Supergirl, episode eighteen

Apparently Lena and James have spent the night together. She likes waking up next to him. He thinks she should get a place and not live in a hotel anymore. They are enjoying the moment when Reign busts in. She flings James across the room and yells to find out where Ruby is. Lena sprays her with Kryptonite and she leaves. J’onn tries to help his father but Myrn is not interested. He just wants J’onn to put a record on.

At the DEO, since pestilence is gone Plywood and his team are headed back to the future. They say some awkward goodbyes and Plywood seems conflicted. Alex interrupts with news on the attack at Lena’s. They head over and talk to Lena and James. Supergirl and J’onn are dispatched to protect Sam’s mom and Winn will update the profile they have on Reign. Alex badgers Lena until she admits where Ruby is. Alex then goes to keep her safe.

Sam’s mom knew Sam was Reign. She tells Supergirl and J’onn about Sam’s childhood. She isn’t leaving now. Alex gets inside and talks to Ruby. The girl is just concerned about her mom. Alex tries to give her non-answers and then distracts her. Kara and J’onn talk about his father’s condition and what can be done. The conversation ends though as Reign turns up. She attacks. Supergirl fights back but she’s no match.

Brainiac is keeping tabs on the DEO and things are not looking up with the Reign issue. Plywood seems interested in going back but as Imra approaches he doesn’t suggest it. Kara talks to Sam’s mom in the medbay for a few moments before she dies. James visits Lena at the office and tells her about Sam’s mom. He wants Lena to go to Supergirl as an ally and tell her she can make kryptonite. Lena doesn’t want to but James pushes.

Alex gets a call. She doesn’t say much but it’s obviously bad news. Ruby comes in and assumes it’s about her mom. She wants to know what’s up and she doesn’t want Alex to lie. Alex claims she isn’t lying and suggests a movie instead. She leaves the room and Ruby notices that Alex left her phone there. Reign hovers above the city. Kara and J’onn are running out of options. They head to his place to talk to his father and how to battle.

It works. They now have a plan. Imra sends her husband back to the DEO to help his ex so that when the battle is done he can make a decision on who to be with. Lena brings the kryptonite to the DEO and as expected Supergirl gets indignant. They argue about it. Ruby sneaks outside to call her mom. She leaves a message. Reign hears her talking and heads that way. Alex comes back into the room and realizes right away that something is up.

Reign arrives at the mansion just as the others get the alert. Kara is ready to roll and tells a still injured J’onn to stay behind. He needs to be there thought to wield the kryptonite. Enter Plywood. He’s ready to help. A battle in the vault in the basement ensues. Ruby finds out that her mother is Reign. Kara brings up Reign’s code to save Ruby. It works and they take her into custody. They bring her back to Lena.

Supergirl tells Lena that she trusts her and then finds out Plywood is back to stop Reign. J’onn goes home and spends time with his father. His condition is getting worse. Alex and Ruby talk about Sam and Reign. Ruby doesn’t trust Alex because she lied but Alex gives her word it will never happen again. Kara is in the elevator when Lena comes in too. They talk about Supergirl. Turns out Lena is just working with her because she has to. She doesn’t trust her. She used James against her. That’s Lillian levels. A girl steals a book from Coville’s followers.

I hate that they are pitting Lena and Supergirl against each other. I know they are setting her up to be the next big bad and I’m not interested in that. I like them as friends. I also think Kara cannot be subtle so that will blow up in their faces anyway. Also, Alex getting schooled by a pre-teen? She left Maggie because she wants kids and she as a 12-year-old teaching her.


Supergirl, episode seventeen

Lena’s lab is in ruins. She’s being questioned at the DEO. Supergirl wants to know why and how she managed to keep Reign. J’onn is more concerned with why they weren’t told. Lena says that she doesn’t work for a secret clandestine organization and doesn’t owe them anything. Reign, pestilence and Purity are together. Grace has given up but Julia and Sam keep fighting. James gets a call from Lena. She admits what she’s been up to and tells him Supergirl knows everything.

As she gets off the phone, Supergirl approaches and demands answers. Lena helps but then something blocks out the sun and Supergirl passes out. She comes to in the foggy woods and sees Sam and Julia running. When she comes back to herself Alex and Lena are there and she tells them what she saw. She knows what it is from the Book of Rao. She explains it to the others and Lena tells her that’s the alternate dimension that Sam goes to when Reign takes over.

