How to Get Away With Murder, episode fifteen

Laurel’s baby is alone in a hospital room. The ME reads out the report of the car accident victim. Annalise parks in a garage and runs to see someone. Frank breaks into Laurel’s apartment. He looks at her computer. Annalise talks to Nate. Someone thinks it was foul play. Laurel gets home. Frank was trying to reach her but her phone died.

Asher is alone crying in the bathroom. Oliver and Connor watch the news. They can’t believe this is happening again. Nate and Annalise get company. It’s Bonnie. They are all worried about the missing drive and their voicemails. The victim is Denver. His brakes may have been messed with. Michaela is alone when Asher gets home. He tells her they are done.

There is a meeting at the DAs office. They will cooperate with the FBI to get justice for Denver. Annalise has a meeting of her own. They have to stick together because they have no other options. Laurel gets a call. It’s her father. Sandrine is missing and he wants to know if Laurel did something. She denies it.

Frank and Annalise ask Laurel questions about her visit with her mother. She admits that they fought but points out that this is just like her father’s divide and conquer strategy. The others argue in the hallway about who to trust. It devolves into Michaela and Asher fighting. Laurel gets a call from the FBI. They want her in to question since she saw Denver last.

Michaela and Oliver will handle Simon, who is anxious about his deal. Bonnie talks to one of the other ADAs about Laurel and Denver. She agrees to be a team player. Simon has Michaela and kicks Oliver out. Nate looks into some old cases. Laurel’s questioning works to their advantage. She is able to turn things around and point the FBI toward her father.

They get back to update the others when there’s a knock on the door. Nate. He’s found Dominick’s phone and the hard drive. Oliver has to go through the drive first. Connor talks to Annalise about the class action. She tells him to get back to school. Simon fights with Michaela because he knows they are stalling. She stands her ground.

No one can find anything on the drive so Annalise knows it’s time to ask for help. She goes to Tegan about being a whistleblower. She’d go down as a co-conspirator otherwise. Tegan kicks her out. Bonnie and Nate talk about what all he found in Denver’s stash. Michaela finds Annalise and pitches calling ICE on Simon. Annalise shuts that down right away.

Laurel and Frank talk about his search for her mother. He asks again if she was involved. Asher is being a douche about being mad at Michaela. Frank and Oliver tell him to get over himself. He wants to forgive her. Connor admits he didn’t drop out. He failed out. Annalise comes back in and asks for Laurel’s phone. She calls Castillo and sets up a meeting.

She goes to see him and offers a deal. She will hand over the drive if he agrees to rescind his testimony and give up custody. Frank and Laurel eat dinner together. Michaela seems to be considering something as Simon sleeps. Castillo keeps going hard at Annalise. Connor, Asher and Oliver go to Laurel’s place to snoop.

Annalise wants a truce but Castillo is not interested. He blames her for stealing his daughter. She doesn’t care. She just wants the truce. If he feels all this pain he’s describing, he should sign the paper because it’s the same situation he is putting his daughter through. Laurel and Frank get to the hospital and find Castillo there. He wants to say goodbye but Laurel says no.

A nurse hands off the baby and it’s a beautiful reunion of mother and son. Frank calls Annalise to say mission accomplished and she tells him to clear out. It’ll happen any minute. Turns out Tegan was in all along. The feds bust Castillo and she has immunity and is listed in the paperwork as Jane Doe. Laurel gets her baby back.

The team sees it on the news. Frank lets Bonnie know that Frank and Laurel are on their way back but Oliver is still concerned about Simon. Bonnie tells them that the DA is going to drop the charges but Michaela tells them she handled it. She tipped off ICE and now Simon is being deported. Annalise is pissed at her for doing Simon dirty.

Nate calls. She assumes it’s about Castillo but he’s heard other news. The Supreme Court decision came back. They sided with the plaintiffs on her class action. It’s a big step for public defense. Laurel is having nightmares about her parents. She wakes up and goes to check on the baby. Bonnie just changed him. Laurel is crashing there until she can get a new place.

