Timeless, episode nine

Beaufort, South Carolina in June of 1863. A Confederate general gets a visit from Emma. He’s the sleeper. She brings him a burger and a mission. In the present day Carol talks to Nicholas about Emma. She doesn’t trust her and thinks she is sabotaging missions. Rittenhouse isn’t in her blood and they can’t forget that. Mason and Christopher tell the team about their concerns regarding Jessica. Wyatt isn’t interested. Lucy tries to take his side.

Christopher is not interested. She wants to kick Jessica out of the bunker. Wyatt tells her that he will walk if she gets booted. The alarm sounds. Looks like Rittenhouse is trying to stop Harriet Tubman. Wyatt talks to Jessica before boarding the ship. He wants to know about how her brother was saved but she says she doesn’t remember. They head back in time. Pretty much right away, Lucy and Wyatt fight about whether or not Jessica is trustworthy.

He storms off but they start moving and find the regiment that they were hoping to protect already attacked. They seem to be too late. That’s when Harriet Tubman storms in. She’s a boss and lets them know as much. They tell her about a spy and she agrees to let them tag along. They still need to slow her down and find backup but it’s a start. Jiya confronts Mason about another pilot with visions. He’s in a mental home. She wants to meet him.

Lucy and Flynn are going to go for reinforcements while Wyatt and Rufus try to slow Tubman down until they get back. She’s not about to be persuaded though. Jiya meets with the other pilot. He’s not what she expected. Wyatt goes to a party for plantation owners. Rufus talks to Tubman for a bit about the visions that she attributes to God. They talk to the slaves on the plantation and sneak Rufus inside to help Wyatt. Jiya talks to the pilot about her visions.

After so long with them, he can trigger them and see much longer. It’s time travel in it’s own right. He goes back under. Wyatt figures out the sleeper and he goes to Rufus with the information. While they are deciding what to do, there’s a commotion outside. Tubman takes out a plantation owner. Rufus and Wyatt get in a shootout with the sleeper and get him to run after Rufus throws his history book in the fire. Lucy is outside with backup. They win.

While still in the past, Rufus had a talk with Wyatt about Jessica. When they get back Wyatt spends time alone with his wife. She mentions that Christopher suggested she leave the bunker for the sake of the pregnancy and after a pause, Wyatt endorses the plan. Jessica is reluctant. Using advice from the other pilot, Jiya provokes a vision. Wyatt wakes up in bed alone. He goes looking for Jessica and finds her in the ship about to take off with Jiya as her pilot. Jessica pulls a gun and orders him to stand back as they take off.

The others come and find Wyatt. He explains what happened and they are all pissed, Rufus especially so after Wyatt admits that Jessica’s story didn’t add up. Flynn taunts Wyatt and they come to blows. Jiya comes face to face with Carol. She’s given a pill to knock her out because they are keeping her around for a while. Carol, Jessica and Nicholas are discussing what happened when Emma turns up. She’s annoyed she wasn’t consulted. She thinks she is that important.

Wyatt goes to apologize to Rufus about getting Jiya caught up in this but it’s too little too late. Speaking of, Jiya fakes passing out on the floor so an agent has to help her. He goes to put her on the bed and she takes him out. She runs to the lifeboat and manages to take off. She did take the pill though so she’s fuzzy. She doesn’t stick the landing and ends up lost in time. She did manage to send them a message though. Lucy finds her in a photo in the 1880s in San Francisco. There’s also a message on where the lifeboat is.

Rufus and Mason find the lifeboat and the team heads into the past to find her. They go to the place the photo was taken. There is no sign of Jiya but half of Rittenhouse is there, including Carol, Emma and Jessica. Emma kills Carol and then takes off. Jessica ran too. Left with no choice, Wyatt chases Jessica and sends Flynn after Emma. Wyatt catches up with Jessica and she tells him Rittenhouse is her family and that’s all that matters before disappearing.

Lucy manages to get the little girl at the photo shop to tell them where Jiya is. Rufus goes to see her. She is happy to see him but she tells him that he shouldn’t have come. She can’t go home either because that’s how he dies. She explains the vision and he isn’t interested. He still wants to take her home. Flynn comes back and talks to Lucy about her mom. Emma has big plans for Rittenhouse now that she’s killed upper management.

