Supergirl, episode two

Everyone is waking up for the day. Maggie and Alex. Sam and her daughter. Kara, in bed alone. They all get started for the day. Making breakfast and heading out the door. Kara does come across on thing while looking for her shoes. An old copy of Romeo and Juliet with notes in the margins.

Lena heads to Catco for her first day on the job. James didn’t expect her and isn’t ready. He doesn’t even have an office for her. That sort of thing isn’t necessary though because she is the new sort of CEO. She plans to just roam the office and interact. Kara is thrilled to have her there and gives her

Throwdown at the DEO. Alex and Maggie are serious about… wedding music. Band or DJ. They drag Winn and J’onn into it before things get back on track with discussion of a bank robber.

Supergirl steps into the bank vault and throws down with Psi (Yael Grobglas). It doesn’t go well. She gets whammied and can’t stop Psi. Maggie is the one that finds her and brings her to the DEO.

Sam gets called to Ruby’s school. Her daughter punched someone in the face and now the school wants to get to the bottom of it. Kara gets back to Catco but she missed Lena’s editorial meeting. The one James wasn’t even invited to. He’s pissed. He argues with Lena about his involvement. Kara rushes back out.

She has another confrontation with Psi. J’onn tries to protect her but ends up getting zapped. Kara remembers being sent away from Krypton and riding in her pod. She gets knocked out and when she comes to she’s alone. Alex yells for her through the intercoms.

Back at the DEO they are trying to get to the bottom of things. Winn has an ID but still no lead. Alex heads to the precinct to see if they have anything and Kara pulls Winn aside and tells him the truth about what’s happening. He wants to tell the others but Kara says no before rushing back to Catco.

Ruby and Sam talk about the fight. It’s because someone called Ruby a liar for claiming Sam had superpowers. Lena has an interview for Kara but she tries to bail. They argue about personal lives and acceptable work behavior. Kara says she will do the interview and then heads out of the office. Lena watches her go.

In the elevator, Kara has another psychic attack. She is impaired for a few minutes before jumping up and breaking straight through the roof. It’s too late. Another bank has been robbed.

Medical assessment. Winn thinks it was just a regular human panic attack. She tells him that’s not possible. When Alex comes in, Kara takes off. Alex takes the opportunity to get the whole story from Winn.

Sam gets pizza and goes to get Ruby for dinner. The kid’s gone. She’s eating pizza at a local parlor and ignoring texts from her mother. Kara is trying to meditate when Alex comes in. They talk about how to fight this battle. Kara admits that her Kara side feels broken and that she’s only sure of herself as Supergirl so she doesn’t know what she has without that. Alex responds. “You’ve got me.”

Armed truck robbery. Tons of cops respond but Psi uses some fear inducing know how to cause chaos. Ruby walks into the mess and texts her mother. Winn has some tech ready to go and Supergirl goes to save the day.

The shield doesn’t work. Supergirl has another episode. Ruby gets knocked down and Sam screams. Alex turns up. She’s the best big sister and talks Kara down. She gives her the strength to get up and fight back. She does. And she wins.

Afterward Alex keeps the pep talks coming and goes to chat with Ruby and Sam. Maggie comments on Alex’s skills with kids and she retorts that it’ll come in handy some day. Maggie makes a face. She doesn’t want kids and Alex puts the conversation off. Ruby wants her mom to have superpowers so she doesn’t have to work so much.

Kara apologizes to Lena for her behavior. She has baggage and was a crap friend. Lena tells her that there will be a learning curve for them both. She then introduces Kara to the new head honcho at L-Corp. It’s Sam.

Alex and Kara watch a movie. Lena and James have a stare down. J’onn is in the bar alone. He gets a message from M’gann. He’s needed on Mars.

So there is it. Maggie doesn’t want kids and Alex… didn’t seem to actually listen. I’m glad Kara got all mind over matter but why’s her whole life revolve around plywood? And the inevitable James and Lena set up is ridiculous. Lena is great.


Supergirl, episode one

Kara is walking in a field alone. Suddenly, she’s not alone. Mon-El is with her. They hear something and look over. It’s her mother (Erica Durance). Kara hugs her. She closes her eyes, opens them. She’s floating above National City. She hears sirens and takes off.

Maggie and Alex are in a high speed chase. They aren’t doing well. Supergirl intervenes and saves them before stopping the chase. She’s not happy though and Maggie notes that she’s not even stopping for fans now.

