iZombie, episode thirteen

The news is talking about the explosion. Liv, Ravi and Peyton are worried about Major. He gets home and tells them what happened. He brings Liv’s boyfriend with him. She tells him that she slept with Graves and he breaks up with her.

Donnie and Blaine watch choreography in the bar after that sort of brain is soaked in the blue stuff.

At the morgue, Clive comes by to explain how everything can be traced back to Graves. There are a few variables in his theory though, which Liv quickly clears up because she saw stuff firsthand.

Blaine tries to sell zombie services to Graves. He wants to supply the brains to the unit but Graves says no. Then Major comes in. He wants to be made back into a zombie. Graves explains that it’s time to reveal themselves to the humans. Major still wants in.

Liv and Clive decide to steal Graves’ dog but end up getting caught. They talk to Graves and nothing is really accomplished.

The mayor, Ravi and a CDC lady meet to talk about the flu. She tells him that they need to start vaccinating the city. Ravi, Liv and Clive talk about the vaccine and then she has a vision. A Fillmore-Graves employee, the mother of the little girl on the flight, killed Katty.

Graves calls the woman in to touch base and tells her that he’s onto her. They discuss the Zombie Island plan and then she tells him he’s a coward. He orders the guards to take her but they are on her team. He kills them and then her. Clive and Liv show up and he offers to handle the whole thing in house.

Vaccinations become available. Clive gets to work and ends up roped up in another case. Tanner is claiming to be his CI. He proves that zombies exist.

Ravi is at work in the lab. He gets a lead on how to remake the cure. Liv has a vision with the two kids in it. She follows up on it and finds the house empty but reads some texts on a cell phone. They are about the city and Liv thinks it must be a threat to the vaccines. She calls Peyton to find out where they are being stored.

She gets caught by one of the teens and they talk about her getting turned. Then the other teen sneaks up and attacks. They fight her because she’s on the human’s side. She goes to the school where the vaccines are and finds that Fillmore-Graves are the bad guys.

Clive is in line for the vaccine when Liv calls. She tells him that all of the people that get the vaccine will be turned into zombies. He tries to save the woman he’s dating but it’s too late.

The news anchor that was part of the dominatrix case is having weird cravings. Liv shows up and calls him on it before giving him a packet of brain mush. Then she tells him to announce it during the broadcast.

He does and panic ensues. Graves shows up at the station. He wants them to air his video. The manager says no so Graves shoots him and they run the video. It’s him explains that Seattle is now a zombie city and that the rest of the country will provide brains.

When the video ends, Liv yells at him. He tells her he wasn’t responsible for this but he’s got to make the best of what he’s got.

Ravi is in the morgue when Liv rolls in. He tells her that he might have actually made a zombie vaccine. He wants to test it on himself so he asks Liv to scratch him. She’s hesitant but he convinces her.

I don’t want Ravi to be a zombie. I like him as the human ambassador. I’m also really surprised that they went public with the zombies so quickly. I thought that would take a few more seasons. It’ll be interesting to see how the country reacts.


iZombie, episode twelve

Liv and Clive are waiting with the newly minted zombie for Major to show up. He does with a tranquilizer. They knock him out and put him in a freezer. Then Liv goes to work and Ravi tells her about the article in the paper. His old boss comes in and yells at him for being the source in the story.

Majorgoes to work. Graves knows he’s human and kicks him out of the service. His buddies want to have a party for him though.

Peyton is still upset about the mayor. She wants to do something but they are limited in options.

Liv is late for work but calls Ravi. As he hangs up Rachel the reporter turns up. She tells him that she’s sorry she hurt his feelings but the story was more important. He tells her to leave. He’s annoyed but also wants to make sure she doesn’t see Liv. Too late. Liv walks in but she’s incognito now with different hair and a tan. They get a call. They have a body.

Clive is talking to some witnesses when Liv and Ravi turn up. He breaks down the case and then shows them the body. Ravi IDs the victim as Katty. They talk to her CDC colleague about why she was in Seattle. She was talking to passengers from a certain flight.

CDC lady leaves and Ravi fills in the blanks on what she said. Clive asks him to sit in on the interviews as they talk to the passengers. Liv eats the brain and has visions of being in bed with Ravi.

The interviews aren’t giving much in the way of leads. Meanwhile, Peyton has her own fish to fry. The mayor is in her office talking about zombies. Then he offers her the Chief of Staff job. She says no but he tells her to think about it.

Major gets a text from Natalie. She’s in Seattle and wants to meet up for a drink. She found a place to settle down and wants to thank him. She’s moving to the Amalfi Coast.