Annalise does a radio interview about the class action case. She talks about how there is no black and white good guys and bad guys and everyone deserves a second chance. Frank goes to school to register. Connor is working on his application. Michaela turns up. She wants to know if he thinks she is evil too and he tells her they are all evil sometimes.

Asher is moving into Laurel’s old place and Oliver is helping. He asks Asher to be his best man. Nate goes through the files he got from Denver. It seems that Bonnie might have a kid somewhere. Frank is filling out his paperwork when he hears another student registering. Gabriel Maddox. The name rings a bell.

Laurel is spending time with her son when Annalise turns up to visit. Laurel is scared. She doesn’t know how to do this and thinks Wes would have. Annalise tells her to go shower while she spends time with the baby. Laurel does as she’s told. She has scratches all over her arm. Frank calls someone to tell them the good times are over. “Her” kid is there.

I’m glad that Laurel got the baby back and that they won the class action. This whole episode seemed to tie up loose ends a little too nicely though. Maybe they figure they might be canceled and this could serve as a series finale? I don’t know but it seemed a little too nicely packaged. I’m glad things worked out though.


How to Get Away With Murder, episode fourteen

Eight months ago Wes was in the shower when he phone rang. It was Sandrine arranging a meeting. Wes isn’t comfortable keeping it a secret from Laurel but that’s exactly what she was trying to stop. She was willing to pay him to stop seeing Laurel. Frank, Bonnie and Laurel listen to his recording of the meeting. They have to go to Annalise about it.

She’s their only option but she has other things going on so it’s a delicate situation. The others are all assembled at Annalise’s place waiting for Laurel. In the meantime, Connor and Oliver reveal that they are going to have a big wedding after all. Everyone is happy so Annalise bursts their bubble. Simon is awake.

Bonnie gets there and pulls Annalise outside. Nate is on the case. She also tells her that Isaac is still in the hospital. Annalise plays it like she doesn’t care. They are interrupted by the kids. Simon is asking for Oliver. He’s nervous but he heads over. Simon asks Oliver if he came out. That’s all he remembers. Annalise tells the others to breathe.

Laurel and Frank go to see Sandrine. At offering Wes money, he told her he couldn’t do it. She told him that Laurel would break his heart. She tries to fix people and then moves on. Laurel confronts her mother about that and Sandrine tells her that she just wanted to protect her. Annalise meets with Nate.

Asher and Oliver are doing facials while they wait. Connor pulls Michaela aside to yell at her about the Marcus situation. Her phone rings. It’s the cops. She’s brought in for questioning because Simon is starting to remember more. They have to stay on top of it. That means using Oliver to manipulate Simon. Then send him in to convince Simon to hire a lawyer.

He already has one though. Tegan. Annalise calls her out on having Castillo’s best interests in mind, not Simon’s. Wes rips up the check just as Laurel shows up. She thinks he’s acting off because of Frank. He apologizes, Laurel is hung up on it. Wes should have told her. Frank tries to calm her down. She tells to go tell Annalise.

Before he can do that though he has to go see Bonnie because the sensor for her car went off. Someone seems to have hit her which would have set it off. Frank tells her they went to see mommy dearest. She is not happy. Annalise is at the hospital lurking near Isaac’s room when her phone rings. He hears it and calls out to her.

Laurel is remembering a fight with Wes when Michaela shows up. She doesn’t know what to do about telling Asher. He’s hanging out with Oliver and Connor. They talk about spousal privileges and then his relationship with Michaela. Both Connor and Oliver make faces when he brings her up but neither says anything about her cheating.

Annalise talks to Isaac. He tells her this wasn’t her fault but they can never see each other again. She leaves the room and gets a call from Nate. Simon remembers Laurel being at the party. He’s going to make a statement to the police. Michaela gets to Connor and Oliver’s place and tells Asher they have to talk.

