How to Get Away With Murder, episode fifteen

Flashback to the night of the fire. Wes talks to Nate. There’s someone else in the house though. Once Nate leaves, Wes calls Annalise. Then he gets grabbed from behind.

Oliver and Michaela try to file a missing persons report for Connor. The desk officer is not amused. Asher tries to see the DA but he’s not in his office. He finds him though as he’s escorted away. Bonnie confronts the DA in the bathroom. He plays dumb. She calls Annalise who tells her to find Connor.

Annalise goes to a swanky restaurant to meet with Sylvia Mahoney. Bonnie tells the kids. Laurel still believes Connor signed a deal and pulled a runner. At the restaurant, Annalise wants a truce. She wants the Mahoneys to back off. She had nothing to do with the husband’s death.

Frank calls the DA trying to take a deal and turn on Annalise. DA days no though and then the conversation again reverts to Connor. Speaking of, he’s chained to a table and can sign an immunity deal or remained chained to a table.

At lunch, Annalise yells at the woman about what she did to Wes. Turns out Wes was not the product of her husband raping the help. It was her son that did it. Wes was her grandson. She denies involvement in the murder or the set-up. Annalise believes it.

She goes back to Bonnie’s house and tells the others as much. Oliver is more worried about Connor. He can’t believe the others are so heartless. They start bickering and Bonnie kicks them out.

The DA meets with someone and gets an envelope in return. He brings it to see Connor.

It’s Wes’ phone that they will plant on Connor if he doesn’t sign the deal. He has until the end of the night before they arrest him.

Bonnie and Annalise talk about Sylvia. Annalise is worried she was played but Bonnie doesn’t think so. Annalise leaves. She says she’s going to a meeting. She goes to her house.

Laurel is reading about Mahoney. Asher comes over to bother her. She smells his pizza and makes a mad dash for the bathroom. Oliver is calling the police station to follow up on the missing persons report.

Annalise is walking around in the ruins of her house. Asher tells Michaela that he loves her and that he has to tell her. She runs away. She and Laurel talk about knowing when someone is in love. Michaela doesn’t know if she loves Asher. Laurel knew she loved Wes when it was too late.

At her house, Annalise finds what she was looking for. It’s a picture of her and Sam and their baby.

Nate is trying to talk to the detective but it’s no use. Instead he ends up confronting the DA. He asks about Connor. The DA and the detective go to arrest Connor but he says that he has something that will put her away.

They get a warrant to search Oliver’s place and do so. Someone let’s Bonnie know and she tells Annalise. Turns out there was a voicemail on her phone from Wes, talking about Sam and Rebecca. Now the police have it.

The others meet up. Laurel wants to blame Connor but Annalise says doing so would implicate everyone. She needs to give the DA another suspect. Laurel figures it out.

Annalise wants to blame Wes. Laurel freaks out and they let her rant until Annalise gets fed up and yells at her. She tells her to grow up.

Asher is doing sit-ups until Michaela stops him. She tells him she doesn’t know if she loves him and tells him as much. There’s a knock on the door. Laurel. She needs their support. Then she will tell them her plan because she’s okay with jail, she just wants to know what happened to Wes.

Oliver and Bonnie are waiting to hear from Annalise. She is meeting with the DA. She’s got a deal. Stop the blaming, drop the charges and she will tell him what’s on her phone. She tells him that Wes left her a voicemail confessing to the murders of Sam and Rebecca.

Flashback to Wes getting drugged and then fighting back. It’s the same dude that met with the DA and brought him the phone. He knocks the guy out and tries to escape but dude comes too and smothers him. In Annalise’s story though, he killed himself. The DA says no dice and Annalise gets nasty. She says that she will not stop until he feels the pain that Wes felt.

Bonnie and Oliver are waiting. Annalise gets home. She has Connor with her. He comes in and hugs Oliver. It’s a happy reunion. Then they notice everyone is missing.

