iZombie, episode eleven

Isobel checks in with her mom while in their respective bedrooms, Liv and Peyton talk to their boyfriends. Isobel gets nosebleed and plays dead. It scares everyone else but there’s really nothing they can do outside of take her to a hospital which she isn’t interested in doing. Liv and Ravi are discussing it at the morgue when Clive comes in with a case. A man was killed by blunt force trauma after mocking a female coworker at an office party.

Donnie is setting up film equipment to broadcast Angus beyond the walls of the church. Angus’ interest is piqued. Dale is in her office watching the dash cam video of Liv beating a guy with a fish. She listens to the audio and hears Clive talk about wanting kids. Clive and Liv bring in the female coworker to talk about the victim. He was a germophobe. Liv gets a vision and they get a new suspect as a result.

Peyton and Ravi have dinner with her parents. Peyton’s dad takes a few jabs at Ravi who defends himself. Peyton is happy about it. Donnie uploads his video of Angus. At the dinner, Peyton’s upcoming trip to DC is mentioned. Her parents tell her not to come back. It’s too dangerous and Ravi agrees. Clive goes to see Dale and she breaks up with him. She tells him that she met someone but it seems more like she’s letting him go so he can have what he wants.

Clive and Liv talk to their new suspect, a bar patron that had a bit of a scuffle with the victim. They maybe get a new lead. Ravi finds Isobel playing dead again. He tells her to stop doing that because it upsets him. She isn’t dead yet and he’s going to work to stop it from happening. At Fillmore Graves, they spot the Angus video. So do Ravi and Liv. No one is happy with it. Peyton has to head out to DC but she will be back.

Liv finds Isobel playing dead again. Isobel wants her to eat her brain when the time comes. She doesn’t want to be mush. Liv and Clive question the husband of the women the victim was mocking. He admits to punching him in the head. It’s basically a confession. Liv has bigger fish to fry. Another coyote has been caught and she impersonates Peyton to get her back. Major has problems of his own. He’s still undercover trying to get into the blackmail brain business.

The gang leaders feed him brains that are basically a truth serum. He talks about how he’s undercover and that the unit is taking the mobsters in. Clive spends some time with Michele. As he gets ready to leave, she wants more time and he climbs back into bed. The person Liv was smuggling in? Isobel’s mother. They are happily reunited. Graves wants to celebrate Major’s accomplishment. As the company starts to feast, Major’s team comes in. There was an incident.

One of the guy’s they had in custody got away. Graves shoots the girl in the gut so the boy shoots Graves in the neck. Graves returns fire and takes the boy out. Angus is preaching again and a human comes in to shoot him. He misses and the zombies eat him alive. Ravi goes to Liv’s to pick up Isobel. It’s too late. She died.

Ravi takes it rough. He talks to her and when he has her at the morgue he notes that he didn’t get to say goodbye. Levon has something for Liv and Ravi to watch. It’s a video of Isobel saying goodbye to them.

You had to see it coming. I mean not even the whole she is sick and going to die anyway thing but the playing dead through the whole episode. You had to know she wouldn’t last the hour. It’s a shame though, both for Ravi’s research and because Isobel was an interesting character. I like that Donnie gets to do important things now like record Angus.


iZombie, episode ten

Major spends most of his time at work getting razed for helping Chase. Isobel is sticking around in Seattle and Ravi talks to her mother by phone about protecting her. He’s going to study her. Dale goes to see Blaine and question him about the mayor’s murder. He denies it but she ate his brain and has visions of his murder as a result. She knows it’s Blaine and his guys.

Liv is still running the smuggling business. Isobel is helping when she’s not being prodded by Ravi. In the evenings, Liv, Levon, Iseobel and Ravi binge teen zombie dramas. Benedetto fights with the LT before heading in to confession. He gets killed while inside. Ravi gets the body. Clive is handling the case. Liv will eat the brain. Dale talks to one of the techs about getting more information on the cure. It’ll be a while but he knows it was a genius.

Donnie is being an ass. Blaine eats with Angus and they talk about growing the church. Liv and Clive go on a stakeout. He opens up about his feelings for Michelle but Liv doesn’t care. She gets out of the care and he watches a dog video Michelle sent him. He gets startled by something hitting the car. It’s Liv. She’s chasing their suspect and beating him with a fish. Back at the station Dale is pissed and suspends Liv. That night during the binge, Isobel chats for a bit before Liv and Levon head to bed.

