Supergirl, episode ten

Kara wakes up and hears someone knocking at the door. She goes to answer it and finds an interesting being on the other side. It’s a half robot dude that introduces himself as Brainiac. He’s checking on Kara’s brain because she’s been in a coma for two days.

Mon-El woke dude up from hypersleep to communicate with her. It jogs her memory. She remembers the fight with Reign and freaks out. She wants to continue to the fight. Brainiac in the real world updates the folks waiting. J’onn is concerned about their odds without Supergirl.

Sam is chasing Ruby around the house. They are just playing though. Ruby heads out to the movies with a friend as Sam gets distracted by a photo of Reign. She goes to her sand castle and gets a new mission. Fight for righteousness and take down the apathetic.

James and Lena watch the coverage about Supergirl missing at Catco. Lena wants to have a meeting with Kara to tell her that they kissed. They get interrupted when Reign rolls in. She wants them to deliver her message. She declares war on the justice system.

Winn thinks that plywood’s team should fight but they won’t do it. They are from the future and can’t jeopardize their world. All they can say is that Supergirl lives and eventually Reign leaves. Alex goes to see Kovel but that leads to nothing.

Lena and James are at work and James is acting weird. Lena thinks it is because of the kiss but James says that he is out of sorts because of concern for Kara, who has the flu. Immediately Lena decides to go see her. She will even bring soup. James calls Winn for help.

Kara is still in her coma-loft with Brainiac. He thinks she should be ready to wake up but she still can’t get the door open. They don’t know what to do in the real world either. Brainiac thinks she should wake up but she’s not.

Inside the coma, Brainiac says it seems to be a matter of self-preservation. He suggests that she may be scared. She starts punching the door and using her powers. It’s no use. In the real world Alex is begging Kara to wake up. Brainiac admits he’s never seen anything like this and that the longer she stays under, the more likely it is permanent.

Sensors go off. Reign is attacking. Mrs. Plywood wants to battle but he’s not interested. They tell Alex the story of their mission and why they can’t get involved. They have secret information in their DNA and they need to bring it to the future.

Alex calls J’onn for an update on the kryptonite weapons. They’ve got an hour still so J’onn goes undercover as Kara to trick Lena. It works and they talk about James. Once Lena leaves, J’onn hurries back and the DEO rolls out to stop Reign.

Reign shows up at a bank robbery but its a fake. Alex and J’onn are the robbers and they hit Reign with some soil and kryptonite. It’s no use though and Alex gets her leg busted in the process. Afterward, Mrs. Plywood again wants to get involved. Plywood seems to agree now.

Kara is still in her coma but now she knows that she should probably be looking for a sign. She starts looking around. Alex sits with her on the outside and tells her that she is her favorite person. Kara in the coma looks around and remembers the stray cat she took in as a kid. It made her feel less alien.

The others are prepping for Reign. Alex figures out what her next target will be but it’s too late. Reign is already there. Albatross Bay. She’ll go after the prisoners and the guards. J’onn wants to go but he needs help. Plywood and his team are ready.

At the prison Reign is messing things up. She finds Kovel praying to Rao and they talk before Bon Jovi starts piping through the prison. Reign goes to see what’s up and battles team Plywood.

Brainiac is a little distracted in the coma and Kara tells him to go. He comments that Supergirl had a great life but this isn’t Supergirl’s place. It’s Kara’s. Brainiac mentions that Alex called Kara her favorite person before leaving. Kara looks around. She finds her glasses, and a key. She can open the door.

The battle at the prison rages on. J’onn tries to stop her but can’t. same for Plywood and his wife. Kara wakes up and is ready to help. She doesn’t care that its kryptonite. She gets out and jumps into battle. She gets whacked and then hits Reign with a kryptonite syringe. Reign takes off.

Supergirl thanks the plywoods for fighting. He was worried about her and enjoyed fighting with her again. He walks away and she meets Brainiac for real this time. James is still at work when Lena comes in. They talk and then kiss again.

Alex and Kara are drinking wine and catching up. They talk about what it was like when she was in a coma. She grew as a person and learned some things about herself. Alex is glad but was genuinely worried and asks her to avoid comas. Reign went back to the sand castle and finds out she has a team too. Kovel will help her find them.

