Big Little Lies, episode two

Jane is on the beach alone in a dress. Madeline is watching the ocean from her kitchen. Her daughter creeps up behind her and talks to her. Madeline explains that she’s watching the big unknown. Jane is trying to get Ziggy to go to school. Madeline is fighting with someone on the phone about the upcoming production of Avenue Q.

Celeste and Perry are taking the boys to school. He apologizes for the way he acted the night before. She suggests going to another counselor. He gets mad when they get to school and he finds out he won’t be able to meet the teacher.

At school, Madeline invites Jane to yoga but she can’t go. She has a job interview. The parents are still being interviewed by the police. Renata causes some trouble handing out party invitations. At yoga, Madeline is trying to get Celeste to come out of retirement to represent the theater. Bonnie and Nathan are also in yoga class. Unbelievable.

The teacher explains first grade projects and responsibilities to the class. Celeste talks to Perry about the first day of school. He smacks her and shoves her. She yelps in pain and he snaps out of it, apologizing. She tries to move away but he restrains her and then forces himself on her.

Madeline and Jane pick up the kids from school. They said they had a good day. They talk about Renata handing out invitations to her daughter’s birthday party, to everyone but Ziggy. Madeline complains about it to Ed at dinner. He tries to stay levelheaded but the argument turns to Nathan and Bonnie, a point of contention in their relationship. Ed gets angry. He tells her he is not anyone’s runner up.

Celeste talks to her kids and they want to hang out with Ziggy. She tells them they have to check with their father. Madeline calls to complain about her fight with Ed. Jane is at the cafe talking to Tom. He gives her business advice. The police are still looking for leads.

Madeline and Celeste are out for drinks so the former can vent about Ed. The subject turns to Nathan but Madeline shuts it down. She turns the tables and Celeste mentions that most of her fights with Perry lead to sex. They get interrupted by Renata trying to get them to come to a VA fundraiser. Madeline brings up the birthday party and words are exchanged. “The war is on.”

Ed tells Madeline that their daughter Chloe shouldn’t be used as a pawn in Madeline’s fight with Renata, or anyone else. Celeste gets home. Perry sent her flowers and a card. The twins are in her bed and want to stay there for the night. They miss their father.

The next morning Jane tells Madeline that she doesn’t want to stir up any trouble with the birthday party. Madeline cuts the conversation short though when she sees her older daughter fumbling with birth control pills. She got them at Planned Parenthood. Bonnie took her. Madeline confronts her and then mentions it at the cafe to Celeste and Jane. It’s also mentioned that Tom is gay.

Nathan and Ed meet and talk about Bonnie and Madeline. It turns into something of a macho contest. Madeline goes to work She wants to win. She’s not changing the play. Jane gets called to the school. There was a situation with Renata’s daughter, Ziggy, Bonnie’s daughter and Madeline’s daughter.

Jane breaks down crying. Madeline tries to explain that making little boys and girls kiss is inappropriate. Celeste is getting ready for bed when Perry video calls her. Renata doesn’t know what to do. She doesn’t want to switch her daughter’s school. Jane talks to Ziggy. He overheard someone call him a monster. Jane tells him he’s not.

Madeline talks to her older daughter about sex. She then heads downstairs and finds out from Ed about his talk with Nathan. Celeste and Perry have videochat sex.

I don’t love this show. I like it and the episodes go quick but I mostly watch it for the interactions between Madeline, Jane and Celeste or any variation of that. I get that you need the other plots to flesh out the story but at this point they are still pretty boring. Ed isn’t bad either.

Big Little Lies is new Sundays at 9 p.m.


Supergirl, episode fourteen

Mon-el wakes up naked and alone in Kara’s bed. She had jet off to get them coffee. They are happy and kissy but she wants to keep it quiet for now. He blatantly disregards that as they walk into the DEO and he announces it to everyone. J’onn tells them to go to HR and Alex stands by laughing. Before Kara can walk away though Winn announces Cadmus activity. Supergirl and J’onn stop the convoy and save Jeremiah. They bring him back to headquarters and Alex is ecstatic to see him. She evaluates him while he explains the last 15 or so years of his life. Mon-el naturally runs in “as soon as he hears.” Also, Cadmus is doing things.

