The Gifted, episode five

Turner is in a park in Dallas with his wife and daughter. There is a mutant rally so he suggests packing up and moving on but it’s too late. His daughter is killed. Present day Turner is tracking the runaways. They stop and swap out cars. Marcus and Lorna leave draw the drone away. They shoot it down. Turner is pissed and still making plans to track them down.

John and the others get back to HQ. Kate tells Reed about the underground. John gets a status report. Everyone in the region is headed their way because of the heat from Sentinel Services. Reed gets attacked because he’s a known associate of the bad guys.

Reed is willing to talk it out while Kate goes to help the wounded. Andy wants to make a run for it with Reed but Lauren tells him that won’t work. John mediates for Reed but it doesn’t seem to be working. John gets called for the police scanner. Reed follows and translates.

Lorna and Marcos are on the road. They talk about the baby and how tough it’ll be to raise it. The run into Turner’s roadblock and Lorna decides to take him hostage. She chains him up and torments him. Marcos wants her to stop but she says that this is the best way to find out what happened to Pulse and how to prevent it from happening to others.

Andy wants to donate blood. Reed thinks the best way to save them all would be to use himself as bait and draw Sentinel Services away. John can come up with a plan to help him do that. Turner tells Lorna and Marcos about how his daughter was killed by mutants. She doesn’t want to stop. He thinks it is pointless but she’s going to force him.

Marcos calls in the mind manipulator. Reed tells Kate the plan. She’s not happy but understands what he is saying. Reinforcements turn up for Marcos… at the same time the cops do. Reed goes for a stroll and the cops see. It’s time for him to escape.

Kate is doing surgery on one of the guys from the rescue effort. Lauren has to use her powers to keep him stable after they run into some complications. Reed manages to get away from the cops, after a little test of loyalty. Sage tries to use her powers on Turner while Lorna does her best to hold the cops off. Blink has started to put the pieces together.

The cops move in so the mutants flee, even though Turner is still under. They get back to HQ and Sage tells John and the others what she learned from Turner. It’s not much. He knew Pulse and there was a symbol that was important. There was also a building. Reed recognizes it. People went there and disappeared.

Strucker family dinner is awful but great. Andy wants to know what’s next and Reed says that they are going to stick around and help. Blink confronts Sage about her memories. She admits it. Blink is pissed. She says to stay away from her. Turner gets home. He’s off. He thinks his daughter is still alive. His wife tells him that she’s dead. He breaks down.

This show just moves so quick. There are a lot of characters and stories going but it all connects well enough that it’s a cohesive story. I am very invested in pretty much everyone, except Andy. He’s annoying.


Supergirl, episode four

Two guys are talking on a plane. The younger is happy. His wife is pregnant. The older is less so. He’s divorced and his wife cheated and he tanked his job. The plane hits a rough patch and lands on the water. FBI Agent Alex Danvers is going to handle the situation. Out on the wing, some girl is standing there. Seems she saved the plane. The older guy sees her.

Sam takes business calls while watching Ruby play soccer. A woman approaches. She is a follower and wants Ruby and Sam to join their community. It’s weird. Kara and Lena walk into the office at L-Corp. Sam comes in. She and Lena sign of on a big merger and Kara invites her to a girl’s night. She relents.

At the Catco office, James and Winn are making plans for the night when they see Kara still at her desk. She’s reaching some pamphlet that the crazy lady gave Sam at the soccer game. The symbol on it is for Rao, the god of Krypton. She’s going to the meeting for the group.

Winn and James tag along. It’s like a cult of people saved by Supergirl. The leader is Thomas Coville (Chad Lowe), the older guy from the plane. He’s got the prayers just the same as Kara remembers her mother saying them. A girl named Olivia tells the group about the time Supergirl saved her.

Kara remembers her. She remembers everyone she saved. Coville starts leading prayers, to Supergirl. They take this information back to the DEO and J’onn. Kara is upset that they are twisting the teachings of Rao. She doesn’t remember Coville at all. Winn tells her that he was on the flight that Alex was on. The one she saved that made her Supergirl. Kara wants Winn to keep looking into him.

It’s time for girl’s night. Lena tells a story about a guy hitting on her. Sam then asks about Kara and she gets awkward and says she’s getting over someone. Alex starts asking Sam about Ruby’s father. He’s not around and kids are tough. They’ll see someday, Sam says. Alex tells her they won’t. They all volunteer to be cool aunts. A siren sounds in the distance and suddenly Kara has to go get ice.