J’onn as Kara is the best thing ever. I really love that and thought that was just incredible and ridiculous and honestly one of the funniest things on this show probably ever. I’m upset that Alex got hurt and have zero use for James and Lena getting together. I think it’s likely this show will not return for another season so I’ll stick it out but I’m not invested in most of what happens now.


Supergirl, episode nine

Sam has a nightmare and Ruby checks on her. She asks about her trip but Sam doesn’t remember any of it. Plywood and his wife explain what happened in the future and how they ended up in the past.

Kara has a Christmas party and Winn banters with J’onn and his dad. Kara and Alex drink and act all melancholy until someone knocks. It’s Ruby and Sam. The former comes in and chats with Alex while the latter talks to Lena about James. Kara comes over and the three of them have a moment about how awesome they are.

J’onn pulls Kara away because they are needed at a scene. Vasquez is there and they don’t understand the issue because it seems like this is an after the fact arson call. Vasquez suggests taking to the sky and Kara sees the crop circle sign.

She takes a photo of it to the hologram of her mother. It’s an ancient Kryptonian rune. Kara knows it is important but there isn’t any other information. The symbol is popping up everywhere. James sends the CatCo staff out to cover the story as Lena walks in. She thinks that Edge is behind it and wants to pay him a visit.

Lena and James go to his office and have a bit of spat. They get nowhere. Kara and Winn talk about the symbol as they walk into the bar. Guess who is also there? Plywood and the wife. Winn distracts the wife so Kara and Mon-El can have a moment. During their chat she gets a call from prison.

It’s from Coville and he knows about what’s going on. He’s studied the ancient texts and spoke to Kryptonians. He wants Kara to know that this is her purpose. She has to save the day. Sam is still working and Ruby is cranky. It’s Christmas Eve and she wants to go home. Instead Sam gives her a necklace with the Super crest.

Kara goes back to the DEO and updates the others on her visit with Coville. Mrs. Plywood talks to her about Plywood. James and Lena go to find more evidence against Edge. They end up almost dying.

They have circumstantial evidence and show it to Sam. She studies Edge’s photo and then takes off. She leaves and she has a suit on with the symbol on it. The DEO talks about Edge and whomever is leaving the symbols. Kara is ready to beat someone down. She leaves a mark for the bad guy.

Edge calls Lena to taunt him. As he hangs up, chaos breaks out in his office. The bad Kryptonian is attacking people. Edge hides out though and calls a press conference. James and Lena watch it together before sharing a drink. They don’t finish them because they start kissing again.

Plywood and Irma are training when they start being all cutesy. Kara watches until Winn and Alex run over. The bad Kryptonian showed up. Supergirl goes and talks to her, tells her to stand down. It’s no use. They start to fight.

They fight at a Christmas part and then on a boat and then in the streets, causing tons of damage. Tons of people see Reign bash Supergirl bloody. She kicks her onto a rooftop and then throws her off. Kara lands and is knocked out.

James and Lena saw the whole thing from nearby. Alex gets there and goes into doctor mode. They rush her back to the DEO and Alex treats her. Ruby wakes up on Christmas and hurries down to see her mother. Sam is staring out the window with her hand twitching. She turns around when Ruby calls.

They keep doing this thing with the camera where the circle the whole room a few times while a few people talk. It makes me dizzy. I don’t like it. Happy to see Vasquez again. The Christmas party bit was funny but the whole Lena and Kara are besties with Sam makes no sense. They’ve known her for like three weeks.

Legends of Tomorrow, episode eight

The battle rages on. Martin opens the gateway and gets shot a few more times in the process. They Firestorm up and head out. As Thawne tries again for the surgery, the Legends show up and stop him. Ray and Felicity take Kara and try to save her but Evil Oliver turns up to stop them. Oliver takes Evil Kara hostage though.

While they argue that, everyone else fights Metallo. Thawne whisks team evil away and Oliver and Felicity have a heartfelt reunion. Barry and Iris get their turn too. Caitlin is working to save Martin but now its messing with Jefferson too. Alex finds Kara and they hug.

So because of the Firestorm, Martin and Jefferson are linked. That’s the only thing keeping Martin alive. It’s actually killing Jefferson in the process. Martin knows there is no choice. He takes the formula to separate them and then dies.

