Westworld, episode four

James Delos is in an apartment when William swings by to talk. Apparently James has been there for a while and is ready to get out. William tells him that he’ll be able to leave soon enough. They just have to talk to establish a baseline. James is over it and william slides him a piece of paper. Old man William is following some train tracks. Bodies are being used in the construction and the tracks are headed in the wrong direction. It’s all a game.

Charlotte dumps Bernard near a cave with a gun. He goes in and finds Elsie in the cave. she’s pissed to see him because apparently he’s the one that chained her up. He doesn’t remember it and tries to set her free. She knows he’s a host and resets him. When he comes to they talk for a minute and then she’s ready to ditch him there. He tells her that Delos isn’t sending anyone to save the people in the park.

He zones out and sees a version of himself going into the cave. He follows it. Inside the cave he finds a secret passage to a lab. Elsie didn’t know about it and Bernard doesn’t remember being there before. It’s the lab he was in with Charlotte though. They are confronted by a host 2.0 but Elsie takes it out. Bernard starts glitching and she has to inject him with the juice from the other host. That’s when she finds out Ford is dead.

Guests are being held prisoner by the natives. It’s not the guests though. Stubbs is there too. He says they have only been taking out hosts and people should wait for first responders. The woman he’s talking to isn’t looking to be saved though. Old William and Lawrence roll into the latter’s hometown. Things seem abandoned but it’s really Craddock’s doing. He’s got the townsfolk held up in a church. He wants to know where they stash their ammunition.

Lawrence doesn’t want to die there so Old William makes a deal with Craddock. He gives up the weapons and knows what Craddock really wants to know. Craddock is willing to play along. James Delos is alone in his apartment. It’s the same morning. William stops by. Everything is the same. On the piece of paper is a transcript of their exact conversation. He’s a host now. It’s been seven years. James wants to get out and starts fighting with William about it.

William tells him a little longer and that’s when James starts to glitch. When William steps out it becomes apparent that the apartment is really an observation room. William points out that it’s the same problem “as before” and a tech asks if they should terminate. William gives the all clear and the whole room goes up in flames. Craddock continues terrorizing the locals. Stubbs runs into a few problems of his own. In the lab Bernard tells Elsie that he doesn’t know if he’s on a mission from Ford or someone else. It all comes down to Peter Abernathy.

Then he realizes he’s been there before. They weren’t making hosts. It was something else. She knows that it all lays behind the locked door. He remembers men walking around the lab. He yells her not to mess with the door just as she tries to shoot the lock. Craddock tortures Lawrence in front of his wife. Old William throws down with Craddock and lets Lawrence have the last laugh. He blows up the twn.

James is going about his morning as usual when he gets a guest. It’s William, only this time it’s Old William. Things start out the same but when James glitches, William goes full tilt. This is the 139th reboot. His son, daughter and wife are all dead. No one cares about him on the outside so they are just going to leave him. He walks out and tells the tech to leave him in there. Elsie and Bernard are exploring the lab. She hears someone. It’s the James host.

Bernard explains what he knows of the work on him and what he thinks Ford is trying to do. He rememers another time in the lab. The 2.0 hosts killed all the techs and then themselves. One of the techs seemed to survive the bloodbath so Bernard took him out himself. Lawrence’s wife thanks Old William for his help in clearing Craddock and his men from town. Their daughter provides a mouthpiece for Ford though and taunts William. He isn’t having it and leaves. On a hilltop he encounters the woman that had been trapped with Stubbs. She calls him dad.

I was really distracted during this episode. I have a lot of trouble following the ones that jump all around like this. When were the Bernard scenes set in relation to his visit to the lab with Charlotte? Also, how long has Elsie been in a cave and what happened to Stubbs? And she knew Bernard was a host. Did everyone?


Westworld, episode three

Several guests are at a party. One man hits on a woman and talks about bengal hunting at the edge of the park. It seems to work because soon enough the duck away together to have sex. He kisses her but she pulls away. She doesn’t seem convinced that he’s real. She thinks he is a host and shoots him with a rubber bullet to check.

