How to Get Away With Murder, episode four

Annalise starts her plan for her class action lawsuit against the state. She wants to get at least 20 plantiffs together starting with the public defender’s clients. The kids are all in class learning about class action suits. They need a lot of money. Annalise approaches Hargrove. She wants to consult on her custody hearing.

Oliver facebook stalks Connor’s dad. They talk about him and his partner but Connor doesn’t think much of the visit. He just wants his money back but Connor wants him to man up and ask for it. When Connor goes to shower, his dad’s partner messages Connor.

Laurel is off her anti-depressants so her hormones are making her wonky. Michaela tells her that she has a big case with Tegan (Amirah Vann) that day and she will have access to the files on her father’s case. Laurel is stoked and tells her to figure out how to use this. On her way out she checks out Asher.

Bonnie wants to investigate the cases that the prosecutor’s office had against the public defender so that she can cover there asses. Her boss agrees to it. At work Michaela finds out that she is bait. Tegan wants to impress a new potential client, Hargrove. Michaela tries to warn her that it might not be a good idea but it’s too late. They walk in and Annalise is ther too.

Michaela and Annalise exchange words. Tegan is mad at Hargrove for bringing in Annalise. The negotiation starts and Hargrove’s ex-husband plays dirty. He offers an ultimatium. Annalise pushes until Hargrove agrees to fight back. Oliver meets with Jeff (D.W. Moffett) and Ted (Jim Abele). They talk about Connor coming out and that giving Jeff the courage to come out too, the following week.

Nate finds Bonnie sorting through files. He tells her that if Annalise finds out he can’t protect her. Laurel shows up and is made that Denver, the man that covered up Wes’ murder, is running for attorney general. Denver sees Laurel. He wants Bonnie to fire her but Bonnie won’t because of the baby.

Tegan is mad that Michaela didn’t tell her that she knew Annalise. They discuss hating people and then have a bit of a tense one off with Annalise. Oliver brings Ted and Jeff home where Connor is there to greet his boyfriend sans pants. It doesn’t go well.

Annalise wants files from the court. It’s going to cost her a few grand. She heads into her session with Isaac, ignores a call from Michaela, and then talks about Wes or rather listens to Isaac talk about him. Michaela doesn’t have as much access as she thought she would. She calls Laurel and tells her as much but now Laurel is focused on Denver. Annalise comes in. She messed up and sent the counter suit e-mail to a board member not the lawyer partner.

Hargrove rips into her and then the conversation turns to sobriety. Annalise says that she will fix this. Annalise goes home. She’s got compant. Frank, with a suitcase full of cash. She tells him that all he does is hurt her and tells him to leave. Things are awkward at Connor’s place. Asher and Laurel are there so there’s no time for a heart to heart.

Bonnie calls Frank. Laurel just left and Bonnie has a ton of work and she’s mad. She wants Frank to come help but he says he’s taking a practice LSAT with his mom before hanging up. That’s a lie. He’s in the car with Laurel. They talk about Connor’s dad and then the baby but Laurel is done with that. She doesn’t want to talk about the baby anymore. Frank offers to be there for her. She leans over and straddles him. They have sex in the car.

Annalise leaves another message to try and smooth things over with the board member she e-mailed by accident. She sees the assessment that Isaac wrote. It gives her an idea for the Hargrove case. The husband’s therapy notes. Tegan subpoenas them and the interns read them and find something.

At the next sit down with the husband and his lawyer, Annalise and Tegan put on a class of how to be savvy lawyers. They win. Connor and his father talk. He tries to give the money back. Jeff doesn’t want it. He tells him another hard truth though. He doesn’t think that Oliver is right for him. They fight about it.

Case over. Annalise wins. Hargrove is thankful. Tegan offers to talk to the higher ups if she needs a job. Michaela follows her out and tells her she can’t work there. This is her place. Annalise points out that Michaela still has mommy issues. Then she goes and gets the papers from court and has a confrontation with Nate in the process.

Isaac thinks Annalise is headed for a relapse. Laurel has found a lead. One of the donors on Denver’s list is a dead guy that worked for her father. She tells Michaela. She also tells her that she slept Frank. Connor is closed off with Oliver before going for a run. Oliver gets a call. Michaela needs his help with some IT.

Bonnie figures it out. Annalise wants the chief public defender job. Nate tells her to stop thinking about Annalise. Isaac knows that Annalise is a trigger for him so he has to be mindful. He’s got a new patient. It’s Bonnie using a fake name.

