This is Us, episode ten

Randall is stoked for Thanksgiving. He sends the little ones to bed and then checks in on Deja. She’s getting ready for a big presentation at school. She thinks the other kids are going to mock her but Randall tells her that he’s proud of her. They hear a ruckus outside. Beth is out there fighting with Deja’s mom. She’s out because they dropped the charges. Deja comes out and calms her down. They need to wait for the social worker though.

It’s the night of the Pitt coach’s visit. Randall is filling out college applications. He wants to check out Howard too and asks Jack if they can. Jack says that he will check with Rebecca but Randall is stoked.

Social worker Linda is over explaining the ins and outs. She is going to recommend that Deja go back to her mother. Randall says that they will fight it and that they’ve already contacted a lawyer. Young Randall is ready to go. He’s nervous but excited.

On the drive to school, the little ones ask about what’s what with Deja. Randall says he doesn’t know. Jack and Randall get to Howard and Randall meets up with a friend. They look around while Jack takes the official tour. Randall seems to enjoy himself.

As Randall drops Deja off at school, he tells her that he and Beth will be by to watch her presentation. Then he calls Beth and she tells him that they can see the lawyer that evening. And they thought last year would be the crazy Thanksgiving. Randall flashes back to his Thanksgiving conversation with William the year prior.

William explains the visits he had from Rebecca and why he never tried to meet him when he was younger. Who was he to go against Rebecca’s wishes? It’s time to leave Howard. Randall is bummed to head out. On the ride back Jack and Randall talk about how out-of-place Randall often feels in his life because of color of his skin.

Jack decides to make a stop. They go to DC and Jack talks about being drafted to Nam and finding balance. Jack wants Randall to know that he will find himself through his choices and that he is spectacular.

Randall checks out Deja’s mom before going to the school. He tells Beth that they can’t keep Deja from her mom. Then he makes a very bleak Pac-man metaphor but Beth gets it. They go in and watch Deja give her presentation.

It’s time for Deja to go home. Randall gets a phone call. It’s Kevin. He’s on his way to the house. Randall says its fine but he’s distracted. He tries to offer his help to Deja’s mom but she’s got it from here. Deja says her emotional goodbyes. Inside the house, Randall does dishes and Beth cleans up Deja’s room.

Kevin is freaking out in the teacher’s yard. Rebecca gets to Kate’s house. She calls Randall and tells him about the baby. Kevin gets to Randall’s house. They head into the kitchen and Kevin starts drinking. Randall mentions that Rebecca and Kate are staying in LA for the holiday. Then he decides to call Kate.

He asks if Kevin wants to try with him but Kevin declines. While Randall is on the phone, Kevin takes off. Randall talks to Beth about fostering again. Maybe a boy this time. Kevin drives recklessly.

Jack and Randall talk about how things will be different for Kevin post-knee injury but he’ll be okay. Adult Randall can’t find his daughter. She pops up in the back of Kevin’s car just as he gets pulled over.

Beth gets a call. Kevin is getting arrested for a DUI and their daughter is with him. Kevin is ready to kill him and Beth is game for it. Jack tells Randall that when one of them falls, another helps them up.

I thought Kevin was going to wreck the car. I actually was so worried about that. He’s a mess and I’m glad he got caught. Randall is the best part of this show. And Beth. She’s the real MVP. I loved that they knew they couldn’t keep Deja. I guess they are going to take in that little boy next.


This is Us, episode nine

Kevin is walking so Rebecca and Jack turn to number two. Kate. It’s her turn to walk. Adult Kate is talking to the baby and taking prenatal vitamins. She talks about the Flintstones and Toby.

Teenage Kate is listening to music when Jack blows a fuse. The dog panics and pees. She goes downstairs and gets some paper towels. Rebecca is prepping the cake for the Penn coach. She mentions the college list that Kate was supposed to make and suggests doing it together. Kate is not interested.

Adult Kate is making a list of questions to ask her doctor while Toby makes a smoothie. She reads the questions out to him and remembers she wanted to tell him about the baby tub that’s on the way. She goes to measure their tub to make sure it’ll fit. She screams for Toby.

