The Gifted, episode ten

There’s a guy named Montez running for Senate re-election. He’s got an anti-mutant platform and two months ago the Esme was working there. She heard Sentinel Services was coming and made a break for it.

Present day Lorna wants to storm Sentintel Services but Reed thinks it’s crazy. They argue. Marcos and John step in with a plan. Surveillance. Andy and Lauren are freaking out. He wants to use the joint power to save them but Lauren knows they can’t. Turner questions Sonia and Montez talks to Blink.

They aren’t getting very far so Turner calls Campbell about handing the prisoners over. He offers the adults but Campbell wants the Strucker kids. All or nothing. Reed and Kate debate what to do and Esme eavesdrops. She picks Turner out of Reed’s head and then goes in and presents Turner as a viable option.

Lorna is mad because Marcos is still giving the Struckers a free pass. She’s worried about the world they are bringing a kid to. Blink gives Sonia a pep talk. Reed and Kate hatch a plan to escape and find Turner. They are going to go to his house. Meanwhile Andy and Lauren meet Campbell for the first time.

He believes they can link powers and wants to test it. He puts them in a cell and shocks them for not complying. Kate and Reed talk about humanity as the drive to Turner’s house. Esme is playing both sides. She tells Marcos and Lorna that the Struckers went to Turner.

Turner is home from work. It’s been rough. He’s talking to his wife when there’s a knock at the door. It’s the Struckers and they want to talk. Marcos and Lorna go to John. They make Esme repeat her story and latch on to one detail. They think the prisoners may be moved and that might be their chance to attack. Marcos is opposed but the others are interested.

Andy and Lauren are not cooperating. The shock collars are not motivation enough. He brings in Sonia and Blink. Sonia yells at them to not give in. Campbell shoots her. She dies immediately. Lauren snaps They use the joint power and Campbell is thrilled.

Reed mostly yells at the Turners and it doesn’t help but Kate speaks calmly and lays out the facts of what is being done to the mutants in the lab, to her kids in the lab before they leave. Turner gets up to get a team to chase them. His wife stops him.

Blink is crying. Lauren feels guilty. Sonia died in vain because they used their joint power. Campbell is thrilled. He got what he wanted. Turner moves in to bring the detainees back to Sentinel Services.

Word gets back to the Underground and they roll out for their rescue mission. It’s risky so telepath (backstabbing double crosser) Esme volunteers to go in. Reed and Kate get back to HQ. They realize that Esme is a rat.

Marcos and Esme move in to get a closer look. Then she tazes him and starts messing with everyone’s minds. She gets the prisoners out and she has two clones. They kill pretty much all the soldiers except Turner. Marcos runs back to tell the others but he can’t really explain it.

What the hell? She has clones? She was shady but I didn’t see that coming. I feel bad for Lauren but don’t they have to like… actively think about it to get the power to work? They were having trouble with that in the beginning right so couldn’t they just hold hands and be like “whoops no powers”?


Lucifer, episode ten

A woman is running. She’s calling 911. Someone is chasing her. She thinks he will kill her. She drops the keys before she can get in the car. Lucifer is partying because the Sinnerman has been caught. Maze doesn’t think Sinnerman is done though.

The next day at the station Pierce tells everyone to keep their eyes on the prize. Ella likes watching him work and Chloe let’s slip that Sinnerman killed his brother and now Ella is all the more interested. It’s time for interrogation though. Lucifer wants first crack but Pierce says he will be the only one to ask questions. While the two of them argue Chloe goes in for a chat.

He talks in circles until Ella interrupts. His phone is ringing. The others barge in as she unlocks the phone and sees a video of a woman screaming for help. Sinnerman tells them that the only way to save her is to let him lead them to her.

Ella plays the woman’s 911 call. It’s the woman from the beginning. They’ve got no leads though so Lucifer wants to let Sinnerman lead the way. Pierce isn’t having it. Ella goes over the footage and finds a clue. The kidnapped woman was a roller derby player.

Chloe and Lucifer head to the rink and talk to her team. They hit a few dead ends. Dan is hitting dead ends of his own trying to find a sitter for Trixie. Chloe and Lucifer manage to track down the kidnapped girl’s car but when Lucifer grabs the handle it triggers a grenade.

They head back the station. Chloe decides it’s time to bust out the Sinnerman. She sends Ella to Pierce as a diversion and uses an elaborate scheme to do it. It works, sort of. Pierce caught on and let it happen.

Apparently Dan found a babysitter. Charlotte, but it’s not going great. She and Trixie soldier on nonetheless. Pierce, Chloe, Lucifer and Sinnerman are walking in the woods. They hear screaming. It’s the kidnapped girl. They save her but not the Sinnerman accomplices.