Laurel and Asher watch from a distance as Michaela sits at a bar in New York. She’s alone so she starts a conversation with the guy next to her. Mahoney. She flirts and gets him to buy her a drink.

Annalise goes to an AA meeting. She says she lost someone. The judge listens to the voicemail. The DA doesn’t want to bring the case before a jury. He tells the judge Nate brought him the voicemail.

At the meeting, Annalise talks about taking care of the person she lost out of a sense of guilt. Asher tries to convince Laurel that this is a bad plan but things change. Michaela and Mahoney are leaving the bar.

Afterward, Annalise gets home to find Frank waiting at Bonnie’s. He says that he will do whatever she wants. Laurel and Asher meet Michaela in the bathroom. Mahoney invited her back to his place. Laurel says go but the others disagree. Also, Michaela now realizes that she’s in love with Asher. Laurel is going to take justice into her own hands. She runs after Mahoney, with a gun.

Annalise tells the story of how she worried about Wes and how it ruined him. She wanted to care for him.

Laurel is almost to Mahoney when someone steps in her way. It’s Wes’ killer! She knows him. Dominick she calls him. A family friend in town for work. Flashback to him getting the hitman assignment from Laurel’s father. He wanted Wes gone. Michaela and Asher catch up and she introduces them.

Finally, Annalise admits Wes felt like a son.

I didn’t expect that and I know it is setting next season up but it seems lame. They put all this effort into establishing the Mahoneys and it didn’t pay off. I’m glad that Connor is not going to jail but honestly Laurel fighting Mahoney would have been better. She will piece this together right away and no one will believe her. Or she’s naive and won’t and will end up letting Wes’ killer raise his kid.

How to Get Away With Murder, episode fourteen

Connor is running. Other people are talking about not feeling bad and images being stuck in their head and other suicidal thoughts. Connor is in a bad place. He almost steps in front of a bus.

Annalise goes to a new AA meeting. She wants to know what the point of all this is. The other people in the group have no answers.

Finally home after hours running, Connor is confronted by Oliver. Annalise has a hearing in the morning Bonnie wants Connor there. He knows something but can’t tell the others. They won’t believe him.

Michaela and Asher give Connor grief but Bonnie tells them all to knock it off. The motion to dismiss hearing starts and Bonnie does the questioning. It’s a bust. They all argue in the lobby until Laurel interrupts. Mahoney was released from prison. Asher is convinced that they will get killed but Annalise just says push the prosecutor.

Nate meets with the DA. He wants to make sure that he is on their side. Then he gives him information to help them. Nate promptly turns it over to Annalise. It’s a wifi password for the prosecutor. She gives it to Oliver so that he can find the link.

The rest of the group starts digging through Annalise’s case. Connor needs a minute. He goes to the bathroom and Michaela follows. He finally tells her what he knows. Oliver gets the landline records and there are calls from a burner phone. Michaela and Connor come back in and look suspicious. She blurts the secret. Connor might have killed Wes.


Connor and Thomas in bed the night Wes died. He leaves and goes to Annalise’s house. No one is around. He goes to the basement and finds Wes. He didn’t have a pulse, Connor tells the others. He kept doing compressions and cracked a rib. Annalise asks if he noticed anything. He said the gas line was cut. They all yell at Connor. Laurel tells him to kill himself.

The DA offers Frank a deal. He can walk if he says he acted on Annalise’s orders.
Bonnie is in a room with Connor and Annalise. They need to talk. It turns into a screaming match until they both agree to believe the other is innocent. They come out and Annalise tells them to forgive him. Laurel doesn’t. Bonnie talks to Frank. All the kids are being investigated. Laurel leaves for an OB appointment. Asher wants to call the burner phone.

Nate breaks into the prosecutor’s car and hacks the GPS. He calls Annalise but she doesn’t thank him. She wants him to try and get her to confess to the setup. Bonnie comes in and talks to Annalise. She doesn’t think Connor is telling them everything.