Liv goes to the bar at the hotel Katty was staying at. She asks the bartender about Katty but gets nothing. Then she spends hours drinking and talking to another guest. She almost spends the night in his room but decides not to last second.

At work the next morning, Liv still can’t face Ravi. He’s proud of himself but she’s grossed out. Peyton stops by to talk about the mayor. Liv tells her to take the job. Later Liv goes back to the bar and gets picked up by a different guy. She bails in the elevator though.

She goes home and her zombie boyfriend comes over. She has a talk with them and they label themselves an exclusive couple.

After a day of packing, Major and Natalie get back to his house. They have sex and then she invites him to Italy with her. He agrees.

In the bunker, two of the other anti-zombie guys find their ringleader in the freezer. They set him out on the couch and then watch the news. After he thaws enough, he attacks.

Clive and Liv go to the bar. He doesn’t know she’s been there before. A few of them recognize Liv and a bartender agrees to talk to a sketch artist. Then Clive talks to another passenger. He gets a lead this time.

Although she wants to go to Major’s party, Liv is back at the bar, which is the standard operating procedure for the brain she’s on. This time she chats with Graves. They progress into a discussion of sexual fantasies before heading upstairs.

Still at the station, Clive gets a way to follow up on the lead he got from the passenger. It connects everything. The girl that’s father died in prison’s friend was on the flight.

At the hotel, Liv is in bed while Graves brushes his teeth. He wanders back into the bathroom and she notices a note with Katty’s info on it.

Major and Liv’s boyfriend step out of the part to talk about Liv. The latter is concerned because she hasn’t shown up yet. Inside, the anti-zombie zombie sets off a bomb because zombies are an abomniation.

I know that it is a two-parter but this was all really just set-up. There was no way Major was leaving and it makes sense for Liv to sleep with Graves. I’m mostly interested in what Peyton will do and geel bad for Ravi.

iZombie, episode eleven

Blaine and Liv move in on the zombie hostage sitch. They save Ravi and Liv takes a hit. They end up alive but caged with Donnie and Ravi. Major’s team moves in on it as well. They take down two of the anti-zombie folks.

Afterward the Graves guy discusses tactics with Liv. They have to take down the anti ring leader. Liv, Donnie and Blaine eat his brother’s brain.

Ravi and Major are back home talking about Major’s “staycation.” The doorbell chimes. Ravi’s zombie truther friend turns up and they are about to have a moment when Major interrupts. She recognizes him as the chaos killer and bounces.

Major and his lady friend are in his room. She wants to go dancing. He wants to never leave the house. She uses her feminine wiles to convince him.

Peyton wakes up and Liv is watching her. She’s got some theories. The truther brain is making her a little paranoid and Peyton figures it out. Clive and Ravi are talking about what’s what when Liv comes in still acting loony. She’s got a gun that they should run ballistics on. They’ll have to do it off the books though.

They decide to try and trigger a vision but first Liv, Donnie and Blaine argue about the murder of Tupac. Peyton gets the effects of the dead prison guar. One of the Graves soldiers has a vision. He knows where the truther may be. They are going to roll out.

The prison guard’s daughter turns up to get his stuff. She has no use for Peyton’s agenda. She just wants to go but Peyton talks her into letting her come with. They find a memory card with sensitive information. The daughter makes a hasty exit but not before having what Peyton recognizes is a brain vision.

Liv, Donnie and Blaine are looking around to trigger a vision. Clive is there too. He says something and the three of them have the same vision. It’s the night Major and his Buddy went after the truthers. No new information but then Liv has another one.

The truthers knew that Graves had bugged them and they were planning a setup. She texts Major who is in the field. He relays it to Graves who orders the team to fall back. As they do, Major and his buddy set off a bomb.

Ravi is asleep on his couch and Liv is lurking. She talks about the Graves mission and Major’s new girlfriend. She stalks the girl and it turns out she’s using Major to gain internet fame.

Ravi’s truther friend Sarah shows up at the morgue and he tells her what he knows about zombies. She listens. The fangirl chick turns up to go out with Major. He’s all no but she’s like you’re a hermit I’m helping let’s not fight and he’s like nah I’m good you can leave. She does but she’s angry.

Major is at work. They are going to run some simulations and then everyone should vote. He also makes fun of Major. His shirt has a picture for the fangirl’s tumblr on it. Liv goes home to find Peyton waiting for her. She tells Liv about the zombie kid and how the newly elected mayor is responsible for murders.

Pitch meeting for a weekly. One person brings up the chaos killer selling shirts of himself. Another mentions a SARS-like virus. The editor dismisses the team just as another reporter comes in. Ravi’s friend Sarah has been undercover as a truther to get the story.

