This is Us, episode sixteen

Jack is driving. And drinking. He gets to the club Rebecca’s show is at and looks at the club.

Mechanic Jack is fixing and an elderly lady’s car. She gives him $5. It’s all she can offer. She wishes she had a granddaughter to set him up with. Wait! Her friends’s granddaughter is single. She’s going to set them up.

Rebecca is out eating with friends. They are planning one of their weddings and start hounding Rebecca about settling down. She wants to focus on her career and they want her to “diversify.”

Jack goes into the club and orders drinks. Rebecca is backstage freaking out about going onstage. Ben tries to calm her down and then makes a move on her. She rejects him and then storms out. She walks right by Jack at the bar. They don’t see each other.

So young Jack lives with his parents. His dad is a drinker and mocks him for not having a job or a place of his own. He goes up to the attic and fiddles with the money he has stashed away.

Rebecca calls the house. Obviously no one is home. She leaves a message.

Jack and his friend are admiring the site that they want to buy for an auto body shop. He asks his friend about a high stakes poker game. It’s dangerous but he wants in.
Older Jack is drunk and stumbles backstage looking for Rebecca. He finds Ben who basically admits to making a move on his wife. They have a scuffle. Rebecca walks in and Jack stops.

Rebecca quits the band. She has to drive Jack home. Her younger counterpart calls the elderly woman to set her up.

Jack pockets all his cash and goes to head out. The phone rings. It’s the elderly woman arranging the date. He writes down the info. They go to the backroom poker game. Jack lingers in the game. Goes all in and wins the pot. Then he leaves without playing abother hand. Needless to say he gets jumped and robbed in the parking lot. He walks away with nothing.

Rebecca is driving them home. Jack tries to talk but Rebecca tells him not while he’s drunk.

Jack gets home and tells his friend that his dad always made the wrong choices. He tried to go the other way and its gotten him nowhere. He wants his break but there is “no such thing.” He says he’s going back to the poker game the following week.

They get home. Jack apologizes. He doesn’t know what to say. They talk about his drinking. He basically blames her. They argue. She is not the sympathetic ear he expected. She tells him that she has no life. She’s a ghost and he tells her that this “career” she has is a joke. She wants him to tell her what he loves about her not to just say the words out of habit.

Rebecca and Jack are both getting ready to go out.

The morning after the fight, Jack and Rebecca talk. She says that though they feel bad, they meant what they said. She tells him to go stay with Miguel.

Rebecca gets to the restaurant for her blind date. She gets seated. Jack and his friend are plotting to rob a bar. He goes in and sits down. He finds the info for his blind date. Rebecca’s date joins her. It’s not Jack.

Jack gets the all clear from Miguel to stay with him. Rebecca is worried about screwing up the kids. Jack tells her that they will be able to handle it.

Kate tells Toby she knows what she wants to do. She wants to sing.

Kevin is taking the meeting with the director. He tells Sophie he loves her and gets in a car.

Randall looks at a photo of William and then an album of photos of himself growing up. He tells Beth he wants to adopt a baby.

Jack is still alone at the bar. Rebecca ducks out on her crappy date. Jack’s friend puts their plan in motion but as Jack makes his way to the register he sees Rebecca singing at the open mic. It’s love at first site.

Older Jack tells Rebecca about the date he stood up the night they met and what he loves about her. He tells her she was his big break and it might not feel like it now but they are just getting started. He leaves.

I don’t like Jack and I didn’t like that the kids weren’t in this episode at all. It was obvious that they weren’t being set up with each other. Can Kate sing? What does this meeting with a director mean for the play Kevin is in? They are going to drag out this Jack’s death thing for too long.

This is Us, episode seventeen

William is straightening up the room he stayed in at Randall’s house. He’s packing up and making the bed and heading toward the door. Present day Randall is in the doorway. He’s going to clean up the room. Beth tells him he doesn’t need to do that. They sit in the room. Beth finds a note from William.

Kevin is trying to get the Times theater critic on the phone. No answer but Sophie tells him to fret not. He’ll figure it out. He wants the critic there for the opening night do-over. She will be there but will avoid the family. She heads to work.

Randall and Beth are reading the note from William to their kids. He wants them to plan the memorial. Make it fun.

