The Good Place, episode four

Chidi is holding his next ethics lesson. It seems that Eleanor and Tahani have a handle on it. Michael not so much. Class ends and Eleanor wants to hang out but Tahani and Jason make excuses and leave. They sleep together. Tahani doesn’t want anyone to know but Jason doesn’t get why.

Eleanor gives Chidi a pep talk. It seems to work. Tahani finds someone to talk to. Janet. Therapy is in session. Jason wanders in and gets some therapy too. Chidi calls Michael in for a special lesson. He has issue with the theoretical. He makes the trolley lesson more concrete, and zaps them onto a trolley. This is him trying.

Chidi and Michael go through more scenarios until Eleanor figures out that Michael was just doing this to torture Chidi. It’s the final straw. Chidi can’t deal and kicks Michael out of ethics class. Eleanor talks to Chidi. He thinks a tiger can’t change it’s stripes and that this was Michael’s plan all along. Eleanor thinks that she might have another idea.

Couples therapy is going well. They’ve realized that Eleanor takes Jason for granted and she is going to try and work on that. Eleanor confronts Michael about what he was doing to Chidi. He’s lashing out because he feels inferior.

Michael comes back to class and gives everyone gifts. Chidi calls it what it is. A bribe. He doesn’t want anything but an apology. Michael provides one and Chidi calls class to order. Therapy has been working well for Tahani and Jason but Janet is glitching and can’t fix it.

I like that Eleanor is getting the hang of things and wants to see Chidi happy. I also very much like Tahani and Jason together. This was good but felt kind of like filler.


The Good Place, episode four

Michael has his torture ideas all ready. He submits them to Vicky because she thinks she is running the neighborhood. It’s too long for her though and she has another idea. Throw a party at the same time as Tahani’s so that she feels like crap. Michael tells Tahani and Jason about it.

Chidi starts the first ethics lesson. Michael isn’t all that interested. Tahani and Jason are setting up for the loser party. She knows it will be the lesser attended function but decides to go big so that Vicky feels bad that she missed it. She summons Janet for help. Eleanorr and Chidi discuss how to get through to Michael. Chidi realizes that they need to show him that there are consequences.

He asks Michael to explain what would happen if he got caught defecting to their side. That causes a breakthrough. Chidi and Eleanor have to cheer Michael up. They bring him to Tahani’s and then all head to Vicky’s party together. The torture is working. Tahani is miserable. Michael has shoved his feelings down and is spending time with Janet.

Eleanor thinks that this is a step up, a mere mid-life crisis. Chidi tells her it is much worse. When he crashes it will be big time. Vicky gives a speech about Tahani’s party but she tells them this party is better. Michael gives a speech too but it’s mostly rambling and Vicky is none the wiser after.

Tahani admits she is miserable and leaves. Jason only realizes why after she walks away. Chidi and Eleanor try to snap Michael out of it. Chidi doesn’t think it can be solved with a book or a lesson though. Eleanor tells Michael that he is learning to be human and has to realize that they are a little bit sad all the time.

Jason goes to see Tahani. She realizes that she is really shallow and he cheers her up. He tells her that she is good at everything and shouldn’t be so hard on herself.

The next day Chidi reads the report that Michael gives to Vicky. He makes it sounds like their neighborhood is really working in the report but thanks Eleanor for her help. They notice Tahani and Jason aren’t there and wonder what’s keeping them. Jason and Tahani are still in bed after spending the night together.

I think Jason is so sweet to Tahani. I feel bad for her that her party was still a bust but she was never going to win. I like it better when Chidi and Eleanor just interact instead of them working together to deal with Michael.

The Good Place, episode three

Michael pitches a teamup because circumstances have changed. Jason is game but Eleanor wants to know what the catch is. They hold a human meeting and decide to ask Michael for more details.

They ask about the other attempts and what Janet’s deal is. Eleanor still wants to bounce but Michael offers a chance at the real Good Place. They want more about that. He’s got nothing.

Eleanor still figures it is a trap. She is not interested. Chidi is game and Tahani still doesn’t understand why she isn’t in the Food Place already. He tells her about when she died. She was crushed by a statue of her sister.

There are all still debating what to do now. Eleanor ducks away and calls Janet to schedule a ride to the Medium Place. Chidi hears and confronts her. They exchange words about her running scared and being an adult.

Chidi walks away and Eleanor goes to a bar. She lays out what happened to the bartender, even the parts like that. Eleanor agrees contingent on a few demands. They run it over again and agree to help Michael.

They run over the plan and Michael has no choice but to agree. Eleanor remains the same being an aggessive class partner. Alex can’t get enough.

So now they are in hiding? Michael knows a lot more about what goes on. I almost want to say that the theory will be a moot point anyway. I guess time will tell.

The Good Place, episode three

Michael talks to his recorder about how well this attempt will work. Sure enough they rest and Eleanor and Tahani have a spat at the welcome party. That leads to some issues the next day. By day three, Eleanor is reaching out to Janet.