They need to send Kara back to communicate with Sam and find out where they are. Brainiac is willing to send her in and Lena plans to tag along since she knows Sam and Reign. Alex thinks that’s a good idea. In the woods, Sam talks to Julia. They are both starting to forget themselves so she makes them write down what they know. Kara is having a crisis of faith about Lena so she asks James to make sure all the kryptonite is really gone. He agrees.

Alex wants to know why Lena didn’t tell and Lena says it wasn’t her secret to share. It makes sense. Alex also asks after Ruby but Lena says she is safe. Kara tells Plywood that if things go sideways she wants him to pull Lena and Alex out but leave her in. He agrees and off they go. Because it’s Alex, they immediately arm up and then start looking around. They find Grace and then start to really look for Sam and Julia.

Back on earth, Plywood doesn’t like that Kara is vulnerable. He wants to hug and hold her but he won’t hurt his wife. In the woods, Supergirl is still snarking at Lena. She’s willing to defend herself though. She has secrets. Everyone does. Supergirl claims she doesn’t so Lena asks her real name. It gets them nowhere and then a Kryptonian demon attacks. They move on and find Julia and Sam. It’s not pretty. While they are there James, with Winn on the comms, breaks into Lena’s lab. He doesn’t blow up the vault door to check inside but pretends he does.

Sam and Julia are seeing their victims. Sam thinks that she killed them too. Things are getting worse for Kara topside but Plywood says she is to be left in. Lena, Alex and Supergirl keep talking about Ruby. It works. Sam seems to snap into her body. Reign takes Lena hostage in the woods while Sam fiddles with some tech in the fortress. It sends a signal and the DEO tracks where they are. They pull Kara and the others out in the nick of time. Now they have to go do battle.

Supergirl tells Lena to help Brainiac and heads out. Before she can join the fight, Winn stops Alex. He wants to help her so he gives her an awesome suit. She’s stoked. The fight starts and Lena manages to pilot the ship while Brianiac fixes things. Everyone on the good guy team gets knocked out but Julia rises up to fight Reign. It knocks her out and Pestilence takes Julia down. They both die and the fortress falls as the good guys flee.

Back at the DEO everyone is in good spirits. Winn tells Kara that James gave the all clear. Supergirl catches up with Lena and they decide that the slate is clean. Later that night she gets to her office and finds James waiting. He tells her that he wants to know her. Then admits that he is Guardian and went snooping in her lab. He could’ve gotten in the vault but didn’t. She’s okay with that. She admits it wasn’t Lex’s kryptonite. She knows how to make it. The boss tells Reign to kill Ruby.

Why did James have to throw Supergirl under the bus? Honestly I maybe didn’t hate James in the beginning but I really do now. I also hate him with Lena. And I hate that they are setting it up so Lena is a bad guy. Why can’t she just stay Kara’s friend? Also how does she not recognize Kara? Alex being so excited for her new suit was great.

Supergirl, episode sixteen

It’s business as usual at City Hall. Just one guy with a bloody nose. Nothing all that unusual. In the lab, Alex examined one of the birds. There is no sign that it was sick, expect that it’s dead. This is just the first step of pestilence, Plywood and his wife explain. Once it is here they won’t be able to stop it. They need to kill her now, Imra says. Kara is not on board with that plan. Plywood reminds them that they have a cure as Winn comes in to say all the city officials are sick.

Lena makes Sam turn into Reign to run tests. In her head, Reign is not happy. J’onn, Alex and Kara head to City Hall to check out the victims. They are quarantined and they all have scratches on them. Alex and Winn talk to one of the female doctors about it. She wants the quarantine lifted if they know what to do. J’onn wants to avoid a panic but it’s too late. Imra showed up and caused a ruckus.

After Sam’s chat with Reign she tells Lena about it. Basically there is an alternate dimension where Reign exists when she’s not in control. That’s where she sends Sam and that’s why she can’t remember things. Imra and Plywood extract the cure from their DNA. Kara is pissed that Imra is getting involved. Alex tries to explain to her that she can work with Imra and help her see reason. Winn interrupts with a lead on their suspect. Kara heads out but Imra beat her there.

It’s no use though. The suspect is another victim. And she’s dead. Back at the DEO, Alex and Winn are still hard at work trying to identify who is scratching the victims. That’s when Winn’s nose starts bleeding. He’s put in the medbay and they give him the cure. Alex will keep working. Kara confronts Imra about going around her. Imra won’t hear it though. She’s from the future. She’s seen firsthand that Kara’s methods fail. She’s doing this her way.