After their tryst they go on a jungle expedition. They get to camp and find a few other people dead. The man thinks it’s part of the game but the woman knows it isn’t. She fights back when a host attacks them but comes face to face with a tiger. She runs

Strand, Stubbs, Bernard and a few others meet with Charlotte in the warehouse. They haven’t seen Peter Abernathy. She asks Bernard directly and it triggers a change. Bernard and Charlotte are on the move in the park. They’ve got eyes on Abernathy but he’s being held by one of the other hosts. They manage to draw that host away, reboot him and send him back with a new purpose. He lets all of his hostages free just as men ride in on horseback.

Bernard and Charlotte try to get Peter to run away with them but he wants to stay and fight. He is killed in the process. Dolores and her team go to see the Colonel. She tells him about the enemy coming for them in the morning. He doesn’t believe her so they give him a weapons demonstration. He’s more than willing to help after that. Teddy doesn’t like the troops but is willing to defer to Dolores.

Maeve has her group heading through dangerous territory. Lee tries to warn her off but she won’t hear it and Hector has her back. They do encounter the natives minutes later. The leader is willing to let them go in exchange for Lee. Maeve needs him though so they run off instead. The soldiers bring in their new hostages. Dolores finds them beating one. It’s her father. She wants minute and tells them they can have Bernard.

She goes in to the tent to see her dad in a bad way. She’s upset and tells Teddy that he is all she has left. She helps her father and they talk. He wants to make it to the train. She calms him down. Maeve and Hector talk about what comes next while Lee looks on. He doesn’t understand what’s going on. They were programmed to be alone. They seem to have overcome that.

Dolores has a moment alone with Bernard and points out that he doesn’t know the man he was based on or anything about the world he talks so much about. She wants him to fix her father but he can’t. Maeve, Hector and Lee run into some commotion but it’s no big deal. She ends up finding her favorite techs and taking them with her.

Bernard tried to fix Peter but he’s glitching on old narratives and has something written over the others. He can’t get through it. A team that was clearing the command center comes across Charlotte. They see she’s human and she immediately starts asking to sweep the park. She is on a mission. Dolores and the colonel gear up for battle. Bernard is still working on Peter when he freezes up.

The battle begins and the colonel’s men are no match for a secret ops organization. She’s sacrificing them. As they breach the base, Bernard takes a hit but manages to get away. Dolores orders a strike that blows up all the vehicles. Bernard tries to run away but stumbles. Clementine finds him and pistolwhips him. Dolores orders Teddy to take Craddock out back and put him down.

Craddock keeps talking and it seems to get to Teddy. Dolores sees it as Teddy lets Craddock and the others go. The woman that escaped the tiger at the beginning washes up on shore and is found by the natives. Maeve’s group is walking through the dark. They come across some possible trouble and Lee wants to run. Maeve tells him to be quiet just as someone runs at her with a sword.

I’m glad Teddy made that decision on his own to let the others go. It sucks Dolores was obviously disappointed but at least Teddy seems to be making decisions on his own. I want Maeve to keep Felix alive. He was helpful to her last time and I think she should spare him.

Westworld, episode two

Dolores wakes up and thinks that she’s in a dream. Bernard tells her that’s not the case. She’s in their world which she finds fascinating. Ford comes in and talks to Bernard. He wants Dolores for some sort of event but Bernard is adamant that she’s not ready. He’s not Bernard though. Ford calls him Arnold. This is the very beginning. Ford leaves so Bernard/Arnold takes Dolores on an adventure to see the house he is building for his family.

It’s still a work in progress. He talks about his family, especially his son. Dolores would like to meet his son and Arnold/Bernard tells her that she and his son are a lot alike in their world views. She’s happy to hear that and then reboots to when she first woke up. They have to get to the party but she makes him promise bring her back.

It’s the night of the incident. Folks in the lab are working. A guest runs in and tells them the news. The hosts are rebelling. They hear commotion. The doors bust open. It’s Dolores showing Teddy the way the world really works. Dolores corners the guest and he tells her that she doesn’t know what she’s up against. She tells him that she does. She’s been there before. Logan and William are out for drinks with some business associates.

