Timeless, episode sixteen

Flynn is quietly making his way through a house, while armed. He’s looking for… monsters. And the coast is clear he happily reports back to his wife and daughter. It’s all smiles until he startles awake, alone. Emma comes in with an update. Two more men walked out on the mission.

Wyatt and Lucy get back with a severely injured Rufus. They can’t take him to a hospital. They have to call someone. That someone ends up being Lucy’s maybe fiance Noah. He patches Rufus up and then they fight. When Lucy turns back Christopher and Jiya are there. Flynn just jumped to 1954 DC but with Rufus hurt they can’t give chase. They argue amongst themselves about what to do before they are left with no choice. Rittenhouse is at the warehouse. They all need to get into the ship and go.

Christopher creates a diversion while the rest take off. They try and figure out where Flynn could be going and come up with a guess. As they are about to leave, Jiya points out their complete lack of disguise.

Flynn is meeting with Senator Joe McCarthy (Spencer Garrett). He’s a card carrying Rittenhouse member and has the information Flynn wants. In exchange for the identity of two spies. For the address to the meeting, Flynn hands over photos of Lucy and Wyatt.

Outside, in more appropriate clothes, Wyatt comments on liking the 50s. Lucy is not a fan but that doesn’t matter as both are stopped and accused of being Commie spies.

Jiya and Rufus talk and kill time in the warehouse with the ship. He notices that her eye is really red. She says its just bloodshot but he’s worried it’s because they had too many people in the ship.

Lucy is waiting alone when Flynn walks in. He tells her he is going to take down Rittenhouse that night and that probably won’t reflect well on her. She thinks that he is telling her this so that she will talk him out of it. She tells him that she feels bad for him. She used to think he was a monster but now she just thinks he is sad. She says they will help him but not like this. He tells her there is no other way.

Wyatt is being questioned by McCarthy. They go back and forth and when McCarthy tells the guards to rough him up, Wyatt fights back. He escapes with Lucy which is good but now they don’t know how to track down the summit, which is bad. Lucy’s grandfather was a White House aide. That might be their best shot.

Christopher is in federal custody. Mason shows up to free her. He needs her help. They are going to kill Rufus. He knows he is terrible but wants to protect Rufus.

Lucy and Wyatt follow her grandfather but its not to the summit. They track him to a gay bar. Rufus is freaking out but Jiya tries to calm him down, right before she passes out.
They approach her grandfather. They basically blackmail him into taking them to the Rittenhouse summit.

Rufus talks to an unconscious Jiya. She starts to seize. He freaked out.

Wyatt, Lucy and her grandfather ride to where Rittenhouse is. They talk about his gay impulses (which the two modern day people assure him are natural) and about how terrible Rittenhouse is. They get there and find Flynn. Lucy starts to talk to him, despite Wyatt telling her to stay back.

Flynn tells her he prayed and this is what God told him to do. She talks him off the ledge and they head back to the ship. Rufus is ready to leave with Jiya and they tell her grandfather the truth. Lucy sends them back with Jiya. She will ride with Flynn. Wyatt is hesitant but Lucy asks him to trust her.

She tells her grandfather to protect her father from doing things in the name of Rittenhouse. He agrees. In the present day, she goes to visit her grandfather in a home. He kept a record of Rittenhouse like she asked. She and Wyatt look over the artifacts he saved. Christopher and Mason turn up to go through things as well.

Rufus visits with Jiya in the hospital. They exchange “I love you”s and then kiss. She starts to seize again but its not a normal seizure. Something glitches.

Christopher goes into Mason Industries and gets the Rittenhouse agents arrested. Lucy meets with Flynn. She gives him information about how to get his family back. He implies that they meet again in the future. Christopher thanks Lucy and Wyatt for what they’ve done. She is allowing one more trip to get Lucy’s sister back.