After looking around the scene, Chloe and Pierce question the victim. Her story unravels though and she admits she faked the whole thing because a guy granted her a favor. A guy that goes by Sinnerman. Pierce and Chloe try to put it together.

Lucifer kidnapped the Sinnerman and questions him. It gets nowhere so he brings in his secret weapon, Maze. She tries and gets nothing from him. At the station, Pierce, Chloe, Dan and Ella are trying to track down Lucifer. They have a list of his properties. Lucifer convinces Maze to let him kill Sinnerman. She makes sure he knows how dumb that idea is.

Chloe figures out where Lucifer is and goes running with Pierce. Lucifer is busy taunting Sinneman. Chloe gets there and she and Pierce begin to search the house. Lucifer figures it out. Sinnerman’s greatest desire is to die by Lucifer’s hand. He just doesn’t know why. So Lucifer won’t do it and they start to scuffle. That’s when Pierce comes in and shoots the Sinnerman.

They are cleaning up the scene while Chloe talks to Lucifer. She doesn’t really talk though. She yells at him for betraying her and the team. Trixie is the best wingman ever and gets Dan a date with Charlotte. Lucifer is in the lab looking for answers. He’s going through the evidence.

Ella goes out to congratulate Pierce but he gets mad and yells at her. Lucifer sees and then looks at the evidence again. He figures something out. He’s at Lux where he’s summoned Pierce and then explains his theory. Sinnerman didn’t have an accomplice. He was the accomplice of an immortal crime boss. Lucifer’s proof is a childhood photo of Sinnerman.

In the photo there is another guy who would have to be very old by now. Or immortal. Pierce finds the idea of an immortal crime boss laughable but Lucifer stabs him in the heart. Pierce seems down for the count but within a few moments he’s up again. Lucifer knows who he really is. He’s Cain.

I called that all along. That Pierce was the bad guy. I freaking knew it. I assumed he was just a serial killer of the human variety so this threw me a little but that was awesome. It sucks that Chloe is pissed at Lucifer now though and will probably fall for Pierce.

Designated Survivor, episode nine

Kirkman is swapped with mail. It’s a three letter day. The president gets tons of mail a month and he choses three to respond to personally. Senior staff investigates the requests first though. Aaron and Emily get one about a medal of honor. Lyor and Seth get something about bees and Kendra has to deal with a federal death row pardon.

Hannah is looking into the case regarding the first lady. She goes to find a bank officer about opening a foreign account in someone else’s name. Forstell is still after her. Kirkman wants to stop playing defense and start fighting.

Damian is annoyed Hannah didn’t call him for backup but she’s happy she got a name. Chuck is tracking it. He and Damian exchange words and Hannah is called in to help Kendra with the pardon case. Something doesn’t add up. They go to see the man’s son and talk about his daughter.

Emily and Aaron are conducting interviews too. A widow who thinks her husband deserves a medal of honor. They talk to her husband’s commanding officer too and then report back to Kirkman. It doesn’t add up for Mike though and he’s a vet himself so Kirkman tells Aaron to keep looking into it.

Then he talks to Emily about Forstell and the case with Alex and the fact that Forstell wants to meet about some other case. They see it for what it is. A chance to talk off the record about Alex. Emily goes to the meeting and they talk in subtext about Alex.

After, she reports back to Kirkman. Lyor and Kendra are there too. It’s not as straightforward as it seems. Forstell has a PAC and an exploratory committee in place for a potential Senate run. They advise Kirkman to appoint a special prosecutor.

Seth is getting coffee when Emily walks by. He asks her if she told Kirkman about him getting busted. Then he and Lyor go to talk to the bee farmer. He blames the FAA for killing his hives because of magnetic fields. Lyor is on it and they meet with the FAA. Turns out the FAA lady practically had to get a restraining order against the bee guy.

Kendra and Hannah meet with death row’s daughter. She’s not very helpful but they think she wrote the letter because of a guilty conscience. They go separate ways after because Hannah has to update Damian on Alex’s case. While she’s doing that, Chuck calls. He’s got a lead on the guy she learned about that morning.

While Damian pops off to the bathroom, she hurries outside to go and a car tries to run her down. She and Damian go to see the guy, Lang, and he’s just gone. He’s been tipped off. Emily and Aaron meet with the commanding officer again. Turns out he just resents the dead soldier for having an affair with his wife. So he’ll write the recommendation, and include the affair.

Emily and Aaron take this information back to Kirkman. He decides to meet with the wife himself. Aaron heads out but Emily hangs back to tell Kirkman about Seth’s arrest. He already knew. He’s friends with the DA. He’s upset she didn’t tell him and asks for advice.