They are in the emergency room as the doctor talks about what comes next. She lost the baby but they can try again. The doctor leaves and Kate asks Toby to step out so she can get dressed. She sits there alone and cries.

Back at home, things are quiet. Toby cleans up the smooths and puts away the list of questions. Kate is doing her makeup. She flashes back to the night before. The miscarriage. Toby is watching tv when Kate goes to leave. He’s confused. It’s been 12 hours and she is going to a gig. She heads out.

Rebecca knocks but Kate doesn’t answer. She has music blasting. Rebecca comes in and tries to have a talk about college and keeping her options open. Kate is offended and heads to school. Rebecca snoops and finds Kate’s audition tape for Berklee. She plays it.

At her gig, Kate has a meltdown. Toby goes to the package distribution center and tries to stop the baby bathtub from coming. Kate opts to walk home and stop at a buffet. During Kevin’s football game, Rebecca talks to Kate about her closing herself off and then about the tape. Something happens on the field. Kevin gets hurt. Kate runs to call Jack.

Kate fills her plate. Toby finds the baby bath and gives it to a truck driver. Then he goes to pick up Kate but she’s gone. He starts calling her and then he tries Kevin. Kate gets home and Toby is not there. He also threw out the shower curtain and rod.

Her phone rings. It’s her mother. She tells her that she lost the baby and then hangs up. She tries Kevin but gets no answer. Toby gets home and she gets nasty with him. He stands up for himself though. This might not have happened to him physically but it happened to him too and she should remember that.

The wait is on. Kevin is getting an MRI so Kate and Rebecca have a heart to heart about how they never were quite as close as Rebecca had expected them to be. Jack and Randall get to the hospital.

Morning dawns. Kate slept on the couch and Toby’s out when there’s a knock on the door. She answers it and finds her mother there. They hug and Kate starts to cry. They talk about fault and grief. Rebecca brings up the triplet that she lost. She tells Kate to talk to Toby and then tells her a story about a meltdown she had when they were newborns.

The Pearsons leave the hospital. Toby gets home so Rebecca steps out so that they can have a moment. Kate tells Toby that she feels like she failed him and that she wants to try again. He says they can whenever she’s ready. She gets the shower curtain out of the trash and they hang it back up. Next up. Randall

So Kate had a Buffy poster on her wall as a teen. That was distracting me. I felt bad for Toby but Kate had a point. I think he was more upset about being powerless than he was about the baby.

This is Us, episode eight

Jack and Rebecca are taping the kids. The think someone will walk for the first time soon. Kevin does and they are thrilled. Adult Kevin is spiraling. His room is a mess. He’s drinking and popping pills. He hasn’t slept or shaved in days.

Housekeeping stops by and Kevin decides to let her in to refill the alcohol supply. His phone rings. It’s the homecoming coordinator from his high school. He’s scheduled to come into town to be honored the following day. He forgot but decides to go anyway.

Powers out at the Pearson residence but Jack is working on it. Randall is working on an application to Harvard while Kevin mostly just paces. Turns out the coach from Pitt is coming for dinner. Kevin isn’t all that impressed with Pitt but Jack and Rebecca are excited and nervous.

Kevin gets to Pittsburgh and gets a car service to the high school. He asks for a detour to where he grew up. He remembers playing football with the family in the yard. Flashback to the visit from the coach.

At the school, Kevin is out of it. He sees the girl who coordinated the homecoming ceremony and mistakes her for Sophie. He doesn’t really converse well and ends up wandering the halls. Young Kevin is rude to the Pitt coach. After he leaves, Jack and Rebecca yell at Kevin for his behavior. He snarks back.

Things are awful at the school. Kevin is a mess. He ends up pounding crappy red wine and making an ass of himself. His old coach comes out of retirement to present him with the award and he just pictures Jack the whole time. When he steps to the mic he tells the kids that he’s not worthy of the award. They should look up to the doctor or the newspaper man. Not him. The kids don’t listen. They just cheer.

Jack finds Kevin in the kitchen. He tells him that he’s taking Randall to tour a college so he’s going to miss his next game. Kevin doesn’t seem to care. He heads back to his room to write his apology letter to the coach. No progress is made before he wanders back upstairs. He finds Jack on the phone with his sponsor and then kneeling to say the serenity prayer.