Winn breaks down the science tip about Cadmus and Jeremiah gives him advice on how to trace their new weapon. Eliza walks in and has a big reunion with her long lost husband. Mon-el mentions to Kara that something seems off but she doesn’t listen.

Family dinner has Kara and Alex setting the table when there’s a knock on the door. It’s Maggie. Alex comes out to her dad and he “flatters” Maggie. Mon-el also turns up. Jeremiah talks about all his years spent dreaming of his happy family and Eliza talks about learning each other again.

J’onn turns up and they talk about coming home. Jeremiah says that he wants to join the DEO. Everyone embraces it, except Mon-el. He thinks the whole thing seems fishy but no one listens. Kara pulls him aside to call him on his complete disregard for her wishes and overall lack of respect. She tells him to leave and Jeremiah walks him out. In the hall, he tells Mon-el that he knows who he really is and that Kara might not like it.

Mon-el meets up with Winn at the bar to express his concerns about Jeremiah. He explains his suspicions and Winn agrees to keep an eye out, in exchange for a favor. He wants Mon-el to promise to be good to Kara. Winn’s new alien girlfriend stops by to say hello.

J’onn gives Jeremiah a tour of the DEO and talks about his daughters. They go their separate ways and Jeremiah immediately starts fiddling with the mainframe. Winn sees and reports back to Mon-el. They confront Kara who during a meeting mentions it to Jeremiah. He plays it off like he’s trying to catch up on their lives.

Alex and Kara fight about trusting Jeremiah and Kara automatically taking Mon-el’s side. Alex tells Kara to act like part of the family. Winn and Mon-el talk in the bar about his relationship with Kara. The alert goes off. Winn found the bomb.

The DEO moves in on the location but the warehouse is empty. Alex uses her radio to reach out to J’onn and Jeremiah but the latter ignores her. He heads to the mainframe to mess with the files. He’s a cyborg. He fights J’onn and knocks out Winn. He’s working for Cadmus. Alex, Kara and the other agents in the field head back.

J’onn and Winn are in the med bay. Alex doesn’t want to believe Jeremiah did this. J’onn explains that he’s enhanced. Alex says that Cadmus will pay. They need to find him. Winn happens to have set up a tracker. Jeremiah reports back to Hank Henshaw and Lillian Luthor but before they get away Alex and Supergirl show up.

The bad guy team blows out a train bridge so Kara goes to fix that while Alex chases the others. Kara saves the train and Alex confronts her father. He tells her that he did it for her. She wants to bring him in but he says not alive. She lines up the shot and yells at him. He tells her that she is the best part of him. She can’t do it. He runs while she cries alone in the woods.

J’onn wants to move forward, find out what they are up against. Alex talks to her mother. Maggie comes to Alex’s apartment and holds her while she cries. Mon-el finally tells Kara he’s listening. Kara’s phone rings. Winn found out what Jeremiah stole. The alien registry. Cadmus now has a list of all the aliens in the country, and a machine to get rid of them.

Why is Mon-el the one noticing all this stuff? And why is Kara still dating him when she clearly sees all of the terrible character traits he displays and is unapologetic about? Maggie is a detective. She should be the one noticing that Jeremiah seems off. She should also get more than 30 seconds of consoling Alex, considering plywood get like three minutes to talk to Kara after he said he wasn’t going to talk. Mon-el is bullshit and I don’t want to watch him. Also, where was James?

Supergirl is new Mondays at 8 p.m.

Chicago PD, episode fifteen

Ruzek heads into the district and goes to talk to Voight. He finds out that he’s going back to patrol.

Erin goes to meet with a guy she’s known for years. Turns out he knows someone that wants to hire a hitman. She calls Olinsky in. Her friend wants to trade murder for hire to get his kid brother out of the possession charges he faces. They agree.

Olinsky makes contact with the guy at a hotel. Turns out his daughter was murdered and the killer walked. He wants the killer dead. Voight and Halstead listen in from the street.
The unit meets. They need to find out more information on the daughter’s murder so they head out to do that. Atwater asks about Ruzek and Voight says that he is “back at 21.” Erin talks to Platt about getting the brother out of jail. It doesn’t seem possible. Olinsky meets with the father again. He’s going to string him along as long as he can.