William is bored and takes off early. Logan has no such issues. He meets with someone to talk about the future of tech and the VR experience. They lead him to a private demonstration where Dolores is playing the piano. Logan looks around trying to pick out the robots but he can’t. He thinks it is the woman that brought him to the party but as the song winds down everyone freezes. There are only three humans in the room. Welcome to Westworld. He freaks out because he doesn’t think it’s possible.

It is though. Teddy is in shock and doesn’t understand what he is seeing. Dolores makes the tech show him his history. Teddy doesn’t take it well. Still in the park Lawrence is roped up by his feet and on the verge of being fed to some ants when the Man in Black rolls up. He saves Lawrence and takes down the other goons. They head to a tavern and the Man in Black lays the whole thing out for him. The whole operation is going under and will take them with it.

Now it’s time to show what they are made of. They’ve kept tabs on who did what in the parks and now they’ll have to escape. It’s a three day ride to the edge of the park. That’s where they will head. Dolores is torturing a security guard for strategy information. She gets it and consults with Teddy. They will need backup so she has a tech start to wake up

Dolores leaves the shop and runs into Teddy on the street in town. It’s just like the experience has always been. Freeze. James Delos takes a look around but he isn’t sold on Westworld as a business. Enter William. He explains that this is the way of the future and that people will eat it up because they consider it true freedom. It’s not though because the company will still track them.

While on the move, Dolores and her team come upon a burning campsite. They run into Maeve and Hector. The women argue about revenge and freedom before the two groups continue on their separate journeys. Dolores’ team brings their recently revived militia man crash Major Craddock’s dinner party. She wants to parley and join forces but Craddock has no use for her. He tells her as much so she teaches his ranks a lesson by killing them all and then having the tech revive them.

She tells him that he needs to listen to her and now he seems inclined to do so. Dolores is in the real world again. She’s playing the piano at a party and sees William across the room. She doesn’t seem happy to see him. He starts toward her but James steps in the way. It’s his retirement party. He also has some sort of illness so his time is limited. After playing, Dolores steps outside to see the city lights.

Also outside is Logan. He tells her that this is really a party for the end of their species. They just don’t know it yet and the funniest part, he tells her, is that they lit the match. Lawrence and the Man in Black are on their mission and they run into Akecheta and talk about revolutions. The Man in Black tries to persuade him to help but Akecheta isn’t interested. He says as much and all his men shoot themselves. He says “You are on your own William” before shooting himself too.

The Man in Black is pissed at Ford for that. He tells Lawrence that he built the whole park and they have to the worst place he built with no help. William brings Dolores back online. He tells her that she is just a thing, a reflection, and that’s why he fell in love with her. Everyone wants that so he will use her and her kind to give it to them. He shows her the park and calls it full of splendor. Craddock and Dolores ride up to the base.

Teddy points out that it might not go over well but she is ready. Be it called glory or the valley beyond or something else they are all headed to the same place and she knows how to fight because she knows about a weapon. An old friend told her about it a long time ago.

I feel like most of season one we were supposed to hate Logan because he was an awful human. Now we see how he got that way. William was really the awful one and I’m really confused as to where his parts of season one fall into the overall timeline. I would’ve liked more of Maeve but the background between William and Dolores is fascinating. They kept bringing her out like a party trick. Logan saw the trouble there.

Westworld, episode one

Dolores and Bernard are talking about dreams. He tells her that they aren’t real but she isn’t satisfied with that answer because it’s not completely honest. He tells her that the fact that she learns so quickly has him frightened of what she might become. Bernard has glimpses of what has already happened. Then he wakes up on a beach and a woman holds a gun on him. Stubbs intervenes and offers to take him back to base.

The woman looks through IDs and finds Bernard’s. The card is red and marked “high.” They get back to the bustling base where he sees the hosts being executed. He meets Karl Strand. It’s been two weeks since the night of “the incident” and now Strand wants answers about what happened. They open up a host and tap into what he saw. The guy was killed by Dolores 11 days earlier.