J’onn calls it a win and Winn is pleased but Kara wants the bad guys behind bars. She gets ready to leave but Alex stops her. There is a tasting for the wedding. Free potstickers. She invites Kara but doesn’t get the yes she expected.

Morgan Edge (Adrian Pasdar) is pitching high rise development. Several CEOs from the city are on hand to hear it. James and Lena are not interested. They argue. Edge takes jabs at Catco and their reporting as well as Lena and her family name.

Cat Grant is thriving in her role as press secretary. James runs a Catco meeting. Crime is down. Sports is boring. And Kara says that Supergirl is too busy to do an exclusive interview. Meeting dismissed. James asks Kara if she can write about the upcoming statue dedication. She says that she’s fine. When he tries to push, she closes off. Edge comes on the TV. Breaking news. He’s buying Catco.

Kara goes to see Lena. They talk about Edge buying out the company. It’s been a long time coming but Kara thinks Lena can talk him out of it. Lena agrees to try and asks about making plans. Kara evades the definite plans.

Everyone is at the bar. Supergirl is everywhere. It’s all over the news. Maggie comments that she should let the police do their jobs. J’onn says they need to give her space to grieve. Alex steps away and Maggie follows. Alex misses her sister and doesn’t want to go to the tasting. Maggie thinks she is down on the wedding and tells her to call when she figures things out. DEO alert. They have a lead on the guy that got away.

Winn explains the missing suspect, Bloodsport. He’s got a military background. Supergirl takes off with no backup to handle the situation. She gets knocked around and so do the military folks at the base. She assesses one before hearing the distress call. It’s James. He’s calling about her deadline.

She is pissed at him for sending an emergency signal for that. He tells her that it felt like an emergency and that he knows she is Supergirl but she needs to be Kara Danvers too. She quits. J’onn yells at someone about Daxamite tech. Winn has some pictures to look at. It’s what Bloodsport was after. Bomb stuff. J’onn puts Alex and Supergirl on alert.

Lena heads to Edge’s office to try and dissuade him from buying Catco. She appeals to his strengths as a developer but it’s too late. She leaves and out steps Bloodsport. Edge is in cahoots with him and is readying for the attack.

Alex goes to Kara’s and yells at her for quitting and for her pity party. They fight about Kara Danvers sucking and being human and feeling things. Alex would be broken without Maggie but she would never be forced to make that choice. That’s what makes Supergirl superior. She will always make that choice. So Kara is gone and unless Alex has information about work, she can go too. Alex updates on the DEO information and tells Kara that she is her favorite person and has saved her more than Supergirl ever could.

It’s the day of the dedication. No sign of Bloodsport. J’onn tries to appeal to Supergirl’s humanity. She admits to the dreams and then shuts down. Alex and Maggie are on patrol. They have an emotional conversation about their wedding and family and forever.

A little girl (Emma Tremblay) bumps into Alex. Her mother (Odette Annable) makes her come back and apologize. Lena takes the stage and unveils the statue. She then gives a speech praising Supergirl. It’s interrupted by a missile. Chaos ensues but Kara figures it out. They aren’t in the sky. They are under water.

Supergirl listens and hears Bloodsports heartbest. She takes off. Alex and Maggie watch. Alex notes that she can’t breath underwater. They launch the missile and the ground cracks. Kara goes down. Alex yells for her but it’s no use. She’s out. Dream plywood yells at her to wake up and she does. She stops the missile and lifts the submarine.

Kara goes to see Lena. She asks about the incident at the unveiling but Lena has bigger news. She couldn’t talk Edge down so she bought Catco. Kara tells her that she quit. Lena tries to get her to unquit but they are interrupted by Edge. Kara leaves and Supergirl turns up. She takes Edge and flies him out to a cargo ship and leaves him there.

Alex goes to see J’onn. She needs help with the biggest gayest wedding ever. She wants him to walk her down the aisle. They are both on the verge of tears but he tells her it would be an honor. She reveals that she is wearing kevlar and boots as they head out for a drink.

At home alone, Kara is going through her Mon-El things. She texts Lena. At the bar everyone is smiling and laughing over drinks when Kara joins them. Alex is ecstatic. Kara has another dream about her mother. She’s a demon now though.