Laurel is at the doctor. She hears the heartbeat. She’s still considering abortion. After the appointment, she goes to talk to Meggy. She apologizes.

The group is still looking for a way to catch the prosecutor. Connor offers to take the stand. The cracked rib isn’t in the autopsy. It’s proof that the documents were messed with. Annalise says no. He can’t take the stand. Laurel can though.

Back in court, the ME is on the stand. She talks about smoke inhalation and burns on Wes’ body. Bonnie presses about other injuries but she says there weren’t any. Next up is Laurel. The DA tries to block it but the judge agrees with Bonnie.

Prosecutor walks outside and Nate confronts her. He asks about Mahoneys but she says that she isn’t working for anyone. He pushes but she says that she’s looking out for number one.

Bonnie comes out swinging and Laurel tells Connor’s story on the stand. DA cross examines and has evidence that Laurel has perjured herself before. That really puts them up the creek. Judge rules that the motion to throw out the charges against Annalise be denied. Afterward, Connor goes to the DA’s office. He want’s Wes’ immunity deal.

Everyone gets back to Michaela’s place. They are looking for Connor. Oliver calls him and he says that he is at the DA’s office making it right. They beg him to leave, to come home.

Annalise and Bonnie are walking through the parking garage. Someone flashes their lights at them. It’s Nate. Annalise goes to talk to him. He believes the prosecutor. They keep talking and she puts the pieces together.

The others are still yelling at Connor to leave. Asher says that he is going to go through with his plan. He’s going to call the burner phone. He does and it rings. Connor finds it in the DA’s desk.

They all know it was the DA. He walks into his office to find Connor on the burner phone.


Laurel goes in the house. She starts yelling and looking around. Connor smells gas and gets spooked. He runs out the storm door just as Laurel heads into the basement. Then the house blows up. Connor runs away and the DA’s hired hand sees it.

How to Get Away With Murder, episode thirteen

Annalise goes back to her house, or what’s left of it anyway. She gets a call and meets with Nate. He says that the prosecutor is targeting him too. He tells her that he was at the house that night.

Wes talks to Nate, says that he’s in on it. Nate tells him to take the deal, that Annalise only looks out for number one. Wes says that’s not true. She’s always looked out for him.

Someone calls Nate and asks where Wes is. He says he doesn’t know.

Nate feels guilty and tells Annalise as much. She tells him that they will figure it out. Annalise meets with the kids. She wants to make a plan but Laurel fights with her. She doesn’t want to act like a victim. She wants answers.

Connor wants Oliver to hack the copy of Annalise’s phone. Oliver doesn’t want to find out too much but Connor pushes. He says that she could be responsible for Wes’ “horrible, horrible death” so Oliver relents.

Frank goes over the case with Bonnie. She tells him he should rehire a lawyer and he gets mad. She insinuates that he is guilty and he says he’s innocent.

After laying around, Annalise gets active. She writes a letter to the state about the conspiracy against her. Meanwhile, Laurel hires a private investigator. Annalise takes the letter to the state. She wants a grand jury and will do what it takes to get it. Bonnie meets with the DA to say the same thing.

Connor, Asher and Michaela are back to school. The former two discuss possibly getting deals from the police. Michaela just wants to do work. She gets a call from Annalise and goes out to meet her. Annalise wants to know if there’s anyone she should be worried about. Michaela says there’s not because she’s been cleaning up the mess.

Nate gets called in to talk to the state. After, he gets mad and calls Annalise to yell at her. Bonnie suggests pulling the complaint. She says no. She needs to talk to Oliver so she heads over there. She talks to him. She wants to know if they are still good. She needs a favor. They leak a story about Wes’ body.

Michaela and Asher go to see Laurel. She’s cagey and won’t let them in but Michaela pushes her way in and finds the PI. He leaves and Laurel admits to hiring him. She also says that the Mahoneys knew Wes was their brother. That’s why they killed him.