Mason discovers that Christopher likes to knit in order to relieve stress while the others are on missions. Jiya still isn’t leaving and Rufus still isn’t having it. The others come in and they argue. It’s too late though. Emma busts in guns blazing. They’ll have to fight their way out but Jiya agrees to go. Flynn shoots Jessica but more importantly, Jiya’s vision doesn’t come true. She intervenes and Rufus lives. At least, for a little while. As they all make their way outside, Emma shoots him. Lucy chases her and Flynn chases Lucy.

Wyatt and Jiya try to stop the bleeding but it’s too late. Rufus is gone. Lucy has Emma cornered and a gun to her head. She’s out of bullets though so Emma gets the upper hand. Flynn comes in and scares her off. They go home and at first Mason and Christopher are in high spirits. At first anyway. Once they realize what happened, Mason wants to go back on his own but Jiya lashes out at him.

She goes back to her room and starts a vision. She’s trying to find Rufus but he’s not anywhere. She cries with Mason. In the hallway, Lucy is mourning in her own way. Wyatt joins her. They talk about Rufus and then Wyatt professes his love for her. She doesn’t say anything back and then he keeps talking. They hear a noise from near the lifeboat. It’s another lifeboat! An upgraded one. Out step Older Lucy and Older Wyatt ready to help the team get Rufus back.

I quite like Rufus and don’t think that, should this get renewed, he will be gone permanently. I really think that they’d save him. Jiya was a boss. I’m so impressed with her snarky and fight skills. Also, the Jessica situation is going to cause more harm that good. I would love it if they all wore the scarves from Christopher.


Timeless, episode eight

March 1981. Reagan is shot in the name of Jodie Foster. Christopher is running late at home. She avoids a call from her mother and says goodbye to her wife and kids before hurrying out the door. Jiya finds Rufus working on the time machine. She tries to chat with him but he flees. She confronts him about distancing himself because of the vision. Lucy and Wyatt find him sulking in the kitchen and call him on it.

He admits what is going on when the alarm sounds. It’s the Reagan shooting so they all assume that’s the target. Jiya is along for the ride. Rufus figures they will need another pilot. After they depart, Christopher gets to the bunker. She hears where they are and knows Reagan is not the mission. The team gets to the scene just in time and Wyatt spots the sleeper. Only, he’s not aiming for the president but a cop.

An officer Denise Christopher. He protects her but in the commotion Hinckley gets away they go to the hospital and split up to keep Christopher safe because they see that she is the real target. Wyatt and Rufus go after the sleeper while Lucy and Jiya go to see Christopher. The guys catch the sleeper and he’s willing to talk. The women have a bit more trouble. They talk to Christopher but her family butts in and instead of solving a crime, she ends up getting engage.

That’s not what was supposed to happen so they have to intervene. They have a talk with her while they wait to search Hinckley’s hotel room but she isn’t budging. They look through the room and find a bloody razor. Christopher calls it in and the bust is made. She’s going to give up being a cop though because it’s what’s expected. Wyatt is roughing up the sleeper and he admits that he is only along for the ride to protect his family.

He also admits that he gave the Rittenhouse team Christopher’s address in case he can’t complete his mission. Jiya and Lucy present Christopher with some information from the future because it is the only way to get through to her. It seems to work. Rufus and Wyatt go out to stop the other agent. When they get back, the sleeper hanged himself.

The team comes back to the future and Christopher thanks them for saving her family. She has to go home for family night. Her mother is cooking. In this future she is close to her mom. Rufus and Jiya talk it out. They will beat her vision. Lucy goes to see Flynn. She wants to know about her giving him her journal. They can’t cross their own timeline but they must be able to in the future because she does to give it to him.

Wyatt talks to Jessica about her family. She has a brother in this timeline that she didn’t in his. They talk about that but when he asks if she is keeping anything from him she admits that she is. She’s pregnant.

So Jessica is a sleeper agent right? She was raised in Rittenhouse because obviously they got involved in getting her brother healthy. Also I don’t understand the whole crossing your own timeline thing. I mean, I get why you wouldn’t be in a place to interact with yourself but just in the same year? That’s weird. I liked this episode even though it was different. There was hardly any history to it, just personal history.

Timeless, episode seven

March 1919 in New York. The movement to get women the right to vote is in full swing. Marchers run into police brutality. Present day Jiya is trying to talk to Rufus about her visions. He’s trying to laugh off her seriousness and it leads to a fight. Lucy is still in Flynn’s room the next morning and does an awkward walk of shame and Wyatt sees. He tells Flynn to back off Lucy but Flynn reminds him that Lucy can make her own decisions.

