This is Us, episode eighteen

It’s a wedding. Kevin and Randall and Kate are all sitting there as Rebecca walks down the aisle to Jack. They are renewing their vows on their 40th anniversary. Actually it’s the day before Toby and Kate’s wedding at the family cabin. He just wants to make sure she isn’t going to pull a runaway bride.

Actually she has a gift for him. He’s been so accommodating that she got him a used Leslie Nielsen bow tie. He’s happy. She’s happy. Kevin is harassing Randall about gift bags on the phone. It’s a good time. Randall is a little frazzled. Things have been hectic and Beth tries to calm him down.

Deja walks by and he tells her to make sure she’s ready to head out soon. She snarks back. She’s been like this since her mother gave up parental rights in court. They don’t know what to do. Rebecca and Miguel talk about who is more of an awful reminder of Jack.

Hours later Randall shows up at the cabin. He dropped everyone else off because it’s been a long ride. Kevin meets Randall outside and they hear Kate yelling. She can’t find Jack’s t-shirt and it was meant to be her something old. They call Toby, who is driving with his parents. He forgot to pack the shirt. They tell Kate but it’s no problem. They will find something else.

Jack is reciting his renewal vows to Rebecca. He talks about getting notes in his lunch when he was at the old company and then spending his days with Rebecca once they started the company. It’s wedding day. Randall rolls up with the family. He sends the girls inside as Beth greets her sister. Deja keeps to herself.

Randall and Kevin have rounded up a few something old options. They are not good but Kate is unconcerned. She just has an errand to run. She’ll be back. As she heads out Rebecca walks in. She thinks this is her fault. It’s not. Kate gets into town and goes to what used to be an ice cream shop she went to with Jack. It’s hipster now. The tradition is gone. She’s sad.

Rebecca sings for Jack at their renewal reception. It moves him to tears. Still no sign of Kate so Randall and Kevin head into town too. Madison offers to go with them but Randall shuts it down. She’s crazy and Kevin tells Randall to make sure he doesn’t sleep with her. They get into town and eat hipster nutella ice cream and then drive around looking for Kate.

They talk about how self-absorbed and shitty they’ve been over the years. They lost site of Kate and weren’t good brothers. At the renewal reception, everyone is all smiles and dancing. Deja is still being an angsty teen so Zoe takes a few minutes to talk to her. She knows what it’s like to be the kid left behind and life is easier when you let go of the anger. Deja listens.

Toby is getting ready when his parents come in. They have concerns about Kate. He bends over backwards for her and think that she’s unstable. They bit their tongues during his first marriage but they won’t do it again. He shuts them down. He is marrying the love of his life and they can be there if they want.

Miguel walks in to compliment Rebecca. Still no sign of Kate but that’s when she calls. She tells Rebecca about her dreams of the renewal ceremony and Rebecca seems happy to hear about them. She asks what Toby is doing in the dreams and Kate says that he’s not there. There’s an awkward pause and then Kate ends the call.

Kate ends up in the woods with Jack’s urn. She’s talking to him about having to let go and make room for Toby. She’s ready. She turns around and Kevin and Randall are there. They goof around and then head out. It’s time for Kate to get married. Everyone is making their way outside. Zoe is guarding a door though. It’s for Deja. She’s dressed up and ready.

Beth and Zoe hug it out. Kate and Rebecca have a moment about how Kate has always looked up to her mom because that’s who she wants to be. The wedding goes off without a hitch as Jack tells a young Kate that someday she will find someone even better than him and he will be a lucky guy because he will get to marry her.

It’s the actual reception this time. Everyone is having a good time. Toby’s mom tells Deja she looks just like her father, Randall, and it’s too much. She leaves the tent. Kevin gives a toast. He talks about how hard they tried to make this good for her like Jack would have and that it’s time they all learn to let go and have each other.

Randall takes over the toast. No one knows the future. No one knows where they will be in a year. Kevin and Zoe are on a plane to Vietnam. Toby is depressed and bedridden. What matters is who you choose to be with. Deja smashs Randall’s windshield. An older Randall talks to his now adult daughter Tess about going to visit someone.