Kate is trying to track down rainbow balloons. That is what the kids have tasked her with. Toby wants to talk about feelings. She ignores him.

Rebecca is getting ready to leave for tour. Jack is nowhere to be found. He is hiding out at work. He doesn’t want to go home. He does head there eventually and Rebecca has some words for him before her ride gets there. She says goodbye to the kids before he gives her a kiss on the cheek, talk about lackluster. Kate makes a face at Jack and he runs outside to give Rebecca a proper goodbye but the van is gone.

Randall is trying to write his eulogy. It’s not happening. His phone rings. It’s Jesse, William’s boyfriend. He just wants to pass along his condolences and those of the AA group. He tells Randall about William.

Kevin bursts into the critic’s office. He begs for another chance. The doorbell rings at Randall’s house. It’s the mailman. He has perishables. He hands them off and asks after William. Randall tells him what happened and the mailman talks about how he had gotten to know William. He leaves and Beth sees what the package is. It’s pears from Randall’s office. His father died and they sent him pears.

Jack is dropping the kids off at a party. Kevin and Sophie hop out. Kate does not. She grills Jack on his relationship with Rebecca before going to the party.

Rebecca and Miguel get to Randall’s for the memorial. She says that it’s awkward. Kate and Toby show up with the balloons as Kevin walks up too. Randall walks out and welcomes them to the “fun-eral.” They start with breakfast because that is what William liked.

Jack is sitting home alone. He doesn’t want to be. He heads to the bar to meet with his co-workers including a younger woman who is eyeing him and gets him a drink.

Randall finds Beth in the kitchen staring at William’s pills. She tells him that William knew he wasn’t coming back. Randall got the trip. The girls got the memorial. She didn’t even get to say goodbye.

The memorial is in full swing and Randall gets up to give his toast. He doesn’t have the words to say but he knows who does. He hands the mic off to Beth. She talks about him being her friend. He left a mark on their lives.

Kate needs to step outside. Toby tries to stop her but she doesn’t. Randall goes out and comforts her. She apologizes for not comforting him and he tells her about a dream he had with Jack and William. He tells her that she has to let her feelings out and that Toby could help.

Jack is at the bar. The woman hits on him after finding out Rebecca is out of town. He tells her she is embarrassing both of them.

The next part of the memorial is a walk around the neighborhood much like William did. Kevin ducks out to head to the show. Rebecca tries to talk to him about why she kept William away. He doesn’t want to hear it. She tells him that she was scared. She was worried she would lose him. It was no excuse. It was selfish and she’s sorry.

Kevin is getting ready for the show. Sophie turns up backstage and gives him a crutch. For when he breaks his leg. Get it? The family is proud but from the stage Kevin notices that the seat for the critic is empty. On the way out Beth tells Randall that they are late to get home. Randall says that he has to stop by the office.

He goes and talks to his boss about how much he has done for the company and how they haven’t appreciated him. He quits. He has no plan but he’s out.

Sophie catches up with Kevin outside the theater. They talk about the critic. He tells her he realized he came to New York for her. He’ll wait as long as it takes. She brings him home and they sleep together.

Beth gets home and the mail is there. There’s a postcard from William from Memphis. He’s saying goodbye.

Kevin’s phone rings waking him up. It’s Ron Howard. He thinks it is a joke but its not. Ron wants him to film a movie in LA in a few months.

Jack calls the kid’s friend’s house. He asks the parent if they can stay over and then tells Kate that she was right.

Kate tells Toby she can’t talk about her father’s death because it is her fault.

Ron Howard?!?!?! I love it. I think Kevin will take that job. Rebecca makes everything about her all the time and that’s obnoxious. I was fine until the postcard. Then I got choked up. Good for Randall. Sticking it to the man.

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This is Us, episode fifteen

It’s Valentine’s Day. Rebecca is leaving for tour the following week. She’s making a list of all the things Jack will need to know for the month that she is gone. They have holiday plans for that evening too.

Kate goes to Duke’s door. She tells him off. They are not alike. He snaps back at her. His parents run the camp. She’s done.