She needs guidance. She asks for a teacher and Janet introduces her to Chidi. They reach day 128 before Eleanor figures it out again. Reset number 11. Chidi teaches the others about ethics before Eleanor heads to a spoken word show. She knows it’s the bad place when she has to sit through that.

They are in the triple digit attempts. Eleanor keeps figuring it out. The neighbors revolt. Michael lets himself go. His boss still thinks he is on version two. Things get so bad that Jason figures it out and the neighbors go on strike.

Chidi is trying to teach Eleanor but she can’t focus. They smell a cigar and creep around a corner to find some neighbors talking about a reboot. They summon Janet to flee the neighborhood. Vicky fights with Michael. She thinks that she should get a turn at running the neighborhood and blackmails him into a turn.

Eleanor and Chidi brainstorm at Mindy’s place, as they’ve done 15 times before. They argue. She goes in to vent and finds out that the tension is sexual frustration and that they usually end up sleeping together. Michael admits the whole project is a sham and recruits Jason. Eleanor takes Mindy’s copy of a previous version and they head back to the neighborhood.

Michael and Jason talk. It’s a rambling mess but Michael sees some wisdom in it. Later, when Eleanor confronts Michael he agrees and tells her he needs backup.

I liked the first seaon of this show very much. The premiere was good and this wasn’t bad but I don’t understand how it can sustain itself long-term. Also, why didn’t Eleanor get drugs for Mindy from Janet.

The Good Place is on Thursdays at 8:30 p.m.

The Good Place, episode one

Michael talks to the bossman about the plan for take two. Bossman thinks it will be a failure. Micahel holds a meeting with everyone from the neighborhood. They are getting ready for take two as well.

Janet gives Eleanor a note from herself saying “Find Chidi” but she doesn’t know what that means. Janet leaves and Eleanor doesn’t know her name. She walks around the neighborhood meeting people, trying to find Janet. She runs into Michael who asks her to make a speech at the welcoming party.

She doesn’t have a choice so she agrees to do it. The other neighbors, under the direction of Michael, try to ply her with alcohol so that she mucks things up mut she is resistant. She does accomplish a goal though. She finds Chidi and they meet for the first time. She wants to know what all this means.

Chidi gets to meet with Michael as he arrives in the Good Place. He finds out all of his heroes are in the bad place. He also learns about soulmates. Turns out the numbers are inconclusive and he has to pick one.

He dates both women and as he is about to choose the clear right option Michael interrupts. They ran the numbers again. Angelique (Paulina Bugembe) is not his soulmate. The other woman is. He’s flustered and upset. They go to the party and he tries to corner Angelique. She tells him to buzz off. That’s when Eleanor approaches. She tells him about the note and wants to know what it all means. He tells her he doesn’t know.

Next up is Tahani. Her soulmate is very short. They get a house and it is very small. Her soulmate also wears jeans and such so she dresses to match. At the party she talks to Michael and he plays some mindgames about her “frivilulous” requests.

She’s at the bar when Eleanor sees Chidi and takes Eleanor’s shots. She then interrupts the welcome speech and starts a fire.

The last person to meet Michael is Jason. He’s pretending to be a silent monk again and his soulmate is basically his shadow. He spends most of the day trying to ditch him, to no avail.

As Tahani’s speech crashes and burns, literally, Michael realizes that something is wrong. Denise, formerly Good Eleanor, has some issues with her new role. Michael tells her she can have a limp. He talks to some other people in the neighborhood and realizes that something is up.

As Tahani causes trouble, Chidi pulls Eleanor to the side to tell her that he thinks that they know each other. Michael holds a meeting with the neighbors to figure out where they stand. They complain because aren’t the typical jobs they are used to. He gets mad. Then they realize they lost the humans and he gets really made.

Eleanor confessed to Chidi that she doesn’t belong in the Good Place. Now he doesn’t know what to do. Jason breaks down to Janet that he doesn’t know what’s going. He just wants a safe haven. Chidi and Eleanor are talking when Michael barges in. He tries to take Chidi home. Then Tahani comes in and Michael gets really cagey. Their soulmates turn up and Eleanor sees that there is something afoot.

Janet brings Jason and then his soulmate turns up. Michael tries to send them home but Jason snaps. Eleanor’s soulmate comes home and that’s when Eleanor puts the pieces together. She agknowledges the note so now Michael knows what the issue was.

He snaps his fingers. They are starting over again. Michael holds a neighborhood meeting. They ask what the bossman said. Michael lies and tells them he was supportive. Then he calls his boss and says attempt two is still on track. His boss reminds him there will be no attempt three.

I was so confused. They were going so fast, everyone joining up and putting the pieces together. I didn’t understand how it would sustain a season. Now it makes more sense though because now they are blank slates and Michael has a secret from his boss.

The Good Place airs Thursdays at 8:30 p.m.

The Good Place, episode twelve and thirteen

Eleanor is in the grocery store. She’s stocking up on…essentials. She fights with a guy outside collecting money for charity and ends up getting hit by runaway carts and dying. She wakes up on the train. She’s anxious and wants to get to the medium place. Janet tells her there is nothing to worry about.