Liv and Clive go out to the truther’s cabin in the woods. The house is empty but they find an outhouse that leads to a secret bunker. They find the truther asleep inside and Clive tells him he’s arrested. Liv has a vision though. He’s not responsible for the murders. He fires at Clive though so Clive kills him.

Then Liv tells him that it wasn’t him. Clive feels guilty, until the truther wakes up as a zombie. Major hears people on the radio talking about him as he goes to drink with his squad.

Ravi is walking outside. He sees something that catches his attention. It’s a front page story about zombies in the city with Liv’s zombified face shown.

I really thought that Blaine and Liv teaming up was funny. The three of them working off the same brain was interesting. How is Major still in the squad? They know he’s not a zombie right? And what will Peyton do with the footage?

iZombie, episode ten

A woman is on the phone with her lawyer. Her husband is dead and she wants the insurance money. A man sneaks in behind her and goes to another room. He swipes foreign currency and diamonds before heading out. The wife is still on the phone hoping her husband is actually dead.

Major is bed with his girl. Ravi calls. He needs Major to tell Liv he’s out of town with his parents for a few days. Major rushes the call. Ravi is not with his parents. He’s being held “to study” a zombie by the anti-zombie gang.

Peyton and Liv talk about the potential zombie mayor. Then Peyton asks a favor. She wants Liv to eat more dominatrix brain to help her case, especially now that it’s been in the blue juice. Liv is reluctant.

Blaine is doing business on the phone while Donnie’s lackeys talk about how much being a zombie sucks. He hangs up and asks about Donnie. The others admit he left the night before after eating a lot of blue juice WWII brain.

Donnie is chained up and talking crazy in front of the gang. He thinks it’s WWII and he’s fighting Germany. The others don’t know what to make of it.

Liv eats the brain and uses the visions to piece details of the case together for Peyton. Oh. And she’s having visions of her dead boyfriend too.

It’s pizza time for Major and his girl. Turns out they went to the same summer camp as kids.

Ravi is supposed to drug Donnie. The others leave the room when Ravi approaches the zombie and Donnie is with it enough to recognize him. Ravi explains the situation and Donnie plays along.

Back in the morgue, Liv wants another brain so that she can stop having these hallucinations. Clive walks in and she explains what happens. Peyton stops by to get lunch and Liv has a vision. The defendant in Peyton’s case was murderer. By a prison guard.

Clive interviews the guards. No luck. Peyton wants dinner. Liv has a date so she tells them to go out together. For a long long time. Afterward, Liv is in bed with Major’s buddy and her hallucinations are mucking things up.

The little man that swiped all the cash shows up and shoots Blaine. He’s ready to finish him off but they get interrupted. It’s his wife. She’s a zombie now.

Liv shows up at Major’s place to get Ravi’s key. The girl answers the door. They have an awkward interaction about the fort set up in the living room. Major comes in. Gives her the key. She hallucinates and then takes the key and heads out.

She goes to work and feeds the rats. Clive shows up. They might have a witness. An inmate but he wants a deal. He comes in to talk but clams up when he sees Liv. They have a bit of a history. He relents and names a guard.

They head to his house to interview him, and find his wake. They details of his death are still unclear and his widow can’t help them. They do get another lead though.

Ravi and one of the anti-zombies are watching Donnie. He’s not doing anything. The anti guy has a theory about zombies coming from Iran. He explains it and then Ravi drugs him and knocks him out. He goes and gets Donnie’s phone. He calls the only number saved in it. Blaine.

He’s busy threatening the little man but he eventually takes the call. Ravi explains the situation to him, quickly.

The head anti-zombie comes back with a chick. It’s almost go time with the live stream to kill Donnie.

Blaine and the little dude are still fighting. He still doesn’t buy the whole zombie thing while Blaine is busy talking business propositions. He attacks and naturally it just annoys Blaine. He goes zombiefied until the guy gets the picture.

Clive and Liv go to see the guard’s daughter. She talked to her father on the phone the day before he died. She asked if “they” made him kill the woman. Clive asks who she meant. She tells him the voices in her father’s head. She’s no other help and when Clive and Liv leave she reveals that she’s a zombie.

Liv talks to the hallucination. She apologizes and he accepts. She says goodbye as her boyfriend turns up. They sleep together and then there’s a knock on her door. Blaine wants to know if she wants to go kick some ass.

The anti-zombie gang is counting down the minutes until they attack. It’s close to time. Out in the parking lot. Liv wants to make a plan. Blaine has one. Go full tilt zombie mode.

It’s go time to torture Donnie. Ravi intervenes. He says he needs more time to study but they don’t care. He blocks the doorway and the anti-zombie leader puts a gun to his head. End scene.

