Westworld, episode nine

Maeve is in the lab again. This time Lowe is going to be the one questioning her. He wants to know why she malfunctioned in the last episode. She perceived a threat to Clementine. When he looks into her profile he sees that it has been messed with and tries to alert Ford but she stops him. He doesn’t know they are the same. She freezes him and explains it. He does as she asks but seems unsettled.

William and Dolores are at a soldier camp with Logan and his men. William wants Logan to use his contacts to help get Dolores out of the park. Logan is amused by this but Dolores isn’t. She doesn’t want to leave. Logan tells William he will help him “but not in the way he wants.”

Lowe meets with Ford to discuss their code and his origins. He knows that Arnold is the one that wrote most of it so his intentions are the predominant ones. He wants Ford to access his old memories so he can find out what Arnold planned. He has Pennyfeather there to shoot Ford if things get out of hand. The journey into his mind.

He sees his son and his wife. He’s in bed with Cullen and then he’s killing her again. Lowe did hurt someone else too. Hughes was attacked by Lowe. He snaps out of it but wants to go further back.

Logan is mocking William. He tells him they aren’t really friends and that William seems to have completely forgotten his sister. He shows a picture of her. It’s the same picture from earlier in the season that was found at the Abernathy ranch. Then he cuts deep into Dolores’ stomach and shows William her wiring. She tells Logan that Arnold made the world beautiful and then fights back. She cuts him and shoots a few guards before William tells her to escape. Some of the soldiers give chase.

Hector is out in the wild when Maeve turns up and talks to him. She tells him she knows his future and recites his narrative. They hear her prediction start to play out and she saves him. She wants his help taking down hell.

Logan talks to William about Dolores not being alive to begin with. William tells him that he can’t believe he got so caught up in it and Logan cuts the rope he was using to tie William to the chair. He explains that the park sucks people in.

Flood comes to with a girl watching over him. He’s tied up and so is the man in black. They talk about Wyatt and his strange ideas. They mutinied and killed all the soldiers before Wyatt turned on him. Only that’s not how it played out. The girl asks him to try and remember it but it plays out differently this time. She then kills Flood and smashes the man in black’s head on a rock.

When the man in black comes too its daylight and he’s still bound only this time its rigged up with a noose that’s connected to a horse. The only knife is in Flood’s dead body which he has to crawl over to. He gets the knife but the horse gets spooked and takes off. He gets company. Charlotte tells him about Cullen and says that not everything is about the game. They talk about the narratives and Ford and the board, which apparently he’s on.

Stubbs finds out there is a behavior tech chip firing in the park. It belongs to Hughes. He goes out to talk a look. He tries to contact the control room but can’t get through. He then gets ambushed by some tribesmen.

Logan wakes up bruised and bloodied, surrounded by his troops. They are all dead. William is still there. He tells Logan that he’s going to find Dolores and that Logan is going to help him.

Lowe is still trying to decipher his memories with Ford. They discuss Arnold’s desire to create consciousness. Ford talks about host malfunctions and Dolores goes to confession, only when she closes the door to the confessional she is taken into the lab and it looks destroyed. Ford says the hosts were supposed to be purer than human emotion. Lowe wants to know why he was given a child’s death. It’s the basis of his whole identity.

He wants to go back under and meet Arnold. He wants to go all the way back to his very first memory. He sees his son die again but changes things. He stops the doctors and brings the son back to life. He talks to him about the pain of the loss holding him back.

Ford wakes Lowe up for the first time and gives him his first personality traits. They talk about who he is and Ford names him Bernard, because he can’t give him the same name. He is Arnold.

Dolores waits to be debriefed and in walks Lowe/Arnold. She says the maze only brought her pain. He can’t help her but tells her to remember. He asks her why he can’t help her and she tells him because he’s dead, he’s just a memory. She killed him. She’s sitting in the debriefing room alone and starts to cry.

She steps out of the confessional and into the empty church. She hears someone coming. It’s not William though. It’s the man in black.

Lowe wants to set the sentient hosts free but Ford points out that if they remember they’ll know he hindered them. Ford says that Lowe is the real problem. He asks if he can roll him back. Lowe tells Pennyfeather to shoot Ford but there’s a backdoor. She can’t kill Ford. Lowe demands to be reset but Ford changes the game. He doesn’t like the technical. He likes narratives and give instructions for Lowe to shoot himself.