Word quickly spreads throughout the ship and everyone is upset. Jefferson notifies the family. Everyone else is gearing up to fight the dopplegangers. Evil Oliver reaches out. They will leave peacefully if they turn over Supergirl. Oliver says no deal and Sara tells everyone to prepare for battle.

They take to the streets but it isn’t really working. Kara gets an idea and challenges Evil Kara. They duke it out until the evil version hits critical mass. Kara takes her to space where she blows up. Oliver and Barry also confront their likenesses. They win those fights too. Kara falls to the ground and Nate catches her.

Ray goes back to the other either but Snart sticks around. They go to Martin’s funeral and Jefferson provides a eulogy. A lot of people say their goodbyes. Alex thanks Sara for putting things into perspective. She’s going to trust her instincts. She and Kara head back to earth. Sara and the Legends take off.

Barry and Iris are going to just get a justice of the peace. Felicity has an idea though. She knows someone that’s ordained. Barry kidnaps Diggle and he runs the show for Iris and Barry. Just before he wraps it up Felicity interrupts. She’s game for marriage now so she wants it to be a double wedding. Diggle is game and they proceed. He pronounces them all married.

Why did Snart stay behind? I don’t get that. Honestly most of this was garbage. Why wasn’t Diggle invited to the wedding in the first place? Also, they couldn’t bring Joe back for the little wedding.

The Flash, episode eight

Okay so the are in a camp on the bad planet and they can’t use powers to escape. The other people locked up have committed “crimes” such as “loving the wrong person.” Back on the regular earth, everyone at the lab is locked up in individual cells. Thawne has Kara strapped to a table with red sunlamps on her.

Evil Kara comes in and talks to them about the procedure. Iris and Felicity overhear them and come up with an idea. They have to get Cisco out to help them so they move on that. In the camp, the commander comes in. It’s Quentin Lance and he exchanges words with Sara about impurities and such. He takes the heroes out to face a firing squad.

Right before they fire Snart comes in to save the day. One other prisoner was taken with them and it turns out he has powers too. Snart takes the shackles off him and the new guy Ray blasts some sunlight at them and they all run away.

Evil Kara taunts Kara about her lack of lovelife. It’s almost time for the transplant. Iris and Felicity try to save Cisco, Harry and Caitlin from their prisons but can’t. They page the Legends but they are going to have save Kara themselves.

Ray and Snart take the good guys back to their hideout. They talk about the gateway to the regular earth. The team is stoked to go back but it’s not that easy and it’s being guarded by bad guys oh and General Winn wants to blow it up. They plead their case but it’s no use.

Alex tries her hand at getting through to Winn but it’s no use. He wants to protect his people so he can’t give them time. Sara finds Alex rummage for a weapon. She’s upset. She’s going on her own to save Kara. Sara talks her down and tells her to trust her instincts with the Maggie thing.

Snart and Ray are an item and Snart wants to save these people. Ray relents and they go to Winn. They’ve got more time so they make a plan. Winn tells them that they have an hour and then he’s blowing it up.

It’s time for surgery. Thawne is ready to roll and knocks Evil Kara out. Then Iris and Felicity cut the power to the building. They get Kara off the table but end up caught before they can get outside. Snart and Oliver sneak into the bad guy base undercover. Quentin is in there. They launch a fighter ship to the regular earth.

Thawne can’t get the power back on because Felicity encrypted it. Oliver fights some people. The control board is broken and they will need to launch home manually. Snart calls Winn for more time and finds out they are getting less. The weapon is on its way.

Back at the lab, Thawne threatens Felicity. Kara comes in and tells her to give him what he wants and save herself. She does. It’s time for a showdown on the bad planet. Oliver, Snart, Firestorm, Alex and Sara fight some bad guys while Ray and Barry derail the robot that Winn launched. To help the team, Martin and Jefferson separate and Martin gets shot in the process.

I feel bad for Winn. They are going to ruin his chance at winning the war by breaking the robot because Quentin is still around to run the bad guy army. I also feel like the conversation that Alex had with Sara is basically like the same one she had with Maggie when Kara was stranded on that moon.