Kevin is interviewed by Katie Couric. It stars normal enough but quickly veers into really nasty territory. His phone rings. He wakes up. It’s Sophie. She can’t make opening night but he thinks that’s okay because it might not be the best venue to tell his family that he’s “cautiously dating” his ex-wife.

Randall runs. He thinks about all the things that have been bothering him lately. He’s getting overwhelmed. He stops for a moment and Kevin teases him. At home, his hand is shaking. The kids are fighting. William is in rough shape. The phone rings. Beth’s mother fell and broke her hip.

Jack and Miguel are working. Jack is talking about handling the “tour thing.” He doesn’t know why she’s going on tour. He doesn’t like Ben the bandleader. Miguel wants to be out and about. Jack invites him to Rebecca’s show.

Kate visits Toby and apologizes for her behavior. She also tells her that she was kicked out of camp. He thinks they should get to know each other better.

The trio as teenagers are just getting home from school. Rebecca eavesdrops and finds out that Kevin is having sex. She goes to ask the kids but they scattered.

Toby and Kate are shopping and “digging deep.” She asks about his suicidal thoughts. Randall gets to work and finds out the schedule has been changed. Kevin shows up and Randall is flustered. He gets a call from home. He has to go. He’s teetering.

Jack and Rebecca are having a sex talk with Kevin. Randall interrupts because he is having a panic attack. Jack calms him down and Rebecca starts talking about quitting the tour. Jack tells her no.

Kate and Toby talk about his depression. He hit rock bottom and contemplated suicide but he is working on it. He’s in therapy. He asks about Jack’s death but she can’t do it.

Randall gets home to find out William was fighting with his nurse about drinking Coke. He wants to do things for himself but Randall says he is a sick old man that needs a nurse. He says they can talk more later.

Miguel and Jack watch Rebecca perform. She is playing it up for the crowd.

Kevin goes to his mom’s house but she isn’t home. He talks to Miguel or rather listens to Miguel talk about how great Jack was and how much Kevin reminds him of his best friend. It calms Kevin down.

Randall goes back to work for his meeting but he’s melting down. He doesn’t have the number he needs and can’t focus.

Jack is at the bar and Ben the bandleader approaches. They talk about Rebecca and Jack is in a sour mood. He tells her they are skipping dinner.

Toby gets to the theater for Kevin’s opening night. He greets everyone and then asks Kate to hold up before heading in. He wants to have a long engagement.

Rebecca confronts Jack and he goes off. He’s “crazy and jealous” over something that means nothing.

Randall is having an episode at the office. He calls and has a very strange conversation with Kevin. The show is about to start. Kevin is thinking about Jack. Curtain up and Kevin is gone.

Young Kevin sees Randall freaking out and ignores him. Adult Kevin runs to his office. He sits with him.

Jack eats dinner alone.

Poor Randall. I’m so glad Kevin went. I mean he ruined the show and Sloane will suffer but on the whole he was finally not being a terrible brother and that was a great thing. Jack seems to be very popular but I don’t like him at all. He seems controlling and manipulative.

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This is Us, episode fourteen

Jack and Rebecca get married. Miguel gives a toast about how in love with Rebecca Jack is.
Fast forward a few years, the kids are in high school and with busy schedules there is a bit of a strain on their marriage. They go out to eat with Miguel and Shelly, who tell them that they are getting divorced.

Randall comes home from work to find the house dark and empty. Well, maybe not empty. William is there at the piano but when he touches him, William is dead. It’s just a nightmare though. Randall and Beth have to get up in the middle of the night to take care of the kids. They find William teaching their eldest to play chess at 3 a.m. William isn’t going to be around forever.

Kevin is trying to make things perfect for Sophie. He gets to their restaurant and their booth with their food and when she comes in and yells he just takes it.

Kate is making progress at camp and Toby shows up to surprise her. He wants to hang out for the day but she doesn’t want to miss her classes. He is understanding and tells her to keep it up.

Randall and Beth meet with William’s doctor about getting ready for the inevitable. Randall can’t handle it and bails. He gets to work and has to partner up with the new guy on an account that he’s been working for a number of years.

Sophie and Kevin are eating and talking. He never stopped thinking about her but he says something wrong and she leaves. Turns out he cheated on her and that’s how their marriage fell apart. She doesn’t want to talk to him.

