Saturday Night Live, episode three

I don’t know much about Nanjiani. I haven’t seen all that much that he’s been in. I’ve read his twitter though and that can be funny.

Cold open: Baldwin is back. It is relevant stuff but it is just the same thing again and again at this point. It’s not as good as it used to be and really it’s just not funny.

Monologue: He’s really funny. Like I was into this a lot. I would watch him do stand-up. I just kept laughing out loud at this.

Bank Breakers: This was amusing but not really great.

CNN: I’m probably going to have nightmares.

Office Halloween party: This was not all that funny.

NYFF: Kate McKinnon is a treasure and should be protected at all costs. Jones and Strong were spot on in with their impersonations.

First song: She sounded good. I like Pink so I was happy that it was her performing.

Weekend Update: I mean Jost is fine. He’s funny. But Michael Che is just winning all of the weeks. Cecily Strong was pretty good as Ivana.

Hotel check-in: Not all that amused by this either.

Second song: She sounded great. I’ve never heard that song. I’m into it.

Phone center: It was good but went on just a little too long.

I thought he was really funny. I didn’t know much about him before but this was a nice introduction and I’d totally watch him do stand-up after seeing his monologue.


Saturday Night Live, episode two

I like Gal Gadot. She was great as Wonder Woman and I love her in the Fast and Furious movies so I figured this would be interesting.

Cold open: I’m glad that they addressed what happened in Vegas. I thought that Jason Aldean sounded great and having him sing a Tom Petty song was a nice touch.

Monologue: This was pretty funny. Leslie Jones was good.

E!: I could be easily convinced that that is actually the programming for E!. That was funny.

Bumble date: Oh man. I was cackling. That was great. I laughed quite a bit.

The Chosen One: This was not that funny.

Desert mirage: I kept laughing at this. Like actually out loud laughing.

Safelite: This took a turn. A creepy one. I would’ve assumed that the tool was used to fix the windshield though.

First song: He sounded good. The set was weird.

Weekend update: This is consistently the best part of this show. I’m always amused by Pete Davidson being himself and this appearance was no exception.

Story Book Classic: This wasn’t all that funny.

Webcam: Oh my gosh! That was amazing. I don’t know why but I was cracking up.

Second song: This was good. I’m not a huge Sam Smith fan.

Wonder Woman: That was absolutely fantastic. Simply fantastic. Everything about it though. Just great. Really great.

The Naomi Show: Poor Kenan. He just got roped into a family here. This wasn’t funny.

This was actually really great. I wasn’t sure what to expect but it was on point and I’m impressed.

Saturday Night Live, episode one

Ryan Gosling is great because he breaks a lot. I hope they do the abducted by aliens sketch again.

Cold open: You had to know they were going to bring out Baldwin. He was on point as usual. McKinnon was superb as Sessions. I was really impressed with Aidy Bryant as Sarah Huckabee Sanders too. Melissa Villaseñor as Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz and Alex Moffat as Schumer didn’t get much time but they were good.

Monologue: It got funnier when he was laughing at the piano and when Kenan came out to yell at him but I think they dropped the ball on this one. Emma Stone should host again.

Alien abductions: He giggled and McKinnon ran away with it but Cecily Strong is great too and should get more air time.

Woke jeans: I literally learned what woke is like yesterday. This amused me.

Fliplets: Where do they get the ideas for this kind of stuff? Like honestly what the hell is this?

First song: The staging was really dark but he sounded good.

Weekend Update: Michael Che won this. He just wins. Jost was fine too but Che wins. McKinnon is all over the place in this episode. The dude bros were unnecessary.

Man & Chicken: What even? It was just weird.

Terrazano’s: That escalated quickly. I actually laughed out loud at this one. It was good.

Second song: I liked this set better. You could see what was going on better.

Avatar font: I like that font.

Concert: This was not what I expected at all. It was ridiculous but sort of funny.

This wasn’t that funny. It was mostly amusing because Gosling laughed so much. The skits weren’t actually that good.

Saturday Night Live, episode twenty-one

Generally, I like The Rock. He’s funny and charismatic and he’s in the Fast and Furious movies. What’s not to like? Besides, he might end up president someday.

