How to Get Away With Murder, episode nine

Cops are checking out the scene where Laurel was. They need to close the area off. Annalise is chasing Laurel and the baby through the hospital. Doctors take her into the OR. Micheala and Connor are freaking out on the phone.

Annalise calls Connor while he’s still on the phone so Michaela wants him to get her help for Asher. Connor tells her what happened and he then gets sent to recruit Nate. Bonnie happens to be there as well. Asher is locked up yelling about a call to his lawyer.

Frank turns up at the hospital and Annalise yells at him. The doctor walks by and they ambush him to get an update. He won’t tell them anything so Frank says he is the baby’s father. That gets them into the NICU until child services pulls them back out for questioning.

They paint a picture of Laurel using drugs and wanting to harm herself and the baby. Annalise goes all lawyer on them when she seems Laurel’s dad get escorted back. She’s apparently on a psych hold and a paternity test was run without her consent. Annalise gets a tox screen result.

There was coke in her system so her father is suing her for the baby. Connor leaves a message for Michaela about the Laurel. She’s a little preoccupied though. Her and Oliver have to give statements to the police. Asher also is freaking out. He tells Nate what he told police.

Annalise called Isaac to get her own psych evaluation. He’s not convinced so she threatens to file a suit for malpractice. Michaela has to get away. She gets in the elevator and thinks she is home free but at the last second someone stops the door. It’s Tegan asking about her ID card. Michaela plays dumb but Tegan tells her she isn’t that good of a liar.

Laurel wakes up. Frank and Isaac are in the room. She starts freaking out about the baby, moreso when Frank tells her that her dad is there. Isaac tries to call Annalise. She doesn’t answer. She’s busy trying to get Isaac cleared. That’s when she finds out the hospital is transferring the baby under Mr. Castillo’s authority.

Michaela shows up at the hospital alone and Connor freaks out because she left Oliver to fend for himself. He tells Michaela this is all her fault. Nurses have to give Laurel something to calm her down. Annalise freaks out and tries to reason with Laurel’s dad. It’s pointless. She yells that he will hurt the baby.

The hospital rep yells at Isaac because he doesn’t have credentials. He tells her to ask Annalise. Everyone is scatters and doesn’t know what to do. Isaac sees someone near the nursery. He thinks it is Annalise but it’s Michaela. She’s melting down too.

Bonnie shows up at the office and talks to Oliver. Michaela has questions and Isaac tries to answer them. She ends up providing him with more information than he does her. Connor gets to the office and yells at a cop but it’s Bonnie that releases Oliver. She reunites him and Connor.

Annalise talks to Laurel about losing the battle but winning the war. Laurel doesn’t listen though. She’s unfit to be a mother. She reveals that Dominic tried to warn her the night before but it was no use.

Connor and Oliver get to the hospital and catch up with Michaela. They still don’t know much and they haven’t heard from Asher yet. They don’t know where Laurel’s bag, or the hard drive, is. Someone does though. Bonnie. She walks into Laurel’s room and gives it to her. The drive is gone though and it wasn’t logged as evidence.

Frank thinks Castillo has it. Everyone is pointing fingers. Annalise knows Castillo doesn’t though. He thinks they do and the baby is leverage. Bonnie and her bosses talk about the case and that’s how she gets them to let Asher go. It’s a conflict of interest.

Isaac thinks the psych hold might be warranted but Annalise lashes out. They argue and she makes a below the belt comment about his dead daughter. Bonnie’s plan worked. Asher is out and he comes bearing news. Simon is still alive. Oliver is pleased but the others are not. This will only cause more trouble for them and that’s not something Oliver can deal with.

Dominick is after Oliver but Frank intervenes. He kidnaps and beats him. Meanwhile, Laurel thinks Dominick is the answer. She thinks he will help so she calls him, despite Frank telling her not to. She does and his phone rings in Frank’s pocket. Dominick didn’t talk so Frank killed him.

Connor, Asher and Michaela are in the waiting room when Oliver comes back. He tried to visit Simon but couldn’t get in the room. He wants them to promise him they won’t hurt him. Annalise walks over to them and then Frank does too. Laurel is alone in her room looking at a picture of her baby. Frank has more news for Annalise. He went through Dominick’s phone. There wasn’t much. Just a voicemail from Wes saying that he was in trouble.