He figured it out on his own though. She stabbed him in the heart. Annalise calls Laurel and gives her a heads up. Frank is en route to take her into hiding because the police are coming to question her. Annalise goes to see the others. She has a plan. Oliver will sneak in to see Simon while Michaela distracts Tegan. Annalise talks to Simon on the phone.

She explains that he can get a green card by being a whistleblower. He’s going to turn over the files about Laurel’s dad. They just have to get them first so Bonnie goes to track them down. Frank went to pick up Laurel but she’s gone. She went to see Denver. She’s got stuff on him and will take him down if he doesn’t tell her who killed Wes.

Laurel goes to see her mother. Frank and Annalise are still trying to find her. Bonnie leaves Annalise a message of her own. Denver has the files. He’s playing both sides. Laurel and Denver trade dirt. She knows her mother got Wes’ voicemail. She returned his call. They talked. Wes told her that he was in trouble with the cops.

Wes wanted to make sure that someone was keeping Laurel safe so he told her as much. She turned around and called Castillo to warn him that Wes was going to the cops. Both of Laurel’s parents worked together to get rid of Wes. Annalise listens to Bonnie’s message and finds out she’s on her way. Then Nate calls. There’s been a car accident.

So Denver is pitting both sides against each other to keep himself safe? I didn’t expect that. I just feel so bad for Laurel. Her parents are awful and now her kid is suffering the consequences. Is she going to jail? I didn’t understand all that negotiating.

How to Get Away With Murder, episode thirteen

Previously on the Scandal crossover, Annalise and Michaela went to DC and recruited “fixer” Olivia Pope to help the team get the chance to bring the class-action suit to the Supreme Court. She reluctantly agreed and then went on a media blitz to get some attention. It worked. They got the chance and the court agreed to hear the case.

Annalise practices her argument with Olivia. The prosecution takes to the talk shows herself. Michaela and Asher are getting ready for the trip to DC. As is Oliver, right after he convinces Connor to come along. Back to Annalise. Olivia is giving her pointers on how to make the most of her 30 minutes. She also ignores a call from Jacqueline.

Laurel goes to see Bonnie about her own case. Isaac isn’t a reliable expert so it’s moot. Bonnie isn’t on the DC roster. Annalise gets a bottle of champagne from Fitz. She and Olivia are ready to throw down but they keep working. Nate goes to see his father with the news. The warden approved it. He’s going to DC.

The next morning, Annalise talks to Bonnie about Jacqueline and Isaac and being nervous. She goes to court and soaks it all in. She talks to Olivia about the prosecutor, Ingrid’s, media reaction and what this case means for criminal justice reform. Olivia walks out and Annalise calls her mom. Bonnie meets with Frank to talk about his meeting with Laurel’s mom.

She told him that she paid Wes off to leave Laurel alone. It doesn’t add up though because Frank can’t find the money. He wants Bonnie to look in Wes’ account. She agrees so long as he tells Laurel what’s up. Annalise tells Olivia she is doing it on her own and Olivia is happy to hear. She also got word that Ingrid has a line to one of the justices.

Olivia tasked Marcus and Michaela with tracking down which one. They are interrupted by a knock on the door. It’s Annalise’s parents and they brought food. On the stakeout Michaela thinks Marcus’ plan is dumb. She also tells him that she has a boyfriend. Oliver is fretting about traffic while the others get ready for the drive. Connor still doesn’t want to go.

Annalise’s parents thank Olivia for her help. Again there is a knock on the door. It’s Nate this time. Olivia finds out that the face case is her ex-boyfriend’s father. They argue about distractions and reputations but Annalise stands her ground. Michaela wants to know what’s wrong with Marcus.

He really seems too good to be true. She asks if there is someone else and he tells her after a long pause that there was. She had a chance to do something great and he couldn’t hold her back. Michaela hates him for that… and kisses him. They sleep together.

