Shots Fired, episode ten

Platt is at Breeland’s house. He leaves and calls all available units. The new guy calls Preston. They roll into the bad neighborhood and start going nuts. Janae calls Ashe. Brooks handles Shameeka’s house but the rest of the deputies are rough. Preston and Ashe show up and yell at Platt. He says that someone knows something and they will do this every day if they have to.

Ashe and Preston are interviewing Breeland’s wife. He hadn’t said anything to her. Their daughter overhears and chimes in with the conversation she had with her father at the football field. The wife cries and they take their leave.

They need to figure out a new way to get indictments now. Ashe goes to see Breeland’s witness. She thinks that he was lying. She tries to provoke him. He admits that he lied as a favor to Breeland because he’s on parole. She offers amnesty for testimony.

Preston goes over the case with the new legal lady. She tells him the jury will be white and he should ignore race. They go to the grand jury hearing and Ashe testifies about the case and Breeland.

Beck is at home freaking out because he can’t be there or be represented but his lawyer tells him this is okay.

Alicia is at the store when a kid in the next aisle starts making faces at her. She clowns around and he slides a toy through the shelf to her. She brings it around to give to his mother. It’s Kerry. The boy was Beck’s son. Kerry can’t speak but Alicia thinks it’s because of the stress of motherhood.

Eamons and Platt meet. She demands his resignation. He says they should talk to Cox.

Brooks is on the stand. He says that Beck hated the volunteer program but he wasn’t isolated at the department. He ran into problems with the black community. They thought of him as a sellout.

Preston tells Ashe that Pierce was right. He shouldn’t have brought up race. She gets an alert to watch the news. It’s the Beck video, only the whole thing now. He talks about hard work and wanting to do good.

They head to the hospital to talk to Shirlane. She says that if Beck is going to be dragged people should see the whole thing.

Next problem is the witness. Turns out he was selling drugs and he’s being processed. Now Preston will have to make one hell of closing argument. Oh and he sort of accuses Ashe of coercion too.

He starts his closing argument and talks about how integral race has always been in the country. As he explains what happened, viewers see what happened. Jesse shoved Beck and he opened fire. Preston tells the jury that he wants them to ignore race and that he would be asking the same thing if the situation was reversed.

As they wait for the jury decision, Preston and Ashe talk about pressure. Failure is not an option. The call comes. The jury is back.

Things are tense at the Beck house. They are also waiting. Someone rolls up. It’s Brooks. He’s here to arrest Beck. The jury decided to indict. He says goodbye to Kerry and the boys before going out to the car. Media and residents line the streets between his house and the station.

Preston and Ashe are sitting in bed. She asks him if he has a question for her. He responds by asking if she has anything to tell him. She says that this is a mistake.

The DOJ is looking for an indictment in the Joey Campbell murder case. Shameeka is on the stand talking about her last phone call with her son. She says that he was on his way home and he was late. Then Breeland and Derkin showed up and said he was dead, that it was drug related. They searched his room and found drugs. When she tried to argue they threatened her custody of Shawn.

Pierce tells Preston to rest. He wants Cox on the stand though. Breeland’s lawyer talks to Preston about sensitive documents. They keep it between themselves. Cox is on the stand, blaming the victim.

Joey is running. Breeland stops him and slams him against a fence. They argue. Breeland slams him to the ground and tells Cox to cuff him. Joey kicks Cox so Cox shoots him. He’s dead. Cox, Breeland and Derkin flee.

A large crowd is gathered and chanting outside the courthouse. Preston and Pierce come outside. Pierce leaves but Preston stays. He tells them that the jury will not indict Cox. The crowd wants to burn the place down but Shameeka says no. She says that they have to stick together and not be a reactionary community.

Ashe shows up and brings Preston back inside. He cries. Eamons talks about what to do moving forward. She is no longer affliating with Cox because morals.