I’m here for the gayest wedding ever. It’s not going to happen. Scuttlebutt is that Maggie leaves after episode five but while they are together they are the best part of this show. And Winn. And Lena. AND CAT GRANT. Her not so subtle political jabs were amazing and I love them so very much. I’m glad Kara snapped out of it.

Supergirl, episode twenty-two

Superman is wailing on Supergirl. Rhea is using silver kryptonite to control him. He doesn’t see Kara. He sees his worst enemy, Zod. They fly out of the ship and start fighting on the streets of National City.

The DEO gets the signal and checks it. Alex sees that it is Kara so she and Maggie head downtown and see the fight firsthand. After a long battle, Kara knocks Clark out and there is a lot of destruction.

Kara and that dude wake up on bed together and talk about her mother. It’s not real though. She’s actually at the Fortress recuperating with Clark. Alex is watching over them.

Lena is drinking alone in her office when Lillian shows up. They talk about her upbringing and then moves on to science. She might be able to save the world with some her brother’s tech.

Clark really believed he was fighting Zod. He can’t believe it. Alex asks about weaponry and he says there is none but there may be information. He looks in the archives and then they head to the DEO. Winn fumbles over Superman and plywood is there.

They present the information they got at the Fortress but plywood is all no. Then an alert goes off. Kara wants a face to face with Rhea so they video chat and she basically challenges her to a winner take all duel.

Dude is all Kara no don’t do it and she’s all I have to. He thinks she should let Superman do it because obviously men are better fighters but Superman is like no actually she beat me. She’s the best.

Alex is looking over J’onn. She tells him to wake up soon. Then M’gann is there telling him he is needed and that the great fight is coming. Then she kisses him and he bolts awake. He asks about M’gann but Alex tells him she’s on Mars. He asks what happened and Alex says “everything.”

J’onn comes into the command center and Winn comes running over to hug papa bear. He tells them that they need to protect the people so they need to tone down the news.

Clark and Kara head over to talk to Cat. She is happy to see Clark and she wants him to James about the vigilante business. Kara is also there. Cat wants to know where the story is about the fight. They tell her that Supergirl wants the coverage to back off to save civilians. Then Cat asks Kara if Supergirl is ready and Kara says yes. Cat will bet on Supergirl.

On their way out, they get summoned to Lena’s office. She explains that the device was made to spread kryptonite in the earth’s atmosphere so the Supers couldn’t live there. She wants to use it to distribute non-toxic levels of lead instead to get rid of the Daxamites. All of them. Lena asks Supergirl if she knew Mon-El and Kara were dating. Supergirl tells her to get to work on the machine.

Back at the DEO, they explain the device to everyone and Mon-El plays the martyr. Kara is adamant she is going to win though so none of this will matter. J’onn sends Winn to help Lena and Kara and Clark go to spar.

They take about using love as a superpower and a motivation to fight for the right reasons. Then it’s time to head to the battle. They go over the terms of the fight “for the earth.” Rhea gets the planet. Kara gets to give the Daxamites the boot.

They are mid-battle when Rhea’s team starts bombing people. She doesn’t care about the sacred oath. She just wants to win. J’onn and Superman start sending out teams to help the other people. Mon-El leaves the fight to “be a hero” and Alex is in charge of the DEO.

Turns out there is kryptonite in Rhea’s blood. Every hit Kara lands will weaken her. Meanwhile, Lena and Winn finish their device but only Supergirl can activate it. Cat and James are at CatCo when Superman and a Daxam fight come in.

M’gann turns up with a bunch of Martian reinforcements. It’s too much though. Alex calls Supergirl to say that they are going to lose. Supergirl apologizes to her boyfriend and then activates the device. The troops flee and Rhea dies. Dude is having trouble breathing and Kara begs Alex for a solution. She comes up with one on her own. She sends him off to space in a pod with her necklace from her mother. They cry. No one else does though.

Everyone is cheering. They win. Kara is standing on a balcony alone when Clark comes out to say his goodbyes. He’s humbled by her. She’s stronger than he ever will be.

J’onn and M’gann talk about her army. She tells him that she heard his mind cry out. She kisses him and he asks her to stay. She says for a while.

Alex goes out to talk to Kara. She tells her how proud she is of her and offers to stay with her. Kara tells her to be with Maggie. She needs to know that they are happy and tells Alex to never let her go. Kara takes off and Maggie comes out. She tells Alex that Kara will be okay. ALEX PROPOSES! And it’s amazing and wonderful and Maggie smiles with dimples and all.