He wraps it up by telling Kate and Toby that he’s glad they chose each other. Then it’s back to dancing. Everyone is smiling. Kate dances with Miguel. Beth and Randall are with their kids. Kevin is by the punch when Zoe walks over and starts to chat. She’s a sucker for a good toast after all.

THAT ENDING! THE FUTURE! IS IT BETH? It better not be. She’s the best one I’m so concerned about her already. I hope it’s a fake out. I love Zoe. She was great and I think she’ll be good for Kevin. I liked the Kevin and Randall scenes. Pairing them goes from funny to tears to funny in like two seconds flat which is really impressive. The whole cast just pulled this season off really well. I felt bad for Kate with the ice cream thing but it was just a good episode.


Saturday Night Live, episode seventeen

I love Sterling K. Brown so hopefully this will be amazing. He seems like such a funny dude.

Cold open: These two are my favorites so I usually love them together. It kind of dragged out though. Just a bit.

Monologue: It’s weird to see him without glasses. I’m not used to it. He was funny. He’s great.

Celebrity Family Feud: Kenan is a champ. For always. Team Kenan.

This Is U.S.: On point.

Dinner party: I mean…. it started out funny but then just took a turn.

Sasquatch: I don’t know what this was.

First song: He sounded pretty good.

Weekend Update: Wonderful as always. I do very much enjoy Eric Trump.

Black Panther: I kept cracking up at this.

Dr. Love: Like… this was cheesy and lame but at the same time amusing.

Movie set: I liked this better than what they usually do with Kenan being the weird director.

Rock or rap: No.

Second song: Sounded good to me.

Nickelback: I don’t understand where this came from. Nickelback hasn’t been around for a long time but it was great.

He was suitably amusing. I was happy to see it. I as a little concerned they would have the rest of the This is Us cast stop by so it was nice that he got to do his own thing.

This is Us, episode seventeen

It’s the delivery room. We’ve got Deja’s mother, Rebecca and Beth in labor. Deja is born. It’s just like deja vu, when her grandmother gave birth to her mom. Afterward, her mom is hesitant to hold her but her grandmother gives it to her straight. Playtime is over. She’s a mother now.

Rebecca and Beth bond with their babies too. Deja is home alone when her great-grandmother gets back from work. She asks after Deja’s mom but there’s no sign of her. She reads a bedtime story. So does Randall and Rebecca and Jack to his brother. Deja’s mom gets home and her grandmother tells her off.

They argue but in the end are still okay. Grandma tells Shauna she can’t carry this for her. Another day they are walking down the hall to the apartment. Grandma starts to stagger and then falls. Randall sits alone with William’s hat. Rebecca cries for Jack. Young William looks at some prescription bottles.

Shauna doesn’t know what to do. Deja starts to read her a bedtime story. A much older Deja cooks by herself. William scrambles eggs with Randall’s daughters. Rebecca and the kids knead dough. They are all laughing. Deja finished breakfast. She helps her mom get out the door for work. The water was turned off.

It’s Shauna’s birthday so Deja plans to make her a special dinner. She confirms what time her mom will be home before school. That night Deja gets home and starts to make a family recipe. She slices her hand open. After calling her mother and getting no answer, she heads to the hospital alone and gets stitched up.

Kate is taken for appendix surgery. She has Kevin looking out for her. Deja is still waiting at the hospital. Linda, the social worker, shows up and introduces herself. When Shauna gets there, Linda pulls her aside and talks to her. Deja spends the night on the couch while Linda calls around looking for a placement for her.

Deja gets a foster home with a foster sister. She tries to fly below the radar but the other girl doesn’t care. She figures they are going to get hit anyway, might as well have fun. And get hit they do. They shoplift some makeup and get beaten. Jack gets knocked around too as a kid. Linda visits and Deja tells her what’s up.

They spend the night in a group home and Deja says that she had to tell Linda. Her foster sister tells her that “at least he only hit” and now they will be separated. She’s lost track of the number of beds she’s slept in but at least there they weren’t along. From there Deja ends up passing through a lot of houses as well.

