Good Girls, episode ten

Rio is in the car. The women are brainstorming about what to do. Frame Rio for a hit is Annie’s big idea. Ruby is still figuring out how to pay for her daughter’s surgery. She has another drink and stays the night at Beth’s. Rio meets with the fed and tells him to head home because they aren’t going to bust him.

During their meeting at the hospital, Ruby and Stan are anxious as the write a check they know they will bounce. Beth and Dean talk. He points out that it’s almost their anniversary and he needs a decision on their relationship. She doesn’t seem all that interested. Annie drops her daughter off at school and goes to work. Boomer is training someone new to be assistant manager and Annie gets an idea.

She goes to see the others. She wants to rob the store again and leave money to show that there is a laundering operation behind the scenes. They are reluctant but she points it would get the money for the surgery and that’s enough. She goes over the changes at the store they need to know about as they plan. Ruby has dinner with her family and then tells Stan that she got an advance from corporate. She has to go pick it up.

Beth drops the kids off with Dean and tells them to stay with his mother. He wants to know what the problem is and she tells him to make the dinner reservation. Beth and Ruby roll in for the robbery while Annie is on shift. She and Ruby go in the back and set things up while Beth handles the front end. Boomer is out on a date with the blackmailer all the while. As the cops roll in, Annie gets caught by the security guard stashing some cash of her own. She agrees to do “anything” to get away with it.

Ruby and Beth play it like they were victims and move out with the crowd. Annie tells the cops about the bravery of the security guy. The FBI agent moves in on the scene and goes through the safe.The blackmailer hears a noise. She finds a recorder hidden in a Bible. Annie goes to pick up her daughter and sees her fitting in well at the new private school. Ruby pays for the surgery in cash. Blackmailer confesses to Beth. Dean is on his way home for the anniversary dinner when he gets distracted by a woman jogging.

He ends up in a car accident and while at the hospital Beth finds out that Dean does not have cancer. She sees Rio’s bust on the news. At the diner, Beth tells the others about going to Canada and taking over Rio’s spot in the chain. It’s not true, but it could be. Boomer goes to see the blackmailer. She confronts him first about trying to rape Annie and then recording her. Annie and Gregg drink together and talk about how good the school is for Sadie.

The surgery was a success and everyone is in good spirits. Ruby steps into the hall to track down some Jell-O and Stan follows. He put the pieces together and confronts her about it. He knows she robbed the store. She knew that would be the breaking point and she did it anyway. Beth gets home to find Rio and a battered Dean. He’s out and the only way to take him down is to kill him. She asks him not to kill her or Dean. Rio laughs and gives her the gun.

So that’s the end of the season and I honestly don’t care about any of these people. I’m not going to watch another though I don’t expect it to get renewed anyway. I’m glad the kids all seem to be doing well. That’s a plus.


Good Girls, episode nine

Beth still wants to tell Rio about the gang member talking to the feds. Annie and Ruby point out that they are basically turning this guy over to die. If they do this, they can’t come back. Beth tells them that they won’t come back then. Ruby goes to work at the donut shop and gets a promotion to night shift. She gets other much bigger news though. Her daughter is at the top of the transplant list.

That’s great except it’s like $100K out-of-pocket. They don’t have that money. Dean goes into the bathroom and finds Annie there. She’s crashing with them until she feels better because of the Sadie situation. Dean wants her gone but she isn’t budging, at least not until Beth comes and tells her it’s time to roll out. Rio called. He needs them to pick up a truck. Beth tries to tell him about the snitch but Ruby cuts her off.

They go to look at the truck but know they will be pinched so they don’t go through with it. Instead, Beth suggests Ruby ask Stan if the cops have any leads on things. She doesn’t want to but she will. Annie is at work when the blackmailer turns up. She wants money or at least for Annie to pay for her groceries. With no other options, Annie does it. Boomer sees the whole thing. Ruby brings in some pot to celebrate with Stan. He takes some convincing but he’s game.

Dean presents Beth with a new hutch. He built it complete with a compartment for her hidden money. Annie sees the whole thing and gives her grief afterward for going soft on Dean. Ruby and Stan are stoned. She forgot what she was supposed to ask him though. She calls Annie for a reminder and then asks Stan about the kid they flipped. He sang like a bird apparently. Boomer talks to the security guard about the blackmailer.