The DOJ says it’s time to move on but Preston isn’t ready for that. He wants to keep pushing but they tell him not to. Pierce shakes his hand and heads out. He’s still thinking though. He goes to see Breeland’s family about the sensitive documents. They found a key to his storage unit but gave it to Platt.

Preston gets the address of that unit from Breeland’s lawyer and heads there. He finds a recording of Breeland and Platt talking about Joey’s murder. He’s interrupted by Platt. There’s a cliched speech about family and protecting people. Platt killed Breeland. He’s angling to kill Preston to but Ashe shows up, with a warrant from Eamons. They arrest Platt.

Breeland is dead. Platt and Beck are locked up but they don’t know if they made a difference. Ashe says that they have to keep trying.

Janae is talking about getting out in the community to make a difference. Sarah Ellis is there to help them organize. The congregation wants her to run for office. Brooks come in to help bridge the gap.

Cox and Preston meet before the latter heads out of town. He threatens Cox.
Ashe has a supervised visit with Kai.

Jesse is walking across campus talking a friend. He bumps into someone. Joey on a tour. They apologize to one another and keep going.

I really thought Platt was going to kill Preston. I was so worried. I’m glad he got what was coming to him. I just wish they had busted Cox too. And that last scene. It brought a tear to my eye for sure.


Shots Fired, episode nine

Ashe and Preston are in bed together. They are talking about the case. The video Jesse and Beck from the phone is on tv. Preston says he “accidentally” leaked it when he tried to send it to himself.

Alicia sees the video. She’s upset that her son’s last moments are now public domain. Shameeka tells her to hold on to the memories she has of the two of them.

The media bombards Platt on his way into work. They ask about Beck and he says that the department supports “the legal process.”

Breeland picks up his kids to take them to school His face is busted up. They show concern but he says its nothing. At the station, the deputies left tampons on his desk.
Ashe meets up with the deputy that pulled her over. She promises protection but he knows that she and Preston are on their way out. He says no.

Beck has protestors on the lawn. Preston is questioning him when Beck provides the original documents for the volunteer program. He says the ones Preston has were falsified after Joey’s murder. He’s had this stuff for months and now he wants to make a deal.

Eamons is shutting down the integration program. Sarah Ellis argues with her. Preston shows up. She wants to talk about Beck but Preston tells her the volunteer program was a bust and Joey’s blood is on a lot of hands. She’s distraught.

Breeland is in his office when Ashe comes in. She asks about the records and says that she will put this all on him unless he talks about Platt. He doesn’t bite. Instead he heads out and talks to Cox.

Ashe talks to Janae. They haven’t always seen eye to eye but she doesn’t belong in lockup. Then they talk about faith and pray.

Platt is instructing Breeland to keep quiet. He has issue with protecting Cox because he’s not family. Platt says that if Breeland doesn’t protect Cox, he’s going to go down for it himself since he was the commanding officer.

Afterward, Platt goes to see his son after his graduation from the academy. His son is not a fan and tells him as much before walking out.

Preston and Ashe have a secret meeting with Breeland. He will talk but he wants house arrest. Ashe is not interested but Preston wants to negotiate.

Breeland and his daughter reminisce about football season. Then he tells her that things are going to change at home. He says he’s not a hero and then tells her about the night that Joey died. He says that he’s the one that covered it up and he has to make it right.

The new team rolls in and wants Ashe and Preston to play chauffeur to give them the lay of the land. They meet with Breeland and new chick Pierce (Britt Rentschler) offers him full immunity. Ashe comes up with her own plan. Pit Cox against Breeland. She goes to talk to him and makes it clear to him that he needs to talk.

Beck and Brooks are doing a project at the house talking about what to do moving forward. Beck is going to talk. Brooks thinks its a bad idea.

Cox holds a press conference. He can’t keep quiet anymore. He has to get a serious wrong off his chest. He admits to killing Joey Campbell. He explains that he reached for his taser but pulled his gun instead. He goes on to say that Breeland intimidated him and did not report the incident.