Bernard looks at his hand. Flicker. He’s back in Sweetwater. He hears the hosts going wild. Charlotte comes in and talks to him as do a few guests. They have to get back to civilization. Once the rowdy hosts clear out, they head toward an outpost. They get to a stable first and the humans take out the host kid. Bernard tries to stop them and gets knocked down. He feels where he should be bleeding but it’s clear liquid.

Stable boy is down so they move on. Morning breaks and Dolores and Teddy are picking off people in a field. She stops on and ties him up. She talks to him about the nature of reality as he’s strung up to be hanged. He’s not the only human she’s got. She talks about drives and why people do what they do. She tells them she is playing one last roll. Herself. She leaves them strung up as she and Teddy ride off.

The man in black wakes up. He’s been hiding out amongst the devastation. He sees a dog and follows it to a horse, which he intends to ride. Someone else tries to confront him but is shot before it gets that far. The shooters close in on the man in black but he takes them out and then heads inside and patches himself up. Then he finds and dons a black hat.

Simon finds himself in a bit of tough spot. The command center has been ravaged and a host is about the eat him alive. Someone comes in and freezes the host though. Simon is relieved until he sees that it’s Maeve. She’s not the one running this show though. She plans to leave him for dead but he bargains with her. He needs help and so does she. He offers to lead her to a map.

They get to control but it’s a mess. No one is left. He tells her that he can help her still. Until he realizes that she wants to find a daughter from an old storyline. He tries to tell her it’s not real. She asks what that makes her. She is not happy and then tells him to take her to her daughter. Bernard, Charlotte and the humans are almost at the outpost. They see a car and take off. Bernard sees it for what it is and stops Charlotte. It’s a trap. The humans are killed.

Charlotte knows of another way out. They take off. Simon and Maeve are still making their way through HQ. Simon is trying to tell her that he will vouch for her when they are caught by a rescue team. Simon tries to sell her out and a gun fight ensues. Maeve wins. They keep walking to the roof and she finds Hector there drinking. She tells him that she is looking for her daughter. He’s game to come along.

Bernard and Charlotte head to a secret lair in the park. She starts trying to connect to someone outside for extraction while he watches the next gen hosts at work. He’s shocked to seem them logging guest experiences by DNA and even more offput to discover the parent company isn’t sending help until a specific host they requested is delivered. The Man in Black stumbles on a crime scene. As he inspects it, young Ford walks up.

He talks to the Man in Black about not resting on his laurels and continuing to move forward. They quarrel for a few more minutes before the kid starts to leave. The man shoots him before riding off himself. Maeve makes Simon strip naked and change his clothes. Teddy and Dolores have been riding for ten miles and all they’ve seen is blood. He wants to know what they are doing and she talks about things that look and walk like them that have taken their world.

Teddy tells her that all they need is a corner of this for themselves but she wants to stop them. And she can now because she remembers. She knows how this story ends. With them, she says as she kisses him. Someone else rides up and tells them that “they found it.” She wants to show Teddy the truth. Charlotte tells Bernard that she knows it’s a lot to take in but she needs his help. He’s willing to do so but has to hack into the hosts.

She’s looking for one specifically. Peter Abernathy.Bernard is shaking as he rigs up a host to look into. Charlotte walks away and Bernard keeps struggling. Now his vision is blurry and he’s panting. The tablet tells him that the host is corrupted and will last for less than an hour. He puts a syringe in the host’s neck and draws fluid. Then he injects it in himself. He wasn’t looking at the host on the tablet. He was looking at himself.

He knows that he’s a host! Charlotte comes back and is none-the-wiser. The search ends. Strand comes upon Ford’s body. His eyes are pecked out. Now Strand wants to figure out where the hosts are and what happened. They find an anomaly. A bengal very far from where it usually is. Satellites start working and the search team sees that all the hosts are in the same spot.

They head out there and find a body of water that shouldn’t be there. And all the hosts are washing ashore. Strand asks Bernard to help him because there are still hundreds of humans in the park. Bernard thinks he is responsible. He thinks he killed all the hosts.