In the flashforward, Isaac is comforting Michaela when he gets a call. It’s Bonnie. He ignores it. She’s at Michaela’s office which is a crime scene as well. She goes to see the witness. It’s Oliver.

I feel like it can’t be Connor because Oliver would not be that calm. I don’t know who it is though. I don’t like Laurel and Frank together. I never did. I like Tegan but she’s probably a bad guy. I still don’t understand how Isaac fits in.


How to Get Away With Murder, episode three

Laurel is pleading her case with Michaela to get her to steal the files from her new internship that deal with her father. Michaela is not willing to throw it all away. Annalise has a job interview. It’s an interesting conversation but she walks away with a client. The case is a man that is in jail for killing his fiance.

He wrote his own appeal from prison and was granted. The man was in a gang, met the victim and tried to get out. On the night she died, the story goes that she tried to break up with him so he pushed her off a roof. He contends that she jumped. They fought about their daughter. The victim said that Ben Carter (Rene Moran) isn’t the baby’s father. He says horrible things in return and she killed herself.

Oliver goes to see Nate about being the tech company for the DA. Nate isn’t interested. On his way out, Oliver sees Bonnie and reports back to Asher and Laurel. The latter is shocked but Asher knew because he heard from Frank when he was helping him study for his LSATs. Connor comes in and gives them big news. He dropped out.

The prosecution calls their first witness. It’s Nate. Annalise is surprised. She steps to him about how he has no familiarity with the case. She gets a bit combative. Michaela is at work when her phone rings. It’s Asher. She yells at him for calling but he tells her it’s important. He tells her Connor dropped out. She yells at them both and ends up getting in trouble for it.

The law firm starts a gameshow style competition to get a choice of which partner to study under. Laurel goes to see Bonnie. She wants to be her intern. Bonnie says no. Nate comes in. He’s got a way to help Bonnie get better cases. Annalise is on her way out of court when her new boss starts micromanaging her case. To add insult to injury, she has to go do a random drug test.

While in the bathroom, Annalise runs into Laurel and finds out how the others are doing. Annalise tells Laurel to stop acting like a child. Michaela gets a pep talk before the next round of the competition. Asher, Connor and Oliver are at a bar. Asher and Oliver want to straighten Connor out but so far it’s not working. Oliver gets a call.

It’s Nate with a job offer. Oliver takes it and ends up hacking Annalise. They find a voice memo deleted the day. Carter is on the stand when Nate brings the information in. The prosecutor calls for a paternity test. Laurel goes to see Frank. She wants his help getting Bonnie to give her an internship. Asher calls Frank. He needs help.

Annalise is in the process of getting fired when she sees Nate and Bonnie talking. She confronts them before leaving. She gets a call from the morgue. She’s needed to identify a body. It was her cellmate turned client.

Michaela is studying. Laurel keeps chiming in and Frank is cooking? Apparently it’s an intervention for Connor. He shows up and they all talk. It quickly turns into arguing and Connor doesn’t back down. He does compliment the meatballs Frank made though.

With no one else to talk to, Annalise goes to see Isaac. He suggests withdrawing from the case. This isn’t good for her mental health. She considers that as she leaves. She gets hime and finds a package outside. Frank pleads Laurel’s case to Bonnie. It doesn’t work. His phone rings. It’s Annalise. She wants to know if he left this DVD. He has no idea what she is talking about. She plays the video. It’s Carter’s girlfriend killing herself.

Bonnie relented. Laurel is now her intern. Nate checks in with Bonnie after her confrontation with Annalise. Frank looked into the DVD. It’s clean. He got footage of the lobby of Annalise’s building. A guy with a package came through. Turns out the guy owns a business near city hall. He’s sleeping with Annalise’s boss, the chief public defender.

Annalise goes to see Carter and has him do something with the phone. She goes to court and finds her boss there. She tells her she has new evidence and is ready. She goes in to court. She calls her boss to the stand. She is the one that sent over the package.

Turns out she had the footage during the first trial but it was lost in the shuffle. She made a mistake and is so sorry. Michaela gets a visitor. It’s Laurel. She used her first two hours as an intern to snoop through FAA files and find out that her father’s jet was in the city the day Wes died. She tells Michaela to go win the competition for Wes.

