Quantico, episode two

At a restaurant in a small town in New York, a man leaves a powder to get swept into a vent and poison the patrons. Owen went to Quantico to get a few students. Their team needs more bodies so they are getting people who haven’t gone dirty yet. Ryan is not happy but Shelby and Harry don’t mind. Shelby is more concerned as to why Alex won’t call back her realtor.

They pick up their first case. It’s the restaurant. The poison was TB and not people are dying fast. One person hasn’t been accounted for and she bought a bus ticket. She turns up dead but the bus ticket was for her granddaughter who they grab since she might be infected so they have to take her to the CDC. The guy who left the poison stays near the site to watch.

The team knows that this was a white supremacist attack so Owen wants Ryan to go undercover and sets that up. They think that the powder method came from a like-minded billionaire. Owen goes to talk to him but gets a runaround, and no handshake. The van with Harry, Alex, New Guy and the girl gets run off the road and shots are exchanged. They win but the girl pulls a runner.

Ryan has a face to face with the head of the group. He manages to talk him down and seems to be okay. Harry and Alex find the girl and tell her the truth. She cries. Ryan has a test to pass. He has to put a beatdown on a black guy and Owen sets it up so he’s the victim. Ryan gets a round of applause for his efforts. Owen and Shelby talk. She assures him that Ryan wouldn’t really try to hurt him. Owen is unconcerned.

He is more focused on connecting the billionaire because these guys didn’t do it themselves. Shelby, Jocelyn and New Girl go undercover to spy on the billionaire. They manage to snoop and find out about his secret lab. Alex has a talk with the girl. She and Harry talk about her time in Italy before she starts coughing. She’s got TB. Ryan gets initiated and gets a shot. Must be a vaccine. The leader sends a team to a cabin in the woods.

Shelby hears and knows that they are tracking New Guy’s cell. Alex and Harry take out the team but the girl gets shot. Ryan goes looking around and feeds it to Shelby. He gets caught. The other guy undercover manages to take him out. Their operation is over. The little girl starts crashing so they have to stop at a clinic and let New Guy They operate. Shelby, Jocelyn and New Girl manage to figure out the targets.

New Guy stops the bleeding while Alex takes some to make the cure in case the girl dies. They manage to figure out who has the missing poison and where it is. Owen his undercover buddy and Owen track it down. It’s been released already. Alex is in a hospital not waking up. Ryan keeps talking to her and as he leans in to kiss her she finally does. She tells him to back off.

The undercover guy Mike is a new member of their team. Alex is now on the mend and goes to see the little girl. They talk about her foster family and Alex moving out of the hotel. First steps are hard but can be worth it.

Ryan is kind of scummy. I’ve always thought that but I’m pretty sure this season will exacerbate it. Harry is the best one. I’m also not that invested in learning about the new kids. The guy Mike is set up to be an Alex love interest right? They had a moment already.


Quantico, episode one

Alex is picking grapes in Italy. She takes her treasures to a local market to trade before heading home as the sun sets. She waits on the porch before the lights to come before heading in. There’s a man in the kitchen cooking dinner and a little girl runs in to greet her. Alex got her a friendship bracelet at the market because they are best friends forever.

The man, Andre, wants to know why she works since they have enough money and she tells him that she likes the ritual of it. He points out that it’s different from her life back in New York as a lawyer. She agrees. The next day is the same thing. While picking grapes, she remembers Ryan. That night when she gets home the lights don’t come on. As they putter around the kitchen, Alex hears something.

She goes into agent mood, sending them upstairs and running outside to fight a bunch of men. She gets taken down but Andre comes to her rescue. Afterward, she sends them to his brother’s house. She has to find out who sent those men. She goes to Zurich for her safety deposit box and doesn’t get far before running into Ryan. He tells her the guys were sent by the same people that kidnapped Shelby.

They are holding her for ransom in exchange for information that Alex and Ryan have. It was in the safety deposit box last he saw it but Alex went and burned it after memorizing it. So now Ryan wants it. He’s the FBI and isn’t planning on involving anyone else. Alex is more interested in the ring he clearly just took off. He owns up to it. He’s married. To Shelby. Alex is pissed but willing to go with him.