Sam heads to the alternate dimension for another chat with Reign. She thinks Lena is getting to her but Reign tells her that if they join forces Sam will have everything she ever desired. Sam seems tempted but then she snaps out of it. Lena tells her that there is no other way. Kara is worried she won’t be able to get through to pestilence. J’onn tells her to trust herself. Plywood fights with Imra and Brainiac about their mission. Brainiac cuts him off though.

Winn is doing worse and that’s when they realize they have the cure from the future not the cure for now. They will have to get pestilence’s DNA to modify it. That’s when Alex drops. She’s sick too. She wants to keep helping but Kara and J’onn tell her they have it handled and she should focus on getting better. Winn talks to James about learning to deal with his baggage after making peace with his mother. Now he’s worried it’s too late. James tries to be supportive.

As Winn doses, James calls Lena because she owns a pharmaceutical company and he thinks she should try and help. She tells him she already is and she might be close to a breakthrough. After the call, she sends Sam back to deal with Reign again. Reign threatens Ruby and Sam snaps out of it. She wants to call Alex or Supergirl but Lena tells her that they can’t. It’s too dangerous.

Brainiac has tried to ID a suspect but he can’t do it. Kara checks social media though and finds the doctor near a victim. She also talked to Winn and Alex. It must be her. Kara and Plywood roll out. Brainiac gives Imra a heads up too. They find pestilence, aka Grace, threatening a board meeting. Kara tries to get through to her but Grace likes being this way. She fights back. Kara ends up injured and Imra tries to take out Grace. It doesn’t work. Purity saves her.

They did manage to get her DNA though. Alex wakes up and everyone is happy. J’onn is glad he has a support system when dealing with his father in the coming months. Kara and Imra talk about the fact that Imra’s sister got sick because of pestilence in the future. They will win this. Winn is back to work and he’s tracking Pestilience who is currently headed toward L-Corp.

Naturally Kara is worried about Lena so she, Mr. and Mrs. Plywood, and J’onn zap over there to keep her safe. That’s when they find Sam in containment. She’s not quite Sam though. She’s becoming Reign and her buddies are able to break her out of the little cell. They destroy the lab before flying away.

I mean this was okay but I wasn’t really that into it. I don’t know. They are setting it up so that Lena is at odds with Supergirl which I don’t like. Alex and Winn are useless humans so of course they get sick. I just don’t care about the love triangle and I feel like that was too much of this episode.

Supergirl, episode fifteen

Kara and plywood are studying footage of Reign fighting, looking for weaknesses. They find that when she goes high that is the window. Winn comes in to announce that he fixed Mon-El’s old suit. J’onn goes home to check on his father. He’s worried now. Lena tells Sam that she is Reign but that it’s a matter of being a split personality. Her DNA re-writes itself.

Sam doesn’t want to believe it though. She figures that she signed up for this because she asked a Luthor. She gets called upstairs and finds James there. He wants to talk but she tells him she’s dealing with an emergency. Then they talk about staging an intervention. J’onn gets back to work with his dad. He suggests letting Alex run some tests but his father needs to pray.

While he does that, Winn and another tech get testy with one another. Kara also seems agitated as she trains with plywood. Winn and the other guy throw punches and when Winn is pinned he pulls a gun. Kara hears the commotion and runs out. The other guy swats the gun away and that’s when Alex comes in. She takes out the other guy and then yells at Winn and he swings at her.

Alex takes down Winn and Kara comes running in and pulls her off him. J’onn comes in and puts a mental block on. Alex apologizes to the guys and then points out that their behavior was just like one of the aliens they have locked up who raged at the bar. She and Kara go to check on her and along the way talk about the unresolved issues between Kara and plywood. J’onn knows it was his father who messed with that alien.

Lena and Sam are still arguing about why she is being kept in a cage. Lena pushes until Sam snaps. She uses her heat vision and then transports first to the field from Kara’s dreams at the beginning of the season and then to a dark forest. J’onn tells Kara and Alex about what happened and what he’s trying to do with his father. Alex tells him that it’s time to step up and tell him what’s what. Lena shows Sam footage of her breakdown.