Lyor and Seth go to see the bee guy. He’s not home but that’s okay. Lyor thinks that the wife is killing the bees. He’s willing to mess up their marriage to save the bees. Kirkman meets with the widow and her son. He won’t give them the medal but gives them a flag and talks to the son about his father.

Seth and Lyor tell the bee people who the FAA will reroute their stuff and are about to head out when the husband admits he was killing his wife’s flowers. Then she admits to kill the bees. They yell so Seth and Lyor duck out.

Kendra has a lead on the pardon case. She calls Hannah and they talk about it. It wasn’t the daughter. It was the son that he was covering for. He’ll get the pardon if he admits it to Kirkman. He won’t do it.

Emily is in her office when Seth comes in. He’s going to offer his resignation to get himself out of the doghouse. She tells him that Kirkman won’t accept it. She knows that because she told Kirkman to fire him but he said no. Seth says he’d do it again. Emily tells him that he gets one get out of jail free card and he just used it.

Kirkman and Kendra go over the pardon case. He is going to commute the sentence to life in prison. Chuck updates Hannah on the car that tried to run her down. There is no link to the Lloyd investigation but she does find a connection to the son of the pardon guy. She goes and arrests him.

Alex turns up in the Oval. She wants Kirkman to fire Forstell because of his Senate aspirations. She calls him a lousy husband and he fights with her. Hannah and Damian are in bed, They are out of wine. She gets up to get more and her phone rings. It’s Chuck. He’s got a lead on Lang.

She was right. He was tipped off. He got a call just before Hannah got there from a burner phone. Chuck was able to triangulate the origin though. H and Fourth. Right where Hannah and Damian were.

I knew Damian was a bad guy! I knew it! I don’t like him one bit. I’m rooting for her to get with Chuck. I like them together. Alex is awful. And whiny. Also Seth is the best part of this show. Hardly any Aaron again. That’s a shame.

Saturday Night Live, episode eight

I don’t love Franco but sometimes he’s funny so I figured this could go either way.

Cold open: Kenan and McKinnon are champs.

Monologue: I’m hit or miss on Franco and don’t like Rogen or Jonah Hill but this was pretty funny.

Apologies: This wasn’t funny until they started listing the old guy’s crimes. Then I laughed.

Gift wrapping: I know it’s not real blood but this grossed me out. I had to look away. Poor Leslie Jones.

Christmas party: Not funny.

Spelling Bee: Honestly it’s just weird.

First song: She sounded good and the choir was cool.

Weekend Update: Michael Che as a white woman named Gretchen gives me life. That was amazing. Cecily Strong was great too. She hasn’t been used enough lately.

Christmas Charity: I have to admit, I did not see that coming and I did laugh at the end.

Second song: She sounded good.

Cousin Mandy: This wasn’t all that funny.

I think that this was mostly boring but had a few funny skits. Next week with Kevin Hart might be good. He gets overeager sometimes though.

The Crown, episode ten

Philip is up early and exercising. He mucks up his neck and needs to see a specialist for her. They talk about all sorts of things and eventually the doctor invites him to a party.

A year lady there is a woman being asked about several Soviets. She isn’t saying anything. They want to know about the party. There is a man with his back to the camera. They want an ID but she doesn’t give one.

Macmillian talks about it. Government types think it is a foreign minister that Macmillian thinks the minister in question is innocent. Margaret is doing construction. Elizabeth has to mediate. Her doctor comes in. Good news, she’s expecting though her iron levels are low.

She goes to tell Philip but he’s not there. Turns out he’s at a weekend house party, even if it is only Wednesday. The doctor, Ward, is brought in by police. He admits that he introduced the foreign minister to a call girl and a Russian spy. He’ll be resigning shortly.

Tony has been handling a lot of foreign assignments. It’s good for the marriage. Elizabeth goes to see Margaret about the construction noise. She finds out that Margaret is pregnant too. They talk about the latest news.

Apparently the minister admitted to an affair but he’s not the mystery man in the photo. Margaret thinks it is Philip. Elizabeth meets with Macmillian who tries to resign. She refuses to accept it. She will be taking leave to Scotland because of the pregnancy.

There is a theater production poking fun at the queen and the government. Macmillian’s wife found it funny and tells him to see it. Elizabeth is excited to see Philip packing. She thinks that he is going with her. He’s not. She takes a jab but they still part ways.

Macmillian goes to see the show and gets called out. Elizabeth takes the train to Scotland. Ward is on trial. Elizabeth is asleep when Michael comes in. He needs her for a few things. Run of the mill charitable paperwork but there is something else.

Ward took his own life and the investigation into his estate revealed a link to Philip. Elizabeth is not happy about it. Then she gets news that Macmillian is resigning. She goes to see him but she can’t talk him out of it.

