Will and Grace, episode four

Karen doesn’t want to work on a Saturday. She thinks that Grace works too much and should date more. Will backs her up on that before they leave for work. There’s a knock on the door. It’s a little kid. Turns out he is Jack’s grandson Skip (Jet Jurgensmeyer). Jack understandably freaks out.

He hasn’t spoken to his son in years and didn’t even know the kid existed. Elliot married a conservative woman and didn’t even invite Jack. They haven’t spoken since. Jack tries to talk to the kid and thinks he might be gay.

Grace gets to work and has to have words with Karen about sexually harassing Tony. At the apartment, Jack and Skip bond over Gaga. Turns out Skip is going to camp upstate. Jack assumes it is theater camp and goes to get him some props to take. Elliott (Michael Angarano) and his wife Emma (Natalie Dreyfuss) show up to get Skip. Jack comes back and things get awkward.

Skip asks for a chance to say goodbye to Jack and Will so his parents head down to the lobby. Jack asks the name of the camp. Camp Straight N Arrow. It’s a camp his parents found that will fix him and make him normal. Will and Jack are not pleased to hear this.

At the office, Tony comes back and Grace talk. Then he tries to help her sing and it takes a turn. She embarasses herself. Jack and Will go to the camp and see what it’s all about. It’s not good so they want to come up with a way to save Skip that doesn’t involve kidnapping. Will distracts the staff and Jack is supposed to talk to Skip.

Elliott is there too. He yells at Jack and tells him to go home. While counselors Reggie (Andrew Rannells) and Roberta (Jane Lynch) sing about praying away the gay, Will tells Skip to go outside. Grace talks out her problems with Karen. She is going to put herself out there.

Will distracts the counselors by kissing Reggie. Jack has a heart to heart with Skip. He tells him that the camp can’t fix him because he’s not broken and that things will get better. Back home, Will and Jack are melancholy. There’s a knock on the door. Elliott. He pulled Skip from the camp and fought with Emma about it. Jack and Elliott make progress though.

This wasn’t a bad episode. It was kind of blah though. I feel like they are just finding ways to parade old guest characters through every week instead of actually writing a show. I’ll keep watching it for now but it could get old quick.


How to Get Away With Murder, episode four

Annalise starts her plan for her class action lawsuit against the state. She wants to get at least 20 plantiffs together starting with the public defender’s clients. The kids are all in class learning about class action suits. They need a lot of money. Annalise approaches Hargrove. She wants to consult on her custody hearing.

Oliver facebook stalks Connor’s dad. They talk about him and his partner but Connor doesn’t think much of the visit. He just wants his money back but Connor wants him to man up and ask for it. When Connor goes to shower, his dad’s partner messages Connor.

Laurel is off her anti-depressants so her hormones are making her wonky. Michaela tells her that she has a big case with Tegan (Amirah Vann) that day and she will have access to the files on her father’s case. Laurel is stoked and tells her to figure out how to use this. On her way out she checks out Asher.

Bonnie wants to investigate the cases that the prosecutor’s office had against the public defender so that she can cover there asses. Her boss agrees to it. At work Michaela finds out that she is bait. Tegan wants to impress a new potential client, Hargrove. Michaela tries to warn her that it might not be a good idea but it’s too late. They walk in and Annalise is ther too.

Michaela and Annalise exchange words. Tegan is mad at Hargrove for bringing in Annalise. The negotiation starts and Hargrove’s ex-husband plays dirty. He offers an ultimatium. Annalise pushes until Hargrove agrees to fight back. Oliver meets with Jeff (D.W. Moffett) and Ted (Jim Abele). They talk about Connor coming out and that giving Jeff the courage to come out too, the following week.

Nate finds Bonnie sorting through files. He tells her that if Annalise finds out he can’t protect her. Laurel shows up and is made that Denver, the man that covered up Wes’ murder, is running for attorney general. Denver sees Laurel. He wants Bonnie to fire her but Bonnie won’t because of the baby.