Isobel is upset but not just about dying. More about not ever having sex. Ravi tries to tell her it doesn’t matter but she sees through the lie. Clive went out in the field on his own and now they have another suspect to question. He’s got an alibi that checks out but Liv still harasses him. She also managed to set up some sort of Make-a-Wish for Isobel with one of the guys from her show. Ravi freaks out. Blaine attends services at Angus’ church.

He watches as Angus feeds his nanny to the masses. Ravi waits on the edge of his seat for Isobel to get home from her date. She thanks him for looking out for her when she does. Graves has one of the coyotes in custody. He wants to know who has been turning people and the guy blames Angus. Graves sends the inspector to look into that. Liv and Ravi are at the morgue when Levon comes running in. He knows the coyote was caught. They have to save him.

Ravi heard Major talking about extra guard duty. They know what to do. Liv has Ravi alert the rest of the organization. Clive comes in with an exciting story about an arrest. Ravi isn’t as enthused as Liv would be and Clive leaves. With no other option, Liv turns the coyote. Major and his team report back to Graves and that’s when Major finds the tracker Liv planted on him. He confronts her and finds Levon there. The pieces add up. He knows she’s Renegade and thinks it’s ridiculous and that she will die because of it.

I didn’t like the Benedetto brain. I did like the Ravi and Isobel bit. He’s looking out for her. I also liked the camraderie with all the coyotes. Major is just awful. He needs to see that Graves is terrible and that saving people is the right thing to do. He needs to be punched.

iZombie, episode nine

Isobel calls her mom. No news. Peyton and Liv come in to tell her that they can get her back to Boise. She doesn’t think it’s worth it. They shouldn’t risk someone’s life so she can die in her own bed. She has a point. Liv is at work with Ravi going over the transport bus murders. They’ve got quite a bit of work today. Meanwhile, Blaine is up to no good and he wants Donnie to eat a brain to help him out.

While Ravi and Liv try and piece the dismembered bodies together, the inspector comes in with more. A human man and a zombie woman. They have to solve the case. The man was a rapper, part of a duo with his brother at one time but he had since gone solo. Clive brings in the brother for questioning. Liv is down to clown when she goes in to observe. The living brother wrote a diss track but it doesn’t prove anything. Afterward she is downstairs with Ravi laying raps.

He chimes in and it triggers a vision. She sees the killer. It’s one of the killers from the bus. He must’ve escaped and now he’s back up to his serial killing ways. Liv and Clive are heading to Blaine’s bar because that’s where her vision was. Before they can though, they get an alert that the city is on lockdown. Fillmore Graves is looking for the killer. While Liv heads off in search of a snack, Clive makes plans with two nerdy looking techs.

Donnie is doing his managerial duties while on the brain Blaine told him to eat. He figures out the plan. Blaine is going to turn the whole country zombie. He’s right. Blaine plans to auction off the cure on the dark web. Liv is laying dope beats when Peyton and Isobel come in. They were closer to there then home. Liv talks to the kid while Peyton keeps trying to track down the mayor.

Major is getting set for patrol when Graves comes in. They talk about his new best buddy and then the escaped convict. Major brings up Angus’ church and Graves is pissed that someone withheld information. He feels like he can only trust Major. As they get ready to head out, Ravi calls Major. He needs his briefcase from the house, for some nerd role play game. Donnie is setting up the auction. Liv is in the morgue when Major turns up.

They fight about the fact that he didn’t stop the execution of Renegade. He doesn’t care. Blaine snoops on some e-mails and ponders Ravi’s wavering zombie status. The dungeons and dragons game is in full swing. Michelle wants to join and Clive lets her. Major drops off Ravi’s briefcase with his game piece in it and mentions that Peyton is in the morgue. Ravi goes running and meets Isobel. Liv and Peyton have gone to get snacks but they get back just as Ravi gets a text. His character died.