The phone rings. It’s the president of the university for Annalise. She wants to help, offers a place to stay or anything like that. Annalise gets off the phone quick and goes to find everyone else waiting. Laurel gives the PI information and Annalise gets mad that she won’t leave well enough alone. She thinks they should do whatever they can to stay safe. Laurel says that Wes deserves better and leaves.

Annalise is taking prescription pills in the bathroom. She walks out and talks to Asher, tells him not to worry about her. He relays the conversation to Michaela who calls him a blind fool. He has a theory. Connor. She tells him not to do that.

Connor and Oliver talk about the situation. Connor thinks that she is playing them but Oliver is sympathetic. He slips that Annalise asked him to leak the story and Connor gets mad. Oliver asks about the night of the fire and Connor is quick to change the subject.

Bonnie visits Laurel. They talk about Annalise and then Bonnie offers to set up an abortion appointment. Laurel tells her she’s just as bad as Annalise.

Another call from the prison. This time Annalise answers. It’s Frank and though he knows it’s her, he pretends it is Bonnie and offers to help the case in any way he can.

Then Annalise gets a call on her cell. There will be no grand jury because she leaked the story about the body. And if she doesn’t stop, they will seek the death penalty.

Morning comes. Annalise stares at the cough syrup in the medicine cabinet. Then she meets with the university president. They talk for a few minutes before Annalise pieces it together. She’s a spy for the prosecutor.

She goes home and tells Bonnie. Conversation turns to setting up Nate. Annalise says no dice. They head to court. Frank wants to subpoena the DA’s records to show tampering with evidence. There is a back and forth but the judge grants it.

She gets suspended and Nate tells Annalise. She wants to know if they found the body. Then she goes to Laurel’s place. She tells her that Wes was cremated. Bonnie tells the others. This is bad for the case, and bad for Wes. Asher confronts Connor about being a source for the prosecution.

Laurel is still pissed. She thinks she was right and she needs Annalise to step it up and lead them all. Annalise says she doesn’t know how to feel but wants to get justice.

Connor and Asher fight. He says it wasn’t him and that Annalise has been acting sketch. He says that he will have proof soon because Oliver is hacking the cell phone files. Then he goes home and finds Oliver pissed at him. He knows that Connor lied. He checked his voicemail and was at the house before the fire.


Inside the house, Connor is doing chest compressions on a dead Wes.

It’s not Connor. It’s not the Mahoneys. Maybe Bonnie? Or Annalise? I don’t think it is Michaela because that makes no sense and I just don’t think Asher is motivated enough. The whole thing is nuts. I don’t know why it would be anyone but the Mahoneys.

How to Get Away With Murder, episode twelve

Frank follows Wes in a car while he walks on the sidewalk. Someone darts in front of the car. He loses Wes. Bonnie and Nate are walking through the police station talking about Annalise. Frank calls and tells Bonnie he lost Wes. She tells him to go to the house. She tells him not to hurt Wes.

Wes is in a taxi. He’s looking out the back window. He tells the driver to hurry. He ignores a call from Laurel and then calls someone listed as “in case of emergency” and identifies himself as Christophe.

Laurel is getting out of the hospital finally. Micheala tries to be upbeat. It’s no use though. Laurel just looks upset.

Annalise has another hearing. Her cellmate mocks her, compares her to Casey Anthony. Bonnie rehearses her statement. She wants separate trials. Annalise and Frank walk by each other. He tries to talk to her. She stares straight ahead.

The boys for Laurel and Michaela. They arrive and Asher makes small talk. They are headed to memorial for Wes. It’s crowded with “tragedy whores” as Connor puts it.

The hearing starts. Annalise asks about the kids but Bonnie tells her they are at the memorial. Her mother is there though.

At the memorial starts and Laurel speaks. It starts alright but takes a turn. She yells at all these new people. They didn’t know Wes and they shouldn’t be here latching on to this tragedy. Micheala tries to help her back to her seat but she just walks out.