Shameeka and Shawn hug. Breeland freaks out and smashes a tv. Cox says he is turning himself in to Platt. At the station Platt tells Breeland that he didn’t know and that he has his back.

At the station, Cox gets fingerprinted. Breeland wants to talk to Pierce but she has no use for him now. He realizes it was Ashe. Cox says as much during his interview with Pierce.

Breeland drives off by himself and calls child services. He’s going to ruin Ashe’s chance with Kia. When someone answers the phone, he doesn’t talk though. He burns the file.

Janae is released in the midst of a medium circus. Sarah Ellis wants to draft a statement about Cox but Eamons doesn’t want to do that yet. She wants to wait to pass judgement but Sarah sees it for what it is and

Ashe gets a call. She lost Kia. She goes to Preston crying and he wants to help her fix this. She assumes Breeland is befind this. She tells Preston that she needs to be by herself.
Breeland goes to Shameeka’s house and offers his condolences. Shawn punches him in the face. The rest of the block doesn’t hold back either. They yell and throw things at the “crooked cop.”

Preston gets a call from the boss. He thinks that Ashe’s play was brilliant and puts them back in charge of the case. Preston calls Ashe and leaves her a message. In the hallway, he encounters Alicia. She wants to know when Beck will be arrested. Preston tells her they are still putting the case together.

After his detour, Breeland finally gets home. He looks at his kids through the window. A car pulls up behind him and shoots him twice at close range. He falls to the ground bleeding out.

I honestly thought they were setting this up to redeem Breeland. I didn’t expect him to get killed. I also am upset with the way the Cox confession is playing out. It looks like he will get away with it and that is no good. Only one episode left.

Shots Fired, episode eight

Ashe is sitting in her room alone in the dark. She moves from one room to the other, with her gun. Someone is in the room with her. She’s assaulted and takes a blow to the head. She goes down and the assailant runs. Moments later someone else comes in. Preston. He gets her ice and wants her to get checked out. She says no. She’s convinced the person that attacked her was on Platt’s orders, after Jesse’s phone. Nothing is missing from her room.

Shameeka is looking for Shawn. She goes to the bus stop but there is no sign of him. She asks a few people but no one has seen him. She says that she is going to check the church and one of the other mothers stops her. The other woman tells her Janae was arrested, for murdering her son Joey.

TV trucks are in front of the station broadcasting about the arrest when Preston and Ashe turn up to find out what’s what. They talk to Platt. The department found out about the gun from an anonymous tip and the ballistics match the murder weapon. They head in to talk Janae. She says that the gun was a plant. There was a break-in a few days ago and a computer and some speakers were taken. Maybe that’s when the gun was left.

Ashe asks if she reported it but she says she would be reporting it to the people that put it there.

Eamons and Sarah Ellis discuss the case. Eamons doesn’t want to comment on it yet. They have an event and need a win.

Preston and Ashe go to talk to Shameeka about Janae. She says that Janae helped her get Joey on the straight and narrow once before so when she found out he was dealing again, she went back to Janae. Shameeka says that if Janae did it, she’s at fault too. She also mentions that Shawn ran away.

As they head out, a group of men stop them to say that Janae is being set up. Ashe says she doesn’t trust any of them.

Kerry has been staying with her parents. Her mom wants to know why she’s abandoning her man.

Ashe and Preston head over and talk to Beck about protecting the department even though they aren’t protecting him. They bring up the video but his lawyer doesn’t buy it. Ashe talks about the discrepancies before walking out.

They go back to the workspace and try and figure out how it adds up. Preston argues for Janae but Ashe goes against. She needs to see the gun. They go back to the station to get the gun. She needs the serial number that was filed off. She reaches out to Javier. He reluctantly agrees to help.

Brooks pulls over someone. It’s a routine stop but he has an audience.

Shameeka is home alone watching an old video of her sons wishing her a happy birthday.