I forgot that Dominick was Melendez from The Good Doctor. That threw me off. Usually I like Oliver and I absolutely get where he is coming from on the Simon thing but he has no grounds to be indignant with the others. He’s just as bad. Poor Laurel. She’s just stuck in all this.


How to Get Away With Murder, episode eight

Oliver is at the party when he gets a call. He freaks out and goes running to find the others. Annalise knows everything he tells them. They have bigger issues though. They are covered in blood and he sees something and starts screaming.

Rewind a day. Connor just found out about Laurel’s father. He’s mad. Annalise gets home and finds Bonnie waiting. They fight and Bonnie keeps saying that she is in love with her. Annalise doesn’t want to hear it. Jacqueline and Isaac fight about sobriety.

Connor is pissed. He doesn’t rat them out though. Instead he goes to the party with Oliver as his plus one. It’s a waiting game. Annalise is in her own head about drinking. Laurel paces while she waits for a call and freaks when it comes. Frank is snooping in Simon’s place. Annalise goes to see Isaac.

Bonnie goes to see Nate. Simon basically comes out to Oliver. So he goes to the group having second thoughts. Michaela is not interested though and then Laurel shows up to push them along. Annalise is fighting with Isaac about him continuing to treat her. They get interrupted by her phone. It’s Connor and he tells her the plan.

Nate and Bonnie talk about Annalise. It’s time for Tegan’s speech. Michaela gets her card and gets five minutes. Oliver and Laurel break in and download the files from all the servers. Then Asher tells Oliver to plant the card on Simon. He goes looking for him.

Connor calls him to tell him that he told Annalise. Meanwhile she calls Laurel to try to help her. Oliver goes to see the others and finds them covered in blood standing over Simon’s body. While Oliver was looking for Simon, Asher, Michaela and Laurel were caught by Simon.

Laurel offered to pay him off but he’s more interested in what she’s hiding. He grabs her bag and goes through it, finding a gun. When he starts backing away, he trips and shoots himself in the head. Asher grabs the gun but Laurel and Michaela tell him to put it back. It’s not registered. Enter Oliver.

Everyone is freaking out so Michaela takes charge. She sends Laurel home and then puts the gun back. She goes upstairs to “call for help” while Asher calls 911 and Oliver does CPR. Michaela tells Connor to go protect Laurel.

Annalise calls Frank and yells at him for endangering another pregnant woman. She doesn’t see the blood on the floor in the lobby of her building. She takes the stairs and is about to open her door when she hears screaming in the elevator.

Laurel leaves the party. She’s crying in a taxi when she listens to the voicemail from Annalise. She changes course and tells him to go to Annalise’s place. She’s in the elevator before she realizes there is a problem with the baby. The elevator breaks. She tries to call with the elevator buttons or on her cell but gets nothing. She’s in pain and screaming help.

There is a lot of blood and she’s fading. Annalise hears her and tries to get her out. She’s called the police and sees that Laurel had her baby. Annalise does her best to save the baby. Simon is in emergency surgery. Connor gets to Laurel’s place and finds that she’s not there. Lurking at the bottom of the stairs is Laurel’s dad’s hitman.

Connor calls Michaela and they are freaking out. She tells him that Asher is being arrested. Annalise tries to perform CPR on the baby. She gets the baby to cry.

I feel like of all the deaths they’ve had on this show, this was by far the most convoluted. I didn’t like Simon and then suddenly he’s not so bad and Oliver feels bad and then he trips and shoots himself in the head. I feel bad for Connor. And Annalise. They are trying.

How to Get Away With Murder, episode seven

Connor and Oliver are in bed. Connor is relishing the fact that their lives are boring and they are doing well. Annalise goes to see Isaac and tells him that it is their last session. She flashes back to her conversation with Jacqueline. Her case is triggering him. Annalise will switch therapists.