Bonnie starts her motion to get separate trials but the prosecution isn’t prepared for that so the judge says they can do that at a different hearing. Then Bonnie goes in about bail and that motion is denied. Annalise is led out while her mother yells for her.

Her mother talks to Nate in the hallway after. She wants him to help but he says that he can’t. She’s disappointed. She thought he was a good man.

Back in the prison, Annalise gets heckled on her way back to her cell. Then she argues with one of the cellmates and threatens to kill her.

Meggy is asking a lot of questions. Connor, Asher and Oliver don’t want to deal with that. Then that jerk guy from class comes over and blames Annalise and they flip on him. Michaela leaves to try and find Laurel. She’s not answering her phone.

She’s not answering her phone because she is at the morgue trying to see Wes’ body. The lady there says it is evidence and won’t let her. The rest of them are still looking for her. Oliver gets a call. The police want to talk to him. He agrees because he doesn’t think he has a choice. They go to see Bonnie.

Annalise gets a visit from her folks. Her parents are around for the long haul. Also, her mother now has dementia and has an episode during the visit.

Oliver gets coached on what to say during the questioning. He is panicking but he got himself into this mess and now he needs to protect himself. He does an okay job of it.

Laurel talks to Nate. She wants him to help her see the body. He’s reluctant but agrees.

They get to the morgue and open the bag but its a different guy. The DA lost the body and now Nate is in trouble.

Bonnie meets with Annalise. She is working to get her out but Annalise tells her not to bother.

Asher, Connor and Oliver are toasting to Wes. Connor admits that he is a little mad at Oliver. Michaela gets Laurel tucked into bed. Then Laurel asks if she thinks Frank is guilty. She hopes so because she wants someone to hate.

It’s visiting hours again. Annalise talks to her parents. She want’s to set up a plan because of her mother’s health. Her father says they have one but she takes a jab at him. Her mother gives them a moment and they argue about him being a crap father. He walks out.

Michaela wakes up Laurel. She has a meeting with Frank. She goes and starts out okay but then she starts yelling and his lawyer ends things. She got what she needed though. She doesn’t think he did it and reports back to the group saying as much. Connor doesn’t believe her. They fight. Bonnie gets a call.

The judge has brought the prosecutor and Bonnie in to confirm that Wes’ body is missing. Bonnie pushes for bail and claims that it is negligence. She makes a good point but the judge shoots her down. On her way out she talks to Annalise and explains her plan. Annalise hangs up on her.

Annalise provokes her cellmate to beat the crap out of her. Bonnie comes to see her and takes pictures. She brings them to the judge and gets Annalise released on bail. Laurel is MIA again. Michaela is stressing about everyone. So Asher suggests sex. She’s game.

Oliver is cracking himself up thinking about the last few days. Connor tells him that he is a good liar and lists all of his offenses. Oliver has another. He saved a copy of Annalise’s phone. Laurel goes to Wes’ apartment and cries.

Bonnie gets a call from the prison. It’s Frank. He fired his lawyer so now they can have privileged meetings and communications. Annalise is eating with her parents. Her mother is having another episode so Annalise lies and says that she is free because there wasn’t enough evidence.

The DA figured out what happened to the body. It was transferred to another morgue, on Nate’s authority.


Nate runs into the house. He’s yelling for Annalise but no one is there. He looks around and can’t find anyone. On his way down the stairs he finds on person. Wes.

I don’t think Nate is the one who did it. I don’t think Frank is either though. Both are too obvious so I have no idea because they make the most sense. I guess Annalise is the next option?

How to Get Away With Murder, episode ten

Wes is playing soccer with Meggy. Annalise watches and has flashbacks to him playing as a kid. He approaches to tell her that he got the internship he wanted. She sees that Meggy wants an introduction but Wes thinks it’s weird.

It’s all a dream. Annalise is still in lockup and Wes is in the morgue. She’s being transferred to county until she can have a hearing. He’s having an autopsy.