At the courthouse, Carter has the first chance to talk to his daughter. Annalise and her boss have a confrontation in the hallway. Annalise basically ripped her boss’ career apart. She goes to see Isaac again. They argue about their power struggle and what Annalise needs to do next. She tells him that he will not break her.

Michaela wins the competition! With the information Laurel gave her. Connor and Asher are at the bar again when Oliver comes in. He’s mad Connor isn’t answering his phone. Turns out they have guests. Connor’s dads. Michael knows which partner she wants to work under. The lawyer that handles Laurel’s father’s account. She gets approved.

Two months later. Isaac is running through the hospital. He thinks he sees Annalise. It’s not her though. It’s Michaela. She’s covered in blood and rambling about everyone around them dying. She’s looking through the nursery window as she starts to cry.

I don’t want the baby to be dead. It’s a he and they acknowledged that the baby is a boy but it feels too obvious. It must be Connor right? It’s always almost him. Seems like it’ll be his turn. Laurel working for Bonnie is weird and I hate Nate.

How to Get Away With Murder, episode two

Isaac is on the phone with someone. He ends the call because Annalise is there. She’s been researching him. She also took on her first client. One of her old cellmates. Laurel is doing some investigating of her own, into her father’s business.

Connor is getting ready to go to a job interview. Oliver is helping him prep because one of them needs a decent job to pay for their apartment. Asher and Michaela are already at the job fair when Connor walks in. Laurel is a few steps behind. There are several firms on hand and they all have interviews and will probably spend most of the day talking about Annalise.

Speaking of, she’s in court and her motion gets denied. On her way out of the courtroom she bumps into the new ADA. Bonnie. Annalise is shocked. Flash to therapy. It’s not going well. Nate thinks Bonnie and Annalise are up to something. Connor and Asher have some trouble during the interviews but it seems like Laurel and Michaela have a handle on it.

Annalise watches the body cam footage of her client’s arrest. She fights with her about keeping things from her. Isaac is annoyed that Annalise is wasting his time. Nate calls her on Bonnie’s new job and Annalise tells him everyone is better off without her. The kids are eating and talking about the interviews. Connor admits he might not want to be a lawyer anymore. Oliver is starting an IT company.

Callbacks come in. Michaela gets five. Asher gets three. None for Connor and Laurel. Annalise gets to work. She reads about all of her client’s old arrests and then goes to see her. She thinks she found a way to get her out. Since her first arrest was at 13, she’s a sex trafficking victim. She tries to get the file unsealed. Nobody, including Bonnie, will help.

Michaela and Asher head to their callback at the corporate firm. Connor tries to beg his way into a non-profit firm. They turn him down but as he walks out he hears them call Laurel. She’s not there though. She’s at home researching and discovering that a guy that worked for her father died in some shady circumstances. Frank is watching her from outside. Bonnie calls him. He lies about what he’s up to and listens to her rant about Annalise.

The interview is going well for Michaela. Not so much for Asher though. Simon is there causing trouble. Michaela threatens him. Someone knocks on Annalise’s door. Frank. He’s got the file she wanted and he let’s her know that he’s still got her back. Connor drops by unannounced to plead his case to Laurel. He knows she still hates him but he hates himself more. He wants to know what he can do. She tells him there isn’t anything. She wants him to stop blaming himself though.

Annalise and Isaac fight about projecting. In court, she has the prosecutor from 1968 on the stand. She says that the only reason her client has been in and out of jail for decades is because she is black. She cites other cases from 1968 as proof. Annalise wins the case and gets the woman a fresh start. That’s why she spent the session talking to Isaac about it. She doesn’t think her client will change.

Nate gives Bonnie information for her case. He knows she played the DA to get the gig. In the bar Simon is celebrating. He got the job. Asher got nothing and Michaela got three offers. Laurel tracks her down. She needs her to take a certain one. Michaela already did. It paid best. Laurel isn’t interested in that though. It’s the firm that represents her father. She tells Michaela as much before telling her that her father killed Wes and now they are going to take him down.

At therapy, Annalise talks about her past therapy experience. She learned to listen and get a conversation started and got her old therapist to really start talking. Eventually she married him.

Two and a half months later. Laurel is freaking out about her missing baby. Isaac sees from the hall. He calls Annalise and asks where she is because “she’s awake.” Bonnie walks into Annalise’s place. Police are everywhere. It’s a crime scene. They are still trying to track down Annalise and the elevator is covered in blood.