Eamons has an event to commemorate integration at a lunch counter. The two activists, one black and one white, are on stage with her. The black man passes out during her speech.

Beck goes to see his family at the in-laws. He apologizes for his behavior and Kerry admits that they missed him.

Javier calls Ashe. He got the number. Turns out the serial number matches a gun purchased a year earlier by Arlen Cox. The gun was stolen two months earlier. He filed a report.

Preston and Ashe talk about the case and the department. It’s not a clean game because the players are dirty. It’s about getting the right person, not race.

Platt and Cox meet, the latter is not pleased to hear it was his gun found in the church. Platt says that he was upset about that too.

Ashe and Preston talk to Shirlane in the hospital. She relays Kiana’s story. She saw Cox with the gun standing over Joey’s body. There were too deputies. One was Derkin but she didn’t recognize the other. Shirlane suggests photos but they tell her Kiana is in the wind.

Alicia visits Shameeka and they talk about their sons and watch videos of the kids.

While going over the case, Ashe gets an text. It’s not good news.

Brooks is on patrol. He sees Shawn going into a drug house so he follows him in. He pulls him out and takes him for a ride. Brooks talks about Joey and his mom. He doesn’t want to be a do over.

Later, Ashe walks around the neighborhood. She looks at the mural for Joey and then goes back to her room and records a video for Kia.

Eamons and the white activist talk about being there for people 24 hours a day. That’s what he’s tried to do.

Shawn finally goes home. Brooks drives him and waits for him to get inside.

Preston and Ashe go to the local cop bar. They hang around for a bit until she heads to the back alley to have a chat with Breeland. He’s the one that texted her. It was a police report for DUI and assaulting an officer. She tells him that she knows he was there when Cox killed Joey. It gets physical real quick and he’s winning. She flips it though and cuffs to a fence. She just starts walloping him until Preston intervenes.

Back at the hotel, she’s freaking out. She just lost Kia and wanted to kill Breeland. She says she doesn’t deserve Kia. She’s jumpy and he kisses her. They sleep together.

Alicia falls asleep on Shameeka’s couch. She covers her with a blanket and then goes to lie down next to Shawn.

Beck is in bed with his wife. She asks if it was self defense. He says yes.

Preston leaves Ashe asleep in bed and goes to the other room. He watches a video on Jesse’s phone.

I’m glad Shawn went home. I’m also glad that Alicia and Shameeka are friends now. I don’t believe that Janae did it but I don’t like her either way. Brooks seems like he’s trying to hard. I’m convinced now that he was at least there when Joey died. Even if Cox pulled the trigger.

Shots Fired, episode seven

Eamons and Breeland are riding together talking about work and the internet and the volunteer program. They see some police activity and stop. She pardons the man on the spot.

Preston checks in with his boss and finds out things aren’t working so well. He has a week left before a new team turns up to replace him. He meets with Brooks in secret and they talk about witness testimony.

Ashe is at the airport. She tries to call Kai but ends up talking to Javier’s girlfriend instead. He told her everything and she is sticking around. That makes her weak in Ashe’s book.

As he goes over the case file he got from Brooks, Preston watches the news. Tensions are still high.

At the airport, Ashe talks to a man at the bar as she drinks. It’s kind of a depressing conversation as he tries to hit on her.

People are out cleaning up the city as Preston walks around. He finds Dabney’s place destroyed. It makes no sense. He talks to a reporter. The whole situation makes him angry.

When Ashe gets back, the first person she encounters is of course Breeland. He’s himself. She meets up with Preston and talks about what happened and about being pulled off the case. He brings up what Brooks told him about the witness lying for Janae.

Platt is at the office and his wife walks in. They talk about their son and the state of their marriage. Shameeka Campbell is causing a ruckus trying to get Shawn back. Platt talks to her and tries to reason with her. She threatens to call Eamons so he lets Shawn out. Shameeka and Shawn promptly fight.