Emma and Nicholas talk about the next mission. He calls her important and mentions that he wants her to stay safe and come back to him. He shows her a file but tells her to stay on the ship. The mothership heads to 1919 and they have to give chase. Lucy assumes it is to stop Woodrow Wilson from heading to Paris.

Wyatt tries to keep Flynn from boarding but Christopher doesn’t let him. Just as they arrive, a gunshot rings out. They find out a suffragette was arrested for killing a senator. That’s what Rittenhouse is up to. Lucy and Wyatt will free her from jail while Rufus and Flynn look for the sleeper agent.

Rufus realizes that Jiya’s vision didn’t have him dying in 1919 so he’s ready to get to it. The cops aren’t helpful but Lucy runs to an investigator Grace Humiston for help. She’s willing to do so but she’s not a fan of the suffrage which annoys Lucy. While she works her magic, Wyatt runs his mouth about Lucy “rebounding” with Flynn. Rufus and Flynn head to the crime scene. While they are snooping, a cop comes in and yells at them.

During the argument, Emma comes in and shoots the cop. She doesn’t want Rittenhouse to get away with this mission. She also knows that there is a side mission to kill Lucy. She’s willing to work with them but on her terms. Jessica offers to help Mason with his work. She has nothing else happening anyway. Grace does more investigating. She finds the bellhop that got paid off. When they get back to the jail, the suffragette is dead.

They go to tell her followers and they don’t know what to do. After much debate they decide to have a silent protest. Rufus and Flynn keep pestering Emma because they don’t buy her rationale. She admits that she was abused by her drunk father as a child but that her mom took and left him. That wouldn’t be possible without the vote. Flynn gives her a gun. Lucy and Grace keep fighting about the movement until finally others chime in. Lucy will give the speech. Wyatt doesn’t think she should and she yells at him about Jessica.

The march starts and Emma is looking for the sleeper. Rufus and Flynn catch up with Wyatt and tell him what they know. Lucy gets pulled aside and taken by the sleeper but Emma comes to the rescue. They head back to the march and things are getting ugly. Mason and Jiya are still tinkering. He made something, even though he didn’t think he’d be able to. Lucy can’t give the speech but Grace does.

After one more conversation with Grace, they head back to the present. Jessica welcomes Wyatt back with open arms. Nicholas is not happy about the failed mission but tells her that her safety is all that matters before kissing her. Mason has manages to decrypt some Rittenhouse files and reveals a picture… of Jessica. He and Christopher don’t know what it means but decide to keep it quiet.

Jiya patches Rufus up and they talk about not knowing what to do about the visions. They are on the same page and are happier because of it. Lucy is upset that the suffragette didn’t get the credit she deserved. She and Wyatt talk about their relationship, or lack thereof. She is not going to get in the way. They are still going to kick ass though.

I feel bad for Lucy but I think the bigger story here is Emma. She is absolutely manipulating Nicholas right? She showed in 1919 that she won’t let some man make all the decisions. She’s playing the long game. I’m here for Lucy and Flynn solely because Wyatt is starting to annoy the crap out of me. You can’t have your cake and eat it too bro.

Timeless, episode six

San Antonio in November 1936. In a hotel in the city, a man by the name of Robert Johnson goes to a room to play for a producer type guy. Rufus is having trouble sleeping on the couch. Turns out he’s sleeping there because Wyatt and Jessica have taken over the boy’s room. Lucy offers to take one for the team so she gets the next turn on the couch.

Jiya seems to have another episode just before she and Rufus successfully upgrade the ship to hold a fourth person. Christopher gets back to the bunker and pulls Wyatt aside to talk. Before she can say anything though the alarm sounds. The Mother Ship landed in San Antonio and they don’t know why. Mason does though. He talks about Robert Johnson, the creator of rock and roll. It meshes with Rittenhouse because it would change music and counter-culture.

They rope Mason into going. Ones the ship takes off, Christopher tells Wyatt she has a different plan for him. She sends him to the warehouse she was held in on a recon mission. In Texas Lucy and Rufus know the drill. Find some clothes, steal a car. The recording session is interrupted by a Rittenhouse agent. Flynn takes him out before he can get Johnson or his producer Law. The two men fight though about Johnson’s curse.

Then Johnson takes off. Lucy convinces Law to stick around to work on the record though. Wyatt moves in on the warehouse. It’s empty except for one agent that Wyatt takes out. He has a key fob with a serial number. Jiya is ready to hack that but it will take a few hours. Johnson is not looking to record. Rufus and Mason picked him up as a hitchhiker and are taking him to his sister’s bar. Mason figures they can have the others meet them there.