I’m glad Ravi seems to be standing his ground even though he doesn’t know Blaine and Liv are nearby. I missed Drake. He’s funny whereas the new guy is kind of boring. I was glad to see Peyton involved and dealing with zombie issues no problem.

iZombie, episode nine

Ravi is at the anti-zombie meeting. They are getting ready to mobilize and Ravi is freaking out.

Blaine holds a staff meeting at the bar.

The meeting assigns everyone a zombie to stalk. They want to capture and starve one so they can stream it online. Ravi tells them that he used to be CDC but now he’s an ME and he’s working on a vaccine. They should stay away from the zombies until then.

Afterward, he talks to a girl after she offers him a ride.

Some people are playing Dungeons and Dragons. They toast to a princess and then one of the players dies. Ravi, Clive and Liv head to the scene. They talk to the other players and then head back to the lab. There was poison in the wine. It could be anyone.

Liv eats the brain and gets into the game as well. She argues about the semantics of the game. She has a vision. All the players were pissed at the victim.

Blaine brewed his own blue juice and doubled down on it. Now he’s running tests so that he can market the amped up brains and make a boatload.

Ravi gets home to find Major reading the hate mail that Ravi’s been hiding from him.
Peyton is still talking to people about the dominatrix murder.

Clive and Liv head to the comic book store to talk to one of the other players. She was sleeping with the victim and basically all of the other guys were jealous. She figures out the best way to trigger a vision would be to play the game.

Major, Peyton, Ravi and Clive gather for the game. Ravi and Liv are into it. The others are not. They play for a long time. Everyone but Peyton is really into it. They eventually trigger a vision. The victim had a secret room in his apartment.

Liv and Clive go to investigate. They bring back the girlfriend and she talks about the secret room before being dismissed. The feds are taking the case. It could be Russian cybercrimes. The fed Clive is in love with is handling it. He talks to her. She’s not interested.

Major sits with Liv while she gets ready for a date. He gives her brain mush and when his buddy gets there he heads out.

Donnie at the blue brain and is going nuts.

Liv meets the new zombie military leader. Peyton is there too. She wants to talk to her boss about her case but he blows her off.

Ravi is at work when the zombie hunters come in. They caught a zombie and want to show him. Sure enough Donnie is locked in their truck.

Major is bored watching tv alone.

At the party Liv and her date are about to ditch out when he tells her what a jerk the new military guy is. She heads over to confront him when shits ring out. The zombie mayor candidate was hit.

After getting cleaned up major goes to head out. Shawna is at his door.

Blaine taunts his father who is still in the well.

This brain was not as obnoxious as last time. I thought it was pretty funny to be honest. I feel bad for Ravi. He is in way over his head with the anti-zombie club. Also, why didn’t he bring Peyton?

iZombie, episode eight

Blaine holds a man at gunpoint to get a new supply of brains.

The anti-zombie folks posted the video of Major and his buddy attacking them online. The zombie military people are mad about the evidence but Liv and Clive contend that they have everything under control.

Afterward, Vivian confronts Major about his being a human again. She takes him off active duty. Liv offers to talk to her but she’s headed out. They watch her helicopter explode. Later Live, Major, Clive and Ravi discuss next steps. They have to meet with the new head of the zombie army and they have to infiltrate the anti-zombie club. That will be a job for Ravi and Liv.

Finn Vincible, a Youtube Jackass type star, dies while jumping through a fire ring in a hay suit on a BMX bike. Someone swapped out the flame resistant suit for the one that killed him. All of his costars now are suspects.

Donnie is bringing in new brains while Blaine watches from afar. The military unit dudes are at the zombie bar. Donnie explains who they are to Blaine’s dad.

Clive put the costars in interrogation. They are trashed and doing stupid things. Clive goes in to ask some questions and they get a lead. A cameraman with a beef. He and Liv head out to follow up. That gets them nowhere though because everyone signed an NDA.

At the bar, Donnie has a fruit basket from the city. He also discovers Blaine’s dad is making big plans and he isn’t involved.

Liv and Ravi are watching the videos online of the pranks. Liv has a vision of the crew guy in tears so they bring the other pranksters back in. They don’t know anything and head out. One doubles back though. He has a link to the footage in question. It’s Finn possibly sleeping with the crew guy’s girlfriend.

Crew guy comes in for questioning. He says that his wife, girlfriend at the time, was in on the prank. He also knows the details on the cameraman case. The guys son tried to mimic the show and ended up paralyzed. A settlement ensued.