The day of the game arrives. Randall and Jack head out. Kevin is still too cool for it. After the ceremony, adult Kevin gets caught up taking pictures. He gets a call from Toby but he ignores it. The doctor rescues him and takes him outside. He pours his heart out and then wanders out onto the football field. He talks to himself.

He talks about his life and how he feels like he should be punished. He’s sitting on the field drinking wine when the student organizer turns up. She asks him to party. He doesn’t party with her. He ends up sleeping with the doctor. Back at her place she talks about how he wasn’t her friend but was always nice to her in school. She thought he was a good guy.

She notices that he’s sweating an awful lot. He heads into the bathroom in search of painkillers. No such luck. Then he asks her to grab them a snack. While she’s in the kitchen he rummages through her things and finds her prescription pad. He steals a page and runs away.

Jack makes it to the hospital while Kevin is getting scans of his knee. Adult Kevin is in line at the pharmacy. He has his faked prescription in hand. There are cops in the store as well. Kevin realizes his chain is missing and runs out.

At the hospital Jack comes in and breaks the news. No more football. Kevin freaks out but Jack calms him down. He gives him the chain that he got when he felt hopeless in Vietnam. Kevin is his purpose and he will find his own.

Kevin rushes back to the doctor’s house. He needs his chain. It’s the last thing he has of his father. He cries in her yard when she says it isn’t there. He goes to Randall’s house. He tells Randall that he has something to say. Randall says that he knows. Kate lost the baby.

That ending was rough. I wasn’t feeling all that bad for Kevin before that because he was being a total jerk but that ending. Man. When he was crying in her yard. That was sad. And now Kate lost the baby. That’s gonna be awful too.

This is Us, episode seven

Jack and Rebecca clean the house. The woman from child services is there for a visit. She goes over what they can expect when they see a judge about adopting Randall. Meanwhile, William gets arrested. He says he has nothing left on the outside. He’s okay to get locked up.

Randall is packing up to take Deja to see her mother in jail. He is not happy about it but it’s court ordered. Beth is concerned about it but let’s him go without her. Kevin’s phone wakes him up. It’s Sophie. She’s ready for his visit. Seems like he doesn’t really want to go though. He wants to push the trip again, for the fourth time. She calls him on it before hanging up. He takes some pills and drinks more beer.

Kate and Toby are ready when Kevin shows up. They called him over and he tells them he only has a few minutes. That’s all they need. They unzip their sweatshirts for a baby reveal. Kevin is happy for them but doesn’t seem thrilled with himself.

In court, Rebecca and Jack go to see a judge about Randall. The judge has questions for the social worker and puts off the case. Randall and Deja get to the jail. They get a special visiting area and everything. Outside the courtroom, Jack sees the judge and stops him. They want to know what the issue is.

Turns out Deja’s mom opted out of the visit. Randall doesn’t have the heart to tell her that though so he lies and says there was a mix-up. She tells him that she saved her allowance to give to her mom so they go to get that settled.

Kevin leaves Kate’s place. She mentions that he seemed off but Toby thinks he just seemed distracted. Next up is Toby’s mom but he is freaking out because of the whole Catholic baby out-of-wedlock thing. She suggests just getting married then. He’s game.

The judge is frank with them. He thinks Randall should be with a black family. Kevin wants to make things right with Sophie by proposing. He even buys three rings to let her pick one. Toby and Kate go to the courthouse and get a marriage certificate. She talks about how much easier it is for them to do it this way and she brings up her dad. Toby notices a pattern.

William is headed in for his sentencing. The judge stops him. He wants to help William get back on track. Beth is heated about the trip to jail. She says that as long as Deja is with them she will have nothing to do with her mother. Toby talks to Jack in an urn. He knows something is up with Kate and the courthouse wedding.

Kevin gets to the hospital in New York to see Sophie. She’s not there though. She’s on a transport but he’s welcome to wait. He falls asleep and has a nightmare about himself being a shit father.

Randall goes back to the jail to see Deja’s mother. She had a reason for not seeing her daughter. Her face is busted and she didn’t want Deja to know. They end up fighting about what’s best for Deja. She says that as soon as she’s out she is coming back for her daughter. Randall says that she will have to go through him.