Meanwhile, in Brooklyn, Shelby is being held by some woman who tells her all about this mysterious code that Ryan has. He got it when he found her mole at the NSA years ago. Now she wants it. It can hack anything. Shelby is lead into another room and sees that Will is working for the woman. He tells them that Alex is in New York. The woman is happy to hear that.

Ryan and Alex meet with Owen. He tells them about a nefarious woman by the name of the Widow holding an auction for black market arms. He heads back to Quantico to recruit Jocelyn for the cause. She’s in because it’s the Widow. Ryan does not want her on the team because she’s deaf. His tune changes when he finds out that she was under with the Widow for 19 months and that’s when she lost her hearing. Speaking of, Widow sends a video of Shelby being tortured.

When Will sees it he tries to back out but Widow points out that he knew what he signed up for. The team analyzes the video and narrows down where Shelby could be but they need a backup plan. Enter Harry. He works for the Pillay brothers who are recently out of the arms business but made a tidy profit on it. Ryan wants him to use them to buy the code if he can’t save Shelby in time. Harry is not interested.

Alex and Ryan talk about their history and how Shelby is everything Alex could never be for Ryan. Harry’s boss is an asshole woman abuser so he’s in to help. Will decides to visit Shelby and she rips him apart. Ryan and Alex get back to their hideout to find Owen on the phone. It’s Will. He’ll tell them where Shelby is in exchange for immunity. As in a letter signed by a judge. Owen agrees. He goes to the meet with the others as backup.

Will gets the drop though. He gets the letter, drugs Owen and manages to lure the others out. Alex ends up on the run because she’s the one the Widow wants. She gets caught and ends up tied up in the room with Shelby. Harry talks to his boss and convinces him to go behind his brother’s back to enter the auction. Owen is back on his feet and helping Jocelyn and Ryan try and figure out where the others are being held. He figures out it’s a clothing factory.

Shelby and Alex snark at each other about Ryan until the Widow comes in. She calls Ryan and is ready to shoot Shelby if no one tells her the code. Alex breaks first and writes down the code. Will tries it out and it’s a dud. Widow and her lackeys storm back into the room ready to kill Shelby but before they can the power is cut. Ryan and Owen storm in and save the day. Harry is in the auction when it goes dark. His boss thinks he is stealing from him so Harry kills him.

Afterward, Owen tells them all that the Widow and her team are jailbond. Alex gets a full pardon from the president and the team, including Harry, is being recruited for black ops. While the others accept, Alex declines. She wants to go home. She flies back to Italy and sees Andre and his daughter. She realizes that she would be putting them in danger and changes her mind. She makes it back to New York in time to toast the new team.

I can get on board with Shelby and Ryan if I wasn’t convinced he will end up cheating with Alex. It’s inevitable and that’s messed up. Harry has always been my favorite part of this show so I’m glad he’s sticking around. With the smaller cast it could be good. It’ll be easier to keep track of at least, even if it does have more of a procedural feel.

Quantico, episode twenty-two

The team is interviewing candidates for the new intelligence agency. It’s not going well. Media reports are questioning who is actually running the show. Iris comes in to interview. She spends the whole time questioning Alex and criticizing the new organization. Behind closed doors Owen and Miranda are trying to save Nimah.

Afterward they head to the pub and Clay turns up. They are chummy and Ryan and Alex are flirty, until the tail from Roarke heads out to follow Miranda. Then it’s down to business.

This is their last stand. They have to use everything they can to get the delegates to vote the way they want. Ryan and Alex are on good terms. Meanwhile Shelby and Clay are waiting until everything is done to see if this is just an end of the world romance.

Clay tracks down Felix to apologize. They talk and Felix tells him to take down Roarke. The team meets in the pub again but it’s too late. The collaborators have figured out what they’ve been up to. Clay has another way though. Use what Peter has collected about his friends against them.

Will is in a gay bar. He makes small talk with Peter until his “girlfriend” comes over. Iris. They proposition peter and he accepts. Meanwhile Alex, Clay and Felix are setting up Roarke by turning intel over to Russia.