Wyatt and Lucy talk about what comes next and she thanks him. They hug it out. He tells her he isn’t rushing out though. He’s going to help get her sister back. She will be back in an hour. She goes to see her mother. She tells her about the missions and about how she wants to go save her sister but in doing so her mother might end up very sick.

Her mother tells her not to worry. Rittenhouse won’t let her end up sick because of some girl no one cares about. Her family is from a long line of Rittenhouse. Right now they are moving in on the mothership to take control of the past, present and future. There are dead agents everywhere and Emma is seen boarding the ship.

What the hell is up with Jiya? Is there another season of this show? There should be. And her mother knew all along? That’s mildly disappointing. Will they let her go back to talk to Wyatt or will he have to rescue her? So many unanswered questions.


´╗┐´╗┐Timeless, episode fifteen

Flynn is in church. He looks haggard. The local priest tries to listen and offer guidance but Flynn just talked.

Jiya is looking around the facility. She mentions that it feels like North Korea. The new commander, Neville (Jim Beaver), wants to go back in time to kill Flynn’s mother. This issue wouldn’t exist without her. Lucy and Rufus say no but they don’t have a choice.

Lucy and her father have a spat about saving lives and Rittenhouse. On the mission, they tranq the new military man and then jump again to lose Mason’s tracker. He kicks Jiya out of the control room because she can’t be trusted.

They jump back to present day and meet up with Wyatt and Christopher. They can’t let Rittenhouse have the ship. First order of business is charge the ship and then they will get Lucy’s sister back. As Rufus sets up the charger an alert goes off. Flynn jumped.

Flynn meets with Al Capone (Cameron Gharee), who now owes him a debt of gratitude. Rufus, Wyatt, Lucy and Christopher fight about the next step. Rufus calls Jiya and asks her to run interference. She gets busted by Neville.

They jump to Chicago 1931 and watch Capone speak and walk away. He doesn’t get caught for his taxes the way he should have. They meet with Eliot Ness (Misha Collins) to talk about tracking Capone and Flynn. He takes them home with him and they get raided by Capone’s man. Ness gets killed and they go on the run.

Lucy thinks of a lead. Capone’s brother Richard Hart. They meet with him to try and get him to arrest Capone. He’s not interested.

Flynn uses Capone to set up a meeting with the mayor of the city. He happens to be a member of Rittenhouse. Flynn wants to know about a big members meeting. It was held two years prior in DC. They are held every 25 years.

They convince Hart to meet with his brother and go with him. In the present, Jiya rigs up a computer to keep messing with the signals. Mason gets the worm out and resets the tracking. Jiya kills the power.

The Brothers Capone meet and chat. Rufus and Wyatt ask about Rittenhouse and Flynn. Hart admits that he’s an agent and wants to take Al in. Capone made a deal to take out Rufus for Flynn. Shots are fired. Rufus is hit and Hart takes out Capone.

Mason is trying to restore power. He also tells the Rittenhouse guy that he wants access to NSA data to track the digital footprints of everyone everywhere all the time.

Rufus is in a bad way. He’s lost a lot of blood. They try and get him to navigate the ship but he passes out before takeoff.

They better not kill Rufus. He is the best part of this show. I’m curious as to how they picked the time jumps that they did. They’ve all been pretty interesting. Jiya was pretty badass. I was impressed.

Timeless airs Mondays at 10 p.m.

Timeless, episode fourteen

Lucy, Rufus and Baumgardener are walking through the woods. They are looking for Lindbergh. As they walk, they hear about a plane crash. Charles Lindbergh only when they investigate it looks like he escaped before the plane caught fire. A reporter overhears them and asks for the scoop. His name? Hemingway (Brandon Barash).

Hemingway takes them into Paris to give them a lead on where to track down Lindbergh. He takes them to meet some famous folks that might have some information for them.

Back at the base, Jiya is just watching some men work and Agent Christopher asks why. They are in charge now. NSA and Mason are working together and Christopher is out. She has to turn in her badge and everything.