Okay so who is dead now? We can rule out Laurel, Frank, Bonnie and Isaac. The handprints were too big for Michaela I think. So Asher or Connor but why would either of them have been there. I guess Nate is an option too. Or Laurel’s dad. I have no idea.

How to Get Away With Murder, episode one

Annalise texts everyone that she wants to meet with them the following night. Laurel is in the middle of giving her father a tour of the campus when she gets the message. She tells her father that she was mad at him. She tells him she was pregnant but had an abortion. He just wants to know that she’s okay.

Laurel gets to Annalise’s dinner. She’s late but Annalise hasn’t told anyone anything yet. She tells them to order first.

One week earlier, Annalise flew back to her parents house. The visit starts off well enough but when she mentions putting her mother into a home it takes a turn. They fight and her mother storms off. She tries to make amends. Bonnie calls. They are going to run into some issues with the insurance money.

After the call Annalise wants a drink. She looks up AA meetings but ends up on a booty call with a men she met on the plane. Connor and Oliver argue about getting married in a bar. Connor gets the text from Annalise. Oliver does not. Annalise’s liaison gets interrupted by a phone call. She leaves. Later that night her mother has a dementia episode.

Asher and Michaela are shopping for a bed. They get the message from Annalise. Asher tries to be optimistic but Michaela sees the writing on the wall. It’s a last supper. Annalise helps her mother clean up and get ready for bed. Her mother agrees to visit the home.

The family heads to the facility. It’s the best in the state but Annalise and her father spend the whole time fighting about how she stirs the pot. Bonnie and Frank visit an empty office. He wants to rent it for Annalise. Bonnie tells him this isn’t the way to win Annalise back.

Annalise talks to her sister about her life and her mother. Everything is falling apart. She talks to her mother about what she wants. Her mother tells her that she’s going. They both know it so they might as well get ready. Annalise cries. She doesn’t want to. Her mother tells her that she will hold on for as long as she can.

The proceedings for Annalise’s disbarrment begin. She told her father that it’s all on him before she left. In court she begs for one more chance. This is all she has left.

The dinner starts. Annalise tells them that she can still practice. Asher is thrilled. He wants to celebrate. Laurel admits that she is still pregnant and finds out Oliver proposed. Annalise cuts off the chatter. She wrote them all recommendation letters. She’s letting them go. Connor is pleased but the others are pissed. Laurel and Michaela walk out. Asher soon follows. Connor says thank you before taking his letter and walking away.

Bonnie tells Annalise that she thinks they will understand eventually that this is good for them. Annalise hands her a letter too before leaving. Annalise moves into a crap apartment for a month. The kids read their letters. Connor explains to Oliver why he won’t say yes yet. Laurel’s fatehr texts her. She types out a question asking why he killed Wes. She deletes it. Annalise goes to therapy.

Three months later, the therapist (Jimmy Smits) and Frank are at the hospital. Laurel is a patient and there were drugs in her system. She wakes up and wants to know where her baby is. Her stomach is flat. She cries and yells.

Oliver didn’t get a letter. Does that mean he still has a job? Is there still a law firm? I mean you have to assume they will all still team up. They are still in school together and basically don’t know anyone else. Does Annalise have any money? There are so many questions.

How to Get Away With Murder, episode fifteen

Flashback to the night of the fire. Wes talks to Nate. There’s someone else in the house though. Once Nate leaves, Wes calls Annalise. Then he gets grabbed from behind.

Oliver and Michaela try to file a missing persons report for Connor. The desk officer is not amused. Asher tries to see the DA but he’s not in his office. He finds him though as he’s escorted away. Bonnie confronts the DA in the bathroom. He plays dumb. She calls Annalise who tells her to find Connor.

Annalise goes to a swanky restaurant to meet with Sylvia Mahoney. Bonnie tells the kids. Laurel still believes Connor signed a deal and pulled a runner. At the restaurant, Annalise wants a truce. She wants the Mahoneys to back off. She had nothing to do with the husband’s death.

Frank calls the DA trying to take a deal and turn on Annalise. DA days no though and then the conversation again reverts to Connor. Speaking of, he’s chained to a table and can sign an immunity deal or remained chained to a table.

At lunch, Annalise yells at the woman about what she did to Wes. Turns out Wes was not the product of her husband raping the help. It was her son that did it. Wes was her grandson. She denies involvement in the murder or the set-up. Annalise believes it.