Plywood wants to talk about Kara’s pent up aggression toward him. She wants to train and fight. J’onn goes to talk to his father. It doesn’t go well. Kara snaps at Mon-El for being a jackass during their relationship until Alex gives her a dampener. Also, all of the cell doors open. The DEO is total mayhem. Everyone is fighting each other and the escaped prisoners. Kara practices her cape tricks though.

J’onn tries to plead with his father. It’s working until a white Martian shows up. J’onn has to fight it. He wins and then helps his father. It stops the chaos at the DEO but brings them both to tears. Sam calls Ruby to tell her she won’t be home for a while. She doesn’t want to know where Ruby will be until she’s better. M’yrrn apologizes to everyone at the DEO. Lena goes to her office and finds James.

He brought her dinner and intends to head out but she invites him to stay. She thinks they have a good thing going but will have to keep secrets. He’s okay with that. Kara talks to plywood about raging at him. Then they head out to do the hero thing and find dead birds. It’s the last of Reign’s buddies.

So this whole episode seemed like a way to showcase that plywood is new and reformed but that seems like a crock of shit to me. I don’t understand why Supergirl’s married ex-boyfriend is so important to the show. He’s not. I also feel bad for Winn because he just got walloped first by random dude and then by Alex. Also, pushing the James/Lena thing is nonsense. They don’t fit together and scuttlebutt is he’s leaving at the end of the season anyway.

Supergirl, episode fourteen

Kara is rallying the troops… for karaoke night at the bar. Everyone takes a turn and has some fun. James and Plywood talk about the women in their lives, though James doesn’t mention Lena by name. Winn takes the stage for his turn with the mic when he sees the news. His father died in prison. He heads outside. James follows and listens to Winn break down about not having any feelings.

The gang gathers to bury him and when Winn steps away a woman approaches him. His mother. She tells him that they are finally safe. That’s when Kara hears the jack-in-the-box music. Everyone takes cover just as the casket explodes. Back at the DEO, Alex checks Mary, Winn’s mother, out. Kara pesters Winn about being certain his father was actually the man they buried. Winn is adamant. Alex comes in and tells him that Mary wants to talk to him.

That’s when Myrrn makes his entrance. He needs some cash to tip the pizza delivery man. J’onn points out they didn’t need a pizza since they bought groceries for their housewarming dinner. Alex intervenes to smooth out the tension. Mon-El talks to Kara. He apologizes for lying about being the prince of Daxam. He knows what it’s like to be lied to now because Irma and Brainiac lied to him. Kara is sympathetic so naturally he asks her out for a drink and she agrees.

Winn actually talks to his mother. She tells him she actually stayed away because his father threatened him if she ever came back. She thought that he would be safe but that’s not the case. Winn tells her that he doesn’t care about her excuses. She can keep him safe by leaving again. As he walks back into the command center there is a commotion. A swarm of flying monkeys wrote “Surrender Mary” in the sky and now they are headed toward the DEO.

James and agents fight the swarm inside while Kara gives chase to the leader. There’s a considerable amount of destruction but the situation is handled. Kara checks in with Alex who is at J’onn’s. They talk about the racial divide in America and Myrrn shows signs of a few more memory lapses. James and Winn talk about the latter building a relationship with his mother.

Mary has a talk with Supergirl about Winn’s role at the DEO and how important he is to everyone. Alex talks to Myrrn about found family and he slips again. He admits that he is aware of his memory loss problems and she tells him that he has to tell J’onn. He gets combative and kicks her out just as J’onn walks back into the room. Winn is working on the monkey tech and Mary is trying to help.

He tries to get rid of her but she talks to him. She explains that she tried to go to a shelter and his father ran them off the road and threatened Winn. J’onn finds Alex at work and asks about what happened. She tells him that she had a lovely time but he really needs to talk to his father. James leaves another message for Lena before checking in with Winn and his mom. They are working together and seem to be in good spirits.

Just as Winn explains their lack of progress to James, Mary finds something. She doesn’t tell them though. Instead she pockets it, steals a gun and heads to a toy factory to confront some woman. The woman was a protege of Winn’s dad and she is going to fulfill his last request by letting Mary watch her kill Winn. Speaking of, he knows his mom is missing now and tells the others just as they get a transmission from the woman. She tells them she will trade Winn for his mom.

Winn, Kara, Plywood and James head out and end up in a fight right away. Kara ends up… in a toy package. Plywood frees her by letting a dinosaur whack the packaging. Meanwhile, Winn and James find Mary. There’s a bit of fisticuffs and a rebuilt flying monkey involved but Winn manages to take the woman down and free his mom. Everyone is impressed.