Flynn is working with Emma and another guy. They aren’t nearly as helpful as Anthony was.

Lucy is just observing the likes of Picasso and the Fitzgeralds when Baker approaches her. They talk about Hemingway and the “Lost Generation.”

Christopher goes to talk to Wyatt. He doesn’t think this is sudden. It’s a coup that has been planned for weeks.

Rufus and Lucy talk to Hemingway and end up getting a lead from Baker but before they can move on it they see Emma. They give chase and Baumgardener gets killed in the process.

Lucy and Rufus try to come up with a plan. They need a soldier and Hemingway volunteers. Lucy is not having it but apparently doesn’t have a choice. They begin the adventure.

Mason and the Rittenhouse man talk about the time machine. Mason wants to know about his interest in Lucy and the man admits that Lucy is his daughter.

Rufus and Hemingway can’t find Lucy. Turns out she was dragged away to talk to Flynn. Lindbergh is Rittenhouse and Flynn wants to kill him. Lucy wants to talk sense into him.

Flynn is willing to give her a chance. He brings her into the cell Lindbergh (Jesse Luken) is being kept in.

Lucy and Lindbergh talk about the legacy of Rittenhouse and family pressure. She talks about following in her mother’s footsteps because she had no other choice but she knows that no one can decide your future but you.

Rufus and Hemingway argue about life and loss. And they drink before Rufus figures it out. Lucy is in the catacombs.

Lindbergh talks about running away and living on a far. He’s already not living up to expectations by missing a call he was supposed to make. Flynn bugged the conversation and moves on the tip he overheard about the call.

Christopher and Wyatt talk about the Rittenhouse situation. They realize that it is now in charge of Mason industries. They have to fight but Wyatt isn’t all that interested.

Rufus and Hemingway are looking for Lucy in the catacombs. They run into Flynn’s man and fight. They find Lucy and Lindbergh and are about to escape when Emma comes in. Rufus gives her an ultimatum.

Wyatt knocks out the power. When are guard comes in to check out the problem, he escapes.

Baker is going to help Lindbergh into hiding and Lucy and Rufus are headed back to the future.

They get back to the present and find the place swarming with the men in black. They have to debrief. It’s all very different and they don’t know what to say.

Lucy goes home to read some history books. Lindbergh was still a terrible human. She talks to her mother who suggests writing down her thoughts. She gives her a journal, the one Flynn has.

Wyatt, Rufus, Lucy and Christopher meet in secret. They are infiltrating Rittenhouse.

This episode feels like it should be important because now the Rittenhouse stuff with Mason is out in the open but it took too long to set up. I like the secret posse that is going to fight back. I loved the Paris stuff especially Hemingway.

Timeless is new Mondays at 10 p.m.

Timeless, episode thirteen

Wyatt goes to tell Lucy that he and Rufus are stealing the time machine in order to save his wife. She wants to come. He tells her he needs her to stay in the present to handle it.

Flynn and his team are trying to stop Rittenhouse before it starts.

Rufus and Wyatt head back to 1983 to try and change history to save his wife’s life. They aren’t doing a very good job.

Jiya is working when the phone rings. It’s Anthony. He wants to speak to Rufus, which is not an option. He settles for Lucy. He wants to meet up. He has a plan to end all this, for good.

Wyatt and Rufus are hanging out at a bar trying to change history but things don’t go as planned. A tornado rolls in and throws a wrench in their plan.

Mason wants to go with Lucy to the meetup.

They are basically trying to keep Wyatt’s wife’s killer from being conceived so they have to occupy both of his parents all night. Wyatt takes the mother while Rufus focuses on the father.

Jiya sets up the tech to wire Lucy. She also rants about how upset she is that Rufus didn’t tell her. Lucy tries to comfort her. She heads out to meet Anthony and he grabs her and takes the wire right away. He will tell her his plan but first he needs some help.