She goes back to Bonnie’s house and tells the others as much. Oliver is more worried about Connor. He can’t believe the others are so heartless. They start bickering and Bonnie kicks them out.

The DA meets with someone and gets an envelope in return. He brings it to see Connor.

It’s Wes’ phone that they will plant on Connor if he doesn’t sign the deal. He has until the end of the night before they arrest him.

Bonnie and Annalise talk about Sylvia. Annalise is worried she was played but Bonnie doesn’t think so. Annalise leaves. She says she’s going to a meeting. She goes to her house.

Laurel is reading about Mahoney. Asher comes over to bother her. She smells his pizza and makes a mad dash for the bathroom. Oliver is calling the police station to follow up on the missing persons report.

Annalise is walking around in the ruins of her house. Asher tells Michaela that he loves her and that he has to tell her. She runs away. She and Laurel talk about knowing when someone is in love. Michaela doesn’t know if she loves Asher. Laurel knew she loved Wes when it was too late.

At her house, Annalise finds what she was looking for. It’s a picture of her and Sam and their baby.

Nate is trying to talk to the detective but it’s no use. Instead he ends up confronting the DA. He asks about Connor. The DA and the detective go to arrest Connor but he says that he has something that will put her away.

They get a warrant to search Oliver’s place and do so. Someone let’s Bonnie know and she tells Annalise. Turns out there was a voicemail on her phone from Wes, talking about Sam and Rebecca. Now the police have it.

The others meet up. Laurel wants to blame Connor but Annalise says doing so would implicate everyone. She needs to give the DA another suspect. Laurel figures it out.

Annalise wants to blame Wes. Laurel freaks out and they let her rant until Annalise gets fed up and yells at her. She tells her to grow up.

Asher is doing sit-ups until Michaela stops him. She tells him she doesn’t know if she loves him and tells him as much. There’s a knock on the door. Laurel. She needs their support. Then she will tell them her plan because she’s okay with jail, she just wants to know what happened to Wes.

Oliver and Bonnie are waiting to hear from Annalise. She is meeting with the DA. She’s got a deal. Stop the blaming, drop the charges and she will tell him what’s on her phone. She tells him that Wes left her a voicemail confessing to the murders of Sam and Rebecca.

Flashback to Wes getting drugged and then fighting back. It’s the same dude that met with the DA and brought him the phone. He knocks the guy out and tries to escape but dude comes too and smothers him. In Annalise’s story though, he killed himself. The DA says no dice and Annalise gets nasty. She says that she will not stop until he feels the pain that Wes felt.

Bonnie and Oliver are waiting. Annalise gets home. She has Connor with her. He comes in and hugs Oliver. It’s a happy reunion. Then they notice everyone is missing.

Laurel and Asher watch from a distance as Michaela sits at a bar in New York. She’s alone so she starts a conversation with the guy next to her. Mahoney. She flirts and gets him to buy her a drink.

Annalise goes to an AA meeting. She says she lost someone. The judge listens to the voicemail. The DA doesn’t want to bring the case before a jury. He tells the judge Nate brought him the voicemail.

At the meeting, Annalise talks about taking care of the person she lost out of a sense of guilt. Asher tries to convince Laurel that this is a bad plan but things change. Michaela and Mahoney are leaving the bar.

Afterward, Annalise gets home to find Frank waiting at Bonnie’s. He says that he will do whatever she wants. Laurel and Asher meet Michaela in the bathroom. Mahoney invited her back to his place. Laurel says go but the others disagree. Also, Michaela now realizes that she’s in love with Asher. Laurel is going to take justice into her own hands. She runs after Mahoney, with a gun.

Annalise tells the story of how she worried about Wes and how it ruined him. She wanted to care for him.

Laurel is almost to Mahoney when someone steps in her way. It’s Wes’ killer! She knows him. Dominick she calls him. A family friend in town for work. Flashback to him getting the hitman assignment from Laurel’s father. He wanted Wes gone. Michaela and Asher catch up and she introduces them.

Finally, Annalise admits Wes felt like a son.

I didn’t expect that and I know it is setting next season up but it seems lame. They put all this effort into establishing the Mahoneys and it didn’t pay off. I’m glad that Connor is not going to jail but honestly Laurel fighting Mahoney would have been better. She will piece this together right away and no one will believe her. Or she’s naive and won’t and will end up letting Wes’ killer raise his kid.