It’s gameday. Annalise is ready to rock. Nate gives his dad a pep talk. Outside the courtroom, Michaela and Marcus meet up with the others. When Marcus and Asher walk away, Laurel calls Michaela on cheating immediately. She admits it and asks them not to tell Asher since it would upset him. Connor takes a jab about being upset himself since she stole the case.

Marcus is able to get them all tickets. When he and Asher get back, Michaela notices the pizza guy from Ingrid’s house talking to Justice Strickland. That’s who she had contact with. Annalise gets the chance to sign in to argue the case. It’s a moment. Olivia is all smiles with her as she gets a call. It was Marcus. She steps out and finds out about pizza guy.

Meanwhile Annalise gets a call herself from an unknown number. It’s Jacqueline. Isaac OD’ed and she blames Annalise. She sits on the floor. Olivia tracks down and threatens pizza guy. She’s chasing him when Michaela calls. She found Annalise on the floor. Olivia handles it. Annalise asks for vodka so Olivia tasks Michaela and Marcus with getting that.

Then she gives Annalise a pep talk about doing this for herself. When Michaela runs in to get Marcus, Asher notices something is amiss. They get the vodka but Annalise doesn’t drink it. She is ready to go. She runs into her mother having an episode in the hallway and manages to get into the courtroom in the nick of time.

Her argument starts. Strickland interrupts. Instead of going with her statement, Annalise ends up in a back and forth with him. In the bathroom, Olivia talks to Annalise’s mom about the state of the country. Strickland turns the argument into a racial situation. Annalise steps back to prepare her rebuttal. She tasks Michaela and Marcus with finding a specific case.

Ingrid makes her case while Marcus and Michaela flirt in the library. It’s time for Annalise’s rebuttal but Michaela isn’t back. Annalise slowly approaches the mic as Michaela runs in. She found the case and Annalise is able to turn Strickland’s words back on him. She says in the case race is relevant because the sixth amendment should apply to all people.

They are done. Annalise and Ingrid answer questions. She gives Connor a shout out as well as Olivia. Bonnie tells Frank there was no money in Wes’ account. Frank plays a recording he found for Laurel that shows her mother isn’t on her side. Annalise and Olivia have a moment before parting ways. Then Annalise gets a call. It’s Bonnie. Simon is awake.

I loved them all working together. Annalise knows all the things about cases and the fact that Michaela can just rattle off the circuit courts like that is insane. The whole thing with Marcus was so obvious. Did Asher catch on though? Also. The pizza guy? You could see that coming a mile away.

How to Get Away With Murder, episode twelve

Isaac is freaking out. He hears the questions about his daughter from when he was on the stand. He goes to a food truck and gets a burger and fries, wrapped in foil. He goes home and chucks the food and uses the foil to smash up some pills. Then he snorts them.

Annalise comes to the door and wants him to open up. He doesn’t even blink. He’s having flashbacks to finding his daughter. Bonnie and Frank meet up and he gives her some gear to protect herself. Meanwhile Asher is cooking for the others while Connor talks to Annalise on the phone about the class action suit. She has access to Lahey Sr. every day this week.

Laurel swipes the phone to ask about visitation but Annalise hangs up on her when Isaac turns up. She wants to know why he didn’t get back to her and he tells her that he was at his girlfriend’s place. She starts talking about the case and he freaks out. He tells her that he has never lied to her about his daughter but he has lied.

He admits that he was high the night before and she offers to help him. She will go to a meeting with him. First they get breakfast and they talk about his life. Bonnie finds out who would be responsible for charging Isaac and manipulates the case file from him.

Connor and Michaela are fighting over how to present their case. She wants cold hard facts but he thinks a sob story would be the best bet. They are interrupted when Frank calls Oliver with an IT question. Laurel grabs that phone too and tells Frank to knock it off. As the kids figure the case, Annalise and Nate talk to Lahey Sr. He tells them about his life.