Iris and Will get into Peter’s room and into his computer to set up the transfer in the nick of time for Alex’s negotiations.

It’s time for the convention. Their plan is a go but it’ll be tough. Miranda and Owen exchange last words while clay gets called in to see Roarke. They exchange barbs. Roarke wants to know what clay plans to do next because he’s too noticeable to make disappear. On his way out he leaves something techy on the doorframe.

Shelby is milling about when she sees Maxine. She’s assembling while she still has that right. They talk about Clay. Turns out he gave her the boot, not the other way around. Miranda calls for places. Ryan tells Alex he loves her and wishes that she didn’t have to go through with this.

Roarke comes in to do a final tally. Just one quick thing. He wants to change the wording in one part. As he puts it up for debate Alex comes on the big screen. She has audio and video of where the wording change came from. Russian agents. She talks about how this government is actually manipulating everyone and then she releases tons of classified information.

She enters the main room to finish her speech and gets shot. Ryan freaks out and runs to her. She’s whisked away in an ambulance and he goes with her, crying. The whole thing is a setup though. The paramedics are Will and Iris. Alex is going to have to disappear and Ryan has her back.

The nation is in a frenzy and Roarke is confined to a room. Clay goes to talk to him about the situation and what comes next. He leaves. Roarke shoots himself.

Clay is sitting on the stairs and Shelby approaches. They won today. He wants that date but she brings up Maxine. They would be a mistake. She’s not going to date him.

Owen gives Alex passports and advice to help her disappear. This is it and Ryan is f there. He must’ve had to lose a tail.

The team sans Ryan and Alex meets in the bunker. Clay brings Maxine. Nimah and Raina are there. Owen is deputy director of the CIA now and Miranda is in hiding. Clay got married. Shelby and /Nimah talk about missing Alex.

Alex is on a plane all alone. Ryan joins her. He wants to run with her. He has no life without her.

I thought it was obvious that Clay ditched Maxine. I don’t understand how Alex will hide. She’s probably on all the lists everywhere. I stand by that it would have been weird for Shelby and Clay to get together. Likewise with Owen and Alex. Glad it didn’t happen.

Quantico, episode twenty

Clay is talking to his mother about how terrible the situation is and how his team is messed up. She tells him to stop protecting her and start protecting the country.

Alex is freaking out because she hasn’t gotten a call yet. Owen tells her to stay under by any means necessary. She is worried he won’t be able to save her. He tells her that he’s always with her. She gets her call.

Raina is meeting with Felix, trying to convince him that his boss is bad. She tries to point out how privileged he is and how little the favor she wants is in the grand scheme of things. She wants to know about her sister.

Ryan and Shelby are watching movies and bonding. They talk about their feelings and Alex and Clay.

The team is summoned to the bunker. There will be impeachment proceedings. They don’t have a plan yet or Alex or Owen. But they have to figure out what’s what.

At her meeting with the collaborators, Alex finds out that they have 24 hours left of the Haas presidency and she has to convince everyone she is on board with the new era of America. She says that people can be her friends and be wrong about the way the country should run.

She is going to be the face of the operation and Owen tells her to do just that. Meanwhile at the bunker, they want to get rid of Roarke because even the guy next in line after him is better. They are looking for a personal secret.

Raina is distracted and Ryan is trying to track Alex. Shelby thinks this is the right approach but they are still coming up empty. She and Clay have an awkward Caleb conversation. They can’t find anything on Roarke so Shelby mentions Felix. Raina admits to contact with him and they all freak out. Felix reaches out to Clay and he heads out to meet him.

Alex meets with the head of the CIA and brings her new partner along for the ride. She offers him an ultimatum. He’s not very receptive.

Clay gets to the office to meet with Felix but he isn’t there. Roarke is there and offers immunity for the illegal task force if he speaks out against his mother. Clay isn’t game but its too late because there is a reporter that will see him leave and run a story about his help either way. On his way out, Felix is coming in. He tries to talk but Clay blows right by him. He calls Shelby. He wants to use Felix and he has a plan.

Owen and Alex have another meeting. She’s about to move out when Ryan calls again. She tells Owen that she let him go but he hasn’t let her go.