Halstead and Atwater go to find out about the daughter’s case. They left the gang unit know they are going to take a crack at the case. Rixton and Burgess talk to the man that was acquitted. He gives them more info than he gave gangs.

The unit searches an El stop that came from that interview. Burgess and Rixton talk about Ruzel. Erin finds a gun. They find out that its the murder weapon and match up who probably sold it. They head to the smoke shop that the gun was sold out of.

Halstead arrests the guy that allegedly sold the gun and they confiscate a crate of guns too. Turns out they were stolen from the ATF. It doesn’t add up. Voight questions the guy until his handler turns up. He’s an undercover fed. They argue. Voight gets access to all the federal files.

Ruzek turns up at the district. Platt tells him that he’s not at 21 anymore. He has to go to 27. She tells him to keep his head down and work his way back. Olinsky meets with the father. He reminisces about his daughter. Seems a little hesitant now.

There’s another lead. The team is rolling out and Halstead actually gets to drive. Voight and Atwater question someone that turned up from the fed files. They get back to the district and the state’s attorney is there to talk to Voight about the case against the father.
He wants him arrested. They stage the hit so that they can bust him when he pays for it.

Rixton and Burgess update on the daughter’s murder. It might’ve been gang warfare. They bring in a guy that went on a date with her that night. He’s out of the life but he ain’t a snitch.

They track the gang angle and find out that it was a drive by and the girl was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. They go to make the bust and end up involved in a shootout. The gang leader is killed.

Olinsky busts the dad. Erin talks to her friend. He’s a sore winner. Rixton talks to Ruzek. He worked with his father. He talks about what it was like to work with him and that he knows what its like to be booted from a unit that you like. He’ll clear out of Intelligence. Olinsky meets with his daughter. He just wants to see her.

The state’s attorney comes in to Molly’s. He talks to Olinsky about a racist case he had to deal with. He apologizes for the way he was in Voight’s office earlier.

I was just starting to like Rixton. It’s a shame to see him go. I kind of miss having someone working patrol cause we don’t get as much Platt now which is a bummer. I’m glad that they keep the whole Halstead wants to drive joke running. I feel bad for Olinsky.

Chicago PD is new Wednesdays at 10 p.m.

Quantico, episode thirteen

Doyle and Leon help Sebastian into the medic tent. Ryan is being vetted and he is fed up. Lydia and Alex confirm him and talk about what needs to be done. He’s not interested. Let the FBI and NYPD handle it is his plan but Lydia wants to avoid chaos so they have to do it.

Shelby is giving orders from the command center. Nimah and Miranda come in. They tell Shelby to arrest them.

Owen and Alex are at the site of the explosion. The explosion proved that there is a real threat. Regardless of Lydia’s involvement, they have to be ready for what comes next. No matter what. Back at the farm Ryan is trying to call Alex, Sebastian is trying to break into Doyle’s computer. Doyle is on the phone with someone back home. He talks about the NSA file.

Alex tells Ryan about the surveillance and he tells her that his op is over and his mission is being wrapped. It’s time for class. While they are receiving instruction, two FBI agents come in to talk to Owen. The man that died in the explosion is a former recruit.

Leon doesn’t trust Lydia so he doesn’t want to help search. Ryan trusts her and says as much. Alex just wants to make sure the drives don’t end up in the wrong hands. They break up into pairs to look around.

Miranda and Nimah are being questioned by Shelby. Nimah tries to defend their actions but Shelby isn’t having it.

The recruits are learning about emergency action plans. How to get out alive if they are exposed. How to cover themselves and contact their assets. They are pulled out to talk about Jeremy Miller, the recruit that died in the explosion. Owen tells Alex that he’s done. Lydia is sanctioned.

The agents question Alex and she does her best to deflect. Doyle gets a call from his handler. He wants to leave the farm but she tells him that she’s not pulling him out.
The recruits are cleared but the agents think Owen is involved. They ask about the NSA mission and Lydia’s involvement.

Ryan tells Alex that they are moving on in their search. She and Lydia are too. Lydia tells Alex that she was right all along and that she should feel vindicated. Alex is pissed though. They look up and see Will and Dayana. They follow.