This show is insane. I feel bad for Maeve and I’m glad that she and Hector are teaming up. I feel like they should track down and recruit Stubbs because he has to see that things don’t add up. I think Stubbs is a host too though. I half expect them to all be hosts except Ford. I’m most interested in that story line. I am curious about how the man in black fits in to all of this too.

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Westworld, episode eight

Lowe is freaking out. He had feelings for Cullen and wants to know why he killed her. Ford tells him that he should be proud of the emotions he is able to feel. Lowe wants to fight back but Ford sets him so he can’t. Ford has him erase all evidence of their involvement and says that when that is done he will clear the memories.

Maeve is at the saloon but it seems off to her. Pennyfeather isn’t there but a new girl is instead. She’s also remembering her daughter. She ends up in the lab asking Felix what’s happening and he has no explanation. She wants them to replace her spine so it won’t explode when she leaves the park.

Dolores and William are riding through the valley when they come across a bunch of dead bodies. One boy is still alive, barely and they find out he is part of an ambush waiting for them.

Ford, Stubbs and Charlotte talk about the death of Cullen and what more can be done to protect the park since they found evidence that she was manipulating them to steal from the park.

Maeve still wants out of the park but Sylvester is not about to help. There is something going on and he wants to knock her out and then wipe her clean. He and Felix argue.

Flood and the man in black continue their journey in the maze. They find people destroyed by Wyatt’s men and while Flood is helping a woman, they are attacked. Flood has a memory of the man in black dragging away Dolores.

Felix and Sylvester smuggle Maeve upstairs to reformat her.

Sizemore is trying to work out the kinks in his new narrative. Charlotte comes in to talk to him. She puts him down and belittles his work but does mention that she might have a job for him.

Sylvester talks to Felix about how this is the only way this could have ended but Maeve gets up. She slits his throat and talks about how she needs to get back to the park. She also might need Sylvester so she makes Felix fix his throat.

Maeve wakes up and is back in the park. She talks to the new girl about out of towners coming in but she wants the new girl to keep busy with the guys already there instead. In rolls Hector and Maeve with her new administrative abilities is able to clear the path for him.

Lowe and Ford talk about what’s been done in the park and what they need to do regarding the Cullen situation. Lowe questions him about Charlotte and how he works. He wants to know if Ford has ever made him hurt someone before and Ford denies it before wiping the memory.

Dolores and William follow a path down into a valley and she says she’s home. She walks forward alone into something else. Maybe a memory? She sees the townsfolk dancing and the church bells ringing. Then chaos breaks out and something comes in and shoots people. She sees herself holding a gun to her head. William grabs her. She’s back and there is no town and no people but her and William. She’s in a dream she can’t wake up from and she’s panicked. It’s what Arnold wants.

They walk and William decides it’s time to head back. They come across a group on horseback, led by Logan. He tells them they are fucked.

Charlotte and Sizemore are in the warehouse with the retired hosts. She wants to send a host full of data on the train out of the park.

Stubbs stops Lowe in the hall. He offers his condolences but Lowe doesn’t really know Cullen. They were just colleagues. He brings up Hughes but Lowe doesn’t see any problems there either.

Flood is starting to remember things and that means he’s angry at the man in black. He smacks him around a bit and the man starts talking. He starts talking about the death of his wife and the people he’s killed. He talks about killing Maeve in an old narrative and learning about the maze.

Stubbs notices that Maeve is off track and that no one can stop her. She remembers the old narrative and checks herself for old injuries. Flood wants to kill man in black but he can’t pull the trigger. The damsel he saved earlier stabs him instead.

Maeve is seriously the best part of this show. She’s so badass and I don’t know what the history is with her and Hector but I think they are up to something big. I’m a bit worried for William and Dolores now that they are with Logan. Mostly I’m curious about what’s going on in the lab though.

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Westworld, episode seven

Lowe is hanging out with his son at the hospital. His son starts to crash. He can’t help him. He wakes up. It was just a nightmare. In his lab he runs some tests on Hector. More importantly, he realizes he hasn’t heard from Hughes.

Dolores, William and Lawrence are on the train passing time. They look out the window and don’t know what’s happening but then the train goes on lock down so they can’t see anyway.