On the scene of a crime, Supergirl saves someone. Then he genuflects and his girlfriend comes over to hug him. They thank Rao and Supergirl. Kara is not happy. The man is an arsonist and wanted to get saved for the religious experience, Kara tells Maggie. She wants Coville stopped. He’s putting people in jeopardy. Maggie says that her hands are tied because he isn’t actually breaking any laws.

With no other options, Kara goes to see Coville for an article. He figures out that she is Supergirl and she tries to deny it but he starts quoting Rao. So she comes clean and they argue. She tells him, as his god, to obey her and stop with the preaching before storming away. He then prays to Rao that he will save Kara.

Ruby is asleep on the couch in the office when Sam gets back from dealing with merger issues. Lena walks in moments later and tells her that as someone who had the legitimate worst mother, she knows that Ruby understands what’s going on. Sam is raising Ruby to be a badass.

James finds Kara on the balcony at Catco. They talk about religion and community. She doesn’t know how to stop Coville or fight someone’s beliefs. Oh and he knows who she is. James tells her about how Superman saved him the first time. She still isn’t convinced she is a miracle. He says that when people pray, usually it doesn’t matter but in her case, she shows up and she’s tangible. How is that not a miracle.

He fiddles with the artifact she took from Coville and gets a hologram. She takes it back to the DEO and asks Winn to search for a probe sent from Krypton. He finds it and it’s not stable. It could take out a city block. She has to put a stop to it. She gets ready to go back to his church to talk sense into him. He’s not there though. Him and his congregants are at the National City hockey game.

They are there to convert everyone there to their way. She goes and tries to talk sense into him but he keeps talking about faith. She moves to shut the probe down but it’s got Kryptonite inside. Coville still won’t listen so she cuts her hand to prove she can bleed.

Alex is on scene trying to get the game evacuated. Security says it would just create chaos. She goes to the basement as the congregants flee and disarms the probe. Supergirl burns a hole in the ground and Alex and Coville push the probe inside.

Coville goes to jail and Kara visits him. She wants to make sure that he won’t reveal her identity. He tells her that he can see doubt in her eyes and will help her on her path to clarity. He will pray to and for her.

Lena, Alex and Kara join Sam at Ruby’s school talent show. She’s going to have a lot of cool aunts. Ruby sings “Pure Imagination” from Willy Wonka and it moves Alex to tears. She has to walk out. Kara follows. In the hall, Alex tells Kara that the only compromise with Maggie not wanting to have kids would be to let it go. Alex has tried. She loves Maggie so much, but she wants to be a mom.

Kara goes to pray with her mom hologram. J’onn goes to pray with his dad. Alex gets in bed and Maggie cuddles up to her. Alex cries. Coville prays in jail. Sam gets ready to take a bath. When she looks in the mirror she’s covered in writing. Something appears and tells her that her time is coming. 22 hours earlier, when the probe fell in the earth it woke something up.

I’m so upset about the break-up already. I know it’s not until next week but poor Alex and poor Maggie. They deserve so much better. I like Lena being a goofy aunt and friend instead of the uptight CEO from last season. I forgot about J’onn’s dad until they showed him. This was a great episode though. A lot of people were used and it didn’t seem to overshadow anyone.

Will and Grace, episode five

It’s a big day for Will and Grace both professionally. He’s going for senior partner and she is trying to land a big client. Jack comes in. He won on a lottery ticket. Karen is at the club. She finds a morphine drip and calls to the office and finds out the room has been double booked. Enter her nemesis, Beverly Leslie. They snark at each other for a few minutes.

Grace pitches to Eli Wolff (Max Greenfield). He’s interested but not sold. She calls out Tony and he’s suddenly more interested. That won’t work but then he sees Will’s picture on her phone when he calls. Eli wants Will and when Grace tells Will he seems game.

Jack fights with his co-worker about splitting their lottery winnings. Karen talks to Beverly. He needs her help because he’s…. gay. And he wants to come out to his wife. Karen agrees to help. Will makes senior partner and has a crisis. He’s not even sure he wants it anymore. He cries about it to Eli who is definitely no longer interested in sleeping with Will.

The fight continues with Jack and his co-worker. Grace gets home and she’s made at Will because she lost the gig. He’s crying and she pays no mind. She goes to chase Eli down. Jack and his friend give the money to a friend that needs the cash to fix his car.