Shelby and Clay go over the plan to set up Felix for revealing secrets. He’ll get arrested and it’ll look like it was on Roarke’s behalf. Two birds, one stone.

Alex is heading into the FBI with her new partner. Ryan calls again and new partner tells her to handle it. They have a vague argument about priorities and winning and second guessing. She tries to warn him off. She hangs up and starts to head through security. She gets stopped because of a water bottle in her bag. She didn’t know she had one. She goes upstairs for the meeting and keeps getting distracted by the water bottles.

She fakes a phone call emergency from Miranda and leaves the meeting to call Owen. She tells him about the ater and that she’s paranoid. He tells her that paranoia is good and they go over what could be up. She is the Trojan horse carrying in a weapon in a water bottle and it seems like they are framing Claire Haas for murder in the process. Owen tells her to let it happen.

Ryan tracked her to the FBI headquarters and is running inside. Alex can’t leave well enough alone and ends up running into him. She recruits him to help.

Clay and Shelby run and op to plant incriminating evidence on his phone. It’s very Bond. She warns him to not mess with Raina and he does the same about her and Clay. She also sends him to a meet up with some Russians. As they part ways, Raina calls Felix and blows the whole thing.

There are a lot of water bottles in the FBI and Alex freaks and calls Owen. He tells her to let it happen, meet with her new partner and leave. Ryan has to get involved though and is going to pull the fire alarm. Alex knocks him out and leaves him in the recycling room.

Felix and Clay meet on the street. Felix is pissed. He resigned and knew Clay was up to no good. He wants nothing to do with Roarke or Clay anymore.

At The Farm, Alex, Owen and Ryan fight. Similarly Shelby and Raina exchange words about the greater good. Shelby, Alex and Owen are willing to fight dirty now but Ryan and Raina aren’t. Alex gets a call. Welcome to the team.

Shelby goes to the bunker and finds Clay. He thought he was on the moral high ground but now he seems that everything is a mess. He tells her he had feelings for her and that now it’s all over.

The whole team assembles and Clay tells them that he is stepping down. If Owen can think of a play, then by all means have at it.

News of the attack at the FBI breaks. Claire decides to call the families to offer prayers. Afterward she heads out and Alex is waiting for her. She says that this is all her fault and Claire tells her that that’s not the case. She tells Alex to stay focused.

Claire goes on tv to announce her resignation. Ryan leaves the farm. Alex cries with Owen.

I’m mostly surprised by Shelby willing to cross lines like that. The rest of them make sense but Shelby was a little shocking. I liked this episode. I like this show. It’s far better than most people give it credit for. I don’t really understand what Alex is going to do once Roarke is in power though.

Quantico, episode nineteen

Shelby, Clay and Caleb talk to Maxine about throwing an engagement party as a way to lure out the collaborators. They plan the party to set up the bad guys at every turn. Caleb takes a few jabs at Shelby along the way.

The team is in the bunker going over the collaborators and how they will catch them. Clay warns them to be careful though.

They head to the party and start to keep an eye out for their marks. Some hit some hiccups early. Clay needs to stall with the speaker but he fails so Caleb starts a rambling toast. It is bad but does the job.

Everyone is doing what they can to handle the collaborators but Raina gets made and Ryan goes rogue. He knows the mission is a failure. He just wants to keep the team safe.

Owen and Alex talk about the mission. Claire meets with the Speaker about a compromise that would put him in the Oval.

Alex talks to her mark. He jams the frequency and then tries to recruit her.

Ryan gives her the blueprints of the bunker to earn her trust. She confesses to murdering the reporter and Leon. He’s got her now and she has to tell him everything.

Caleb interrupts Claire’s meeting with the Speaker. He hands her a note. She tells the Speaker that she is taking him down and he is quick to save himself.

Felix and Clay argue about what side they are on and who will get hurt before all of this is over.

Clay rides home with Maxine. He wants to run off and get married. She says that he is only doing it out of fear. His secret job is pulling him away and he wants to block that.