In the courtroom, Annalise thanks them for their work but she is going to wing it. It’s no use though. The case is going to the state supreme court. Isaac and Annalise get another meal and talk about their missing family. Bonnie buys herself more time with the brief. Nate tells his father that the case will go to the supreme court.

Michaela and Connor fight about what to do for the class action. She sees this as a chance to make a name for herself. They don’t get too far though because Laurel gets word she can meet her baby the following day. Bonnie and Frank talk about the fact Laurel’s parents are in cahoots. He goes to see Laurel and convinces her to let him tag along to the visitation.

Annalise and Bonnie talk about Isaac’s case. The drug he used was in his daughter’s system so Annalise confronts him. He tells her the story of the night he found her. His drugs were in the house and she took them all. He tried to revive her but it was too late so he cleaned up the evidence, faked a text and then called the cops.

She reports back to Bonnie and wants her to close the investigation. Laurel goes to meet her son. Her father is not there. Apparently Sandrine begged him all week to let Laurel have the time alone. She names the baby Christopher and sends a picture to Annalise who is working on her case.

Isaac sends Annalise a picture of his breakfast while she waits to present her case. Bonnie swings by her colleagues office. Her interest raised suspicions. Now they know she is back in with Annalise and Isaac will face charges. Annalise gets called in to talk to her panel.

Bonnie confronts Denver and tells him she will leak his conversations if he goes after Isaac. Annalise finds Nate to tell him it’s over. They lost. Bonnie finds them. She doesn’t say anything. Annalise goes to see Isaac and tell him that they are dropping the investigation. He thanks her but she says to thank Bonnie. He seems off and that’s when she realizes, he’s high.

They fight and he blames the position she put him in for his relapse. They keep yelling until she stages her own intervention. She calls his ex and then makes a break for it. Nate goes to see his father and tells him that they lost but he will keep coming back to visit.

Michaela will not take this quietly. She is going to keep fighting. Connor realizes that she’s right. He’s going to go back to school. Bonnie is scared and wants Frank to move back in. He will but first he confronts Sandrine about knowing Wes. Michaela’s plan is to get the class action heard by the U.S. Supreme Court. She knows just who to ask. Olivia Pope.

I don’t like this whole Isaac relapsing and basically blaming Annalise. I also feel bad for Bonnie because she tried to escape this mess and couldn’t. Is Laurel in school? Is she interning for Bonnie? Is she on maternity leave?

How to Get Away With Murder, episode eleven

Laurel speaks French! to her mom on the phone. While Annalise tries to eavesdrop, her own phone rings. Connor, Asher and Oliver feel the need to let her know that Nate’s dad is in the pile of cases they’ve been sorting. She’s got to go though. Laurel is hanging out.

So Laurel’s mom knows everything because she was buddies with Dominick who she now thinks was murdered by Castillo. She’s coming to testify. Annalise tells Laurel that plan is crazy and she should grow up. Her mom is coming either way.

Michaela and the guys are fretting about Laurel’s mom and the voicemail. Laurel can’t deal with that now. She’s got a court appearance to worry about. Before they get that far though, Annalise goes to see Nate about his father. He admits that he doesn’t know if he even deserves her help but she is going to look into it.

Frank is nervous about meeting the mom. Laurel is fretting about the case and Michaela is just stressed. They head inside once Laurel’s mother Sandrine gets there. Laurel sends her and Michaela off to get ready while she confronts her father. He claims he isn’t responsible for Wes.

The hearing starts. Laurel is on the stand and Annalise is making her case. They break for lunch and Michaela wants to get Wes’ phone to see how often he talked to Dominick. Frank tells her that Bonnie is on it. She is looking into it and finds out her computer is bugged. She asks Oliver for advice and warns them.

Back on the stand, Laurel can’t get a word in with her father’s lawyer. He basically testifies and Annalise yells at him. Afterward Asher and Connor show up with information on Nate’s dad. He fits the bill. She goes to tell him and lets him know that she is going to visit him that night.