Karen throws down with Beverly. He doesn’t remember asking for help because he was on morphine. Grace goes to plead her case with Eli. He tells her she got the job but wants to be her only client. She’s in. Eli mentions Will and Grace realizes she was a crappy friend. She hurries home and Will tells her that he doesn’t know what to do. She tells him to quit and work with her. He agrees to do it!

This was a funny episode but I like it better when the ensemble plays off each other. They were so spread out. It isn’t usually like that. I like the idea of Will and Grace working together but Karen works there too. How long until they give Jack a job?

How to Get Away With Murder, episode five

Bonnie is running in the rain. She goes to see Isaac and thanks him for seeing her. She’s been his patient for a month. She admits that she has been in therapy to hurt someone. 2002 Bonnie. She’s a witness in a rape case.

Oliver is looking for his shoe. He’s going to work with Michaela. Connor is sitting on the couch. That’s all he does. Laurel is in bed with Frank. Her phone chimes. Bonnie needs her so she heads out. Annalise is talking to all of the people in jail that used the public defender’s office. She’s got 24 people. Bonnie is going through the files and notes that they say “attorney pending.”

Bonnie is on the stand. She was raped by a councilman, and several other men, when she was 14 and 15. It stopped because she was pregnant. She passed out during labor and when she came to she was told the baby was dead. Present day Bonnie talks to Isaac about her relationship with Annalise.

At the trial, Annalise is told that she is a shark. She needs to cross-examine Bonnie because otherwise it’s an old white man doing it. That won’t fly. She gets a hormone shot from Sam. They are trying to get pregnant. Bonnie tells Nate about the pending attorney listings. She wants him to go to the prison and look into it.

Tegan gives Michaela some fancy shoes. She talks to Oliver. She wants him to step it up. Nate confronts Annalise at the prison. He tells to go above board and then goes back to the office and tells Bonnie that Annalise hasn’t been there. Laurel turns up and gets to work.

Back on the stand, Annalise questions Bonnie. It doesn’t go well. In therapy, Bonnie talks to Isaac. He wants her to come up with a good memory for her relationship with Annalise, though in therapy Bonnie doesn’t use Annalise’s name. The questioning gets more intense. It looks like Annalise might pull it out.

Another visit to the prison. Bonnie is still looking for Annalise. She’s busy meeting with former cell mates. Oliver and Michaela are a go for hacking Tegan’s e-mail. Connor makes Oliver dinner before finding out he’s going to be late. Then he starts messaging guys on an app. Asher and Frank talk about the LSATs and relationships.

Oliver gets into the e-mail and they see a cease and desist letter until an alert pops up. They manage to take a picture before shutting down. Isaac and Bonnie talk about the difference between love and hate. Annalise won the case. Then she quit. She talks to Sam.

She wants to help Bonnie. She’s working on her lawsuit when someone knocks on the door. She expects Frank but gets Connor instead. He’s drunk. He was going to meet some guy for sex and he doesn’t want to live anymore. Annalise tells him he’s strong. He went there instead.

Frank gets to Laurel’s. She’s ready for sex but he can’t there. She won’t do it to Bonnie anymore. Seems like they are done. Then he asks her if the baby is his. She tells him no and to never bring that up again.

Bonnie in therapy admits she loves Annalise. 2002 Annalise tracks Bonnie down and recruits her. Present day Annalise gets a call. It’s her old cellmate. She’s got enough people for the lawsuit. As she finishes hanging the picture on her board she gets another call. One of the first inmates is out. The DA offered a better deal. Bonnie has been going behind her back and making deals with her clients.

Annalise tracks down Bonnie and they talk about why Annalise helped her in the first place. Bonnie is running in the rain thinking about Annalise. She cries at therapy because she misses Annalise and the house and the family. She felt safe even though she hated her.

Laurel, Oliver and Michaela talk about the letter in the e-mail. Michaela is concerned because it could get Tegan in trouble. Asher calls and she lies about what she’s doing. He knows. Annalise recruits Connor to help her. Bonnie keeps talking and Isaac figures it out. She’s talking about Annalise.

Two weeks later. Bonnie asks a detective where the suspect is. The answer is jail. Cut to Asher sobbing in a cell.

The relationship between Bonnie and Annalise is so twisted. It always has been. I didn’t realize just how much though. I’m glad Connor is doing something. I want to see more of what Michaela and Laurel and Oliver are up to.

