Saturday Night Live, episode eleven

I feel like I’ve seen Chastain in tons of things but I can’t think of any. The Martian? Was she in that?

Cold open: I chuckled at parts of this but overall it was just kind of meh.

Monologue: I mean, she was fine but McKinnon’s face was the best part of this.

Car Hunk: They do these a lot. It’s never all that funny.

Fresh Prince: This took a turn. I didn’t expect it at all but I did laugh.

Google Talks: The funniest part of this was the jabs at standing desks.

Does it Even Matter?: I wasn’t that into this but then when they stopped being the characters I kind of loved it.

First song: I mean it sounded good but it was quiet.

Weekend Update: This was amusing at parts. Cecily was great and McKinnon for always. The princes were not all that exciting.

Amazon: I liked this but didn’t actually laugh much.

Mexican restaurant: Nope.

Chad: Nah.

Second song: Sounded pretty good but again could’ve been louder.

Movie set: This episode just totally fell off. I like Leslie Jones though.

This episode wasn’t great. Will Ferrell is next week. Hopefully some other old cast members turn up. That’s always fun.


Saturday Night Live, episode ten

I don’t know much about Sam Rockwell. He was good in Iron Man 2. I haven’t had a chance to see Three Billboards yet.

Cold Open: I’m not a fan of Morning Joe but these two are pretty funny and Fred Armisen is great. The real winners here were Bill Murray and Leslie Jones though. I could just watch that forever.

Monologue: This was funny before he started singing. Then just meh.

Science Room: I haven’t decided if that was funny or not.

Tucci Gang: This was spectacular! I loved this!

E! The Look: Team Kenan for all things but they were all pretty good in this one.

My Drunk Boyfriend: Cecily really tried here but this was a bust.

First song: I like this song and I like how she did it.

Weekend Update: Michael Che is amazing and I really love Leslie Jones as Oprah. She’s amazing. Also. Team Kenan.

Peter Pan: It wasn’t bad but kind of boring.

ATM: What even was this?

Second song: This was pretty good too.

Meet the family: I’m not sure what I just watched but I laughed at it.

Next Labs: He’s a dog head guy. Like I just kept giggling at that.

Chantix: Cecily is great but this ran too long.

Most of these skits seemed fairly run of the mill which was a shame but I didn’t mind Rockwell as the house and there was a lot of Kenan.

Saturday Night Live, episode nine

Kevin Hart gets on my nerves sometimes because he’s so loud. This is the last one before Christmas though so it might be good.

Cold open: This was pretty funny. I love Leslie Jones and a nice Scarlett Johannson cameo.

Monologue: He’s just so enthusiastic. But it’s not funny.

Pandora: I’ve never understood the point of charm bracelets for adults.

Business meeting: Like really. This just wasn’t funny.

Captain Shadow: The kid needs to keep his mouth shut.

Inside the NBA: I love Kenan’s Barkley. It’s great and honestly that Shaq was pretty on point too.

First song: Sounded good.

Weekend Update: Even this was fairly lackluster.

School play: This just wasn’t funny.

Christmas party: I don’t even know what this was.

PBS: I like that Kenan was old Kevin Hart. That amused me.

Second song: Dave Grohl in a Christmas sweater.

This episode was not all that great. I was really not all that impressed. It’s off for like a month and then Sam Rockwell hosts.

Saturday Night Live, episode eight

I don’t love Franco but sometimes he’s funny so I figured this could go either way.

Cold open: Kenan and McKinnon are champs.

Monologue: I’m hit or miss on Franco and don’t like Rogen or Jonah Hill but this was pretty funny.

Apologies: This wasn’t funny until they started listing the old guy’s crimes. Then I laughed.

Gift wrapping: I know it’s not real blood but this grossed me out. I had to look away. Poor Leslie Jones.

Christmas party: Not funny.

Spelling Bee: Honestly it’s just weird.

First song: She sounded good and the choir was cool.

Weekend Update: Michael Che as a white woman named Gretchen gives me life. That was amazing. Cecily Strong was great too. She hasn’t been used enough lately.

Christmas Charity: I have to admit, I did not see that coming and I did laugh at the end.

Second song: She sounded good.

Cousin Mandy: This wasn’t all that funny.

I think that this was mostly boring but had a few funny skits. Next week with Kevin Hart might be good. He gets overeager sometimes though.

Saturday Night Live, episode seven

I like Saoirse Ronan and I loved Lady Bird so I’m sure that this will be good. Well at least it has a lot of potential.

Cold open: This was kind of funny but I’m over Alec Baldwin. Melania was pretty fun though. The win goes to McKinnon though. Always.

Monologue: Meh. It was a little annoying but I laughed at parts of it.

Floribama Shore: I actually cackled at this. It was really funny even though it probably shouldn’t be.

Action 9 News: He was buying a gift.

Welcome to Hell: This was so on point. I loved it.

K-Mart: That’s got to be an awful job during the holidays. Ethel was great though.

Office race: I honestly have no idea what I just watched. Nice cameo by Greta Gerwig though.

First song: I mean, U2 is super popular. I’m not really a fan though.

Weekend Update: Che was amazing as always and Jost help his own but McKinnon was amazing.

Bachelor Auction: I love Kenan and I love Pete Davidson so this was way funnier than it should have been.

School: I don’t like these.

Second song: It’s still U2.

Aer Lingus: This was funny. I liked the dogs.

All in all this was pretty funny. Next up is Franco who I’m hit or miss on.

Saturday Night Live, episode six

Is Chance the Rapper a comedian? Or an actor? I like him though.

Cold open: The best part was Eric messing up the “live from New York” bit.

Monologue: The song was a little amusing but not great.

Gotham food drive: This was pretty funny. Kenan was the best part though.

Come back Barack song: Amazing.

Family Feud: This was great. I was cracking up.

Musical performance: I mean. I’m here for it but I assumed that they had to do new stuff so this threw me off.

Weekend Update: Michael Che and Kate McKinnon are spectacular but Pete Davidson wins.

MSG: I loved this. It was on point.

Rap history: This was okay.

Career day: They need to stop doing this high school kid stuff.

Babysitter: This was just obnoxious.

This was an okay episode. Everything seemed hit or miss.

Saturday Night Live, episode five

Haddish is funny. I’m excited about her. T-Swift is also there and will probably turn up in a skit I figure.

Cold open: Kate McKinnon should win all the awards always and forever.

Monologue: Amazing. Absolutely amazing. And it is a nice dress. She should wear it to everything.

Gamer tournament: I just laughed out loud during pretty much this whole skit. I just loved all of it.

Screen tests: Some of these were funny. Others were not. It happens.

DNC: This was funny at first but it dragged out.

Backstage romance: This happens every once in a while and I’m over it.

First song: I mean… her songs are catchy but I’m not exactly a big fan. She tries too hard.

Weekend Update: Che and Jost are great but Cecily Strong stole this segment.

Black unicorn: I kept cracking up at this.

Get Woke: I’m glad Leslie Jones is having more to do. I think she’s funny but the highlight of this was the sponsors.

BBC: This was just creepy.

Second song: This one was better. She just sang.

Whiskers R We: This was a lot funnier than I expected it to be.

This episode was great. A definite improvement from last week. I laughed at most of the skits. It was excellent.