Nate goes with her. They find out he’s been in solitary for two years. Annalise tries to talk to him and it seems to work at first until she talks about his son. That sets him off because he has no son since Nate became a slave to the white man. He freaks and the guards take him away.

Asher is in bed talking about solitary. Michaela wants him to stop because she wants to have sex as a distraction. Oliver is making a fundraising page to help Simon’s parents come to visit him. Connor is not happy. His actions are reflective of a guilty person and that will land him in jail.

Sandrine wants to talk romance with Laurel but she shuts it down. She’s worried about her son. Frank and Bonnie meet. He’s beginning to doubt Laurel’s assumption that her father killed Wes. Bonnie is more concerned with keeping herself alive since she’s in jeopardy as the mole.

At the courthouse Michaela pesters Frank about Bonnie but he’s got nothing. Laurel comes in and notices that her mother is gone. She’s outside having something of a spat with Annalise. The latter wants to make sure she is ready to go on the stand.

Annalise is tough on Sandrine but it works for the case. They take a recess and she preps Isaac. Then she heads over and talks to Nate about his father. Nate is done but Annalise is not. She wants Lahey Sr. to be her “face case” so she asks Nate to do it for her.

Nate goes back to the prison and talks to his father about being brain sick. Opposing counsel has no questions for her but when it’s Isaac’s turn they go to town. They rip his history and his family apart. They even got the DA to reopen the investigation into his daughter’s suicide.

When he’s done Annalise meets with Bonnie who confirms that Denver is handling the case himself. Frank gets them. The judge has a decision. She had to strike Isaac’s testimony so she grants custody to Castillo and will set up visitation for Laurel.

Laurel is doubting herself. She thinks maybe her father didn’t kill Wes. Her mother tells her that that’s what her father wants her to think. Annalise calls Isaac and it goes to voicemail. She doesn’t leave a message. There’s a knock on the door. Nate. He got the paper signed.

He wants to take her out to dinner. She kisses him for a minute but then pulls back. He leaves. Back in solitary, Lahey Sr. freaks out until he finds a picture of him and Nate. Then he’s just upset. Michaela gets home to find the boys partying because of the “face case.” She bursts their bubble though by telling them about Laurel.

Annalise goes to see Isaac. His place is all locked up though. She tries banging on the door and peeking through the windows. He’s in there but he makes no move to get up. Bonnie and Frank meet. She has the info from Wes’ phone. He only called Dominic the one time but he did meet up with someone the day before he died. Sandrine.

This show is so ridiculous. I mean first Laurel’s mom was dead and now she’s just been in hiding. Also Laurel is tri-lingual which is impressive. I feel bad for Michaela because she is basically useless at this point.

How to Get Away With Murder, episode ten

Laurel is still in the hospital having nightmares about the birth of her baby and her father. Speaking of, he just went public with his company. He’s a billionaire now. Everyone is watching him speak at the opening bell.

Michaela wants to call Tegan but Asher tries to stop her. She’s already texted though. Bonnie gets reprimanded for intervening. It won’t happen again though. She’s recused herself.

Annalise and Frank watch with Laurel and update on the case. They are looking for a doctor to evaluate her and her father is paying people off to say he’s a doting granddad. Frank wants to take Laurel home but Annalise thinks she is safest where she is.

She called Michaela to babysit Laurel while they go about their business, which for Frank includes ditching Dominic’s phone since he has been holding onto it because of Wes’ voicemail.

Nate is at the office and Annalise walks in. She wants the hard drive but he doesn’t have it or no where it is. It was never entered into evidence. She pleads and he deals a low blow.

Asher and Oliver are now working the class action suit and they are not happy about it. Asher because it doesn’t help Laurel and Oliver because it is for Annalise. Connor tries to get Annalise to ease up but she isn’t interested. Frank goes to the junk yard but he doesn’t destroy the phone.