Toby proposes to Kate. She cries and says yes. Rebecca gets the family portraits back. She sends one with a letter to the judge. Randall is her son and she doesn’t care what the judge thinks. Kevin turns up at Sophie’s place. He’s drunk and spiraling. He rambles about not having anything to give her.

He won’t be a good husband to her or father to their kids. He tells her when he dreams of their future, it’s a nightmare. She slams the door in his face. At the courthouse, Rebecca and Jack find out that they get a new judge. She allows the adoption.

William finds out the cancer is terminal. He turns to drugs. Randall gets home and tells Beth about his visit with Deja’s mom. He realizes that he’s fallen for Deja. He wants to protect her.

You had to know that was coming. Randall was so fierce about protecting Deja already. It was only a matter of time before this happened. I feel so bad for William but I’m glad he got his life in check, even if it was kind of lonely. Kevin is going off the rails. That won’t end well.

This is Us, episode six

It’s the night before Halloween. Randall has a map for the house to candy ratio. Kevin thinks he’s ridiculous. Kate is complaining about her costume. Jack sweeps in and disrupts everything. Rebecca accuses him of being too soft on Kate, he turns it around and says the same about her and Randall.

Young Kevin washes hair and whines while he waits for pilot season. Kate is waitressing in a diner and going to night school. She has a regular customer that wants to chat with her. Randall is stressing because Beth is about to have a baby. He had an incident a few months earlier. Now he’s just freaking out.

Rebecca and Jack dress as Sonny and Cher. The kids are fighting about where to go for candy. They vote and Randall loses so he freaks out. Rebecca caters to him. Kevin’s roommate gets a part and invites Kevin to the cast party. He’s reluctant but agrees. Randall brings Rebecca back. They talk about him when he walks away. He hears though. He leaves and gives them a chance to talk.

Kate goes to meet her regular customer at a bar. He sees her and seems happy. His buddies see her and snicker. Regular customer suggests they leave and head somewhere quieter. Kevin gets to the party and gets ignored. He’s not happy.

Beth tells Rebecca about how it was when Randall had a breakdown. Randall and Rebecca are following his map. She suggests a deviation and he freaks out but she begs him and he agrees. He’s not happy.

Randall goes to the hardware store and tells a random employee about all of his problems. The guy, a father of five, offers some sage advice. It seems to calm Randall down, until his phone rings. Beth is in labor so Randall goes running.

Kevin stops the director of his friend’s big movie. He talks to him about the movie and the cast. He tries to pilfer his buddy’s part and the director tells him off. Young Kevin bribes another kid to hold Kate’s hand. Jack sees.

Rebecca makes Randall tell her why he’s upset. Someone said he was a miracle because they lost a son. She has to explain that the baby died and they saw him and he was a miracle. Randall makes it home to see Beth about to have a baby. The ambulance isn’t there yet but she’s crowning. He delivers the baby.

Kate is in bed with the regular customer. He’s got an early morning so he’s got to go. She asks him if he’s married and tells him why she thinks he is. He asks why she did it if she knew. She’s not sure. Phone rings. It’s Rebecca with news of the new baby. Kevin gets a call too.

Jack gets home and finds Rebecca already there. She tells him about what Randall heard. Older Rebecca broke something. She’s crying because her happy moments are sad too because Jack isn’t there.

Randall and Beth are in the hospital when Kevin turns up. They all head back to Randall’s house. Kevin and Kate try to be cheerful but then admit that things are rough. She slept with a married man. He hasn’t had an audition in a year. He asks where she is, if she still sits in her car and stares at where the house used to be.

Kevin says that Jack would want her to move on. He’s not coming back. They both agree to try. Rebecca goes to see her granddaughter in the nursery. Young Rebecca meets baby Randall for the first time.

She talks to baby Randall about the family. She tells baby Tess about new beginnings and how lucky she is. Kate moves to LA. Kevin joins an improv group. Rebecca joins Facebook and reconnects with an old friend. Miguel. It’s been eight years.

Randall is just the best part of this show. Like by a mile he is amazing. Beth is spectacular as well. I have no use for Kate and I’m iffy on Kevin but I just mostly like Beth and Randall and would rather just watch a show of them.

