The Good Place, episode twelve

Michael is there to plead their cases with the Judge. He thinks that the entire system is fundamentally flawed. Judge is impressed. Tahani and Eleanor talk about the former’s chat with her parents. She is better because of their friendship.

Jason waxes poetic about recent events as well when Janet shows up and professes her love for him. The feelings are mutual. It makes Chidi jump into action as well. He walks over and kisses Eleanor. She’s thrilled. That’s when Judge and Michael come in.

They haven’t come up with a decision yet so everyone is going to their own medium places which sucks because they will all be alone. Judge points out that they failed the tests and were only good in the neighborhood because they expected a reward. Michael contends they would have done so if they had a push in the right direction.

Lightbulb moment. Michael has an idea which Judge thinks is a bad one. They argue without any details before agreeing to give whatever Michael thought of a shot. Eleanor asks what it is. Suddenly she’s in a grocery store parking lot.

She’s back on earth. This was how she died. Michael’s great idea is to give them a near death experience and see if they change for the better. It seems to work. She realizes that she has been a monster and she wants to change.

It works at first. She joins and environmental group and she makes better choice. Of course that means owning up to ruining her one friend’s reputation which leads to a fight and from there Eleanor starts to fall.

She quits the environmental group and goes back to her old habits. Another six months pass and suddenly it’s Eleanor’s birthday. She was good for six months and back to normal for the next and what does she have to show for it.

Her friend ditches her so she ends up alone in a bar talking morality with Michael the bartender. He hopes it’s a turning point. She gets up the next morning and ends up looking up something Michael said.

Eleanor stumbles upon a video of Chidi lecturing and watches the whole thing. Her friend gets home and invites her out but she passes. She’s going somewhere else. That somewhere else? She’s tracking down Chidi.

That ending though! That was so great. I love that no matter what he is her teacher and they work together and learn from each other to make it to the good place. I’m curious as to how the others will join up but it’s off until next season now.


The Good Place, episode eleven

The gang makes it through the portal and Eleanor breaks the news that they are on their own. They see a desk with a burrito and since they have seen stranger things, they take that for the judge. It’s not. There’s an actual judge.

She turns up and finds out they just turned up for a ruling. She absorbs the entirety of their existence from a file and turns them down. They don’t even have an advocate. Tahani tries to appeal and since the Judge is bored they can try.

Sean starts mocking Michael. He had one job and he couldn’t do it but Michael isn’t upset. The humans are seeing the Judge and Janet escaped. She didn’t though. Bad Janet marblized her.

The gang asks to be tested together and when the Judge says no they ask to be graded together. She allows it. Jason has to play Madden as the Titans against the Jags. Tahani has to walk down a hall and not stop, just go through the door at the end. Along the way she will pass all sorts of people who are talking about her.

Michael is still in Sean’s office explaining the neighborhood. Humans got better. Chidi and Eleanor are about to be tested. They enter a door and come out on the other side of the hall. They made it to the good place. Tahani and Jason didn’t though so they better hurry through the portal and reconsider the team grading system.

Naturally they start debating what they are supposed to do. The judge tells them it’s not a trap and shows them Tahani and Jason’s test. Chidi realizes this is worse. This is a choice.

Jason doesn’t understand the test and meditates. Judge tells him that his idea isn’t a revelation. Tahina stops in a room where her parents are talking about her. They are only talking about her in relation to her sister.

She realizes that she was never enough and heads out of the room and to the end of the hall. Sean has his punishment set for Michael. Retiring him would bring too much attention that he doesn’t want to deal with so he is going to leave Michael in an unmarked room with a never-ending magazine subscription.

Just before they seal the room up, Bad Janet throws Sean into the wall and reveals she is Janet in disguise. She was undercover but now she is ready to go back to being good.

Chidi and Eleanor talk it out. He points out that morally they may deserve it but ethically the team should stick together. Eleanor tells Judge that they aren’t going to the good place. She realizes that was never an option and that Chidi was an imposter.

She passed her test. She takes a seat. Real Chidi just had to decide between two stylish fedoras. Everyone’s test is over. Judge tells them they are all going to the bad place.

Turns out Chidi failed for taking too long to pick a hat. Tahani wasn’t supposed to enter any rooms so she failed. Jason failed because he has no impulse control. Judge goes to tell them that Eleanor passed but she butts in and says she failed.

It’s time for them to head to eternal damnation. As they move toward the portal, Judge reminisces on their time together and Eleanor tells Chidi that she will miss him. The portals open… and Michael and Janet make their way into the Judge’s chambers.