On a mission of her own, Annalise heads to Wes’ apartment where Laurel had been living. Everything inside brings back a memory of Wes. She finds Laurel’s files on her father and baby clothes.

Bonnie ambushes Nate for an update on Asher’s case. He hasn’t got one and he wants her to stop jonesing for Annalise. Laurel urgently texted Annalise because she has an idea on how to get herself out. Annalise tells her she tried that petition but it didn’t work.

Michaela doesn’t buy it. She corners Annalise who admits she wants Laurel locked up because she doesn’t trust her. Frank goes to see Bonnie and they argue about Annalise.

Connor, Asher and Oliver are working on the class action when Nate shows up. He wants a word with Asher. One of the law partners remembers that Asher fought with Simon. It’s not good. Nate tells them to lay low and keep doing normal things. They turn around to tell Oliver but he’s gone.

He went to the hospital to visit Simon. Frank and Annalise argue about telling Laurel about the voicemail when the phone rings. Annalise is pissed that Frank didn’t ditch it yet but he proves his worth. He got an app so he knows where the call is coming from. Denver’s office.

With no other options, Annalise goes to see Bonnie. They talk about what they mean to each other. Asher and Connor go to get Oliver but he won’t leave. Asher tells Connor to head out. He will wait. Michaela talks to Laurel about her early labor. She blames it on Simon but Laurel knows what it was. It was Frank when he bumped her.

Bonnie doesn’t understand why Annalise keeps helping the kids. She tells her it is so she doesn’t feel so empty. She knows that Laurel will kill herself. She says that Bonnie should have just let her kill herself.

Asher, Oliver and Connor turn up in Laurel’s room and they all talk about how to get her out. They start talking about petitions. Michaela goes to Annalise. She needs to get Laurel out. Annalise is still skeptical but Michaela tells her, and Frank, that it was Frank that caused the labor.

Annalise goes to see Isaac. She apologizes but he isn’t interested. She tries to plead for Laurel’s sake but he pushes and she admits that it isn’t about Laurel but about saving Annalise.

Laurel is still having dreams about her father. Annalise comes in and wakes her up. She’s got Isaac with her. He starts his evaluation. Connor keeps waxing poetic about the class action suit. They look at another inmate. It’s a man who has served for 30 years, named Nate Lahey.

Michaela goes to see Tegan about covering for her but Tegan tells her to stay away. She says that Michaela must not realize the true extent of the danger she is in. Isaac talks to Laurel about her father and her mother, who killed herself years early after time in an institution.

Denver gets into a car with Mr. Castillo. They have a problem. Bonnie. Isaac is able to get Laurel released. Annalise and Frank take her home where Frank expects to be her bodyguard. Before they can get into that, Dominic’s phone rings.

Annalise lets Frank play the voicemail from Wes and Laurel listens. When she is done the phone rings again and they both yell at her to give it back because it’s her father calling again. She says it’s not though. She answers it saying… “Hi mom.”

I did not expect that. I half think that Wes isn’t really dead but this came out of nowhere. I like Laurel and I like that Michaela is a good friend to her. I have no use for Asher. I’m hoping Tegan doesn’t get killed. She can come work for Annalise since she seems to know about all of the Castillo issues.

How to Get Away With Murder, episode nine

Cops are checking out the scene where Laurel was. They need to close the area off. Annalise is chasing Laurel and the baby through the hospital. Doctors take her into the OR. Micheala and Connor are freaking out on the phone.

Annalise calls Connor while he’s still on the phone so Michaela wants him to get her help for Asher. Connor tells her what happened and he then gets sent to recruit Nate. Bonnie happens to be there as well. Asher is locked up yelling about a call to his lawyer.

Frank turns up at the hospital and Annalise yells at him. The doctor walks by and they ambush him to get an update. He won’t tell them anything so Frank says he is the baby’s father. That gets them into the NICU until child services pulls them back out for questioning.