Linda reunited Deja with her mother. Kate and Rebecca hug it out too. Deja gets a special dinner with Shauna… and Shauna’s friend from rehab. The dinner is awkward and Deja starts asking the guy a lot of questions about what he does. He tells her he knows it looks shady but he’s a good guy. He’s really trying and he likes her mom.

He sticks around. Dude starts drinking, like Jack and Kevin, and Deja ignores it. He’s rough and disrespectful to Shauna, and Deja minds her own business. She goes to school and is on the drill team. She’s at practice one day when cops show up and pull her out. She gets to Linda’s office and finds out that her mom’s been arrested.

She gets a new placement. It’s with the Pearsons. As she sits up at night she remembers her foster sister’s advice, if you find a bed that feels a little bit safe do what you have to to stay there. She spends time there and gets close to the family. Then her mom comes and picks her up. Dude is gone. It’s just them.

Things are going alright for a while. They have a handle on money and on top of the bills. For a while. They come up short so Deja goes to Randall. He spots her the money. Soon enough they are short on rent. Turns out Shauna needed their money to cover dude’s bail. Deja gives her shit for it. At first Shauna snaps but then she tells Deja not to worry.

Deja goes back to her room and calls Randall but he doesn’t answer. She fills a bag with clothes and tries to pawn it but the shop doesn’t take it. She sees her great-grandmother’s broach. It’s like Jack’s necklace. She won’t pawn it. Randall calls back and she tells him Bill Nye was on tv.

They pack up the apartment. They’ve been evicted and forced to sleep in the car. It’s night one and that’s when Beth and Randall walk by and find them. They bring Deja and Shauna home for the night. Nothing needs to be decided though. They eat dinner, play games and watch a movie. Shauna sees that Deja fits in well with the family.

As they settle in for bed, Deja asks to stay in her old room and Beth says it’s fine. She heads up. Shauna and Beth talk about how Shauna feels that she’s failed Deja. She put too much pressure on her and never saw her just act like a kid until that day. Randall and Deja talk as well about how even though people are different they are all the same too.

Everyone sleeps and has problems and things that make them happy and that’s what she was thinking about. She’s tired. He hugs her. He heads downstairs and finds Shauna on her way out. She has to go and can’t take Deja with her.

Poor Deja. That just sucks so much. Her mom never had her back. Even the birthday dinner she ditched to go out with people for her birthday. I’m glad that it was the first night that Beth and Randall found them and Deja didn’t have to long term live in the car. I hope Shauna at least leaves a note for her.

This is Us, episode sixteen

Rebecca and Jack are bowling for their first anniversary. She gives a notebook of his scribbles bound together. He set up a slow dance in front of everyone. Fourth anniversary. She got him a personalized hammer. He got her a hammer. Time for another anniversary. No grand gestures this time. She made him promise and he says he stuck to it.

Deja is at Randall’s house. They are past due on the bills and the heat has been off for the past few weeks. Randall offers to call and to set up a direct deposit. Deja won’t take it though. She needs the cash and she needs it now. So her mom and Linda don’t know. Randall hands it off.

Weeks later Beth and Randall are Vegas bound for Kate and Toby’s respective pre-marriage parties. Randall is still worried about Deja though. Beth says she deserves this weekend and she deserves Vegas. She wants them to have fun.

Kate and Madison are planning her party. Toby is still packing. As Madison leaves, Kate comments that she wishes it was a joint party but he points out that they are too codependent. Kate is worried about her time with Beth but Randall is ready for his time with the brothers Pearson.

Jack is making pancakes for the kids. Kevin asks about the fact that Jack isn’t doing anything extravagant for their anniversary and then says that the kids will do it. Jack is all for it. Rebecca is concerned.

They are rolling through Vegas and Beth is hanging out of the roof of the limo. Randall is more subdued, still worried about Deja but Beth gets real with him. Deja isn’t in the family anymore and he is being unfair to everyone by acting otherwise. They fight.

Vegas and the plentiful alcohol is Kevin’s personal Mt. Everest. He tells the hotel staff as much. Then its party time. Beth goes to Kate’s room while Randall and then Kevin turn up to hang out with Toby.

