The Americans, episode thirteen

They basically run to the defectors house. No answer. Philip bangs on the door. Still nothing. Philip wants to break in. He starts to head for the back but the defectors get home. They invite them in and Tuan heads upstairs. He yells for help. The kid is bleeding from the wrists in his bed.

They call 911 and put pressure on the wounds. He’s bleeding but the pulse is weak. The father runs out and comes back with the surveillance guy. He radios it in and helps with the wounds. Philip and Elizabeth are stunned. The kid gets taken by ambulance. Philip asks the father who that guy is and he says that the government gave them protection when they defected.

The father and Philip go in the house to collect some things. He finds the note from his son. It says he loves his parents but can’t live in America. He’s sorry.

Philip is driving home and finds Stan and his girlfriend moving things into his house. A pipe burst in her place so this is a temporary fix. Philip reports back to Elizabeth. He still thinks the girlfriend is one of them. He tells her he is meeting with the defector. The wife and son are moving back to the Soviet Union and they feel bad for Tuan.

Stan and he FBI have his mark’s new fiance take a lie detector test. He seems nervous but passes with flying colors.

Elizabeth and Philip meet with Granny. They update on the defector. Philip has an issue with tearing the family apart, especially since the wife will be blackmailed once she gets over there. Granny says she will ask but nothing will change. Then she brings up their retirement and they say are deciding soon.

On the ride home, Elizabeth spitballs how to tell the kids. Family trip to Europe and maybe tell Paige ahead of time. She thinks it’ll be good for them to be a family without all the drama. That’s it. Philip says they are going.

Paige is watching the news while Henry fiddles with the computer. There’s coverage of Reagan and his stance on the Soviet Union.

Martha walks around a park with an older man. She is learning Russian vocabulary. They watch orphans playing. The man tells her that he has talked to Gabriel. They want her to be happy.

Tuan and his parents go to see the defector family. Tuan talks to the kid about his parents, and all the blood. Elizabeth talks to the mother about taking care of her son. Philip tries to convince the father to go back. He says he will be thrown in jail to die so he can never go back.

They go back to the house and tell Tuan that they are going to send their report. They can help him get a different placement if he wants. He tells them not to. He already sent his and he was critical of them. They had lapses throughout the mission and almost lost it at the end because of “petty concerns.”

Philip gets mad at that. The kid could have died and Tuan doesn’t care. He walks away and Elizabeth has words with him. She criticizes his behavior and then tells him that he isn’t going to make it. It’s too hard doing it alone. One day it will all come crashing down. She tells him to make his country send him a partner.

Henry got into his fancy school. He’s even got a scholarship and he excitedly tells his father. Philip doesn’t take the news well. He yells at Henry and says he isn’t going. Their family sticks together.

Paige is at church. She is handing out food and chatting with Pastor Tim. They chat before she leaves. Philip plays racquetball with Stan. The girlfriend interrupts and Philip steps out so they can play together. Elizabeth looks at all the spyware in the closet. Paige walks alone. Philip leaves the gym. Elizabeth looks around the house. Paige gets to the parking lot and looks around before getting in the car and driving home.

Party at Kimmy’s house. Philip is there and everyone is stoned. Her friends start asking Philip about himself and he says that he is single but not available because he might move to Japan. Kimmy is upset and leaves the room. He follows and reassures her that she will be fine without him.

He goes home and listens to the tape he collected. Elizabeth comes in and interrupts. She asks about what happened with Henry and then tells him they will be worrying about other things soon enough. He gets back to the tape. Elizabeth trains Paige in the garage.

Something important, about the Soviet division comes up on the tapes. Philip seems surprised. Paige and Elizabeth talk about the pastor. Paige is happy for him and thinks that he made her a better person. Elizabeth agrees. Then Paige says that she’s over the church but wants to keep helping the food pantry. Philip takes a drive. He stands near the water with the recording.

