Saturday Night Live, episode twenty-two

I generally don’t like Schumer so I don’t have high hopes for this but sometimes they surprise me so maybe this will be one of those times.

Cold open: This was nice. I liked that they let the moms tell the jokes.

Monologue: Was this a lot longer than usual? It seemed like she was up there for a while. It wasn’t awful, just sort of played out.

Mother Knows Best: This was a little funny at first but then it just got creepy.

Handmaids in the City: This was actually pretty funny.

Mother’s Day: This was good. I liked this.

Gospel Brunch: Kenan! Leslie Jones! Yes!

First song: She sounded good.

Weekend Update: Che was the winner here. He had this on lock.

Lil’ Rent: Nope.

Bar: This was funny but it dragged on.

High School Graduation: Loved it.

This wasn’t as bad as I expected it to be but that might be because they went for the more sentimental uplifty stuff than with the politics. Finale next week with Tina Fey. I’m about it.


Saturday Night Live, episode twenty-one

I like Donald Glover. I am a fan of Atlanta and think he is funny in the other stuff I’ve seen.

Cold Open: I don’t know if this is actually funny or if it just holds my attention because I want to track the cameos.

Monologue: This started as funny but just dragged on.

Trial: This cracked me up. Glover was funny as the lawyer and played off the champ Kenan expertly.

Friendos: Not that funny.

Raz P. Berry: Like it wasn’t funny and then it took a turn and was hysterical.

A Kanye Place: They’ve got priorities. Beck needs to respect that.

Saturday Night: I wanted this to be more funny than it was.

First song: He’s great and everyone is having fun.

Weekend Update: Consistently my favorite part of the show. Leslie Jones ran away service: with it.

Star Wars: This just seemed bland.

Barbie: This was really funny. Kenan is all over this episode.

Second song: He sounded good.

Customer service: This was funny but they took it a step too far.

Overall this was an okay episode. It wasn’t great but I laughed at enough sketches to find it enjoyable. Next week is Amy Schumer. I’m not a fan.

Saturday Night Live, episode twenty

I like Mulaney but haven’t seen a ton of his stuff so I’m cautiously optimistic for this.

Cold open: Gotta love the cameos. This was pretty good. I liked the pop culture references.

Monologue: This was funny though it didn’t play out the way I expected it to.

Drag brunch: This cracked me up. That’s dedication to payback.

Walkout: Little bit funny but kind of meh overall.

Cult documentary: Kenan is the best. This is why.

Diner: Hysterical. I was actually laughing out loud at this. Also, I really want to see Mean Girls on Broadway.

First song: He sounded fine. My mom really liked this.

Weekend Update: This is always just the best part of the show.

Switcheroo: Nope.

Doctor visit: A dude with horns had potential. This did not fulfill it.

Second song: Still good.

Bravo: Okay. Not bad.

So this was overall pretty funny but not the best of the season or anything.

Saturday Night Live, episode nineteen

I mean Black Panther was great an all but Boseman really should have gotten more press for the Jackie Robinson biopic a few years back. That was so good.

Cold open: I mean I get why they do this stuff all the time but it’s getting a little old.

Monologue: I mean he was on point and funny but Kenan stole the show.

Nike ad: This was spectacular.

Black Jeopardy: Loved everything about this. Kenan is great and I’m glad T’Challa figured it out.

Fertility Frontier Project: That poor guy. I was laughing though. I liked it.

Aidy B: Aidy Bryant does not get nearly enough credit. She’s so good.

First song: She sounded good.

Weekend Update: Always my favorite and I’m not sure why but Angel the boxer’s girlfriend cracked me up. She watches Frasier on VHS.

Disneyland: I cracked up at this. Not the direction I expected but it was great.

Firefighters: I have no use for this. It wasn’t funny.

Second song: I liked it.

Dinner songs: I thought this was okay but dragged out.

Life: I cackled at this.

Wakanda Forever: It was funny until the end. Then Kenan shoulda just smacked the other two.

This was a pretty good episode. Not super exciting but not bad. I like Boseman so that was good. John Mulaney is up next.

Saturday Night Live, episode eighteen

I love Bill Hader and would bet any amount of money that Stefan will turn up tonight. He’s a champ and I love it.

Cold open: This was a good idea but it’s really the guest cast that made it great. I loved all of it.

Monologue: It started out funny but I’m including The Californians in the monologue and I really just have no use for that. It’s just not funny so it kind of ruined the monologue for me.

Game show: I mean Molly had a point but this was still pretty funny. I did laugh.

Game Night: Parts of this were creepy but it was pretty fun.

Jurassic Park: I love when they do this. More often than not the throwback auditions crack me up. It just drags out too long sometimes.

First song: Fine by me.

Weekend Update: Che had an early lead but Stefan wins always.

Sacred Rock: I mean it wasn’t funny but wasn’t as awful as it could have been.

CBC: I’m sorry. This was good though.

Second song: I’m here for it.

Undercover Office Potty: I can’t even. I was cracking up.

This was great. I love Hader. Next up is Chadwick Boseman so that should be a good one too.


Saturday Night Live, episode seventeen

I love Sterling K. Brown so hopefully this will be amazing. He seems like such a funny dude.

Cold open: These two are my favorites so I usually love them together. It kind of dragged out though. Just a bit.

Monologue: It’s weird to see him without glasses. I’m not used to it. He was funny. He’s great.

Celebrity Family Feud: Kenan is a champ. For always. Team Kenan.

This Is U.S.: On point.

Dinner party: I mean…. it started out funny but then just took a turn.

Sasquatch: I don’t know what this was.

First song: He sounded pretty good.

Weekend Update: Wonderful as always. I do very much enjoy Eric Trump.

Black Panther: I kept cracking up at this.

Dr. Love: Like… this was cheesy and lame but at the same time amusing.

Movie set: I liked this better than what they usually do with Kenan being the weird director.

Rock or rap: No.

Second song: Sounded good to me.

Nickelback: I don’t understand where this came from. Nickelback hasn’t been around for a long time but it was great.

He was suitably amusing. I was happy to see it. I as a little concerned they would have the rest of the This is Us cast stop by so it was nice that he got to do his own thing.

Saturday Night Live, episode sixteen

I love when Kenan does his Barkley impression. I’m not sure why he’s hosting though. I guess it’s a March Madness thing.

Cold open: I mean Baldwin is pretty funny but the winner’s here are Cecily Strong and McKinnon.

Monologue: He’s hosted four times? I had no idea but I actually laughed at a lot of what he said.

The Grabbies: Pete Davidson cracked me up but Cecily Strong is going to be the champ in this whole episode it seems.

Ned’s Roach Away: It’s a good analogy but roaches are gross.

Homework Hotline: Barkley was going to break and that’s what made this funny.

The Champions: A-Rod held his own. I feel like he’s been on here before and couldn’t so that was good but Kenan always wins.

First song: It sounded good and the stage was cool.

Weekend Update: This is so funny and Che and Jost are great but Cecily Strong is the champ. Kyle Mooney wasn’t funny. Leslie Jones is great too. Also I love the Olympics so that was cool.

VH1: Meh. Not funny.

Construction workers: I mean the idea was good but I didn’t laugh much.

Donnellys: This was ridiculous but I don’t know if it was in a good way or a bad way. There was hardly any McKinnon in this episode otherwise.

This was pretty funny. Next week with Sterling K. Brown will be great.