Philip gets back to Buckingham and finds Margaret and Tony but no Elizabeth. She appointed a new PM and then ran back to Scotland and her selection isn’t going over well. Philip takes the train to see her but she would prefer to be alone.

The next day they fight. He says that he knows she is under a lot of stress but some people are there for her. She doesn’t think he is. They fight about Ward and the truth. She would rather the truth even if it hurts but he is a mystery man. He says that he’s hers. She has the baby, Prince Edward. Margaret has hers. They sit for a family portrait.

Elizabeth is trapped and Philip is awful. That’s basically the moral of the story right? None of them are happy. They probably don’t even like each other. They are stuck.

The Crown, episode nine

Elizabeth gets an update on Charles’ schooling. It’s time to select a senior school and she thinks Eton is the right choice. He seems thrilled at the prospect but Philip isn’t having it. His son will go to Gordonstoun, where he went.

Philip wasn’t thrilled to be carted off to the Scottish Highlands in his day either. He wanted to stay in Germany but that wasn’t an option. He flies his son up to the school himself.

Elizabeth watches news reports about just how grueling this school will be. Charles gets to school and has a bit of trouble settling in much the same as Philip did. Mountbatten goes to visit and finds out that Charles is miserable he reports back to Elizabeth.

She is beside herself and wants to pull him out and bring him home, for the sake of the crown. Philip isn’t hearing it. They agreed that he would be responsible for Charles’s education.

At Gordonstoun, Philip fights with other kids. He begs his sister to let him spend the holiday with her. He’s doing work when he gets summoned to the headmaster’s office. His sister and nephews and her husband died. He has to go back to Berlin for the funerals.

He does and his father is there. He blames Philip for their deaths. Philip goes back to school and is a mess. He is up at all hours and builds the front gate alone. He struggles and eventually asks for help. Only then does the headmaster have the other boys help him.

It’s the day of the annual challenge. Philip is there to judge it and Charles competes. He doesn’t do well. In fact he doesn’t even finish. He hides instead. On the flight back to London Philip yells at Charles to stop being so weak.

I think this was supposed to make me feel bad for Philip. It didn’t. He’s a dick. I did feel bad for Charles though. And Elizabeth. I’m glad Charles sent William and Harry to Eton.

The Crown, episode eight

The African nations are banding together to rebel against the monarchy and it’s abuse. Elizabeth is out in the country talking about trees in the field. She goes inside and talks to her mother about being middle-aged. She has to head back to London though. The Kennedy’s are coming for dinner.

Macmillian comes to update on Ghana. Russia is getting involved so he will talk to Kennedy about it. Elizabeth seems a bit intimidated by all things Jackie Kennedy and is annoyed that Philip causes such a fuss about the seating.

Introductions are a train wreck and Elizabeth is jealous as she watches Philip chat with Jackie. After the meal, she gives Jackie a tour and is utterly charmed. She tells Margaret as much. Margaret implies that it wasn’t a two-way street though.

Apparently a friend of hers overheard Jackie talking about it at a restaurant days later. She called Elizabeth and the Palace second-rate and dilapidated and unintelligent. Elizabeth is pissed.

News out of Ghana suggests the Russians are not involved which means the Americans won’t get involved. Elizabeth decides to be proactive and demands to go to Ghana herself. She goes and finds out that they’ve been played. Soviet engineers are in town to work on the dam.

Elizabeth spends the afternoon thinking and comes up with a plan of her own. At the state dinner, she dances a foxtrot with the president. It works. He stays in line. In DC, Kennedy thanks his wife but she’s confused as to why. He tells her the insults that may have gotten back to the queen.

She never said that and even goes so far as to arrange a private audience the next time she is in England. It’s held at Windsor Castle though because sometimes only a fortress will do. The guard is marching and all that other stuff. Elizabeth is ready to intimidate.

Jackie goes through with it and apologies. She says that there are no excuses but does offer an explanation. She was on drugs when she made the statements and she feels bad that she offended someone she admires. Elizabeth tells Philip about it. She feels guilty that she just took the apology and didn’t say anything more. He tells her not to worry.

Months later, Elizabeth is in the forest when she is summoned back to the house immediately. JFK has been shot. Elizabeth is glued to the television and the radio to see the developments.

Kennedy dies and Jackie leaves Dallas with the body, still dressed in the same clothes. Elizabeth calls for a week of mourning and for the bells to be rung at Westminster Abbey.

This was really sad across the board. I feel bad for Jackie for having to deal with that and for Elizabeth for feeling like she didn’t measure up. It’s a shame that it took such a tragedy to make Elizabeth do it but it was a nice gesture that she broke protocol for the bells.