Kara goes to CatCo and talks to Cat about how she had a boyfriend and it didn’t work and it hurts like hell and everyone close to her is in a happy relationship and she thought she could have one too. Cat tells her that women are strong because they can be vulnerable and she can soar above this and prevail. Kara remembers something she has to do and as she leaves Cat calls her Supergirl.

The thing she has to do is fly away crying. Mon-El is still alive in space playing with the necklace.

There is an epilogue of the day Krypton fell. Clark gets shipped off. Then Kara. Then on some bad guy planet, the next season villains smear blood on a baby’s head and send it out into space.

So we are supposed to care about him being in space. I get that. I don’t though. Did James even talk in this episode? I was happy to see M’gann back too. Also, this is very devils advocate but… Maggie didn’t say yes did she? Like this probably won’t actually work out the way people want it to. That sucks.

Supergirl, episode twenty-one

Lena is asleep in a big bed in a fancy dress. Rhea is lurking. She has been taking care of her since Supergirl “almost killed her.” Lena knows what’s up though. Rhea is a bad guy. She’s talking about creating a new world. One that Lena will help rule.

The Daxamites are attacking the city. Maggie is fighting for her life. She calls Alex. The invasion moves into the DEO and Alex evacuates the building. She jumps out the window guns blazing and Supergirl catches her. They head someplace safe.

Rhea explains her rebuilding plan to her waste of a son. He tells her that earth isn’t just going to roll over. Kara will save them. Rhea tells him that they will unite with the people of earth and that he is the key. She has arranged a marriage for him, with Lena Luthor.

Winn, Alex and Kara are hiding out at the alien bar. J’onn is still in a nightmare coma and James just turns up saying things are scary outside. Kara has tried to track down Clark but to no avail. Maybe he’s fighting on the streets. Except Maggie hasn’t seen him. She and Alex kiss and then the team tries to come up with a plan. They don’t have a leader. Then Lillian Luthor comes in.

She wants to team up to take down their common enemy. The team is all prideful and moral. They won’t do it though. Alex tells Lillian to leave, especially after playing the saved the loved ones card. On her way out, she makes a plea to Kara and leaves her card.

Maggie and James head back out into the streets. Rhea wants to set up a blockade when they get a message from either. It’s the president. She wants Rhea to stand down. She’s on her way to National City.

Winn gets a hack into the feed. Alex is pissed the president is coming but Kara loves it. The two leaders continue to exchange words until a third party steps in. Cat Grant. She’s wonderful as always. But Rhea is all take no prisoners and closes the feed. She fires on Air Force One and destroys it. Supergirl saves Cat and the president is an alien.

They head back to the bar. Cat is awesome and the rest of them find out the president is an alien. She teslls them about her alien world and then updates them on the plan. They have to break back into the DEO and use the vaporizing cannon to take down Rhea, even though Lena and Mon-El are on the ship.

Rhea tells Mon-El and Lena that they will get married and produce an heir for her. She knows they are opposed but if they don’t do it, she will blow up hospitals starting with the Luthor Children’s Hospital. She tells them that they will see this is the right choice eventually.

Alex sent the president home. She’s going through with the plan. Kara can’t believe it. What if it was Maggie on that ship? Alex knows that it’s tough. Kara steps outside to get some air and runs into Cat. She talks about how tough it is that her boyfriend and best friend are on the ship. She says its selfish but Cat calls it human.

Cat admits that she was not happy and that’s why she left in the first place. She spent a year in the mountains and found that happiness is the human connection. Happiness is not what you do, it’s who you love. That clicks for Kara. She takes off and goes to see Lillian.

Kara brings Cadmus back to the bar. Lillian has a plan. They are going to get a projector to get on the ship and then free Lena and Mon-El before Alex fires the cannon. They need a distraction. Enter Cat and she wants Winn to help her. They get moving. Alex knows she would do whatever she could to get Maggie back. She tells Kara to do what she can and be fast.

While getting the projector, Kara asks Lillian why she never told Lena her real identity. The answer is simple. Lena will find out and realize Kara was lying and hate her on her own. The projector is a go.

It’s time for the wedding on this ship. Rhea starts the proceedings. Cat and Winn head back to CatCo. She’s mortified with what James has done at her office. She asks where Kara and James are. Winn says in hiding.