How to Get Away With Murder, episode fourteen

Connor is running. Other people are talking about not feeling bad and images being stuck in their head and other suicidal thoughts. Connor is in a bad place. He almost steps in front of a bus.

Annalise goes to a new AA meeting. She wants to know what the point of all this is. The other people in the group have no answers.

Finally home after hours running, Connor is confronted by Oliver. Annalise has a hearing in the morning Bonnie wants Connor there. He knows something but can’t tell the others. They won’t believe him.

Michaela and Asher give Connor grief but Bonnie tells them all to knock it off. The motion to dismiss hearing starts and Bonnie does the questioning. It’s a bust. They all argue in the lobby until Laurel interrupts. Mahoney was released from prison. Asher is convinced that they will get killed but Annalise just says push the prosecutor.

Nate meets with the DA. He wants to make sure that he is on their side. Then he gives him information to help them. Nate promptly turns it over to Annalise. It’s a wifi password for the prosecutor. She gives it to Oliver so that he can find the link.

The rest of the group starts digging through Annalise’s case. Connor needs a minute. He goes to the bathroom and Michaela follows. He finally tells her what he knows. Oliver gets the landline records and there are calls from a burner phone. Michaela and Connor come back in and look suspicious. She blurts the secret. Connor might have killed Wes.


Connor and Thomas in bed the night Wes died. He leaves and goes to Annalise’s house. No one is around. He goes to the basement and finds Wes. He didn’t have a pulse, Connor tells the others. He kept doing compressions and cracked a rib. Annalise asks if he noticed anything. He said the gas line was cut. They all yell at Connor. Laurel tells him to kill himself.

The DA offers Frank a deal. He can walk if he says he acted on Annalise’s orders.
Bonnie is in a room with Connor and Annalise. They need to talk. It turns into a screaming match until they both agree to believe the other is innocent. They come out and Annalise tells them to forgive him. Laurel doesn’t. Bonnie talks to Frank. All the kids are being investigated. Laurel leaves for an OB appointment. Asher wants to call the burner phone.

Nate breaks into the prosecutor’s car and hacks the GPS. He calls Annalise but she doesn’t thank him. She wants him to try and get her to confess to the setup. Bonnie comes in and talks to Annalise. She doesn’t think Connor is telling them everything.

Laurel is at the doctor. She hears the heartbeat. She’s still considering abortion. After the appointment, she goes to talk to Meggy. She apologizes.

The group is still looking for a way to catch the prosecutor. Connor offers to take the stand. The cracked rib isn’t in the autopsy. It’s proof that the documents were messed with. Annalise says no. He can’t take the stand. Laurel can though.

Back in court, the ME is on the stand. She talks about smoke inhalation and burns on Wes’ body. Bonnie presses about other injuries but she says there weren’t any. Next up is Laurel. The DA tries to block it but the judge agrees with Bonnie.

Prosecutor walks outside and Nate confronts her. He asks about Mahoneys but she says that she isn’t working for anyone. He pushes but she says that she’s looking out for number one.

Bonnie comes out swinging and Laurel tells Connor’s story on the stand. DA cross examines and has evidence that Laurel has perjured herself before. That really puts them up the creek. Judge rules that the motion to throw out the charges against Annalise be denied. Afterward, Connor goes to the DA’s office. He want’s Wes’ immunity deal.

Everyone gets back to Michaela’s place. They are looking for Connor. Oliver calls him and he says that he is at the DA’s office making it right. They beg him to leave, to come home.

Annalise and Bonnie are walking through the parking garage. Someone flashes their lights at them. It’s Nate. Annalise goes to talk to him. He believes the prosecutor. They keep talking and she puts the pieces together.

The others are still yelling at Connor to leave. Asher says that he is going to go through with his plan. He’s going to call the burner phone. He does and it rings. Connor finds it in the DA’s desk.

They all know it was the DA. He walks into his office to find Connor on the burner phone.


Laurel goes in the house. She starts yelling and looking around. Connor smells gas and gets spooked. He runs out the storm door just as Laurel heads into the basement. Then the house blows up. Connor runs away and the DA’s hired hand sees it.

How to Get Away With Murder, episode thirteen

Annalise goes back to her house, or what’s left of it anyway. She gets a call and meets with Nate. He says that the prosecutor is targeting him too. He tells her that he was at the house that night.