Michaela tracks down Asher. She wants to know if he told anyone. He plays coy. Laurel shows up and wants to know the same but only talks to a frustrated Michaela. In court Annalise is facing down the attorney general. They turn case around though and attack Annalise and her sobriety. She’s annoyed that she didn’t see it coming.

Bonnie knows the AG’s evidence was a set up. Annalise drinks vodka, not scotch, everyone knows that. Laurel confronts Asher about the nanny cam. His solution is to tell Frank so the three of them head over and tell him. He wants to put a stop to it immediately. Asher and Michaela are still fighting.

Annalise is trying to come up with a plan. Connor makes suggestions but none that are any good. She gets her own idea though. Denver. He would love to make Annalise look crazy. She’s able to persuade him. Connor visits with Laurel while Annalise is inside.

Oliver is at work. He’s busy doing IT things when Michaela comes in. She tells him about Asher and warns him not to tell Connor. She is then summoned to Tegan’s office. Tegan wants a party planned for Friday to celebrate Laurel’s dad’s company going public.

In court Annalise calls a witness as a rebuttal for the AG’s attack earlier in the day. She gets a secretary from Denver’s office on the stand who then admits to staging the photo the AG presented. After the hearing, Bonnie approached the AG. She tells him she used to work with Annalise and knows how to beat her.

Laurel goes to see Frank about the plan to expose her father. She gets him to go with it but Asher is still opposed. He’s mad at Michaela and pissed about being lied to. He ends up yelling and storming out. Oliver gets home and tells Connor they should disconnect.

Asher is packing up. Michaela tries to plead with him and he tells her that he thinks that he is her second choise. She cries as she tells him that’s not the case but he doesn’t believe her. Annalise is in the shower when she hears a noise. She investigates the apartment with a gun and doesn’t find anyone. She does find a bottle of vodka on her counter.

Isaac is asleep when someone knocks on his door. He gets delivered a paper. Annalise is at Nate’s house for the night. They talk about her case and playing dirty before he leaves her to the couch and goes into his room. Annalise and Connor get to court. In the hall they encounter Isaac, he’s been subpoenaed.

The AG puts Isaac on the stand and tries to get him to say that Annalise will relapse. He doesn’t say it though. Outside the courtroom, the AG yells at Bonnie. Nate confronts her after. It was a set-up. She wanted Isaac to give Annalise a pep talk. It worked.

After consideration, Asher decides to go along with the plan. He’s doing it for Wes though. Michaela doesn’t want to take Tegan down too. Oliver has another solution but it will send them all to hell. They need to frame someone, Simon.

Annalise gets stopped by reporters. She talks a little but hands it off to Connor. Laurel takes a swab of Frank’s DNA to do a paternity test. Michaela proves her lover for Asher by destroying her almost wedding dress. Oliver gets home to find Connor in a tent. Annalise goes to see Isaac. She accuses him of perjury. Then asks if he is using.

Things get tense. Then she starts talking about Sam. She says that she hurts everyone and wants to know if she is triggering him. He asks where she heard that and then brings up Bonnie. Annalise is confused but tells him it was his ex-wife.

Connor tells Oliver that he’s happy and wants to spend the rest of his life making Oliver as happy as he is. He asks him to marry him. Oliver doesn’t answer. He tells Connor that they know who killed Wes.

Flashforward. Oliver is at the law office. He sees Bonnie. Someone is crashing in surgery. Annalise is bloody in the shower. Asher is in a jail cell. Laurel is freaking out about the baby. Frank is trying to calm her down. Michaela and Isaac are in the hall by the nursery. The patient in surgery flatlines.

The only person we haven’t seen is Connor of the main people. I think that’s too obvious though. Nate is my guess. Or someone from Laurel’s family I guess. I don’t know. This show confuses me.

How to Get Away With Murder, episode six

Annalise is talking to Isaac. He’s talking to his own therapist Jacqueline (Kathryn Erbe). She thinks that Isaac should hand the case off because it triggers him. He fights her. One of Annalise’s clients needs off the case because it is causing trouble at home. Denver thanks Bonnie for her work.

Connor and Annalise meet with the client and her son about the case and their problems. They are going to lose their house. Annalise thinks she can get a judge to handle the issue. Asher knows Michaela lied to him. He goes to Frank for advice on what to do. Talk to her, Frank says.