Preston goes to talk to Cory about lying for Janae. He denies it. Preston leaves and goes to visit his brother. He needs money, no questions asked.

Janae answers questions for Ashe and Preston about recanted testimony and Cox. She says that he seems more intimidating by her.

Next stop is a visit with Cox to talk Janae. He says that she tried to demand money from him. Topic turns to murder and Cox shuts the interview down. Preston brings up the eyewitness and Cox basically laughs at him. Afterward Ashe and Preston argue about playing their hand to early.

Phone rings. It’s Shirlane calling Preston. Before she can even explain why she’s calling she gets in a car accident. Preston and Ashe get to the hospital and go through her belongings. Her phone is missing. This wasn’t an accident.

Eamons is going over an upcoming event. She talks to her daughter who thinks this is insane. Her classmates are watching the riots as entertainment. They talk about legacy.

Beck is home with the kids. They are rough housing and he’s not having it. He yells and they don’t listen so he grabs one. Kerry comes in and fights with him. She takes the boys and leaves.

Ashe and Preston go to interview Kiana but she says it isn’t her problem and that she doesn’t know anything. He gets loud and starts tossing her stuff around. Ashe notices first. The place is bugged. She tries to give chase but the car listening speeds away.

They head back into town and they argue. She wants to just cut their losses and let the new team do it. He doesn’t take kindly to that.

Platt is doing paperwork when Breeland comes in. They talk about his ride with Eamons.

It’s another tense night on the streets. Police are in riot gear and they are confronting the black community, ready to fight. Ashe and Preston roll up. He gets out and gives a speech. It diffuses the situation but puts all the pressure on him and Ashe.

Two kids are watching Breeland stop the people with the fire hose online. Turns out it’s his daughter. He storms in because she has the door closed with a boy in the room. She and her friend call him a hero.

Preston and Ashe get their hands on a video of Jesse’s encounter with Beck. There are some pretty big differences between that and his story. They take it to Platt. He says it doesn’t prove anything and then the radio goes off. Platt is needed and he brings them with him.

Shawn packs a bag and leaves. Eamons watches the news with her daughter and Platt brings Preston and Ashe to see Janae getting arrested for the murder of Joey Campbell.

I just feel so bad for Shameeka all the time here. She can’t win. I don’t get why Shawn left. I’m beginning to think Breeland is a tool but not a bad person. He might not be the murderer. I’m thinking it was Brooks.

Shots Fired, episode six

Shameeka Campbell walks Shawn to the bus. As it leaves the neighborhood, his classmates cheer for protesters demanding justice for his brother. Janae takes the mic. She wants an uprising. She wants to turn anger into action. A kid with a confederate flag around his neck throws a bottle. She confronts him before telling him to leave.

Preston and Ashe are going after the case against Arlen. They have to make sure they have it set up right otherwise they won’t get him at all. He goes to talk to Eamons while she talks to Cox.

At a major event, Eamons speaks and then Preston tells her that there is a witness that says one of the volunteer deputies killed Joey. She wants time to look into it. Ashe plays bad cop with Cox but he’s slick so he gives nothing away.

Platt tells Breeland about Derkin’s suicide. He seems to take it rough. They head into the main room and there is cake for Breeland’s anniversary on the force. Alicia Carr walks in. She wants to just look in Beck’s eyes. She wants to know if her son suffered. Beck tells her no. She tells Back that she hopes he suffers every day of his life.

Eamons confronts Platt about the volunteer program and the investigation. He tells her that if she listened in the first place there would be no investigation. She stands by her assessment. He couldn’t handle it.

Kids talk to Shawn Campbell about his brother. He’s like a celebrity.

Beck is in the break room. Platt comes in and talks to him. He’s on administrative leave with pay until things are resolved.

Preston and Sarah Ellis argue about the issue with the volunteers. She calls him unethical and he is offended. Then he and Ashe head to the station to watch Breeland “interrogate” some guy that says he dealt for Joey to Jesse. Platt stands by that connection. It screams of a set-up.