Wes talks to Nate, says that he’s in on it. Nate tells him to take the deal, that Annalise only looks out for number one. Wes says that’s not true. She’s always looked out for him.

Someone calls Nate and asks where Wes is. He says he doesn’t know.

Nate feels guilty and tells Annalise as much. She tells him that they will figure it out. Annalise meets with the kids. She wants to make a plan but Laurel fights with her. She doesn’t want to act like a victim. She wants answers.

Connor wants Oliver to hack the copy of Annalise’s phone. Oliver doesn’t want to find out too much but Connor pushes. He says that she could be responsible for Wes’ “horrible, horrible death” so Oliver relents.

Frank goes over the case with Bonnie. She tells him he should rehire a lawyer and he gets mad. She insinuates that he is guilty and he says he’s innocent.

After laying around, Annalise gets active. She writes a letter to the state about the conspiracy against her. Meanwhile, Laurel hires a private investigator. Annalise takes the letter to the state. She wants a grand jury and will do what it takes to get it. Bonnie meets with the DA to say the same thing.

Connor, Asher and Michaela are back to school. The former two discuss possibly getting deals from the police. Michaela just wants to do work. She gets a call from Annalise and goes out to meet her. Annalise wants to know if there’s anyone she should be worried about. Michaela says there’s not because she’s been cleaning up the mess.

Nate gets called in to talk to the state. After, he gets mad and calls Annalise to yell at her. Bonnie suggests pulling the complaint. She says no. She needs to talk to Oliver so she heads over there. She talks to him. She wants to know if they are still good. She needs a favor. They leak a story about Wes’ body.

Michaela and Asher go to see Laurel. She’s cagey and won’t let them in but Michaela pushes her way in and finds the PI. He leaves and Laurel admits to hiring him. She also says that the Mahoneys knew Wes was their brother. That’s why they killed him.

The phone rings. It’s the president of the university for Annalise. She wants to help, offers a place to stay or anything like that. Annalise gets off the phone quick and goes to find everyone else waiting. Laurel gives the PI information and Annalise gets mad that she won’t leave well enough alone. She thinks they should do whatever they can to stay safe. Laurel says that Wes deserves better and leaves.

Annalise is taking prescription pills in the bathroom. She walks out and talks to Asher, tells him not to worry about her. He relays the conversation to Michaela who calls him a blind fool. He has a theory. Connor. She tells him not to do that.

Connor and Oliver talk about the situation. Connor thinks that she is playing them but Oliver is sympathetic. He slips that Annalise asked him to leak the story and Connor gets mad. Oliver asks about the night of the fire and Connor is quick to change the subject.

Bonnie visits Laurel. They talk about Annalise and then Bonnie offers to set up an abortion appointment. Laurel tells her she’s just as bad as Annalise.

Another call from the prison. This time Annalise answers. It’s Frank and though he knows it’s her, he pretends it is Bonnie and offers to help the case in any way he can.

Then Annalise gets a call on her cell. There will be no grand jury because she leaked the story about the body. And if she doesn’t stop, they will seek the death penalty.

Morning comes. Annalise stares at the cough syrup in the medicine cabinet. Then she meets with the university president. They talk for a few minutes before Annalise pieces it together. She’s a spy for the prosecutor.

She goes home and tells Bonnie. Conversation turns to setting up Nate. Annalise says no dice. They head to court. Frank wants to subpoena the DA’s records to show tampering with evidence. There is a back and forth but the judge grants it.

She gets suspended and Nate tells Annalise. She wants to know if they found the body. Then she goes to Laurel’s place. She tells her that Wes was cremated. Bonnie tells the others. This is bad for the case, and bad for Wes. Asher confronts Connor about being a source for the prosecution.

Laurel is still pissed. She thinks she was right and she needs Annalise to step it up and lead them all. Annalise says she doesn’t know how to feel but wants to get justice.

Connor and Asher fight. He says it wasn’t him and that Annalise has been acting sketch. He says that he will have proof soon because Oliver is hacking the cell phone files. Then he goes home and finds Oliver pissed at him. He knows that Connor lied. He checked his voicemail and was at the house before the fire.


Inside the house, Connor is doing chest compressions on a dead Wes.

It’s not Connor. It’s not the Mahoneys. Maybe Bonnie? Or Annalise? I don’t think it is Michaela because that makes no sense and I just don’t think Asher is motivated enough. The whole thing is nuts. I don’t know why it would be anyone but the Mahoneys.