Bonnie visits Laurel in the hospital. She had to say she was Laurel’s lawyer just to get in. She wants to know what happened to Wes. Laurel says Frank but Bonnie says he wouldn’t hurt them. Laurel scoffs. Bonnie wants her to think carefully before she talks to police. Laurel threatens to tell everything.

In the waiting room, Oliver, Michaela, Connor and Asher want to know how Laurel is. Bonnie tells them to go home. Connor questions her but its no use. She dismisses them and heads out to see Annalise.

She lied. Bonnie goes to see Franks and tells him what Laurel said. He denies it. He wouldn’t do that to Annalise. Bonnie talks to Annalise. They talk about the case. Annalise wants Bonnie to represent her.

Wes and Laurel are in the bathtub. They are talking about the fact that a condom broke while they were using it recently. She tries to rationalize it. She thinks that it will be fine. She won’t get pregnant.

Laurel is in the hospital. Meggy tells her that there are detectives to see her. She asks about the painkillers, makes sure they are okay for the baby. Then the detectives come in. She tells what she remembers. She was in the kitchen, couldn’t find anyone, saw the basement door was open and then heard a noise upstairs. That’s all she remembers. The detective asks about Annalise. Laurel blows them off.

Michaela, Connor and Asher get back to the apartment. Asher thinks it is Frank’s baby. They go inside and find a note. Michaela’s mom is gone. Connor is a jerk.

Annalise is in a cell. Her cellmate tells her to suck it up and use the toilet if she’s got to.
Nate is getting reprimanded for talking to Annalise. He’s getting demoted so he plays his sleeping with the DA card to avoid it.

Flashback to Asher on campus looking for Michaela. He stops a random black girl that he thinks looks like her. It’s not her. The girl yells at him for being racist. Asher sees Wes and gets him to vouch that he’s not being racist. When the girl walks away Wes tells Asher that he doesn’t think he’s racist, he’s just white.

Asher wakes up. He seems to want to talk. He tries to wake Michaela but she just rolls over. Connor goes to see Oliver, who admits to wiping Annalise’s phone clean. The night of the bonfire is mentioned but Oliver doesn’t really want to know. Connor tells him to go to the police now if he wants.

Bonnie and Nate meet. He offers her immunity to talk. He thinks Annalise did it. Bonnie won’t roll.

Annalise is depressed in jail. Laurel is still in the hospital. Michaela, Asher and Connor visit. She cries. Bonnie goes to see Annalise. She pushed the bail hearing a day. They need sources and the autopsy report. While they talk, Frank is out getting the call log from the station. He gives Bonnie a pep talk.

Michaela talks to Laurel about calling her parents. They talk about the Annalise being guilty and Oliver wiping her phone. They all start pointing fingers and Laurel admits that the baby is Wes’. Connor tells her to get an abortion. Asher punches him, repeatedly.

Connor runs into Wes on campus. He just left therapy. He hasn’t been there since he was working through his gay stuff when he was 17. They talk about being good people and setting Meggy and Oliver free.

Meggy is stitching Connor up after his fight with Asher. He asks her how she’s doing. She doesn’t know. Michaela yells at Asher for his behavior. He implies that she is unfeeling. She sends him home.

Bonnie and Frank are going through the call logs. They have a lead that might lead to the Mahoneys. She asks Annalise about it but it’s no good.

There is an event on campus. Michaela is there. So is Wes. They talk about his budding relationship with Laurel.

At the hospital, Michaela gets water for Laurel. She tells her that she kicked her mom out and that she’s a horrible person. She also tells Laurel that she’s for her no matter what she decides.

Annalise is having flashbacks. Her cellmate remembers her from a court appearance. Bonnie has a strategy. The state is looking to deny bail but Bonnie fights them.

Connor is at home when Oliver shows up. He wants Oliver to go to the police but Oliver won’t do it. He wants to protect Connor. He always will. Connor is adamant that he is a bad person and he wants Oliver to be a good person.

