She’s Gotta Have It, episode ten

It’s Thanksgiving. Nola is on her own. Her folks went to her father’s side. She makes food and sets the table for four people. She’s having dinner with all her men. She leaves them to get acquainted while she goes to get dressed.

Before they eat Nola makes each of them say a blessing over the food. The entire meals is awkward and the guys trade barbs for most of it. Dessert is almost over before she addresses why she brought them all together.

She seems to thrive on making them all feel uncomfortable. She shows them her latest art. It’s the three of them naked together. They don’t love it. She puts on some Prince and they all dance and then fall asleep.

The dudes leave and Nola talks about how she will stick with the guys if they stick with her. She’s happy with how things are and is about to sign out when someone buzzes the intercom. It’s Opal. She wants them to share some champagne. Nola considers it and then buzzes her in.

That’s how it ends?!?! She needs to realize that Opal is the best choice for her. I like Mars too but he’s just as immature as Nola. Jamie and Greer are not good options. I vote Opal all the way.


She’s Gotta Have It, episode nine

Nola was not happy with 2016 but it did cause her to reflect on those who inspired her. She leaves flowers on their graves. Time for a neighborhood meeting. Bianca is running the show and she goes after Papo. Nola defends him and an uproar ensues. Things only calm down when Nola’s mom takes the floor and suggests a potluck.

Time for therapy. She talks about her relationships and her art and how they intersect. She’s painting when Shemekka calls. They catch up. Shemekka is back to the grind and Nola is proud.

During class, one of Nola’s students is on her phone. Nola calls her out and finds out that they are looking at a post about Nola herself. Clo posted about the street art and it went viral. Nola goes to confront Clo, who maintains that she did nothing wrong.

That doesn’t work. Nola is pissed and goes to break up with Mars because he told Clo. Later Mars comes by her place to try to talk to her. Next door Bianca is confronting Papo again. Nola comes down to tell Mars off and sees what’s up.

Bianca called the cops and they are getting up in Papo’s face so Nola confesses to being the graffiti artist herself. She and Papo get busted. She uses her one call and then has to wait. She eventually gets released with a desk appearance. Opal to the rescue.

Jamie gets to work and finds an envelope. Nola returned the money and broke up with him in a note. She got the grant for her art. She tells him there is someone else. Her.

I’m glad that Nola helped out Papo but I don’t understand why she was in lockup for so long. I get why it maybe took Opal a bit to pull things together but Mars was there and they were going to call her parents. Why didn’t they try to do it themselves? I think Clo overstepped. She was trying to help but I don’t thing she had the right.

She’s Gotta Have It, episode eight

None of the characters are happy with the results of the election. Nola talks to Greer. He wants to know what happened the other night. He wants to come over. She’s out on the stoop when he turns up. They have a laugh at his clothes.

She’s in a great mood because she sold a painting. They have sex and she yells Jamie’s last name this time. Then she kicks Greer out. Jamie is at work and his wife turns up. She’s pissed. She found a painting of Nola’s he bought and confronts him about her and the $10,000 check he wrote for it.

Nola goes to buy art supplies but her card is declined. Her landlord yells at her because the rent check bounced. She calls Jamie and yells at him. He tells her that he will get shit squared. She tries sell art on the street but it’s no good.

At the school, her boss tells her to calm it down and take a breath. Nola hangs with Mars and they talk about her crap mood and Oynx and his sister going to do a cleansing for her. Nola borrows some money for her rent from her parents and then gets cleansed.

Jamie goes to see Win. They fight about the club and their roots. Jamie wants ten grand and then he wants out. Win gives him some shit but allows it. Mars runs into Clo and gives her grief for not helping out Nola when she’s in a bind.

After do all she can, Nola has the rent money and takes it to her landlord. The effort is enough. She finds out she has a package and heads upstairs. It’s the painting back from Jamie with a note attached. He wants to make it up to her and he gave her the ten grand.

I can’t believe Mars blew up her spot like that. Now Clo knows about the other art and it’s going to cause trouble. Also, I get the why but technically that art purchase was on the up and up. Jamie’s wife can’t just demand he return it basically. That’s not how it works.

She’s Gotta Have It, episode seven

Greer gets his turn. He talks about the new side of Nola he saw. Nola watches a review of the show. The guy, Julius, calls her the weakest link. She’s pissed and ignores calls from everyone.

Jamie is at home when his wife comes to get him. Their son wants to show them something. It’s an electric rendition of the national anthem. They are impressed but he tells them all about what he’s learned about the song. It’s racist.

Nola is trying to be a hermit but people keep ringing her bell. She disconnects it. Greer bangs on the door and she relents and goes out with him. They see a film and then go to eat. She sees that he has a harem and seems amused.

Dinner is tense for Jamie. He and his wife discuss parent-teacher conferences and then he goes to the guest room alone and waxes poetic about loving Nola but having a duty to his family.