This show takes me forever to actually understand what is going on. Teddy is just along for the ride and so is Hector right? I’m okay with that on both counts. Why is Dolores’ dad so important though? Also I probably should have read a recap of season one because it took me a few minutes to get back on track with who everyone was. I’m glad that we know that Bernard knows he’s a host. Who else knows?

Westworld, episode nine

Maeve is in the lab again. This time Lowe is going to be the one questioning her. He wants to know why she malfunctioned in the last episode. She perceived a threat to Clementine. When he looks into her profile he sees that it has been messed with and tries to alert Ford but she stops him. He doesn’t know they are the same. She freezes him and explains it. He does as she asks but seems unsettled.

William and Dolores are at a soldier camp with Logan and his men. William wants Logan to use his contacts to help get Dolores out of the park. Logan is amused by this but Dolores isn’t. She doesn’t want to leave. Logan tells William he will help him “but not in the way he wants.”

Lowe meets with Ford to discuss their code and his origins. He knows that Arnold is the one that wrote most of it so his intentions are the predominant ones. He wants Ford to access his old memories so he can find out what Arnold planned. He has Pennyfeather there to shoot Ford if things get out of hand. The journey into his mind.

He sees his son and his wife. He’s in bed with Cullen and then he’s killing her again. Lowe did hurt someone else too. Hughes was attacked by Lowe. He snaps out of it but wants to go further back.

Logan is mocking William. He tells him they aren’t really friends and that William seems to have completely forgotten his sister. He shows a picture of her. It’s the same picture from earlier in the season that was found at the Abernathy ranch. Then he cuts deep into Dolores’ stomach and shows William her wiring. She tells Logan that Arnold made the world beautiful and then fights back. She cuts him and shoots a few guards before William tells her to escape. Some of the soldiers give chase.

Hector is out in the wild when Maeve turns up and talks to him. She tells him she knows his future and recites his narrative. They hear her prediction start to play out and she saves him. She wants his help taking down hell.

Logan talks to William about Dolores not being alive to begin with. William tells him that he can’t believe he got so caught up in it and Logan cuts the rope he was using to tie William to the chair. He explains that the park sucks people in.

Flood comes to with a girl watching over him. He’s tied up and so is the man in black. They talk about Wyatt and his strange ideas. They mutinied and killed all the soldiers before Wyatt turned on him. Only that’s not how it played out. The girl asks him to try and remember it but it plays out differently this time. She then kills Flood and smashes the man in black’s head on a rock.

When the man in black comes too its daylight and he’s still bound only this time its rigged up with a noose that’s connected to a horse. The only knife is in Flood’s dead body which he has to crawl over to. He gets the knife but the horse gets spooked and takes off. He gets company. Charlotte tells him about Cullen and says that not everything is about the game. They talk about the narratives and Ford and the board, which apparently he’s on.

Stubbs finds out there is a behavior tech chip firing in the park. It belongs to Hughes. He goes out to talk a look. He tries to contact the control room but can’t get through. He then gets ambushed by some tribesmen.

Logan wakes up bruised and bloodied, surrounded by his troops. They are all dead. William is still there. He tells Logan that he’s going to find Dolores and that Logan is going to help him.

Lowe is still trying to decipher his memories with Ford. They discuss Arnold’s desire to create consciousness. Ford talks about host malfunctions and Dolores goes to confession, only when she closes the door to the confessional she is taken into the lab and it looks destroyed. Ford says the hosts were supposed to be purer than human emotion. Lowe wants to know why he was given a child’s death. It’s the basis of his whole identity.

He wants to go back under and meet Arnold. He wants to go all the way back to his very first memory. He sees his son die again but changes things. He stops the doctors and brings the son back to life. He talks to him about the pain of the loss holding him back.

Ford wakes Lowe up for the first time and gives him his first personality traits. They talk about who he is and Ford names him Bernard, because he can’t give him the same name. He is Arnold.

Dolores waits to be debriefed and in walks Lowe/Arnold. She says the maze only brought her pain. He can’t help her but tells her to remember. He asks her why he can’t help her and she tells him because he’s dead, he’s just a memory. She killed him. She’s sitting in the debriefing room alone and starts to cry.