Ruby tells the others Stan isn’t onto the truck. They can go ahead with the truck. They rent two matching trucks as decoys but Beth, with the real truck, gets pulled over. She tells the others to help Dean with the kids and stops the truck. Boomer befriends the blackmailer. Beth meets with Rio. She talked her way out of trouble and now she’s pissed at him. She throws the keys at him and he tells her they are done.

She was only the bait for the cops because he had a kid that might’ve talked. Had. Past tense. Beth reads between the lines and knows that Rio is coming for them next. She goes to Ruby’s and talks to her and Annie about it. They don’t know what to do now. Boomer goes home with the blackmailer. After moping at Ruby’s, Beth goes home and drinks and fills out the calendar for the rest of the month for the kids.

Annie calls Sadie from the car outside Gregg’s house. She leaves a message telling her she loves her. Actually, she leaves like 11 according to Gregg who comes out and talks to her. He wants to know what’s up. Annie doesn’t tell him. Ruby and Stan are in bed. She wants to know what it would take for him to leave her. They get interrupted by a phone call. It’s the hospital. There’s a kidney match.

Beth, Ruby and Annie are talking the next day. They couldn’t sleep. They don’t know what to do. Annie wants to turn herself in until Beth has a realization. They are the good guys. Rio is the criminal that should be in jail. They are going to put him there.

I don’t like this show. Whenever it starts to redeem itself, it takes a turn and I hate it again. Especially the blackmail lady. I don’t like her at all.

Good Girls, episode eight

Beth wakes up to a problem. The money is all gone. She goes to ask Dean if he took it. He denies it. She goes to see the other person that knew about the money. Rio. Turns out it was him. He had an associate get picked up so he has shut down the business until further notice. The women have to go back to being legit. That means back to playdates for Beth.

Annie has to ask Boomer for extra shifts and clean toilets. Ruby goes back to the food service industry. A month later, they scrap together what little they can to send to their blackmailer. A few days later, Ruby runs into her at a soccer game. Stan is in his cop uniform and the woman talks vaguely about money stolen from her mail. Ruby tells the other two. Left with no other choice, Beth suggests robbing another store.

Ruby is game but Annie tries to say no. They don’t really let her. Then Ruby gets home to find out her daughter was in a mini crime ring at school. She freaks out and Stan tries to calm her down. Annie has a supervised visit with Sadie. Things are tense. Especially when Gregg’s wife pops in and is condescending to Annie. When her visit ends, Annie heads to Beth’s. She’s ready and not for just a measley 7-11.

She wants to rob the spa locations that Gregg’s wife owns. They aren’t after cash though. They want the spa stuff. They each hit a different location and Annie runs into an issue with the parking garage but they eventually meet up with her co-worker. The same kid that sold all the drugs to Boomer to plant in Annie’s locker. There was a miscommunication though. He thought they were getting him heroin not botox.

He can’t make the deal so now they just have all this medical grade stuff with nowhere to sell it. Annie and Ruby head out and leave the stuff with Beth. Ruby takes her daughter to the police station for a scared straight type experience. Beth goes to see Rio. She’s trying to move the botox. It’s no good though and he brings up the blackmailer.

Beth goes home and starts looking into loans. Dean finds her and offers to help. He takes the vials and goes to see his doctor. He’s going to move the product. At her next supervised visit, Annie hears Gregg’s wife on the phone. She seems upset. Annie thinks it’s about the robbery but it’s because of the fertility hormones. Annie is upset as she leaves which is only worse when she runs into Gregg.

Dean was successful because Beth goes to drop off the blackmail money. She talks for a few minutes to the woman about how she is an accessory and will end up in jail too. Ruby talks to Stan before they leave the station and sees a mug shot on his desk. It’s the guy that Rio left at Beth’s. He’s the one Stan busted and now the cops flipped him. Beth tells Dean what they are up to and how she plans to demand more money.

That’s when Annie shows up in tears. A few minutes later Ruby rolls in with her news about the guy. She freaks out telling them about jail and the kid and his deal. Beth decides they have to tell Rio. That’ll get the kid killed but at this point it is them or the kid. They don’t have a choice.