Arrow, episode eight

They come face to face with the hostage. It’s Tommy Merlin. While Oliver talks to him, the others try to figure out what’s going on. Harry knows that these people are from Earth X. It’s so awful it doesn’t even have a designation. Oliver talks to Tommy. It isn’t productive at all because Tommy is evil and believes the garbage he’s been taught. He kills himself before talking.

Evil Oliver gets an alert that Tommy is dead. Then he fights with Evil Thawne. Evil Kara has to step in. Thawne walks away and it turns out that Kara and Oliver are an item on the evil planet. Felicity gives Curtis some homework. Then she and Oliver have a marriage talk. She’s not into it.

Jefferson and Harry and Caitlin are trying to track down the bad guys when Martin comes in. He wants to have a heart to heart with Jefferson who admits that the separation feels an awful lot like being abandoned by a father figure.

Alex and Sara have another awkward run in. After that Kara finds Alex in a tailspin. She’s second-guessing the breakup but Kara talks her down. Felicity and Iris talk about her Oliver troubles until they are rudely interrupted by an attack. Kara, Oliver and Barry go to confront the bad guys and there’s a bad guy speech and then a fight. Oh and Evil Oliver and Kara are married. Oliver has a kryptonite arrow that he uses on Evil Kara.

The bad guys get away and the good guys save the civilians. In the lab everyone but Iris talks sciency. Barry comes back with the krypton arrow covered in Evil Kara blood. Alex knows how to track it. Iris and Barry talk about love and then Oliver chimes in and says that that’s what they are fighting for. Alex’s plan worked.

They have a lead on where the bad guys are. The team gets together and rolls out. Mick is still at the lab. In the midst of the fight, Alex and Sara notice that Evil Oliver is nowhere to be found. He turns up at the lab and Harry sounds the alarm. Oliver gets knocked out and watches the fight a bit. Things are not looking up.

At the lab, Mick and Caitlin fight some bad guys. It looks like the good guys have won but Metallo shows up and the tide changes. The good guys end up hostages and Evil Oliver gets back. They have what they need and they are now ready to go. They are going to cut Kara’s heart out and give it to the Evil Kara.

Iris and Felicity creep around looking out for trouble. They find it. Ramirez is being locked in a cell at the lab. Meanwhile the others wake up. They don’t see Kara but they might have a bigger problem. They seem to be on Earth X in a camp.

I really don’t have much use for most of these people so I don’t care about a lot of what’s going on. The fact that they made it Nazis is fucked up. They could just be generic bad guy team so the whole thing is just wrong. I mostly only like Alex and Kara. I don’t mind Sara or Barry. I must admit seeing Dr. Rhodes go all evil was kind of fun though.

Supergirl, episode eight

o Earth X is all Nazi-ed out (which I’m going to just say now is an awful plot device and they could’ve come up with something better for a hugely marketed crossover). There’s a doctor that wants to try to bring hope to a bleak world. Evil Arrow kills him. And a bunch of other people before fighting Guardian. He wins that fight too.

Barry is fighting a shark monster when Iris chimes in. She needs some help. Seems that not everyone RSVP to the wedding and the caterer needs a headcount. Felicity chimes in as Oliver fights some ninjas. They’ve got to send back word. As do the Legends even though they are busy fighting in rural twelfth century England.

Supergirl is fighting some aliens while the folks back at the DEO try to identify the species. She’s got it under control though. Even if plywood is super concerned back at the command center. Kara and Alex wallow about their break-up misery until Alex notices Barry’s wedding invitation on the table. It prompts Kara into action. They need their mojo back. They are going to the wedding.

Iris and Caitlin and Felicity and Kara are getting their nails done and chatting about the wedding and whose next. Kara just laughs at the idea of Mon-El and thanks Iris for letting her bring Alex instead. Felicity and Oliver have some things to handle before they can settle down.

Oliver and Barry try on tuxes and talk about being in love. Cisco and Harry do some sciency stuff to help separate Firestorm. Things are still evil on Earth X. Martin and Caitlin talk more about what he’ll do post Firestorm.

It’s time for the rehearsal dinner. Everyone is gathering and chatting. Alex and Sara toast to making things go away and loving the taste of scotch. Barry notices and points it out to Kara but she’s not worried. They then talk about her being destined to be alone. He wants a favor. He wants her to sing.