Lowe runs into Cullen and she asks what he wanted to talk about the night before. He says nothing.

Charlotte calls a meeting with Cullen. When she turns up for it she finds Charlotte having sex with Hector. Charlotte talks about Ford using half the budget for a new narrative. She says that she doesn’t care about the employees, only the code but Cullen is good at her job so she’ll keep her around. They need another person to sacrifice though.

Maeve goes into the saloon and starts the same conversation as always with Pennyfeather. She switches her lines though and finds out her backstory. The conversation ends and everything stops. Maeve realizes she is the only one not frozen. The lab techs are moving in so she holds still, with a knife in case she needs it, but they take Pennyfeather instead.

William and Dolores are talking on the train. She doesn’t want to be just a character in a story. He tells her that there is someone waiting for him back home. She says she understands and walks away. He follows and tells her he built a life on pretending but he can’t go back to that and he kisses her.

Charlotte brings Ford and the other senior lab workers to a meeting. Cullen’s team has found a few things quite disturbing from her previous update. They reset Pennyfeather and begin a demonstration. Things function the way they should. They reset her to her update and she is violent. She kills the other host but won’t freeze when Stubbs tells her to. He has to shoot her. In order to fix this they will need to work from the ground up. Except for Lowe of course. This was his responsibility the first time around so he’s fire.

William doesn’t regret his night with Dolores. He doesn’t think Westworld shows your lowest self. It shows your deepest self. He sees that she drew something. She’s searching for peace but before they can talk anymore the train is attacked. It’s the Confederates. Dolores, William and Lawrence fight back and flee the train on horseback. They get far enough that a tribe of natives intervenes and they manage to get away.

They ride for a while before Dolores makes them stop to look at the view. It’s just like she drew. The place she dreamt of is real. This is where William and Dolores part ways with William. He wishes them luck.

Maeve is on the lab table and Felix is patching her up. He tells her she’s got to stop turning up down here but she’s concerned with finding Pennyfeather. He hesitates but she insists. They walk the lab and find Sylvester is with her. She’s being retired.

Lowe approaches Cullen. He doesn’t care that the test was rigged and points out that he knows she set up the stray. He’s more concerned with explaining the Arnold problem to her.

Maeve won’t talk. Sylvester apologizes for what he did to Pennyfeather but she doesn’t care. She wants out and they will help her or she’ll kill them.

Cullen and Lowe are in the elevator. They are talking about preserving the intellectual property of the park. Everything is on site. Ford never let them back it up

Lowe brings Cullen to the safehouse. She can’t believe she’s never seen it on maps. He says because hosts make maps and they can’t see it. They go inside she sees a door that he cannot. Lowe is a host. They head downstairs and she finds blueprints for Lowe but he says they don’t look like anything.

Ford pops up. She calls him sick. Lowe listens and pieces together that he’s a host. He freaks out so Ford freezes him. Arnold and Ford designed every part of this place. It’s their dream. He tasks Bernard with killing Cullen. Then they had back to create new storylines and leave her body in the cabin.

I think that Ford is the only one that isn’t a host at this point. It makes sense. He’s the puppet master and they are all his toys. I was sad to see Lawrence go and I’m curious where Logan ended up. All in all this feels like the beginning of a mad dash for the finish line and I’m all in.

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Westworld, episode six

Maeve gets up and heads to the saloon to start her day. She’s talking to Pennyfeather when a newcomer strolls in. Maeve calls dibs and then antagonizes him during sex so he kills her. Once back in the lab she talks to Felix (Leonardo Nam).

Hughes and Lowe are talking about the transmitter. She’s adamant that it couldn’t have been done by a guest. It’s too advanced so it must have come from the lab. The host in question was an older model so the newer tech overlooks some of his data because its outdated. He has to go to “the lower level” to use a computer that he can read it from.

He heads to an abandoned basement type lab and tracks the stray host. He finds out in the process that there are five other host anomalies with hosts that are unregistered.

Ford is out in the park planning renovations. He opts to not make the canyon he is designing quite so long so that he doesn’t disrupt life in a small town. As he walks through town he sees a symbol and looks it up when he gets back to the lab.