It’s another night of karaoke. Plywood butchers his turn while Winn and Mary have a moment. She tells him that she’s proud of him and that she can leave now. He tells her that he wouldn’t mind it if she stuck around. Kara tells Plywood that she can’t be his sympathetic ear. He tells her that’s not what he wanted to talk about and then breaks down some stuff about Reign’s posse. They can work together now. Cue giggles.

Myrnn and J’onn sit down for dinner. He finally comes clean about his condition. The others are still having a blast at karaoke when J’onn walks in. Alex sees him and knows. She goes over to hug him. James finally gets a call back from Lena. She tells him that she’s been busy at L-Corp with Sam. Which is true. Except she’s working on Sam not with her and Sam is knocked out and in a hospital type bed.

I know that this is setting up a Kara reunion with Plywood but I have no interest in that. Can we just get rid of him? I’m glad Alex is there for J’onn. They are best buds. I also expected Lena to be like kidnapped or something so I was I guess pleasantly surprised when she was just lying about work instead.

Supergirl, episode thirteen

Supergirl, the DEO and plywood roll into suburbia to take down some girl from Reign’s team. They kick down the door and move through the house. The lady, Julia, is just sitting in the back room listening to headphones. They sneak up on her and she freaks out. She gets all possessed and knocks them down until Kara and J’onn work together and cuff her.

Lena is back at L-Corp which Sam thinks is because she is sick. Lena tells her she trusts her and is just trying to relieve stress. Alex and Winn are happy campers because of the successful DEO mission. Now he has to track some crystals to find the sand castle. Kara is acting funny though. Plywood calls her on it but Alex follows up.

Kara tells her she thinks Julia is still in there and that she can get through to her. Alex doesn’t think so but she will let her have a try. They head to holding and try to talk to the Julia aka Purity. Kara tries to reason with her and get through to her human side. Alex jumps in and interrupts and snarks and threatens.

Sam picks up Ruby from school to play hooky. J’onn, Winn and plywood go to see J’onn’s ship. Basically the from the future ship needs a jump so that it can float and J’onn’s engine can do that.

At first, Kara seems to be getting through to Julia but she snaps out of it and starts tossing around threats. Alex goes toe to toe with her until Kara pulls her out of the room and asks what has gotten into her. Alex tells her that not everyone is bulletproof and that cynicism is what keeps people alive.

Plywood’s working on his ship but getting nowhere. His wife comes in and has words with him. Winn uses that as a chance to duck away. J’onn soon follows. Alex goes at Purity again but it’s no use because Purity has got Alex’s number. She says that Alex had a chance at happiness and threw it away and now a piece of her is missing. Alex walks out and Kara yells at Purity.

Winn finds Alex pacing the lab and gives her a hug. He doesn’t get a chance to talk to her before she takes off. The crystal in the lab lights up as Kara and Purity start to argue. Sam, who is ice skating with Ruby, has a moment. Her eyes flash and when Ruby turns around she’s gone. Purity escapes her cell and knocks out Kara before moving though the DEO.

She lays waste to the place, grabs her crystal and flies away. J’onn gets back to the plywood ship with alcohol. They talk about how his marriage was one of convenience and how he still has feelings for Kara. J’onn plays marriage counselor.

Lena gets to the skating rink and talks to Ruby. She’s worried about her mother and knows something is wrong. Lena promises to help. The team assembles because Winn knows where Purity is. He gives them ear plugs to protect themselves and they head out. Reign gets an update from her yoda at her sand castle. She has to go find Purity herself.

Purity is in a subway car when Supergirl turns up. They start to battle and it moves out onto the tracks and then into a station. Kara is getting beat big time. Alex and J’onn are trying to save the citizens. Plywood jumps in and gets knocked out in one kick.

With Supergirl in a chokehold, Purity is about to win so Alex pleads with Julia. It works and that’s when Reign shows up. Alex starts shooting at her and Reign takes her down. Julia volunteers to go to save Alex.

Alex ends up with busted ribs and a bruised ass. Winn has more bad news. They lost Reign and Julia on the tracker as soon as they took off. Kara has a theory though. They aren’t supposed to beat these people. They are supposed to save them.

Winn has fixed the other ship. Mr. and Mrs. Plywood have a heart to heart about his feelings for Kara and where his head is at. She admits that she wasn’t honest either. There is another reason they are there.