Martin is a little late. He was making a new cure. It’ll give Jefferson sticky powers. He’s not interested. Joe calls attention to give his speech. It’s all about how important love is. Meanwhile, Alex and Sara are making out in the hallway and Oliver is proposing to Felicity. She says no though. He pushes until she snaps and yells at him that she doesn’t want to marry him.

So wedding day dawns and most people are waking up alone. Alex and Sara aren’t though. Alex wakes up and makes a run for it. Barry leaves Iris breakfast and a note but he’s not there when she gets up. Kara is waiting when Alex finally shows up. Sara turns up a few minutes later and an awkward encounter ensues. Kara figures out what happened and teases her sister about it.

Go time. Barry has some jitters but he’s ready. Kara sings as Iris walks down the aisle. The priest gets things going but when it’s time to speak now gunfire erupts. It’s some Nazis from the other earth. All the heroes are fighting and the other people are fleeing. Evil Arrow and Evil Supergirl are there too so Kara fights her counterpart.

They destroy the church and everyone is banged up. Evil Kara is down for the count though so evil Oliver calls the fight over and scoops her up before fleeing. Back at STAR Labs, Cisco is out and the rest of them try to figure out what’s up. They knew everyone was going to be there. This was planned. It’s time to question the Nazi that they caught. Meanwhile Evil Arrow and Supergirl are chatting with Evil Thawne about opportunities.

Alex and Sara get a morning after but Alex and Maggie never did. That’s some garbage right there. Also, Nazis. That part sucks. And I’m not a huge fan of Arrow but I felt bad for Oliver when Felicity yelled at him like that. This was otherwise all exposition.

Supergirl, episode seven

Some deep-sea explorers find a ship. It lights up. Sam can stick her hand in boiling water. M’yrnn still acts like a prisoner so Winn thinks J’onn should take him out into the world. Kara shows up. Winn called for her. He mentions the ship that the explorers found. It’s thousands of years old and alien.

Winn, J’onn and Kara go to investigate and they find Mon-El. They bring him back to the DEO for treatment and have a few questions. He’s fuzzy on the details and Kara is just happy so she kicks them all out of the room. He tries to say something but she just shushes him too.

Sam goes to see an older lady named Patricia. Turns out that’s the woman who adopted her who let her leave while she was still pregnant with Ruby. Sam wants information about her own childhood and the birth mother. Sam tells her about the bulletproof this and Patricia reveals that Sam wasn’t adopted. She found her in a pod.

Kara watches plywood sleeps and chats with James about how dreamy he is. Sam leaves Ruby money for takeout because she is heading out on an amazing journey of self discovery. Winn and Alex send J’onn out for the day with his father.

They go to the park but J’onn is pre-occupied with his phone. M’yrnn tells him off for being so obsessed with work and then ditches him. Plywood wakes up alone and heads to the armory. Supergirl knocks him out and puts him in a cell. She rants at him for giving her hope again. He has nothing to say for himself.

The soul journey leads Sam to drive around in the desert for a while. Winn goes to talk to plywood and he’s all “I have to run away to save Kara” so Winn’s game and they swipe what he needs from the armory and go to the ship.

While they are making repairs, Kara crashes the party and plywood tells her what he’s been up to. It’s been seven years for him and he’s been living on a future earth. Kara is all what did you forget about me and then the pods start messing up and he has to save a girl from drowning in her pod.

He can’t break the glass but Kara can. It’s okay. Random girl is still breathing when they get her out. Sam uses some tech from her own pod out in the desert to activate some sand fortress.

They bring the not drowned girl to the DEO and Alex treats her. Kara asks about her and Plywood is short with her and then walks away. J’onn and M’yrnn have a heart to heart about the beauty in life. They agree to move to an apartment together.

Kara and Plywood talk about how he had to move on. They start to reminisce when Irma interrupts. That’s his wife. Sam explores her sand fortress and gets a hologram. Turns out she’s Kryptonian and she is Reign, the world killer. The fortress zaps her and she screams. When it stops, she’s a bad guy.

So this show is dumb. I miss Maggie. And Lena. And Alex. I have no use for this at all. I didn’t like plywood before and have zero interest in him now. I did like that J’onn got to bond with his father.