They paint a picture of Laurel using drugs and wanting to harm herself and the baby. Annalise goes all lawyer on them when she seems Laurel’s dad get escorted back. She’s apparently on a psych hold and a paternity test was run without her consent. Annalise gets a tox screen result.

There was coke in her system so her father is suing her for the baby. Connor leaves a message for Michaela about the Laurel. She’s a little preoccupied though. Her and Oliver have to give statements to the police. Asher also is freaking out. He tells Nate what he told police.

Annalise called Isaac to get her own psych evaluation. He’s not convinced so she threatens to file a suit for malpractice. Michaela has to get away. She gets in the elevator and thinks she is home free but at the last second someone stops the door. It’s Tegan asking about her ID card. Michaela plays dumb but Tegan tells her she isn’t that good of a liar.

Laurel wakes up. Frank and Isaac are in the room. She starts freaking out about the baby, moreso when Frank tells her that her dad is there. Isaac tries to call Annalise. She doesn’t answer. She’s busy trying to get Isaac cleared. That’s when she finds out the hospital is transferring the baby under Mr. Castillo’s authority.

Michaela shows up at the hospital alone and Connor freaks out because she left Oliver to fend for himself. He tells Michaela this is all her fault. Nurses have to give Laurel something to calm her down. Annalise freaks out and tries to reason with Laurel’s dad. It’s pointless. She yells that he will hurt the baby.

The hospital rep yells at Isaac because he doesn’t have credentials. He tells her to ask Annalise. Everyone is scatters and doesn’t know what to do. Isaac sees someone near the nursery. He thinks it is Annalise but it’s Michaela. She’s melting down too.

Bonnie shows up at the office and talks to Oliver. Michaela has questions and Isaac tries to answer them. She ends up providing him with more information than he does her. Connor gets to the office and yells at a cop but it’s Bonnie that releases Oliver. She reunites him and Connor.

Annalise talks to Laurel about losing the battle but winning the war. Laurel doesn’t listen though. She’s unfit to be a mother. She reveals that Dominic tried to warn her the night before but it was no use.

Connor and Oliver get to the hospital and catch up with Michaela. They still don’t know much and they haven’t heard from Asher yet. They don’t know where Laurel’s bag, or the hard drive, is. Someone does though. Bonnie. She walks into Laurel’s room and gives it to her. The drive is gone though and it wasn’t logged as evidence.

Frank thinks Castillo has it. Everyone is pointing fingers. Annalise knows Castillo doesn’t though. He thinks they do and the baby is leverage. Bonnie and her bosses talk about the case and that’s how she gets them to let Asher go. It’s a conflict of interest.

Isaac thinks the psych hold might be warranted but Annalise lashes out. They argue and she makes a below the belt comment about his dead daughter. Bonnie’s plan worked. Asher is out and he comes bearing news. Simon is still alive. Oliver is pleased but the others are not. This will only cause more trouble for them and that’s not something Oliver can deal with.

Dominick is after Oliver but Frank intervenes. He kidnaps and beats him. Meanwhile, Laurel thinks Dominick is the answer. She thinks he will help so she calls him, despite Frank telling her not to. She does and his phone rings in Frank’s pocket. Dominick didn’t talk so Frank killed him.

Connor, Asher and Michaela are in the waiting room when Oliver comes back. He tried to visit Simon but couldn’t get in the room. He wants them to promise him they won’t hurt him. Annalise walks over to them and then Frank does too. Laurel is alone in her room looking at a picture of her baby. Frank has more news for Annalise. He went through Dominick’s phone. There wasn’t much. Just a voicemail from Wes saying that he was in trouble.

I forgot that Dominick was Melendez from The Good Doctor. That threw me off. Usually I like Oliver and I absolutely get where he is coming from on the Simon thing but he has no grounds to be indignant with the others. He’s just as bad. Poor Laurel. She’s just stuck in all this.