Tegan is mad that Michaela didn’t tell her that she knew Annalise. They discuss hating people and then have a bit of a tense one off with Annalise. Oliver brings Ted and Jeff home where Connor is there to greet his boyfriend sans pants. It doesn’t go well.

Annalise wants files from the court. It’s going to cost her a few grand. She heads into her session with Isaac, ignores a call from Michaela, and then talks about Wes or rather listens to Isaac talk about him. Michaela doesn’t have as much access as she thought she would. She calls Laurel and tells her as much but now Laurel is focused on Denver. Annalise comes in. She messed up and sent the counter suit e-mail to a board member not the lawyer partner.

Hargrove rips into her and then the conversation turns to sobriety. Annalise says that she will fix this. Annalise goes home. She’s got compant. Frank, with a suitcase full of cash. She tells him that all he does is hurt her and tells him to leave. Things are awkward at Connor’s place. Asher and Laurel are there so there’s no time for a heart to heart.

Bonnie calls Frank. Laurel just left and Bonnie has a ton of work and she’s mad. She wants Frank to come help but he says he’s taking a practice LSAT with his mom before hanging up. That’s a lie. He’s in the car with Laurel. They talk about Connor’s dad and then the baby but Laurel is done with that. She doesn’t want to talk about the baby anymore. Frank offers to be there for her. She leans over and straddles him. They have sex in the car.

Annalise leaves another message to try and smooth things over with the board member she e-mailed by accident. She sees the assessment that Isaac wrote. It gives her an idea for the Hargrove case. The husband’s therapy notes. Tegan subpoenas them and the interns read them and find something.

At the next sit down with the husband and his lawyer, Annalise and Tegan put on a class of how to be savvy lawyers. They win. Connor and his father talk. He tries to give the money back. Jeff doesn’t want it. He tells him another hard truth though. He doesn’t think that Oliver is right for him. They fight about it.

Case over. Annalise wins. Hargrove is thankful. Tegan offers to talk to the higher ups if she needs a job. Michaela follows her out and tells her she can’t work there. This is her place. Annalise points out that Michaela still has mommy issues. Then she goes and gets the papers from court and has a confrontation with Nate in the process.

Isaac thinks Annalise is headed for a relapse. Laurel has found a lead. One of the donors on Denver’s list is a dead guy that worked for her father. She tells Michaela. She also tells her that she slept Frank. Connor is closed off with Oliver before going for a run. Oliver gets a call. Michaela needs his help with some IT.

Bonnie figures it out. Annalise wants the chief public defender job. Nate tells her to stop thinking about Annalise. Isaac knows that Annalise is a trigger for him so he has to be mindful. He’s got a new patient. It’s Bonnie using a fake name.

In the flashforward, Isaac is comforting Michaela when he gets a call. It’s Bonnie. He ignores it. She’s at Michaela’s office which is a crime scene as well. She goes to see the witness. It’s Oliver.

I feel like it can’t be Connor because Oliver would not be that calm. I don’t know who it is though. I don’t like Laurel and Frank together. I never did. I like Tegan but she’s probably a bad guy. I still don’t understand how Isaac fits in.

Great News, episode four

The American Journalism Award nominations are in. The show and Katie are both nominated. Everyone, especially Chuck, is thrilled. Katie is worried that Carol will mess it up. Greg tells her to just not bring her mother. Katie tells Carol but blames Greg.

The gang goes to the award show. Katie goes to take a selfie to send to Carol but she pops up. She was hired as a seat filler. Chuck runs into some old friends including Shooter McGavin and ditches the team to hang out with them. Katie is already mortified. She meets a guy named Jeremy (Reid Scott) and finally has a chance to hob knob.

They are all seated by the bathroom and don’t get food. Chuck bashes the show and everyone overhears it. Katie is so busy fighting with Jeremy that she loses Carol. Her category goes off and she loses but Carol doesn’t embarrass her.