She steps out of the confessional and into the empty church. She hears someone coming. It’s not William though. It’s the man in black.

Lowe wants to set the sentient hosts free but Ford points out that if they remember they’ll know he hindered them. Ford says that Lowe is the real problem. He asks if he can roll him back. Lowe tells Pennyfeather to shoot Ford but there’s a backdoor. She can’t kill Ford. Lowe demands to be reset but Ford changes the game. He doesn’t like the technical. He likes narratives and give instructions for Lowe to shoot himself.

This show is insane. I feel bad for Maeve and I’m glad that she and Hector are teaming up. I feel like they should track down and recruit Stubbs because he has to see that things don’t add up. I think Stubbs is a host too though. I half expect them to all be hosts except Ford. I’m most interested in that story line. I am curious about how the man in black fits in to all of this too.

Westworld is new Sundays at 9 p.m.

Westworld, episode eight

Lowe is freaking out. He had feelings for Cullen and wants to know why he killed her. Ford tells him that he should be proud of the emotions he is able to feel. Lowe wants to fight back but Ford sets him so he can’t. Ford has him erase all evidence of their involvement and says that when that is done he will clear the memories.

Maeve is at the saloon but it seems off to her. Pennyfeather isn’t there but a new girl is instead. She’s also remembering her daughter. She ends up in the lab asking Felix what’s happening and he has no explanation. She wants them to replace her spine so it won’t explode when she leaves the park.

Dolores and William are riding through the valley when they come across a bunch of dead bodies. One boy is still alive, barely and they find out he is part of an ambush waiting for them.

Ford, Stubbs and Charlotte talk about the death of Cullen and what more can be done to protect the park since they found evidence that she was manipulating them to steal from the park.

Maeve still wants out of the park but Sylvester is not about to help. There is something going on and he wants to knock her out and then wipe her clean. He and Felix argue.

Flood and the man in black continue their journey in the maze. They find people destroyed by Wyatt’s men and while Flood is helping a woman, they are attacked. Flood has a memory of the man in black dragging away Dolores.

Felix and Sylvester smuggle Maeve upstairs to reformat her.

Sizemore is trying to work out the kinks in his new narrative. Charlotte comes in to talk to him. She puts him down and belittles his work but does mention that she might have a job for him.

Sylvester talks to Felix about how this is the only way this could have ended but Maeve gets up. She slits his throat and talks about how she needs to get back to the park. She also might need Sylvester so she makes Felix fix his throat.

Maeve wakes up and is back in the park. She talks to the new girl about out of towners coming in but she wants the new girl to keep busy with the guys already there instead. In rolls Hector and Maeve with her new administrative abilities is able to clear the path for him.

Lowe and Ford talk about what’s been done in the park and what they need to do regarding the Cullen situation. Lowe questions him about Charlotte and how he works. He wants to know if Ford has ever made him hurt someone before and Ford denies it before wiping the memory.

Dolores and William follow a path down into a valley and she says she’s home. She walks forward alone into something else. Maybe a memory? She sees the townsfolk dancing and the church bells ringing. Then chaos breaks out and something comes in and shoots people. She sees herself holding a gun to her head. William grabs her. She’s back and there is no town and no people but her and William. She’s in a dream she can’t wake up from and she’s panicked. It’s what Arnold wants.

They walk and William decides it’s time to head back. They come across a group on horseback, led by Logan. He tells them they are fucked.

Charlotte and Sizemore are in the warehouse with the retired hosts. She wants to send a host full of data on the train out of the park.

Stubbs stops Lowe in the hall. He offers his condolences but Lowe doesn’t really know Cullen. They were just colleagues. He brings up Hughes but Lowe doesn’t see any problems there either.

Flood is starting to remember things and that means he’s angry at the man in black. He smacks him around a bit and the man starts talking. He starts talking about the death of his wife and the people he’s killed. He talks about killing Maeve in an old narrative and learning about the maze.

Stubbs notices that Maeve is off track and that no one can stop her. She remembers the old narrative and checks herself for old injuries. Flood wants to kill man in black but he can’t pull the trigger. The damsel he saved earlier stabs him instead.