Kevin and Jack are planning the anniversary dinner. Jack says pasta but Kevin is set on Cornish hens. Kate is impressed with Randall as they head into the library for a research project. In Vegas, Kevin and Randall continue to tease one another. Kevin sees someone he knows and heads over to say hello. Randall has a missed call from Deja and runs away to return it.

While talking to his friend and former co-star, Kevin finds out his role in the Ron Howard movie was substantially cut. He starts zoning out after that. Randall gets through to Deja. She was just calling about something on TV. He asks about the heat and tries to talk about her being taken care of. She says she’s good, just can’t talk while her mom is around.

One of Toby’s friends tracks down Kevin who bails on the party. After his phone call, Randall ducks out too. Kate’s party goes to a Magic Mike show and Beth gets pulled on stage. Kevin works out in his room, staring at the mini-bar. Randall tracks down Kate’s party. Toby and his friends get stopped on their way into the club because of their sneakers.

The anniversary dinner is running late and Randall and Kate are being particular with the ambiance. Rebecca is stressed. Adult Randall finds Beth and tells her he read between the lines of the phone call. Beth isn’t having it. They start screaming at each other until Kate intervenes. Beth tries to tell her to stand down but Kate tells her that she knows Beth ranks higher than the big three for Randall.

Jack never turned the oven on so dinner is ruined and Kevin has a meltdown about divorce. Jack and Rebecca assure him that’s not the case. Adult Kate is drinking cosmos and playing slots when Randall finds her. She asks after Beth and Randall tells her things are fine. They have a fight like this every few years.

Then Kate tells him that she knows Beth is special but she’s upset that she lost her brother. He tells her that that will never be the case. Kate asks after Toby and Randall tells her they bailed. That’s when Kate explains that Toby was excited to hang with her brothers. Randall and Kevin go get Toby to go out.

Rebecca and Jack are cleaning up after the kids have gone to bed. She apologizes for not letting him so his thing. He’s okay with it though. They head to bed and find that the kids have rigged up lights in their room and left a note about a meteor shower. They are touched.

Kate goes to see Beth and tells her that it is hard to make friends. She says that she is intimidated by Beth because of all the stuff that she’s accomplished but Beth tells her that she is just as stressed and exhausted as Kate. Beth is still so worried about Deja. Kate tries to be sympathetic.

Kevin talks about finding a new career plan. Randall needs to work on taking some of the heat off of Beth. Toby talks about his own brother and how he wants to impress the Pearsons. He does. Jack and Rebecca sit on the roof and watch meteors, talking about their kids and how much they love each other.

Jack explains to Kevin about grand gestures. It’s not size. It’s intent. Randall and Kevin take Toby to the seedy old Vegas just like he wanted. Kate leaves Beth a big box of chocolate. Kevin also takes Toby’s advice and calls Ron Howard. He finds out he wasn’t cut out of the movie. He’s an integral part and he should invest in a tux.

Randall and Beth talk about their issues, especially regarding Deja, and agree they need to work on things together. Beth knows that Randall always leads with his heart but this time she is going to follow her heart for once. They go to find Deja but a neighbor says she isn’t living there anymore. After leaving the building they find her. She’s sleeping in a car.

I really like the idea of teenage Kate and Randall getting along while Kevin was a shit. I also loved the grand gestures speech from Jack. Beth is just the best part of this show like 99 percent of the time but the Ron Howard cameo takes the cake tonight. I mean. It’s Opie Taylor.

This is Us, episode fifteen

Rebecca is in the car at the hotel. She blows the horn. No one comes out. She finds an envelope with tickets to a game. Flashback to when they first bought the car. They planned to get something cheap and affordable but Jack sees how much the kids like the Wagoneer.

The kids come out of the hotel. Kevin is off his crutches. They don’t understand why they have to go so early but Rebecca just tells them that she wants to. Jack buys the Wagoneer. He tells Rebecca that they can do it and the kids are thrilled.

It’s time for the kids to go to their first concert. Rebecca and Jack are taking them to see Weird Al and they are happy. Rebecca has a bit of an issue on the way though because they end up in construction traffic on the bridge she is afraid of. The kids and Jack sing and distract her.