Flood explains the legend of the maze to the man in black. There is a man at the center that continues to die and fight his way back to life. He vanquished his oppressors and built the maze to protect himself.

Felix and Maeve are talking about the differences the hosts and guests. He tells her that they are being controlled whereas he has free will. He even brings out a tablet to show her.

She watches it track her every thought. It overwhelms her and she stops responding.

Cullen breaks up with Lowe because of the way it looks to the board.

Felix is able to get Maeve back online and leads her through the lab so she can see how the hosts are made and all the steps of how they are tested on their abilities and backstories. She sees the introductory video to Westworld and sees herself with a small child. She asks how he had access to her dreams. He explains that those aren’t dreams but past settings.

The hosts get new assignments. Slyvester (Ptolemy Slocum) catches Felix and says that he has to tell their bosses about this. Maeve protects Felix though.

Cullen goes to complain to Sizemore about what Ford is doing to the park. She wants him to put a stop to it and he tells her he can’t be bothered. Cullen tells him to cut the crap.

Flood and the man in black come across some soldiers on their way toward Wyatt. They try to blend in but Flood gets recognized. They get in a gun fight and get taken captive.

Sizemore chats with a tourist at the bar. He drunkenly rambles until the bartender cuts him off. Cullen wants him back to work.

Hughes and Lowe are making headway on tracking who is responsible for the transmitter.
Sizemore is still drunk and he is relieving himself on the park map to assert his authority when Cullen introduces him to Charlotte Hale (Tessa Thompson).

Lowe is tracking first generation hosts still in rotation. He thinks that might be the
Flood and the man in black are tied up. When the soldiers come over to brand Flood, with the mark of the maze we see him flash black to when he killed a whole town with Wyatt. He fights back and kills all the soldiers before he and the man in black load up their horses and move on.

Hughes finds out that the satellite being transmitted to is one of theirs and that it was sending signals from somewhere in sector three. She tells Lowe she is going to investigate it.

Ford is walking through the park when the little boy turns up and asks him if he’s lost. He says no, that he figured they could play fetch with the kid’s dog. The boy leads Ford to where his dog is lying dead.

Hughes finds a computer hidden in a creepy house and is able to get it up and running. She asks it to access previous users.

Lowe goes to bring the information to Cullen and is beginning to explain to her about Arnold when Hughes calls him. She says that Cullen is in on it. He tells her he’ll call her back.

Maeve is going over her personality configurations and decides that she wants to alter them a bit. She negotiates with Slyvester.

Lowe calls Hughes back and they talk about it being the older model hosts that have the anomalies because they are the only ones with that sort of coding. She explains that it is Cullen and Arnold.

Ford runs an analysis on the boy. He finds out the boy lied to him and that he killed his own dog. He’s also been receiving instructions from Arnold.

Hughes is still in the house. She’s trying to figure out more of what’s going on and ends up getting grabbed from behind by an unknown assailant.

Slyvester and Felix discover that someone a lot more important than themselves has altered Maeve’s personality but they do as she asks anyway.

This was a decent episode. It flew by and I was surprised that so much had happened. The fact that Felix took Maeve on a tour three me off and I was a little disappointed to not find out more about the fate of William and Logan.

Westworld is new Sundays at 9 p.m.

Westworld, episode five

Ford tells an old host the saddest thing he ever saw. When he was a boy he and his brother wanted a dog so their father got them an old greyhound. They took it to the park one day and took it off the leash. The dog spotted a cat and chased it. He caught it and tore it apart, but then he didn’t know what to do. He’d spent his whole life chasing he didn’t know what came next.

Dolores is having more flashbacks while standing in a cemetery. William asks her if she’s okay and she asks if she did something wrong. He says that he thought he heard her talking to herself and she says it must’ve been the wind.

Logan tells William that the park is losing money and his company is considering buying it. Apparently the park was planned by two men and right before the opening one of the partners killed himself. Lawyers looked into it but nothing more could be found. No one even knew his name. They find some soldiers, those that continue to fight for the Confederacy.

The man in black is moving with Lawrence and Teddy. He keeps talking in riddles and Lawrence can’t understand him. The little boy Ford walked with earlier this season finds them and the man sends him for water. Then he slits Lawrence’s throat and strings him up by his feet, catching his blood in a bag.