As the game winds down Michelle points out that since they are in interrogation, the whole thing was recorded. Clive wants to delete it but she wants to post it online. They banter and then kiss. Major stops by Blaine’s bar to pick up a soldier that passed out there. He brings him back to the office and they discover he was knocked out and his ID was stolen. It was the killer. He was after zombies and now he has access to tons.

Major calls Graves to warn him but it’s too late. The killer is in his office with a shotgun. They argue and throw down. Graves wins. Back in the morgue, Ravi sends Isobel and Peyton away to talk to Liv. He wants her to scratch Isobel or he’ll do it himself. Liv admits that she already tried but Isobel is immune. Ravi wants to study her then. She might be the key to the cure. Isobel awkwardly overhears. Blaine has Donnie bring the mayor into his office. They give him the cure and he turns human. Then Blaine shoots him. They broadcast the whole thing online.

Isobel wants to be studied. That’s when Ravi finds out Liv has been running the railroad and that she is from Boise. She wants to die knowing her life had meaning. Major checks in with Graves. The killer is still there. Graves has Major scratch him. The body of the mayor is found shot in the park. Peyton is now acting mayor and Dale is taking the case.

This was interesting because there was no real case or investigation. The killer basically got himself caught. I’m glad that Ravi wanted to save Isobel too. I’m also glad she’s about being studied. Also, I know it was just a one off little bit part but I keep seeing like.. teenage Kara Danvers when I look at Isobel. I can’t get past it. I just don’t like Graves and as a result don’t like Major for being his puppet.

iZombie, episode eight

Liv and Peyton are tiptoeing around each other the next morning. Peyton vents about Major and what happened at Fillmore Graves. She can’t believe he lied like that. Liv asks her not to tell him about what she’s up to. Peyton won’t. She also wants in and Liv is not interested in putting her in danger. Peyton pushes and Liv tells her they need money before heading to work.

Peyton goes to see a prisoner that might know the whereabouts of a stash of cash. The victim is in medieval armor. He was a LARPer and now Liv is on the brain. She’s got an accent and talks like she is on a quest. They go to find the victim’s LARP group. They tell Clive and Liv that the victim left the group because he was a zombie. Clive tells them he was not. They leave with no real answers.

Blaine and Angus eat dinner together with the latter’s followers. Angus asks for more brains and Blaine wants to sleep on it. Ravi is doing the autopsy when Liv gets a call. It’s the next smuggled girl. She’s just anxious. Her coyote shows up. All is well. As Liv walks back to Ravi, Clive comes in with a lead on the zombie LARPers. They are going to see them that night. Major is at Blaine’s bar with the soldier that Graves told him to buddy up to.

Turns out the zombie LARP is more of a fight club. Also in attendance are Major and his buddy. Clive and Liv talk to the guy that’s running the show. He’s got a thunder dome running for money separate from the LARP. He tells them where to track down the other group. Clive gets a text from Dale. She’s out sleeping with someone else. The next morning he is mopey about it.

Donnie and Blaine are trying to figure out brains for the bar and security when a buddy turns up. He wants the prisoner that Peyton made a deal with because he wants the cash too. He expects Blaine to take out the whole transport. He doesn’t have the manpower for that… but Angus does. They go to him and offer him the brains as a solution.

Liv goes and changes the smuggled humans. The one she talked to isn’t there yet. Major tries to make plans with the other guy, Russ. He wants to know why Major talked to the cop, meaning Liv but Major plays dumb so Russ is willing to let him go earn some extra cash. The job is destroying a brain packaging operation. Clive and Liv go to see the LARP zombies.

They thought the victim was a zombie and by the time they realized he was human and the blow was fatal, it was too late. Clive tells them all they need to come down to the station. Angus’ followers stop the transport bus. They attack it. Two of the zombies bring the prisoner that Peyton talked to over to Blaine and his buddy. He tells them what he wants to know but it’s not enough.

Blaine is going to eat his brain to see what’s up. Liv tells Ravi to be chivalrous for Peyton. He does and when he’s in the armor it triggers a vision. It wasn’t an accident. They know who the killer is. One of the zombie LARPers killed the human for sleeping with his human wife. Blaine and his buddy go to get the money but it’s gone.