The team meets in the bunker. Ryan is going to meet with his mark and two others about testifying. They win. Alex doesn’t trust any of it but the rest of the team thinks this is the right play. They set up a meeting for the next day so Ryan can tell them what he knows.

Shelby and Clay talk. He now sees why his father and brother fell for her. He wants her to promise not to be kind to him. He doesn’t want to fall any more than he already has. He wants to marry Maxine. He wants to go back to hating her.

Alex is drinking at Owen’s house. She wants to know why he didn’t back her up. He says its because he didn’t have another play to suggest. He does now though. It’s a risky one. He wants to turn someone on the team.

Ryan heads to his meeting. The mark isn’t there though. A reporter looking into the CIA operating on American soil is though. Ryan gets a text from his mark. It’s a checkmate gif.

Clay is up and working when Caleb comes in to get a drink. A scantily clad Shelby follows shortly. Felix called. Emergency meeting at the bunker. Caleb goes to get dressed and Shelby tells Clay that she’s sorry he found out like this. She thought she had feelings for him but released that it was Caleb all along. Clay leaves.

Caleb comes back and tells Shelby she did the right thing. He’s going to head back to school so that they don’t have to keep up this charade. They awkwardly hug and go their separate ways.

At the bunker, they’ve been hacked. Clay accuses Ryan. They argue and Shelby comes running in. She tells them to put on the news. There are reports about Ryan and Shelby and calls for impeachment.

Owen and Ryan are setting up for their mission. They both admit to being scared but he tells her that she can handle it. She’s taking the job offer from her mark. She’s undercover as a collaborator.

The Shelby stuff was so obvious and I still think she is going to end up with Clay. Ryan was such an idiot. Why did any of them think that was a good plan? And the way he reacted? That was awful. I’m interested to see how they will cover this up. At least Felix didn’t rat on Raina.

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Quantico, episode eighteen

Alex is training Owen. Clay is trying to figure out the bigger plan. Neither is going all that great. Owen is too much in his own head. She says that he has to act on instinct.

Shelby pulled some strings and got the log of Nimah’s first day in custody. She hasn’t slept yet. Raina says she won’t break but Shelby points out that they won’t stop until she does.
Ryan wakes up at the reporters place. She is watching the news. He gets a text to head to the bunker and they banter as they get dressed. He plants a bug and the moment he leaves she is up to something else.

At the bunker, they have five pings. There could be a riot in any one of those places but there is nothing they can do about it. They can only wait for the collaborates to tip the scales, according to Clay. Alex is not so sure. She thinks they can go big and take out a collaborator.

Everyone is on board. They are working to see what city is most likely. Owen is looking at Detroit while Shelby researches Fargo. Ryan also checks his bug. The reporter is FSB and she is going to meet a contact to talk about him.

Apparently Alex is in charge. She tells them to disconnect and look at it in a less logical way. What is the best storyline? Cleveland. It’s got guns and violence and a bizarre court case that involves a family with kids. The city is on edge and they will get the verdict at 6 p.m. Shelby, Alex and Raina, as Nimah, will head there.

Clay is going to the White House. He is going to get the team disbanded and jump ship while he has a chance. Shelby tells him not to run but its too late.

Ryan goes to the pub to see who the reporter is meeting. She knew about the bug. The meet was to set him up. She wants to move on and have him trust her.

At the White House, Clay goes to talk to his mother and Caleb is there. They squabble before Clay makes his pitch to end the team. Caleb tells him that fighting with fire makes no sense. Their mother agrees with Caleb. He wants to run the team and Claire is considering it. Clay tells them thats nuts and storms out, calling Felix for a sit down with the speaker.

The others arrive in Cleveland and get wind of who is running the show. It’s Miranda. She tells them that they have to play by the rules. They don’t respond and Alex and Shelby find out that Nimah is in jail and Raina is with them.

They set up shop at some computers to access the jury records for the court case. They send the names back to the bunker to see who is being paid off by the collaborators. They get some information and start talking to jurors. No luck at first but Alex gets a lead. The judge.

It’s time for Clay’s meeting with the speaker. The conversation starts with a bit of snark but the speaker quickly starts preaching about what’s wrong with American society. The country is no better off than it was 200 years ago. The Constitution is merely a blueprint and people should let the elected officials actually lead.