Stan is cooking dinner with his girlfriend. They put it in the oven and then he starts talking about work. He wants to quit. Not the FBI but the department that he works in. He doesn’t want to be responsible for the fate of other people. Or feel shitty all the time. She tells him that he’s a good person but that maybe his department needs a good person.

Philip gets home and finds Paige doing homework with an ice pack on her face. He asks where everyone is and then apologizes for what their spy life has meant to her childhood. She missed out because of it. Then he goes upstairs and asks Elizabeth to go sit somewhere with him.

They go for a walk and he tells her that he was going to get rid of the tape. Kimmy’s dad is now head of the Soviet division. Maybe they can get someone else to get the tapes from her. He says that he’s not the only one having a hard time. She is too. And the kids. He says they deserve a life.

She tells him that she can’t. This is why they came here. She suggests he stop. Run the travel agency and get the tapes and that’s it. He says that she needs him and she tells him that she’s making him stay and she doesn’t want to see him like this anymore.

I thought for sure they would use the school as a way to just write Henry off. I mean, you had to know they weren’t actually going to get to just retire back to Russia. I’m convinced one or both of them will end up dead before this is over. Also, I don’t trust Stan’s girlfriend. At all. Or Paige. I don’t trust any of them except Philip.


The Americans, episode twelve

Paige is at church. They just put food boxes together and are leaving when Pastor Tim tells her that he got a job offer in Buenos Aires and he’s taking it. She’s shocked, but not completely. He says that it is for his daughter to see more of the world.

She goes home and tells her parents and then asks them how they managed it. They tell her the Soviets have fought for peace and that groups that believe in justice are good enough for them. She takes off her cross necklace and throws it out. They call her back. She can’t ditch it till he leaves.

Oleg is in a meeting talking about what he did in the States. He talks about a woman he worked with and what he knew of her job. Then they talk about Stan and a bit about Nina.

Stan and his partner meet with their mark. She brought her boyfriend that they suspect to be an operative. Turns out the mark and the man are engaged now. He’s a courier for the Soviets and he offers to help but they think he’s a spy. Stan’s reaction is fairly obvious.

Philip and Elizabeth meet with Granny. They talk about Pastor Tim and then Elizabeth brings up ending their tour here. She says that she will talk to the Centre about putting things in place but that it will take years to adjust. Philip asks about the kids and she tells him they will have interesting lives but recommends not telling Henry until they get there.

In Moscow, Oleg tells his partner about giving a statement about the woman. It doesn’t look good for her so he’s upset because he is going back on his word.

Elizabeth is visiting the defector’s wife. The son comes home with a black eye. The wife vents and Elizabeth tells her what to do. Stand up to her husband and tell him what needs to happen. She heads to the other house and talks to Tuan. Their plan isn’t going to work. They need to rethink this. Tuan asks if she has kids.

Stan reports back to his boss about the mark. He feels like they are blown but the boss tells him to calm down. They are still trying to figure things out.

Oleg goes home and talks to his mother. She tells him about her time in the camps.

The Jennings’ need advice. They go to Pastor Tim and ask about bringing the kids back home, to their home, with them. He tells them he doesn’t know what they should do.

They get home and find out that Henry and his girlfriend cooked them dinner. He tells them its because he appreciates how cool they are being about the school stuff. He walks his girlfriend to the door and Paige comes down to tell them that its good they are letting him go. They share a look. She notices.

Mischa is working at a factory. He’s got a visitor. It’s his father’s brother.

Henry hitched a ride to school with his girlfriend. Paige talks about how relieved she is about the Pastor Tim situation. She asks about their name and how they got it. She asks if they feel like those are their names now and they say yes. Philip admits he misses his old name too.

Time for more questioning. Looks like Oleg is in the clear but he’s still upset about the situation. He sees the corruption first hand.

Mischa eats dinner with his uncle and his family. He talks to his cousin about life and about his father.

Philip and Elizabeth talk about what life would be like for the kids in Moscow. She says they would take his name. He asks about her. She smiles.