Afterward, Ashe heads out. She’s going back home to get things in order with her custody of Kia. She tells Preston she wouldn’t leave for anything else.

Kerry seems to be at her wits end while Beck sits around drinking. The doorbell chimes. It’s Preston. She doesn’t want to let him in but Beck says it’s okay. He wants to talk off the record about the tours and about Joey’s death. Nothing is resolved.

Ashe gets to Javier’s place to see Kia. Change of plans. It’s an observed visit. Ashe is not interested in a babysitter but Kia runs in before anything more can be said. Javier leaves and they have a visit.

Eamons is going to have a news conference because tensions are high. She is going to appoint a curfew. The others assembled want a state of emergency. Cox says that the citizens have declared war on her.

Janae is preaching again. Outside police in riot gear are marching. People are assembling and running as cops patrol. Eamons watches the news. She cancels the press conference. Police roll into the neighborhood in an armed truck with batons out.

It’s time for the hearing with Ashe and Javier. They argue and then Ashe tells the judge about her own childhood. She was raised by her father and spent a year in foster care when he got sick. The judge is moved by the emotions but her psych eval isn’t great. A decision will be made by the end of the week.

Someone comes in and gets Shameeka from the service. She runs to the protest looking for Shawn. Things are terrible. There is looting and people are being sprayed with fire hoses. Breeland puts an end to that. Shameeka can’t find Shawn. He’s lost in the shuffle and then decides to join in. He breaks a sheriff’s car windshield and police grab him. Shameeka sees and runs after them. She gets shoved to the ground and screams.

Ashe talks to her boss about the two cases. He is not pleased with the lack of results and the fact that there is a witness that contradicts their theory. She is staying with Javier and he talks to her about court. She’s offended but they eventually have sex. After she asks him again to drop the case. He says no and then she plays a recording she made of them sleeping together. If he doesn’t drop the case, she’ll ruin his relationship.

Preston confronts Arlen but it gets no where. Arlen tells him to go after the people burning the city and he says that he is. Preston leaves and runs into Shameeka. He finds out about Shawn and goes to talk to Breeland but it doesn’t help him.

Beck goes to see the memorial for Joey. Ashe listens to her voicemail. Preston stares into the void.

Things are getting real and I’m kind of glad that Ashe is away for it. She would only end up getting herself in trouble. I feel really bad for Shameeka. Shawn is a good kid. She can’t win.

Shots Fired, episode five

Alicia Carr and Shameeka Campbell leave their houses and get into limos. they are taken to a tv studio for an interview with Pastor Janae.

Beck is running. He collides with someone. It’s Preston. They talk about coincidences and Breeland and watching their backs. Beck mentions the case for Joey and Preston asks if he knows anything about it. He doesn’t.

The interviewer doesn’t pull any punches with the moms. The try to deflect but Janae embraces the chance to talk politics.

Preston reports back to Ashe about Beck’s reaction. She found something in one of the reports but there isn’t much they can do with it. Cory also helped with a sketch of Joey’s shooter.

At the station, Beck asks confronts Breeland about the drugs. He doesn’t come right out and say it but he tells him the drugs helped make the shot clean. Beck shoves him and they scuffle.

Shameeka and Alicia are waiting outside of the station after the interview. They talk about how much they hate being puppets and how music gets them through the days. Janae comes out and talks about the coverage and Alicia tells her that they speak for their sons, not her and not her church. A car pulls up and Alicia drives off.

Ashe is in court ordered therapy. She talks about how important

Preston found something else in the files. A former partner of Breeland’s, Derkin (Wes McGee) was around on all his busts until suddenly he was gone. They ask where he is and he was transferred two days after Joey was killed.

Afterward he heads to Sarah’s room and finds her stressing about the town hall backlash. She also makes a comment about the Carr case being a priority. She steps away and he looks at the open file on her computer. It’s a donor list. One name stands out to him. She comes back and he leaves.