The Good Place, episode six

Michael sneaks into a middle zone and steals a Janet from the Good Place. That’s the one that’s been in the neighborhood and now that she’s glitching the entire neighborhood is in jeopardy. He has to read her instruction manual.

Vicky comes in to complain and finds out what is up. He distracts her and tells her to torture Chidi instead. Michael runs a diagnostic check and it might be because he lied. He admits that he’s been lying to her all along and she points out that there would have been glitches all along in that case.

Jason and Tahani come in looking for Janet. They need jalapeno poppers. When they admit they are together, another glitch happens. Michael thinks there is a correlation and sends them home. Janet explains that she knew that. It seems to be when she lies.

They dig deeper though. Michael realizes that it’s when Janet lies that a glitch occurs. She still has feelings for Jason and they intensify during each reboot. He has to get rid of her permanently to set things right. He isn’t too keen on it though.

Chidi comes in. He’s full of needles and wants to know if he should expect any other Vicky torture. Michael kicks him out. He’s having a lot of trouble destructing Janet. He flashes back to creating the universe with her. He still won’t do it.

Michael admits that he can’t do it because they are friends. She is his oldest truest friend. He thinks that he needs someone who knows about human emotion. Eleanor is brought in for a heartbreak pep talk. Janet thinks it works. She makes herself a rebound boyfriend. Michael thinks it’s a bad idea.

Janet is still a little in love with Jason. That’s spectacular. Also, Eleanor’s pep talk was great. This was interesting because this show is usually such an ensemble. I’m not sure if I liked it this way or not.

Liar, episode five

Laura is plotting to plant the GHB in Andrew’s locker at work. Tom wants to help. He’s already been suspended. He wants to see this through. She relents and lets him. As she gets out, she sees Katy’s umbrella in the car. She questions him. He makes up a story.

Harmon heads to the clinic where they plan to do an internal probe to check on the baby. She complains of some pain and the doctor notes some abrasions. The baby is okay and the cuts should heal. It’s something that can happen with intercourse and…. lightbulb moment. She asks for a GHB test.

Katy is home with the kids when Laura turns up. She heads to the kitchen for coffee and swipes her sister’s pass card for work. She returns the umbrella and asks about it. Their stories don’t match up. Laura calls her on it.

She doesn’t want to admit it but Laura keeps pushing until she does. Laura storms out. Harmon gets a call from the doctor. No GHB but that leaves the system quick. The cuts are far from usual and she’s concerned. Harmon tells her not to worry about it.

Tom calls Laura to move on Andrew’s locker. She blows him off after telling him she knows about him and Katy. At work, Harmon is spaced out. She asks her partner about GHB effects but won’t admit to why.

Apparently Katy told Liam about Tom because now she’s trying to get through to him and can’t. Laura is ignoring her calls as well. She’s in a pub getting drunk. She walks home thinking about the night with Andrew and is still thinking about it the next morning.

Andrew visits his mother. He has some things he wants to store in the back with the rest of his stuff. Laura goes to therapy. She’s mad and she feels dirty. The therapist tells her its normal but she doesn’t care. Andrew has videos and memory cards stored in the shed at his mother’s.

Life goes on for Harmon. She has to testify in a case. The kid doesn’t want to testify anymore but she gives him a pep talk and she realizes it applies to her too. She has nothing to be ashamed of.

She calls someone because she needs to talk in person. Liam is out. He’s going to his mother’s until Katy can find someplace else to live. Laura is still mad. She breaks a mirror and then has an idea.

Laura meets Andrew at a pub under the guise of discussing the defamation suit. He gets frustrated because she won’t talk and walks out. She follows, stumbling, and they argue until she tells him she will back off. Then he goes to leave and she scratches him, drugging him in the process. She kidnaps him.

They end up in an abandoned warehouse. She drags him inside. Harmon tells her partner what happened. She wants to file a report but she wants to wait because she wants to research it first. His phone rings. It’s his daughter’s birthday. She tells him to go home to his family.

Andrew wakes up and talks about having no power. Laura says that that’s the point. Harmon starts tracking Andrew’s car. He’s near the marsh. He’s been there for a while. Laura is going full villain and talking up a storm. She brings up cutting off his dick and then Catherine.

He plays his part well and starts talking about his wife’s death and the chase with Catherine. He knows Laura is different though. She tells him that she’s got him now. She’s going to go to the police and lie, say it happened again. She has the whole thing set, the GHB and her injuries. Only problem is, he’s escaped the ropes.