Ryan and Owen are on the phone talking about the collaborators. Ryan notices something is amiss. He hangs up and checks his phone. There’s a bug. Alex and Owen talk about getting to the judge but when she goes with Shelby and Raina to follow up, Miranda intervenes. She wants to put them in holding.

Someone is lurking in the shadows back at the bunker. Owen has no idea. Or does he? He takes down the masked man and finds that it is Sebastian.

The trio in Cleveland plead their case to Miranda and she relents. They push for the truth and the judge finally admits it. It’s too late though. The jury reached a verdict.

Owen and Ryan interrogate Sebastian. He tells them they don”t know what they are up against and mentions Doyle. He tells him that he let Doyle run because he was trying to figure out who his wife was working for before she died. He’s also figured out the collaborators. They agree to part with a truce.

The reporter calls one of the collaborators and fishes a bit. He is chatty at first but backs off when it gets too personal. He ends the call with a vaguely threatening remark.

The verdict is back. It’s guilty. Moreover the Speaker is in Cleveland to talk. Shelby calls Clay in a panic but he has a trick up his sleeve. The Speaker approaches and they turn to head to the courthouse steps. There is another person there to give a speech. The president herself. Clay is pretty tricky.

Her speech is a hit and back in the bunker the team is ecstatic because they have identified all the collaborators. Progress.

Shelby comes into the kitchen to find Clay cooking. They talk about the speech and his respect for America and his dream. Caleb walks in. He escorts Shelby out and threatens her to back off his brother along the way.

Alex and Owen talk at the bar about trusting each other. It’s borderline flirty.
Raina and Shelby hang out in the kitchen.

The Speaker and Feliz are talking in his office. He’s made about Clay and threatens Felix with deportation if he doesn’t find out what Clay is up to.

The reporter is on her way out when Ryan gets there. He confronts her about the bug on his phone and she tells him she has a lead and will be back shortly. They kiss and head to their cars. He gets in his. Hers blows up.

This weird flirty relationship between Owen and Alex bothers me. I want them to not do that. I also want Doyle back. Sebastian was really obvious but the President in Cleveland surprised me. Also, Clay and Caleb do actually look related. What happens to the judge though? He admitted to the bribe. Wouldn’t that be a big thing too?

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Quantico, episode seventeen

A woman attaches C-4 to some boiler room pipes and then walks out making sure that the security camera sees her in a hijab.

Clay is playing raquetball with an old friend named Felix (Jon Kortajarena). They start talking shop, Felix works for the Speaker of the House. Clay thinks he should jump ship and work with the Democrats.

Alex and Shelby talk about going back into the real world. There is nothing doing so they go back to their cover lives. Ryan is going skiing with the reporter. Alex heads to the pub and talks to Owen about his meeting with Lydia. He can’t ask what he really wants to know. He asks if she is ready to go back to her real life and mentions that this is all he has. She offers to stay but he says no.

She is at the pub to meet with Nimah and after Owen leaves she finds her. Just as they start to talk, Alex’s phone rings. It’s Nimah. Alex steps away and takes the call. Nimah is at Raina’s apartment and it looks anti-American. She’s worried and doesn’t know where her sister is. Alex does though. She walks back over and acknowledges it.

Ryan picks up the reporter. They banter about skiing and getting to know one another. Before he can get in the car though, his phone gets an alert. Everyone elses does as well.

Alex is still with Raina. She admits that she thinks she is being framed. Breaking news on the TV. Terror in Ohio. Police will identify a suspect soon but it was a woman wearing a hijab. Alex knows it’s time to move with Raina.

The team is in the bunker watching the news. Owen suggests it really is just a terror attack but Clay says no. He had some information on this but thought it was an abandoned plot. Sadly, that’s not the case. Now they need to figure out the why. Shelby mentions chaos but Clay has an answer for that too. Politics. Congress will vote that night on a “muslim registry” and this will certainly give it a push. They can’t let that happen.