I liked this one. I don’t really understand Jason’s test but I really liked Eleanor’s and Tahani’s. I also loved that Eleanor didn’t let the others know that she passed. Do they get another test?

The Good Place, episode ten

Now that they are on the train is on its way to the bad place, Chidi is having second thoughts. Michael goes over the plan. He gives them disguises. They go over their secret identities and Chidi is falling further and further into the rabbit hole. Eleanor gives him a pep talk while Tahani and Michael try to teach Janet to be a Bad Janet.

They get to hell and Michael has to get pins for the others so they can get through the portal to see the judge. He leaves them in the museum of human misery because he figures they won’t have to interact with anyone. It doesn’t work though because there is actually a party at the museum.

Michael goes to see his boss and tries to get the pins but it’s no use. His boss is up to something. At the party, the gang splits up. Chidi and Jason run into some guys that think they know Chidi and want help with some torture. Eleanor and Tahani send Janet to find out how long this event is lasting.

So Michael’s boss Sean sent an extraction team to get the humans from the medium place. They hope it goes fast so they can get to the museum. They are unveiling a new exhibit, about Michael’s neighborhood.

Eleanor coaches Chidi on how to make a new moral compass for the situation so that they can make it through. Janet finds out what the event is. The extraction operation is a go. Sean, Michael and a few others listen in and find that the humans are not there. Michael makes a run for it.

He gets away but Sean sends everyone out to look for him. Chidi gives torture advice. If it’s a dude that loves to party, give him books. Janet pulls him and Jason away just as the unveiling begins.

It’s animatronic┬áversions of the humans. Michael comes running in with pins, still attached to laundry. He tells them they have to go just as they get recognized. Jason saves the day by doing what he does best, lighting a molotov cocktail. They get away and get to the portal.

As the authorities close in, it becomes apparent that they don’t have enough pins. Michael sacrifices himself to ensure all four of them get through. He tells Eleanor to take care of the others.

This was a great episode. I love Michael though so I’m interested to see what they will do without him. I liked that it was Mr. Kristen Bell as one of the demons and that he hit on her too. That amused me.

The Good Place, episode nine

Eleanor is ready to ditch the neighborhood but Michael has to build a special vehicle. He wants a few days but the others tell him that it’s go time. He and Janet magic up a hot air balloon.

While they learn the controls, the others discuss what their real good place would be. Beaches and big houses and food and all sorts of great things. Chidi also wants to believe in soulmates. That harshes Eleanor’s buzz a bit. It’s time to board the balloon.

The only hitch in the plan is that they will be judged and need to be the best version of themselves to be allowed to board. Eleanor, Tahani and Jason have no problems. Chidi does though. Eleanor gives him a pep talk and it works. He can board but now Eleanor can’t.

She starts trying to figure out what version of her is her best self and comes up with the one where she loved Chidi. She has a moment and then gets an all clear but now Tahani can’t board. She thinks the scale is busted and fights with Janet who actually busts the scale. That’s when Michael admits he has not actual idea how to get to the good place.

He admits that he never knew and has been using the reboots to stall and find a way in. It’s too late though. They are out of time now. Eleanor decides that the best way to deal is to get drunk. They drink and have serious talks.

Tahani breaks up with Jason. Eleanor tells Chidi that she has feelings for him and then they give toasts. To one another, to Janet, to Michael and they name him an honorary human.

They keep drinking and dancing until a message from Michael’s boss. He will be there soon to torture the humans. That puts a damper on the party but Tahani remembers something. There is a judge that deals with disputes between where human belong. They can go see him.

That’s what they will do. They just have to journey through the bad place to a portal to find him. They all get a good night’s sleep before getting up and saying goodbye to the neighborhood and heading out.

I really like this show. I’m curious to see how this will be able to continue though. They neighborhood was like another character so without that it will be interesting.

The Good Place, episode eight

Michael has fooled his boss. He thinks the neighborhood project is a success. He promotes Michael to the high council. As such, the neighborhood will be destroyed and the group will be taken to the real bad place to be studied and tortured.

Chidi, Jason and Tahani are upset and want to come up with an escape plan. Eleanor thinks that they should take a leap of faith and trust Michael. The others are reluctant to agree.

While meeting with his boss, Michael gets an interruption. Vicky is there and she wants credit. He tells her that he will work something out if she spreads the word to keep the reboots quiet. She agrees.