Two techs are racing to see who can repair their hosts faster. Maeve is among them.
Teddy wakes up and the man in black talks to him. He apparently fed him Lawrence’s blood and now needs his help. Teddy is reluctant but the man says that they have Dolores and that is motivation enough for Teddy to help.

Dolores continues having flashbacks. She talks to William about choices and changing her life. Logan has set up more shenanigans for the next day but William says no because Dolores wouldn’t like that. Logan tells him to knock it off because she is just a doll. She walks in the square and hears voices before passing out.

She wakes up talking to Ford. He asks her about dreams. He asks her if she remembers him as he used to be but she says no. He asks about Arnold and asks when the last had contact. She says it was 34 years ago. He asks what she and Arnold talked about. She tells him that Arnold wanted her help destroying this place. Ford apologizes for bothering her but says that there is no one else who knows back then. She asks if they are very old friends and he says he wouldn’t say friends. Dolores then tells someone that Ford doesn’t know and that she didn’t tell him.

One of the techs stole a bird from another department and was trying to set it up to get himself a promotion. His partner catches him and yells at him. They have to get to work on the hosts that’ve been brought in. He’s unsettled to find Maeve, again.

Logan and William go to meet Elizor, who in another cycle was Lawrence. They are re-purposing hosts. Dolores hears more voices and talks nonsense to Elizor. He agrees to introduce them to the Confederates if they steal some things from a wagon Union soldiers are bringing through the area.

They do as asked and things seem to be going according to plan before Logan gets cocky. Then the soldiers fight back and William takes them all out. Logan is ecstatic but William is just in shock.

Hughes is trying to re-calibrate a host when she sees the stray being carted down the hall. She barters for a few minutes alone with it so she can run some diagnostics and finds a transmitter in his arm. She brings it to Lowe to tell him that someone has been stealing data from the park.

Logan and William are at a party talking about joining the Confederates. William isn’t interested but Logan is so he demeans and berates William until he gets aggressive, then tells him that’s what this is all about.

Dolores wanders away and finds a lady reading tarot cards. She looks up and the lady looks like her. She tells her to follow the maze and when Dolores asks what’s wrong with me the lady says that she is unraveling.

She finds out that Elizor was playing them and tells William that they have to run now. He tells her he’s done running and playing this game. She tells him this isn’t a game and that the voice in her head is telling her that she needs him and that they have to run.

They see that the bad guys have Logan but they leave anyway. The Confederates corner them and William shoots one before they grab him. Dolores shoots the rest because she pictured herself no longer being a damsel. They run and make it on the last train.
They find Elizor on the train and agree not to shoot each other. Dolores tells the voice that she’s coming.

The man in black and Teddy walk into a bar and sit down. Ford joins them and they talk about all of the story lines and finding the center of the maze. Ford tells him that if he wants to know the moral of the story he need only ask, but the man tells him that the person he would’ve asked died 35 years ago. He almost took the park down but the man feels he had a hand in saving it.

The tech goes back to work on the bird again. He gets it up and running and it is flying around the room. It lands, on Maeve’s finger and she tells the tech, Felix that’s time for them to talk.

I thought this was a great episode. It explained at least some things about Arnold and it seems that Dolores is capable of hiding things from Ford which probably isn’t good for him long term. I’m also really interested in the transmitter that Hughes found in the stray host.

Westworld airs Sundays at 9 p.m.

Westworld, episode four

Dolores and Shaw are talking about the events of her last cycle. She’s questioning this world and her place in it. He wants her to play a game called “The Maze.” If she finds the center of it, she can be free. She wants to be free. She wakes up to start a new cycle and she is not at home in her bed as usual but rather in a field with a gun.

Maeve and Pennyfeather are chatting in the saloon when Maeve starts to glitch. She can hear and see things that aren’t there. Presumably they are from the lab or past cycles. A guest goes on a ramapage, shooting all the hosts in the saloon, except he doesn’t. It was all a memory. She was conversing with Pennyfeather the entire time. She leaves to go try and put the pieces together. She looks for a scar on her abdomen from a shooting but there isn’t one. She looks at a drawing she has of a lab tech in his suit and when she goes to hide it, she finds several identical ones.