On the ride to the service, Kevin doesn’t understand why they have to go so early. Kate doesn’t either but she also mentions that she doesn’t want to keep her dog anymore. Jack and Rebecca leave a doctors visit. She’s been dizzy but it’ll take a bit to get the results so she is freaking out. She thinks it is a brain tumor.

He takes her to see his favorite tree and tries to reassure her. She asks why it’s his favorite tree and he tells her because that’s where she finds out she’s okay. His pager goes off. Her results are in. She’s okay. They keep talking and he tells her he doesn’t want to go in the ground when he dies.

They get to funeral. A few people talk including Miguel and Randall but Rebecca zones out until the end. Then she grabs the urn and heads to the reception. Jack is teaching the boys how to drive and they start to argue. He makes them both walk the five miles home and then tells them that he hopes they figure out how to be friends like he and his brother were.

Randall is surprised to hear him talk about his past at all and Jack tells them that someday they will only have each other and Kate to remember things as they were and they should care about that. At the reception Kevin notices that Randall has on Jack’s watch. He confronts him and Randall tells him that Rebecca said he could so Kevin goes to see her about it.

She doesn’t say much before Kevin turns back to Randall and yells at him for not being a real man and stopping Jack like he would’ve and Randall goes right back at him, pointing out that he wasn’t around. He’s never around.

Jack is driving on a Thursday morning when he sees Kate sitting at the bus stop. He stops and she explains that she is going to see her favoritist person ever Alanis Morissette. He tells her to get in the car. She thinks he’s taking her back to school but he takes her to the record store instead. They compare Alanis to Bruce Springsteen along the way and he tells her to consider music as a path. They get to the record store and she hops out.

It’s the night of the fire. Kate can’t sleep. Rebecca finds her awake and they talk about how Jack died. Kate keeps saying that it’s because he went back inside but Rebecca won’t say that it is. Rebecca is outside the reception getting air when Dr. K walks up. They talk about Jack and then she admits she’s been chasing his urn around all day because she wasn’t with him when he died. She can’t do it without him but Dr. K assures her she’ll be able to.

The family is headed home with groceries for the Super Bowl. Jack announces that no one can make plans for the following Saturday. He has a surprise for them. He won’t tell what it is. Rebecca is done with the reception. She rounds up the kids and they leave. They head to the favorite tree and Rebecca starts to talk about Jack.

She tells the boys that neither of them have to be the man of the house. She tells Kate to not blame herself. They spread the ashes there but not all of them because Kate wants some. Then Rebecca tells them that she knows the surprise. Jack got them Bruce tickets and asks if they want to go. The kids say yes.

Jack tells the car salesman that he can’t afford the car but he needs it. It’s sturdy and will survive the family and tell their story. He wants to do right by them and he wants them to be okay. He sees them okay in that car. And they are. Rebecca drives over the bridge as Kevin and Randall bond in the backseat. They will be okay.

It’s called a repass not a reception for a funeral. That drove me nuts. Otherwise this was a great episode. I loved that the car told the story of the family. It’ll get beaten but it will not fall. I feel bad for Rebecca but the talk from Dr. K was great. I like him.

This is Us, episode fourteen

Jack wakes up and has a drink of water. He notices smoke and opens the door. The house is on fire. He yells to Randall and Kate. They each open their doors, see the flames and panic. He tells them to close their doors.

He sends Rebecca into their bathroom to wet towels. Jack is freaking out about Kevin but Rebecca tells him that Kevin isn’t at the house. He goes to get Randall and brings him back to their room. He tells Randall that if he’s not back soon to take Rebecca out. Jack goes for Kate. He gets there but the blaze is worse.

Kate is freaking out but Jack tries to calm her down. He grabs the mattress and uses it as shield to get them back. The four of them climb out the window and Jack lowers them from the porch roof. The dog barks from inside so Jack goes back for it.

As the house gets further consumed, the three of them freak out until Jack and the dog come out the front door. Jack gets treated and told to head to the ER for smoke inhalation. He stayed in too long. He actually swiped some photo albums and stuff too. They find out Kevin and Sophie snuch out and come up with a plan. Take this kids to Miguel’s and then Jack to the ER. It’s a good plan.