Flynn confronts Lucy about her diary and her lack of faith in him. She’s more concerned about the message from Rufus. They get Law and get ready to head out but end up in a fight with a Rittenhouse agent. Law is killed and now the agent knows where Rufus and Mason are with Johnson. They are at the bar and are the life of the party. Flynn and Lucy hit the road to chase the other guy to the bar. They talk about reuniting with loved ones lost through time travel.

Mason has been reflecting on his own life and coming up with a plan. Rufus is more concerned about whether or not Lucy got his message. Johnson has only been hanging around waiting to see his sister and that’s when she turns up. Wyatt has a new location to search and this one is full of people. Jiya wants to call in back-up for him but Christopher is not interested. Wyatt comes face to face with Carol and ends up in a gun fight with Nicholas.

The two of them manage to escape in the mothership. Things get wonky at the bar and Mason kills someone to save Rufus’ life. Now they just need to figure out the recording. Lucy figures Mason can do it but he’s in a bad way. Rufus manages to rally him with a pep talk. Then Mason riding high does the same for Johnson. He starts playing and Mason starts recording. Christopher gets to the Rittenhouse HQ and reprimands Wyatt for not taking the shot at Carol. Then she sends him back to the bunker.

The ship gets back and everyone is in good spirits. Wyatt slips into the bunker at the same time and sees them all happy. He pulls Lucy aside to tell her what he was up to and wants to hear about their adventure. She tells him that they can talk tomorrow. He should go be with Jessica. Mason goes to his room and listens to the record that he produced. Instead of taking the couch, Lucy grabs her vodka and heads to Flynn’s room. Jiya tells Rufus about her most recent vision. He’s near the ocean with cowboys. They have him trapped. He dies.

So Lucy and Flynn are going to happen. I don’t actually hate that. I mean I do because Lucy is an interesting character and shouldn’t just switch from male partner to male partner but this is better than her pining. My favorite part of this episode was the throwaway joke about getting clothes and stealing a car. It’s so routine for them. I love it.

Timeless, episode five

In 1934 Connecticut a young man by the name of Jack gets called in to see a teacher. He gets into the office and closes the door. The teacher starts to pull a gun but before he can get a shot off, Flynn comes in and kills the teacher. Lucy didn’t go on the mission. She’s at the bunker on the mend. Jiya is helping her out and they talk about Jessica’s return. Lucy promises no heroics but heads into the kitchen for tea.

There she encounters the woman in question and talks about her relationship with Wyatt and Lucy’s own romantic entanglements. That’s when the ship comes back. Turns out the issue was with Rittenhouse and they had to leave Flynn there. They brough Jack back. Jack as in Kennedy. JFK is in the future. Lucy yells at Rufus and Wyatt for it. She goes back to the kitchen to make him a sandwich and Christopher tries to make small talk about her rough week.

Lucy blows her off and heads back to find that Kennedy flew the coop. Now they need to find him. The closest building is a gas station a few miles away. Sure enough that’s where he is. Modern innovations frighten him. He hears the date and panics. He ends up hitching a ride with some teens. A little while later, Wyatt, Lucy and Jessica roll up and find out that John is en route to Palo Alto.

In the car, Kennedy makes small talk until his stomach issues flare up and he needs a hospital. That’s where Lucy figures where they will head. Emma, Carol and Nicholas come to the same conclusion and decide to start checking hospitals as well. Mason, Rufus and Jiya keep looking for the car. Mason decides they need drones and heads off to find Christopher for access. Jiya and Rufus continue to argue about her visions.

Mason walks back and tells them Christopher is missing. Carol’s got her. She wants Lucy sidelined to keep her safe. Christopher tells her that’s not going to happen so Carol threatens Christopher’s kids. Lucy is the third wheel as she gets to the hospital with Wyatt and Jessica. Inside, Kennedy talks to the girl that gave him a ride about time travel. The team gets a room number and finds out Rittenhouse is there too.

The room is empty, except Emma. She and Wyatt throw down but when she grabs Lucy he hesitates and she manages to get away. They try to give chase but security is there. He takes Wyatt into custody but Lucy slips him a paperclip to get the handcuffs off. Lucy and Jessica are told to wait in the lobby. They head outside and Jessica tells Lucy she sees what they have and she isn’t going to stand in the way. She starts to leave.

Lucy gets her to stop and explains that Wyatt never gave up on her. That’s when the man in question rolls up in a car and they hop in. Kennedy is at a party. His new friend figures she can keep him for the night until her mom, the shrink can come home. Carol goes to talk to Christopher again. She’s been stalling because she activated her tracking chip.