Doyle talks to Owen about taking down his dead lover’s father and Owen talks about Lydia. Alex and Dayana talk about their farm homework. Ryan interrupts and Dayana walks away. He tells Alex that Miranda is letting him stay on to finish the program and she’s happy.

Doyle confronts Sebastian and they fight again. Then Doyle gathers all the recruits. They are going to drink and read their wills aloud.

Alex gets a call from Shelby. Owen is taking the fall for the bug at the NSA. Doyle is freaking out. He admits he is MI6 and is spying on them for that agency.

Owen and Lydia talk. She’s perfect and he had nothing to do with it. Doyle is all packed up and talks to Sebastian. He gave him the way out he needed. Doyle leaves.

Outside, Owen is headed into custody. Alex goes and apologizes but he tells her to stop talking. He gets cuffed and put into the car. Lydia turns to Alex and basically says that it is her fault and gives her an hour to pack and get lost.

Miranda finally starts talking. A month after he faked his death, Jeremy reached out and confirmed that the AIC existed. He was recruited after he left the farm. He went to the instructors at the farm who put him in touch with Miranda. The first lady was involved.
Alex tracks down Will and Dayana. They are going to destroy the drives. They ask about Lydia and Dayana admits that she’s her boss. Then Alex gets shot. It was Lydia. She tells Alex that she’s too late and can’t stop what’s coming. They fight.

Lydia already has a drive uploading and Will tries to stop it but he can’t. The hostage situation is being covered up.

Ryan and Alex meet to talk about what happened. He tells her she could have escaped and she tells him that she couldn’t. They agree to break up and “see” about someday. They awkwardly part ways.

Shelby and Alex are at the White House. Ryan, Dayana and Nimah walk in. They were summoned by President Claire Hoss. She comes in and talks about the drives. She’s putting together a task force to fight the people after the drives. They are the only ones that can stop them. Alex agrees and asks who they will report to. Her son. Cause he’s around again.

This was a pretty good episode. I’m glad Alex was right. I felt bad for Doyle though. Sebastian sucks. Caleb is back now? That’s pretty cool.

Quantico is on Mondays at 10 p.m.

Chicago Fire, episode fourteen

The former 51 firefighters report to their new posts, some together some not. Kidd is back to where she started but at least Sylvie is there now.

Gabby, Matt and Severide are getting ready to start shift at 51. Boden walks up and Casey tells him they have to fix this. The alarm goes off and they head out. Squad has a change of address and Severide talks to Cruz in the call center to confirm.

The call is at the Marina Towers. There’s a man dangling on the outside above the river. He was hit by a car. The rescue is made but its a rough call because no one is used to each other.

Kidd and Sylvie are talking about the way things are at their new house when they hear the candidate, a female, getting ripped apart. They go over to stop the rant but it breaks up before they get there. Otis is telling war stories at his new house.

Dawson is in the ambo with Chout. He tries to ask her out again but she tells him she’s married. All the 51 vehicles get to the refill station and run into Mouch and Herrmann who complain about their new station. Casey tells him they are working on it.

Boden is meeting with the commissioner but Anderson interrupts and tells him that this is how things have worked for 150 years and its not changing. Boden reports back to Severide, Dawson and Casey that this seems to be permanent so they better get used to their new teams.

They go outside and run drills. All the new house members are floaters. Otis is still talking about the good ole days and Boden is told to give it six months or a year and then try again.
The captain is getting nasty with the candidate again and Kidd steps in. He turns and yells at her instead. He’s glad she’s back and for as long as she’s there he is going to make her life hell. She has to do chores.

Sylvie, Dawson and Kidd are out at Molly’s talking about the new situation. Missy, the candidate, comes in. Kidd takes her under her wing. Herrmann makes a speech about sticking it out but it falls flat.

Next shift, Otis is still telling stories. Herrmann and Mouch go to 51 and complain to Boden but he yells at them and tells them to get used to it. Dawson hides in Casey’s office from Chout. She needs a few minutes of peace but alas, the alarm goes off and he finds her. They get to a restaurant and get in trouble for walking through the lunch rush to get to the kitchen. There was an accident. Dude’s hand is chopped off.

The manager tries to rush things and then tells them to go out the back. Dawson doesn’t play like that though. She walks through the restaurant with fingers on ice. Candidate Missy is going to put in her notice next shit. Brett and Kidd try to stop her but she isn’t listening.