Toby is walking out of the camp and runs into the jerk that keeps hitting on Kate. The interaction is awkward.

Jack is at work. He accuses Miguel of having an affair. He wants to know why their marriage fell apart. Miguel says that they just stopped noticing each other.

Rebecca is singing with a band at a jazz club. The bandleader tells her about an awesome gig that they landed and she tells him she has to check with Jack. He makes a comment and she goes off on him about Jack being a “superhero.”

Beth is telling the girls about the memory box she has of things with her father. Randall interrupts. He doesn’t want to talk about grief. He has nothing to grieve. He tells her he can’t go to a school event because he has to take a client out but she calls marriage.

Kate is in class and guess who shows up! Toby. He’s joining the camp.

Kevin is on the subway with Sophie. He tells her that he knows her. She asks about the family and he reveals he made up a fake Facebook to keep up with her. She tells him that she dated a bunch of jerks and was married before but she’s happy now. She likes work and is dating a nice guy. He tells her that he is still in love with her. She’s the best thing that ever happened to him.

Randall is at the chess tournament. His daughter wins. He wants to know if he made a mistake bringing a dying man around the family. Beth tells him that he didn’t. He brought them joy.

Rebecca gets home to find Jack dressed up with a bag packed. He’s taking her somewhere.
Toby acted like an ass and Kate is mad at him. She takes class seriously. But he is upset that she didn’t think that he might need something nice. He’s not going to cramp her style but he gives her his grandmother’s ring before leaving.

At work, Randall finds out that his accounts are being split with the new guy. It’s not a punishment, his boss insists.

Jack and Rebecca are “somewhere.” He leads her in blindfolded and lo and behold it is there first apartment. He wants to take the time to remember the newlyweds that lived there.

The jerk, Duke, is giving Kate trouble at camp. He talks about how he used to be like her.

He’s not anymore though because he accepted who he is.

Rebecca and Jack read over the vows they read each other at their wedding to see if they still hold up.

Beth helps the girls make memory boxes.

Kevin waits in the restaurant for Sophie. She shows up.

Kate debates between calling Toby and going to see Duke in his cabin.

Beth is seriously the best part of this show. And Randall. The two of them both as a pair and on their own are amazing and I love everything about them. I felt really bad for Toby. Also, I want to hate Kevin because he seems like he’d be kind of a jerk but he tries so hard. I can’t bring myself to do it.

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This is Us, episode thirteen

There is a montage of the kids’ birthdays growing up. It is the night before tenth birthday. Jack wants to give them a dog. Rebecca is not agreeable. They get interrupted. The kids call a meeting. They want separate birthday parties.

Kate is at the doctor. She is trying to schedule her bypass. She’s hesitant now because she knows how stressful surgery can be after what happened with Toby.

Randall comes into the kitchen and Beth is there. Randall is running late for work. William comes in and he’s in a great mood. He has a lot of energy and wants some help with his iPod. Beth calls it a chemo boost. It’s not zapping his energy now.

Kevin gets to work and tries to chat with Sloane. She’snot having it. They are colleagues now. Nothing more.

Toby drives Kate to camp. She talks along the way about how great he is and tries to psych herself up for camp.

Randall gets to work and finds that he is having a meeting with a new guy. He finds out the new guy is getting an account he wanted to handle. They now will try to outpitch each other for the account.

Rebecca and Jack are getting ready for the birthday parties. He is reminiscing. She tells him it’s sweet but they don’t have time for it. He mentions having another kid.

She is more practical. They can barely handle the ones they have.

Randall is working. William shows up. He wants to enjoy the nice day and get lunch. He doesn’t know how many of those he’ll have left. Randall agrees and heads out.

Kate is getting a tour. They don’t focus on the gym, it’s more internally focuses. Her phone rings. It’s Kevin. He has girl troubles. She tells him she is basically joining a cult and suggests he call Toby. Then she gets hit on.

It’s time for the birthday parties. They are stressing out. Kids are running around inside like crazy but the real problem is outside at Randall’s party. No one is there. He tells them its because he doesn’t have any friends. They are very upset.

Kevin and Toby go to a rooftop bar. Kevin talks about his feelings for Olivia and Sloane.