Twenty years later, Kate watches the tape from the last day with her dad. She finds it cathartic, she tells Toby so when the VCR eats it, she freaks out but Toby knows a guy. Meanwhile in Jersey, Kevin and Rebecca talk. He drinks on Super Bowl Sunday and she eats lasagna. Jack also sends her a laugh, she says.

Randall celebrates though. He has a big party for the kids, who don’t care. One is playing with a lizard and the other is acting sketchy about the phone. Beth tries to reason with him but he just says that they need some boys. Speaking of, there’s a little boy that’s about to be placed with a foster family.

Kevin tries some yoga and meditation. He looks through old momentos. Randall gets way into the game, and Beth tries to explain it to their guests. One of the girls announces that her pet lizard escaped. They all start looking for it. Beth ducks into the kitchen to answer the phone and steps on the lizard in the process.

At the hospital, Jack gets a fairly clean bill of health. Not too much swelling in his throat and some cream for the burns. After the doctor leaves, they talk about the day the kids were born and making the most of sour lemons. Jack jokes around though because he has everything he needs with the family. Rebecca leaves the room to make hotel reservations and to get some snacks.

Rebecca makes her lasagna. Randall holds a lizard funeral. As he talks, he thinks about Jack. Beth cuts him off. Toby and Kate get to the VCR guy. He tells Toby he might not be able to do that. Toby relays that to Kate and she tells him that she has the right to beat herself up about this because it’s her fault.

As if she isn’t stressed enough, Rebecca has to fight with the hotel about the rooms. While she is on the phone with first them and then with Kate, something happens behind her. The doctors and nurses all go running. She wraps up her calls and goes to the vending machine.

She buys her snack and turns around. The doctor is there. He asks her to sit and explains to her that Jack died of cardiac arrest because of the stress from the smoke. She doesn’t believe him and goes into Jack’s room. His body is still there.

Eventually Rebecca gets to Miguel’s house. He meets her outside and asks where Jack is. She tells him about the heart attack and he starts getting upset. She tells him that he can’t do that because she has to go in and ruin her kid’s lives. She goes in and tells them. They freak out. Kevin is blissfully unaware of any of it as he sleeps with Sophie in a car.

Kevin goes and talks to Jack at the place where his funeral was. He talks about how he’s had a rough go of it and how the way he’s acted wouldn’t make anyone proud. He’s going to do better though, he promises.

Kate decides that she has to be the one to tell Kevin. Adult Kate tells Toby about her dad and how he was the constant for the family. She didn’t think they would rebound or that maybe the family would but she wouldn’t. She didn’t think she was worth it until Toby turned up. She tells him that Jack would have loved him.

Rebecca goes back to the house and sits in the car out front crying. Kate tracks down Kevin and tells him and they cry. Rebecca is eating her lasagna when the phone rings. It’s Kevin. He tells her that she was so strong when it happened. She tells him that she had tried so hard. He lets her know that he has to try too. Then he tells her that he doesn’t know if she’s in the right spot and she laughs. This year Jack sent her Kevin.

Randall talks to his older daughter and she admits that she’s been messing with the phone because then the foster people can’t call. She tells him that she feels like he is trying to get a whole new life with William and Deja and the new job and all.

He tells her that that isn’t the case at all and that he loves her and seh will always be his number one and that she will live with them until she is 25 and then they will get dinner once a week after that. She laughs. Beth answers the phone. It’s someone she wasn’t expecting to hear from but she’s happy.

The little boy is about to be placed with a foster family. The social worker gives him a pep talk and then introduces him to a couple. As she watches, her co-worker comes over and tells her that her dad is there. She turns around. It’s Randall. This is Tess all grown up, as a social worker. Beth finds out the mystery caller is actually at the house. It’s Deja. They let her in and talk to her.

Maybe it was in my head but it sounded like someone said “Bec” while she was at the vending machine. This was really sad but I feel like them coping will probably be even worse. I feel bad for Rebecca for having to tell the kids and all. And I feel bad for Randall because he just tries so hard.

This is Us, episode thirteen

An older couple is cleaning out their garage. The house is on the market and has been for months but with no nibbles. They reminisce as they go. Rebecca goes into her bedroom and where Jack is still in bed. It’s a big day, Super Bowl Sunday.