This is big. Clay is asking CIA and FBI agents to abandon the democratic process and Ryan isn’t having it. Owen tries to talk him down. They have to play politics to block the bill. Alex brings up also protecting Raina and seeing what is going on from that angle. Clay tells her to take point on that.

They have to figure out who will vote how and who they can swing. Fear goes across party lines so it could be either party. Clay has files on all the

Alex and Raina are going over possible attackers. Raina IDs one of them and then admits that she was searching for the full story about the G-20. Leon was doing the same. Nimah comes in and wants to talk to Raina alone. They talk about why she trusts Alex but not her sister. Alex and Ryan have an awkward encounter about skiing before Alex’s phone rings. It’s Baltimore PD calling about Leon.

Clay is going over the possible swing votes. They have to focus on these people to get others to fall in line. He says that he has a contact in the Speaker’s office if they need it and Ryan says that he will bring his reporter friend into the fold. Alex and Owen are going to clear Raina’s name. As they prep, she tells him about the collaborators getting to Leon.

Before everyone heads out, Clay tells them that they have six hours to determine the fate of the 3.5 million Muslims living in America.

Nimah, Clay, Shelby and Ryan are on Capitol Hill. They have to secure the swings. First stop a chat with Felix.

Owen and Alex follow up a lead. Someone that knows all the names of the collaborates and he is going to talk for them whether he wants to or not.

They meet with Felix and appeal to his humanity. He puts them on the right track.

At a farmhouse, Owen and Alex get the guy and taze him. They kidnap him.

Ryan talks to the reporter. She crosses a name off the list and they talk about her just being an asset. He says that’s not the case.

Clay can’t fathom anyone actually supporting a Muslim registry. Shelby says that most people she knows would. She knows they are entitled to their opinions. Nimah sums it up best. “Two blonde people arguing about my freedom instead of letting me have it.”

They spread out to talk to congressmen. They aren’t having any luck. Nimah finds out that the reporter is red flagged as a Russian spy. Security comes to escort them out. There was a complaint. Felix set them up.

Alex and Owen are questioning the man that set up Raina. He brings up Central Park. Then whomever he is working for starts firing on the farmhouse. The man gets shot and Owen freezes. Alex comes up with a plan.

At the Capitol, Ryan confronts the reporter. She says that it’s not what he thinks. Shelby and Nimah are in Felix’s office. He is still talking like it’s just politics. Nimah is fed up. The reporter tells Ryan she talked to some people to keep her family safe back in Russia.

Felix’s sister died in the 2004 attack on Madrid. His hate comes from there. He argues that he has seen terror firsthand but Nimah says that she has too and she knows it can tear families apart. The vote passes. It’s on to the president now. Shelby starts to put something together when her phone chimes. They’ve identified the bomber.

Owen and Alex are heading back. He’s having an identity crisis.

Clay figured it out. Whatever happens next will be perceived as the president, his mother’s, fault. They are playing chess while the team can’t even find the board.

Raina is freaking out. She feels trapped and blames Nimah. Nimah says that she will pretend to be Raina and go sit in custody. Ryan is heading out and Alex tells him that he can’t because the reporter is compromised. He tells her that he is not her soldier, or her asset, or her fiance so thanks for the heads up but he is making his own decision.

Shelby goes to talk to Clay in the bunker. There is no VP and the Speaker, a collaborator, is next in line for the presidency. He talks about a next attack and they know it is not just rhetoric.
Alex talks to Owen in the pub. He wants her to help him get back into fighting form.

Ryan goes to see the reporter. He tells her he is trusting her until she gives him a reason not to.

Shelby calls Caleb and tells him that his family needs him.

Felix calls Clay. He says it’s nothing personal. He then says that he knows his boss is up to something and he will give Clay something to work with when he can.

Ryan had sex with the reporter. Then she fell asleep and he copied the files from her laptop.

Alex and Owen leave the pub together. Sebastian looks on.

Nimah was the best part of this episode. Well no, the very thinly veiled jab at Trump was but Nimah was a close second. I don’t care about Ryan and I want Alex to go save Doyle. They better not be setting up some weird romantic thing between her and Owen. That would be awful. I’m happy with Shelby in this one too.

Quantico is new Mondays at 10 p.m.