Then he goes to a golf course and talks to the doctor he met at Cox’s party. He asks him about his involvement with the police department. He then moves on to questions about the Campbell case. The doctor denies everything.

Preston heads from the golf course to the governor’s mansion. She asks why he talked to the doctor and wants him to focus. He stands up for himself.

Ashe and Preston meet with Cory at the safe house. He presents Cory with a picture of the doctor because he looks similiar to the sketch. Cory is adamant that he is not the guy though. As they leave, Ashe gets a call. She has a lead on Derkin.

Breeland gives Platt some food because he heard there was a bit of domestic trouble. Platt admits that his wife moved out. They talk about being dedicated to the force and how they wouldn’t change a thing. Breeland also remarks that it is getting harder to breath in the small town.

Five hours outside of town, Ashe tracks down Derkin and he does help her a bit. He acknowledges he was at the scene even though he’s not in the report. He also tells her that AD isn’t a person. It means auxiliary deputy.

Penn Moder is holding a rally. He’s making things racist and pushing the Carr case. Janae interrupts. She says that you can’t be pro-life and not be interested in the Campbell case too. It makes the news.

Alicia sees the broadcast about the rally, and how Jesse’s picture is in the crowd. She goes to the garage and gets in his car and starts in. She sits and cries before getting out.

Shameeka gets home and talks to Shawn about his new school.

Janae goes to talk to Eamons about Cox funding the school programs. He’s also building private prisons. They disagree on how this will play out and Janae doesn’t want her name involved. They go their separate ways.

Preston and Ashe have another lead. An old man AD. Also Ashe has to head back to DC for a few days for a personal matter. Before they can start their questioning, Platt intercepts them. He tells them they are messing with his community and should back up. They ask about the deputies and what legal rights they have to be at these crimes. She puts the pieces together.

Platt is taking the governor’s rich white friends on tours of the black neighborhoods like it’s a safari.

They talk about the case. They have to turn Derkin. Ashe also tells Preston that she thinks people are born bad and taught to be good. She talks about her daughter and the custody hearing and he tells her that he sees the good in her. They take jabs at each other for who they’ve slept with recently. He leaves and tells her that he will see her at Cory’s.

On the way there, Ashe gets pulled over. She presents her credentials and the officer fights her. Throws her around a bit before patting her down. Breeland shows up and takes over. He brings up Kai and is just a creep.

At the Campbell household, Shawn is going over his homework with his mother. He reads the story he wrote about the injustices in the world.

Ashe gets to Cory’s and covers the marks from the handcuffs.

Derkin drives his truck into a lake.

Beck watches the Penn Moder rally on the news.

There is a “What about Joey” rally and things are tense. There are protestors and there are a lot of other people milling about too.

Cory looks at a ton of photos of old white dudes. He stares at a group shot and finally sees the man that killed Joey. Arlen Cox.

Janae leaves her church and goes out to a waiting car. Cox is sitting in the backseat.

I feel so bad for the Campbells. I thought Alicia was going to kill herself. I also don’t think that Derkin is dead. That would be too easy. Breeland is such a creep. Someone should punch him. And Platt. I feel like Preston is learning a little bit. That’s a good thing. He’s evolving.

Shots Fired, episode three

Another night out in the neighborhood. Ashe and Preston are trying to track down the missing kid Cory. They are talking to his father when they hear gunshots. Breeland and Deputy Brooks respond but don’t rush in until the shots end. A young black man is dead in the street when Ashe and Preston get there. Ashe and Breeland exchange words.
Preston has trouble seeing the body. It’s the first time he’s seen a dead victim and Ashe tells him it never gets easier.

At the bar, Breeland and Brooks are playing pool when a drunk retired cop starts running his mouth about Beck. He wants to start a petition to keep Beck out but Brooks tells him off. The cop mocks Breeland, who lays him out with one punch.