At the law firm, Oliver is freaking out. Michaela tells him to calm down. Tegan calls Michaela over to talk before going into a big meeting, with Laurel’s father. Speaking of, she’s at the doctor and wants to find out about a paternity test. Michaela calls. They freak as they watch the meeting end. Laurel gets another call. It’s her father.

Things don’t go well with the judge for Annalise. Isaac stops by to talk to Bonnie. She kicks him out. Meeting over, Tegan needs lunch. She gets a suggestion from… Asher. He’s there to talk to Michaela. She lies and tells him that she is Laurel’s birthing partner.

Backed into a corner, Annalise confronts Denver about evicting the family. Oliver breaks some bad news to Michaela. IT is replacing all the servers. She is video chatting with Laurel. The latter gets a visitor. It’s Asher. He wants to be there for her if she needs someone.

Laurel goes to dinner with her father. Annalise and Connor talk and bond. Michaela has a drink with Tegan. They get to the big reveal. Laurel’s father’s company is going public. She’s going to make a boatload of money. Laurel sees this as proof her father killed Wes.

She lays out the theory. Wes outing Annalise would’ve implicated all of them, including her. That would tank her father’s company and the opening. Oliver sees the truth in it and will find a way to get the files for them to leak. Annalise tries to write a letter to Sam. She can’t do it and tells Isaac as much. She also talks about the baby she lost.

Isaac sees his therapist again. She’s not comfortable having these sessions with him. Bonnie tries to get Denver to back off the evicted family. She gets reassigned instead. Connor wants to write a letter to the paper. Annalise has a better idea. They need to go viral. Annalise sets up a press conference. She announces the class action suit and lets the kid being evicted talk.

Frank watches the presser, until Bonnie turns it off. Annalise meets with the mom in prison. She wants to stand and fight for her kids’ sake. Oliver has news. There are only four people who have access to the new hard drive. One of them is Tegan. Michaela won’t do it though. Asher left a camera when he want to see Laurel. He is ready to walk out.

Michaela tells Asher the truth to save their relationship. Oliver lies to Connor. He’s none the wise. Frank shows up at Laurel’s to tell her he did awesome on his LSAT. He did it for her and will be an awesome dad for her kid. He kisses her and leaves. Asher does leave. He goes to see Frank but he’s not home.

Asher ends up comforting Bonnie instead. Isaac watches a video of his daughter. Annalise gets a visitor. Jacqueline, aka Isaac’s therapist, aka Isaac’s ex-wife. Flash forward a week. Isaac is yelling on the phone. Annalise is in the shower washing blood off.

Asher is a jerk. I have no use for him. I feel bad for Connor and honestly I feel bad for Oliver. He’s struggling. That much is obvious. I’m rooting for them to take down Laurel’s dad. I’m also anti-Frank and Laurel.

How to Get Away With Murder, episode five

Bonnie is running in the rain. She goes to see Isaac and thanks him for seeing her. She’s been his patient for a month. She admits that she has been in therapy to hurt someone. 2002 Bonnie. She’s a witness in a rape case.

Oliver is looking for his shoe. He’s going to work with Michaela. Connor is sitting on the couch. That’s all he does. Laurel is in bed with Frank. Her phone chimes. Bonnie needs her so she heads out. Annalise is talking to all of the people in jail that used the public defender’s office. She’s got 24 people. Bonnie is going through the files and notes that they say “attorney pending.”

Bonnie is on the stand. She was raped by a councilman, and several other men, when she was 14 and 15. It stopped because she was pregnant. She passed out during labor and when she came to she was told the baby was dead. Present day Bonnie talks to Isaac about her relationship with Annalise.

At the trial, Annalise is told that she is a shark. She needs to cross-examine Bonnie because otherwise it’s an old white man doing it. That won’t fly. She gets a hormone shot from Sam. They are trying to get pregnant. Bonnie tells Nate about the pending attorney listings. She wants him to go to the prison and look into it.