Maeve is seriously the best part of this show. She’s so badass and I don’t know what the history is with her and Hector but I think they are up to something big. I’m a bit worried for William and Dolores now that they are with Logan. Mostly I’m curious about what’s going on in the lab though.

Westworld is new Sunday at 9 p.m.

Westworld, episode seven

Lowe is hanging out with his son at the hospital. His son starts to crash. He can’t help him. He wakes up. It was just a nightmare. In his lab he runs some tests on Hector. More importantly, he realizes he hasn’t heard from Hughes.

Dolores, William and Lawrence are on the train passing time. They look out the window and don’t know what’s happening but then the train goes on lock down so they can’t see anyway.

Lowe runs into Cullen and she asks what he wanted to talk about the night before. He says nothing.

Charlotte calls a meeting with Cullen. When she turns up for it she finds Charlotte having sex with Hector. Charlotte talks about Ford using half the budget for a new narrative. She says that she doesn’t care about the employees, only the code but Cullen is good at her job so she’ll keep her around. They need another person to sacrifice though.

Maeve goes into the saloon and starts the same conversation as always with Pennyfeather. She switches her lines though and finds out her backstory. The conversation ends and everything stops. Maeve realizes she is the only one not frozen. The lab techs are moving in so she holds still, with a knife in case she needs it, but they take Pennyfeather instead.

William and Dolores are talking on the train. She doesn’t want to be just a character in a story. He tells her that there is someone waiting for him back home. She says she understands and walks away. He follows and tells her he built a life on pretending but he can’t go back to that and he kisses her.

Charlotte brings Ford and the other senior lab workers to a meeting. Cullen’s team has found a few things quite disturbing from her previous update. They reset Pennyfeather and begin a demonstration. Things function the way they should. They reset her to her update and she is violent. She kills the other host but won’t freeze when Stubbs tells her to. He has to shoot her. In order to fix this they will need to work from the ground up. Except for Lowe of course. This was his responsibility the first time around so he’s fire.

William doesn’t regret his night with Dolores. He doesn’t think Westworld shows your lowest self. It shows your deepest self. He sees that she drew something. She’s searching for peace but before they can talk anymore the train is attacked. It’s the Confederates. Dolores, William and Lawrence fight back and flee the train on horseback. They get far enough that a tribe of natives intervenes and they manage to get away.

They ride for a while before Dolores makes them stop to look at the view. It’s just like she drew. The place she dreamt of is real. This is where William and Dolores part ways with William. He wishes them luck.

Maeve is on the lab table and Felix is patching her up. He tells her she’s got to stop turning up down here but she’s concerned with finding Pennyfeather. He hesitates but she insists. They walk the lab and find Sylvester is with her. She’s being retired.

Lowe approaches Cullen. He doesn’t care that the test was rigged and points out that he knows she set up the stray. He’s more concerned with explaining the Arnold problem to her.

Maeve won’t talk. Sylvester apologizes for what he did to Pennyfeather but she doesn’t care. She wants out and they will help her or she’ll kill them.

Cullen and Lowe are in the elevator. They are talking about preserving the intellectual property of the park. Everything is on site. Ford never let them back it up

Lowe brings Cullen to the safehouse. She can’t believe she’s never seen it on maps. He says because hosts make maps and they can’t see it. They go inside she sees a door that he cannot. Lowe is a host. They head downstairs and she finds blueprints for Lowe but he says they don’t look like anything.

Ford pops up. She calls him sick. Lowe listens and pieces together that he’s a host. He freaks out so Ford freezes him. Arnold and Ford designed every part of this place. It’s their dream. He tasks Bernard with killing Cullen. Then they had back to create new storylines and leave her body in the cabin.

I think that Ford is the only one that isn’t a host at this point. It makes sense. He’s the puppet master and they are all his toys. I was sad to see Lawrence go and I’m curious where Logan ended up. All in all this feels like the beginning of a mad dash for the finish line and I’m all in.

Westworld is new Sundays at 9 p.m.