This is Us, episode five

Jack is taking the boys camping. Rebecca is a little nervous but wishes them luck. Adult Kevin is out of painkillers and seems upset about it. Randall stops by and they talk about the gala that Kevin has to go to and Deja. They go inside and Kevin tries to pitch the gala to Beth but she’s not interested. Deja is though and Randall is willing to take her. Beth isn’t sure it’s a good idea but Randall insists.

Kate stops by to see Toby at work. She brings him into his office and springs it on him that she’s pregnant. She also tells him that he cannot hope anything for this pregnancy because it probably won’t work. Rebecca gets a call. Jack’s father is sick. She calls the camping lodge and leaves a message. She wants to know how to handle this.

Young Jack is on a car trip with his father. They are going fishing. They stop at a tavern first though and Jack sits in the car. Adult Jack is building a tent with Kevin and Randall. The latter is trying but the former is being a little jerk. Jack yells at him.

Kevin leaves a message for his doctor to try to get a refill of vicodin. It’s the weekend though. Sophie comes in to show him her dress and comments on the fact that he is drinking already. He plays it off. Randall and Deja leave to head to the gala. It’s an awkward car ride. Rebecca gets to the nursing home to see Jack’s father.

Rebecca goes to his room and offers to get him something if he needs it. Dude doesn’t talk though, until he sees Kate looking in from the hall. Then he asks about her. Rebecca leaves the room. Young Jack is in the car watching his father drink inside the tavern. Kevin plays Gameboy in the tent until Jack comes in to have a talk with him. Only, they don’t talk because Kevin is not interested.

At the gala, Deja still has no use for Randall but she sees Kevin and takes off running. Speaking of, Kevin is still trying to get his prescription filled. It’s not working. He chats with Sophie and Deja. Rebecca apologizes to Kate for ruining their girls weekend.

Kate goes to her overeaters meeting and fights with some girl. It carries on in the parking lot before they both get in cars to drive away. Which doesn’t happen because they get into an accident and Kate freaks out because she’s pregnant but she tells the girl and she gets excited and so does Katie.

Randall watches Deja eat shrimp. When she goes to eat the tail, Randall stops her. She freaks out and excuses herself. Randall soon follows. Meanwhile, Kevin finally gets through to his doctor. No more pills. He’s pissed and keeps drinking. Jack tries to talk to Randall about giving people space.

Deja is still in the bathroom. Randall stands guard outside waiting for her. Kevin wanders up and they talk about how good Kevin is with people and how Randall cares too much. Randall heads into the bathroom to talk to Deja. Rebecca gets through to Jack on the radio. He’s not coming back to see his father.

Toby is home alone when Kate comes in. She tells him that she banged up the car and that she liked telling someone she was pregnant. Kevin sits back down with Sophie and finds out he missed the auction. He embarrassed her and she is pissed. He has no excuse and she yells at him. He tells her that he is exhausted and needs air before leaving.

In the bathroom, Deja realises that Randall is in it for the long haul. She talks to him about what she faced in one of her foster homes. Toby and Kate go to a coffee shop. He talks the barista into putting his music on. It’s Hootie and the Blowfish. He dances around and tells the patrons Kate is pregnant.

Kevin reads Randall’s notebook and goes outside to roast marshmallows with Randall. Jack is happy to see them getting along. Rebecca tells Jack’s father that Jack isn’t coming but he is a great father and husband and provider. Randall drives home and Deja falls asleep. Kevin tries calling a different doctor.

Jack can’t sleep. He thinks about his brother and his time in Vietnam. He gets up in the middle of the night to look at pictures.

I hate that they are doing this to Kevin. I’m glad that Deja opened up to Randall. I don’t really care about Kate being pregnant. I’m sure this secret brother that probably died in Nam will be interesting for Jack but I miss the cuts that were like a guessing game as to how Jack died.

This is Us, episode four

The Pearsons are in the video store trying to decide what to rent before they are snow bound. Kevin is whiny and Rebecca asks him why. She feels his forehead. He’s burning up. It’s not just a fever. He’s got the chicken pox. The doctor recommends exposing all the kids to it so they can get it and be done. Randall is not happy about that.