In true bad place fashion. Michael hosts a roast of the humans. He gets nasty but Eleanor thinks that he is just putting on a show. By the end she starts to rethink that though.

As the demons rip the neighborhood apart, the humans brainstorm a plan as they talk about the roast. As Jason vents, Eleanor gets an idea. Vicky is still mad at Michael and tries to get the security bracelets off of Janet. The next morning she talks to the boss and ends up in a cocoon.

Bad Janet scans for humans but there are none in the neighborhood. The demons take off following a train bound for the medium place. As the demon train leaves, it is revealed the humans are hiding under the train on the tracks.

The clues were in the roast. He wanted them to stay and use Janet’s Derek to drive a decoy train. The demons are en route to the medium place and they are free. They might actually make it to the good place after all, Tahani says. Michael seems to grimace at that.

They are never actually getting to the good place. Let’s be real. There’s no show if they actually get a happily ever after. I”m glad that Eleanor trusted Michael and that they all worked together.

The Good Place, episode seven

Janet has made herself a boyfriend named Derek (Jason Mantzoukas). Michael needs them to go to the void and stay there while he handles this. He sends Jason and Tahani on a camping getaway. Eleanor is home alone watching herself a Chidi in bed from one of the other reboots. Chidi comes in and she hides the tape.

Michael stops by to get some ethical advice on the Janet situation but Chidi has no suggestions. The three of them talk it out. Michael wants to break Jason and Tahani up to save himself trouble. Chidi doesn’t think it’s a good plan.

Jason and Tahani talk and get to know each other. He proposes. Eleanor, Michael and Chidi come up with a plan. They will just make Derek stay in the void. They call Janet and Derek turns up too because they are fighting. He decides to go somewhere that isn’t the void.

Tahani talks through it and agrees to marry him. They want to do it that day and call Janet to arrange it. She seems upset. Eleanor, Michael and Chidi find Derek up a tree. They are trying to get him down when Janet turns up to invite them to the wedding. They decide they need to break the happy couple up immediately.

The wedding is in full swing when Eleanor, Michael and Chidi come and interrupt. They explain where Janet is at and what Derek is. Janet is frustrated and Eleanor realizes that she has real feelings and that a rebound isn’t enough. She needs to talk to Jason to resolve things. Janet agrees and gets rid of Derek.

With things settled, Janet takes Derek back to the void. Jason and Tahani are glad they aren’t married. They need to get to know each other still. Eleanor tells Chidi that in one reboot they were in love. He tells her he doesn’t have those feelings now.

She says that she is on the same page but she seems to be lying. Michael comes in to chat. They talk about ethics and that’s all. She says that it’s very human of him and he goes back to his office in a good mood. He gets there and finds his boss.

So Eleanor was lying right? She’s into Chidi and at some point that is just going to make this all super awkward. I feel bad for her. I’m glad they didn’t keep Derek long. That was annoying.

The Good Place, episode six

Michael sneaks into a middle zone and steals a Janet from the Good Place. That’s the one that’s been in the neighborhood and now that she’s glitching the entire neighborhood is in jeopardy. He has to read her instruction manual.

Vicky comes in to complain and finds out what is up. He distracts her and tells her to torture Chidi instead. Michael runs a diagnostic check and it might be because he lied. He admits that he’s been lying to her all along and she points out that there would have been glitches all along in that case.

Jason and Tahani come in looking for Janet. They need jalapeno poppers. When they admit they are together, another glitch happens. Michael thinks there is a correlation and sends them home. Janet explains that she knew that. It seems to be when she lies.

They dig deeper though. Michael realizes that it’s when Janet lies that a glitch occurs. She still has feelings for Jason and they intensify during each reboot. He has to get rid of her permanently to set things right. He isn’t too keen on it though.

Chidi comes in. He’s full of needles and wants to know if he should expect any other Vicky torture. Michael kicks him out. He’s having a lot of trouble destructing Janet. He flashes back to creating the universe with her. He still won’t do it.

Michael admits that he can’t do it because they are friends. She is his oldest truest friend. He thinks that he needs someone who knows about human emotion. Eleanor is brought in for a heartbreak pep talk. Janet thinks it works. She makes herself a rebound boyfriend. Michael thinks it’s a bad idea.

Janet is still a little in love with Jason. That’s spectacular. Also, Eleanor’s pep talk was great. This was interesting because this show is usually such an ensemble. I’m not sure if I liked it this way or not.