He doesn’t know if he trusts her. He’s having a crisis of conscious. Rittenhouse wants to take the mothership back to mess with history even more, so that they can create the world they want. Flynn is the only one stopping them. He wants to blow up the ships. He tells her he is going to and expects her to do the same.

Wyatt chats with the mother some more. They seem to be getting along really well when the door opens. It’s a flight attendant from earlier. Wyatt had asked her about the mother and now she blows his cover. The mother is upset and flees right into the arms of the father.

Master plan is kidnap the father so they can’t sleep together. Rufus is not interested but Wyatt is adamant.

Lucy tells Agent Christopher about what Anthony said. Lucy agrees. The ships are too powerful. No one can be trusted with them. She wants them to blow up the ship and after a few moments Christopher agrees. She has evidence Mason is working with Rittenhouse and she shows Lucy the proof. It’s photos of his clandestine meeting, with her father.

Rufus lures the father away so that Wyatt can knock him out but the plan doesn’t work. Wyatt ends up in a scuffle with a drunk bar patron and a state trooper jumps in and stops them.

Flynn and Emma go to see how Anthony is doing with his work on the ship. He sends them away. He also happens to have a bag of C4.

Wyatt is handcuffed in an office. The trooper is waiting for the storm to move out before bringing him in. Rufus again creates a diversion and Wyatt knocks the trooper out and frees himself.

The parents are in her hotel room, about to sleep together. Wyatt barges in and waves a gun around. The father agrees to leave and Wyatt tells him they are going for a drive.

Outside the storm is bad and when Wyatt shoves the father he gets more than he bargained for. The guy trips and hits his head. He dies as Rufus comes and pulls Wyatt away to come back to the future.

They are back on the ship. Wyatt feels guilty and Rufus tries to console him. It’s no use.
Mason confronts Christopher. He wants to know what secrets she is keeping but she tells him to bug off. The guys return with the ship and Wyatt is promptly taken into custody. Before they can take him away, he asks Lucy about his wife. She’s still dead though. The guy he thought was the killer, wasn’t.

There’s word of an explosion. They go to inspect the wreckage but its not the ship. A body is found though. Anthony. Dead of gunshot wounds. Flynn is the culprit and he’s gone.

Lucy goes to see her father to confront him about Rittenhouse. He thinks it’s a relief that she knows. She calls it inhumane and he tells her that it is in her blood and that they have a lot to talk about.

It was weird that Lucy wasn’t back in time but I liked seeing her working on a mission with the agent. I’m glad Christopher told Mason to shove off. It would’ve been cool for Jiya to be involved more. I felt bad for Rufus and I really just don’t like Wyatt.

Timeless is new Mondays at 10 p.m.

Timeless, episode twelve

Wyatt is at a prison. He is visiting the man that killed his wife. The man says that if he could do it all again he wouldn’t change a thing.

Lucy comes home and finds her sister in the kitchen. Amy says that she is still lost and that Lucy doesn’t care. Lucy wakes up.

Jiya is the next time machine pilot. Mason has picked a side. It’s with Rittenhouse. Jiya is in danger now.

Flynn pops up on the map. He’s back in 1882. When Jesse James died.

Jesse (Daniel Lissing) is figuring out his next bank heist. He turns his back and his friends move to shoot him, as the record shows, but Flynn intervenes. Jesse lives past his expiration date already.

Rufus, Lucy and Wyatt turn up but they are long gone. Lucy suggests they are out someplace trying to rob someone.

In a bar, Jesse and Flynn are discussing just that. Flynn is going to pay him to look for someone, not something. Jesse agrees. He also kills to marshals.

When the traveling trio turns up, they are long gone. Lucy is distracted and Rufus is scared to give chase but Wyatt is on a mission. He yells at them and Lucy comes up with someone that would be able to act as a guide for them. A local named Bass Reeves (Colman Domingo). He’s the man the Lone Ranger was based off of. The old show got one thing wrong though. Bass is actually back.