Peyton beat them to it. She goes with Liv to present it to Levon and the rest of the smuggling crowd. While they are there, the third smuggled human shows up. Liv tries to turn her by scratching on arm but it doesn’t work. She tries the other arm but still nothing. They don’t know what to do and the girl, Isobel, knows she’s going to die.

Why didn’t Major just say that Liv was his ex? That would have worked. Also I know he’s undercover but he’s really going full tilt with this guy. I really feel bad for Clive here and also totally love Peyton and Ravi together. Isobel will probably be back right? They wouldn’t just leave it like that.

iZombie, episode seven

Liv and the railroad folks talk about who to save and how they can do that. A man plays the roll of wingman for a less attractive guy. He ends up picking up the girl the other guy liked. They spend the night together and in the morning, she discovers that he’s dead. On the scene, Liv, Clive and Ravi piece together that he’s been poisoned. The guys also note that Liv is now dying her hair and tanning.

One of the Fillmore Graves goons gets tossed out of Blaine’s bar. He’s been there all night. Ravi needs some time to identify the poison so Liv eats some brain in the meantime. Donny has chopped off Blaine’s guard’s head and is talking to him. Clive and Liv question the one night stand. It’s not going anywhere and Ravi pulls them aside to talk. He knows where the poison was. In the womanizers condoms.

Graves tasks Major with finding out who from their organization has been selling brains on the black market. Clive and Liv bring in a string of women that have spent time with the victim. One is a zombie and triggers a vision of a Fillmore Graves soldier for Liv. They also get a lead from her. Liv and Levon are looking for Angus’ church. They want to know where he’s getting brains for those not in the system. He mentions the meal at Blaine’s restaurant.

Clive and Liv head over to see Graves about a suspect. Graves is no help. Back at the morgue, Clive is waiting for Ravi to wrap something up when Peyton comes in. She sees that he is on Tinder. Clive admits to his open relationship status and agrees to go out with Ravi. The evening is a bust. Liv goes to Levon’s but he won’t hook up with her while she is on this brain. Clive goes for the sure thing and hires a woman for the night.

Major gets an assignment. Go shut down the newspaper that was writing things against Fillmore Graves. Clive talks to Dale. She admits to going on dates but hasn’t slept with anyone. Now he feels like crap. He and Liv talk to their suspect but since he’s been frozen for a few weeks, they know it wasn’t him. Major and a team roll into the newsroom to shut it down. The reporters do not intend to go quietly and shots are fired.

Liv and Clive are going to have to go to zombie services to look into their new zombie suspect. Liv is happy to hear that. She hurries over to tell Levon. She can swipe what they need to make IDs themselves. They head to the office the next day at lunch. It takes some work but they find the file. It’s the new zombie they questioned earlier. They confront her and she admits it.

Peyton and the mayor go to Fillmore Graves to find out what happened with the newspaper. Graves maintains his stance and then Major lies about the circumstances. Peyton seems pissed. She goes home and finds Liv making fake zombie IDs.

I feel bad for Peyton. She always gets the short end of the stick here. This time she gets it two-fold. First Major sucks and then Liv puts her in a bind. There’s no upside. I also feel bad for Clive. He tries so hard and just can’t win.

iZombie, episode six

A theater director is on the phone arguing with a show writer about artistic license. She changed AIDS to the zombie virus and with the militarized borders to the city no one can stop her. The show goes on and the few folks in attendance love it. Peyton is identifying families of those killed in the bus crash. It’s an awful task.

Liv and Levon are making a documentary about Renegade’s operation. Liv wants to pick up where she left off but the rest of the group looks down on her with disdain. Clive makes movie night plans with Michelle, the new cop. Ravi and Liv talk about Renegade’s death until Peyton comes in and interrupts. She needs a win so she wants Liv to eat the brain of a bus victim to help find his missing dog.

Said victim was a heroin addict though so it’s no dice. She makes due with something else. Blaine is at the restaurant when a stray zombie comes asking for scraps. He doesn’t give them up. The next morning at breakfast, Ravi’s food is no good so Major shares some of his brains. It hits the spot and gives Ravi an idea.

He heads to the morgue and eats the heroin brains. Liv is on the brains of one of the musical cast members so she has music in her heart. There is a sexual harassment seminar at the station and that’s where Michelle finds out Clive and Dale have a thing. The withdrawal hits Ravi so Liv takes him home and leaves him in Major’s care.