Paige rigs up a punching bag in the garage and practices on her own.

They get to the house and find out Tuan made a plan on his own. He told the defector kid to slit his wrists and leave a note blaming it on life in America. He sees this as a win-win. They are mad though. They make him call the kid but no one answers. They run out of the house.

Can someone punch Tuan? Seriously. He thinks he knows so much and sure he’s seen horrors but he still doesn’t get it. He just needs to be punched. And what’s up with Paige practicing? Gabriel definitely sent the uncle to Mischa right? I expected it to be Gabriel himself visiting. I think he’s Philip’s father.

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The Americans, episode eleven

Henry is doing homework when Philip comes in to talk to him. He doesn’t know where Elizabeth is but the conversation quickly shifts to school. If he gets in it’s okay with Philip.

He goes to visit Tuan and has flashbacks of being a kid and having fun with his family.

Elizabeth and Philip meet with granny to talk about missions. She gives them another one. They might have tracked down a Nazi in Massachusetts. They want the Jennings’ to do some research. Also, yeah they did weaponize the virus

Oleg is at work and people are talking about threatening other people.

They head to Boston for recon and talk about Henry and what good this school could be for him. They maybe ID the woman.

Stan takes Henry to work with him. They go over some of the finer points of FBI life, like the mail robot.

Elizabeth follows the target in foot. In Russia Oleg tries to live his life.

Henry gets home and tells his parents all about his cool day at the FBI. Later they talk about the target in the basement. They joke about Stan recruiting Henry. Then the conversation shifts to Paige and whether she set them up to read the journal in front of her or not.

Oleg and his partner are sneaking around looking in people’s desks for evidence about the food issues. They find a ledger.

Time to bring he information to Granny about the woman in Boston. She explains how they tracked this lady down. It all seems like there could be a big margin of error.

Stan listens to Henry’s paper and talks about the downside of his job. He doesn’t trust anyone, not even Henry who is the greatest kid on the planet.

In Russia the woman with the ledger is being interviewed. She’s not being helpful. Oleg tells her that they are trying to take it easy on her so she better help them out. She blames the KGB.

The order comes through. They have to kill the woman in Boston. Elizabeth is game. Philip is not.

Stan and his partner meet with their mark and talk about her coworkers and then her kid and her hockey player boyfriend.

They move in on the target in Boston. She doesn’t know anything. At least that’s what she says. Elizabeth is persistent and yells at her and smacks her. She calls her a monster. Philip seems conflicted.

Philip still isn’t on board but Elizabeth is pushing it. They continue to yell at the lady until she says what they want to hear. Her husband is almost home and she tells them to kill her but leave him. He gets home and they make her tell him the truth about her past.

She talks about how they killed her mother but spared her to use her to kill people. Her husband says that he knows her. She’s a good person. Elizabeth shoots the husband and then they kill the wife.

They leave Boston and are driving back to Virginia. Elizabeth wants to get out. She wants to go home.

So Elizabeth wants out. What’s that about? And is it legit? And Henry is going to go off to school. He’s being written off the show then? I wanted Stan to adopt him. He could be an awesome agent but then he’d figure out about his parents and that would be awful. I feel like Elizabeth at the end realized that they are expendable.

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The Americans, episode nine

Some guys in suits are talking about blood. There was a lot in the file.

Philip is with Kimmy. They celebrate her birthday and talk about his son and doing right by the kids.

At the travel agency, Elizabeth is doing the books. They joke that Henry should be doing it instead. Then they talk about Paige and Matthew and then the Vietnamese kid. Elizabeth thinks he is lonely and is going to bring him dinner. They get interrupted by a phone call. It’s in code but it’s Gabriel’s people.

Stan is at work. They intercepted some stuff from Thailand around the time of Gad’s murder. The higher ups want to use Oleg to find out more about this information. Stan takes time to think about it.