As they drive, Lucy, Wyatt and Jessica check in with Rufus. Jessica suggests checking social media to find Kennedy, since he’s at a party. He is at a party. but he’s in a bedroom. He talks poetry and then the girl pulls up a picture of him on her iPad. She lets him see wikipedia where he finds out about the family curse. Jiya tracks down the party and the others head there. Kennedy is drinking when his new friend comes in and shows him a half dollar.

He is unimpressed. His brother Joe is the one destined for greatness. That’s when Wyatt comes in. Kennedy pretends he’s going to come quietly but he shoves Wyatt and makes a break for it. He ends up running straight at Emma. The coin changes and shots are fired. Wyatt returns fire. The party breaks up and Kennedy goes back to the bunker with the team. He’s headed home even with the knowledge of the family curse.

The ship departs and Christopher talks to Lucy about sitting out. Lucy won’t hear of it. The boys come back, with Flynn now. Even though Rufus warned him, Kennedy was still killed. It must have been meant to be. Wyatt tells Lucy that Jessica is giving him another chance because of what she said. They have a moment and Flynn overhears. Later, Lucy is watching an old movie alone. Flynn joins her.

Flynn and Lucy? Really? I don’t like that. It’ll probably happen though. I felt bad for Christopher but I’m not entirely sure what purpose she or Mason serve at this point. They get funding? I also think Kennedy handled the whole time traveling thing a lot better than most people would. And all that history that was his future.

Timeless, episode four

It’s 1692 in Salem and the witch trials are in full swing. A woman named Alice is the eighth person of the day sentenced to hanging. Wyatt talks to his wife. As far as she knows he’s just been MIA with the army for a couple months. She doesn’t have time to talk at the moment. Nicholas is doing a crash course in history lessons. He wants to go after Lucy.

Naturally Emma has his back but Carol tries to change his mind. At the bunker, Jiya tells Rufus about her condition and the premonitions. She tells him she saw him kill a pilgrim. Just then the mothership lands. In colonial Salem. Lucy tries Wyatt again and he tells her about Jessica. She doesn’t tell him about the new mission. She tells the others about Jessica.

Rufus checks the log and finds out that when they were in 1941 the mothership popped to 1980 for an hour but they don’t know why. In the meantime they need another soldier and left with no options they bring Flynn aboard. They land on the morning of the worst day of the trials and run into a woman in the woods. She is opposed to the trials and plans to speak up.

Wyatt chats with his wife and she hands over some divorce papers instead. The travelers listen to the reading of the charges and Abby Franklin stands up for the accused and that’s when one more name is read. Abby’s. Lucy puts the pieces together. Abby is Ben Franklin’s mother so they need to save her. Rufus sees the pilgrim Jiya visioned him killing.

They grab him and question him. He knows nothing but then Lucy remembers a known accuser. Abby’s sister. Wyatt tries to talk to Jessica but she is done. She can’t handle the secrets. He tells her that he will come clean. Flynn and Lucy confront Abby’s sister and her husband. It takes some work but they get what they are after.

When they are done, they meet up with Rufus back at the tavern. Flynn is trying to swipe a musket when people come in. There’s a new accusation. Lucy. Her mother did it. Wyatt brings Jessica to the bunker. Christopher is unimpressed. She and Wyatt argue and Jessica overhears some of it. She tries to leave but encounters Mason instead. It slows her way down.

Lucy ends up in the cell with Abby and the others. Rufus is chained up as well. She talks to them for a while before she gets a visitor. Her mother. There was no agent at the trials. She accused Lucy and Abby so that she could bring Lucy back into the fold. Lucy is not interested though. Then it’s time for the gallows.

Flynn swings back by Abby’s sister’s place and manages to get away with a rifle. The trials start and Abby is the first led to the rope. That’s when Flynn makes his entrance with the gun. Lucy gets free and gets Abby out too. She tells her where to go and then takes off. She’s injured too. Rufus encounters the man Jiya saw him shoot.

He doesn’t shoot him but the man ends up dead because a carriage ran him over. Rufus gets blood on his hands, like Jiya saw. Flynn bandages Lucy and they head back. At the bunker, Jessica is disbelieving as she watches for the ship to come back. She’s shocked when it does. Rufus talks to Jiya about her visions. He doesn’t want to know.