Cold open: This was funny. And the cameo by Scarlett Johansson as Ivanka was a nice surprise.

Monologue: There were a lot of five-timers this season. This was really funny actually and who doesn’t love Tom Hanks right?

Fidget spinner: Why are these so popular? I just don’t get it. I laughed at this though.

Wrestlemania: Where do they even come up with this stuff?

Rap Track: The return of David S. Pumpkins is even more nightmarish than his debut.

Scorpio: This was spectacular. I don’t know why.

Jurassic Park: Poor Jean’s wife. Why was this funny?

Xentrex: I’m pretty sure this is how most of these tv drugs work.

First song: Beetlejuice? And a dance party.

Weekend Update: I’m gonna miss this during the summer. Maybe not the weather report. The politics are always great and I like the Che/Jost banter.

Old timey movie: Nah. At first it was a little funny but I got bored quick.

Mad scientist: I love White Castle.

Second song: Still didn’t really care about it. Super flashy though.

Wing man: I chuckled but wasn’t all that into it.

High school skit: For the last skit of the season, this was not good.

This was it for Bobby Moynihan. I feel like he’s been in like two skits this season. I was a big fan of his for many years so that’s a shame.

Saturday Night Live, episode nineteen

I don’t really have an opinion of Chris Pine. He’s in a lot of movies. I’ve seen some of them. Trek was good.

Cold open: I feel like we haven’t seen McKinnon enough. She was great here as she always is.

Monologue: They are all alike aren’t they? Evans is the best one. Obviously.

Where in the World?: Hahahahaha this cracked me up.

Song for Peace: Meh.

Recon: I love Kenan. This was great.

The boy is mine: I think this was pretty funny but in a weird way.

Reality show: This is really just the same as regular tv. That should tell people something.

First song: Sure. Sounded fine.

Weekend Update: Consistently the best part of the show. Always.

Auto shop: Bobby Moynihan is great. Always.

The Handmaid’s Tale: I just didn’t really laugh at this.

Future Classics: This was kind of annoying. Not all that funny.

Second song: Not bad.

Game night: This is just weird. I have no idea what I was watching.

Did he sing in every sketch? I mean it’s not bad but it was a lot of music.

Saturday Night Live, episode twenty

She’s been around a lot lately so you know that this will be a funny one.

Cold open: Che was just saying what everyone is thinking.

Monologue: That was kind of adorable. Not too many jokes but it was great.

Just Desserts: I’ll admit. I laughed.

Amazon Echo: I don’t know about that.

Press briefing: You had to know Spicer would turn up at some point. It was pretty great too.

First song: I don’t understand why HAIM is so popular. They are okay?

Weekend Update: I love these two. They are great. And Pete Davidson is pretty funny too. He doesn’t get used enough.

Film society: This is like sometimes recurring and I’m usually a fan. This time was pretty funny too.

Kyle & Leslie: What is this even?

Second song: Why did they change clothes?

Mom animals: They did this before with mom hair. I loved it then. I love it now.

Lighthouse Features: This wasn’t funny.

Next week is the finale. Dwayne Johnson hosts.

Saturday Night Live, episode seventeen

I have read some interviews with Louis C.K. and been amused but I don’t know that much about him otherwise.

Cold open: I almost feel bad because this is probably how people that voted for Trump and still actually like him are.

Monologue: I laughed at this a lot more than I expected. Also, he seems to yell a lot.

Courtroom: I have an issue with eyes. I don’t know know why but the fact that they kept zooming in on his face was making me way uncomfortable.

Thank you Scott: This was pretty funny.

Soda Shoppe: Cecily Strong hasn’t been the main part of that many sketches this season so I was happy to see her stepping it up.

Pepsi: This was great. Absolutely great.

First song: I don’t like them. I had no use for this.

Weekend Update: Jost and Che are on point and what’s not to love about McKinnon?

Bill O’Reilly: Baldwin is doing double duty and he seems to be enjoying this bit quite a lot.

Clown party: The clown saved Elsa’s life.

Sectional couches: What?

Second song: Still don’t like them.

Class trip: He broke a bit but wasn’t amused.

This was okay. When it was funny it was really funny but overall not that great.