Elizabeth heads to the other house. No sign of the Vietnamese kid. Philip stays home and listens to recordings. Elizabeth waits. She calls the defector house. She snoops around the house. She heads home at 3 a.m.

They talk about the kid staying out all night and then Philip brings up his recording’s from Kimmy’s house. They talks about the blood. The virus they got a few weeks ago via the blood turned up. The Russians used it in Afghanistan.

Philip meets with a priest that used to spy for Gabriel. They talk and then Philip makes his excuses. The priest wants to meet on the regular but Philip says no.

Stan meets with Gad’s widow. They make small talk and then he asks her what her husband would have suggested for the Oleg situation. She says revenge.

The Jennings’ get home. Henry is waiting for them. He wants to talk to them about going to a private high school in New Hampshire. They are stunned. He pushes and they are just don’t know how to react. He gives them a brochure.

MARTHA! Martha is cooking and eating her dinner when there is a knock on the door. She answers it and finds Gabriel there. He comes in and it’s awkward. He asks about her

life and they talk about how she’s coping. He says that they will help her and mentions Clark. She tells him she understands now and that he can leave.

Elizabeth and Philip talk about Henry’s schooling. She’s for it. He’s not. She thinks it is time for him to grow up but he says Henry can do that at home.

Oleg gets summoned to another office.

There is a team including Elizabeth that is following the Vietnamese kid. He gets on a Greyhound bus.

They ask Oleg if he had any contacts he might have in the States. They push. Conversation turns to Stan and then Nina and then the operation involving all of them.

The Greyhound pulls into Harrisburg, PA. Philip is there to follow the kid.

Oleg goes home and talks to his parents. First about what happened with him and then about his mother being in a camp.

The team stays on the kid.

In Russia, Oleg goes to a prison and talks to one of the prisoners.

The kid gets home and Philip and Elizabeth immediately confront him. They slam him into the wall and put a gun in his face. He says he goes out of state to call his foster brother who has leukemia. They talk about it on the way home. Elizabeth believes him. Philip thinks he is looking to get caught so that he can “get out of this shit and start over.”

Philip is cracking and it is so magnificent to watch. He is just spiraling further and further and if Henry goes to this out of state school he stand no chance. Elizabeth is turning Paige into a mini-me. I feel so bad for Martha. She just can’t win and that’s such a shame. Was this the first episode with Henry and no Paige?

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The Americans, episode eight

Philip gets home from his visit with Gabriel. He talks to Elizabeth about what they talked about and specifically about what he said about Paige. She doesn’t seem to believe him.

Henry has friends over. They are playing video games. Elizabeth, Philip and Stan are in the kitchen. They talk about Paige and Matthew.

Oleg is asking questions about food. Some government types want to take a look around his house.

Elizabeth is at the defector’s house. She asks about the kid and the husband. Then she moves on to the job and asks about teaching Russian and the progress of her class.

The government guys come take a walk through Oleg’s family’s house. They don’t find anything.

Guess who’s back! Granny. She’s the new handler. They debrief and are ready to roll out. She wants to talk to them but they don’t have any use for her or her mind games. They basically say that and then leave.

At the travel agency, Philip and Elizabeth talk about what to do about Kansas. She wants to keep with her mark so he tells her that he will cancel on his. She tells him that he doesn’t have to. He says that he knows.

Stan and his partner make contact with their new informant. They tell her about the money side of things and teach her how to create a cover story. She needs help with a dentist and Stan says that he will handle it. She’s pleases.

Elizabeth calls her mark to cancel. He seems upset. Philip cancels on his and she breaks up with him.

Paige and Elizabeth practice hand to hand fighting in the garage. Paige just wants to be able to defend herself. Elizabeth understands how hard it is. She tells her that she was scared for a long time. Elizabeth tells her that she was raped and that’s what she used as motivation when training. It worked.

Oleg is trying to sort things out in the USSR.

Elizabeth is doing tai chi when Philip tells her he got dumped. She tells him that he needs to do better next time and dedicate himself to the cause. She updates him on Paige.