Tegan gives Michaela some fancy shoes. She talks to Oliver. She wants him to step it up. Nate confronts Annalise at the prison. He tells to go above board and then goes back to the office and tells Bonnie that Annalise hasn’t been there. Laurel turns up and gets to work.

Back on the stand, Annalise questions Bonnie. It doesn’t go well. In therapy, Bonnie talks to Isaac. He wants her to come up with a good memory for her relationship with Annalise, though in therapy Bonnie doesn’t use Annalise’s name. The questioning gets more intense. It looks like Annalise might pull it out.

Another visit to the prison. Bonnie is still looking for Annalise. She’s busy meeting with former cell mates. Oliver and Michaela are a go for hacking Tegan’s e-mail. Connor makes Oliver dinner before finding out he’s going to be late. Then he starts messaging guys on an app. Asher and Frank talk about the LSATs and relationships.

Oliver gets into the e-mail and they see a cease and desist letter until an alert pops up. They manage to take a picture before shutting down. Isaac and Bonnie talk about the difference between love and hate. Annalise won the case. Then she quit. She talks to Sam.

She wants to help Bonnie. She’s working on her lawsuit when someone knocks on the door. She expects Frank but gets Connor instead. He’s drunk. He was going to meet some guy for sex and he doesn’t want to live anymore. Annalise tells him he’s strong. He went there instead.

Frank gets to Laurel’s. She’s ready for sex but he can’t there. She won’t do it to Bonnie anymore. Seems like they are done. Then he asks her if the baby is his. She tells him no and to never bring that up again.

Bonnie in therapy admits she loves Annalise. 2002 Annalise tracks Bonnie down and recruits her. Present day Annalise gets a call. It’s her old cellmate. She’s got enough people for the lawsuit. As she finishes hanging the picture on her board she gets another call. One of the first inmates is out. The DA offered a better deal. Bonnie has been going behind her back and making deals with her clients.

Annalise tracks down Bonnie and they talk about why Annalise helped her in the first place. Bonnie is running in the rain thinking about Annalise. She cries at therapy because she misses Annalise and the house and the family. She felt safe even though she hated her.

Laurel, Oliver and Michaela talk about the letter in the e-mail. Michaela is concerned because it could get Tegan in trouble. Asher calls and she lies about what she’s doing. He knows. Annalise recruits Connor to help her. Bonnie keeps talking and Isaac figures it out. She’s talking about Annalise.

Two weeks later. Bonnie asks a detective where the suspect is. The answer is jail. Cut to Asher sobbing in a cell.

The relationship between Bonnie and Annalise is so twisted. It always has been. I didn’t realize just how much though. I’m glad Connor is doing something. I want to see more of what Michaela and Laurel and Oliver are up to.

How to Get Away With Murder, episode four

Annalise starts her plan for her class action lawsuit against the state. She wants to get at least 20 plantiffs together starting with the public defender’s clients. The kids are all in class learning about class action suits. They need a lot of money. Annalise approaches Hargrove. She wants to consult on her custody hearing.

Oliver facebook stalks Connor’s dad. They talk about him and his partner but Connor doesn’t think much of the visit. He just wants his money back but Connor wants him to man up and ask for it. When Connor goes to shower, his dad’s partner messages Connor.

Laurel is off her anti-depressants so her hormones are making her wonky. Michaela tells her that she has a big case with Tegan (Amirah Vann) that day and she will have access to the files on her father’s case. Laurel is stoked and tells her to figure out how to use this. On her way out she checks out Asher.

Bonnie wants to investigate the cases that the prosecutor’s office had against the public defender so that she can cover there asses. Her boss agrees to it. At work Michaela finds out that she is bait. Tegan wants to impress a new potential client, Hargrove. Michaela tries to warn her that it might not be a good idea but it’s too late. They walk in and Annalise is ther too.

Michaela and Annalise exchange words. Tegan is mad at Hargrove for bringing in Annalise. The negotiation starts and Hargrove’s ex-husband plays dirty. He offers an ultimatium. Annalise pushes until Hargrove agrees to fight back. Oliver meets with Jeff (D.W. Moffett) and Ted (Jim Abele). They talk about Connor coming out and that giving Jeff the courage to come out too, the following week.