They plead their case but Bass tells them to find another Marshall. Lucy appeals to his sensibilities. He relents but he wants to take them into custody, not kill them. It’s not the 1820s after all.

Jiya is training to be a pilot. She asks for old flight logs but Mason gets cagey and tells her to get some rest.

Rufus and Wyatt are on the porch when a man (Zahn McClarnon) approaches. He’s a friend of Bass’ aka Tonto. They all suit up and head out.

Jiya sends another tech out of the main office and starts to steal files off the computer onto a flash drive. Mason finds her but she covers. He sends her home.

Bass finds out that they are a ways behind their targets but they hit the road.

Jesse and Flynn shoot guns in the woods and talk about the importance of “the cause.” They are about to keep moving when they realize they are surrounded by Native Americans.

Wyatt, Bass and the rest roll into the area and find the bodies that Jesse left behind. They set up camp. Wyatt talks about visiting his wife’s killer and then casually becoming a murderer. Rufus fights him and Wyatt looks to Lucy for backup but she’s not interested. She just wants to go home, back to when she had a sister.

Flynn and Jesse reach their destination. They are promptly shot at but Flynn reasons with the shooter. Turns out its a woman and he wants to talk to her alone. She allows him into her house. She has all sorts of modern day technology.

Her name is Emma (Annie Wersching). She worked for Mason and she was the first time traveler. As Flynn explains what he knows of her story to her, Jiya watches it from the files she stole.

She was a pioneer but then Rittenhouse got involved and she faked her own death and stayed in the past to get away He wants to know what she knows. She agrees. It;s time to part ways with Jesse, who quickly barters for the modern day rifle

The team moves into the house where Emma was. Jesse is lurking outside and shoots at them. He hits Bass’ friend. Wyatt goes outside and shoots, but doesn’t kill Jesse. Then Bass turns up with a gun on each of them. Wyatt won’t holster his weapon. Lucy comes out and shoots Jesse.

They get back to town and Bass gives Lucy the reward money. She tries to give it back but he wants nothing to do with them. Rufus wants him to tell his story so people know who he is. He tells Rufus he isn’t doing it for them.

Back in the future, Rufus tells Mason and Agent Christopher about Emma being alive. They don’t know why Flynn would want her. Mason also calls Jiya on swiping the old logs. They argue and Rufus watches.

Lucy goes home and looks up Bass.

In a bar, Rufus meets Wyatt like he asked. Wyatt talks about the line between good and bad. He wants to steal the time machine and save his wife. He wants Rufus to help.

Rufus is the best part of this show. I feel bad for Jiya. I also feel like this wasn’t a very good episode for Wyatt and Lucy. They were too distracted. And now suddenly there is some other pilot lady hiding in the past? Why hadn’t they gone looking for her earlier.

Timeless is new Mondays at 8 p.m.

Timeless, episode eleven

Lucy was caught by Flynn and is being held captive. He wants her to find information on Rittenhouse but because he threatened Rittenhouse’s father, its safe to assume he went underground.

Rufus, Wyatt and the team are trying to track Lucy down. They get a hit. Illinois in 1893. The Chicago World’s Fair. So they have a destination but the ship is still charging.

Flynn and Lucy are at the fair. They see the first ferris wheel and then Flynn admits he plans to kill Thomas Edison, Henry Ford and J.P. Morgan. He expects Lucy to help him. She is not on board, which makes her expendable.

Rufus and Mason are fighting about Rittenhouse and what Flynn did in the past. Mason thinks its time for Rufus to run but he won’t do it until they find Lucy. Wyatt and Rufus try and figure out Flynn’s play. They assume Roosevelt, who will become president in less than a decade.

They get to the fair and are looking for Flynn. They spot on of his guys and follow him back to a hotel. The World’s Fair Hotel (aka the Murder Castle).