The state was putting together a case against Annalise for all sorts of things. Wes knew. He was signing an immunity deal but go cold feet and told her. She killed him. At least that’s what the prosecutor says. The judge thinks it is legit. Annalise is denied bail.

Annalise says that she’s done. At least Bonnie tried. Asher goes to apologize to Michaela. She wants him to make sure that it never happens again. She also wants him to apologize to someone else. Connor. He does.

Oliver is copying things on a laptop. The DA’s office holds a press conference. Wes died of smoke inhalation. Frank visits Laurel. She asks if he did it. He says no. She tells him it should’ve been him and this wouldn’t have happened if he stayed away. She blames him.

Back in her cell, Annalise cries. Bonnie calls Frank. She needs him. Frank is at the police station. He confesses to murdering Wes.

Wes leaves the police station. Frank stops him, tells him to get in the car. It’s time they talk.

I like that Wes is still really relevant. I think that maybe Bonnie did it. I think Laurel is too obvious and Frank is expected.

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How to Get Away With Murder, episode nine

Frank is still holding a gun to his head. Annalise keeps encouraging him to do it but Bonnie wants him alive and tells him as much. She convinces him not to do it.

The next day everyone heads to class. It’s time for the midterm. They each have one minute to convince her not to send a text. They all pass and Annalise lets the remainder the class out. Then she bringsĀ them champagne and they enjoy the afternoon at the clinic.

Wes and Laurel fight about their relationship. They are both just trying to “fix” the other apparently and Laurel lied about Frank. Asher admits to Michaela that her mother, who she doesn’t have contact with, is en route to her apartment and Connor gets sassy with Oliver.

Annalise goes to get her hair done (by Mary J. Blige naturally) and they talk about her life. She figures out that the DA’s office is investigating her and goes to confront the ADA. They argue about it and about Nate. On her way through the parking garage, Annalise tells Nate and he promptly breaks up with the ADA.

Now that she knows about the investigation, Annalise is convinced she is going to jail soon so she goes to town on a bottle of vodka before heading to Bonnie’s house. They discuss what the case would be like before Bonnie tucks Annalise into bed with a kiss.

Michaela is at her apartment with her mom who has left her husband and needs a place to crash. Michaela isn’t having it though. They argue about which of them is a worse person before Connor, Laurel and Asher interrupt.

Wes gets summoned to the police station. He thinks its about the Mahoney case but its actually about Annalise. Bonnie tells Frank about the investigation and how he can fix things. Annalise wakes up and starts to round up the troops, calling Wes and Laurel and telling them to have everyone meet at the house. Laurel tries to get Connor, Asher and Michaela but they are all too busy so she heads to the house alone. Annalise goes to the clinic to talk to Oliver.

Then all the flash forward scenes are pieced together: the burning house, Annalise in jail, Oliver, then Bonnie turning up at the house, Laurel being rushed into the hospital and then Michaela, Asher and Connor turning up.

They need someone to ID the body found in the house and the ME pulls the sheet back so that…. Wes is revealed to be the victim.

There is a flashback of Wes’ final hours. He wants immunity to talk for talking about Annalise and Rebecca but when the DA leaves the room and he hears Annalise’s message he ducks out and heads to the house.

I was completely surprised. I thought it would have to be Nate or Frank so this caught me off guard. And he was dead before the fire so its a whole new season now trying to figure out who murdered Wes. Also, how did the news know that he was missing so quickly? It doesn’t work that way.

How to Get Away With Murder is back Jan. 19.

How to Get Away With Murder, episode eight

Annalise is in the cell talking to Bonnie. She knows there is an anonymous source and asks if its her. Bonnie denies it and says she will find out who it is.