Nate finds Bonnie sorting through files. He tells her that if Annalise finds out he can’t protect her. Laurel shows up and is made that Denver, the man that covered up Wes’ murder, is running for attorney general. Denver sees Laurel. He wants Bonnie to fire her but Bonnie won’t because of the baby.

Tegan is mad that Michaela didn’t tell her that she knew Annalise. They discuss hating people and then have a bit of a tense one off with Annalise. Oliver brings Ted and Jeff home where Connor is there to greet his boyfriend sans pants. It doesn’t go well.

Annalise wants files from the court. It’s going to cost her a few grand. She heads into her session with Isaac, ignores a call from Michaela, and then talks about Wes or rather listens to Isaac talk about him. Michaela doesn’t have as much access as she thought she would. She calls Laurel and tells her as much but now Laurel is focused on Denver. Annalise comes in. She messed up and sent the counter suit e-mail to a board member not the lawyer partner.

Hargrove rips into her and then the conversation turns to sobriety. Annalise says that she will fix this. Annalise goes home. She’s got compant. Frank, with a suitcase full of cash. She tells him that all he does is hurt her and tells him to leave. Things are awkward at Connor’s place. Asher and Laurel are there so there’s no time for a heart to heart.

Bonnie calls Frank. Laurel just left and Bonnie has a ton of work and she’s mad. She wants Frank to come help but he says he’s taking a practice LSAT with his mom before hanging up. That’s a lie. He’s in the car with Laurel. They talk about Connor’s dad and then the baby but Laurel is done with that. She doesn’t want to talk about the baby anymore. Frank offers to be there for her. She leans over and straddles him. They have sex in the car.

Annalise leaves another message to try and smooth things over with the board member she e-mailed by accident. She sees the assessment that Isaac wrote. It gives her an idea for the Hargrove case. The husband’s therapy notes. Tegan subpoenas them and the interns read them and find something.

At the next sit down with the husband and his lawyer, Annalise and Tegan put on a class of how to be savvy lawyers. They win. Connor and his father talk. He tries to give the money back. Jeff doesn’t want it. He tells him another hard truth though. He doesn’t think that Oliver is right for him. They fight about it.

Case over. Annalise wins. Hargrove is thankful. Tegan offers to talk to the higher ups if she needs a job. Michaela follows her out and tells her she can’t work there. This is her place. Annalise points out that Michaela still has mommy issues. Then she goes and gets the papers from court and has a confrontation with Nate in the process.

Isaac thinks Annalise is headed for a relapse. Laurel has found a lead. One of the donors on Denver’s list is a dead guy that worked for her father. She tells Michaela. She also tells her that she slept Frank. Connor is closed off with Oliver before going for a run. Oliver gets a call. Michaela needs his help with some IT.

Bonnie figures it out. Annalise wants the chief public defender job. Nate tells her to stop thinking about Annalise. Isaac knows that Annalise is a trigger for him so he has to be mindful. He’s got a new patient. It’s Bonnie using a fake name.

In the flashforward, Isaac is comforting Michaela when he gets a call. It’s Bonnie. He ignores it. She’s at Michaela’s office which is a crime scene as well. She goes to see the witness. It’s Oliver.

I feel like it can’t be Connor because Oliver would not be that calm. I don’t know who it is though. I don’t like Laurel and Frank together. I never did. I like Tegan but she’s probably a bad guy. I still don’t understand how Isaac fits in.

How to Get Away With Murder, episode three

Laurel is pleading her case with Michaela to get her to steal the files from her new internship that deal with her father. Michaela is not willing to throw it all away. Annalise has a job interview. It’s an interesting conversation but she walks away with a client. The case is a man that is in jail for killing his fiance.

He wrote his own appeal from prison and was granted. The man was in a gang, met the victim and tried to get out. On the night she died, the story goes that she tried to break up with him so he pushed her off a roof. He contends that she jumped. They fought about their daughter. The victim said that Ben Carter (Rene Moran) isn’t the baby’s father. He says horrible things in return and she killed herself.