In Michael’s office, the judge is weighing facts about Eleanor’s status in the good place. Bad Janet shows up to explain the bad place’s side of things. Michael tries to plead the for the good place but it is not all facts so the judge won’t listen.

Janet, Jason and Eleanor get to the medium place and talk to Mindy. She was mostly bad but did one really good thing for the world so she got a decent amount of points, thus the medium place. But she’s been trapped there alone for 30 years. She talks to Eleanor and tells her to look out for herself.

The judge asks Michael and the others about Eleanor’s time in the neighborhood. They talk it about as emotionless as possible to make their point.

Eleanor talks to Mindy about the good place and how she misses Chidi.

The judge displays more evidence for Eleanor to go to the bad place. Chidi and Tahani give testimonials but its too late. The judge rules. Bad place for them. They are missing though so he engages the Janet walkie talkie function and tells them that if they don’t come back to the good place Tahani and Chidi will be sent to the bad place.

Jason wants to stay in the medium place but Eleanor isn’t having it. She is going to save her friends. They argue about it for a while but she is able to convince him. It’s ride or die.

When they get back though, it’s too late. The judge will have to make another ruling.

He gives them thirty minutes to pick who amongst them will go to the bad place. Two must be sent. Eleanor decides it should be she and Jason but he doesn’t want to. The Real Eleanor decides that she is going because Chidi doesn’t love her.

Eleanor tells everyone that she will go with Real Eleanor but Chidi says that he should go instead of her. Tahani thinks that she should go with Chidi and as they all argue Eleanor figures something out. She calls the judge and Michael in and says that she and Chidi will be going. He’s confused but she persists. She’s realized they can’t take a train to the bad place because they are in the bad place.

Everyone has been torturing one another since the moment they arrived. It’s all been a big game of Michael’s. They are all bad people that belong in the bad place and they’ve been played all along. Michael is going to erase their memories. Eleanor has to come up with a plan to save them again. She writes a note and puts it in Janet’s mouth.


Eleanor wakes up in the good place and Michael shows her around. She gets a new soulmate, a guy from Teaneck, NJ, and a happy life. When she has a moment alone Janet pops up and gives her the note. It reads “Eleanor find Chidi.” She has her work cut out for her.

They got me so good with the twist. I never saw it coming and I loved it. I can’t wait to see where it goes from here.

The Good Place, episode ten

Jianyu aka Jason Mendoza is telling Tahani about himself. Which naturally means his ranking of the Fast and Furious franchise (5,6,4,7,1,2,3 is the best order, obviously) but she wants to know more about him as a person. She is disappointed.

Chidi, Eleanor, Real Eleanor and Bambadjan are discussing how to make a case for Eleanor to stay in the good place with Michael. He thinks that a legal defense is the best option.

Eleanor starts talking about her time in the good place. Real Eleanor and Bambadjan tell her she is in love with Chidi.

Michael and Chidi are chatting about Chidi’s indecision. He’s been like that for all his life.

Tahani has Jianyu going over what he has been up to during his time in the good place. She realizes that he could have never painted the gift he gave her and he tries to throw Chidi under the bus but she sees it as a sweet gesture.

Chidi is debating the pros and cons of paper vs whiteboards when Eleanor interrupts. She has realized that she is in fact in love with Chidi and wants to talk to him. She tells him she loves him and tries to make a quick escape but Tahani comes in. She thinks Chidi loves her. She thinks that they are soulmates. He freaks out and runs away.

Jianyu is feeling down. He wants Janet to cheer him up. She brings him a snack. He asks why she’s so nice to him. Then tells her he loves her.

Tahani and Eleanor talk about confessing to Chidi and knowing the truth about Jianyu. Eleanor doesn’t want them to fight over a guy. They start to bond by watching tv.

Chidi’s indecision is contagious. He talks to Michael about his soulmates and suddenly Michael doesn’t know what to say.

Eleanor braids extensions into Tahani’s hair and apologizes for not telling her about Jianyu. Tahani jokes that maybe he is Eleanor’s soulmate but she runs with it. Maybe he is. And then Janet interrupts to tell them that she and Jianyu/Jason are getting married in ten minutes.

Michael is trying to solve Chidi’s soulmate problem. The indecision is causing him misery. He wasn’t sure about something all the way until the moment he died. He has to just look the women in the eye and decide.

Jianyu and Janet are getting married. Eleanor and Tahani attend and laugh as they exchange vows and are officially married. They can’t believe they both thought they belonged with Jianyu at some point. Tahani also decides she will keep Jianyu’s secret.

Chidi turns up to make a decision but suddenly Eleanor and Tahani have realized that they aren’t in love with him. Tahani also has an idea to help save Eleanor.

They head off to find Michael.

I liked this episode. I feel really bad for Jianyu. He is kind of terrible but still endearing. I hope they can save Eleanor.