Kerry Beck (Clare-Hope Ashitey) is loading the kids up to go to school. She says that their father is going to take them but Beck comes out and asks her to do it. He’s going for a run instead. She asks if he is going to see a psychologist but he’s not.

Ashe is on the phone with her lawyer. She has permission to call her daughter. Then she and Preston head in to talk to Pastor Janae. They ask about the Jesse Campbell and then about Cory. She plays dumb even though they mention her reputation for keeping the neighborhood scared straight.

Alicia Carr is at home when someone comes to the door. It’s a guy running for governor. He wants to use her son’s memory as a political platform and she has no use for him and tells him to leave.

The toxicology is back on Jesse Carr. He was driving drunk. Preston and Ashe talk to his parents but his mother sees it as an attack on her son and she leaves.

Pastor Janae and Eamons are eating at Dabney’s restaurant. They talk about “serving” the lower class. There is quite a bit of press outside.

After her chat with the investigators, Alicia is on board with Penn Moder (R. Keith Harris) to talk about her son. She has the campaign in her house setting up to record something when Ashe comes by with papers for her to get her son’s car back. She tells Ashe she doesn’t trust her anymore.

Back in the neighborhood, Janae greets Eamons who is there to see Shameeka Campbell. They talk about Joey and then the governor starts to leave. Shameeka asks if there is anything she can do about keeping the middle school her other son goes to open because the one he’d have to switch to is much more dangerous. She says that she will see what she can do.

Ashe and Preston are at Jesse’s college talking to his ex-girlfriend and his RA. His drinking was an out of character thing. He had been drunk once on campus and got rowdy with some frat guys, got in the RAs face. The RA had to beat him down in front of everyone.

They had back to the board and start talking about what could’ve happened. Preston brings up race. Says it could have been in Jesse’s head after his altercation with his black RA who openly referred to him as “white boy wasted.” Ashe gets a call about the other Campbell witness, Kiana Ward. She’s got a new place is in a ritzy neighborhood. It is a far cry from the neighborhood when Ashe turns up. She snarks with Ward (Antonique Smith) before warning her to be careful otherwise she might end up like Cory. Someone is in a car outside listening to the whole thing.

Preston heads to Jesse’s frat to ask some questions. They don’t tell him anything but one pledge watches the whole exchange.

Breeland goes to the Campbell household. The governor told him to leave no stone unturned and that’s why he is there asking a few more questions. She tells him that she’s got nothing. He tells her not to be scared, that he’s a good guy and though she doesn’t say anything, she doesn’t seem to believe him either.

At the frat house, Preston is drinking with the pledge. Then they start talking about hazing and then about how rough it was for Joey. They sent him to the hood for barbeque as punishment for getting his ass kicked by a black guy. Preston turns off the music and stares down the head of the frat before leaving.

Beck gets home to find Kerry trying to fix the sink. It’s not working so well. He tries and cuts his hand. The plumber was too busy cause of who they are. They talk about how the world is hating on them and they have to stick together.

Ashe is at the station trying to find out how to get Joey’s car back for Alicia. The deputy on duty is no help. She sees Cory’s father finally filing a missing persons report. Later, Ashe has a call with her daughter that had been pushed back from earlier. She finds out that the call was pushed back because she went shoe shopping with her father. Ashe yells and Kai cries. Javier hangs up the phone.

Preston goes to the batting cage with Sarah Ellis. He’s upset about what happened with Cory. They talk about Ashe. He trusts her.

Alicia gets the car back. She sits in it and cries.

The Beck’s take a shower together.

Ashe spies on Cory’s uncle. First at a convenience store. She follows him though and finds Cory hiding out.

Who was spying on Kiana Ward? The police right? Breeland had to have been involved with that somehow. Those frat guys were terrible. I’m glad Cory isn’t dead but I feel like I missed something huge with that. I trust Eamons more than Janae but that isn’t saying much and I don’t know why but I don’t trust Sarah Ellis at all.

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