Otis tells the new house about something that was squad as though it was him. They call him on it and then have little use for his stories. Casey and Severide go to Boden’s office. Severide has a call in to his father to dig up dirt on Anderson. A call comes in for a hotel fire. Multiple trucks report and Boden handles the assignments.

All of the former 51ers are turning up, whether assigned or not, to help. Otis goes in to help while the rest of his house waits outside. Missy save the captain. Boden goes in too and saves someone. Otis clears the way. All of 51 is waiting to help out when he gets outside.

Missy isn’t going to quit after all. She wants to chase the rush and even if the captain doesn’t commend her, the rest of the house does. The man Boden rescued comes to thank him. Turns out he’s deputy mayor and Boden asks a favor.

Boden goes to see Anderson who tells him it’s not over. 51 is restored with the normal crew. They start shift. Severide calls Anna. Chicago is home. He wants to be with her but he has to stay here.

I feel like they should have dragged this out a bit more. Having the whole new house issue resolved so quickly was kind of lame. And why can’t Missy come to 51. Aren’t they down someone on truck anyway?

Chicago Fire is new Tuesdays at 10 p.m.

This is Us, episode sixteen

There is a couple spending time together. She’s pregnant and he’s about to be deployed. Time passes. She gets the dreaded knock on the door. Her husband isn’t making it home. She tells her son, William, that it’s just them now.

Randall and Beth are meeting with a psychatrist. He wants to take a road trip to Memphis with his terminally ill father. Beth is opposed to the idea but they end up going anyway.

William flashes back to the day his mother took a bus to take care of her mother. It’s time for him to spread his wings.

As they cruise along, Randall and William talk about his anxiety attack and how he has always been too put together. That’s what caused the attacks but his father, Jack, helped him. William asks about Jack and Randall tells him that he was larger than life. They go to the tree where his ashes were spread so that William can pay his respects.

Young William is in a band with his cousin. He exchanges letters with his mother. His grandmother died but his mother is going to stick around Memphis for a bit. That bit turns into a lot longer. The band is doing well though. William is writing the songs. His cousin parties a bit but William does not.

At the motel, Randall makes the bed and William gets a slow start to the day. The head into Memphis and William shows him around. They go to the house William grew up in and collect his childhood treasure hidden in the fireplace. They eat and get haircuts. They head into the bar he frequented when he was younger.

William has to go take car of his mom. He tells his cousin and he understands. Family first. William promises new songs when he gets back.

They walk into the bar and William’s cousin is there. He tells William to get out. He never came back.

William gets to his mother’s place. She didn’t want him coming but he had to. It won’t be long, she tells him. She points out the bus stop and knows how much he likes the bus. He meets a woman on the bus. They spend time together and take care of his mother.

The cousin forgives him and they play again. Randall meets all these cousins and Beth calls. He’s a little drunk but he sounds good and more importantly he feels good. He misses her though. The next morning when Randall goes to wake William he is in a bad way. Plans cancelled. It’s time to go to the hospital.

Randall talks to the doctor. He can’t believe that William is in such bad shape after being so good the night before. He wants to head back to Jersey and mentions it but the doctor is blunt. William has hours, not days, not months. He isn’t leaving the hospital. Randall sits with him. William wakes up and Randall says that he knows that William knew this was it.

They talk. William tells Randall how important he is and how much he loves him. He keeps getting worse and has trouble breathing. Randall helps him stay calm. Flashbacks to William’s life and their time together. Randall drives home, alone, with the things William gave him.

I did not see that coming. I really thought it would be like in the finale parallel to Jack dying. Oh man. He was having a blast too. I’m so upset about this. You knew it was coming but still. Like a gut punch. I really liked the episode though and that they got to bond. It’s a shame to see William go but at least we learned a little more about him beforehand.

This is Us is new Tuesdays at 9 p.m.

Timeless, episode sixteen

Flynn is quietly making his way through a house, while armed. He’s looking for… monsters. And the coast is clear he happily reports back to his wife and daughter. It’s all smiles until he startles awake, alone. Emma comes in with an update. Two more men walked out on the mission.