I don’t know why I’m watching this. I really don’t think I like it. There are parts where it’s fun but mostly I think it’s trying not to be. There is too much going on so I’m not really invested in any of this. I’ll finish out the season but that’s it.

Good Girls, episode seven

Beth is counting cash and Dean has a lot of questions. She doesn’t answer though. She gives him some money and tells him to get the kids out of the house. Boomer is still being a creep at the grocery store. Annie hasn’t been in in a while. There is a meeting for the secret shoppers and Annie pumps them up. When everyone leaves Ruby goes over the numbers. They made bank this week.

So naturally they all go out shopping. Beth gets herself a necklace. Annie takes her daughter for a suit and Ruby and Stan go out for a nice meal. He made an arrest and is enjoying the fact that they can treat themselves. The guy that Rio left in Beth’s house got busted and Turner is the one dealing with it.

The women are at Beth’s watching reality shows. Beth ducks out to put on her new necklace to show off. She comes back in the room to find Rio and his men and guns. Apparently they’ve been stealing from him. They turned in some unwashed cash. Ruby mentions the system and Rio is mad. He is going to take out one of the women if they don’t handle it themselves.

They go through the surveys they made the women do but it’s no use. They are going to have to do a stakeout to find the weak link. Ruby is stressing at home when Stan turns up with a surprise. Hockey tickets. Very expensive hockey tickets. Annie goes back to work to find the cops waiting. She’s being arrested for drug dealing. She knows it was Boomer’s doing and calls him on it.

Beth bails Annie out and gives her shit until Annie starts crying and says it was Boomer. On the advice of her lawyer, she sends Sadie to live with Gregg. Then she talks about her situation while they stake out the store. They figure out who the weak link is and go to fire her. She figures out that somethings up though. She’ll keep her mouth shut though, for a price. The women leave the house and debate what to do.

Ruby goes all in ragging on Beth and Annie stands up for her because they are blood. Ruby is done. She leaves them on the side of the road. Later that night, Dean finds Beth in the bathroom. She’s a mess. He asks if whatever she’s doing is for the kids and she says yes. That’s all he needs to know. Gregg shows up at Annie’s place to get something Sadie forgot. They talk about her lackluster parenting skill and she gets annoyed.

Not too annoyed that she doesn’t offer him a snack and a drink though. Ruby is in a bad mood and though Stan tells her he sold the hockey tickets for a small profit, her spirits aren’t lifted any. Annie and Gregg get drunk on vodka. At first they just watch animal videos but it escalates quickly and they sleep together. Beth pays Rio. She doesn’t give a name though. Turner is at the police station. They are bringing cops into the Rio investigation.

That means Stan is now involved. The next morning, Ruby meets up with Annie and Beth. They are ride or die. The three women hand $10,000 off to the weak link. She counts it and then starts to head out. They are set, until next month. Beth thought this was it but now they seem to have a long term problem.

Why am I still watching this show? I don’t really like it but I can’t seem to look away either. I feel bad for Ruby but the other two less so. This woman is obviously going to be trouble but they are in too deep now anyway. Lose lose with everything.

Good Girls, episode six

Beth and Dean talk to his doctor as Turner and his team of feds find and pull the stolen car from the pond. As the doctor talks treatment, Beth talks money. When she steps out of the room, Dean gives the doctor some keys for a new to him car. The cancer isn’t real. Ruby, Stan and their son try to cheer up their daughter before Ruby heads out to work.

He thinks she is still at the diner. Ruby meets up with Annie and Beth. She wants out before they are in too deep. The money isn’t even that good. That night they meet with Rio but Beth proposes a new plan. She wants to go big or go home and Rio agrees to it. He gives them more cash to clean. Back at the house Beth explains that she wants to pyramid scheme this.

They bring a few women they know to recruit them into a “secret shopper” plan. The women are hesitant until Annie mentions that the best shopper can win a car. Dean is at work when Turner shows up. He wants to talk about the stolen car and Beth. The next morning Beth is going through the usual routine and Dean just stares at her.

Annie is at work when Boomer’s grandmother pops in. Boomer crashes the conversation and subtly takes jabs at Annie until the security guy comes and pulls her away. He’s part of the pyramid scheme and all the stuff he bought was stolen. She reports back to Ruby and Beth with a plan to rob someplace else to cover the shortage. She won’t short Rio.

