trade deadline. Al brings the Padres new acquisition Omar Robles (Jason Canela) into the clubhouse and Tommy suggests he and Ginny do some drills to take their minds off the trade situation. He’s upset because his son is friends with Butch’s.

Jordan and Ginny are hanging out under the bleachers. They talk about her free ride to college and her remembering him.

21 hours and 4 minutes until the deadline

Mike and Blip are playing pool. A girl calls Mike’s phone but he blows it off. Blip figures out that means there’s another woman and pieces together that it’s Amelia. He tells Mike to tell Ginny.

Ginny is hanging out with Evelyn talking about what San Diego would be like without Blip when he comes home. There’s a chance he could be traded but Ginny keeps talking about it not happening. Blip gets frustrated and snaps at her before Evelyn tells her it might be best for her to leave.

2 hours and 7 minutes until the deadline

Ginny is keeping tabs on the trade deadlines. Amelia tells her to use the leverage she has and demand the Padres keep Blip.

Oscar is still looking for a third baseman and the clock is ticking. Ginny goes to his office to voice her opinion but he isn’t having it and he yells at her about money and free agency and how out of line she is. She leaves and he gets an idea and gets the Cubs on the line.

Mr. Baker is taking Jordan and Ginny to their game and they are goofing around in the car. During the game he calls Jordan’s dad Ray (Reston Williams) and tells him he should come to the game. Ray listens to the message while home alone drinking and decides to try and drive to the field. He gets in an accident and hits another car. The other driver dies. It’s Bill Baker.

31 minutes till deadline.

Oscar pitches his new set up man to the Cubs for a center fielder.

9 minutes till deadline.

Blip and Ginny wait for the deadline.

6 minutes till deadline.

Oscar orchestrates a massive trade that gets him what he needs and meets the budget.

Ginny and Blip are stoked that he is staying on the Padres. Charlie stops by and tells Oscar good job but now they are on to working the waiver wire. He wants the new Cuban catcher playing at the pro level so they have to get rid of Mike, and make it his idea.

Al comes in to announce the deal. Butch is back! Tommy is being shipped to the Cubs though.

Mike apologizes to Amelia and tells her he wants to tell Ginny who at the moment is hanging out with Blip’s kids.

Amelia catches up with Ginny at the ballpark and let’s her know about her relationship with Mike. Ginny plays it cool to her face but seems upset when she turns away. Mike calls her and she ignores the call.

As a fan the last few days before the trade deadline, especially when your team is a contender are a lot of fun because of the hope of landing the big name but as a player I’m sure it’s terribly nerve wracking. I’m glad they showed that. It makes sense that Blip would get frustrated with Ginny and I like that she threw around what leverage she could to keep him. I’m not sure I understand why she is mad about Amelia and Mike though. I mean they kept telling us she would be upset but they didn’t really say why.

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Pitch, episode four

The episode opens with a meeting of league personnel about the idea of adding Ginny to the roster of the all star game. The promo video has gone viral with the #putherinthegame blowing up everywhere. The board agrees to take it to the commissioner.

Lawson and Slater are just getting up and he is having trouble getting dressed because he is in so much pain. She suggests sitting out the game but he says no. After a few more minutes of conversation he can hardly stand and agrees to go to a meeting about being a post-game analyst instead.

Ginny begs Evelyn Sanders not to go out of town during the game because she doesn’t want to be stuck alone with her mother. The Sanders family is planning a trip to Disney World though. As Ginny and Evelyn go inside, they find Blip on the phone with Lawson. He says that Lawson is sitting out of the game so Blip expects a call from the front office to be the Padres rep. He and Evelyn are excited. While they laugh, Ginny gets the call instead.

Ginny offers to pull out of the game so that Blip will get selected. He tells her not to be ridiculous. She even goes to Luongo’s office to discuss it and he tells her to “take the pity date” and play in the game. She agrees.

Now that she’s on the roster, Ginny has a number of things that she’ll have to do as promo during the break. Which means less time with her mother Janet, who is not pleased with this development.

Lawson is getting stomped on with his divorce settlement and talks to his lawyer about it who suggests he starts to seriously look into life after baseball. He says he has been. He has a phase two, broadcasting, but his first run through on that does not go well.

Rhonda is trying to run interference with the GMs while Oscar is in Amsterdam making an effort to sign a Cuban defector. Easier said than done because the Yankees GM is there meeting the player too.

Ginny and Lawson watch Home Run Derby from the dugout which does nothing to calm her anxiety about pitching in the game. She mentions that she would prefer to go over the lineup with him as opposed to dinner with her mom and he offers to come to dinner. She takes him up on it and she mentions that her agent is coming as well, the one he’s been sleeping with but she doesn’t know that.

Meanwhile, Blip gets a call while in Orlando that he made the game. Dexter Fowler pulled out and he gets the spot. Evelyn isn’t jumping for joy though. She’s actually in tears that he’s letting baseball ruin their family vacation.

At the restaurant while waiting to be seated Ginny tells her mother that she invited a few people to join them. As it turns out, her mother did as well. Her boyfriend Kevin (Darius McCray) came out since Ginny won’t have any time to spend with her.

As it turns out, Janet and Kevin have been together for about a year. He had been married until around then. Oh and they were wondering if Ginny had an extra ticket to the game so Kevin could go. She doesn’t but Lawson is quick to offer one up.

We flash back to a young Ginny talking excitedly with her mother about the school dance. Her father comes in and says she has to pick, baseball or the dance. She picks baseball.

Back at dinner, Kevin tries to bring up Ginny’s father in a complimentary fashion and she tells him not to. She and her mother argue and Ginny leaves. Janet and Kevin do as well. Lawson and Slater talk for a few minutes about his lack of broadcast skills before leaving as well.

Lawson, Blip and Ginny get introduced in front of the hometown crowd and the game is underway. There is no sign of Janet or Kevin at the stadium. Lawson is already changing into his shirt and tie when Ginny gets brought in to pitch. Still no Janet or Kevin. Ginny lets up a home run

Flashback to young Ginny looking around the hall at school. She sees kids having a normal school experience and rushes home, to find her mother flirting with Kevin in the family kitchen. She turns and runs back out.

Oscar meets the Cuban defector and uses his own rags to riches story as a way to appeal. It apparently works because during Lawson’s broadcasting debut, the story breaks and he only has one thing to say. “That guy is not taking my job.”

Young Ginny doesn’t want to spend any time with her mother after that and throws herself into baseball.

After the game, Ginny goes to her mother’s hotel to confront her about missing the game. Janet tells her she didn’t feel welcome and asks what happened. Ginny tells her she doesn’t know. She was young and didn’t know how hard this was for her mother but offers to get breakfast before her mom leaves.

Blip flies back to Orlando and apologizes. After watching some coverage about the Cuban defector, Lawson calls Ginny.

I really don’t like Janet. I’m sure you are supposed to empathize or whatever but she really annoys me. She’s just selfish. And where was Ginny’s brother? Why wouldn’t he come to see his sister in the freaking all star game. I liked that Lawson and Ginny appear to be legitimate friends now though. I’m glad he seems to have her back.

Pitch is not on next week but airs Thursdays at 9 p.m.