Things are a lot smoother for Nola and Greer. They talk about the show. Flashback to when Jamie and Nola first met on a bench in Brooklyn near the river. She’s still at dinner with Greer ignoring Jamie’s calls. He crashes his wife’s shower instead.

Greer want to date Nola. She freaks out and makes a run for it. Flashback to Jamie and his wife and Nola all in a bar. He passes out. Nola ends the night making amends with Shemekka.

I don’t really get how Julius has the right to say how black Nola is. That’s kind of messed up. I also found the whole history of Nola with Jamie and Greer interesting.

She’s Gotta Have It, episode six

Mars is playing narrator. His dad died when he was a kid but before that happened Mars and his pops went to see the Knicks play the Bulls and got game worn sneakers signed by Jordan.

He’s heated about this clown Oynx messing with Nola’s art. He helps her cart her art to the show. She takes a taxi and calls Shemekka. It does not go well. They argue about things being all about Nola all the time.

Clo is already at the studio when Mars shows up. They fight and then Nola walks in. Mars realizes that it’s her big show and he wasn’t invited. He’s pissed. Before the show, Nola goes to therapy and talks about the pressure of the show.

Showtime. Clo gives the short intro and then Nola has to mingle with the art patrons. Opal turns up and has an awkward interaction with Nola. Mars turns up to use the bathroom. He defends Nola’s honor in an argument with a weirdo dude in the bathroom.

Shemekka has a debut of her own to raging success. It crashes and burns though when she falls off the stairs and pops her ass. Nola is still struggling to talk to people about her art. All three dudes turn up but Mars has the most interesting news.

The guy he stepped to in the bathroom, Dean, is Oynx and he wants Nola to go after him. Mars points out that it’s not the time or the place. Jamie is still there and he gets a call from Win just as Nola gets a message from Shemekka’s mom.

You knew that was going to happen. The ass injections were never going to end well. I didn’t think it would be like that though. It was just gross. The show seemed okay. I liked that Opal came out and all the dudes even if she didn’t invite them.

She’s Gotta Have It, episode five

The man cleanse is over after getting dumped by Opal. She goes to work teaching her class. She gets a text from Jamie as she wraps up. She runs home to have sex with him and ends up calling out “Mars” though Jamie doesn’t know why.

They talk about her class and their lives. He grew up poor and now pays big bucks to send his kid to a prep school. He gets a message from his wife. The kid in question made an awful video and posted it online. He has to go take care of it.

Meanwhile Shemekka is in some sketch apartment getting shots in her ass to make it bigger. Jamie and his wife fight about their son. She blames him for his hoodrat genes. She wants them to present a more united front for the kid. They go to the school and argue with and threaten the headmaster until they get an apology and assurances that the video will be taken down.

Nola heads back to the school and ends up having her meeting with her boss a day early because she wasn’t paying attention. They talk about the rough environments that the kids come from. Shamekka gets more shots. Jamie talks to his son about the video and the struggles today.

Back at the school, Nola has a talk with one of the students about image and language. That night she calls Shemekka and sees the work she had done. Nola doesn’t jump for joy about it. Nola gets a package of some art supplies from Jamie. She also agrees with her boss to work together to being positive change to the lives of the kids.

It’s getting better. I still don’t like Jamie though. Or his family for that matter. It’s cool to see Nola as a teacher, trying to help the kids and all. I feel really bad for Shemekka.

She’s Gotta Have It, episode four

Nola is going on an internal cleanse and a big part of that is no sex with men. That doesn’t mean no sex though. Enter Opal. She’s an ex that Nola brought back into the picture during the man ban.

They walk around the next day and talk about money and Nola’s upcoming show. Opal invites Nola over for dinner but Nola declines. She wants to stick to what she’s said. Nola gives her a big kiss. Nola goes to therapy and gushes about Opal and how the relationship makes her feel safe, When it’s time to pay she asks to start a tab or tries to barter.

Afterward she goes out with a friend named Terrell. He lies and tells his folks that she is his girlfriend because he is not out to his parents. She drinks a lot and eventually stumbles home. She’s locked out though and first tries her landlord before wandering to her parent’s place. She doesn’t knock there either.

She walks around Brooklyn, calling Shemekka. That’s no use. She’s at work. Next is Clo but she’s in bed with a dude. Last stop is Opal’s place. She spends the night and then the morning too. They get coffee and run into Greer. Opal is not happy.

Nola leaves and goes to her class. She’s late but it turns out okay. She talks to her mother about it afterward and then goes home and runs into her landlord who points out that she’s behind on the rent. Nola promises that she will give it to her as soon as she gets paid.

Later, she is at home painting when she checks her mail. She gets some good news and jumps up and down. She goes to see Opal but that crashes and burns because Nola is late and inconsiderate and doesn’t know what she wants.

The episodes are definitely getting better as they go. Or maybe it was just because there was no Jamie in this one. Either was I dug it. Nola needs to step up with the money issues though.