They follow the defector to the homes of her Russian students. She goes to one home that is not a student. Stan tracks his new informant’s usual patterns.

Granny and Elizabeth talk about missions and family. Philip calls his mark and tells her he’s married. She’s a lot more interested now.

Philip and Elizabeth meet with their Vietnamese son. He updates on the defector family. He can make the kid’s life rough. Elizabeth thinks that would help. Philip is indifferent.

Paige is hanging out on the couch. Elizabeth asks her to go on a walk. They talk about the rape and her dedication to the mission. Paige asks what she would want to be if she wasn’t a spy and Elizabeth doesn’t know. She thinks about it. Maybe a doctor, in the third world so bedside manner is less important.

If Elizabeth honestly told Paige about the rape just as a way to prove she can overcome things, I’d be on board but it seems more self serving than that and that’s annoying. Henry has friends. That’s always good to see. I just feel so bad for Philip though. He’s not going to handle Granny being back well.

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The Americans, episode seven

Elizabeth, Philip and Paige talk about Gabriel on their way back to the car. Paige realizes that he is their family.

In the basement they talk about the lab and what angles they can use to find out more about the wheat. Elizabeth mentions that Paige is doing well.

Stan is at work. They got a call back from one of the guys that blew them off. They will hold a meet.

Elizabeth makes her way into her shrink’s office and snoops around the files. She finds one about the Committee on Human Rights and takes it.

Philip is in Topeka. His mark calls him needy and says that if he moves to Kansas she will break up with him. Then they have sex.

Oleg tells his mother that they are in the clear with the blackmail thing.

The meet in the park is between Stan and his partner and the woman from the playground. She wants safety for her son but Stan tells her they can’t make any promises.
Paige and Elizabeth talk about Gabriel and why he is stepping down. Philip comes in and Paige starts asking about the grain issue. She thinks that they should go to the press but no one would believe them.

Later, Philip and Elizabeth talk about Kansas. Paige meets with Pastor Tim and he talks about Jesus and being a part of something bigger.

Stan finds out that the CIA is backing off of Oleg. They also want him out counter-intelligence.

Philip and Elizabeth are driving through some fields. They are following her mark. He leads them to the better produce. and they plan to circle back to it later. They will keep following him for now.

At the Beeman house, Matthew is angsty and Paige tells him they have to talk. She tells him that he doesn’t know her and he just wants to fix whatever he did. She tells him that she has a lot going on and he’s still an angsty teen. She breaks up with him and turns to leave. He grabs her hand and she gives him a solid shove before leaving in tears.

Elizabeth and Philip are walking the streets of Membphis following the mark. He meets with and kisses another woman. Elizabeth knows nothing about this. She does seem a little upset. They head back to the field. She’s surprised the mark was like that. Philip tells her its okay to care but she says not for her. They dig up a plant from the middle of the field.

Back home, Elizabeth delivers the plant to Gabriel. He has to tend to it like a baby. He tells her that they’ve done well with Paige and that she can handle what Elizabeth is doing to her. She asks again why he’s leaving. He tells her that it adds up. He’s leaving that night and tells her to send Philip to say goodbye.

She gets home and finds Paige laying on the couch. She tells her about the break up. Elizabeth awkwardly tries to relate emotionally.

Stan is watching a movie with his girlfriend. She keeps talking to him but he’s not really listening. She asks what’s going on but he says nothing. A few minutes he does tell her about his work situation, in very vague terms.

Philip gets home and Elizabeth tells him about Paige and Gabriel. He goes to talk to Paige. They have a chat and she tells him to say goodbye to Gabriel for her.

Oleg is at some government building looking up files on some lady. He’s trying to figure something out.