1 Week Earlier

Bonnie wakes up Annalise to tell her Frank is back. Laurel is yelling at Frank and trying to kick him out but he’s not listening. He doesn’t want to be alone. They are interrupted by her phone ringing. It’s Bonnie. She and Annalise confirm that Frank is there and that Laurel is safe. Then Annalise tells her that she will shoot Frank if he turns up at her house.
Michaela gives Connor a talking to because he had sex on her duvet. She wants him to move out so he can mess up his own linens.

Wes is leaving his apartment when his lawyer shows up. He’s been subpoenaed. They want to throw out his testimony in the trial for the murder of his father. They need to cover the alibi. Annalise sends Bonnie to get Frank.

Laurel and Wes are talking outside of Annalise’s house. Wes is worried. He doesn’t trust Frank and he’s worried about Laurel. They are all waiting to see what Frank can report back to the house when Annalise’s phone rings. It’s the university president. She needs legal help.

At the clinic, Oliver receives a flower delivery. It’s from the guy he was dating. It doesn’t fix things and he invites Connor over to go “spelunking” but before they can leave Michaela tells him they are needed at the house.

Bonnie tells the group about Frank being back and the fact that they need stall tactics to give him time to find the alibi. Michaela and Connor want nothing to do with it though and they leave. Before leaving, Connor makes an ominous comment about dying at the Keating house.

After a number of suggestions, Wes comes up with the idea of providing his medical records so that the lawyers will have to do a psych eval. It’ll buy time. They go with it.
Frank is looking for the alibi and finds something else. The woman that paid him to kill Annalise’s son.

Wes and Laurel are at the hospital to get his records. Meggie confronts them.
Annalise and Wes’ lawyer talk about reporting each other to the board for various infractions done in order to protect Wes.

Bonnie advises Asher to get out while he still can. There is no need for him to be involved in Wes’ case.

Connor and Oliver are showering together but Oliver can’t stop talking about why Connor went to the Keating house. He won’t tell him and tries to deflect. Oliver’s phone rings. It’s Thomas, the guy he was dating. He doesn’t answer.

Asher and Michaela talk about helping Wes and how their upbringings differ.
Annalise and Wes are going over the psych questions when he asks her about Frank. Annalise says she isn’t taking Frank back. She asks him about Laurel and tells him she’s glad he has her. When he’s leaving Bonnie’s phone rings. It’s Frank. He’s in the money lady’s house. Her daughter’s room to be exact. Annalise tells him no more blood.

Frank watches from the closet as the lady reads her kid a bedtime story. Annalise goes to a convenience store and makes a few purchases. Frank gets out and calls Bonnie. She tells him to go back inside.

While Wes is being evaluated, Annalise is orchestrating everyone else as usual. She even has Laurel try and rope Nate into helping.

Wes testifies and seems to hold his own. Laurel calls Annalise to report back. Recess is over and she hangs up. Annalise meets with the university president about her upcoming trial and agrees to take her on as a client.

The money lady takes the stand and the prosecutor completely owns it, with the evidence planted by Frank of course.

Connor and Oliver have a fight about honesty and the meaning of love. Oliver calls Connor damaged and he leaves.

Wes and Laurel get home and recognize that it has been a good day. There’s no need to drag Frank back up so they don’t.

Annalise gets home and finds Bonnie outside. She sends her home and goes in to talk to Frank.

Connor goes back to Michaela’s house and cries on her couch. In her bedroom, her phone rings. It’s her mom. Asher answers it.

Frank and Annalise talk about what he did to her. How much he made her suffer. He tells her he will make it right and holds a gun to his head. Bonnie walks in and tells him not to but Annalise encourages him.

Flash forward features Michaela, Asher and Oliver confronting Bonnie. They think she knows who was in the house and it hiding it from them. They demand answers. Cut to Connor in bed with… Oliver’s ex, Thomas.

I thought this was a pretty good one. It seemed to square away the Wes court situation and established his relationship with Laurel. We also got to find out a bit more as to why Michaela is the way she is. I enjoyed it a lot and I’m ready to find out what happens in the finale next week.

How to Get Away With Murder is new Thursdays at 10 p.m.