They toss around the idea of shorting the pyramid before they come up with a plan. They need the merchandise so they head to the store to get it. While Beth creates a diversion, Annie walks out with the stuff. That night Beth gets home in time to be confronted by Dean. He covered with Turner for her but he’s not buying her bullshit.

He asks if Rio was involved because guys like him prey on innocent women like her. She tells him yes and he says to steer clear of Rio and he will handle it. Ruby gets home to find her old boss there. The jog is up. Stan knows that she’s been lying and doesn’t want to talk to her. Boomer has dinner with his grandmother who sings Annie’s praises the whole time.

Boomer can’t take it and starts bashing her but his grandmother puts him in his place. Then he goes to see Turner at the office but ends up escorted out instead. Ruby is upset about what happened with Stan until Beth breaks worse news. Dean knows and covered for them. He thinks Beth is a naive housewife and she’s going to let him keep thinking that.

They meet with Rio and he’s upping the amount because they deliver. After the drop, they go out for fancy cocktails and Beth breaks down their money strategy. They will do this for six months and then move on. Ruby has other fish to fry though. She has to talk to Stan. She tells him that she did something stupid and risky. He lets her talk.

She tells him that she started a business. She was worried that she would fail but she didn’t. She pulls out stacks of cash and tells him that she is a secret shopper. He’s thrilled. Annie goes to see Boomer’s grandmother. She confesses that they had planned to rob her. Grandma is okay with it though and just wants someone to talk to. She invites Annie in for a drink.

At the grocery store, Boomer talks to one of the younger employees about getting drugs. The kid is a dealer and Boomer buys out his supply before proceeding to plant it in Annie’s locker. Beth gets home to find out that Dean changed the locks and his hours at work. He wants to protect her. Beth isn’t interested though. She lets him know that she is not a meek little ship and that she can hold her own.

I was so annoyed that Beth sat down when Dean told her to so I’m glad that she took him to task at the end. I like the idea of Annie and the grandma gossiping but Boomer is actually awful. Like for real so terrible. I feel bad for Stan. I’m worried for when the shoe will drop there.

Good Girls, episode five

Beth and Dean have a visit from FBI Agent Turner. He wants to know if they’ve noticed anything unusual in the neighborhood. Dean rambles about a dude with dog crap but it’s enough to scare Beth. She tells Annie and Ruby that she wants to call the whole thing off. Annie isn’t having it though. She’s got lawyer fees out the wazoo.

Stan is on his way to his first day as an officer in training. Sadie is on her way to Hawaii with Gregg and his wife. She tries to go over some guidelines with Annie because she is not good on her own. Beth is at the grocery store trying to get out of PTA duties when a gang dude drops off money for her to wash. Annie and Ruby get bundles of their own.

They are still freaking out, except Annie, when they have a chat with Rio. He doesn’t care about the FBI agent coming to the house. He gave them the cash, now they gotta clean it. Beth plots the stores but tells them not to stay local. She and Ruby head out, make big kitchen appliance purchases and then make the returns. Annie tries her hand electronic shopping.

Ruby goes home and stashes her cash. She’s been lying to Stan about work and has to keep up the charade. Annie checks out at the electronic store and ends up scoring the cashier’s number. Beth does the same only her chat with Dean is about his cancer treatment. Annie makes a bad choice and texts the cashier.

Annie ends up sleeping with the cashier and he takes off in the night, with the receipt. She tells Beth and Ruby they can just give the TVs back to Rio but that won’t fly. They head to the store to find him but he’s not working. Beth manages to score the guy’s address and they head to his house. Turns out his married with small children. That’s why he fled.

With no other option, they go dumpster diving wherein Annie and Beth fight about cheaters before finding the receipt. The next morning Agent Turner is back and wants to talk to Beth. He’s got a picture of Rio and asks about him. At first Beth lies but when Turner mentions asking Dean so she tells him she will come by the office.

At Ruby’s daughter’s school, she passes out. She hasn’t been taking her medication, just hoarding it for when she needs it. Beth talks to Rio and he tells her to tell Turner that they are banging. Stan and Ruby tell their daughter to just focus on getting better, not the money. Beth and Annie give Ruby the whole cut for the bills.