Alex, with trusted “agent” Maggie Sawyer on her six, move about the DEO. It’s full circle working with the president. Rhea is still doing the wedding thing when Cat goes live. She gives the city a pep talk about fighting back. They aren’t going to be conquered.

Rhea sends Mon-El and Lena to their cell. Supergirl, Lillian and Cyborg are on the ship. They start tracking Lena. She and plywood are fighting back. Lena uses tech stuff to break them out. They meet up with the other three and head out. Lillian leaves Supergirl and her boy toy to die. She shuts down the projector and calls Alex, saying they are safe and to fire at will.

Lena starts fighting with her mother about leaving the others to die. Lillian is all, you should see it my way. Winn rigged a backup plan. They can get back but Kara wants to give Rhea a chance to surrender. She tells plywood to go and he’s all, umm okay if you insist, LEAVING HER ON THE SHIP TO DIE.

Winn and Cat are wrapping up at CatCo when aliens attack. Guardian saves them and Cat knows it is James. She can see his eyes.

Plywood radios Alex telling her Kara stayed on the ship. The president wants to fire anyway. Alex hesitates. Maggie looks on.

Kara makes a plea to Rhea to surrender because families. Rhea won’t do it though. She killed her own husband and now the it’s the end for Kara too.

Alex still hasn’t fired when something hits the cannon. It’s destroyed.

Rhea keeps yelling at Kara when someone else turns up. Superman.

Maggie could have been more of a help. And plywood said Kara in front of Lena at the fortress right? So now she’s going to know. I don’t believe for a second Alex would fire the cannon. I loved Cat. Her speech was amazing and the writers managed to not ruin her. She’s just wonderful. I’m glad they brought her back. Can we get Lucy Lane back next? Thanks.

Supergirl is new Mondays at 8 p.m.

Supergirl, episode twenty

A woman is walking alone at night. She gets cornered by a couple of men. Guardian to the rescue. She’s scared of him too though.

Kara and Lena are having lunch and chatting about things. Lena mentions that she has been very busy lately and Kara tries to ask about it. Lena talks about her new mentor and then uses science words. Lunch ends and they go their separate ways.

James is walking and Winn catches up with him. He wants to know why James bailed as Guardian the night before. James says that people are scared of Guardian. He isn’t a beacon of hope the way that he wanted it to be. Just then a woman starts having an alien fit, high winds, earth shaking type situation. She doesn’t attack anyone. Winn calls it in and Supergirl comes to handle it. The alien is gone though.

The news is calling it terrorism. J’onn and Alex want to get the situation handled before there is a witch hunt. They comment about how great Supergirl is at this and James is upset because he did the legwork. It’s a DEO matter now though.

Lena and Rhea had their first test. It wasn’t a success and Lena is upset. Rhea is all motivational speaker about it. She has faith in Lena, which is exactly what she wants to hear.

Mon-El is taking up space when he sees someone that looks remarkably similar to his mother across the street. He is more concerned with his dessert than the serious situation so he loses her in the crowd.

Guardian breaks up a drug deal and gets a lead on the woman that had the fit. He heads to her house and she isn’t there but a kid is. James takes off his mask to calm the kid down.

He brings him to the DEO and Alex tries to get information by bribing the kid, her son Marcus (Lonnie Chavis), with a burger. James, Winn and J’onn watch. James thinks the interrogation is a bad idea. J’onn gets snarky but Alex comes out and agrees. She advocates for it with J’onn and gets him a day.

Winn is back at his station and Mon-El turns up asking vague questions about scanning instead of outright telling anyone there is an issue.

Rhea and Lena are running tests. Still no luck but Rhea talks Lena through an idea. It might work.

James brings Marcus to work. Marcus doesn’t talk much so James just runs a dialogue on the things in his office. When James mentions his father, Marcus tells him that his own father died when they were fleeing their planet.

Kara is at her desk. Mon-El brings her lunch and then whines about caring about his mother. He tells her he thought he saw her but it was a false alarm.

Marcus plays with James’ camera. Then he sees his mother on the news and says that she would never hurt anyone. James asks where she is and just when it looks like progress is being made, they get interrupted. Elsewhere, Lena fiddles with elements and then Marcus has an alien fit too. At CatCo. Kara scoops him up and flies him away from the building before it can collapse. Lena’s test is a success. When she turns the machine off, Marcus’ fit ends.

