The Good Place, episode ten

Jianyu aka Jason Mendoza is telling Tahani about himself. Which naturally means his ranking of the Fast and Furious franchise (5,6,4,7,1,2,3 is the best order, obviously) but she wants to know more about him as a person. She is disappointed.

Chidi, Eleanor, Real Eleanor and Bambadjan are discussing how to make a case for Eleanor to stay in the good place with Michael. He thinks that a legal defense is the best option.

Eleanor starts talking about her time in the good place. Real Eleanor and Bambadjan tell her she is in love with Chidi.

Michael and Chidi are chatting about Chidi’s indecision. He’s been like that for all his life.

Tahani has Jianyu going over what he has been up to during his time in the good place. She realizes that he could have never painted the gift he gave her and he tries to throw Chidi under the bus but she sees it as a sweet gesture.

Chidi is debating the pros and cons of paper vs whiteboards when Eleanor interrupts. She has realized that she is in fact in love with Chidi and wants to talk to him. She tells him she loves him and tries to make a quick escape but Tahani comes in. She thinks Chidi loves her. She thinks that they are soulmates. He freaks out and runs away.

Jianyu is feeling down. He wants Janet to cheer him up. She brings him a snack. He asks why she’s so nice to him. Then tells her he loves her.

Tahani and Eleanor talk about confessing to Chidi and knowing the truth about Jianyu. Eleanor doesn’t want them to fight over a guy. They start to bond by watching tv.

Chidi’s indecision is contagious. He talks to Michael about his soulmates and suddenly Michael doesn’t know what to say.

Eleanor braids extensions into Tahani’s hair and apologizes for not telling her about Jianyu. Tahani jokes that maybe he is Eleanor’s soulmate but she runs with it. Maybe he is. And then Janet interrupts to tell them that she and Jianyu/Jason are getting married in ten minutes.

Michael is trying to solve Chidi’s soulmate problem. The indecision is causing him misery. He wasn’t sure about something all the way until the moment he died. He has to just look the women in the eye and decide.

Jianyu and Janet are getting married. Eleanor and Tahani attend and laugh as they exchange vows and are officially married. They can’t believe they both thought they belonged with Jianyu at some point. Tahani also decides she will keep Jianyu’s secret.

Chidi turns up to make a decision but suddenly Eleanor and Tahani have realized that they aren’t in love with him. Tahani also has an idea to help save Eleanor.

They head off to find Michael.

I liked this episode. I feel really bad for Jianyu. He is kind of terrible but still endearing. I hope they can save Eleanor.


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