Rebecca and Jack try to pilfer kids from the other parties but it’s no use. Rebecca talks to Randall. He really is okay with not having a lot of friends.

William is shopping and Randall is stressing because he wants to get back to work to finish his pitch.

Kate calls home. She was in yoga. She wants to quit camp. The horse guy that hit on her earlier tells her that the whole camp is a waste and that they are fat and that’s all they’ll ever be.

Everyone goes from Kate’s party to Kevin’s. She is sitting alone because she thinks all of her friends like Kevin better.

Kevin and Toby are talking about his feelings still. Toby is going to help him woo her with a big romantic gesture. He makes Kevin visual who it will be and they head out to get to work.

Randall and William are driving. He just wants to go back to work. William wants to drive his car. He agrees. William gets behind the wheel but as he explains things it comes out that he doesn’t know how to drive. Randall will have to teach him.

Kate gets invested in camp. She starts working harder in the classes. She visualizes all the times she has felt upset and goes all in. She lets out a scream in the middle of class.

Kevin gets to one of the apartments. It isn’t Sloane or Olivia. It’s Sophie (Alex Breckenridge), his ex-wife. Flashback to the birthday party and we find 10 year old Kevin hanging out with Kate’s best friend, Sophie.

Back at camp, Kate thanks the horse guy for the reverse psychology. He tells her that’s not what he was doing. He’s just a dick. And he figures they’ll get together at some point.

Rebecca and Jack are exhausted. They can’t handle another baby. They miss when their kids were little. They hear a ruckus. It’s the kids having a wrapping paper fight. They join the fray.

William is cruising around a parking lot. He thinks Randall. It’s a dream come true.

Young Kevin is hamming it up at his birthday party to impress Sophie. Adult Kevin is in a taxi. He gets a text. Sophie will meet with him.

I liked this episode. I felt really bad for Kate. I’m glad that kid Randall was so self aware. Adult Randall was annoying me because he was trying to rush back to work. Awfully convenient for Kevin that Sophie lives in the city and he can just pop over to her place.

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This is Us, episode twelve

Rebecca is very pregnant. She is irritable and her shoes don’t fit. She’s “gone to the dark side” as Jack puts it. The house isn’t ready either.

The doc is going about his morning routine at home alone.

A firefighter goes to confession. He’s been having a rough time with his wife and needs a miracle.

Rebecca and Jack are arguing because Jack can’t do anything right and she needss him to get out of the house until he has a “major attitude change.” He leaves and she realizes its his birthday.

The doc does a bit of grocery shopping and talks to an old friend about how he’s getting on.

The firefighter talks to his wife about saving his marriage.

Jack and Miguel go golfing. Miguel talks about the fact that Jack needs to take the time to do things for himself, especially once the babies come.

Rebecca has a meltdown because she doesn’t have cake ingredients. She ends up having to walk to the grocery store in search of all she needs for a fancy chocolate almond cake.

The doc talks to his son about life and seeing movies and getting out of the house.

Miguel pushes golf but Jack is just not interested. He wants to be with his family, not escape them.

Rebecca walks to a liquor store. They don’t have cake ingredients. She makes due.

The firefighter is at the station when the doorbell chimes. He goes to see what’s up. Someone left a baby on the doorstep. He brings it in and shows it off.

Rebecca uses twinkie filling to ice a banana muffin from a liquor store for Jack’s birthday. Then she sits in the rocker in the nursery and talks to the babies about being overwhelmed and how excited she is to meet them and do things for them. Jack walks in. He bought a video camera. She wants to make up for being horrible.

The doc fights with his son about moving on. He says he never will and he wants his son to stop asking him to.

The firefighter wants to keep the baby. His wife is not interested. A baby is not going to fix things. She tells him to take it to a hospital before he gets arrested.

Jack is getting ready for his traditional birthday dance while Rebecca stresses. She starts her dance.

The doc visits his wife’s gravesite and talks about his son thinking he knows so much. He doesn’t know if he wants to “keep doing this” without her anymore. He misses her. Then his pager goes off. He says goodbye and heads to the hospital.

He gets there and gets the rundown before heading in to meet Rebecca and Jack for the first time. The firefighter heads to the hospital with the baby as well.