They put him in a cell at the DEO and try to figure out where his mother is and what is causing the episodes. James tries to quit but J’onn gives him a speech about finding purpose. It works. Now they are all systems go on figuring out the cause. Kara realizes she’s heard the science words Winn is using. From Lena.

She calls her but Lena doesn’t answer. Rhea does and throws down. She basically declares war and says that Kara started it. Lena is none the wiser.

James and Marcus chat in the cell about being different and learning to trust people.

Marcus knows where his mother is. He has to lead them there. Winn has a dampener to protect Marcus and his mother. They head out and find a bunch of aliens hiding out in a factory.

Lena and Rhea talk about Lena is all thanks for being the mom Lillian couldn’t and Rhea is all you were a great pawn and now I’m gonna wreck things. She swipes Lena’s tablet and starts messing with the portal they created.

Alex was tracking the science and sees that it’s activated. They satellite over and see the portal. Supergirl and J’onn head out. Plywood whines about it being his mother.

Back at the lab, Lena tries to be a hero but Rhea rigged the system.

The aliens in the factory have glowing eyes and the wind is kicking up. Winn wants to bounce but James is trying to get through to Marcus.

Rhea and Supergirl fight. Lena gets knocked out. J’onn is trapped in his own mind and Mon-El pulls a gun on his mother.

James gets the aliens to snap out of it.

Mon-El talks to his mother. She tells him that his father killed himself when Mon-El abandoned them. He gets emotional and she pushes the gun away. The portal is still open. And tons of Daxamites are now arriving on earth.

The DEO radar picks up the Daxam ships. The aliens walk outside and see them. Rhea calls earth “New Daxam” before teleporting herself, Mon-El and Lena to a ship.

I get that we are supposed to like and care about and feel for Mon-El but that doesn’t really work for me. I just have no use for him. This episode was severely lacking in the Maggie department. Also, J’onn is really indecisive for an important government type guy.

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Supergirl, episode nineteen

Maggie is negotiating a hostage situation and Supergirl comes in and save the day by busting up a building and hurting a few bad guys in the process. She’s all smiles for Maggie though.

Later that night, Alex, Maggie, Kara and plywood are having pizza dinner because Alex burnt the paella. Plywood and Kara are reveling in her victory at the bank but Maggie is less than enthused. She’s still a fan of good old fashion police work and is sick of bad guys getting off using the “supergirl defense.”

Kara has heard enough. She’s sorry if she’s messed up a few things but she does good work and Maggie has hurt her. Alex tries to play peacemaker but its no use. Kara storms out and plywood follows. Alex tells Maggie she wants them to get along and Maggie lets her know that she is cool with Kara. She has issues with Supergirl. Alex asks her not to be so stubborn and then chases after Kara to tell her to do the same.

Rhea comes to see Lena and they talk about tech. Rhea’s proposal is revolutionary. Rhea needs help though because it’s all theoretical.

At CatCo, Maggie catches up with Kara. She’s looking for Alex. She hasn’t seen her since she left the apartment the night before. Kara says she never caught up with her. Kara’s phone rings. It’s Alex. Only it’s not. She’s been kidnapped and she will be killed if Kara doesn’t comply to the criminal’s demands. And he knows that she is Supergirl.

Alex wakes up in a tank. She’s trapped but she notices a camera and starts making threats.

At the DEO, Kara tells everyone what happened with the phone call and Alex. J’onn goes through what they know and Winn can’t get a read on her. Maggie says they are looking at things the wrong way. Don’t think about Supergirl. Think about the prisoner that the caller wants freed.

Lena and Rhea are out to eat and they are complimenting each other’s genius. Conversation moves to family and then heads to tech. Lena thinks they will end up friends either way and Rhea “thanks the gods” for that.

J’onn, Maggie and Kara go to see the prisoner, Peter Thompson (Gregg Henry). He is kind of smarmy and really no help at all. J’onn reads his mind. Dude knows nothing.

Winn calls and finds out that Thompson has a son, Rick Malvern (David Hoflin). He grew up inthe same town as Alex and Kara. It’s a tricky family situation but now he wants daddy dearest free.

Kara goes to Malvern’s house and doesn’t find Alex but finds the man himself. She yells at him but he doesn’t back down. He does let Kara talk to Alex through a PA system. It’s frantic. Alex knows who the bad guy is. Malvern cuts the feed.