She tries to hide in the marina but he comes looking. He grabs her but Harmon pulls up in the nick of time. She’s going to take him down. She can’t arrest him though. He still has the GHB in her system. Harmon has to let him walk away.

I was so worried about Harmon’s baby. I’m relieved that it is okay. I get that Laura is upset. It’s completely valid and then the Katy and Tom stuff is insult to injury but she is ruining everything. If Harmon tracks his car, she’ll get the memory cards right?

Stranger Things, episode nine

It’s a tearful reunion for Mike and Eleven. Then Hopper admits that he’s been keeping her hidden. Mike yells at him but it turns to crying soon. He’s got a lot of emotions. Eleven talks to the others and then goes to see Will with Joyce.

She opened the gate and now she’s going to have to close it. Billy is looking for Max and ends up hitting on Mike and Nancy’s mom while he’s at it. The folks at the Byers house brainstorm. They have to cut off the shadow monster and it will kill the army. Only problem is, Will is part of the army. So they have to flush it out of his system.

Hopper sends Jonathan and Joyce to the cabin with Will. Nancy and Steve talk. He suggests she go with Jonathan. Eleven and Mike say their goodbyes before she heads out with Hopper to close the gate. Nancy does go with the Byers.

On the ride, Hopper and Eleven talk about where she’s been and what he’s done wrong. He’s worried he will lose her like he lost his daughter. That’s why he’s been so protective.

Dustin stows the dead monster in the freezer. Mike wants to help Eleven. He doesn’t know how. But eventually he comes up with a plan. Create a diversion in the tunnels. Steve is not interested though. He tells them in no uncertain terms that they will not be leaving.

Billy shows up and threatens Lucas and yells at Max and fights Steve. Max drugs him to knock him out and then they take his keys and leave. Nancy and the Byers family gets to the cabin. They light a fire and crank the heat.

Eleven and Hopper get to the lab. It’s go time. Steve wakes up in a car full of kids and flips out. They don’t stop. Will wakes up sweating and starts screaming. Joyce turns up the heat. Steve reluctantly heads into the tunnels with the kids.

Inside the lab, Hopper comes across Owens. He patches him up and tells him to think about helping Eleven lead a normal life when this is over. In the tunnels, they find the hub and douse it in gasoline. Jonathan wants to turn the heat down. He thinks it is killing his brother. Nancy notices something. The monster taking over.

Hopper and Eleven find a monster. He moves in to shoot it. Steve lights the tunnels on fire. Nancy jabs Will with a branding iron. All of the monsters move out toward the tunnel fire. Will is free. Jonathan sends word to Hopper. It’s time to close the gate.

They head down to the gate on the service elevator. Mike trips while they are running and the vines get him. Eleven starts to close the gate. The others get Mike free and are confronted by Dustin’s pet creature. He feeds it candy and they get away.

Using the anger technique that Kali taught her, Eleven works on the gate. While they are getting out of the tunnels, the monsters swarm. They don’t stop though. They are headed for the gate.

It’s getting to be too much. Eleven is failing. But she digs deeper and manages to close the gate. The army of monsters falls. Hopper hugs her and tells her she did good.

A month later the lab is shut down because of a chemical leak. Barb’s parents get the closure they deserve. Hopper meets with Owens. He’s got paperwork for Eleven. He suggests giving it a year though. Hopper asks about one night.

The kids are all getting ready for a dance at the school. Dustin even does his hair. Steve gives him a ride and admires Nancy from afar. She’s chaperoning. So is Jonathan. They smile across the room. A slow song comes on. Lucas and Max dance. Another girl asks Will to dance.

Dustin asks around but no one is willing to dance with him. Nancy sees him and asks him to dance. She gives him a pep talk. Girls are dumb at that age but they’ll wise up in a few years.

Joyce is lurking outside when Hopper strolls up. He asks how she’s doing and they hug it out. Mike is sitting alone when Eleven walks in. He tells her she looks beautiful and asks her to dance. They all enjoy the dance. In the Upside Down, the shadow monster is still watching the school though.

The poor Byers family. They can’t win. At least things are looking up now though. Everyone is happy, except Steve but he’ll bounce back. I liked that the kids thought to create a diversion. That was a good plan and most likely saved Eleven. She seemed to recognize Owens though. I wonder if that will come up in future seasons.