Hughes, Cullen, Shaw and Stubbs are discussing the stray from the last episode. Cullen wants to take possession of said host and Shaw agrees to it. Hughes tracks him down after to tell him that she’s upset about that decision. The hosts are acting strange. It’s more than just a glitch and she wants to figure it out. Shaw tells her that’s not the case. Hosts don’t have imaginations, people do. She’s seeing things in their behavior that don’t exist.

William and Logan argue about what to do about Dolores while trying to find the bandit. She can’t come with them so William wants to call the expedition off and take her back. He and Logan argue about what to do.

The man in black and Lawrence are trying to track down the maze when they come across a woman bathing in a river and her men. They decide to look for “something of value” together.

Dolores is confronted by a man, possibly someone that works for the park, trying to get her back to “her daddy’s ranch” and she says that her father is dead. The man grabs her to take her back  but William intervenes. She opts to stay with him. She apologizes for causing a rift between him and Logan but he says he’s glad she turned up.

While she and William talk about wanting more out of life, she remembers the techs that have stopped by the ranch at the end of a cycle to help rest her family.

The man in black is approached by a fan of his foundation in the park. He tells the guy to back off. This is his vacation. The man in black bargains with the woman and goes off on his own. He locks up the deputy and talks to Hector Escaton (Rodrigo Santoro) as Lawrence is led to face the firing squad. He blows the lock off Hector’s cell and they leave, saving Lawrence as well. He returns to the woman and leaves Hector there.

Maeve is still having trouble with her cycle. She is flashing back to the techs. She and Pennyfeather discuss Hector and the bandits.

Shaw and Cullen are getting ready for bed when she mentions that she has to talk to Ford. He gives her a few tips on dealing with him.

She and Ford discuss the new narrative and an extension on putting it in play. The board is concerned about the complete overhaul of the park. He takes her to lunch and she describes coming to the park as a child. He talks about the history of the park and trying not to let it just turn into a money grab. He says that they know everything about the guests, as well as the employees, before telling her to get out of his way.

His narrative will be completed, and it won’t be a retrospective.

Dolores wants to help William but he tells her to stay back. He can’t get hurt but she can and he doesn’t want to risk it. He and Logan. along with their guide, make moves on the bandit they’ve been tracking. They engage in a shootout before Logan takes charge and wins the battle.

The man in black and Lawrence continue on their journey and come across Teddy, he’s tied to a tree and asks to be put out of his misery.

Logan shoots their guide and goes for a ride with the bandit they caught. William continues to defend Dolores.

Hector and his men roll into town and light it up. He wants something from Maeve and she’s willing to give it to him in exchange for answers about the techs. For each answer he provides, she gives him a number from the combination for the safe. The legend has it that the tech is basically a religious idol for some of the villagers within the park.

She wants him to cut her so that she can see if it leaves a scar. He won’t do it. He doesn’t wound defenseless women but she continues to argue with him until he agrees. When he does, she digs into the wound and finds the bullet from when she was shot.

“What does it mean?” he asks. “That none of this matters,” she replies before kissing him.

I liked this episode because I like that Ford didn’t take any crap from his corporate overlords on the board. I also really like that Dolores isn’t the only one questioning what’s going on. She’s being led to these conclusions by Shaw, however inadvertently that may be happening, but Maeve is doing it all on her own which is really great. I’m also starting to subscribe to the popular theory that William is a younger version of the man in black and that the show is running on multiple timelines. I guess only time will tell on that part.

Westworld is new Sundays at 9 p.m.

Westworld, episode three

Dolores and Lowe are chatting. He verifies that no one else has run diagnostics since he last did. They read a book together, with her reading aloud and she notes that they tend to read books about change. “People read about what they want most and experience the least,” he responds. She asks about his son and he makes her explain why she did that. “Personal questions are an ingratiating scheme,” is her reason.

Back at home she hides the gun she dug up in the yard and is shown remembering a time with the man in black. William is strolling through town when he sees someone apprehend a man from a wanted poster. He makes his way over to investigate the posters and the man escapes and takes Pennyfeather hostage.

William points his gun and tries to shoot the bandit but can’t. The man fires at him and then William does shoot and kill the man. Pennyfeather wants to “express her gratitude” but William again turns her down. Logan tries to take him into the saloon to celebrate but William opts for an adventure.