She goes to see Levon and the others and finds out that they have an issue. There are some humans trapped in a shipping container with no railroad to get them out. After much brainstorming Liv gets an idea. She sets up a rendezvous to make moves. Major has work so he calls in Peyton to babysit Ravi. He’s already flown the coop though.

He’s at Blaine’s bar begging for heroin. Peyton comes in to save him and bring him home. Clive explains his open relationship to Michelle. She respects it but it’s not for her. She wants something real. He wishes her well and Dale sees the whole thing. Ravi is still a mess but he’s better. He has a vision about the dog.

Liv’s plan is to run a heist with costumes and accents to sneak into the marina and get the humans out of the shipping container. It actually works and they get away. As morning dawns, Liv catches up with them and Levon films her turning people. It’s evidence of a capital offense. It’s a happy ending though. Peyton gets one as well reuniting the family with the dog.

Afterward she goes to see Ravi. He’s human again and he kisses her. Blaine still thinks Angus is in the well and goes to feed him. He gets a call about a problem at the restaurant. He gets there to find Angus and his flock there and they aren’t budging. Angus demands one meal a week for the family and Blaine agrees to it. Levon visits Liv at the morgue. He brings her the list of people trying to get into the city. There’s 300 and she can pick three.

I really just like this show. It can be super political at times but overall it’s just fun and I like that. I love Ravi and Peyton together so I’m glad that happened. I’m glad there was a lot of Peyton and no Fillmore Graves. Good work.

iZombie, episode five

Peyton is at work dealing with zombie discrimination. She handles it like a pro and then takes steps to help the zombie in question get rations for his family. Major and Blaine’s crony are on road trip. It doesn’t seem to be much fun. At the morgue there are three zombies and a human that were found in the trunk of a car in the junkyard.

The human was a Canadian hockey goon so Liv is on hockey brain. As the road trip continues, Liv and Clive go to see the hockey team. They aren’t very forthcoming. Liv laces up some skates to play too. After the game she talks to the captain and he admits that he’s a zombie. He doesn’t have much more he feels like sharing.

Graves discusses the brain situation and optics with some high-ranking soldiers. They want Renegade killed in the square but he won’t do it. Major and Donny get to a hotel well outside the city with a human hostage and that’s when Major sees Donny going full rage mode on a gas station attendant on the news.

Liv is down a tooth from the hockey game and talking about replacing it while Ravi practices his slapshot. It triggers a vision. Blaine is the murdered. He’s brought in for questioning and Liv blows it. He gives nothing away. At the hotel, Major decides to nap while they wait for Donny’s smuggling contacts.

When he wakes up it’s been hours. Donny is asleep and the human is in the bathroom not breathing. Someone starts banging on the door and Major turns her into a zombie. Clive and Liv are still at it with Blaine. He mentions a laundromat and Liv puts the pieces together. The victim and his hockey buddy were guards for the good guy smugglers.

She realizes that Graves is behind all of it and his lawyers have called downtown. Peyton is at the station to set him free. That’s when word comes in that the zombie bus driver she helped earlier was still starving. He fell asleep at the wheel and crashed a bus. When he came to, he attacked and a nurse shot him in the head to stop him.

Major, Donny and their new zombie friend are shipped back to Blaine’s restaurant in crates with brains. The new zombie gets a welcome speech from Graves and then sent on her way. She tells Graves that her father will be pissed. Her father is their biggest opponent in Washington. On his way out Major talks to Graves about doing what he has to do.

Graves goes and gets Renegade from prison. He’s going to execute her. Liv and Ravi are talking about the pointlessness of finding criminals in this society when Peyton runs in with news about Renegade. Graves out her crimes while a crowd yells. Liv hurries to the front and starts to yell but Renegade shakes her head.

The guillotine falls. Many turn away. Liv is pissed, especially when she looks at Major standing by and guarding the proceedings. On her way out she sees the hockey zombie. She tells him to gather everyone from the smuggling ring that is left. They are going to pick up where it was left off.

Yeah Major just stood by and let it happen. That makes him awful. I felt very bad for Liv in this because of her hopelessness. I liked that there was some Peyton involvement and none of that Angus stuff.