Chuck finds out that not selling out isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. His old friends are kind of duds. Katie tracks down Carol in the bathroom. She realizes that Carol cared about the show’s award. It’s the first time she’s been recognized for anything. It was a miscommunication and now she’s getting the boot and it’s all Katie’s fault,

At the last second, Katie saves the day and gets Carol back in. They lose and Katie pulls a Kanye but then Chuck and Portia add-on. As they leave, Katie exchanges business cards with Jeremy.

Katie is kind of a brat. And we knew that Chuck would end up selling the team out but redeeming himself in the end. Portia is still the best.

Chicago Fire, episode four

It’s a big day for Casey and Dawson wants to do something to make it memorable. She got him a gift. Hope starts shift and Brett confronts her about the news that she stole money back home. Hope has an excuse though. Casey calls to find out where Dawson is. She took the morning off and is running errands she tells him. She gets off the phone when she sees unsafe construction.

She tries to get the foreman to shut it down but he won’t listen. She takes matters into her own hands and runs into the parking garage to evacuate it. When she and the foreman are inside, it crumbles and they are trapped. Two other guys, one an army man, are with them but the foreman is in trouble. He’s got a cracked skull. He barely lasts ten more minutes.

Kidd is on ambo with Brett. She asks why Hope is so bubbly but Brett tells her it’s a long story. In the collapse, a few more people wander over. They are fighting and the army man takes control. Dawson tells him to stand down but he just tries to appease her. Mouch and Cruz see the collapse on tv. Boden comes in and asks Casey to start taking some captain duties. Personnel and furlough. He doesn’t seem to happy.

Things are tense in the garage. Dawson is trying to keep the peace while army man fiddles with a CB radio. They can’t get a signal out but Dawson hears the firefighter orders. They are pulling back. They also find another survivor. A man trapped in his car. They manage to get him out even though his car is holding the ceiling up.

Army man takes over again when the pillars start shifting. He wants to dig out. Dawson says that its too dangerous but he puts it to a vote and the rest side with him. Casey is already sick of captain work. He makes an announcement to laugh off. Hermann’s kid turns up and gives him a mascot.

Brett tells Kidd about Hope’s trouble back home. They hear a call about the garage but it’s not for them. Dawson has her hands full. The ignorant chick is being nasty to the black guy and the newest addition keeps freaking out about something but it’s not in a language they understand. He gestures to the elevator. His daughter is trapped inside. They get a jack and manage to pry the doors open enough for her to escape.

Dawson again advocates for sturdying the pillar. This time army man agrees. At the house Casey is starting to worry about Dawson. Things are tense inside but Dawson tries to keep spirits up. The ignorant woman is hoarding water though so they keep fighting, until someone passes out. He feels dizzy and weak. Army man has a headache. It’s carbon monoxide.

There must be a car running. Army man goes to shut it down. It’s a suicide mission though. He knows it. Dawson knows it. She tries to get the others to keep working. Kidd has a bit of a passive aggressive confrontation with Hope. In the garage, there are more crumbles.

It’s almost time for Casey’s ceremony. No one has seen Dawson. She’s cutting it down to the wire. Hermann’s wife mentions that she heard from her earlier. She was at an antique shop… near the garage collapse. They all roll out. They get there and find out that Dawson is inside. They start helping clear debris.

On the inside they get the emergency phone in the elevator working. Dawson calls out and talks to Casey. He tells her where to go. She sends the others and takes a detour to find the army man. The team digs out a clearing and people start coming out. Dawson isn’t with them though. Casey goes in to save her.

He finds her doing CPR on the army guy. They work together to get him out and then get clear. Brett treats the ignorant woman. The black guy comes over and gives her the rosary beads she dropped. She doesn’t thank him. Dawson and the army guy shake hands.

At the house, Cruz and Otis see that the gerbil escaped. They pretend to know nothing. Boden promotes Casey. Dawson presents him with a badge. It belonged to the first captain of 51. He served during the great fire of 1910. Casey commends Dawson for her work at the garage.