Liv and Ravi are in the lab. He tells her he got the invite to the haters meeting and she is stoked. Later she has a date with Major’s buddy. They eat prankster brains and then go play in the park. She kisses him and has a vision. One of the costars brought Finn the suit with a message about the flame retardent spray from the crew guy.

Donnie is with Blaine’s dad when he gets a call from Blaine. Apparently they think he’s dead and it surprises them to discover otherwise.

Clive and Liv go to see the crew guy. He’s not home but his aunt-in-law gives them permission to check out his workshop. They find what may be the flame spray. The wife comes in and kicks them out. Outside they see the wife’s newborn. He looks much more like Finn than the crew guy.

Back in interrogation, Clive lays out what happened for the crew guy. He found out his son wasn’t his in the delivery room and put an end to Finn. He wanted Finn to suffer. They arrest him.

Blaine goes to the club and shoots everyone except his father. He brings him out to a park and drops him down a well.

Donnie wan’t at the club. He comes in to find Blaine in the office. He’s ready for a duel but Blaine. That’s not the name of the game though. Blaine recruits him to run the bar.

The unit is partying at zombie military base until the new commander rolls in. He’s a no nonsense type. Major gets scared.

Ravi and Liv go to the anti-zombie meeting. They are checking pulses to get in and Ravi freaks out on Liv’s behalf. It gets the bad guy’s attention and he sort of recognizes Liv. She makes a graceful exit and he goes in alone.

This was annoying. The brain made her annoying. I feel bad for Clive. Also, where was Peyton? She must be so upset about Blaine and no one is there for her. I feel really bad for her and she deserves more support.

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iZombie, episode seven

Major gave his needle to Natalie but Liv isn’t mad at him. She’s mad at Blaine and she wants to confront him. Peyton points out that he still has a singing gig. She heads there and punches him. It takes her an effort to get her anger under control but she does. They ask Blaine about his crony Donnie but he doesn’t know where to find him.

There’s a bit of an argument at a local school. One of the teachers may have been involved with a mom or two in addition to his girlfriend. The principal breaks up the yelling.

Clive is at the crime scene. It’s the teacher. Someone shot him in the head with a nail gun. The magnets on the fridge spell out STD 36 and Clive thinks that means something. Only one way to find out.

Liv makes a PB&J with brains and they head to the school to ask some questions. The principal tells them the victim was a womanizer and had affairs with the mothers in his class. They bring in his girlfriend Piper (Shenae Grimes) who starts yelling about the other mothers. She was home alone with her kid at the time of the murder. She’s a single mom and thought her boyfriend, the victim, could change that.

Blaine is morosely packaging brains to deliver. Peyton is talking to a lawyer about the dominatrix case. Major is hanging out with his zombie military buddy. He admits that he is human but wants to keep it a secret.

Clive and Liv keep talking to the women the victim was sleeping with. One has an alibi. Her husband. They have an open relationship. The other does as well but her husband openly weeps.

Peyton’s case takes a turn. The defendant fires his lawyer and gets a new one, accepting the more substantial jail time plea.

Major and his buddies try and get into Donnie’s speakeasy. They have to eat a ghost pepper to get in. The rest of them do. When it’s Major’s turn, Donnie intervenes and gets him in. He collects intel and reports back to Liv and Ravi in the morning. Liv decides to go to the club herself and will bring Major’s buddy, who wants to court Liv.
The defendant in Peyton’s case killed himself.

Liv and Clive question Piper again. Afterward when they discuss it, it triggers a vision and the letters from the fridge were on the license plate of a car tailing the victim. A PI.

At the speakeasy, Liv and Ravi’s friend get along great. They spend a lot of time talking and then Liv confronts Donnie. He doesn’t seem to know anything.

Blaine gets back to his funeral home and is confronted by Donnie. He wants to let Blaine know that they have stolen all his clients and are now going to buy his product way below market value. The muscle of the operation has a message from Blaine’s father. He shoots him. He does to do it again and Blaine offers money.

Clive and Liv go to see the PI. They find out the open relationship isn’t quite so open. That husband is the killer and his wife rats him out when they push.

Peyton turns up to see Ravi about her defendant’s death. The autopsy was standard but she still thinks there is something fishy. She wants Liv to eat the brain. Ravi decides to soak it in the blue juice first.

Major and his buddy talk about the date with Liv before they get interrupted by a phone call. It’s their commanding officer. They have a mission. Some zombie killers were trying to infiltrate the school. They get them though.

I don’t want Liv to date this other guy but I am way more invested in the Ravi/Peyton relationship. Will people actually believe the video or think it’s just edited. I wouldn’t trust that if it was me. Blaine is a bad guy, blah blah blah.

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