Kara and Alex go to the bar and Alex explains that she can’t get over Maggie. Kara gives her a motivational speech. They smile at each other. Sam gets to Lena’s office because that’s where she thinks Ruby is. Lena tells Sam that Ruby is worried and Lena ends up having a Reign episode. Lena sees it. She says she knows what it is and she can fix it.

Alex can have all the things! With Maggie! I don’t care at all about plywood’s marital strife and I feel bad for Ruby but she’s basically a walking plot device. Alex was so nasty to Kara when they stepped out for that minute. I’m glad they sorted that out.

Supergirl, episode twelve

Reign and her team are descending on a ravaged earth. Kara wakes up. It was a nightmare. Kara heads to the DEO. She wants to track down these quasi-kryptonians. Winn will get to work tracking them. Kara wants to get to work because she knows Reign is plotting her next move.

She’s not though. She’s getting an MRI from Alex. Sam thinks she might have a brain tumor but Alex tells her they just need to take some pictures and see what they are working with. Lena and James are getting breakfast together. JAmes is in a bit of a hurry though because he has a meeting at CatCo.

Lena offers to rush and go with him but he tells her that makes the staff uncomfortable. They run into Edge and argue with him. Edge and Lena accuse each other of murder before he gets in his car and speeds off. A few blocks away he tries to brake but it doesn’t work. His car has been hacked and it’s headed at a high-speed toward the water. He jumps out to save himself.

James is running his meeting when Lena walks in. She chimes in an idea but before it gets any further they are interrupted by Edge. He accuse Lena of hacking his car. James and Kara fight back for her. Afterward they keep trying to figure Edge out. Lena just wants the hassle to be over.

Alex looks at the scans. There is nothing there. They will send the scans, and some bloodwork, to an expert. Sam is scared of needles but there is no issue. She talks about being a burden but Alex gives her a pep talk.

Kara, James and Lena are still brainstorming. Eve brings in Lena’s coffee and takes it to the balcony where she promptly starts seizing. It’s poison. Kara takes her while James chases down where the coffee came from. The guy with the poison dies before James can get there.

At the DEO, Alex treats Lena for cyanide poisoning with Kara’s help. James threatens Edge. J’onn tells Kara she did good but Lena should wake up someplace other than a secret government facility.

She wakes up at CatCo and has a chat with James and Kara about Edge. She wants to go after him like Reign. Kara tells her that she’s not a killer but Lena denies that. James tries his hand too but when she’s along, Lena puts pieces together and goes to a lab. There she finds Lillian waiting for her.

Lillian is town because she is after Edge. She thinks Lena has potential to be like the rest of the family and is just wasting away at Catco. She wants a chance to go after Edge. Lena goes back to Catco and wants to talk to Kara. Before they get a chance Alex and Sam show up and talk about Sam’s condition.

Kara tells Sam that they are family and everyone has her back. Alex and Sam head out and Kara asks Lena what was so important. Lena tells her about Lillian and her desire to go after Edge. She also admits to almost killing the man herself and that she has a plan to protect him now. They just have to head to the National City Gala.

They go and manage to sneak in. Lena tells Edge that Lillian hacked the car and is after him again. Lena will protect him though. So long as he confesses and she records it. A drone moves in and starts firing at him. He confesses and Lena saves him. Then Lillian rolls in and yells at her.

She’s got a kryptonite suit and Supergirl shows up. They fight and Lillian is winning. Plywood shows up and they fight too. Winn hacks a drone and takes Lillian out. Edge tries to get away with the recording but Guardian stops him. The good guys win the day.

Lena and Kara talk it out as the cops move around the scene. James turns up and Lena has a moment with Lillian before she is taken away. Alex gets a call. Sam is healthy and can live in the now and go see her daughter. Alex and Lena declare they will figure it out.

Kara runs into plywood at the DEO. They talk about being a good team and how tough things are for them. He’s committed to being a hero. Winn has a lead on the rest of Reign’s team. He’s done some tracking and pulls up some pictures. Kara recognizes one from her dreams.

Why did plywood suddenly get to boss people around at the DEO? I mean Winn would be messing with the drones anyway but he started yelling and even Alex listened. That is not acceptable. Also, Alex had a job as a doctor in Seattle? Lexie Grey much. I feel like they are setting this up for Alex to get custody of Ruby and I have no use for that.