They bring him in and he’s able to block J’onn so Maggie goes in to ask the questions. Malvern has been planning it for a year. He knew about Kara back when they were kids. He was a nice kid. His mom abused him and his dad saved him. Now he is going to return the favor. Kara attacks him but Maggie calls her off. He makes a comment about trying to figure out who loves her more.

Lena is going over the diagrams when Rhea turns up. Lena tests her and proves she is an alien. Lena knows something is up and won’t trust her. She tells her to bounce.

They bring Thompson in to talk to Malvern. He’s happy to see his boy and wants to his the road but they have to play fair and give them something to find Alex. Malvern knows something is afoot. He knows it is J’onn in disguise. He’s right.

Alex messes with the camera and activates her tracker. It shows up on the DEO software and Winn uses it to find her. Kara interrupts Maggie’s interrogation to tell her but Malvern still acts like he is in control. Kara is brash and rushes out. It’s the wrong choice. The timer, which was at 23 hours, jumps to four and Alex’s tank starts filling with water.

Kara gets back to the DEO and yells at Malvern. He doesn’t blink. He gets Alex on the intercom and tells her the situation. Alex tells Kara that Supergirl is bigger than her and not to negotiate with terrorists. Maggie comes in and Alex wants a minute with her alone. She takes the laptop away. Alex wants to tell her something big but Maggie isn’t having it.

They only just got started. They are going to have a lot of firsts together, a lifetime of firsts. They have to get a dog together. They’ll name her Gertrude. Maggie is crying. Alex is crying. The tank is filling with water and the feed cuts.

Rhea comes back to talk to Lena. She says that she thought she’d hate aliens, that’s why she lied. Now she knows better. She still wants to work together. Rhea says she made a mistake. Lena says she will think about it and Rhea leaves.

At the DEO, Kara’s phone rings. It’s Lena. She needs an opinion on someone. Kara tells her that she will call her back. She stands there feeling useless and scared. J’onn tries to comfort her but he feels the same.

Maggie heads back to the interrogation room. She comments that neither of them want to lose. He says that Kara is too much of a Girls Scout but Maggie could do it, get his father out. He knows she loves Alex. Let’s get back the people we love, he says.

Super genius badass Alex makes herself a life preserver. Kara gets ready to ask Maggie what’s what but Maggie is gone. She’s at the prison. She’s breaking Thompson out, with Alex’s alien gun but Kara intervenes cause she has to be the hero. She tells Thompson to be a good father. The timer goes off. Alex is out of air. Thompson knows one place his son might’ve taken Alex.

Supergirl and Maggie rush in and find the tank. Supergirl punches through the glass and Alex is free. She’s shivering and choking up water but she will live.

Back at the DEO, Alex wakes up in the med bay. Maggie is waiting with her. Alex wants to finish what Maggie wouldn’t let her say before. She tells her that she wants to have all the firsts with her, forever. Alex loves Maggie. And Maggie loves Alex. They kiss.

Alex and Maggie head out to the command center and find Malvern being escorted out. Alex asks J’onn what he plans to do and he says memory wipe. Alex punches Malvern and tells J’onn to let him remember that.

Maggie and Kara have a moment after talking about both loving Alex and the right way to do things and then they hug. Kara’s phone rings. It’s Lena. They make brunch plans but the advice is a moot point now. She figured out her problem.

Lena and Rhea are going to change the world.

This was disrespectful. Maggie should be the hero! She shouldn’t have needed Kara to come talk her down. I’m glad they saved Alex and that Maggie got a moment with her first. They are in love and will have a lifetime of firsts together and be adorable and wonderful and it will be amazing. Alex wasn’t around everyone else much but she did seem to have no use for plywood when they were in the same room and that was great. I also loved Winn stepping up and yelling at Malvern at the end.

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Supergirl, episode eighteen

Supergirl is flying around National City. She heads to the DEO and is ready to help. Only, they don’t need any help. They have nothing doing. J’onn goes to do paperwork. Winn goes to fiddle with computers and Alex has.. knife training?

Kara is home honing her baking skills when Lena turns up. She got invited to a press conference, by her ex. They were together until recently and she wants backup because he’s her kryptonite. Enter good friend Kara Danvers.