He talks about his new business idea. Start small with construction work while he’s still working at his other job. This is their last Super Bowl as a family so they plan to make the most of it. Starting with orange juice shots.

Beth is in the kitchen where Randall’s phone is blowing up. Kevin is texting him but Randall has other priorities. They have their first tenant meeting but she wants him to slow his roll. He says he will keep it in check.

Toby is looking at something online. Kate walks in and he hides it so she assumes its porn and teases him before swiping the computer. It’s not. It’s a dog adoption site. He wants a dog but knows how she is so he’s not pressuring her.

Jack is fixing the entertainment unit and wants Kevin’s opinion. It keeps him busy but Kevin can’t be bothered to help or comment other than to be nasty. During the tenant meeting, Randall does not slow his roll. He agrees to fix a ton of stuff and Kevin shows up to help.

Young Randall is decorating cookies with the girl he likes. Kevin sits in the corner snarking for a while. Kate is nervous about her letter from college. She is in the final round of applicants and has to submit another audition piece.

Kevin and Randall go to town on the repair work in the apartment building. They take out walls and fix plumbing and heaters. Adult Kate goes to the dog shelter. Young Kate is rehearsing for her audio submission. Jack sneaks up on her but she is still not remotely interested in a video. Randall ditches the Super Bowl to go to the movies.

Kate is outside with her dog when Jack tries to talk to her. She doesn’t want to hear it though and blows him off. Adult Randall and Kevin are doing work at the apartment building. Randall even calls Beth to brag but he is getting ahead of himself. They’ve got a roach problem.

Rebecca tries to cheer Kevin up about community college when he finds out Sophie got into NYU. He doesn’t want to hear it though and leaves the house. He was supposed to play in the Super Bowl, not watch it. Kate watches the tape Jack made of her singing.

She is going to adopt a dog. She fills out the forms and is talking to the person at the shelter but when she gets a minute alone she can’t do it and takes off. Randall clears the tenants out of the building so it can be tented. He and Kevin have a heart to heart about Jack and making amends and growing older.

Jack is ready for the game when Kate comes in. She tells him she watched the tape and wants him to keep trying to encourage her. Then she heads out to a Super Bowl party. Rebecca comes in with food and a real estate listing. She’s on board with the business and found a place.

He is thrilled and asks her to be his business partner. She hesitates but is convinced soon enough. They head up to their room to take advantage of the empty house.

Randall has the tenants in a hotel lobby waiting for rooms when Beth gets there. She gets sassy with him about working together and slowing his roll. He sees the error of his ways.

Kevin calls Rebecca and talks about hurting Jack’s feelings. She suggests he come watch the end of the game but Kevin would rather sleep on the couch at Sophie’s house. He hangs up and mentions a party in the woods.

Sophie gets home to find Rebecca waiting outside her apartment. He’s there to make amends. She suggests that to make amends he leave her alone and let her remember him when things were good. He tells her she wasn’t just A name, she was THE name.

Toby is on the computer when Kate comes in. She tells him about her day at the shelter and how she stressed. He seems a little disappointed but then she turns the story around. She went back for the dog!

Meanwhile, Kevin gets home to find a package. It’s his necklace. He sent Charlotte a make amends letter and she sent him back the necklace. Kate is in her bed listening to headphones. Rebecca and Jack are in bed as well when he hears a noise. He heads downstairs. Randall is home.

They talk about his date. Randall kissed her. It was great. Jack makes sure that Randall was a gentleman and he confirms that he was before heading to bed. Jack cleans up the kitchen, leaves a note for Kevin and then heads to bed.

The old man from the beginning has a buyer for the house so he gives a younger Jack and Rebecca their crockpot. It’s the same one Rebecca used for Super Bowl chili and after Jack shuts everything down it shorts and starts a fire. A dishtowel goes first, then the curtains, a wall, and soon enough the flames are heading upstairs.

I didn’t think it would be the fire that killed Jack. Also, everyone except Kevin was home but no one else was hurt? Why would Kate feel guilty and have dog trauma? He must go back for it right? This Super Bowl episode will be awful.