Oliver goes to see Nate about being the tech company for the DA. Nate isn’t interested. On his way out, Oliver sees Bonnie and reports back to Asher and Laurel. The latter is shocked but Asher knew because he heard from Frank when he was helping him study for his LSATs. Connor comes in and gives them big news. He dropped out.

The prosecution calls their first witness. It’s Nate. Annalise is surprised. She steps to him about how he has no familiarity with the case. She gets a bit combative. Michaela is at work when her phone rings. It’s Asher. She yells at him for calling but he tells her it’s important. He tells her Connor dropped out. She yells at them both and ends up getting in trouble for it.

The law firm starts a gameshow style competition to get a choice of which partner to study under. Laurel goes to see Bonnie. She wants to be her intern. Bonnie says no. Nate comes in. He’s got a way to help Bonnie get better cases. Annalise is on her way out of court when her new boss starts micromanaging her case. To add insult to injury, she has to go do a random drug test.

While in the bathroom, Annalise runs into Laurel and finds out how the others are doing. Annalise tells Laurel to stop acting like a child. Michaela gets a pep talk before the next round of the competition. Asher, Connor and Oliver are at a bar. Asher and Oliver want to straighten Connor out but so far it’s not working. Oliver gets a call.

It’s Nate with a job offer. Oliver takes it and ends up hacking Annalise. They find a voice memo deleted the day. Carter is on the stand when Nate brings the information in. The prosecutor calls for a paternity test. Laurel goes to see Frank. She wants his help getting Bonnie to give her an internship. Asher calls Frank. He needs help.

Annalise is in the process of getting fired when she sees Nate and Bonnie talking. She confronts them before leaving. She gets a call from the morgue. She’s needed to identify a body. It was her cellmate turned client.

Michaela is studying. Laurel keeps chiming in and Frank is cooking? Apparently it’s an intervention for Connor. He shows up and they all talk. It quickly turns into arguing and Connor doesn’t back down. He does compliment the meatballs Frank made though.

With no one else to talk to, Annalise goes to see Isaac. He suggests withdrawing from the case. This isn’t good for her mental health. She considers that as she leaves. She gets hime and finds a package outside. Frank pleads Laurel’s case to Bonnie. It doesn’t work. His phone rings. It’s Annalise. She wants to know if he left this DVD. He has no idea what she is talking about. She plays the video. It’s Carter’s girlfriend killing herself.

Bonnie relented. Laurel is now her intern. Nate checks in with Bonnie after her confrontation with Annalise. Frank looked into the DVD. It’s clean. He got footage of the lobby of Annalise’s building. A guy with a package came through. Turns out the guy owns a business near city hall. He’s sleeping with Annalise’s boss, the chief public defender.

Annalise goes to see Carter and has him do something with the phone. She goes to court and finds her boss there. She tells her she has new evidence and is ready. She goes in to court. She calls her boss to the stand. She is the one that sent over the package.

Turns out she had the footage during the first trial but it was lost in the shuffle. She made a mistake and is so sorry. Michaela gets a visitor. It’s Laurel. She used her first two hours as an intern to snoop through FAA files and find out that her father’s jet was in the city the day Wes died. She tells Michaela to go win the competition for Wes.

At the courthouse, Carter has the first chance to talk to his daughter. Annalise and her boss have a confrontation in the hallway. Annalise basically ripped her boss’ career apart. She goes to see Isaac again. They argue about their power struggle and what Annalise needs to do next. She tells him that he will not break her.

Michaela wins the competition! With the information Laurel gave her. Connor and Asher are at the bar again when Oliver comes in. He’s mad Connor isn’t answering his phone. Turns out they have guests. Connor’s dads. Michael knows which partner she wants to work under. The lawyer that handles Laurel’s father’s account. She gets approved.

Two months later. Isaac is running through the hospital. He thinks he sees Annalise. It’s not her though. It’s Michaela. She’s covered in blood and rambling about everyone around them dying. She’s looking through the nursery window as she starts to cry.

I don’t want the baby to be dead. It’s a he and they acknowledged that the baby is a boy but it feels too obvious. It must be Connor right? It’s always almost him. Seems like it’ll be his turn. Laurel working for Bonnie is weird and I hate Nate.