Lucy and Flynn are having a drink. Pabst. It just won blue ribbon at the Fair. They are talking about what is going on with Edison and Ford. She tries to appeal to his sense of reason when his guy walks up. Apparently Flynn knows a thing or two about 1893 Chicago because he set them up. He knows the story of the Murder Castle and just sent Rufus and Wyatt into it. Now Lucy must help Flynn to save them.

Wyatt and Rufus are searching for Lucy in the hotel and come across a man with quite the set of keys. It seems to be proprietor (and serial killer) H.H. Holmes. He offers no help and Wyatt suggests splitting up to look for Lucy.

Flynn and Lucy go to take in a magic show by up and comer Harry Houdini (Michael Drayer). He needs an assistant from the audience and Lucy readily volunteers.

Back at the hotel of horrors, Wyatt and Rufus are setting off all sorts of alarm bells for Holmes. He hears Wyatt asking a hotel guest about Lucy and finds Rufus snooping near a furnace. Wyatt and the woman are locked in a room and gassed while Rufus gets some gas in the furnace room.

Lucy helps Houdini with the rest of his act and when the show is over tells him that she has an uncle interested in booking him at a theater he owns in town. When they head backstage, Flynn holds him at gunpoint and tells him to pick a lock for them.

Wyatt wakes up swinging, until he realizes he is in a room with a bunch of other gassing victims, including Rufus. They try and figure out how to get out but it’s no use. The room is airtight and soundproof. The creation of a psychopath. Wyatt realizes that they were set up and now they don’t have a chance of saving Lucy.

Flynn is taking Houdini to pick a lock on a door. Along the way Lucy and Houdini chat about magic tricks. She tries to subtle give him a clue about how to escape. He picks the lock and Flynn takes him inside and makes Lucy wait with his guard.

Houdini is needed to break into Edison’s room to set up a bomb. He gets the door open, and plays Flynn, handcuffing him to a radiator and stealing his gun and the bomb. Houdini goes outside and saves Lucy. He tries to go on his way but she wants him to help her save Wyatt and Rufus.

At the hotel, Rufus is making small talk with the other captives while they wait for their inevitable demise. One of whom is Sophia Hayden (Katherine Cunningham), the architect of the Women’s Pavilion and first female to graduate from MIT with a degree in architecture. She’s upset that her father won’t know what happened to her. Wyatt tells her he will save them but he needs their help.

The police come to take Flynn into custody. He escapes.

Bennett finds a flaw in the room’s design. They might be able to get some attention. Lucy and Houdini show up to begin the search and she calls Holmes nuts. He overhears. They search and eventually hear Wyatt yelling. Houdini knows a thing or two about escapes so he helps them out of the room.

Once free Wyatt confronts Holmes only that’s not Holmes. It’s hotel caretaker Pat Quinlan. Holmes was pretending to be a captive in the soundproof room. He was George and when Quinlan and Wyatt head to the office to confront him, Lucy is left alone with the real Holmes in his office. She screams and Wyatt and Rufus run to find her but she’s gone.

Lucy wakes up in furnace of the torture chamber. She screams but Holmes yells at her. She is trying to figure out a way to escape. She comes up with a plan. She talks to Holmes about his past, things she knows about him such as his real name and where he’s from. His bigamist tendencies and all the women he’s killed. He hesitates long enough for Wyatt and Rufus to swoop in and save the day.

In a plea for his life, Holmes tells them he will confess to everything and give the families of his victims closure. Wyatt asks Lucy if he’s telling the truth. She says no, he lies and sells his story for profit. Wyatt shoots him.

Houdini calls the police and says his goodbyes to the team. They head back to the future. Rufus tells off Rittenhouse. Mason asks if he’s sure and he says that after what he’s seen, he isn’t scared of Rittenhouse.

Wyatt is in the locker room when his phone rings. It’s Flynn holding up his end of the bargain. He gives Wyatt the name of the man that killed his wife. He’s currently serving in San Quentin on two other murders. He can’t go back to a time he exists to prevent the murder so what can he do about it.