The ex, Jack Spheer ( Rahul Kohli …. aka Seattle’s best ME Ravi) runs Spheerical Industries. He finally cracked the code on something they had researched together. It is a medical miracle called nanobots and they heal people. Kara gets into a bit of a reporter duel with Snapper while asking questions.

Afterward Spheer approachs Lena and Kara, the latter of whom quickly makes excuses to leave. She gets stopped on the way out by another conference attendee. He has some info on Sphere but can only trust her. Spheer asks Lena to dinner so they can catch up.

Guardian fights and restrains a bad guy. Sirens are heard in the distance so he heads to the van and finds Winn and Lyra making out in the back. James is not happy about that. Winn wants her to join the team but James is reluctant.

Kara meets with Joe Watkins. He used to work at Spheerical and wants her to know that the human tests were faked. The nanobots are dangerous. Just then, they swarm the car and blow it up. Kara survives but Joe doesn’t.

She needs some help so she goes to talk to James. She wants to file a FOIA and thinks that CatCo would get a response quicker. Snapper comes in and they argue before Kara leaves. She eavesdrops and finds out he is meeting a human test subject that night.

Lena has some company. Spheer stops by. He wants to take her out to dinner and she is not interested. He asks her if she has fun at L Corp but she dodges. He doesn’t like the way things ended between them. He just wants dinner. She agrees.

Robbery in progress. Guardian is handling it and Lyra interferes. They argue before she listens to him.

Snapper heads to the apartment of the test subject. He asks some questions. Supergirl lurks outside. The guy signed papers, nothing more. Enter the nanobots. Supergirl saves Snapper but the bots get the guy.

Kara gets home and rants to Mon-El. He’s a waste of space. Then they crash Lena’s dinner with Sphere. Kara plays reporter and asks about trials and how he cracked the code. He talks about birds and queen bees and migration. Kara tries for another question but its no use. She and Mon-El leave and on the way out he snags Sphere’s security badge.
After dinner, Lena and Spheer head back to her place and talk about what could have been between them. He wants them to be together. They kiss.

Over at Spheerical Industries, Kara and Mon-El search the computers for records on human trials. They find out that there weren’t any. Spheer knew it was dangerous. Also, he’s like made of nanobots so he’s not human.

Spheer senses a disturbance in the force and flees from Lena’s. Mon-El hears something and Kara knows its the bots. She knows that Spheer is the killer. They make a run for it.
The next morning, Kara brings the video to Lena. She wants to confront him but Kara asks her not to, for her own safety. Cause Kara worries about Lena’s safety. Lena agrees to not go see him but sends Kara on her way.

Winn meets with Lyra at the bar. He’s trying really hard and she notices. He wants to kick her off team Guardian. She blames James and goes kind of berzerk.

Back at CatCo, Kara brings her research to Snapper. She wants the story out more than she wants her name on it. She also apologizes about the blog. They compare notes and he brings up the CFO, Beth (Claudia Doumit aka Jiya from Timeless). Kara heads out.

Lena goes to see Spheer. She confronts him. He legitimately has no idea what she is talking about. Enter Beth. She’s the one pulling the strings. She zaps Spheer and he has no awareness. He killed those people and has no idea. They argue. Lena assumes she is about to get killed but no Beth wants to turn her into a bot too. They fight. Or rather, Lena kicks her ass. The bots get the upper hand on Supergirl and Lena is forced to override the system, killing Spheer.

Kara goes to offer support to Lena. They talk about how Lena is scared of what she might become. Kara says that she will always be there for her and always protect her. They cuddle.

It’s a slow night for Guardian. James apologizes to Winn for the way he handles the Lyra situation. He hasn’t been close to anyone in a long time and doing this makes him happy. Winn says that Lyra makes him happy. That’s why James brought Lyra back.

Snapper is at CatCo. There is a lot about him Kara doesn’t know. The story on Spheerical is published and he gave her a byline. He gives her her job back.

Lena gets a late night visitor with a business proposition. Queen Rhea of Daxam.

I’m glad there was a lot of Lena and that we got something of a backstory about her that doesn’t directly relate to her adoption. I also liked Kara stepping up as a reporter. BUT WHERE WERE ALEX AND MAGGIE AND J’ONN? I missed them (mostly the first two) so much. The police could have helped with something or they could have just been in the background. I don’t know. Maggie was in the preview. It was bull.

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