Wyatt and Lucy get back with a severely injured Rufus. They can’t take him to a hospital. They have to call someone. That someone ends up being Lucy’s maybe fiance Noah. He patches Rufus up and then they fight. When Lucy turns back Christopher and Jiya are there. Flynn just jumped to 1954 DC but with Rufus hurt they can’t give chase. They argue amongst themselves about what to do before they are left with no choice. Rittenhouse is at the warehouse. They all need to get into the ship and go.

Christopher creates a diversion while the rest take off. They try and figure out where Flynn could be going and come up with a guess. As they are about to leave, Jiya points out their complete lack of disguise.

Flynn is meeting with Senator Joe McCarthy (Spencer Garrett). He’s a card carrying Rittenhouse member and has the information Flynn wants. In exchange for the identity of two spies. For the address to the meeting, Flynn hands over photos of Lucy and Wyatt.

Outside, in more appropriate clothes, Wyatt comments on liking the 50s. Lucy is not a fan but that doesn’t matter as both are stopped and accused of being Commie spies.

Jiya and Rufus talk and kill time in the warehouse with the ship. He notices that her eye is really red. She says its just bloodshot but he’s worried it’s because they had too many people in the ship.

Lucy is waiting alone when Flynn walks in. He tells her he is going to take down Rittenhouse that night and that probably won’t reflect well on her. She thinks that he is telling her this so that she will talk him out of it. She tells him that she feels bad for him. She used to think he was a monster but now she just thinks he is sad. She says they will help him but not like this. He tells her there is no other way.

Wyatt is being questioned by McCarthy. They go back and forth and when McCarthy tells the guards to rough him up, Wyatt fights back. He escapes with Lucy which is good but now they don’t know how to track down the summit, which is bad. Lucy’s grandfather was a White House aide. That might be their best shot.

Christopher is in federal custody. Mason shows up to free her. He needs her help. They are going to kill Rufus. He knows he is terrible but wants to protect Rufus.

Lucy and Wyatt follow her grandfather but its not to the summit. They track him to a gay bar. Rufus is freaking out but Jiya tries to calm him down, right before she passes out.
They approach her grandfather. They basically blackmail him into taking them to the Rittenhouse summit.

Rufus talks to an unconscious Jiya. She starts to seize. He freaked out.

Wyatt, Lucy and her grandfather ride to where Rittenhouse is. They talk about his gay impulses (which the two modern day people assure him are natural) and about how terrible Rittenhouse is. They get there and find Flynn. Lucy starts to talk to him, despite Wyatt telling her to stay back.

Flynn tells her he prayed and this is what God told him to do. She talks him off the ledge and they head back to the ship. Rufus is ready to leave with Jiya and they tell her grandfather the truth. Lucy sends them back with Jiya. She will ride with Flynn. Wyatt is hesitant but Lucy asks him to trust her.

She tells her grandfather to protect her father from doing things in the name of Rittenhouse. He agrees. In the present day, she goes to visit her grandfather in a home. He kept a record of Rittenhouse like she asked. She and Wyatt look over the artifacts he saved. Christopher and Mason turn up to go through things as well.

Rufus visits with Jiya in the hospital. They exchange “I love you”s and then kiss. She starts to seize again but its not a normal seizure. Something glitches.

Christopher goes into Mason Industries and gets the Rittenhouse agents arrested. Lucy meets with Flynn. She gives him information about how to get his family back. He implies that they meet again in the future. Christopher thanks Lucy and Wyatt for what they’ve done. She is allowing one more trip to get Lucy’s sister back.

Wyatt and Lucy talk about what comes next and she thanks him. They hug it out. He tells her he isn’t rushing out though. He’s going to help get her sister back. She will be back in an hour. She goes to see her mother. She tells her about the missions and about how she wants to go save her sister but in doing so her mother might end up very sick.

Her mother tells her not to worry. Rittenhouse won’t let her end up sick because of some girl no one cares about. Her family is from a long line of Rittenhouse. Right now they are moving in on the mothership to take control of the past, present and future. There are dead agents everywhere and Emma is seen boarding the ship.

What the hell is up with Jiya? Is there another season of this show? There should be. And her mother knew all along? That’s mildly disappointing. Will they let her go back to talk to Wyatt or will he have to rescue her? So many unanswered questions.