Gabriel and Philip say their goodbyes. Philip asks about what Elizabeth was doing at the psychiatrist’s office. He tells him that it was information about an opposition party back in Russia. Philip asks about the time before. Gabriel tells him that it was bad and that he did what he had to do. He also tells Philip he’s losing it when conversation turns to Stan’s girlfriend being one of them. He leaves just after telling him that
Paige can’t handle the spy life.

Serious question. Is Gabriel Philip’s father? Also, what’s he playing at pitting them against each other with Paige? This isn’t going to end well. Where was Henry? And Stan’s girlfriend is absolutely a spy. Team Philip.

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The Americans, episode six

Elizabeth tells Gabriel about what is actually happening with the wheat. He wants the wheat to not have to buy it from the west. He also wants to know how Philip is handling things. She seems reluctant to continue in Kansas. She wants to know if there is something wrong with her. He says no.

Philip tries to talk to Henry about his new math class. Henry blows him off. Elizabeth tells Philip about her meeting with Gabriel and mentions his concern about how he is coping. She also tells him she has a new mission when she gets back from Kansas.

Misha is back overseas.

In bed, Philip talks about how different things are now in the States compared to growing up in the Soviet Union.

Stan and his partner approach a woman at a playground. They want to recruit her. They will protect her and help her son have more opportunities.

Elizabeth is in Kansas in bed with her mark. He tells her that he feels that there is a whole side of her he doesn’t know. Then he starts rambling about Chinese medicine and doing tai chi. She does it with him and seems to get something out of it.

Gabriel and Granny meet and talk about Misha and Philip. He doesn’t seem happy. Gabriel lied to them for the first time. He goes to the Lincoln Memorial alone.

Oleg is still trying to figure out all that’s wrong with the food industry. People are being paid off.

Philip is running a recon mission on the defector’s wife. They want to find out her patterns and her students.

Paige is home. She calls Elizabeth to the door and they have a Mary Kay saleswoman there. Elizabeth is abrupt and gets rid of her as quickly as possible. Paige questions it but Elizabeth just says it would be a waste of time.

Oleg sits in a park alone.

Elizabeth and Philip meet with Gabriel. He updates on the recon mission and then she asks about the greenhouse. Nothing yet. As they go to leave, he stops them. He has to tell them something. He is going home. He also tells them that the Center is concerned about Philip and now that they’ve started, they will never stop. They’ve seen and done too much.

No one turns up to meet with Oleg.

Time for Elizabeth’s new mission. She breaks into an office and sits in a waiting room. It’s a psychiatrist. She talks about being mugged and he tells her to talk about her trauma. Mostly she just assesses the office. Its full of filing cabinets.

She goes back to the travel agency and tells Philip about it. She can’t believe Gabriel is leaving. He thinks that there is something she knows that he doesn’t. She says no. He talks about his childhood again. She suggests talking to Gabriel.

Henry and Stan share a meal and talk about school and girls.

Philip goes to see Gabriel. He asks about when he’s leaving and then about his father. He tells Gabriel what he remembers and then asks what he knows. His father was a guard at a penal camp. Philip asks if that’s why they came for him. Gabriel says no, they were looking for talent. That was just a bonus. Gabriel says he was a nobody. They were all nobodies.

Elizabeth remembers her Korean friend. She’s at the house they used to live in. She’s contemplative.

Paige is at home reading the book Pastor Tim gave her. They talk about religion. Elizabeth says that she read the book when she was growing up. They talk about Russia and then Elizabeth offers to get Paige more similiar books.

Philip gets home. Elizabeth asks him if he’s okay and he talks about his visit with Gabriel and his family.

Oleg visits a prison. He then goes home and after much consideration gets something and leaves. He stands on a rooftop and lights the tapes on fire.

Elizabeth and Philip take Paige to see Gabriel. She’s nervous. He’s happy.

Philip is spiraling. I love it but he will probably end up dead because of it and that’s bothersome. He’s my favorite. He’s always been my favorite. He will try to defect and end up dead. Actually. He might not get that far before he gets killed but it’s only a matter of time. And Paige? Elizabeth must be ecstatic.

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