Cullen approaches Lowe to discuss her concerns about Ford and the upcoming narrative in the park. Hughes is running analysis on the hosts that have glitched, trying to figure out the problem. It seems as though he attacked hosts that had killed him in other cycles, almost like he was exacting revenge.

Stubbs and Hughes are headed into the park to track down a missing host. He tells her the only thing stopping the hosts from hacking them to bits is a little bit of code.

Flood strolls into town and gets into a gun battle, which he wins. He then strolls into the saloon and comes face to face with Maeve, who seems to remember her adventure in the labs.

Dolores and Flood repeat his chivalrous display from the beginning of the first episode, including the ride out of town. She asks him to leave town and he responds “someday” which she isn’t interested in. She doesn’t want a platitude that means never. She wants to go now. He has some things to take care of before he can go away and then escorts her home. Something’s amiss and he runs ahead to save her father. Gunshots. Fade to black.

Flood talks to Ford before being sent back into the park. He thinks he has to protect Dolores but his real mission is to keep her in the park. Flood never bothered to give Flood a backstory but he decides to change that. He gives him both a backstory and an adversary, Wyatt (Sorin Brouwers). The story, as all good ones are, is rooted in truth.

A few newcomers give Dolores a hard time but Flood intervenes. He scares them off and then teaches Dolores how to shoot. When she tries to pull the trigger, she can’t. The sheriff comes upon them and tells Flood there is word Wyatt is nearby. Flood has to help track him down.

Stubbs and Hughes come to a group of hosts that are stuck in a loop because of the one that wandered off. Stubbs mocks the idea of the backstories but Hughes defends it. She also looks

Flood and the sheriff discuss Wyatt and how Flood came to know him. The group comes upon two men that have been tortured and tied to trees. While inspecting the bodies, Wyatt and his group open fire. Flood, Sheriff Pickett (Brian Howe) and ___ pursue them.

Stubbs and Hughes are still looking for the missing host and following what appears to be a map in his left behind wood carvings.

Ford is asked by Lowe to chat and while he agrees he also takes a moment to point out that the hosts don’t feel cold or ashamed or anything else unless they are told after a lab tech tries to cover

The glitching host and the original host to play Dolores’ father were both having imaginary conversations with a man named Arnold. The only Arnold involved with the park was the man that had originally been Ford’s partner. He wanted to create consciousness in the hosts, not just the illusion of it.

He played god to the hosts, acting as what they considered the literal voice of a higher being. He ended up dying in the park and it is his code that the hosts are still answering. He forgot that the hosts weren’t real.

Lower takes the time to reach out to his deceased son’s mother. They discuss how hard it is to keep going. He says he doesn’t mind the pain because at this point it’s all he has.

Hughes doesn’t understand why the missing host would carve Orion in the wood. He wasn’t supposed to “give a shit about stars.” She takes a moment to herself and ends up finding the missing host. Hughes sends word to Lowe that this host might be having independent thoughts as well.

Flood and the Sheriff continue their search. They are ambushed.

Lowe talks to Dolores and tells her he needs to reset her. He shuts down her scripted responses. She’s trying to figure out who she is and when she does, she thinks she’ll be free. She doesn’t know where that response came from. He tells her sometimes parents have to let their kids go and see what happens. She asks if he still wants to reset her. He says no and sends her back on her loop.

She notices when she is repeating the staged lines and glitches. She sees the host that had been her father before. The cycle takes a turn when the man brings her into the barn and shuts the door. She finds that she has a gun and then remembers the man in black. She shoots the kidnapped her and makes a break for it.

Stubbs climbs down into the rock crevice that the host is trapped in. He starts to saw the host’s head off but the host wakes up from sleep mood. He escapes Stubbs’ hold and climbs out. He picks up a giant rock and seems about to smash it into Hughes but instead bashes his own head in.

Logan and William are in the woods by themselves. Logan is complaining about missing out on the fun in town. Dolores stumbles out of the woods and into Williams arms.

This is one of the best shows on television right now. I was interested in pretty much every plotline and I’m fascinated in whatever is going on with Dolores. I also think that Stubbs is a robot, probably Hughes too. Really I think everyone but Ford is to be honest. I don’t know. I can’t even begin to guess what will actually happen but that’s what makes this so good.

Westworld is new Sundays at 9 p.m.