Adult Randall is doing his daughter’s hair. Beth tells the girls to get ready for school and once they are out of the room turns to Randall about Deja’s hair. She hasn’t washed in the two weeks that she’s been with them. Randall wants to give her a chance to settle in first.

Kate is working out. Toby made super healthy muffins but she is using it as motivation to keep going. He tells her that she has been a champ. Kevin is on set. The producer sees him hobbling and inspects his knee. Kevin needs a medic.

Jack and Rebecca are helping Kevin and Kate with the chicken pox. Randall is trying to catch them so he can be healthy for the science fair when there’s a knock at the door. It’s Rebecca’s mother.

Kevin goes to a doctor. He tore something and needs surgery. He’s not happy. As they put him under, he thinks about Jack. Rebecca and Jack talk about her mother being awful while said mother is in the room with the kids. She gives them gifts. A football helmet for Kevin. A dress that’s too small for Kate. And a basketball for Randall, for the third time.

Randall has taken the kids bowling. Deja takes issue with the idea of bowling shoes when she hears the girl behind her mocking her hair. She shoves the girl and the girl’s father steps in. Randall tries to talk the man down but it doesn’t work. Deja walks out and Randall takes the girls and follows.

Toby and Kate are helping Kevin settle in after surgery. He’s on the phone with Sophie. Kate hears him say that he’s fine and takes it as a reason that she can go to yoga. Toby tries to do what the doctor said but Kevin says that he’s an expert and takes off the brace.

Young Kevin is scratching his chicken pox and Jack tries to give him a mind over matter pep talk but Grandma wants him to stop. She has a headache. Randall and Beth talk about talk about Deja. He’s wallowing that his bonding attempt failed. Young Randall is still trying to get sick. It’s not working. Rebecca’s mother runs her mother and talks down to Rebecca. Jack has a fever now too.

Beth finds Deja packing. She thought she was getting kicked out. Beth tells her that’s not the case and then talks to her about washing her hair. She tells her they can go to a salon or she will do it herself. Kate goes to buy weight loss pills. Beth helps Deja do her hair. They have a moment.

Not bonding with her mother? Rebecca. She’s finally had enough and starts to yell at her mother. She tells her that she is racist and she wants her out because it’s bad for Randall. Speaking of, he’s come downstairs and heard the whole thing. He’s got the chicken pox now too.

Kate tries on her goal dress. It fits and Toby is thrilled. Kate doesn’t seem to be. Randall doesn’t understand how his grandmother is racist. She doesn’t say mean things. Rebecca and Jack try to explain it to him.

Randall and Beth talk about how they make a good parenting team. He goes to see Deja and apologizes for his behavior. Then he blows up Beth’s spot and reveals that she told him what Deja told her in confidence.

Kevin is on the treadmill. Toby thinks he is being nuts and stops it. He doesn’t want Kevin to screw up his knee for the rest of his life. Kevin is more worried about his knee screwing up the rest of his life. It’s happened before. He played ball in high school. He was good. Scouted by colleges good and then his knee got whammied and it was all over. He appreciates Toby’s effort but he’s not letting his knee blow another dream. Production has already started cutting him out of scenes.

Jack finally wakes up from his fever coma. He asks for tylenol which is downstairs. Rebecca will go get it. Jack finds out that they have all been avoiding going down because Rebecca’s mother is down there. He has to do something. He gets up and goes to shovel out. Kevin helps.

Adult Kevin is watching his football highlight reel while doing rehab exercises. It’s mostly Jack cheering him on. Kevin takes a pain pill. He gets to set. He didn’t slow things down. Rebecca tells her mother that Jack cleared her car out. She can go. Her mother tries to defend her actions but Rebecca isn’t all that interested.

On her way out, she says goodbye to Randall. He’s a little snarky. Deja cuts her own hair. It’s choppy and Beth is visibly upset when she comes down for breakfast. Kate is at the doctor. She bought the vitamins she was advised to take. She’s pregnant.

I thought Kate was falling down some evil pill rabbit hole. I’m glad to see she’s not. Kevin on the other hand… someone needs to help him out. And why would Randall open his mouth like that?!?! Man things were finally looking up. He needs to get his act together. Rebecca’s mother was awful.