Beth gets home to find that Dean cooked dinner. He wants to help her but she tells him that she is going to be with Ruby at the hospital. He asks her if they would still be together if things were different. She doesn’t have an answer. She goes to see Turner and first gets flustered but then lies convincingly about sleeping with Rio.

I get the feeling that this whole Beth and Rio thing might actually happen which I don’t know how I feel about. I mean, her cheating husband has cancer so… it’s a tough call. I’m glad that Ruby got all the money to help with the bills and honestly Annie is a dunce.

Good Girls, episode four

Beth gets home and she’s putting away groceries and talking to her son about money when her daughter interrupts. There’s a man in her bed. Beth takes a bat and goes to investigate. There’s a bloody guy in the bed. Ruby is at work when some teenage boy tries to make her feel ashamed. She turns it around and makes him feel like crap.

Annie is at home trying to hurry Sadie out the door. Her daughter won’t leave though. She’s being bullied for not being very feminine. Annie tells her they will get her some belts. She gets a call from Beth. She’s rounding up the troops to deal with the bloody guy. Ruby is not happy about being dragged back into it but they swipe the guy’s gun and phone.

They put the pieces together and use his phone to call Rio. He tells them that they don’t get to pick and choose their jobs. He’ll pay them to keep and eye on this guy until he comes back for him. It’s a lot of money so they agree. Boomer goes to the feds but they don’t take him seriously. Ruby complains to Stan about the kid at the diner.

The kid might sue. Stan tells her to suck it up because they need the money. After dinner, she heads to Beth’s house. The guy is still out and they talk about how to wake him. A thump upstairs solves that problem. Dude is up and grabbed his gun. He doesn’t care what they are up to. He swipes Beth’s keys and leaves.

With nothing else to do, the women head downstairs and have a drink. That’s when Dean brings the kids home and guess what, he told their son that he could have an elaborate expensive birthday party. Beth is pissed. Dean goes a step further and says that all their son wants as a gift is for them to get back together.

All three women head to the store to shop bargain deals for the party. As they get ready to check out the clerk mentions their return policy. Lightbulb moment. Buy the stuff for an awesome party, use it the once and then return it. As they start to check out for real Annie gets called to Sadie’s school.

Gregg is there. Sadie punched someone which relieves Annie. She explains what has been happening to Gregg and implores him not to tell the school. Ruby is at work trying to swallow her pride but the kid’s mom is just as bad as him. Ruby goes off and ends up losing her job. Boomer crashes the birthday party.

He’s brought a cake and feels bad about his part in what happened. Annie kicks him out but before he goes he starts asking people about how much the party costs. It’s cake time and that’s when Rio turns up to get his guy. Beth tells him the guy left and Rio tells her off for failing at her job. On his way out, Rio runs into Boomer who recognizes him.

Beth is exhausted and over it when Dean starts questioning her about Rio. She tells him to leave and starts to call the kids in. Dean wants to talk and keeps pushing until she snaps at him. Then her blurts out that he has cancer. Beth cries to Annie about everything. Annie tells her they will pull through and that she will handle returning all the party stuff.

She goes outside to get the paper just as the other dude brings the car back. He tells her he owes them one and she collects. She brings him to Sadie’s school to scare the bullies. It works. Boomer goes back to the feds, this time with a picture of Rio. The agent tells him to text him the picture. He goes inside and hold his phone up to the case board. Rio is all over.

Annie tells Gregg about how she handled the bully and at first he’s amused but then things take a turn. The two of them end up at odds again. Ruby is in a heading out in the morning. She tells Stan that she picked up some extra shifts. Really they meet with Rio and propose a money laundering scheme. He agrees.

Dean is back in the house. Beth will go to the doctor with him the following week. The doorbell rings. It’s the federal agent. He wants to talk to Beth.

I feel like just when this show starts to be a little okay, they make it nuts again. Now the cheating estranged husband has cancer so he’s a sympathetic sort? I don’t like it. I also don’t like Ruby lying to Stan but I get why she did it. Sadie would be eaten alive by nuns in a Catholic school. That’d be a bad fit.