The labor goes as we already knew it would only now Jack chats with the firefighter at the nursery window. Jack and Rebecca talk when she wakes up.

The firefighter goes home and talks to his wife about starting over. She introduces herself to him all over again and they hug it out.

The doctor hears that Jack and Rebecca might adopt the fire station baby. He heads home and starts cleaning up a little bit of the stuff his wife left behind. He still talks to her though.

It’s years later on Jack’s birthday. They watch home movies of the day the kids were born.

The firefighter goes out to eat with his wife and the doc eats with his friend from the grocery store.

My favorite character on this show is adult Randall so it was a bit of a shame to not see him. My second favorite though, is the doctor and he was all over the place which pleased me. Rebecca was so mean and I get it. She’s pregnant but she was kind of a jerk before she was pregnant too. I don’t like her.


This is Us, episode eleven

Young Jack jumps in when his father gets aggressive with his mother. It seems like it is something that has happened before. When his father walks away, his mother makes him promise he will never be like his father.

Rebecca is pregnant and she and Jack are looking for a house to buy. They go to the doctor to find out the gender and get more than they bargained for. They find out its triplets.

Kate is at the hospital to visit Toby. He’s in good spirits. It was an arrhythmia. He makes jokes and then his food is delivered and she feeds him.

Kevin tries to sneak Sloane out of the basement but Beth and William are in the kitchen. He knows that its not a flop house and that sleeping with the playwright will blow up in his face but he is going to do it anyway. He then makes a joke about William’s sexuality and William tells him he’s bi.

Rebecca and Jack have a two bedroom sixth floor walkup. This isn’t feasible with triplets. They both are freaking out but Jack knows they will figure something out.

Beth and Randall talk about his father coming out. It’s a “big gay curveball” and the fact that he is freaking out doesn’t make him homophobic.

Toby talks to his doctor. He makes some jokes about getting out but the doctor recommends surgery. Toby doesn’t seem interested.

Jack goes to work and chats with his boss. He asks for a raise that doesn’t seem likely.
Kevin and Sloane are rehearsing. The director admits that he is pleasantly surprised.

Sloane asks Kevin what they are doing. He doesn’t know what they are doing but likes that they are a we. Just then Olivia shows up. She wants back in the play and wants to be with Kevin. He doesn’t say anything but Sloane tells her to back off. The director on the other hand is very happy to see him.

Toby and Kate fight about his potential surgery. He wants to opt for the medication. She thinks he’s being childish.

Rebecca has lunch with her mother who rips on Jack. Rebecca tries to defend him but it gets her nowhere. She asks Rebecca what her plan is and then says that she has one.

Jesse shows up to pick up William. Randall lets him in and proceeds to have a few minutes of very awkward converstaion before William is ready to go. William is spending the night at Jesse’s.

Toby texts Kate telling her to come back. He’s having the surgery. And he professes his love for her. He is taken away and she waits with Randall and Kevin. She wants them to distract her. Kevin talks about his women problems and Randall talks about William.

Rebecca goes home to Jack. He asks about her lunch. She tells him that her mother suggested they move in with them. Rebecca is considering it. Jack is not. To avoid an argument, she sends him to the store for ice cream. Once he leaves, she cries but he forgot his wallet and when he comes back for it, he hears her. He leaves and goes to his father’s house. He asks to borrow money.

Kevin turns down Olivia to stay with Sloane because “its the right thing to do” but Sloane overhears and is rightfully offended. She ditches Kevin.

Kate tells Toby she loves him too and wants to spend the rest of her life with him while she thinks he’s asleep. He’s faking and responds, basically proposing.

Randall is home when William gets back. He asks why they are getting pushed aside.

William says that he knows the end is soon and that Jesse has been helping him make arrangements. Randall says that he can take it and he wants them to spend time together as a family.

Jack talks to his father. He ends up selling his fancy car and scrapping together pennies but he buys the money pit that he had been working on. He shows Rebecca and she is happy.

I feel bad for Sloane. Kevin is kind of a horrible person. I also feel bad for Randall and William because he is sick and dying even though they just met. I wish they had more time together. I’m glad Toby had the surgery.