I’m glad that Dawson handled that so well. You knew that she wasn’t going to die but it was still pretty tense. Also when she went to find the army guy it was like straight out of Legends of the Hidden Temple. Casey needs to calm down. This captain thing is going to cause trouble. And can they just ditch Hope now. She’s going to fight with Kidd and that will lead to Kidd and Severide fighting. I don’t want to watch that. I liked the history of the badge.

The Good Place, episode four

Chidi is holding his next ethics lesson. It seems that Eleanor and Tahani have a handle on it. Michael not so much. Class ends and Eleanor wants to hang out but Tahani and Jason make excuses and leave. They sleep together. Tahani doesn’t want anyone to know but Jason doesn’t get why.

Eleanor gives Chidi a pep talk. It seems to work. Tahani finds someone to talk to. Janet. Therapy is in session. Jason wanders in and gets some therapy too. Chidi calls Michael in for a special lesson. He has issue with the theoretical. He makes the trolley lesson more concrete, and zaps them onto a trolley. This is him trying.

Chidi and Michael go through more scenarios until Eleanor figures out that Michael was just doing this to torture Chidi. It’s the final straw. Chidi can’t deal and kicks Michael out of ethics class. Eleanor talks to Chidi. He thinks a tiger can’t change it’s stripes and that this was Michael’s plan all along. Eleanor thinks that she might have another idea.

Couples therapy is going well. They’ve realized that Eleanor takes Jason for granted and she is going to try and work on that. Eleanor confronts Michael about what he was doing to Chidi. He’s lashing out because he feels inferior.

Michael comes back to class and gives everyone gifts. Chidi calls it what it is. A bribe. He doesn’t want anything but an apology. Michael provides one and Chidi calls class to order. Therapy has been working well for Tahani and Jason but Janet is glitching and can’t fix it.

I like that Eleanor is getting the hang of things and wants to see Chidi happy. I also very much like Tahani and Jason together. This was good but felt kind of like filler.

Liar, episode four

Laura calls Katy and tells her that Andrew had been in her home. Katy wants to go to the police but Laura points out that they’ve been no help so far so she wants to take matters into her own hands. She goes to Edinburgh to talk to Andrew’s former mother-in-law, Felicity Cassidy (Clare Higgins).

Felicity is chatty at first but once Laura brings up what happened to her daughter, Felicity gets defensive. She says that police dragged Andrew in and out but found nothing. Then she kicks Laura out. Andrew talks to Luke about his lawsuit and how things will all be over soon. Harmon has asked for a transfer. She can’t deal with the Andrew Earlhams of the world. Her partner tells her to think on it.

Out in Edinburgh, Laura has tracked down the first wife’s best friend Catherine (Dawn Steele). It’s more of the same. She doesn’t know anything, or at least that’s what she says. Laura doesn’t buy it but walks away. Her flight home ends up being canceled. She has to stay the night.

Harmon video chats with her girlfriend in Iraq about her job and her baby. Because she’s pregnant. Laura chats with a man named Ian (Kieran Bew) in the hotel bar. He gets a little pushy but she shuts him down real quick. Catherine has reached out. She wants to talk. She slept with Andrew right before his wife died but in retrospect she thinks that he drugged her. She’s willing to go with Laura to talk to police.

Tom gets brought in and told about the fact that Andrew wants him investigated. He wants to fight it. Andrew goes to his boss. He’s ready to come back to work. He has a clear head now. Montage of Andrew snooping around Harmon’s place. Laura gets flowers from Ian. She brings them back to him.

Katy is trying to call her sister. Laura isn’t answering. Someone knocks on the door. It’s Tom. He’s been suspended. He threatens to tell Liam about their affair. Speaking of, Liam is back with the kids. Awkward conversation ensues before Tom ducks out.

It’s time to head back and Laura goes to get Catherine. She’s backing out though. She doubts herself and just wants to move on with her life. It was Felicity. She stopped by and talked to Catherine. Laura tells Catherine not to bury her head in the sand.