I’m a total history nerd so pretty much every episode of this show is fascinating to me in terms of the depth and detail that the writers go to for the narratives in the past. This one was remarkable though. Easily my favorite episode so far. I have spent a lot of time reading about World’s Fairs and this was just spectacular. I’m glad that Lucy is safe and I really liked Houdini.

Timeless, episode ten

A wounded Revolutionary tells his wife to stay home and lie while he makes a run for it. George Washington shows up looking for him. She invites Washington in to wait for her husband’s return and gives him food. A note is discovered. Washington asks her if she knew, he’s upset. The man approaches a line of redcoats. He introduces himself and tells them he will help them win the war. He is Benedict Arnold.

Lucy is having dinner at Agent Christopher’s house. She meets her family, including wife Michelle who points out that Lucy is the only colleague she’s ever met. After dinner they talk about how sad it is that Lucy’s mother doesn’t know she had another daughter. Christopher wants Lucy to bring proof of her family on the lifeboat, in case they are gone when she returns.

Rufus and Jiya are playing video games when there is a knock on the door. They assume it is the pizza they ordered but it is in fact Mason. He wants to tell Rufus why he is the way he is. He feels bad he got Rufus roped into all the Rittenhouse stuff.

Mason leaves and they get a call. Flynn has turned up at West Point during the Revolution. Lucy knows it is Benedict Arnold. They go back in time and land at the Arnold residence. They are immediately surrounded by soldiers. Washington comes out and takes them inside.

While they are waiting, Flynn turns up. He’s come up with a cover story. They are spies and Washington believes it. He sends them on a mission to find Arnold. Flynn wants to find Arnold and interrogate him about the key Bonnie and Clyde had.

Turns out Benedict Arnold was a founding member of Rittenhouse. Flynn wants to kill him and end this nonsense now. Lucy and Wyatt are hesitant but Flynn pushes. He gives Lucy part of her journal and dangles the prospect of information about his wife’s killer in front of Wyatt. They go with it.

They go undercover as loyalists to bring information to Arnold. Flynn goes nuts and kills some important people before tying up Arnold and asking about Rittenhouse. He denies it so Lucy makes an appeal. Arnold reveals that Rittenhouse is actually one person, a guy named David. Flynn wants to meet him but Arnold isn’t going to make introductions. Flynn keeps pleading and Arnold relents.

Rufus and Wyatt vote to kill Rittenhouse in cold blood but Lucy won’t. She doesn’t want to change the course of human events so drastically. Wyatt tells her that it’s happening either way and she gets on board. They hit the road with Arnold. Lucy and Flynn have a heart to heart along the way about how these trips have changed him.

They get to Rittenhouse’s place. Rufus has to stay behind. Inside, they meet son John and talk about the merits of clocks and different types of government. Tyranny disguised as democracy seems to be the Rittenhouse way.

David comes in and knows something is up. He goes through the motions of “examining” Lucy before his men pull weapons on everyone. He knows they mean him harm but he’s not letting happen.

Outside Rufus is making his way through the woods. He finds a man with a gun and takes him down to get the gun.

Rittenhouse uses a modern day gun to take out Arnold. He’s also going to shoot Wyatt and Flynn and he wants his son to watch. Lucy will be taken to bedchamber. Before he can shoot anyone though, Rufus comes in and saves the day. Flynn takes out David and then goes looking for John to kill him too.

The team wants to save him. They look for him too and Lucy gets between him and Flynn’s gun. She pleads the kid’s case and eventually he gets away. Flynn is pissed. He takes Lucy in his time machine. Wyatt and Rufus can only watch as he gets away.

As soon as they said the kid was in the room, I knew Flynn would want to kill him. He’d have to clean up all the loose ends and that is what that kid would be right? I’m glad that Agent Christopher is doing what she can to remember her family in case they ever vanish.