Carol gets home to find Nicholas eating fast food. She blames Salem on Flynn. He takes her off the Lucy case. Wyatt talks to Jessica about her murder and how it changed him. He’s not the same now so he wants another chance.

I knew the visions would not be a good thing. It will still probably come into play a lot in the future. I feel bad for Lucy but she was a trooper encouraging Wyatt to stick with it with Jessica. Also, that was dumb bringing her to the bunker but makes sense so you can’t really blame him.

Timeless, episode three

Rittenhouse deposits another agent in the past. This time it’s Hollywood in the early days of film. He’s there for years when he gets activated in 1941. The time exchange isn’t exact. What was only a few months for his father has been 15 years for him and now that they have Nicholas it’s time to move forward with the plan.

Jiya is at the bunker when she has another episode. She seems Rufus in a pilgrim outfit. Christopher finds her this time and confronts her, Rufus and Mason about it. Jiya and Mason are ready to move on but there two are concerned. She is saved by the bell though because they know the mother ship has traveled again. It’s in January 1941 but they don’t know why.

Lucy knows someone who does though. She and Christopher go to see Flynn. He’s in the prison infirmary. Rittenhouse is after him. Lucy is willing to make a deal. He draws her a map and then she, Wyatt and Rufus head to the past. They end up on the Paramount lot looking for anything that seems suspect.

Naturally, they end up caught by security but Rufus pretends to be Langston Hughes and gets a meeting with the studio president. They get nowhere until Lucy overhears him on the phone talking about the film roll of Citizen Kane. They are going to have to look into William Randolph Hearst and Orson Welles they figure.

Meanwhile, sleeper agent and his proud papa have the film. Once they wrap, both are headed back to the future. The traveling team steals clothes to wear to a swanky Hearst party. Christopher gets a doctor for Jiya. At the party Hedy Lamarr recognizes Rufus as Hughes and pulls him aside to chat. She knows that he’s an imposter.

Wyatt and Lucy scout out the party and recognize Hearst. Before they can move in, Rufus and Hedy catch up with them. She knows they are there on behalf of Welles to get the picture back. She agrees to introduce them to Hearst who is talking to another producer that goes by the name of Lucus. He’s working on a project called Jurassic Park.

Before the introductions can be made, the Paramount president pulls Lucy and Wyatt aside for a song. Rufus goes with Hedy while Lucy performs. Rufus and Hedy manage to eavesdrop on Hearst and Lucus. In exchange for a newspaper column, Lucus will hand over Citizen Kane. It’s the ultimate control of information at the time.

Rufus tells the others as they leave the party. While Jiya is seeing the doctor, Mason admits to Christopher that he has seen a condition like hers before. It didn’t end well and there are no cures. They end up hitching a ride and lodging with Hedy. She quickly whisks Rufus away to talk science while Lucy and Wyatt talk about their histories.

The conversation quickly turns to their feelings for one another. They head to a bedroom and share a kiss that escalates. They wake up together the next morning and talk about keeping this from the others. That plan is shattered when Rufus walks in. He leaves them to it though. Jiya gets out of her doctor’s appointment and talks to Christopher and Mason.

She had a heart murmur her whole life and now it’s gone. She seems completely healthy. She asks Mason what happened. The travelers go to stop the handoff and end up in a shootout. They get the film but a security guard gets shot in the process. They have to get away from there. Christopher visits Flynn. She gives him something to help his situation.

Since they aren’t actually friends with Welles, Rufus hands over the film to Hedy. Wyatt is getting a car ready for their departure. He leans in to kiss Lucy just as Rufus turns up. Wherever they are headed, Lucy is much more keen on than either of the guys. Wyatt hotwires the car and they head out. They go to the Oakland State Penitentiary and leave something.

Present day Flynn is able to dig it out and use it to escape. The others get back. Rufus checks in with Jiya just as Flynn strolls in. Wyatt is not happy about that but Lucy chases him and just wants to be happy they have each other. He’s game until he gets a text. He walks away. Lucy goes back and is talking to Rufus when the alarm sounds.

They assume someone broke in, that Flynn brought someone from Rittenhouse to get them. That’s not the case though. No one broke in. Wyatt broke out. He’s at a bar and he sees his wife who has been dead for years. He can’t believe it. He gives her a hug.

So Jessica didn’t seem to recognize Wyatt. And she’s wearing a ring. That’s obviously not going to go smoothly. The way they did that was so lame too. The text like as soon as Lucy and him were all smiley. They should have at least waited an episode. I’m glad Rufus got to geek out. I’m also concerned about Jiya. The visions were next week’s episode right?