Harmon tells her partner that she thought about it. She’s going to go through with the transfer. She goes home, drinks her juice and watches tv. The juice was drugged. In comes Andrew Earlham. He follows the same pattern as with Laura. Cleans the evidence and then moves in to rape her.

Laura is at the bar at the airport. Ian turns up. They talk about changing worldviews. She flies home, sorts her mail and finds a letter from Andrew’s lawyer. She confronts him and he says that the letter is very clear. She makes a public apology or he’ll sue. She brings up Catherine and then he gets nasty.

Much later, Harmon wakes up. She drinks some water and then goes to the bathroom. She sees blood in the toilet. Laura tells Liam and Katy about Andrew’s letter. Katy recommends that Laura walk away.

Tom and Laura meet near the water. She wants something from him. He gives it to her and asks why she needs it. She tells him that it might be best he doesn’t know. He points out that he just bought GHB so it’s a little late for that.

This show is absolutely awful. Why am I watching it? Harmon was raped and is going to lose the baby and doesn’t even know it! I feel so bad for her. I can’t even handle it. They better get Andrew for this. I want Laura to be vindicated but I am more invested in Harmon.

Designated Survivor, episode four

Hannah gets questioned by local police about the dead contractor. She plays the federal investigation card and then Forstell about it. That’s not the only issue. There is a trucker blockade at the Mexican border. It’s been going on for days and a Mexican trucker gets fed up. He breaks through the gate and gets shot and killed.

Now Kirkman and company have to deal with this. Emily meets with the Mexican ambassador and he’s willing to wait it out. Lyor meets with the truckers. It’s no use. Seth tries to give a briefing but it doesn’t go well. Aaron gets called out for being a Mexican-American and not standing up for his heritage.

White House counsel meets with Hannah about the potential case against Alex’s mother. She tells Hannah that she will have to talk to Alex about it. Aaron thinks he is meeting with a senator but ends up talking to his cousin, a newly hired aide instead. He refuses to work like that.

Emily is forced to deal with an investigation into a broken vase. Hannah sits down with Alex. It doesn’t go well. Alex thinks the possibility of her mother being involved in some sort of scheme is ridiculous.

Aaron and Emily update Kirkman on the trade negotiations. It is not going well and now officials are calling Kirkman out on tv. Aaron feels like he is being pulled in two directions because of the negotiations. Seth laughs and tells him that will never end. Aaron gets the word of the senator that she will back the agreement publicly.

The truck driver’s wife holds a press conference. Lyor has to do some work here. They need to find someone to be the face of the agreement. Alex talks to her mother about Hannah’s accusation. She thinks it is preposterous but her mother says it’s true. And that she would do it again.

Kirkman sees the widow panicking before their planned press conference. He calls it off and tells Seth and Lyor to handle it. Lyor says that it’s not him and leaves. Kirkman meets with the widow and they talk about her husband. Emily comes in and gives him the file about the broken vase. It accuses his daughter but he asks her and she says no. He tells the investigator as much.

Alex gets news. Her mother is being subpoenaed by the FBI. She tells Kirkman the whole thing and he assures her that it is okay. Then he meets with the ambassador to Mexico. Turns out he owns the company that the dead trucker worked for. Kirkman throws down.

Aaron fights with his cousin about being used and being Mexican-American. She does not back down. Kirkman meets with the union leader. He says that he will back the deal but it lacks longevity. Kirkman gets an idea.

He asks his old friend to keep plants open on both sides of the border. It will buy time and maintain jobs. The investigator has figured out who broke the vase. Lyor. The deal is done. No one is thrilled so it’s a win. Aaron goes back home and sees his family.

Hannah meets with Forstell again. She’s pissed about the subpoena but he doesn’t want to hear it. He has new information about the contractor that was found dead. He signed a huge deal and it was connected to Lloyd.

I missed Chuck in this one. It wasn’t really investigation heavy though so that was expected. I don’t care about Lyor so the side story about the vase was a waste. I’m glad that Aaron got some more screentime and got to respect his roots.